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Blu Dot Reviews

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Blu Dot is a furniture brand that is found across many popular online retailers. Designs are on-trend with a dash of relatable modern and mid-century style. Styles start at budget-friendly prices with bargain-hungry shoppers having good things to say overall. Complaints mention issues with assembly and quality in some cases.

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Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

Price: $19-$9496+

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Blu Dot Specifics

Blu Dot is a competitively priced furniture brand that is sold on popular retailers like Wayfair and elsewhere. Founded by two architects and a sculptor, they bring design-forward styles, while maintaining competitive prices. Some of their most popular categories are their stunning tables, desks, and sofas. They offer some customization in color and upholstery, and require some assembly -- but, Wayfair offers professional assembly options through Handy.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, most customers have very good things to say about Blu Dot, with happy customers mentioning sturdy designs, easy assembly, and stylish looks. Those few that reported issues mostly mentioned minor differences in colors and dimension expectations vs. website pictures.

Material Quality

Blu Dot is well-known for their competitively priced furniture with sturdy designs and simple assembly. Their tables feature solid wood, including walnut, oak, and manufactured wood. Their other wooden items, such as credenzas, feature both solid wood and plywood backing in some cases. Their upholstered items include solid, manufactured wood frames and synthetic blend upholstery. Customers have very good things to say about durability overall with some minor complaints about finish scuffing in some cases.

Blu Dot's Top Furniture

Blu Dot is a great example of design-focused quality at reasonable prices. We'll go through their customers' top picks and discuss the ins and outs of their selection.

#1 Chairs

The Blu Dot sofas offer sleek and on-trend, mid-century designs. Their sofas feature synthetic upholstery, with multiple fabric color options. Their frames are made of solid and manufactured wood with foam cushions and back fill. Overall, customers have very good things to say about these sofas. Rare disagreements mentioned color expectations and cushion firmness.

The pros: High quality sofa designs for the price. Well rated for the price.

The cons: Some disagreements about color and cushion firmness.

#2 Desks

Blu Dot offers a limited selection of desks that are price-competitive and design-forward. They include painted and finished styles that include walnut, ash, and manufactured wood. Their prices are price-competitive to moderate, starting just around $500 for a small desk. Overall, customers have good things to say about the designs with some rare complaints about desk drawers.

The pros: Price competitive desks with sturdy designs and desirable styles.

The cons: Some issues reported about drawers in limited cases.

#3 Tables

Blu Dot offers a variety of dining tables, coffee tables, and side tables. Their designs focus on modern designs with on-trend accents. Their wooden designs come with solid wood options with specialty wood veneers, such as walnut. Some tables feature metal-accents with powder-coated finishes. Most customers like their tables from Blu Dot, with rare exceptions mentioning veneer durability and colors.

The pros: Sturdy tables with solid wood and specialty features.

The cons: Rare disagreements mentioning veneers and colors.

#4 Benches

Blu Dot offers a wide array of benches, including upholstered versions and solid wood options. Upholstered versions offer modern designs and upholstery color selections, including synthetic and leather. Blu Dot's bench frames are made from metal and solid wood. Customers overwhelmingly like their selection of benches with rare exceptions mentioning materials on delivery.

The pros: Competitive selection of benches with a range of metal and wood designs.

The cons: Rare disagreements about materials.

#5 Beds

Blu Dot's beds feature mostly upholstered bed frames, which come with manufactured wood frames and synthetic upholstery options. Their padded headboards include plywood and solid hardwood construction. With modern designs and on-trend styles, customers have good things to say about the durability and construction of these bed frames. Exceptions mostly mention issues with customers' expected color choices.

The pros: On-trend, mostly upholstered platform bed frames with moderate prices.

The cons: Some aspirational prices in some cases and rare disagreements about color selection.

More From Blu Dot's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Blu Dot offers a variety of other home products, such as:

- Outdoor

- Credenzas

- Dressers

- Shelves

Blu Dot Alternatives

Even with everything going on in the world, this is still one of the best times to be an online furniture shopper. Depending on where you buy, you can find high quality items with a unique style for sometimes $100s less than standard retailers.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

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It’s very firm —... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

It’s very firm — and not entirely comfortable so be cautious if it is to serve as a main living room piece.

A stunner. Excellent... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

A stunner. Excellent choice in multipurpose officeguest room.

nice looking, as described,... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

nice looking, as described, good value, thoughtful and careful delivery people, one leg screw was stripped (should check them or provide extras)

Like it a lot... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

Like it a lot - but wish the upholstery was a little tighter in the seat. The slight rolls make it look less expensive.

