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CB2 Reviews

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CB2 is Crate & Barrel's more affordable furniture and home brand, with a focus on their online storefront. With 19 store locations, their products are oftentimes much more affordable than buying from Crate & Barrel, while still having the kind of updated, contemporary styles that match modern homes. In terms of customer satisfaction, most customers like CB2's selection, but there were some complaints about durability and delivery.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

Price: $199-$3899

Return Policy: 7 Days

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CB2 Specifics

CB2's modern furniture selection makes it fun to shop for a unique piece to add a bit of flair to any room. With chic designs and a bit more moderate prices, CB2 is distinguishing itself as a younger and more updated sibling of Crate & Barrel.

Customers appreciate the fresh styling that CB2 has to offer and can find design inspiration in their catalog. However, when it comes to buying, there are some that have reported issues with delivery and mixed reviews surrounding the durability of their products.

Material Quality

CB2 is known for being the more moderately priced version of Crate & Barrel. While a few customers have mentioned that prices are still not lower than budget alternatives, they are generally happy with the wide range of unique designs that CB2 has to offer. Even so, some customers have reported issues with durability over time and issues with their orders.

CB2's Top Picks

When it comes to what CB2's shoppers are excited about, there are some items that come up again and again. We'll go through a few of their most popular searches below.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

CB2 offers a variety of sectionals and sofas that fit in with their modern aesthetic. These come in a wide range of sizes and mostly neutral color options. When it comes to affordability, customers have mentioned that the furniture can be on the pricey side while others who are used to the the higher prices of Crate & Barrel find CB2's pricing to be refreshing. Some shoppers have encountered issues with their deliveries and replacement orders being delayed (even for in-stock items) and missing the necessary hardware. Other buyers mention some longevity issues with the sofas and sectionals.

The pros: Nice styles and options for most living spaces.

The cons: Delivery delays for some shoppers. Some issues with the longevity of certain couch models.

#2 Rugs

Rugs can be the perfect way to tie a room together, and CB2 shoppers have 200+ options between smaller doormats and runners all the way up to larger area rugs. From solid and subdued prints to geometric and abstract prints with bright colors, CB2 rugs run between $20 for small rugs to $2,000+ for the larger rugs. Overall, customers seem to be very happy with the pretty design options available to them, but there has also been some feedback about the perceived quality for certain rugs when compared to their price, and some rugs not being pet-proof.

The pros: A nice selection of designs.

The cons: Some issues with durability.

#3 Lighting

CB2 offers shoppers looking for a new lighting fixture or lamp over 150+ options to brighten up any room. With their characteristcally modern and unique designs, shoppers can choose from table and floor lamps, pendant lights, flush mounts, wall sconces, and even light bulbs and switch plates to match. Customers of CB2 love the styles of lighting offered, but some point out issues with construction and perceived quality.

The pros: Modern and stylish lamp designs and lighting options.

The cons: Issues surrounding perceived quality of some lighting pieces.

#4 Dining Furniture

One of the most popular items CB2 shoppers look for are their dining tables and dining chairs. With about 100 different dining table and chair options respectively, CB2 dining furniture has an overall modern look with clean lines. CB2 dining tables range from $180 to $3,500+ dollars and are made of wood, marble, concrete, glass, and metals. Customers generally like the pricier dining tables, with concerns around durability being mentioned for some of the more moderately priced tables. CB2 dining chairs range from $90 to $900 and match their dining table options in uniqueness of design. With the dining chairs, customers again mention that they love the way the pieces look, however, some shoppers also mentioned that certain models seemed unstable or uncomfortable to sit in.

The pros: Artfully designed, modern dining furniture.

The cons: Durability issues were mentioned by some shoppers for both the dining tables and chairs.

#5 Beds & Bedroom Sets

The last top pick of shoppers at CB2 are their beds and the matching nightstands, dressers, and wardrobes. CB2's beds start at $100 for a basic metal bed frame and go up to $2,000+ for sleek, leather beds. Customers are happy with the clean and modern design of their beds, although some issues with beds being squeaky or having durability concerns were mentioned. With regards to the nightstands, dressers, and wardrobes, most CB2 customers are happy with how these pieces look and appreciate the cohesion they add to the bedroom design. Some customers did mention problems with assembly, though.

The pros: Clean lines and stylish beds and bedroom sets.

The cons: Some customers mentioned issues with assembly.

More From CB2's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, CB2 offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Decor & Mirrors

- Coffee Tables

- Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

- Pillows & Throws

- Kitchen & Dining

- Bedding & Bath

CB2 Store Locator

Outside of California, CB2 can be found predominantly across the eastern United States. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Nice store

One of my friends has a semi-unhealthy obsession with Crate & Barrel and CB2 is no exception. Nice store, but they pretty much focus on furniture and home accessories. If you want a wider variety of home stuff, you might have better luck at Crate & Barrel. I did like how this store is located right by the CTA Red Line so it makes traveling from downtown to this store pretty easy.

sleek-urban chic!

I stopped in here to buy another place setting salad bowl. The style is still Crate & Barrel-but a more sleek-urban chic! Mostly white, black or silver colors of all things throughout the store. It seemed more of a showroom than a store-limited supply of goods. I ususally order from the catalog-but saw this before boarding the CTA at North/Clybourn Station. Apparently it is THE ONLY CB2 STORE in Illinois!

Be careful shopping here

Be careful shopping here. I parked in their lot and went to get coffee across the street quickly before going into the store. I bought a few things then left only to find out my car was towed. The store would not help me with the tow company even though they contract or subcontract the tow company They employ a predatory towing company so if you shop here DO NOT GO GET COFFEE. I'm returning the stuff I got because the tow company can get my money but I won't let the store also reap from this scam.

Buyer beware.

Buyer beware. The poor quality of CB2's products is not worth the heartache. I've had numerous product quality issues but the most recent one has provoked this negative review. See photos. We received a replacement table last year from CB2 b/c of quality issues with new directions on how to care for it. Over the winter we stored it as suggested, clean with the cover purchased from CB2. This spring, about 4 weeks ago we uncovered it to find the top wood was peeling, the table was in worse condition than the one replaced. I contacted CB2, we've gotten the runaround. This week they finally got back to me with their solution... From CB2: 1. You can return the Artemis Rectangle Dining Table, but there would be a 25% usage fee. Then once it checks back into the warehouse, the remaining credit will go onto a shop card (of this can be emailed to you, as well). 2. You can keep the table as a final sale with a discount of an additional 15% off. You originally had 15% off when you placed the order. This credit would go back onto the original form of payment. Accepting a final sale, however, would void the warranty. This means the item may not be returned nor exchanged and it is ineligible for any future part replacements or repairs. Me: 1. I can't purchase another table with the store credit amount and given all the product issues I'm not sure I want to. 2. 15% back and a voided warranty? Where is the warranty now? I'd like the table fixed. Conclusion: Don't waste your money at CB2. The quality is on par with Ikea, maybe worse in my experience, not worth the price point nor the time and energy to make it right.

Nice products

Nice products. The staff at this store are very good and great customer service. We had a few issues with our order of a dining table but they more than made up for the problems with their service and friendliness. The shipping costs at cb2 are very clear and very reasonable. Have had issues at other furniture stores but not here.


LOL I literally just stopped in to pick-up a white rug for my bathroom and they brought me a used and returned one... The packaging was already open and dirty where the tape should have still been sticky but it wasn't bc it was clearly used and returned. When I confronted the store clerk she seemed annoyed and told me that it "shouldn't be" used and returned. I asked for a new one anyways bc I refuse to be played a foo and OH whaddya know?! The new one she gave me was completely packaged legit this time! Needless to say, 2 stars bc they weren't friendly and lied to me. So would I shop here again? Probs but like get a grip lady.

Stylish shop and great customer service

Stylish shop and great customer service. I worked with Christina and Robyn who were both wonderful and knowledgeable and patient. If they weren't there, the rest of the staff was competent. My orders were all for furnishing a new temporary apartment (aka I dropped some real cash there) and all the Cb2 furniture I ordered was awesome, comfortable and cute. I do not think of Cb2 as the diminutive little sister to Crate & Barrel bc I think the latter is overall boring and basic. So I love the energy and vibrancy of this store and of the Cb2 brand! The only thing I didn't like was watching a manager chide some employees this afternoon for nothing. The managers their should be on cloud 9 with this sweet staff.

The stuff in store is really cute

The stuff in store is really cute and the people that work in store are all really nice. I bought a kitchen table, chairs, and a coffee table because the sales associate was so helpful/convincing. The two stars are for how I have not received a part of my order yet. I placed this order on June 18. I picked up 3 of the 4 necessary boxes from the store itself the next week. While picking up the boxes, no one working informed me that the last box was backordered. I learned 31 days later that the legs for my coffee table are backordered and they do not know when I will receive them based on warehouse issues. For the price I paid for this coffee table, the store should be much better about updating me on the whereabouts of the legs. Obviously, using a marble slab that's on the ground doesn't work super well for a coffee table. Will obviously not be shopping here again or recommending it to my friends.

So our sales associate Linda was the BEST

So our sales associate Linda was the BEST and her customer service was amazing She took her time with us and was helpful and made our trip into the store worth it

Seriously, don't waste your time

Seriously, don't waste your time ordering from here if you need your piece(s) anytime within a 2 month window from ordering. I ordered a piece in November and was told mid Dec. I thought to myself, ok, that will work. I was planning an event and needed this piece for the event in January. Well, December came, and nothing. I called and they said January. I called at the end of January and they said February. I called in February and said they're not sure so they'll call me when it arrives. At this point I'll just cancel and never shop here again. It's going on 4 MONTHS!!! 1 bonus is the customer service is great and the people are really nice. I really think CB2 is a PR ploy so C&B can publicize they have a more affordable version. Just throw the whole store away!

I love love CB2!

I love love CB2! I had my wedding registry here and received almost everything I wanted, minus 2 items. I called this store to see if they had the items in stock to ship and a wonderful girl named Sammy helped me located everything they did have or had to get from another store. The call was painless and I am excited to get my items shortly! Thank you!

I stopped in today to pick up a bistro table

I stopped in today to pick up a bistro table I'd ordered via the website. I've never been in before, but was pleased with the service. A very polite and helpful associate (I regret not catching his name) looked up my order, wheeled it up from the back and helped me get it into my car. I got the table home, assembled it easily on my own, and it looks fantastic. Thanks CB2!

Thank you for a great experience

Tre and Hye were both amazing. Thank you for a great experience. They were professional and answered all my need. When I asked for something they didn't have in the store they were quick to check the website. Thank you.

I adore CB2!

I adore CB2! The modern styling at an affordable price always has me coming back. It's great for tchotchkes, side tables, kitchen wares, flatware, seasonal decorating items, and even the occasional patio furniture or piece of furniture. The store is on par with West Elm, with more of an urban edge. The options are classic, contemporary, and of-the-moment. Today I went back to replace four broken champagne tubes and one martini glass. Total price: $14! I can always go to get decorating ideas or augment my serving pieces that will please the eyes and my wallet. Parking can be an issue at this location, but I've always found at least one spot in the cramped lot. Of course, I tend to shop there during a weekday when I have off and I'm in the neighborhood. If you can catch a seasonal sale, you're even in better luck. If you want to update your home, look no further than CB2 for inspiration.

If I could give this location zero stars I would

If I could give this location zero stars I would. Parking lot is a joke can't get a coffee before going shopping or they will tow you. Never coming to this location and I would suggest not coming here if you want to spend time looking around the store. It's a ton of bullshit! Lincoln towing is a scam and there's only signs on one side of the parking lot so unless you take a look through the whole parking lot then you won't know it's there.

This has been the worst experience

This has been the worst experience I've had with a furniture vendor. I've always appreciated the quality of Crate & Barrel but I have to ask where did they go wrong with CB2? It's a great store, nice sales associates and cool furniture that's better than IKEA but no breaking the budget either. However my first purchase from CB2 will most definitely be my last. Here's why... I buy the Dahlia marble desk in the store in the beginning of July and am told the piece will be delivered the first week of August. Fine, the desk is delivered a few weeks later then promised but that's ok, it's a nice desk. Upon opening the two boxes I realize a few of the leg sliders have fallen off in transport. I glue them back on only to find that there's a huge crack down the middle of the marble table! I call up to get a new one sent and am given the delivery fee waived up as a concession for having to wait yet another month to get a replacement. Over two months since I've purchased the desk the replacement one arrives and I'm all set to assemble the desk and start to using what I've paid for... nope. Now all but two of the eight leg sliders have fallen off. Didn't even include glue for me to put them back on. They replaced my broken marble desk with another faulty product over two months after I've paid in full. This is the last time I choose to be a customer of CB2. Pictures below as proof of this shoddy manufacturing. Note to the company - if you're sending a replacement product because your first one was broken upon delivery please make sure that the new one isn't broken too!

