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Crate And Barrel Reviews

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Spring 2024 Updates: There have been recent reports about delivery delays and furniture item back orders in some cases.

Crate & Barrel is an extremely well-known home and furniture chain that is a popular pillar of high end shopping districts. With goods ranging from furniture to household essentials and decor, their products come at mid-grade to aspirational price points. While most customers like Crate & Barrel's designs and wider selection, there are some complaints about durability and delivery in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

Price: $9-$5897+

Return Policy: 7 Days + Fee

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Crate And Barrel Specifics

Crate & Barrel is a well-known chain of over 120+ home furnishings retail stores in the US, Canada, and worldwide with a mission to help customers 'Welcome Life In'. With their contemporary designs and Euro-inspired pieces, Crate & Barrel is recognized for their high-end styling and is a popular choice for folks building their wedding registry or baby shower registry. For shoppers looking for help styling their spaces, Crate & Barrel's design services includes virtual help from an online designer and the ability to create an online mood board. With prices that tend towards the upper end, Crate & Barrel customers have proven time and time again that shoppers are willing to pay more for beautifully designed and styled home furnishings.

With regards to customer experience and sentiment, there are some mixed reviews from Crate & Barrel shoppers. While most shoppers are happy with their experience and the level of customer service received, others have reported some issues with durability, delivery, and service that did not seem to fall in line with their expectations.

Material Quality

Crate & Barrel pieces are both made in the US and imported from overseas. Many of their upholstered furniture items, such as sofas and chairs, can be customized in the fabric offering and color of your choice. Their pieces feature materials such as marble, brass, steel, both solid wood and man-made/engineered woods, glass, leather, man-made fabrics, down feather blend, polyfoam, and more. For the higher prices paid, most customers are satisfied with their furniture from Crate & Barrel. Even so, there are some instances where customers brought up issues with durability and longevity of the specific furniture item they purchased.

Crate & Barrel's Top Picks

When it comes to the furniture items that Crate & Barrel's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Crate & Barrel's offerings.

#1 Rugs

Rugs are a great way to elevate and tie any room or space together, and Crate & Barrel carries area rugs, indoor-outdoor rugs, kitchen and entryway rugs, runner rugs, baby and kids rugs, and door mats. Tending towards more muted colors and styles, Crate & Barrel has design options such as solid color rugs, patterned rugs, neutral rugs, traditional rugs, abstract rugs, and geometric rugs. With around 500 different rug styles, purchasing a Crate & Barrel rug can set you back anywhere from $20 to $3,400+. While customers usually love the look of the rugs they purchased from Crate & Barrel, there are some who mention concerns about durability and fraying with certain options.

The pros: Nice styles of rugs that fit most contemporary design aesthetics.

The cons: Some mixed feedback about the durability of certain rug options.

#2 Dining & Kitchen Furniture

Another popular pick of Crate & Barrel shoppers are their dining and kitchen furniture options such as dining tables, dining chairs and benches, bar carts and cabinets, and bar stools. For their dining tables, Crate & Barrel carries 100 different models with styles including round marble tables, long wooden tables, tables with a cement top, glass top tables, pedestal tables, parsons tables, and even geometric-shaped tables. Between dining chairs and dining benches, Crate & Barrel carries just over 200+ different models such as upholstered dining chairs/benches, leather dining chairs/benches, wooden dining chairs/benches, metal dining chairs, and acrylic dining chairs. When it comes to bar stools at Crate & Barrel, there are over 70+ models that come in both counter height and a taller bar height. For their upholstered seating pieces, shoppers can choose their preferred color and fabric options since these pieces are made to order (they typically take an additional 7-9 weeks for delivery). In general, shoppers appreciate the beautiful, modern dining and kitchen furniture options at Crate & Barrel, but there has been some mixed feedback about delivery issues such as inconvenience of scheduling and delays. Some shoppers also mentioned issues with longevity and durability of certain dining pieces and fabrics.

The pros: Beautiful and modern dining and kitchen furniture options. Some customization option for certain dining seat models.

The cons: Some shoppers have brought up durability issues with certain models and fabrics, while others have mentioned delivery issues.

#3 Sofas & Sectionals

With their contemporary designs, fabric customization, and just under 250 different models to choose from, it's no wonder that shoppers are often on the hunt for Crate & Barrel's sofas and sectionals. Crate & Barrel's sofas options include both leather and fabric sofas, sleeper sofas, loveseats, daybeds, and tufted sofas ranging in price from $1,000 up to $5,500+. When it comes to their sectionals, Crate & Barrel has 36 different models starting at just over $2,000 but can go up to $9,000+ depending on the configuration and fabrics you choose. Nearly all of their sofas and sectionals are made to order, allowing shoppers to customize the fabric options, layout, and finishes of their choice. Shoppers love the modern designs and color options available for Crate & Barrel's sofas and sectionals, although there are a few shoppers who brought up problems with delays and their custom sofa not being delivered by the promised date. Some shoppers also mention issues with the longevity of certain fabric options and degrading comfort.

The pros: Modern sofas and sectionals that come in a variety of customization options.

The cons: Delivery issues such as delays. Some longevity problems were mentioned on certain sofa and sectional models.

#4 Coffee Tables

Another favorite find of Crate & Barrel shoppers are their functional and beautiful coffee tables and accent tables. Crate & Barrel carries just under 300 different models of coffee and accent tables that feature materials such as travertine, marble, glass, metals, engineered and solid woods, and fabrics. With modern and geometric designs featuring clean lines, a Crate & Barrel coffee table runs from around $300 to $2,000+. Most customers seem to love the look of all of Crate & Barrel's coffee and accent tables, which includes console tables, smaller accent tables, storage tables, nesting tables, and end tables. While customers enjoy the appearance of these beautiful tables, some have mentioned issues with delayed deliveries as well as some of their tables showing signs of wear much sooner than expected.

The pros: Beautiful, modern coffee and accent tables.

The cons: Some delivery issues such as delays and longevity concerns for certain table models.

