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American Freight Reviews

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American Freight is a discount furniture store brand that is popular across most of the United States. With a focus on bringing ultra-affordable furniture to budget-savvy shoppers, they offer direct from manufacturer furniture at a steep discount. Most customers appreciate the affordable prices to be found at American Freight and their same-day delivery for in-stock items. However, with lower priced items, some customers had disagreements about perceived quality and long term durability in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

Price: $19-$1299

Return Policy: Sales Are Final

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American Freight Specifics

American Freight & Furniture is a large discount furniture chain found across most of the US. With 170+ stores, they are one of the largest furniture chains and use their significant buying power to bring direct from the manufacturer items to customers. Some of their differentiators include same day delivery on in-stock items and a 24 month layaway program.

When it comes to customer experiences, most customers love the discount prices of American Freight's offering, with happy customers mentioning finding a good bargain and straightforward sales experiences. Those with negative experiences mentioned issues with perceived quality and delivery at times.

Material Quality

American Freight focuses on discount offerings with most of their wooden options offering veneered and manufactured construction. While these options are priced much lower than even other discount competitors, there have been some complaints about durability, with some experiencing issues with quicker breakdown than expected.

American Freight's Top Picks

When customers think of buying a new furniture item from American Freight, they oftentimes have a certain piece or room to furnish in mind. We'll go through the most popular requests from customers below.

#1 Couches & Sectionals

The top item that American Freight shoppers are looking for is a new couch or sectional. American Freight's offerings include those with synthetic fiber upholstery and poly foam. With prices ranging from $298-$1299, most customers can find something within their budget range. While most customers like the selection offered and report easy experiences finding what they are looking for, there are some issues with durability mentioned, including some describing issues with degrading comfort.

The pros: Very affordable sectionals and couches, starting at very tempting price points.

The cons: Perceived quality and durability is an issue for some customers.

#2 Mattresses

American Freight offers a variety of mattresses as well with a focus on budget-friendly options with some name-brands offered, like Beautyrest and Sealy. These options range from $98-$1599. While most customers can find something that fits their budget preferences, finding the perfect mattress for your body can be a bit tricky. Some customers find the mattresses comfy at first, but there are some disagreements about sagging and longevity. For those looking for long term comfort when it comes to mattresses, it may make sense to buy direct online with longer trial periods offered, and additional perks.

The pros: Some good name-brand offerings to choose from with affordable price points.

The cons: Some issues with durability with some models. Other online options may offer better trial periods within the same price points.

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#3 Beds & Bedroom Sets

Other popular requests from customers are beds and bedroom sets. American Freight's offerings include both 3-piece and 5-piece sets in mostly traditional styles. These offer artisinal wood finishes and veneers over manufactured wood structure. While most customers find these beds and bedroom sets to work for them, there were some doubts when it came to durability, with some experiencing quicker degrading than expected in some cases.

The pros: Very affordable beds and bedroom sets with traditional designs that most customers enjoy.

The cons: Some complaints when it comes to perceived quality and durability.

#4 Living Room Sets

Other popular requests from customers are living room sets, including sofas, coffee tables, and lamps. Others also will add on a new console unit or TV stand. American Freight offers specials on 7-piece living room packages for under $1000 in some instances. When it comes to the tables, they have designs in multiple styles -- with both metal and manufactured wood varieties. While most report good experiences finding a deal, there are some that reported issues with craftsmanship and comfort.

The pros: Budget friendly offerings with multiple packages offered.

The cons: Some disagreements about lastingness of some models.

#5 Dining Room Sets

The last most popular element on the minds of shoppers is a new dining room set. American Freight offers both modern, slim designs for dining nooks to larger collections up with up to 9-pieces. Customers have good things to say about the deals they can find with even the largest sets coming near or below $1000. However, there were some complaints about durability and perceived quality in some instances with some shoppers experiencing more wear than they expected over a short period.

The pros: Good blend of living room sets with a focus on affordable, traditional styles.

The cons: Some disagreements about durability and perceived quality for some items.

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In addition to the top categories above, American Freight offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Recliners

- Desks & Office Furniture

- Lighting & Lamps

American Freight & Mattress Alternatives

This is one of the most amazing times to be a furniture shopper. If you are willing to do research and shop online, you can save $1000s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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...or jump right into the #1 rated online furniture store, Wayfair.

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We had an overall good experience

We had an overall good experience at American Freight. Our salesperson Greg was so great through all the troubles we had. The first two couches we purchased would not fit through our apartment door. But third time's a charm! Our third couch finally fit. Greg was super helpful through the entire (at times grueling) process of picking out couches, getting refunds, on-time deliveries, etc., and the third delivery was free. Greg was willing to work with us and without him the experience would have probably been even more stressful. However...I had a terrible experience with the delivery guy (who happened to be the same guy on all three deliveries). I know that American Freight contracts out to a third company for their deliveries. This delivery guy was very unhelpful, rude, and argumentative. It was obvious he didn't want to help us whatsoever and just cared about getting his money. For the third delivery, he even straight out asked for a tip afterwards. I adamantly believe in tipping, but it's difficult to want to tip someone who has awful customer service skills. So beware of the delivery company American Freight uses, they are not worth the $100!

I had to pay an additional delivery fee

I had to pay an additional delivery fee because they delivered the wrong couch the first time. They delivered the wrong sectional, we paid an initial delivery fee of 85$--then they came back the next day to switch out the couches and we were charged another delivery fee of 45$---for their mistake. Prior to the delivery we were told multiple times by the person at American Freight that we would not have to pay another delivery fee but indeed, we ended up paying another delivery fee. What they do is contract out the delivery service through another company, so that they are not responsible for any delivery issues. Will not go back


Beware if you're looking to buy a single mattress by itself at the advertised price. That is only the "discounted price" IF you buy the mattress/box set. Terrible marketing, terrible business. I used to buy a lot here but no longer.

The warehouse

The warehouse is good size with a very good variety however this company has let me down and also a patient of mine who is handicapped and has difficulty assembling their own furniture..My experience with this company was approximately 10 years ago but my patients experience was recent within the last week where American freight states they are going to assemble the furniture but brings it in and then does not assemble it

Totally opposite

Totally opposite of what they are advertising on the television..... the place looks dirty and the stuff i saw was kinda messed up, went to Gardner-White and it was a total opposite experience

I never review

I never review, but I had to at least put the word out about this place. Bought a $700 sofa, had it delivered. Salesman said I would pay the driver $80 cash. Found out it's a 3rd party service, no problem. I get a call and two people in a beat up van with no logo or uniforms on at my apartment door. They tried two half hearted tries to get it in the elevator. I suggested the stairs and I would help. 3 men going up 12 flights isn't a joy but not too bad either, it would have take us like 10 minutes. They then tell me that it's $10 per flight, in addition to the $80, so a grand total of $200. I said no, I'll just take the $80 back and will go back to the store tomorrow. They kept my $80 and took the sofa back and left. I was left with no receipt or invoice. Went to the store the next day to get a refund or a credit for the situation, and they gave me no explanation. It basically became a tug of war between the delivery co and the store to take blame. The delivery owner honestly said to me 'no one is going up 12 flights'. Even though I paid the man exactly for that reason; to move my furniture upstairs. After about an hour, during which the salesman who sold me the couch kicked me out while I was talking to the manager. He gave me half the money back, we just took it and left and got a refund for the couch. Went to Ikea, got an awesome couch for the same price, with a warranty, and an actual delivery service. They kept our $40, but they lost a $700 piece of business and we found a better couch.

This place will lie

This place will lie too you and say they have same day delivery and you will wait the whole day and your furniture will not show up this is unbelievable that my furniture has not arrived and AFF didn't care if it came or not I will never shop here again

Same story as others here

Same story as others here. I thought maybe those people were not honest or competitors, but I'm in the trap right now. I have ordered a bedroom set and they after 2 weeks of waiting they sent the wrong size headboard. I called them to fix that the seller whi sold me the item is not there anymore and he store manager,Dimon, said it takes up to 1 week to receive the reorder. Today, I called the store and they said not expected to be here before 2 weeks from today. Everyone in that store has different answer and they want me to believe them. STAY AWAY FROM THESE LIERS. Learn from us and save your mony.

My over all experience

My over all experience was good with Mike at American Freight. I understand that I made a purchase from a place that reads 'Freight' at the end of it. But I didn't even have my Chaise for 24 hours & I contacted American Freight to tell them I was not Happy with it! I'm not even sure why they asked me 'what the problem was?' if they didn't even plan on having a satisfied costumer. I had planned on exchanging it for something else today, for something I was looking at there yesterday. (They have a 3rd party that delivers your furniture the guys that came to my house seemed pretty nice). American Freight "They told me all sales are final once item(s) leaves the warehouse" So Absolutely No Returns at American Freight!!

We moved from Miami

We moved from Miami, FL and came with no furniture. Looking to furnish our house quickly, we went to American Freight to check out their selection. We were happily surprised. They had a wide range of things- from really cheap to higher prices items. We settled for the medium priced items and got an entire living room set, dining room table, and bedroom set with a mattress for $3k. No other stores in the area could offer prices even close. We've had everything for about a week, and it's all very nice, sturdy, and comfortable. The couch is fantastic! Our mattress is also amazing. Additionally, the salesman was not skeezy. He tried to give us the best bang for our buck. This place is the marshalls equivalent for furniture stores. Totally would go back!

LOVE this place!

LOVE this place!! The people here are amazing, the sales guy is funny and was willing to work with me. He was not pushy and did not try to up sell things or tried adding things, if anything he was willing to work with my budget helping me find the right fit and was very helpful. The prices are also really reasonable!!

Greg was our salesman

Greg was our salesman. He worked with us to get us a cheaper deal but something about it just seemed shady. The deal that he gave us was only good if we bought it right then and there and it was Presidents' Day sales at other furniture stores. That didn't seem fair to me so if I could redo it I would go to the other stores first. But based on the good price we bought the dining set from Greg, hopefully it holds up

I purchased my dining room

I purchased my dining room table and found the sales staff to be helpful. I love my table! The other staff (upon loading our purchase) appears to be disengaged, no eye contact or greetings. We will return as we are satisfied with the price and quality of our purchase thus far.

I needed a new mattress bad

I needed a new mattress bad, so I applied for their American First finance option on their website. Was approved and told to come to the store and let them know. I was greeted by Tyrone and he helped me to select the perfect mattress set (includes the box spring). He was very helpful and professional, and guided me on my purchase. I had no issue picking up the mattress set either. I had to go to work later that evening and asked if I could get another person to pick up my purchase and he helped with that as well. All in all it was an amazing experience and I would recommend them for the best prices around the Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor area. Thanks again Tyrone!

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience at this American Freight location! I bought an inexpensive recliner there last Winter. It was defective so I had to file a warranty claim. Well four weeks later the company that makes the recliner still hadn't processed my claim. The manager at American Freight had a solution! Rather than make me continue to wait, he just credited me with the cost of the busted recliner and let me pick out a new one! This manager did the right thing and therefore has earned my business in the future!

Three and half years ago

Three and half years ago I moved to Ann Arbor from San Diego in a cross country drive only with some of my luggage. I couldn't bring any of my furniture. So we had to buy everything new from here . At that time we were new and American Fright is just in walking distance from my house . So we decided to buy some furniture from there . Extremely poor quality furniture. And pricing is also very cheap. At that point we were happy to have these furnitures in that cheap prices but now we know that that's the scam . It would have been much better if we would have bought the furniture from Ikea. I will never ever buy anything from there again nor that I will suggest anyone to buy from them .

Mark was extremely helpful

Mark was extremely helpful. He answered every question I had very thoroughly. The selection is outstanding. The prices are the BEST around. Josh and the other delivery guy was very polite and professional. I basically furnished my entire home. I looked at GW and their prices were ridiculous too high. I will definitely refer family, friends and anyone else looking for good quality furniture to AF. Thank you I'm an ecstatic overly satisfied customer.


