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Ashley Furniture Reviews

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Ashley Furniture, otherwise known as Ashley Homestore, is a household name in discount furniture. With a wealth of online and in-store options that range from indoor furniture to home decor, and also mattresses, customers have good things to say about their prices, but have some mixed sentiment about durability. We'll go through their catalog below, showcasing the best buys and helpful alternatives.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

Price: $51-$4379+

Return Policy: 72 Hours If Damaged

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Ashley Furniture Specifics

Ashley Furniture is one of the most popular furniture brands in the US. They are well-known for their moderately priced furniture. With manufacturers in both the US and China, Ashley products have a wide variety of price points and design options to fit budget-conscious shoppers.

In terms of customer sentiment and experiences, shoppers report mixed interactions and perceived quality, especially when it comes to buying in-store. While there are many that have good things to say about their customer experiences, there are others that have had issues with delivery and durability of products.

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Material Quality

Ashley Furniture is known for their moderately priced furniture and their wide variety of products. In terms of material quality, there can be some good bargains to be found, but make sure to take a look at what goes into the furniture. While some products use sturdy materials like solid wood, others use engineered materials like particle board, which may be less sturdy.

Ashley Furniture's Top Picks

When it comes to Ashley HomeStore's top finds, there are a few requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Ashley's catalog.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

The top furniture request from Ashley shoppers is a new sectional for the living room. Ashley's price selection is wider than other stores with a range from around $650 - $4,500+. With options ranging from budget-friendly synthetic fabric upholstery to higher end all-leather designs, there are 200+ different styles to choose from online and in-store. When it comes to customer satisfaction, there are some mixed reviews. Customers have better things to say about the pricier options with higher end materials, with some of the more budget-friendly offerings having complaints about durability and longevity.

The pros: Wide array of designs for a wide array of prices.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported on less expensive options. Some delivery complaints.

#2 Signature Design By Ashley

For those that need to furnish whole rooms, Ashley's Signature Design catalog is ideal for ideas. From rustic chic bedroom designs to traditional dining rooms, Ashley's collections are a good option if you want plug and play style for your next room upgrade. Their best rated options are their traditional and rustic wooden furniture, which uses solid wood accents and veneers. This includes the Sommerford dining room collection, Windville collection, and Porter collection. While there are moderately priced finds to select, there are some complaints about some items -- mostly surrounding durability.

The pros: Shop by style options make matching styles more convenient.

The cons: Some issues with longevity reported on less expensive options. Some delivery complaints.

#3 Bedroom Sets

Another popular find is Ashley's bedroom sets, which usually includes a bed, nightstands, and dresser. Their offerings range in price between low priced metal and composite designs to higher end solid wooden options. Customers find the higher priced options to be well-made, while there remains some disagreements with the durability of lower priced options.

The pros: Versatile array of designs and price points to fit most budgets.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported by customers.

#4 Recliners

Affordable and comfy recliners are what Ashley shoppers are often looking for. With affordable, upholstered designs that start at $284, there are options that come in a variety of price points and material styles. When it comes to the most beloved options by Ashley, customers usually opt for more expensive leather and plush options. Overall, customers like their selection, but there were some disagreements with sizing and durability for some options.

The pros: Customers approve of plush and leather options overall.

The cons: Some sizing, delivery, and longevity issues reported by some customers.

Top Quality Alternative: Browse Wayfair Recliners
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#5 Mattresses

The last top shopper pick is Ashley's mattresses. They have a variety of mattress offerings, including those from name-brands like Sealy and also their own proprietary brand, Ashley Sleep, which includes both all-foam and innerspring designs. Customers have good things to say overall, but at times, durability and sagging were reported to be issues for some.

The pros: Both name-brand and budget-friendly mattress brands offered.

The cons: Some complaints with durability reported.

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More From Ashley Furniture's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Ashley offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Furniture By Room

- Baby + Kids Furniture

- Outdoor Furniture

- Bedding

- Rugs

- Lighting

- Home Decor

Ashley Furniture Store Locator

Ashley HomeStore can be found across North America and in multiple worldwide destinations. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Ashley Furniture Alternatives

This is one of the most amazing times to be an online furniture shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $1000s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

...or jump right into the #1 rated online furniture store, Wayfair.

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Browse Ashley Furniture Customer Reviews

My family and I were in need of a new sectional

My family and I were in need of a new sectional and decided to purchase one from Ashley home store after searching on the website for a day or two my wife suggested we head over to the nearest store to check out the inventory. When we arrived at the store we were greeted by a young man named Erick who was very knowledgeable about the inventory and its availability he was also Intentive to are needs showing patience giving us the time need to make a decision on the right pieces to fit are lifestyle. Thank you so much Erick and Ashley Homestore sincerely the Adam's family.


BUYER BEWARE!!! The furniture looks great, I purchased a sofa and love seat with the protection plan.... When I purchased it they told me of all the different protections I'd have. Ie: Damage, stains, breakage and repairs ect... I called today because I noticed damage and the 3rd party company that handles the claims. They told me that their coverage doesn't include tears or fabric damage and many other issues. Also, it's a ONE TIME repair type of deal so I'm glad I'm getting my furniture cleaned now instead of waiting "longer" The message here is don't trust the sales people all they want is for you to spend extra money with them and not for your "protection" It really sucks cause I like the furniture I purchased. I should have known what they were saying was to good to be true.


DO NOT EVEN THINK OF SHOPPING HERE! I usually shop at a small Amish furniture store in Berkeley, but thought I'd give this place a try to save me a few K's. I wish I had never made that decision. I went in purchased a dining set on 11/16 that included 4 chairs, double barstool, table, rug and dish set. I felt great leaving there. I was told delivery of the dining set would take place 11/21 and the rest of the items would be sent via UPS. I thought, great, I will have it all by Thanksgiving as the estimated shipment for the UPS items was 11/25. I received the delivery of the dining set on 11/21, as scheduled but with the wrong double barstool, it was the short version of the barstool. This means that you can sit on the barstool but look like an elf because you need to place your arms up to reach the food on the table. I called immediately to let customer service know. 1 hour minimal time on hold. I have made about 3 phone calls to check on status of my barstool. Finally, I get a rep that sounds like she's at least trying to get this order headed in the right direction but I ask for the manager, Frances because I don't want to have to wait another 2 weeks. It was a waste of time speaking to Frances as well because, she can't do anything! So they tell me the swap will take place 12/17, a whole month later from date of purchase! Nothing I can do right, so fine. Today is 12/17, they came to pick up the barstool....and they said they were only scheduled to pick up NOT DELIVER. I get on the phone immediately, the lady tells me that my correct barstool is scheduled to be delivered 12/21 and I should have received a call about it because it was back ordered. NO ONE EVER CALLED ME! I had to reschedule that delivery because I will be out of town. I asked her to also check on the rug since I have her on the line because it hasn't been delivered and I haven't received any UPS tracking number like the other items. Guess what! She checks and says, "it looks like that isn't attached to your order, so I will attach it now". Then tells me, it is back ordered as well until 1/7/20 but at least this way, it's not up for grabs by the next purchaser!! This is so ridiculous that it's funny now to hear all their excuses. I will never again purchase here and discourage anybody from ever doing so. I should have read their reviews first. That was my bad!


Update: it's 1/21, two months after placing my huge order. I'm supposed to get the cocktail table tomorrow and confirmed for a delivery window of 11-3. Now I recheck and it's saying my delivery window is 1-5. I don't even know anymore. This isn't helping me come back as a customer at all whatsoever. What a huge waste of time. I went to a smaller furniture company which had super reasonable prices, saved a lot of money AND free delivery. They came the next day after placing my order and everything was in good condition and they came in the delivery window promised. Definitely regret trusting Ashley furniture. Never again will I ever step foot in any Ashley furniture.

Whoa - so I stopped into this furniture store in search of a couch

Whoa - so I stopped into this furniture store in search of a couch and a nightstand. I was promptly greeted at the door by a sales agent. Immediately I thought to myself, 'How courteous of him.' Little did I know he had an ulterior motive. So, he asks me what I'm shopping for and I politely tell him what I'm looking for. He walks with me for a bit telling me where to look. After that, I tell him thank you and that I'd like to shop around (by myself). Omg, this fellow says ok but then he stalks me throughout the store. He would hide and then pop up on me. I found a shag carpet on sale. As soon as I picked it up he came over and said I'll take that to the register. Bruh, I hadn't even made up my mind. I went to the financing department to inquire. Why was he hovering behind me the whole time (like for over ten minutes). Other than the over aggressive salesman, Ashley has some nice pieces. I especially liked the man-cave sofa that lights up! Not saying I won't ever return here, but the way I left there in a hurry trying to avoid that sales agent makes me think twice about returning.

Please wait 7 weeks for you to get your furniture

Please wait 7 weeks for you to get your furniture. Whoops sales rep actually selected the wrong furniture for you. No apologies, I'm out of luck and have to wait 2 more weeks for my furniture to arrive-- that's over 2 months! Just wait for a call for picking up furniture then resend the furniture to you. Call won't come. I bring the furniture to the store angrily. Ummm you can't leave it here and refund will be in maybe a few days? No certainty though. Oh you know what? We can't order you the furniture. Oh wait we can. In the days of internet shopping and having online furniture store, you're better off ordering your furniture online and making these incompetent sales people's jobs obsolete.

Do not shop here

Do not shop here!!! 1) The prices of items in the store are 25%+ higher than on their online store. Clearly they don't expect you to google and ask them to price match AGAINST THEIR OWN WEBSITE. 2) Their contract (see picture) explicitly states that I can return my purchase for full refund before delivery. I purchased a big order from the store and decided that I wanted to return some of my items a few days before the scheduled delivery. The clerk on the phone seemed helpful but and told me the order was cancelled. I called again a few days later to make more adjustments to my order only to find that the store HAD NOT CANCELLED MY ITEM BUT HAD SUSPENDED THE DELIVERY INSTEAD. Beyond unacceptable. Very shady. At this point I was upset and refused to business with this store on principle. So, I tried to refund my whole order (which was not delivered - hell the delivery wasn't even scheduled)... The manager told me that because I had bought a big order (~$1500) I would need to talk to the regional sales rep to get a refund.... Bullshit. My girlfriend is an attorney and once she got on the phone we got the refund within minutes. No call to the regional manager was needed. The store is a scam. Do not give them your money. I will never buy from Ashley furniture as long as I live.

I do not know where to start

I do not know where to start. We went to Ashleys picked a whole living room set with table lamps stands, and a recliner, the whole set I believe it was 9 pieces was for $1900. Of course they left room for negotiations, so when checking out, I tried to make the total price meet our budget, so our salesperson played with the numbers and made it reach our budget, of course he showed me the screen of his computer to review order, and there is no way to know if anything is missing there specially that the description of the items is hard to understand, so I trusted the guy and told him to make sure everything we ordered was included. We received our order missing two table lamps which they delivered few a week later after going through hell to get them delivered to us. The worst part of the story is the recliner chair, we never got it, and what happened is the guy took it of our order to reach our budget without let us know. So it screwed up our whole set because the recliner is the best part of it. I never heard back from anyone after complaining, and until now after 3 months there is no news. I will never shop at Ashleys and will never recommend it, bunch of crooks.

We are shopping for a new loveseat

We are shopping for a new loveseat and saw one from Ashley that we wanted to see in person. At first, the sales associate was incredibly friendly and helpful. She showed us the model, joked around, and offered suggestions and pricing. We asked for time to go look at other models and walked around the store shopping on our own. The associate then came over and asked for our personal information. We hadn't made a decision yet, so I declined to give it. It was an immediate change in attitude. She informed us that she would be leaving soon and that she worked on commission, and asked us flat out if we'd be buying something that night. We said we weren't sure, so she reiterated working on commission and being worth her time. She said she'd give us her business card, then left. We walked around a little more and had some questions about another model we were interested in, but it was just such an awkward and unfriendly interaction that I wasn't really comfortable shopping there anymore. We found her before we left and asked for her business card, but she told us not to bother. I'm really not sure what was going on there. We arrived a couple of hours before closing. We were serious about our shopping experience and originally had positive and friendly engagement with her. If we had found a model we'd agreed on, we were ready to purchase that night. The whole interaction made me feel confused and de-valued. The pressure and negativity of the in-person shopping experience truly reminded me why on-line shopping is now the predominate form of retail, and it's the form we'll choose to pursue in our purchase from Ashley Furniture.

Just got a leather couch

Just got a leather couch for a great deal! This place had many nice salesmen that were able to negotiate prices for it. Ashley's Homestore is a bit expensive but does give many good deals. I recommend showing up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals. Also just saying, I'll be back!


SCAM ALERT! DO NOT BUY I paid an extra $250 to have a living room set delivered to my home in downtown SF. Rather than honor our agreement and provide what I paid for, Ashley Furniture decided to cut corners and ship half of my items via UPS! We're not talking small items either. We're talking a massive 150 lb. coffee table and two end tables each weighing 85lbs. Both end tables are damaged beyond repair with a major 9" crack down the middle of one and several thumb-size chunks of wood missing from the top of the other. I'm not even going to bother opening the coffee table box. I can already tell it didn't survive. The fun part is that they don't give you the option to sign for the package so there was no chance for me to reject it before it was left by UPS. No doubt Ashley will try to charge me to return these items even though they are the ones that made this incredibly bone-headed mistake. In case it wasn't clear before, DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE

This was bad

This was bad. So bad. Almost comically bad. (1) Marketing practices are really deceptive. The 50% off sale is really just the MSRP. They inflate the prices to trick you into thinking that you're saving money. (2) The delivery process is a nightmare. I had to take a day off work. Delivery never came. Tried to call several times to resolve issue and spent over an hour on hold. (3) Customer service ended after they had my money. Had to jump through endless hoops to resolve issues. It's been 7 days since they didn't deliver my couch and (despite calling REPEATEDLY) and now I'm told it'll be at least 7-10 more days until I get my money back. This must be karma for skipping over a locally-owned and operated business. Never again, Ashley. It's you (not me)

This place is a joke

This place is a joke and a colossal waste of time. I walked in and a salesperson approached me and handed me a flier that said "everything in the store 50% off." I was looking for bar chairs and of course, every one was not qualified for the sale because they already had a discounted "manager's special price." I was told the 50% would come off the full price. That's pretty shady, but whatever. There weren't that many bar stools on display, so the salesperson told me to look at the kiosk screen to see additional options. She told me that many of the chairs came in a set of two. After a while, I found a set of chairs that I wanted to purchase, but the sales rep was no where to be found. I waited a while and then decided to walk around to try to find her. Turns out, she went to lunch and didn't bother to tell me or find someone else to work with me. Someone else tried to help me and he quoted me a price that was double what I expected. He said that the chairs didn't come in a set of two as the kiosk indicated. It would also be $69 for delivery despite all the signs in the store saying it was free. Needless to say, I walked out. After I left I looked online and sure enough, the price on the Ashley website was $80 less than what the sales rep quoted me. However, the shipping time would be 5-6 weeks. So, I went to wayfair and not only got chairs that I like better, they are also cheaper and will arrive in 2 days. Thanks for wasting my time, Ashley, I won't be back.

When I first came to Ashley

When I first came to Ashley to look at furniture the staff was really friendly and helpful. Even the day my boyfriend and I actually decided to purchase pieces for our new home, still good customer service...took over four hours from start to finish but still ok none the less. Fast forward to when we had to return something... All of a sudden that customer service was obsolete. From the manager to the customer service rep, to the way they run their business...just CRAP. My boyfriend had to go back multiple times to tell them to remove things that we no longer needed... MULTIPLE times. Like how are you going to charge us for delivery of a bed we were no longer interested in? Or why a mattress disposal fee if we never purchased a mattress? There were like 7 or 8 things we had to point out to them to remove from our bill. WHY?!? One of the customer service ppl was even bitching about how it was her lunch and he would have to come back because no one else knew how to do the not even the MANAGER? After he refused to wait for her to take her lunch she says "I guess I can help you before I go..." WTF?!? Yesterday we finally got our delivery and even the damn delivery people have attitudes. The guy refused to put on booties over his shoes and after rolling his eyes, huffing and puffing he finally agreed to...but why? Why all the extra drama? I'm sure I'm not the first to request this! We called customer service because one of the pieces wasn't going to fit in our room and it took forever before someone answered. Meanwhile, the delivery guy is like "I can't wait, I got other deliveries..." Well, if your company answered the phone, we wouldn't be waiting damn near an hour to figure out what to do. They also didn't install our bedframe properly...all the legs were different lengths, some don't even reach the floor. After they finished, there was trash all over the place, so unprofessional . I will NEVER shop at ASHLEY FURNITURE again and will tell everyone to avoid that headache as well. I ordered some stuff from another furniture store as well. They came, they assembled and even showed me how to use the extension feature on my dining table... super professional, courteous and cleaned up after themselves. No wonder ASHLEY pushed me to give them FIVE stars on Yelp...maybe if they just did their jobs the correct way they wouldn't have to beg for stars. Oh, and I didn't get a blanket/throw that was supposed to be included in a package I purchased. SMH.

The management of this store

The management of this store is such a disappointment. It's been over 2 months that they have delivered a large order to my house along with a damaged coffee table. I made tens of phone calls to get it fixed, exchanged,... seems like no one care to take responsibility from customer service to store manager... Had I read these poor reviews before buying my stuff I would have never ever stepped into this store...


BAD SERVICE! Eva had told me my bed and mattress would be delivered all together and it wasn't! I walked into the store and was getting ignored until I had to ask for her by name then in a panic the store gave me a discontinued mattress they had in the back and a gift card. They put the mattress on a dolly and left it out front for me to handle. Didn't give me instructions on when or how I would be returning this discontinued mattress once mine came in. Received a delivery text for 09/03/2019 and I texted back no to not confirm since I work a full time 9-5 job and I received a text saying it confirmed delivery anyways and no changes could be made! I called the store and they basically said they cant do anything I would have to just reschedule to push my delivery out further!

Sales and discounts are a scam

Sales and discounts are a scam. They're advertising 50% off, but the kicker is their prices are 100% higher than the same items on their website. Other reviews speak about this too.

Me and my family had the worst experience

Me and my family had the worst experience and traumatizing moment with Ashley home store in Emeryville Ca. There is no words to explain how this store made us feel. They disrespected me and my family. On August 9 2019, me and my wife decided we wanted to stop by Ashley Home Store in Emerville Ca to look a matresses and bed frames bacause we seen this store had good reviews. We got to the store and a women named Nakisha was showing us around for different matresses and frames. We liked 2 different models of bed frame and 1 matress and we told Nakisha exactly what we wanted. So Ron store manager and Nakisha worked together to give us a good deal. So they told us our delivery would arrive on August 17 2019. So we had to sell our matress and bed frame to have space for the new bed. So August 17 came and they told me my delivery was going to arrive between 3pm and 7pm. That day is was my brothers birtday and we had plans to go celebrate with my family. I was still waiting and it was already 7pm and no call or text to inform us the bed was not coming. I wasted my whole day waiting and i had to cancel all my plans becuase i was never informed they were not coming, i was really upset! I called the warehouse on 08/19/2019 they told me everything was ready to shipped out exept there was a problem with the matress being back order, so i leave work to go fix this issue in the store and i spoke to Albert store manager witch he was very polite since the begining. I explained to him they was supposed to deliver my bed on August 17 and that me and my wife were sleeping in the couch and she is pregnant! I was very upset and wanted answers. He apologized and told me he was going to add a different matress that was in stock. So he told me i was supposed to be reciving my delivery by 08/22/2019. Albert garanteed me i was going to recive my order by that day. August 22, came they had said my delivery was going to arrive between 12p, and 3pm then they change the time between 4pm and 8pm i waited and waited like an idiot again never recived a call or a text message about my delivery was not coming again! i Lost another day, cancel all my plans for nothing! it was already 6 days sleeping in the couch, not sleeping, my wife crying and very frustrated she was not getting any rest! I missed work again the next day on 08/23/2019 to go fix this issue at the store. They send me a text message my order was not going to arrive until August 25. i was so pissed off and frustrated that at this point i was going to do anything to recive my bed! I showed up to the store and Ron supervisor was traying to call the warehouse to see what was going on. He spoke to somebody at the warehouse and they were very rude! I told Ron i was going to pick up the bed myself from the warehouse all the way to Lathrop Ca. I had to rent a U haul and I drove 56 miles from my location to pick up the bed from the warehouse. I get home and what was my surprise! the head board and the side pieces where the wrong item! I instantly called the store and ask to speak to Nakisha. I told her i notice the order she had put in was the wrong items and the boxes were matching the invoice! Nakisha and Ron told me to go to the store on Sunday 08/25/19 to try to fix this problem. Ron told me Albert was going to be at the store on Sunday. I showed up un Sunday, waited for Nakisha like an idiot for almost 40 minutes because she was with a costumer and Ron told me he was sorry he forgot that Albert was not working that day and that i had to go back on monday again! I just got so furious! They already made me loose 2 weeks of my life and my job waiting and waiting with different storys everytime! lies, and just a traumatizing expirience! We did not deserve this to happen to me and my family!

Love my new couch

Love my new couch! Stella my sales consultant greeted me when I entered the store- let me browse, but checked in when I had questions. Very friendly in-store staff and delivery team. I will definitely be back and share my experience with others.

I had a delivery set

I had a delivery set for Thursday and the time changed 4 times before the date. The furniture was delivered and could not be completed because the parts was missing to the bed. It's been 2 days and no calls after I called them 3 times my self. It's Saturday and I'm calling the 866 number to be waiting for long mins to be dropped 5 times . I'm posting on every media site I can . This is some bullshit . It's a lot of people that know me in the music world . I don't play when it comes to doing what is right .

Mary Ann was very friendly

Mary Ann was very friendly and helpful. She made our furniture experience great!! She will tell you what is good and will not push you to buy things. If you go to the emeryville store ask for her !!

I wish I could give this horrible store zero

I wish I could give this horrible store zero or even negative stars!!!! Worst customer service over the phone! & GOOD LUCK TRYING TO CALL THE CORPORATE OFFICE TO FIX THE EMPLOYEE'S EFF UP! First off they was coo, tried to be helpful. AKA try to get the sale... After, I made a big purchase is when everything went downhill. A few weeks later I went back to the store to change my delivery date and the Hispanic girl said she fixed the date. Then I asked to double check that ALL my items was in stock at the warehouse and that everything will be available for my delivery date. She told me yes. So ok I left. A month later, the day before my move I called the store to see if I have a estimate delivery time or a time frame of delivery. And the girl who answered told me the delivery date was never correct and it's still set for the end of September! WTHHHHH!!!! I was so mad! Why is it up to me to double, triple check on my delivery?? I should trust that you people can get sh*t right the first time! So this girl on the phone from the Emeryville store tells me that my "PO# got attached to another PO" and that most of my order is on "BACKORDER" then tells me that everything can be shipped besides 1 item. So which is it, on "backorder" or it's available to be "shipped out". And she said it is was not their fault? HOW is it NOT your stores fault?? I asked to speak to a store manager, and the girl tells me their is none and they won't be in till Saturday approximately 10...? You don't have the schedule ? You don't know how to contact them regarding a very unhappy customer? By now I'm more than PISSED. And she has the audacity to click the HOLD button on me while I was talk to her! Oh hell no. Never again will I shop at ANY ASHLEY FURNITURE!

We bought a couch and rocking chair

We bought a couch and rocking chair. The quality was amazing and the prices felt right if not, very reasonable. Whatever your do, ask for Joy! She is amazing and made the experience wonderful!!! She listens and is a pleasure to work with.

I was helped

I was helped by both Maryanne and Joy on two separate occasion. They were both super friendly and funny. They got me a sweet deal on a mattress and a sofa. Prices are extremely competitive. We looked all over and it's hard to beat their sales prices. Even though we make purchases on two separate days, they combined our delivery fee into one. For all future furniture, we plan to come back for the great customer service and fair prices! Keep up the good work guys.

My experience at Ashley's was super awesome

My experience at Ashley's was super awesome... the staff was very professional and they helped more than 100 percent. If you are looking for any furniture I recommend you stop into this store. They have a very big floor set up and also lots of styling ideas for your home. They gave me the very best price for the bedroom set I purchased. Thank you so much for the service and we will return again upon redecoration our living room

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service in store. 1- was waiting for 30min for them to find cost code. 2- treated like I was bothering them. (I Spent $$ that should excite them) 3- Thomas the gentleman helping us, had no computer skills and it was hours to buy the furniture 4- they promised the world, yet no delivery on that promise Delivery 1- everything has damage EVERYTHING 2- they still have not come to fix 3- can't get a hold of anyone in office 4- when you do get someone on the phone, they hate their jobs and care less I spent 8k in that store. All I have is damaged goods Stay away, go to pottery barn

Worst experience while shopping for furniture

Worst experience while shopping for furniture. Sales manager treated us horrible as if we were some idiots who do not know what is good. We purchased a chaise lounge sofa along with the living room set and immediately after the first delivery, we had our first issue. They only delivered half of the sofa that we ordered and had to bring the rest on a different date. When we went to the store to figure out what was happening, Sales manager F. noticed us and said for us to wait in the front of the store while she took care of some other things and she eventually moved on to other business ( personal conversations with employees and social media browsing) before we asked if she would help us and redirected us to a customer service counter. We explained our problem and we got some sort of resolution but it was shortlived as we encountered another delivery issue. Now we are back at the Ashley Homestore looking for answers and Sales manager F. is attempting to help but as we told her our issues, she began to become hostile and speaking to us in a condescending tone. I did not take well to this and explained to her that the problem is not from something we did and a mistake by their team and we got reprimanded like some children speaking loud. She was the upmostm unprofessional manager I have come across. We will not be returning to Ashley Homestore and most definitely will not be recommending Ashley Homestore to anybody we know or come across. As a manager myself, I cannot believe that this was how the situation was handled.

Karen the new manager is a JEWEL

Karen the new manager is a JEWEL She is so helpful and customer focussed. She made my day. She is an excellent ambassador of the brand. My sales associate (y'all, African American from Michigan) not only is a Veteran but he went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty and went out of his way and job description to help us. I'm a long Time Ashley customer and I will continue. THANK YOU- Golddie

Just wanted to update

Just wanted to update after some recent interactions with customer service. One of our pillows got damaged. That's ok, since we purchased damage protection when we got the couch... so I called the store and spoke to some lady... after about ten minutes on the phone looking up the order and figuring out the replacement parts, she told me she would have to call me back for some reason (tbh she sounded like she didn't know how to place the order) I never got a call back... decided we would stop in and deal with in in person next time we were in the area... A few weeks later I went into the store. I sat there for 20 minutes watching a girl look up the information, find the right parts, confirm by showing me a picture. She said all was good and it should take about a week. She gave me a printout of the "confirmation"... A few weeks later still no cushions, so I call back. This time I talk to someone in the call center, not at the store. The order # on the paper she handed me doesn't exists. Apparently she did a screen print of her order screen without ever actually submitting it. Supposedly a new order has been placed and I should get it in 7-10 days... we shall see. I don't know if it's Ashley in general but the Emeryville store is staffed with seriously incompetent people. STAY AWAY!

Brandon Santos was not only professional

Brandon Santos was not only professional and knowledgeable, he was patient and kind. We never felt pressured and appreciated his ability to make shopping for furniture an easy experience. Ask for Santos :)

I wanted an armchair

I wanted an armchair and stopped by here before checking out Ikea again. I ended up buying a leather recliner chair and was helped by Maryanne. The leather chair was more expensive than the various armchairs I was interested in at Ikea, but it was more comfy. The sales associates let me browse the store at my own pace, which was about 30-45 minutes. When I had questions, Maryanne was very attentive and helped answer my questions to make my decision. I thought the selection was wide for chairs and the quality was nice. We were able to fit the chair into our car, so didn't need delivery services.

