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Cardis Reviews

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The New England states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are home to the Cardi's Furniture retail chain. Their claim to fame is their wide range of furniture offerings, in-store customer service, and competitive prices. Most shoppers have good things to say about their experience at the furniture chain. Some people have complained about delivery, durability, and post-sale customer service.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

Price: $119-$8999+

Return Policy: 7 Days + Restrictions

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Cardis Specifics

Cardi's Furniture has 19 locations across New England, mostly clustered in Rhode Island where they started, and Massachusetts. Their main focuses are mostly offering a wide range of products with high value prices and streamlining financing options. Versus competitors, their styles focus more on traditional (either formal or informal).

Most customers had good things to say about Cardi's product range. However, there were some complaints mentioned, including issues with delivery, durability, and customer service when things went wrong.

Material Quality

Cardi's offers a wide range of products including those manufactured in the USA. While they aren't as transparent about their suppliers online, our researchers found that they offer a range of brands, from name-brands like La-Z-Boy and Ashley to smaller manufacturers. With this range comes a range of prices and construction quality -- some items feature solid wood construction and luxury wood veneers. However, shoppers should ask questions about sourcing for their specific items as some customers reported dissatisfaction with the durability of some items, which may belie lower quality construction in some cases.

Cardi's Furniture's Top Picks

The shoppers at Cardi's are excited about certain pieces again and again. We will talk about the ins and outs of the top picks.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

A new sectional or sofa is the most popular item on shoppers' lists. Cardi's offerings are quite affordable with options starting at under $400. Most of their offerings fall into 2 categories: traditional or comfort with large cushion designs. Their most popular options offer synthetic upholstery and structured designs in standard colors, such as beige, white, and brown. Most customers appreciate the initial feel of their couches, but there were some concerns about durability for some.

The pros: Good array of sofas for competitive prices. Best for traditional and comfort designs.

The cons: There are some complaints about durability.

#2 Recliners

Both power reclining and manual options are included in Cardi's recliner offerings with both rocking and standard designs available. Synthetic and real leather are available, and prices start at just under $400 for manual recliners and $500 for power recliners. While most agreed with their purchases, some customers disagreed with the longevity of some models.

The pros: Good range of recliners available with both power and manual options. Affordable.

The cons: There were disagreements about durability in some cases.

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#3 Mattresses

Cardi's offers a wide variety of mattresses for those looking for better sleep. Including name-brand offerings like Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic, they also offer online brands like Nectar. While options start at competitive prices and feature both spring and foam varieties, there are some complaints about the comfort in some cases. Also, better deals may be found buying direct, including longer trial periods and extra perks.

The pros: The mattress options include name-brand varieties. Competitive prices.

The cons: Durability and comfort complaints for some brands, even name-brands. Better trials are found buying direct from the brands.

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#4 Beds & Bedroom Sets

Another top request from customers is a new bed or bedroom set. Cardi's offers affordable beds in casual or traditional styles. With matching bedroom sets, there are also streamlined versions for children for low prices. With prices starting around $900, most customers like Cardi's options, but they have some complaints about delivery and sturdiness in some cases.

The pros: Good variety of beds and bedroom sets are available at competitive prices.

The cons: There are complaints about the delivery and sturdiness at times.

#5 Offers & Clearance

Clearance and special offers are another top thing that customers are looking for from Cardi's. They have clearance deals in their various stores and special offers online. With options for included delivery, limited quantity offerings, and special financing, customers like being able to find deals but there are some complaints about perceived quality for low priced items.

The pros: If you are looking for a deal, items on clearance or part of a special offer can be a lot less.

The cons: Some problems with durability have been reported.

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More From Cardi's 2024 Furniture Catalog

In addition to the categories mentioned above, there are additional furniture products offered by Cardi's Furniture that customers appreciate:

- Coffee Tables

- Dining Room Furniture

- Outdoor Furniture

- Home Office Furniture

- TV Stands & Media Centers

Cardi's Furniture Store Locator

Cardi's Furniture can be found across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Do you want to know which is nearest to your home? Take a look at their store locator for more information.

Cardi's Furniture Alternatives

This is still a wonderful time to be an online furniture shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $1000s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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I recently purchased a...

I recently purchased a Lazy Boy Recliner. I had an excellent experience. Our salesperson Raul Baez did an excellent job helping us select the recliner and having to change our delivery day. We have purchased a few items from Cardi's over the last several years and have been impressed with the in store and delivery service. The delivery arrived on the scheduled time and the two delivery guys were courteous and efficient. The half price delivery cost for military veterans is apricated.

This review is for...

This review is for Ashley's Furniture since the two companies collided together. Sherrie was AMAZING and patient as she took us around the entire store to see every couch. I definitely wasn't expecting customer service like that when we walked in. She was funny and very personable as she dealt with newlyweds having no clue couch shopping could be the one thing to tear us apart! Haha. She and the manager Joe or Jim (I forget his name) worked so well together, they made the perfect team. They were north hilarious together. They even sent us a thank you card in the mail which just the cherry on top of their above and beyond customer service. Thanks Sherrie!!! Bryan and Pearl

My wife and I...

My wife and I recently bought our first house together and we bought all of our new furniture from Cardi's - Wareham. We lived in Boston and were moving to the Northern suburbs. We went first to the other big retailers near us like Jordan's and Bernie & Phyl's, but were were not at all thrilled with their selection, could barely find one room of furniture between them all that we both liked. I'm originally from the Southcoast and my mother still lives there. She kept saying, have you tried Cardi's yet. So we drove to the Wareham store. Immediately we knew we had come to the right store---our problem then became which furniture we should choose, because we liked multiple options for each of the rooms. We got a lot of help and consultation from their salesperson Diane and from the store manager Scott. They were awesome actually and invested a good amount of time in us explaining the differences in the line-ups on our short list. Though they were attentive, we never felt 'sales pressure.' It was a true consultative experience. We ultimately decided to make our whole house furnishing purchase through Cardi's. The furniture was delivered on time and without any hassle. My wife was home to receive the delivery and said they were excellent. Brought everything in and set it all up right were she wanted it. A representative called us from the store later that day to check to make sure we were happy. We're definitely going back there in the Spring to for outdoor furniture. We highly recommend Cardi's for its excellence in selection, price range options, customer service and delivery. They made the whole experience enjoyable and easy, and though we loved the house before the furniture---now it is the 'Home' we were dreaming about. Thank you Scott, Diane and Cardi's team!! -Gabi and Robert

Went to buy a...

Went to buy a power recliner. Floor model was a power recliner. Bought two and a matching recliner love seat. They delivered manual recliners. It turned out to be a salesman error and I actually did only pay for manual. My mistake not checking the details before I left the store. I Didn't change the order because they convinced me it wasn't in stock and could take months. I May have given them more stars but the delivery guy refused to wear a mask During the COVID D surge. I even offered to give him one. I didn't expect that. All the sales people wore masks when I made the purchase. Cardi brothers have been good to the community. I wish their sales dept wouldn't use COVID as an excuse to convince me not to change my order while ignoring the COVID safety of the community.