Amazing Customer service!!! Loved the customer service reps! Will be back! Daniel and Jim are amazing!!! Helped us tremendously! When you walk in they come to your help immediately!! I recommend thus place over any other furniture store! I brought my grandmother in because she's in need of two new mattresses and to our surprise she found what she needed immediately! Anazing Customer service!!! Loved the customer service reps! Will be back! Daniel and Jim are amazing!!! Helped us tremendously! When you walk in they come to your help immediately!! I recommend thus place over any other furniture store! I brought my grandmother in because she's in need of two new mattresses and to our surprise she found what she needed immediately! Anazing Customer service!!! Loved the customer service reps! Will be back! Daniel and Jim are amazing!!! Helped us tremendously! When you walk in they come to your help immediately!! I recommend thus place over any other furniture store! I brought my grandmother in because she's in need of two new mattresses and to our surprise she found what she needed immediately!

This store has a great selection

This store has a great selection to choose from with excellent prices! The associates are laid back and willing to assist me with finding the right pieces for my home. I feel more comfortable and relaxed at my apartment now. Great quality furniture. I recommend shopping here if you're searching for in style, affordable comfortable furniture!

Moving to Ypsilanti

Moving to Ypsilanti and after looking at all the furniture stores in the area (i went to AA, Canton, and Dearborn), American Freight was thoroughly the best. Best prices, helpful staff, good selection, highly recommended especially for tables (dinette, coffee table, end table, etc.)

The service is quick

The service is quick and the sales men are polite. Big selection and good prices. Willing to help and explain anything that was asked. Great experience.

The customer service

The customer service is a bit idiosyncratic and quirky, as the salesperson we worked with had an 80's used car salesman approach. But, in the end, everything worked out well. We love our sectional and ottoman. They weren't sure if they could get both delivered together, but they under promised and over delivered. We're very happy, overall.

I purchased an item months ago

I purchased an item months ago. They said it will take 4- 6 weeks to come in. Now it's several months later and still my item is not in stock, though l call regularly to check. Today l called and they told me the item was already picked up. I have no idea how someone could leave with my item if l still have the receipt in my hand. What is the point of a receipt showing proof of purchase? I have only been to this store once. It looks like they just wanted my money and they had no intention of delivering the product. These people are scam artists. Don't be the next victim. You will lose your money.

Huge selection

Huge selection and reasonably priced furniture! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The sales people aren't pushy and they have a really easy layaway plan too!

Man, what a disappointing day

Man, what a disappointing day. I am a recent college grad and have been employed in the area and found a place almost right away, so naturally the next step was to get furniture for my new place since I don't have any furniture at all! This all started a couple weeks ago when I stopped in with my fiancé to check out some mattresses, couches, and bedroom sets. We were greeted almost immediately and the place was bustling with employees. We talked to a salesman who recommended a bed but since we weren't moving in right away I figured I would wait a week or so when i finally had the place to purchase the furniture. I definitely wanted to come back here because of the selection and the helpful staff. Fast forward two weeks to today, I finally moved in to my first place with my fiancé which is supposed to be an exciting day. Boy did it turn out to be the opposite. When I walked in to buy the mattress I had to wait almost 25 mins to be helped. Im a patient person so I thought no big deal, i get to the counter and the manager (nice guy) said he was a little under staffed. Which was pretty obvious. But after about 45 mins i got the mattress. Which was my first (essential) of many purchases. I told him I would be back around 6 to pick it up and he was telling me about how it was nice that I made sure to get there before 7:30 because its "annoying when customers show up to pick up their stuff after they close." Which I completely understand! So we show up at 6, Uhaul ready to go and again theres a line at the counter but much longer and what seems like less staff. I told the same manager I was there to pick up my mattress and box spring and he said it would be just a minute. It wasn't just a minute. 20 minutes go by and the line is the same length. 35 mins go by and the manager is running around saying he cant find his lone warehouse worker! WHAT!? They only had one guy working to get orders out!?! AND HES MISSING!? Unprofessional clue #1. Now about an hour passes and a guy comes in with a mattress and says they gave him the wrong brand and SIZE!!! How do you mess that up?! So manager again leaves more customers unattended to give this guy the right mattress alone and this took another 20 mins, unprofessional clue #2. So its 7:30 now and still haven't found the warehouse worker, manager is loading trucks by himself while customers are trying to buy things and the only other saleswoman has been talking to a group of guys the ENTIRE TIME! Very little notice was placed on the group of around 12 of us waiting, anyone of us could have walked off with merchandise, unprofessional clue #3. Finally at 7:45 the manager gets to us and we pack up and get out and crank the heat in the Uhaul because, oh i forgot to mention, the front doors to the store were wide open THE ENTIRE HOUR AND 45 MINS WE WERE THERE. The temp outside was 20 degrees and the temp inside (of a furniture store) was, yup you guessed it, 20 degrees, unprofessional clue #4. This experience was such a let down not only because I had thought I had found a good furniture supplier for furnishing our new apartment. But also a let down because this was supposed to be a day full of joy and excitement. Instead it was filled with patience that was stretched to its thinnest and freezing cold temperatures...inside. I have already spoken with my apartment manager as she was moving me in because they were looking at advertising for a furniture store for future tenants who would rent unfurnished apartments and obviously I told her to steer clear of this place. Which is a shame because one positive experience would have made me give her a glowing review. I am sorry this is long but take the time, it might save you a trip.

do not buy

*** do not buy and furniture here we bought a sofa that was 400$ and its weak it's already broken plus it had bed bugs plus a second bed we bought from there once again do not buy here furniture***

I had a bad feeling

I had a bad feeling when my wife and I stopped at this shady looking place, I should have trusted my gut. Anyway, we ended up buying a bonded leather sectional, not great quality but made in the USA. So I work out a deal with the manager on the price to include tax and delivery. Fast forward to the delivery, the guy calls and tells me " you know it costs $120 CASH for me to deliver it". I almost lost my mind, called the manager, he denied that the deal included delivery and referred to some sign in the store. I would NEVER work a price to not include delivery. Point blank the guy is a liar and a scumbag who for unknown reasons told us he lives in a little apartment because he's been divorced multiple times, the epitome of unprofessional. Then on top of that the sectional does not connect in the middle, the parts that are supposed to connect are shoddily put together and off by 4 inches, thus they will not connect. The short of the story is the managers here are lying scumbags who couldn't get a job selling anything else anywhere else. If you go, you better get a cheap price to make up for their lies and Upsell delivery tactics.

So to start this place is a DUMP

So to start this place is a DUMP. Now that we have that out of the way. I bought a HUGE sectional here. The chase section of the sectional ended up bowing dramaticly. No big deal because it was only 6 months old and i remembered that when i bought the couch it had a warrenty. So i call to setup a return and get the run around. Ohh you need to talk to Bill, ohh Bill can't help you Phil needs to talk to you etc etc. After 4 calls and acouple emails (per their request) i give up on them and decide to go up the chain. So I go to american freight's website and there is NO CONTACT information for corperate just a "contact us" box (…) so i fill it out with my story and info. 2 weeks pass, nothing, So I use my super stalking skils to track down the phone number to there corperate offices (419-884-6178) and get transfered to some warrenty ladys voicemail. I leave her my information, next day I get a phone call from coperate stating they will be sending a new couch to the Ann Arbor store. Boya, i win you lose. Turns out the couch was missing a leg in the middle when they sold it to me(which is what i told them). Anyways i wouldnt buy a stick of gum from these guys. There scum. But if you find yourself in my situtation dont give up. Use the infomation i gave out above and keep bugging them. There is hope.

I went here to purchase a mattress

I went here to purchase a mattress and was lead to believe it was in stock. After I already paid for it, the guy looks on the computer and says "Oh, oops, I guess it's not in stock". He asks the stock guy if it would be a couple weeks before it was in, to which the stock guy replied, "No, it shouldn't be more than a week". I was already upset at this point since I was lead to believe it was in-stock. 8 days later, on a Monday, after I was told it would be a week or less, I called the store to see when I could pick up the mattress. They told me to call back the next day. I called back the next day, Tuesday, and they PROMISED me it would be in on Friday or Monday. I didn't get a call on Friday and by late in the day Monday, I called them again. They tell me they have no idea when it will be in, but will call me tomorrow and let me know when they will have it. It has now been 16 days since I was told 1 week or less and they called me today to tell me that they think it might maybe be in the next week. This is THREE WEEKS after my purchase that was supposed to take less than a week. I asked if I could cancel my order since Art Van told me that they would do next day delivery. American Freight then tells me that all sales are final and they might possibly consider giving me a slight discount if I end up waiting over a month. WTF. NEVER GO HERE. They didn't tell me up front that all sales were final either. They are liars and give you the runaround.

Went in just to browse

Went in just to browse because they came highly recommended from a few friends. I specifically told them I was just browsing and pricing at this point and it's like they didn't even listen to anything I said. I specially told the salesman I was looking for a small sectional or a sofa with a chaise in the color grey. He showed me around in a hurry and said "Sit down, try them out! You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first right?" After about 3 sofas it seemed like he was just rushing and trying to get me to buy anything! I then pulled up a photo of a sofa I saw on their website but they didn't have it in-stock. He turns around and gets someone else who said it'll be here in a few days and "coincidently" they only ordered "one" and insisted I need to go ahead and put it on hold if I really wanted it... Didn't your colleague JUST say "You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first right?" They pressured me to buy to the point where I began to feel uncomfortable. It was pretty sad! They bragged and boasted about how they can beat any furniture company and their prices are the lowest, which is debatable, but came off too strong for me. After 3 more times of asking "are you sure you don't just want to buy this one today", "there's no telling when we will have it again this one sells fast", "the price could go up $100 if you try to come back and buy it" and a million other bs sales lines... I told them thank you and jetted out of there. I went to another furniture store across town and had a much more pleasant experience. I told them I was browsing and they respected that. I was able to walk around and look at my own pace. They also had some of the same brands at a lower price as well. Try to actually listen to your potential customers and don't be so pushy.

Called this morning

Called this morning, spoke to Jason, and was told they had their package deals available and in stock, was told no problem and to come in today and they'd take care of me. When I arrived, a Jason informed me that they had none of their package deals in stock for up to two weeks, that they'd been out of stock for a while. I don't know if they just have multiple Jason's or if the one dude just doesn't quite know his own story, but I'll figure out something with a chain that is at least reliable.

I had to pay an additional delivery fee

I had to pay an additional delivery fee because they delivered the wrong couch the first time. They delivered the wrong sectional, we paid an initial delivery fee--then they came back the next day to switch out the couches and we were charged another delivery fee---for their mistake. Prior to the delivery we were told multiple times by the person at American Freight that we would not have to pay another delivery fee but indeed, we ended up paying another delivery fee. What they do is contract out the delivery service through another company, so that they are not responsible for any delivery issues. I had to pay an additional delivery fee because they delivered the wrong couch the first time.

gave me the best deal

Aaron took care of me and gave me the best deal for living room furniture and bedroom set. Highly recommend to ask for him when you go. I love my purchase. Close to Murfreesboro and and Nashville. Delivered when I needed and on my time.

This place absolutely sucks

This place absolutely sucks! They advertise such low prices and easy financing I stood in there for almost 2 hours listening to every excuse in the book why their financing couldn't do this and couldn't do that. I must've heard we can't they can't and I can't at least a dozen times while I was in there. After all that time and effort and waiting and being cleared for finance I might add, we walked out without any furniture simply due to the fact of how rigid their constraints are. Also don't be fooled. You must purchase a certain amount before they will allow you to have financing they literally Held us hostage for two dollars in order for us to reach the limit that they were willing to finance. And of course they had nothing that was two dollars in the store. Everything is priced so that you have to purchase more than you need in order to finance they help with shitty the finance company they use is shitty I would stay as far away from this dump as possible it's a rip off in every way shape and form. Their furniture is very average at best. Completely not worth the time and effort and bullshit that I went through.