Attended to a presentation

Attended to a presentation about fashion and right after I walked around and saw many nice things to consider. Between a book shelf, Marshall speaker and other things for my office, they do have nice things. The prices are some higher than expected but others are very reasonable due to the craftsmanship. They do have parking and it's on a convenient location. The staff was friendly and helpful.

I placed an order for a marble coffee table

I placed an order for a marble coffee table mid-June and they said it would be ready mid-July. I called around July 23rd to see if it's ready after receiving no confirmation and being charged for it already. The representative said everything was ready to be picked up. I drove an hour and half to the warehouse,missing work,and then got home to realize the coffee legs were missing. When I contacted cb2, they told me they would ship it to me. After close to a month later, I contacted them and they told me they would call when it would be ready. I have yet to hear anything. I've received no emails or phone calls during this entire time. I've had the marble top in my living room and have had to push events I've planned to host. Terrible customer service. Stay away.

It's the details that make a house a home

It's the details that make a house a home. Even their showroom feels homey- and they even had drinking chocolate with all the trimmings prepared for our (and all customers arrival.) I enjoyed working with their friendly and knowledgeable staff to dream up my holiday decor and add a few pieces to display and use heat round. They offered honest feeedback, and were most helpful. Even their shipping bags are designed to be easily carried- no detail is overlooked.

There is a serious lack of customer service

There is a serious lack of customer service. We waited for over 30mins in store, literally walking around trying to find someone to help us purchase an item. Then when we did return the item (within 30 days) we were charged a restocking fee. There are so many other stores with better customer service and return policy's. Don't waste your time or money.

I love this store

I love this store. They have fun and unique products. I love their mirror collections, you can find great selection of different shapes and designs of mirrors. Quality of their products is similar to Crate and Barrel.

I recently bought a couch from CB2

I recently bought a couch from CB2. The staff was great specially Ana, who made sure all of my delivery concerns were taken care of before I even left the store. She called a few days before delivery to make sure there wasn't anything on my end to delay it and we figured out my building required proof of insurance before anything can be delivered. When the delivery came the guys showed up within the first hour of their 2 hour window, quickly loaded the elevator and unwrapped the couch making sure it was not damaged. They placed it where I wanted and made sure I liked it there before leaving with all the wrapping materials. One detail I didn't even notice until they left was they took their shoes off before the walked into my place. It just goes to show the attention to detail the staff at CB2 has. ***Update*** After a couple months my girlfriend and I started getting annoyed the pieces of the sectional were sliding apart often. Before we decided to take matters into our own hands she went to the store to see how they kept their pieces together. Turns out the delivery team forgot to bring and install the piece that holds it all together. The said they would have it delivered in a few days. The delivery day comes around and we get a call from our building that the delivery drivers are downstairs. I go down the driver hands me two pieces of metal and tells me to sign the paper saying it was delivered and he leaves. So we were left with the pieces to connect the sectional but no tools or instructions. Solid work for a company that prides themselves on their customer service. We love the couch but because of the delivery team we would have to second guess a future purchase. ***Update Number 2*** I have followed through with my end, contacting Crate and Barrel's customer service providing all details, they told me since it was an in store purchase that the store would contact me within 48 hours. Over a week later and nothing from the store. The lack of follow through has disgusted me so much that I convinced my girlfriend to avoid the store completely. She is hoping they can rectify the situation because she loved the store but she is starting to fall out of love with them after being ghosted.

Quick notes on furniture shopping

Quick notes on furniture shopping: I had fun browsing this store and thought many of these pieces would've had a place in my apartment in college, if I didn't buy everything second-hand then. Sleek, contemporary, comfortable and non-bulky furniture at non-crazy prices. Service was really helpful too.

The store was clean

I prefer crate & barrel style than their younger division CB2. The store was clean and well-organized. It was easy and free to park.

Great modern pieces at affordable prices

Great modern pieces at affordable prices. Really love how update they are with the designs. Also, all the sales associates are always friendly and very helpful. I do not enjoy furniture shopping much, but really enjoy going to this store.

I really like CB

I really like CB2. The quality is mostly there and the staff are most of the time helpful. I've had to often approach staff to get help and to eventually buy something. Their options are contemporary and stylish. I'm a fan!


Wow. Incredibly awful customer service. I ordered an item over a month ago, never received it (though they charged me for it!), I contacted customer service TWICE about it and they couldn't figure out the problem. Meanwhile, the item went on sale. They WOULDN'T discount the item because it didn't fit in the 14 day window! AWFUL. Their items are mostly low quality, made in china, and it is a crap shoot if you find something that will last longer than a month anyhow.

This CB2 is an urban oasis

This CB2 is an urban oasis in the sea of yuppies that inhabit the North/Clyborn area. Its cool and unusual household goods drew us in all the way from the suburbs to spend some time and money on the nifty things that make my life better. Also? Their customer service is simply top notch. I actually broke something while recently visiting. There were these cute little glass baubles that were put high up in acrylic shelf containers, and when I removed the acrylic box to examine them, the ball rolled out and shattered on the desk display below. It was entirely my fault. I didn't realize this was a display for looking at and not purchasing. A calm employee rushed over not to chastise me for breaking the ornament, but to make sure I was okay. I don't think it even crossed her mind to charge me for the broken item, but she cheerfully pointed out more of them in case I was still interested in taking one home. She was just simply the nicest. And thanks for making the best out of an embarrassing situation because the looks I got from other shoppers, you'd think I shot someone. Thanks, CB2!

Thanks for nothing CB2

Walked In June 19th 2017. Looked around the entire store (seeking specific living furniture) and several employees walked by. One continued to stack a display and organize as if I was not looking for assistance. Not "Once" was I asked was I looking for anything in particular or did I Need Assistance at all!! I stayed about 15mins looking around and walked right out I guess the workers here were having a don't care Day this day. Where I come from that's not welcoming customer Service and i most likely won't return. Thanks for nothing CB2 On North Near Halsted Thanks For "NOTHING".

Incredibly rude

Incredibly rude and un helpful after they messed up an order. They refused to be flexible. We ordered something online for pickup at the store. They sent us items that were used and missing hardware. And then scheduled a delivery for new merchandise without giving us a time or a date. For furniture you clearly need to be at home for s delivery. The manager at the store was probably the most incompetent person.

I would normally give this store 4 stars

I would normally give this store 4 stars, as the price for some of their items is a bit much. However, every time I enter the store, the staff is always so helpful and courteous, that I can't not rate this CB2 a 5. I was in there not too long ago to purchase a bike rack for my apartment. They didn't have any on the floor or in stock, but one of the employees did some digging, and they were able to uncover one last stocked rack. I absolutely love the bike rack, as it really keeps the space open in my small apartment. Props to the friendly staff for making my day!

Great style

Great style. Reasonably priced items. If you get a bad egg in customer service, go online and leave feedback and they will promptly call you back to make things right.

extremely disappointed

For someone who shops here on a weekly basis I am sad to review a one star. My boyfriend and I have furnished nearly our whole apartment with CB2 purchases including a very recent large sectional sofa (Gybson). Besides getting numerous deliveries months apart I later went into CB2 to ask if they had any recommendations how to keep the couch from sliding apart on hardwood floors. I was informed brackets should have been installed on the final piece of the couch and they would immediately set that up to me installed on the couch for me at check out. The appointment day came, two men handed my boyfriend a bag of metal and left. Annoying as hell for me because I did NOT want my boyfriend installing these himself on a $3,000 couch (thanks for stressing this night shift RN out at work, CB2). My boyfriend wrote a yelp review and was told to contact customer service (annoying as well know). He did and was told someone would be in touch within 48 hours. Well 48 hours was a week ago and this couch and lack of follow through with crate and barrel is a major disappointment. We wasted a lot of time waiting for delivery men for different pieces of this couch, waiting to hear back from customer service- extremely disappointed.

an upscale table for the casual dude

*** an upscale table for the casual dude. *** i gotta table to lighten the mood of the dining area in my lil place ... i wanted contemporary, functional, yet casual ... this one met all needs. it looks amazing ... i get many compliments. it took about 2hrs to assemble ... not so bad. cleans easily and adds storage space ... cool. i think the labeling of the components could be better b/c i had to disassemble & re-assemble a few items due to the lack of clarity in the kit ... but delivery to my door was quick (1wk), so i've gotta say that i am happy with overall purchase. *** is like Ikea on steroids! ;p ***

They have great prices

Went in to buy some pieces for my apartment. They have great prices. We LOVE Alexandria

Initially I dismissed CB2

Initially I dismissed CB2 as Crate & Barrel's version of IKEA. The old LIncoln location was more focused on crazy clock and bathroom knick knacks than serious furniture. But since they consolidated to the North Ave location and expanded across the country, they've gotten a lot better and have some great stuff. We've been very happy with all the furniture we've bought from them. In fact, some of it has held up better than items from Crate & Barrel. The North Ave store does a great job of presenting a lot of items but doesn't feel cluttered. Recently we saw the Go-Kart desk onlline and wanted to see it before buying. I half expected not to see it in the store but it was right in the front when I walked in and it was perfect. We bought two. loaded 'em up and were on our way. Shima, our sales person, was very helpful and made sure the desks were in stock. They did appear to be a bit overstaffed on our Saturday afternoon visit because it seemed the sales people outnumbered the customers but if it means I get help when needed, I'm all for it. You really need to have a good eye & vision to make some of the stuff work with your existing furniture but if you're willing to look around the whole store, you'll find something that will work.

Shout out

Shout out to Nikesha and Nicole at the Domain store who were super helpful when I returned a lamp. They gladly exchanged it and both of them provided excellent customer service. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like that level of helpfulness is becoming more and more rare, so it's a real delight to be greeted by people who are energetic, enthusiastic and really seem invested in helping the customer.

Went to check this place out

Went to check this place out, since I was in the area.An interesting furniture place. West Elm look. Customer service was a hit or miss depending on who you were dealing with. It might be your place, it might not.

They have interesting furniture

They have interesting furniture and items inside if you are looking for something different. Your taste will have to be something like West Elm and hipster to like most of the items in here... they remind me of revival 60s-70s furniture from like a Frank Lloyd Wright house... but it's nice. If you are looking for some dinnerware or decorative elements and lamps and such you could easily find a statement piece in here. The minimalist style furniture is not to my taste. Minimal interaction with staff - they left us alone and didn't say anything to us while we shopped - but we did not ask them for help either.

Still waiting for the store manager

Still waiting for the store manager to call me back. Disaster delivery for just a coffee table. First round, hardware was forgotten. Second time, they just came out with zero confirmation from me. 3rd time, I told them I was moving and needed to switch delivery address. They showed up an hour late on a Friday out of delivery time window and to MY OLD address. I've called and complained multiple times to the store and they assured me the manager would call back. I'd give them zero stars if I could..

Love CB2

Love CB2. They have stylish furniture and accessories that are affordable, unique and nicely made. The salespeople are always very helpful with any questions or concerns you might have.

I like the stuff

I like the stuff. Dining room table arrived without legs because the legs were never ordered. This feels so amateur. Now we have a tabletop in our dining room table until we can get the legs. Don't buy from CB2.

Love this place!

Love this place! They have a wonderful selection of modern pieces that are fairly inexpensive. Everything we've purchased from CB2 is great quality and stylish! Customer service here is always exceptional. We've made several purchases and the employees seem happy to go above and beyond to make sure you're getting what you came for. We bought some drawer knobs and a towel bar, all of which were stocked in the back. While we were waiting, the employee also showed us "upcoming" items on her iPad that would match the things we were getting. (We had told her we were having a hard time finding gold bathroom accessories.) Ordering with them is a breeze since we can have it shipped directly to the store. The items we did order arrived exactly when we were told they would. Couldn't be happier!

Cb2 literally has the worst customer service

Cb2 literally has the worst customer service. I have called six times over the past month stayed on hold up to 40 minutes, went in store, emailed twice and still have not received a response. I 100% regret doing my wedding registry with this company. Because now due to your lack of diligence someone who gifted us off your website will not get a thank you. Because there is no possible way to figure out who sent the gift. Which mind you wasn't cheap. Also, online it says multiple items have been fulfilled but guess what.. we haven't received them. And they can't use the back ordered excuse because they say in stock and ready to ship! So brides stay away until they figure out their issues.

I wish I could move in

I wish I could move in! I happened upon CB2 during a brunch promotion they were throwing and they had quality wines, the mile of mimosas and some stellar bloody Mary all in a gorgeous setting. The furniture hear is lovely, I could see each piece in my home if I had the room for it all! The layout is open and what I will really drawn to is the dishes with unique affordable glasses for each type of drink/occasion. If you are looking for anything from a vase to a bed to outdoor lounge furniture they have it covered. Staff is super friendly. I will definitely be back and consider them when I am in the market for new furniture and house goods.

