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American Furniture Warehouse Reviews

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American Furniture Warehouse is a southwestern furniture chain, founded in Denver and open since 1975. Since then, it has grown to 14 store locations across Colorado, Arizona, and Texas. With a focus on discount prices for quality materials, customers mostly have good things to say about their experiences. However, there have been some disagreements about durability and delivery in some instances.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

Price: $10-$3394

Return Policy: 15% Restocking Fees

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American Furniture Warehouse Specifics

AFW is a budget-friendly furniture chain that can be found through the southwestern states and Texas. With large furniture showrooms, customers on the hunt for various styles can easily browse affordable options throughout their locations.

With styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, customers report enjoying the wide selection that they are able to find in-store. Additionally, many customers report friendly and helpful sales staff who help customers find the right pieces for their homes. When it comes to post-purchase experiences, there are some mixed reviews from customers about delivery and longevity of designs.

Material Quality

American Furniture Warehouse is very transparent about their mission of selling affordable furniture. While customers report excitement about low prices, there are some that reported issues with longevity and durability.

American Furniture Warehouse's Top Picks

When customers think American Furniture Warehouse, oftentimes they are thinking about furnishing a room or finding a perfect piece of furniture. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of AFW's catalog.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

One thing that customers are most often looking for in a new home or a redone living room is a comfy couch or sectional. AFW offers a variety of lower priced sofa products starting at just under $150 and not going higher than $3000. Most affordable options offer synthetic fabric on the surface layer and poly foam cushioning, while the more expensive versions offer leather surface treatments. With over 500 designs to choose from, customers generally like the feel of their sofas to begin, but for some there were disagreements with long term comfort.

The pros: Generously priced sectionals and sofas with a good variety of styles included.

The cons: Some reported issues with longevity and delivery reported.

#2 Mattresses

Over the past few years, mattresses have gone through an online revolution with countless brands coming onto the market with new designs and new innovations to excite customers. AFW has done a good job connecting with some of the best options -- like Nectar, while still offering more traditional brands like Beautyrest and Sealy. While customers can find satisfactory options at AFW overall, some of these offerings have reported issues with durability and sagging. For others, it may pay to shop direct with better trial offers and more selection buying direct from the brand.

The pros: Wider than average selection with some high rated brands and discount options.

The cons: Some issues with durability with some models. Other online options may offer better trial periods and perks.

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#3 Beds & Bedroom Sets

Another popular reason that customers visit American Furniture Warehouse is to acquire a new bed frame or bedroom set. At many stores, these can be quite expensive purchases using specialty materials. At AFW, their options offer both versatile solid wood options and specialty veneered designs. While most customers like their varieties, there are some disagreements about the durability for some with select complaints about products degrading faster than expected.

The pros: Versatile designs with hundreds of options in popular styles. Affordable versus competitors.

The cons: Some complaints about durability reported by customers.

#4 Patio Furniture

American Furniture Warehouse has a wide variety of outdoor furniture items for customers that are looking for outdoor seating, patio sets, fire pits, and umbrellas. Their designs are budget friendly and feature wicker and powder coated metal options. AFW's wide selection includes hundreds of items with most customers sharing positive experiences about their outdoor furniture. Those that had complaints mention issues with price value and delivery issues.

The pros: Stylish outdoor furniture designs for affordable prices.

The cons: Some disagreements with price value.

#5 Desks & Office

The last most popular desire from shoppers is finding a new desk and other office furniture. AFW offers all of the furniture items to make your office more comfortable, such as desks, office chairs, bookcases and storage, file cabinets, and more. As with other offerings from AFW, their prices are oftentimes competitive for the style and veneered wood offerings are often the most popular. Customers respond well overall to the styles and the usability. There were some one-off complaints about assembly and durability for some customers.

The pros: Good selection of desks and office furniture in both modern and more traditional styles.

The cons: Some reported complaints about assembly challenges and durability for some shoppers.

More From American Furniture Warehouse's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, AFW offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Dining Room Sets & Furniture

- Storage & Shelving

- Home Decor

Also, they offer inspiration and shop by look options, and have a 'Visualizer' app that enables customers to see a prospective piece of furniture in their living space.

American Furniture Warehouse Store Locator

AFW can be found in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Texas. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

American Furniture Warehouse Alternatives

This is one of the most amazing times to be a furniture shopper. If you are willing to do research and shop online, you can save $1000s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

...or jump right into the #1 rated online furniture store, Wayfair.

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We have purchased many many pieces

We have purchased many many pieces from her in the past 6 months, 3 childrens bedroom sets, master bedroom set, dining table. Aloha Dave is our go to man. The quality is good for the price in our opinion. Some pieces are cheaper than others, in quality terms (real wood vs non). We will be back.

Literally sitting here in the customer pick up

Literally sitting here in the customer pick up. We received a text saying order is ready at door 8, there is someone at door 8, who said she was supposed to be at 9, but they moved her to 8. Then we were told to go to 6 and then back to 8. They really need to get their sh!t together. You have about 5 unhappy customers! Then as we were going back to 8, an elderly gentleman was going to door 8, we then overheard two workers say, "just load up the old mans chairs before their furniture", ummmmm excuse me..... that is disrespectful to the elderly gentleman and that is OUR furniture that you are speaking of. Also, the workers are talking about how high the turnaround is, a Jamaican went somewhere else and so in so just walked out, and so on and so forth. WOW! Steer away from this place. We will not be returning here again!

Will NEVER shop here again

Will NEVER shop here again. Worst experience I've ever had and they honestly do not deserve a star. Purchased a lot of items for my new home here in November. The sectional I picked out was only half in stock, so picked up that piece and was told the other half would be in for pick up on December 18, just to then move it to December 24, then January 8, then January 23 to then FEBRUARY 5. Which will in fact be moved out again. I kept calling the customer service department to see what the hold up was which they clearly don't communicate with their warehouse companies because they could never give me a direct answer and then come to find out all of a sudden the warehouse is supposedly closed for a whole month??? Not once was I offered any compensation after waiting 2 months to get the other half of my sectional. I told them I was thinking about cancelling my order all together and not once did they try to save my business. After dealing with all that I go into the store where I was going to get my full refund and the customer service team refunded my money onto two separate cards without my knowledge. Little did they know one of those cards was not mine but my brother in laws. This whole experience was extremely awful and will never recommend this company to anyone. Decided to go with Mor Furniture due to their price and amazing customer service.

Customer service RUINED

Customer service RUINED my experience here! Like another customer said.. the salesperson was great. But once they have your money. The customer service dept. Doesn't care! They don't continue the good service. I was quoted 11/27 expected shipping date. I've been calling everyday asking when my dining chairs would be there. They keep saying few more days, few more days Today 12/9 Its FINALLY there. And they do NOTHING to make up for us waiting so long.! We've been sitting on the floor! I wouldn't have bought those chairs if I knew itd take so long! Very Unhappy!!

They have a very large selection of nice furniture

They have a very large selection of nice furniture and lower prices then most furniture stores.The don´t offer free delivery like many stores so that is an additional cost,delivery men were on time and furniture was fully assembled which was nice.One disappointment was I bought this recliner as a replacement for my old broken chair, the delivery men wouldn´t dispose of my old chair ,they said that was against company policy, so I had to rent a dolly and take old chair to the dump which was a major hassle !!! When I bought a new bed from ANOTHER FURNITURE STORE they removed my old bed at no additional cost to me which I greatly appreciated for who wants to deal with taking heavy, bulky furniture down the stairs and then have to haul to a proper dumping area. I don´t have a truck so I had to ask a friend to help me dispose of my old recliner !! Thus,I can´t give this store a higher rating.

