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With over 100 retail locations and a legacy that goes back to the turn of the 20th century, Bassett Furniture has developed a reputation for moderately priced furniture in contemporary, rustic, and traditional styles. While most customers reported excitement about Bassett's selection, there were some mixed sentiment about in-store service and perceived quality on delivery.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $79-$12158+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Fee

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Bassett Specifics

Bassett Furniture offers a wide ranging furniture brand from in-store locations across the country to an online experience where shoppers can link up with helpful interior designers. Bassett's furniture is moderately priced with a focus on classic, European influenced styles and rustic farm-chic designs.

When it comes to in-store shopping and customer satisfaction, most shoppers have good things to say overall with most experiencing helpful design inspiration. There was some mixed sentiment about durability and perceived value in some cases.

Material Quality

Historically, one of the differentiators of Bassett's selection has been their offerings of higher quality American made furniture. This has translated traditionally with more solid wood construction. However, in recent years, there have been some disagreements from customers about quality and construction received on delivery.

Bassett Furniture Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Bassett's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Sofas & Sectionals

The first category that shoppers are keen to get their hands on is a new sofa or sectional from Bassett. They offer multiple designs in traditional styles featuring muted color palette options like beige, grays, and blue in synthetic blends. Additionally, they offer hundreds of fabric customization options in various patterns, prints, and material selections (such as chenille, velvet, and tweed). While most shoppers like the design and style choices offered, there were some complaints about durability in some cases.

The pros: Huge array of fabric options. Classic and traditional sofa looks.

The cons: Select disagreements about durability in some cases.

#2 Coffee Tables

Another living room essential that Bassett shoppers are excited to get their hands on are coffee tables. Most of Bassett's designs feature high value wood materials and solid construction. Their styles range from rustic and distressed to more traditional varnished varieties with the option to customize color pallettes in some cases. Most shoppers have good things to say about the selection and the material quality overall.

The pros: Good selection of wooden coffee table options in contemporary and traditional styles.

The cons: Minor complaints about price value in some cases.

#3 Beds & Bedroom Sets

Another category that shoppers are eager to add to their home are beds and bedroom sets. Similar to Bassett's other products, their styles offer solid construction, which means heavier dressers and bed frame offerings. Their beds range from $699-$4649 and feature both rustic farmhouse styles and more traditional refined offerings in solid wood with some upholstered accents at times. Customers have good things to say overall about these selections, but there were some disagreements about durability and price value in some cases.

The pros: Sturdy solid wood dressers and bed frame offerings. High value styles.

The cons: Minor disagreements about durability and price value in some cases.

#4 Chairs

Accent chairs are another category that is a go-to for Bassett shoppers. Their selection of armchairs include both traditional upholstered versions with customizable upholstering options and also more modern options with lower profiles or wooden frames. With over 150 options to choose from, most of their chairs are moderately priced, starting at just above $600. While most customers have good things to say about the selection, there were some disagreements about durability and price value in some instances.

The pros: Wide accent chair selection, including both traditional and modern designs.

The cons: Some disappointment with longevity and perceived value in some cases.

Top Quality Alternative: Perigold Accent Chairs
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#5 Dining Tables

The last most popular category for Bassett shoppers is dining room furniture. Their selection mainly features solid construction with heavy profiles. These tables come in a few different styles including farmhouse, traditional refined, and also more modern ascetic options. Their styles start at $749 for a small round option and goes well above $5000 for larger, customizable options. Shoppers resonate well with the designs overall and have good things to say about the materials with some lingering disappointment about price value in some cases.

The pros: Wide array of dining table styles with a variety of finish customization options.

The cons: Some disappointment about price value in some instances.

More From Bassett's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Bassett offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Desks

- Recliners

- Rugs

- End Tables & Accents

- Bar Stools

Request A Bassett Furniture Catalog

Bassett offers a popular home catalog in the US. Want to see the newest designs and get inspiration for your home?

Visit and request your catalog today.

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We recently renovated our house

We recently renovated our house and needed new furnitures for our living room and family room, we were very lucky to have Nikki Clark helped us in the whole process, she was very professional and creative, and understood what we wanted. Her design for both rooms presented in different style, but fit so well with entire our house , we just love it! Thank you very much, Nikki, great job, appreciated!!

Canh was a hoot and very helpful today...

Canh was a hoot and very helpful today. We spent a good amount of time selecting dining room chairs that would accent what already exists. My friend was prepared to spend a decent amount of money to get what she wanted. Nothing appeared quite right....that is until she spotted 2 chairs in her periphery and in, of all areas, the "clearance" room! Expecting scratches or dings or some other defect, Canh explained Bassett clearance items aren't spoils, rather they are typically custom pieces where a mistake in color or style occurred...the pieces are 100% intact with no blemishes. As if the 2 chairs were simply waiting for the right eye to grab them, my friend jumped on what were originally $4000 chairs, she spent just under $1000. THAT was a an excellent she ended up purchasing a new sofa too. I'm not a shopper but it's experiences like this that remind me there a good deals out there and with a bit of patience...well you know. Overall great shopping experience, Canh was a gem.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Nikki

I would like to extend a special thank you to Nikki. She helped me design a very challenging living room. And made it beautiful. I truly could not figure this room out. Within 10 minutes, Nikki understood my room and what I wanted. She asked do you have your measurements, I said yes and there she went. She did a digital print of my room and filled it in with the appropriate scale furniture. In addition, she gave great suggestions which kept me on track to the style I was going too. This was a huge help and I would highly recommend her. DL

Thank you

Thank you Nikki Clark! She designed our entire home and we couldn't have done it without her design expertise and professionalism. She is so wonderful to work with and she made the entire process fun and easy! She helped us pick out beautiful pieces of furniture including custom pieces such as a dining room table, bar stools, coffee table, rugs, table lamps, love seats, sectionals, pillows, tv consoles, sliding buffet table, and window treatments. Thank you again, Nikki! You are truly the best!