I was unhappy with...

I was unhappy with how my original mattress wore. I called and complained and my warranty was fully honored. They replaced it with the new mattress I chose. Delivery made 3 days later. My only complaint is the wrong sku was initially entered so it took 2 trips to the store. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars. Customer service was excellent.

After waiting 6 months...

After waiting 6 months for my kids bunk bed. One of the 2 delivery guys stole my sons PS5 remote control. When my wife calls the store to report it she is just handed over to the delivery company. Even though we have no direct dealings with them. They are contracted by Cardi's not by us. So the delivery manager B. L*%#^*, brushes my wife off. He asked the two guys if they stole it, as if they are honest thieves... He tells her that they do thorough background checks on their guys. He told my wife to call the police, they can help you. He knew the police wouldn't pursue or waste resources on a stolen PS5 remote. So instead of dealing the situation with integrity, he chose the back alley hustler's way. So me being unappreciative of how my wife was treated, I called Cardi's. They brushed me off after several disconnected calls they said a manager told my wife what to do and they will have a manager call me back. During my wait time I decided to google the guys who delivered me furniture. Low and behold... I see mug shots. I match the pictures with footage from my cameras. It's him. They vet their employees and go through strenuous background checks. But it took me all of 5 minutes to find out one of them was arrested by the DEA in 2019 for being part of a drug ring. This is who Cardi's send to my home to steal my kids stuff. I'm beyond mad, my wife was home alone. This is pure negligence. After several hours, I called Cardi's back because I knew I was heading under the rug. I demanded to speak with the manager and if he doesn't want to speak on the phone the we can speak social media. Finally after a few minutes the call dropped and my phone rang. Mr. Lying L*%#^* was calling. He was telling me how shocked he was, how unbelievable it was. He doesn't know how this could happen, their background checks are thorough. I texted him the articles and the some of the case documents. He said he needs to look into this situation and do I mind if he calls me the next day. It's late in the evening so that is very reasonable. His window to reconnect with me has past. I am being swept under the rug as if my home and my wife wasn't violated.

If I could give...

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I will never buy furniture from here again. Buyer beware when they sell you the protection coverage. I called in October 2021 for a service call (first time ever doing this) on a bedroom set that is tarnishing and needed to be fixed. A factory defect. A service person came out (with no reminder) on 12/3. He said he would order the parts I would need. I made multiple multiple calls to cardis over the next several months. . Sometimes staff called me back assuring me they would look into it. But no one does. It is now April 16th. 6 months later and still no one will help me. I am in the market for new living room furniture and I will be taking my business to Raymour and flaningan. You should too!!! I am Filing a formal complaint with the BBB for the shady business practices at Cardis. Their furniture is overpriced and the customer service is horrible. Nick Ron and Pete you should be ashamed of yourselves. Update: they finally reached out and offered to have my pick out a new bedroom set.

Went to the one...

Went to the one in Hyannis. Arrogant manager who will talk to you like you are worth nothing. He put down a pillow and a cover on it for me to try a bed. When I wanted to see something else, he told me to carry my own pillow over to the other bed. He was drinking coffee and couldn't be inconvenienced. They don't want to help you unless you are going to spend $5000 on a bed. If you ask a question to someone else - another salesperson because the one who started with you is nowhere to be found- that salesperson will tell you that you need to talk to the person who was helping you. I asked a simple question about a sign with 50 percent off. She said it wasn't correct. She was very rude. When I asked the manager about it he said the sign shouldn't be on the floor. He eventually said he would do the discount and left the sign right where it was. There wasn't an expiration date on the sign. He said he was leaving in twenty minutes. I asked if the store was closing. He said no, but he was leaving. I guess I had to hurry up if I wanted to buy the mattress that I found waking around my own. I left. Horrible place. They must be on commission and struggling to make sales. They all hate their jobs and that was very obvious. Took my business elsewhere. Bernie and Phil's next door was more helpful and looked exemplary compared to the staff at Cardi's. They were way overpriced so I didn't buy from them but at least I was treated respectfully rather than as a street dog.

They are the hardest...

They are the hardest company to deal with. I bought a mattress that had a big lump on one side and they said I had to wait 20 plus days for service to come and look then determine if I was eligible for a new one. Was I supposed to sleep on the floor till they came? This is one of many issues I've had with them too numerous to list here.

I have been to...

I have been to plenty of furniture stores over my time usually when you get asked to be left alone and do your shopping solo they have no problem. If you want to be harassed by the same sales people over and over this would be the store for you even after telling them you do not need assistance and you would prefer to work by yourself on your project they do not take no for an answer to the point where you have to get the manager involved if you were looking for a stress free environment skip this store I have been to plenty other Cardi's furniture's never having this issue. Well management reached out and asked for my phone number then never called me after I message them with it. If that doesn't reiterate the entire paragraph above I don't know what does! Avoid going to this location at all cost I know I will :-)

If you need a...

If you need a new mattress and aren't sure what to get, definitely come to this location! Jon was friendly and knowledgeable; he walked us through different mattresses to try and meet our specific sleep needs. We'd definitely come back in the future if we need another mattress!

I furnished my whole...

I furnished my whole house through Cardi's and would never go there again. They have the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Not only were scheduled deliveries no shows on multiple occasions, but when they do come they deliver furniture that is heavily damaged. You then have to wait additional MONTHS to get it replaced. I had a pub table delivered with a huge chunk of wood missing. These things could be forgiven if there was any communication. I've left at least a dozen emails/voicemails asking to speak to someone over the course of MONTHS and received practically no response. I had one manager respond after about three months of trying only to never get back to me. Lastly, the delivery people dragged my new sectional across my floor after asking them twice not to move it that way. This left my brand new floors heavily scratched. I had Cardi's personal contractor come out and he said he could not fix it. I asked Cardi's to have the check for damages made out to me so I don't have to depend on a single contractor (things happen, contractors cancel or change prices, etc) and they refuse. After damaging my floors, making me miss work for no show deliveries, and ignoring all my calls/emails, they cant even do this? I would never shop here again and am considering taking them to small claims court.

I went to the...

I went to the store to buy beds. I knew what I wanted, I pre-shopped online. A salesman supposedly assisted me but it took him 2 hour on a store computer to find it. After he handed me my paperwork, he told me now, you cash out - by the looks of the line there, my simple trip would have taken another 2 hours..... I leave. Order it online. In late Sept/early Oct...they never hesitated to charge my credit card, but to date- still no bunk beds. I call. I get a couple explanations and finally a delivery text at 8pm regarding the next day. Its the 2nd estimated delivery date, but I'm working. I call because at this point, I've already lost hours of time trying to get these beds and they want to deliver in the middle of my work day. No answer. No call back. Thank God I called at sunrise the next day. We reschedule. Still no text. No delivery time. And NO ONE CARES! GUYS- your customer service is horrible. Your delivery scheduling procedure is horrible. Never again, and I'll be sure to share my horror show with the rest of friends and family every sommelier chance I get.

