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Spring 2024 Updates: Burrow generally delivers within 4-6 weeks and receives mostly good reception from customers with some exceptions about delivery delays and damages.

Burrow is a furniture company that got its start revolutionizing couches and modular seating for less. With a mid-century and contemporary themed catalog, they have expanded over the years to include beds, shelves, tables, rugs, and more. With a focus on material transparency and value, shoppers have good things to say about Burrow overall with happy customers describing simple assembly, streamlined delivery, and quality materials for the price.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

Price: $15-$3995+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Fee In Some Cases

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Burrow Specifics

Burrow has taken the online furniture space by storm. First, their couches and sofas offered high value for the price with a modern spin. More recently, they have launched a variety of other furniture categories such as shelving, coffee tables, and rugs.

In terms of customer experiences, Burrow customers have good things to say about their streamlined experiences and especially their comfort furniture, such as their couches and seating. Rare complaints mention firmness of cushioning and color palette desires.

Material Quality

When it comes to Burrow's seating and upholstered furniture, Burrow uses stain and scratch resistant olefin fiber and Baltic Birch frames and three-layer foam cushioning. Their wooden items, such as tables and shelves feature hardwood and solid wood designs. Customers report sturdy materials for the price with their seating offering medium-firm cushioning with competitive durability, especially for the price.

Burrow's Top Picks

Burrow offers a wide variety of furniture offerings and we'll go through customers' top searches and discuss the ins and outs of their selection.

#1 Couches & Sectionals

With just under 100 different sofa models with a variety of upholstery fabrics, colors, arm styles, cushion options, finishes, add-ons, and a built in USB charger, it's no wonder that shoppers can't get enough of Burrow's sofas and sectionals. Burrow customers appreciate the versatility of their couch designs with features such as moveable chaise and reversible 'flip back' cushions so you can easily change up the look of your sofa. Additionally, they added Mambo modular sofas and sectionals that will grow with your home. With all these features and easy assembly, customers have a lot of good things to say about Burrow's couches and sectionals. In rare cases, shoppers mentioned issues with color and the firmness level of the cushions.

The pros: Beautifully designed, versatile, modern couches and sectionals.

The cons: Some shoppers mentioned the color being different from what they expected (don't forget you can request free fabric swatches to ensure you're choosing the right color option).

#2 Chairs

Another favorite of Burrow shoppers are their collection of minimalist and modern styled chairs. Their customizable chairs come with a USB charging cord built in, and are easy to assemble. While customers love the free shipping and most have good things to say about the ease and speed of shipping, there have been one-off cases where shoppers reported delivery taking up to a month.

The pros: Nice, modern chairs and ottomans that are thoughtfully designed and easy to assemble.

The cons: Although it doesn't appear to be the norm, shipping can take up to a month in rare cases.

#3 Coffee Tables

Burrow has a handful of modern/mid-century modern styled wooden, marble, and metal coffee table and end table options, all under $800. Beautifully designed, their coffee tables come in walnut and oak finishes, are easy to assemble, and some models even feature hidden storage and removable trays. Overall, shoppers appreciate the minimalist design and function of Burrow's coffee tables.

The pros: Beautifully designed, minimalist coffee tables at moderate prices.

The cons: Small selection.

#4 Shelves

Another newer addition to Burrow's catalog of home furnishings are their collection of wall shelves. Burrow's debut wall shelf offering, known as Index, is a unique modular design that can be combined seamlessly to create shelves that can fit just about any wall space. Crafted in solid ash hardwood, Burrow's shelves come in walnut, oak, and white wood finishes and can definitely add interesting character to any space.

The pros: Uniquely designed, interesting modular shelving in solid wood.

The cons: Limited selection.

#5 Rugs

The last popular pick for Burrow shoppers are their collection of rugs. Burrow has a small, curated selection of pretty rugs featuring geometric patterns. Each rug design comes in 2 popular sizes, with some made from natural materials, recycled materials, some that are low-pile, and they even have kid and pet friendly rugs. Although the selection is a bit limited, Burrow shoppers have good things to say about their rugs.

The pros: Great collection of curated rugs that can help enhance the style and design of most spaces.

The cons: Although the designs available are nice, there are not many options to choose from.

More From Burrow's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Burrow offers a variety of other home products, such as:

- Beds & Bedroom Furniture

- Seating Accessories

- Bundles

- Decorative Pillows

- Throws

- Outlet

Burrow Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

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What a breeze...

Deciding on this quality, well designed sofa was a breeze. We were a little nervous since we hadn't tested/seen one in person, but it is beautiful and great quality for the price. Delivery service, packaging, and assembly was easy.

The Modern Couch

The most comfortable forward thinking couch system ever! I'm a Manhattan resident and with the fast paced lifestyle I need a an easy couch that's get up and go like me. Assembling was a dream and when I decide to relocate, breakdown and transport will be too because of the modular design. I'm short! Love love love!

Love it!

Love it!

Comfy, fun, and Smart!

We LOVE our Burrow. We have a bungalow style house and would not be able to get a traditional sofa/love seat to make the turn to get into a back bedroom that we have converted into a study/den. The Burrow was a perfect solution for this AND it is super comfy, cozy, and cute! It works great in this room and looks good. My husband and I are not DIY'ers but it was very easy to put together with minimal parts-whew! Love the versatility in styles and now legs. I would highly recommend even if you don't need it because of tight entry spaces. The customer service was incredible too when we needed some help with some missing parts in our order. Friendly, responsive immediately, and zoom the parts were here in a jiffy!

Love it!

We are loving our new Burrow couch so far! Easy to assemble and looks fantastic. It is comfortable but also stands up to the demands of 3 rambunctious kids (ages 5 and younger - so they are very bouncy!).

Burrow Vibes

Just finished assembling! Have been anxious to finally get back from my deployment to see how this couch felt. Easy to solo and simple instructions. Happy with my purchase. Keep it going! PS. Anyway I can get some spare thumbscrews? A few came broken, but I was able to make it work. Thanks!

Comfy and Supportive

We were psyched to have an easy couch to put together after moving across the country. Needed two people, but it was stress free. Super comfy and supportive for our Netflix binge habits.

Love this thing

I splurged on this couch a bit, because I wanted to be able to take it with me for several years, and be able to move it myself. I love this thing. Thanks Burrow! John

Lovin' This Comfy Loveseat!

I live in a townhouse with the primary living space on the second floor. I had been searching for months for furniture that could actually navigate the narrow entry and stairwell and not overwhelm my apartment sized livingroom. By happenstance, I came across Right away, I loved the clean lines. However, I was initially very hesitant to purchase a loveseat without touching and sitting on it first. And, was the furniture really that easy to assemble? After reading about Burrow, looking at reviews, the assembly video, and receiving swatches, I took the plunge and ordered the loveseat and ottoman in crushed gravel. I received my 4 boxes weeks earlier than expected - no damage and no missing parts. And, YES! I was able to assemble the loveseat and ottoman fairly quickly. The fabric looks beautiful, feels great, and gives the room a modern and fresh aesthetic. The loveseat is sturdy and seats are firm - just the way I like them. The ottoman seat is firm as well. I'm thinking about purchasing the matching chair in the near future.

Love it!

So easy to assemble and so comfy. Looks great in our studio.

Stylish for one:-)

It’s beautiful and convenient I just wish they would switch to natural foam instead of all chemical blown foam.

Perfect size

It's a cute sofa and the perfect size that I needed. The cushions were a little harder than I expected but not uncomfortably so. Because I put it together by myself, it took me about an hour from opening the boxes to setting it up. Also I had a tight spot to work in (my fault). I highly recommend one clear the floor to give yourself room. The only real negative is the sofa emitted a strong, but tolerable odor of wood and "chemicals" for lack of better word. I've had it for about a week and the odor has improved. It's a keeper and perfect for a minimalist.

Love my Burrow!

Purchased the three seater with high arms and an ottoman. Found five boxes a few weeks later in driveway. Carried all up a narrow stair to a new space over the garage. A half hour later, all set up! Easy directions, easy assembly, love my light gray couch with dark wood legs! Nice fabric, reversible cushions, what more can I say? Great value for the price, great design, buy one and you will not be disappointed.

Perfect For My Space

Great size. Comfort is not compromised. Love the black leather.


We received the sleeper set a few days before the rest of the couch but keeping in mind the global crisis with COVID-19 I'm pretty happy with that. We found each box relatively easy for two people to carry up a flight of stairs and the clear, simple directions made putting the couch together pretty easy, considering we just made a whole couch. The latches required a bit more strength than expected but I think that means they'll be really secure. The no-tool build method makes me feel good about inevitably having to take it apart and rebuild it next time we move. I don't think it will be too difficult to do and it won't weaken the stability of the furniture with each take-apart. The leather feels nice, it's a little stiff/firm but I think it will break in nicely over time. This is fantastic for a modular couch, it's unfair to hold it to the standards of a real couch (although it certainly has the look), its just what we needed. We haven't slept on it with the sleeper mattress yet, but the topper is really nice quality and I think it'll make for a comfortable place for our guests to sleep.

Couldn't Be Happier

Everything about the Burrow sofa is awesome. One of the most comfortable couches ever, super easy to put together, and it looks great.

Burrow Sofa

Awesome experience with company...things happen but how they handled it was awesome!

Great sofa.

Great sofa.

Exceeded my expectations

Comfortable. I sleep on this couch. Easy to assemble and looks really good! USB charger a plus as well.


Pretty happy with this purchase. Exceeded expectations.

Solid sofa!

Once delivered the entire experience is great. The assembly process is very easy. the included charging dock is awesome. Super comfy and the stylish

Comfortable, and amazing customer service

Some of the parts I received initially were defective, and Burrow customer service was there to help out in six minutes! They quickly sent me replacement parts, and when they arrived everything went together without issue. I was able to get the boxes upstairs to my apartment and assembled by myself. The couch is comfortable and looks great. I'm very happy I went with Burrow.

Stylish, Modern Couch that is Easy to Construct

My girlfriend and I had just moved to a new place and we needed a couch. I looked all over the internet and went to several stores and found the experience to be really cumbersome and lacked a lot of transparency. Then I came across Burrow and I couldn't have been happier with the entire experience from the ease of ordering, to the ease of the set up, and my girlfriend is loving the way it is making our apartment look.

Comfortable and practical couch

This couch is very easy to put together and will be very easy to move. The color and fabric are also really lovely. It is a little stiff which lessens the comfort. Overall, a great purchase.

The sofa is the perfect

The sofa is the perfect length - more than enough for me to lay down on for a nap or comfortably fit three people. Plus it's super easy to build and move around the room, and looks great. I was worried about the seat depth- but it's more than enough.

Outstanding Customer Service!

I'll start by reviewing the product itself, the couch is exactly what I hoped it would be. Super comfy (no more passing out on the couch and waking up with neck/back pain), I love the style, it's lightweight yet very solid and stable, and it only took me about 20 min to put together by myself. What really set Burrow apart for me was how the company stood behind their product and service. I purchased my Burrow right when the company was switching manufacturers. Understandably they seem to have had some growing pains in the transition, long story short several errors were made and it ended up taking over two months for me to receive my completed couch when I was originally quoted at a month. Why am I still writing a 5 star review then? Because the COO of the company reached out to me and gave me the couch for free due to the frustrations... whoa!!! You can rest assured when purchasing from this company that they will stand behind their product, if a mistake is made they will make amends (and then some!). Thank you Burrow for a great couch and your commitment to taking care of your customers!!

Nomad review

So far, I love my new sofa! It arrived quickly, so easy to assemble with 1 exception. It's comfy, looks amazing, and makes me happy when I see it and sit on it! The one issue I'm having is that one of the arm levers won't work to secure the arm to the back of the sofa. I've had 3 people try and the lever won't go over the 'male part' once it's in the 'female part.'

Attractive, affordable and easy to assemble

I've had my Burrow for over a month now and absolutely love it! The initial assembly took a little longer than expected, but once I found the video it was very quick, and I'm pretty sure I could take it apart in under five minutes the next time I move. Despite being something you assemble, it's extremely sturdy and never feels like it's coming apart like other sectionals. I get a ton of compliments on how good the sofa looks, and I find it to be extremely comfortable. The high arm rests are perfect for leaning your back against. Would totally recommend and am thinking about purchasing another module to extend the couch into a four seater

Good couch

Overall it was exactly what I was looking for and expected. Pretty comfortable, easy to put together and very nice looking. Also holding up so far to the 2 cats, 2 dogs and 1 2 year old we have in the house. Only wish was that the back was a little higher, like 4” would make it so much more comfortable.

Excellent Quality, Smart Design

I live in a building built circa 1880 complete with narrow, winding staircases and low ceilings. I'd pretty much given up hope of having a grown up sized piece of furniture but burrow was awesome and completely saved the day. The construction was simple, the how-to video is more up to date than the printed instructions and made it really easy to follow along and put together. I was happy to have a buddy because the pieces can be unwieldy and I had to kick close some of the industrial latches. Altogether the finished piece is sturdy, stylish and comfortable. I've only had it for a couple of weeks now but so far so good. piece of furniture but burrow was awesome and completely saved the day. One thing that was difficult however is that the boxes were a lot bigger and heavier than I anticipated and if I didn't have help I don't know if I would have been able to drag them up 2 flights of stairs. Also I tried to coordinate weekend delivery with the company but they said I had to do it through UPS after shipping. When I contacted UPS they said it was impossible to do weekend delivery since the original shipper hadn't selected that possibility. This was an issue and I had to take time off work so just be aware when shipping if you live in a building like mine where you need to be present to receive shipments. Overall though EXCELLENT product, I'm very happy and will certainly be recommending Burrow to others and looking for more designs of theirs in the future. P.S. the high arms are a bit stiff but big throw pillows solve that problem!

These couches are awesome!