Went in to look

Went in to look. Kirkland was very helpful. Took the time to answer my questions. And found the perfect bedroom suite. Sam always waited on me when Kirkland wasn't there Great customer service. Always nice went I go in latest or finance.

mattress misleading prices

Baught a mattress misleading prices beware

Went to buy

Went to buy a mattress and found one I liked and was about to buy it but never heard of Stewart and Hamilton so I stepped away to look up some reviews. The sales guy came back and I told him I found a bad review he turned around walked away and started to pout. (It was really strange) I was going to stay and Google more reviews but it was boiling in there. I get no AC in a giant warehouse but put some fans near the mattresses. As I was about to leave I was offered a hundred dollar discount if I bought it right there on the spot. (Just give me the best deal you can first) Also they don't take your old mattress away if you have it delivered. I was told they don't have anywhere to take it. Well I don't either. I looked up more reviews of Stewart and Hamilton and found plenty of bad reviews. This is a low quality low cost place and I'm ok with that for some furniture items but not the mattress I'm going to use every night for the next 7 years.

This review

This review is from a month ago, but my boyfriend asked me not to give the review until we got our couch cover... So we went in on a Saturday afternoon and we're looking around. This NEW, 1298.00 sectional caught our eye but we knew we didn't want to pay that much. I believe our salesperson was Martin, and before everything played out he was really good. Everyone knows that furniture sales people have wiggle room to negotiate so we figured we could come to a happy medium for both us and them. Unfortunately, Martin was unable to get it down, within his authority, to a price that we were wanting to pay. At this point he was already expressing how he didn't want to ask his Supervisor, Jed (who I believe has a terrible Napoleon Complex), because he had already made him lose 2 sales that day even after he had given one of his own customers a 300.00 discount to save his own. Yes, he disclosed this to us. So he finally ended up letting him know that he needed some assistance with saving the sale, I think he used we had 'price shock' and he told him to calm down, and just have them put it on layaway...*side eye*. I told him we don't want to put it on layaway, we want to pay for it, just not this price. And he pretty much was saying there was nothing more he could do. Ok...fine, so we go to look at our second choice which was a 799.99 set, but Martin said he was going to go call Jed's Supv to try to get us a reasonable price to save this sale. He went to the back part of the warehouse and then came back to us and was like Jed's Supv said 1250.00, tax included, but because we're giving you a great price, you can't bring it back. We were like cool, because initially after taxes they wanted we paid and they arranged delivery for the following day. Sunday, our NEW furniture comes and there's a box cutter slit in my NEW chair! I let my boyfriend know, he calls the store and they tell us that there was nothing they could do because it said no returns on our receipt. So after going back to the store and completely cussing Jed out on a Sunday, what we found out was Martin never spoke to another Supv...he and Jed came to an agreement that they would give us the set w/damaged chair at the 1250 price and to put no returns on our receipt...but they never told us that. They like bait and switched us. After asking for the corporate number and getting cussed out royally, he finally offered to order a new couch cover for us and told us it would take 8wks to get there. They're slick...all to save a sale. I love my set and our couch cover came in about 3/4wks early, but because of their deceptive practices, I wouldn't dare walk foot in this place ever again.

I normally do not write reviews

I normally do not write reviews but this place pissed me off. Please do not shop at this place. They will NOT deliver your items as they promised on time. They DO NOT Accept any returns. If they mess up your order, it will take months to settle it. One employee in particular that really sucks is John, he's fat and thinks he's funny.

We've been here several times

We've been here several times and always have a great experience. We've bought quite a few pieces, from coffee and end tables to mattresses and bed frames and have been happy with each piece of furniture. Martin and Phil have been fantastic in helping us, they are awesome. We will definitely be back again!!

Do not but anything from this place

Do not but anything from this place. Delivery guys scratched my hardwoods putting sectional together. They were not respectful of my home at all!! My sectional fell apart one week after the purchase!! Bought the damn warranty and was still told that it would be three weeks!! It FELL APART AFTER ONE DAMN WEEK!! I do not have kids at home!! It's three weeks and I have heard NOTHING!! I want a reclining sectional that works and the arm is not falling off of!! If I do not get answers today I am going to the BBB. I would give it less than one star but can't!!


WORST PLACE EVER!! Went to payoff and pick up my Layaway and was told that Once I pay the balance in full, they would then have my Merchandise within 30 days!! .. They do not explain this to you up front & it's NOWHERE in the contract papers.. Placing calls to corporate.. The business practices here are beyond shady and the customer service.... Well ~there is NONE!

Just moved to nashville

Just moved to nashville and needed furniture since my apartment wasn't furnished. Found this business on the internet and decided to check it out. Right when we arrived, we were helped by Martin. He was extremely friendly and very helpful. He made shopping here a very enjoyable experience. I bought a table and a mattress from them. I would highly recommend going here. I definitely will be going back here for future furniture purchases.

Driving the 17 miles out to American Freight

Driving the 17 miles out to American Freight Furniture and Mattress in hopes to find some great liquidation deals turned out to be a bit more than unsuccessful. It turned out to be a bad customer service experience, too. With no one willing to answer questions about inventory, comparable pricing or even caring enough to ensure a sale. I've experienced better at probably.... any other warehouse.

If there was a way to give these company -5

If there was a way to give these company -5 stars I would give them that. By far the worst company to go and get furniture from! Please whatever you do stay far far away from this place! My mom recently placed a sofa set on layaway at the Antioch, TN location. However, she found a better looking and comparable priced sofa at FMO. She decided to go back to American Freight and get her money back that she placed down. When my mom got there the manager, Sam (the absolute worst manager I have ever come across), stated that she was 20 days past her refund date. This is supposedly on the contract that they have people sign. However, I reviewed the receipt where they ran her credit card and nowhere on that does it state about a layaway agreement. The manager, Sam, pulled out a layaway agreement that he says she should have signed however he did not have one on file for her and said "there was nothing he could do other than give an in store credit". When she stated there was nothing she needed at the store Sam said "you can get some lamps or something". And then basically dismissed her as if she was bothering him. When did a contract become enforceable when someone doesn't sign the contract? That is the most asinine thing I've ever heard. Why would she want an in store credit with a company that doesn't even have the proper training to have their managers treat their customers with respect. Again I warn you don't go there they treat you like trash and act like it's the customers fault for their blunders! Update: After contacting corporate via facebook, phone, and email the regional manager contacted my mom and said he would be at the warehouse and asked that she come back to the store to refund her money. However, once we got there Sam, (the jerk manger that we originally dealt with) did not go get the regional manger and simply just gave her the refund. Stating that he couldn't do that before because he was just going by company policy. Either way she got her money refunded and we are currently waiting for it to be credited to her bank account. I still stand by what I say DO NOT do business with them!

I bought my living room set

I bought my living room set here two years ago and was generally pleased. Quality leaved a little to be desired, but was pretty happy, so I came back to purchase a mattress for a day bed I was building. That sure turned out to be the wrong decision. I'll never do business with this place again and you shouldn't either. We purchased the first mattress (a "bunkie" with a built in a wooden frame for added support, or so the salesperson said). We got it home, unwrapped it, and tried to get the mattress on the frame. The arms on the daybed did not allow the mattress to sit evenly in the frame, so we returned it. Josh, the regional manager, was fantastic and processed the return for another mattress. The second mattress also did not fit evenly, so we went to return it again, one day later. This time, Josh was not present, rather it was the store manager. He was rude, inconsiderate, and unwilling to help. This mattress was still in its factory packaging and he would not return it for a mattress topper. I emailed customer service, who told me to call Josh. After 3 attempts and 3 voicemails, there has yet to be a returned call. $100 out the window. I went to Walmart and got a $100 foam topper and it fit perfectly. $100 lesson learned I guess. Save yourselves the trouble and take your business elsewhere.

This is one of the closeout places

This is one of the closeout places where they sell off all the furniture they can get that the regular stores just want out of stock. It's a big warehouse filled with furniture and mattresses. The prices are really reasonable, and the whole layout is pretty decent, but the salespeople are not very good. They know their stock well enough, and they get you out fast enough once you've made your decision, but they don't act professional. They had their cell phones out, they talk to each other when with the customer, they take forever to get anything done. Nonetheless, I was pleased enough to make a small purchase, and would send anyone willing to shop for a deal here. The stuff is nice, and the place is clean for a warehouse. It's not my favorite, but it succeeds at what it's trying to do.

We're in Hermitage

We're in Hermitage and drove several miles out of the way to get here, only to find zero parking (there's only 10 spaces to park!) and to see mattresses spilling out by the stacks on the PAVEMENT! We left instantly. If you want to buy stuff that's been sitting out in the elements on the dirty ground, this is the place for you. If you want better, go up to the Goodlettsville location. Much better.

Received great and prompt service

Received great and prompt service from Jordan. Can't wait to se that beautiful furniture in my new home!

Warranty is absolutely trash

Warranty is absolutely trash. Sales guys pitch it as a no hassle warranty to cover your furniture for 5 years, but then when you file a claim 2 years after purchase, they claim seam tears and mechanical structure is not covered under the warranty. "The plan you purchased from American Freight does cover your furniture for accidental rips, cuts and punctures however seam separation, stress tears and other manufacturing related defects are not coverages of your plan. The plan you purchased from American Freight does cover your furniture for accidental damages to the upholstery only. Structural or mechanical failures are not a coverage of your plan. Then you read plan and see this: Fabric Comprehensive 1 - Breakage of frames, springs, and sleeper, reclining, inclining, heating, and vibrating mechanisms will be covered after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Fabric Comprehensive 2 - Seam stitching that comes loose on upholstered furniture after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Please understand that this is a final determination and your claim cannot be changed or altered to change it's eligibility. " Will never buy again............

Lousy quality

Lousy quality,furniture won't last,mine didnt even last 3 years before a had a mess of scratches and rips,and I did a claim and they didnt want to honor it Spend extra money and buy something better

I went in about 4 months ago

I went in about 4 months ago and thought they where very friendly and being very honest. Well I was wrong i had been looking for a recliner and made sure to ask multiple times if it would last longer then a year because it wasn't the most expensive one on the floor. I was told yah it would no problem. Then she offered a "discount" on the floor module that had been out on the floor for only about 2-3 months. I again asked will it a still last more tthen a year because I don't want to havve to buy another that soon she assured me once again it would last longer than a year because it's only been on the floor for a few months. So I bought it they said I couldn't bye a warranty but stilll assured me itt would be fine. Now 4 months later the frame bent and the mechanism to open the recliNer is not working!! I called to see what they could do and yes I was upset but still not rude I explained what was going onn and she just kept saying well you bought it as is and read the note saying there was a spacE in between the cushion and the couch part I don't count that as a damage because it all it is is just a little space it's not like anything was broken. Then just kept saying well we can't do anything because you didn't buy it new. I then tried to explain thhat in no way a couch should be broken with in a 6 month period so I even couunted the time it was onn their floor. I told her that I had asked if it would last and assured it would. She then just kept interrupting me and then I asked for a manager because at this point I was very upset and started to yell and she said that basically they wouldn't do anything for me and kept interrupting me again when I would start to talk so then she proceeded to say well I'm not gonna allow you to yell at me and I will get my manager to call you back. After I had all ready asked for a manager!!! I would give this place a 0 star if I could. They are not truthful and there products are crap. To also include the love seat we got bran new but they wouldnt Let is put a warranty on it because it was being bought withh one thAt was not new it's frame is also bent!!! This place is a joke! Still waiting for the manager to call backk.

Bought a couch

Bought a couch for our lower level which isn't used a whole lot. Found a great deal, they delivered the next day! Would definitely go back.

This place is a joke

This place is a joke. Went to pick up a couch for my mother-in law. Took 45 minutes for them to figure out that they had either sold it, or had an inventory issue. They still weren't quite sure. Offered to sell us the floor model. My mother-in law wanted the couch, so fine. Gave us a slight discount so we asked if they could toss in a lamp. Could've just said no, we were already getting the couch. The manager said he would give us a couple lamps if we would write a 5 star review and show it to him. I now understand the only reason you could give them a 5 star review. Poor customer service and lack of professionalism. I would pay more for furniture at anywhere else then go back here.

Its a really good i love my new bed

Its a really good i love my new bed set and my new couch thank you mike for all the help

Got a great deal

Got a great deal on my sofa and dining set! Jason and Andrew was very helpful. Very happy with my purchase!

The customer service

The customer service was great and very affordable prices.