Awful experience

Awful experience... we spent the entire day in this store even though it only took us an hour to decide. It was a comedy from the salesperson unable to get their paperwork together to us having to tell them at least 4 time we DO NOT want their extended warranty and to please remove it from the bill ( guess that's how they make their money) even after getting home found errors on the bill. Called the store to point out their error and was told it would be fixed and a revised would be emailed NEVER HAPPENED. We had to go into the store to get the correction. Just when we thought it was over then came delivery another nightmare.. after several calls to confirm the time was change from am to pm only for them to show out with items missing them. There were soo many other mishaps that if I were to listed them this would go from a review to a pamphlet Save yourself the time and aggravation

Pashondra was my sales rep

Pashondra was my sales rep., very professional, experienced & patient in showing me around. I found a recliner that wasn't in stock, but would arrive to warehouse on 2/14 & be delivered 2/16, so I purchased it..Once you agree to buy it, carefully read the invoice itemized list, there were a few add-ons that I caught, that were not mentioned, for example: when I walked in my 1st question was, how much is delivery? she said "oh it's free" but the invoice showed a $119 delivery charge, when I questioned it, she said she didn't remember me asking but there is a charge for delivery/set-up & there was also a $59.99 warranty fee added, that I didn't asked for. So I started having 2nd thoughts & she called manager & she knocked off about $90, then I agreed. No delivery issues, delivered on time. My mother was very pleased with her delivery.

This was the 3rd furniture

This was the 3rd furniture I went to on a Saturday and was looking for a small office desk for an alcove in our place. I met with Francisco and he took me to the section of the store where they had desks (very low demand piece of furniture in general) and I found one that fit perfectly. Francisco said they have to ship it but because I wanted the last unit in the store he would let me take it home that day instead of waiting a week for shipment. Great service and I love the office desk and chair I bought there. My fiance got the rest of our furniture there too and it still holds up really well a few years in.

Came here and spent $1100 on a couch set

Came here and spent $1100 on a couch set. Found same one online from a different retailer for $200 cheaper. Showed someone at desk, and he said they would refund me difference. I asked when, they said when Crystal was around. She wasn't. Came in a month later, no Crystal. In the end, they did not refund me. Gave me gift cards for next purchase, which I don't think I will be making. One employee straight lied to me. Hate this business model of pass the buck.

Is there was less than 1 star

Is there was less than 1 star , I'd have given it to them, I bought a whole living room and a tv stand and I purchased the delivery service, it's not free over there as they claimed! , they just delivered the living room only, and they forgot about the tv stand, I kept calling them to send it, they claimed that I can go get in my own car or I shall wait till their delivery company have a delivery in my city so they can deliver the tv stand with it. The manager there is so rude, young unprofessional kiddo, he was sarcastic making fun of what my 60 years old father says. Everything was so rude. I'll never go there again.

Very shady business practices

Very shady business practices at this store. Don't expect them to honor their terms if you need to make changes or cancellations. The place has the feel of a used car dealership.

This is going to be a long review

This is going to be a long review because the incompetence of this company is nothing short of epic. They say what they need to say to get your money, and when they fail to follow through, they couldn't care less. I purchased a bed and sofas, after the manager Albert promised that they would be delivered on 11/16. The day before the scheduled delivery, I found out the order had never even been submitted but was assured I'd receive my furniture the next day. The next day, I called Customer Service and was told the request STILL hadn't been submitted and the earliest I could receive it was in 1 week. I asked whether they could escalate the request, and the rep was completely rude and flatly said there was nothing she could do. No apology. After finally getting on the phone with someone at the Emeryville store, I explained the situation and that this needed to be escalated, and he laughed and said he'd call me back. He refused to give me the store's direct number. After hours and no phone call, I finally reach another associate, who said he wasn't sure why Albert promised me a 3-day delivery because there had been a "delivery freeze" for that week and that sometimes "he says that to make the sale". He provided me the District Manager's email address. After sleeping on the floor for 3 days, I emailed the DM, who called and said he'd provide gift cards to compensate me for all of this. Shockingly, the DM now won't return my phone calls or emails. My furniture finally arrived on 11/28 (2 weeks late). The mattress protector I paid for never arrived, even after I called the store and informed them it was missing. So I'm still out $150 for that as well. Avoid this company at all costs.

This store has it all

This store has it all. I was greeted upon entrance into the store with a smile and so many choices. I was privileged to have Mr. Lonnie as my salesman. He walked my through the showroom and we sat and tested bedroom and living room sets. Mr. Lonnie asked me questions that would help figure out what would be the best fit for my new apartment. With his expertise, knowledge and the showroom choices I was FINALLY able to come to some decisions on my room sets. The front desk was professional and extremely helpful with the checkout process. Now, my delivery guys worked SOOOOO hard all day. I was delivery number 12, which you are able to track where your delivery is that day. SUPER CONVENIENT!!! When they arrived, they got to work and asked where I wanted everything. Within 30 minutes they said they were done and was cleaning up the boxes. They are extremely efficient and professional. I appreciate the entire experience with this store. From the beginning of the stores convenient location to the end dealing with the delivery guys. Thank you Ashley's. I can not wait to tell everyone to go to Ashley's in Emeryville and see Mr. Lonnie and get great furniture at even greater prices. Love and light

I went into the store on Christmas Eve

I went into the store on Christmas Eve with less than an hour until closing. I was greeted by an associate named Marryem. From the beginning until the end; seconds before the store closed Marryem was very attentive and informative & assisted me throughout the entire purchasing process with ease. At no point did I feel rushed. I would definitely recommend Ashley Furniture to anyone who's looking for quality furniture and great customer service and hopefully you're lucky enough to get Mariam! Thanks Again P.W.

do not be victimized

do not be victimized!! this company is absolutely unreliable!! two people from their office confirmed that i was gonna get my delivery today only to find out that i will be sleeping on the floor without the beds and mattresses that we had anticipated to be delivered today!!! this is a move in process and today we are moving in. we took the day off to prepare for today!!! read most of the reviews on here! trust it!! we went to their showroom on bayshore blvd in sf multiple times to make sure this will go smoothly! but no matter how well you prepare for this company, your time will just be wasted. my family and i have been greatly inconvenienced by this company's lack of customer service and the accuracy to deliver accurate information!!!!!!!!! don't give this company a chance and save your hard earned money, precious time and life with other company that can be relied on!!!


DO NOT BUY!!! TOTAL SCAMMERS! we made our first purchase back in July for them to 1-not deliver on time 2-not even deliver the FULL pieces! Went in to get a refund and they talked us into re-selecting instead, plus giving discount which we were like FINE, we'll give it another shot. Here we are almost 3 months later, with the delivery being DELAYED And once the delivery guys show up, every piece of missing. They show up with 3 pieces when we were supposed to have a total of 6. The home store and warehouse both play games and blame each other for mistakes. After trusting them for the second time around, getting our refund now and going to a random local business for our furniture. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY HERE, YOUR ONLY GETTING PLAYED!

I bought a living room set

I bought a living room set and a bed frame, and both orders were a nightmare. The delivered both orders incomplete 2-3 times. I had to take time off work to meet them at my home, only to have them mess up delivery. My "squeak free" bed frame squeaks. Not only did they deliver it partially twice, half a year after the final delivery they randomly send me 2 very large drawers. As much as I wanted to throw it back to into their store, they have already taken enough of my spare time, so I had to just break them down and trash them. Complete waste. Most disorganized company I've ever bought from. The furniture did not work as advertised. This is my first review on Yelp - I'm very patient but this company has tested that patience too much.

Buyer beware

Buyer beware. I waited to write this review in hopes that Ashley Furniture would rectify the situation but they haven't. I bought 2 furniture sets from this store over a year and a half ago for my new house. The living room furniture was delivered by a great team, had no problem. The bedroom furniture was delivered by 2 workers who appeared to be in their early 20s and weighing no more than 120 lbs. They looked exhausted bringing in the furniture. They banged my walls, cracked my hallway stair and dragged the boxes throughout the room leaving scratch marks everywhere. This was my first home purchase and I did it all on my own so I was so upset with the damage. I've been back and forth with the company for over a year now. The first worker they sent repaired the wall damage but made the floor damage worse so I asked him to stop. They sent another worker who said the damage was too extensive for him to fix on his own. Ashley Furniture asked me to get a quote from a 3rd party to estimate repair costs (which I have sent to the company 3 times now), and they still have not gotten back to me about reimbursement for their damage to my home. I have spoken to at least a handful of workers, two who said they were laid off which made the process even longer. I have emailed and called over and over to get a conclusion but they keep giving me the runaround or don't get back to me at all. I have never experienced such awful customer service. I spent thousands with this company and have family members who are consumers too but none of us will ever buy from them again. Yesterday a new worker named Kenia who would not release her last name, told me her boss MARYLOU B. ESTOLERO closed my case without a conclusion or informing me. These people are scam artists. They call during work hours and leave a voicemail but when you email or call back they don't answer then claim they couldn't reach you. I'm going to reach out to someone higher in the company but am not holding my breath. Planning on reporting them to BBB.

I purchased living room couches

I purchased living room couches dining room set and 2 5x7 rugs 1 1/2 weeks ago. I received the couches and 1 rug. The dining room table when they assembled it, they sent the wrong legs so the table is super high we cant sit down and eat when I called them I asked them to please send right legs asap now the legs are in route and they won't be here for another week which is Monday and the technician is not available to come and put them on until Thursday. That's more than a week from now and I'm still waiting for the other rug. They don't call you back when they say they will to give me more information. This is the first and last time I do business with them. Ashley furniture is the worst when it comes to telephone customer service deliveries and assembling.


SCAM ALERT! DO NOT BUY I paid an extra $250 to have a living room set delivered to my home in downtown SF. Rather than honor our agreement and provide what I paid for, Ashley Furniture decided to cut corners and ship half of my items via UPS! We're not talking small items either. We're talking a massive 150 lb. coffee table and two end tables each weighing 85lbs. Both end tables are damaged beyond repair with a major 9" crack down the middle of one and several thumb-size chunks of wood missing from the top of the other. I'm not even going to bother opening the coffee table box. I can already tell it didn't survive. The fun part is that they don't give you the option to sign for the package so there was no chance for me to reject it before it was left by UPS. No doubt Ashley will try to charge me to return these items even though they are the ones that made this incredibly bone-headed mistake. In case it wasn't clear before, DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE

I would like to share my buying experience

I would like to share my buying experience with future customers of Ashley Furniture. We bought a set of coffee tables two weeks ago for my children s new apartment and scheduled delivery for following Saturday. The delivery truck arrived on time, but the tea tables came in with defects, one table leg was off the angle so four legs were not leveled. The larger coffee table surface had a piece of wood warped. The delivery person could not fixed tables so called in to arrange new delivery. Because we need to use these furnitures for a Sunday event, so decided to cancel the order and buy Ikea. We went to the store for the cancelation, but the store manage insisted the delivery fees of $70 to be charged. We argued it was Ashley actually violated the contract since the delivered products were defective, thus should not charge customers for the delivery fees and should absorb the cost itself.

You will NOT get your furniture delivered

You will NOT get your furniture delivered, and if you do, never on time. We are still waiting on a bed we bought IN STORE on June 1. Also, this is not the first time we purchased from them, and never again. We bought a bed on June 1, and Evelyn, sold us a bed and made all kinds of promises for our new guest room. We were desperate for a quick exchange as we expected family, so Evelyn made a great deal. The delivery was for June 28th. Then they changed it to July 14th. And then it was changed to July 21th. and now, they are saying it's August 1. Except we have had to tell guests not to come and we have no idea when we will ever get it, and it will be 2 months soon. We've called, we have complained, and we have written to them (no response). Terrible service, sales people will do anything to sell with empty promises (such as, picking a bed for you that is "guaranteed" to be delivered asap), terrible customer support, and NO guarantee as you spend hundreds (including a hefty delivery and service fee).


Avoid. We ordered a full living room and dining set. Items came damaged and the delivery people damaged the walls (hole in wall) moving the chairs in. My husband sat on one of the bar stools we had delivered a week ago and the leg snapped. He's not even overweight! What in the world?! Now I'm on hold with customer service yet again and nobody answering. Spare yourself the headache and go elsewhere.

We came this afternoon

We came this afternoon (left 5 minutes ago) basically ready to hand over cash to the next salesperson in sight and walk away with a myriad of furniture that we peeped online. We were greeted by a nice woman who then introduced us to our salesman and it all went downhill from there: 1) I can't even remember his name because he never introduce himself formally. Keric? Eric? 2) He only approached us to ask if we're ready to buy instead of asking if we had any questions about the items. 3) He blatantly miscommunicated that the entire store was 50% off. I asked him if this was true 3 times and turns out .. it wasn't when it came time to pay. Overall he left a sour impression with us. What's more disappointing is that we were so ready to drop if he had just been a little nicer, friendlier and a better communicator. Back to IKEA or Pottery Barn for us!


DO NOT BUY FURNITURE FROM HERE. ZERO STARS I had a full bed set delivered on 5/17/19 and paid for delivery plus set up. The delivery team did not have the hardware to put my bed together so they had to order some sort of "bolts" to connect the headboard to the rest of the bed. They set up a date of 5/23/19 to come and put the bed together. When they showed up they did not have hardware or the correct order. I called Ashley and was told the hardware would take 7-10 business days to arrive then i would need to re-schedule. Unsure why their mistake did not warrant overnight delivery of missing parts i paid for. Today i received 2 small rubber tops, barely larger than a fingertip. NOT HARDWARE and i am pretty sure NOT part of my bed set. My bed is currently sitting on the floor with the headboard leaning against a wall... which is dangerous. It could fall over onto me while i sleep. I called Ashley today and they are trying to re-schedule someone to come out but could not give me any more details as to when this would happen. I am currently waiting (again) for them to contact me. My bed has been on the floor now for 2 weeks. They do not seem concerned with the issue and they do not answer their phones. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Today i called customer service & have been hung up in twice.

If only I had an option

If only I had an option to give negative stars to this torturous store! 1 star is a lot for their horrible service! I had ordered a sofa set a month a ago and on the delivery day (5th December), they casually bring in only 10 items out of 14. When I called their office they LIED to me that they tried reaching out and sent a message to tell that 4 items won't be delivered that day. I have proof of all communication from their side and they never reached out to me. I spoke to an Ashley rep the same day and they said the earliest delivery date is 10th December. I somehow agreed to be okay with that date. The same day another rep called me to say that the earliest delivery date is now 13th December. I was furious as I am going on a one month vacation from the 12th December! Then a day later since I hadn't heard back from anyone, I called them to find out that the earliest date of delivery is now 17th December! CAN IT GET MORE RIDICULOUS THAN THIS? DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE. They will allure you with good price deals and great sales persons at the store, but you will want to kill yourself for choosing them when they put you through so much ordeal! Liars and very unprofessional.


DO NOT GO HERE. You will be really disappointed. The Sales people lie like crazy, and will tell you anything you want to hear so they can get a sale and make commission off of you. They told us to expect 4 items, and only recieved 2 of the 4. We went back in, for them to lie again about a mistake being made by them. 2 months later, we now only got 3 of the 4, for then to lie again. No thanks. Save the headache.

We had such a good experience at Ashley Home Store

We had such a good experience at Ashley Home Store. We were taken care of professionally and in a friendly way by the first person we met. He later reminded us that by buying from the store and not an online mystery brand we were keeping him in work and the store open. Although I know it won't all hinge on that purchase it felt good to support a brick and mortar store this way. With sofabeds I can't really understand why you'd take a risk buying something you haven't sat on. For example the one we originally had our eye on from their website turned out not as comfortable as we want. So the store assistant helped us find a better one. Then he negotiated an extra 10% off the Labor Day Sale which helped because we were on a budget. Delivery was on time and it is now considerably smartening up the guest / gaming room where we live in San Francisco. I heartily recommend going to Ashley Home Store.

Avoid this place

Avoid this place with all cost! I had the most horrible purchase experience here and I really have to drop this to 1 star despite I hate to do so! First of all, Ashley has some nice furnitures and their prices are reasonable UNLESS they give u extra discounts on top of the discounts, and this was how I got into this scam! My aunt got two decent leather sofas from Ashley during their VIP selection sales, so my mom and I came to Ashley, we spoke to the same salesperson and got the same good deal! However, they claimed that we HAVE TO buy warranty for the sofas, and that costed another couple hundred dollars(smh which is fine since we got a good deal), and then we were told that the sofas wouldn't be delivered until a month later because of the holidays (this was during thanksgiving) and the manufacture stuffs (we were like smh...ok..whatever....) By the time we walked out of the door, more than $3k were swiped for two sofas (cus these were decent sofas)... HOWEVER, in the same afternoon, we found similar sofas with muchhhh muchhhh cheaper offers and they do delivery in a week. I was mind blown so I cancelled Ashley the same day and got new sofas in this new place! Guesss what!? Ashley had already made the transaction on my credit card right after I walked out of the store that day! Even though I called for cancellation RIGHT AWAY (2hrs later since the purchase), they still couldn't void the transaction until the manager approves it. I was like "ok....I will wait..." 11/23/18: The cancellation was initiated on the same day of purchase. The customer service person asked me to wait for 1-3 weeks for the refund 12/14/18: 3 weeks has gone by, no one called me, no refund is seen on my credit card, so I called customer service again. Waited on the customer line for like 15mins and finally got to speak to a lady who now told me that NO CANCELLATION HAS SUBMITTED for this transaction, and asked me who I spoke to on 11/23/18. I was pissed! " whatever you can just give me back the $ please cancel it again right now!" She asked me to wait, need manager approval again.. expect another 1-3 weeks 1/4/19: guess whattt another 3 weeks have gone by, Dont see my refund neither see the sofas as promised m...Ashley is a legit scammer ...i called again .. this time a guy picked up..said the order is been voided and asked me why I still don't see the refund...he will check with accounting again ...please wait for a few days .... 1/8/19.... hallelujah I finally got my money back from Ashley after weekss without asking them to do anything for me but just to cancel my payment on the same day of purchase. This is the most unpleasant shopping experience I have ever had my whole life...... Ashley is definitely QUICK to get your money, and the rest is your own story ...gooood luck!

Just came in a purchased a kitchen and family room set

Just came in a purchased a kitchen and family room set. Kevin and Shon helped us. They were so Kinda and patient with us. I have a 6 year old who probably drove them crazy but they were awesome. It had. 40% off and they have 12 month finance option. I totally recommend this place and they also offered a 5 year warranty. Most place don't even offer this. I'm so happy with our purchase. I can't wait to tell my family and friends about this place

Took from early October until almost Christmas

Latest Update: Took from early October until almost Christmas and four days off of work to get our order correct and to our place. We were promised a refund on delivery and never received it. Seriously. Don't shop here. Update: our items were delivered today, the delivery men were very nice. However, the coffee table arrived damaged. The delivery driver advised me that a technician would come out and after determining he couldn't fix it would have it replaced. A customer service rep called us from Colton, told us we shouldn't have accepted it and if we hadn't accepted it a replacement would have arrived in three days. There is only one technician appointment available this month, so of course we have to take another day off of work. After that, another delivery will occur, and another day off of work will have to happen again.

Just recently buying a house I had a lot on my mind

Just recently buying a house I had a lot on my mind. Mid-day I decided now that we own we should go look at furniture... The stress disappeared as I began talking and shopping with Francis(great sales manager)who treated me literally like family and Marryem. They listen to our wants and made them all happen well within our budget! Thank you Francis and Marryem! Joe

We are very happy!

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by David Tuong. He was Amazing! We seriously gave him the run around. He helped us pick out beautiful couches & a very elegant looking kitchen table set. We are very happy! I will definitely recommend getting your furniture from here, very high end & quality. I would also reccomend David helping you out. He was very patient with us. He wasnt also just tryna sell, he was genuinely making sure we were happy with what you were getting! Loved how he took his time with us! Loved his customer service! & most of all Love my new furnitures!

This is the worst customer experience store

This is the worst customer experience store. Almost no sales reps and ones available don't want to do their jobs. Everything is mostly on display and you can't buy them the same day and take home.

Right now I will say with confidence and experience

Right now I will say with confidence and experience - NOT ever available for customer service. Still waiting for a paid for delivery. I guess they have a 15 minute window left? Currently my experience has bee BAD. If whenever the chaise arrives, will update. Really makes everything feel so cheap.

great customer service worker

David Tuong is the best person here. With a staff of friendly.people his ability to go the extra mile speaks highly to his professional skill of being a great customer service worker. We previously bought a bed from him, then we bought two book shelves, and now kitchen furniture. Needless to say, he is worth coming back to this store. Thanks David T.

I think one star is too much

I think one star is too much. Ordered a couch beginning of October with promise delivery in 2 weeks. I received a call advising the date changed to November 20th. That day came and went. Still no couch. Then I was told December 11. Icalled to cancel and was told I couldnt. After speaking to manager on November 23rd, I have yet to receive my refund. Every time I call, no one has notes documented. Still waiting.

I would like to share my sofa buying experience

I would like to share my sofa buying experience. After 8 months, my sofa seat pillows are sagging and unsupportive. No lumbar support at all. Pretty sofa but design and construction not up to my expectations.

We went in Ashley HomeStore to get new set of couches

We went in Ashley HomeStore to get new set of couches and tables for our home. Both David assisted my family with the purchase. They were knowledgeable with the product in the store. They were friendly, patient, and helpful. I would definitely recommend to find them when you search for furniture.


IF I COULD GIVE THIS ZERO STARS I WOULD. This is an overdue review, long story short I came into the store with my roommates during President's Day , we chose a couch and when it got delivered (2weeks) it didn't fit up our stairs so we had no choice but to send it back and go back to the store for a reselection. An employee named Kevin helped us and was super understanding of our frustrating situation , he recommended a U - shaped couch that he explained would break down into small enough pieces that would fit up our stairs. He mentioned THE ENTIRE COUCH would fit. Not only that but that he would give us the couch for the same price. He gave us his card info and we were super excited to follow through with this. It was a popular couch so it was gonna take a month to get delivered .. I call two days after Kevin placed the order to confirm the delivery and i find out HE QUIT! I was like is this a joke ... but they said the couch was in for delivery a month out so i was like ok.. So fast forward we get the couch and its only a L - shaped ....... I call and say we're missing the rest of the couch and the guy on the phone was confused too and said they'd give me a call back.. i didn't get a call back. I called on a friday and I called back on the following Monday , same situation they said they'd call me back , again they didn't call back .. I was over it so I go into the store and try to figure it out in person and the front desk says there's nothing I can do because Kevin the previous employee only ordered part of the couch not the whole couch ... I was furious because Kevin never gave me a receipt nor an invoice and I had no proof he promised the whole couch besides his word. AND HE QUIT. it was so frustrating hearing there would be no solution to this problem. All they could offer was 50% off the missing pieces but why would I pay for something I was promised in the first place and already payed for. I applied for the credit card and everything. risking my credit and all for not what we were promised. When I was in store I was calm and understanding , I explained to the woman how I've been promised phone calls and no one ever called back expecting some sort of apology instead she says "Well not to be mean but there's really nothing we can do". Are you joking? We're paying over 2 thousand for this couch and you're gonna talk to a paying customer like that? Use better words. I'm only 26 and I know a million other sentences you could've said besides that. While in store i left WITH THE SAME PROMISE OF "WE'LL CALL YOU BACK" . At this point I'm over how patient I've been. This problem carried on for over two weeks which is such a waste of time. And of course THEY DIDNT CALL BACK. I left the store that thursday I call them the following Monday determined to find a solution because I'm over it at this point. I call and talk to the manager Ken and he explains the actions and words of Kevin don't have any use because he's not an employee with Ashley Furniture anymore ..... is there no sense of ownership of what happened?! It's not my fault your former employee left this mess for you to clean up , you're a manager and I expect you to give it your all for your customers. You're getting paid at the end of the day and I'm losing over here. I was put on hold and the automated voice message was saying nothing but how Ashley Furniture values its customers and how they want to give 100%satisfaction and im suppose to be that ONLY customer who has to take this loss ?????? I get there's never been a situation like mine before but figure it out!!! I asked to talk to his boss or if there was someone above him who could make decisions and he said he wasn't allowed to give out numbers and emails. so what am i suppose to do??? I understand now there's nothing the manager could have done but I never heard him say "I'll do everything I can do see if we can help you out." "Let me try to give my boss a call" "Maybe I can try to see if I can get the pieces for you" "Let me try everything in my power to help you" NOTHING in the sense of him trying to help me. Instead i ONLY got "theres nothing i can do" I wouldn't be as mad if I knew he tried everything in his power to help. but he didn't. no one did . I asked if there was a fee for me to break the contract and return the couch and apparently I can't even do that. I don't want this couch and I'm mad I feel forced to keep it . At this point its about the principle not even about the money or the couch itself. apparently i have no choice but to keep it and continue paying for this couch even tho it isn't the full couch we wanted .. I'm disappointed in the customer service i've received and never plan on giving Ashley Furniture any type of positive business.

This has been the worst furniture buying experience

This has been the worst furniture buying experience that I have ever had. Missed deliveries, broken furniture delivered, missed deliveries again, no notice for delivery as arranged, Rude customer service. I will NEVER buy from Ashley again.

You can find the exactly same furnitures at the outlet stores

You can find the exactly same furnitures at the outlet stores (I guess they all have one supplier) for less expensive. In this store, salespeople are just willing to take your money they don't want to help you at all. Especially one guy works there (black guy) he was being very pushy. I came there to buy the things that I found on their website I ended up running away from that guy. He literally changed my mind. I was being very pushed. So I said no thanks. (A little note to the management, if you think that you already have good quality of products, then you don't need such creepy salespeople. The products will sell itself.)

High pressure sales tactics

High pressure sales tactics, complicated pricing to obscure what you're really paying, sneaky high-priced "protection plans," and dishonest and unreliable customer service. I canceled my order right after placing it, but they still held my money for a full three weeks, and I had to call about a dozen times to get them to follow through with the refund. Maybe the worst sales experience of my life. Don't shop here.

amazing friendly and knowledgeable

Evelyn Solan was amazing friendly and knowledgeable of her product. She was friendly and great to work with. I'll comeback soon for more furniture as we have a new furniture store we can trust and support.

one of a kind

The team in the Bayshore location in San Francisco is one of a kind. We were assisted by Marryem in helping us find a dining table set, bedroom set, and living room set. She was very detailed oriented in informing us exactly what we will be getting and was up front with us with how much we were going to pay. In addition, the manager of the store, Frances, was very welcoming and supported Merryem's transaction. She also provided a detailed summary of the items we were getting. Both were very helpful and answered all our questions. Definitely recommend you all to get your home furnishings from this location.

We walked in on an afternoon and the experience was terrible

We walked in on an afternoon and the experience was terrible. Their sales associates were arguing with one another about who was helping who because they were so concerned about their commission. Terrible experience, we will not ever return.