Would not recommend at...

Would not recommend at all terrible customer service. Scratched my NEW hardwood floors was told so one would contact me never was had to reach out to them to find out what is going on. Looking for compensation they want to send a man they call Rick who's Rick? Does he do professional hardwood floors what company does he work for?? It's to the point I asked for it to just be picked but and refunded and I'm told if I have it picked up and refunded they will do nothing for the scratches on the floor. Also best part I told the delivery drivers they were scratching the floors and they continued to push them and slide them to the point I had to help lift them and be right there so they would stop making the floors worse. You have been Warned!!!

Went to Bob's Furniture...

Went to Bob's Furniture in Dartmouth and Bernie and Phyl'S in Raynham recently and were ignored by the salespeople in both locations. We went to Cardi's in Swansea today and were greeted by George Alves, who was very friendly and helpful. Needless to say, we spent our hard-earned money at Cardi's. At least they hire people that are good at customer service!

I have used Cardi's...

I have used Cardi's delivery services on three occasions for delivery of two Queen size mattresses on the third floor of my residence and six twin size mattresses on the first and second floor in Seabrook NH. Delivery was made by three different team's, two were two men and the third was one man. I am please to say they were all terrific. They were professional, clean, fastidious and ensure i was satisfied. I would recommend them with pleasure.

I have purchased over...

I have purchased over $15,000 in the last 4 years. I bought 3 couches a year ago and purchased the warranty as well. All 3 couches were made poorly for being the Lazy boy brand. All 3 couches in need for repair. I called them for a repair back in January and they said will take about 8 to 10 weeks due to covid I called the 9th week and nothing I called the 11th week and was told oh yes ur parts are in and forgot to call to set appointment with me so she scheduled one. They were suppose to be here today between 11:45am to 2:45pm. I have a no show no call. I call them at 3pm took me a hour and 10 mins to get through only to be told the truck is already back and the workers went home. They forgot my stop! I have to call and keep chasing them for all this cause they don't have the common sense to actually do their job and be on top of things. Very unprofessional!!!!

RUN AWAY. literally a...

RUN AWAY. literally a nightmare of an experience. First salesperson took information and told me it's all set to be delivered. Few days later I get a text to schedule delivery ? I then schedule it again with another person in customer service. They then text me to confirm delivery and address is completely wrong. Then when I finally speak to someone to get it changed - they tell me that I need to send over my rental agreement to confirm my address. First two representatives said NOTHING about this. Never would have purchased. They then said that it was their fault for never mentioning it but that I can't have it delivered without sending them that information. Currently waiting for a refund. Honestly baffling that this is how this company resolves the mistakes of their own employees.

I hastily reviewed this...

I hastily reviewed this location the other day and deleted it because I reacted too quickly so I apologize and here is an updated review. I spoke to someone on the phone and then meet her in the store to actually sit on and see the sectional I wanted.. She was very nice and explained the cleaning process and warranty to me that I also purchased. I was told it would be delivered the same night so I the my old couch out for pickup and it got late so I called Cardi's and a different woman told me it was not scheduled for that night, it's not in stock, and she doesn't know why I was told it was. Hence, why u deleted my 1st review...I was upset! After about an hour the original saleswoman called me and explained what happened. She ordered it at her station, but the front area has to process the financing and because they waited it was not delivered, buttttttttt Kassandra came through and had it in the first truck leaving the best morning. I had by then left town, but the delivery I hear was smooth and the moving men were nice (per my son). I've gotta go back for the ottoman to match, but I'll only deal with Kassandra!

I'm surprised to see...

I'm surprised to see all the one star reviews. Here's my story. Bought a mattress in 2015. My side of the mattress has been sagging over the last year or so. It had a 10 year warranty. Called them and they set up an appointment to see the issue. Gentleman arrived on time, did some measuring. Within 24 hours got a call from Cardi's and they gave me a credit for exactly what I paid 7 years ago. Went to the store, picked out a new mattress and it was delivered,(again, on time) two days later. All this took place within a 5 day timeframe. I couldn't be happier.

Bought a beautiful Queen...

Bought a beautiful Queen storage bed from Cardi's - was helped by sales associate Brian - a lovely & helpful man! Our old bed was taken away, & our new bed was delivered & set up by two employees from Swansea, RI. These 2 were amazing! Talented, experienced, funny, patient, helpful, skilled - thanks, Guys! We are loving it! Karin & Bob Birbeck - North Truro, MA & Wells VT

Received phone call that...

Received phone call that ottoman was repaired and ready to be re-delivered. When technician brought in noticed job was Not Completed!? Area that had Opened Up was Not Sewn Closed!!Technician had the Nerve (Arrogance) to put ottoman on My Dining Room Table and Start to Work on It!!! Very Unprofessional and Disrespectful!! Hardware that fell off ottoman left Inside to Rattle Around!! Very Disappointed in Warranty Service from Cardi's!!!

We've been customers for...

We've been customers for over 10+ plus years but after the last 2 experiences here we will NEVER shop here again. Absolutely worst sales person & customer service I've ever experienced, I mean terrible how far they've declined in the last few years. We've had a cardi's card so like to use the zero interest but it's literally not even worth the trouble. Stay far away from the Attleboro location as you can.

It was time to...

It was time to go mattress shopping in the area and my initial call around found many places that I didn't want to deal with because the sales people either didn't know their stuff or they not forthright about the upcoming tax free weekend. FinallyI arrived at Cardi's Wareham and spoke to Lucy about the mattress purchase. She had all the right answers. When I got to the store Lucy was as nice as could be and knew what she was talking about. Her straight talk was refreshing. Highly Recommended.

Worst experience! 7/4/19, we...

Worst experience! 7/4/19, we went in to buy a love seat and a recliner. The saleslady would not leave us alone! We told her our limited space and budget. I liked a love seat for $360.00. She brought me over to a HUGE sectional for $1,000.00. She would not listen! We bought the love seat and recliner and it was supposed to be delivered the week of 8/4. We never hear from them, so I call. She tells me, 'It's the manufacturer's fault. They haven't made your love seat yet. Your business is very important to us, Melissa.' (My name is not Melissa) It was on clearance! I thought it was already made! So, she says, the new delivery date is the week of 9/8. That comes and goes without a call, so we just go to the store and get a refund. Hannah was delightful with our refund, but the sales woman was a nightmare. Worst customer service ever! We'll never go there again because of her.

Cardis is the worst...