I want to start by saying...

I want to start by saying that almost every piece of furniture in our house is from Bassett. We always come back to this store and today Blaine is who brought us back. We bought a large piece of furniture in October and it has not held up very well. Blaine is the new store manager and when I reached out to him, he took care of us right away. He is the reason we will come back to Bassett. He stood behind the product and made things right. We truly appreciate him and his customer service. If you need any furniture, I encourage you to go see Blaine at Bassett in Irvine.

The furniture quality is very noticeable.

Canh is such a helpful salesperson. The furniture quality is very noticeable. All the chairs are super comfy. And while you are waiting, request snacks, they are primo.

We want to let everyone know how much we appreciate

We want to let everyone know how much we appreciate Christine Charhut, and the delivery company. My wife said that Christine was so sweet, professional and had great suggestions. She help us designed our new Norm's Double Chase lounge's couch. The deliver men Lucido & Jessie. I think that was there names. They arrived on time. And took care of a minor adjustment on the couch. They deserve 10 stars for Christine customer service & the delivery men.

I just had an entire family room

I just had an entire family room designed by Nikki Clark at the Irvine store. She is a dream to work with. She listens to your needs and wants, uses her design expertise to offer solutions, and ultimately creates a beautiful space. I had a challenging room layout and she made it work perfectly. Nikki is professional, high energy, a true design expert, and customer focused. She had great ideas and offered multiple options and never made me feel pressured. I ordered 20 pieces from her and I love every single piece. Most importantly, I trust Nikki with all my future design needs. I can't wait to work with her again on many of my rooms, she makes the whole process enjoyable.


SNOBBY SALES PEOPLE!!!! No one comes and greets you, offers to help (even when approaching someone for help...just said..."you have to look around"). They sit on their computers and could care less. Because of the poor service and snobby sales people, I will not be returning. LIVING SPACES is AMAZING!!! Go next door. Nicest, friendliest sales people and are more than willing to help. They also make you feel comfortable:)

We were browsing for a good half hour

We were browsing for a good half hour and didn't receive any help. There were many employees on their cell phones or talking amongst themselves.

I was very happy...

I was very happy with the service I received. Great store and staff. The designer was very helpful.

Beautiful store

Beautiful store, great service, quality furniture. Very pleased and will go back again.

My husband and I had just completed a home renovation

My husband and I had just completed a home renovation and we were in need of furniture for a couple of rooms. We were lucky enough to work with Canh Hoang, who helped us through the entire process, from design concept through furniture delivery set-up. He really listened to our needs and helped us with designs/materials, all while keeping our budget in mind. We would work with him again in a heartbeat!

Great service...

Great service with wonderful collection of pieces and a very knowledgeable staff. Will definitely going back.

This review is for the manager...

This review is for the manager and the quality of the furniture. After having two bad experiences with my orders (back to back), the manager made sure I was completely happy and went above and beyond to mend the sales people's mistakes. The furniture is of great quality and very beautiful. 85% of my home is furnished with Bassett products and I'm so pleased with the quality. I will continue to shop here because of the wonderful management and the quality of their products.

Very large and pretty nice store

Very large and pretty nice store. Pricing and quality is ok, service fine. We have found some nice items here and while it is not my favorite furniture store, it is worth a look to see what they have in store.

Extremely professional

Nikki was wonderful! Extremely professional, yet, very warm. She was thorough and has extreme knowledge of deign. Thanks, Nikki

Special ordered a chair & ottoman

Special ordered a chair & ottoman. They were expensive because we ordered them with really high end fabric. There are only my husband & I (both retired) using that furniture. The ottoman is now going on 5 years old however the fabric not only slightly tore but ran. I had purchased their 5 year warranty. The store said "they'll take care of it, no problem. A "technician" came out, took pictures 10 days ago. After 87minutes on hold & 3 transfers later to inquire about the claim today, I finally had the option to receive a callback. Two hours later I got an email saying it was not covered, that the tear was more than 3" from a seam & it was normal wear & tear. NEVER will I go there again. By the way, the 3 salespeople who had been there & assisted me are "long gone"

Buyer beware.

Buyer beware. Pictures speak a thousand words. This furniture is the lowest quality i have ever bought.

If I could give less than a 1 star I would

If I could give less than a 1 star I would. I have never purchased such poor quality furniture. Sent the first couch back because the quality was so bad only to receive a second one that's even worse. To make matters worse, a friend purchased a sofa at Macy's for less than half of what I paid and it looks a million times better. This store is just another version of Kohl's. They always have 30% off. Buyer beware---don't go near this place. I should have known better---my mother's interior designer used to roll his eyes and talk about horrible brands specifically naming Bassett. Although furniture is less expensive than Baker and other good brands, it's worth spending the extra money for the quality. If you don't want to spend a lot, go to Macy's or Living Spaces where you won't spend much but the quality is tons better than Bassett.

Had a great experience with Marc!

Had a great experience with Marc! He was so helpful and came up with great ideas for our space.

