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Lifekind Mattress Reviews

Lifekind makes a variety of organic latex mattresses and were one of the pioneers in the organic mattress and bedding space in the 1990s. They developed latex mattresses that are well received by customers who can afford them. The only complaint is that they are on the firmer side, so if you are a side sleeper or someone who is prone to pressure points, these mattresses may not be for you.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $1795-$4995

Trial Period: 90 Days Exchange

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Lifekind's Specifics

Lifekind is the maker of certified organic and all-natural latex mattresses. They offer a variety of mattress types to choose from that include coils or foam alone. Their prices are competitive against many all-latex companies, but there are some online brands that may have more affordable prices for the materials used.

Quality of Materials

Lifekind focuses on certified latex foams and has pursued some of the most rigorous certifications to ensure that their customers can trust their products. They have Greenguard, GOLS, and GOTS certifications for organic textiles, organic latex, and low chemicl emissions. What you are buying from Lifekind is safe products for you and your family. They have focused heavily on low toxicity.

However, low toxicity does not always mean better comfort. Latex foam can be very bouncy and firm, which is not always good when it comes to comfort. Some of the negative reviews about Lifekind generally are wishing that things are a bit more comfortable.

Mattress Types

Lifekind offers a variety of mattress types that focus on latex comfort layers. They offer all-latex, innerspring, and pocket coil mattresses for adults. We'll go through each of these lines in detail and discuss the pros and cons. Here are the details:

Latex Mattresses

Lifekind's latex mattress line features Greenguard and GOLS certified organic latex, which means that it won't offgas toxins into your home and is low emission long term. In this line, they have The Euro, The Euro Soft Top, and The Trio. While the Euro is designed to have a natural latex bouncy firmness, the Euro Soft Top and the Trio both are designed to help with pressure point pain and even support. That said, these mattresses are highly responsive because of the latex.

The pros: Variety of latex mattresses with firmness options.

The cons: Prices are higher than some online options.

Final Score: 8.8 / 10

Innerspring Mattresses

Lifekind also features some traditional innerspring mattress varieties that feature traditional innerspring designs with cotton and/or latex comfort layers. In this line, Lifekind offers The Traditional and The Combo mattress. The Traditional comes with interconnected bonnel spring support layer and generous layers of organic cotton with a cotton/wool quilted cover. The Combo is a flippable mattress that has the springs in the middle and layers of latex and cotton on either side. One side is firmer than the other! These mattresses get good reviews from customers overall.

The pros: Traditional innerpsring mattress options that are liked by customers.

The cons: Prices are higher than average for the materials used.

Final Score: 8.7 / 10

Pocket Coil Mattresses

The Lifekind pocket coil mattresses come with independently wrapped coils that react seemlessly to support your spine with layers of cotton and latex as the comfort layers above. The mattresses in this line include The Sorell and The Astar mattresses. Both mattresses come with a layer of latex and cotton above pocketed coils, but The Astar is also shipped in a box directly to customers. These mattresses are well liked by customers, though some complained about firmness.

The pros: Pocketed coil systems with latex for a reasonable pricepoint.

The cons: Some issues with customers on firmness.

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

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Best Mattress Ever

I switched from a Sleep Number to The Euro mattress and I only wish I had done it sooner. I haven't slept so good in years. I purchased the medium-firm and it is perfect. I am grateful to Lifekind and its excellent customer service. Thank you!

organic mattress

packaging damaged in shipping, so it sat in warehouse for a while. So far mattress seems OK

Great mattress

Purchased a Euro ten years ago. Beautiful mattress and shows no sign of wear or age. It is as wonderful now as when it arrived. Definitely is firm, with excellent support and stability. Those needing plushness may need to buy a mattress topper.

Great Sleep!

I've never slept better. Great feel.

Simply the Best!

My husband and I invested in the Lifekind Euro mattress in 2015. After almost 2 years, I am happy to report that this mattress is simply the best of all the conventional or natural mattresses that we have ever experienced. Thanks for being there, Lifekind!

Thank you

I am sleeping more soundly on my new firm mattress. I love it!

I love this bed!

I am so grateful that we got this mattress. I knew it was a risk to get it without seeing it or trying it first, but decided to go for it. We got the firm variety since I tend to prefer sleeping on firmer surfaces. It was way better than I expected it to be and I already had high hopes. It had absolutely no chemical odor, which is to be expected, but I was still very pleased to find this to be the case since most things you buy these days smell like chemicals. It also is ridiculously comfortable. I love it more than any bed I have ever had. Thanks Lifekind for making such a great bed.


So nice to sleep on a clean non-toxic mattress! And it's very comfortable as a bonus. Also love the fact that its environmentally friendly. The rubber trees are harvested sustainably and as I recently read in Mr. Bader's book, the animals who contribute wool are treated humanely. Kindness and compassion for the earth and fellow creatures who inhabit it provide us all with a healthy sustainable environment. Thank you Mr. Bader!