Cardis is the worst experience ever!! I was told my order for a mattress and base were ready for delivery. A week after my purchase Cardis came and took my old Mattress and Boxspring and set up the base for my mattress but guess what THERE IS NO MATTRESS!! The delivery men said they couldnt wait to work this matter out. The manager they called was not helpful in the least nor apologetic. In fact not once did anyone ever apologize to me for what happened. I called Beau the salesman who told me in the store the mattress would be 1-2 weeks and after a week he would call to set up delivery. Beaus response to this happening is to blame me and tell me he told me the mattress would be 2-3 weeks which was never the case and he know is saying it will be another 2-3 weeks. So all day I stress and try to figure out what I can sleep on since they just took my mattress. Raymour and Flanagan can get a mattress to you overnight which is great however it took me sometime to pick out a different mattress. It is not until night that I learn that the mattress is never coming! It was DISCONTINUED and Beau was supposed to have called me which would have been great to have learned this ahead of time. Beau never apologized, nor did any manager not once single Cardis representative ever said they were sorry that this happened. I have a herniated neck and back and because of this situation I have lost feeling in my right leg now. I planned to see a doctor today but I spent yet another day waiting for Cardis to come get their crap out of my house. Thats right it took another week before they would come and get their set up for a mattress they canceled on me without telling me. The delivery mean beat up my walls! I will never ever step foot into a Cardis ever again! Their products are overpriced compared to Mattress Firm and Raymour.

This place is a...

This place is a joke. After a successful mattress purchase, we went back for two living room chairs. The quality of the two chairs (upon arrival at our home) are vastly different. One is very soft/comfortable while the second is very hard. Additionally the 'stain performance fabric' shows every water mark. The warranty company sent out to clean the chairs was also wildly unprofessional and lazy. We reached out to store management multiple times and were ultimately ignored. The store manager handed the problem off to our sales associate Sandra L. She 'promised a solution' but never called back. We won't ever shop at ANY Cardi's location again -- although I found this Wareham location to be especially unhelpful. The quality of the furniture is not to be trusted -- must be why the associates and store management won't return calls!

Ordered a table months...

Ordered a table months ago. Selected 12/06 as my delivery date. 12/06 comes and passes, no call/email. I contact Cardi's and they tell me that delivery date is an 'estimate.' Nowhere does my receipt say estimate.... Well now it's 12/20, still no official delivery date. I ordered this table over 2 months ago. Unacceptable! Had I known, I would not have spent so much money in this table. Maybe I should call and cancel the order. Not a good UPDATE! Cancelled my order 10 days ago. Still Havent received my refund. DO NOT BUY FROM CARDI'S

Bought a mattress last...

Bought a mattress last week that has a lifetime warranty IF you use their mattress cover. Bought the cover and was told it is not in stock but will have it early this week. Never heard from them so I called the store in Wareham and left a message. No response. I was driving by the store so I stopped in and was told they still don't have it but may get it Thursday or Friday. I told them I could not come back those days and asked them to ship it. They said they don't do that nor will they deliver it with the mattress. The mattress is coming Saturday...his solution was for me to drive to Hyannis to pick one up at another store. You have got to be kidding me?? BTW they don't return phone calls placed to the store until 5 pm. OMG. So now I have a mattress I can't use! Bait and switch deluxe. Run from this store!

Terrible customer service. I...

Terrible customer service. I ordered nursery furniture for my future grandson in mid-August. We were told only one minor piece may not be in by the time my grandson is born, due on 2/8/2022. Then we were informed that most of the furniture was in, and we could either schedule a partial delivery OR wait for all of the pieces. We decided we would wait a bit as they agreed to hold the furniture I had purchased for us. Then in November, I received a message that the entire order was on back order until May! We called to ask why it is now on backorder when they had already told us it was in. Long story short - they sold it out from underneath us, even though I had fully purchased the furniture. (theft?) I've heard of this before where another customer offers something and the associates make it happen, thinking a new order will be in before the first customer notices. It is unethical practice! So now we had to purchase from another store - that problem solved. I called and asked for a call back from Cardi's and to refund the money. They refunded without the call or notice. So I went into the store, they confirmed the refund. I told the customer service person that I really wanted to leave a happy customer, and would like a call from a manager to discuss. I would have been happy and not writing this if I had so much as received a simply call with an apology, but nothing. And there's no way to reach a manager directly!!! Not online, not by phone, nothing. The managers hide in the back and let this stuff happen, I guess? Don't shop here!!!!

When we first went...

When we first went to Cardi's we were looking to buy a new mattress. We found a nice beauty rest that we liked and purchased. Total came to almost 5,000 worth of product! The salesman assured us that they could have it out to us the following week. The day of delivery they called and cancelled said it would arrive in the warehouse a week later and they rescheduled us again. Then the same thing happened. Day of delivery called and cancelled only difference this time around they couldn't provide me an exact date when the mattress would arrive. They gave me an estimate about another month! I understand because Covid. My husband and I decided to get our money back. While going into the store to get his refund my husband saw that the sectional we wanted was marked down so he decided to put a deposit down. He told the salesman that I would be in to look at it to make sure it was the one I wanted. The following day I went in and checked it out and told the salesman that was the one and we'd be back to pick it up on Sunday . Sunday morning, my husband and I threw our old cheap sectional in the dumpster. (We are doing work on our house) when arriving to Cardi's we were greeted by the district manager Darryl who happened to assist my husband when he picked out the sectional. He dropped the bomb on us that THEY SOLD THE SECTIONAL THAT WE PUT A DEPOSIT ON. Talk about bad business... Won't be going there ever again! I also reached out to the corporate offices to speak to a manager and no calls back! This company only cares about making a sale! And then when you have issues it's almost impossible to get ahold of someone!

Jon helped us pick...

Jon helped us pick the perfect mattress for my girlfriend and I first home together. Made things very easy and overall great experience

The staff was amazing...

The staff was amazing and super knowledgable! Took the time to make sure I got the mattress that was right for me and didnt try to upsell me. Ended up getting a super comfortable mattress that was cheaper than what I saw online so was also able to get a powered adjustable base. I will never order a boxed up foam mattress I find online again! Dont spend time researching online guessing what you think you like. Go to Cardi's and they will make sure you get the right mattress for you!

Faith in the mattress...

Faith in the mattress section is amazing! She is upbeat, knowledgeable and super helpful. She made the whole mattress buying experience a breeze.

In April 2022 we...

In April 2022 we bought leather sectional and In At the end of July 2022 had it delivered. Wrong item was delivered, the salesperson sold us the wrong sectional. When I went to the store to get it sort out I was told it was apparently my mistake. And I need to pay $1500 more to get the sectional I want. Really???? I am not done with them, but people stay away from that store!!!!!! I make many purchases through the years..... never again. So unprofessional.

Josh Abbott was SUCH...

Josh Abbott was SUCH a great help. Went sofa shopping with my son's girlfriend. We were able to find exactly what they needed and it was in stock! Josh is helpful, informative, asked great questions and kept us right on budget! Very satisfied customer here.