We are long time customer

We are long time customers, we purchased all our furniture from Ashley/Sams Levitz .We ordered a bedroom set on Sunday 08/25/19" about $2300 , and we were promised a delivery on the following Saturday, so we just received the set and it is missing the bed frame , the headboard and the side panels, so we didn't receive the most important part of the bedroom but they actually sent us a metal bed frame to lay the box and the mattress on it until we get our bed and then found out that they sent the wrong size metal frame too.The driver told us that the salesperson who sold us the set should've advised us that the set is going to be on back order but unfortunately she didn't. We called the store to complain and Sami the salesperson who helped us said that we should have an old set to sleep on while they get us the rest of the bedroom (God knows when) , this salesperson is absolutely out of her mind to decide for us where and how to sleep at night . My wife told her that we are going to write a review about your service and her response was" go ahead and write whatever you like, my managers will not believe you" , so here I am writing a review and let's see if they believe us or not . This is false advertising and bad business. Then manager Mike(big liar) promised to have the bed delivered on Friday 09/06 by 6:00pm , then they called us and said there was a delay and we will receive it on Saturday 09/07/19 between 8:00am and 12:00 noon , it's now 2:00pm and we haven't received the order , I just call them and they said that we should receive it by 2:30pm . Alex the delivery manager has the worst Attitude however I know this is not going to happen and we will not receive our order by 2:30pm so I am heading to the store to cancel the order and return everything , unbelievable customer service and this is by far the worst store and the worst business that I have ever dealt with in my life

Just wait until you buy Leather couch

Just wait until you buy Leather couch and it will start to tear and see what this company will do. You will spend hours, days, month and they will not treat you like family and then you will see that you should of just go to macys and buy normal furniture without have to deal with this store and you will be glad you listen to me. Oh, and if you do decide to file a credit card dispute, make sure you have all papers and keep all receipts because they will send you to collection agency.

I would just like to give a shout out

I would just like to give a shout out to David and Evelyn for making a chair purchase so damn easy! They were cordial and very informative of my purchase!! I wish more furniture stores could be this gratifying!!


Worst location ever. First off, I walk in and as 2 female employees are 2 feet away from me and NO GREETING WHAT SO EVER. I stood there for about 5 minutes and nothing. I guess gossiping is better for business for them than me purchasing something and then offering their assistance. Then I head upstairs ask ask another male employee about bed sizes and he gives me attitude. What is the point of having employees if they aren't going to help or do what they are supposed. I will never go back to this location and corporate/management should really handle their employees/sales. Hey not my problem I came in to spend a few thousand dollars on some livingroom furniture and a bedroom set but I guess another company is deserving of business. Bye

I have purchased several pieces of furniture over the past two years

I have purchased several pieces of furniture over the past two years...all exceptional! The delivery/set up personnel are exceptional in respect and talent, very proficient. Refreshing to have such great sales associates, the manager took care of my most recent purchase. I will return for any future household needs. I have also purchased wall hangings and household decor. Highly recommend Ashley!!

What started out with a two piece couch set

What started out with a two piece couch set day after Thanksgiving. Andrew was a very nice and frequently. The issues was not the product or the sale person. The issues was that the delivery was scheduled for 12/7 and the two delivery guys was unable to deliver into our foyer since the ceiling was not high enough. Delivery guys tried going through the garage and front door but still unable to get through. I suggested that they remove all the packages and one of the guys said no they can't. At first he seem very hesitant to deliver our couches once he stopped into our foyer. So after few attempts it was not going to happens. So we had to refuse it and ask for a refund. I placed a call to the store on 12/7 and spoke to the manager, Kevin. I advised him that the couch set we selected was better for us since I have two young children and getting a couch that is over $700 plus will not be ideal. Anyone with young children understands where I'm coming from. The manager said it will be refunded back to my mom's card. I placed a 2nd called on 12/13 and spoke to a rude ass bok pau. She informed me that the order was voided on the 12/12 and should expect a refund back into my mom's card with in 5 business days. I placed a 3rd call to Ashley furniture and spoke with Barbara, she was going to look into the issue and get back to me. Checked my mom's account on 12/21 and still no refund. I placed a called to the customer service number at 9 am and spoke to someone name Chantelle or channel. She was going to call the store and get back to me today. My phone was on and I did not receive any call from Ashley. Once I got home and place a called back to Ashley directly and spoke to a female, she said the sale was voided and not sure why it's taking so long to process and the refund should take 2 to 5 days. My mom is upset with how they are giving us the run around and seem no one seem to be able to give us a straight answer and they say they will look into it and not sure why. I am done with their shady ass bullshit. My mom will be going to the bank in person to file a complaint and disputed the charges. If you want an honest place to get your furniture, DO NOT SHOP HERE. If I could give this "legit" business a 0 star I would. Save your headache and stress by going to some where else! Trust me! Next step is email all my family and friends about this place.

We've been shopping here for 2 years now

We've been shopping here for 2 years now. We like the acceptance now program. It has really helped us build up our credit. We now have enough credit to buy a house and I can't wait to fill the rooms with items from Ashley furniture. I just so wish theyd open up a store in ohio.

After spending over $7000

After spending over $7000 in this store in the last 3 years, the manager refused to honor the online advertised price for two measly mattresses because they weren't making money on them. Stores are franchised. If you find something you like here be sure to check the website. The price will likely be much lower.

We went there to purchase a bedroom outfit

We went there to purchase a bedroom outfit for each of two rooms. The sales associate, Scott Grimm, was very helpful and attentive to our needs. As for the mattresses, he engaged us in a scientific process that determines the mattress that is best suited for us based upon weight and sleeping position. The computer program recommended a particular type of mattress. We tried the suggested mattress as well as others. We concluded that the suggested mattress was the correct fit. Scott spent about 3 hours with us and showed enthusiasm throughout the process for helping us with our needs. It was a good experience. We will be returning to select living room furniture.

Customer service is horrendous

Customer service is horrendous! I received a couch, an expensive one, had to pay extra so they'd bring it in, not leave it on the porch! The delivery company stayed 9 minutes total. The LEGS OF THE COUCH were not attached! Not only that, there are NO PRE-DRILLED holes TO attach them. They were allowed an hour for delivery, according to my contract I signed, yet didn't attach the legs. The man even stated, "There's no way she can get these on herself". I called Ashley Furniture and was told they'd get right back with me to solve this. That was 4 days ago. I've called, no one acts like they know what to do. So, I received a couch, that's still on its back, no legs, and zero concern by Ashley Furniture. Never again.

After speaking to a sales associate

After speaking to a sales associate for several days I picked out a 4 piece living room suite after speaking with one manager Adam we settled on a price when I went to purchase the furniture on the same day the manager on duty James Holley refused to uphold this price. This bait and switch tactic is a terrible way to conduct business!

The worst furniture store in the tri-state area

The worst furniture store in the tri-state area. We bought furniture over a month ago, and have only received 1/2 of it. We have been in contact with everyone, and only received the run around. "Its on the truck" delivery. "Oh its on back order", "no its at the wear house" it will be there Saturday... No show. Now its our responsibility to contact the delivery department. Didn't need to for the first delivery.

Very friendly sales people

Very friendly sales people and their prices are very competitive. I would recommend this store

All That And A Bag Of Chips!

Kevin Is All That And A Bag Of Chips! From Greeting To Helping Out Around The Store. #Wreckem, Merl

I am absolutely appalled

I am absolutely appalled by the way this store has treated us. Their customer service is seriously lacking. I have never had a bad experience with Ashley's until this location. I wanted to buy all all my house furniture from here and I did. Then I'm told the item I already paid for is not available until 2025. We call, no answer, we call again and are put on hold, only they didn't put us on hold and the receptionist was talking about her vacation coming up. So we drive there while on hold the 3rd time we call, which lasted 45 minutes!! We go in furious because how far we drove to get this situation fixed and say they found one at another store and the manager Corey would personally pick it up for us to make sure it's delivered with the rest of our stuff. Now 2 days before delivery, the item is still not with our delivery. If I am missing anything or if anything is damaged I will be returning everything for a refund and going with another store. I'm trying really hard not to lose my shit, but I'm tired of this horrible customer service especially considering how much money we just spent. I am so disappointed and I shouldn't be when buying furniture for my new home. Another update: only 2 tables and some of the chairs were delivered, along with half the bedroom set and 2 couches for a movie room which we bought last. We still are missing half the bedroom set, some decor, half the chairs for the tables and our living room couches and all the fixings for the living room which was supposed to be delivered today 1/18/20. We call to get an ETA only to learn our delivery was cancelled and we were not notified and rescheduled for further out. Now we have to jump through hoops again to be home. After this I will NEVER recommend Ashley's which is sad, I've bought from them my entire adult life and will no longer support the business with poor ethics and customer service.

If I could leave no stars

If I could leave no stars, I would. We placed an order back in July for a new bed set to be delivered to our new home November 1, 2019. We were told that this was doable. Clearly not. My husband was asked to come into the store FOUR times for "paperwork" and then once October hit, we called to make sure that our furniture would be delivered and were told that we would have to wait until the end of November for delivery. We have tried everything we can think of to cancel this order, including going into the store multiple times. Every time we go in, we are told we cannot be helped because there is "no store manager in the store at this time." Any time we try to call the customer service line for cancellation we are told that we have to call the store directly. When we call the store directly, no one picks up. We are now at a lose for what to do. DO NOT shop here if you expect your furniture by a certain date or want any kind of customer service at all.

I had a very uncomfortable experience

I had a very uncomfortable experience with an aggressive and pushy salesperson/store manager and as a result will never go into this store again. I was looking at mattresses with my husband, of which there were only 3 brands to choose from. I told the salesperson we were a definite no on one brand. He puts us on a great mattress and proceeds to talk so fast for the next 15 minutes detailing features and benefits I can't get in a word. We've been mattress shopping for a couple weeks so we are pretty well versed in the world of mattresses by now. When I finally get in a word, I ask the price, because they don't put price tags on the beds. He actually tells me he'll get to that and proceeds to continue outlining features. I ask price again, and he starts pulling out every sales tool - using multiple analogies to compare this purchase to other big purchases, consider the cost over the lifetime of the bed, blah blah. It's actually like he's talking down to us so we "understand" the weight of the purchase. He then proceeds to whip out the calculator and tell us the price will be x per month over the course of several years. Not what I asked. He finally spills the price after I start walking toward the exit. I tell him we need to think about it. He asks why. I say it's a big purchase and he starts launching into his analogies again. I tell him I get it and don't need analogies. He says he can show us other beds, including the brand I don't want. I say this is the only one we want but need to think. He's visibly annoyed. I tell him I understand he's trying to close the deal but we're just not ready. He gets desperate and starts pushing other beds again. Asks us why we don't want to consider their 0 interest financing. I tell him we're not buying tonight and start to walk away again. He continues to talk, and places his body between us and the exit. He says he's not trying to be pushy. I tell him he's being extremely pushy. He throws up his hands and storms away. Is this how salespeople and alleged store managers are trained? Horrendous.

one nightstand is missing

Update: 01/22/2020 Ashley contacted me about delivery. Today 01/22/2020, delivery came as scheduled. However, one nightstand is missing (there were two in total). The delivery crew had no idea why and asked me to contact Ashley. In addition, the sleeper sofa has faulty parts and its back was not sealed properly.

I only wish I had read the reviews

I only wish I had read the reviews here before I purchased my couch. I purchased my couch early December, was promised a Dec 17 delivery and that is when the issues started...My delivery was pushed to the 19th and when i called to inquire i was told the couch was not yet in the warehouse but should be available Dec 28. Long story short, i was lied to by 12 different people and ended up finding a company to pick up the couch for me. After sending in a customer service complaint to Ashley, i received an email that a manager would reach out within 24 hours or I could call them back....UGH, bottom line - they don't care about you or service. NEVER AGAIN will i shop at Ashley and i will be sure to share my experience with everyone


UPDATE! My husband went to the store and was told no store manager so we cant get our refund until Thursday . This rigmarole is unethical this is not right and going against ur own policy in all my life I have never seen such a thing . We never received anything and we have cancelled GIVE US OUR MONEY! This is wickedness I just left ur store and I am highly disappointed that because of my race even if I am well within my right I would b treated poorly. I made a purchase In store late last month to be delivered today today I was called that some of my purchase was back ordered and I won't receive till 24th. I mean the first date was 9th later it was changed to 16th 23 th 24. I was there with my husband and my 4 yr old son for over 2 hours we are very responsible ppl we should not b treated as we were. No concrete date could be giving to receive our order we asked for a refund we were told we would pay .10 percent for something we never received and de were not sure when we would . Give us back our money how mean and heartless can you all be to a family with kids for Christmas I then asked if we wait this next date and we don't get it can we get our full refund without paying 10percent she said yes and wrote this on our reciept and initialed it then I asked for a confirmation email she den consulted with someone else tricked me that she wanted to confirm d next date and scribbled over the 10 percent waver I took my reciept from her and she started acting all crazy like I was gonna do anything to her I was over the counter a thick counter with my 4 yr old son and husband ..there is no way I could do anything to her but because we are black d cops where about to b called if not called ..the sales man could not b bothered we are left with no furniture for Christmas . This is not fair at all we only came here and paid our hard earned cash . Can we get our money back so we can buy furniture for Christmas

After I posted my review

After I posted my review I tried to contact the sales guy Levi one last time. I was able to get in touch with him and he told me that the correct sofa would not be shipped until Dec. PAUSE...DECEMBER?? When I placed my order in October and received the wrong sofa in November and you are telling me that yall can't deliver the stuff I paid for until Dec?! No sir. No sir. That is unacceptable and will not be my story. Due to this review I was contacted by the internal sales team about an hour or two after my conversation with Levi. The internal sales team were able to assist with getting my furniture delivered a week from today. Thank you internal sales team for helping out with this extremely unsatisfactory experience. Although it doesn't help what I had to go through to get the correct furniture or the sour experiences I've had with your store employees and staff I applaud you for stepping in and doing right by customers. Sad to say I'm disgusted with this whole experience. Maybe it's Levi that you shouldn't trust and not Ashley's. Unfortunately there was no recompense for their monumental mistake but at the very least they finally took care of the problem. Not sure if this was worth the hassle.

I ordered 6 pieces of furniture

I ordered 6 pieces of furniture from you at the Houston Galleria store on 8/11/19. I have had the literal worst experience buying furniture. Out of 6 pieces, between 3 deliveries, 2 have been undamaged, and assembled correctly. The first delivery had an end table that was assembled incorrectly; when I picked it up, one of the legs just fell off. Luckily I am apparently smarter than the delivery guy because I was able to fix it. The second delivery had a sofa and a love seat. The sofa was ok except the bottom was torn open where someone (the delivery guy) put his hand through it and then placed it against the wall so I couldn't see it. Unfortunately, I did not find this damage until after I had signed for it. The loveseat did not fare so well. It was somehow crushed in transit to my house. It took 4 days just to get a replacement ordered then it took another 3 days to get here. Delivery 3 came today. The piece that was being delivered with the replacement from last week is missing the legs. I don't understand why I cannot get a delivery correctly, NOR why it takes 24-48 hours to find out when I can get a replacement. The delivery guy gives you all of the info on the phone along with what is wrong THEN you get on the phone to tell me I have to wait up to 48 hours to find out when it will get here?! Ridiculous. I know the legs can't be overnighted (the rep told me it would be 2-4 WEEKS!) As for customer service; I was told to email pictures to the email address given to me by the in store rep, so that I could get the sofa fixed from the delivery guy's hand going through it. That was on Saturday. I literally sent them while on the phone with the rep. I have still not heard back. This has been a nightmare. I am on the verge of returning every single piece of this train wreck and going literally anywhere else. The sofa is nice, as I'm getting it piece by piece. I'm just very, very disappointed by the lack of help and response to these repetitive issues.

Worst furniture experience

Worst furniture experience I've ever had! My furniture hasn't arrived and I am hoping this review will get someone's attention to deliver our furniture and stop wasting many other clients' time. Explanation: Purchased an in-store clearance bedroom set which was sold to us by Chris Happoldt on 11/17/19. Receipt and verbal confirmations said it would be delivered on 11/20/19. Our mattress and box springs arrived but not the furniture. After 2 hours of calling the store's customer service and more than 20 minute holds, a woman picked up and no help was provided. It was said that it was on its way. Went in person on 11/21 and bedroom set was still in store. Met Robert Wolf, assistant sales manager, and he clarified that it was a human error, but would be delivered on 11/22, next day. He said it would be easy because it will be delivered directly from store to home. Gave us his personal cellphone nunber to assure proper communication. He only replies to my husband's calls with vague answers regarding delivery. Furniture did not arrive, so it was then assured by 11/23. Called customer service and spoke with Van, he said the earliest would be 11/29/19! While Mr. Wolf was on the other line with my husband confirming that it would be there by 9PM as promised. Didn't arrive. Today, was promised that it would be here for sure TODAY. No communication from store or Mr. Wolf. I've been asking for receipts or paper trail regarding this human error and they are not willing to provide it. Oh! and cancellation policy still applies to us, even though there is no interest in delivering the purchased bedroom set.

Don't even know where to begin

Don't even know where to begin... I'll keep it objective. 1. Purchased a couch in July - didn't hear a word about it until October (over 8 weeks)when it was delivered. No notification was provided about it being back ordered. Salesman did not ever follow up. 2. The delivery guy refused to place it where we asked because he felt that he shouldn't have to maneuver around a box of decor (that was moved out of the way). After talking to customer service - they placed the couch exactly where asked and it fit perfect. 3. Upgrades to a memory foam sleeper for the sofa- thickness and comfort level are comparable to a regular mattress. Overall- we've purchased furniture from multiple places because we are furnishing our new house and this was the worst one to deal with. The best were: 1. Pottery Barn 2. Star Furniture 3. The Dump 4. Online (way fair and joss main) Stay away from Ashley.

My boyfriend and I walked into the store

My boyfriend and I walked into the store on a Saturday afternoon and were not greeted by anyone. After walking around for about 10 minutes, a sales person talked to us because we passed by here (not because she sought us out). When we mentioned that we were moving in 4 months and not immediately looking to purchase furniture that day, she turned around and started talking to another associate in the middle of my boyfriend's sentence. We were unsure of what to do so we just walked away and continues browsing. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

We weren't sleeping well

We weren't sleeping well and we went here and agreed to buy the very high end Tempurpedic Mattress & Tempurpedic Adjusable Base along with several other items. We were promised a delivery date of 1 week from purchase, but it looks like it is going to be closer to one month. I don't know whether the sales person lied about the item being in-stock at the local warehouse or whether the warehouse people have given our item to someone else. However, I do know that the company screwed us over. We ordered more than $15,000 of new furniture and we are being treated like dirt. Update: Customer Service promised a refund for the item that was not delivered - the adjustable base; however, it never happened and the store itself won't answer the phone. So now we have had at least 2 different segments of this corporation make promises to us that have been broken. Now we have had to dispute that portion of the credit card charge. If you walk into the store, you will see about 7 sales people ready to sell you and make all sorts of promises to you. But when it is time to keep the promises, no one will help. We definitely regret walking into this place.

I only dropped into Ashley HomeStore

I only dropped into Ashley HomeStore after one or two accent chairs piqued my interest online, but I def needed to see in person. Sadly they didn't have them on the showroom floor; but worst off, they also do not offer color or fabric swatches. None of their stores offer swatches. Terrible, terrible biz model. The salesperson, however, directed me over to large screen to look at the options online, but I insisted that swatches are a must. Why would I order chairs with the risk of repeatedly paying a 10% restocking fee for each time I find myself displeased with the color? They also tried to pressure me to purchase a mattress when I already stated that I was aware of the upcoming sale price in May that I know the store can't beat. Shoppers, always do you homework.


Horrendous. We went in to furnish our home and no one talked to us for over an hour as we looked around. As we were leaving someone finally approached us. We placed our order through the new home buyers program. Put down our deposit and he said if we needed anything to let him know. Instead of charging us the deposit, they charged us the full amount. This took 2 weeks to correct and multiple emails as no one would return a call. Whenever we texted the salesperson (as instructed) to add things on, he never responded. It took us 2 hours and 2 separate attempts in-store to finalize the sale. We would have canceled it completely other than you get charged for that. The first time we were told to pay but they could not promise a delivery date. She said she would know in 48 hours and would call. She never did. Four days later my husband went in to try again. He stood around waiting for help. Once he was finally able to speak with someone, the delivery date was now over a month away. Loving the piece we decided to move forward with the order but asked that the other two pieces get delivered on time so we had furniture. This caused multiple calls to be done in order for this to happen. 30 minutes later she was able to do it. When she charged our card, she ONCE AGAIN charged it for the full amount. Although we had already paid a deposit. Now, this took face-timing a coworker to issue a simple refund. My husband had to leave with a pending charge but no pending refund, they claim it is normal but we should see tomorrow. There was no one in the store. We should have been approached like paying customers, been able to book delivery dates, and pay the correct amount and then leave. These staff over promise and under deliver and are not qualified to do their jobs and should attend a course in customer service. We will not be going back to this location and would not recommend it to anyone.

I will never buy from them again

I will never buy from them again. Steve Farris was my salesman. He asked me if I wanted the warranty and I asked him what it covered. Steve told me if ANYTHING went wrong with the table they would replace it. Chad Spencer owns the Galleria store in houston. Bought this beautiful table , even bought the warranty for 130.00 spent 700.00. In 4 months the table bubbled because the table was not sealed properly. They refuse to repair or replace. NEVER buy from Ashley furniture.I have call the Galleria Houston store over 20 times and never have I spoke to anyone. What kind of customer service is this. Once I got the recording and was on hold for 29 minutes. Your company is a joke. Never will I spend another dime with you.

The absolute worst furniture experience of my life

The absolute worst furniture experience of my life. A timeline: June: Placed order for delivery in November September: Get call saying the order has been cancelled by corporate and I need to come in to replace order. Order was transitioned to a layaway order, so had to change that as well Mid October: Get a call saying the night stand was permanently out of stock. We cancel delivery to cancel order November: I go in to cancel order. Only main store manager can approve cancellation, he will call me in 3 days to let me know. No call. A week goes by, I hear nothing. I go back in, try to cancel again. Customer service goes to talk to manager, comes back and says it was approved, should be done within a week. ANOTHER week passes, nothing. I go in again, customer service says they will process cancellation now and I will get a confirmation on Monday (this is Saturday). Today is Wednesday, STILL NOTHING. I have left multiple messages for the store, who refuses to pick up the phone. I have contacted corporate at this point, and am absolutely furious. I hate that j even have to leave a single star.

A lot of items were overpriced

We were greeted by sergio who was a salesperson in this location. We tried to look through different sets of coffee tables but nothing excited us. A lot of items were overpriced eg. Bed sheet sets for $599 or ordinary table set for $799. Still worth visiting as the store is huge.

I stopped here looking for bedroom furniture

I stopped here looking for bedroom furniture over the Black Friday holiday and was extremely disappointed in the customer service and the overall air of simply make a sale that surrounded my visit. Fortunately for me, I chose not to purchase anything based upon my experience which was super negative. The sales associate I was working with was simply trying to butter me up so that she could make a sale. I absolutely hate when associates don't listen to you, try to push you to buy the most expensive items in the store, just so that they can make commission. This one latched onto me as soon as I walked through the door. I didn't even have a chance to look left look right before I was hounded by this annoying woman who insisted upon helping me search for the perfect furniture to suit my needs I will be contacting customer service about my negative experience to give more specific details as well as the name of the associate. However for the rest of you, buyers beware do not go here unless you want to waste your time.

please do not

please do not, i repeat do not, order from this store. we have been given the run around when picking up our furniture. we drover 2 hrs to pick up our furniture to be told that there was a hold on the account. the sales associate and manager knew we were picking it up the next day. they did not mention that it took 72 business hours for the hold to be uplifted. it seems like the employees do not knows what they are doing. listen to these reviews a d go elsewhere. not worth it. especially if it is on sale.

This is our second time purchasing furniture

This is our second time purchasing furniture from this store and this is our last!!!!! First time was great no complaints this time what a freakin joke! Ordered our sofa, it was in stock and got it on schedule. Donated our existing sofa to get ready for the new one. To only be told out of stock and won't get one for another week. (No store manager on site to talk too!!!!) Got it on schedule, confirmed going to have someone meet them at the house since we were working. Confirmed the time. They show up early and my dad hasn't arrived yet. Did they call to say we are running early? No! Get back arranging the sofa to the right position and it's broken. My husband and dad both go to the store with the part that is broken. Still no manager on site....but they will replace the sofa and they did give us a credit. Waited 2 wks to get a delivery for a Saturday. Confirmed delivery for today with a time frame. It's now past time frame no sofa. Called to be told it's not on the truck because it's not in stock!!! Like what the hell!!! We confirmed the delivery for today. WE had to call for them to tell us this. They didn't call us. We are so livid about this whole customer service sh*t! Never will I ever shop here again. For future shoppers please read all of issues and think twice. Wouldn't want you to waste your time dealing with this. I should have read the reviews. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY or your TIME.

While it's nice that they greet you

While it's nice that they greet you when you come in unlike other places where you cant find a rep to help you and they have a nice selection at reasonable prices I would NOT recommend this place. The table we wanted was on back order at the begging of March and told it would definitely be delivered by 4/9 but "probably before that" and told they deliver every day and will work around our schedule. Now it us the 12th and not here. So not only NOT early but late and now being told they dont reliever on sundays and mondays and wont work with our schedule. Would rather not have the table than deal with this headache. The reps at Ashley will tell you whatever they need to tell you to close a sale. Then they will not honor their word. Do not trust them. Do not buy from them. Buyer beware.

First time visiting this store

First time visiting this store, not only is the furniture gorgeous but i had excellent service from team member Ifan Ishaq, we will definetely be back soon!

My daughter bought a bedroom set

My daughter bought a bedroom set that arrived damaged. She refused delivery. The manager refuses to refund her money. She also bought a kitchen table that my husband picked up. Upon putting it together it was evident the leg was not straight. Because she picked up the item, Ashley furniture store manager refuses to refund her money. Something the salesman did not inform her of. Not until she filed a dispute with her credit card company, did Ashley furniture manager accept her calls. Before such time, she found it difficult to reach anyone at Ashley at best and felt they were avoiding her contact. Their furniture seems to be of poor quality and they seem to exhibit unfair or deceptive business practices in not issuing refunds for damaged items.

I went to the San Felipe location

I went to the San Felipe location to shop for a sofa or possibly a sectional, if a sectional would fit in my apartment living room. Luckily, the sales associate Kevin was VERY knowledgeable and helped me find the PERFECT sectional for my living room! I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Next time I need more furniture, I will be going back for Kevin's help!

I went into the store for the first time

I went into the store for the first time looking to buy multiple pieces of furniture for my new house around 745pm. Not one person greeted me. I went around the entire place with a good idea of what to purchase. All associates looked at me and did not greet me at all. It was not busy. There were associates doing nothing. I spent an entire hour there with not one hello from anyone. Although I liked the furniture and was ready to purchase that day, I finally decided to leave due to the horrible lack of customer service. This really ruined my excitement for moving into a new house.