Terrible experience

Terrible experience. Went to store twice and was ignored by the five sales people that were sitting in a group chatting. Finally I went up to the group and one lady started to help me , then handed me over to another sales woman who seemed to be very nice. Her name was Linda Karen ,who by the was was not there the next time I went back. Before a year my fabric, was pilling and looked worn. They said they don't carry that fabric any more.For a very expensive sectional ,with what they call a performance fabric, I never expected this to happen. the only thing they offered me was a shaver ,and told me to do this myself. Like I said the experience was terrible and a very costly mistake. Warning to others. Don't buy from Bassett


WORST FURNITURE STORE EXPERIENCE EVER!!! The quality appears to be good in the store but once received delivery immediately had an issue with poor quality. Drivers took pix and I called the store immediately. THEY NEVER FOLLOW UP. It has been months since I took delivery and I am still trying to get a resolution to the ridiculously expensive furniture that I could have gotten at Bob's or Job Lot or any similar place with the quality of furniture I got from Bassett. I have been trying to reach them and they do not reply to emails, when I called the manager was "in a meeting" and I was told to hold on, Ruth said she would get someone to speak to me in his absence. After being on hold for 10 minutes she came back on the line and HUNG UP. I called back again and she said, Oh, I will put you on hold -- and I said, Wait! Why? Her reply? To speak with the person you need to speak to. Again on hold for over 5 minutes and just gave up, which clearly is what they are wishing for. I immediately sent another email to the manager who was purportedly in the meeting and have yet to hear back from him, some 5 hours later. #fullydisgusted #bassettfurnituresucks #bassettfurniturehashorriblecustomerservice #donotbuybassettfurniture

Ordered custom headboard

Ordered custom headboard. Looks we were guided poorly. ThIs is reallyy ugly and does not wrk at all. They want a 40% restock fee. I would avoid. There are many choices of furniture stores in Bergen County.

If there was an option for ZERO stars

If there was an option for ZERO stars, that would be my rating. I bought furniture (which is beautiful) from Bassett 4 years ago. My light grey couch was a concern but the sales person said "dont worry, there is coverage so within 5 years call them and they will clean it for you". So, 4 years later I called to get someone to clean all the stains on the couch and the cleaning company refused saying they only come out for an accidental spill ONCE. This is NOT what the salesperson assured me during my purchasing of the sofa. Additionally, i bought an accent chair that now has HOLES in the seat. HOLES. i called to get that repaired and the team said "we don't cover normal wear and tear". So are you telling me that i can't sit on my chair? that its NORMAL for a chair to have holes in the seat? I bought a solid couch from Crate and Barrel 15 years ago and the couch looks like it is brand new. Worst customer service. Nobody cares that I am going to buy a whole new livingroom set 4 years later.

Shortly after purchasing

Shortly after purchasing what we thought were high end sofas, we noticed the fabric started to pill, despite cleaning them properly. When we contacted Bassett, we were told the sofas could not be fixed or replaced as "pilling" is not covered under the warranty. The only thing that was offered to us was an electric fabric shaver (which still did not help). Up until this experience, we viewed Bassett as a high end furniture store, however, we are so disappointed by, not only the quality of their products, but the lack of customer service in this company.

Etta was so helpful and we loved working

Etta was so helpful and we loved working with her.She was extremely patient and really looked at what kind of furniture/style was wanted and proposed beautiful options. Also, she made sure that we got the best price that we could. We got an entirely new bedroom set, which was delivered yesterday, and love it. Thank you Etta!


RUN FAR ANS FAST FROM BASSETT!!! I would leave zero stars if I could. Terrible customer service after they have your money. They couldn't care less after the sale is completed. From the delivery to the sales person to their customer (I don't) care service you have to call for any issues its all a nightmare and a terrible waste of time. Will never buy a single thing from here again.

I wanted to share our wonderful experience

I wanted to share our wonderful experience with Etta the designer at Bassett furniture in Paramus. She really listened to what we were looking for and keeping within our budget. She was a pleasure to work with and had a great eye for design. Would highly recommend.

I wanted to take the time out of my excessively busy

I wanted to take the time out of my excessively busy day to commend one of your design consultants in the Paramus NJ store. Ramon Roman has been a dream-come-true to my husband and I. We moved into a large home in Wyckoff recently, and had lots of rooms to fill with furniture. Knowing the excellent Bassett quality, that was my/our first and only choice to make purchases. The pure luck of us having Ramon take us on when we walked into the store on Route 17 (and not sales-pushy, nor pressuring in any way) was our pure luck! He has been so wonderful with us. Not only did he help us pick out beautiful furniture taking in both my husband and my very different tastes and wants, but he met us in our home and took proper measurements, and laid out a floor plan design to perfection. He follows through with his clients, and watches over their order, emails to keep you apprised. This is the customer service I give to my own clients in my marketing role, and what I expect and always don't always get when retail shopping. To say he goes above and beyond is not empty words coming from a person with high customer service expectations either! We enjoyed working with him so much, that when we needed our next purchase, we went right back to the store and asked for him. We will continue to do the same with anything else we need. Ramon also offered to come take curtain measurements when we're ready, and has made excellent recommendations on paint colors for our home. This is a true design consultant, and he is such an amazing asset to your Bassett family in Paramus (and to our family as well)! We are awaiting our next delivery which should be arriving next week, and I know we will be exceptionally pleased. Thank you for employing such a terrific young man as Ramon! We will continue to send friends and family his way! Very delighted customers, Fondly, Celeste and Michael Homaychak Wyckoff, NJ

I feel so compelled to write this Review...

I feel so compelled to write this Review about how happy, pleased, and satisfied I was with Bassett Furniture in Paramus N.J. and the design consultant Etta who helped me with my order. My husband and I purchase our first house in Monroe, NY, and we wanted to have pieces that were so unique that no one we knew would have. We first went to the Bassett Warehouse in Middletown NY and we saw a beautiful table we thought would be perfect for our home. However we did not like the base of the table, a sales person at the Warehouse suggested that we can go online and customize our order. I suggested to my husband that I would like to go into the store, and thank goodness we did because that is how we met Etta. She was so sweet and kind to me, my husband, and my toddler that was walking and touching everything. She saw the table top we wanted (live cut edge) and matched it with the perfect base. She helped me pick out the fabric for the chairs and bench. Etta brought to life the image in my head. I can't thank her enough for the time she took just to go over every detail and made sure it was perfect to my liking before we placed our order. I will highly recommend Bassett in Paramus NJ and Etta to all my friends and family. Thank you, The Dejesus Family Monroe NY

Nothing is more disappointing...