Highly disappointed with the quality

Highly disappointed with the quality and customer care service. I bought lots of furniture for my new house from AFW since it was having good varieties and was one stop shop. One of the master bedroom set started showing problems after a year and these are issues which are results of a poor quality product. Please see the photos attached: 1. The side table top layer started having blisters and the edges showing the polish coming out like a paper was pasted on it and now peeling off from sides. 2. Bed frame: edges at the bottom of panels stated having blisters and later peeling off like a paper cover. see the picture to understand more. 3. The cabinet is showing the similar sign and the drawers started mis-aligning and rubbing off each other with very normal and standard use. The gaps across all drawers are mis-aligning. I reported this to customer care and they sent a representative to look into it. The representative acknowledged that this is poor quality and should not happen. After an hour, I got a call from a very rude lady who told me one liner that your furniture is few months over a year so no warranty and nothing can be done. I asked the lady that it's right it is over a year but what about the thousands of dollars I paid to buy these furnitures. Is it worth just one year?? Can she at least look at the problems and acknowledge this is not wear and tear of normal use but actually a horrible horrible furniture quality. She just cut me out very rudely and told me she cannot do. I asked her to connect me to the supervisor and to my surprise she said she is the senior most person and I cannot talk to anyone else. I asked her to give me her name and SHE REFUSED TO GIVE ME HER NAME AS WELL. I asked then to please send me an email with her response and she refused. I told her that atleast some documentation and someone else should be talking me and I should not be left like this with a trashing set of furniture after just 1 year and few months usage - and the lady just disconnected the call saying this is all she wanted to say that nothing can be done from their end. My question: 1. Are AFW furniture worth a YEAR or SO life quality??? Is that what we pay these thousands of dollars for? What happenend to all your fine salemanship and commitments during the time we are a prospective customer? Once out of the store, you treat us and our requests like trash. 2. Is this how you treat your customer who put so much faith and money buying furniture from your store? 3. I need some senior or someone else to atleast talk to me humbly and hear me out - i was totally cut out and refused any correspondence or communication. Is this right? help me please - I'm really disappointed and feel cheated the way this is going on. I understand your warranty is 1 year but this doesn't mean your furniture quality and life is just 1 year and your customers are fool to trust you. Regards, Vineet Rai

We ordered online

We ordered online. When I went to pick up, with my wife's credit card and the emailed receipt. Since we have two different last names, they would not release the already paid for merchandise. No customer service at all! They could have verified the order a number of different ways. I'd rather chop down a tree and make the desk myself than go to AFW!

We have been here multiple times

We have been here multiple times to purchase our couches, bedroom set and new desk. Their prices are great and they have weekday shipping & free assembly for $59 flat fee for any purchase under $1,200. After that it's 5% of whatever you bought. Robert M. Was very helpful and patient with us, ask for him!

One of the best one stop shop for furnitures

One of the best one stop shop for furnitures. I have visited many furniture shops to make our registry for home and this was pretty impressive. Very competitive prices and many varieties in bedroom section. There are many low priced items which you can't get in living spaces Or ikea. Must place for new home setters. Home decor items are low prices as well. And rugs section is must try if you are shopping for it. Small cafe and cheap priced but most of them are microwave products. We tried chimichanga but it was very bad. Overall big and clean store. +1 for associates there. They keep asking if you need help. But none are diggers. They price match as well. Delivery and assembly cost around 5%.

I had a great experience with American Furniture Warehouse online

I had a great experience with American Furniture Warehouse online. I found the couch that I wanted and purchased it easily. I did have a bit of trouble reaching customer service- when I called it just rang and rang. It did give me the option to leave a message which I did, and got a call back within two hours which was impressive and I appreciated it a lot. The couch arrived within a week in perfect condition. The delivery men were super friendly and helpful and made the delivery and set up very easy. It was easy to track the couch online and see when it would arrive. I love my new couch and would definitely purchase from American Furniture Warehouse again. The only issue I had was the website would refresh randomly and I would lose the page I was on. Not a big deal for me because I knew the couch I wanted, but this would definitely be a big issue for someone who wanted to browse the website.

Great experience

Great experience. We purchased two beds and they were delivered when they told us they would be. Drivers were courteous and quick. Large selection and prices were reasonable! Very good at what they do!!

We have been shopping here since they opened

We have been shopping here since they opened and I've had nothing but good experiences here, Allison the manager at the service desk gave great customer service! We will be back for sure

I am tired of having bad experiences here

I am tired of having bad experiences here . They don't care about giving outstanding customer service . They fail to tell you about important policies with their credit card . Rude employees.

This place is wack

This place is wack, 10+ warehouse dudes standing around and it still takes over an hour to pull 2 items 2 small items.

Such a well oiled machine

Such a well oiled machine. This business runs flawlessly. A HUGE selection of furniture and always someone to help you but not bother you. The pick up process is also flawless. Systems, clean bathrooms and showroom, trained staff. Five stars for inexpensive, disposable furniture.

So this review

So this review is based on in-store experience only. Since purchase is only half the experience, I will update the star rating once delivery is completed. Many employees asked My wife an I if we needed any help, and if we said no, they would politely move on. No hangers-on. No pressure. We finally ended up with Joshua. Joshua was a HUGE help. The wife and I were having a very difficult time trying to find the right sectional/modular for our family room. If it was the right fabric, it was the wrong color. If it was the right color, it was wrong size. It took us a good hour to figure out what we wanted, and Joshua stayed the course until we finally figured it out! EDIT- Delivery and install went fine! They were on schedule, and were in and out in no time. AFW only get 4 stars, since the sectional they delivered was not the same color as the one in the store; which was the color we wanted, and were told we would be getting. Its not worth the hassle in trying to arrange a new delivery and pick up, since the color is not horrible; just not what we wanted. Check out my YouTube channel, Gastro Mojo.

We went to This store

We went to This store and spoke with Ian. Who told us we were purchasing a electric couch and recliner. we ask him multiple times if the prices were for electric couch and recliner. He said yes " let me reiterate" " we asked him multiple times" every time saying yes it was for electric couch and recliner. On the delivery date. They show up with NO electric recliner and no electric couch. We call to see if there was a mistake only to be told that we would have to pay an additional $400 for the electric furniture. Then when we asked them to just take back their merchandise they wanted to charge us for a re-stocking fee. This place is the most ridiculous place. The company has falsifying represented prices on their merchandise. There staff has no idea what they are doing. PLEASE PLEASE BE CAREFUL HER. Spoke with a employee at there company, only to be told we would have to pay more money for the a mistake they made.

Cheap quality furniture

Cheap quality furniture and they don't honor their return policy. I bought some outdoor furniture lounge chairs for my pool. The cushions tore immediately upon sitting (the person weighed less than 100 pounds.) I contacted the store to exchange them & was routed to corporate, who told me to email them a picture and it would take 8 weeks to receive new cushions. I emailed them again after not receiving the cushions. It's been 18 months and I still haven't received the cushions. My original email was the day after delivery. I also bought swings from them. The top cover of the swing blew off and broke the bolt, which led me to discover that their bolts are made of PLASTIC, not metal! I'm glad that nobody was injured! I gave them an extra star because: 1.) They have a huge selection 2.) The sales clerk was friendly & helpful 3.) The delivery guys were super fast setting up and very friendly But the quality of their products and customer service post-purchase is inexcusable.

We have purchased a couch

We have purchased a couch, a dining room table, and a king size bed here. Every single time the employees are extremely knowledgeable and offer wonderful customer service. We dealt with Matt and a salesman named Rey Varkevisser and they were both great! I highly recommend working with them.

I bought five pieces of furniture

I bought five pieces of furniture for my apartment, a beefy coffee table, bookshelf, two bar stools, and a large TV stand. All were perfectly delivered and I've had no issue with any of them. The prices are awesome, the service was a bit forward but fine, and I've been very happy with the quality of the pieces I got - easily twice the quality of IKEA (and no assembly required) but far less expensive than the other places in the area I checked. I see not everyone shares my happiness, so perhaps I'll have a problem in the future. Dunno. All I can suggest is to always check delivered products *before* the delivery guy leaves - maybe that would have caught some of the issues found.

Felt good about selection of bedroom

Felt good about selection of bedroom sets but checking out was a disaster. We had a credit of $266 that was not taken serious. Just didn't take enough effort and needless to say, we didn't get to use it on our purchase. Worst part, they acted as if that $ was insignificant. So, we still have a credit and our products not ready, so we are debating on keeping any of it... but in the past, I've been happy. This is not my first purchase might be my last.

Just bought second round of living room

Just bought second round of living room furniture from AFW. First the couch, chair, and tables then a TV table and ottoman. All pieces are beautiful, reasonably priced and professionally delivered. Very positive experience. Thanks.