Not One Regret

Over the years, I have bought four of these mattresses: two twin XLs, one Queen and one Cal King. Obviously, they are great. We like firm mattresses and everyone who as laid on our beds comments on how great they feel. I sold all but the Queen and these have excellent resale value. I would buy another but Full XL is not available despite being the most logical mattress size possible (a full mattress is the length of a regular twin, Full XL is the length of a Queen, but America is more fat than tall).

Almost too comfortable!

I bought this mattress in medium-firm a couple of months ago to upgrade my son from toddler to big bed. Customer service was great, Naomi was very helpful. The mattress feels amazing, so much so that i now fall asleep with my son in his bed. Instead of sneaking out after ten minutes to get my chores done, i sleep for hours until I wake up and wander groggily to my own not-so-comfortable-anymore bed. My son loves his bed and sleeps so well.

Great mattress

This is our 2nd Organic Rubber Latex Mattress. We bought a King for us 10 years ago and love it so much that we just bought another one for our kids. Most comfortable and mattress we've ever slept in, not to mention it's chemical & pesticide free. :-)

Great mattress!

Slept on this mattress for over 7 yrs and still loving it! We bought the firm option because I had bad back problems form our old mattress. This one has amazing support although sometimes I wish half of it was softer... Overall I'm very pleased with it and would recommend to family.


Switched from a traditional mattress to this incredible organic product, which I got in FIRM, and I have never slept better in my life. I also love that I am supporting an US company. Keep doing what you are doing! As a loyal customer and huge fan for 15 years, I am satisfied with not only all the wonderful items I have purchased and enjoyed over the years, but am especially impressed with your outstanding customer service. Thank you, Lifekind! And thank you, Naomi! G.G.

Thank you for such a high quality product

It's been three years since I purchased my Lifekind bed and I still couldn't be happier with it! I absolutely love the rest and comfort it provides as well as the organic/cruelty free philosophy behind its creation. Truly one of the best purchases I've ever made. Thank you for such a high quality product. I've chosen to purchase another pillow from you and am confident I will be just as satisfied.

Love it!

We purchased one of these in 2013 because I was pregnant at the time and sleeping with my 6'2" tall husband on my old queen sized mattress (15 plus years old) was not cutting it. After talking with Sylvia (who has since helped us with other purchases, including two Shastas for our toddler/guest room as well as an additional Euro for my parents -- they tried ours and were converted!) we purchased the firm option and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our kingsized bed! It was fabulous to have during the ups and downs of pregnancy, and now that I'm no longer pregnant, we STILL love our bed. My husband no longer sleeps with his feet hanging over the edge and we don't sink into a pit in the center of the mattress like we did on our old one. It's so nice to wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed and healthy instead of stuffy, sore and tired.

Extreme satisfaction

Extreme satisfaction... to the point that I tell my bed how much I love it when I awaken in the morning. It's the most refreshing sleep I've ever experienced. Had I known there was a difference, I'd have made this investment long ago. I have recommended you repeatedly, handing out your catalogues to others interested in Lifekind products. Excellent quality and customer service. The products are in a class of their own. I researched most of the other organic mattress manufacturers, and there really was no comparison once I looked at all of the factors.

lifelong customer

We purchased our mattress and wood slat foundation, together with our furniture, several years ago. Our bed is the BEST we've ever had and provides an amazing night's sleep. We wake up every day refreshed and alert. This has never been the case with beds we've owned in the past. The fact that our mattress and foundation was made at the only organic mattress eco-factory in North America is also extremely important to us. Finally, the assistance we received from our product specialist was invaluable. It is difficult to make such an important purchase without actually seeing the product, but the process was seamless thanks to our product specialist. I enjoy all our Lifekind products, including the dish towels, bath towels and washcloths. They are so soft and last forever. I've had friends comment on how pretty they are. Thanks, Lifekind. I'm definitely a lifelong customer!

I am not breathing in toxic fumes as I sleep

LOVE the mattresses (two so far). They have really eased my back woes. I love that I am not breathing in toxic fumes as I sleep. I chose you because of your sincere commitment to quality from beginning to end of the entire manufacturing and delivery process.

Most comfortable mattresses on the planet

Hands down, the most comfortable mattresses on the planet. The people at Lifekind went way above the call of duty helping me decide which mattress to purchase. They are professional, helpful, and patient.

I'm the King of Dreamland!

I've had my mattress for a week now. It arrived earlier than I expected (Thanks!) It's been so nice not waking up inside a deflated air bed feeling like a human taco. Instead of having to pump it up before bedtime and during the night, I just sleep until morning now. What a concept. When I first realized that only an idiot sleeps this way, I went to my local natural bed store. The first time I went in there, they tried to sell me pillows and blankets and were really scattered in explaining my options for beds. I left my head spinning. I decided to give them one more chance, so a few days later I went back and the service was even worse. After researching different companies from a Google search, Lifekind stood out. I'm very confident now that I'm actually sleeping on the mattress that I made the best choice. Thank you for being so kind and quick when I started emailing you questions during my research phase. Every single part of the process was smooth. And your personal thank you note was a classy touch and made me laugh. I'm not taking a good night's sleep for granted anymore. I'm the King of Dreamland!


