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Levin Mattress Reviews

Levin Furniture is a chain of furniture and mattress stores in the Ohio and Pennsylvania areas. In addition to their larger furniture stores, they also have mattress specific stores across the region too. Overall, they sell name-brand mattresses including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Serta products. Customers describe Levin Mattress as providing decent customer service, but there are some complaints about the mattresses and return policy.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $198-$4349

Trial Period: No Returns

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Levin's Specifics

Levin has been selling furniture and mattresses since 1920. In terms of mattresses specifically, they provide a variety of name-brand mattresses in their furniture stores, mattress stores, and online.

What does that mean about their selection? Their selection is limited to Tempur-Pedic, Serta, and Sealy brand names. This is a small selection of mattresses versus what's available.

As with other mattress retailers, there is a hidden truth about their selection:

These mattresses may offer less value for the price than alternatives.

This is because, Levin Mattress has to mark the product up to showcase it in their store, pay salespeople commissions, and still make a profit. This means that these mattresses may not hold the same value as those that are bought directly from the mattress brand.

What you are buying is personalized experience and retail convenience.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

Levin Mattress offers name-brand mattresses from brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Serta. We'll go through each of these options so that you can narrow down your selection before entering the store or buying online.

So here they are...

#1 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is the creator of the original memory foam mattress. Over the years, they have developed mattresses beyond just memory foam options. They have a variety of options that feature pocketed coils, cooling gel, and other innovative materials. Overall, customers really like their Tempur-Pedic products, but they are much more expensive than comparable products online.

The pros: Higher end mattress options featuring high grade memory foams.

The cons: Pricepoints and price value for the materials used.

Price Range: $699-$4349

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Online Only: Check Best Deals

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#2 Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is a luxury mattress brand that has been around since the 1800s. They make high-end traditional innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses. They offer a variety of firmness options (including desirable pillow top varieties) and get high marks from customers for initial comfort. However, there are reports of durability issues for these mattresses. When taken with the pricepoint, the issues reported about sagging may be too much for some customers.

The pros: Luxury mattresses with a legacy of high-end comfort. Pillow top options.

The cons: Some customers report issues with durability over a short period.

Price Range: Varies Per Location

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#3 Sealy

Sealy has a variety of mattresses ranging from the low budget to the mid pricepoint. They are known for their Posturepedic line that offers zoned support to cradle the spine while keeping the shoulders and hips relieved of pressure points. These mattresses get a range of commentary from customers with some loving the initial comfort. There are some concerns about durability, however. Some had issues with the mattresses keeping their shape long term.

The pros: A variety of pricepoints, firmnesses, and designs available with spinal alignment as the focus.

The cons: There are reports of sagging over short periods for some customers.

Price Range: $198-$2499

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#4 Serta

Serta is another company that focuses on spinal alignment and initial comfort. Their iComfort and Perfect Sleeper lines offer multiple firmness options and both memory foam and traditional coil options. These mattresses get good reception from customers initially overall. However, there are durability problems that are reported by some customers over a short period.

The pros: Range of designs that fit mid-range budgets. Good initial comfort overall.

The cons: Issues with durability reported over a short horizon.

Price Range: $599-$2849

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#5 Grand Legacy

Grand Legacy® is a Levin specific mattress, brought to you by White Dove mattress, that offers higher end mattress materials for a competitive price. Their designs are traditional innerspring, featuring pocketed coils and foams. These mattresses have many reports from customers of durability problems, though there were others that found initial comfort.

The pros: Multiple innerspring options with various firmness options.

The cons: Many reports of issues with design and durability.

Price Range: Varies Per Location

Final Score: 7 / 10

Levin Mattress Alternatives

This may be the best time to purchase a mattress ever. Over the past 5 years, hundreds of mattress brands have come to market to sell their products directly to customers online. This has been a huge disruption in the mattress space. What this means:

There are better products for lower prices if you know where to look.

You can get the best value for the materials by buying directly from the mattress brand online, and new brands are discounting their products to compete with name-brand powerhouses. If you are willing to spend a little extra time learning about online offerings and what fits for your body, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and get a better sleep.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than dealing with a mattress retailer, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Browse Levin Customer Reviews

We went into Levin...

We went into Levin (where we have furnished our entire house from) and was CONNED into buying this disgraceful piece of padded board made by Grand Legacy. To be exact it is the Restore by Grand Legacy. At the time of the purchase we tested every bed in Levin and this one felt great in the store. It was supposed to be a 4/5 on the plush scale.