#5 Lighting

The last top shopper pick for Crate & Barrel are their lighting options. Once again, Crate & Barrel's modern designs shine through in their collection of lighting which includes table lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendant lighting, flush mount lighting, ceiling fans, and wall sconces. Their lighting options typically feature muted tones such as brass and pewter, but can also include pops of colors as well. Crate & Barrel lighting pieces start at around $30 and go up to $6,000. For pieces such as chandeliers and ceiling fans which require installation, Crate & Barrel has partnered with for customers who are willing to pay an additional fixed price to have the installation taken care of for them. Shoppers appreciate the nice designs of Crate & Barrel's lighting options, although there is some feedback about the durability and perceived quality of certain lighting pieces.

The pros: Modern and artistic lighting options.

The cons: Some issues with perceived quality for some lighting pieces.

More From Crate & Barrel's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Crate & Barrel offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Desks

- Bedding

- Bedroom Furniture

- Outdoor

- Dinnerware, Glassware, and Flatware

- Kitchen Appliances & Cookware

- Mirrors

- Decor

- Holidays & Gifts

Crate & Barrel Store Locator

Crate & Barrel can be found across the US, Canada, and in multiple worldwide destinations. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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I Love this store!

I Love this store! They do have some mundane things, especially dishes and glasses, but they also have a lot of eclectic things! They have great furniture and home accessories too. There is plenty of parking at Park Meadows, but it is usually very crowded. It is nice that though that there is a separate entrance from the "mall."

We purchased a beautiful wood block table that cracked

We purchased a beautiful wood block table that cracked, due to the dry climate in Denver. I called and Ann took care of us and graciously replaced the table, explaining they had a problem with cracking but we could try again. I got a replacement and about 9 months later a loud pop, and the table cracked again. I went in and talked to very nice young man and I purchased another table that had similar features, but made out of a different type of wood. My table was returned for the third time with full refund. I highly recommend this company not only for the people they have working there, but the company policy to make sure it's customers get what they pay for. Good job done by all at Crate & Barrel, including the 3 men that delivered the new table and picked up the broken one! This was my first big purchase at Crate & Barrel and I will certainly go back. Which is a lot less than I can say about some expensive furniture I purchased at a furniture store in Evergreen, worst furniture experience ever at top prices. Stay away from Rustic Point Furniture!

Although the furniture is good quality

Although the furniture is good quality - the waiting and wondering when your order might come in is so frustrating, inefficient, unnecessary and so customer un-friendly. The Crate and Barrel store is essentially a showroom - EVERYTHING must be ordered. The focus should be seamless ordering and delivery. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 only because they loaned us floor chairs when our order was over 1+ month late (but paid for in it's entirety 2 + months ago). Most stores, when they don't carry stock (as this one does not carry ANYTHING furniture related in stock; lamps, carpets, tables, chairs, sofas, dining, etc...) have EXCELLENT delivery information and go the extra distance to keep you up to date on your order. They need to get this right. In addition, the salespeople aren't that caring when it comes to the situation and can offer no information on when the product will arrive. They always sound like they have better things to do that look up your order and try to surmise when it will arrive. In addition, they report that there is no manifest / no tracking available so it's a big surprise every Friday when they unload the truck from Chicago. What? That is the most ridiculous way of operating a (primarily) ordering business I have ever encountered. Honestly, as nice as everything is - I won't be back. This has been a time consuming experience and we still do not have our chairs. There is no excuse for this business model in today's world.

I shop here frequently

I shop here frequently and love their style and prices. My only complaints are: 1. Nothing is in stock and it takes weeks sometimes months to get anything e.g. lamp, drapes, and curtains. 2. Getting help in the furniture department takes forever and the helpfulness of the sales person varies greatly. 3. They make you stand in the freezing hallway to pick up items at the warehouse. They used to at least let you inside.

Shopping for big ticket items...

Shopping for big ticket items like furniture can be stressful, but we had a great experience at C&B. We came in with an idea of what furniture we wanted to check out, but also just wanted to wander around and look at other stuff. The salesperson we met at the front gave us some tips and then let us wander. Eventually, we found the sectional we wanted and spent some time talking to Chris. He helped us cut up the pieces of the sectional off the measurement sheet, drew out our room and fit the pieces in to figure out what configuration would work best for us. We really appreciated his help and patience. He also did a great job explaining the Crate & Barrel credit card if we wanted to go that route. He got us a couple color swatches to take home in order to compare colors and was straightforward with us on what dates we would have to order by to get the furniture when we wanted it. Fast forward a couple days and I call to place my order. Chris was not available, so I spoke with a customer service representative who put the sale under Chris' name. Unfortunately, even after being on the phone and going over everything multiple times, the sectional was ordered backwards. After I looked at the receipt and realized it was wrong, I went back into the store to correct the mistake. I spoke with another woman first, who suggested I wait for Chris. It's slightly frustrating that once you work with one salesperson, they ask you to work with same person every time you come in even though she had my order pulled up on the screen but I understand since he was most familiar with our purchase. Chris was quite busy that day with other couples and I ended up waiting a lot longer than I hoped just to update an order and ask for a coffee table suggestion. Eventually, we got it all figured out and he did a great job getting everything ordered properly. Our delivery date only got pushed back four days so we are definitely very happy about that. We are so excited for our new sectional and are overall very happy with the customer service at C&B.

Greatly enjoy this location!

Greatly enjoy this location! Layout is wonderful and easy to navigate. Being in a mall, it's usually packed, but if you need a breather, check out the furniture section in the very back. It's usually quiet and has comfy sofas and beds to check out. I purchased a mug just before Christmas and when I got home, noticed that there was a large crack that wrapped all around it. I brought it back a week later and it was the easiest exchange I've ever done. I found a new mug on the shelf, brought it up to the counter, the sales associate looked at it, wrapped up the new one, and handed it to me. No computer transactions. No signing random pieces of paper. We were in and out in like 2 minutes. Amazing. We've signed up for their Wedding Registry party in February and are thrilled that they offer special times to come in and get this tedious process done. Especially as they have vendors out to explain the products and I hear there are food and drink samples! Another reason to love this store!