This is my second time in an AFW store

This is my second time in an AFW store. This location (Broomfield) was huge. I wasn't crazy about the setup, because I kept wondering if I was in that 'section', so definitely got some steps in going back forth int he various little pockets of rooms. I need to fill various rooms in my new home, so this was yet another store to visit, after visiting various other furniture stores, online sites including Wayfair, Amazon, and other discount outlets, and even after visiting Furniture Row. I hadn't 'found' the right thing yet. Well, the one thing I liked in my prior/1st visit to AFW, is that yes, there are sales folks all around, but they are not pressuring you. I was told, (on my first visit), it's because no one is on commission, so no one is fighting to get your business, just offering their help, and they leave you alone. I have walked out of many MANY a furniture store when a sales person, 'wants to help' and wants to know what you want when you don't even know. #petpeeve I can't tell you how much time we spent in here, but what I can tell you is, that I found "the" offie desk, "the" bookshelf, "the" barstools, and "the" "bed sofa?" (the little sitting bench at the foot of the bed), and more stuff.. I didn't want to walk all over (nor could I remember where) all my items were, and not having purchased there before, I didn't know if the sales person would want to 'see' everything I was going to buy. Since I knew exactly what I wanted, and went back home, and purchased online. It was the easiest purchase EVER. I even chose the delivery option, picked MY date. I received a phone call the next day, indicating that the day before my scheduled delivery date, I would get a phone call narrowing the times. Not only did I get a call, but I received texts informing me of the same thing. When I received my 3 hr window, I was told driver would call when they were close. I received a phone call from the driver, saying they had one stop before me, and ETA was an hour.. About 10 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Some pieces were assembled, some were not. I had asked if they could deliver the unassembled desks (2 of them) upstairs (2nd story), and they did. I wasn't sure if it would be additional, or said "no" - either way I wasn't going to be negative had that been the answer, and was very pleasantly surprised when they took it up. There were about 4 young men, SUPER polite, SUPER pleasant and friendly. They took pictures as evidence that they delivered the items, before you sign for receipt. It was a very smooth transaction to get my furniture in my home. Now for additional TMI on the furniture. I work from home (tech person) and I HATE wires to show. So I wanted something to hide my 2 monitors cords, etc (as much as possible). I purchased the "Manhattan Open 63" Modular Desk". Assembly was ok, a little confusing, but the materials used were a bit cheap. (Ok, I know, it was a $228 desk). But it's a very clean sleek looking desk, and heavy, and when putting the sides together, the locking bolts were not made of metal, I swear they were plastic, so when you put the bolt over the screw to lock it, 2 broke in half. Luckily, we were able to be strategic, and do without. Since we bought 2 desk (so they match in the office - we did not want our office to look like Sheldon's & Raj's), he immediately went to Lowes to get more of those locking bolts to assemble his desk. Finished product looks great - and the quality isn't AFW's issue, but I'm very content with all my purchases.

Bought furniture

Bought furniture on Wednesday, delivery was scheduled for Saturday. Waited the 2.5 hour window for 1/2 the order. Customer service was a waste of time. In the end, they Never called me back. I had to cancel the order. Wasted time and $$

Had a brand-new sectional delivered with bed bugs

Had a brand-new sectional delivered with bed bugs. My pest control company confirmed and has paperwork showing that bed bugs were dormant in the couch upon delivery. It was a brand new house and this is the only piece of furniture in it at the time that this complaint was filed with a manager at the Westminster location. They ignored my calls and left me on hold for hours instead of having good customer service and honoring the fact that I have proof this couch was delivered with bed bugs. It's not worth a discounted product to have it delivered by unprofessional people and with bed bugs. I tried to be nice and resolve this but instead had to go to the Better Business Bureau because their customer service and managers are completely unprofessional and unhelpful.

HUGE store

HUGE store. Tremendous. YUGE. You'll be very pleased. Believe me. Sorry, couldn't help myself. But really a large store. Televisions. Couches. Love seats. Ottomans. Massage chairs. Beds. Dressers. THEY HAVE IT ALL. Plenty of sales staff. Not pushy but they check in. Available to help, look for the red shirts. -From the outside coming in- Dedicated parking lot out front. About thirty spaces. Patio furniture and outdoor umbrellas. Fountains and some small decorative items when you first enter. Vending machine and bathrooms to your immediate left. Lots of the pictures, bowls, and table lamps look pre Marshals or Ross clearance. Depends on what furniture you want but you have more than enough selection here. They can deliver nationwide (Lower 48) if necessary. Competence prices since they ship directly to their stores. No middle men, or so their signage states. Maybe on a few items you could get them cheaper. Great sturdy quality and wood work. One stop shop for sure. The cheaper price someplace out may not matter when their delivery rates or return policy are crap. Didn't see anything that specifically jumped out at us, but we will certainly be back to look in future. Other reviews from satisfied customers led us to stop in for a look. Glad we have them a chance.

Not happy

We purchase a Health Care Memory Foam 11 inch Queen mattress over the weekend and it's defective. It was set up since Saturday and it has only expanded 9 inches in the middle and 7 inches on the edges. We have called customer service twice already and got no help. First time the guy told us to turn on the heater in the house, ok it's 90 degrees outside that's not gonna happen, we waited and gave it another 24 hrs to see if it would expand some more, after that nothing happened it's still the same height. We called again and we were told that we need to bring it back for an exchange, well here's the problem the memory foam matress came in a box nice and compressed now they expect for us to load a white queen matress in our SUV and take it in and it better not have any stains or else no refund no exchange even though the sales guy told us there's a 120 days warranty. They refused to come and pick it up for an exchange. Not happy.


You know that saying, you get what you pay for? Well, there's a reason why this place is so cheap. Because their customer service sucks. Like, really sucks. I ordered a sofa, had a two hour delivery window, waited an hour beyond the window, tried calling, was on hold for a half an hour, only to receive a phone call from "corporate," saying the sofa was damaged, and they were getting more in about a month. No phone call prior to that. DON'T GO HERE UNLESS YOU ENJOY BEING COMPLETELY SCREWED OVER.

Great prices

Great prices, HUGE inventory! Super soft sexy SHAG carpets!!! OOOOOHHHH yeah!!! Tracey Troxel was SUPER helpful!!

My husband and I found an AWESOME

My husband and I found an AWESOME outdoor sectional couch set here! We literally looked everywhere for a really good quality and not $5000. Our sectional is super comfy, not deep (I don't like couches that are deep anyway), beautiful color and quality. Wish it came with or they sold covers for them. Ann was super helpful! THANKS AFW for the LOW PRICES and GREST QUALITY!!

Worst delivery policy

Worst delivery policy I've ever seen! Went in there to buy office furniture for my office. They said they deliver between 7a.m and 6 p.m. I told them our office hours are 9-5 and asked if we can specify delivery during our office hours. They said "no they cannot and if the driver gets there before we open or after we close, they'll just charge another delivery fee to come back and that will keep happening until they get there when we're open." I even called their corporate office and they said the same thing. Not very good customer service if you ask me. Had to walk out empty handed and won't be back!

Great place!

Great place! Unlike other stores, they greet you and welcome you to their store, but they don't hassle you around the entire store like a koala on your back. Great year end prices as well. 99.99% sure I'll be back in a few days for my new couch!! Thank you!

Always find good deals

Always find good deals. You get what you pay for but they are still very reasonably priced. Overall no real issues ever. Sometimes you find things wicked over priced but more good deals than bad. Good style. Lots to look at. 4/5 stars.

They have a really big selection

They have a really big selection. Showroom is upstairs and I would imagine their warehouse is below. They've got all things furniture-affordable first apartment quality to just built a mansion and need to furnish my 6 bedrooms fancy. We dealt with Tanya Murray as our sales person. She was super helpful, not too aggressive or pushy and she helped us find our new furniture. Their delivery was actually about an hour and a half earlier than the window they provided us-which was fine by us as transplants from Florida. We were happy to not have to sit on the floor anymore after a few days of doing so. Delivery guys were professional and quick, we tipped them each 10$ as we only had two items delivered from AFW. I would recommend for local purchases and our delivery fee was only $59 but we don't live more than 10 miles from this location. Happy furniture hunting!