I'm honestly the exact opposite of a handyman and I put this couch together in less than 5 minutes. No tools required. Super comfortable. Wish Burrow was around when I lived on a fifth floor walk up. Perfect for city living.

My new favorite piece of furniture!

I value both style and comfort because I practically live on my couch. So glad I went with Burrow - I'm in love with the charcoal color that I bought! The material is soft and super high-quality, and the cushions are just the right level of firmness. The assembly took my boyfriend and I around 5 minutes, but as a fair warning, we pride ourselves on being super handy with putting things together!

I'm sitting on it right now.

What can I say? I love it, my dogs love, my guests love it . . . Super easy to put together (even for one person). Ingenious design, super comfy, and looks sharp!

Convenient and comfortable!

I bought a 3 module light gray Burrow and I love it. I live in a walk-up apartment and I can't imagine that I would have been able to fit a bulky couch up 3 narrow flights of stairs. It was pretty easy to assemble, is quite comfortable, and looks cute and modern as well. Would definitely recommend.

Great couch as advertised. Will

Great couch as advertised. Will recommend!

The couch is comfortable and

The couch is comfortable and adorable and was super easy to put together. I am excited to know that when I move again I could literally load this couch into my car by myself if I wanted too. Also it has to have secret powers because my cat has not scratched it once.

Good quality and meets expectations

My husband and I have had the couch (3 seats, navy blue) for about a month now. Color, material, size were as advertised. It was straightforward to put together (I did it myself except lifting into place) and appears to be good construction. It is very comfortable and we are pleased with it so far!

Couldn't have asked for a better couch!

Took a little while to ship but this couch was worth the wait. Sleek and modern without compromising on comfort. There was a stain on one of the cushions and burrow was quick to send a replacement. Great service, great couch!

Love this sofa

I needed a sofa for my space but wanted one that I could make bigger when I move to a bigger space. So the burrow was perfect for that. Shipping was fast and easy. Assembly did not take very long. I did have help. My dog loves it. He even urinated on it but it came out very easy with distilled water and a tiny bit of bleach (these are burrows instructions on how to spot clean). The only reason I’m giving it four stars instead of five is because my sofa has a tiny squeak sound when you sit on it. Not a big deal but it is kind of annoying. The sofa is also on the firmer side. And I do have lower back pain if I sit on it for a long period of time. Overall it’s a great couch and I can definitely tell that it will last a long time

Great sofa

I was a little disappointed with the speed of delivery. It took a month to get the sofas. This is probably not typical for Burrow, since the co founders reached out to apologize with a hand written letter (which I thought was very nice of them, they actually noticed). The sofas themselves are very comfortable, firm and sturdy. Easy to assemble. I had a minor issue with screwing in the legs for an armchair. I could not screw it in. I think the drilled wholes were not positioned correctly. Luckily I had 3 "Part B" sofas so I was able to switch it for one that screwed in correctly. Overall I give burrow a solid A.

Needs Better Cushions

The couch looks great, but after a week the cushions aren’t as firm. I expected it to eventually lose it firmness, but not this quickly.

love it

love it

Great Product for a Great Price

I am extremely happy with my couch and ottoman combo. It shipped quickly, was very easy and straightforward to assemble, it looks great, and is very comfortable. I have and will continue to recommend this product to others.

Exactly what I was looking for

I needed a new couch, something nicer than IKEA but still fitting a tight budget. Super comfortable and looks good! Only downside was that the USB cable cord was missing yet was promptly replaced within the week! Will recommend Burrow to any and everyone!

Excellent quality with easy assembly convenience

We needed a sectional-style couch for our renovated basement. The only caveat is that it had to fit through some narrow turns and through the skinniest door imaginable. I looked extensively before settling on Burrow for it's quality, style, and ease of assembly. I was right! What a simply brilliant solution to a common problem. I assembled the sectional with my 11 year old quickly. The majority of the time was just opening boxes. Easy instructions, no tools required. Love it.

Functional over comfort

The couch came very fast and was incredibly simple to put together. We love that materials are sourced from recycled materials and the overall design is classic and timeless. It is not the coziest couch in world, we've added pillows but it is not something you fall into. The cushions are fairly rigid, which is great for pets and long-term use, but overall it is less comfortable than the old, cheaper couch we had before. I did a lot of research before buying this couch, and compared it to similar companies. Overall, I'm not sure we could have found something better for the price, but just don't expect to binge watch Netflix or watch a long movie comfortably on it. It is great for reading the paper and entertaining.


I love everything about this sofa. It's comfortable, easy to keep clean, and cat scratch resistant. My cat has attempted to claw at it, but no marks have been left!

Awesome shape, good look, ok comfort

I bought this couch because when I moved my old couch did not fit in my new place. Burrow to the rescue! The modular setup is great and assembly is easy. The couch looks sharp and I have received several compliments. The comfort however is just ok. It is not uncomfortable by any means, but after reading reviews I had high expectations and it is not as comfortable as my other couches. Still a keeper though!

Eh. Contemplated returning.

It is so hard to reach you! No info, invoice, instructions arrived with sofa. 4 sofa leg screws were missing. It is eh for the money and effort to unpack, assemble. Contemplated returning, but we had delivered to a remote location and then up stairs. Already have I recommended to an interested party. Where is your customer service?

We love our couch!!

This couch not only looks chic, but it was easy to assemble, comfortable and life-friendly. We can't wait to have friends over to show it off!!

Perfect Couch for city living

Replaced a cheap Ashley couch with a Burrow and we love it.

Utterly Impressed

Very rarely do I leave reviews for products, but I'm breaking my silence because this couch is simply amazing. It looks stylish without losing its comfort factor. The assembly was quick and easy. I was worried that this would be a glorified ikea couch, but this couch stands alone. Seriously, the best couch I've ever owned


This couch is awesome! It does everything it says AND it looks good. I was afraid of it looking too structured and not cozy but I love it! Its SO comfortable. And functional. Assembly was quick and simple. Also customer service is awesome too. They refunded me when our couch shipment was delayed and helped me schedule what day was best for the delivery! Buy this couch!

Took a while but worth the wait

After a whole odyssey to get the sofa, it finally arrived!! Setting it up did take only about 15 minutes (with 3 people working on it though, still, very good) and looks great. Feels sturdy and so far looks great.

Great product, great company!

We love our couch. Highly recommended! Regular furniture stores suck. This is the way to go. They thought everything through.

Bento - Perfect for our family

We love the Burrow Bento coffee table. Our 7 year old uses the big square tray as a Lego building platform. It's durable, easy to clean, and easy to move around in our living room. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves modern furniture.

Easy to assemble, comfortable and stylish

It was no fuss getting the Burrow up to my 6th story apartment and assembly was a piece of cake. I use it everyday and love it.

Great Sofa

I was able to put the sofa together myself and the sections were light enough to carry on my own. The boxes were very awkward so I took everything out before bringing it upstairs. It's a nice looking couch and it's comfortable enough for occasional use. I have it in my guest room and ordered the sleep kit to go with it.

Love this awesome sofa!

The delivery was so quick and loved having easy to manage boxes for each seat. I Also couldn't believe how easy it was to install my Burrow sofa!


Great sofa guys! I love that it comes in separate pieces...I had no trouble getting it up the stairs to my apartment.

So far, so good. I moved into a garden level apartment a while back. Getting my hand-me down couch in was a pain (we put a whole in the back trying to get it around some wrough iron fencing). So, once that started caving in the middle, I knew I wanted something modular. Found Burrow and so far so good. I love the mid-century modern look and was pleased that removing the old couch was the last time I will have to take a door off the hinges for the sake of a place to sit. I also like that I could add on another spot (or maybe a chaise) later if need be. And the USB port on the side impresses all of my friends and keeps my iPad charged when I need it while lounging!

The best couches ever

Read the title

Comfort, style, and more...

This couch is amazing. It was so easy to put together and it looks and feels better than I thought. So happy with the purchase and looking forward to many years in comfort and style.

My first couch

This couch is so comfortable and looks so classy! I've been recommending it to all of my friends. I was able to put this couch together all by myself in under half an hour (including time to read instructions, be a perfectionist, etc.) It's so nice to be able to have friends over and not worry about things getting spilled on my couch and staining. It's also comforting knowing that this couch is so easy to disassemble/assemble for wherever I may move to next. If you're at all hesitant about buying this couch, just do it - you will not regret it!

Nice couch

This couch met my expectations. It is exactly as pictured and true to color. It is on the firmer side but that is the trade off for the cushions holding their shape. So far it is scratch resistant (a main reason why we purchased) but it holds animal hair like crazy. We have to use a rubber brush all the time to remove hair which is annoying.

Loving my Burrow!

I originally bought a different couch from a different company but had to return it after it did not fit through my apartment door. It was a debacle. I then decide to buy a Burrow and I'm so happy I did! It was so fast and easy to put together (I did it myself), and becauswe it came modulated, I was able to get a full-sized couch without worry that it wouldn't fit through my door. Also, it will be so easy to move when I'm onto my next apartment. The Burrow is a must have for all New Yorkers!

Very Happy Customer

I like my new couch and ottoman. My neighbors like it so well that they are looking at buying one for their home. I'm happy about the how and where it's made. I'm very happy (and impressed) with the delivery and ease of assembly. I like the color and material - they are exactly as they appear on the web page. It's comfortable and stylish. I love the bit of tech that comes with the built in USB charger. I specifically wanted all cushions to be reversible and having the option of having a plan or pleated(?) side up also appeal. Finally, the expandability is exactly what I need for a mobile household that tends to move pieces around the house and will have to change to a different house in the future. Thanks for a great product.

Best couch ever!

So easy to put together! I love how convertible it is! Super comfortable and delivery as super easy and convenient!

Love the couch!

Overall we love the couch it's just one of the latches doesn't lat h like it is supposed to.

Great couch!

First time buying furniture online and got exactly what I was expecting. Quality couch, easy to assemble and looks great! The USB thing is a bit funny cause our couch sits in the middle of the room and for it to work, we would need to run a cable to the wall which looks weird so haven't really used that. Otherwise, great couch and service! Highly recommended.

Solid All Around Couch

I have only had the couch for a few weeks, but so far so good. I had assembled the couch myself and only took a little shimmying to get the arms on. everything else was a breeze. I hope the durability can live up to the price point.


Gorgeous and easy to assemble

Very happy

It's a great looking couch, and super easy to put together. We are very happy!

Amazing Customer Service

Best customer service I have ever received. Great update to product line and wonderfully packaged!

Easy Peazy

I wasn't home to install the pieces together but my roommate did and she said it only took her 15 minutes. Would've been nice to see the before and after but what really matters is the convenience. Thanks burrow. I'll definitely recommend this company to my fellow new New Yorkers (convenience is KEY in this city).

Beautiful, cozy sofa, and a lot of cardboard.

Can't believe a couch in a box could actually look this nice or be this comfortable. I'm actually amazed. We were left with a heap of cardboard boxes after we put the couch together, but they broke down reasonably easy for recycling.


I got the couch and chaise. I'm in love. First of all, set up... so easy! My husband kept saying "that's it?" the timeframes were spot on. 15 min for couch, 5 for the chaise. Pretty sure unboxing took longer. Next, really comfortable and stylish looking. I was mostly trying to avoid the horrible sales rep experience in the store by ordering on line but I'm really happy with the products. We've only had a few weeks so I can't speak to longevity but the pieces feel really solid and the seams all look tightly sewn so I'm optimistic.

Easy Setup & Comfortable Couch

My wife & I were able to setup our Burrow in under 10 minutes. We were pleasantly surprised with how sturdy & comfortable the couch is. Our dogs love it too! We are looking forward to expanding our couch with another module when we move into a larger house. Definitely happy with our purchase. Thanks, Burrow!

Love our sofa

The Burrow sofa was the perfect fit for our apartment atop three narrow flights of stairs. My wife and I were able to assemble the sofa and ottoman in about 20 minutes, and are so glad to be able to have furniture of this size in an apartment that is otherwise difficult to access with large items. There were some shipping delays due to the Black Friday rush, but customer service was responsive and gracious in their communication with us, we have had no regrets since our sofa arrived.

Burrow is amazing

I love it. Took 20 mins to assemble, if you can put together legos, you can assemble it. It is also beautiful and super high quality!

Very comfy and easy to

Very comfy and easy to put together!

Easy and comfortable

Overall a great purchase. The couch is wonderful as a couch - seating depth, cushions, they're all exactly what I was hoping for when I purchased it. It took a little more effort than was imparted to get together only because one of the pieces was refusing to line up with the arm of the chair exactly, but we're talking centimeters of difference, and I'm not sure that it couldn't be attributed to an unlevel floor. It still didn't take me longer than 20 minutes to get together, and all in all feels really solid (I'm a fairly heavyset guy and it doesn't flex at all sitting or laying down on in it). I'm on a pretty limited budget, but given the ease of all this I may actually pick up 2-3 of the chairs later on as well!

Charcoal or Blue?

Ordered my Burrow based on color photos which indicated a dark gray "charcoal" color. Fabric that shipped is more bluish in color. Recommend you get a fabric swatch before you order online!

Great Couch

This is a great overall couch. It is very comfortable and I appreciate the simplicity of the website and delivery experience. One thing of note that seemed weird was the fact that if you ordered the chaise you basically have an extra cushion. I also wished the chaise connected in some way to the base couch. I also thought just a single USB port was kind of gimmicky for how big a deal it appeared to be on the website. Another great aspect was the modularity and the speed of setting the couch up. Overall I would definitely recommend the couch and would buy it again.

I love the sofa! So

I love the sofa! So comfortable and you can tell it is high quality. I love that I can change the size of it to best fit my sofa needs in the future. However, I had to send a piece back because it didn't fit the other pieces. I could have fixed it myself, but I didn't have a power drill. Once I got the correct piece it fit perfectly! Overall, I love this couch and recommend it to everyone. It is definitely worth the money.-

Amazing! Super easy to set

Amazing! Super easy to set up and very comfortable.