Ha ha what a joke. This bed is the hardest most uncomfortable bed I have ever slept on and what really *** me off that while shopping we specified to the salesman that plush is what we wanted. The softer the better. To top it all off we were sold on the fact that Levin has never let us down so we wanted to show loyalty to the company when I found a better set at a competitor for a better price.

I was greeted kindly...

I was greeted kindly by April, we are searching for a new matress from different stores and this store by far had the best, most knowledgable, sales Rep. April was so patient and kind with us, she seems very honest, I just loved our experience. I would highly recommend this store far and above any other.

Buying a mattress from here...

Buying a mattress from here has been nothing but problems. I was sent the wrong matress for one. After i found out they sent me the wrong one i went back to the store and found out it was a display i never tried out. The lady working their kept saying she was new and didn't know anything. I would have been fine with paying the $99 restock fee they tell you about there but what they dont tell you is there is a $79 delivery fee and the cost difference between the beds needs to be paid upfront. Funny how a $99 restock turned into $700. When i called customer service i was told i cam return it and have the $99 waived but the store says the oppisite. My best advise woild be to not go to this store or any Levin.

Mattress shopping is not super enjoyable

Mattress shopping is not super enjoyable. At least not for me. There's too many options and its slightly overwhelming, but I left my most recent visit to Levin Mattress feeling really confident about my purchase. After stopping in specifically to purchase a new bed to accommodate an injury, we were warmly greeted by their staff. The in-store Sleep Specialist, April, knows what she's talking about. I was so surprised at how knowledgeable she was about the sciences and technology behind each bed, which proved to be more complex that I thought! April took all the mystery out of the process, and made a typically stressful experience very easy. Almost immediately, she was able to assess my needs quickly and steer me in the right direction. I can't say enough about how intelligently she spoke to technologies on the beds that would help my injury. She was very patient with us and gave us an exceptionally fair price on a new set. To top it all off, she's just a really warm and engaging person, which made the experience even nicer! In a mattress world of sometimes pushy salespeople, ambiguity and too many options, Levin Mattress in Solon makes it easy. I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience, and am already sending my family to return to upgrade their beds!

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. The manager Darlene sold us our mattress when the delivery came only a box spring was shipped. We contacted the Darlene and she told us she was waiting for customer service to call back the delivery driver had already told us customer service was closed. She went ahead and left for the day making her sales person deal with the issue and all he could do is say he could reschedule the soonest would be possibly 3 days out. We were then told we were the third Person who had issues today we told him we would be in Sunday for a refund and he said he would not be able to because we gave cash. Well we will be going to the main Levin's store hopefully they can help. Levin's Oakwood was unhappy to hear of our troubles offered a gift card but really just was upset how Darlene handled the situation. They took care of the refund thank you for not giving us a hard time. Mattress Warehouse met the price on an upgraded mattress to get our business.

Chuck helped us find the correct mattress

Chuck helped us find the correct mattress to cure our back problems. It was actually the less expensive mattress, but it was the correct one. We also bought a protector cover and new pillows (which were a great deal). I highly recommend Levin Mattress in Mayfield.

Frighteningly rude

Frighteningly rude. After a long search I made a selection and agreed to buy, but when the salesman started nickel-and-diming me on the sale price I was forced to walk.

Not a happy customer at the moment

Not a happy customer at the moment. I feel that we are being punished because we bought a mattress on a sale. Let me explain... We bought a serta icomfort mattress that after a year of use is defective. You came and inspected the mattress and determined it was defective. But you wont honor the sale you were having at the time of purchase and because we couldn't wait for you to have another sale again because you gave only a 30 day window to select a new mattress our options were. A. pick a mattress based on price and of lesser quality(the store manager said it was a comparable mattress and it in no way is comparable after further research or B. Spend 500-1000 more to get a comparable mattress because you sold us a defective one. We feel punished by you and warranty. And we are now stuck with a mattress that we cant get a good nights sleep on..

My boyfriend and I recently stopped in here

My boyfriend and I recently stopped in here for a mattress fitting and could not have had a more pleasant experience! The salesperson (Dan was his name I believe) took the time to understand what our needs were and did a wonderful job explaining the technical differences between each mattress we tried. This is a process I can imagine being rather awkward, but it ended up being a painless and even fun experience. We left having found just the right mattress and wanting the epic pillows we laid on as well! I'd gladly go back to another Levin location for more furniture shopping if the customer service and the overall vibe is always this great. P.S. The location also has its own parking lot, which is a huge plus in Shadyside.