Love the products and services

Love the products and services. Registered here and was pleased with the whole process. Slightly disappointed with furniture shipping costs, but I still buy my pieces here in the end.

After having a very pleasant experience...

After having a very pleasant experience picking out all of the furniture for our new home and spending lots of $$$ here, everything went down hill. It took more than two months to receive our furniture. Ok, not a problem. We had our old bedroom furniture removed in anticipation of our new furniture being delivered. Delivery guys assemble our new C&B Colette king bed frame but realize that they had queen sized slats. They promised to send new slats that day. This is at 9 am. At 6 pm after calling the Short Hills store over and over again I am told the that king sized slats are on back order for one month. So I'm 8 months pregnant with no bed frame and have to sleep on a mattress on the floor for a month. After complaining to C&B, they agree to send a temporary bed frame that I can use with my mattress while the king slats come in on the other bed. I took a day off from work to wait for this delivery. The delivery guys come in and tell me that they frame they sent cannot be used without a box spring. I don't have one because the Colette frame is used with only a mattress. Ok, so back to sleeping on the floor on a mattress. It then took another month to receive the fame and slats. The woman I spoke to at the Short Hills store was extremely unhelpful and obnoxious. After spending tens of thousands of dollars at their store, one would think they would have been more gracious. It was an awful experience and I will never shop at C&B again.

I was in the store...

I was in the store on May 27th searching for an accent chair, an ottoman, and a bar. My regular sales associate (Carol) was tied up so they assigned us to a young woman that had no clue what was going on. After numerous attempts to find an ottoman for my living room (she took me to the outdoor furniture section and suggested a piece, but said "I think you'll have to buy the chair too") I gave up and asked her to order the bar and the mirror (I found myself) and ring up some outdoor pillows that were marked on sale for $19.95. The pillows rang up at $34.95. I said, "those are on sale." She said, "yes, you're right they are." I said, "but they're ringing up at full price." She said, "oh yeah" and stared blankly at me. I took her to the bin where the pillows were and her explanation was that "different pillows" must be on sale. She then proceeded to put the pillows that were evidently not on sale BACK into the sales bin. Anyway .... I made it very clear that I needed both items on or before June 8th. She placed the order with great difficulty, and only after someone else came twice to assist, and I was given a delivery date of June 5th. I then waited 15 minutes for her to figure out how to print out a receipt. I left frustrated. Here we are on June 5th, and I've received my bar and I have received some sort of piece that is definitely NOT a mirror. The delivery was accepted by my nanny, who was assured that this thing was in fact the "Dahlia Wall Mirror" that I ordered. It is not. I called the store (as per the instructions on my order form) and spoke to Crystal, who is possibly the rudest person I've ever encountered in my entire life. Essentially she told me that I should have been home to inspect the delivery, instead of having my nanny at home. This is ridiculous on every possible level, so I won't even address it further. She told me that I'd have to repack the mirror (evidently, I am meant to go and buy packing supplies?) and they'd have the correct item delivered to me next week. Remember how I told the associate I only wanted the items if they could be delivered by the 8th? I tried to explain all of this, but after Crystal shoulted at me that she "wasn't finished speaking," I finally got tired of Crystal being nasty to me and asked for the manager. She told me she IS the customer service manager. No wonder the customer service in the store is so poor! Crystal is in charge and her attitude is a disgrace. She finally put me on hold with the promise that someone else would help me. After 10 minutes on hold, during which three people picked up the phone to ask if I was Alice holding for pillows, I got Joey. He identified himself as the manager and I started the whole story again. He told me that my sales associate is a senior associate with 20 years experience and no one ever complains about her, which is again, absurd. First, she hasn't worked ANYWHERE 20 years, and had she worked at C&B for 20 years, one would think she'd have at least a passing knowledge of their product line. Second, what difference does it make if no one has complained about her in the past? I'm complaining about her now. I had a bad experience, and your job as the manager is to correct that. Again - no wonder the store is so poorly run -- the "leadership" is horrendous! Joey provided no value. He told me he'd partner with the warehouse tomorrow to ask me when they could have someone pick up the item and when they could get me my mirror. I told him that I don't want the mirror and he should cancel the order and send someone to get whatever thing was delivered. He told me I would have to package the incorrect item (not going to happen) and I was going to have to be home to sign because they would only accept my signature. I'm obviously not going to take the day off of work to be here to correct their error, which is something Joey didn't see to understand. I asked for his manager, and he told me he doesn't have a manager. Imagine that! I'm fairly certain Joey Rios is not the CEO of Crate & Barrel and quite certain that he must have a manager, but he wouldn't give me a name. (He did give me a phone number that he claimed was "corporate" and that turned out to be disconnected.) Luckily I called the 1-800 number on my Crate & Barrel card and spoke to a customer service representative who was able to remove the charge for the mirror from my card and cancel the order. She said someone will be in touch about picking up the incorrect piece, and she'll get me the name of someone in charge so I can share my experience. I'm sharing it here so no one else has to spend 2.5 hours on the phone dealing with Joey Rios and Crystal Lepay, who are the reason I won't ever shop Crate & Barrel again.

I am a *very* satisfied customer

I am a *very* satisfied customer. I walked into this store looking for a new bed and couch. I haven't bought any new furniture for my apartment in twenty years (older, single guy), so was completely overwhelmed at the idea of this kind of shopping. Maria, one of the salespeople there, was *fantastic*. She listened to me, knew all of their product line including items not on display, was friendly and empathic. Not pushy in any way at all. I went away, thought about what I'd looked at, looked at other things in other stores, and came back a few weeks later. She remembered me, and we sat down and I went for a Bowery bed, a bunky board, a mattress, pillows and one set of sheets to get me going. The delivery guys showed up this morning, and it was like watching a military operation, they even took away all the cardboard and plastic wrapping that I was expecting to deal with! Highly recommended.