I went to Ashley Furniture on San Felipe

I went to Ashley Furniture on San Felipe on Saturday October 5, 2019 ,I was greeted and I knew exactly what I wanted as I saw it online. Needless to say I bought a coffee table and 2 end tables and 2 lamps. We never tried the lamps, one shade rocks and the other only 1 light comes on with the option of top light, bottom light or both at the same time and doesn't work. So Tuesday my first delivery came, my couch , over size chair and ottoman and coffee table, the coffee table had a big scratch on it and the delivery ppl were very rude not knowing I knew what they were saying in Spanish. So I went to the store and talked to the office manager and store manager, and they assured me I would get a coffee table replaced and I told them about the lamps and he went and got a part for 1 lamp . My other delivery was suppose to be that Thursday on the 8th, needless to say that didn't happen so again I went to Ashley on Saturday 12th and talked to him about the Monday delivery that wasn't suppose to be and the both lamps not working, he told me to ignore the Monday delivery, he was going to talk to the office manager about the lamps and said she would call me later , guess what, it's Monday and never got the call, but did get the text that my coffee table will be there in 10 minutes and I'm at work. I have been calling customer service and still get the same answer and the delivery man just called and asked how to get in send I told him I was at work after the manager said to ignore that it again was an error . Unprofessional and unacceptable

I should have read the reviews

I should have read the reviews before making any purchases. First off their communication is terrible and their system does not accommodate their customers when they make mistakes. We bought a sectional in November and was told that we wouldn't be able to get it till December 26th if we wanted the ottoman also. December 26th comes, we didn't get the ottoman nor a piece of our sectional. No one contacted us to tell us we weren't gonna get our whole sectional . When we called no one was any help the guy had no clue why we couldn't get our stuff delivered. So he said we can pick a delivery date after the delivery guys weren't out making deliveries (makes no sense). The next morning they sent dates they could deliver. The soonest date was the 6th of January. Okay. So I called them that morning to confirm . This lady told me I couldn't get it on the 6th but the 7th and my ottoman would not come in until the 16th. Wowwwww, so your telling me I can't get my furniture all together? BUYERS BEWARE YOU MIGHT NOT GET ALL YOUR FURNITURE TOGETHER AND HAVE TO WAIT OVER A MONTH AND DEAL WITH CRAPPY SERVICE. Ashley's furniture do not put their customers first and I will definite be reporting to the BETTER BUSINESS Bureau

Not one to do this

Not one to do this, but you should seriously read some of these reviews. The store provided the worst customer service experience I have ever dealt with. I paid for the furniture over a month ago and despite numerous attempts to speak with literally anyone, I still have not been contacted. I will not shop at this store again and would advise others to do the same.

I wouldn't recommend it here only

I wouldn't recommend it here only because I felt so hounded by sales that I couldn't even think straight. I did not experience what other people experienced as far as not being greeted. I was greeted by the second salesperson I walked past. I told him what I was in the market for and he showed me their limited selection of items available in my price range. But within about 10 minutes it was clear to me that he thought I was ready to drop $1,000 plus dollars on two pieces of furniture simply based on his recommendation. He brought me to the manager who tried to use various sales tactics to force me to make a decision. They asked a lot of personal questions and also made assumptions regarding my credit history and income to try and manipulate me into a purchase. When it became clear that I wasn't ready to make that purchase, they started working with other people, and I became invisible. The sales guy I was working with asked the customers who walked in what the promotion was the last time they came in so he could prove to me how much it fluctuates and what a "great deal" it was. And then walked off, escorting them to the back. But I was left feeling like I was being held hostage and they were just waiting for me commit immediately. Finally made a break for it. LOL! After thinking about it, I may have gone back for one of the pieces, but because they made me so uncomfortable, I decided to purchase elsewhere. I understand the point is to make a sale but you should never try to force a customer into a big purchase by double teaming them. If anything, provide the information, work up a quote and hand them your business card, asking them to consider your business in the future. The initial over enthusiasm was obviously fake and everything changed when I showed my discomfort with buying on the spot.

Absolutely horrible products

Absolutely horrible products and customer service.. I have been forced to waste a ridiculous amount of time and energy dealing with the store as well as the customer service phone line because they sold me a broken sleeper sofa. I just want them to come get the thing and give me my money back. It's been nearly a month with no progress. I will never do business with this store or company again. Consider this review fair warning. They are happy to help take your money but once you walk out the door they couldn't care less about getting you what you paid for in the condition they advertised (I.e. NEW). The first photo is to illustrate how the sleeper attaches to the sofa. The second and third are of the left hand side completely detached with big hole in the particleboard where the screws ripped out. This is how they delivered it. They still have not made any attempt to fix this other than posting on here that they would.... My voicemail is not full. I have identified your number and tried calling you back but got an automated prompt that would have routed me back to the 800 number. Please try again and I will do my best to answer.

By far the worst customer service

By far the worst customer service I have received anywhere in my life. We had ordered many items from this location. First the wrong rug was delivered.. we were then charged for it. We called to try and get it sorted. Instead they charged us for the correct rug without taking the wrong one. Our table and chairs were delivered. Our table was missing a leg, so they had to take it back. One of the chairs were already fraying. So we had to send it back. Then we got "a new chair" delivered. In fact it was the same chair from before. We have been fighting with them to get our billed correctly since July.. it's now November and it is still not right. We have tried several times to talk to the store manager Corey. How he is a manger is beyond me. He's not a man of his word and fails to call us back or get anything solved. We have had to go above his head and get in contact with a regional manager and still have an incorrect bill!

Don't let them talk you into their warranty services

Don't let them talk you into their warranty services. They sold us on the warranty saying they'll come out to clean whenever we need it. Found out the the warranty is through a 3rd party who doesn't do cleaning. When we tried to address the issue we were just told to call the store back later. So we spent $10k at this store and they can't even try to help us. Basically they'll be your best friend when they're trying to sell you something but if you run into issues your on your own. PS no one at their customer service ever picks up the phone. It took us a few days just to even get a hold of anyone.

If you want to purchase something

If you want to purchase something from this store and receive it THREE months later, this is your place!!!! Seriously though... we bought a king sized bed on 4th of July and was told We couldn't have it delivered till August 20th, but they would "waive the deliver charge" which I feel you shouldn't have to pay for anyways. We stupidly accepted and later had the date postponed not once but TWICE!!! The final push back was Sept 27th and we just canceled completely!!! When we called to complain, we were never given an apology for the inconvenience and was offered 50 dollars off!!! What a freaking joke Horrible customer service

After waiting a month for a refund from Ashley...

After waiting a month for a refund from Ashley, I get the check and deposit it into my account. Not only did they take forever to provide a refund over a $1000 causing other money to have to me moved around, they placed a stop payment on the check that was refunded. Now no employee can tell me where my money is and bill don't stop because they don't know where it is. The stop placement should have not been put on the check to begin with. They are telling me they can not over night a check. I am to the point where I want to seek legal representation this has become so bad. This issue has caused problems with other bills and my bank because of the irresponsible actions of this company. I URGE BE CARFUL DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE VERY SHADY AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I would definitely recommend buying elsewhere.

I will never shop at this furniture store again

I will never shop at this furniture store again! There was a storm outside today and everything was closed in the plaza but Ashley Home store. I walked inside since I was stranded from the storm and asked a gentlemen that was working there where the restroom was. He asked me if I was buying anything. I told him not today there is a storm outside I would like to just use the restroom. He gave me a hard time about using the restroom cause I didn't want to buy anything today. When I was about to walk out he was very rude. I did not catch the name of the employee but I know one thing for sure is that I will never purchase furniture from here again.

I went to Ashley home furniture

I went to Ashley home furniture and was assisted by Kevin. Nice guy and very straight to the point so appreciated that in the begging. The mattress salesman however wasted his time and mine after i told him multiple times that i was not going to buy a mattress over 500$. I get that your job as a sales person to get people to buy stuff to make commission but when they tell you NO that means NO! I ended up buying a couch, mattress and box spring (from online) and Kevin mentioned a warranty that would cover anything and EVERYTHING. I get home and ready the warranty paper that he did not provide until after i signed and it DOES NOT cover fading, rust,normal wear and tear, seam separation, stress tears, loss of foam resiliency, pilling or fraying. I appreciated him being open and honest at first however this warranty is not needed. Since my furniture will not be delivered until next week i will be at the store tomorrow to be refunded my money for a warranty that does not cover anything! Warranty is a complete scam if you ask me!

I purchased $500 for 5 years of insurance

I purchased $500 for 5 years of insurance, only to be denied the use of insurance. Absolutely impossible to get anyone on the phone from customer service. Due to the poor material of Ashley products my sofa cushion covers keep wearing and I have only had the sofa a YEAR. It took a Yelp review to get in contact with Ashley Furniture and since they still will not take my calls I hope this helps. DO NOT SHOP HERE, WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! Terrible quality, poor delivery service, I cannot stress enough how much you would regret shopping here.

Went to checkout a new couch

Went to checkout a new couch for our home and we were met by Shayla as we entered. She was peppy and upbeat. My hubby being well a booger since he's a La-Z-Boy man told her to impress him. Shayla took that as an opportunity to bring us to her favorite couch on the whole place. Needless to say it was amazing and I can see why it was her personal favorite. It's plush and comfortable. The chair and ottoman that match were my favorite as I could see myself sitting with a warm blanket and the weather turns cold reading a good book... If our teenager doesn't steal it first. Shayla then asked us how our mattress is doing... We told her it was about 15 years old. Shayla introduces us to Ali who was very helpful and knowledgable about find us the perfect mattress. My husband almost fell asleep as Ali was showing us all the features. Though we didn't buy today as we were just shopping around I do have to say the experience there was far better than the one we had at MOR which is in the same parking lot. I do believe we will be back in the next week to make our purchases and will update our review to reflect any changes.

My friend was looking for a bed

My friend was looking for a bed with drawer's underneath and a mattress. She is special needs, so I came along to help her and pay for it. We looked at the bed on the floor and decided on it. It had two drawers. We were quoted a price that we agreed on. On to the mattress area. Laid on a few mattresses for 20 to 30 minutes and decide on one. Salesperson started to do some pricing and then told us it did not come in the full size. So, we moved on to another mattress and spent another 30 minutes deciding. It came in a full size. Wrote up the paperwork and paid and scheduled a deliver date. This is where it all went south! When they came to deliver the bed, the mattress was not on the truck. Delivery said it was backordered. We had taken the old bed to the dump the day before!! What good is a bed without a mattress. Why make a deliver if the order is not complete! Why didn't someone call and say the mattress was not ready and reschedule the delivery?? I was livid!! What was she going to sleep on? PLUS the base did NOT have drawers. Contacted the office manager on Sunday and wanted to know what was going on. She told me the warehouse was not available and would call me Monday. She also said that the order was not written up for a bed with drawers. It would be $400 more, I declined. Now two nights on the floor and she doesn't own a sofa and she needs to be at work on Monday!! Was contacted on Monday and was told the mattress would be delivered on Wednesday PM. It wasn't backordered, just a clerical error. TWO more nights on the floor. Wednesday the delivery set the mattress on the bed and told her to let it open up and not to use it for 24-72 hours. It was rolled up in the truck. Was not told that she could not sleep on it the first night or more. ANOTHER night on the floor! Since this order was already wrong why was it not flagged, and the mattress opened up at the warehouse before the delivery? As of Friday, two days after the delivery, the bed is still not flat and full. OREDED TWO ITEMS AND COULDN'T GET EITHER ITEM CORRECT AND SEVEN NIGHTS ON THE FLOOR AND HAVE TO GO TO WORK!! NEVER AGAIN ASHLEY!!

I wish I can give less than one star if i can

I wish I can give less than one star if i can. Cheaters and liars. I happened to buy a dining set and a coffee table along with the corner tables on Nov 2nd. And they promised that coffee table set will be delivered by Nov 6th and the dining set on Nov 15th. And tried to check the status of my order on Nov 8th. They said they cannot deliver anything until 18th. I got stuck here and spoke to the manager and she said she will come back with an update by the end of the day. And never called me or dropped an email. Today I got an email from one of the store sales representatives asking me that am I comfortable with Nov 20th delivery date. Such a poor service and unprofessional team work.

So now 6 months into furniture ownership

So now 6 months into furniture ownership nightstand drawers are falling apart, sofa cushions are breaking down and dresser drawer guides are failing. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of Ashley home furniture. Absolute garbage quality and worse customer service.

We ordered a couch and loveseat

We ordered a couch and loveseat and it was delivered. The delivery service said they don't installed the feet so I had to pull out my drill and take care of it. I called Ashley and they said someone would get ahold of me. terrible terrible terrible service do not buy from the store

The worst

The worst. Gives you wrong information and promises of delivery dates were not met. Delivers were rude.

I would HIGHLY recommend going elsewhere

I would HIGHLY recommend going elsewhere. You'll have a fantastic sales experience. But everything else will ruin the month following. Emotionally traumatic experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. Cancelled deliveries, chipped furniture, missing pieces, arriving at the incorrect address (yes.... with the same order). Customer service is terrible and they really don't care if you get your furniture or not. Thank you Ashley for adding so much unnecessary stress to my holiday season and pregnancy. I wasted 5 figures worth of my hard earned money to be treated like trash.

Went into Ashely Home Store Outlet

Went into Ashely Home Store Outlet to find a sectional. A very nice guy named Jallen helped us out with questions, measurements and pricing! We found one we really liked and went home to measure to make sure it would fit. We came back in a few days later to purchase it and was told by the floor manager that 'regional management' only wants the sectional sold with a coffee-table / side-table set (which we already have). This is not what we were told when we initially inquired about the sectional. Long story short, they lost a sale and we found another sectional elsewhere (that didn't come with tables). With 'customer service' like that, this place will surely go out of business!

If they offered to give me the furniture

If they offered to give me the furniture, I wouldn't accept it. Why? I ordered a simple coffee table set on 11/3/19 and was told it would be delivered on 11/8/19. Then they said 11/24/19. It finally came on 11/29/19 and not only was one piece damaged, the other pieces had a terrible finish as confirmed by them. They re-ordered and I was told delivery would be 12/24/19 but of course, that didn't happen. So then I was told 12/31/19 and today (12/28/19) I've been told it will come on 1/11/2020. I'm trying to cancel the order and they want me to come into their store to do so. It's their "New Policy." Here's an idea. Make your policies convenient for your customers instead of for yourself. (Btw, I've ordered over $3,000 of furniture from them in the last year.) So much for customer appreciation.

Went in to purchase a couch

Went in to purchase a couch we really liked. Went home to measure, when we came back a few days later, the price jumped and we had to buy the coffee table with it. What a joke. Go to Costco for furniture instead.

This is just a display store

This is just a display store. Only items in the clearance section are able to be delivered same day. I thought the selection was decent and the prices were middle of the road.

Unfortunately the worst furniture shopping experience ever

Unfortunately the worst furniture shopping experience ever! We had purchased a couch from here back in October, which was delivered in a timely fashion. The sales guy that sold us that couch fit it to all of our needs, was very attentive and answered all our questions. Fast forward to June, when we're in the shops for a new bed. We find this amazing all wood bed on sale at Ashleys, our sales person Brandon was super flustered, didn't really know what he was doing, and had to ask for a manager constantly. However, we trusted his abilities to understand the difference between regular bedrails and raised platform bedrails (we were getting storage under the bed, so the rails needed to be raised). The earliest delivery date was a month from purchase because the bed was back ordered (on sale, but back ordered? what?) we agreed, and patiently waited. Come delivery day, yay! THE RAILS WERE THE WRONG ONES!!!! Brandon had ordered the regular rails, not the platform rails, so no bed! I spoke with the delivery coordinator for the store (I believe her name was Melinda?), and was told that it would take a few days for the rails to get back to the warehouse & back in the system so the new ones could be ordered and delivered out. Which is kind of understandable, but asked how compensation for not our mistake would be made up. If I had known the salesman put the wrong skew in (HE WAS OFF BY 1 DIGIT!!!!) I would have fixed it a month ago. Melinda said we could get reimbursed for delivery, as the mistake wasn't ours & we weren't the angry customers. I called Ashleys again the next day to confirm, and spoke with a girl names Spencer. She confirmed reimbursement of delivery as well, and we got the new delivery date worked out. Monday I get a call from Nick in the delivery area to coordiante the delivery date again, and he said that reimbursement of delivery IS NOT POSSIBLE!! Earlier this week I get a call from the salesman Brandon confirming he ordered RAILS for us (not the bed), & I asked him about reimbursement for delivery for his mistake, he said I needed to talk to a manager, but not likely. (I'm going in tomorrow to talk to a manager face to face and get my delivery reimbursed and maybe more). Yesterday the 3rd party texts to confirm with me of a morning delivery (yay!!). Then they call me this morning with an automated system saying that everything changed and gave me an evening delivery window. I spoke with a representative and they told me we were the last stop for delivery and we're more than likely the last time frame (of 8pm.) So pushed delivery out again one more week, with yet another request for morning delivery because of plans. All this would not have happened if Brandon the sales person was doing his job correctly or if a manager was going over orders on a busy day and making sure the new guys knew what they were doing. This is absolutely ridiculous to be waiting 2 months for a bed frame when we could have had it in the 1st place if someone slowed the fuck down!! The sales people at Ashley's don't give a flying fuck anymore about their customers. It's all about the sales so they'll do 2-3 sales at once for the same item, and evidently mix everyone's orders up. That is unprofessional and lazy. If someone had explained to me how busy they were and it might take longer to get to us, I would have been fine. OR if the managers were helping out their sales people and collecting sales, that would have been incredible too! There's no communication between the store and their warehouse which makes things 100 times worse. Just don't EVER shop here. EVER.


Gross. This place looks and feels like Big Lots, or an old K-Mart. The furniture is really low quality, but the prices are surprisingly high. If you're looking for nice furniture, don't go here. If you want the college dorm look, this is for you.

I am now approximately 3 weeks out

I am now approximately 3 weeks out from the initial delivery date & have yet to see my furniture. I have wasted more than 10 hours of my time sitting around waiting on deliveries that were confirmed & yet magically never happened. The latest go round ended up with me waiting through my entire delivery window, being on hold for more than an hour only to be told my order wasn't loaded onto the truck. When I asked why, miraculously the call dropped. It keeps going from bad to worse with each breath I take. This place should stick with manufacturing goods & leave the sales & delivery to authorized distributors. I like the product but sales & direct distribution make me hate this company.

I bought a couch

I bought a couch about 6 months ago and the springs and cushions are totally shot. Worst purchase I have ever made and I will tell everyone I know not to shop there.

Purchased a large 4-piece sectional

Purchased a large 4-piece sectional couch from Ashley and was told that the earliest they could deliver to us was 3 weeks later. Hesitantly, we agree and pay the delivery fees, and note down the exact date that they said they would deliver it. Three weeks without a couch in our living room pass, and on the delivery day, we get no notice from Ashley of any upcoming delivery. So I call customer service to inquire, and lo and behold, I get told that there's no order placed for delivery for us. Customer service tells me that there's a note in the system with the date of delivery, but no one actually entered it in and confirmed it. So I'll have to wait at least another week to get it delivered. Seriously? Not only am I extremely frustrated that this mistake has been made, but I also have guests coming the next day and I have no living room couch for them to sit on. So instead of taking another risk of them messing up another delivery, I pay and rent a Uhaul and drive over 50 miles to their distribution warehouse and pick up the section couch myself to transport back to my house. And to top things off, I'm 8.5 months pregnant. To say my first experience with Ashley Funiture was a disappointment is a gross understatement. The only points I can commend are that the customer service person I spoke to and the person at the distribution center were helpful.

Went to purchase 2 tall narrow dressers

Went to purchase 2 tall narrow dressers. Everything went fine until delivery. The delivery company damaged one of the dressers. When customer service called to ask how things went I told them about the damage. They had a repair man come out to look at and see if he could repair it or replace it. I was told it would "be restored to show room finish." What a joke, first the guy that was sent was not the sharpest tool in the shed. He spoke like he was talking to one of his gang-banger homies. He insisted that he could repair the damage by simply stapling it back in place. The back board in the back which was cracked by the delivery men could not be stapled back. The original board was glued to the frame and them stapled. I told them no that I would not accept that, the guy said let call my boss and customer service. I got on the phone myself to customer service. Next thing I know the guy drove away without a word. Had no idea was going on. Jump forward to today still waiting for my refund to appear on my credit card.

We had a great purchase experience

We had a great purchase experience with Desi. We ordered a living room set in February and it was backordered and we couldn't have it delivered until May 6th. No big deal - we bought it and patiently waited for May 6th. 2 days later we go back in to buy a dresser. We were advised that we could put the dresser into the same delivery as the couch if we would like to save money on a delivery fee - or we could have the dresser ASAP. We opted to lump all items together. Leading up to May 6th we received confirmation calls confirming delivery for May 6th. On the day of delivery we only received the dresser. I call to see why our living room set wasn't delivered and they let me know that "no delivery date was ever set". I call them on this and reference my purchase contract that confirms that my delivery date was 5/6 and they give me some runaround answer about how it never was set. I asked to be escalated to management because the rep wouldn't answer my questions clearly and she hangs up on me. I go into the store and the in-store manager gives me some excuse of having a new computer system and that a lot of items lost their shipment dates. Why did I get confirmation of it coming via phone just days prior then? Why was I not informed of the delay in shipping? Why can NOBODY give me the same answer? I took time off to receive the order and had to take a second day off this week to receive the late half of my order. Not cool. Terrible customer service and nobody seems to care. I want this made right or I will never buy from this company again.

don' it!!!!

This was our first couch purchase and biggest regret. TRUST ME.. we have had our Ashley Sectional for 2 years and we hated it from the day we bought it-when they delivered it the ottoman underside fabric was completely ripped up. That honestly seemed like not a big deal compared to how the cushions sagged after only a few months....We noticed the sagging effects in the showroom and blissfully ignored it. We will NEVER buy from a big box store again.....ugh you just get cheap material that has 0% quality. I wish we had invested the 1,500+ that we spent on this piece of crap into a quality high end couch/piece of furniture that we could be proud of. I am literally embarrassed of this sectional when people see it....oh well.... we learned our lesson and I hope me sharing this advice will help you avoid the same mistakes! AKA..... you are not getting a deal on a 1000-2000 sectional from here.......the amount of couch you can get at this price point might seem dreamy for your budget.....but you are warned that the quality will not hold up. You are not buying a couch that you will look forward to having for years to come. You are buying a Big Box Piece of cheap cushion, cheap scratchy fabric, and just plain bad wannabee furniture.


I had ordered my sectional along with a dining room set in mid May. The original delivery date was June 23. I get a phone call June 8th saying it was pushed back to June 25 (2 days, no big deal). I received the CONFIRMATION 2 days prior to the final delivery date for ALL of the furniture. Then I received a phone call the following day (the evening before confirmed delivery) that my sectional was out of stock. How can you confirm something to a customer that ISN'T EVEN IN STOCK! I called the store 6 times trying to get in contact with someone. It kept telling me the store was closed which it wasn't. So I had to get in my car and drive there just to speak to someone. The manager on duty was no help at all. Couldn't give me an answer as to what had happened. New delivery Date is July 8th. SO FRUSTRATING! I do not recommend shopping here.

WORST ompany and service

I have the worst experience buying furniture from Ashley. I had guests visiting and bought complete bedroom sets for 2 rooms and paid cash.I was told there were no issues in one order but the dresser for second room will be delivered couple days late. I was fine with that as I understand Covid situation. But this company is using that as an excuse for all shortcomings in their organization. Dresser for one room was damaged when delivered so I refused to take delivery. Now it has been 40 days and items are not delivered. Have spent several hours and trips to Mall of Georgia store location. Spoken to store manager: Tekelia Steward. She if full of excuses and no concern for customer. She says she is also frustrated with the company. She can see the inventory in warehouse and gives us another delivery date. Furniture still not delivered. Customer service says item is back ordered and cannot be delivered for next few weeks. I was very polite in every visit and simply asked them to cancel my entire order and pick partially delivered furniture. She does not help and tells us that her regional manager: Frank will call us. Have not received any calls. I have bought furniture several times from Ashley in the past. But this experience has led me to a point that I have decided never to buy from Ashley. Ironically a friend of mine is also dis-satisfied with Ashley. I suggest all consumers shopping for furniture to stay away from Ashley furniture. Their systems, sales and delivery is all out-of sync. I will try to reach out to their CEO Todd Wanek. This is a reflection on how successful he is as a CEO of Ashley furniture. Do Not Buy From ASHLEY.

I don't recommend Ashley Furniture

I ordered a bed (and a nightstand) online which it was one of the most expensive platform beds in Ashley furniture (SKU AFHS-1442279K). My order delivered on time, but the header part was broken (photo#1,#2). After several calls, Emails, and contacts with the unprofessional rude customer service, finally they arranged for the replacement delivery, so I got the replacement part after 2 months!!! BUT… the second delivery was worse than the first one, it shipped in an open box and was broken in several locations (photo#3). I am tired of contacting them again and again or waiting for another 2 months to receive the replacement part as there is no guarantee if it won’t be broken again!!! It was the worst experience I have ever had, totally wasting money and time. I do not recommend Ashley furniture to anyone and I will never purchase anything from them again.

Damaged headboard

We purchased the Raelyn bedroom suite. We got the headboard damaged on delivery. When contacting them they told us that this is how it comes from the manufacturer (is it not them?). We spent over $3,000 on this set. Buy your bedroom set somewhere else. Not worth it. Shady company and awful customer service. We also spent over $5,000 in the last year at Ashley's. Never going to buy them again and never going to recommend them to anyone.

HORRIBLE Customer Service

DO NOT SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE! We bought a mattress and frame at the Ashley Furniture Store in Springdale, OH on July 7, 2020. Our salesman assured us that the mattress and frame would be delivered the following day on July 8, 2020. That evening, we took apart our bed and wrapped up our mattress and box spring so they could be picked up the next day. My husband took the day off work and the mattress and PART of the frame was delivered. My husband called the store and was assured the other part of the frame would be delivered on Thursday. My husband took off a second day from work on Thursday, July 9. No one called and nothing was delivered. He called the store and was again assured the rest of the frame would be delivered on Friday, July 10. He took a third day off work. They delivered the same part of the frame that they delivered on July 8. My husband called the store again and was assured they were doing everything they could to get the rest of the frame delivered asap. We then received an email from Josh Render on July 11 stating our frame wasn't loaded on to the truck, so we wouldn't be getting the frame until Tuesday, July 14. Meanwhile, keep in mind that we had been sleeping on an air mattress since July 8. They also forgot to deliver the mattress pad we paid for. We were told by our salesman that we would receive a $300 gift card. Of course, we have not received it. My husband had several conversations with Josh Render concerning getting a partial refund of our purchase because of the delays and the 4 unpaid days off my husband had to take from work. He offered $1,000.00. The corporate office said they can only offer $200 and we can't return the bed or frame. I wish I had seen all of the negative reviews before shopping there. I am in shock at the way this store does business!

Appears to be a Scam

My family needed a new couch and were moving in July. We shopped in June as soon as the stores opened and found a couch and chair that we ordered. The company made us pay immediately the entire amount for the furniture saying it would be ready the next month when we moved. We called in July and they said by July 21. I received a text that the furniture was available and to pick a delivery date. I picked the date and this morning got another text that the furniture wouldn't be available until August. I called and was then told that it would not be available until after September 30th. It seems to be a scam going on. Meantime, they are holding on to all of the money for at least 4 months!

Worst Experiences Ever

Anyone rating this place more than two stars must be an employee. This site is not right at 8+ stars. You need to check other sites like "" to get the whole story. The had good quality about 15 years ago but now it is the pits. I ordered 5 pieces of furniture on line on 6/1/2020. Two were delivered by UPS because they were small end tables. The other 3 were to be delivered by their own delivery service. Only two items were delivered. The third was supposedly on back order. All the things that were delivered were new in a box and needed assembly. No problem. That is what I wanted. One of the end tables was damaged due to poor packing. They agreed to replace it but it would take 2 months. The piece that was missing was a sofa table. It came a few days later but was not in a box and was obviously not new. It had big chips in the veneer all across the front. They said they would ship me a new one. After waiting 8 weeks the replacement arrived. Again not new in a box and already assembled. Again damaged. Again they promised a new on in a box that would be delivered 8/4/2020. I received a confirmation email for that. 8/4 came and went with no delivery. This also happened on the first replacement where they gave a date only to not show up. Calling them is impossible. I know all companies are having issues but to make a call to them only to be told to leave a message that will be returned in 48 hours is ridicules. In fact when I called the first time back in June I was told the call back would be within 90 hours. They never called so I had to repeatedly call them. They are more than happy to make a sale but after that want nothing to do with you. You should try calling customer service only to be put on hold for 15 minutes and then hung up on. I have probably spent 12 hours on the phone trying to get this resolved. I am writing this now because the replacement end table came. Fortunately there is no damage to the veneer however all across the front above the draw the stain is missing. I don't know if the staining is being done by people or machines but their quality control is nonexistent. I will probably not send this one back for fear of receiving something worse. I can probably mach the stain close enough. They also don't clean the furniture properly before staining. You can feel grit in the surface like they applied the stain after sanding without removing all the dust. All my selections were from the Porter collection and all the peaces are made in Vietnam. Not saying that is bad but wanted to state where it came from. Overall; quality = 0, quality control = 0, customer service = 2.5 because they will help you if you can get in touch with them.