Never again

Never again. We came in on a Sunday because we wanted to purchase a sectional. We walked in already knowing which one we wanted, it was just a matter of finding someone to help us and enter the order. No one offered to assist us, and when an employee was in sight they scurried away before I could ask for help. Finally after about half an hour, someone helped us. We decided to buy a bed as well. My husband works long hours so we chose to have the bed and sectional delivered and assembled thinking it would be worth the money for the convenience. WRONG. They sent two delivery men. One was AWESOME, polite and friendly. His partner however, was rude. He nearly took out the brand new tv we have mounted on our wall with a piece of the couch. When we asked him to be careful, he got upset and said "well there's all kinds of stuff in the way!" He was referring to our Christmas tree, which I moved out his way. He was just being a jerk. The first night we slept on the bed, it made a cracking sound. Then we looked down and saw bolts laying on the floor. Then we realized they had scratched up our hardwood floor. Then we realize the headboard itself was chipped up and damaged. I called customer service and the toad on the phone said "why didn't you take note of this while they were there?" as if WE did something wrong. We trusted this company to deliver and assemble properly, I have two kids that were both sick that day, I had my hands full and didn't think I would need to immediately inspect what we paid for to be done properly. So disrespectful. Then she offers to have it replaced. AFW showed up yesterday, but instead of replacing it, they just tightened up bolts the previous men left loose, touched it up with some marker and said it was good. I was super annoyed at this point. We paid hundreds of dollars, just to be told it would be fine to just cover up damage on a brand new bed with a marker? They left, and guess what? The bed falls in at the middle, in the middle of the night. Called customer service this morning, and the lady on the phone tells me "Well what do you want? We will take it back without a restocking fee just this one time" as if I'm a nuisance and she's doing me a favor by taking back their trash. AFW is picking up the bed on Tuesday, and we will be heading to IKEA to purchase a new one. We may have to assemble ourselves, but at least we won't have to deal with the terrible customer service and work that AFW has to offer. NEVER again will we ever shop there.

Purchased a bonded leather recliner

Purchased a bonded leather recliner from this location in June 2016. The piece was purchased "new" with a 1 year warranty. We used the chair basically every day in our living room, which was air conditioned and heated and had a lot of natural light, but the piece was kept out of direct unfiltered sun. It was extremely well treated, with no spills (even water) or even shirtless sitting. In February 2017, the back and seat of the piece became suddenly very sticky, to the point where it would pull fabric off sweaters. We attempted to clean the surface with a little bit of soapy water, to no success. At the advice of the internet, we also tried some olive oil on a subset of the sticky surface. That helped initially, but it dried by the next day and we were back to square one. We contacted American and they immediately sent out a technician to examine the issue. He confirmed that it was a very strange stickiness and said management would get back to me. They did a few minutes after he left, claiming that bonded leather "simply doesn't do that" and that we were lying about not having spilled or applied chemicals to the piece. Persistence and attempts to escalate to management were stubbornly denied. I actually seriously considered suing in small claims court. I still might. But one way or another, I'm definitely never purchasing anything from this brand ever again.


Ugh. I have used AFW several times for either fully furnishing a rental, staging a room for an empty house for sale, and most recently bought 4 beds and mattresses for a cabin in Estes Park- yes, they do deliver- but they do a PISS POOR job of it! First, you can find nice wood pieces and name brand mattresses here, but you have to dig and wander and get lost and dehydrated in one of their ridiculous showrooms, filled to the brim with mostly low quality crap! You can find things! Keep searching! Drink water when you rest... I like to shop online to get the pieces and dimensions worked out, and this time I filled my cart then called the store to place my order. NO problem. I would say, the furniture and the store experience was a 3-4 star experience and I am overall pleased, but MY GOD! The delivery. White glove, my eye! For a $500 delivery fee, they did assemble the furniture. However, what BAD ATTITUDES!!! These were BOZOS who were lazy, unhelpful, audacious ( they made me go buy them sandwiches "lady, we're hungry"), rude ( blocked the small drive so no one could get in out), and careless (SCRATCHED MY BRAND NEW HICKORY FLOOR- 18" scratch so deep it raised saw dust.). SEE PHOTO!! They tricked me, then pressured me into signing the pad saying no damage. These guys were horrible. What jerks- As a woman, I would have been terrified and intimidated if these guys were in my house with just me. Luckily, I had help.

The store is great

The store is great. The people were wonderful. The workers went above and beyond. I know exactly what I wanted and I called ahead and I was waiting for me. The employees all help me move everything to my car. The prices are great. This election is incredible. I've no idea why this place has gotten bad reviews. Even the people that dropped off the furniture in the Cember live in my house, where incredible. So good, that I tipped each of them 20 bucks. Great company great store great workers.

Went to this furniture store multiple times

Went to this furniture store multiple times and never really had any luck but we always keep it as an option and this time it actually worked out to our benefit. We were looking for some pieces to complement the existing furniture in our house and we got lucky by finding a sofa table & barstool chairs. In addition, we found something at a reasonable price that we really weren't looking for which is a four-piece "flex" couch that's perfect in a room that is going to see multiple changes throughout the course of the year. Staff members are definitely eager to help but that's exactly what you should expect at a furniture store (except maybe Ikea). Luckily we had someone very polite and courteous to help us as far as narrowing down some of the things we wanted. To give credit, most of the staff is that way, but it felt more personable for us. The process is pretty straight forward as you work with that person to build up an invoice. Delivery or in-house pickup, you just pay and they will actually give you a call. While you're at the door they do have a market located in the front left as you're coming in that has reasonable price drinks and snacks to help you get through all the furniture items they have. It also serves as the waiting room area for pickup items. The delivery service schedule and the staff provided me with an exact time of when they expected to be at my home and they did a professional job of unloading and putting things in the place. I would recommend as it's a stress-free environment to look at furniture (some modern, but mostly traditional) depending on your style & needs.

Went in today to purchase a sofa

Went in today to purchase a sofa... they sold me one that wasn't in stock. They said it would be about 2 weeks before the sale was made, but maybe sooner. The wait became indefinite after my debit card was charged as "the trucks don't leave Colorado until they are full". I was told I was lucky as it could be on the late December truck. They seem confused as they should be considering themselves lucky to have my business, or any business, in the first place. I asked to talk to a manager on my way out, Mandy I believe. From her I received a condescending explanation of trucker hours & weather conditions. None of what she said explained why I was sold a sofa they didn't have & was mislead on WHEN I would be receiving the item I purchased. Rather than resolve the issue, she suggested a refund (my business doesn't seem to matter, apparently). Then they said it will take 5-7 days to get me my money back. I walked out... they have strong armed me into maintaining a business relationship. Now I'm out the money for a sofa and an actual sofa (until they decide to stock their inventory). I can't even take my business elsewhere without more of an inconvenience fr Go elsewhere... I wish I had. Update: the sofa was finally delivered & the delivery guys were by far the most experienced CMS providers the company has. Still waiting on a follow up from management, but they won't even respond to my review / address my experience here on Yelp, so I'm pretty sure I won't hear back IRL, either. I stand by my advice of going elsewhere. They don't care about the customer experience after they swipe your card, so they won't be getting my future business. I've been sure to let all who comment on my new sofa know about the experience at AFW. 3 have gone to IKEA instead

Worst experience ever!

Worst experience ever! I have ordered so much furniture from this place. Wrong couch was delivered today and was damaged in the back of their truck from the storm. What kind of furniture company uses trucks that would allow the furniture they deliver to get ruined? Had to argue with customer service that the wrong furniture was delivered even though the driver confirmed that my picture didn't match what they brought. In fact it had an extra piece. I was on hold for ever and the best they'll do is give me my delivery fee back. I sold my furniture and have company coming tomorrow and now have nothing. This is awful customer service! I have bought a sectional couch, a book case, two end tables, a futon and now another sectional couch. I will happily spend my money elsewhere from now on. Customer service had the audacity to state that they can't control the weather. You're right you can't. What you can control is pulling the correct piece of furniture which you did not. Didn't even verify it was correct before loading it and delivering it. Treat customers like they matter if you want them to come back!

This place is really bad.

This place is really bad. Really bad :/ We've been looking around for new furniture for our new home, and this is literally THE most expensive place we could have looked at. Well, there was a black friday sale for a bed we liked so we ordered it so it could be waiting for us. It wasn't. We waited for a good 30 minutes as they got it ready and then we got called to door 11. But there was already a guy getting his furniture there so we had to wait. And then we parked our van and 4 more people came up saying they also got called to door 11... They literally wanted to pack everyone at 3 doors with 15 more unopened. Why is this company like this

I was looking for a bedroom set!

I was looking for a bedroom set! I had did my homework online prior to arrival and I walked in the gentleman at the door was extremely friendly and helpful! I walked toward the mattress section found what I needed. Great selection I may add! I selected my mattress, frame and all was well! I mentioned to the sales person who was awesome that this is probably the easiest and best sale of the day! I knew what I wanted they had it and I went to customer pick up and they put it in my car and I'm extremely happy with my purchase! I will return to shop for living room furniture before the end of the month! I loved this store. It was my first time and they haven't seen the last of me! I truly highly recommended this location. They were extremely friendly, helpful and in a great mood! Hats off to the entire management team and team members! 6/5 hands down!!!!