Wonderful Service, great products....

Wonderful Service, great products. Jeff listened and understood the style and price range of furniture I was looking for. He offered to look up delivery times for multiple products to make sure I got the furniture I liked, delivered o time. Friendly staff and no pressure.

Came in for a...

Came in for a tempur-pedic, left with a different brand (Aireloom) that was the plushest on the floor. THANK YOU Michael for nudging me to get a queen instead of a full size for such a big investment. BEST BED EVER. Michael and I both used to work at Sleepy's, though we never crossed paths. His mattress knowledge shows. I was also helped by Stephen, who patiently guided me through all of the bedframe and ottoman options. I highly recommend working with Steve for any furniture needs, and will be recommending to real estate clients. Cardi staff loaded furniture into my car for me, and delivered and set up the bed the NEXT MORNING.

My husband and I...

My husband and I purchased a new living room set a few days before black friday this year. Our salesman John five stars!!! Thank you John. We got our furniture today on black friday and it was delivered by Louis and Kevin. Thank you both. Excellent service thanks again and if you are looking for furniture in stock without having to wait. Go to cardi's in seabrook. Thank you all again!! Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kolodgy

Terrible Customer Service. No...

Terrible Customer Service. No one is willing to help with the issue we have, and I have been given numerous stories with no resolution. the manager is rude and sarcastic. The business model is terrible. If you are considering going here, don't

Terrible customer service. I...

Terrible customer service. I will never step foot in that store again. I made a purchase of a chofa on August 23, 2020 and promised to look for a date of November 1, 2020. I put a 25% deposit and financed the remaining balance. On October 30th, I was called to be notified that the delivery will be delayed 1 week which I was fine with. My wife calls back on November 5 to ensure that we are still on track only to find out that the item will not be ready until December 16. I contacted the salesperson and manager trying to cancel the sale. I was told I cannot do that and will be charged $318 for cancellation fee.

My wife and I...

My wife and I purchased a sofa here tonight & I have actually purchased a lot of furniture from Cardi's over the years. I would've given the store 5 stars - but as the transaction progressed it became slightly frustrating. So we were between the couch at Boston interiors and Cardi's. When we looked up the couch at Cardi's, we were told that if we wanted to change the firmness of the questions we could do that and we can also change the color the pillows if we weren't happy & the price would be $1999. So tonight confirmed this and spend about an hour picking out fabric for the pillows... Only to find out that it wasn't free & each pillow would be an additional $79 a piece x $4! However, I figured out )on my own) that we could change the entire color of the couch to a custom fabric & custom pillows would be included and the price was less expensive (go figure). They wouldn't match the free delivery Boston interiors was offering - but we liked what we picked out and decided to buy. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of information & clarity - One person told us it would be $200 to upgrade the fabric another one told us $300, we were told that the pillows were included at no additional charge and then they weren't & we were told that we were eligible to get the hundred dollars back and then of course we weren't eligible? I am in business and am all about details - so there was no confusion on my part - just a lack of information on the staffs part. Overall the staff are very friendly and they were patient and helpful... but it was frustrating. If I didn't like the coat so much I definitely would've walked out the door a couple of times during the process.

BUYER BEWARE!!! I ordered...

BUYER BEWARE!!! I ordered a new living room couch back in February. We were told we wouldn't get it until sometime in April and we were fine with that. April turned into May, May turned into June and June to August. Finally September 20th my furniture arrived. We didn't give them a hard time about the dates changing as we knew everyone was dealing with shipping issue due to covid. I was bothered that they never reached out personally to apologize and/or perhaps offer some type of adjustment. So now my furniture arrives and they take my old out and bring in the new only to unwrap it and tell us a cushion is missing, right in the middle of the sectional. We of course called and was offered nothing. No one willing to bring us a new one. We were told they could order one and wait for who knows how long or get one from a showroom that has been used and sat on over and over. REALLY? We kept pushing back saying no and it was unacceptable when they finally found one in a store over 2 hours away from my home. So now I have to go pick it up even though it wasn't my fault and I already paid a delivery fee. Soooo unacceptable!!! We were first time costumers and definitely our last time. It's all about customer service and we received NONE throughout this whole 7 month ordeal. Now I'm fighting to get my delivery fee back. We all went through Covid and it isn't an excuse for what I received and for what I didn't receive. Do better!!!

Excellent customer service and...

Excellent customer service and free bottles of water! Love it Prices are very reasonable here and there's a huge selection.

Gotta say, had a...

Gotta say, had a phenomenal experience here. I've purchased a decent amount of furniture over the years, and this was about the best buying experience I have had. The sales person was knowledgeable and helpful. I was able to find exactly what we wanted. They delivered everything within a couple of days and removed my old furniture! As it turned out I wanted to swap the coffee table for a different one. They did so, no questions asked, even though I was past the seven day grace period. Lastly, I am very pleased with the quality of furniture I purchased. They don't cut corners here! I recommend Cardi's highly and will be using them again.

I had a dinette...

I had a dinette set delivered yesterday and I took the day off due to the window time, it was damaged had them take it back. Spoke with customer service confirmed I was getting a new one and I asked them to look it over good and package it with bubble wrap. Today I took off another day, the delivered the same one and touched it up. Spoke with them said they will bring out another one, that's not acceptable. I said I'm not taking more time off from work and a credit of $150.00 is fine that I'm still looking for more furniture. They said no, I asked for a manager or owner and they wouldn't let me. I told them after all these year we've given them so much business and this is how they treat me.

This place was so...

This place was so much fun. I've been here so many times over many years and for the first time I did not feel pressured or stalked to purchase! My girlfriend and I took all the time we needed to sit and test out ever sofa and chair. We were kindly approached by Alex who gave us his genuine opinion and guided us in the right direction on color swaps and other furniture to match my sofa. Most importantly he gave us space, I didn't feel followed or pressured. After almost three hours I bought all I needed and the check out process was seamless. I'm so happy this experience was pleasant, more so than my past others. Definitely will go again after this. Highly recommend going on a weekday- not too busy! Ask for Alex. He was amazing and was very experienced.

Just 3 days ago...

Just 3 days ago I took delivery for a special order Amish hutch.... After several delays, par for the pandemic, ok. When they unwrapped the bottom piece there was a huge white mark... thought it was a hand print or paint. Turned out the furniture blanket it was wrapped in was wet ! What happens when water stays on wood, it takes the finish off and ruins the wood! Wow! How did this happen ? The delivery people took pics and left it saying that it would be replaced and try using the oil the salesperson gave me . What oil ? Never given oil??? I reached out to customer service several times, on delivery day, called, texted sales person... no response ! Finally reached customer service, told since it was a special ordered nothing they could do... passed me off to the store in which must not be anyone in Attleboro because she said no one is answering in the store ! The first customer service persons was useless and spoke like a child ... the second was more helpful but nothing she could do but pass info along ?!?!? I purchase a $4000.00 Amish hutch that is damaged not by any fault of mine and can not get an accountable person on the phone.... I do not live close to the store. I had always held Cardis Furniture in high regards for this has not been my only purchase, however it is my last purchase. This situation is unacceptable!

bought a bed from...

bought a bed from cardis in 2022. the men who came to set up the bed cracked the wood in 3 places while screwing in screws. the company the refused to take the bed back for return due to the fact that is was damaged (even though their company were the people that damaged it). finally, I was able to get a refund, but they made me eat 15% of the cost of the bed for 'restocking' (of a broken bed that they are not going to restock or sell) and would not refund delivery and set up fee, which was over $200. Shameful quality. Shameful company policies.