Comfy, stylish sofa

Besides my husband and kids, the Burrow sofa with chaise and ottoman is my favorite thing in the house! It has changed the way I spend my free time. Before, my husband and I would fight for space when we watched TV on our old sofa. The Burrow sofa fits in our compact room, but is also surprisingly spacious. With the chaise and ottoman, my entire family can fit comfortably on the sofa to read stories, play board games, and watch movies. The little room where the sofa lives is now our family's favorite hangout space! And the Burrow is so comfortable that I feel totally okay offering it up as a bed for our overnight babysitter, and I've fallen asleep on it myself more than a few times.


The couch is perfect. It even passed my 6' + son's inspection. He can sleep on it all stretched out. Very comfy and stylish.



Coach and Chair

Great pieces of furniture. Very pleased and easy to assemble.

Great Couch!

Can't fit a couch through narrow the narrow doors of your pre-war walk-up? Try Burrow. It's easy to assemble, and doesn't engender a feeling of doom when it comes time to move.

Style and Comfort

I searched FOREVER for a stylish couch that was comfortable, affordable, and durable!! 100% happy with this purchase! I love the options of tufted and plain cushions. The back height is perfect to comfortably sit and watch tv. It's even great for napping. I've already recommended this couch to several people.

Authentic Comfort and Style

The Burrow sofa strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style authenticity. An approachable, sleek design that we love with the ability to curl up and be cozy.

Love for the loveseat!

I'm a huge fan of my new loveseat from Burrow. It's the perfect size and look for my space, and so comfortable. I also really appreciated the customer-side design details: boxes that I could carry upstairs by myself, ease and sensibility of assembly, the little packet of hardware that swings down when you first open the box so you can't miss it! I'm thrilled to have a piece of furniture this comfortable that I also don't have to dread moving. I truly appreciate solid design that is beautiful and also sensical, and this is all of that. My loveseat has already been broken in by time with good friends, good books, and great naps, and I look forward to more. Cheers!

Love my couch!

The hardest part of putting it together was taking everything out of the boxes. I love my couch! I've gotten many compliments on it and can't recommend it highly enough! I've saved my boxes so that I can easily take it with me the next time I move!


super dope couches

Great couch, great customer service

I love my comfy, stylish couch (and also the fact my robot vacuum can clean under it!). Customer service was superb after I mis-measured the size of my living room and needed to downsize! Thank you!

Very easy to assemble however

Very easy to assemble however the instructions were hidden in with the legs which were upside down in their box. The couch is a bit uncomfortable as its proportions are on the small side. Back needs to be taller and the leg support wider.


I love the couch and the ability to break it down and move it easily. It is also very comfortable at the same time and looks great!


We love our Burrow couch. It's the perfect color and so comfy!

Nice couch

I was in the market for a new couch and the burrow seemed to be the right choice in terms of price, the claim It was easy to build, stain resistant, and the fact that we live up a few flight of stairs. I am 5'2‚ 110 pound mom of two boys so I expect spills and messes and general wear and tear daily. It's been a month and so far it has been easy to clean and the kids love jumping on it. My husband helped me bring the boxes in but other than that I was on my own, I built it all by myself! There is one piece that won't completely snap in, even my husband can't get It snapped but other than that the couch is great! It's good to know that if we needed to move it, we could take it apart easily.

Good stufd

Comfortable and sturdy. What more do you want?

Everything Is Great (Except UPS)

The couch is gorgeous, comfy, and a breeze to assemble without any tools required at all. Also, the built in USB charger is a great addition that is such a luxury. Unfortunately, UPS is completely incompetent and decided they didn't want to deliver it, and I had to go get it myself. That isn't really Burrow's fault though. Great product overall! Can't wait to hang out on this couch for a long time to come.

Great couch

We've only had it a couple of weeks, but it seems to be standing up well to the abuses from our 3 yo.

I ordered a one-seater about

I ordered a one-seater about a month ago and I've been really happy with it so far. It looks great and is high-quality. The boxes that it comes in were larger than I expected and awkward to maneuver; it would be nice if they had some kind of handles attached.

A Surprising Winner

In completing basement renovations, my goal for furniture was simple: it needed to have a small footprint in order to fit down the stairway, and it needed to be kid friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by the Burrow product- the couch is comfortable, nice looking, and easily handles the active behavior of my kids. I assembled the entire thing myself; the directions were very easy to follow. We were so pleased with the couch that we ordered a love seat with ottoman to finish out the space.

Best sofa ever!

Loving our new burrow! Assembly was super easy and it's made our home so happy! Can't say enough about how much we love our new Burrow.

love it

thanks to the boxes, we were able to get it around the corners and through the door which was great. The individual boxes were quite big and heavy, still, but i'm not sure that can be avoided with substantial furniture. Set up was quick. Love the couch itself and the comfort and sturdiness and look. the fabric weave is very nice. only issue i had is the latches on the back rest seem to have popped up on their own by mistake. i pressed them back down, and i know they're ok to stick out a little, but it doesn't have the satisfying hard click of the base latches.


I was able to put the couch together all by myself in about 20 mins. It's so comfortable that I've opted to sleep on it over night instead of sleeping in my bed and it's beautiful. I can't wait to get another burrow once I buy a home of my own!

Fit my space perfectly

I spent months looking for the right couch - I wanted something modern, my fiance wanted something he could lay on all the way across (he's 6'3"), and we both wanted something that could get up our narrow stairs. I got the 4-seater Burrow couch and it was the perfect fit!

Super easy to assemble!

I bought a bunch of these couches for my office and I was able to put them all together by myself - so quick and easy!

Perfect combination of comfort, style, and convenience

Looks fantastic as a centerpiece in my living room. I love the style and shade of blue! Guests who have sat on it are always surprised by how comfortable it is, too. Our first guest actually spilled coffee on our new couch, and initially I panicked, but the fabric was easy to clean with water and it left no permanent stain. The delivery process was totally seamless -- boxes were delivered to my doorman building a couple days before I moved in, just like normal packages. I was able to put it together immediately when I arrived at my apartment without having to unpack any tools, which was pretty awesome. It was a little overwhelming at first after you unpack all the boxes and have pieces laying everywhere, but the illustrated instructions are easy to follow and I had it put together in no time. Such a huge difference from the hours it took me and my roommate to put together a couch from Ikea (which actually required 2 people because of all the heavy lifting vs. Burrow which can easily be assembled solo). The hidden power cube under the couch is a nice bonus -- I like being able to charge a laptop or phone while sitting on the couch without having to use ugly extension cords.

Almost Perfect

I love everything about this sofa except its smell. When it was right out of the box, this think definitely had a unique odor to it. It's been over two weeks and the smell is starting to fade but it is still there. Love everything about the couch outside of that.

Love Seat. Brown Leather

Relocated to a small apartment in the city and this was the perfect addition to my living room. The leather is good quality and I've already received many compliments from guests. Assembly took 30 minutes with 2 people. I live on the fourth floor with no elevator, and it definitely helped to have 2 people to move the boxes, though I probably could have done it alone as none of the boxes were individually too heavy. I highly recommend for city living/small spaces and a desire for simple aesthetic with comfort.

Love, love, love the sofa

Love, love, love the sofa and loveseat. Very comfortable and appears durable. Love the color. Need to find something to keep the ottoman from moving across the wood floor, but zero complaints. Quick assembly and delivery. So pleased.

Great product, great service

I ordered a king sofa with an ottoman, and I love it. It's SUPER comfortable and that was my main concern. I did weeks of research and reading reviews and this couch lives up to the hype. I put it all together in under an hour. The frame design and fabric is great, feels and looks luxurious but it durable enough to deal with my 65 lb pitbull jumping up and down on it. I would (and have) recommend this couch to my friends and family, I love it and can't wait to see where this company goes!


We've been pretty healthy people but recently had to get rid of our belongings and purchase new items due to mold. With that, came living a toxic free life. I actually Googled toxic free couches and Burrow fit the bill! It has a great design and made ordering super easy! We LOVE how comfortable and stylish our couch is! One selling point for me was that the cushions can be flipped. Burrow will definitely be a household name in a few years!

Great sofa!

Easy to assemble, looks great, feels sturdy but comfortable

Liking my Burrow sofa but

Liking my Burrow sofa but quality is okay


Was a little skeptical to how comfortable this couch would be, but the fabric is the perfect combination of durable and soft. The three seater allows my 6 foot frame to stretch all the way out. My girlfriend and I fight over who gets to lay down while we're watching TV - usually the winner of the fight is asleep quickly!

Awesome chase lounge

I love my new chase lounge! I won this in a contest and I couldn't be happier! It's very comfy and chic and even has a place to charge my phone built right in. Most awesome piece of furniture I've ever had!!!

Just OK

Full disclosure: I’ve only had the chaise sectional for a little over a month, which means it’s not very comfy...yet. Blue color I purchased is dynamite, but sadly that’s the best part. Biggest flaw, the removable ottoman. I see what they’re trying to do. “Oh look, you can turn it into a standard couch.” If I wanted a couch, I’d buy one. I want a sold/sturdy chaise sectional! At the very least, make it clear in the item description that the ottoman is not connected.

Thus far love it!

super comfy, elegant design, easy to assemble,

Nice Add-on

We bought the nomad couch a year or so ago and just decided to ditch our dark, wooden, heavy coffee table for this light matching ottoman (we will have a tray on it for food and drinks when needed). It was great that we could easily add this matching item.

Easy and comfy!

I never thought my couch would be the easiest thing to move into my new home. I love it! Can't wait for more Burrow furniture!

LOVE my new sofa!

My sofa is so comfortable and has so much room! Tse usb charger on the side is great! I also have the ottoman and it's perfect for when i want to put my feet up and relax! So easy to put together too! I love that it's stain resistant too!

So comfortable!

I love my new couch! My apartment is very small and the doorways are narrow so I searched online for a couch that I could assemble and came across Burrow. I was nervous to buy a couch online and worried it would be too firm but I LOVE it! It was quick and easy to put together and is truly better than expected. If I had more space I would definitely buy the chaise to accompany it.

Amazingly Great couch!

We bought this couch with online video reviews. I was not sure will it be good or not, But Borrow gave option of 30 day free return if we don't like. So I thought to give it a try. When I got it, we were amazed. Came in box and it was very Easy to setup. Best in class couch, modular, great quality, couch cover is washable and Comfortable for every situation. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

Solid product

Great quality, perfect thickness. A little too small for the 8x10 burrow rug, as you can see where it ends near the edge.

Great customer service!

Burrow has great customer service! They were easily able to change my shipping address and the sofa came before the expected shipping date.

Burrow Sectional

We love our couch, was delivered 2 weeks before we expected it, it was easy to set up and beyond comfortable. We were nervous about buying a couch we'd never seen but it worked out better than I thought.

Deeper seat

Couch came quickly and was super easy to set up. Fabric is high-quality and fits great in our space. Had an issue with the chaise cushion and were immediately sent a new one, no questions asked. Seat depth seems a bit small and caused initial doubt in whether we would keep it, but all other positives made it worth keeping.

Easy to put together and

Easy to put together and maneuver for a 70 yr old woman. Wanted light grey but light grey is tweedie so had to go with charcoal. Modern, firm, nice oak legs. Just got so come back in 5 yrs and we will see how it holds up. Excellent customer service.

Great Couch

We have really enjoyed our Burrow couch. It's comfortable, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. We get compliments on it all the time. We are happy with your purchase!

Very Comfortable

It's great, very comfy, looks good and the usb charger is handy.

Fantastic couch!

Fantastic couch. Really impressed with fabric quality, leg construction. One downside: Getting pins to line up on the corner piece was very difficult, especially when handling the weight of the longer side of a seven seater. Either the top pin would line up for the seat back, or the bottom pin set for the seat. Getting both, required inching in very slowly, while applying pressure from both the seat and the the back to line things up. It may have been easier to assemble just one pice into the corners on either side, then assemble a straight side to the expanded corner. Just a thought. That said, we’re really happy with the quality of the couch so far.

Great! Would buy more.

I have an old apartment with small entries and close corners, making it basically impossible to get furniture (particularly couches) in and out. This was super easy to move into the house and get set up. It's comfy and the exact size we wanted. When most companies are delayed in shipping due to COVID, Burrow got this to me in a WEEK. I ordered it LATE on the Friday before a national holiday and still received it a week after it was ordered. Zero regrets, would buy more from them. If there was a con, I would say that I would've appreciated more advance notice on when I was getting the packages. I wasn't notified until the afternoon before that they would be arriving. If I had to call out of work to be there when they arrived, that would've been really difficult to get that time off.

Best. Sofa. EVER

I purchased the Burrow Sofa for my mom. Her old sofa was on the brim of retirement. It was time for change! I saw these amazing Burrow reviews on YouTube and I fell in love. I brought my mom to a Burrow Sofa showroom nearby Little Italy in Manhattan and I have to say, trying to get my mom off the sofa was so difficult!!! This has been the best furniture purchase I have ever made.

First online sofa purchase

This was the first sofa I could fit through the front door without smashing my hands in the doorway. And it was way too easy to assemble for being so nice.

3 seater sofa

I love the ability to be able to modify a couch to fit the needs of a house. Small spaces, basements, upstairs through a narrow hallway, I have the ability to dis-assemble and set back up quickly. It is a great looking modern sofa, and comfortable as well. Great couch!


We are absolutely in love with our Burrow Sofa. We received the Love Seat in Charcoal with high arms and black metal legs. It is so comfortable and incredibly high quality. It took us literally 20 minutes to assemble the entire thing and I would say it's significantly better quality than the other Wayfair couch that we just purchased which was significantly more money. We actually did a FULL REVIEW with images and video about this sofa in particular and it can be seen at This is a purchase you will NOT regret!