This man the Asst. Manager Jeffery

This man the Asst. Manager a straight liar. I spent $1,700 plus dollars in this store plus a $75.00 charge for delivery and set up. He told me several times that when they deliver they put the furniture together. Lie. Complete lie..... He said they were out of the mattress that came with the $1,000 special n i could pay $80 extra n get a better mattress. Well i said no thats ok i have an extra mattress at home. Never ever did i say box spring.... So i call he says i told you mattress set. He did not. Hes a liar. And yesterday i called because the delivery men wouldn't set up my furniture. He said oh i never said that but my daughter. Childhood friend. Daughters friend all of us heard him say that several times. N i recorded the conversation. Modern technology. I record everything. Now. Mr I work off commission Jeffery did nothing or offered nothing to fix the situation n his boss did not seem to care either..... See u in court guys. I recorded everythinhg... PLEASE IF U SHOP HERE KNOW THEY ARE LIARS AND WORKING FOR COMMISSION. WAYFAIR IS ACTUALLY CHEAPER. QUICK. FREE DELIVERY AND BETTER QUALITY FURNITURE.... WORST EXPERIENCE EVER

I walked in and the salesman asked me what I was looking for

I walked in and the salesman asked me what I was looking for. I said "A twin mattress." He said "When are you looking to pick it up?" I said, "Hopefully today." he said " I'll show you what we have in stock." and proceeds to quote me a while bed for around $500. So I asked, "what about the $59 and $99 mattresses?" he said, "that's what I asked you." in a really unfriendly voice. They "they are on 45 to 60 day back order." So instead of arguing with him (he gave me no inclination, with his first question, that my inquiry would be unreasonable). I said thank you and left, while declaring how rude he was, in front of all the customers. The old "bait and switch" routine. I'm glad I didn't try to order anything, after seeing the other negative reviews here. Btw, they had literally thousands of mattresses stacked up along the walls. I couldn't tell you, for sure, that what I was looking for was there (i DID think I saw some as I walked through), but I have a hard time believing that there were thousands of mattresses, waiting to be sold, but none of the ones people are looking for. I was most upset at how rude he was though. I wouldn't really give this place 1 star, but that's the least that this site allows.

Extremely disappointed

Extremely disappointed in the customer service. I purchased and pre-paid for a table set in January and was told it was coming on a truck the next day and would be available for me by February 1 at the latest. That came and went. I was then told it would be available the 4th. Two more weeks went by without communication and I still don't have my table set nearly a month later. Whenever I call, they are not even apologetic for their poor promises and lack of communication. That is, if they even answer the phone.... I'm assuming they're tied up with more dissatisfied consumers waiting for product or refunds!

the customer care sucks

the customer care sucks they started arguing with each other. we ended up buying furniture anyways because it was comparatively cheaper.

This was the kind of treatment

This was the kind of treatment we got at the Burnsville store by the Regional Sales Manager for MN and WI. The guy's name is Luis Melendez. If I could I would give negative stars. Below is the email I wrote. The mattress that we bought was sagging on both sides after less than 3 months. We went in to get a replacement and the email below indicates the treatment we received. Hi, I and my wife came into the store today to select the replacement mattress after we were notified by the store manager Cherie that our request has been approved on the 10th Of May. Firstly the regional manager did not have any idea about what was going on neither was he willing to help us or answer our questions. He refused to answer any questions we had. He was not only disrespectful but was very aggressive to my wife who was trying to get some answers to our question. I am really amazed that American Freight hires such an unstable and abusive person like Louis. He told us to "GET OUT OF THE STORE" when we requested if someone else could help me since he was so aggressive and emotional. Our whole trip to your store was not only a waste of time and an awful experience. Honestly we are afraid to go to the store as you have a very unstable character there and I am so afraid that I might actually need the police to be there if that guy Louis is there as we still need to resolve our issue. For the way we were treated despite paying money to buy the mattress, American Freight should pay for the cost to deliver the new mattress and remove the old mattress. Treating customers who have paid for the mattress this way is appalling and should not be tolerated. I need a guarantee that when we visit the store, we would be safe and someone with calm and composed attitude will resolve our issue. I have bought so many things, never in my experience have I come across such an unruly character with horrendous customer service. I need the store manager to call me so that I can come in tomorrow to resolve this issue ASAP. If the Louis character is there in the store and continue his abusive and bias treatment, I won't hesitate to lodge a police complaint.

I had my furniture set

I had my furniture set on lay way for almost a year. When I finally put my last down payment on it. The customer told me it way no longer in stock. I had to choose another set which cost three hundred dollar more. Ugh, I was so disgusted with them. Secondly, there was a display of my the furniture set I wanted but the frame was was broke. That's a red flag. Not good quality. That's why its out of stock. As of now, my furniture set should be coming this Saturday. I'm not sure what time. Also I have to pay the delivery person upon arrival. Which is ridiculous, this should have been included with my purchase. After this set is delivered. I won't be doing business with them anymore. Keeping my finger crossed that delivery will go well this Saturday. If not, I'll will be disappointed.


HORRIBLE!!!!! Please, please, please stay away! They fail to disclose information so that you can't get a refund. Cheap is cheap for a reason!


BAD. Most of the good reviews are from people that were bribed on site with a free lamp for a 5 star review. Here's a real experience for you: Went in for a dining set; didn't find one but found a decent price on a couch and love seat so decided to purchase the set; salesman pushed and pushed for us to get a warranty; we caved and went with the 5 year stain warranty; with that was supposed to come a sprayed on protective coating that prevented static cling, sun damage, and stain soak in. We leave the store and are called on the way home from the salesman telling us that instead of next day delivery, it would have to be delayed an extra day due to having to ship in from another warehouse; that was fine and we rescheduled. Delivery comes; delivery men were great but had no knowledge of protective coating as they were independent contractors; furniture came in original packaging so I and they both knew that no coating had been applied. It was late so I signed for the furniture and called the next day around noon; staff answers and is unable to tell me if they can refund me and that the manager was busy so I would need to call back; call back an hour later and ask for the manager (his name was Mayo?!?); not sure if I get manager as it is the guy that sold us our furniture and his name on the slip is Richard. Tell him our freight did not receive the coating and he tries to tell me that the packaging that was on the furniture was from them; I promptly refute that because it had all the labels and staples still in them; he then falls back to the contract saying "all sales are final;" I had the contract in front of me and it clearly states if I had received something, the sale was final; In this case, no product or service was rendered so I just asked for the refund. He went back to the "all sales are final" line; this went back and forth and he then said all he could do was come himself after his shift at 8 pm and spray down the furniture himself; I at first refused and he then said he would throw in a lamp set or end tables and I said no to keep that; this guy would not be reasonable so I finally said yeah come and spray it down and lets be done with it. I don't live far away and had to be in bed by 9 for work. If they were still coming it would have been reasonable to call ahead. They did not show by then so I silenced my phone and went to sleep. I come to find out that they tried calling me multiple times, and my fiance multiple times. I supposedly still have a 5 year warranty but do not have the protectant that interested me in the first place. I will continue to call for a refund as I don't have time to continually try and schedule someone to come out and spray this stuff down. I would be fine without the warranty and just my 200 plus tax back.

Walk in and right back out

Walk in and right back out. Don't "attack" your customers the second they walk in with 20 questions. Annoyed was how I felt. Furniture is super low get what you pay for. I could feel the lumpy nasty stuffing through the cheap upholstery. These are great first time moving out of the parents house items...but it's going to wear down very quickly and it's not worth the hassle.

My daughter purchased a bed

My daughter purchased a bed set and since day one it sounds so crunchy(sound)...what the hell is inside this mattress ??I really wonder I've only had it for 4months and barely slep in it. As bad as I wanna slice it open just to see if its really a made mattress or something they just made themselves to make extra money?? Its very annoying when I have to get in bed and listen at this crunchy sound. What can I do????????

American freight is amazing!

American freight is amazing! Great customer service, and great quality furniture. We love our new dining room set for a great price! We will be returning. Thank you. Ask for Ryan. He is a great salesman!

Happy with my purchase and my experience.

Happy with my purchase and my experience. Got help from one of the managers, who answered questions, and worked with me on a package deal that met our needs. We ended up buying more than I anticipated, but got things we are very happy with, at a deal that was comfortable. The quality of the pieces we got exceeds our expectations. I was skeptical, given that the store looks like a warehouse (yes, even more than a Sam's Club does) rather than a showroom, but I would recommend, and I would go back. The delivery crew was friendly and helpful, and went out of their way to make sure we were happy with the delivery experience. If you're a high-end buyer, this may not be the experience for you. But if you're looking for reasonably priced, decent furniture, then I would check this place out - especially if Stephen (I tried to recruit him for my store, but he is happy with what he does and where he does it) is available to help you out!

Went to A.F. in Ocala

Went to A.F. in Ocala The customer service was nice and helpful (Jason was our representative). We got a good price, nice looking bedroom set for almost half price in other places. Also, we got same day delivery. We are happy with our purchase.

I bought my sofa set

I bought my sofa set with an added warranty in case of any kind of damages. Well they first tried to take more money from me without putting it towards the sofa set and had them correct it. When I had a rip in my seam they told me it was not covered and there was nothing I could do about it. This place has cheap furniture and its not worth the money. DONT BOTHER!

We should have looked at the reviews

We should have looked at the reviews before we bought anything here. First, my husband and I bought a bedroom set and he decided to assemble it ourselves. The bed frame was defective and he ended up having to modify it to get it to assemble. The floor model, not surprisingly, was unassembled, so someone apparently had trouble putting it together. Then the manager gave my husband a lot of sass for wanting to have a properly-built bedframe. We ended up getting a small amount of money back for our troubles. So, we went ahead and bought a mattress and box springs. Every morning our backs are hurting and we trouble getting out of the bed. This is with a 4-inch memory foam on top as well. So, I'm told unless it's defective, there's nothing they can do. Save yourself the aggravation and shop elsewhere. Even if you pay a little bit more, it'll be worth it. Look for sales on mattresses at Macy's. They have name brands and great sales.

After going to several different furniture stores

After going to several different furniture stores we came upon American Freight Furniture. We were greeted by a salesman named Nate. He was kind and seemed very knowledgeable. He was also very attentive and took his time with us, thanks Nate. We put together a nice bedroom suite and purchased some other pieces for the living room. We wound up getting our bed from the display floor. It was great, because we could see and feel what we would be getting. They even knocked down the price a bit since it was a display, sweet huh. We received very quick delivery, like the same day! The management personally made sure it was handled correctly. Our furniture was at our door only a few hours after we purchased it. They also assembled all of the furniture for us without hesitation. We are happy with the quality of our purchase and buying experience. We where given excellent service. The whole process was excellent! We highly recommend this place!

I would encourage you to spend your money somewhere else

I would encourage you to spend your money somewhere else. My husband and I spent $600 on a king size mattress 3 months ago, and you can already see where the mattress is sinking in where we have been laying. We have even been rotating it! I would also like to add that our combined weight is about 300 pounds. Sooooo yea. No good!

don't even waste your time

I want to start this review with saying don't even waste your time going here unless you want to be disappointed. Went into the store on Sunday to buy a coffee table set I found online. They didn't have it in stock at the Sanford location but they told me I could order from another store and either pick it up or wait 3-4 weeks for it to get delivered to the Sanford store. Promising.... So I decided I would drive the hour and thirty minutes to the Ocala store. Before I decided to drive all the way to their Ocala location I decided to call and make sure the product was there and not in transit so I wouldn't waste my time. After an hour and thirty minutes I finally make it to the Ocala store! I was so excited. Only for them to waste 40 more minutes of my time not being able to find the product and saying they didn't have it! Remember I called 2 hours prior to make sure it was there. Disappointing to say the least. I called the store to let them know what happened and the only thing they could do was say sorry and give me my refund. They offered me store credit... why would I want your store credit when you can't even get my first order right let alone know what products you have in stock. Don't waste your time going here. This is why online stores will always be superior to s**t stores with s**t customer service. Unbelievable

If I could give negative stars I would

If I could give negative stars I would. This place has the cheapest junk you can imagine and they do not stand behind their product unless you buy an expensive warranty. Stay away.