Poor quality

Ashley furniture is inferior compared to other furniture stores that are comparably priced. I purchased dining room set & the seat cushions were worn out in 12-18 months. I also purchased a sofa and love seat & those cushions crushed in under 2 years. I contacted Ashley multiple times via phone, email and chat with typical answer about their standard limited warranty. I even purchased the extra warranty but that was just a waste of money. My previous furniture came from Raymour & Flanigan and the cushions lasted for 10+ years. I don't understand how a car manufacturer can make a driver seat that lasts for years with 10-20 hours/week service and Ashley can't make a dining chair cushion last more than 15 months. Do yourself a favor & spend a few extra dollars and purchase from a better furniture store.

DO NOT buy from Ashley Furniture

I purchased over $3,000 worth of furniture. The furniture was delivered damaged. The company would not return my calls. Some of the furniture I purchased was mechanical, and reclining. After only a few months the mechanical mechanisms began to fail. A sofa was delivered torn and they would not repair it. A desk was shipped to me and received broken in three locations and they will NOT return calls! DO NOT get hooked into their low priced merchandise or their financing. They are not reputable. They do not stand behind their products! Go somewhere else for your home furnishings.

Rotten Service

I in my mid 70's and have worked with many companies. Ashley Furniture has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. It is impossible to talk with any rep, local or national on the phone. They are always "closed". Sales rep turnover is high because of the treatment given to employees. The two sales persons we worked with have quit. Current employees tell me turnover is high. I've had to go the store if I wanted to personally talk with anyone, and even then there was seldom anyone available to help with providing information on our order. It's now Oct. 27. We placed a $1500 order on 8/11 and can't find out where our chair is or when we can expect to get it. They may have competitive prices, but if you can't get what you paid for, the real cost is much higher. Don't patronize.


Wish I could give a - Star or 5! Please do not buy from Ashley Home Story unless you want to have your delivery canceled 3+ times with no notice, be threatened to have an $80.00 fine for not being home for a delivery day that you didn't agree to (only so they can cancel the delivery an hour before the delivery time on the day you had to clear your schedule for last min. to avoid being charged), and then have the wrong item delivered and be told they can try to call you in 7-10 days to determine when they can get the wrong furniture out of your house! (NOT 7-10 days to fix it ...7-10 business days for them to call you so you can talk about when this might be resolved).


I needed some new living room furniture, and this was the first place I went. I had been researching for weeks on what I wanted and found this gorgeous set at Ashley Home Store in Columbia, MO. I went there in June of 2020. I was approved for what I needed to get the pieces I selected and then the rest was paperwork and verifying information. Next came empty promises. Such as telling me that this set was extremely popular so their confident that the warehouse will have it and I will not have problems with getting it at a reasonable time. How wrong that was. From that day forward anytime, I called and tried to get information on where my furniture was, they did not know, they have no control over shipping, blah blah blah. Then I set up for text confirmation and from there got tentative dates for the next 4 months. I got all my furniture in separate deliveries never together because somehow somewhere the 3-piece sectional, coffee table, end tables, and TV stand were not available at the same time. Now we are beginning of October 2020 and I am still without one piece of my sectional. Which has an estimated delivery date for after Thanksgiving. The communication throughout this entire time has been horrible. You cannot call the store directly and get ahold of anyone. You can’t trust that anytime they tell you your furniture is set to deliver on this date, and then you confirm it, that it won’t change or they will actually show up at that time or date. It has been the worst experience. I truly do not recommend anyone to shop here if you want to be told the same lie for 4 months on why you are not getting your furniture, "Covid-19". The system is flawed, and the in-store salesman need to have more access to their product as well as being able to control better the delivery dates. Having a way to contact the store directly that does not take a half hour at best with automated bull crap is recommended and necessary if you ask me. This is all immensely disappointing. I really love the furniture I have selected and should have known that it was too good to be true.

not receiving items purchased

I have been waiting on an item I purchased since July. I do understand that things are backed up because of covid,but they don't even bother to keep you updated about your purchase. I am really trying to be patient ,however my patience is wearing thin.and with good reason. This is not looking good Ashley Furniture::

Worst Furniture Store

I am going to start off my disappointment by telling you all DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ASHLEY HOMESTORE especially in Manchester, Ct. I purchased some items very early in July of this year and after waiting endlessly I still haven’t received my order. The initial date that was given for delivery was August 15, 2020. I called the store the day before the expected delivery to find out if everything was on schedule so I can make plans for the delivery. The receptionist at the time was very polite and explained that due to COVID most orders are on delays. I had to wait about half hour on the phone for her to provide me with an updated delivery date. Eventually, the receptionist came back on the phone with October 24, 2020 as the new delivery date. I understand that COVID caused a lot of backlog. However, the new delivery date, October 24, 2020, is more than two months outside of the initial date which is poor business management. I tried to cancel my order with the receptionist who explained that only a manager can cancel orders. I was then transferred to the manager to assist with cancelling my order. The manager came on the phone and explained that due to store policy any order cancellation will result in a 25% restocking fee. I was not positioned to pay the restocking fee so he asked for a good call back number as he will make a couple of calls for a quicker delivery date than October 24, 2020 and contact me the following day. I waited for about a week before I grew impatient and call back the manager explaining to him that I was waiting for the callback he promised. At this point he said the delivery date is October 24, 2020 and the items cannot come any sooner. I had to remind him that it’s proper business practice to follow up on his word. I was very disgusted especially as he kept reminding me that I can cancel my order and pay the restocking fee. My wife and I decided to sit back and wait on the pushback date. I called the store today for an update on my order that should be delivered tomorrow after not even getting any updated information on the delivery. I am now being told that the new delivery date is the end of December. WE HAVE BEEN VERY PATIENT BUT ASKING YOUR CUSTOMERS TO WAIT 6 MONTHS FOR THEIR MERCHANDISE IS DEFINITELY NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE. Again, do not do any business with this store, you will have to wait several months before receiving your order.

Aggressive Rude Salespeople

It's seems obvious they must pay on commission because they have some aggressive salespeople there who will turn rude in the instant it becomes clear you either aren't happy with their aggressive tactics or that you won't be buying NOW!!! Been in there 3 times and after experiencing the same reaction every time, we permamently crossed them off our list. Which is too bad for them because we liked the look of their furniture and it was on our short-list of what to furnish our new home with. However, instead of making a sale, their salespeople guaranteed the store wouldn't. They'd be better off having salaried employees who are well-trained in product knowledge and how to put customers at ease instead of commissioned salespeople who either can't answer basic questions or won't bother if you're not going to buy TODAY!!!

Worst Customer Service. 6 Months then they say its not Covered.

I bought a Sofa Chaise Sleeper in March. By May one of the legs came off. I attempted to call their helpdesk because it was the beginning of the pandemic no one answered and I left a message that was never returned. For the next 4 MONTHS, I attempted to get the leg of the couch fixed. By September I finally had a technician order parts, but they never shipped. While waiting for the parts to arrive, the strain of the broken leg caused the frame of the couch to break. When I called about this issue, no one knew what to do in customer service. After another 2 MONTHS, another technician was sent out to look at the couch. After all of that, they said the damage was customer use and would not be covered.  They lied and strung me along for months for nothing. They wasted my time and got my hopes up for no reason. Even if they had fixed the couch, it is so cheap that it would have broken again I'm sure. Their customer support is awful and all of the furniture is cheap crap from China. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Deceptive Sales Practices

I would never recommend Ashley Home Store or Ashley Furniture to anyone as I believe it is engaged in deceptive sales practices. Ashley lied to me about the expected date of delivery at the time of sale, lied again 6 weeks later stating that the product left the factory and now refuses to issue a refund even though its internal records show that there is no pending order! This deception is so horrendous that I have been forced to file complaints with the BBB and the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to help obtain the refund to which I am clearly entitled. By way of background, I placed an order for a loveseat on September 9, 2020. I was told by salesperson Carl Lyon, prior to placing the order that, due to COVID, there would be a four-week delay in delivery, and that the tentative date for delivery would be October 9, 2020. I was later told that the tentative date of October 9, 2020 needed to be changed to a confirmed delivery date of October 24, 2020. The reason it is clear that October 24, 2020 date was a confirmed date (and not a tentative date) is that (i) Ashley never sought to revise the delivery date and (ii) because (according to Ashley), it had left the factory. When I called the store on October 25, 2020 to ask about the loveseat, I was told to call back on October 27, 2020. On October 27, 2020, I was told that the loveseat had been on a truck but that the truck was involved in a motor vehicle accident on its way to a “warehouse.” I then spoke with an Ashley manager, Clint Taylor, and requested that Ashley provide a tracking number so I could verify what I was told. Ashley refused that request, stating that only store employees could track the shipping status and verify that the loveseat had left the factory. After I pressed Ashley on this issue, it admitted it had lied! Specifically, Ashley acknowledged that no loveseat ever left the factory. Adding to Ashley’s deception concerning the “truck story”, Ashley now confirms that I have no pending order! Since there is no pending order for a loveseat, I am undisputedly entitled to a return of my $1,031.57. Ashley cannot legally keep money for non-existent orders, yet it continues to refuse to issue a refund. Simply put, Ashley took my order based on false pretenses: that the expected delivery delay would be only four weeks. It then sought to deliberately mislead me concerning the delivery status by falsely telling me that the loveseat had left the factory. Thereafter, it confirmed—in writing—that there is no pending order. Yet, despite this serious deception and no pending order, Ashley is refusing to issue a refund. This is reprehensible.

The worse customer service

I ordered a small dining set on August, 2020, they told me to wait until the end of October, I agreed, nothing happened, I try to contact the store over the phone, they never answered, they don't send you and email or call you to tell you about the delay, so I had to go to store to know the status of my order, they told me there was a delay and that now the delivery day would be November 8th, 2020, of course nothing happened, the salesperson Donna Whelan gave me her card with her cell phone number and she never answered either, I came back to store on November 12th, 2020, the manager came over and told me that now the delivery day would be November 29th and that he was not sure that could happened, so irresponsible.

Dining room set

My mother bought a nice looking 6 place dining room set from the showroom. It was comfortable then. Some time after it was delivered she sat down realizing how uncomfortable the chair cushion was. It was like sitting on wood. Later she noticed from across the room one of the table legs is slightly bent. My mother is 90 years and didn't want to make a fuss. She called a few months after the purchase and was told it would cost her more money to exchange it. Basically it was too late. I warn all buyers to confirm what is delivered is what you bought.


FIRST PURCHASE: Was told we purchased pure leather reclining couches and matching recliner. Thankfully got protection plan; began flaking/peeling and looking like we had it for years in only a couple months and this was with limited usage. Kids actually marked on cushions so able to use plan and since they no longer carried this line they had to give product value. We assumed updating to their top of line couches (truly real leather this time per sales associate) would result in better experience, shortly after also obtained matching dining table, hutch to match rooms. Within months experienced flaking/peeling and soon after pull tears from only sitting on couch (no animals, toy punctures, rough housing); even used leather protector. Dining table chair backs and cushions started coming apart and chairs definitely aren't real wood (although it was their top of line and looks are beautiful in store, so my fault for not truly inspecting quality in store of chairs since table SEEMED sturdy). Within a few years table legs are wobbly, chair backs and cushions coming off and unable to fix; constantly tightening legs so table/chair doesn't fall. Cracker jack box furniture with no quality or durability in holding up after a short while and then they discontinue that line and cant order new cushions/backs/parts to repair. WILL NEVER BUY FURTHER FURNITURE FROM THEM AND TELL EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY.


Ashley Furniture is A Joke. I purchased a lift chair about 6 months or less. I purchased the warranty as well. The chair support is broken down. They had a guy who came and over stuffed it. With myself having my right hip replacement in May 2020, my left in July 2020, and emergency back surgery in Sept 2020. When the guy added the stuffing in the chair, I had no idea it would be the worse thing ever for my back. My back Spazzed out from the overstuffed chair. I’ve had to go to the doctors twice due to the extreme pain from back spasms, with this chair being over stuffed. This chair is my life line. Support is Key!! So I thought for sure Ashley would back up their product and since I spent extra for the Warranty. Nope. They said Sorry, you over used your chair. Wow. Your kidding me. Don’t Buy from Ashley’s. It took me over ten calls and four days to get anyone to respond and call me back. Plus to hear them say I’m sorry were unable to help you for people don’t sit in a chair often. I’m not a heavy person or even a big person. What the heck. I should of ordered from Wayfair. Their warranty is much better than, an oh well ... to bad from Ashley. Advoid this place at all cost.

Ashley Homestore... not at as good as I thought

I purchased a coffee table from one of their branch. When I got it, it has a small defect. I called their “guest care” number and told them that one panel board is sticking out. I was told they will repair it and bring it back to “showroom condition”. That may sound okay but my concern is I received a defective product (small as it may be). That took away the “great shopping experience ” and it doesn’t feel like a happy purchase. It tells me they either don’t have quality control check (to send out a defective product) or that their craftsmanship is not that exceptional (for a board to pop up from the time they boxed it to when it arrives to their customer). Talk about quality. What would you expect from it after that. It also tells me that they don’t guarantee that you will receive your furniture in good condition or that it might have some small defect, which they would gladly repair as part of their warranty. To me that is not quality service and This costumer is definitely not satisfied.

1 star is too generous

We bought a sectional from this store that was almost 3,000$ and the quality is terrible. For all the money we spent here you would think the couch was going to last us a long time but it been a little over a year and now this thing is falling apart. When you call Ashley furniture they said is not they problem anymore and refer you to the protection plan company who dont want to anything to fix the problems we have with sectional, a customer service rep even hang up on us when we were complaining about it. DO NOT SPEND YOU MONEY IN THIS PLACE. The quality of the furniture is bad.

If you are Older and Disabled or Veteran stay FAR From these Liars

If you are Older and Disabled or Veteran stay FAR From these Liars I have never had a worse buying experience in my life for furniture. The shipping date keeps changing. I have been literally lied to at least 6x. The Algonquin store is useless. Don't even think about getting a call back when you have issues. Cancelled an item TWICE and they still delivered it. Call the main line and the reps tell you they cannot do a thing, that I have to go into the store. Meaning once again I have to find a driver and get help. They say all I can do is call the sales guy Eric. He's is useless and doesn't care. Not a peep after several requests for him to call me. Liar. For a disabled Sr. Veteran this is unacceptable. I cannot move the carton! It sits on the front porch after 3 days! And they have been told every time I am disabled. Get this...they delivered it while I was IN THE Hospital DURING SURGERY AND TELLING THEM NO ONE WOULD BE HOME! I get home and there is a HUGE partial shipment on my porch that weighs a couple hundred lbs! The CANCELLED ORDER! After spending countless hours on the phones I keep getting more promises of false delivery dates for the other stuff. They refuse to let me cancel unless I can walk into the store. Each time they promise yet again they will 'call back' within 2 hours and guess what? They NEVER call! Not unless I call the company number and force them to send a message. They delivered 4 chairs and not the table. Its been months. Salesman Eric NEVER once called back after several requests. Manager Karen lied several times. I had to get a ride and hobble through an almost empty store to only get them to LIE again to my face. This was AFTER trying to reach Karen as I stood there leaning on the counter while she was texting! Seriously? You have someone standing there barely able to stand to begin with and shes just texting away like no one was there! Most companies have a no phone policy. Especially when the store has only 5 or 6 cars in the lot! And why do they continually lie? Once delivered they refuse to take it back due to COVID. YET they had no issue walking it INTO the house when delivered. Chairs have never been sat on! There is NO TABLE TO SIT AT! SO what they are doing is LYING on delivery dates because once they drop it? NO RETURNS! Even when I cancelled an order they STILL dropped it off and refuse to allow it to be returned! It never came into the house! Now they tell me I'm STUCK with it all! It is a shame because every time they say "Did you read the contract when you bought it? I said there were 5 pages! And they assured me it could be returned! I was actually told by the service rep that salespeople lie and I should never believe them! THAT is the quality of people you hire? No wonder the reviews are catastrophic! Every store policy is deliberately set up to protect them and totally screw the customer. So it does not matter if you are older, disabled, etc.... they refuse to help you at all! ANY Veteran and their family should boycott this place. Any Senior should avoid them like the Plague. Anyone who is disabled will be lied to and screwed because now I have to pay someone to get this thing in my house because they refuse to take it back after it should have NEVER been delivered! OR chairs that have never been sat on because they cannot get the table here and refuse to send the floor model they have! Unethical. Sleazy. Liars, the whole lot of them. I will be leaving as many poor reviews all over the web to warn people to avoid being legally robbed and treated like trash.

I bought a Living set. JUNK. THE STOR CH

I had a person from the store come twice to fix my rocker. Well the sticking is coming loose. The color is coming off. The back on the other part of the set is loose. This the third peace I bought from Ashley. I'll never but thir product again. I am 77 years old. I don't have people in my house to destroy things.

The ridiculous continues.

I, previously had bought Ashley furniture in the past and didn’t have any problems, decided to purchase a new bed. Originally I was just going to purchase a standard queen box spring and mattress. However I must admit I fell in with a certain bed. It was pricey but was reassured I could get a line of credit to help. I was so very excited. I really wanted this bed unbeknownst to me I would have to wait for this bed for a ridiculous amount of time. After I paid the delivery charge and taxes. I was told it may be up to two weeks before I received my bed that was the beginning of a manipulative that went on for five months. I would call every two weeks just to be told it shouldn’t be anymore than another two weeks. Let me put it this way I pretty much had my bed paid off before Ashley ever brought it to me. I understand the pandemic and I am a very patient person but my patients was running thin. The pandemic I could understand slowing the delivery of the bed as well but honestly my personal opinion is there was not a legitimate reason to make anyone wait five months to receive something they have consistently been paying for I am beyond disappointed with the customer service. I will complement the delivery men. They came right in did there job and was in and out within half a hour. They were the most professional of the whole experience. Also since I am going to put this out here, I also need to mention the salesperson. She told us since we qualified for the line of credit we were also entitled to 50% off any accessory. She took us straight to the memory foam pillows and told us if we bought one we would get one free. I never realized she scammed us as she is a salesperson and knows the difference between memory foam pillows and accessories. It wasn’t until I got my break down on my receipt that I caught what she had done. Of course, I called to get to the bottom of it and the manager knew what she tried to pull. He actually made it right and only changed me for the one pillow. The entire experience was not pleasant and that is why I am doing this review. This is the first and hopefully last bad review I will need to write. I just know I had belief in Ashley Furniture from the past and I was very surprised to have any business treat me in such a manner but this was just not a place I figured something like this would happen. Yes this was my experience I just want to put out there buyer beware. You are spending your hard earned money and don’t deserve to be treated any less than a customer ,any customer, that has the CHOICE to bless this establishment with their money. Caution!!


I purchased a table on 12/1/20. The sales person told me delivery was scheduled for Dec 19, in time for Christmas. Today is December 19. When calling to confirm delivery time, I was told the item was still on backorder. Very disappointing. I would not have made the purchase knowing this. I will not purchase from Ashley in the future unless the item is in stock and available for delivery.

Ashley does not stand behind damaged products

I purchased two reclining sofas May 2019. Early 2020 the padding under the fabric of the non removable cushions started shifting and the sofas squeaked when reclining. Ashley fixed everything before Covid. A few months later it happened again and the protection plan I purchased did not cover the issues with the cushions. They have gotten so bad that the cushions have been bunching in the middle of the seats making it uncomfortable to sit. Ashley refuses to do anything because I’ve had the couches more than a year. I emailed the CEO and also mailed a letter but have not heard back. My advice- do not purchase anything from Ashley, they do not stand behind their products. These issues should not happen to a couch I’ve had a brief time. Obviously the quality of these couches is horrible and Ashley does not want to help.

Worst customer service & worst couches ever

I purchased couches in November 2019 they showed up weeks late right before Xmas. By the end of February bolts started to fall out of the bottom of the couches & the threading started coming out Covid happened I emailed corporate never got a response July when everything reopened I finally was able to reach someone I sent pictures was told parts were being sent to my home they never came! Finally after going back & forth they sent a repair man out who told me he could fix the couches but the sagging cushions but it would happen again that’s the way the couches were made. He left I assumed he would be back to fix everything nope never saw the repair man again I reached out to Ashley over & over again they never responded didn’t return my emails nor my phone calls. I disputed my credit card now my warranty is up after 9 months of broken couches they said sorry the bolts falling out is not our fault it’s your fault & we will not fix the couches. Now I have broken couches & a balance to pay! See you in small claims court!

Ashley- the absolute worst!

We purchased a TV stand 3 months ago. Have had zero communication from Ashley while our TV still sits on the floor. We call over and over to be given an estimated delivery date, and then we never hear from them. Terrible company to deal with! They simply don’t give a damn.


We got dining table and it had cracked on it, we tried to notify the company about it but since it was holiday time we couldn't reach them then after holidays when we called them they said you had 24 hours only to make complains. We tried to explain the situation but no one would listen to us. We have been ripped off. WORSE STORE EVER!!! PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.


Buyer beware! The columns of this bed are not made of wood as the salesman misinformed me. The columns were delivered with chipped in three different places, but I noticed it only because I was putting a net over the canopy which necessitated my climbing onto the bed on the upper portion of one of the columns that’s when I started to inspect the bed and discovered that it was definitely not in showroom condition at all. As I carefully inspected the other pieces—the dresser and the chest and there are discoloration marks on the furniture, it looks like when they moved the columns the paint wasn’t dry because you can see the layer underneath the paint so don’t let them fool you as THE COLUMNS ARE NOT MADE O F WOOD—looks like chalky substance that is shedding the brown and black paint. Same thing with the dresser and chest white spots like when something was hastily prepared bc it wasn’t dry yet. Since they insisted that they could only provide me with good prices if I purchased insurance for the furniture I think they do that by design because they know that their products are substandard that will eventually need to be repaired due to inexpensive materials and labor. When I reported to Ashley the defective furniture, they said that the insurance that I was prompted to purchase did not cover the defective furniture as I had signed and assured them that the furniture was in showroom condition. Mind you, I had originally ordered the entire set which totaled $10,500 including a king size mattress and a base. However, it’s my position that their furniture is poorly constructed with cheap material delivered by shady men who don’t care what shape they get your furniture in the house because they are not employed by Ashley Furniture and get paid by how many deliveries they make. One of them holds the cell phone that you have to sign while the lady is asking whether you have inspected the furniture which I thought I did until I noticed the chipping right after they left but I wasn’t able to get to them because it was right around Christmas and the store wouldn’t reopen until the following Monday or Tuesdlay, I recall. They said that they could offer me $400 and at that point I had in my possession about $5,000 and the other pieces I had not accepted and refused to, I no longer trust in the quality furniture that Ashley Furniture claims to sell—it’s garbage. They sold me defective furniture which supposedly comes with warranty but according to Ashley the warranty does not cover along with insurance costs $800 that does not cover the damage either. I have been robbed by Ashley Furniture who want to continue to take money by harassing me by having ppl trying to make me accept delivery of the other furniture by threatening me with a 10 percent restocking fee if I don’t accept the balance of the order. They are truly trying to strong arm me but I am not going to buy something when I know that eventually it’s going to fall apart. Don’t let this happen to you. If they did it to me, they’ll do it to you. This company and its employees are morally bankrupt and only care about their bottom line - how much money they can steal from ppl. Take my word and stay away from the South Blvd. location in Charlotte which is where I made the big mistake of going. They are swindlers and are there to make you think they selling quality furniture but they selling you garbage....

Very unsatisfied with furniture and customer service

Stay far away from Ashley's in college station texas. This is the worst company I have dealt with. I have bought furniture with them in the past and they were always polite and helpful. Now I guess it is under new management, I cringe when I even drive by the store. We purchased a living room set and a two very high end mattresses. First of all they said you had 90 days to sleep on mattress if you didnt like it you could return it with money back. That was a fraudulent statement which later they blamed on our salesperson. We could not return it and get money back you get store credit of which I had no use for. Secondly we received our two recliners and couch. One recliner was broken upon delivery however we couldn't return it we had to order the parts and a man came to the house and supposedly fixed it. It still doesnt work and I'm stuck with new BROKEN furniture. Lastly, renovate which is the credit company they use mistakenly charged our account 200.00 dollars for no reason. I couldn't get them to understand that it was an error so now I'm paying an additional 200.00 on broken furniture and two mattress that hurt my back.


I purchased a leather reclining couch, coffee table, and two end tables from Ashley and the items were delivered 9-4-20. The right side of my couch broke not allowing me to recline. Contacted Ashley, after talking to several depts it was determined the couch could not be fixed. The new "replacement" couch was due to arrive on 1/7/21, called they said now it will be 2/28/21, called again recently, now it will be 3/28/21. When I call customer service "useless service" is what it should be called-no one person, including supervisors can help. NEVER, NEVER WILL I BUY FROM THE COMPANY-AMERICAN MADE OR NOT.


Ashley furniture and customer service are extremely poor! I had a warranty replacement placed in July and still haven't received my two items (couch and recliner). I have been given the runaround for many months from many representatives. You never can get to the corporate office, and no one contacts you back from corporate as promised through many attempts. Save your money and time and headache and do not purchase anything from Ashley FURNITURE

Worst delivery Service

My husband ordered a couch late November and we were told it would be delvered on December 27. THe 27 went and came and no delivery then we get a notice that it will be delivered on the 13 of January and again no luck ( it was not loaded into the truck). Still sitting in the wearhouse in New Braunfels. Recheduled for the 27th. Again we get confirmation it will be delivered between 3 and 5 now we get another confirmation it will be delivered between 6-9 again we waited and nothing. Called this morning and are given the same excuse, (They do not know what happened) supposibly it is still in the wearhouse. Now it is scheduled for the 1 of February. This was the first and will definitely be the last time we purchase anything from Ashley furniture. When we ask to speak with management they alway say they are busy and will call us back. We have yet since the 1st insident received a call back. Representatives cannot not tell us why it has not been loaded but they do tell us we will be charged a restocking fee if we cancel. THis is rediculous. How can we be charged a restocking fee if we never received it.

Have not received my couch

Went to Ashley Furniture Homestore in Flowood,MS on December 17 ,2020 there order the couch we paid for said it would be delivered January 22,2021 ! As of today have not heard anything February 1,2021 ! Needless to say won’t do business with them again !

Horrible Customer Service and Experience

I placed a large order in October (bedroom furniture set, sectional sofa, dining room set) and have been waiting ever since for a dining room table. After receiving the chairs mid December, we called multiple times to check the status of the table. FINALLY was able to get in touch with someone that would actually look up the order only to find out the set was discontinued weeks after I ordered it and is no longer available. In the meantime, I paid for white glove delivery, got rid of our existing table and have basically stored the chairs for a table i can't even get for well over 6 weeks now. Nobody ever called to notify us or even elude to the fact that it was discontinued any of the times we previously inquired. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and horrible customer service. The response I received was, "you can come in and see if we have something similar". Really?! I cant believe that nobody thought to look up customers who have purchased discontinued items and thought to contact them or for Ashley to finish fulfilling the orders that were already placed since it is your brand! I'm appalled and would never recommend your "brand" to anyone.