Great couch, I love it!

I knew I'd be moving multiple times in the next few years so I wanted a couch that could go with me. I really love the style and how comfortable it is. It is bulky when putting together, but the instructions were clear cut. Love my new couch!

Great Experience

We were a little weary of purchasing a couch online that we'd never sat in. My wife had made some inquiries and Burrow invited us to a showroom to actually sit on some of their couches. They are as comfortable and stable as they look. We ended up purchasing a 3 seater, a love seat, and an arm chair. Two days later they showed up at our door and we put them all together in just over an hour. We have received many compliments in the two weeks we've had them and they have stood up very well to our 105lb bulldog so far. The only pain was the amount of cardboard we had to dispose of but it was a small price to pay. I highly recommend these couches.

Top Notch All The Way Through

This is easily the best furniture decision I've made. The Burrow team was excellent from even before the purchase when I was asking about delivery times. They responded incredibly quickly, and the product arrived earlier than they estimated even. I went with the 4-seater with a chaise, which is great for my space. I easily assembled the whole thing solo with no tools in under 30 minutes and no sweat. The couch itself is excellent too! I was worried it may be too firm, but it has the perfect amount of support to where you're comfortable but don't sink deeply into it. With my dog there's lots of scratching, which was part of my decision to go with Burrow. I'd recommend this to anyone I know rather than going the traditional furniture store route. This same couch is easily 2-3X the price at a brick and mortar store. Thank you to the Burrow team, I'm really impressed by the entire experience and looking forward to enjoying the couch for years to come!

Issues with first delivery - great customer service

We had a few issues with our order: it was slightly delayed and two items had issues when we received them. Burrow promptly helped us with both problems in an incredibly friendly and helpful manner. Mistakes happen, but how they are addressed really counts and the customer service we received was second to none!

great couch

the couch is comfortable and looks nice, a good combination of sturdy and cushy. there was one piece that didn't fit correctly when I was putting it together, but the customer service literally responded in 3 minutes with the solution. I had to wait an extra week and a half before I could use the couch until the replacement part arrived, but still they handled it the best possible.

Great couch

Great Customer service and follow up. The couch has style and very durable upholstery. It is easy to assemble and parts are well constructed.Unfortunately for me I don't feel comfortable seating or reclining. I fear i will have to return if it doesn't feel better during the trial perios.

Arrived as expected, in good

Arrived as expected, in good condition, with all needed parts. A bit of a puzzle for the spatially challenged (like me), but my remaining brain cells got themselves organized and I finally had an idea of how everything went together. Once that happens, it's a few short minutes to assemble. Once assembled, you're rewarded with a sturdy, spacious, handsome, and comfortable couch!

Burrow Review

I love my couch. It's beautiful and functional. I love the versatility of the look (switching from sleek side to side with buttons), and the fact that I can spill anything on it and it just flows right off. I know I'll be pleased when it's time to move and it is transportable, and will be adaptable to any new space I choose to live in. I get nothing but compliments on it, and the fact that there is an electrical outlet I don't have to crawl on the floor to access just shows how much thought went into the design---which is very much appreciated.

Interesting concept meets expectations

Need a love seat was intrigued by burrow concept. Was pleased with quality and ease of assembly Comfort is good. Ordered a chair and foot stool soon after gettin the loveseat

Easy, Comfy, Fashionable

Love the chair! Rave about it to all that compliment it in our apartment and will definitely buy more in the future!


It's a nice couch. It is what was advertised. I was looking for something that would stand up to kids and animals. Time will tell. Most couches have a 5++ weight limit and this one has double that. Seems sturdy and well put together. Was easy to assemble and customer service is Great! 4 stars because I haven't had it long enough to give it a 5. It is comfy to lay on :) And doesn't take up a a large amount of space.


I hadn't been in the market for a new sofa for about 10 years so when I went to look for a replacement for our living room I started in a furniture store, as I had in the past. From pushy salespeople to a mind-boggling amount of options for style and fabric I quickly became frustrated and overwhelmed. I mean really, do I need 100 different fabric styles from which to choose? And that's just for the sofa. Then I have to start the process over for the "free" throw pillows that are included? No thanks. After finally being able to flee the local furniture mart, I sat down to search for online retailers. When I came across Burrow's website I knew I had found my solution. One style, with the ability to modify into several different pieces of furniture. 4 fabric options. 3 leg options. A quality product at a great price, and a risk-free trial period. My experience with this company has been stellar from start to finish- I received my fabric samples quickly and the ordering process was a breeze. The sofa arrived as described and set up was easy. Most importantly, we love the look and feel of this sofa. It really is perfect, and we could not be happier. Customer service was excellent all throughout the process. I would highly recommend Burrow!

I was able to get

I was able to get the boxes up to 3rd fl walk up on my own, a plus. I was able to put it together on my own, another plus. I love that I could break it down again and put in in a car when I move. It is comfortable to sleep on. I had trouble connecting the arm to th back on one side, will get some help with this. As a 70 yr old woman, it a little low for me and if you ever sell longer legs for it I will buy them.

Even better than expected

We expected to like our couch from Burrow based on the good reviews we have heard before purchasing. But once we received it we found out it is even more amazing than we hoped! So simple to put together. Literally took 10 minutes during a lunch break from work. Super comfortable, like I never want to leave it ever. We love our Burrow!

I love it

The coach is comfortable and fits nicely in room.

Nice Chair

Nice Chair

Love it!!!

Love it!!!

Amazing design!!

Absolutely love our burrow sofa! Super comfortable and beautiful to look at. The charging station is a huge plus!

Kid tested, mother approved

We love our burrow sofa. I have a 14 month old and a 2.5. year old. My boys are super active they love jumping on the sofa... when they shouldn't... and as much as I have chased them out of the living room with food and drinks they have on occasion made it on the sofa with sticky fingers or dirty mouths... So far the sofa is holding up great! Keep your fingers crossed for me it holds up to the hype!

Great looking and feeling sofa!

I got the 7 seat sectional sofa from Burrow. Assembling it ended up being a big hassle mainly due to the size of the sofa. Especially connecting the two sections at the corner was very problematic. I would appreciate it if the assembling process could be made simpler. But overall I'm really happy with the sofa. It feels high quality, looks great and is comfortable. My whole family loves spending time on the sofa together. I'd recommend Burrow to anyone looking for a great sofa at a reasonable price.

Worth the wait

Pretty great for what it is-- a no hassle way to get a good looking, comfortable couch

Worth the wait

I ordered my Burrow well before they were actually available and stuck with the company through some early hiccups in supply chain misfortune. It was totally worth it. The couch (the longer 3-seater) arrived in four large boxes that I managed to open and assemble by myself in all of about 10 minutes. Its so clear how everything fits together and it's really easy to get things set up. I would definitely recommend having a second person to set the couch on its feet though. It's been a few months since it arrived and the couch has held up great. It has a great high-quality feel to it, and it looks like it should have cost a lot more. It's just long enough that I can lay on it comfortably (I'm 6') and take a nap (hey, this was a major factor in couch purchasing) and while the power port isnt what I originally saw in early videos, its still a really nice feature to have and being able to plug my laptop in (or a guest's phone) is handy. Its less deep as a couch than I might prefer, once the back pillows are factored in, and the arm rests are unpadded, leaving you with this hard back rest to sit against, but throw pillows handle that. I am extremely satisfied with my Burrow, overall. It is clearly well made and looks great. It's comfortable for a nap or overnight sleep (tried that a few times too). For the price, this is a fantastic couch and leaps ahead of swedish furniture stores and less pricey than the high end furniture shops that it looks like it came from.

Great sofa!!

Super easy to assemble, fits in the room perfectly and very comfy.

We love our new couch

From unpacking to sitting on our new Burrow couch definitely took longer than they make it seem with the gif and the assembly time, but it was still incredibly easy to do and our couch is one of the comfiest I've ever sat on. I recently injured my back and discovered its firm but comfortable cushions were the best place for me to sit in the house, too. I do feel like the furniture is a bit on the expensive side, but it feels durable and worth the price.

Burrow Couch

Burrow Couch

Great couch, great value

We are very happy with our Burrow couch. It's not only very comfortable, buts it's also very sturdy and we love the idea of upsizing or downsizing our couch in the future. The sofa was delivered within a few days as promised and was very easy to put together. My only complaint, and hope it is currently in the works, is that there isn't a corner piece to turn the sofa into a sectional.

Good Chairs

I really like my Burrow chairs! They are the perfect width and depth to snuggle up in. They were pretty easy to assemble, but they were more difficult to assemble than I predicted. They are also a brighter white than I thought they would be, but they do match the swatch that was sent to me before, so that’s my fault.

Bravo, Burrow

Burrow support staff is amazing, couch is wonderful!


I live on the 4th flooor of a walk up in NYC. Getting a couch up the stairs was a fear. The burrow couch was so easy to put together & get set up that I had to let the world know. Very quality, people always compliment it. Love the navy color

Pretty Cool Sofa

Love my sofa, the look the setup perfect. Only thing I wasn't happy about was with the new smart device charger it came with was only for one device not multiple plugs like the one advertised.

I got a Couch!

It is comfortable, good looking and was pretty easy to assemble. My only Complaint was that the "built in USB/Power connectors" was really just a power cube that affixes to the bottom of the couch, I was hoping for one that was like actually part of the armrest or something.

Luxurious ethically made beauty

Pretty easy to put together- husband did it by himself in less than 20 min. Held up well so far to our energetic toddler and two grown adults :) Clean up is a breeze. Feels very luxurious to own such a nice couch! We worry about the legs holding up over time with our toddler but will re-rate as time passes and update review. So far we love it and plan to get third seat added down the road. Delivery was seamless and quick even with the pandemic going on. We love the Burrow values as well- definitely were on a search for an ethically made sofa and feel good about our purchase.


People. Buy the damn couch! The days of "PIVOT! PIVOOOOOOOT!" are OVER! Girlfriend and I put it together in 30 minutes without tools! And I don't mean with only the tools included in the IKEA box. I mean with our meat hooks and nothing else! And holy hell is it comfy! Again. Buy. The damn. Couch.

Can't Rave Enough

This is my first big furniture purchase and I couldn't be happier. It is comfortable, it looks great, and the customer service has been excellent. The website was 100% accurate. It literally took 15 minutes to set up the couch with two of us. Can't rave enough.

Fabulous First Couch

I bought a loveseat as my first sofa and have absolutely no regrets. It is comfortable, functional, and built to last. Assembly was smooth and quick.

Burrow Sofa, Chair and Ottoman

I recently purchased a sofa and ottoman from Burrow and it was absolutely incredible.! You fulfilled your promise of the shipment date and packaging as well as the ease of assembly. I later added the chair to round out the living space. Having fought with moving between houses/townhouses/condos, the living room furniture has Always been a problem! This was solved with my Burrow purchase and I no longer have to think about fitting furniture into a space. It's modern and also has an added can upgrade and add to the sofa OR the chair for more seating choices. And of course the fact that it is Eco conscious sealed the deal. Thank you for inventing such a great product at an affordable price!

Absolutely Perfect

So much fun to put together, more stylish, and just as comfortable as we expected. The low-arm couch is perfect for our office couch.

Might even hold up to the challenges of military family life (ie. frequent moves)

We're a military family and relocate quite often. We've fallen into the trap of just buying "cheap" furniture because there's no guarantee the movers won't trash your things (our all-out lose them!). We love our Burrow sofa for it's durability, versatility (try buying furniture that can fit in an Arlington, VA brownstone as well as a California bungalow or even sprawling ranch-style home in Texas), great price point, and easy assembly!

Comfy Sofa!

The burrow sofa is very comfortable and looks great!

Excellent Customer Service

The customer support staff has been incredibly helpful and quick to respond. I also love the product so far. I am recommending Burrow to all of my friends that are in the market for furniture.

Awesome couch!

Not quite as easy to put together as the video, but it still came together quickly and it looks and feels great.

A Wonderful Experiance

We have a small third floor walk up condo, and there is always drama about getting large heavy items up three flights of stairs. Burrow under promised and over delivered on this product. We received notification it would take a couple of months, then we received notification that it was going to ship earlier than originally expected. I came in 4 boxes via UPS. What is amazing is how the handles on the boxes are in exactly the right place for me to drag up the stairs by myself. The couch was so easy to put together which I was able to do by myself. My wife was so happy to see it set up when she came home from work. The couch is sturdy, comfortable and stylish! I would compare it to a couch from some "high end" brands I've seen in stores and online. We are very happy with our couch and so is our cat!

Awesome couch and great buying experience

I got the king sofa. The look and feel is high quality, and I enjoy that it is a medium level of firmness. Assembly took a little longer than I expected, and it came in 4 boxes. I am excited about the time / stress I might save when I move next Also, Burrow customer service team was great in responding to my requests, and even offered a discount when their shipments were running behind schedule!

Unfussy, comfortable couch!

This couch is the best solution for city-living and a home with messy kids. We were hesitant bc of the light colored fabric, but it's so easily cleaned. It took almost no time at all to put together. And most importantly, it's comfortable!

So Comfortable and Wildly Easy to Put Together!

I was a little nervous ordering a modular couch online without testing it first, but WOW my fears were not warrented! The couch is very comfortable and was the most easy piece of furniture I've ever had to assemble. It was simply a breeze. If you're thinking about getting a Burrow - do it!!

Early Buyer--AWESOME SOFA!

Purchased my sofa back in the fall but aside from some understandable delay with shipping, everything went really smoothly with the assembly (much easier than ikea furniture) and the couch is incredibly comfy. I've since ordered the ottoman to make my couch into more of a sectional and I'm really pleased with it as well.