I went to American Freight Furniture and Mattress

I went to American Freight Furniture and Mattress a few weeks ago to look for a king size mattress. I was originally drawn in by their unbelievable prices online, which said that the most expensive king size mattress they had was ~$600. And they have some name brand options as well! I knew I had to check them out. AFF locations are big warehouses that have all sorts of home furnishings. We had a really lovely sales associate who helped explain the differences between the mattress brands and options. I quickly realized that the $600 price tag was "per piece" of the mattress set, and a minimum of three "pieces" needed to be purchased. So really, the most expensive mattress with taxes and fees was about $2000, which wasn't much different than Big Lots or Sams Club or other options. Just FYI. Overall, we did end up purchasing our mattress through them. They didn't have the mattress in stock at the store, so we had to go pick it up at another location. There weren't any problems there. One big issue that I had was that the mattress that we bought felt very different at our house than the one in the store. It was substantially firmer. I'm guessing this is because the one at the store has been laid in so much, but I was really unhappy with this. Especially because **there are no returns!** So, overall not a terrible experience, but one that I felt could have been substantially better. I won't be shopping here again.

We purchased a mattress

We purchased a mattress with ease but the delivery is awful. My son moved into an apartment and the only piece of furniture he was getting on the first day was his bed. They cannot give a window for delivery so he sat around all day because they call when they are 30 minutes out which really is not a lot of time to get from anywhere. It is 8:45pm and still no mattress. I called and they said they would be at least another 20 minutes. The delivery is not free either. I will never make another purchase from here again.


Horrible Horrible furniture!!! Damn instructions are wrong and the pieces don't even match up!! Brought my first and last dining set from them. Will never buy anything again. I understand the prices are discounted but, at least my the instructions in order. Charged me extra for faulty chairs

If I could give no stars I would

If I could give no stars I would !!!!! The sales guy told me oh you will get good deals here I thought ok why not cause the other place I went to was way to expensive ! The bedroom set a piece of shit , they never told us it was a dump and go that no one puts the furniture together for you but I had to pay cash 120.00 worth for a dump and go service ? What the hell is up with that shit? I will never go back there for anything again ! I'm calling the better business bureau

do not buy furniture

do not buy furniture from this place. shady shady people. do not finance with these people unless you want to owe twice what its worth. never never again. stay away. american frieght and american first finance

Supplier Spotlight

Supplier Spotlight - I am American Freight's newest and biggest fan! It's no secret that I have been on the hunt for new living room furniture. It has been the most exhausting and tedious experience of my life! Buying furniture reminds me of buying a car...and there is nothing fun about buying a car. However, one random online search, and one phone call to American Freight later - I have a new sofa! I will be the first to tell you, great customer service will eclipse the buying experience any day. Thankfully when I called AF to inquire about my potential sofa, at 5pm one weekday afternoon, Ailim was on the other end of the call. She's a doll! Not only was she pleasant, informative, and inviting but her demeanor made taking on the 5pm rush hour traffic drive seem like no big deal. I really appreciate when someone enjoys what they do - it's sooooo refreshing. I made my way to AF, tush-tested my sofa - lol, met Ailim, and got a complete breakdown of everything I needed to know. She literally made it all seem so easy for me - the buyer. All the other sales staff at the places I had been visiting made me feel more stressed than I was before I got there. You don't know how much that meant to me! I am happy to say I am the new owner of an adorable sectional sofa and ottoman that I cannot wait to accessorize in my new living room. Thank you AF for helping complete my search and special thank you to Ailim for treating me like a human being and not like a visa-card. I really, really appreciate you! I'll will certainly be back for more furniture.

I recently purchased a living and bathroom set

Hi my name is Angela and I recently purchased a living and bathroom set. I was very impressed 18th Jeremy. He took his time out to show me varieties of furniture and other household furniture products. He was very patient with me because God knows I'm very hard to please and he was very very patient and I really appreciate his service. Very good associate. I would recommend giving him a promotion he deserves it. Men like him gives your company an " A " along with 100% satisfaction to all customers. Keep up the good work Jeremy!

6k sale they lost

6k sale they lost because the owner wouldnt change sale from one card to another no ac hardly any ventilation

This is actually in the warehouse district

This is actually in the warehouse district by Florida Mall. Dont expect a fancy showroom. The bed matresses are stacked up on top of each other in plastic bags. You can lay on a mattress to try it out but it reminded me of my childhood having to sleep with plastic mattress covers, but here they are dusty! Matresses from about 300 for queen to 1000 and some change for king or queen. About 10 models with limited brands. I found what I was looking for ( queen pillowtop for me and a queen ) and they took $$$ off since I didnt want box springs They have dinning sets , alot of lamps, and bedroom sets. $85 for delivery but it was better for me to rent a 19.99$ uhaul pick up truck plus .59 mile and get my own matresses ! Plus they dont set up nor put together things ( ie/ u would get the dinning room set in a BOX)

They have nice decent furniture

They have nice decent furniture with eye catching prices. I was promise by Daniel that sofas were going to be chemically spray to withstand certain spills. He got me to buy the Guardian warranty ( worst there is, look it up). Not only I was coerce to buy it, im still waiting for my other stuff I had order on June 8,2016. Today is June 19, and they haven't got the initiative to call me. I should had known and read all reviews. This place is a joke. -----I live alone and not even 3 weeks with the sofa, the cushion got ripped by the stitches. Horrible quality of materials sold


THE HOME OF THE BAIT AND SWITCH!!!! My husband relocated to Orlando for work. After checking their website, I sent him to American Freight to get a mattress and box spring. The saleslady said they didn't carry the mattress on the website (Euro-top) and told him it would be over $250 for a mattress and box spring. She even admitted that the advertised items were misleading! He was prepared to purchase enough furniture to do his whole apartment. Too bad American Freight. He will shop elsewhere.

It was my first time here

It was my first time here after hearing it from a few friends. We came here for furniture for my girlfriends new apartment. The reason for me writing this review was Richard. Unlike most furniture places, he wasn't pushy and obnoxious. He greeted us at the door and instantly made us laugh. He was constantly making us smile and knew when he was needed and knew when to go away (which is also rare). He wasn't an idiot either, he answered all of our questions and knew what he was talking about. As you can tell, we have had a long and frustrating day looking for furniture and Richard totally turned that around for us. We found the perfect couch, dining room table, and night stands all for a very good price, cheap same day delivery, and with a great warranty as well. I would undoubtedly recommend this place to others and if you visit this location, definitely ask for Richard.

Ordered a set of leather recliners

Ordered a set of leather recliners that have the Simmons beauty rest coil label on them (haven't flipped the furniture to verify) but these were the most comfy recliners we found when shopping at all the major and independent furniture stores in Orlando. We got a sofa, loveseat, and 2 oversized recliners...all so comfy we fall asleep on them easily. With the protection plan and delivery (only 60 bucks in Orlando) it was less than 2500. This isn't the power recliner but hey for this much furniture and quality it was an option I easily gave up. Now we are back again to get a sectional for another room...can't beat their prices. In fact you can sometimes find the same furniture at the major stores for $300-500 less at this place; that's why we came to buy it from them.

This is not like going to Ethan Allen

This is not like going to Ethan Allen or Haverty's- BUT, if you want a decent couch or mattress or bedroom set this is a great place to look. We originally came here in July looking for a sectional. We returned yesterday since over the past few months we haven't found anything we liked better. Honestly, we were a bit leery buying furniture from a warehouse, but all our our reservations went away once we walked back in... The customer service here is fantastic- our salesman, Terry and the manager, Tom are wonderful, so friendly and knowledgable! They worked with us to get us the best deal on a beautiful sectional. We couldn't be happier, and we will be coming back soon for a new mattress!!

So we came in looking for a new couch

So we came in looking for a new couch. We were pressed for time on this day but Eddie and his team were able to get us everything we wanted and then some. The sectional couch we selected wasn't in stock currently but we fell in love with it and didn't want to settle for a second choice. Eddie let us know policy and our expected delivery date but also let us know that he would do everything in his power to make it happen faster. Reliable service, kind and caring personnel, I would recommend American Freight to anyone looking for new affordable furniture!

This place has cheap furniture

This place has cheap furniture that isn't bad. But a warning!!! If they say they are going to get a piece of furniture in the next day, they will start with the has been over a week now and I've not recieved furniture I paid for and expected. Only buy if what you want is in stock and present.

This is a great place

This is a great place to get decent discount furniture, prices can't be beat. Also they have no interest on layaway which was a big help. Tom, the manager is great and always willing to help. I would recommend this place and would go back again. Wish they were in North Carolina!

Let's just say the quality of service

Let's just say the quality of service here matches the look of the warehouse. Initially went to American Freight on 03/12 to purchase a bedroom set. I wasn't looking for a fancy store front, just wanted decent furniture at decent prices that could be delivered to me next day as they advertise. I met with Jorge, supposedly a sales person and manager, purchased a bedroom set and living room set from him. I was told everything was in stock and would be delivered the next day. Well, the delivery driver called me next day 3 separate times to tell me something was missing. Needless to say have of my furniture was delivered. It is now Friday 03/17 and I still have no clue where the other half of my furniture is or when it will be delivered. I have called and been promised call backs by managers and still have yet to hear anything. Stay away from this place unless you don't mind missing half your furniture and don't care when you receive it. Extremely disappointing considering I spent $2600 on furniture here.

This American Freight location

This American Freight location has a lot of work to do. They are very unprofessional and unorganized. Problem #1 they were closed for 2 days due to inventory. Problem #2 when you schedule a delivery they cannot give you an estimated time(unorganized). So I order my furniture 3 days ago and it was scheduled to be delivered Friday, January 5, 2017. I took off work so that I could be here for the delivery and here it is 7:25 on a Friday night and my furniture still isn't here. I've called this place several times to check on the status of my delivery and each time they leave me on hold and never come back to the phone. Finally, at 7:15 a sales associate calls me back from the store and says his delivery truck is running very late and they may have to come tomorrow. At this point I am angry because not only did I take off work, but I've waited around the house all day. If I were you, I'd definitely go with a better business to purchase your furniture from.

I bought furniture from this business

I bought furniture from this business about a year ago. It was a very last minute move and this business was awesome to me. Last weekend I had to move my son back home from Atlanta, due to graduation. His apartment was on the third floor and we could not move the furniture ourselves. I had called every donation center I could find to have the furniture picked up for donation, without any luck. I even tried to sell the furniture in the apartment community, but moving it was still the issue for everyone. I call back to American Furniture for some help. Sam got me in contact with a Mr. Mike Starks to remove the furniture. He was prompt in returning my call and was able to remove the furniture for a nominal fee. Thank you Sam and Thank you, thank you Mike. Awesome!

Purchased a living room set

Purchased a living room set and Valencia dining room set from this location. The items were loaded in a Uhaul. When I got home and opened the boxes to assemble the table, there were pieces missing and no instructions included. I called the store and spoke with Cody. It seemed that I would have resolution as he text the instructions. I called back and noted the pieces from the instructions that were missing. He said if I bought the table back he would have a table and chairs assembled for me. That was a nice compromise given that the box they sold me was incomplete, missing pieces and instructions. I called back and spoke with Chris Land and explained that I don't have a vehicle to bring the table back and transport the other as I had already returned the Uhaul. He informed me delivery of the items was available for $80 for my area. Delivery was under the impression they would drop off and pick up despite what Cody originally promised. When I called Cody he was very defensive and tried to go with all sales are final despite the Box was missing pieces. He pushed and flustered me and then hung up on me. I called back within a few minutes and was again met with him over talking me and I finally asked for John's number, who is the manager. Cody instantaneously hung up on me. I called a THIRD time and asked why he hung up on me 2 times and he indicated I had become belligerent with him and I informed him that I asked for contact information for his manager. He asked me what he could do and I said simply fulfill what you originally agreed that the table and chairs would be set up. He attempted to hang up on me a third time as he escalated his tone and I asked, "you're going to hang up on me a third time?" I don't trust the sales guys at this location. They promise one thing, put nothing in writing and deliver another. The quality of furniture is comparable to boxed items you can buy from amazon minus the hassle. Two of my chairs are not even level so now I have to buy something to go under the legs. I never anticipated buying furniture would be as schmucky as it was from this location. I've never been blatantly disrespected and hung up on by someone in management. I anticipated that I would be met with the same level of customer service and care as anyone who purchased a product that was defective. NOT SO! There are many other locations, I don't encourage anyone to visit this location due to the inadequate level of customer service they provide. I welcome further dialogue with upper-management regarding the matter.