I bought this sofa... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

I bought this sofa in red and the color is nothing like the pictures show. It is some faded shade of orange rust with a faded red tint, sort of a faded brick color, the shade of red I would term as "old-woman's red." I would have done better ordering the off-white beige color. As it is, I have to change all my rugs, which have real red in them and make the sofa look old and dull. In terms of quality it seems sturdy and is heavy. May need two people to handle. You only need to screw on legs, but since the instructions were buried in the wrapping I only found them after I screwed the legs wrong. The seating is not soft, but I like that. What I don't like is that you have to smooth the upholstery over every time you get up because the padding and the fabric do not bounce back. I have not yet opened the sofa into the bed position, but I hope it will work. Overall, the product seems OK, but definitely not worth the price in my opinion.

Its not as red... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

Its not as red as on pictures, more like terracotta color, but works well for us. Geat sofa bed, a bit too sturdy, so we use pad and its very comfortable!

Nice couch, material is... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

Nice couch, material is more of a linen look than I was expecting. Bed is extremely firm. I use a high quality mattress topper and this makes it very comfy.

The color is just... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

The color is just as pictured. It is easy to fold out and stow away.

Looks beautiful, feels comfortable. Love... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

Looks beautiful, feels comfortable. Love it!

Worth the high price.... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

Worth the high price. Should last forever.

1) no tool included,... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

1) no tool included, only th

Great sofa/sleeper. The... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

Great sofa/sleeper. The back is a bit low but you can’t beat the cool factor of the couch that folds out to a queen size bed. Great for small space. I would rate a 4.5 (nothing’s perfect) but that wasn’t an option. We really enjoy it.

Great sofa. Over... [80" Square Arm Sofa Bed]

Great sofa. Over time the main cushion stretches, but can generally be tucked in at sides to retain smooth look. I would suggest caution when opening to sleeper position, as the top is rather heavy. I lost my grip and dropped it on my big toe which was fractured... but I blame me not the sofa!

This is a great... [Stash Reversible Desk]

This is a great desk that serves its function without taking up too much space. Drawer can be installed on either side. Took a little work to put together but really solid and useful.

Great for small spaces.... [Stash Reversible Desk]

Great for small spaces. Using it as an every-day desk in my home office. It's beautiful and it's sold wood so it holds up really well. Super easy to put together-took less than 10 minutes.

I was tired of... [Stash Reversible Desk]

I was tired of particle board furniture, so I decided to invest in the Stash Desk. It was extremely easy to put together and exactly what I was looking for style-wise. I know this is a desk I'll have for a very long time. The first three weeks with it yield no complaints!

Awesome desk, although I... [Stash Reversible Desk]

Awesome desk, although I found the drawer interfered with my use of it, so I removed it

So well made and... [Stash Reversible Desk]

So well made and stylish. A snap to put together. Huge fan of this desk.

Really lovely sturdy desk.... [Stash Reversible Desk]

Really lovely sturdy desk. Easy to assemble. You need an electric drill with a screwdriver bit. It’s a little high so make sure you have an adjustable height chair with it. Looks great.

Easy to assemble. ... [Stash Reversible Desk]

Easy to assemble. Constructed of quality solid wood. Just enough grain in the wood to give it some texture. Legs were a little too “ivory” color, so I painted them white to match wainscoting and trim. Drawer is set on simple wood glides. Perfect size for laptop or small PC monitor.

Nice sturdy desk. Locking... [Stash Reversible Desk]

Nice sturdy desk. Locking mechanism for the drawer is not great and kind of cheap.

Easy to assemble and... [Stash Reversible Desk]

Easy to assemble and nice modern look!

Beautiful desk and just... [Stash Reversible Desk]

Beautiful desk and just the right size

i got the all... [Stash Reversible Desk]

i got the all white and was scared the top part wouldnt show the wood grain like the photos but it does. It makes the investment in real wood worth the extra money and results in just enough contrast to make an otherwise very simple desk very beautiful.

Super easy to assemble.... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Super easy to assemble. Looks awesome. Yay.

This bed is very... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

This bed is very sturdy and seems extremely well made. No creaking or squeaking at all in comparison to other upholstered beds I've had from other companies. Highly recommend buying this bed!

Fabric for base needs... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Fabric for base needs to be installed using velcro...aligning seams can be difficult

LOVE THIS BED! Just... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

LOVE THIS BED! Just gorgeous in real life. Well made and makes a statement in a room.

I was in the... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

I was in the market for a low profile, kid safe, modern style bed and decided to go out on a limb with the Nook. The bed is well constructed, steel frame, I suspect, and significantly heavier than I had anticipated it would be. It was easy to assemble solo (though the instructions recommend working in a team, oh and I used power tools). I had the bed set up and all the boxes broken down within a couple hours. It's topped with only a 6 inch medium firmness memory foam mattress, I neither feel nor hear the slats. Overall I'm very satisfied and have added more Blu dot pieces to our home!