Best and easiest furniture purchase I've made

Setup was easier than I could have imagined. Would absolutely recommend to everyone. Wife and I don't always agree on furniture decisions but we both love it!


Easy to put together. Comfortable. Seems very sturdy. Fabric seems durable. Placement of USB is a little odd. If you want to add that level of convenience, it makes more sense to have an outlet on under the seat. Overall, love it.

Awesome Couch

We received out Burrow couch a couple weeks ago and couldn't recommend more. It is comfortable and very sturdy in construction and materials. The upholstery is super tough. And as an unexpected benefit, our cats claws tend to stick in the upholstery (fear not- they can get them out without assistance. Just enough stick that they keep their claws in). The end result is they like lounging on it, but will not use as a scratch pad like other pieces couches/chairs we have had.

Quite comfortable. Needs breaking in.

Quite comfortable. Needs breaking in.

My burrow review

I love this couch. It's so comfortable, but the best part is that it's resistant to stains. I spilled a glass of wine on the first night and it was gone in 10 minutes. Building it took longer than 10 minutes but it was still super easy to do, and I did it alone. I love that I'll be able to take this couch with me when I move, without any issues! Also I love how burrow provides financing.

We. Love. This. Couch.

It was such a thrill to receive our Burrow couch. It arrived in two shipments; once we had all the pieces in order, it took 20 minutes to put together, mostly because our dog wanted to help. We love the shape, size, and depth of our couch. We purchased the three seater with high arms and it is the perfect size for the three of us (two adult humans and a doggo). It is shockingly comfortable. We've never owned a memory foam couch or chair before and we are now all about it. My only dismay was how quickly the fabric started to show a bit of wear; it's our own fault for allowing the dog on the furniture. We are psyched to buy more Burrow products, and maybe even some add-ons for our sofa, as they become available!

My new favorite couch!

The couch looks beautiful in our living room and was so easy to put together. We opted for the chaise, and my partner and me now relax after work without the fear of a neck ache, like we often sustained with our old couch.

Amazing Customer Service!!

I had some problems with a few stitches on the couch. Since they didn't make my color anymore they offered an entire new couch or refund!!! That's an unheard of level of service. That and the free wooden legs really shows how much they care about their customers. I'm still very happy with the couch despite the loose stiches(with the refund I couldn't be happier actually). I constantly recommend Burrow to people I meet that are in the market!

Burrow was awesome!!!

I was skeptical, but everything came, it was put together within an hour, and the couch is great!

good couch

good chair 2



Real happy

Given the nature of the concept I assume Burrow would be similar to a "Casper" brand whereas--- good branding doesn't necessarily mean good product. Easy assembly sometimes means wobbly crap. In this case, not true. This couch is a massive upgrade its supportive and comfortable and I'm so happy with how easy it was to put together. It's actually a heavy couch-- therefore the quality is more apparent. And, while being durable and heavy-- still managed to be easy to assemble. I'm really happy with it.

Comfortable, durable, chic

I am so happy with this couch! The design is very clean and the structure gives excellent support. I got a 3-piece couch and it was pretty easy to assemble, even in my tiny apartment (>700 ft sq).

The perfect centerpiece for my new apartment

I've had my 4-seater + 1-Seater arrangement now for about two weeks and the set is AMAZING. This is definitely the first move that I've made (after having moved 9 times in the last 9 years) where the sofa was the easiest part of the move. The boxes were waiting for me when I got home and, after unboxing, it took me no more than 15 minutes to get both pieces set up. Confession - I took a nap on my 4-seater right after setting it up instead of hanging the mirrors that my wife asked me to (thankfully had enough time to get them done before she got home). The Crushed Gravel fabric is so easy on the eye, and the cushions are very surprisingly comfortable given my past experience with stiff for-the-look-only mid-century modern furniture. Highly recommend!

Cute, comfortable, and practical!

I got a grey armchair from Burrow and absolutely love it. Paired with an overhead lamp and a cute yellow throw pillow, it makes the perfect little reading nook. And the added USB charging port makes it the perfect piece of all-in-one furniture I never knew I needed but now never want to go without.

Easy Shipping. Easy Assembly. Easy.

The couch looks modern and clean - and as the person assembling it I was pleased to see it comes in individual sections which glide and snap together - no custom mechanisms to learn or fiddle with, just regular flip-latches like on a old-school briefcase. Bolt your feet on, attach your power cable, and you're ready to enjoy your new couch.

Burrow sofa

Great sofa, well made, easy to put together.

Great Sofa

Every touch point with Burrow was excellent, and so is the couch. Beautiful, easy to assemble, and the anchor piece of our living room. Some issues with UPS, but the sofa is here and beautiful.

Burrow nails it!

Great look, luxury feel. This sofa is lit!

Sofa and ottoman are great choices

The color is great. The sofa was simple enough to assemble. I did it on my own. I am also excited that I can add on if I need more space. The screws in my first shipment came broken and Burrow were very helpful and kind enough to replace them for free. I sit on my sofa for many hours at a time and have had no aches or pains. I was nervous to by at first, but happy it all worked out.

You NEED this couch!

Everything about this sofa is amazing! Shipping my 3-seater sofa in 4 boxes was genius - easier for the delivery person and myself when bringing it into my home. Instructions were flawless and VERY simple - even my 4 year old helped me assemble the couch! Very comfortable, durable, and it looks great. The money you spend on this sofa, regardless of how many seats you need, will be totally worth it. My family and I are happy to officially be apart of the Burrow family. :)

The couch is great quality

The couch is great quality and so easy to assemble. I wish the cushions had more thickness and cushion to them but overall satisfied with the product.

Absolutely Perfect

I live in a small apartment and needed a small couch I could move/put together on my own. The Burrow loveseat is stylish, was easy to assemble, and is super comfortable!

Very good quality for price.

Very good quality for price. Arrived EXTREMELY quickly. Received frequent updates from burrow on its status while it was on the way. Easy to assemble. Would highly recommend

Elegant - quickly assembled Sofa

Super easy set-up and stylish couch. Couch came in manageably sized boxes. After unboxing, the couch literally took less than 10 min to assemble - was genuinely surprised how easy it was. Looks great, comfortable, and not dreading the next time I move into a new apartment. Looking forward to other products made by Burrow. -Ryan

Great couch, shipping not so great

I love my new Burrow couch so far, it's really comfortable for watching TV and napping. My last couch was an IKEA one and had an angled back so you'd kind of lean into it, but the Burrow's back is straight, which I really like because it supports you more when you're sitting and laying down.The fabric is nice and I like the tufted accents and the non-tufted option on the other side of the cushions. I hope the cushions last and don't get worn down. I was frustrated with the shipping, as I was given an incorrect, earlier shipping date first and then emailed to ask why it wasn't here, and was given a correction. It took a long time to get here from when the order was placed. The boxes it comes in are gigantic which obviously can't be helped but be ready for that.

Love the chair!

Love the chair!

Amazing easy and soooooo comfortable

The couch was incredibly easy to put together (15 minutes by myself) and comfortable. We can't say enough great things about it!


We received the sleeper set a few days before the rest of the couch but keeping in mind the global crisis with COVID-19 I'm pretty happy with that. We found each box relatively easy for two people to carry up a flight of stairs and the clear, simple directions made putting the couch together pretty easy, considering we just made a whole couch. The latches required a bit more strength than expected but I think that means they'll be really secure. The no-tool build method makes me feel good about inevitably having to take it apart and rebuild it next time we move. I don't think it will be too difficult to do and it won't weaken the stability of the furniture with each take-apart. The leather feels nice, it's a little stiff/firm but I think it will break in nicely over time. This is fantastic for a modular couch, it's unfair to hold it to the standards of a real couch (although it certainly has the look), its just what we needed. We haven't slept on it with the sleeper mattress yet, but the topper is really nice quality and I think it'll make for a comfortable place for our guests to sleep.

Love this sofa! Super easy

Love this sofa! Super easy to assemble and super convenient to carry up the stairs to my 3rd story apartment

This sofa is awesome

We we're so excited to find a sofa we could have delivered without one of those 8 hour windows. We didnt care about much else. The. We saw Burrow online and we're super excited. Then it came and we're were blown away. Great quality. Easy setup. No BS. Have already recommended it to our friends.

Great Couch

I love this couch. It's comfortable

Very comfortable for Pro tv watcher

Great couch to bum and relax. Soft and comfortable for hanging out


I finally moved into a one bedroom apartment after years of living in a studio and we were so excited to own a sofa. We did a lot of research and the Burrow was our first choice. Every single thing from ordering online, tracking the package, receiving the boxes and assembling the couch was seamless, easy and convenient. I have 0 furniture building skills but could have put this together on my own. As much as I love this couch, my dog loves it even more. He spends most of his time snuggling on it. Fortunately the material is incredibly durable and easy to clean. We are really hoping Burrow introduces a sectional attachment in the future (please?) !!!

Nice sofa, but a few nitpicks

Generally, my wife and I (and our dogs) like our new sofa. We got a 4 seater, which I did not expect to be so huge, but I dig it because there is room for me, my tall wife, and our three pets. What sucked is that I live in a 4th floor walkup, the delivery man didn't schlep the packages up 4 flights, and my wife is pregnant so I had to carry all 5 50lb boxes up the stairs by myself. Ouch. Not Burrow's fault, though, just wish there was an option to pay extra for door front delivery. The assembly process was fairly simple, although it definitely took me about 30-45 minutes with just myself doing the assembly. So far we've gotten rave reviews from friends and family about the comfort and space. We ourselves love to lounge on our new couch and watch TV. The only downside is that I am slightly regretting buying a light color, but my dogs will but the stain resistance to the test. I was a little iffy on the quality of the building materials while assembling, but it seems sturdy and hopefully will last a lot longer than the Ikea purchases that the rest of our apartment is outfitted in. I really like the hidden USB, and I like the fact that you can buy another unit to have hidden USB's/outlets on both sides. So, definitely ask for help to lug the boxes up to your 4th floor walkup apartment and don't be stupid like me, but otherwise we are satisfied so far!

Best couch purchase EVER!!!!

Our apartment building is from 1922. Our entry way clearance is very narrow. We were in the market to buy a new couch but we worried how to get a high quality couch through our entry way. My girlfriend came across the Burrow ad on Instagram and the couch seemed to be a good fit. We ordered the couch A.S.A.P. After an easy assembly, we fell in love with our couch. I have recommended this couch to all of our friends. I can say with all certainty that this was one amazing purchase.

Sweet Couch

Easy assembly. Super comfortable. Reasonable price point. I was a little on the fence, only because I don't typically make purchases this large online without seeing the product in person, but this was exactly what I was hoping for and expecting.

My First Couch!

This is my first couch purchase, ever, and I'm so happy with it! It was delivered in 4 (very intimidating, but clearly labeled) boxes, but it was so easy to put together with the help of Burrow's assembly instructions. (I tend to move a lot, so I'm excited to be able to take it apart just as easily.) It came with a broken thumbscrew, but I contacted Burrow and they expedited me a replacement. I own a dog, and I can already tell that the couch will withstand a lifetime of 'love'.

I'm a loyal fan. Can't

I'm a loyal fan. Can't wait to expand our 2-seater and explore what else Burrow has to offer in the future.

Burrow is the Best!!

Not only is the sofa itself incredible (perfect size, super easy assembly and fall asleep comfortable) but their customer support is truly first class. I'll be coming back again to Burrow.

Great, versatile couch

We really like our new burrow couch. Assembly was easy and straightforward, quality and comfort are great. I only wish there were more options for the couch leg material. I don't like how the black looks and think different wood options would add to the appearance of the couch.

Great couch, but delivery was a pain

Was very excited about getting my Burrow couch, however when I ordered it there was no delivery estimate, and customer service was unable to give me a window of even a few days! I got an email after the fact that UPS attempted to deliver the package the first time, and they missed the delivery window the second time they attempted to deliver. Once I got the couch it took 30 minutes to unpack and put together myself, and it's a great couch! Looks good and super comfy, happy with the purchase, but wish the company manager delivery expectations better.

Great product

Even though there were some delivery hiccups, the team was very quick to get back, accommodate, and correct. The full sectional + chaise is a nice product. Clean lines, modern look, simple design make it a widely accessible couch. Nice and firm, The dogs love it too!

Great product! Very happy with

Great product! Very happy with purchase

Love the design!

I live in a small Brooklyn apartment and had a lot of trouble getting my furniture in through my door and into my elevator, but this was perfect for the job. Easy to assemble and super comfortable. LOVE the red fabric option

Chaise three seater and love seat

These couches are great. They are comfy, good looking, and very nicely proportioned. Happy we decided to go for it!

Best couch ever!

It came on time, and easy to assemble is an understatement. The aesthetics were prettier in person than online - very very pleased! Highly recommend to anyone for their next couch purchase.

Good quality

I like my sofa it's exactly what I need, nice looking and comfortable .

Most comfortable couch yet!

We've had our burrow couch for a few months now and we still love it just as much if not more than day 1! Assembly was a breeze and maintenance is even easier. It's a classy looking couch that really ties the whole place together. When you come home from a long day at work, this is the couch you'd want to come home to!

Good looking sofa

Leather looks and feels great. The only problem is that the cushions can't be attached securely to the base.

We are satisfied with our

We are satisfied with our selection and service.

So comfy, so easy

I love my little 2 seat Burrow couch. I was nervous when I first got it out of the box [it had been sitting in storage for quite a while] and saw that the cushions were incredibly compressed and worried it would fill out... No worries there, they filled out. The couch itself is nice and supportive, just the right amount of firmness for me. I don't like cushy couches, so the Burrow is good for me. Assembling was fine, I imagine some of the locking mechanisms could've lined up a bit better as I had a very minor issue with getting them closed down; no huge issues, just required a bit of brute force to get it right. I love the included Power Cube as an add-on. Having such convenient power underneath is a fine touch.