Purchased over $2000 worth of furniture

Purchased over $2000 worth of furniture from this place after day one the furniture did not work properly contacted Cody made him aware of it he stated he would contact me and let me know and keep me abreast as to when we will get new furniture. I never received any calls texts or voicemail. I went further and paid off my 90 day loan through the credit company that they gave us & still at this time have not been filled with the furniture that they promised me. Cody & Christopher said no problem! Well swap it out we still are missing pieces there faliure to communicate is the most aggravating thing that I've ever experienced it's almost like a circus act! The taste of low price stays in your mouth way longer after sale. Shortly after placing a yelp I got a call they have resolve my problems after almost 90 days would not be my favorite place to go shopping but they finally filled my request and as always you get what you pay for.

Trust me. Dont waste your time here

Trust me. Dont waste your time here. Would not rate this place a single star. Bought some "brand new" couches for the house on saturday for almost $1400 delivery was prommised sunday morning but it wasnt delivered untill late sunday night. The movers asked us to help with unloading the couches from the truck......we paid for delivery for a reason. Once they had the couch inside the house after all that dragging on the stairs and bumping into the walls we noticed they were damaged bad so I called the location back and I was offered a refund of $150 from the manager since they were DOA but still wasnt able to get a refund after 4 vists to the store back to back everyday. Sometimes the manager wasnt in. Sometimes the DM did not approve the refund and even when the DM approved the refund their credit card machine was down for 3 days in a row. Tf. SHOP HERE IF YOU LIKE TO GET ROBBED AND HUSTLED. THEY WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU OUT. Btw the recliner couches turned out to be defective.....and are not under warranty from the manufacturer since they are now damaged.

3months later still no refund check

3months later still no refund check for a item that was not in stock and it being on back order for 2 months!!! !!!!!!!The WORST Management I ever seen!!!!!!!! Beware!!!! Scammer! After spending $2700+ Charles the "manager" stated I needed to buy another $99.99 warranty because one would only over $899. When I ask for a brochure that states limits of coverage or any documents he and the staff became very argumentative. This warranty is provided threw a 3rd party company called the guardian. There website clearly states limits protect up to not exceeding $20,000. After 4 weeks of waiting for our furniture to arrive in "stock" we requested a refund in the form of a Corp check from the corp office that takes two weeks; which we have not received. When contacting the corp office, they said contact the store manager.

I have purchased few items

I have purchased few items from here a few years ago, I had a pretty good experience then so naturally when I was in need for additional furniture I decided to check what was available. I put a deposit on a king size bed along with a mattress but I had to go back to the store to change the size to a queen. The original sales person Bruce was not there so Carlos assisted me. After explaining that I needed to change the bed from a king to a queen. He became very rude and short me when I asked him a question regarding the discount I was originality given. He removed it without a providing proper explanation. I called the store to speak with Bruce, I was told he was the manger, but never received a call back. Customer service is a very big deal to me and I firmly believe in recommending places based on the way they treat their customers. It's been 3 days and I have not heard back from Bruce, I was told I can only get a store credit for my deposit even thought less than a week had past. There is no excuse for a sales person to be rude or disrespectful to a customer. I won't be purchasing anything from this place again nor will I recommend it to anyone.

They sold us a discontinued item

They sold us a discontinued item, do not have it and we have been trying to get our money back since April!!!! They promise us our money back every week...NO DELIVERY. They dont mail it to you as they say all sales are final. I had to explain they didnt sell me anything...they took my money and ordered me a product they dont have. The manager literally was NOT going to give me my money and went as far as to say my order was a massive headache to him as he was calling state to state to find one. Its not my fault they didnt take that item out of their inventory list on the computer. THIS IS THEFT!!! I do love my sofa I got and it went fine but $380.00 to me is alot when I got a better one for 300.00..I need that money now to pay for the one I had to get for my daughter who has arthritis in her back and cant wait FOREVER If we dont have a check next week, this business is getting a write up and reported to every entity I can come up with. PRICE IS MODERATE BUT IF THEY SELL YOU AN ITEM THEY DONT HAVE AND DO NOT REFUND YOU, THAT IS THEFT...SMALL CLAIMS MAY BE OUR NEXT STEP

Still not received any refund after 2 months

Still not received any refund after 2 months of filling a complaint..whenever I call norcross center, the only thing I hear that Manager didn't come to office..what a unprofessional manager that didn't show up even for a single day in 2 months..what a big liars these american fright guys are...guys save your money and don't buy anything from them..they are big scammers..I will be starting a campaign where I will stop my friends in buying anything from them and then they will motivate others to not buy...that's why I think I can save money of 1000 of guys out there...

Great furniture at a great cost

Great furniture at a great cost, would highly recommend! Chuck is that dude, you should seriously come get some furniture from here!

My mom purchased a dinette set

My mom purchased a dinette set from LeAntione he was really nice and polite. He was able to work with us and made sure our experience was pleasant I would highly recommend this place.

I visited the warehouse on a Friday

I visited the warehouse on a Friday, specifically to buy a bed for my daughter. I selected a bed, and then also bought a dinette set and sofa sectional - all of which were delivered same day (I had to pay $90 cash for delivery). We discovered the bed delivered was a floor model and was broken. Their website promises that you will be told if you are buying a floor model -I was not, I went back to the store Saturday and they switched me to a different bed and promised same day delivery of new bed and pick up of old bed. It is Sunday, 3pm and I still have no bed. Apparently they do not want to pay the delivery driver and are waiting for him to have to delivery something to my area, which is only 4 miles from the store! NEVER SHOP HERE!!! They are deceptive, unorganized, cheap and really - liars.

Was a little nervous about buying my mattress set

Was a little nervous about buying my mattress set from here but I did TONS of research and I am so happy with my buy! Also bought a dining table set from here and the set up was very easy!! I love this place! Will be returning to buy more stuff! And I love that they have monthly payment plans too!!

Stay away

Stay away. Inferior quality at a price that is not justified. I purchased a Simmons "bonded leather" premium sofa and within two years of light usage the so called leather started peeling and cracking off of the hidden fabric. Called them and they said the warranty is up and that the usual lifespan for a sofa is five years. Called the manufacture and they were no help. If your looking for value try sears liquidation.

The manager at this location

The manager at this location is s complete a** ( yeah I said it ) they gave me a broken table and he told me I had to wait 2 months to receive another one in the rudest way possible ( really , 2 months and it was delivered same day ) Mind you I bought plenty of furniture from them previously but he insisted on giving me the run around. I spoke to the regional manager and what do you know I get my dinette set the next week. The company is great they just need new management . Smh, well thanks to this experience they won't get another dime of my money!!!

LeAntoine was great

LeAntoine was great, friendly and professional. He helped me with my purchase and I'm truly satisfied. He also helped me with the delivery service as well. I would recommend shopping there if you're looking for something inexpensive. Great customer service and very polite employees. Made my shopping experience really easy.

The $898 advertised whole house furniture

The $898 advertised whole house furniture package no longer includes the advertised 5 piece dinette set. The displayed sofa and bedroom set were not in stock (although they provided comparable replacements). You can expect to upgrade the mattress because what is included in the package is a 1-2 inch piece of foam.

They advertise one price

They advertise one price and when you come in to buy the give you another. Dishonest practices - buy somewhere else!

This has to be the worst store in history of furniture

This has to be the worst store in history of furniture. I ordered a table on September 21st. I was informed that the order would be placed later that day & my merchandise would be in two weeks from the date. Two weeks came and gone no call no products. So I call the store the one in Norcross I was informed that the order never was placed they would place it that day. This time I let three weeks pass no one from the store had called so I call and ask to speak to Chad who was the person who took my order and happen to be the supervisor the staff informed me he was busy or with other customers ever time I would call. All this time no one call and said anything no communication what so ever. I paid my money in full! So I get a call yesterday which was October 16th from Carlos telling me my products I ordered are finally at the store and ready for pickup. I'm in route to go pick up my merchandise so I called the store to tell them I'm on the my way to pick up my products. Chad the supervisor telling my my products are not in he had five people that order before me and paid in full so they gave the furniture to them!! What type of business are you all running that is crazy to say to a paying customer!! This is the supervisor mind you! Hello I also paid my money in full! Or did you forget! I will never shop at American freight again and I would not recommend it to anyone else! Horrible customer service! I want my money back. This is rediculous.

Don't waste your time

Don't waste your time !!! They lie in their fliers and advertisements saying they have good deals, but when you get there they tell you they are sold out and try to sell you overpriced cheap looking crap !!! No sales people to help you, delivery costs $100 and all their prices are bogus !!! Wasted my gas going to check them out.

I'm actually surprised to see so many poor reviews

I'm actually surprised to see so many poor reviews. My husband & I needed a bed and box spring last minute before the holidays so our family would have a place to sleep. We saw a bed/box spring online for $300.00 and they did have it in stock. The sales clerks were amazingly helpful. In the end, they had a wonderful bed with pillow top that I had seen at Mattress Firm for $1800 that we ended up buying for $450.00. The bed came with the factory warrantee. We justified the expense by putting the new sweet set in our room & putting our old mattress in the guest room. WE LOVE our new bed. I was a little apprehensive at first because there were no returns. All mattresses are final purchases. So be SURE it's what you want. The staff was very friendly. They offered to get the bed on my car (to which I told them that wouldn't be possible, I have a Miata...) but they held the set until the next day when we got a $20.00 UHAUL. Great experience & I would certainly buy from them again.

Jason helped me find exactly what I was looking for

Jason helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I just moved into a apartment and needed to start fresh. Affordable and Decent quality for the price. Highly Recommended!!!!

I've been in & out of AFF for a year

I've been in & out of AFF for a year. I finally decided to purchase a 3pc bedroom set. I did pickup, because the delivery fees are hefty! They loaded the items in my truck. When I got home, everything still looked good. The service was great. Only annoyance is that my headboard legs weren't screwed in the right position, so I had to fix that.

I got a bed and box spring here

I got a bed and box spring here a little over a month ago and the box spring is broken and leaning.. I have done nothing to make such thing happen except sleep on it as I work 60 hour weeks .. They refuse to give me money back or new box spring after they took my money and gave me a cheap box spring.

How could I NOT give an excellent review

How could I NOT give an excellent review. The staff has been nothing but friendly, helpful and accommodating. I'll be buying from them again!

I was super nervous

I was super nervous about using American Freight after googling reviews for too long. However, Jason was absolutely fabulous to work with. We got a couch, and after researching it for 6 months, he gave us a fantastic deal. I meant to write this review a while back, but we got busy, sorry for the delay! If Jason is our salesman everytime, we will continue to buy furniture from American Freight.

This has been such a terrible experience

This has been such a terrible experience. We ordered an entire living room set (couch, love seat, end tables, coffee table, kitchen table, chairs). They said they would have them delivered Saturday between 11-8. We get a phone call Saturday night at 7:30 saying the truck got in a "fender bender and the truck was broke" and couldn't get it delivered until the next day. Sunday comes around, the truck driver calls to confirm our furniture, and they didn't put any of the couches in the truck and had to go back to the store to get them. They get to the store, and they say the couch is ripped and they don't have anymore, but they could "upgrade" us and give us a bigger one, "same exact couch just bigger". It finally gets there, the couches are a completely a different color and material. The coffee table and end tables are completely different then what we bought, there was only 3 chairs and was suppose to be 4, and the legs to the kitchen table were missing. The only good thing about this place is the guy we dealt with was very nice and helpful, and the prices are decent. But not for everything we've had to deal with. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone

I walked in an was immediately greeted and helped

I walked in an was immediately greeted and helped. The sales woman helped me find the right mattress for my needs, a beautiful frame, and it was assembled and ready for sleep that evening. I will go back!