This is definitely a fun store

This is definitely a fun store to pop into if you're looking for a modern piece for your home. I went in looking for pillows and small trinkets, and loved how the shop was laid out and beautifully designed. Ended up buying a few pillows and LOVE the designs they offer - can't wait to go back! However, I came in on a Saturday night, and wasn't really greeted in any manner. I finally had one wonderful employee approach me and ask if I needed any help, and provided assistance with a price check. She was phenomenal but I felt like everyone else at the time were busy and distracted (again a busy Saturday night). I look forward to going back during the work week!

it doesn't hurt to window shop

The (supposedly) cheaper and more urban-oriented version of Crate & Barrel is here, finally! But overall? Pros: + friendly staff + quality product Cons: - a lot of the quality products are actually poorly priced (overpriced) for some odd reason - small store layout - only one floor and limited variety If I were you, I'd still head over to Crate & Barrel (at least for the trinkets) since I'd find many of the same stuff over there, but with greater variety. For example, the silverwares in CB2 are all Chinese-made (nothing wrong with that nowadays), whereas in Crate & Barrel, you'll find some made in multiple countries, including some other Asian countries and European countries (which is reputed to be better quality). Luckily the two stores are not too far from each other. But overall, it doesn't hurt to window shop, and it's nice to be able to do that while staying in the vicinity of the Domain.

CB2 is overall amazing

CB2 is overall amazing. Ordered several pieces for my new condo. Love the style and quality for the price. Special shoutout to Jade M. who has been extremely professional and helpful throughout the purchase/delivery/follow-up process. I highly recommend checking this place out if you're in the market for new furniture or home decor!


Ordered a Bed and Dresser mid June, the bed was on backorder until "early July". It is now August 8th, after lots of time on the phone with CB2's customer service over the last few weeks I have finally had enough. It seems that, despite what they tell me on the phone, this is an extremely common way they do business with their popular products. They take the money while not having any idea when the item will be in stock. The customer service reps have offered me no excuse or firm eta. After being told last week that the bed would be in stock on 7th August, I just got off the phone with them and now it's looking to be in stock "vaguely late August to early September". I fine to wait for an item to be in stock, but accurate delivery/stock dates are nonexistent and CB2 doesn't seem to care. Due to this disgraceful service I am canceling my whole order and won't be shopping at CB2 or crate and barrel again. Beware, if you order backordered items, their estimated dates are give or take a few months.

I have purchased many pieces of furniture

I have purchased many pieces of furniture from CB2 over the last year and it is my favorite store out there. It seems that their products are higher quality than a comparable store like West Elm's. The only thing keeping this from being rated a 5 star business on Yelp is the ridiculously bad system they have going with products on back order. Everything I've purchased, I've waited for lengthy periods of time for them to arrive. I've never shopped for anything where I've waited as long as you will with CB2. I've waited close to 3 months for hanging shelves. My dining room table a month, my dining room chairs 2 months and now will be waiting 2-3 months for my credenza. Like I said earlier, this one issue would make them 5 stars. Their customer service is very good, their store and display is very good, the prices are fair for the quality of furniture that they make.

cb2 is a joke!

cb2 is a joke! I have bought several things from cb2 including their Marta glassware. One by one, they are taking turns finding themselves in the trashcan. When I was down to 2, I decided to leave a review. Because of my review, I received an email stating- "We appreciate your feedback and apologize for that these break easy. We do stand behind the quality of our merchandise and we will do our best to make things right if you are not satisfied with your purchase." They also asked me for my order number. I replied with my order number and this is what I got- "Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in this case. Returns of housewares items must occur within 90 days of delivery. This order is far outside our return time frame." WTF! Apparently, cb2 products only have an expectation of a 3 month lifespan. They only stand by their products for 3 months. If they listened to what they say, they would realize that that is ridiculous. Purchases should last longer than 3 months let alone 2 years or whatever long it may be. I have that expectation of my glassware, sofa, or any house purchase. I don't have the luxury of buying things every 3 months. And, they contacted me. I didn't contact them. cb2 irritated me three times with bad product, bad policy, and bad customer service. Leave me alone, cb2. I already decided to stop shopping at your store. Don't contact me unless you plan on providing better service.

Where to do I begin?

Where to do I begin? Just moved from LA for work to open a new hotel. I owned a house and nothing fit in the apartment. From the second you enter the store...BOOM. Staff could not be more attentive and friendly. They even looked after my dog while I shopped. Gorgeous furniture and true southern hospitality. Huge thanks to Stephanie, Shannon,Jade,Angela Holly and Iryna. You rock guys and Huge thanks

I've purchased things and browsed CB2

I've purchased things and browsed CB2 for years but have never been in an actual brick & mortar store because there aren't too many of them around. It's a much more modern and young Crate & Barrel. I loved it! Great merchandise and displays!

I've been to the regular Crate & Barrel

I've been to the regular Crate & Barrel, but finally had the opportunity to swing by CB2. Lots of great stuff (that you won't find anywhere else) and very helpful staff. April helped us out, and she was AWESOME... make sure to seek her out if you visit because she really knows her stuff & isn't pushy or too salesy, just great at finding the items that fit your needs/wants!

HUGE shout out

HUGE shout out to Chelsea and Martha, who gave me great design advice as I'm furnishing my new home. They even let me borrow a dining chair for a few minutes (I work and live nearby and they had done their due diligence so they knew I'd bring it right back) to see how it would look in my home because I was having a terrible time deciding on which fabric to choose. It looked great and I ordered 9 of them! THEN, I needed a little bit of an earlier delivery time and Martha called the delivery company for me and next thing I know, the delivery truck is 12 minutes away! What a great customer experience. I don't love shopping but these ladies made it fun. Can't wait to buy more from them!

I was very happy to find the furniture

I was very happy to find the furniture for my living room for my new apartment. I paid for my furniture on January 31 with delivery Monday February 26. When I bought they told me they had 6 in stock. Almost one month later I got a call today about delivery and oh they did not have part of my sofa and did not expect it to be available until end of March. I asked how is that possible to just find out. They had no explanation. Now I will only get part of my furniture and find this totally unacceptable. They should have known this before today. I was told that I should get it by the end of March and they would let me know if any more issue. I am stuck right now but may be looking to find another couch and they would need to pick up the love seat. I am very unhappy. Not sure I will ever do business here again ******* Thank you for your response not sure how to private message you with the information requested *********

I used to hate this store

I used to hate this store because it was the sister store of the outlet across the street, which was my go to spot for dishes, glasses, and cookware. My husband likes to come here and bring interesting things home. But I love that they have a nice place for me to sit while he shops. He does come home with nice pieces, but they are quite pricey compared to the outlet that was across the street. The other stuff is way too pricey. But to sit, read my book/listen to my podcast unmolested is priceless and I appreciate it. I also get to sample nice furniture that I'll never buy, so that's a plus. But for me, to look through what they have for the occasional dish/wine glass/highball for me to talk home is too much. But for the sit, read, relaxation unharrased, it gets four stars.

Unclear stocking delays

tldr; Unclear stocking delays bathroom renovation - I needed a mirror for my bathroom renovation and was excited to see that the one I wanted was listed as in stock at this location. - I arrange my schedule so that I was able to go to the store after work to purchase the mirror. - At the store, I am informed that the mirror was not in stock at the store but was in stock at the warehouse and would be available to pick-up in a few business days. This seemed faster than ordering online and shipping so I made the purchase in-store. - One week (5 business days) later, I still had not received any information about when I could pick-up the item. Since I made the purchase in-store, I was not able to check the status online and had to call the store to find out the status of my order. The sales associate informed me that the mirror is now backordered with no clear availability date - which is completely different from the expectation that was set when I made the purchase (that it was available and would be on a truck to the store in the next few days). - I mention to the sales associate that I would not have made the purchase if I had known the item was backordered. If I had known I either would not have made the purchase or I would have just ordered online. She did not offer apology or acknowledgement of the situation. Really disappointing customer service and communication all around.

I'm a fan of CB2

I'm a fan of CB2. Their Berkeley location has most of their goods in stock, which is helpful. My biggest gripe is that CB2 rarely has sales, making those who like to save a buck wait it out or just buy it full price. They also very rarely have free shipping available on larger items and so on. CB2 has an incredible collection of mid-century modern, yet classically sophisticated. From couches, to bedroom sets to outdoor furniture; I pretty much want everything. I recently just purchased some outdoor dining chairs from their Memorial day sale. They ended up being fairly inexpensive on sale for the price, super chic, modern and comfy. To avoid delivery charges, as they only had a few in stock, I was able to order to the store so I can pick it up there. I also found an online only fire pit I wanted to buy, and they let me order it to the store to avoid those shipping costs! I have yet to have to return anything, but so far the purchasing process has been easy, I love the design and I find that items are well made.

I'm looking forward to my shipment

Look. For. Dennis. (Th-Sat, Mondays) Dennis is who I aspire to meet at every store I shop at. Within minutes of meeting him, he told me: 1. where to find free parking on 4th street 2. how to get a 15% off my purchase at CB2 3. when the big sales are in CB2 He was very informative, super friendly, told me what to expect, and didn't try to push a sale onto me. As such, I bought a couch, several lovely pillows, a set of vases, a magnetic dry erase board, a lamp, placemats, a candle... The whole experience was lovely and at the same time made me feel like an adult. I would come here again just to interact with Dennis. He honestly made the experience so lovely. I'm looking forward to my shipment, which hopefully will come in early May, as he forecasted.

Quality of product workmanship

Thanks Tricia for responding to my review. You didn't make any offers to resolve the problem with the very expensive mirror so I'm not convinced that anything will change with customer service @ Berkeley's CB2. I will still shop there for design ideas, but will likely make purchases elsewhere. Quality of product workmanship is still my main concern.

I recently went to the CB2

I recently went to the CB2 (1730 4th St location) to purchase an item that the CB2 website claimed was in stock, I also had called the store to confirm they had it and was told that they did have it in stock and that it was available. When I arrived at the store the employee helping me was unable to locate it so I had to order it and was told that it would be available to pick it up in-store in a week. A week goes by and I get the email confirmation that the item has arrived, so I called the store to confirm the item is there and ready for pick up, the employee on the phone confirmed the item was there and I was told that they were currently observing 'Holiday Hours' and that they would be open an hour later than usual close time. On the evening that I was going to pick up my merchandise, I made special arrangements to go to the store to pick it up, it was closed at 7:15 and this is well after having been told they would be open until 8 pm! To add to the frustration I could see employees inside the store on their mobile phones talking, texting, and laughing as I was knocking at the front door. One particular male gentleman, also on his mobile, actually scribbled 'CLOSED' on a piece of paper and held it up for me to read instead of coming near the door or even answering the door at all. Simple; I wanted to pick up the item I paid for and was told that it would be available for me pick up at their Holiday Hours. MAJOR FAIL for CB2 and the CB2 staff at the (1730 4th St location.) I did call Corporate CB2 and the person who I spoke with had so little interest that it was obvious that the store staff is mimicking corporates culture towards customer service.

The employees here are clearly

The employees here are clearly untrained or just incompetent. We returned a bike rack and instead of having the entire credit go back on the credit card, they gave us back 30 cents in cash and the rest on the card. Also we clearly asked if we could use a coupon on a sale item and Sidney said yes, but changed his mind when the transaction wouldn't go through. Way to misinform your customers.

great customer service

Look for Sidney, great customer service. Avoid Dell. Rude and unprofessional, and if you are in luck, she might lecture you on how to shop (i.e you aren't allowed to change your mind).

Don't expect to ever actually

Don't expect to ever actually receive the furniture you order. I ordered a "ready to ship" couch in November, have had delivery scheduled and then canceled twice, and still no sign of the couch. Was just told it was now scheduled to "arrive at the warehouse" in 16 days. Find another furniture store, there are plenty of better ones.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. Wandered around for 10 minutes trying to get help. Finally asked a checkout person who rudely told me, "I'm helping someone else." Tried another second checker who appeared to be free. Same response. I left.

This company focuses on policy

In this day in age I didn't realize there were stores that were so stringent on accepting a return a few days past the return period when its an item they still sell currently in their stock. It has obviously never been opened and still in the box, we just had a hard time getting to their only location that is close by. I went to a crate and barell near my house (walnut creek) only to find out I have to go to CB2 in Berkley to return it. When we got there which is only a week away from our original return period I didnt think this company would be such a stickler when we purchased a lot of items from them in the past. Pottery barn, RH Ive ordered plenty from these places and patronize them because of their great customer service. Ive ordered from Crate and Barrel and formerly land of nod which is now Crate and Barrel kids only to be annoyed at their return policy. I wont be purchasing here anymore after I use this gift card. This company focuses on policy and not customer service.