Nothing is more disappointing then walking in to a store when there are no other customers and you get ignored by the abundance of available staff. Perhaps if I drove my Mercedes instead of my Jeep yesterday I would have gotten some assistance. It's a good thing that I wrote down everything I liked so I can order it all online. Terrible way to treat people. Every member of the staff that worked yesterday from 11-12 should be spoken to!

Quite possibly the worst shopping experience

Quite possibly the worst shopping experience I've every had. Especially for the prices and perceived good reputation. Don't be fooled. Long delays, lost furniture, crushed lampshades, no proactive follow up, unresponsive, I could go on. I reported them to the BBB. As an example, I purchased the floor model of a table and 4 chairs. It was in the Paramus store, it took 5 months to deliver--they lost the legs because the warehouse apparently moved locations, so they had to make new ones, then they misplaced the table leafs. A nightmare. Since I had more furniture to buy, I went to Ethan Allen and had a terrific experience.

Saleswoman was extremely helpful

Saleswoman was extremely helpful and knowledgable about the products and very organized as far as the paperwork and following up with us. The delivery men went above and beyond in making sure the carpet and furniture was placed properly - very polite and friendly. The furniture is a little pricey but the quality is well worth it. Beautiful and extensive collection of area rugs. Definately will return to make future purchases.

The sales woman took the time...

The sales woman took the time to work with us and made sure we bought when there was a sale. She also wrote a thank you card and mailed it to my home. The delivery folks were great sending e-mails to confirm and coming ON TIME!! They were also very pleasant. The furniture is just what I expected. I'm so happy with my purchase!!

I had the pleasure of working...

I had the pleasure of working with one of the best designers Ramon. He is truly talented at interior design and can make any home look spectacular. He constantly goes out of his way to make sure the customer is happy with the final product. He made several trips to our home to help with picking out furniture for the home. Would definitely recommend Ramon to anyone looking to furnish an entire home or even on room.

After searching the stores and internet for hours

After searching the stores and internet for hours, I realized I needed professional help to pull together a complete look. We met Ramon Ramone and he truly is amazing and was able to transform a dated 90's style living room and dining room into a modern, sleek, inviting area that tells a story. Ramon patiently listened to our family needs and guided us within our budget and I never felt pressured. I am delighted with how the rooms came out and Ramon made the experience a fun and enjoyable process. Seek him out if you are at the store, whatever your style is, he will expertly guide your project from start to finish.

very disappointing

I would not recommend this Bassett location. The staff were blathered talking when we walked in, and we actually had to approach them for service. When someone finally made eye contact with us, she suggested that another salesperson assist us, and he literally *whined* that she should work with us instead of him. As the rest of the seemingly unbusy staff sad looking uninterested. The woman who did eventually show us around was pleasant enough, but the entire experience was honestly soured pretty early on. We ended up walking out without buying anything and with doubt that we ever will buy from this chain at all. Customer service is so key in furniture sales, so this was very disappointing.

I just received a sofa and chair...

I just received a sofa and chair from Bassett Furniture and LOVE IT. Melanie Baker helped me pick out the best fabric and pillows. When I complained my old sofa was difficult to get out of, she suggested the extra firm padding as an add on. I'm sure glad I followed her suggestion. The sofa is so comfortable and beautiful. I will definitely purchase again and ask for Melanie.

I purchase my Sectional sofa

I purchase my Sectional sofa 7 months ago, 2 chairs already have very bad pilling balls, and I called the Customer Service they say is nature issue, and told me is not their responsibility! Second, in the beginning the sales told us to purchase the Guardian products insurance cost $329,the sale promised us ,if your sofa got one stain only one call ,insurance company will send people to my house clean up the stain,but today I called,they didn't ,they said the insurance is not cover this situation and asked me lots of questions,told me to send pics,and they will called me back, and still not yet! Now, After two years, the insurance company did not deal with our problems at all.

Their furniture and customer service...

Their furniture and customer service is disappointing. My couch came in with several issues and they had a guy come out and basically rebuild it. It took three appointments which I had to take time off work. The couch isn't great for day to day usage, the pillow stuffing doesn't seem to hold up, the fabric which was a high grade level is always wrinkled and worn spots. Never buy from them again, I should have ordered from living spaces and saved the money.

Good quality furniture...

Good quality furniture. We bought two sofa sets a couple years ago, and the quality really is fantastic. Our kids are always jumping on it and it still holds up well. So we came back to pick up another set for for our family room. Lee Hambelton was super helpful in assisting us on our purchase. Highly recommend.

Recently bought a floor model...

Recently bought a floor model reclining loveseat at a great deal with Bassett. I went to six furniture stores in one day and this was by far the most comfortable loveseat of all the stores we visited over the past few days. It even managed made La-Z boy couches feel uncomfortable in comparison. Had a wonderful experience with Jeanne who was very welcoming and was able to show me exactly what I needed, including going above and beyond to provide me with multiple options of the same couch. Luckily, we were able to get it delivered the next day. The delivery team was very professional, calling ahead to verify times and even bringing blankets to ensure there was no damage to either our home or the couch. They helped us set it up and ensure everything was working. We are very happy with the purchase and really enjoying our new loveseat!

Not worth...

