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Big Lots

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Big Lots is way more than a home decor and furniture store. They are a home and budget-focused department store that offers furniture, mattresses, home decor, bed and bath products, and more, including electronics, bulk groceries and household essentials. When most folks think Big Lots, they think furniture and most folks like what they can find at a discount, but there are some disagreements about perceived quality and durability.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

Price: $69-$999+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Restrictions

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Big Lots Specifics

Big Lots is so much more than just a discount furniture store. It offers home essentials, pet supplies, groceries, and more. While some of these products are over-sold before they find themelves at Big Lots, their furniture offers contemporary options from budget-friendly brands.

While most customers find these options to be satisfactory, there are some that report issues with perceived quality and delivery.

Material Quality

Big Lots offers items from affordable brands like Ashley, Broyhill, and Lane Home. They utilize cost-effective materials, such as veneered particle board and synthetic upholstering. While most don't have an issue with initial purchase or with lesser used items, there are some that complain about durability issues with commonly used products.

Big Lot's Top Furniture Picks

What Big Lots customers mention again and again is the fun of walking the aisles while not knowing what they will find. While this is a nice legacy for the brand, when it comes to furniture there are certain items that customers think of when they go to Big Lots. We'll go through the ins and outs of the most popular furniture requests from Big Lots shoppers.

#1 Patio Furniture

The first most popular furniture category is patio and outdoor furniture. Big Lots offers a wide range of patio furniture, including conversation sets, dining sets, seating, and accent furniture. Their prices are reasonable overall, though some have reported some items being more expensive than expected. With most options coming in all-weather wicker varieties, customers mostly have good things to say about their purchases. However, there were some complaints about assembly and perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: Range of affordable and mid-grade outdoor furniture with contemporary styles.

The cons: Some issues reported about durability and assembly in some cases.

#2 Mattresses

Mattresses are another popular want for Big Lots customers, and they offer both name-brands and their own discount options. Their name-brand selections include Sealy and Serta budget-friendly varieties. Also, they offer Zeopedic, which is a mattress in a box brand that is sold exclusively at Big Lots. While customers can find cheap options with satisfactory initial comfort scores, there are some complaints about long term comfort.

The pros: Affordable options, including some name-brand options.

The cons: Some disappointing durability and long term comfort complaints in some cases.

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#3 Couches & Sectionals

Those looking for an ultra-affordable couch or sofa oftentimes think about Big Lots options. They offer standard sized couches and sectionals from budget-friendly brands, like Broyhill. Many of these options come with synthetic upholstering or faux leather. While customers report generally satisfactory initial comfort scores, some of these models have issues with faster than average degrading.

The pros: Affordable couches and sectionals offered.

The cons: Issues with durability reported.

#4 Recliners

Big Lots furniture shoppers also commonly request a new recliner. Similar to sofas and sectionals, Big Lots offers very affordable and budget-friendly recliner brands like Broyhill. With both manual and power recline options, Big Lots options include those with synthetic upholstering or faux leather. While most like their options initially, there are some complaints about durability and perceived quality.

The pros: Wide array of ultra-affordable recliners.

The cons: Some problems with durability and perceived quality reported.

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#5 TV Stands & Living Room Furniture

The last most popular furniture item at Big Lots is a new TV stand and living room furniture. Most of their options feature veneered particle board and other engineered wood. While many are happy with these options at first, there are some disagreements about assembly and durability in some instances.

The pros: Good looking TV stands and other veneered wooden options.

The cons: Some disagreement about perceived quality and assembly.

More From The Big Lots 2020 Furniture Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Big Lots offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Home Decor

- Holiday Decor

- Bed & Bath Items

- Kitchen & Dining Items

- Home Storage

Big Lots Store Locator

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Big Lots Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save you $1000s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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Browse Big Lots Customer Reviews

Nice couch & helpful sales lady

Nice couch, and the sales lady in the furniture dept. was very helpful 5 stars!

Flimsy chair

Chair's were kind of flimsy we had to return them to the store

NO, poor quality

The legs are uneven and when attached to the table overlap the tabletop.