They have always been...

They have always been very helpful And the prices were reasonable Years ago I bought a love seat and matching sofa set for less than $2000

Furniture is beautiful comfortable...

Furniture is beautiful comfortable in great shape. Liz did a great job selling it to us and taking care of us. Delivery was great. Price was the best I could get. Extremely happy Cardi's furniture for life!

We purchased new furniture...

We purchased new furniture prior to closing on our new home. When we first went into Cardis we were just going to be 'looking around'. The store was immaculate and stocked with tons of furniture. Our sales person was Chelsie Watson and she was amazing. Never pushed or pressured us at any point. Took the time to answer all of our questions. Her great service has continued even after the sale. Cardis is extremely lucky to have her as an employee. I would never consider going anywhere else! Thank you Cardi's and thank you Chelsie.

They were not helpful...

They were not helpful at all -the only time they were helpful is when they got the money and information from them was difficult to get and picking up the product from them was difficult and they were very rude on the phone two different people both rude and no I was not being mean and yelling just speaking normally and trying to relay information and they were really rude.

I wish I could...

I wish I could give this place 0 stars! I am disappointed with the lack of customer service provided. We bought a dining room set well over $2k and immediately experienced issues with it. The first tech that came out stated that whoever put it together did a poor job and none of the pieces were screwed properly! We have since continued to have issues. I send in service requests via their website and do not receive a follow-up email or call. I finally tracked down customer service, unfortunately, there is a 4-6 week wait for parts. They will not replace it even though all 6 chairs and table are either broken and/or loose. I am someone that takes care of my furniture and have pieces that you would never know are 15-20 years old. It is frustrating and disappointing to spend your hard-earned money on products that do not last.

My husband went to...

My husband went to purchase a recliner for me after a back injury. Cardi's went above and beyond to make sure we received the chair ASAP. I'm so appreciative for their help. Thank you!!!

I purchased a mattress...

I purchased a mattress late last month with the help of Jon R. He was super knowledgeable and friendly. He helped me find exactly what I was looking for with efficiency (so many options can make it difficult to decide). Thank you for making this process stress-free! Sleeping wonderfully!

Good luck to anyone...

Good luck to anyone purchasing furniture here. I purchased a bed online and it arrived damaged. They could have cared less. I tried to go through Ashley directly and they told me I had to deal with Cardis. There is no phone communication, only an online form that indicates that they may eventually respond after 4-7 days. You can only upload one picture (my furniture was damaged in 3 places). Buyer beware, once its in your house and the credit card is charged they do not care. Customer service? Non-existent unfortunately. I would recommend Jordan's Furniture 100 times over this place. They stand behind their products.

1st of all the...

1st of all the only reason I went there is because they don't want to have the piece of furniture I was looking for.. But they want a $200 delivery fee which is ridiculous.. And they tell you it is 12 months for your interest but it does it starts at the beginning of the year so you really don't have 12 months.

This review is for...

This review is for Hayden, the sales person at Cardi's in Swansea that helped my mom and I pick out a recliner for her. My mom is 86 and confuses easily. Hayden spent over an hour on 2 separate days with her showing each and every recliner with the features she wanted and then showing her again. He did so with such patience. She finally chose one and a couple of days after he sent her a lovely note in which he made reference to a song she told him about. This personal touch made her feel very special. His professionalism, friendliness and attention to service is missing in many service people today. I plan to use him when I purchase any furniture in the future. I hope others will do the same.

I bought a leather...

I bought a leather recliner for $2,000. I was having surgery and thought it would a be a good idea. Well, what seemed so comfortable in the store is the more uncomfortable back breaking waste of money. I should have learned after two horrible mattresses I bought there. Live and learn. Expensive lesson.


DO NOT GO TO CARDIS FURNITURE! I wish I could give zero stars! I waited almost three months for my sofa to be delivered. When it arrived (they left it on the front lawn) I unwrapped it to find that it was covered with stains, used, worn, and smelly. It even felt dirty. The service woman explained that it must have rubbed up against something when it was taken off the rack. That is not possible there are coffee stains and random other stains all over the pthe cushions and the actual sofa. I can't believe I waited this long (including 3 times delivery was delayed)and got a used piece of furniture!! I can't wait to get this filthy piece of furniture out of my house. I will have to take a second day off from work to have them remove it. I was told a replacement piece wouldn't be available until 2021. They never even apologized and only offered a credit but I insisted on having my money back (which I have yet to receive) because I will never order furniture from them again. If you're looking for NEW, unused furniture, do not go to Cardis !

Went to purchase a...

Went to purchase a sofa today. We were assisted by Josh who has mastered the perfect balance of assistance vs. space. Josh is super friendly and has a great sense of humor. If you're shopping for new furniture give Cardi's and Josh a visit and I'm pretty sure you'll have a great experience as we did.

Bought a couch and...

Bought a couch and 2 years later it fell apart..poorest quality ever. When I inquired about their warranty I was informed since it was on sale there was no warranty!! HELLO!!! People are friendly but ineffective and suggested I buy the same couch now and it's not on sale...real dull! Ever try to get ahold of management in the corporate office...NADA!! I would urge you to look elsewhere for your furniture needs. This place has substandard pieces and not worth the time nor the money.

I am very disappointed...

I am very disappointed with Cardi's. I bought a sleepsofa last august and was told I would have delivery in September 4, 2020. It is now March 12, 2021. I understand that COVID has caused problems but I have called every month and also visited the store. No one can give me any information as to if or when I might receive my sofa. Cardi's had no problem taking my money in august. They have no solutions, no suggestions just dead silents. I really thought they were a reputable furniture store, clearly I was wrong.

Their prices are expensive...