Not worth ....I bought furniture from Bassett thinking I will get value if I am paying premium price for anything 1) Any product you order will take minimum 6 weeks to be ready and delivered 2) After a wait of 6 weeks product arrives defective 3) Regular follow up and after that technician visits and says it's faulty 4) Called CS n number of times to check status of my complain 5) finally got a call back and I was told that I will get a product in another 6 weeks time I said I am ready to take a different one but not ready to wait for another 6 weeks but they said this is what it is Spoke with Store Manager at Dublin and got no positive response.Started telling me about PO can't be changed Can someone ask her how can you produce a new product without amending that PO Highly disappointing Won't recommend Bassett to any of my near ones Abhi

Stay Clear!

Stay Clear!!! No Returns Low quality products. The manager says use a throw pillow to cover arm of couch for padding. Please do not waste your time nor your money

The store uses a bait and switch

The store uses a bait and switch approach to unexpected add ones in the ordering process. When called on it they backed down. The furniture was delivered Yesterday and was as I expected, except for the chair. It was made of a so pale plaid material. No effort was made to match the plaids on the chair. For a piece of furniture as $$$ as this was, the lack of detail was Very Disappointing.

After 2 time delivered night...

11/29 /2018 After 2 time delivered night stand all have defect, I paid for the new furniture price but I got the defect mostly the furniture???? I let you fix my night stand in my king size bedroom, not meaning I'm happy with that, is because dealing with your poor customer service too tired, I just don't want to wait,And you have to sending people to come to my house to fix another broken furniture? What is this? If you are the buyer you accept the situation like I do? It was over 4months almost 5 months I have to dealing with, I got a new house and paid for the new furniture price and gave me not the right one or crack and defect furniture is really not fair to me!!!!! I'm feel so stressed out and my windows shades is referring by Bassett Furniture same thing still not done yet, and I spend $11950 for over 4 months to dealing with the not satisfied job and emotional lady who doing my windows job, using the cheap curtain rods And installation guy just don't care about my new house with the new paint, he done many place damage my wall or the holes shouldn't be there, and every time increases the installation fee, she was said including everything, but after install she said $600 for the installation fee, i said this is not acceptable, so she said she pay half for me, end up I paid $300, and second time, I asking how much for the second time fee, she was said $120, but after installation done, she try to charge me $300, it was Really shock!! She don't write the invoice to me so is nothing can show her she was said the different price,and I even couldn't say anything about how I don't satisfied my windows treatment or her service, she was said how good she is, will totally blackout the sun from my bedroom, but Result wasn't like she said, it below my expectations, but I only can accept that, because she said that's only she can do. Totally different from when she got this job said things. My people said the job not done yet, don't piss her off, say something nice so she will doing better job for you, but only the windows job, they have to came to so many time because so many mistakes she made, I am not sure she come next time still asking me for the installation fee or not, she was said that's her mistake so she will pay for the fee, will see,and the Bassett damage furniture, my mentally and physically exhausted because of Bassett Furniture, you took my happiness and joy out of my new home!!!!! I think I should asking for the spirit loses compensation, my time is priceless and you took my first time became a home owner's happiness joy and my mental damage Please just send me the good quality furniture be fair to me, I should get what I paid for it!!!!! Or return my money so I can move on my life without the poor quality furniture nightmare!!!!!! I have some furniture bought from Macy's furniture they are good quality and best customer service ever!!!!! Before you come to this store for shopping please read and pay attention to the bad reviews first because they're really happening!!!!!

This is a pretty good furniture store

This is a pretty good furniture store. I had researched some items on the Bassett website that I wanted to see in person, but I also just wanted to browse and see what they had. A lady approached us as soon as we arrived to see if we needed any help, and she was very nice. She let us browse, and she stopped by a couple of times to see if she could help us, but she wasn't pushy or trying to sell, just available. They had a good selection and had in the store most of what I'd seen on the website that had interested me, so I was glad of that. The store is comfortable, and the bathroom was clean. We were a little disappointed that the drawers in the furniture did not seem good quality, kind of cheap, but the prices weren't cheap. They had some good sales though. We didn't purchase anything.

I bought a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR couch set

I bought a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR couch set from Bassett. I figured that needed to be in all caps because the weight of that price tag. I paid that much because I thought I was buying a great piece of furniture with an incredible warranty. When I was wavering on the price, it was really the warranty that sold me. Fast forward two years later and I called because 1. The padding on the arms is nearly non existent, you can feel the wood frame whenever you rest and 2. There is an actual nail sticking out from the frame through the leather!! A nail! When I talked to the nice woman on the phone, she said obviously we must have been sitting on the arms or putting too much pressure on the arms for the padding to shift. Either way, poor construction was not covered under warranty. I sent her pictures of the nail sticking out and she said that we must have kicked or knocked the frame hard enough to shift something for a tack nail to stick out like that. Either way, again, the poor construction is not covered under warranty. I am shocked that they blamed all the damage on me rather than take responsibility for the shoddy construction work of this TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR couch. Originally, I was recommending this company to anyone who was looking for a new couch but after seeing how their customer service and how slippery their warranty is, I would never recommend their couches to anyone. Much better to buy a premade couch for half the cost at Ashley or Living Spaces.

received the loveseat today

received the loveseat today. It too has defects in workmanship. Buyer beware.

This is based purely on my experience...