THE MATERIAL IN THIER SOFA STAINS FROM WATER. The staff there is very nice when you order something. Then they just say there is nothing they can do when your order does not arrive for 2 months. No follow through once they have your money.

this place is definitely not an outlet store

this place is definitely not an outlet store but it is a store with good and reasonable price but they'd still cb2 so expensive. This is our local store in visited often. We recently purchased items and got help from Kevin and ace and they were fantastic very helpful very professionals D efficient . Another thing about the berkeley store has odd sales such as this week they have 15% off if you bring in five cans for a canned food drive which is a great cause

I specifically came out here to complete my yelllow bowl set

I specifically came out here to complete my yelllow bowl set and look at other items I saw online. It was a Sunday so I may have been dressed a little raggedy. Looked around and finally decided just to purchase my 1 bowl. Cashier asked for my ID to match my card, no problem. Then made a phone call. Now, I live in the Bay Area and should my bank suspect its fraud, my card just declines the transaction. But she made a call. I realized she (white girl of course) assumed I couldn't possibly afford the $10 bowl and had to triple check that card was indeed mine. Surprised as it is Berkeley. Definitely the last time I'm shopping here or online.

One word. Snooty.

One word. Snooty. Visiting from So. Cal and am a fan of Crate and Barrel...Came into town and stopped in. The two Male employees working there were well.....snooty. Not friendly, luckily crate and Barrel has many locations and puts out quality product.

When I go to buy an expensive couch

When I go to buy an expensive couch, the last thing I want to see is another shopper who thinks it is perfectly okay to bring their dog into the store. Or more to the point - who thinks it is okay that their dog is jumping on to the furniture. None of the employees were stopping this woman or asking her to get her dog either off the furniture or out of the store. If you want your dog to get on the couch - buy the couch. You can do whatever you want after it has been delivered to your home. But it seems the absolute height of arrogance to just allow your dog to step all over brand new furniture, and not one single store employee stopped this woman.

It's expensive but totally worth it

It's expensive but totally worth it. All of their furniture is well made. The staff is always helpful. The delivery is good, and returns are always easy. Our place has become a CB2 showroom we like their stuff so much

I love cb2!

I love cb2! I've ordered so many pieces from here w/ no delivery issues. Kita, Adrienne & Sharon are all amazing & super attentive. Thank you!!

Brianna at the Berkeley store is a star

Brianna at the Berkeley store is a star. She went over and beyond to help me with my purchases. She was patient and helpful and it didn't hurt that she has a lovely demeanor. When I casually mentioned that I had bought something at Crate and Barrel she linked me up with Crate and Barrel to combine deliveries and save on charges. She even followed up with me after the delivery date to check if I was happy with the furniture. Dealing with her made my shopping experience at CB2 a pleasure. Great job, Brianna!

I had the best service here today

I had the best service here today. The staff was super helpful and I walked away really happy. Please open another location in San Ramon!!!

I had the best customer service experience

I had the best customer service experience I have ever had with an associate named Cameron at this store. He immediately greeted me and was very professional. He was patient, informative and when I go back, I will always ask for him. Great location, great product and top notch customer service!

Not sure why these guys have such bad reviews

Not sure why these guys have such bad reviews! I feel the need to defend them. I'm a designer and have made many client purchases through the Denver store and the staff has CONSISTENTLY been accommodating, helpful, friendly.. just an overall pleasure to work with and be around. In terms of the products, I have been very pleased with the price point and the quality.

A weird experience

A weird experience. It felt like I was invisible in this store. I popped in on a Friday afternoon and not one acknowledgement of my presence while walking all through it. One associate was even walking directly in front of me while having a conversation with her colleague, knew I was walking directly behind her yet never even looked at me. I'm actually in the market to spend a fair amount refreshing some living room furniture so I'm shopping around. Nothing in here grabbed me anyway, so I'll just head back over to Room & Board where they have good product and don't act like snoots. The regular Crate & Barrel store down the street is the same way. I'm not sure how they plan to sell much with this approach. They definitely do not seem very motivated.

A brand new furniture store

A brand new furniture store in Cherry Creek. One of many furniture stores in area It's niche is modern furniture at moderate prices. They even offer some furniture for college students. This is not traditional furniture and many of the pieces highlight The artist, designer or maker. Nice store to shop at and friendly staff.

Plenty of nice plateware

Been a longtime customer of Restoration Hardware and Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams... but I've bought some Crate and Barrel things in the past, including my everyday plateware. Noticed a nice sheepskin rug/pelt that was draped over a chair in the window last week. We had just bought a Sheepskin rug for our bedroom from Costco a few weeks prior and was looking for smaller ones to fit next to our bedside. So I go in, and naturally, there are no prices to be found on any of them. A woman comes over and starts tapping at her ipad to try to determine the price. When she tells me that the faux ones start at $129 (for about a 3'x5' size), I comment that it probably won't work for me, given that I just bought a 6' long one for $99 at Costco. She snaps at me... "Well... we're NOT Costco". No, lady, you are certainly not... but with a salesman attitude like that, you're also not getting me as a customer anytime soon. Besides, I'm not an idiot and am well aware that CB2, along with other stores, markets mass produced items and just labels them with their logo to up the price. So spare me the attitude. Plenty of nice plateware and friendly faces at Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma... no need to return.

Dissatisfied to say the least

Dissatisfied to say the least. We went in and purchased a whole bedroom set. The wood all matches but the dressers and bed stands had horrible handles.... so they told us they have hardware that is interchangeable with all of their products. So we decided to get the dressers and bed stands and change the handles out. Well, turns out that after ordering the new hardware that the centers are actually larger (3")than we thought and not all hardware and products from Cb2 are interchangeable. The handles on the dressers are 3", but the centers are 2.75". Very frustrating. And in fact almost zero companies make make a 2.75 center handle. I called to return the hardware and find out our options if they have another place they could recommend for hardware anything? I spoke to Karen in cherry creek and she had an SOL attitude and said well not ALL pieces are interchangeable. I know that now Karen.... That type of customer service made me rethink why I had gone in there in the first place if this is how you would treat a paying customer?? It's unfortunate that they didn't give us the right information in the first place then we could have avoided all of this and maybe Karen would have been better at her job.

CB2 has been around for some time

CB2 has been around for some time. I visited the store while in NYC a few years back and was impressed with the companies eye on trend design. And also the prices were right. Now that the store is here in Cherry Creek, I couldn't be happier! The designers and buyers have an exceptional eye for on-trend furniture,rugs,knick knacks and rugs. I love most everything they have on the showroom floor. The configuration of the store itself is not the best (long and narrow) but the sales people are friendly and have knowledge on most of the items. The only thing that I question is the prices. they have risen significantly from a few years ago while in NYC. Perhaps they are setting themselves apart from West Elm, and the beautiful new furnishings of Anthropology. I will say that West Elm's furniture is only a step above Ikea and that Anthropology's is very well made and thoughtful. All that said, I love CB2 and have multiple pieces through the years that look and feel new. FIVE stars

I've long admired the pieces that CB2

I've long admired the pieces that CB2 carries only and was very excited to finally visit an actual store. However, my experience with the customer service at this store was disappointing. We were not greeted when we entered the store, and it took a long time after wandering around to be asked if we needed any help. While some of the sales people were helpful in bringing out items we requested from the back, the cashier who rang us up (short-haired blonde woman) was unfriendly. I had a reward certificate that I wanted to use and the cashier (incorrectly) informed us that they expire within 90 days, so we weren't able to use it. She tried to type the code into the computer and I'm pretty sure she just typed it in wrong...and didn't really put much effort into helping redeem the reward. After leaving with my purchase I checked online and the terms/conditions do not state an expiration date for the reward. I repurchased the same items online with the reward certificate code and it worked fine...I plan on returning the originally purchased items to the store. A lot of hassle that could have been avoided had the salesperson simply been aware of accurate policies of the store she works at.

We love the style of CB2

We love the style of CB2 and we were super excited to see that they had opened a store in Denver, but when we went to check it out and a sales woman with short blonde hair and glasses glared us down and kept pacing back and forth past us the entire time we were in the store because our two year old was with us. I understand that there are lots of fragile and expensive things in the store, but she is very well behaved and sat in the stroller or held our hand the entire time, so there was no reason for her to make us feel so unwelcome. I finally just left because I couldn't handle being glared at anymore and I even had a few items that I was debating purchasing. From the reviews it sounds like I am not the only person who has had an issue with the sales people. If this store wants to keep loyal customers they need to understand that many people in Cherry Creek have kids and they need to be welcoming to everyone.

I really wanted to love this store

I really wanted to love this store as I am a long time customer of Crate & Barrel but this place is nothing like that. The staff was extremely rude and could have cared less we were there and the products were eh compared to Crate & Barrel and West Elm where we later went instead.

Music too loud

Music too loud. The loud music is a distraction. Not a calm setting. Nice enough staff Lovely but not a good shopping experience.

Beautiful showroom

Beautiful showroom with everything you need to fully stock your home . A little on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for. I had a gift card that I was looking to get off my hands and was in need of a new comforter and ordered the down comforter that they have available here at CB2. As the store did not have it in stock, we called ahead and had them ship it into the store for us and give us a call when it was ready for pick up. They have a parking garage conveniently located right next to the store so you can park, come in and get your items, and be out in a jiffy. Parking is $6 but they can validate your parking here and get $4 taken off. I absolutely LOVE my new comforter. It is just the right amount of heavy while not being too hot. It's just super comfortable and makes getting out of bed in the early hours of the morning extremely difficult. Worth every penny.

Convenient location

Convenient location Low inventory of items on sale Indifferent staff

I stopped by Cb2 today

I stopped by Cb2 today to pick up a pouf for my apt. The associate at the cash register (Mani V) was incredibly rude and indifferent. After I purchased my pouf, I asked how I can take this pouf (which was in a large cardboard box) downstairs since we were on the second floor, she looked at me like I was an idiot. I then asked if there way an elevator (so that I wouldn't have to struggle with the stairs) - she pointed casually towards it and proceeded to watch me try to awkwardly try to carry this large box and a bag of few other cb2 kitchen items in a bag, not at all offering to help. The reason I am giving 3 stars instead of 1 is because a sweet lady ( I didn't get her name) Immediately rushed to me as I got off the elevator on the first floor, and carried my box all the way to the entrance. That was a very considerate gesture I truly appreciated! CB2 get it together and please hire a team that actually feels motivated to help out their customers, and justify shopping at CB2 rather than the many other trendy home furnishing stores in the city.

cudos for excellent customer service

To the two guys that helped us with measurements and selections, cudos for excellent customer service! To the girl at check out, please go to your own company website for information on that free one hour parking with purchase (attached below). We went to the counter with full sets of dinner ware and were told by the girl that they were out of validation stickers and that it was limited to the first few sets of customers everyday. We then whipped out our phones and showed her what their homepage showed. She then changed her story and said that CB2 stopped doing that and the hour free parking was no longer honored.

Service at this location of CB2 is so bad

Service at this location of CB2 is so bad, if I could give 0 star I would. Problems will always happen, but the way their people handle situations says a lot about the business. We went in to pick up things we ordered online including a Stilt High Dining Table. We hauled it home ourselves and opened the box with joy - and then it struck us with disappointment. We could not find any of the bolts. It only came with a table top and four legs. Quite apparently from the many duct tapes on the packaging, this table is a returned item and the store did a bad job at quality control by not checking if all parts are intact when they took it back. We called the store immediately, explained the situation, and one of the staff put us on hold for 10 minutes while he went to find the manager, and then told us the manager was busy and would get back to us in 15-20 minutes. An hour passed and still no call back, so I called again. The manager was then available but he was unaware of the situation so I had to explain it all over again. I asked the bolts to be made available as soon as possible, preferable within a day or two and the manager said we would need to wait for couple of days while they order the parts, so I suggest manager to check if they have another table in store and do a replacement. The manager told me they have no more stock in there store, and I had to asked him to search other nearby stores. The manager was able to find two tables in the Berkeley store, but the wonders if I would like to call the Berkeley store myself to figure out the situation. Obviously I was very tired of having to explain the situation another time and I asked him to sort it out. He agreed and promised to call back soon. As of now I haven't heard back from him yet, but so far the experience is quite a zero-star experience. People here only post problems for you, not solutions. Every step of the way I had to come up with what the store could possibly do to fix it for me but people I talked to were just so unwilling to help. I would post an update if the store was able to make the experience any more positive.

Love this location!