Great couch

Love the couch. Delivery was nightmare. It took 2 full weeks to receive the last box (4 of 4 boxes) after receiving the 1st box. I contacted with Burrow support a few times during the course of 2 weeks but not much helpful, but during SIP era, i guess delivery delay is ok. I gave 4 stars because the couch is a bit too shallow and not so comfortable as my other expensive pottery barn couch or inexpensive ikea couch when sitting. Love the design though, and assembly is super easy.

Burrow is great!

Comfy, stylish and affordable. The perfect piece for our bonus room.

The Best Decision I Ever Made

This couch lives up to the hype! It is super comfortable and so easy to setup. My roommate and I love it.

Bento Coffee Table

The Bento coffee table works well in small spaces because of its minimalist style. The walnut finish brings out the quality and beauty of the wood, and the dark finish contrasts well with the light color of my sofa. The removable trays are very convenient for supporting food, drinks, and laptops on the sofa. Having the extra storage capacity is also a plus. As always, Burrow customer service is great - had an issue with the first table shipped but this was resolved right away without a hassle. I look forward to new design creations in future.

Engineering Genius

I love how well-engineered the couch is. It fit together quickly and easily. It's solid and you can't tell that it's not one single piece. And it looks great. Congrats on such a nice product.

Great Sofa!

I was a little concerned because my sofa arrived and we couldn't put it together and I had waited weeks for it. I also got rid of my old sofa when the new one arrived so when I couldn't put the new one together, I was bummed. However, the next day a 4th box arrived and then I could put it together. Now that I have, I really like it!


This couch is absolutely perfect for our small apartment. The chaise/love seat combination is absolute perfect. So happy!

Great great couch!!!

We have been totally in love with this couch since the moment in was delivered. Very easy to set up and very comfortable!!

VERY comfortable, easy to put

VERY comfortable, easy to put together. I love it, and plan to get another piece to add soon!

Comfy and easy to set up

This couch is a no brained for those who want a comfy couch to fit through a small NYC apartment door. I like that I can also break it apart or add to it should I get a bigger place.

Great sofa love it

I didn't expect assembling a sofa to be this easy, but it was and that was a pleasant surprise. The sofa is comfy and sturdy, been taking naps on it and it's so comfortable. My two dogs love it too and so far it's been holding up to all the scratching. Great product and a great team behind it!

Great sofa!

We wanted something a bit mid-century modern that was comfortable, yet easy to sit on and stand up from. We also live up a skinny staircase with smaller-than-average doors. When we heard about the cleverly designed Burrow sofa, I knew it was the solution. The boxes weren't difficult to get up the stairs and set-up was a breeze. One of the foot thumbscrews was missing, but David in customer service sent me another within a few days and it wasn't enough to keep us from using it right away. And best of all? It's comfortable! We can easily get four people on it, the cushions are comfy but structured, and although it's substantial once assembled, it is still light enough to move around when needed. I'm going to add a few bright throw pillows to complete it. Cons: The power cord is not quite long enough to hit our nearest plug, so we linked it to a power strip. Also, Burrow doesn't ship to our locale, so we used a freight forwarder and had to pick up the boxes near the airport in a friend's truck. Overall, a 5-star sofa and buying experience!

Excellent so far

It's been only a few days, so I cannot speak for longevity. However, I am quite pleased with my experience. Bought a couch, chair, and ottoman during the memorial day sale; deliveries (excluding the ottoman, though that had nothing to do with Burrow or the couch supplier) went out ahead of schedule, and arrived in 6 boxes. (Well 7, if you count the ottoman). As a single guy with no help, the "worst" of it was moving the afore-counted boxes and disposing of the packaging afterwards; the items assembled easily, appear sturdily built (and carefully crafted), and are comfortable.

Three seat sofa

I am very pleased I am a senior citizen female but I was able to assemble the sofa with no problems - very easy. I am strong so I was able to move it with some effort. I am very pleased and love stretching out on it,

Love it, sleeping like a

Love it, sleeping like a baby

Loving my new sofa

It arrived super fast in 4 big boxes. I'm a 5' 5" female and was able to put it together myself (for the most part - just needed help putting it upright and moving it) and I absolutely love the way it looks. And it's very comfortable - it's on the firmer side, but not too firm. Just right. And we had a little spill on it within the first few days but wiped it off and you'd never know anything spilled. I am super happy with this purchase!

Amazing Couch! Nice Fabric!

Beautiful, comfortable, 20-minute assembly, a little bit heavy and sturdy. Great sofa design and holding up well for the price! Highly recommend it for first-time apartment buyers!

Worth Every Penny

I am someone who does a deep dive on any home decor purchase; the search for a sofa was no different. I look at nearly every company to try and find the perfect sofa. I was a bit hesitant buying out sofa online, but after reading all of the details, learning about the features, and watching every video, I knew I had to invest in this sofa. When I received the boxes, it was so easy to put together! The instructions were a breeze to follow. I am so thrilled with it! The ability to flip the cushions completely changes the look. Plus, the modular sofa makes me feel confident the sofa will transition with our lives. Thank you, Burrow!

Great experience

In the end the couch wasn't exactly what I was looking for but my experience with the Burrow team was excellent. First in providing a discount when the couch was delayed, then timely feedback and updates as the process went on, and ultimately a painless process to execute a refund. The couch was smaller than what I'm looking for, but looks great.

amazing sectional!

burrow offers excellent customer service and the couch is perfect for us! we live in an older apartment with very narrow hallways and tight corners - when we started shopping for a sofa, we realized that most of the sofas we liked wouldn't fit through our stairwell. burrow was the perfect option for us - it fits perfectly into our decor, is very comfortable, and allowed us to get a larger sofa than we would have been able to otherwise.

This team really stands behind their product!

I've been beyond impressed by the Burrow team and how my entire purchase and post-purchase experience has been. It's just so clear that this company and its team stand behind their product and have gone above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of.

Love out new Couch.

Love the new couch. It was easy to bring up the stairs and we had it put together in 20 mins. Looks amazing and very solid. You would never know it came in pieces. The only thing I wish was they would keep you more in the loop while it was being made. It did take 5 weeks to get.


I love this couch. It's really comfortable, looks great, and was incredibly easy to put together. It's seriously a fantastic couch, perfect for a second floor apartment and way more affordable than couches made of lesser quality materials. 100% would recommend!

Exactly what I wanted!

Awesome couch and even better customer service.

Easy, Comfortable, and Practical

Ordered using a Black Friday promo. Easy enough to move and assemble alone, but would definitely recommend getting some help. Had it ready to go in one night and is a vast improvement over the prior couch I had. One of the few "podcast ad" products I've ever ordered that truly lived up to expectations. Absolutely love the product!

Awesome sofa

We LOVE our Burrow sofa. It was delivered so quickly, was super easy to put together, is so comfortable, and we really could not be happier. The customer service has been awesome as well.

Sturdy, Comfortable and Convenient

I bought the Burrow for my beach house. I needed something that didn't need a local delivery crew. The Burrow fit these needs. I was hesitant wondering how a sofa that is in pieces could be comfortable. It is AWESOME! Easy to put together and easily fits 3 of us lounged. Additionally being stain resistant - look forward to enjoy the Burrow for years to come. Buy the ottoman too! :)

Great quality

My burrow has been fantastic so far, easy to assemble and comfortable. The charger also comes surprisingly in handy. Only downsides were that it took a long time to deliver and one of the boxes was mislabeled, but otherwise a great purchase!

This couch is great!

This couch has revolutionized our living room! We would never have been able to fit this couch in our apartment without the modular setup system. Thanks Burrow!

Best Stain-Resistant Couch For Kids!

I have 4 little ones under the age of 6 and we needed seating for our living room that fit our style yet very functional and forgiving. I LOVED the grey color and the fabric is even better in person. We have 2 of the 3 seaters and they arrived in 8 boxes. My husband and I set them up in just over an hour. My kids play all over them and the cushions stay neatly put. We have absolutely no complaints. Would definitely recommend to friends and family! Thank you Burrow!

Great Couch, Excellent Customer Service

The couch looks great and is very comfortable - we're coming up on a year of ownership and it has proven to be a great investment, one which we regularly receive compliments on. The modular design saved what would have been a monumental headache during our recent move, and disassebly/reassembly was painless. I'd reccomend Burrow to friends and family based on the product alone, but what really makes my experience with the company stand out has been the customer service; Burrow has routinely gone above and beyond to ensure that my experience has been an excellent one. If you need a couch, get it from Burrow.


For someone who moves far too often, it is amazing to finally have a couch that can come with me! Not only is it gorgeous, but knowing that I will never have to worry about moving it in and out of tight spaces is the best thing ever! Super easy to assemble and convenient enough to even bring up a spiral staircase!


Shipping was exactly in line with the expected date I was provided when ordering. Quick and easy assembly. Well built, sturdy, and made with nice materials. Overall very happy.

Worth the Wait

We had to wait what I can only call an obscene amount of time for our Burrow couch but it was worth every unexpected month! The sofa is comfortable, well made, easy to assemble, and it looks GREAT. Perhaps most importantly, our small child's sticky fingers have yet to leave a single lasting mark on the stain-resistant fabric, and cat hair just kind of wipes right off with a lint brush. The only constructive criticism I have is that it needs a few squishy cushions if you really want to lie down, and you will want to lie down. This couch is long enough for my 6-foot husband to nap on. Luckily, throw pillows are easy to come by. Well worth every (affordable) penny, and we'll be Burrow fans for life.

Slick and Easy

The Burrow couch was the perfect solution for me and my roommates. Great look and very easy to assemble - can't believe it comes in 4 small boxes!

Loveseat is the Bomb!

My new Burrow loveseat is exactly what I imagined. Comfy, sturdy, and damn good looking. It was super easy to put together and makes my living room, well, a living room. Keep it up, Burrow!

Blue sofa

Love the blue, low arm sofa! I originally had the original grey high arm sofa and the team at Burrow were really in helpful in letting me swap it out. My new sofa is comfortable and looks super. Thanks!

High quality & trendy!!

Absolutely loving our navy blue Burrow Arm Chairs! They are so easy to assemble, extremely sturdy, spacious and comfortable, and so good looking! You cannot go wrong with these, I promise.

Great Couch, So Convenient

When I moved into my apartment, we couldn't get my old couch through the front door--didn't expect that!--and found it difficult to find something decent ever since. Happily, I helped a friend move her Burrow couch into her apartment and I was very taken with the convenience of it. So I got mine in navy blue (which pleasantly comes in the hue as advertised) and it all came together quite easily. Now, the couch and I are very happy together, firm and comfortable.

Even Better Than I Hoped

We were on a budget, but didn't want to by cheaply made furniture. We wanted a low profile, clean line that was comfortable and affordable. Typically you will not find all of those in the same sentence. We did with Burrow. With the assurance of an easy return, we purchased our first sofa, received it and immediately bought the love seat. Alex and crew are so incredibly customer service oriented and responsive. Have already been recommending to friends. Nicely done Burrow!

Basement Sectional

We needed a sofa for our basement that we could fit through narrow stairs. This fit the bill. My husband and I carried the 7 boxes down the stairs with little trouble. I definitely think you need 2 people to carry the boxes and assemble the sofa. We put it together in approximately 30 minutes. It looks good, but it definitely isn't a "sink in" couch. The cushions are firm, and at 2 weeks in, it is growing on us.

worth the wait and lived up to the hype

After a few weeks with the couch, I'm really happy with it. It was pretty easy to assemble, just as advertised. I like that it's not too comfortable, but not too rigid. So far, I can't complain!


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Burrow Couch.

Super Easy Comfy Cool and Extra Styledocious

Great experience, arrived within a few days of ordering and was very easy to put together. Only feedback is that I didn't know when it would arrive until it was shipped. It would have been great to have an ETA before purchasing.

All excellent and as advertised.

All excellent and as advertised. Easy instructions and appears to be exactly what I wanted. Only complaint is a "notch" that was inside the pre-drilled leg housing. Wouldn't allow the leg to advance. Drilled a new adjacent hope and all appears well so far. Otherwise 5/5.


Great couch. color as advertise. seat is nice a firm. Easy to put to together. Versatile. Bought one for my mother in law as well. And she loves hers!

Looks great!

Was easy to put together and looks great!

Thanks for Solving My Sofa Anxiety

I am so happy with my burrow! It looks great and feels comfortable, but the thing I love most is knowing that I won't have to deal with the nightmare of moving a gigantic heavy couch in/out of my apartment when I move out. When I first ordered my burrow, I was kind of worried that several boxes full of couch would be too much for me. I'm a 5'1" artist who hasn't been to the gym in two years, but I was able to get all the burrow boxes up a flight of stairs without any trouble. Putting it together was a breeze. 6 months later and I still have no regrets. My final thought: If you're thinking about adding the chaise, do it. No regrets!!!

Works great

This sofa works great for my apartment. I wanted to upgrade from the cheap sofa that was losing some cushion areas. I have a neck injury and I'm really picky about where I sit and that I have enough support, and most sofas I tried didn't feel right. Also sofas can be sooo expensive from furniture stores. I took the risk to order a Burrow because the price isn't as high, the design was simple and fit with our style, and reviews mentioned it wasn't super "cushy". This sofa works great for us.

Nice couch

Good couch. It is taking a beating well from a 5 and 2 year old. Comfortable to nap on. Was a little disappointed by some strings hanging off the cushions when first putting together, but overall, a comfortable and quality product

Such a comfy, beautiful sofa!

We love our Burrow, it came earlier than we thought (we received it on the day they said it would initially ship). We got the lighter grey color and you can tell it's really well made and the color is on point! I put it together myself in less than 30 and it was extremely straightforward. I'm super impressed with the sofa and the price is right!