This is based purely on my experience of dealing with the sales department while trying to make a rather large recent purchase. My wife was narrowing her choices to purchase a bedroom set and had established contact with a manger who then put her in contact with a member of the sales department. This member was extremely helpful and spent a tremendous amount of time going over things and working with my wife to ensure she was happy with her purchase and to make sure her needs were met. They agreed on a day that the purchase would be made and finalized. Wanting to see the set for myself, I walked into the showroom on another day and was met with another member of the sales department. I told this sales associate that my wife was already working with another member of their team but I wanted to look at some bedroom sets. I asked some basic questions and looked at the sets my wife wanted me to see. I thanked the sales member for their time and said I would arrive in a couple of days with my wife to hopefully finish the purchase. At that time I was told that I shouldn't wait and that the bedroom set needed to be ordered that day. I was told if I waited the set we wanted may not be available anymore. I told her I would meet with my wife and return in a few days. A few days passed and I returned to the store to finalize the purchase with my wife. We were met with the associate I had spoke with and I informed them I would be needing the original associate that had been working with my wife. That original associate showed up and while my wife finished up the details of the purchase, I found out that the associate that showed me the sets I looked at, was now telling the other supervisor or manager on the floor that they would be "Splitting the purchase". I guess that ment they would be splitting the commission. This didn't feel right to me since the original associate was the one who did most of the work and also was the one initially referred to my wife by the manager. My wife and I finished our purchase and I walked out of there feeling a little bad for the original associate. To be honest the more I thought of it, the more I was actually thinking of canceling the order. Just because it didn't feel right and I felt like the value of me as a customer was deminished. This was all about the sale. From the pressure of having to seal the deal the day I went in, to the day we did show to finalize and being told the commission would be split. It's going to take a while to feel good about wanting to do future business there... Especially if that's the way the sales team treats each other and their customers. There's plenty of business to go around for all the sales associates. And to squabble over a commission didn't make me feel good as a customer.

My husband and I stopped into look...

My husband and I stopped into look for a coffee table a few weeks ago and were helped by Melanie. She was so nice and efficient. We ended up purchasing a coffee table, an end table, and a rug. Next time we need furniture, we will ask that Melanie help us.

If your looking for furniture...

If your looking for furniture I totally recommend Bassett furniture and I would ask for Melanie . Basset has a great selection of furniture and fabric. Melanie helped us find furniture for our family room. She was patient and extremely helpfull and helped us coordinate fabrics for our room. She even came to our house and measured the room to make sure what we wanted would fit and look nice. Great experience at Basset and I would highly recommend Melanie.

The delivery schedule is not as flexible as it sounds

6/9/2018 The delivery schedule is not as flexible as it sounds. It is not between 8am - 5pm. According to the dispatch, they DO NOT GO TO EAST BAY AREA in the afternoon. Hence, the hours are limited to 8am - 12pm - that is FOUR HOURS windows. I agreed to the 8am - 11am because I DID NOT HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE !!! Regarding the 1 hour call ahead, let's see how would that work: Some of us have to be at work by 8am. It will take me 1.5 hours - 1.75 hours to cross the Bay Bridge, it's something called Bay Area morning traffic, some of us do not have the luxury to be at work til 10am. Let's say I spent 1.5 hours to be a work by 8am, by 8:15am, I got a call from dispatch saying that their truck would be at our house by 9:15am, NOW, I have to rush back to meet the driver ??? I had to take a half day to meet the driver. Again, this delivery company delivery schedule is NOT as flexible as it sounds. If you live in East Bay, you got FOUR HOURS windows, 8am - 12pm. 6/7/2018 Status update: Just spoke to Bassett Manager - and there's NOTHING Bassett can or will do to help, we are at the mercy of the delivery company. This is worst than AT&T or Comcast :( 6/7/2018 Dear Bassett Furniture Management, Please stop using the current discriminating delivery service company. I got a call from the delivery dispatch, stating that our sofa was in and ready for delivery. I called back to schedule the delivery date and time. I was told that they delivered til 8pm. I asked for late delivery, and the dispatcher said: "WE DO NOT GO TO YOUR AREA in the afternoon. We only go to YOUR AREA in the morning" What ?|?|? We lived in San Leandro, not Stockton, Tracy or Ukiah ? I asked why, and he said, "WE DO NOT GO TO YOUR AREA in the afternoon !!!" You ARE the delivery company, and you are paid for your service, and we as the consumer cant pick the delivery time??? So now, even I paid for the delivery charge, I have to take a half day off to wait for the delivery which is between 8am - 11am. Bassett Management, hope you can either communicate with this discriminating delivery company to change their policy or change the delivery company so your customers do not have to take extra time off to receive the goods. Michael

I was very pleased

I was very pleased with the dinning table and chairs that we bought from Bassett. I have design consultant, Lee, was very helpful. She was very patient with me while I decided on the dinning table, chairs and material for the chairs. The delivery was great and so were the guys that delivered it.

My husband I had the pleasure...

My husband I had the pleasure of working with Terri Pribela in the Dublin store when we decided to buy furniture for our living room. Terri was wonderful to work with, she really listened to what we wanted and provided us with several different options. Terri came to our home and measured everything and gave us the best customer service! She is a wonderful designer and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for furniture to go in and see her!

Nice selection of good quality furniture

Nice selection of good quality furniture with lots of fabric choices. No high pressure sales. Nancy helped us select a sofa bed. Everyone there was very nice and helpful. Sofa arrived sooner than estimated. Also, not as expensive as I thought it might be.

I would give them 0 if I could

I would give them 0 if I could .. sales person was fine for awhile .. helpful then pushy .. we finally made a big purchase .. when the couch arrived it had wrong cushions .. other pieces back ordered with out tell us up front .. the store was no help .. it took over three months to get it right .. I felt once the store got the sale they walked away from helping .. I don't give many bad reviews .. but I would recommend another place especially paying so much $$$. Very disappointed!!

We shopped all of the furniture stores

We shopped all of the furniture stores around Meridian and Boise looking for a farmhouse style dining room set, but returned to Bassett because of the excellent customer service and support from Chance, one of the owners. There was some damage to the table top in transit which we weren't happy about, and Carly and Chance stepped up to the plate and, after coming over to view the damage, ordered and delivered a complete new table top with no hassle. Great owners, great products, and great old fashioned customer service. Will definitely shop here again!

Open only a couple of months...