Love this location! People are friendly and willing to help. I live in Sacramento and had so many questions that I decided to call the San Francisco store. They ordered my items and helped me to reschedule a delivery in advance. So grateful. Thanks a bunch! J

I ordered a mirror online

I ordered a mirror online on 11/9, selected the delivery date of 11/16 on the online calendar before confirming the order, yet today, 11/15, I received a morning call stating that I needed to select a delivery date, with the earliest delivery of 11/23. We were under the assumption that we would need to be home on 11/16 to receive the delivery for the past 6 days, and now our schedules will need to be rearranged. The reason the review is going up for this location is because (1) this is the location I visited before deciding to order online and (2) CB2 moderates their reviews online, dismissing reviews which "mention shipping complaints" so this appears to be the best option to alert others in the area of possible complications with CB2 shipping. This would normally be okay if timing wasn't an issue, but this is extremely burdensome because (1) we already planned to take time out to make sure we would be present on 11/16, and (2) this is being delivered to a condominium where you need to communicate with management. I was on hold for a CB2 customer representative for a little over 40 minutes. I eventually spoke with someone in their shipping department (who was super nice - Thank you!), who said this issue (where the shipping date I had selected was dismissed) was likely because CB2 changed the designated warehouse for my area (Downtown San Francisco) very recently, and the new designated warehouse didn't have the mirror in stock for 11/16. All this communication is going on while I'm at work, and I had to step away from work several times to talk with them. This is all so so disappointing because we pay them a premium for good customer service and products, of which the first is very much lacking. The mirror itself looks great, but alas, is just a mirror with a metal trim.

This is a great store

This is a great store for furniture and home goods and what better to have it with Crate and Barrel quality. We have quite a few things that we ordered online after selecting them at the store . They definitely stand out and don't seem to be one of the many at other furniture stores. Highly recommend!

I have bought almost all of my new furniture here

I have bought almost all of my new furniture here for my new condo. The service here is STELLAR, which is part of the reason why my fiance and I keep returning. The style and quality is what we love the most. All of their items are modern, unique, fun to look at, like a modern art museum, but also slim-type of furniture. It's not big and bulky, like how Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn can be. CB2 furniture is so perfect for apartment/condo living, where you don't have a lot of space. Crate and Barrel/Pottery Barn is more for people who own large homes/mansions, and also farmhouse/barn-like furniture (not all, but generally), which is why I lean away from them. The quality is also so great! I feel that my furniture feels "real" unlike Ikea or Living Spaces, and has durability to last a long time. I also like how their furniture is decently priced. Some things can be expensive, like a sectional couch, but it's also at the going rate of good quality furniture. CB2 also has great sales all the time. It seems like every week or two, they have specialized sales - one week will be 15% off all sofas, another week will be 15% desks, etc. During black Friday weekend, they had 15% all purchases, including furniture. If you're buying furniture for a new home, and need to buy several pieces, and love CB2/Crate and Barrel, I would highly suggest their credit card. You get 10 points in rewards per dollar; rewards that give you store credit! This is such an amazing credit card. I've bought a lot so far, and have gotten a lot of free reward credit from them!! The service at this store is particularly amazing. I really enjoy working with Scott, who I think is their store manager. He really knows how to deliver great customer service (even though they all do), but goes the extra mile. Usually when you have an item for pickup that's ready, they give you 2 weeks to pick up the item. If you work with Scott, he'll extend that time period for you. The only bummer about this store is that I find that often I see a cool item/furniture in their store, and it's out of stock for several months. This can be no big deal for some, if you don't need something for a long time (i.e. your move-in date is months away), but sucks if you just moved in and need curtains ASAP lol. I also wish there was a way for my online CB2 account to sync up with my store account or Crate and Barrel app. When I purchase something in store, I get an email receipt, but if my pickup date is months later, it can be difficult to retrieve that email, especially if you're buying several things over several months. If it all synced into my online CB2 account/app, it would be a lot easier, and easy to see what I have bought so far. Lastly, sometimes assembly is required for some items. All of the furniture I've put together has been relatively easy though, such as just screwing on legs to the bottom of a bench. Directions are easy to follow, unlike Ikea. Overall, this is my favorite furniture store! You can't go wrong with CB2!

I love CB2 as a brand

I love CB2 as a brand, but the salespeople in this store are rude and unhelpful, especially compared to the lovely and engaged staff at the Berkeley location. I won't name names, but the woman helping us today acted like we were the biggest inconvenience to her. We wanted to see a small rug that was in stock in the back, and she acted like bringing it out for us was tantamount to getting a root canal. When we said thank you and goodbye, she snarled at us. Thank you, next!

Love the products

Love the products BUT the very rude girl left a bad impression. Such a shame , I was going to buy $2k worth of furniture, but her terrible attitude made me take my money elsewhere.

I'd say this is one of my favorite affordable furniture

I'd say this is one of my favorite affordable furniture shops in the area. I bought a really cute nightstand from here a few months ago as I was looking for something cute and reasonable priced and not from IKEA. They have two floors in this location and very accessible as it's right around the corner or Union Square. I'm not too certain how parking is here as it's right in downtown, but i would imagine most people to ship directly home.

I don't think during our entire conversation

Omg , so I had the worst experience with the customer service person named " TOMMY " at their union square location. I love the store and have literally re-decorated my entire house with their stuff. But was super-duper shocked with this person "TOMMY" , being a part of a service industry and an esteemed store, he certainly does not stand up to that level. My conversation took place on 9/19/2018 , 3:31pm, lasted approx. 6min 47 sec ( If CB2 does record the conversations), as they should specially if its "TOMMY "on the phone I was calling to re-schedule my delivery which was scheduled for tmrw, as something came up at work and did not allow me to be at home then. The tone of his voice was the most upsetting , he started throwing policies at me , about re-scheduling last min, which I completely understand , and would have accepted it also , had his tone not been to authoritative/loathing. I don't think during our entire conversation I must have heard the word " I understand", seems like an amateur , I don't know how & why was he even given to answer phone calls . Another upsetting part was he started throwing favors at me about CB2 removing my delivery fees. It's very easy to read notes and instantly react without understanding the reason behind. I have had a couple of glitches in my delivered furniture pieces with CB2 previously , but with good customer service , that was all in the past and which made me come to them again ."TOMMY" also mentioned that because I was re-scheduling , my delivery would now be delayed for several weeks at first , which made me prompt like, because I am re-scheduling, I need to wait another 2 weeks. Again it wouldn't have mattered to me I would have accepted that , but it was his attitude, his arrogance that made to want to argue on this further . Alas, I need to cancel my work appt and be at home now, for CB2 to arrive. The managers should re-consider training for " TOMMY", especially if he is client facing. Anyways the entire conversation got me really agitated as this was least expected. And I hope no customer comes across " TOMMY" again.

While furniture seems nice

While furniture seems nice, nothing is stored at this location and to access significant products (eg a couch) you can either drive to Tracy to their warehouse or pay $130. There are no other options...

Ordered an item from this store for almost 1K

Ordered an item from this store for almost 1K. Decided it did not work in my space after all, and did not pick it up during the pickup window. No one called/emailed or followed up. A few months went by and I realized they never credited me the $. Called customer service and they said their records showed I'd taken delivery! It was a pickup and never even scheduled as a delivery! Customer service referred me to the store. Called the store and they said the same! I explained and they said they'd get back to me. They didn't. Called again. Explained it all over again. They'd look into it they told me. Called the store a 3rd time, a few weeks later and the sales rep said she'd get back to me. She didn't. Called today, 8 months after my "purchase" and was told I'd been refunded back to my original credit card. Hadn't I gotten the email. No. No return call, no emails, nada. And no apology. 8 months to wait for a credit that I paid interest charges. Thus 2 stars.

I have another big order coming from crate and barrel

Boy oh boy where do I begin?! In a nutshell - STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! I ordered a dining set and two bookcases at the store. Delivery guy shows up and the first sentence coming out of his mouth is "you have missing parts in your order you need to call the store not my problem" and I'm standing there shocked thinking to myself who is this guy?! So I'm trying to talk to the guy... can you maybe call the store to figure out why you're missing parts? He raises his voice at me saying I'm supposed to do that and that if I don't like what he has to say he can take the stuff away and not deliver it to me at all. I told him I'm going to call the store and report him and his service and in return he started cursing me (my Spanish isn't great but I know enough bad words) So I call the store and ask to speak to the manager. A guy named Scott presents himself as the manager and offers to help me out after what I've told him. Calls me back later saying they made a mistake and the order description was misconfigured. He also says, "we corrected that and it won't cost you any additional charge" - just to be clear the missing part has to do with the bookcase and we've ordered two of the same ones; each bookcase comes in two parts and I guess one of those parts was missing in the order - not sure why I'm even supposed to buy another part?! And if I am, why won't they charge the same on the first bookcase...?! I'm no expert in their serial and product numbers... and don't need to. That's why I went to the store in the first place, I point at something and ask to buy it - simple. So now I have to wait another week, take another day off from work, waste time and money, not eat on my dining table (the old one was donated this morning as we were expecting to enjoy our new one). I have to say, the old dining table we had was from crate and barrel so we decided to get another one from them (this time CB2) I have another big order coming from crate and barrel and I feel like they don't deserve my business. If it wasn't for my girlfriend I would've cancelled the whole order

I would give 0 star if I could

I would give 0 star if I could. Don't waste your money in CB2, go to another furniture store like west elm, Scandinavian...are much more better. If you are buying in cb2, be prepared to tolerate their worst quality and waste a lot of time dealing with the problems. We bought 3 furnitures from store, and turned out 3 of them had different defects. First, the floor lamp had defected dimmer. Next, the muse cabinet had wrong cutting on one of the board and there was no way we could assemble it. What's worse, they took 3 times to deliver another defected panel, which is still bad one. In the end, we had to drive over 50 miles to the store at San Francisco to pick up by ourselves. Last but not least, the sofa which was assembled by their technicians started to shake after within a year use. We found 3 out of 4 legs were loosen, and even missing a screw. After contacting the store for the missing screw, the only thing they did was asking us to bring one of the screw to the store and to see if any they have in store are similar...(I'm like...are you serious? Are you going to pay my gas? What if you do not have a suitable one if we drove to the store? This whole thing should be cb2's responsibility from assembling and the warranty.) We have to say, we are super disappointed of the quality and service of cb2's furniture. Won't consider buying in cb2 next time and forever. I hope the company can take it more seriously. Again, do NOT waste your money and time in CB2.

Placed an order over the phone two days ago

Placed an order over the phone two days ago for a Go Cart three shelf unit with Xavier. Great service, he was very enthusiastic to help. Item was out of stock (popular!) so I placed a backorder. Very surprised that it was ready for pick up today! Stopped in around 12:00pm and was helped by Lisett who loaded the item into my car with a smile and made the experience so easy on such a crowded street. Overall, very happy with my purchase and superb job from the CB2 team. Will definitely shop here again!

Great selection to choose from

Great selection to choose from. All furniture look pretty good, so I decided to buy some here. I bought a bed and dresser in this store (good news that they deliver on the next day!) and overall a had a great experience, sales guy was friendly and helpful. But... only one thing bothered me. Two delivery guys showed up with four huge boxes of furniture pieces, dropped it right by the front door and REFUSED to assemble it. Literally I had no opportunity to discuss this with them cause they disappeared in the second. I called to the company, and they apologized for that happened and promised to send somebody in the next one or two days. Unfortunately they had no opportunity to send me somebody on the same day so I had to assemble it by myself. Spent around 4-5 hours and finished at 2am, and of course got late on my job on the next day cause I was so tired.

CB2 is a beautiful modern furniture spinoff

Prelim review: CB2 is a beautiful modern furniture spinoff of Crate and Barrel aimed at young professionals but the problem with CB2 is that the build quality is a bit lower than Crate and Barrel (almost nothing is made in the USA), and the pricing is still very high compared to what you can find at furniture stores like Ashley's Furniture. I'd estimate it's a tier below Pottery Barn in the construction of most items.

Unfriendly employee

Unfriendly employee "Dee" as I went in for a return. I simply do not get why cashiers make zero attempts at basic courtesies like making eye contact, smiling, or just speaking. Straight up frown the whole interaction... I have worked in retail for years and even in my crumbiest days I can at least utter a word like hello to the customer. This location has no dedicated parking so taking the free Circulator bus from Union Station, Dupont Circle, and other points east is your best option.

Awful service!

Awful service! I wanted to buy bathroom hardware, but they couldn't display it or bring out many pieces at a time from the back. They won't let you use the bathroom either. The only people working were all at the register. So to get someone's attention, I had to wait in the checkout line. They basically told me to go away. I easily could've dropped a few hundred dollars.

For those that are unaware

For those that are unaware, CB2 is the cooler more urban and modern sister of Crate and Barrell. I love the prints and patterns here: geometric shapes, animals prints and shades often in earth tones. This store is on the smaller side, though admittedly I do not have much to compare it with since this is the only CB2 location in vicinity. They have many of the furniture pieces on display which is important if you'd like to see an item in person. Initially, I was going to purchase the black drum coffee table. I'm so glad I saw it in person here as I noted the color was drastically different in person than what was depicted online. As for customer service, I've not had any issues but the staff isn't remarkable in a way that I'd rave about customer service. For instance, they greet customers with a smile, but rarely have I been asked if they could help me find anything or answer questions even as I was obviously searching for something (versus casually aimless wandering). Note that there is a garage attached to the building which makes parking so much less anxiety inducing in Georgetown. It's 10 dollars but you can get free parking for the 1st hour if you ask an associate to validate your parking pass. Overall, if you love furniture of the modern style variety, check this place out. Furniture and bedding can be on the pricier side, but they do have nice accessories and tabletop items that are reasonable.