Their prices are expensive and delivery times can be long depending on what's available in the warehouse. We ordered two couches in early December 2017 and were told that it would be 6-8 weeks for delivery because we had ordered a 'custom color' fabric. When we hadn't heard from them at the end of February 2018, (12 weeks from purchase) we called and were told that our items wouldn't be in until March 11th - 6 weeks beyond our estimated delivery time. This was disappointing for many reasons but there was little we could do at this point. We received a text message sometime during that week directing us to that call in and schedule a delivery, we did and the couches arrived today. I was so thrilled that our new couches had finally arrived and in preparation we had our old couches removed yesterday (Cardi's doesn't offer this service) However, when the truck arrived, I was surprised to see that my brand new couches came in unwrapped and unprotected and I wondered what they may have come in contact with between the warehouses and multiple delivery trucks it must have passed through during shipping. To make matters worse, while bringing them inside, the delivery driver got the top of one couch caught on the threshold of my front door and put a hole in the top of the cushion. I was devastated. I don't mean to sound dramatic but after waiting nearly 4 months for something that I paid $2,500 for it felt like a slap in the face. We also bought a new mattress when we visited in November and that was delivered the next day however be aware that they charge for next day mattress delivery which was a surprise since it wasn't mentioned until we were at the register. While I love our new furniture that arrived today and am happy with the mattress we have been sleeping on for the past few months, my word of advice is that you can absolutely find better prices and better service from other furniture retailers. We won't shop here again.

Worst customer service I've...

Worst customer service I've ever experienced. Mattress exchange & return policy is also one of the most customer unfriendly and restrictive of any other comparable stores. The store's customer service never answers emails. There is never a 'manager' that you are able to speak with. It was only after a prolonged fight to get a full refund that the sales associate admitted to me that the product was, in fact, defective and that the chemical fumes I was experiencing being emitted from the mattress were something she herself experienced and that had given her headaches when the mattress arrived on the showroom floor.

Go else where. Was...

Go else where. Was in the market for a new sectional. Dining set. With that said Cardi's employees were very Unprofessional, and lack communication skills. Customer service desk was on their personal phones when i went to ask to speak with a Manager. When the manager came he was clueless as well. Apology was not sincere and kept trying to defend his workers. When I told him my wife and I was never approached, And that Every sales person we seen walked right by us and not once stopped to ask if we needed help. By the way I use to spend thousands of dollars here. Never will I step foot in this place again.

I had a great...

I had a great experience at Cardi's in Wareham. First of all the store is the perfect size with plenty to choose from, and in all price ranges. I easily found a mattress with Ray's help, picked out some fabric swatches and ordered my couch with Joe the following day. The process was seamless and both representatives that I worked with were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and respectful of my budget. I have been to many furniture stores looking to fit my needs but Cardi's (in Wareham) have made a return customer out of me! Thank you!

We went into Cardis...

We went into Cardis and we were not acknowledged by a sales person for over thirty minutes. We walked by over six sales representatives that were not assisting other customers. NONE of them greeted us or offered to help us. Their customer service was poor!

I bought a bedroom...

I bought a bedroom set awhile ago. The sales woman was extremely helpful. Then later my husband bought a futon from them ( I think it was Swansee, Ma) I planning to visit the Wareham branch. Looking for a mattress and sofa. And hoping I get the 60 month Interest Fee 60 month payment plan Thank you Irene Rich

Have had the best...

Have had the best experience each time I've gone there. In store sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly. No pressure. They give a very accurate time table for the delivery and the drivers each time have been just as friendly and personable.

Upon walking into Cardi's...

Upon walking into Cardi's I was greeted by John Vargas who walked right up to me, put his hand out for a shake and asked how he could help. He was very approachable and easy to work with. Not to mention, he had me cracking up the whole time. He told me up front there was no pressure and made me feel super comfortable. He was SO HELPFUL and at one point was even carrying an ottoman across the store to help me make a decision. No matter how indecisive I was he kept trying to think outside the box to offer solutions to my original idea. He even called on a few of his sales buddies to see if they had any ideas. Jason in particular helped us out a bunch and was also very knowledgeable.  I had a truly memorable experience here for customer service in general, but especially in comparison to the 5 other furniture stores I visited prior to Cardi's. Ended up with a great couch to boot.

Horrible company. Ordered furniture...

Horrible company. Ordered furniture in October. Selected December 6th delivery. Dec 6 comes - No delivery, no call, no email. For 3 consecutive weeks I call them and ask where my furniture is 'it should be here by next week.' I had enough of their incompetency so I email them to cancel my purchase. Of course they don't respond. So I arrive at the store Dec 30, cancel my order and am told I will receive a refund in 3 days. Its been 8 days, no refund SCAM of a company. LIARS, dishonest. Do not shop here. Much better honest companies with better furniture out there.

I have been in...

I have been in this store 3 times . The first two visits were incredibly comfortable and the staff was courteous with no pressure. Went back to make another purchase today and was immediately put off by the entire staff. Ken asked what we needed , told us he'd let us browse but followed us around like a vulture, not allowing us to talk amongst ourselves. The man in bedding asked if he could help when I separated from the fam to look at something for me, I said I was just looking, his response ' Just looking? Why would you come in on a Saturday afternoon just to look' Followed 10 minutes later by a woman bedding associate, equally as rude when I asked about a cooling vs hybrid. Honestly, the whole sales floor watching us like we were petty thieves. If it weren't for the quality and fair prices , I'd be going elsewhere. No need to treat your customers like garbage.

Great to have Cardi's...

Great to have Cardi's Furniture open a new store in Seabrook NH! Great looking store inside and out! We have bought from a couple of there different stores and have always been very happy with the quality of the furniture!

I recently bought a...

I recently bought a bedroom set. It was on the showroom floor in white. I wanted black. I was buying this set mainly because I loved the headboard. They delivered and set it up. It did not have the headboard I purchased. They told me they no longer had that headboard. Very disappointed. We painted the room and got rid of all our furniture for this set. Trying to get through to customer service was herendous. They said they would have a manager get back to us and that never happened. Will never shop there again. Very disappointed customer

I wanted to support...

I wanted to support local businesses and I know that Cardi's does a lot for Rhode Island. I do exhaustive research before any major purchase, so I checked out Wirecutter and Consumer Reports for mattress recommendations. Then I began shopping. I started at Cardi's in Middletown. The choices were good, but overwhelming. I then went to Mattress Firm and almost bought from them, but felt a bit high pressured with gimmicks to make the sale. So I returned to Cardi's and Bob Fischer, who knows a thing or two about mattresses. He talks a lot, but if you listen carefully, he provides sound advice about how to pick a mattress. He will make suggestions, but not pressure you. The delivery took a while, as they had to order the Beautyrest I wanted. The delivery guys were great! Very courteous and professional. Quick in and out with new and old. Very happy with my purchase!

We went into Cardis...

We went into Cardis in Wareham for the first time last weekend. I can't say enough. As we walked into their bright spacious store we were greeted by Joe Maciel. He was friendly helpful, asked if he could guide us in the right direction. Great salesman and he didn't hover over us just kept checking in to see if we needed help We made our purchase and he set up delivery right away. The two delivery men we had were wonderful. So very pleasant and helpful making sure the pieces were placed exactly where I wanted them Can't say enough about our experience and we will definitely be back soon for another purchase

The people in the...