Easy assembly - perfect for small spaces

We purchased this couch for a rental cabin with a lofted area that would have been difficult to get an assembled sofa into. The separate boxes and the pieces that snap together were perfect for this situation. Instructions were included on the boxes themselves and an instruction manual, which all made assembly a breeze (it took my husband and I maybe 30 minutes). I was a little bummed that the sectional piece is not connected, the base for it Velcro's to the cushion. The USB port is a thoughtful addition. I wouldn't say this is the highest quality couch we have owned but it fits the bill. The fabric doesn't seem to be super high quality (we got the dark gray) and I would hesitate to have pets on this couch and they might cause pulls in the fabric (fairly loose weave).

Great for my place.

I moved to a 3rd floor apartment where my old couch wouldn't fit up my stairs and a couch I ordered also could not fit up the narrow, winding, staircase. So I decided to try Burrow. The shipping was fast and easy to track. I would reccomend 2 people for moving the boxes if you are going up stairs,as they are a bit heavier than I expected. The assembly of the couch was a breeze. It is very comfortable. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is I feel it is a bit over priced. I feel a couch of this style would cost a few hundred $ less if it didn't have the ease of assembly, which I guess is what you're paying the extra $ for.

Great sofa

We love our new Burrow, very comfortable and easy to assemble. Blue color is lovely, not great for our dog's hair, but no fault on the couch!

Proper upgrade

Got the 3 seater with chaise lounge. Proper upgrade from our huge love seat and ottoman. Frees up space in the room while adding more seating. Easy assembly. Withstanding 3 cats so far with no issues. Best couch we've ever had.

Movers broke my couch, Burrow saved the day

I moved cross-country and the moving company I chose (Colonial Van Lines) broke my couch in transit. I emailed the Burrow team and they totally came to my rescue. All my couch problems were resolved within a day, and I had a new Burrow shipped out soon thereafter. The next couch was just as comfortable and beautiful as the first. I recommend Burrow on all levels (customer service, comfort, style, etc) SO HIGHLY. Buy from them. Seriously.

Love our Burrow

We love that it's so modular. Burrow Support has great customer service as well!

Super comfy at the right price!

Moved to a new apartment and needed a 3-seat sofa. Burrow looked like a decent option with no downside (because of free returns). Assembled pretty quickly on arrival and it is SUPER COMFY! I am a bit of a couch snob, and was thrilled with 1) the angle of the back rest 2) the depth of the seat and 3) the softness of the cushion. I'm not the most stylish, but my GF and mom both said they really liked the look of it! Nicest couch I've ever owned for sure.

Love at first sit

I lusted after a Burrow and 100% expected it to be too good to be true as a result. Lucky me, it wasn't! It turned out to be better than I could have imagined. Easy to put together (20 mins including getting it out of the boxes), super comfy, beautiful - I couldn't ask for me. When I come home, all the cats just look at me: they're too busy burrowing up on my Burrow to even say hello!

Perfect for our back room

Love the concept of the couch and the flexibility of being able to move the couch in the future. Just got rid of the old one which is so bulky in comparison. Won't everhave that issue with this couch. Would buy it again. Good support

Love these sofas

The sofas are beautiful and super easy to put together. They look fantastic in our house! They are a little more firm than we would have liked, but with a few pillows, they are perfect!

Perfect solution!

Can't fit sofa through door? Versatility, stylish,comfortable, portable, breeze to assemble, quick delivery and support response. 10 stars!

Burrow or Bust

Extra space comes at a significant premium in NYC. I chose Burrow because it solves so many problems with buying a couch. I was a little apprehensive at first without being able to see it in a showroom, but it looks and feels great. I'm thoroughly impressed!


Love our burrow! Easy to put together and is comfortable. People who helped move now want one for themselves!

Excellent rug

Looks amazing and is a comfortable, low pile rug. Colors are true to the pictures. I love it.

A wonderful and stylish sofa

I love the mid-century vibe when it comes to furniture, but most prices are too high for quality pieces. When I saw the Burrow sofa online, I loved the MCM lines and colors and especially liked that I could put it together myself and didn't have to wait for a delivery man. I got the 3 piece section sofa and 4 large boxes were delivered. I live alone and am 56 years old and had no problem getting the parts out of the boxes and putting it together. I'm enjoying its lovely style in my living room and of course the cat has adopted one end as well for himself!

Happy to have my Burrow!

I've had a Burrow for a week now, and it's been great. It's comfortable, it looks good, and it was easy to put together, and I've already taken like four naps on it while watching television after work. What more could a lad ask for?

Love my new burrow :)

Love the color, the fabric and the style! I have a more recent version which appears to have easier assembly than older versions. The cushioning is SUPER COMFY - had a friend crash on the burrow for a week and she loved it! I'm a fan of the reversible cushions - I use one side with for daily use with my pet and flip to the other when guests come over.

Great Sofa

Easy to assemble..Love the colors and prompt delivery !!

Easy Assembly and Superb Quality

The Burrow sofa delivers thoroughly on its promise! The assembly took less than 10 minutes, and the quality of materials is top notch. In fact, this may be the most comfortable sofa I've ever used. As a game critic, the neatly tucked-away power chord is a godsend. It allows me to keep my peripherals charged at all times without leaving the comfort of my entertainment center. The contemporary design is icing on the cake. The sofa looks stunning when combined with mid-century modern furniture. A more complete title should be: Burrow, The Smart Sofa!

Comfort zone

I'm happy with my purchase. I will be ordering a two seater real soon.

Love my Burrow!

Love my Burrow!

Best Couches I've Ever Had!!

I've had these couches for about a week and I couldn't be happier. I'm 6'4 and can easily layout on the sofa without touching either arm rest. The slim design makes my room feel bigger but still provides more cushion space then previous couches I have owned. The fact that the cushions are reversible and the couches are interchangeable is the icing on the cake. Even down to the built in USB charger, which I thought at first to be a little silly, is very convenient. I would recommend Burrow to anyone and everyone.

I love this couch

The boxes are heavier than I expected but I was able to get them up to my 3rd floor apartment and set up the couch easily. Wow is it comfy. Not too firm and not too soft imo. Get throw pillows though...this couch is very deep!

Comfy Couch

I've had my couch for a little over a month and I love it. It helps me sit properly and not slouch. Really appreciate Burrow giving me the wooden legs for it as well. When I bought the couch it came with the steel legs and I really wanted wood so when it became available they gave them to me for free. Thanks!

Fantastic chair. Get so many

Fantastic chair. Get so many compliments and so comfy!

Great customer service

One of the pieces I ordered was damaged during shipping. Customer service promptly shipped a replacement. Great customer service.

Great looks and flexible options

We were due for an upgrade from and aging Ikea couch. This was a welcome option. The look is great and we are already planing on another burrow purchase. which will give us the option of a sofa and a chair or having 2 love seats. easy to put together. I put to together as we were waiting for the dinner to show up via uber eats.

Comfortable, stylish and affordable

We were pleasantly surprised to find that a couch you can build fairly easily out of a box would be so comfortable and fairly sturdy. Toddler tested and approved. We're very happy with the purchase and the customer service was great.

Great for office meetings!

Our Burrow Sofa arrived in several manageable boxes. We had a easy time setting it up and have been enjoying it comfortably during many break out meetings at the office. The power outlet under the seat cushion is super handy. A++ for quality and assembly.

Comfy, looks great, arrived quickly!

I was worried based on other reviews that the couch would take a long time to arrive-but it came in a matter of days! Very easy to assemble and is SUPER comfy. Enough room for two of us to lay! And it is supportive for my bad back, which is very important for me. Hoping one day Ill be able to order a chaise for the couch!

Love this couch!

Love this couch!

Mostly great

I purchased the C shape sectional. The couch looks good and is comfortable. I would say it was fairly easy to put together and didn't take more than an hour to do so.The directions were not tailored to this specific couch; there was no mention of the chaise lounges. It wasn't hard to figure out, but I wish there had been some explanation. One thing in the pictures that wasn't clear to me is that the chaise lounge sections do not buckle into the main couch itself, they're really more like ottomans. One reason I am docking a star is because we ordered the two chaise lounges, so we received two extra couch cushions. The chaise part is just an addition to the main 4 seater couch. I don't know what to do with these cushions and I don't have anywhere to store them. The other reason I am docking a star is because of the 9 boxes this came in. They were very light and easy to move, you could do it alone, so that as great. They were very difficult to break down and take to our recycling area though. It was pretty annoying. TLDR; it's a nice couch. It seems like it's good quality. The modular system is pretty clever. I now have two extra couch cushions I don't know what to do with and it wasn't made clear that this would happen.

shipping and packing is top

shipping and packing is top notch. i'm 63 and put this together myself. i love this couch but would have appreciated a deeper seat, and slightly more padding for cushiness but overall a great couch. i can tell a lot of thought has gone into design and build.

Love this couch!

We needed to find a couch that would fit down a narrow stairway to the basement. We weren't able to purchase a "normal" sofa. We decided to order the Burrow on a whim since it seemed like our only option. I'm so happy we ordered the Burrow! It's better than I ever expected. It's stylish, comfortable and so easy to assemble! Highly recommend!


Couch is excellent, delivery was great.

Nice Sofa, Seems Durable

I had some initial issues with shipping/parts, but they were quickly fixed by support. Nice looking & comfortable couch.

Simply Incredible

Our couches were easy to assemble, and look great in our house. We found a ton of comfort with the trial period, but after one week we knew we loved them. Thank you, burrow!

So simple to assemble, great

So simple to assemble, great quality. Love how it compliments the couch.

Awesome Service

We had our Burrow for over a year and ran into an unexpected issue, which was totally our fault - Burrow came through and helped us fix it up! *Really* impressed with their customer service, I will #shout their name from the roof tops!

A team that never gave up.

I feel like after everything we went through I may have ended up as one of "those" customers. Im self aware and I know I must have been a pain in the ass, and I wanted to thank everyone I spoke with. There were issues in the beginning which led me to having the opportunity to talk to the CEO. When the owner of a company takes the time to talk to a customer it helps you know that customer satisfaction is very important. At each step of the process the team members I spoke to were optimistic and helpful. It seems crazy to write all of this about a couch, but I truly appreciate the amount of care that was put into this process. Thank you all for never giving up on me and my couch!

Great looking sofa

This sofa looks great. I purchased the granite color and get lots of compliments on the color. Very easy to put together by myself with no issues. Sofa is very comfortable but isn't quite as plush as other couches so you won't necessarily sink into it. However, it is very well designed and comfortable to sit in. Other couches are too deep and I feel that I have to have a pillow behind me to be comfortable. This one works out great and I will definitely be keeping it.

Great sofa so far

Great sofa, easy to bring up into my walk up apartment. The cushions are a bit stiff, but overall very satisfied with my purchase

3 piece, low armrest couch.

I love my couch! It arrived in a timely fashion. Assembly was intuitive and easy, even to put together by myself. The color is beautiful and it's very comfortable!

Amazing sofa. Cushion are comfy which is key!

Sofa is amazing. It is extremely easy to set up (only take 10 min max!). The cushions are very comfy in that middle area of not too stiff and not too soft. They fabric pops and makes your room look amazing. I highly recommend it.

End your analysis paralysis

Hello! We've had this for about a month, and if you're looking at the Nomad loveseat/chaise combo, just get it. I hope this review can help end your couch analysis paralysis. You already know it checks the boxes for style, size, shipping speed, and ease of transport and setup (all awesome, no tools required, easy instructions, assembled in 20 mins and it feels very solid). We were unsure of a few things when online shopping and will try to address them here: - Lounging space: my wife and I can both lounge very comfortably and I'm 6'2". - Seat depth: plenty of room. This was a primary concern of ours, but we've been very happy with the depth. - Cushion comfort: nice balance of comfort and firmness, it's also breaking in nicely. I like the lower back style of the back cushions, which are unattached, but that isn't a problem, they stay in place. - Bolster pillows: I think these are way worth it. Stylish and functional. - Leather: seems durable and is easy to clean. Dog hair doesn't get stuck on it, compared to fabric. Worth the extra cost if you have a pet who sheds. Ours has long nails but the leather is durable (just don't throw a toy on it and play chase, be reasonable). Also, we spilled coffee and it was nice not to stress about that, just wiped right off. We are so happy to have a comfortable, stylish, durable adult couch we can take with us when we leave this apartment. Thanks Burrow!

The process was bumpy, but the sofa is great!

The sofa is great and exactly what I expected. However, one of the modules was damaged on arrival. That same module also had slightly different parts, it was missing the knobs to fasten the feet on, and it was clear that the fabric was cut from a different cloth than the others. I emailed Burrow's support team, and they took care of everything right away. They sent a new module, the missing knobs, and a new cushions that matched better with the others. Even though it was a bit of a hassle and extra work, I couldn't give this review less than 5 stars because of the quality and the price. I'm very happy with the sofas that I purchased.

Looks Nice, but....

This couch looks great and is comfortable for a short time. It isn't ideal for sitting or hanging for long periods of time. It might be good for cleaning up messes and spills but getting dog/cat hair out is challenging.

Exactly what I was looking for

Very easy to assemble. Very attractive looking and comfortable (not the comfiest couch I've sat on, but those don't fit through normal sized doors or without 5 guys wrestling it). Only complaint is that the usb/outlet component is just a third party product thrown in the box with basically no integration in the design of the couch, I was expecting more.

Very Impressed!

We had previously bought a couch from a store but it wound fit up the stairs of our old house. We were a bit leary about buying a couch online but the reviews were good for Burrow, so we decided to go for it. We received our couch and loved it. We were able to get the boxes up our stairs and the ease of putting it together was great. We did have a problem with some of the stitching on one of the cushions and an arm so we sent pics to customer service. They replied within 24 hours and replaced the cushion and the arm! Very impressed with both the couch and customer service. The Judges

Great quality, easy assembly, worth the price.