This store is, without a doubt, the nicest mattress store

This store is, without a doubt, the nicest mattress store I have ever seen. I find that mattress stores are usually stark, dismal places that I can't wait to leave. Not this one! I'd describe it as a very tastefully decorated, warm, and relaxing place to shop for beds and bedroom furniture. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I was in no hurry to leave. When I did leave it was with a fantastic bed. I got a Grand Legacy Ultimate Plus King set. I could not be happier. This bed is incredibly comfortable and supports every curve. I don't feel any pressure on my back and shoulders on this bed. It truly is plush to the body and to the eye - it's too pretty to cover with sheets! This is the best bed I've ever slept on. I highly recommend the Grand Legacy Ultimate Plus and I highly recommend Levin Mattress in Shady Side.

Came in needing a mattress...

Came in needing a mattress for college that wasn't too expensive. The two gentlemen were very kind and knowledgable about their products! Regardless of just needing a bed they asked about how I sleep and I ended up buying a pillow which is AMAZING! I have slept so well and would recommend coming to this location!

Incredible sales!

Incredible sales! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They make sure you get exactly what you want for the best price possible! The go-to matress store!

I went to two mattress stores

I went to two mattress stores and this was by far the best. With the other stars all being 5 on here I assumed that they were maybe made up reviews. Nope. The place is great. The sales were amazing as well (0% interest).

I hate going into mattress stores

I hate going into mattress stores because everything is always way more expensive than I think it's going to be and way more expensive than I can afford. Thus, I have been looking for a new bed for about a year. I tried everything, from Craigslist to Ikea to discount mattress stores. After having several bad experiences, I went to Levin. What a difference! After describing what kind of mattress I was looking for, Mike was able to guess within 3 tries which bed I would like in the store. He was exactly right! He is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the Grand Legacy line. And I can see why. It's arguably the most comfortable bed I've ever tried. But equally important, he really empathized with the negative experiences that I've had in the past and tried to help me make the right choice. He never tried to sell me 'extras' and I never felt taken advantage of. Overall it was a great experience. I highly recommend this store to all of my friends. And if for some reason I have to buy a bed sometime in the next 30 years, I will definitely be heading back to Levin.

Just had a great experience...

Just had a great experience buying out new mattress here. We started at Levin, shopped around at the other stores and the area, and came right back. A real triple threat: friendly, knowledgeable service, great selection, and very competitive pricing. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only game in town when it comes to a new mattress.

My wife and I recently shopped...

My wife and I recently shopped for a new box spring set for our king bed. We went to the Levin Mattress Store here in Monroeville, Pa for the purchase. Undecided on which to purchase we spent approximately an hour in the store looking for a new mattress and box spring set. The sales person was very knowledgeable and spent the time as we looked at at least six different sets, taking our time to lay on them feel the support. We finally settled on a Sealy mattress and box sp...ring suggested by our sales person, Ken Wiltrout. I must admit that our experience was informative and gratifying. We are very happy with the purchase and the wonderful sleep we have received since the purchase. The delivery was on time with set up and removal of our old mattress without problems. Levins is the place to shop if you are looking for a new mattress and box spring set, I recommend that you shop at the Monroeville Levin's Mattress store to make your purchase from Ken Wiltrout, you will not be dissatisfied I assure you.

I recently purchased a mattress...

I recently purchased a mattress and box spring from Levin Mattress in Monroeville. Had a great experience with the sales person , she was very helpful and courteous. I will enjoy my sleeping again.

Never buying from SHITTY LEVIN FURNITURE...

Never buying from SHITTY LEVIN FURNITURE again. After having spent several thousands of dollars on two of their top of the line mattress sets, a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and a Flex-steel recliner the manager at the Pleasant Hills location basically told me to go fuc* myself. Less than 9 months after purchasing a Flex-steel recliner that goes for $1500.00 the side wing on its back fell off Tuesday night and hanging on by the fabric. This surprised me because I was always under the impression that Flex-steel was made to be heavy duty and well made. I was even more disgusted when I started looking under the fabric to discover that the side wing of the chair back was attached only with 2 staples and minimal glue as you can see in the pictures. Their refusal to make this right should not be a surprise since after I bought the living room set in 2014 they had to come to the house to repair a cross support in the ottoman not one but twice, a week after it was delivered and then again 2 months later. The third time it broke they wouldn't repair it as it was after a year from the purchase date. I had to take the bottom off and fix it myself the third time and I actually used screws to secure the support board instead of glue and a staple. You can also see in the photos that the stitching on the back of the loveseat is off center by about 2 inches from the center of the seat backs. Normally not a big deal if your furniture is against the wall but it is noticeable if it's in the middle of the floor like mine. So far the mattresses haven't failed me but I've learned my lesson. Back in 90s SHITTY LEVIN FURNITURE used to carry high end brands like Hooker, Henredon, Bernhardt and Lexington but I notice they no longer do. From now on I'll pay more and shop at Thomasville, Ethan Allen or La Z Boy. But at least it will be quality furniture that will last more than 9 months. You have been warned.