Purchased over $11000.00of leather and wood furniture

Purchased over $11000.00of leather and wood furniture. Within a year the teak wood bed fell apart. THEY DID REPLACE IT. But I had to reinforce the bed with metal plates to insure it lasting this time around. After 5yrs the 100%leather chairs have cracked and pieces have fallen off. They will do me a favor and offered 50%credit towards new ones????Their product in my opinion is DEFECTIVE and should be replaced FOC. Traveled from SC to NJ to speak to a store manager where the items where purchased. After no response in 4 days and several e mails plus a call to corp. they offered 70%. Still not fair for defective merchandise. BEWARE OF WHO YOU BUY FROM. THEY HAVE EVEN CHANGED THE CHAIRS BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT WAS A PROBLEM. Chairs now made of man made materials NOT REAL LEATHER AND RAISED THE PRICE. UNREAL You replied and what did you really say NOTHING. I HAVE SPOKEN TO STORE MANAGER AND CORPORATE FOLKS. ITS ALL A RUN AROUND. YOU WILL GIVE GREAT SERVICE FOR SMALL ITEMS. BUT WHEN YOU ATE FACED WITH High dollar amounts YOU do nothing but apologies. What good is that????

Have shopped here for many years

Have shopped here for many years, and always been happy with the merchandise and overall experience, whether for small household items or major furniture. I have bought a lot of stuff here, and the staff has always been pleasant and knowledgeable. If you are patient, almost everything they have will eventually go on sale in the store or online, and you can score some major bargains (although it used to be a LOT easier when the economy was tanking). I just bought a set of really nice white dishes for eight people for a little over $100. Not bad considering the quality. The store is always organized and clean, with plenty of room to roam around and see everything. I always like to browse the section in the middle with all the cool kitchen gadgets - stuff that you will actually use once you get it home. As an aside, I remember C&B as a local, kinda funky store selling cheap housewares and lighting in Chicago back in the mid 80's. They have come a long, long way since those days!

I love Crate and Barrel for gifts

I love Crate and Barrel for gifts, home items for myself, and getting something from a registry. This location is right at Fashion Square. The furniture is on the first floor, and the every day items are upstairs. There were many helpful sales clerks. I love when I can go in, pick an item, and I prefer the box wrap over just a bag, especially when giving it to someone. This location also makes it easy for me to order our daughters something online and let them pick it up. Great quality stuff. Prices are so wide range you can find just about something in whatever price range you wish to spend.

Very, very poor customer service!

Very, very poor customer service! I typically shop at high end retailers because I enjoy the level of service you receive. For example, Nordstrom's and if Nordstrom offered an expansive home furniture section I would shop there in a heartbeat. I bought a $1,500 dining room table for my new apartment. The white marble worked perfectly with the backsplash and cabinets of my new place! The sales woman that helped us out was good. She was able to answer all of our questions and even let me know about the possible stains that can happen on marble. She informed me that they were currently out of stock but they should be able to have it delivered out by the end of the month. NOW THIS IS WHERE I WENT WRONG. Make sure to inquire about their delivery policy!!! My sales agent explained how there would be a two hour window so I wouldn't have to be sitting around waiting for my table and they make sure to have a white glove finish! What she doesn't tell you is that the delivery company will not give you your time slot until the day before your delivery! This doesn't make things easy because I work for a living. After two failed deliveries, do to the time slots not fitting my schedule, and serval long phone calls to Crate and Barrel about the unknown delivery times. I finally had to ask my magic question "can I pay extra to select my delivery time" did she finally respond with yes! Now this is NOT the same as airing your frustration regard the randomness of their delivery times or informing them of their dissatisfaction regarding the randomness of their delivery times. I even asked why no one has offered this option before in the past and her response was we don't typically offer that option unless specially asked for it. Plus note luxury service is about anticipation your client's needs and streamlining their experience. Crate and Barrel might have luxury prices but they DO NOT OFFER LUXURY SERVICE!

Fantastic customer service!

Fantastic customer service! We bought a sleeper sofa here recently and there was a very minor problem with the delivered furniture - their customer service lead Jennifer went above and beyond in helping us get the issue resolved and in spite of the initial problem made this one of the best furniture shopping experiences we've had.

Holy pa-hey-sesus. This is the biggest...

Holy pa-hey-sesus. This is the biggest Crate and Barrel that I have ever visited. The furniture dept is wonderful, I really like their lighting and they have some really nice dining room tables. The furniture is high quality and the prices are reasonable. (I think the employees were a little concerned that I was ohing and ahing as I touched the furniture). I could spend days in the housewares dept. I love their glassware, cookware and gadgets. I never visit this store without taking home something! I would have thrown my clothing out of my suitcase, if I had to, to make room for my wonderful new purchases! Crate and Barrel, you make this girl very happy!

When I was little...

When I was little and my parents would take me to a furniture store, I would ditch them, find a living room arrangement I fancied, and play house. Yea. You heard me. I would pretend I was Samantha from Bewitched. Sitting in my Queen Ann chair, waiting for Darren to come home from Tate Advertising, so I could smother him with my bewitching kisses. Then I would twitch my nose, move to the bedroom area, and well, the rest is a little PG 13 so I'll leave it up to your imagination. This Crate and Barrel, indeed, has a fabulous furniture selection. I love it more than Pottery Barn (too shabby chic), Restoration Hardware (more hardware than furniture) and more than Z Gallery (too much purple crap and Melrose meets a brothel type stuff). Not to mention all the other goodies from dishes to pillows to glassware. Crate and Barrel strikes the perfect balance between contemporary stying, fair prices and quality. So, if you ever see me, talking to myself, while lounging on a chaise here, you'll know what's up.


Outstanding! After hitting almost every furniture and home store in the area, I can say that this one outshines them all. I can't believe the number of stores I visited that have rude and unhelpful staff. Because of the negative experiences, I pretty much decided to just buy something on the internet. By chance, I stumbled upon the Scottsdale Crate and Barrel and was impressed by the helpfulness of the sales people. I can't say enough about my experience there. Amber, Alex, and Susan were wonderful! They answered all my questions about the furniture and I ended up buying a sofa and a number of kitchen and home items. As a rule, I don't consider myself loyal to any particular store, but I have to say that they have made me a loyal customer! As long as they have such great sales people, they will definitely continue to get my business.