Night mare

Worse experience from beginning to end this company promises so much and delivers no-no nothing. Working with the warranty service is not any better and when you call to complain or get assistance they place you on hold over and over because they do not know what to say because they realize they are in the wrong and can not do anything to help you. Furniture you but should last more than a year and or couch broke within a year and now we are told it will be another 6 weeks without a couch because that is just how it is. No where in the contract does it say if the furniture breaks you have to pay again for delivery of another couch so it can break again in another year and we will be back in the same place as now. Bad business all the way around! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

Poor Quality Furniture and no support

$1,000 bed frame delivered, delivery guys didn't stick around we go to look at it and the frame is cracked. I call the sales rep about a refund who tells me my broken bed frame delivered 2 hours ago and never used "once it's setup it's yours to keep" and that he can't help me...



No Refund for Damage furniture

"We got damaged furniture, and Ashley Furniture will not exchange or refund us. We purchased three barstools (along with a sofa, loveseat, and dining set) from Ashley Furniture. All the items were delivered to our house. During delivery, we noticed that the barstools were damaged. We told the delivery men that we did not want damaged barstools and the style did not fit our house. We asked them to take the item, "we do not want it". ****These guys told us that because COVID, furniture pieces were on backorder and that holding on to them would be the quickest way to get new barstools. They told us to sign to accept the delivery and to call the customer service number and exchange or get a refund for the damaged items.**** After they left, we called the customer service number told them that the barstools were damaged and not what we wanted. Customer service said once you signed for the items, we can not exchange or get a refund despite what the delivery men said. (FYI, what my wife signed was a blank tablet screen with no terms or conditions on it. This was given to my wife and she was asked by the delivery men to please "sign here.") Ashley customer furniture felt that it was "he said, she said" so too bad. We told customer service, if what we said was not true, then why would we call them within 5 minutes after delivery? It wouldn't make sense for someone to do this. Customer service said they would check and get back to us. They gave us a confirmation number 02283580. After that, we send an email with pictures of the damaged future within an hour of delivery to "" and no one has responded to that email (We have proof of this). We feel like we have been lied to." Refund my money Ashley Furniture. Order number 310940340 & 310940330

Not Very Happy

We bought furniture, in store, on Feb. 6, 2021, during a President's Day Sale. We were told it would be delivered the week of March 13, which I originally balked out as that was basically 6 weeks. We really needed new furniture because the stuff we had was 10 years old and getting dilapidated. But we liked the furniture, and the sales person said that kind of delay was the case with all furniture dealers. So we signed the papers and paid in full. Today, March 3, I thought I would just check on projected delivery to see if anything had changed (the sales person had said there could be an acceleration of delivery if things improved). Not so! Instead the date is now pushed out to April 6! This really infuriates me because we were told the items we ordered were IN STOCK. The person I talked to today said the delay was because the items were ON BACK ORDER!!! So as far as I'm concerned I was LIED TO!!! Had I known I very likely would NOT have made this purchase. Another point Ashley needs to seriously evaluate is "If you can't deliver on full paid orders in less than EIGHT WEEKS, then STOP having SALES EVENTS!!!!!! Since we made our purchase they have held at least 2 MORE SALES EVENTS! This is lousy, crappy business, and borderline unethical conduct. I am going furniture shopping tomorrow in hopes I can find something that can be delivered in less than a month, and will gladly cancel this order. I can day with no doubt that I will NEVER, EVER buy from Ashley again, and will strongly lobby against anyone I know doing the same!!! If anyone from Ashley wants to call me my name my number is 630-841-6809. Signed, Sad and Disappointed


On may 3 2020 I purchased two beds both with trundled June 25 first part came . Bed slats missing. Hardware missing side panel damaged as of today April 7 2020 I have paid out of pocket to have panel repaired in these past 11 months they have refused to let me return product. Have refused my request to speak with manager ignored emails. Laughed at me..yawned loudly..need beyond rude 2550. Later I had to pay to use a bed apparently I was unreasonable because I could not wait any longer

What just happened!?

I went online & ordered an Ottoman I paid using my Credit Card & I saw that the money was pending to come out of my bank account & I had the cash in there! I received PayPal proof and online store sales number proving it was ordered by me & a sales number! After 4 days went by I called and they had no record of my order! The lady stated it was because I used my Iphone or Ipad to go online & order it & that they don’t honor Iphone or Ipad orders! I said what? Ive never heard of such a thing! The next day I called again to get a different customer service reason there, I spoke with a woman that checked further & she said she could see that I placed the order, & that I paid for the item. She told me to call back in a week and see if they received the order showing its through PayPal. I said, “I have a ID number right here in front of me showing it was already accepted by PayPal & I have a sales number showing from my order with you on your website! But yesterday they never took the payment! & the money went back into my account. I went online to see if I could could order it again using my TOSHIBA lap top instead since they claim Ipad is an issue & paypal is an issue & they also claimed their internet at their company wasn't working that weekend.. for paypal orders! How ridiculous! So when I went online on my Toshiba lap top the item was no longer on sale!! I would have to order it full price. What is going on with this company!? They dont want the sale!? Ive seen a lot of complaints about this company on line. I might stir clear of them.


Beware what you buy and what you pay for. The absolute worse service and product i have ever purchased in 80 years. I give them one star for their adept run a round and half truths. Quality of furniture is questionable. Good luck.

Horrible customer service. Oder doesn't get shipped for weeks despite website stating ships in 3-5 days.

Horrible, just horrible. I've had to chat and call numerous times already and have gotten nowhere. Products are overpriced and sub-par. I will be paying off my credit with them and never buying from them again. They should have their CEO fired!



They lie to make the sale

My 80 year mother needed a recliner chair. we went to the store in Mesquite Texas. they said the it would 4 to 5 weeks to have her chair delivered. after The 4th week she called to check on the delivery date and they told her it will take another 2 moths, "really". WE WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE AGAIN.

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE...On the floor, customer services, dispatch etc.

On Jan. 2, 2021, I went to Ashley to purchase a desk for my home office. I was greeted immediately and spoke to representative R. W. Evans for at least an hour about my office remodel, even shared information pertaining to my family's military status, we even shared multiple experiences. I then purchased additional pieces to enhance the room's decor spending $$$ over my intentions. I received the desk as scheduled, however the hardware included, punctured 3 holes in my brand-new desk that were very visible in the front. I reached out to CS, who scheduled for a technician to come to my home to explain the item. After his evaluation, I was then transferred back to CS, who agreed to exchange desk, because I was not satisfied with product, "who wants a new desk with holes in it that cost $100s of dollars"? On May 8th, nearly 5 months later, I was told I would receive my desk. However, for some reason my delivery was pushed back to May 10th. The date of the scheduled exchange, the delivery guy, Terrell picked up my damaged desk and dropped a new boxed piece of furniture in my foyer as instruction. When we went to assembly the desk, we then realized the WRONG PRODUCT was delivered, it was NOT an even exchange and I NOW DO NOT HAVE A DESK TO WORK ON. I immediately phoned CS to explain my situation and stayed on the phone with dispatch as well as the driver, Terrell for over 2 hours. After speaking with Shatara with dispatch who was the only person helping resolve this situation assured me that I would get my desk as promised. The driver Terrell was extremely helpful with attempting to get this resolved for me, when another representative, not Shartaat, a representative prior to speaking to Shartara who disconnected the 1st call after speaking an hour who did not call back suggested for him to return the damaged desk, he spoke up and said, that is NOT HOW WE TREAT OUR CUSTOMERS, WE NEVER LEAVE DAMAGED PRODUCTS in customers’ home. Terrell was really the only most helpful person that day, this call even delayed him from picking up his children from daycare, which is totally unacceptable. On Tuesday, I waited anticipating the delivery of my desk. Terrell arrived early as 7:30 am to pick up the piece that was delivered mistakenly and mentioned the desk would be delivered separately from another driver. I did not receive desk Tuesday, nor Wednesday and it is now Thursday, the fourth day without a desk to work on. I created a home office environment, to allow me to focus and work productively, now I’m forced to use my kitchen table with countless interruptions all day for the fourth day and counting. As you can imagine, I’m extremely frustrating for purchasing a desk, for hundreds of dollars, where the salesperson negotiated to offer discounts offered to the military, which would have saved us over hundreds of dollars because we spent so much that day. Then receiving the product, damaged, working with CS for a resolution to get a non-damaged product, nearly 5 months later can be, this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Currently, I’m working with Jessica with dispatch and Cassandra trying today working delightedly to get this resolved today with a desk delivered by end of today. I hate writing reviews, but this had to be written. I have had issues from the beginning of the sale of products in Jan. up until today. I’m also in the customer service industry and not resolving this is totally unacceptable for anyone has to deal with. My hope is for Ashley future customers is to know, some of the products sold are not quality. Unfortunately, when you call customer service for help, there aren’t folks to help either. Thankful, Ashley has drivers like Terrell and dispatchers like Shatara and Cassaundra who do the best they can contribute to save Ashley’s customers.

Warranty is a joke

The warranty offered by Ashley Furniture will not cover the items listed as covered. The $550.00 I spent for my warranty is worthless. I sent pictures of the damage to my sofa, and they first said it looked like the seams were split apart and to contact manufacturer. The next person looked at it and said it was pet damage. We do not have indoor pets. I'm not sure how you can tell what type of damage was done by looking at pictures. My complaint was made May 12, however, my warranty runs out June 11th. I'm sure they are trying to get out of it before the deadline. No one was willing to come out to our home to take a look at it. Worst customer service experience I've ever had.

Excellent Service

I needed to buy some furniture for my new house. Sonya is nothing short of amazing-the consummate professional. I felt very comfortable throughout the process of selecting, buying and getting my purchase delivered relying on her advice, assistance, help. She and White Glove Delivery Service were extremely responsive, transparant and professional. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of buying new furniture. She is great!


SHOP ELSEWHERE!!! DELIVERS DAMAGED MERCHANDISE & CLAIMS YOU CAUSED!! We're extremely disappointed with this store and our experience in trying to return/submit claim, after purchasing extended warranty. The fabric on my Accent chair/Dericka/Gold arrived damaged and after filing a claim the SAME DAY OF ITS ARRIVAL and providing photos of the defects, the company response was "it was customer caused"!!! Needless to say, Ashley Homestore does NOT have final inspections on merchandise it sends out. DO NOT BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY you'll get nowhere with your claim. I could understand if I had the chair for days or weeks however, that was not the case....

no free refunds on shipping returns

I bought a floor lamp that did not work for me. After many calls... they told me to send it back by any of whom I want to use. The item came from New Jersey. They wanted me to send to Utah. I paid $103 for the item. The cost to send to send it back would have been $89. So I just gave to my daughter. It would have been $30.

Dissatisfied Customer

I ordered 3 pieces of bedroom furniture in February 2021. I was told I would receive the furniture in April 2021. I have been receiving text messages about being patient. I have not received the furniture yet (June 2021). At this point I would like my deposit refunded. I have been looking in Marlo, Raymour and Flannigan, and other furniture stores.

Furniture Standards

We bought our chair and a half from Ashley Furniture last November. We noticed that the seat cushion edge did not fit properly. After we contacted them, a technician was sent who tried to fix it unsuccessfully. After he reported back to the store, we were contacted again. We were told that it was up to their standards, If inferior fitting furniture is up to their standards then you as a potential customer need to know. As for us, we are finished with them. We were expecting better.

Buyer Beware of Scottsbluff Ne store

Very upset and unsatisfied customer buyer beware:::: Ashley Furniture Store Scottsbluff Ne I was sold a $1700 bed set. The mattress is like a bag of springs. No one can stand to lay on it its horrible. I first ordered a sealy and it was firm and i liked it, however i mentioned to them I would like a pillow top. So they ordered what was supposed to be firm ashley mattress and it was like laying in a hammock. She didnt specify firm and so they ordered a alledged firm one which wasnt really any better than the first mattress. They refused to order another one also refused to come get it. I paid to have it hauled over there and they called the cops on me. They refused to give my money back or credit my card for the $1700. I dont think its fair that i have a $1700 bed no one can stand to sleep on. I ended up having to go back and get the mattress (which they sneakaly switched it out to the first bag of springs). I just want a decent mattress for my money and dont believe thats too much to ask after paying this much for a bed.

Still waiting

Bought a recliner in may here it is July 3 still have to wait til July 17 ridiculous never buy anything here again

Damaged furniture and nonexistent costumer service

Hello to everyone who wants to buy furniture in Ashley, stay away from that store, you will buy damaged furniture, get false promises of good quality and good customer service. Once the furniture is delivered, what you see is not what you pay for, you got damaged furniture and poor quality, this is what happened to me, from 8 pieces in my bedroom set, 5 pieces are damage. I have never received from any other furniture store anything like this. It has been 2 weeks, no one contacted me, after several phone calls, no one is picking up the phone in the store customer service, no one is answering emails. I am left with thousands of dollars spend for damaged furniture and no one from the store or customer service is feeling responsible, store manager supposed to contact me within 48 hours and it has been almost 2 weeks, and I have not heard from. This is the store that needs to be avoided. Learn from my mistake.

Very Unreliable

Terrible experience. Ordered full living room and dining room furniture (over $3K) on May 7th - they said they were backed up and delivery would be mid to late June. Not ideal, but I understood. Every time I have called for an update they push the delivery date back. Now they say they can "maybe" deliver the rest of my furniture by August 10th. My family has been without for 3 months already. I tried to call the store to request a cancelation so I can get a refund and buy furniture somewhere else, and nobody ever answers the phone. I can't believe how disappointing this experience has been. DO NOT spend your money here.

unsatisfied customer

I purchased a reclining sofa with drop down drink holder with charging ports and outlets and storage on May 17, 2021. It was delivered July 6, 2021. The first day one of the drawer guides fell apart. Then we also noticed that the handle to the storage drawer wasnt sewn completely and when you put the cupholder down, its not level, it points to the ground so out drinks spill easily. It is July 22...16 days after delivery...and not only are all four drawer guides broken but the material is sagging on the backs and the cushion filling is flattening and sagging, my brand new couch looks at least a year old.

price match a lie.

This would be a 5 star review except after I purchased my recliner in store, I went online and it was $100 cheaper, plus online offerd 10% off my first purchase. This was my first purchase with Ashley of $1399. I called my salesman and he said his manager would approve the credit. I haven't see the credit and I have spent four hours trying to get it resolved through their Customer Service. So bummed! They won't match their own price.

Absolute nightmare

After buying our Lounge and Arm Chairs and waiting 4 months we received our Furniture. On installation found 1 arm chair arm lose and wobbling approx 1" each way. We also noticed our 3.5 seater lounge squeaking when sitting on it. I called the store and advised we have 12 months warranty so see if the sqeak goes and if not report both and we will put the claim in. After a couple of months the sound got worse so reported both issues. After 12 emails and the furniture technician sending his report all communication stopped. after many phone calls to store and "emails and calls to the product care insurance Team, Yes they do not do their warranty the out source it"we have had no phone calls emails or any correspondence from anyone at all. This whole process has been an absolute nightmare and will never ever deal with Johnnys Furniture Group Again as This is the group who own Ashleys. It is now in the hands of fair trading.

Bad experience

Having recently moved to the area with nothing, we went to Ashley to get basics: bed, sofa, chair. The girl who waited on us was very personable. She sold us a Gruve mattress which we never tried out becau;se it turns out the one I wanted was not available for immediate delivery. Mea Culpa. I am 72 and slightly disabled. She started us out on a $5000 mattress and wanted to progressively move us down the line. I told her I was not willing to pay $5000 for a mattress and suggested she start us on the cheapest and move up. The Gruve was comfortable, available and reasonably priced so we purchased it. I have had it for 5 nights and have not had even one good night’s sleep. I called to complain and was told there was nothing they could do for me. Mattresses were unreturnable. There is something wrong with it. The covering on the mattress has readjusted so that one side of it is now nearly on the bottom. Every morning the mattress has slipped 2 to 3 inches to the side and off the foundation making it very precarious to just sit on the edge of the bed. When I get in, I have to get into the middle because the side is somewhat droopy or slanted and it is difficult to stay on it. They sent two men to inspect it. One guy moved it over on its base to realign it and they “reported” it. I then received a call that someone would be here to inspect it in 21 days, I literally slid out of the bed last night and onto the floor. I had to call family members to get me up. DO NOT BUY A GRUVE MATTRESS. We wanted a sleeper sofa. The sofa she showed us was not the sleeper model. When she lifted the cushion there was velcro on the reverse side. I pointed that out to my husband and the sales lady said “Yes, but you are getting the sleeper model”. To me that meant that the cushions on my sofa would not have velcro bottoms. It does. Obviously this is not a complete review. Hopefully in about 2 weeks it will be. Stay t;uned!

Don't buy from Ashley Furniture.

After buying two chairs and an five year extended warranty I have come to realize that both the furniture and warranty are cheap and useless. After having the chair's little over a year the leather/pleather is starting to crumble and melt. I called both Ashley and the warranty company, jumped through all their hoops for three weeks only to find out that no one will cover it. I have been on the phone with corporate, no help there either. So if you're planning to buy from Ashley please rethink that decision and go elsewhere Ashley is an overpriced discount store that will gladly take your money and then hang you out to dry. You get what you pay for DO NOT BUY A ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY, THEY ARE A ARE A LYING CHEATING COMPANY.


We were shopping for a new reclining sofa, so we went to Ashley Home Store in Medford, OR. The salesman helping us showed us a few sofas, and my wife picked chose one she thought to be comfortable enough. We ended up paying over $2400. for the sofa, and had to wait a week to have it delivered. The day it was delivered, we found it to be VERY uncomfortable to both sit and recline in it. It had lumbar support, but that just made the back pain even worse. We went back to the store the day it was delivered, and spoke to the salesman who sold it to us. We were told we would not only have to pay a 25% restock fee, but also have to pay $50 for the delivery guys to come back to the house to get it. We received a call from the warehouse a few hours after it was delivered saying it would be 5 days for them to come back and get it. We don't live out of town... in fact we are in N. Medford (not far from the store). The ONLY guarantee Ashley has is to NOT return all of your money if you’re not completely satisfied. So, to summarize... a week to deliver it, having to wait another 5 days for them to come and pick it up. Plus pay $500 in restock fees and another $50 to have it picked up to return it. Stay away from Ashley Home Store if you don't want to lose money.

Skinny Slacks not strong enough...

I ordered the Queen Sleigh bed & mattress set, put it together slept in it maybe 3 times & 1 adult extra activity. Came home from work notice bed had broke...the 1 skinny slack broke in the middle & the other 2 the leg came apart from the slacks that held them up,which broke the sides that they were screwed in. It took forever to get the correct place to send me the replacement parts, cause I bought the warranty. I got the parts like almost 2 months after the fact. I waited to put the bed up cause I was going to let a man put it together thinking that I did something wrong the 1st time. I ended up waiting over an year for that & still ended up doing it myself. Sitting on the bed day 1 & the slack cracks on the side it's screwed in. Fixed it so I thought...sleeping in it on day 2 I'm awaken by cracks from another one...STOP GIVING OUT THESE NO GOOD SKINNY SLACKS FOR THESES THICK MATTRESS. I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANYTHING ELSE FROM Y'ALL! Who wants to wake up by falling to the floor?

Be careful

Honestly I wouldn’t even give them a star, we ordered our couch in June. They told us 4-8 weeks which is fine, if that would be true. Then they told us august 5 and guess what…nobody even called or messaged us till we called them and asked where the couch was. Then they escalated it to the manager and gave us new dates, that they missed again. After that they called us and said September 9th. We already planned a vacation on that day so we gave them number of our friend who will be at our place waiting for the couch. The day comes they never called our friend to deliver the couch. Now all of the sudden the couch is gone and they have to make a new one. They are throwing us different dates and talking about November, then December and it keeps changing. Please think twice before ordering from them. We might need to take them to court. It’s been 4 months and we still sit on the floor.

Don't buy from Ashley furniture

Don't buy at Ashley furniture.I bought a sofa set in June they call about a week later and said it would be delivered on Friday so I cleared out my living room and put the old set in the garbage Thursday night they didn't show on Friday when I called the said the set was on back order and I wouldn't be delivered until August 17 I had no furniture for over a month when they finally delivered it the next day it broke they've sent the repair man three times and about a hour after he left the chair broke again Everytime. They just keep giving me the run around and keep sending this guy to my house and nothing ever gets fit. Save your money or buy from someone else Ashley furniture sells garbage,I will never buy from them again


Ashely collecting money for protection plan but they are not ready to do service for any repairs that occur during warranty period

Bad customer service / management/ furniture

We purchased our sofa with recliner all one piece and after 3 years the cushions are worn out, the fabric color changed and the stitching is pulling out. When you sit on it the fabric feels like it's biting you. We asked for a credit to purchase something new from them and got zero. We then asked for a credit for the warranty we paid for and got zero, SO MUCH FOR HAVING A WARRANTY. We are so disappointed and extremely mad to put it nicely in this company , I would highly recommend you don't waste your time or money buying anything from them. I know we never will. !!!!!


Horrible - Purchased An Item Through One Of Their Partner Retailers And It Arrived Damaged Beyond Repair. 09.29.21 Still No Update. Still No Word. Do Not Buy Anything From 1Stopbedrooms / Ashley Furniture / Payless Furniture - My Saga Continues - Horrible Customer Service - 09.15.21 Update - Still Not A Word From Them. Not A Peep. This Has Now Been Ongoing Since July 15Th - Three Months!!!. This Would Be A Negative 5 Star Review If I Could - 09.09.21 Still No Response - Filed Complaint With Bbb To See If A Resolution Can Be Found. 09.03.21 Not A Peep Since August 26Th When They Submitted A Claims Request - Email From Robin Dated 8/26 - The Liability Claims Department Emailed The Manufacturer Today For Claim Status And We Are Awaiting Their Reply. We Will Provide An Update As Soon As Possible. Keep In Mind I Was Told To Allow 10 - 14 Days From July 15, 2021. They Didn'T Sumbit The Damage Request Until August 26Th - The Ongoing Saga Continues. 08.26.21 Still Nothing!!!! Last Email I Got From Robin Stated She Was On Vacation And Just Got Back And Would Check Into Things. That Was Over A Week Ago!!!!! This Company Sucks A## As Far As Customer Service Goes! Complete Lack Of Communication!!! Do Not Order - Find It Locally!!! - This Part Of The Review Is From Over 2 Weeks Ago - Package Arrived Damaged. I Called Customer Service And Was Instructed To Upload Images So They Could Send It On To Ups - This Is Just A Fraction Of The Photos I Had Sent To Them. They Opened A Case With Ups - Response From Robin - There Are No Updates Yet, As Ups Is Still Reviewing The Claim. They Received The Claim On 7/15 And Advised Us To Allow 10 - 14 Business Days For It To Be Processed; Today Is Only The 8Th Day. I Have Since Sent A Follow Up Email 2 Days Ago Have Have Gotten No Response From Them.)

Horrible experience

Purchased a sectional from Ashley Furniture in July 2021. Was told I would not be charged for the furniture until delivery. The furniture was not be delivered until November. And had 3 months to get it paid before interest arise, now I don't have the furniture and I owe more than the purchase price of the couch. When we tried to cancel the contract we got the run around. It's ALL ABOUT MAKING THE SALE! Not customer service. Horrible experience!!!

Terrible design, poor quality, horrible customer service

Extremely disappointment with our brand new bed frame because it makes terrible metallic squeaking sounds every time it is used. There is clearly a design flaw as the bed does not have wooden slats and instead just has 3 very thin metallic slats. I had also bought a matching dresser with the bed and now I am stuck with both. Equally disappointed in the customer service as they simply said "noise is not covered under warranty". I paid for the brand quality, I trusted in the Ashley brand name and I have totally been let down. And the brand doesn't even want to take any action on such a big design flaw. I don't understand how such a design can pass quality testing. The loud metallic squeaking occurs every time I sit on the bed, move even an inch on it, and get up from it. Basically I am not able to use the bed.

Terrible customer service and lies to customers don't buy from Ashleys,

Ordered # 0416364270 we ordered a couch and Ottoman on May 2nd 2021 we were told it would take 10 weeks we have been delayed seven times we were told the order would be here mid June then July then August then September we were told it would be here in October then we were told it would be here on the day before Thanksgiving period since that is tomorrow 11/24, I called to find out the status told that it would be another 10 to 14 weeks. I was then told to go to the store and buy different items so I can wait another year for furniture then I was told by your customer service reps corporate supervisor Yraelle employee #yr03 and Albuquerque customer service Mary told me that she couldn't expedite my order how is it expediting my order when I've been waiting over seven months for the furniture and now you're telling me another 14 weeks that is so insulting the room was designed for furniture that I bought why would buy anymore furniture from you Ashley's and I would be charged $250. to $500. Cancelation fee! I will never buy furniture from ever again from Ashley's and I will tell all my friends/family not to shop at Ashley's. I want a solution on why I am not receiving my couch and Ottoman stop lying to customers

Buyer Beware

Purchased automatic recliner couch and love seat in April or May 2021. Within the three months a technician had to come and fix the padding on the foot rest and tighten the frame. The couch doesn’t close correctly. Again I called customer service 11/9/21, followed their instructions and nobody got back to me. Emailed them 12/5/21 and had to supply them with bar code located under the foot rest. That was fun trying to get that picture. There were 2 bar codes, neither were correct. Plus I had to send them an additional picture of the entire couch, not just pictures of the problems. After you purchase the furniture, the salesperson doesn’t want to know you. The set wasn’t cheap especially when you add tax, delivery, and insurance. Pay a little more and go to a private furniture store. There are some in the area.

mattress ergo ext

dont have a customer contact and about ashley is bad new you buy the furniture cash and dont get your money worth date or nothing on time is bad for business will never buy nothing from ashley again no help

Terrible quality and service.

In late 2016, my wife and I purchased a sofa and loveseat from Ashley. We spent more money than we wanted and got "higher quality" furniture than we'd ever purchased in the past. We also purchased their "No use/No Lose" warranty. Less than a year later the sofas started to collapse. The padding in the spring-reinforced cushions degraded to the point that the seats were visibly misshapen. The back of the couch, which was essentially an under stuffed pillow, also collapsed. Let me be clear here, and state that neither my wife nor I are large people. I weigh under 180 and my wife, under 150 punds. Under normal use, with average-sized people, these sofas lasted less than a year!! Within two years, I purchased a recliner (not from Ashley) because the sofa was unusable. Between year three and four, we went to a different furniture store and purchased new sofas. There was a delay in delivery (covid), and it took over a year to get the new couches. About 6 months through that fourth year of owning these wonderful, quality items, we dragged our crappy old furniture out of the basement and took the Ashley furniture to the dump. Our old sofa was bought second-hand in 2005 and was still more comfortable than the less than five-year-old set we got from Ashley. Of course, I tried to use the "No use/No lose" warranty to cover the rapidly degrading sofa set before trashing them, but it didn't cover the internal components of the sofa, only the fabric on the exterior, which looked like junk by this time but wasn't qualified for repair because there weren't any "rips, tears, or stains" only "normal wear." Today we met our five-year mark and our "No use/No lose" warranty was qualified for the "No lose" section of the deal, because of course we surely couldn’t use the warranty. Let me assure you it was a lose-lose situation. In order to use the $130 we spent on the warranty we had to spend $499 on new Ashley merchandise. Of course, the lady who greeted us at the door didn't tell us that, the salespeople we originally purchased the couches from didn't tell us that and we were only informed of it when we tried to purchase a set of $170 sheets (because we literally couldn't find anything else in the store that wasn't over-priced or of horrible quality—not that $170 for sheets isn’t over-priced but at least it was something we could use). In short, DO NOT BUY FROM Ashley! They sell junk that won't hold up, and they will not, I REPEAT WILL NOT! honor their warranty. Save yourself a heap of trouble and buy from a different store. I don't care if you buy from Ikea or Hom or Costco, I can assure you you'll get a better product and better customer service.