We scoured the internet to find the perfect organic mattress and have looked into so many different companies. It was a tough decision to buy an expensive mattress without seeing it first and we are SO GLAD we decided on this one! Lifekind is an amazing company and the customer service is phenomenal. We have been sleeping so well and LOVE our new mattress.

Great bed

We own three of these for our children. We bought our first one about 4 years ago and have been very happy with all of them. They are super comfortable to sleep on when we sleep with our children and I love the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are sleeping on mattresses free from from toxic chemicals! Well worth the price.

Amazing Bed!

We have had our Euro now for about 6 months. We ordered a box spring and a bed frame as well. We are absolutely in love with this bed. I have never slept so well! We are organic in everything else, and finally took the plunge to an organic bed and couldn't be happier. The sales rep was very helpful choosing our bed and everything arrived well packed and clean.

Love my bed

This is the best bed I have ever owned. A few days ago I was faced with the option of spending the night in a hotel or driving for an hour and a half (with traffic it was about 2 hours), I drove home, knowing I would sleep well in my Lifekind bed : )

Wool pillowtop skipped sanitization process terrible smell

I opened the box with the Lifekind King Wool Pillowtop and it smelled like manure. I thought maybe it was the packaging and put it on my new organic King mattress that did not have any smell. The manure smell got worse and my eyes and throat burned. My husband also had an adverse reaction as did our three year old who said "yuck" when she sat on the bed. I hung the pillowtop outside in the sun in the hopes the smell would go away and again we had the same adverse reactions. We've had to sleep in our guest room since JUNE. Lifekind took the pillowtop back and upon inspection deemed that it had skipped a sanitization process. Our bedroom still smells like manure and even after having all of my bedding professionally laundered the smell still lingers. Lifekind asked me what I would like to do and when I asked them to remediate the damage caused by the defective pillowtop they said no to my request. They didn't offer anything to help mitigate a problem Lifekind caused. I now have to buy a new mattress, duvet and pillows and they aren't taking any responsibility. Absolutely do not buy anything from this company. It's appalling how I have been treated.

Mattress Topper Smelled like Barnyard, AWFUL

I have been buying products from Lifekind for 20 years. I have bought several mattress wool toppers and loved them. This one smelled like a barnyard and won't outgas. It made my eyes burn, gave my son a rash when he came and laid on it. I washed my sheets in hot water twice and the smell remains. It is in my very expensive Lifekind Mattress now as well. When I wrote, I was told to air the topper, even though I had. They have had this experience before based on another customer who wrote the exact same review (and whose room still smells like manure). I will never do business with them again. They are taking back the topper but will not replace the mattress that their topper contaminated. There are so many great organic mattress companies out there. Go find any other one than Lifekind and OMI. Sad what they've become.

Non-existent Customer Support

Customer service is very responsive and helpful when you are in the process of placing your order. After that, you are left on your own to deal with the rest of the shipping and delivery process. There is an absolute lack of coordination between Lifekind and their third-party shipper, and customer service provides zero assistance in dealing with the numerous shipping and delivery problems. The hassle of dealing with all of these issues is not worth any amount of comfort provided by the mattress and is certainly worth the expense of this mattress.

Worst customer service and inconsistent mattress firmness

1. Customer service doesn’t help with shipping once an order is placed. 2. The medium firm Euro I purchased 4 years ago was too firm so I bought a topper to correct. The medium firm Euro I just punched was much too soft. No help from Lifekind.

Organic Wool Topper Pillowtop

Generally, I have loved all the products I have gotten from Lifekind, with one HUGE exception of this product. So, this wool product is NOT washed or treated any other way, except from farm to some sort of OXYGEN treatment and then off to customer. Knowing wool mattresses intimately and having made them myself in the old fashioned way from generation to generation within my family, I expected the Best of the products. When I got the pillowtop, it was stinking pretty bad; but, I wanted it so badly, I just left it open thinking the stink would go away. A whole month passed and it didn't go away, I called customer care. All credit to the gal I spoke with, she DID suggest for me to return it; however, she also insisted that it IS a very top quality product and hopefully the stink will go away, she did mention that if I want to they will take it back at that time, but I really badly wanted it to work, so I said it's okay I'm going to give it a shot. Now, over 6 months and moving it from the top layer, then under my own existing pillowtop, I just took it out and put it in my living room, not knowing what to do with this over $600 product... Anyway, just want to let you know that I've been very very happy until I got very very scared with this Wool product, unfortunately I am a Wool fan, but this particular product just didn't cut it. Honestly, now I don't know what to do with it... And I know I can no longer return it because at this point it is used... I am wondering if I take the wool out of it and treat it as I think it should be treated: washing, drying, beating and repeating a few times of this under the sun until the smell is totally gone? I had asked that darling girl who helped me, if I should put it under the sun, she said, "no, it will smell even worse, it's just a farm smell," So, I'm wondering if I go through all that watching, drying, etc... routine, and if it smells similar or the same, the I've just wasted so much time and effort... is there any other suggestion, i wonder?

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