I've always received excellent service

I've always received excellent service at this location, and this store is one of my favorite places to browse when I'm in the mall, being the food nerd that I am :). The kitchen selections are great and the outdoor furniture that I've bought from here is still looking good even after 2 years of being exposed to the desert climate and my general negligence haha. The option to have your receipt e-mailed to you is a nice perk, and I sometimes get coupons in the mail with my catalogs. Upgrade a star!

Love their Kitchen and Food...

Love their Kitchen and Food, Bed & Bath, & Decorating & Accessories items, ok maybe everything they offer. I love my redish with black accents dinner set. Had to get all the serving dishes too. Love the stainless steel pots, I need to get another one soon. And the cast iron dutchoven. Love my Marimekko bath towels (blue/green circles). Their reversible green bath towels are my favorite. Wish my backyard is done soon, so I can add patio furniture. Yes, the prices are a bit high but just love their stuff.

I enjoy going to both crate and barrel stores

I enjoy going to both crate and barrel stores in the Valley, This one is great if you want to compare against Pottery Barn, which I find there is no comparison. The designs are superb, timely, and the staff is friendly and full of personality. While my budget has not afforded furniture pieces to date, I have purchased many accessories and art pieces, etc. I found a blue Polish Misa vase on sale for $24.95 which was over 50% off. Wonderful piece and very sturdy. Also found a mirror for the bedroom-very contemporary and I'm sure it will fit my decor for many years. Plus I told the staff how much I love their merchandise and they offered me a job application. I look forward to many additional purchases at this store and hope I can soon start purchasing furtiture pieces.

I have been shopping at this location for at least 15 years

I have been shopping at this location for at least 15 years. I recently purchased over 6k in furniture and household items with them. Since I have had many misfortune experiences in person inside the store, I have not gone there in person to shop as I used to. I do all my shopping online and wait for them to have free shipping promotions. Sometimes I do in store pick up. However, even in store pick up is an eventful experience. The problem is that their in store system is different from online. I drove 40 minutes to go pick up my items to be told they were already picked up. After much waiting, they finally give me some of my items and tell me I have to wait even longer for the rest. I purchased a few chair pads in December but they only because available in January. I go there to pick them up and I'm given only a couple pads from the order and the rest is put on order again due to some employee mistake. When I get home, I open the bag to use my new pad to find out that they gave me an USED sample pad, it was either returned previously or it was a store model. I paid for the item to be brand new, not used. The ladies in the store were not really happy when I wanted to exchange for a new one. We are in March and now I find out that my returned item was never really ordered so I have to wait yet, again. I had to make several trips to the store, waste my time to help them figure out their system. This is really upsetting. I love Crate and Barrel products for the most part, I dislike the level of experience you receive in their stores. I do feel that some of their employees are picky and don't provide the same treatment to all their clients. This rating is based on the human interactions I have had with this store in the last few years. If you live in Arizona you don't have many options for Crate and Barrel locations so we are stuck with this one. I hope that this review and others help the Scottsdale Fashion Square team to improve their customer service.

My recent experience with Crate and Barrel

My recent experience with Crate and Barrel Before I start the review, let me start by sharing that I had previously bought a desk that came damaged. At the desk's price point, I ended up keeping it to avoid the hassle and frustration of the return process. I will throw it away when I am done using it. I had previously also bought a bed that was delivered damaged and returned it. After several more searches for a suitable bed, I finally settled on ordering the Tate bed from Helen at the Crate and Barrel store in Scottsdale. Helen was a delightful pleasant and very knowledgeable salesperson. The delivery was scheduled for a week later between 5 and 7 PM. On the day of the delivery and prior to the delivery time, I moved the car, moved furniture and held back on getting dinner ready for my family. Towards the end of the delivery window and with no call beforehand from the delivery service, I reached out at 7 PM to the store only to learn that my bed would not be delivered due to bad weather. We had a very light rain earlier that day and despite the weather, I had been receiving automated calls every couple of hours saying they were on their way. I contacted Helen and left her a voice mail stating that if they could bring the bed the next day I would accept it. A woman named Candy called and after going back and forth on reasons why I could not have the bed delivered for yet another week, Candy confessed that the real reason the bed could not be delivered was that it had been damaged and they had to order a new one. Seeing as Candy had outright lied to me and that everything I bought from Crate and Barrel seemed to arrive damaged, I refused to accept delivery of the bed and asked that the order be cancelled. Helen being a great sales lady called me to see if she could save the deal. I personally stopped at the store to share with Helen that my experience was not one that would merit high retail prices. I was lied to, mislead and delivered shoddy damaged goods. Helen asked me what she could do. As this point I really did not care if I did or did not get the bed as I was feeling disgusted with the entire experience. I told Helen I would take the bed if Crate and Barrel wanted to sell it to me at half off the retail price. I had found about a dozen similar beds on-line all with credit card protection and warrantees. So today a woman named Jennifer called me out of the blue and totally at random. Jennifer starts to tell me that she can bring the bed to me the next day and wasn't that great? Sure would have been great Jennifer! I asked her what the price was going to be. This clever person tells me " don't worry about the price " let's just get you the bed " You will also get a gift card good at the store ". OK Jennifer now I am laughing at you and your approach, it's pretty funny really. What completely turned me off was when Jennifer told me " let's not worry about the amount of the card, you just get that bed and then we can see what the amount is". The more I thought about this the more insane I thought it was! Jennifer wanted me to pay for the bed and take a gift card for an undisclosed amount. There was no mention of my detailed discussion with Helen or the email that Helen sent to corporate. Just good 'ole Jennifer and her solution. Let's just forget about any of the conversations that preceded her call. My prediction is that Crate and Barrel will be gone in less then five years. No one wants to pay their prices for that kind of treatment. Go on-line and you can find anything you want from Crate and Barrel for a lot less and NO hassles or horrible treatment. Perhaps Crate and Barrel can provide a business ethics training course for Candy to help her tell the truth the first time. Likewise, a customer satisfaction training course or two for Jennifer and her creative out of the box thinking could also be of some help - maybe? PS THEY CALLED after we canclled and STILL were bringing the bed NO one knows what is going on in that store !