I was moving to a new home

I was moving to a new home and needed quite a few new furniture pieces. I bought the Silver Windsor King Size bedroom set - ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I got the Grayson 6 pc Dining room set - the color is great and the set is top quality. I'm waiting for the sofa and platform bed to arrive. The values are fantastic and after researching furniture stores in the Richmond, VA area, no one can touch their prices. The staff there is awesome - really funny guys that make the shopping experience a pleasure. Ask for Jeff or Mike - they will take good care of you.

American Freight is wonderful

American Freight is wonderful. Shardae was absolutely the best. She helped us pick out the perfect sofa and when I found out my apartment was too small to fit it, she helped us exchange it effortlessly for a smaller sofa and a queen size mattress. Her customer service was excellent, she remembered our names and smoothly navigated my opinionated mother (who can sometimes make for a difficult customer lol). The selection is great and covers all the basics. Nearly everything they have on the website is in-store. Most of the selection comes in collections and are priced as such, but certain items can be sold separately if they've been overstocked (out of the 5 collections I liked, 3 were overstocked and available for separate purchase). Also if you opt for the warranty, services are available in all 50 states so wherever you go you're protected against accidental damage. The mattresses are good quality too. I purchased the Carlton and its heat dissipation technology makes for a heavenly nights sleep. No more getting hot in the middle of the night and waking up drenched in sweat and tossing and turning in a pool. Not to mention how soft it is. Overall, I had a great experience with this furniture store and they were very affordable.

I randomly found American Freight

I randomly found American Freight on my way to Short Pump. I was looking at couches for my apartment. The furniture was fairly priced for the area. American Freight does have great drop off rates. They will bring your furniture to your place for a very reasonable price within distance. The customer service was average. Depending on what type of furniture you're looking at for your place, American Freight could be a good choice. I give American Freight and Mattress a 3.5 rating.

Walked into American Freight

Walked into American Freight to be greeted by a worker there which was expected but could not even do a lap around the sofa section,which isn't a large area at all, to only be greeted and followed by 2 other workers. I could not even take the time to personally sit on the sofas and look at them to make a purchase. I was very annoyed and proceeded to leave. Too many questions being asked by different people even after I asked to be left alone and I would let someone know if I needed anything. I never made a question but my overall experience was not pleasant.

I love this place

I love this place. Got my dining room table for under $200. The whole process only took 15 minutes and was able to look the table in my truck that day. The guys at American freight where great!

The horror began August 14

The horror began August 14, when I made the mistake of walking into their store. I bought some furniture with the delivery to happen the next day. They had all the items purchased in stock except a Chest which was promised to be delivered personally on August 25 by Michael. Next day, the furniture got delivered and when trying to assemble the bed, I realized they'd delivered the wrong color. I immediately called the store and talked to Craig. Rather than acknowledge that there has been a mistake on their end and trying to rectify the error, he was very rude. I asked them to deliver the correct item the next day and take away the old one; I was told that they can't do that. I had to bring back the bed frame to them. Now keep in mind, this is a fairly large item which won't fit in my car. I told Craig that it's their mistake and I shouldn't have to be going through the trouble of bringing back the bed frame. After a lot of back and forth, he told me that I had to come to the store to get my $80 refunded and he would make the delivery the next day and I'd have to pay the delivery people the $80 again. I went to the store and met a visibly upset Craig. He seemed clearly agitated (which he did couple of times more in the days ahead) and asked me for my card and refunded the delivery fee. He said the delivery would happen the next day but never did. I called the store again and got Craig on the phone. He said he didn't have the bed in stock and will go pick up the item from a different store. I think I should've been informed that the delivery would not happen the day it was promised so that I didn't waste my time waiting for the delivery. The frame was delivery the next day August 18. I though my misery was over but man was I wrong. Fast forward a week the day the Chest was promised to be delivered, I called the store to make sure that it was going to happen that day. Michael said he'll get off work after 8pm and deliver it to my address. 9 o'clock passed by and I was certain he wasn't coming. I called the next day and was told they didn't know when Michael would be back and weren't sure if they had the item in stock. I told them, I've gone through enough trouble with them and want to cancel my order of the chest. I was told to come to the store for a refund. I went and Craig asked me my phone#. Now keep in mind, I've been providing my phone# to them every time I've been to the store or on the phone with them. This time, he wasn't able to pull up anything on his computer based on my phone number. I told him that my number is the same as every time I've provided to you and have had no issue. Clearly upset, he lifts his computer monitor and turns it towards me and points to my number he has entered. I told him again, that's my number and it's not my problem that nothing is coming up on their system. Another employee suggested he use my name and he was finally able to pull up my information. They had entered my number incorrectly. There was no point in getting agitated towards me. He looks at the screen and says we have the item in stock. At this point, I was spent. He had me drive to the store for a refund on an item that was in stock but wasn't sure when it'd be delivered. I said, I was told that the item wasn't in stock and had I known I'd have driven to the store in a bigger car that could fit the item instead of a small sedan. I told him I'd come back the next day to pick up the item. The next day, I walk into the store; again, clearly Craig is visibly upset. He doesn't acknowledge me, walks past me to go inside their warehouse, brings out the chest on a dolly and leaves it outside the store in front of the entrance. Does not speak a word to me. At this point I just gave up, drove my car next to the chest, loaded the chest and drove off vowing to never come back. I think I went through a lot of trouble for your incompetence. I would also suggest better training for your employees so that they can provide better customer service.

Let me start by saying if you want good furniture

Let me start by saying if you want good furniture at a decent price that you can deliver yourself and put together yourself then this is the place for you. Otherwise, BUYER BEWARE. Despite advertising in written print and on TV about "free lay away," their version of lay away does not mean that they are holding what you want. For them, it means we might have it when you pay it off and we might not. In my case, they didn't have it. Admittedly, we worked through that with me getting more expensive furniture. But, the problems continued. Despite buying a table and 6 chairs, those items arrived unassembled with no forewarning about the "assembly charge." I assembled those items. In addition, the couch arrived torn (with the unassembled items). The manager was completely unsympathetic about this asking "did it come out of the box?" How would I know? More importantly, why would I care? A torn couch was brought into my home. It took a phone call with corporate to resolve all of my issues. Again, reasonably priced furniture. But, not worth the hidden fees and agenda.


BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM AMERICAN FREIGHT!!! I have had a terrible time with almost every step of my purchase. I ordered a refrigerator online on August 4th and paid for local delivery. I was called the next day and told that my appliance would be delivered on August 9th. The delivery day passed. I called the following day and was told that it wasn’t delivered because the delivery was never scheduled. I was then scheduled to have my fridge delivered on August 20th as that was the next time the delivery team would be in my area. I asked for a timeframe as I would have to stay home from work that day (as it was a weekday) and would like to know when to expect the delivery because I have animals. I was told that they would not be able to provide a timeframe and that I would be called at least 30 minutes from the arrival of my delivery. Delivery day arrives. I stayed home from work (lost wages). I look outside and the delivery team is outside, no phone call notifying me in regards to arrival time. I went outside to greet them and they proceeded to begin moving in the fridge. One of the members of the delivery team entered my home without a mask during a pandemic which made me highly uncomfortable. There was a paper on the fridge showing the previously scheduled delivery dates (which I was told was not scheduled). Once they got the appliance into our kitchen, they proceeded to gouge our kitchen floor and tear the linoleum in several places. I pointed out that the floor was damaged and they continued to move the fridge without addressing the concern and damaged our floor in several more locations. Our kitchen floor is now gouged in 8 places. This is a rental property and I am now responsible for the damages caused to the kitchen floor. I proceeded to call the store manager and was connected with Eric. I was told that the delivery team should have known to take photos of any damages caused which they did not. I was then asked to send photos to his personal cell phone and that I would be called back. After not receiving any phone call, I called the next day and Eric notified me that someone would be contacting me within the next 2-3 days to schedule an consultation to appraise my floor and determine the best options. I never received a phone call and after a few days, I called American Freight back. Eric answered and told me that he has never had this happen and did not know how to proceed. Eric said that he was forwarding the issue to the regional manager and would call me back. I wait a few more days. I never receive a phone call. I call Eric again. I am again told that I would be receiving a phone call to schedule an appointment to appraise my floor within the next two days. I again waited. I do not receive a phone call. I then proceed to call the store every two days trying to get updates and talk to Eric, the manager. I am told that Eric is out on a delivery. Another time, I am told that Eric is in a meeting. Another, Eric just left. I was also told that they do not have enough staff and Eric is working sales and as a manager. Every time I call, I leave a message with the associate asking for Eric to call me back as I would like a resolution and am told that I would be called back. Over the course of two weeks, I have called in regards to this issue 12 times asking for a phone call back. Despite giving the manager every chance I could to address my concerns, I have not received a single phone call from Eric or anyone on behalf of American Freight in regards to my damaged floor. I am extremely disappointed at the risk to my health during a pandemic, the missed delivery date, the damage to my floor, resulting customer service, and the lost wages/hidden costs associated with this purchase.

Sofa and Loveseat

I purchased a leather reclining sofa and loveseat from American freight in April of 2017 and now my couch and loveseat is peeling as it is not a real leather couch. The mechanical issue for the recliner is also not working on the couch . I purchased the warranty the day of purchase and when I called to start a claim the location and the guardian the vendor of the extended warranty they could not locate the information. After a month of back and forth to even open a claim one was opened. Luckily I had my original receipt and even the delivery drivers information and provided that for my warranty I sent multiple emails that were requested and a email notification was sent to me that we cannot process your claim due to invalid response of damages. Resubmitted everything again and now a week after they claim it was received. The damages are not repairable under the warranty that was a extra expense. Please do not waste your money buying from this company unless you would like to purchase new furniture with a year or two. Also there is no reason for the warranty if nothing is covered including mechanical issues. The customer service is also not very friendly as it appears to be a scam to get extra money from you. Also I would like to add even though I had all the original information from the purchase the information that was submitted with my claim for damages has incorrect information and to a address I never lived in.


While the furniture is a great price it doesn’t even last through the time u are making payments. I was paying $300 a month for this furniture and the couch began to tear after the warranty was up so like three months. The coffee table and side tables legs are wobbly, they never were sturdy. My front of my sons bed frame completely feel off one day. This place is a joke. So here I am 53 payments later with the furniture paid off but I’m definitely going to have to purchase new furniture when we move.

You get what you pay for

The prices here are affordable, but cheap. I brought my son a Trundle bed and it broke 3 months later. I put in a claim in January. and they said the claim can take up to 60 days. It has been 90 days now and I still have not gotten a response or update. Ive emailed and called numerous times, but nothing.

Buyer Beware

We purchased a refrigerator around November 2020. It took months for it to arrive. When it did, a single person (without a mask) was sent to make the delivery. The refrigerator fell completely on its side, was dragged up the driveway, and the delivery person said nothing. He also failed to bring it in the house, a service we had paid an ADDITIONAL $600 for. We let that go at the time knowing we'd just ask for a refund. As to the refrigerator, it was destroyed beyond service. We have the whole thing on video plus two neighbors saw it and asked if we'd been told. Nope. We worked with American Freight to handle this. The 'manager' they assigned to us was not interested and was unresponsive. Eventually after a few months we found a second refrigerator that wasn't the same but 'close' and accepted it. The manager asked us to put in a new order to buy it, we did. It was listed as 'New out of box.' In reality it was damaged. They had also not refunded us yet for the original refrigerator. They now had our money twice and we have zero refrigerators. From that point on American Freight went virtually silent. They did not respond to emails or phone calls. The only way I was able to get anyone's attention was to submit a complaint to the BBB and via the Attorney General of my state. That at least earned me a call back. In January, we finally received the refund for the first refrigerator. The new manager we were working with (thanks to the BBB) was apologetic, nice, and committed to resolving the problem but did mention a shortage of refrigerators due to COVID. We agreed to 45 days to find one, which was a lot, but I felt so put out that I was committed to American Freight making this right. In February I received a call that a refrigerator had been located and that it was in great shape. To the credit of the manager, this was a nice and very expensive unit. More than what we had paid. Unfortunately it lacked the two critical features we needed: Counter Depth (our kitchen is narrow) and black stainless steel. I turned this down. It is now March, Lowe's has the exact unit we wanted, can deliver in 16 days, at zero charge. We've just asked for a refund even though we were never given what was promised and American Freight held onto our money for months. We will never do business with them again. I guess the 1.4 star rating here is telling. Buyer beware.