Wow, great Service

Wow, great Service by Martin (Martni Fragala)! My wife and I bought a 2nd home for a rental investment. We needed to fill up the entire home with new furniture. We walked into American Furniture Warehouse and was greeted by Martni Fragala. Martini was a cool dude! Polite, not pushy, walked around with us the entire time to provide us answers. He just provided great service. Great service to help us and not sell us. We spent above $7,000 yesterday to fill our rental property up. Martini went above and beyond the call of duty. He gave me his cell and texted back and forth on photos of furniture and delivery schedule. He needs a raise! Thank you Martin!


Monstrous Huge Furniture Store This must be one of the largest furniture store anywhere. There is so much stuff here and so many sales people! We just came in for new pillows, so not too big of a thing. They had a great sale on the memory foam pillows. All in all this place has a lot of stuff!

Horrific policies and service

Horrific policies and service. They will NOT SELL YOU anything without "verifying your personal info" including address and phone number. Demanded a drivers license. To buy Chifurniture. Mind boggling. Note the response from the store confirming this stupid policy. No other retail furniture stores require personal info to purchase something. No wonder they're one of the lowest reviewed stores anywhere.


Overwhelming and exhausting, but a decent selection. Not the best quality, but you know that going in. The store is hot now in the summer. Only four stars because the sofa we wanted was not yet available.

I have to say, take some time while you are here

I have to say, take some time while you are here. There are so many options. The employees here are great, and they are willing to help a lot. The quality of their products are excellent as well. My wife and I have been using one of their memory foam mattresses for 4+ years. Absolutely amazing mattress. We just picked up a queen size for our guest room, and while walking back to the waiting area, found some awesome MCM type coffee table and TV stand. So happy with this location. They really are super friendly.

Not right the first time or the second

Not right the first time or the second or the third or the forth. But the fifth still not fixed. We were refunded money that I said they made a mistake on but they still said American furniture owes us $644.00. then 5 months later we were not allowed to shop here due to owing that amount back. Wth. Multiple head aches and they say we owe them and until then we cannot shop here. BS.

American Furniture honestly

American Furniture honestly is a cool modern one stop shop that has all the modern hone furniture that one needs for your new home, condo or dorm room. I live coming in to this store I find a new forever treasure each time I come in.

Terrible experience with the company overall

Terrible experience with the company overall. Good experience from the sales guy Steve in the store but terrible everywhere else. 3 of the 6 items were damaged when delivered. I have spent hours upon hours dealing with the customer service. I have called multiple times and have been given the run around, different information, and am extremely unhappy. Tech came out to repair items after taking and sending pictured of damaged items. He said he couldn't repair anything. After not being helpful he just sat in my house with his shoes on my white carpet and contacted other people he was going to on his next visits. Terrible experience. I had to call back in to try to get a partial refund and was told they wouldn't do anything for me until I paid them for an extra item they delivered. This was the first time I heard about it and was a bit skeptical at first. Their customer service on the phone again told me incorrect I information. I set up a time for them to come repair items again and got confirmation email and notifications they were coming and nobody showed up. I called the store and spoke with a manager to try to get this resolved and he was helpful but still not attentive to my frustrations. He apologized but didn't do anything extra to rectify the issue or problems they THEY caused in the first place. Somehow it's all my fault and I am inconveniencing them. Incredible. I I really like their store and products but will never shop there again. I would give them a zero if I could, so extremely unhappy with their service and commitment to customers.

I have recently remodeled my home with a new look

I have recently remodeled my home with a new look. AFW made it possible by being affordable and offering so many different styles I was bound to find what I wanted.

This is a huge furniture store with a huge parking lot

This is a huge furniture store with a huge parking lot. It kind of reminds me of a cross between Ikea and Living Spaces. It has different sections like Living Spaces, but they also sell K.D. (knocked down, unassembled, in a flat box) furniture. They have bedroom furniture, sofas, chairs, dining room, entertainment, knick knacks, rugs, etc., etc. They had a decent selection of things, but nothing for my modern style house, unfortunately. A lot of salespeople in the floor asking if we needed help, and a lot of them standing around or talking and not asking us.

Bad service reps

Bad service reps.. hope they fix this issue. Also still trying to warranty mattress and waiting for a fixed bed frame that the techs came out and tried to fix and put another frame kit in causing the mattress to fail. Nice products without warranties

Huge selection of furniture

Huge selection of furniture for the entire house and patio. They deliver for a fee but won't install some items, you'll just need to ask. Service is top notch.

I only gave this joke of a place one star

I only gave this joke of a place one star because I had to pick something. They have no idea how to deliver furniture, bamboozling, shady delivery people try to coerce you for money from the minute they enter your door. If you are elderly or disabled BE careful, they will try to make you believe you have to pay them $40 for "everything they touch". You should never be alone when they come to your house. I asked them to set up the furniture in the spot I chose, in my own home and the delivery guy insisted it would be better off in another area that he would "help" me clear out for $40! Whaaaaat???? Shady from the delivery folks up to customer service. There is no customer service, they give you more of their opinions than the delivery Joke. Spend your hard earned money somewhere else. In addition, they delivered the wrong furniture and harassed me for days trying to get it back! The first time, they got lost, second guessed it, they got "lost" again! Wasted my time twice for something they shouldn't have messed up on to begin with. No apologies from customer service just more opinions and blah, blah. Really, why have a "customer service " department. You could replace them with an automated system. This would benefit the customers, less aggravation and AFW would save loads of money, you wouldn't have to pay them anymore

This was where I got majority

This was where I got majority of my furniture for my apartment. Pricing was affordable and quality is great. I have gotten so many compliments on my sectional and my dining set. The staff there was super friendly and very helpful! Delivery was not in the time frame but when the guys got to my place everything was assembled perfectly. Thank you!!

I had couch cushions

I had couch cushions repaired under warranty 6 months ago because some arms had "noticeably" more cushion that others. I was first told it was normal. Now that same couch is noisy each time anyone sits down. The dining room set is still in good shape and hasn't failed us. I just wouldn't buy couches here again.


UPDATE 5 STARS AMERICAN FURNITURE amazing care. Update: 5 STARS I misjudged American Furniture Warehouse. They contacted me immediately and are willing to work these problems out! I should have contacted them when these things happened. I will be shopping there again because of how this was handled and we do love the sofa set just was discouraged. They are sending us new feet for the two that broke and a very nice young man came out and sewed up the tear at the seam. He did a Excellent job. I was happy he could do it on site and he went back to the van to get a heavier thread which shows me he cared about his quality of work. The quality of work was Excellent, it looks brand new. Thank you so much for caring about your customers!! I will be back to shop with you again

I purchased a sleeper sofa

I purchased a sleeper sofa from AFW and I really liked it. When it was delivered they couldn't get the sleeper sofa through the bedroom door. I tried to tell them that the stuffing in the pillows should be able to be removed to enable access to the room. They wouldn't listen. So, I was charged a restock charge on top of the delivery charge. I called AFW and asked them if they could have someone else bring the sofa out as I didn't feel the 2 guys that delivered before were experienced. Their comment was "I believe what these delivery men told me and we will not go any further with this order". Nice going -- Customer Service? So, I bought my sleeper sofa elsewhere and guess what, they got it into the bedroom. Just remember you get what you pay for and it's not worth the trouble.


Unacceptable, period. We purchased a small table and chair set for our son's studio apartment . The table was available that day but the barstools needed to come over from Denver, which is not a problem. The problem starts the next day. We get a call saying the barstools are ready so we head down to AFW, check in with customer pickup and wait for a text. After 45 min of waiting, my husband went in to make sure they didn't forget about us. He was told the barstools are not off the truck yet (why did they tell us they were ready), the customer service guy says it will be a few more minutes. Another 20 minutes passes and we get a text saying what door to go to. Pull up to the door and are told the barstools are not ready because they were damaged getting off the truck so they were going to buff them out and we could get them the next day....... when my husband got in the car and told me that I said absolutely not. I'm not paying full price for "buffed" our barstools. So we call AFW and tell them we do not want those barstools and we would like new ones shipped over, the customer service person said she would get another set shipped over. The next morning we get a call saying they are ready. We go to pick them up and they were out of the box and wrapped in plastic . We thought that was weird since assembly would be required. Our first thought was " they gave us the damaged ones". Sure enough. Look at the pictures - the stools were obviously buffed and stained and they did a half ass job of that . And the final straw- one of the levelers for the table is missing. I understand this is a budget friendly table and chairs but if I'm going to pay FULL PRICE FOR ANY ITEM, I expect it to be in the condition it is advertised - NEW. I plan on contacting corporate to let them know how the GJ location handled this - like we are complete idiots and would not notice the obvious damaged chairs . This whole situation is a bummer, we have bought several items from AFW and no issues but this pisses me off. If they would have said " hey, we damaged the chairs so here's X amount of dollars off" , I probably would have agreed to it. But they flat out lied. These are the exact same stools I declined the previous day.