I like Crate and Barrel!

I like Crate and Barrel! This store has a great variety of kitchenware, and everything used for the home! Great comfortable furniture as well! I could take a nap on the couches if I wanted to. The staff was super friendly, and asked was able to provide the information I needed when I was shopping with my friend for the couch! The reason why I make it lose a star, is because of the escalator inside the store. The steps are very small,and when you step on, it's very easy to lose your balance, as it struggled to both my feet on the steps, but overall I do like Crate and Barrel as a whole! Definitely shopping here for my next kitchen appliances!

2 stars go to the staff and products

2 stars go to the staff and products for my furniture purchases ( it could be 5 , without Estelle Mirror episode ). 0 or even negative stars go to my experience with the Estelle mirror purchase. They tried to replace it 3 times , every time they delivered mirrors with rusty corners. The customer service even tried to tell me that this is a standard "non smooth finishing " , and not a defect.

Nice but pricey.

Nice but pricey. This particular store is clean and organized. The workers are helpful and friendly. They have great ideas for decorating with nice furniture but they are not cheap. They have some interesting pieces here, but it's hard to find a bargain.

Never a bad Experience

Never a bad Experience Purchased several Items over the past several years. I Always wait for Theo to purchase furniture. He is knowledgeable & honest, not sure if it is Company policy But we get a handwritten Card after each major purchase. furniture always in good Condition. Never dissapointed If Not for $ would Buy everything from here. great quality!!!

Amazingly friendly and helpful staff

Amazingly friendly and helpful staff. Great assortment of furniture and accessories. I always find something lovely here.

An update to my review...

An update to my review regarding the sofa we purchased September 2. It was supposed to be delivered today. I got a call from the warehouse; it won't be delivered until Nov. 2. A sofa that was on our doorstep a few weeks ago is now coming from who knows where. Go buy your furniture someplace else. We are.

Sells expensive leather furniture...

Sells expensive leather furniture that is just a thin veneer and will fall apart in about 3 years...after the warranty. I expect shit when stuff is cheap, but not when it's expensive at this place. Well, our chairs were...

My review of the store...

My review of the store, the furniture I purchased and my sales rep is 5 stars. My review of the delivery process and the customer service with my delivery problem is 1 star. So I averaged it out to 3. My sales rep, Mike Dion was awesome. I went into the store 3 different times and Mike expertly helped me pull pieces together. He had such great ideas and helped me put things together I never would have thought of on my own. I placed a large order with furniture for our living room, dining room, deck and bedroom. The problems started with our original delivery. Four of the items I ordered were missing without explanation. The delivery men had no idea what happened so I called the store and spoke to the customer service rep, Crystal. Crystal said they would refund my shipping cost and she would reschedule the delivery for a week later. When I told her I didn't think we should have to wait a week for their error she told me she would talk to the manager and get back to me. She never got back to me. After two days, I searched online to find the store manager's name and only after emailing her directly did I start getting real customer service to solve the problem. She arranged for our remaining delivery to come by courier and applied a courtesy discount. However, when the delivery came, one piece was still missing. We finally got our full order a couple days later. For a major national chain, logistics just shouldn't be that hard and customers shouldn't have to chase and beg to get mistakes rectified. I feel bad for the store employees because Crate & Barrel obviously has a problem with their customer service and delivery. It's a bummer because I had such a great experience in the store and we are really happy with our furniture. But the missing deliveries and the poor way customer service handled it initially left me with a bad impression.

Bought some great furniture here...

Bought some great furniture here for my new place.. i liked there customer service and there furniture.. wish they had a bigger shop!

The furniture is nice and of high quality

The furniture is nice and of high quality. Crate and barrel is one of the rare stores nowadays, that offers good , sturdy, and lasting furniture. Larkin was pretty bad, and sales reps not engaged. My dining set arrived in 2.5 weeks, intact and found it's place in our dining area.

I have purchased many items...

I have purchased many items from them throughout the years. They have a great supply of home goods and their employees are always helpful. Nice furniture at decent prices.

I ordered several thousand dollars worth of furniture...

I ordered several thousand dollars worth of furniture a weeks ago and was told it would take a 2 weeks until delivery. The sales person told us that we'd be called 2 days prior to "schedule the delivery". We told him that we wanted the delivery on a specific date when we were available after 12 noon and specially said that we were only available for the delivery in the afternoon. He said it was no problem -- we could just ask for an afternoon delivery time. Fast forward 2 weeks and we get a call that the delivery will be 9-11AM. I called the store to get the delivery time changed. The woman I spoke with was rude and told me that the information I was given was wrong (by the initial sales person) and the only option was to change the delivery date (to wait another week after already waiting 3 weeks for the first delivery date). I informed her that we were unavailable and that we needed the time changed, as the first sales person told us we could pick the time. She told me that it was in the small print of my paperwork and I should have read that instead of listening to the sales person. AND then she tried to tell me that I would be charged a $35 fee for changing the delivery date. Needless to say we will be canceling our order and purchasing items elsewhere. I have been a long time customer of C&B and have never had an issue like this but after the treatment I received, I will be finding a new place to spend my money.


Emily was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! She was sooooo patient with my wife and I. She actually cared about our needs. After hours of furniture shopping and dealing with numerous stores, it was refreshing to find someone that made sure that we had the best product for our home! Emily Rocks! If you need a great furniture representative at Crate & Barrel don't shop with anyone but Emily! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

This place is a mess.

This place is a mess. You are much better ordering anything you want on-line as trying to order furniture in the store is a never-ending hassle. It took 20 minutes for me to return a carpet swatch. Additionally, their furniture is incredibly boring. If you are looking for sofas, I'd highly recommend the Sofa Company in Santa Monica. You can get exactly what you want for much less than you would pay here. If you absolutely must go to a Crate and Barrel, this is the one to go to as there is parking right underneath the building.