Chairs are cheaply made. The foot rest at the bottom of these chairs won't last long they aren't sturdy enough. I regret this purchase!

i would not buy this again

I really love it, but one thing was dropped on the table, I can't remember what it was but not from very high and their is already a chip in it which really ticks me off.

I will Buy this again

It's a great buy specially in my bugget nice color thanks big lot's

Chairs Great, Store not so much...

Got the last two chairs they had. The big lots employees had put it together because they were the display chairs. by the time I got home they had fallen apart. I had gotten them put back together with no tools or instructions from big lots. so overall the chairs i recommend but the store I highly don't recommend.

I wouldn't buy these again but they serve a purpose.

The color was what I was looking for but the finish on the chairs is very poor. Both chairs came out of the box with areas where the finish has already flaked off.

I would not buy this again

One of the chairs would not assemble completely. The bars on the legs did not fully assemble.

Never again

Horrible quality and I contacted customer service and they were useless

Worth the price

Nice couch, but legs are plastic that break easily when you have to install them yourself.

Perfect addition to my livingroom.

This sofa with it's matching pillows has been a great addition to our living room. Just the right size for my teenage son and myself. Firm and supportive, and comfortable to sit on. It replaces a sofa that I bought a couple of years ago that fell apart all too quick. I'm not worried about that happening with this wonderful sofa, that even comes with a warranty!

Yes i would

Very fast and friendly service

I would buy again

Love the sofa. It is very comfortable and looks great. Great value

Fantastic Item

I purchased the sofa for my sister, and she loves it. Very comfortable Very well made and the perfect size

This is a great product. I would highly recommend it.

Perfect size for naps on the sofa and it looks great as well

Yes I would buy again

Love the color and price


Great value for the price and very comfortable

Be careful

Sofa is ok but I got it and it has something sticky on it straight out the plastic. Watch out. Not happy about it.

I would not buy again

Gus not care for this couch. Construction was disappointing. You sank down into couch when you sat in it. This piece would not of held up very well.

Poorly Crafted

I have the entire set and there is a board that came loose about a month after we purchased it. We hardly sit on the love seat so it is in good condition. But the sofa is trash. It has been a year but after the first month I was questioning my purchase. I am soon to replace it. But it wont be from big lots.


WORSE COUCH EVER PURCHASED! Started having issues within the first MONTH I bought it. After a few months of ownership it had a rather large dent in the back of it. The wood had split. Called and they said if I brought it in they would exchange it. They ran out of stock. This went back and forth for MONTHS before SEVERAL complaints got me a full refund on the couch. After my dad peaked inside of the couch(yes the fabric on the bottom was also already coming apart), he saw that the couch was being held together by STAPLES and they had used knotted wood. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I CANNOT EXPRESS MY DISGUST OVER THIS COMPANY AND THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE FURNITURE ENOUGH. NEVER AGAIN!

No never

Purchased 9 months ago and the seat cushions have lost there support. The material is bundling due to the cushioned flattening out. Very uncomfortable to sit in. It's just my husband and I, average size people. Don't waste your money. Looks like not covered under any mfg. warranty. Very disappointed


Don't fit in my door to my house

I Returned because it was not comfy.

Not very comfortable. Came in a lot of plastic. Smelled bad. But was a perfect 3 seat size.


delivered with holes in it and no wooden feet attached..$$ REFUNDED BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE!!

I would not venture into the furniture aspect of Big Lot's..

I would not like to buy this product...again...the wood structure creeks when I set down (160 tops) and the cushions sag in the center with no support...I realize, I pay4what I get but...a sagging center to an eight foot couch...maybe the structure needs to be reinforced?

I would not buy furniture from big lots again

Stays crushed after sitting on it.

I would buy this again and again

It's in my formal dining room.... It's a big hit with friends and family.