I purchased top of the line sleep

I purchased top of the line sleep set from American Furniture Warehouse. I submitted a warranty claim 15 months from date of purchase. AFW sent out someone to do the inspection who took a couple of photos but did not take any measurements which are required for the claim. It's like they knew that they were going to deny the claim before they even arrived. Well guess what they denied the claim. They stated that there was a stain that voided the warranty. They also stated that it was my responsibility to find the warranty information for myself and that they couldn't monitor if the customer was provided the warranty information. So that is exactly what I did. I found Sealy's warranty information online. I contacted Sealy directly and explained the situation and my dealings with AFW. I submitted a warranty claim, my own measurements, and my own pictures. The very next day I received an email stating that Sealy would replace my sleep set per the warranty guidelines. Customer service with Sealy is superb! In the future, I will buy from Sealy direct. The AFW customer service with this purchase has been horrible. Everyone that I have talked with both via phone and email has been rude. They deny claims blaming the manufacturer for the denial when in fact the manufacturer upholds the warranty.

I tried to buy two inexpensive chairs

I tried to buy two inexpensive chairs here as we just bought a house and needed something to sit on while we were trying to decide how to furnish the rest of the place. AFM had some on the floor. They checked the inventory and said we could pick them up tomorrow. Well we needed a place to sit NOW and we'd like to take those. Then they said the most forbiddable words on the planet you can say to a CUSTOMER. WE CAN"T DO THAT. We CANT... We can order them out of Denver and you can pick them up tomorrow. I said Sell us those and order two out of Denver and put them back on the floor. WE CAN'T DO THAT. What if someone see's it online and wants to see one. I said you have 4 others on the floor. They said "but they are different colors and we need to have one color of each on the floor... WE CANT. So,, As many thousands of dollars I've spend in the last 28 years in CO. with GOOD SERVICE in several Denver Area stores, this one just taught me two new words. I CAN'T. I CAN'T spend my $$$$ in this American Furniture, because THEY CANT take care of the f**cking CUSTOMER... you know, the dumb idiots that PAY THEIR RENT AND SALARIES AND COMMISSIONS. So Good Bye AFW..... A FORMER CUSTOMER.

I had good luck with my return!

I had good luck with my return! No questions asked, when I saw a defect upon unwrapping, AFW replaced!

Our experience today at American furniture

Our experience today at American furniture warehouse was not the best. 1st of all most things were out of stock or they did not have them on hand and would have to wait and have them shipped from Denver, however I will say that they did allow me to buy a floor display with a very minimal discount when the display did have some defecks with gouges and looked like bottom shelf had been glued back together.


Horrible! Don't be misled by fancy ads. I was. I bought a mattress that was defective. The top split off the bottom in 3 weeks. By the time the people came to replace it, there was an invisible mark which voided the warranty. The delivery people were rude and liars. The company responded with 5 sets of apologies. Don't buy their trash!

Was attempting to shop inside for 45 minutes

Was attempting to shop inside for 45 minutes. However there was not a single sales person around to help. Then when we found someone... they had zero knowledge.... The staff did not even seem interested for us to spend $1200.....not going back there again.

Customer service could be increased

Customer service could be increased, you almost have to track down an associate for help. I think that is the atmosphere though to let people browse and feel as if they're in their own living room. Bought a rocker recliner for a steal and they have a variety of pick up options available as well as delivery. We were helped by Ali Romero who was friendly and eager to assist us without pressuring us into a decision. First time buying brand new furniture and will probably be back!

Absolutely terrible customer service

Absolutely terrible customer service on all fronts!!! After telling me it was my fault when we received our new couch damaged before it ever came into my home and charging me a delivery fee to get it swapped out, they tried not to take it back after being in my home less than 48 hrs due to 15 to 20 dog hairs that were easily wiped off the leather. I was rudely treated in the extreme and even challenged by an associate named Ashley after trying to contact their corporate offices. She called me just to say "you can't get a different answer just by calling another associate." When, indeed, that's exactly what I had done and she was angry about. The other associate had them come back out and exchange the couch. I will NEVER spend another cent there nor recommend anyone else to do so. You shouldn't have to fight to get an undamaged piece of furniture. I understand that things happen so I wasn't upset about the damage until I dealt with their people whose interests were clearly not trying to make the situation right but in finding ways to get out of being responsible in any way.

I got a weird runaround

I got a weird runaround at this place. I went to the Gj AFW to buy a new sofa. I had already shopped for it, knew which one I wanted and was ready to pay for it in full. The salesman told me the sofa I wanted wasn't in stock, that they weren't any of them left chain-wide and they wouldn't have any more in for three weeks. He said the last one he sold was coming back, though, because it didn't fit in the buyer's house. It was in a small town in northern Arizona, he said, and might be back at the store in 2 weeks. He said he would call me when it came in and would sell it to us at a discounted price because it was slightly used. He didn't take a deposit or anything, which would have made me feel more certain I would get a sofa. We had already sold our old sofa and we were sofa-less. One night of watching TV on the floor gave us backaches, and so we decided 2-3 weeks was just too long to wait for a new sofa. Desperate, I spend my Saturday evening searching the Internet to see who else had the sofa we wanted. Lo and behold, the AFW warehouse in Thornton said they had 11 of them in stock, I could buy it over the phone, and they would ship it over the mountains and have it at my house on Monday afternoon. I bought it over the phone and it was in my house by 1:00 p.m. on Monday. From Thornton, 260 miles away. Problem solved. So what's wrong with the Grand Junction American Furniture Warehouse store? Why did I get such a runaround when I was there, in person, money in hand, ready to buy a new sofa? Why couldn't they have made a call to their Thornton warehouse and arranged to have the one I wanted delivered to my house? What a weird thing to do to a customer eager to pay in full for an item. Be alert for BS at this store.

For a store where you may quite possibly

For a store where you may quite possibly be spending a lot of money, you'd think the associates would care about their customers more. Customer service is poor as is the quality of their products. I would not recommend American Furniture Warehouse.

The experience was so-so

The experience was so-so because they had no free Wi-Fi that I could send pictures to compare with my wifey a text. Free Wi-Fi in the building would be great.

his place is great

This place is great. We have purchased several items for our home. Ranging from outdoor sofas, inside tables and chairs. If they don't have it in stock, they do a warehouse transfer from the front range and it's in Grand Junction the next day. Very impressed. The sales folks are easy going. I am so glad to have this Colorado based business in our back yard.

Hubby and I moved to Colorado

Hubby and I moved to Colorado. Needed sofas, chest if drawers, and mattress foundations. We were greeted and browsed only a few minutes before a salesman showed up to assist. He was very patient and informative as we looked through literally everything. He was excellent at helping us locate what we needed. The order was placed while we took turns in the message chair. His delivery quote was correct and furniture arrived early in the day as expected with no damages. Love the Lane leather couches!!! Recomend this location in Pueblo!!!

Honestly, I was not expecting much from this place

Honestly, I was not expecting much from this place. The outside is so blah and uninspired. BUT, after walking in I was pleasantly surprised. Decent furniture reasonably priced and well set up. I ended up buying several pieces. The 4 stars are only for salespeople's knowledge of products, which was slightly lacking. Overall though, great store.

I just moved into a new house

I just moved into a new house, and don't have any furniture, let alone a kitchen table. After purchasing a table set online (noted as "in stock" on the website), with delivery scheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I received an email later in the day saying the table was on backorder. SUPER frustrated, and we'll now be dining on a fold-out table. BOOOO.