Tied Up My Money And Did Not Receive Product. I Paid Cash For Furniture. I Live In A Gated Community.....And They Missed Delivery Due To A Death In The Family. When I Tried To Reschedule Delivery.....They Had Sold My Furniture!!! Tried Getting On And Chatting With The Internet Agent.......I Had Bout 4-5K Worth Of Funiture.......They Did Not Recognize The Sales Orders, No Account By Phone Number, Etc. Basically, What I Am Telling Everyone Is: They Take Your Money And Run With Zero Customer Service. I Had A Very Hard Time Talking To A Human.....They Are One Messed Up Company.

Extremely Happy with my two night stands!

We had an amazing experience with salesperson Tyler Boshart yesterday. He is a fantastic salesperson. He is there if you have any questions but does not hover. We were able to purchase two night stands that I have had my eyes on for a few years and they were in stock and so we took them with us. I'm so excited!!! Thank you Tyler for all your help and patience.

Very unreliable and sneaky

Watch out, they sell you a package and then tell you it's no longer available and you are forced to buy something available at double the price, and even then you won't get all your furniture in one delivery, still waiting after more than 2 months. A store to avoid at all cost. Never again, not even a feather. I myself will report them to the BBB.

Horrible Business

In 2019 we bought a loveseat and mattress set from Ashley. We ended up having to pick all of our order at least 3 weeks later. They had many different excuses as to why they weren’t delivered. They were supposed to cancel the delivery charge and 20% off our entire order. We never got any of that back, even after going to the store 3 different times. Each time we were told they had a new manager. They should not be in business, period. They lie about everything.

Bad experience

First I had to wait so long for the table I ordered. Almost four months. It was on back order then it came. It was much to heavy. I don’t know if it’s defective it is unusually heavy. No table I ever had is this heavy even for two people. Then I asked Ashley customer service to send someone over to help and I get the run around. The table is on its side right now. Not happy.

A damaged recliner

I purchased a recliner for my 90 yesr old mother at the Ashley store in Mobile, AL and was led to believe at the that protection plan that I purchased covered damage to the chair. Now I find out that since the chair that I thought was leather is peeling that it's not covered. I am so disappointed. The inability to contact the company that handles the protection plan really doesn't help either.

Poor delivery

Waiting 6 months and still waiting

Cheap furniture quality

Ashley does not stand behind what they sell. They SELL trash.

poor delivery services, damaged sofa Ashley refused to credit or pickuo

very poor customer service by HQ anf local store

Ashley’s sofa and love seat

After 14 months of fighting with Ashley’s and having ZERO customer support they sent a customer support representative that replaced the cushions that we had on hand. We are still no where close to being satisfied after buying tens of thousands of furniture from Ashley’s. I must not buy anymore. Their furniture is inferior. Their communication is lacking. Their sales people look you in the eye and lie to you. Ashley’s middle management personnel claimed that Ashley’s was sold and they do not have to go by previous contracts even though they are written. My satisfaction rating of 0-10 is a minus 1. Worst $2,000.00 I ever spent. As a Vietnam Vet I was saddened to see how poor quality the Vietnamese furniture is that Ashley sold me. Just for the record we asked Ashley’s for a refund the same day it was delivered. They requested that they replace it because what they sent was not what was ordered. We allowed them to replace it and again asked for a refund as the product was inferior. Was told due to COVID that at that time they could not take the furniture back. They requested we wait and contact them again in May which was 4 months later and we did. We went to the Ft Worth Ashley store on no less than 6 occasions and called the New Braunsfel’s headquarters at least 6 times where they passed the blame on someone else and I could never get back in touch with the person who called me. Every time I called and asked for this person NO one knew who they were. Ashley’s needs to accept responsibility and make it right period. I am very frustrated and disappointed in Ashley’s Furniture.


I Ordered My Furniture From Ashley Furniture In Eatontown Nj Ordered In March Was Promised Furniture In 8 Weekes Did Not Get My Dining Room Tabel Until The End Of October. I Had To Send It Back 10 Times After The 10Th Time I Was Told To Take It And They Would Send Someone Out To Repair Any Damges. My Couch Did Not Come Until December. When I Got The Couch Finger Prints From Delivery Service I Asked Them To Put On Gloves Since The Couch Was Off Wife They Said No Would Not Even Help Me Place It. The Couch Is Now 3 Months Old The 2 Armless Peices The Cushions Are All Worn And Frayed I Called No Return Phone Call I Called The Proptection Plan I Purchased And They Said I Wam Not Covered Meanwhile I Was Told Get The Protection Plan And It Covers Everything. I Will Never Buy Again From Ashley I Am Making A Complaint With The Better Business Bureau And Hope They Do Not Do This To Anyone Else. It Is A Shame That They Do This To People. Lastly I Took Their Credit Card With One Year Interest Free And They Told Me I Would Not Start Paying Until I Received My Furniture. Now I Was Told Its From The Day I Purchased The Furniture I Need To Start Paying And Interest Will End In March. This Is Unacceptale. How Do I Get Charged From The Day Of Purchase In March When Furniture Did Not Come Until October And November.


you never honored our warranty when your dining table started to peel...will never buy from you again!

Terrible Customer Service

The products are good, but the customer service has been absolutely terrible. With COVID, I do understand product delays. That is not at all why I am giving one star. The communication within the business has been terrible. The warehouse does not communicate with the store we bought from. Delivery has been rescheduled multiple times. After getting the product, a technician was scheduled a month out to fix what was delivered, and now I just received news that needs to be rescheduled as well. When I called back, nobody seems to know what is going on.

Poor Quality

After purchasing a dining table and chair set with the protection warranty extension (nearly $3000) we discovered that half of the chairs had loose or missing screws holding it together. Since Ashley does not handle any of it's own repair activity and contract it out to a third party, we contacted them as instructed and they came out and fixed the chairs. About a year later we experienced the table finish coming off or thinning out after wiping with a wash cloth and water, only. Once again we contacted the third party for a claim and were denied with the excuse that this was normal wear and tear. Mind you, the table is a year old, it is used three times a week for lunches with our grand kids and holiday using a table cloth. Wear and tear!!! What a joke. I do not recommend and will never buy anything from Ashley ever again. Their quality sucks and their product warranty is even worse. I recommend you buy anywhere but Ashley!


The Greenville, SC, Ashley delivered us a sectional that was the wrong color. We notified the salesperson who said he must have hit the wrong button. He said to contact customer service and they would take care of it. The person we talked to said it shouldn’t be a problem and that they would get back with us within 72 hours. After five days they got back with us and said our request had been denied because we had signed for it. We told him what the salesperson had told us about hitting the wrong button and that we even had taken a video of the correct color. It didn’t make any difference. We called back to the store and the person we talked to said they could go above customer service and “make it right:”. We heard back from the store after two days via email and were told they were still working on it. We called back after two more days since we hadn’t heard anything from them and ended up back with customer service where, again, they denied our request for them to make it right. The representative said she would call the store manager to get with the salesperson. She was supposed to get back with us the next day. We did not hear back from her so the following day we called her again. She said the store manager was trying to get in touch with the salesperson but he was “being evasive”. The day after that the store manager called and said that our request was denied because we had signed for the furniture and the salesperson said he thought that was the color we wanted. So, the salesperson told us that he must have hit the wrong button, but he told the store manager that was the color we wanted. If the manager would have taken time to look at the rest of our order (kitchen and cocktail tables), he would have seen that its color didn’t match what we were sent and that the color of the one in the video did. Of course, he didn’t want to see the video. Our request was once again denied so we canceled the rest of the order. During this whole fiasco, we were told at least three times that Ashley furniture was going to correct their mistake, only to be told by someone else there that our request had been denied. They just didn’t want to admit that their “evasive” salesperson had messed up. They have lost a customer for life.

No Bolts

Purchased a bed from Ashley went to assemble the bed and didn’t have the bolts. Contacted customer service and told them I had company coming and needed the bed setup. Ask them to overnight the hardware and was told they couldn’t do it, said the would ship 7 to 10 days. Needless to say my quest had to sleep on a air mattress on the floor. Over a week now and still don’t have bolts. Don’t buy from them poor service. As large as this company is they could have overnighted the bolts.

dont buy on line

bought a coffee table on line,, it was damaged, we returned,,, have been waiting 9 weeks, still no refund... nothing but run around from customer service

Defective product with no ownership of the quality !!!!

The review would be negative is there was one, my sofa arrived and has a hard lump in the back cushion, we have had it for three weeks, the customer service warranty advocate declined the warranty based on a 2D photograph of the outside of the sofa, not a manufacturing defect and the "lump" in question will settle over time - !!!!

If I could rate a 0 I would.

I have had THE worst experience with Ashley furniture. I had no idea what I was in store for. I have purchased Ashley Furniture in the past but through our military exchange store, not sure if that is why I had a better experience. Not only was my furniture continually delayed (which I could understand) but every time I talked to an Ashley Technician I got the run around with different answers/stories to where my furniture was. Fast forward to 4+ months later, my furniture was delivered. They gave me no option of time frame, wouldn’t allow me to change anything so I had to continue missing work. Now the furniture was delivered the technician installed the couch wrong and it was BROKEN. Tried to reason and they said I needed to contact Ashley. I contacted Ashlea they took my information and then said I would be reached out to you within 72 hours there was nothing else I could do at that point. A few days later they reached out requesting additional photos of the damage. Once received they stated we can just give you a new one we have to have a technician come out and assess the damage to see if they can fix it (which I knew is not possible, it is completely snapped off.). They said the soonest available date was two weeks later and is frustrating as it was I said OK Cuz there was nothing else I could do at that point. We are now two days out for my appointment I have had zero contact from Ashley within the timeframe so I contact them requesting an afternoon times slot Seeing as being in the military I cannot continue to keep missing work they stated they schedule me in the morning they will reach out to the tag and if he can’t do that timeframe I will have to reschedule a few weeks out a new appointment. Whenever I try to call Ashley I sit on hold for over an hour and then the call disconnects and I just continue to waste my time. They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered and it seems impossible to ever escalate your issue. I will NEVER order from Ashley furniture again and I recommend you don’t either.

Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)

Back in September of 2021, I had a flood. My insurance covered everything and gave me some money to buy some new things. I had been wanting a new bed for so long, since my bed was simply a mattress, box spring and frame. I selected the Effie line bed with the storage at the bottom. I loved it. It's really beautiful for how cheap it was. But two months in it broke. I was laying down to sleep and it broke underneath me. I took the mattress off and noticed the Ashley installers used glue and staples to attach a structural support to the rails for the slats. That's right, they GLUED it into place. Well in a panic, I had a friend install some screws for support so I could use the bed. I have nothing else to sleep on otherwise. Well Ashley of course told me this would void my warranty. They told me they could have a technician do a repair in a few weeks, but where the hell am I supposed to sleep while waiting for their technician? So now, every night I go to bed, I worry that it's going to break again and I'll have to stay in a hotel like I did when it broke the first time. Ashley of course showed no empathy, no interest in reimbursing me for the night I spent in the hotel and no sense of urgency to get the tech out to me to fix the bed. The real suck of it is that I bought a whole bedroom set and two recliners. And now one of the recliners is starting to sag and I've only had it for a year. I will think before I buy Ashley again.

Ashley Store poor customer service

Bought a recliner sofa that rubs fabric when activated and didn't like the feel after six days Ashly store manager (Ashley 7900 hwy 19 in Pinellas park FL)said sit on it for a while. When purchasing the sofa we were told if we didn't like it it could be exchanged, good customer service for seniors. We bought it for our vacation home, its been here a week and we leave for six months. Maybe it will be better when we return. Nothing they can do? Do they think they will get return customers.

Delivery times

They tell you in their tracking app that they will arrive between 10:30 and 11:00 but don’t arrive for 3 hours later. They then delivered damaged furniture and would not refund. Only exchange it but you have to go through the delivery nightmare again. We lost 2 days of our 7 day vacation waiting around for these clowns. We will never use them again.

Beware of Ashley's Furniture Care Protection

We purchased my daughters bedroom set with the Furniture Care Protection (FCP) plan. The Ashley sales man said that the plan coverage was for 5 years and would cover any damage during that time frame. Four years into the contract she has a small light scratch on the nightstand. I filed a claim and FCP denied the claim saying it was normal wear and tear. If they are not going to cover normal everyday accidental scratches why buy the plan. They can classify everything as normal wear and tear. How convenient that they put that clause into the small print of the contract. SO BEWARE DON'T buy the FCP care plan it is a total waste of money.

I purchased a couch & love seat

Review of excellent, extraordinary, above & beyond customer service. Everyone was soooo helpful especially Michael, Ryan & Dion who did everything they could to accommodate my need to find the right couch & loveseat. I was very impressed with the time, energy & not rushing me to be certain I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I was not rushed in any way. This is my first dealings with Ashley store but will certainly not be my last & I will highly recommend the store @ Golden Gate to all my friends.


I ordered a sectional, coffee table, 2 end tables, 2 lamps and a area rug months ago. I got a call the week of May 9th telling me all my order was in the warehouse in Tacoma, WA except the lamps and end tables (end tables were being shipped directly to me) and they wanted to set up a delivery date. The date of delivery was set for May 20th. I didn't hear from them at all so I called on the 20th only to find out that apparently the guy I spoke to didn't put in my file that I would accept a partial delivery (I call bogus on that). So the lady set my delivery to May 24th which is tomorrow. Now I have to take time off work to be home. So before doing that tomorrow I call to verify my delivery only to find out that it won't happen until the 2nd week of June as the only thing in the warehouse is my ottoman and area rug!! So what happened to my other stuff that was there for delivery tomorrow? Can't talk to a supervisor because they won't transfer you to one. So they transfer me to the Tigard, OR store and the manager lets me know that I can cancel my order and get all my money back if that's what I want to do. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING From them again!!! NEVER!!! They do not have their act together and don't even bother letting you know that your order is not going to be delivered until you call them!!!!

Exchange / Return / Refund

We bought a Bed from Ashley. We found Head Board was damaged inside the package. The Head Board and Foot Board were different models WITH MISSING PARTS. Upon contacting Ashley, we were told No Exchange or Return because of their terms and Conditions.


I have shopped at Ashley numerous times, we recently ordered a bedroom set bed, dressers , night stand. The foot board arrived damaged. We sent pictures to customer service and sent numerous emails, NO ONE responded at all to us.


I purchased a bedroom set the end of February. I was told it would be 3 weeks delivery time. It has been 4 MONTHS and still no furniture. All I get is "so sorry, thanks for being patient" texts. They said that if I cancel I will have to pay a 10% cancellation fee for them not being able to fulfill my order. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY! They will say anything to get you to sign on the dotted line and then you are out of luck!! I will never buy from them again!!

They don’t honor their written promises to assemble furniture!

So far, so good on the sofa we bought from Ashley (that’s the only reason for the second star), but they were outlandish about the dresser we also bought from them. They promised in writing on not one, but two separate documents the salesman gave us to either assemble the dresser on site or bring it already assembled. They did neither, and my fiancée had to pay Taskrabbit almost $100 to assemble it. But to make matters worse, when I tried to get a credit for just under $100 from Ashley, their customer service people refused to honor the written promise their salesperson wrote on two separate documents. They gave me the runaround about the preprinted item saying it was an “unassembled dresser.” When I pointed out that they promised in writing to assemble it for us, they completely blew me off. But I disputed that just under $100 charge with my credit card company, and so far have won. So caveat emptor (buyer beware) with Ashley Furniture! They don’t honor their written promises!

Customer and Delivery service

After shopping months for a new Livingroom set, late August 2021 we found the perfect set at Ashley's. The sales person at Ashley's was great, helpful, patient, and friendly. This review has nothing to do with the sale but the delivery experience. He explained that one item would be later than the rest, but we went ahead with the purchase. Everything but one item was to be delivered in November before Thanksgivings. Perfect since we were having family over. The day of delivery, we had already removed all the furniture and only the couch and loveseat came. No tables, great... we called and they said sorry we will call the warehouse and call you back. Did not receive a call back, called again. They gave us the number to the warehouse and an email address. No response... we called again. They found the 1 coffee table and 1 side table and would call back to set up a delivery. We recieved a call about a delivery and now it was January 2022. To our surprise, it was the recliner that was not due till May 2022. Strange, we still did not have tables. We called again, and they arranged for another delivery. Now February 2022, one side table came, still waiting on a coffee table and side table. Call again, no call back. Finally, in May 2022 we went to the store because we recieved a bill and it was the incorrect amount. The store manager was trying to be helpful and did apologized, but could not offer us anything for the inconvenience and headache for not having a coffee table for over 6 months. Finally, June 2022 we have all the pieces. Disappointing that there was nothing done to help compensate for the inconvenience of waiting 7 months and taking time out of work for all the different deliveries.

Be advised

Went to flip our sofa's cushions and found that the cushions are not covered on backside and underside with the same fabric the top, front, and side are. Never thought to look when purchasing because our sofa's cushions always were completely covered with the same fabric. Of course the salesperson never showed or told us about this either. So cushions can not be flipped for longer life.

Read the Reviews FIRST before purchasing!

I wish I had read the previous reviews before walking into the Ashley store because I would have avoided it altogether! The previous reviews of poor service and furniture is not just talk; it is real! I purchased my couch on 5/30/22 and it just arrived today on 7/5/22. The first delivery was to be on 6/14 but the men came and determined that they couldn't get it in my doors and said, "you need to go back to the store and buy something smaller". I said, "absolutely not!" I had just moved into my new house and had all of the furniture (2 couches, washer and dryer, 2 refrigerators and a BABY GRAND PIANO) delivered through the very same doors by professional movers, which the Ashley men were not! I told the woman that they called that I wanted a refund and she promised I'd have it in 4-5 days. Needless to say, that didn't happen. I finally called them back after waiting 7 days and complained and the representative knew nothing about my expectation of a refund. When I told her of the ill-equipped movers that were sent to me she said that they had more experienced men they could send but that they still would not be able to take the doors down to get into a room or house because just as the man had said, "they don't do that." (A simple process that can be done in minutes and replaced just as quickly) Agreeing to a second attempt at delivery after calling in three more times, I was promised today's date of 7/5/22 and was looking forward to finally receiving my couch bed. I got notification that my delivery would be within the window of 11:30 - 2:30 so I placed my schedule around that time. 2:30 passed and I had heard nothing. Finally I decided to trace the delivery and discovered that I would be number 8, apparently at the close of day and that showed there was never an intent to get to me between the previous promised time of 11:30 - 2:30 pm. The tracked delivery time changed several times but ended up as being between 5:45 - 5:50 p.m. The guys finally arrived (HOMDE AND JOHN STEVEN) reeking of marijuana. So the delay in their arrival obviously permitted them time to smoke weed. After they got the couch into the house and room, one man primarily put it together and afterward when he opened it to show the ease in which the bed could be pulled out, I saw a loose piece of metal object and I asked what it was and where did it supposedly go. He looked and then concluded that he had no idea. They call this WHITE GLOVE SERVICE! It is far from it!! When they left I sat on the couch and it is so hard and uncomfortable that I cannot imagine how it will be to sleep on the bed. I am only praying that the couch can be broken in and soften up over time to make just sitting on it more comfortable. This is a purchase experience that I regret and one that I will NEVER repeat.


Horrible, horrible customer service and products. I have had two major run ins with this company. The first: I bought and paid for in full two bar tables and 8 matching chairs. Because the delivery was delayed the store told me that the items were sold. This is tantamount to stealing as the furniture was paid for. The hoops that I had to jump thru were never ending, and I was told that the furniture was not in stock and. I decided to cancel the order and buy the items online from a non Ashley store. It was delivered within a weeks time. On to my second dispute. I bought mattresses for 4 different beds. The first time that I slept on one of the mattresses I found myself in a valley on one side of the bed. The other side was noticeably higher than the side I was sleeping on. I have been trying to have this matter resolved for weeks. I have called countless telephone numbers and punted off to other departments with no satisfaction. There are times where I have actually been disconnected. I'm still waiting to have this matter taken care of. Next step is dealing with the Better Business Bureau. I am at my wits end. Do not buy from this company unless you'd like to dance around with customer service.

Non deliverable

I purchase a family room Set in April from the Opelika store. The end tables and coffee table has not been received. I have called at least once a month to get status. Answe I get is we’ll let you know when we can deliver. Would not discuss when, where or how the order was progressing. Todays feedback was you can cancel if you don’t like our answer. I asked where product was made or where ordered from. Asked for Purchasing manager name and phone number. Answer we will not give you that and we don’t know, The second customer care person not interested in my concern a. It. She just said this is answer, don’t bother me. We will call you when we get it. Customer care was not her profession. In closing, Ackley funeriture does not care about anything but sales. Once they have money you are the pits. Thanks. Trust your ratings is better with BB$B than shows.


My husband and I bought this couch 1.5 years ago and all the cushions are falling apart. Pilling and the fabric is literally hanging on threads and looks as it is shredded. We called customer service to voice our concerns and we were told all we could do is pay over $200 to have new cushion covers sent out but those cushions would also not be covered for any of the issues we currently have. We wanted to speak with a customer service manager about how frustrating our issue was and the customer service rep told us to leave a poor google review and refused to direct us to a supervisor and then proceeded to hang up on us. Besides the fact that this couch is terrible quality, I would highly recommend no one buys a couch from here just based on how awful the customer service is.

Awful products and customer service

I ordered a coffee table on Ashley, and was promised 4 weeks for delivery. 2 months later, and after multiple customer service calls, they would continuously promise me 1 week later for delivery, which was constantly moved back. Finally, they called me with a delivery date, but on the day before the date (after I had requested off work) told me it actually could not be delivered until another 1 week later, with no explanation. It then arrived that following day, which was very confusing, and 3 hours after the delivery window. It arrived damaged, with the center chipping and broken. I called multiple times after that, and they said the best they could do was a small gift card. The problem is, I never plan on using Ashley again, so a gift card is useless to me. The customer service, timeliness, quality, and professionalism with Ashley was terrible and disappointing. Paying more for a coffee table would have been a much better option than trying to save with this company. Would recommend moving on if you see Ashley furniture.

Worst Company I've Ever Had the Displeasure of Dealing With.

I wish I could give 0 stars, but 1 is the lowest so I'll do that. I bought a $3,000 couch 6 months ago, it broke after a few days. My partner and I have since been dealing with the absolute worst service either of us have ever had. We call, we get hung up on. We are told we'll be called back, we get no calls. We have been calling, emailing, texting at least twice a week for 6 months with hardly anyone responding. Finally a month ago we were able to get the replacement piece delivered... And they wouldn't accept the broken piece that we've had for 5 months because it had like 10 pieces of small dog hair. We have 2 small dogs and we've been trying to get the piece replaced for SIX MONTHS. If the company had gotten the piece replaced when we called about it SIX MONTHS AGO, maybe there wouldn't be any dog hair, but as it is it's impossible to get every molecule off. Especially when we have to wait weeks and months to finally get delivery service here. You expect us to just never let a dust particle of dog hair on the couch????? Oh, and the second time they finally got the piece shipped out, which was today, we were told yet again it couldn't be replaced because of the dog hair. I asked where in the contract it says it can't be accepted with a miniscule amount of dog hair. I was told it's in the DELIVERY DRIVER'S contract, but not ours... With no due respect, that is NOT my problem. We even had a rep weeks ago say she would put a note on the drivers' order form saying to take the piece even if there is dog hair because it's ridiculous. And that didn't happen. We were told today that the drivers would have to pay out of pocket if there was hair. So... Your company is now guilt tripping us into keeping a $3,000 BROKEN couch that we paid a $400 warranty on? No. I do not care about the $2 that the driver might have to pay for the 10 god dang pieces of hair on this BROKEN couch that we've been trying to get fixed for SIX MONTHS. Again, maybe if there was proper customer service and literally anybody responded to our 100+ calls and emails, maybe the couch wouldn't have hair because it wouldn't be sitting in our small apartment with 2 shedding dogs for, and I can't say this enough, SIX. MONTHS. I also know the shipping company is separate from Ashley, but since they work together, it should have been stated in OUR warranty contract that the warranty is basically null and void if there's hair on the broken piece. Because if that was the case, I wouldn't have paid $400 EXTRA for a service that wasn't going to be provided anyway. I can not express how angry this whole ordeal has made me, it's taking all of my will power to not absolutely cuss every representative out or just dump the broken couch in front of Ashley Home and refuse to pay another cent. Because this is just ridiculous beyond measure, and I shouldn't be having to pay $3,000 and $400 for a warranty when all we've had is a broken, uncomfortable piece of furniture, and not a single rep or manager will help us. And I know it's just a couch, it's not the end of the world, but this thing was $3,000, I'm still paying on it, and it's been broken practically since the day we got it. We've had to use this now-very uncomfortable couch for half a god dang year and then we're told it can't be replaced because it has some hair on it???? And nobody has been willing or able to help us. We call and we're ignored, we have been incredibly patient and this company does not deserve it. I wish I had never even stepped foot inside the store, and I will be posting this review everywhere I can because maybe then we'll get some customer support on this BROKEN. $3K. PIECE OF CRAP FURNITURE. But probably not, if there's anything I've learned from the past half-year, it's that Ashley Home Furniture does not care about their customers.

for the price..not worth it.

my husband and i recently purchased a new couch and 2 new leather chairs. the only good thing i can say is how quick it came. very impressed with that. however, when the couch came it already had 2 giant rips in it. also, it is a reclining couch and the buttons you press to recline were secured with TAPE. im talking about tape you can buy at the dollar store. the tape was rolled up and attached to the back of the buttons to secure it. they were falling off within the hour of having the couch delivered. we spent over 5K to have furniture that looks like it came from walmart. very displeased and more than likely will not be coming back.

They are Liars

Purchased a chair from Ashleys on Sept 15, 2022. Two on display in the store. Was to be delivered on Sept 23rd. On Sept 20th received a call that it was on back order for at least another week. Never was informed it was on back order at all. BAD customer service. Will never buy from them again and will post everywhere that they are liars and cheats.


I was in need of living room furniture. Annette jumped right in helping and guiding more than I had hoped for. She listened to my wants, needs and budget. I sent her pictures of my room, and she took the time to send back pictures of sofas, love seats, recliners of all styles. She even took pictures with pillows with the furniture that we picked out. Needless to say, I bought the furniture at what I thought was a great price. If you are looking for furniture, go see Annette.


WORD TO THE WISE: **DON'T GET DUPED**. SAVE YOURSELF REGRET, FRUSTRATION, WASTE OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES, and learn from us - those who have had traveled this road of regret and are living in a nightmare! The best course is to stay away from Ashley Furniture Industries, their affiliated companies/organizations, and their products altogether. I purchased a higher end Ashley sofa through Amazon and a little over a month later, there was a creaking noise on the right side of the sofa any time I sat on that end and the creaking noise became more pronounced as time transpired. After having the sofa 1 1/2 months (not even 2 months) the creaking noise got worse and could then be heard if the armrest was used on the right side. I began to examine the right side armrest and could feel through the sofa that there was a huge part of the frame missing and that explained the creaking noise.....there is a huge defect, there is no adequate support on the right side, and the right armrest is completely hollow on the side (since it's hollow the material can be pressed in completely to the side of the couch). When Amazon delivered the sofa I was given a small Ashley booklet titled "Warranty Information" so I reached out to Ashley Furniture Industries. Though they acknowledged that I had received a defective couch they still blew me off and told me to email their consumer affairs department and their consumer affairs department did the same thing....blew me off. I continued to call Ashley and they continued to do the same thing (refer me to their consumer affairs department and the consumer affairs department would blow me off). Finally they told me they're not going to do anything for me. NOTE: THE ASHLEY REPRESENTATIVE RESPONSE: "Actually if you read the first paragraph of your warranty booklet you'll see that YOU DO NOT have a warranty for the sofa. Amazon has the warranty. We're not going to do anything for you" Is there anything else that need to be said? Stay away from Ashley

Horrible Service

After spending more than $20,000 on new furniture, they refused to work with me on a factory defect. I'll never set foot in an Ashley store again.