I would buy this diningroom set over again

I bought this for my dining room it was easy set up, me and my husband took 45mins to set it up

In Love

I love it it's a nice big table Fit good in my space just One problem have to put all the parts yourself But it worth the result Just gotta be careful to put the parts together Of the the material fabric look so good in my kitchen I liked it With a good care should last for a good time


We bought the table and 6 chairs. One pedestal was broken which they replaced. The table leaf was chipped so the store told us they had a new one to replace it with. The replacement was off of the used floor model and did not fit. Many imperfections on the finish!

Not the quality I expected from Broyhill

Bought the Tuscany collection for our rental unit. Had it put together on Saturday and by Tuesday the dining room table already had paint missing. We only have a calm 8 yr old that played with his Legos on the table. The store sales person informed me it would not chip easily due to a six step painting process. 😳 This was the only reason that I purchased it and now my husband is giving me the "I told ya so". Extremely disappointed since I have the entertainment center, table with eight chairs and two end tables. The entertainment center doors are already chipped also. Not the quality I would expect from Boy Hill.

A must buy and a lot of "bang for the buck "

This set is soooooo beautiful. We even added the upholstered chairs to go with it! You will not be disappointed! It was very easy to put together as well! It took us an hour for the chairs and table all together.

I love it!!! Beautiful and well built.

I love it!!! It is beautiful and very sturdy.

Buy it if you want to give your dining room a face lift!

We wanted a large table that would easily accommodate up 8 people. We have a family of 3 but have many family/friends over all the time. This table met all of our expectations! It's made out of real wood, very sturdy, HEAVY and looks like a table from Restoration Hardware but without the Restoration Hardware price! Very stylish and sophisticated! As a bonus it comes with a leaf so you can easily extend the table for extra room and can easily be removed if not needed.. I'd say it can set up to 10 people comfortably if you bring out extra seats. Chairs are comfortable too! As far as assembly goes I was really surprised that the entire process was effortless. No tools necessary it comes with everything you need.

Hard to put together due to building structure of chair

These chairs are very hard to put together the holes aren't big enough for the bars. It was a struggle putting them together

Wouldn't recommend

Were defective, wouldn't go together. Tried several times

Don't buy

Product is already chipping

Don't buy

Screws are already coming off and chipping


Very cheaply made, would not recommend.

No way

Bought this last year with in 6 months its in the trash. Manager wasn't helpful i learned not to buy from big lots. Dont. Spen money on it not worth it.

By the 3rd chair it got easier to assemble.

Purchased 4 chairs and Hayden Brown table. The chairs are a hassle to put together. They provide a little wrench but its very slowand hard to use due to the corners of chair seat. The rungs on chair bottom have screws that go in at a steep angle. If you don't get it right the screws eat at the wood on the leg. Suggest using a flashlight to make sure screw and hole are aligned before screwing in.

OK for the price

Love the color and the style of the chairs, but there are several scuff marks on the corners and some of the assembly holes aren't pre-drilled, causing some of the material on the leg to split when screwed in (DID NOT USE power tool, regular, hand-twist screwdriver)

I would buy this if it wasn't damaged

There was a huge gouge in the side of this.

I would never buy these again.

Very, very cheaply made for any price. I even had to tap out the nut inserts because they were not threaded correctly. Just plain cheap quality / Cheap materials.


Didn't go together right screw hole stripped broke 2 weeks later

No I wouldn't buy table again

To small when sitting in chairs can't fit legs under table

Dog pull leashes 2

Went to Big Lots New Smyrna beach on 44. Chose to buy to dog walk extendable leashes . They were marked 3.99. We chose 2 of them. At the register they rang up at 12.99 each. I said that they price tag on them clearly stated 3.99. The response was " oh let me call my boss " With his back turned ..... he muffled I'll tell them . Sorry , I can't sell them to you for that price.I stated that it was the law that the price marked by the store should be honored . He said " I just work here ". No manager , no honoring the price . No nothing. We didn't buy those leashes, but this store was illegally dishonest , They do not care , and I will be calling corporate . Now I understand all the 1 star reviews. Step up to the plate BIG LOTS!!!!

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