Open only a couple of months in this light and bright large space with good vignettes for displaying Basset furniture line and customization options. Bassett is a national brand but this store is locally owned and the young owner-manager, Chance, is a very nice guy with top notch customer care perspectives. Stars are 4 and not 5 only because we have not purchased a Basset product here but our 'first time in' experience was 5 star worthy for service received and store layout. The very best thing, I think, for buyers of all ages and walks of life on a budget is the kind of customization available here for things like wood finishes, upholstery choices, cushion fills and even custom dining table sizes in this lower side of mid range price point that is often only found in higher price brands. And the knowledgeable sales staff and in-house designer can assist you with options. Basset isn't a brand I would consider to be in our wheelhouse since my husband and I typically shop upper mid range and beyond at this point in our lives. But as praise for Bassett in general and this store in particular I say we were impressed with style ranges, custom options, competitive prices and what we learned about the brand as we shopped and had questions answered. If you're in the market for furniture in the Treasure Valley, Basset is definitely worth the look. BROAD OPTIONS FOR STYLE: From mid-century, to tailored casual, to transitional, to rustic, to modern, to traditional, there are styles for all tastes. Whether you're shopping for apartment or condominium, a whole house or one room in a home or looking for just one piece to finish off a room there are options here scaled to work in almost any space. Whether you're furnishing for hipster single or young couple or growing family or empty nesters or senior living, there seems to be something for everyone in case goods - in particular dining and accent tables - occasional upholstered chairs - including some which are recliners but sure don't look like it - sofas, dining chairs, and areas rugs. GREAT LAYOUT FOR EVALUATING FABRICS AND CUSHION FILLS: Given most of the upholstered furniture can be custom covered - there are hundreds of large sized fabric swatches in store to consider - and some are offered with choice of fills for seats and backs - think down, spring down, memory foam, fiberfill - they have taken a page from higher end design stores to they have a design space in the middle of the store with multiple sofas upholstered in neutral off-white fabric so you can fully evaluate arms, back shapes and overall style of each and also choose the cushion fill options best for you. Neutral floor models also allow you to consider how different fabrics will work for you by being able to look at the swatches against neutral backdrop. I understand some shoppers who aren't used to this kind of design feature think 'there is too much white-fabric furniture'. But that is to allow you to make decisions to customize and is an advantage in shopping. CUSTOM SIZED AREA RUGS: In the same big design room space, they have an entire wall of "corner cuts" of area rugs in solid textures and patterns for rugs that can be custom sized at a very reasonable price. CUSTOMIZABLE DINING TABLES: Dining tables can be made in varous shapes from round to square to rectangular and in various sizes with various bases from pedestal to trestle to legs and in different wood finishes. In addition to wood table tops they are options like copper and glass. (And there are about a dozen different dining chair styles to choose from too.) UPHOLSTERED HEADBOARDS: If you're looking to have an upholstered bed headboard made, this is the place for multiple shapes and styles. SHORT INTERVAL FROM ORDER TO DELIVERY: We're told furniture arrives in roughly 4 to 6 weeks after order. That remarkably short interval is an advantage for a Bassett customer. In our experience with custom furniture orders from other vendors, in particular in this booming economy when manufacturers are busy, takes 12 to 16 weeks. LOCATION: Convenient, just south of The Village, in the former Pier 1 store space, near Bed Bath and Beyond. PARKING: Lots of it in private lot. ACCESSIBILITY: ADA parking in lot. Store is fully accessible.

Beautiful furniture

Beautiful furniture. Pretty good prices for the most up to date furniture ideas. The dining ideas are unique and we liked the people there who helped us!

Beautiful stuff!!!

Beautiful stuff!!! We looked all over but we're really glad we chose this place over Ethan Allen, Thomasville and several others. We really liked their semi-custom line. Piece together what you want. Order. It shows up in about a month. We liked it so much that we ordered a pile of it! Dining table, 6 chairs, 4 bar stools, 2 saddle stools and an enormous sectional. Customer service was exceptional as was communication. Nichole came out to our house twice to gain a better understanding of the spaces we were looking to furnish and was able to make informed recommendations as a result. Our remodeling project is running long, thus delaying the carpet cleaning and our readiness to accept the new couches. They are already at Bassett's distribution center in STL but they are holding them for us until we are ready to receive them. Getting them to hold onto them for us was no big deal. Why can't everywhere be this easy to deal with???

Massaly Hare was incredible to work with...

Massaly Hare was incredible to work with. She's experienced, personable, and has a great listening skills. She really worked to understand our vision for our bedroom and helped us choose pieces that made sense for us. We spent about 3 hours with her and received several follow up communications from her keeping us updated on our order. We couldn't have asked for anything more in our experience with her!

I am so happy I came here

I am so happy I came here. I've been looking for a good leather couch for a few months now, and wasn't able to find what I was looking for. I'm so glad I came here and found Renee. She helped me pick out 2 custom leather couches and made the process so easy and fun! She explained everything to me (and again if I didn't quite understand the first time) and really helped me to understand what it was I was looking for. I was even the jerk who came an hour before close, and I never felt the slightest bit rushed and had much more help and insight provided to me than any of the other stores I've visited thus far. I will have to update my review after everything is delivered, but for now I couldn't be happier with Renee and Bassett

I ordered a small sectional from this Bassett

I ordered a small sectional from this Bassett. The service was very good, from the help I received in choosing the sectional to delivery and setup. Unfortunately the quality is very disappointing. Paid $4,000 for a small sectional and within a couple months the pilling of the material is terrible and makes the furniture look old and dumpy. It was a one of the newer materials they had in the showroom, a nice neutral linen look that I was told would be very durable. Wrong. I would of been better off buying a cheap one and just replacing it every year. Also the pillows are very uncomfortable and flatten quickly. This is a case where I fell for the old it looks good and is expensive so it must be good quality. Will be buying a different brand in the future.