Worst experience ever.

This is the worst experience I have ever had with buying furniture. The first problem was with the financing. My boyfriend and I bought furniture AND insurance for it for our new apartment in early summer 2020, but we didn't need it delivered until august when we moved into our new place. We were told that our payments would not begin until we received our furniture, which was great. They do 100 day financing for those who don't know, so we essentially had three months to pay off our furniture starting August 8th. Fast forward to November 2020 when we thought we were making our last payment a WEEK EARLY, the finance company tried to tell us that our payment was a week late and that we owed $10,000. THEN we called back later to dispute it and they changed the story to say it was a DAY late and tried to say we owed $6,000. THEN I called back again and they changed the story to say that THAT day was the last day we could make the payment before it was late and that we just needed to pay the balance of $1500 left on the account, which was what we were going to pay anyway. The finance company essentially tried to scam us out of thousands of dollars. Our next problem has to do with the insurance. When we bought the furniture, our sales representative told us that the $250 five-year protection plan we bought would essentially cover any damage that occurred. He specifically mentioned pet damage as well as other types. In March 2021 my boyfriend and I moved to a new place and wanted to take our furniture. When we tried to move the storage bed frame out of our bedroom, the frame broke. So I called the store and we tried filing an insurance claim with them. I had to call them the next day because I never heard back, just for them to tell me I needed to file the claim online myself through Guardian. So I did it. I explained what happened in the claim and sent in pictures, just for Guardian to tell us it was not covered because the damage occurred while the product was being handled. I was furious and called them and they refused to cover it, so I requested a refund for my plan. As I read closer into what they ACTUALLY cover, its almost nothing. The only thing that is covered is if you accidentally fall on it and it breaks or something similar to that. I am not so much furious with the company about this as I am with being lied to by the American Freight salesman who said all of this would be covered. American freight is truly an awful place to buy furniture. Not only did we have to deal with the issues listed above, but the quality of the furniture is also very poor. The table we bought came with a chipped corner, the men who put it all together didn't put the dining room chairs together properly so they all wobble, our sectional pieces do not connect together properly, and overall the furniture is weak and cheap. I highly recommend going elsewhere for your furniture.

Excellent service and delivery

I been at Riviera Beach, Florida store and the guys were so kind and had patience with me until I made a decision. The store was clean, organized and all the employees had face masks. Later, the same day, the delivery guys bring me the recliner. They also were very nice and let clean the area where they worked.


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! I ordered a microwave to be delivered to me over 3 weeks ago. I then scheduled delivery on their website. After waiting two weeks I was informed they lost my shipment. Three days later the said they found it and scheduled another delivery. When the driver tried to deliver it was a washing machine NOT a microwave. Over a month later and I still don't have my purchase...

Still waiting on my refund

I bought a dishwasher online from them. My the web site said the item was in stock. My order was confirmed and the money taken from my account. The next day I received a email stating the item was not in stock even though my order was confirmed. I asked for a refund,of which I only received part of it. They didn't refund the delivery charge even though nothing was delivered. Its been a week I'm still waiting and no one will answer the phone

Warranty a waste of money

They do not go through on warranty, waste of $200. Now my only resort is a lawyer

Worse place ever

I bought a washer and dryer set and 2 days later I canceled because you don't do deliveries in my city. When I chose that option in the website don't say anything about it and now I am waiting 9 days after I canceled and my money is not refunded.

Poor Customer Service

Bought a refrigerator on March 14th of 2021 and by April 14 of 2021 it was not longer keeping things cold and I called the store and explained to the salesman what was going on and he ask if I bought a warranty and I told him no the the lady had told us it was covered for 90 days. The salesman then hung up on me. The good thing is that it has a 1 year warranty through the manufacture and they will be out to fix it. What ever you do go elsewhere they will rip you off big time they will lie to sell you something and then not stick to the agreement. Save yourself the headache and the money because in the long run you will end up paying for furniture twice.

Customer Service

I got phenomenal customer service from my sales associate John at the Livonia, Michigan outlet. John was very polite and caring about our selection. And he was very dilligent with his work. I give him a 10 in customer service.

Money Saving

My husband and I can't express how much Brandon was a life saver for us. We have been looking for recliners for awhile now. We came abound your store from a Google research. The store was nice and cool and very relaxing. I found a rocking chair that I really liked; Brandon showed me the same rocking chair, but in a loveseat and I was sold. Thank you Brandon Store #00171 for helping us and to save hundreds of dollars elsewhere.

Run-Around to Avoid Refund Should Be Criminal

An isolated incidence or global corporate practice?? In February we ordered and paid ($1,162.16) for a Maytag dryer “Like New- Out of the Carton” to be delivered and installed. When the installation specialist from K&S Solutions delivered the dryer, they deemed it defective due to significant damage to the drum: They then unhooked the dryer, considered leaving it but chose to haul it away, all while verbally assuring a full refund since we didn’t take procession of this Maytag dryer AND it didn’t work! The following day we contacted the Cerritos store to confirm the immediate refund and were informed it would be processed but could take 5-7 days for the funds to be returned to our account. No refund occurred the following week or even month. Following this, we tried numerous times to directly contact this store, but all our efforts were unsuccessful: We left messages, were put on extensive holds, hung up on, and told on two occasions that we’d be called back by the manager which never happened. This process of false promises and deceit appears to be routine practice for this specific store. We next contacted corporate customer service only again be told the refund was being processed and would take up to seven days for the funds to be returned to our banking account. On two more separate occasions, we contacted customer service and were informed the delay was in waiting for confirmation from the store (Cerritos #5632). Again, we were promised the refund was being processed AND each of these customer service representatives promised to speak to their manager then follow up with us personally to provide a status on our refund. For BOTH exchanges, such follow-up never occurred. More importantly, nearly four months later, our money has yet to be refunded. After our multiple attempts at resolution, we suspect this practice demonstrates a pattern of fraud used to insure the store’s sales numbers and profitability. The Cerritos store manager and employees have obviously been groomed to provide false promises with zero follow through to refund our money.

Worst company

I had never seen so bad company. They didn't have in store what they offering on website. They are trying to sell open box as new one.

This Team Is Awesome

I give this location 5stars a million times over. I live in Jacksonville Florida and was in search for a recliner for my father in Tallahassee. In the beginning I was worried that my purchase was going to be a flop, but Shack and Kendall assure that everything was going to be okay and they promise they were going to take really good care of my father. I made my purchase during closing hours and Shack advised he would call me the next morning. Early the next morning Shack called and Kendall delivered the recliner before 12noon. The deal was so awesome, my father called me in tears stating he love the recliner, the delivery guy was so helpful and he wouldnt wanted the transformation to happen any other way it did. Thank you gentlemen for a job well done.I will be purchasing again.

Sells bad products, will not accept retirns

I bought a refrigerator from American Freight and it didn't get cold enough. I gave it a few more days and on the fifth day after purchasing I called and asked if I could return it. They said no, all sales are final. I tried to explain that I paid for a working refrigerator, not a defective one. They said that I have to call the manufacturer for a warranty repair. They even refused to provide contact information for a regional or district manager. What a horrible policy! I suggest that you go to a more honest, reputable dealer for your appliance needs and save yourself a headache.

Do not go here

This company is a big joke. Your manager is the worse and I plan to go to the BBB about the products and protection plan that you are charging us for. We have a broken sofa and loveseat that is terrible, made our purchase in December, and both pieces were broken by February. We are charged for a protection plan but that means nothing. We made our claim and were told we had to wait to hear from the manufacturing company to see if they were covering it or if the protection will. It can take 60 to 90. So we have furniture we are paying $77 a week for that we cant use and protection that does nothing. I will be sent to every company I know. When this is paid off we will be closing our account with you. NO MATTER WHO IS COVERING IT THIS SHOULD ME MADE RIGHT IMMEDIATELY NOT MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS WAIT.

Very unprofessional

The St. Louis store one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I was told my purchase of a washer was to be delivered on 7/13/22. No-one called. I lost a day's pay waiting for a driver to phone no one called I had to call Your manager lied and told item was on the truck. It had never been picked up.I had to call again an the driver had left for the day.these workers are a reflection on your company. A very unhappy 1st time customer.

Awesome furniture and awesome people!!!

We looked around for a couch and recliner and then stumbled upon American Freight. We loved the selection and there was no pressure from the sales people as we shopped. Phillip and Shaun at the Calumet Trace Owensboro location were so helpful with helping us pick everything out. The prices were the best we found in 200 mile radius. Thanks for all your help, we will go here if we need anything else.

Lousy company

Do not purchase anything from this company, appliances are crap, delivery people damage your purchase and their financing is a joke, you will only get ripped off. Just go buy new stuff from a better company with honest good people and honest financing.

Paying triple what i was told!

I bought a couch back in October for $1260.00 and have been making payments for almost 6 months. I only owed 500$. Apparently since I didn't pay the couch off in 90 days I now owe $2,800.00 on a $1200.00 couch. Make that make sense. Why am I paying over $3000.00 for a tiny sectional that was advertised as $1260.00. I have bought a few things from here cash, and all was well but i will NEVER purchase another piece of furniture from this facility. I emailed American First Finance regarding the extra charges that I was completely unaware of and they told me that it was all fees. I AM SO CONFUSED!! How are the fees more than the couch itself. I also asked about how to return this property because I am not paying that much for a couch that is definitely not worth it and they told me that they do not take returns. How do i go about not paying another dime on this piece of furniture? Cancel my bank account? I am on the verge of dropping the couch at the front door of american freight because i REFUSE to pay that much when i could go to rooms to go and get a couch and two chairs for that same price, if not less.

Shoddy after care

Bought a sectional from them and was talked into a warranty.Well,just as they knew,i would have to use the warranty.I went to the store and they gave me a web site to file a claim and of course it did not work so i waited a while and called the store ,talked to someone about the problem and they gave me a number to call so i called the number,after waiting for 35 min. i was given another website and this one did not work .after you get so far on it ,it just stops working,so beware do not buy the warranty they try to sell you because the junk you buy is going to fall apart and they are going to do nothing about it.

Our Empty Uhaul American Freight Experience

American Freight Did Not Deliver This is us with an empty U-Haul after the worst customer service experience we have received in 30 years as a consumer and CEO. Another American Freight location referred us to the Lawrenceville, Georgia location because they did not have the king sized bed in stock and it was on the website. We called the store to personally confirm that the bed was available We called while in route to confirm delivery. The company called us to confirm the purchase and told us we had 3 days to pick it up. We rented the U-Haul and drove five hours one way only to find out that the bed was never in stock. The Resolution Process from the Onsite Manager is Unacceptable. After all we went through as a trusting consumer to do business with American Freight, their solution was to play the blame game. We asked for reimbursement for our expenses and the franchise owner never addressed it. We bought the bed to help my husband’s recovery. It was sad and disheartening to drive the five-hour trip back home with an empty U-Haul and have to start all over again. I would like to speak to the CEO of American Freight because I am sure he would agree that no customer should ever be treated like this. The Brazelton’s

I had a great shopping experience at the in Baton rouge louisiana

The sales manger Ms Latiesha at the Baton rouge store was very helpful and was very nice will shop there again

Furniture we had for 1 year

Norm and I moved into our condo approximately 1 year ago and we went to American Furniture and got a reclining sofa and 2 recliners. We also got the extended warrantee. Well, we had a breakdown of the recliner seat and 1 seat on the reclining sofa and we had the warranty service man come out. He stated that it is the breakdown of the muslin not foam they make them with that has broken down. He reported to the warranty service and they told us that it was from daily wear and tear...................LESS THAN 1 YEAR!! SO PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM AMERICAN FREIGHT FURNITURE ON SHERMAN BLVD. THERE PRODUCTS ARE NOT QUALITY AT ALL. 🤬 DO NOT GO HERE

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