Well priced furniture that is...

Well priced furniture that is MADE WELL and great staff. Its important to remember that some pieces are priced well while other may be overpriced. I've purchased numerous items here and deliveries take place on time! I'll be back because of the good customer service.

I've been to this C&B many times

I've been to this C&B many times, but usually to buy gifts for wedding registries or pick up random household items. I came this past Saturday to look at their furniture since I heard they were having a sale. I've seen some of the stuff online and in their catalogs- assuming that it would be out of my price range. And I was right on the regularly priced stuff, but wrong about the sale. I worked with Mark in the furniture department and he helped me score a floor sample bed for half the listed price. Yes, that's right half the price! I couldn't believe it! I ended up picking up a complete bedroom set and some outdoor chairs all for the price of what just a regular priced bed costs. I highly recommend checking out their furniture sale if you're in the market. None of the sales people were pushy and they were all willing to help. I'll definitely go back and check out the next sale!

I've bought furniture...

I've bought furniture from about ten different stores in my life, and the pieces I've gotten from Crate and Barrel have been by far the most durable and long-lasting. My microfiber couch has survived all kinds of spills and just about every atrocity a cat can do to it for ten years, and still looks like new. All other C&B furniture I have is also holding up very well after more than a decade. The furniture I bought from more expensive sellers, on the other hand, often got stained and fell apart within a few years. I therefore always recommend C&B to people who have pets, kids, or are just hard on their stuff. People buying couches here should know though that a lot of Crate and Barrel couches are very big, and sometimes they are too big for movers to get them into some LA apartments, especially the older buildings. I had to give up one of my couches for this reason.

I bought some furniture

I bought some furniture there from Sonja. She is good people. Easy to work with and only interested in what will work for me. I hate when people try to sell me something so "they" can make more money... Sonja doesn't do that:) I had a small issue with the table I bought, and she took care of it promptly without issue. Ask for her, tell her Casey sent you :)

This is girl/woman heaven.

This is girl/woman heaven. She loves it here, and to be honest, their furniture is growing on me too. Maybe if I become a millionaire some day I can afford to decorate my house with Crate & Barrel. For now... it keeps her happy, and that makes me happy. :) I do love the free parking below. That's always a perk, especially in a place like Beverly Hills.

Location: Pain...

Location: Pain in the ass and too congested Parking: Ok, not stellar Selection: Good Service: Very good I had a great experience buying my Sloane shelves here (best shelves ever, btw). The woman at the register was very friendly, which helps make up for the inevitable stress of buying and moving furniture. I'd come back if it weren't for the fact that it's in a pain-in-the-ass, tourist-y part of Beverly Hills.

At first, I thought that Crate & Barrel...

At first, I thought that Crate & Barrel are just for traditional furniture style folks with too much money in their pockets... but I was just proven wrong today! I went there to furnish our new house and with a laundry list of about 15 different items, I was amazed to find almost half of them, and some at their floor sample sales! Damien, the sales manager there, was absolutely wonderful. Part-interior-designer, part-sales-consultant, he was so patient and took us through so many great pieces in the store with such knowledge, I wouldn't have been able to do the purchase all by myself. There's always the big price-tag items (which you can wait for the sale). But after shopping around at so many different stores (really, we must have gone to 50 furniture stores all over LA!), C&B is the place to find modern, on-trend pieces.... and don't shy away from the sales section!

This is the first time I order furniture from C&B

This is the first time I order furniture from C&B. I ordered 5 dinning room chairs for our new table and was told it would take 4-6 weeks to receive my chairs. My receipt also said delivery is early December, which is about 6 weeks from the purchase date. Today I called and was told that my chairs will not be delivered until sometime in January!!! The Sales Associate on the phone also said the order has always said delivery in January. The Sales Associate who sold us the chairs, Damien, never told us the chairs would take so long and now I feel like he lied to get the sale! If I had known it was going to take 3 months to get dinning room chairs I probably wouldn't have bought them. We will be hosting Christmas this year and now we have to continue using our folding plastic chairs. Such an inconvenience! Never ordering furniture from them again unless given a specific date and time when it would be delivered upon purchase....which is highly unlikely.

This C&B has provided a level of customer service...

This C&B has provided a level of customer service that I never knew existed. We ordered some furniture and have had multiple issues after it's been delivered- but each time, the staff has quickly ordered a replacement. I'd like to give a special shout-out to Fara and Tony who have gone so far above and beyond- they've turned my wife and I into C&B advocates. While they are more expensive than a lot of stores, they are worth every penny. Their after-sales support is second-to-none.

Needed a couch so I went shopping.

Needed a couch so I went shopping. My salesman Mike Dion in furniture was very patient and helpful because I'm very tall and furniture buying can be difficult. I sat on every sofa but didn't have any success. I did see bar stools which caught my eye but held off on those. I left realizing that the store had closed with me in in but Mike never said a word. He worked with me without ever telling me the store had closed. I came back to the next day to buy the bar stools and when I arrived I asked for Mike who was at lunch so I waited because I wanted him to get the sale. He earned it. As I waited I noticed an upper loft area with a few other pieces that I hadn't seen the day before. I sat on the couch and to my shock I liked it, so I stayed on that couch and enjoyed it's comfort until Mike walked over to me now back from lunch Once again he worked with me to make sure the I was absolutely sure about the couch and then I had him write it up Along with the bar stools and then I also ended up with an area rug. I was relieved and happy plus very happy to have given Mike that sale. He deserved it. His customer service skills are top notch Crate and barrel is very lucky to have him

I am so disappointed.