I came here on a Sunday afternoon

I came here on a Sunday afternoon in August 2018 to look for a birthday gift for a mom of a friend. Since I was mostly looking at small décor items, I didn't pay much attention to the furniture displays. The store had some pretty unique items, such as heavy metal tape dispensers, some interesting-looking plates, and a metal peacock-shaped rest (which is what I ultimately wound up buying for about $25 after-tax). Basically, the theme of most of the items were basics, but made a bit fancier than necessary. The staff were pleasant, although not terribly efficient; I wouldn't come here unless you had time to browse and wait to be rung up. The store didn't do gift-wrapping, but when I mentioned this was a gift, the employee did make an effort to package it up in a box for me. I wasn't sure if this is how they normally package purchases or if this was their attempt at "gift-wrapping," but basically I got a white box that got taped together sort of like a package I would've gotten in the mail (minus address labels and scruffs from shipping/handling). I was able to get a student discount when I showed them my student ID. Overall, a neat place to find a unique gift, but I would probably go somewhere cheaper for my own home goods/décor.

Traveled to the DC location

Traveled to the DC location to test the furniture advertised online before purchase. Unfortunately, I did not choose to purchase with this company due to the height of the furniture. The furniture is extremely low, in which puts you in mind of ikea furniture. The trinkets and other items were beautiful- i just was not as impressed with the furniture.

There are lots of sale items for reasonable prices

I don't know why people are hating on this place so much...unless the customer service used to be really bad and then they upped their game. We had a pretty flawless trip to go and pick up some items that we'd ordered to have shipped to the store. There is a parking garage and they validate one hour of parking to shop there. You can also have items brought out to you for pickup, but we wanted to go in and check it out. Inside it's pretty cool. It's smaller than I thought it'd be. There are lots of sale items for reasonable prices, but unfortunately not all in one area. We ended up getting a really co teapot for 9.95 in addition to the other items we were picking up. There were many unique items and trendy displays. The copy describing the items was hilarious at times. This would be an awesome place to get someone a wedding or housewarming gift. I needed to use the restroom and a helpful sales associate unlocked some back doorway to let me back. Like I said, it was well staffed and pretty easy to get helped there, even for something as silly as using the bathroom.

my trip

This is how my trip to the store went today: I walk in and there is no other customers in the store, I approach an employee: Me: Hi, I want to buy this clock you have on display, how can I get it? Cb2 employee: oh sure let me check for you 10 min go by... I proceed to walk to the register to ask someone else, when I see the girl that was "helping" me: Me: oh hey, so where is my clock? Cb2: ohh I'm sorry, I forgot about it Me in my head: cool I just stood here like an idiot for 10 min for nothing. Me out loud: can you please check if you have it in stock? Cb2: (looks at iPad) it shows we only have one, which MIGHT be the one on display. Me: Well can you check to make sure? Cb2: I think we are going to have to order it. Me: I ask the second person at the cashier if he can check if it's in stock. 2nd Cb2: Can I get your address so we can ship it to you in case we don't have it? Sometimes it says we have one but it's actually for the item that's on display Me: (after I've lost my patience!) CAN YOU JUST CHECK TO SEE IF YOU HAVE IT IN THE BACK SINCE YOU HAVE JUST ASSUMED THAT YOU DONT HAVE IT ALL THIS TIME, I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE IT HOME TODAY!!!!! Cb2: asks for item through the radio, and surpriseeeee!!! It's in stock, no need to order it!!!! 30 min later.... jeeeez maybe I should get paid for doing their jobs.

CB2 always delivers!

They got me with Dean and Deluca hot chocolate. My wife and I have stopped by this store in Georgetown for years and it's always been a good experience. They sell great, design forward furniture and household items at more affordable prices. They have a wide selection and the staff is helpful. Over the holidays, they serve hot chocolate on the weekends and it's GOOD. I literally had four-five cups while we explored their inventory. On a recent trip, we found a beautiful pillow cover for $40. Afterwards, we compared prices to a similar pillow cover at Anthropologie and it was $300! CB2 always delivers!

CB2 .....what a breath of fresh, modern, eclectic, edgy interior design store air

Ahhhhh CB2 .....what a breath of fresh, modern, eclectic, edgy interior design store air! Crate & Barrel slipped this modern gem past me until I received a recommendation from a friend. Now I'm officially a little addicted to there minimalist design ideas, dinnerware, accessories, and art. Before visiting there Georgetown store, I researched things I wanted online first. They are the best around the sales times I've noticed, if you want to try and save a little. The CB2 in Georgetown is located at the beginning of the retail district, near other interior design stores. They have parking in the rear underground parking lot off a side street. They do validate parking for about one hour, so be warned (remember to tell the parking attendant you are shopping there too)!!! take the elevators up to street level to get in a side door of the store and "Walahh" you are transported to interior design heaven. The furniture can be a bit pricey depending on your financial range but its beautiful, one of a kind and sturdy. In store, you can buy smaller things in the rear including kitchenware, small furniture, accessories. candles and other home decorating essentials. They have many floor associates around to help you that you can ask. I like the vibe is not to mob you as soon as you get in the store. I checked out with two things I saw online and if they are out of anything in store they can order it for you online and usually wave the shipping! This store is perfect for anyone that like statement making decor.

Terrible after-sales service

Terrible after-sales service. I bought a set of chairs, a table and a mirror. Left the store without a receipt because the printer was broken. They didn't send me the receipt by email and didn't call me to schedule the delivery, as promised. When I called, they told me the earliest date for delivery was 12 days after the purchase! Besides, I should be at home all day because they can't say in advance if the delivery will be in the morning or not. And they don't have a date for the delivery of the mirror yet... The associate was unapologetic and rude over the phone. To sum up, there is no customer care whatsoever after a sale is done. It is a shame, because the products are good (apparently) and the service at the store was not bad at first.

Big CB2 fans, thanks again

A shout-out to Martice for the excellent customer service. We had to exchange a large mirror and he suggested a floor sample that ended up being less than half the price of the original one we ordered. It was a thoughtful gesture that went a long way! We were then able to find a few more things that have really made our home feel even cozier. We love everything we've gotten so far. The quality of the home and kitchenware has been great so far. Big CB2 fans, thanks again!

Glasses are too flimsy and the ceramic dishes crack easily as well.

When I moved to Arlington and began purchasing home goods I immediately thought CB2. I purchased all of my kitchenware, glasses, wine classes, flatware etc. My drinking smoked glasses cracked more than twice and each time I replaces them. My plates easily cracked and broke. The flatware lost its copper tone which I always washed by hand with cold or room temperature water as directed. I am dissatisfied with the quality of the product and to be honest I do not feel that It is worth the price tag. Customer service however is amazing and attentive but that doesn't serve me any good when my dishes and flatware is easily damaged. It's such a shame because they carry beautiful products but in my opinion it's just not worth It. Glasses are too flimsy and the ceramic dishes crack easily as well.

I love CB2's stuff

I love CB2's stuff, but if I could give this store negative stars I would. I purchased $1200+ worth of furniture in late July, which was in stock, for delivery in early August. When I called to follow up 2 days before the delivery date scheduled by the salesperson, I was told by another salesperson that the original salesperson "forgot" to schedule the delivery, and that I'd need to wait an additional 11 days for delivery. 11 days later, I called again to follow up on the delivery, only to find out that the salesperson ordered the wrong table. The table they said we ordered doesn't even exist according to Now, I need to wait another 2 weeks, nearly six weeks after my purchase to receive our furniture. I recently moved to the area from Chicago, and literally have no furniture, and have been waiting patiently for my order. I spoke with the manager, who was condescending, and refused to do anything whatsoever to rectify the situation. Go elsewhere to buy your furniture, unless you enjoy not getting your furniture for weeks after you were told it would arrive, or have a fetish for being treated like garbage by management. 0 stars.

Be prepared to stand around for a while

Be prepared to stand around for a while. I went to sought out help and the lady finally comes over to help, then someone else asks her a question about a set (which was probably a large purchase) so she leaves me standing there. I waited a few minutes, before i realized she was not coming back, so i went and sought help at the register. The guy there helped for a while then ran off to a bigger purchase, i gave up and left. I will stick to ordering online from CB2 because this store will leave you frustrated unless you are making a large purchase.

Incredible customer service!

I bought a huge mirror from their website and had it ship to the store. When I got to the store, I wanted to see what it looked like before I walked out with it. Turns out the mirror was packed in a wooden crate. The manager, Tony, came out and opened the box for us. The whole process took 40 minutes and he was super patient as we debated whether we wanted it. Then he helped us figure out the logistics of hauling it back to our house (required an Uber XL). Incredible customer service! Thank you Tony!

I don't typically write reviews

I don't typically write reviews but at this point I'm completely fed up with CB2 so here we go. We ordered a table on April 22 with the promise that we will get delivery for May 24. Not ideal but that was something we could deal with. A few days after purchase CB2 calls me to let me know that I can have it delivered the following week but considering we were away during that time we decided to stick with the original date. Around May 18 I get a message saying, your table will not be delivered. I have to wait now until mid to end of June... well this sucks... New delivery date set for June 14 June 14 rolls around. I'm comfortably working away at home (after pulling strings at work to let me work from home) 4 hours before delivery I get a call saying the table isn't getting delivered as its not in the warehouse.... Seriously? 2 months and these guys can't figure out how to deliver a table... A TABLE on time? Currently I've had no one reach out to me from the store to inform me that it will take another 2 months before I can have the table. Seriously people don't shop at CB2 if you actually want to enjoy your furniture by the time your lease is up. Not sure what I'm going to do next here.

Absolutely terrible delivery experience

Absolutely terrible delivery experience. Aside from my bed frame being on backorder for two weeks, I was scheduled for a delivery for two items on a Saturday, which ended up being wasted on a non-delivery. Customer service provided the warehouse with my work number to contact me and not my cell phone (it's a Saturday). After almost two hours on the phone with difference representatives, they try to reschedule. (When I came back to work on Monday, I had no missed calls - so whether or not they actually came is under a question). They reschedule the delivery for the following Thursday and I am only to find out today that I have been "unbooked." I never received an email or a phone call about this and was only notified when I contacted customer service myself. They again reschedule me for the week after (the whole time I am still only sleeping on my mattress, having gotten rid of my boxspring and frame in anticipation for the long-awaited CB2 bed frame). So not only I have been through two failed deliveries, but I now have to take off work to wait for a delivery for which I won't hold my breath. UPDATE: the furniture was delivered but one item came damaged. Have to reschedule again for a replacement. Despite the sleek and modern furniture, it's really not worth the amount of time and trouble this company put me through over the past month.

Had some plates delivered

Had some plates delivered. Had delivery issues. Tried to post a review on the CB2 site noting my issues. CB2 declined to publish the review. They reserve the right to hide reviews mentioning shipping/delivery and many other reasons. Not only does this make CB2 reviews useless (I strongly believe they suppress only negative reviews) but it raises serious ethical issues about how they do business. Think about that when you are considering buying something from them

Pretty smooth rug buying experience!

Pretty smooth rug buying experience! I bought a 5 x 8' rug online and it was on backorder. When it arrived, I received daily emails reminding me I had 14 days to pick it up. Picking up a large rug in Georgetown sounds like a nightmare of mine, so I dreaded everything about this part of it. Lucky me, CB2 had it all thought out. Well marked (free!) parking, and the door for pick ups is right there, mere feet away from where you park. A quick bell ring, answered by a super friendly young woman who checked my receipt, found my items, and loaded them in my car. Time in total, 4 minutes. The rug is great, rolled out without wonky corners, and looks just brilliant in my home. I'm really happy with my CB2 experience!

I'm really surprised

I'm really surprised by all the bad reviews here. Over the course of the last 3 years I've bought most of the furniture I own through this store and have been pleased every time - in an age when customer service is seemingly nonexistent with most retailers, CB2 has been a stellar example of what a good experience looks like. One recent exceptional anecdote: In April I purchased a large, heavy $300 mirror from them in preparation to decorate the house I was moving into. When it came time to move two months later, I unwisely moved it myself from my apartment. Needless to say, with the mirror being almost as tall as me, before I even got to my car I tripped on it and completely smashed it. I loaded the smashed mirror in the car, planning to just bring it in, ask them to dispose of it, and purchase a new one. I explained to a sales associate there what had happened (specifically that I had dropped it out of its packaging and that the shattering was my fault) and they said that they could just take it back as a return and give me a new one for free. I would never ask for an accommodation like that, and service like that is so rare that I thought it needed to be mentioned.