We stopped at AFW today

We stopped at AFW today, to see an advertised recliner chair. The floor sample was such a poor quality, that it was coming apart just from being looked at... it certainly wasn't worth the close to $400 that it was priced at. I found another recliner, seems like a nice quality, pretty much what we would want to buy - but we could not get anybody to help us. After some 15 minutes of walking around and looking for available help, we left the store with nothing. It wasn't the first negative experience with Pueblo AFW. Either the piece advertised turns out to be such a shoddy quality, that it is not worth the "low" price, or when you actually pick something, it is out of stock, or like today, NO HELP. I don't think I will go back there. I will be better off shopping Craigslist.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. Bought a dining room table with chairs and was damaged upon arrival. Got a replacement delivered, it was damaged as well. Delivery driver was rude and dismissive, left empty energy drink cans in my driveway as well as packaging that ended up blowing into a tree. He told me they didn't have time to deal with a customer service issue because they had other stops. Ok then. He told me they would reschedule for a Sunday. Sunday came and went, called customer service to see where my third table was. The girl tried to look me up by my phone number, couldn't find it so told me I gave her the wrong phone number and hung up on me. Called customer service back and they magically found the account (by phone number) right away. Honestly expecting the third table to be damaged too at the point. They said if that's the case, they'll refund my purchase on the table and won't redeliver another one. If I can't find a table I like that matches the chairs I bought for this specific table, I can return but pay a restocking fee. Save your time and money, don't do business with this company.

You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for. Cheap couches look great while they are in the store but wear down and feel horrible after some use. Our couch became lopsided after being in the house 2 months and my husband and I are both very fit people so it's not some fatso ruining it. Next couch will be at sofa mart for sure.

They sale extremely poor quality furniture

They sale extremely poor quality furniture and do not honor there furniture warranty. Beware, couch and chairs cushions break down, too will be setting on the floor!

We buy all of our furniture from AFW

We buy all of our furniture from AFW and are never disappointed. We only had one problem with a piece of furniture, a couch that broke a couple of weeks after we bought it, and they sent someone out to fix it no questions asked. All of the sales people we've worked with have been professional and courteous, and we've always been allowed to look around and shop at out own pace without being hassled. Our kid loves shopping here too, he likes to sit and lay down on every piece of furniture in the place and they never give us or him a hard time. They also have the best selection in town and great prices, including some really cool artwork and nick-nacks.

Bought a $2800.00 bed that has to be reworked

Bought a $2800.00 bed that has to be reworked before it can be setup as AMF mixed up two beds ( brackets are 1/2" off) and can't get another one from Denver for a few days. So now either fix it ourselves or sleep on floor ...Hum ..Guess we fix it as the jokers at AMF warehouse can't. they have seen the last of me since they can't help out wish I could show pix of the mistake.

Was living in Pueblo West

Was living in Pueblo West whilst waiting on new house being finished and decided to shop at AFW in Pueblo. They were fantastic and really helpful in making sure I got furniture the day after I closed. I dealt with Mike (Cason?) and he was super helpful and kept me updated all throughout the process as my closing date came nearer. Highly recommend.

American Furniture Warehouse generally has nice furniture at fair prices

American Furniture Warehouse generally has nice furniture at fair prices... as long as you don't mind horrible customer service. I recently went in looking to buy furniture to furnish my new house. I saw everything that I wanted and was going to come back and buy it, but I decided to purchase a few pillows that day because they would fit in my car and didn't need delivery. The clerk refused to process my transaction because I refused to show ID with my signed Visa. The store manager promptly came to the front and told me that he doesn't care if they lose my business because he doesn't value my business. When the manager stormed away, the clerk threw the merchandise back over the counter at me. I contacted AFW both by phone and on Facebook, to try to get someone to address the issues I had in the store, but they blocked me on Facebook and my calls mysteriously get disconnected. I would suggest everyone take their business elsewhere.

BUYER BEWARE of American Furniture Warehouse

BUYER BEWARE of American Furniture Warehouse Furniture in Pueblo, Colorado... BAD ODORS! Purchased bedroom set from American Furniture warehouse in Pueblo CO. Bought a second home in Phoenix AZ where Furniture was placed and we wintered there. Started noticing that there was a strange odor we noticed when we was fleeting and would come and got stronger, so we thought it might be in the carpet, had that professionally cleaned....still the odor would be present and it would be faint but noticeable. Finally, we sold the AZ home and moved the furniture back to Colorado...that is when we discovered the odor was being emitted form the King size wood and leather headboard. Upon closer examination, by physically smelling the headboard, noticed it was coming from the tack strip surrounding the padded leather center of the headboard. We finally found the source of the horrible odor! We called American Furniture Warehouse at 800-992-7997 and spoke with a customer service rep. She was not helpful at all, was sort of abrupt and advised she had never heard of anything like this and there was nothing they could do. I asked for the Manager of customer service which she reluctantly transferred me to. I spoke with Rick Wheaerley, Corp. Customer Service Manager, at the time. He was of little help and his attitude wasn't much better. It appears that customer service is not this company's forte. Anyway, after hearing the story, he suggested we use "febreeze" on the tack strip....that led me to believe he had heard this story before as he suggested this as a solution to the problem immediately. I asked him to send someone from his company down to see (or smell) for themselves, he refused saying there was nothing they could or would do further. I strongly disagree that this is not a manufacturers is, it is bad chemical or product usage in the manufacturing and assembly of the item. I don't know what type of glue or material was used to adhere the tack strip around the padded leather headboard, but it smells awful and may be harmful, I am not sure and don't know how to find out at this point. If anyone can help, please do. By the way, febreeze helped for about 1 day, then the odor was evident again. The reason for smelling the odor at night is because that is when we sleep in the bed and our head is closest to the head is not as noticeable otherwise. Jake Jabs obviously doesn't require his Customer Service Employees to offer decent customer service or even manners for that matter. They seem to be of the same ilk, no matter whom you speak with, they are somewhat aloof and indifferent and a bit rude as well. We were notified via email from his head of Customer Service, that "we" must have done something to make this head board smell...yeah right...How MORONIC! BUYER BEWARE... P.S. We finally discovered after removing the leather padding from the headboard ourselves, that the odor was caused by the GLUE applied during manufacturing. It smelled of formaldehyde! The bed headboard was made in Viet much for "AMERICAN" furniture!

We don't need furniture very often

We don't need furniture very often, but when we do, we always seem to end up here. They have a very large show room and every time we come, we find something that meets our needs at a reasonable price. The last couple of time we have been dealing with Trish. She is very knowledgeable and we enjoy her help. The delivery staff is very helpful also. We don't go anywhere else.

Just had a very shady experience buying a sectional at American Furniture Warehouse

Just had a very shady experience buying a sectional at American Furniture Warehouse. Typical bait n' switch practice but this time it was done by the owner/GM. This is very surprising since the company I work for buys our furniture there. I would reconsider should you decide to shop here.

My family and I purchased a mattress from here

My family and I purchased a mattress from here. They said they would delivery same day or day after, but after purchase we were informed that it wouldn't be delivered until next week. The next day we offered to pick it up ourselves, but we're told we couldn't pick it up until the delivery date (next week). To top it all off they were going to deliver the mattress without any wrapping and we were told they "don't do that" but offered to up sell us on a mattress cover - that should be a basic expectation in delivery. When we wanted to cancel our order we were told we would be charged a 25% restocking fee!!!!! This place is ridiculous and will lose so many customer to eretail who is delivering in two days or less for free and offer customers free returns.

Bought a kitchen table and chairs March 2018

Bought a kitchen table and chairs March 2018. It was damaged. We never sat on it. It is May 2018 and they have yet to fix the kitchen set after repeated phone calls and even email. Took it back the following week. Jason took pictures but, has not replaced it yet. They are rip offs. I never signed for it. My husband signed because they told him if I was not satisfied it could be returned. The quality of the furniture is cheap. I raised three boys on our last set and it looked better than this set on delivery. I just wanted something different. I will never buy furniture here again and would definitely not recommend them; even to my worst enemy. At this point I just need the damage pieces replaced or fixed.

I have bought several pieces of furniture

I have bought several pieces of furniture here over the years and noticed no one had reviewed them so I thought I would. My most recent trip, my wife and I came to buy a new bedroom suite. The salesman, Adam, directed us to a lovely set made by Ashley furniture that suited our needs and price point. He was flexible on the price, and offered us the deal we sought without overpaying. He, along with the warehouse staff, stayed after closing to help us get the furniture loaded onto our truck and home for the evening. The warehouse is massive, and in my opinion has better prices and selection than the many other furniture warehouses in the area for those seeking a bargain. However, the showroom is really nice and spacious, certainly very clean. There are local brands and national brands with price points from budget to exquisite represented. If you need furniture, go take a look!