Easy enough to put together on your own, but helps to have someone else there to assist in flipping the couch over when you're done locking the latches on the bottom. The modular design is super convenient, made it a snap to get up the stairs and into our apartment. Looks great in our space!

Great Couch

We love our couch! We did a bunch of research and either couches were too expensive or felt too cheap (while still being expensive). Burrow is fairly priced and the free shipping is great. The couch took about 15 minutes to put together and is very sturdy. It's definitely a firm sofa, not one that you will sink into, but very comfortable and supportive.

Great sofa for a great price.

I ordered a burrow loveseat-sized sofa because my old sofa wouldn't fit through the door of my new apartment. The burrow sofa is great. It's comfortable without being overstuffed. The ottoman functions like a chaise. It was really easy to put together. Very clever mechanisms that can be put together and taken apart without losing their integrity each time. Gorgeous color and high quality fabric.

Modern, Convenience & Comfort

Modern - sleek grey color, simple ascetics Convenience - Came in 5 boxes (ordered chaise piece), 15 min put together time Comfort- Broke in quickly, not too stiff Needed a couch that would be portable and stylish living in a small apartment. The burrow couch was slick and easy to put together. If needed, it can be broken down in separate component sections for simple move. Only down side is that it took way long for me to receive it, 5+ weeks.

Worth the wait

I love this couch! It's the most comfortable, low maintenance furniture I've owned. I just wish they sold corner sectional pieces or at least an end piece for a footrest.

Very stylish couch

Wonderful piece of furniture. Easy to put together. Seat cushions are thick and comfortable. Thank you Burrow. One recommendation if I may...consider thickening up the backrest.

Easy, comfy, perfect for the city

My girlfriend and I moved in together in NYC and having flexibility with a small 1 bedroom apartmentwas important for us. We decided to design our home around the Burrow couch. With a 3 seater we are able to lounge and watch tv together when it's just the two of us, reduce it to 2 if we need more space, or store the modular pieces in the closet if we want to convert our living room into a dining room for an 8 person dinner party with friends. Having lived in NYC for 8 years and moved 6 times, the modular aspect also makes moving as hassle free as possible. I only wish they had a chaise module or made it possible to turn individual modules aside from the anchor into armchairs as well!

Perfect Couch

We bought two three-seaters, a we couldn't be happier. The are very sturdy and look great.

Best Couch Ever!

Seriously. This couch is awesome! Very comfortable, super stylin, and it wasn't a total nightmare to get up three flights of stairs. If you're hesitating or can't decide if this couch is for you, just stop it already and buy the couch. You won't regret it.

We love our burrow!!

Our burrow arrived in a timely manner, it was so easy to put together, it's super comfy and the perfect addition to our space!! We love it!!!

Second Time's a charm

This couch is easy to set up, and the the improved legs and fabric are a great signs a good couch is getting even better. This couch arrived in the blink of an eye and took next to no time to set up. It's also comfortable enough to make it easy to binge watch a whole season of arrested development on a rainy Saturday.

Stylish Sofa

Very pleased with our sofa, super comfortable, love the fabric!!!


I got my burrow a couple of weeks ago and tbh I live on it now. I live in a basement apartment with some funky stairs leading down, so a normal couch wouldn't fit in my apartment! Although the boxes are pretty big, it was totally worth it as the set up was pretty easy & the couch is super comfy. It's perfect for napping, gaming, or just watching tv! I was hesitant at first because most of the reviews I found were just through this site, but I am super happy with this couch & would highly recommend it to anyone.

Worth the Wait

I bought my couch in October but got it in March. It was definitely worth it. I would recommend my couch to anyone. It's better than all the other couches at the price point.

Awesome Sofa

I purchased this sofa a few weeks ago and I totally love it. The order arrived pretty quickly and assembly was easy. The cushions however were a bit on the firmer side, but I figured it needed some breaking in. After about a week or so, the cushions sofa felt pretty comfortable. The only complaint that I would have honestly is the USB charger. The power cord is too short and the USB is unable to rapidly charge fast charge devices. I do plan on getting an additional armchair to make this into a 3 seater. The ability to just add to the sofa is honestly what makes this a great piece of furniture.

great couch

Our Nomad sofa looks great in our TV room. Its a little firmer than what we were used to but we are already adjusting. The packaging, the ease of getting it up the stairs, and the simplicity of putting it together were amazing. I am really impressed with Burrows and would definitely recommend their products

Easy to assemble and looks great

Late night roommate living room chats over Mexican food never felt so comfortable. Shipping and assembly was easy and similar to experience receiving my Casper mattress. Looking forward to more Burrow living room pieces.

Great - easy

I really liked the set seat and ottoman in 30 minutes, no tools...the only thing I wish is that it shipped faster, but those are the breaks when it's custom to your choice.


Best couch I have ever owned!!

Fits the Bill

Just what I needed to create a welcome & useful entrance. High quality and easy to put together. Only a minor problem in that the cushion (which is very comfortable) is just slightly wider/deeper than the bench is. It sits fine but you can see that it’s a tiny bit off. Not a big deal. Overall I am extremely happy with it

Great couch! Camel top-grain leather sofa

Great sofa. Soft and durable! I wish we would have gotten an extra cushion but maybe we will go with a chair and ottoman instead!

Love everything but the movable chaise

We love the style and quality very much. It is very comfortable, even to sleep on. My only complaint is that I wish there was a way to temporarily connect the base of the movable chaise to the rest of the couch. The only thing holding the chaise to the rest of the couch is the long cushion which has some velcro to keep it connected to the base. Because we have hardwood floors, this causes the long cushion to slowly work its way outward and for the back cushion to slide downward. If you are on the couch for more than an hour, you'll need to reposition everything so that the back cushion will stay at the correct height. It isn't the worst thing to have to deal with, but it is definitely an annoyance and I think we will try our best to rig up a fix on our own.

Great experience

Comfortable, stylish, and easy to assemble - what else could you want!

Our dog is in love (and so are we)

Huge pros: easy shipping, and the separate boxes make it a doable lift for almost anyone. The assembly was very straightforward and easy. It looks great in our space and the moment we flipped it over our dog claimed it as her own. Best part is her fur wipes off easily and doesn't really show much!

Very Pleased

Received in less time than projected. Easy assembly, no tools needed. Clean lines, low profile, well crafted, very comfortable seating that is firm, but not overly firm. Very pleased with purchase.

I should have thought about the seat depth.....

First of all, the sofa is beautiful. I purchased the Nomad King Sectional in Crushed Gravel (with Walnut legs). The fabric is much more interesting in person - like a light gray tweed without the woven nature that is so compelling for cats to scratch. It's very attractive. And I love the idea of a modular sofa. So much easier to get into my house (small door frame!) and quite simple to put together. That said, because the sofa is not one solid piece, the back of the sofa feels wobbly. And yes, the cushions are firm, but I like that. What I should have considered before purchasing was the seat depth. This sofa is much more shallow than any sofa I have previously owned. At the time of purchase, I had sofa-shopping fatigue and was so excited when I learned about Burrow, that I failed to check the dimensions other than the overall length. My bad. In the end, we are keeping the sofa! I have officially recycled the shipping boxes. PS - I also purchased the Cape Cod House rug in Dark Gray. I love it. The cat loves it.

Modern Stylish Comfort

I live in a studio with 2 small lap/couch dogs & one fat cat. I was tired of feeling squished & uncomfortable on my small hard futon. I love this lounger. I use it as my main & only couch. It's small & yet because of the flexibility, it can be made longer or kept in chaise position. It definitely takes 2 people to assemble. It was Read more about review stating Modern Stylish Comforta bit like a big puzzle, but the instructions are very clear & easy to understand. Just don't discard the clearly labeled boxes for identification. I'd also suggest only opening one box at a time. It's firm but very comfortable. The fabric is very nice, not at all cheap looking. I'm very pleased with this purchase & highly recommend Burrows.

The perfect couple's lounger

Purchased the Range Lounger because the dimensions match up with the foot of our Queen bed frame. The couch itself is very comfy, supportive and the style is perfect for our modern studio apt design. The couch is great for upright seating, chaise lounging, and sideways lounging. We love the couch.

Shockingly Bad Experience

A shipping nightmare!! 8 weeks. 3 different delivery dates and still only have 3/4 of a couch sitting in my living room. terrible customer support. offered to send some arms and legs for the couch but they'd take about 3-4 weeks to get here. Check out the BBB reviews to see the real view of Burrows. As for quality, from the pieces that i actually do have it seems that they're "ok", average at best. Nothing that's any better than any other manufacturer.

It's OK, not phenomenal

Posting here, because Burrow does not make it easy to post true reviews on their own website, even if you're a customer - take their on site reviews with a grain of salt. I purchased a Range series sectional from them along with a rug, some additions to the sectional, and a Johanna Howard blanket. Granted I ordered during peak COVID, but it took a long time for delivery of all the pieces. Looking at it now, not as much a big deal, but I did have to reach out to them about delivery info - I was worried at one point because I had received some items but not all and could not completely assemble my sectional. They never were able to deliver the blanket after multiple emails, and they did refund the money paid for it. That resolved, so the rest of this review will be about the quality of the products I received. First, the rug. It looks great...but I've never seen a rug so prone to shedding. This rug will clog up my Dyson vacuum cleaner post haste, and I constantly have rug fibers everywhere. When vacuumed, it does look nice, though. As for the sectional, again, it looks nice, but there are some problems. First, as with all modern mail-order furniture these days, it's WAY too low to the ground. It's like it's made for a 120# 5' man. I spent a lot of extra money to buy sturdy 10" couch legs to make it comfortable for my 6' 200# frame. This was a problem, too, because Burrow's furniture is manufactured in a location where metric anchor bolts are the standard, making it very difficult to easily replace the legs. I'm guessing that's one of the reasons why it was so easy to sell the original legs on EBay. Assembly of the sectional was not particularly easy. A lot of lying on the ground and forcing pieces together to...juuusssst...get connectors to screw in was necessary. As far as comfort, I find it OK if sitting upright against a seat back. Lying down, it's not comfortable unless you have an extra pillow on hand - do not expect that you can just comfortably rest your head against a cushioned seat back. Overall, it's OK, but for the price paid, I really can't justify giving more than 3 stars.

Absolute Garbage

After owning a Burrow sectional sofa for one year exactly, the sofa cushions are not holding their shape, the fabric is loose, the fabric is pilling, the legs won't stay attached, the back doesn't truly lock so it is always wiggling/moving behind you, etc. It looks like trash and feels like trash. Burrow's responses to our complaints is "we have a 30 day exchange policy and it's been more than 30 days". They have zero desire to make it right or even tolerable.

Built to last but super uncomfortable!

We purchased the Nomad sectional with chaise. It arrived quickly (1 week). Easy to assemble. The quality is high, and I could tell it would have lasted a life time. Unfortunately, firm does not describe this couch. The cushions are outright hard and the most uncomfortable sectional you could ever imagine. In reading the reviews on the Burrow website, and with hindsight it is apparent the reviews are filtered and only the good ones get published. It is humanly impossible for the high percentage of people who actually sat on this couch and call it comfortable. We filed a return claim. The process was slow but after 2 weeks or so we did get it shipped back to them, and got all of our money back less $312 per the restocking fee stated on the purchase agreement. Lesson learned. Never ever buying a couch again with out sitting on it first!

Customer Service? What custumer service?

We bought a burrow sofa and chair about a year ago. A lot of times people just review when they get it, so it's hard to see how the furniture holds up later. When it arrived it had a spot where the threads were bad but I didn't have to use that if I assembled it in a certain way. I did try to get it addressed but it just wasn't worth it, with the way that this company works: 'ignore the customer' must be their motto. After a year the sofa is a little out of shape. Where my wife sits the sofa is a little lower. (I sit in the chair which is one piece so that can't happen there). I thought about reassembling (the modular part is their best feature -you can reconfigure their stuff easily, at least in theory) but I don't want to run into the thread problem again. Also the back of the matching chair: if you lean against the back it gives more than normal furniture. But now I get 4 emails from Burrow a day -advertising. I'm already not the biggest fan but I'm also not in the market. I contacted the company to get off the list. Remember their unofficial motto! Now I think I get more emails from them than ever, like I'm being punished. My experience with this company has been bad. Never again!

Hasn't held up over time

I've owned a "Nomad 6-seat Corner Sectional w chaise" for just over 2 years now. I was taken in by amazing reviews & the beautiful aesthetics of this sofa. The sofa sits in our living room and is used daily by a family of 4 (2 children under 10 yr old) and a labrador. By all the reviews, this was the perfect sofa for us. But this sofa fallen far short of anticipations. Issues as follows: - the chaise piece is not attached to the sofa, so it moved a lot, even though the cushion sort of velcros to the piece & it all sat on carpet - 12-13 months of owning the sofa, the chaise cushion had an uncorrectable lump across the line between the chaise piece & the sofa. Burrow corrected this with a new cushion despite the fact that we were 1 month out of warranty - 2nd time around, I bungeed the chaise to the sofa so it would not move, the cushion still developed a lump - about 18 months into ownership, a section of backing was falling forward. One of the brackets holding the back piece came undone from the frame. Burrow sent a new one & I replaced it. - at 2 years, I leaned against the back of the sofa, and all 145 lb of me cracked the frame piece. - the "highly durable" fabric is pilling and stretching/sagging in the places that are regularly sat upon. This sofa is an absolute piece of junk. There's no way that a sofa that retails for nearly $4k should perform this poorly. At least I got it on sale...this is not a case where we got what we paid for. Our prior sofa set was from a big box company, retailed for 1/2 the price and held up well for over 10 much for the "fancy guy."

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