I am so disappointed. After spending close to $4000.00, the worst delivery situation happened today. I had my assistant at my house because I had to be in court. The guy says, We have a problem, the glass is cracked for the kitchen table. He did not have my friend sign anything or even make a phone call to tell her when they could send a new table top. They just left a table with legs and not top in my kitchen. Now they say they cannot anything for 11 days. So I have no kitchen table -- well, I do, but with no top! I have company coming and I need a table. They won't even pick it back up. I won't ever buy furniture there again. I am going to the store in morning. I am returning this set, but they won't even pick it up until Sept 10! Where do the kids eat? And I want my money back. Terrible service. Worst excuse for delivery ever! Shame on them!

Hugely disappointed in this place.

Hugely disappointed in this place. Let me start with the pluses: Location, parking, selection. The salespeople are EXTREMELY attentive... When you want to buy sometime. But heaven forbid you should need help with a return. I purchased over $3,000 worth of furniture from this location. One item was a Simmons mattress, which cost over $1K and came with a "20 year warranty." After using the mattress for only 3 years, it began to give me a very achey back. I tried to contact Simmons directly, but after several attempts, never got through to anyone. So I asked Crate & Barrel for some help, since the mattress was after all, uniquely made by Simmons FOR Crate & Barrel. I must have sent 40+ emails back and forth. Each individual forwarded to the next, to no avail. I was clearly getting nowhere. Finally, one manager said she'd have their mattress expert come out and inspect it. He was scheduled to be at my home between 7-9 AM on a given morning. I waited. And waited. And waited. At about a quarter to 11 AM (when I was already at work), the gentleman called to say he had arrived. Nice. Back to the drawing board. More emails sent back and forth. No avail. Finally, I made the decision to walk in and talk to someone directly. I asked for one the managers with whom I had exchanged several emails. She came out of her office and I told her who I am. She stared at me blankly. I kept explaining and she couldn't seem to place me. I finally retold the story 3/4 times until she finally seemed quite irritated and explained that there was nothing she could do for me. Wonderful. After being a loyal customer and shelling out over $3,000 in purchases, nobody was willing to lift a finger. But I'm sure that if I needed to buy something, they'd be all over me and super accommodating. This is not at all my idea of how to run a fair business. Customers should not be given the run-around or treated so dismissively. I expected more. Alas, I am through with this store. Why would I waste my time when there are COUNTLESS other furniture stores across this city with customer service that is far superior.

Wow... what an experience

Wow... what an experience I had here! After spending close to $4k on furniture at this location, I had a kitchen island delivered & hired a handyman to put it together (despite the price it's IKEA style & needed 2 people, but I still love it!). There was a deep dent on the island so I took photos & headed back to the store. The employee I spoke to insisted that I or my handyman put this dent in this heavy, solid, stainless island (the package wasn't damaged so obviously was defective when it left their factory). The great thing is the island is incredibly strong -- there is absolutely no way a human being could have created this dent. After we finished debating how the dent got there, she then noted their return policy is ONLY 7 DAYS- of which I apologized I missed the 7 days (clearly I didn't read the fine print). After another discussion she finally said they'll replace it & I requested they also put it together so I don't have to hire a handyman again. Apparently there's no way they can do this. After another thorough discussion we settled on a 30% gift card (comparable to the cost of a handyman), which was to be sent to me. Fast forward... I received a letter in the mail from their manager thanking me for shopping with them and NO GIFT CARD WAS INCLUDED. I'm so disgusted & have no way to prove this since I didn't get anything in writing (and I'm sure I would have to go through a whole debate session again). I'm just dropping it & have committed to never shop at this location again....seriously, there are so many C&B's in LA - don't waste your time here. Lessons learned: 1. If you return something defective (even if it's clearly a manufacturer defect), bring in your criminal defense team as they will insist you did it 2. If they tell you they'll mail you a gift card, get it in writing 3. Note the 7 day return policy- a ridiculously short timeframe but they're sticklers Good luck!

This review is for the order and wait process

This review is for the order and wait process of a Lounge II Petite couch because it is just so absurd and horrible that Crate and Barrel does business in this way. Paid for the Lounge II Petite with custom configuration in Taft Steel fabric (which is supposedly an in stock fabric for the Lounge II) on 2/19/18. The representative that helped me at this store stated that my couch would be ready mid-April. I received an email from the representative at the store that helped me stating that my couch had started production on 2/27/18. Just got an email from that same representative on 3/22/18 stating that production of my couch has been delayed from mid-April to now early June. That is not one or two weeks which would be understandable. That is a significant amount of time. I don't understand how C&B can be so irresponsible and not be able to accurately guesstimate their production schedules. So far I have not been given an explanation or anything. Only buy furniture if you are willing to wait upwards of 4 months to get your items. *************************************** I tried to post a review on the main C&B website for the issue I am having. They moderate all reviews. Here is the response I got from them: Your review cannot be approved for one or more of the following reasons: - mentions a competitor - directs business away - includes personally identifiable information - mentions shipping complaints - includes inappropriate media - contains a URL - is vague or needs more detail - includes profanity - raises product quality/safety concerns So yah, if they moderate every review to those guidelines then they only accept positive reviews. It is actually a bit scary that safety concerns is on that list. Safety concerns should be a priority. Be wary of the reviews for items directly on the C&B website. ******************* Update: So got an email on 3/28, apparently there had been a delay in the vendor getting the fabric for the couch, however, surprisingly, it arrived earlier then expected, WOW!, ha, so now my ETA is set for end of April. Got an email on the 3/29 from C&B stating that my couch was ready to schedule delivery. Confusing since I had just been told the day before it wasn't going to be ready until the end of April. Soonest available date was 4/22. Emailed associate to try to get to the bottom of the conflicting stories. She said couch wasn't ready to be delivered. Got another email from C&B reminding me to schedule delivery and I emailed associate again on 4/3. She said couch was still not ready to be scheduled. 4/5 just got a call from a different associate saying that she had scheduled my couch to be delivered and the soonest available date is 4/29. This whole thing make NO sense. Seriously C&B, I expect better from you. Figure yourself out!

Employee Review of Company

Crate and Barrel is in severe debt. Crate and Barrel is not paying its vendors, so furniture is backordered out 6 months to 1 year. Purchase at your own risk!


Overpriced China furniture and products. Horrible business policies

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