The people in the Wareham store talk a good story, but their follow through is poor. I ordered an adjustable bed frame on Jan. 12 for delivery on Jan. 28. I found out when I called on Jan. 28 that it wasn't being delivered. Long story short, someone had forgotten to place the order. It finally arrived on Feb. 2. The product is excellent. I was going to forego leaving any review at all until.... During this process I purchased the extended warranty, yet the staff could not provide a written copy for me. They promised to mail it. It never came. I spoke to the manager and finally received a warranty - the wrong one. They had sent the standard warranty, not the extended warranty. Today, 2/16, they promised to have the manager send it out to me tomorrow when he comes in. I don't know why they don't have copies in the store. Bottom line: I love the product; I hate the follow through. Don't count on what they tell you they'll do. EDIT: Finally, the extended warranty arrived on 2-23. You'll all be interested to note that ONCE YOU MAKE ANY CLAIM ON THE EXTENDED WARRANTY, IT IMMEDIATELY EXPIRES. You get to use it once and only once for the $200 you spend.

I LOVE this store!...

I LOVE this store! The management is friendly, the staff are professionally and very helpful with ideas for how to style your home. The selection of furniture covers every room- and rooms you wish you could add to your home. As I have been working from home this past year- I find myself constantly browsing the website of what to update at home next. I was searching for the perfect couch that I could melt into- and I found it almost instantly. The salesman I worked with was genuine and super quick with making sure I had exactly what I was looking for- color, price range, etc. I love that it is a family owned business- as it makes the experience shopping here feel more personal. I definitely recommend shopping here!

Great experience! This is...

Great experience! This is my second mattress purchase from here and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Very knowledgeable and helpful staff! Thanks again guys!

Overpriced Lazy Boy product....

Overpriced Lazy Boy product. Prices are not on the items so you have to search for them. Pretty much no variety and the same products just didn't fabric. One woman told us it was lazy boy product. Well, I'll eliminate the middle guy and go down to Saugus and buy direct from the store. You pay for delivery here also. You can't walk out the door with the furniture which is unfortunate. I'm not paying for a piece of furniture to be delivered if I can do it myself. Used the bathroom and someone has already taken a pencil to the grout. Why would any person deface property like that? Wasn't impressed. It's basically a huge building with a lot of overpriced furniture and the quality isn't so great. Our sales person was useless. We walked in door, she introduced herself and asked if we needed assistance. After telling her what we were looking for, she pointed to the other side of the store and said it'd be over there. She said she will look for us in a bit. When we couldn't get the help or find what we looking for, we walked out the door.

We came in wanting...

We came in wanting a certain mattress and came out with a completely different one that we thought (which is a good thing)! Justin helped us out and he was great! He helped us pick the perfect mattress and helped us figure out which one was the best for our sleeping positions! Highly recommend coming here!

I had such a...

I had such a great experience furnishing my house here. If you shop at Cardi's I highly recommend working with Scott Gendron he was beyond helpful, so patient and friendly and he found me exactly what I needed.

Staff does not apply...

Staff does not apply pressure sales tactics like other stores and does not follow you around like a vulture. Our salesman (John K) was awesome. He even had a warehouse worker come and pick up the couch and move it near the windows so that we could see it in natural light. Great experience and will buy from here again.

I spent a little...

I spent a little time with Jon Roda today and found him to be extremely helpful with a return issue from a recent purchase at one of the large stores. He took the time to make sure that a return and replacement of a bedroom set would happen in a short timeframe. He was very helpful and took the time that was needed to make sure that the transactions would happen. Thanks again Jon! Raymond Bert

Horrible experience. Purchase was...

Horrible experience. Purchase was delivered damaged, was promised an exchanged but after a dozen calls I am told to stay home yet again tomorrow to finally return it. I will never work with them again.

Bought a great wooden...

Bought a great wooden king frame from a lovely gentleman Russ. He was not pushy in any way and had good suggestions. Delivery and setup was super fast and on time. Russ mailed us a thank you note, I think that is truly kind of him and very professional. The company must believe in customers to want to come back again and again. And we will! *Other sales men waiting around do seem a bit more like 'sharks' waiting.

My mom needed a...

My mom needed a new mattress before an upcoming back surgery. Jon was extremely helpful in finding her the best fit without being at all pushy. We were able to find the right mattress/power base combo with relative ease and Jon made the whole process smooth and was quick and informative in answering any questions she had. Would definitely come back for a future mattress purchase. Thanks, Jon! Great work.

Decent furniture, WORST SERVICE

About a month ago or so, my partner and I decided to buy a new couch. We went to the store in Attleboro and were stalked by a sales associate. Literally stalked by them. We made efforts to try to avoid them and they proceeded to follow us. Like we were going to shoplift something. To a point where I was so uncomfortable, we left and came back later and found a different sales associate to buy the couch we wanted. We purchased a 3 piece sectional + ottoman. It was delivered a few days after we purchased it, however, the 2 person crew they sent was not sufficient. It took them a long time to move the couch into my home ( as I recently moved, I had an idea of how easy it should have been). They scuffed up my new leather couch and also weren't supplied with the correct connectors for the couch. They filed a report and took pictures. Cardi's sent a 2nd crew that day in order to repair it. To my surprise, they ALSO weren't supplied with the right connectors. They offered to damage my NEW leather couch, by drilling holes into it to add a different connector, in order to repair it, but as any normal person would, I declined that offer. The 2nd group of guys said that I would get a call back from Cardi's, but I didn't. I had to reach out to Cardi's in order to get another visit planned. So a third visit was required, with a technician. The technician had no idea of the problem, only knew what was in the report - which apparently wasn't a goddamn thing about what was needed - and, surprise surprise, also didn't have the f*cking piece needed. At this point, I've had 3 groups of cardi employees over to complete my damn couch and it still wasn't complete. With them accepting that they're too incompetent to handle anything that resembles satisfactory service, they ordered the part to be delivered to MY HOME and required ME to call THEM when it arrived so they can fix it. Ya know what people my age hate doing (ya know the demographic likely to be buying homes and requiring new furniture)? Making phone calls. What was supposed to be a 4 day delivery, ended up extending to 3 weeks because their staff is incompetent. I spoke to a supervisor, Mary, and explained this situation. I had to take time off from work in 3 separate situations in order to get my couch repaired. I lost a full day's worth of billable time, used PTO time, because this business doesn't appear to care about their service. And after all of that, their solution to make it right? A bs $125 of store credit was their final offer, which I had to wait over a week to find out, as my attempts to contact them was met with being put on hold, then disconnected after 10 minutes. If you've ever been in their store, there is NOTHING worth getting for $125. I flat out rejected their offer because it's clear they give zero fucks about proper customer service. I'm not sure how they stay in business 'cause if ANY other service business was this terrible, they'd be laughed off the market. Apparently, they're known to have many reports to the Better Business Bureau. I'll be adding one of my own.

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