I love CB2

I love CB2, the decor, the layout and especially the customer service we received. JC took care of us and he was extremely helpful, took his time with us, and we left very happy. Thank you JC!

I like CB2 a lot

I like CB2 a lot, a Great selection of modern and contemporary furniture and accessories, with clean designs and occasionally a quirky twist for unique addition to any home. I am 5 stars for CB2 selection and style and because of a Manager problem in this store, only 3 stars for the Miami Beach outlet Prices, as with all of CB2. are fair to somewhat expensive depending on the particular piece. Sometimes it's hard to tell until you lift a sticker and get the shock that a simple acrylic stand is $300. Other times, a rustic wood table turns out to be much less than you might have feared. Still a great place to put some individual personality into where you live. And also could occasionally buy accessories as gifts for friends I have bought from CB2's catalog quite a bit, And was very excited when the store opened. It's a good space on two floors and everything is very well laid out. Most of the people who work here are quite helpful and nice. The reason I am only giving it 3 stars however is the company has an unusual policy that if you buy something online, even if it is defective, you cannot return it to the store. You must go through the return shipping process with UPS. That's really inconvenient. Plus, at this particular store, one of the managers, Michael, has an attitude as if you are bothering him from the rest of his work if you have a question or an issue to resolve. On a recent purchase, before Christmas, when the price of a frame I bought had dropped by 50%, One of the sales persons was ready to make an adjustment but he overrode it since I did not have the item with me. Not very good for customer service! Other than that, good CB2 designs

Simple but contemporary selection

Simple but contemporary selection. They have a plethora of items that are minimalistic but give you major luxe vibes. I bought several items here: a beautiful decanter that complimented my home bar perfectly. A small silver wall pocket that was great to put keys in. No mess of keys thrown anywhere or hanging. I loved that the wall pocket has a modern sleek look. I also purchased several wall ledges in black for my home office and in silver and gold for my living room. However, my favorite item has been a plant I bought. Everyone that comes over thinks it's real but it's not. It just looks so close to real. It was the missing piece for my living room. The staff is nice and helpful. The store is two levels so take your time when you're shopping around. The prices are great and the items are stylish. I plan to keep coming back to see what else I can add to my home.

I recently bought a new bedroom set

I recently bought a new bedroom set from CB2 and I have had nothing but a wonderful experience. Mitch was my sales rep and he was very thorough and patient with me. The quality of everything purchased was sturdy and you can tell it is made well. I would definitely buy more items from them. The delivery was exceptional. I had the delivery come in two different days since everything I wanted was not in-stock. The first delivery came even before my scheduled window which totally shocked me since it is usually not that case. The second delivery came within my window. Both times the delivery guys were very professional and made sure I knew which items I was receiving. When I decide to redo any other room in my apartment I will definitely be going back to CB2.

Follow up review

Follow up review: ******DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY***** This company does not have it's sih together. I called CB2 back again this morning to follow up and check to see if my order would be delivered this coming week as promised only to find out that it's been pushed back another (2) weeks yet again, even after already being delayed previously. And once again, I initiated the call, they didn't call or email me to notify me of the change. They also told me there was nothing they could do but notate my account that I've called in. That's all they've done the last 3-4 times I've called, oh and move the delivery date back. There are at least 5-6 other reviews with the same exact issue. So it's been going on for awhile (years) and they've done nothing to correct issue. The auto response is an empty apology and when you call in you get the exact same thing, empty promises that never happen. Save your time and money, buy from somewhere else that's more dependable, especially for the price. CB2, my order numbers are 134823228 and 134823265. My contact number is attached to the orders.

I love the store

I love the store. But after making a return and the funds never appearing on my cb2 gift card I was not happy. After four trips back to the store , two in which a sales rep told me I just had to wait some time for the funds to show up. Nothing happened, spoke to the manager and blew me off, told me there's nothing she could do. I had to push and push until she said " ok we will check the records" To make a long story short. Five trips to the store and two long calls to customer service no one has been able to assist me. Not even an apology from the team at the store, just a simple " we will send an email & get back to you"

Great shopping experience

Great shopping experience. I was looked after by Mitch and he was fantastic. He really helped me out in picking out a great console and decorations. He went the extra mile, by going to physically checked if the console I wanted was actually there. Initially it looked like none in stock. He was very helpful and patience with me. I will definitely go back with this type of service. Prices affordable and nice modern designs

Many of the items I wanted to purchase were not in stock

Many of the items I wanted to purchase were not in stock. More of a showroom. What a bummer.

A lady named

A lady named, (I will call her K because I don't remember the name but it did start with a K or a C), when asked about her opinion on a wall decor, said I don't know, and it was just simply too hard for her to give an opinion for someone who works at a furniture store. it was like she could not gather 1 ounce of creativity to just answer the question honestly, instead of say, well um, um, I guess it depends on the taste. If I wanted that answer I wouldn't have asked someones opinion. Isn't that what a store associate is for, to help you with your sale? There were 4 people behind the register while I was standing there with my items. Nobody asked me if I wanted to check out. I had to ask someone to please check me out, and I happen to get a new employee (I think by her lack of knowledge of what she was doing). She was nice and apologetic enough but the whole transaction took a lifetime. All the more seasoned employees were around and saw that she needed help, and nobody offered to help. AGAIN, I had to speak up and say I was in a hurry and to please help make the transaction go faster, and to find the items that she could not scan in. Finally I get out of the store, only to find as I looked at my receipt that I had been misquoted a price on a hanging frame, and I was missing 2 of my items. I called the store and the lady who picked up remembered me because she was the one bagging my items, I asked her to please see if she could mail my items to me because I would not be able to come back anytime soon seeing as I live in downtown. She said of course, apologized, seemed nice enough but never called me back to tell me if she would be able to ship my items like I asked her-the next day(Monday). When I called today, Monday, to ask if they had shipped my items, again this lady, K, answered I recognized her voice. And I told her the whole story, even though she was at the register when my transaction was done. She asked me for my invoice number twice, claiming she couldn't find it, and the 2nd time she left me on hold after 8 minutes of being on the phone, mostly on hold, hung up on me! Of course by this time it was 9pm so when I called back I got the voicemail, serious motivation this lady has. Unbelievable customer service. I will never go to that store again. I'm only giving 2 stars because I life the stuff they carry and would have loved to become a long time customer.

Had 2 great shopping experiences here

Had 2 great shopping experiences here in the last month thanks to Tracy in the upstairs furniture department! She was extremely helpful, pleasant and patient with our purchases. The items in this store are very unique and have great decorating ideas. Thanks to Tracy we will definitely be back for any future household purchases

I love this store

I love this store and every time I walk in I feel like I want to buy everything. I love the clean and minimalist ambiance throughout the store. They have amazing ideas to decorate main living areas in your house and the best part is that they switch things around quite often (pillows and such)... Most of the big pieces remain in the same location! Prices are very affordable when compared with crate and barrel or west elm!

If anyone is looking for the best furniture

If anyone is looking for the best furniture and decor,this is the right place.Yes it is a little expensive but you get what you pay for.Just today I got some amazing very original espresso cups from there,and I could be happier with my purchase -what a stylish cups made in Poland,not in China! Anyone who haven't been there and wonders-Go there even is the furniture are a lil expensive -there are much other things for decor there that are affordable.

Today I wanted to buy a unique end table

Today I wanted to buy a unique end table that had legs like a chicken and table top like half of a large egg. ( I am partial to kooky animal furniture). This table was the only item in the store that did not resemble furniture in many other mid priced stores. But when I carried it to the sales desk, I was told I could not buy it. "Why not? "I asked. " Because it is a floor model " I was told. I was happy to buy a floor model but no, they don't sell floor models. So I will order one I tell the clerk who looks distressed and says the table will not be available until early June. This is mid-February. "So you have a floor model of something that you don't have to sell?" I ask. "Yup". Someone ought to tell the corporate people that this is no way to run a business.

Some of the staff members

Some of the staff members are a little snobbish but everything else is perfect. Wonderful items.

First of all, I love the store.

First of all, I love the store. I love the design of it's items. The sales reps are awesome!!! This review is based on my experience only, on the purchase of a couch. After looking and trying all the couches in the store, me and my boyfriend decided on one. It was sold standard in a black and white material that didn't go well with our decor, so we chose a color from the swatches provided. We were told it would take between 8 to 10 weeks, but could extend to 12. We were not in a hurry. We paid. We waited patiently. After the 10th week and no news of the couch, I called the number on the website, but was told I had to speak directly to the store where I purchased. I was surprised the rep was not able to tell me a specific status on the couch. Only that it would be delivered early December. I called on early December and was told the same thing, to which I said "but it's early December, when is the couch going to be delivered?" , but the rep said she did not have any more information available. The couch arrived but it's not the same quality or feel as the one from the store. The one in the store was very comfortable. However, when we sit down on ours, it feels like the cushions are filled with the same stuff as a bean bag, and after you are done sitting on it, the cushions do not recover their shape. The size of the pillows seem to be larger and don't fit properly against the frame. I could not believe it took more than 12 weeks to make a couch so cheap.

Received my furniture today

Received my furniture today. If I had known that i had to assemble it my self i would have gone to IKEA for a lower price. I am returning everything and going to a store with better service.

Went to buy some glassware

Went to buy some glassware and saw there was a discount sign outside. Picked my things, went to the cash register where Amy P "helped" me. She did not make eye contact or say hello...fair enough. Then she rings up everything without discount to which I point out and she mentions it to another colleague and he confirms it should be applied. She doesn't know how to refund/adjust my sale so someone else helps her. At no point did she make eye contact, say "I apologize", nothing. They fix my bill and she hands it and says "here you go". I understand people have bad days but this is just terrible customer service and none of the other 2 employees seemed to notice or care, which is poor management.

Meh. I've experienced better.

Meh. I've experienced better. Ikea that is. It's still not Ikea. Reasons why? - limited selection - everything's white, orange (lots of it), and one other color - the metal stuff are, quite frankly, kinda clanky. (cheap) I can't imagine anyone wanting any of the orange stuff here except the Florida orange growers. I'll stick with Ikea. Or even the regular Crate & Barrel which is tons better than this one - and CB2 may be a twist of it, but they twisted it too much like a towel rag. The looks just doesn't do enough for me.

I must say I was truly surprised

I must say I was truly surprised and delighted with the service I received over the phone from the associate named Mary. I called to find out if they had in stock a replacement for a glass globe that I broke on my firefly pendant light. Not only did she give amazing client service over the phone but she did the calling to their parts dept for me. She then went above and beyond by calling me back with advising me of the order #'s and when I should expect the items. She was very friendly and gave me an experience that will keep me shopping at my local CB2 in Miami Beach! Thank you Mary your service was impeccable! Keep up the great work!!!

Can I just say how happy I am that CB2

Can I just say how happy I am that CB2 is finally in Miami?! CB2 is a modern affordable twist on Crate & Barrel. I always had to shop online and prayed for the day a store in Miami opened. Alas, my prayers were answered! Last night I was invited to the grand opening and it was awesome! the two story building is filled with great contemporary decor. What I love about this store is that it focuses on minimalistic furniture with big pops of colors. As soon as you walk in, the sense of orange and green is overwhelming, in a good way of course. This store has everything from furniture, to the smallest accessories. My favorites would definitely have to be their selection of bar goodies and lamps. Very modern and affordable compared to a lot of other places on the beach. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and there's plenty of metered parking next to the store. So go ahead and check this place out, I guarantee you'll leave with at least 3 things!

I'll start out with a positive note.

I'll start out with a positive note. This store is very beautiful, and modern. I was picking up an order (a UVA stalk, which is very fragile. But I received it in a very good condition). On the other delivery date was pushed back twice. Which took my order FOREVER to arrive. On the day that I came to the store to pick up my order, I decided to look around to see if I can find myself a new vase or pot. I wasn't greeted, nor was I asked if I needed any help finding something. I came from work so I didn't look my best, I felt judged and felt unworthy of the employees respect or attention. They need to work on their customer service, because looking at all the other reviews that's not their strong suit.

When dealing with this company...