Ordered this for a... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Ordered this for a client guest bedroom - queen - gray. Very happy with the quality. Assembly was fairly easy and I was impressed with how well the fabric covers fit that attach with velcro to the sides/ base of the bed- nice and snug. Legs and wood platform base seem sturdy. 10" thick mattress fits nicely while still allowing some of the headboard to show. It was a challenge to find a modern bed that was low enough to not cover the windows and I am happy with this choice.

Sleek, well made, easy... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Sleek, well made, easy to assemble! Love that the mattress sits on top. Great texture in the fabric.

Can never go wrong... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Can never go wrong with Blu Dot

Well made and looks... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Well made and looks great! Easy assembly but requires 2 people.

Great quality, great price.... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Great quality, great price.

Perfect bed for small... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Perfect bed for small space for a king

Love this bed. I'd... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

Love this bed. I'd buy it again

This is a really... [Nook Upholstered Platform Bed]

This is a really stylish looking bed and feels extremely solid.

More beautiful than I... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

More beautiful than I thought it would be!

Absolutely beautiful. Sleek design... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

Absolutely beautiful. Sleek design and comfortable.

Great and beautiful! undefined... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

Great and beautiful!

Great buy. The... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

Great buy. The light gray upholstery is a true light gray with firm cushion. Legs and base are made of metal and not wood. However, would definitely recommend.

I am very satisfied... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

I am very satisfied with this bench, and it looks great in our living room for additional seating when friends arrive.

You can tell from... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

You can tell from the moment you put your hands on this bench that it's sturdy and high quality. I spent a couple hours a night for over a week looking for a dining bench. The problem was finding a bench with the corret width, color, style, and most important - weight capacity. Most benches hold ~175 pounds, which is a joke. The Puff Puff Bench from Blu Dot holds 600+ pounds which is great for up to 3 adults. Super glad about this bench!

Beautiful bench... pictures when... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

Beautiful bench... pictures when room is complete!

Great color. Soft and... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

Great color. Soft and comfortbale seats.

Beautiful bench. It looks... [Puff Puff Wood Bench]

Beautiful bench. It looks great at the foot of my bed. I love how long it is

Looks great and nice... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Looks great and nice quality

Feels narrower than I... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Feels narrower than I thought it would but I think that’s because of the length. Other than that, it’s a beautiful and sturdy table.

Beautiful table. I love... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Beautiful table. I love the length and width for our space. Other reviews mention that it’s darker than it looked in pictures and not as dark as I was expecting. Walnut is generally quite dark and it is not.

You know you want... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

You know you want to sit at our new table! This is a solid piece of furniture!!

Looks great! Easy... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Looks great! Easy to put together and fits space perfectly!

Beautiful design, good quality,... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Beautiful design, good quality, easy to assemble, sturdy, and fits 8-10 people comfortably. Very happy with this purchase and do recommend!

Beautiful! Love the... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Beautiful! Love the modern shape and warm wood finish.

Great-looking table, but the... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Great-looking table, but the veneer scratches easily. Our family is very careful but 6 months in, there are several unsightly scratches. I feel a dining table should be able to handle family dinner. This is not the product of abuse, just normal wear.

Exactly what wanted! We... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Exactly what wanted! We wanted a long but slighy more narrow table than your standard table and that is exactly what this is. It is gorgeous and very well made.

Great table, a little... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Great table, a little thin but super sturdy and looks nice.

The grain of the... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

The grain of the wood is beautiful, and the clean lines of the table look great. It would be a 5-star table if it was just a few inches wider.

Great quality table. In... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Great quality table. In person it is darker and thinner (as in not wide) than expected from the photos.

Love this table! Great... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Love this table! Great quality. Perfect with 6 chairs. (8 possible, but it’s tight.)

I just love this... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

I just love this table

Love this table! ... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Love this table! Great quality and unique design.

The speed of delivery... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

The speed of delivery and the service when I had 3 separate parts of a basic order go missing....I will never order from any of these connected websites again...

This is an amazing... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

This is an amazing table. Very well made and designed. Simple and yet stylish, like all things Blu Dot! The beveled cut under the table is just so sleek looking. Its my favorite piece of furniture in our kitchen breakfast dining area. I highly recommend it!

Perfect size and great... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Perfect size and great quality.

Very high quality. I... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Very high quality. I feel it's a very versatile piece and would suit modern or traditional dining chairs.

Beautiful! This table fit... [Second Best 95" Dining Table]

Beautiful! This table fit perfectly into the dining room making it a simple and elegant space.

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