Bought a recliner for my hubby for Christmas

Bought a recliner for my hubby for Christmas. After sitting in the chair a couple of weeks we felt an unevenness in the seat. I called American Furniture and they put the owner Jason on the line. He said he would send a furniture rep out in a few days. Not only did the rep come but Jason came with him. They took the chair apart, saw the problem and said they would replace it and deliver it when it arrived. He told us to keep the chair until the new one arrived. 6 weeks later Jason called and said they would be delivering our new chair. It was delivered and set up and the other removed. I appreciate the excellent customer service and the owner being the one to make sure all was ok. I will shop and recommend America Furniture Warehouse. Thank you Jason.

olid all around buying experience

Solid all around buying experience from showroom to delivery. Quality furniture and they price matched the competition. Will definitely be back

Crappy Furniture

If I could not give any stars at all, I'd prefer to do just that. I ordered two dining tables from AFW and the table started peeling on both tables in two different units. I contacted their "customer service" and they sent their ally out to tell me that the peeling comes from water damage and its not covered under "their warranty". It's a dining table for Gods sake and of course you would wipe it clean with a damp cloth or even put your glass of water on the table during meal time. I had no idea it was a dining table, I can't eat or drink on. Customer service offered to come and repair the table at my expense. The table was two months old when it first started peeling and I believe it's a shotty manufacturer they purchase their products from. This isn't my first rodeo with this furniture store. I will never ever go in there ever. I'd rather sit, eat and sleep on a bare floor than to shop with them. Unfortunately we lack multiple furniture stores in Colorado Springs and they happen to be 1 of the 2. Eventually people will get sick and tired of their shenanigans. Thank God for online ordering. Shipping cost won't be a problem for me if I can get good quality products with my hard earned cash.

Will not deliver product and horrible customer service

I purchased a curio for delivery and the representative entered in my phone number wrong, nobody contacted me about delivery when i called and spoke to a rep I was told that the item would not be delivers I was gong to have my husband pick up the order and was told he could not do that?!?!?! i asked why and the rep state because he can't. I asked to have the order cancelled and the rep stated sure when i get around to it, what?!?! So here I am waiting for my refund, no product I spend about $10,000 a year and AFW and will never purchase again - Buyer Beware - lesson learned on my part.

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. I ordered a mattress for delivery, asked for the old one to picked up and the sales person (Jesus) assured me it would be. Lo and behold the mattress is delivered to my Mom’s facility today and they don’t remove the old one. Called the store and they tell me it is not on the order so I ask what they will so as it was an error on the part of the sales person. The support person (Sabrina) tells me they would need to charge me another $150 to do so. I asked to speak to a manager and she tells me she is the most senior customer service person at the store and when I ask to speak to her manager she tells me she works for AFW and she tells me she does not have a manager I can speak to – her manager does not speak to customers! I have since called and left a message at the corp. headquarters awaiting a call back. Got a call back from Hector who claimed to be a senior customer service manager and he referred to this as a "he said, she said" situation and did nothing for me. It seems AFW prefers an adversarial relationship with it's (never again) customers.


My box springs had tears and cat hair all over the side that was not seen upon delivery. Because I set it up until 3 days after delivery and a through inspection of the item, AFW refused to do anything. I ordered two bed frames and after a few weeks the squeak terrible! No returns on used merchandise. Jake Jabs...what has happened to your business?

Expensive Mattress didn't last a year and AFW doesn't care.

STAY AWAY FROM THE MATTRESSES! AFW will NOT take care of customers when the product breaks down and fails within a year of purchase. If you want to pay $1800 for a mattress that wont last you a year, then they may be your store. We didn't think mattresses were so 'disposable', especially for the amount of money we paid. Our last mattress, bought from different store, had lasted us years and years but it was time to get a new one so we purchased a top of the line model that AFW offered. We loved it for a while, it was supportive and comfortable. After 6-7 months, we noticed a ridge forming down the middle, where each of my wife and I's sides were sloping away from it. It became worse and worse. It was very difficult to roll from one side of the bed to the other and we began to feel like we were rolling off the bed all the time. In looking at it, it was obvious and you could see the large ridge clear as day. The mattress became un-useable as the feeling of 'falling off' and counterbalancing yourself was irritating and uncomfortable. We contacted the mattress manufacturer but were told we had to deal with AFW. We had to buy another mattress from a different store and called AFW to complain. They sent someone out to inspect it. As soon as the AFW rep showed up he said "oh yeah, wow, you can totally see the large ridge in the middle and proceeded to take measurements to see how much it had 'fallen off' (as if it was acceptable). This started a four week wait to see how they would respond. After no contact, we had to reach out to them and got a hold of someone who claimed she was a manager. She actually said everyone is a manager there because they all own the company. She told us the claim was denied but couldn't give us any valid reason. When we complained and asked to speak to someone else, she said she was was a manger and was the final word and then hung up on us when we pushed the issue. Completely insane business practice and customer service. We are out $1800 and have a mattress we cannot use and now have to figure out how to dispose of it which may cost us even more. I dont know how, in this day and age, a company can not back the products they sell or take care of the customers that buy from them. I guess when you sell a mass amount of product, you don't really have to care about a single customer as there will be another sucker along any minute. We have no other recourse other than to warn you and everyone we know about our terrible experience and to ask them not to take a chance with AFW. We will never go back.

Honest Sales Representative

Service representative very sympathetically suggested alternate stores for the quality of product I sought. I am not wealthy, but I did not want "student furniture" in a leather sofa and recliner. Cheap is fine for one year while in school, and cheaper to throw away than ship back home, so Target, AFW, Walmart all sell this stuff that might be good enough for a year or so. Accessories and bedroom furniture may not be as bad, I have not looked at those items. I am not looking for the $12,000 sofa I saw in a local store, but I do expect to get top grain or full grain leather and NOT "Vegan Leather" ( plastic ) or Bonded leather ( the chipboard of leather ). So the search continues for the balance of quality and price.... for the best value to replace my sofa and recliner that held up fantastic since I bought them, until 4 years ago, when the leather began to thin out and tear, after 35 years of TOTAL satisfaction.

Quality and Customer Service

Highly recommend Tariq Abbasi sales rep in Conroe TX absolutely great to work with. My bedroom furniture and sofa came delivered on Tuesday beautiful set, quality and great customer service from him. I will definitely shop here again very pleased


I was so impressed with AWF I purchased several pieces however shortly afterwards a very sad reality unfolded. The couch I purchased was what I realize now, defective. So, without true transparency the couch was “ repaired.” That couch is worse now than before. It is an embarrassment and I have not been able to have anyone at AFW to even throughly investigate the matter. Of the 4 pieces I’ve purchased, there is a defect in 3. So disappointed and angry that in this contract, I paid but did not receive a fair deal.

Terrible Customer Service Can't Deliver Merchandise Paid For

We purchased a living room set sofa, love seat and recliner on 2/10/24 once delivered it did not meet our satisfaction, though we gave it a chance it just didn't fit our needs so we returned to the store on 3/10/24 to do an exchange, we chose a sectional costing us an additional 1044.00 + taxes and delivery. We paid 25% restocking fee on the original purchase. We were told our sectional would be delivered in a week, 6 weeks go by I am calling every week and texting with our salesman each week it's a new delay and a new excuse. I was told on April 19th 2 pieces were delayed until late June, enough is enough so we went to the store to talk to them, The "acting" manager Chris told us there are only 3 certainties in life death, taxes and you won't get a discount at American Furniture Warehouse, he laughed thinking he was so clever when in reality he was extremely rude and condesending. I have never witnessed such awful customer service! We finally had to cancel the pieces that we wanted and choose alternates in order to achieve delivery and be done with this company which is very disappointing. In doing this it cost us an additional 238.00 and additional delivery fees, we asked Chris to split this cost with us as we had been misled and he was so rude and called me a liar stating noone that works for him told me June even though they did just the day before meanwhile one of the items was sitting in Glendale the entire time. They misled us and did nothing but take more money from us. I feel we are owed some sort of compensation and I feel someone in upper management needs to know how Chris is representing this company, when I asked for his supervisor, he told me there is no one higher than him, ONly to find out he's an "acting mgr" he doesn't deserve the position and he needs to be taught how to treat customers. They had our money long enough and couldn't deliver the product we were promised forcing us to change our order to be done with their awful service. NOT GOOD I am filing complaints against your company and leaving bad reviews. This is unacceptable service and behavior from your employee.

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