When dealing with this company, you either get a completely knowledgeable person or an incredibly incompetent one. I purchased a bunch of glasses in varying sizes. The style was Marta, a micro thin glass- sleek and minimalistic. In the beginning, I tried to track them down. No one was helpful. No surprise! I decided to try online customer service. That was a terrible experience. The customer service person, Chastity, kept trying to tell me they were produced in Portland. No, Chastity. They're made in Poland, in Krosno, a town comprised mainly of glassblowers. She kept repeating Portland and in the end, when she confirmed the location was Poland, she blamed the Portland mistake on autocorrect. I'm sorry, but I find that to be bogus, especially when you said it five times. Why lie?! I'm a meticulous person and do thorough research. No one can lie to me. Anyway, fast forward to finding the glassware. I placed an order for (3) sets of eight in the 18oz, 13oz, and 8oz. Yes, 72 glasses. I bought spares, accounting for future breakage. It took forever to get them. Forever and eight days. I didn't even get a tracking number until I called four days after my order! The next day, there was movement on the package. It took 10 days, three more days than their ETA, which they kept changing to the next day and the next day and the next. Why must you play with my emotions, CB2?! Arrival day comes. I watch as the FedEx guy brings my package. I'm excited AF. I stream the opening to my mini legion of followers, mainly family and my BFF. To my dismay, I heard the clanking of broken glass upon taking the boxes out. My heart dropped and I suddenly felt extreme sadness. Box after box was damaged. Shards of glass littered all about and I literally couldn't touch them without getting nicked. It wasn't like Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. It was absolutely dreadful. 80% of the package was NG. No good! I, begrudgingly, called customer service once again. I connected to a lady, I believe her name was Melanie, who transferred me to returns. They offered to send another shipment via 2-day shipping. I declined. I didn't want to chance it. The issue was the packaging. Not every single glass was wrapped and the cardboard meant to separate the glasses from touching were taped, overlapping each other on the top and not in between, like they should've been. The papers meant to wrap the glasses were placed on top. I won't be purchasing from online anytime in the near future. I love Crate and Barrel and I can't fault them too much for the lack of knowledge that their employees seemingly possess, but don't lie about things if you don't know and/or you just want to end a chat. Seriously! Don't. Freaking. Lie. Chances are I'll have done my research and if you lie, I'll get mean. My 3-star rating was because Melanie and Michael, the returns person, made the transaction as smooth as possible. They get five stars. I deducted two stars for in-store and online. To sum it up, the merchandise is lovely, but the service leaves much to be desired.

Not a great customer service place

Not a great customer service place. Waited patiently & no One even asked my for help or suggestions. Sorry this is one to cross off list.

CB2 is very hard to enter...

CB2 is very hard to enter without walking out having spent a massive amount of money...! But the staff are super nice and I love that they have a pick up door in back so you aren't struggling to carry heavy items/furniture to your far away, uptown parking spot.

Yes Cb2 is very cute

Yes Cb2 is very cute but not worth the headache. Ordered a couch for June 28th. Found out it was pushed back to mid July bc I called to check on delivery status. Just canceled my order since the new ESTIMATED eta is early to mid - August. $100 gift card doesn't make an empty living room for the summer any better. Ordering in store made the situation no easier.

I have quite a few accessory items

I have quite a few accessory items from CB2 (baskets, glasses, entryway bench). Service here was quite nice and helpful when I randomly wandered in on Sunday afternoon. So helpful that I spend $150 on some rando stuff I don't really need!

I have ordered quite a few furniture

I have ordered quite a few furniture and carpet items at CB2 as I am updating my condo. I have received nothing but stellar customer service. If there was ever an issue with a product, I was promptly served and every time the staff exceeded my expectations. The CB2 product quality has been great and I love the design of all of the items I have purchased. Don't hesitate to purchase from CB2. You will be very, very, very pleased. The Uptown staff at CB2 has made this a wonderful and fun experience.

I can't help but wander into CB2 as often as possible

I can't help but wander into CB2 as often as possible. I am completely enamored by their eclectic and modern designs and products. The only downside is the price is a bit steep, but for the originality of the merchandise I don't mind paying a bit extra. All of the employees have always been very helpful as well. I feel welcome and not like an outsider if I don't make a purchase. They also occasionally have floor sample sales, which are totally amazing and awesome. Love this store!

Don't go here

Don't go here! Go to Scandinavian Designs in Roseville instead! You will thank me. ***Update Below*** I share a previous reviewer's sentiment about this location. Nice stuff but if it's not an item they stock, I'd advise you to run, not walk, out of the store. Ordered my item on 6/8/15. Was told 6-8 weeks for order and delivery. Checked end of July and was told "oh you have a special order and those take 8-12 weeks, it will be sometime around THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER" (!). It's August 30 so I called back hoping/PRAYING they had an update and some good news....nothing! Meanwhile I have family coming into town for Labor Day and I need my items. I understand special order items take a while to order. My problem is that the time was not communicated to me. I knew I had family coming at the end of summer so there is no way I would have ordered these items had I been told 8-12 weeks and of course CB2 gets to keep half my money if I cancel the order now. I guess they have that tied up in a neat little bow don't they? My disgust with them knows no bounds! Stay away from this place. If you want similar items. Good quality and a reasonable price I would recommend Scandinavian Design out in Roseville. Love their stuff and every item is shipped to their store for pickup or delivery in a week! ***update*** So I decided to call back today 8/31/15 to see if I could get better information. In case you're keeping count we are officially at 12 weeks. The associate proceeds to change the story and say "we are sorry for any miscommunication but 12 weeks is actually the arrival time" implying that the 8-12 weeks I was told BY HIM yesterday was not correct. Fine! I say, since you missed the deadline when can I come get my full refund? To which I'm told once again that on custom ordered pieces there is only a partial refund. The associate places me on hold and returns to say that they will have to make a few calls but they can go ahead and set up delivery for next week. What? How do you set up delivery on an item you don't have and don't know if you're going to have? He sets up delivery for Friday 9/11 and says they will call to confirm on Wednesday 9/9. I'm not holding my breath. Final update 9/2/15 The store called me. When they called the vendor it turns out the paperwork was misplaced and the order was processed last week so my item wouldn't be ready till the end of October (not 12 weeks from last week). They offered to refund all my money and I lept at the chance! Thank God I'm done with them. 9/19/15 I never called CB2 back, per the response to my review. By that time, the store had already given me a full refund so there was no need. Still, today in the mail, I received $150 gift card from them. It was a nice gesture which they did not have to do. In the end, however, I stand by my previous statement. If you see items in the store you like, check and make sure it's a stocked item BEFORE you make a purchase. I bought a sofa from Room and Board and they provided EXCELLENT service delivery and setup.

I like what CB2 brings to the furniture game.

I like what CB2 brings to the furniture game. It's not Ikea cheap, but it's not DWR expensive. The designs are modern and fun but not pretentious or overly cute. You can spend a good bit of dough here, to be sure, but we scored two (TWO) really solid desks for $300 out the door. Staff were super helpful and friendly (even helped me load the desks into my vehicle) and the validated parking is a plus. Pro Tip: Check online for what you want. If the store has it in stock (per the online stock checker), drive over and park in one of the 15 minute loading spots. RUN into the store, find a helpful staffer, tell them what you want and you will be on your way with time to spare. A good thing.

CB2 is a fun place

CB2 is a fun place to wander around to get ideas for your home and is reasonably priced if you want to do some serious decorating and not have your house look like an IKEA showroom.

I was so hopeful going into CB2.

I was so hopeful going into CB2. It's conveniently located in the heart of Uptown so you don't have to drive to the burbs, and can feel and hold items instead of only imagining them in your hands when you're sitting at your computer browsing Amazon or any online store. This was going to be the perfect shopping experience for my new place! I went in looking for glasses and dishes. What I found was disappointment, practically everything was too modern with not enough functionality. There is something to appreciate about balance in design and use. The glasses were of such poor quality. You could find better at Ikea, TJMaxx or Marshalls, even a garage sale will do. Overall a good place to get ideas for modern design and rooms but I won't be making any purchase in the foreseeable future.

Bitter disappointment

Bitter disappointment at this place. Really nice stuff but you NEVER receive it. I waited every night for delivery as promised with my items which I actually wanted immediately. But night after night would go by with nada!! So you call and they advise "Oh that will be due this weekend so you will receive next week" So you wait and wait and again no delivery. So you call again "Oh no that will be due sometime in 6 weeks" ARGH!! I will never, ever buy anything from these guys again. I have cancelled all of my orders and will not be tempted by the forbidden fruits of CB2.. I'm gonna go to Room and Board from now on - they actually deliver on time and tell you straight when that will be.. So annoyed right now!

I like CB2

I like CB2 and sometimes go in the brick and mortar store to look at things in person that I've been checking out online. Last time I was in the staff didn't ignore me - they straight up denied I even existed. There were 2-3 staff standing at the cash register having a conversation as if I wasn't even there. No greeting, no hello, not even a smile - it's as if they saw me and just looked past me. I don't need staff to bombard me when I walk in a place, but a smile or a hello to acknowledge another human being should be pretty standard in my book. There were no other customers in the store during the slow weekday afternoon. I made several laps around the store, making notes and looking at items which I ended up not getting. I like the products but there is no reason to have a brick and mortar store if you aren't going to get any additional service whatsoever. Save yourself the trip and just ship/return via their website.

I love the products this store offers

I love the products this store offers and I used to go to the shop in Chicago when I lived in Milwaukee, so I was hopeful when I finally got into the Minneapolis store. The customer service was horrible. My husband and I went in to buy a console table. When we walked in, there were at least 2 employees working. We didn't receive any acknowledgements or offers to help. We were the only customers in the store. We made a full lap of the store, found the console table we wanted to purchase, but then had to track down an employee to make the purchase. One of the employees was looking at a book at checkout when we found him and acted like it was an imposition that we interrupted whatever he was doing so he could help us. I will not return to the store and have been hesitant to even order online due to the poor customer service. *I sent my contact information to CB2, as requested, on the day they responded and haven't been contacted yet. I'll update if I hear from someone.

I'm a little bummed out

I'm a little bummed out to see the poor reviews of my favorite store CB2. I guess it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you don't dig the style, don't review the store. I mean, come on, man. Either way, I love this place. I'm into the mid-mod style and CB2 cranks it up a notch and makes it current century fun. It's a blast from the past with a taste of now to spice it up. Sure, this stuff isn't crafted in the US of A and it isn't going to be Restoration Hardware quality, but it is what it is and the prices typically reflect that. I'd say it's a definite step up from IKEA in quality and the design seems to be a little more thoughtful and planned out. I've purchased everything from a sofa, to a rug, to a kitchen table, to console tables, to chairs here. You name it, I've probably purchased it. All of my stuff is great quality for the price. The great thing about CB2 is that it's a Crate and Barrel sister company and Crate and Barrel has stellar customer service. The first sofa I received from CB2 was a dud, it happens, but their customer service blew me away. I had purchased the sofa 6 months prior and they told me I could have a full money refund. Say wha? What place gives you your money back on a product you are not satisfied with 6 months later? No other place I know of. I actually ended up with another CB2 sofa, because when you find customer service this great, you stick with it. Also, the employees working in the store are awesome. They have been nothing but friendly to me and help me figure out what I'm looking for every time I go in there. Yeah, it's Uptown and parking sucks, but it's such a fun store. And they validate an hour of parking in the ramp behind the store. Can't beat that.

CB2 goes boldly

CB2 goes boldly where no other home goods store has gone with the use of...* drum roll please*... BRIGHT COLORS. Chartreuse is my favorite color, so naturally I'm biased, but I love that they have bold accents like deep blue, bright red & green. (Leave the neutrals for Pottery Barn.) Price points are good for everyone. I bought a carafe ($9.95), some cool male/female wall vases and some porcelain spoons that I'm justifying as "honey spoons" for my tea...completely necessary, right? (They also have mugs with little spoons attached if that's more your cup of tea--pun intended.) Besides wanting every area rug in the place (neutral with awesome patterns), I also have my eyes on the Bodum juicer they're selling for $39.95 which is $20 more at Kitchen Window! Look no further for fun, trendy furniture!

I rarely walk into a home store

I rarely walk into a home store & leave empty handed; not only did I leave empty handed from CB2, I wasn't even interested in anything! It is definitely not what I had pictured it would be. Ikea is more stylish and half the price - go there instead and enjoy a hot dog while you shop. Or just go to Crate & Barrel and pay a little more for good, quality stuff!

A unique blend of modern as well as contemporary

A unique blend of modern as well as contemporary... you can really tell that stylewise this place is gearing toward a younger generation of home decorators... but unfortunately they really fell short of making it attainable style. The fact of the matter, is that you can get the same items and styles (even in different colors) from IKEA... and at IKEA you will get a product that is not only more sturdy, but is also CHEAPER monetarily. Now I won't dog on this store too much... I did like the people that work here, and there were some really interesting pieces here as well... but it is definitely a store that will need a lot of "adjustments" to make it in a county where the "median" income is only $20,000 a year. Start with pricing, and then work your way down to adding some additional styles. One last thing... don't have any drink visible on your person... they will treat you like you have the plague and follow you around to make sure you don't spill on their showroom floor... It was kind of creepy.

Open concept corner store

Open concept corner store - with plenty of windows. The showroom is modest with around 5 beds/tables/livingroom set ups each. Note - park in the ramp, and they will validate.

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