Poor Fabric Durability, Warranty Doesn't Cover

Fabric on sectional cushion started pilling within 3 months & we rarely sit there. Only guests. Looks/feels terrible. Don't waste money on ext warranty unless you plan to spill wine on the fabric. And 1yr mfg warranty refused to cover it.


I purchased a dresser and 2 nightstands. When we received the dresser we noticed a horrible smell. We contacted Ashley and told them we wanted to exchange the dresser. They had a tech come out to inspect it first. Agreed they smell was horrible. We were stuck with the dresser until they could get us a new one which took MONTHS!!! Once we got the new one in the room we started noticing the smell again. This time we decided that we were just going to return the items. Ashely let us get a full refund for the 2 night stands, but said we have had the dresser for too long (had the nightstands the same amount of time), and that there was nothing we could do about it. So now I am stuck with a dresser that smells like formaldehyde and out the money. Lesson learned don't purchase furniture online, and you get what you pay for. I will never buy something from Ashley ever again. Customer service was not helpful at all everyone I spoke with told me they would escalate and get me a resolution in 24 hours. I had be the one to reach out every time. Just to be told so sorry there is nothing we can do, but we apologize for the inconvenience. I am not sure what happened to great customer service.


What a nightmare to deal with. Worst customer service. We purchased a Queen Sleeper Sofa to our NYC home. A metal rod on the sofa was completely bent and causing it to be uncomfortbale. We asked the part to be replaced. After weeks they sent us an entire sleeper frame and not just the part. Then we had to wait weeks to get someone here to install it. The technican installed the new sleeper shell and refused to take the old part away. Yes, it's big and heavy. Customer Service said it was on us. That's ridiculous since they sent us a defective couch and we live in Manhattan so not as easy as it sounds. Would NEVER use or recommend them again. The sofa wasn't even that great. Company has gone downhill for sure.

Never Shop Here

I purchased a mattress with an adjustable base for my disabled mother. On display are only bases with legs. I asked the salesperson will the base fit into the platform bed. Her only reply was yes. She never said Ashley uses a different type of base for platform beds. Before the delivery, I removed the slats. The delivery man said he couldn’t install the base. He needed the slats. I said okay I will put the slats back. He said, no you need the base with legs because the base is too heavy. That left me no choice but to decline the delivery. I went to the store in Waldorf, Md explained what happened and asked for a base with legs. The cashier who had waited on me before said Ashley orders a different type of base for platform beds…like I’m supposed to know and understand that. Mind you, there are no examples in the store of this type of adjustable base. I explain again. She counters, telling me the base couldn’t be heavy, but she hasn’t lifted a thing. I asked was the delivery man wrong and what’s the solution. She says a base with legs can’t go on a platform bed. A saleswoman corrects her and says it can if you remove the slats. She wanted to be right so badly that she ignores the comment. She walked away and came back but said nothing to me. I had to ask her again for a solution. She offers a base with legs for $1000 more…MORE…NO DISCOUNT. NO OWNERSHIP FOR MISINFORMATION. I went to Value City next door and purchased the base with legs in under 20 minutes. The salesman there asked me what type of bed. I said a platform bed. He asked slats or no slats. BINGO… the magic question that Ashley never asked. I returned and asked for a refund. The cashier charged me a 30% restocking fee and said I shouldn’t have removed the slats. Total disregard for everything I experienced or was told. This is why folks are so angry and aggressive. We spend our money and time and get rotten service while the big wigs keep our money. NEVER SHOP THERE. THEIR POLICIES SUCK.

Bad Experience - Buyers Beware

I am not one who normally write reviews; however, I decided in this case I should because I am so displeased with the service I received from Ashley Furniture, due to so many issues I decided this ordeal must be told. My horrifying experience began in September 2022. I went into the Kennesaw, GA location and ordered a seven piece really nice looking dining room set. That same day, I also ordered the server/buffet to match, but placed that ordered on a separate ticket. The dining room set was scheduled to arrive mid October and the server the end of October. Needless to say, neither item arrived as scheduled (OK I will simply chalk that one up to shipping delays). While waiting I would received emails and texts about the delays of the dining room set but they never mentioned the server, After several conversations and visits to the store I finally spoke to a manager to who took the time to research the order and finally figured out the problem and located my order for the matching server. OK moving on, finally in late November right before Thanksgiving the dining room set was delivered; however, the furniture was “DAMAGED”. Now it’s Thanksgiving and I have damaged furniture in my home, and I am waiting for a replacement set. First, I was told a tech would call and no one ever called. So in the meantime, while waiting to hear about the replacement set I was told they would have to order the server which may take awhile to arrive, but they were willing to put a rush. Well now I am very frustrated, so I cancelled the server order. Still waiting for a replacement set for dining room set. Finally, I received a date for the FiRST replacement set to be delivered and once again the furniture arrived, DAMAGED. Now, that was delivery number two. So I wait, for the third delivery of the so called call replacement set, and it finally arrived, DAMAGED. That’s right you read correctly, three deliveries, damaged furniture. Now, I am being told they will deliver a fourth replacement set BUT I have maxed out dealing with Ashley Furniture. I guess they think the fourth time is the charm. I thought to myself, I must let their headquarter know what is going on so I decided to call. I placed several calls to the headquarter but was only to able to leave messages. Each time I requested a callback, but I never received not one callback. There is so many issues to this horror story, but I will end with this scoring, 1) zero on customer service 2). zero on quality of furniture 3). Buyers Beware.

Sitting on floor because furniture didn't arrive, no notice given

In mid December, we ordered two recliner sofas or our living room. We received confirmation delivery would be on 1/27. Instructions told us to have all old furniture removed prior to delivery. On 1/24, we donated our living room set to charity. On 1/25, we called to try to get an approximate time of delivery. We were told delivery would be on or about 2/20. There had been no notice given of any delay. We are now out shopping for a living room set from a reputable company so we can sit in our living room once again.

Dissatisfied customer

On January 7th, 2023 I purchased a dinette table and 6 chairs which I received to my home on Jan. 13th. However, the table and four of the chairs were very unleveled, also there was slight wood damage underneath one side of the table with sharp tacks left sticking out underneath all four sides. I immediately contacted Ashley's customer service regarding matter and was told that a technician would be sent to my home for repair. On Jan. 13th a technician arrived and stated the table and chairs were to unleveled to be repaired and would have to be returned back to the factory stating it was a manufacturer error and that I would be receiving a call from custom service within 24 to 48 hours for exchange. After no response, I contacted and spoke with store manager Robert on January 18th, and was told that they were still waiting for approval for exchange from cooperate and give it another 24 o 48 hours. I again contacted Ashley's and spoke with store manager Johnathan on Jan 25th and was told that the service order had been closed due to expired warranty. I asked how could this be when this is a new account. Johnathan then corrected issue and said to give it another 24 to 48 hours for cooperate to approve order for exchange. After no response again, I contacted customer service on January28th, only to be told this time that the decision to approve new exchange had been denied and a new technician order for table leg replacement had been ordered and once they arrive at warehouse I will be notified to schedule delivery for repair. This is a horrible inconvenience to me and my family as I still have the damage table in my home with no other option but to wait until it is repaired with new table legs, scratch wood, ect. I thought I'd purchased a new dinette set in good faith in the amount of $2,619.55, not one that has to be fully repaired. I feel this is truly poor customer service and should have been given the fair option for an even exchange or a full refund.

worst experience ever - fake Power protection plan

I purchased a sofa and love seat with the protection plan..2amonth ago years ago.. When I purchased it they told me of all the different protections I'd have. Ie: Damage, stains, breakage and repairs ect... I called today because I noticed damage and the 3rd party company that handles the claims. They told me that their coverage doesn't include tears or fabric damage and many other issues. Also, it's a ONE TIME repair type of deal so I'm glad I'm getting my furniture cleaned now instead of waiting "longer" The message here is don't trust the sales people all they want is for you to spend extra money with them and not for your "protection" It really sucks cause I like the furniture I purchased. I should have known what they were saying was to good to be true. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF SHOPPING THERE

Bad Leather Sofa and Loveseat Product and do not honor protection plan

I bought leather reclining sofa and love seat from Ashley Ledgewood NJ about 2 years ago and bought 5 year protection plan of Furniture protection care from Ashley. Leather is peeling off from all different places at the sitting area and it’s embarrassing to have guests. Both Ashley and Furniture protection care do not honor protection plan and Ashley furniture leather products are bad and not upto standards. Do not buy anything from Ashely and do not purchase protection plan because they will find ways to not honor it and decline claims citing normal wear/tear, and product is not up to standard. I am not buying anything from Ashley anymore.

Sectional couch purchase

I am a bit disappointed in the quality of the fabric. I vacuum my couch weekly, and the fabric looks to be coming undone. The reason I went for this brand was that they used to be good quality. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised! Nothing is close to the quality that once was.

They deliver damaged goods and then repair

We just purchased a dining room set, a single swivel/rocking chair and a sofa set. One of the pieces of the sofa set was delivered with torn material. Ashley will not replace it! They want to rep[air it! We paid for new undamaged products and now they want us to have a repaired sofa piece. We will not buy, nor do we recommend anyone buy from Ashley. They do not stand behind their products. You pay for new and they sell you repaired products.

4 months old

Bought Furniture 4 months ago From Ashley...Currently the Kitchen table bench seat has a leg popped out of it's brace.. now it's wobbly.. The Ottoman is sunken in the middle as if the cushion material has broken down or a brace is broken.. The chaise seat is sunken in, The corner cushion of the sectional is sunken in. This is totally unacceptable for very Expensive furniture. Called the store on Dressler to make a claim on their Warranty. Manager said it sounds to her like it's Wear and Tear and they do not cover wear and tear and that is a defect to be expected. Yes after 4 or 5 years not 4 months! She also wasn't very courteous nor acted in a professional manner to assist us with the issues. 4 Months and their Quality Furniture is failing. It is not Wear and tear. There is a quality issue here and a defect in materials used. Never felt they were acting in my best interest whatsoever. Please Read The Reviews here before using a reputable company that will not stand behind their supposed quality product.

Avoid at all cost, scam company!

Waiting for functional furniture we bought during black friday 2022, now Feb 2023, one couch came broken, another cocktail table had scratches in it, they refuse to replace the couch, saying it will be repaired, ... repaired when, still waiting?

Never again

Bought Queen mattress M57331 on 3-5-2023. Have been suffering back aches ever since. The sides sag and every time my husband rolls over it shakes the whole bed. He is 6' and 200 pounds, so not an obese person. We have called and asked if we had put the springs together right, it's good. The mattress in the store didn't sag or shimmy. When you sit on the edge of the bed to put on your socks you have to make sure you are braced on something or you will slide onto the floor. Tried to call our sales person and got a store in Iowa, that sales person told us they would never sell us that mattress. Finally got the store in WI and they pretty much told us to bad. Nothing we can do, call again if you have other questions. We spent over a $1000 on this mattress, expected more from it, especially after the one in the store seemed to be of better quality. Tonight a sleeping bag on the floor will be my bed of choice.

They follow T&C's that you are supposed to receive but don't always

Bought 2 high priced pillows that were NOT what I wanted. Contacted company to return unopened within 24 hours only to wait on chat to be told NO RETURNS. Will NEVER shop with Ashley again. What a waste of time.

Terrible quality, customer service - DO NOT BUY

I purchased a 5 piece sectional and 2 recliners in December 2022 for almost $8000. The sales person Monica from the Whitby, ON misrepresented the delivery service, promising the delivery team would relocate my existing furniture, also misrepresented the extended warranty. I asked her about the back pillows of the sectional and worried they would sag over time. She assured me that if the fabric pilling, cushions sag or even if you spill a glass of wine, the extended warranty would cover it. Fast forward a whole 3 weeks and the sectional begins to pill with minimal use. I called into the store and was promptly told to buy a fabric shaver and to shave my 3 week old couch. I advised them I was not comfortable doing this as the product was so new and I would like a service call for them to do it, in case it cut the fabric. They submitted a ticket to the guest care who promptly told me pilling was excluded from coverage. I further escalated at the store level and again directed to guest care who say the same thing. Then we notice 4 of the 6 arm rests of the sectional and recliners have their stuffing separating and the ottoman is collapsing, this is within 4-5 weeks of occasional use. Guest Care advised then can service this and a technician can rebuild/ restuff my 5 week old purchase. I am seeking a return/refund of this purchase as I believe these misrepresentations by the sales staff and the un-merchandisable quality of the products equals a breach of contract under the Sales of Goods Act, which have been denied repeatedly. My comments of Ashley Home Store on Facebook have been blocked as my comments generated numerous conversations of other unhappy customers. I see no other choice than to voice my opinion in all forums and warn other potential customers of the company's unethical practices and lack of customer service, in person, on line and eventually to the Ontario Small Claims Court.

BUYER BEWARE!!! Do not buy anything from Ashley

I purchased a Sectional sofa in December 2022. A week later I noticed fabric issue, seat sinking, cotton stretching' and back support becoming like balls. Can you imaging I file a claim in the 2nd week of (December 2022 )of using this piece of crap sectional. Show room (Mavis and Britannia Mississauga) charged me $4500/=, and now they say, sorry there is nothing they can do. It is support service responsibility to address this issue. Support service is fooling me for the past 3 months. they always reply, they have contacted and notified the manufacturer. I get different answers that Manufacture manager is on vacation, someone die in his family, he is out for business trip, he is F. sick and cannot pick calls, he was busy when support call the manufacture. I call Ashely every week and all the time they have different answers. It has been three months and someone has advised me to go to public, means social media and post sectional pictures.


We just purchased a coffee table that happened to be too big for out our room and other furniture, we thought no problem because we can return it since we did not use it and we just left the warehouse to pick it up. WRONG, they have a no return policy even if you just leave the store with the item. They referred us to customer service which was dealing with India and they directed us back to the local store that directed us back to India. The answer ended up being NO. So we are stuck and will not buy here again and no one cared even in the slightest. BYE BYE

Customer service is an oxymoron

Do not expect prompt or effective resolution if your furniture arrives damaged or breaks. Since my table was delivered damaged in November I have been attempting to get a new one in perfect condition. Two additional tables were delivered and both were also defective. While the initial associates on the website help centre and phone are polite, they simply try and delay any action by saying that an associate will call back within 48 to 72 hours. This usually does not happen. I then bump the case to Escalations who are reluctant to speak to a customer. Thankfully I asked Escalations and everyone I interacted with to email me a summary of the conversation with an action plan. This they all did. When no action was forthcoming after a week I replied to the email to prompt some action. Not one of the employees responded. Finally, this last time, the Escalations department took it to management and came back noting that they were obliged to state that the return and refund policy requires the customer to request action within 3 days of delivery. I asked for the replacement or refund one day after delivery and Ashley Furniture did not respond. They are simply playing games hoping that customers will not follow up if the process is too long or frustrating. There is no customer service at this company.

The Incompetence is EPIC!!!!

In September 2023, we purchased a table and six chairs. After 5 months, one of the chair legs broke. No rough housing, no injury to the chair, just my husband sliding the chair under the table and the front leg broke off. Called Customer Service and very professional sounding gentleman took my information, being very careful to record exactly what part of the chair needed to be corrected. Said I should have the part in 5-10 business days. A full month later a very large box arrived at our home, in the box was the entire back assembly of the chair. Another phone call to Ashley and the folks on the end of the line have NO ACCESS to the previous events and need to collect all of the information again with NO INFORMATION about when I'll receive the correct part. IF YOU WANT TO TEAR YOUR HAIR OUT AND BANG YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL, ASHLEY IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Their call center is USELESS!!! After two more phone calls I still no information on when I'll get the correct part.

A recliner lovseat

Don't buy from here it looks nice on the outside we tried sending our recliner loveseat back the same day it was delivered we called 3different people they said we would have to pay shipping now its completely lopsided the hardware at the foot is totally bent to pieces its junk don't buy from Ashley's one bedroom furniture it will be your worst nitemare and definitely will fall apart they don't care about customers only to get your money and give you something that's not worth giving goodwill

Excellent customer serivce + delivery on time

Sales rep. Rohit Sharma (Kennedy Commons - Toronto, Canada) was excellent in walking us through all the products, answering every question, giving informed suggestions to help us decide. Delivery times were unexpectedly very very fast, and golden-glove service was excellent, efficient and professional.

Be 100% sure or you'll pay for it

I purchased a recliner from Ashley and the sales manager assured me construction was kiln dried hardwood and a steel base. Turns out its chip board. Many apologies from customer services-but I could pay 10% and buy something else (NO) or 25% for a return. So be very sure before you buy. Price does not reflect quality! Try Wayfair or Amazon or that discount furniture story.

Ashely means continued stress and high blood pressure

Made a mistake to step in to Ashely store on Dec. 2022. purchased sectional sofa. Delivered sofa before Christmas. 2nd week of Jan. 2023, saw lint everywhere, and threads coming out of fabric. Few other issues (cannot explain in words but took pictures and sent to Ashely. Everyone in customer "Guest Care" has his own words, their intention is to force customer to shut their mouth and live whatever has been delivered. Overtime I called new person picked up phone, spend 30-40 minutes to explain, everyone asked to take new picture and send them. Previous person did not report anything and I will make sure the case is updated and claim is sent to manufacture. It is repeated by every customer support person at least 10-15 times between Jan. 2023 to May 2023. At the time of purchase I was told "we have our own manufacturing unit" but when I claimed then was told it was a third party manufacturer. What the f.... After an extremely hardship and months of chase and happy day came and I was told my case has been approved, we will not refund but replace the item within 30 days. I had no option but to choose another product. Again the sales person started talking the way they need to fool the customer. I purchased the product and started praying to get it delivered. Night mere started again, their compute system crashed. Delivery was delayed for a week. Finally the day arrived and I saw Ashely truck in front of my house. Cannot explain the happiness but that last only few minute until the delivery person told me that one piece is out of stock will be delivered in 2-3 days. I accepted and started started taking pictures of my new sofa. I was scared and did not want to sit on the sofa, and usually sit on the carpet as wanted to see an feel newness for few days. The next nightmare started for the missing item. Today is June 15, Ashley do not pick up phone rest of the story is below. Called Guest Care (June 9, 12, 13) Dealing with Ashely homes has been greatly painful. System to collect payment from customers works supper fast, not even delay of a second but when it comes replacement of faulty items or delivery. Ashely makes sure that customers stay tense, feel pain and penalize as much as possible. Went to store and was happily told that it was my great "SIN" to come to the Ashley store and becoming customer. they have done their job by collecting money and now I am at the mercy of GOD above the sky and Ashley on the earth. Your doctor's name is Guest Care. You will be the luckiest person, if they pick up your phone. I do not need to purchase any audio device; an automated message will walk through the options to listen music 24x7. Guest care service works from 09:00am-to 05:00pm. Whenever I am free, I can dial into the number music will run for hour and half and to ensure that I am focused and listening properly, a message "No one is available to take your call" will be played to wake you up and dial the number again. June 14 even worse than before. Phone was picked by a live agent and then dropped. I emailed them, got auto reply that this email is not active." Why the F**** tis his email in there, if it is not working," remove. After writing above book, I am short of words.

Horrible Online Service

Horrible online buying experience. They also hide the one star reviews on their products online, I know because I left one and yet you cannot see it on the product reviews. The description on the product was wrong, the measurements were off which gave us a smaller chair than we wanted. I wanted to return the product and they have you ship it yourself which is costing me upwards of $400! and that is only for one box. Customer service just copies and pastes a policy to you in an email. NEVER ORDER ONLINE FROM HERE.

Low quality defective product, terrible customer service

Purchased sleeper couch, broke after 3 months. Called customer service which is overseas and got the run around for 4 weeks. Purchased extended warranty which also did nothing! Total waste of money for both.

Power reclinier

This is a late review, but I have been waiting to see if any defects appeared in my new chair. We ordered a chair from Ashley and it arrived earlier than expected. Then on Mar 27h my husband noticed one of the threads in the back of the arm rest was pulling loose. Upon closer inspection we noticed another thread was loose. My husband sent very good pictures of the chair but they still sent the wrong replacement part. When they determined that they would not be able to replace the defective part and they said they would deliver a different chair. When that came it was in the wrong color. They then promised to send a different chair and when my husband did a follow up call it was still the wrong color delaying the delivery date even more. This whole process took from Mar 27th to June 10th. When we did finally get the chair in the correct color we noticed that this chair appeared to look newer. My conclusion of this is that they originally delivered a used chair, or possibly a chair that was a floor model. We ordered the chair on Feb 11th and it was delivered on Mar 13th. Between the dates of Mar 27th and June 10th we felt like we were given "the run around". We have had the new chair for 3 months now and there has not been any problems, therefore confirming my belief that they tried to pass off a used chair or a chair that was a floor model.

Don’t buy furniture from the Ashley’s in Catonsville Md.

I ordered furniture on August 25 th and was promised that they would deliver the furniture by September 15th. It’s September 22 Md and I have been getting the run around for a week. I wanted to finally cancel the order today and now they say The furniture is in and I would have to pay 30 pct stocking fee. Although they still can’t deliver till end of month. That they don’t have any open deliveries any sooner. Horrible service.

Sales Person Lied

My husband and I went to Ashley Furniture in Daytona Beach looking for a recliner and a chair/ottoman set. We had a very nice and sales lady named Julie. While shopping I found a chair I liked but it was not a color I liked. She shows me one on line that was a sand color and then showed me a different style chair, but the same color. I waivering on the color and then Julie offers up that if I don't like it, they would never make me keep it. So if I called within a week or so, I could pick another. The chair gets delivered and I am not there so my My husband tells me he thinks they delivered the wrong color. It was a medium dark taupe, not sand. Any woman knows the difference in sand colored shoes or taupe!! So I text her that evening that I don't like the color and want to exchange it. She immediately texts back that I need to call the store and she wishes she could help!!!!! SO .... days of calling customer service 3 times, I was told that I could not exchange it. I called to talk to a manager but he wasn't in (Mikey) Left my number and message and he has yet to return my call. I was emailed a letter telling me the same and that this topic would not be addressed again! $1,600 dollars and I don't like my chair. My only hope is through Synchrony finance at 0% has put in a claim for me. Meanwhile, I have three chairs in my living room and one in the garage. Make sure you love it before you buy!! and don't buy from Julie!!! For those who like recliners, really check out the motorized models that they push. Unless your in your 80's you will find that it takes a noticeably long time to put up and down. If your in a hurry, putting the foot rest down is painfully long!! Just a heads up!!

Reclining Sofa

15 days after purchasing a sofa we were not satisfied. We decided to change our sofa because I was going through cancer chemo and our sofa was not comfortable, ended up the recliner we purchase was worst. My wife went to speak to the manager for some type of return or help with another one he didn't offer any type of solution. The sofa cost us $3,000 I am selling it for pennies, NOT FAIR. How someone with experience make a Home recliner as hard as a car seat

Product Quality and Customer Service

I was very disappointed although I am aware that Ashley's reputation is to be a budget friendly retailer, even as budget friendly I did expect the furniture that I purchased would last a lot longer than just 2 years. I purchased an extended warranty, and my claim was denied due to the fine print on the warranty. A complete bait and switch. I was told that what I purchased was leather and it would last, it was not leather. I specifically asked that sales person about the quality, he assured me that it was good quality and as result it was not. I would caution people who are considering purchasing Ashley Furniture in the future. Their furniture is cheap and is of poor quality.

Didn't even last 2 years. Extended purchased protection plan is useless

Obviously great financing. We bought a $10,000 leather sectional and recliner 2 years ago and paid it off in 2 years. Paid for the protection plan. 3 of the 4 recliners switches don't work. Ashley says these switches are discontinued and I can't get them and replace them myself. The protection plan tells me since I don't know when they stopped working that it is past the 30 days required to report it and they won't do anything. 10,000 dollar set, garbage. Irrepairable. They don't make the same switch from 2 years ago or a replacement? Ashley won't fix it, warranty won't fix it, and I can't fix it if I wanted to since the parts are discontinued. The bed we bought from them years ago fell apart too. I expected my 10,000 dollar living room set with a warranty to last more than 2 years. Absolute garbage.

Return policy and lack of communication.

All communication via phone has been contracted to Philipine or India and I am wondering why I could not speak directly to agent in the U.S who can answer my concerns immediately? Return policy is the worst I have ever seen. Communicating with the office is very difficult. I am disappointed and I am ready to destroy the credit card I got and stop buying their products. There is no point wasting my time patronizing a company that could not address your concern only to contract all communications to individuals in India or Philipine.

Junk recliner sofa

Bought a recliner sofa Last year and it looks like junk all the seats are sunken in the wood on foot rest is sticking out I also bought extended warranty to tell me it's not covered beware of ashley furniture ..I have no kids or animals in my house and my husband and I are far from being obese so there is no reason for this sofa to be the way it is ..I do have pics to prove it all

Beware!! What you sit on in the store and purchase is not what you get delivered!!!!!

On 3/3/24 I fell in love with a beautiful living room set that was like sitting on a cloud. When delivered of course you are excited but after the delivery men left, my husband said this furniture is hard as rock! Wasn't it plush, soft and so comfortable in the showroom? Well, we brought one of our new cushions to the showroom in Milford, CT and pulled out our cushion stuffing, it was pink and dirty, the showroom was green inside and the cushions are 3 inches lower then the cushions we received, which are now busting at the seams. You can't even unzip the cushions because it is so tight you can't zip them back without the zipper snapping off. We have been trying for 2 weeks fighting the false advertisement that what you sit on and buy at the store is not what you get delivered, check the colors of the filling when you buy furniture and then check what you get delivered and decline it or you will be very disappointed. It is a scam, you get a large pink cushion with white pillow stuffing thrown on top and check for the mold as well on this pink foam. And good luck trying to dispute this again, false advertising, you have to jump through hoops and take time off just to get someone to try to assist you. I'm on day 11 and now the staples on the back of my beautiful coach are now popping out of the back of the coach because the cushions are so huge, so we have to take it out our living room so nobody gets injured including our fur babies. I can't get a technician or anyone to come out and look at the issue or unzip the cushions without the zippers breaking. The manager of the store saw the cushion stuffing we received and pulled the cushion stuffing out from the show room model in the store and could clearly see the misrepresentation and still nothing has been resolved. Heading to small claims! So beware.

Exemplary Customer Service at Pantano and Broadway, Tucson, AZ

I recently had an issue with a bed foundation that I ordered, based on the recommendation of the online customer service representative who sold me my bedroom furniture. I did not require a foundation based on the type of bed I ordered. I spoke to several people before I finally reached the person who made sure that my order could be both returned and refunded appropriately. A gentleman by the name of Jason Davis, who is the Retail Customer Care Representative Lead, very patiently discussed the situation via email, and he always followed-up to provide me updates on the status of my request to return the merchandise. He sent very nice individuals to pick up my foundation, and he made sure I received a refund back to my payment source. Jason definitely lives up to the title of "Customer Care Representative Lead" and Ashley knew what they were doing when they hired him. He was kind, patient, understanding and an exemplary model of professionalism for his peers and this company.

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