I've been pleased with the furniture

I've been pleased with the furniture I've purchased and the sales staff and the manager. Also with the delivery team. Everyone has been helpful and nice. My primary goal of getting a quality product at a good price was met.

I'll send everyone her way

Laura Schaffer was great and very patient with me. She gave suggestions and was never pushy. I'll send everyone her way. Thank you Laura, I love my new furniture.

Such a great service

Karen, our design consultant, was great to work with. She helped us design a space in our new home that we will love for many years to come. I couldn't have done it without her. Such a great service that is provided by Bassett. In addition, she ensured that when the furniture was delivered it was all set-up according to the plan she designed. I couldn't be happier. The entire process was easy and I would highly recommend Bassett to my friends and family.


Laura our salesperson was excellent and we will use her again! Delivery staff was wonderful too.

Friendly and helpful staff

Friendly and helpful staff, awesome quality, amazing selections and choices available. We purchased items from the custom dining collection and love them!

Just had a chair and chaise delivered last week

Just had a chair and chaise delivered last week. Very happy with the quality of furniture. Ruby was very helpful in making a final selection on fabrics. Would recommend if you are looking for better quality furniture. Delivery also went very well. I will use them again.

Just left this store

Just left this store (Saturday 11/18/18 @ 4:15pm) and none of the staff greeted us, but made eye contact with us and walked by us. Immediately turned us off to purchase anything. They choose who they want to help. The patrons who I came with even said their customer service has gone way downhill in the past couple of years. No wonder they are an outlet going out of business.

I don't recommend this place

I don't recommend this place. I went in looking for a desk, but they were sold out of desks with hutches, so we left. I remember when this was a regular furniture store, it's now an outlet. If you're expecting a regular Bassett Furniture store, you're going to be mighty disappointed.

I have previously purchased furniture...

I have previously purchased furniture from Bassett Furniture and had a great experience. I visited Bassett Furniture recently and greated by a VERY RUDE saleswoman. She asked what I interested in when I told her, she had the nerve to tell me "Well, you are in Bassett Furniture, and you're not going to find a desk or sofa table for $199!" First of all, I never told her how much I was looking to spend! Bassett needs to train their associates that they,should Never judge someone by their ethnicity or social status. It doesn't matter how much a person spends in your store, it's going to put food on your table and your bills.

DO NOT BUY furniture from Bassett...

DO NOT BUY furniture from Bassett. We bought an $8800 custom sectional from Ruby. When the sectional was delivered, half of the cushions were not correct (cheaper) which no one noticed but us. We had to wait to get the new ones delivered. Now just over a year later (of course after Bassett warranty has expired) the seams are fraying and ripping apart. This should not happen on a year old sectional. Make sure your search for other reviews because this seems like a common occurrence with Bassett.

One of the worst experiences of my life

The experience of purchasing a custom sectional at Bassett was one of the worst experiences of my life. It is up there with getting a divorce. I ordered a custom sectional in November and will finally be getting it delivered on April 22nd ( I hope, unless it is delayed again). I have not sofa for 5 months and when I asked for a loaner, I was told that because of Covid they could not provide one. I brought the issue to Bassett management and I was told they would improve delivery to April 1st. Well, that day came and gone and they told me it was going into production mid March. Well, during this time, I developed irritable bowel syndrome from the stress. I have had a couple of doctor appointments and multiple blood work and stool tests to try and diagnose and correct the illness with no avail. I recommend that no one ever buys from this store.

Do not stand behind their warranty

We ordered 2 recliners, within 2 years cushions broke down, do to Covid it took forever to get replaced and again within a couple years broke down. They would not replace even though they have a 5 year warranty on cushion. We also have a frame problem with one chair. NO RESPONSE. Supposedly they have a 5-7 year warranty. They just said our furniture was so loved??? Really it’s worn because it’s not holding up!

Very Poorly Made Furniture

The bedroom furniture we purchased from you is the worst quality we have ever seen. We were led to believe that Basset was a very good manufacturer of “ Made in the USA” quality furniture. Had we known or realized that it is in fact made somewhere else in the world we would have never bought it. We were convinced we were not going to be caught up in the shipping crisis that still continues. However we did buy it and will have to live with that bad decision. So far the three pieces that were delivered to us are all damaged. And the poor quality is obvious. Drawers that don’t fit well, the average to poor finish (paint drips, pieces not lining up). We are still waiting for replacement pieces, and a bed frame that hasn't come at all. You don't even stand behind your products, as we are stuck and can't get a refund. I will do my best to spread the word about Bassett.

Beautiful products through

Our experience started at the Bassett Furniture Store # 2263 at 12941 Shelbyville Rd. In Louisville, Ky. Once there our shopping experience began with meeting Jenny Ellis our Bassett Design Consultant. We were looking for dining room furniture. Jenny an eleven year with veteran with Bassett was very knowledgeable and provided tons of information. We weren’t exactly sure what style and design we wanted but after spending time with Jenny it became clear what would work best. After we selected all items Jenny introduced us to Mark Fenstermaker, Store Manager. Once again we meet a true professional that knew the business inside and out. Our over all experience was very enjoyable and we ultimately purchased a complete dining room. The price was reasonable and competitive. Thanks again for all the excellent service.

Expensive Couch Bad Product

We purchased an $8,000 sectional from through Talsma Furniture in West Michigan. Couch was beautiful but after only 6-months of use the multiple ply material began to separate, leaving permanent bubble wrinkles in the back cushions. We contacted the furniture store and basically got blamed for the issue and were offered a quote to provide new casings for the cushions. This furniture is trash, just buy a couch from somewhere else.

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