I was in need of a new bed...

I was in need of a new bed, so my first stop was at the Levin store in Robinson. I walked in and was greeted by Daria M. Testing all of the beds can be a bit overwhelming, but she was extremely patient with me, which I really appreciated! Besides being just an overall nice person to work with, she is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the products/inventory. I have chronic low back pain and am used to tossing and turning a lot at night. After testing a few beds and discussing the differences with her, I finally settled on a new mattress. I LOVE my new mattress and sleep so much better! I also ended up getting a mattress pad and pillows from Levin. The cool touch mattress pad is amazing, especially in the summer- I seriously can't thank her enough for recommending it! Also, the pillows are some of the best I've ever had. Long story short, I would definitely recommend this store and would seek out Daria to help again. I'll be needing new furniture within the next year and I'll for sure be visiting Daria again to help.

They truly don't deserve...

They truly don't deserve the one star at this point. When we first shopped with Levin, I would say the customer service was very awesome. My husband and I was in the process of building a new home we bought a bedroom suit, mattress and a couch with them. We spent over 6k with this place that'w how they made us feel. But the issue started after we started noticing our couch sink. I still had all of my paperwork and I decided to call Levin to see if anything could be done. We purchased this couch in May and this starting happening in November/December and we didn't receive the couch until mid July. Someone came out in December took photos and agreed that the cushions where sinking. The order took about 4-6 weeks and I explained that we both where on different shifts and it was an issue with them not documenting this info and the technician times didn't work with ours so we waited another 4 weeks or so before we could schedule a time to come out. Finally received the parts and they where yet again incorrect. Basically today I found out that the part was still incorrect and long story short I called the parts and repair department spoke with Heather then the person over the department Laura last name starts with a Z. She basically told me that from the photos they are looking at the manufacture wouldn't consider my couch as a defect and as a courtesy they have been ordering the pieces for me but it's not as bad as I am making it out to be. For one that's nothing to tell a customer, she was very unprofessional she acted as if I was asking for a new couch and was only asking for this to be fixed. She made me feel as if my issues with my couch was not important to Levine and as if I should be grateful that they are fixing this. I will NEVER spend another penny with this place so help me!! They sale you your things and afterwards you are just another customer!!! I am a very nice person until you make me feel less than or like my issues aren't your concerns. This store is horrible when it comes to repairs or warranties! She also told me that i could reach out the manufacture but they would referrer me back to them , so she was giving me the information knowing that they would not do anything for me! People should really put their selves in other people's shoes, I have family visiting from out of town with this unacceptable couch! Lesson Learned!! Thank you Levin..........very disappointed in the quality of furniture purchased and had someone told me this was not good quality I wouldn't have purchased. Keep in mind this was the second couch purchase the first one just wouldn't fit into our new home, so I stayed with Levin instead of taking my money else where and now I regret that decision. BUYERS PLEASE BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE PURCHASING....... YOU ARE MADE TO FEEL LIKE THEY ARE DOING YOU A FAVOR...... WE ONLY HAD THIS SOFA FOR BARLEY A YEAR NOW AND IT LOOKS LIKE ITS 6 YEARS OLD NOT BRAND NEW ITS VERY EMBARRASSING!! I KNOW MY YEAR IS RUNNING OUT AND AFTER THAT THEY ARE GOING TO REFUSE TO FIX THE ISSUE AND THEN THEY TELL YOU THAT THE MANUFACTURE WILL TELL YOU THE SAME SO THEY DISCOURAGE YOU FROM CONTACTING THEM. BUT THIS IS A PRODUCT THAT YOU SOLD AND CLEARLY NOT STANDING BEHIND IT!! THEY MAKE IT KNOWN THAT THEY AREN'T GOING TO GIVE YOU A NEW SOFA THEY ARE DOING YOU A COURTESY BY FIXING THE CHORALS IN THE SOFA ETC. Also I read the same reviews regarding other people sofas which is very sad that people are done this way after spending their hard earned money.

Do not purchase mattress...

Do not purchase mattress or box springs from levins the do no stand behind there products Purchase to or the line Stern's and foster set and after 1 1/2 years is junk paying 2k for the set they will not do anything to help with our purchase Even after sending a rep to see how bad the set is and he agreed it needed replaced Bottom line Robert Levin is after you money but will not stand behind what he sells Beware he has more money than any one person needs and will stick it up you but just to prove he can

If you're lookin' for something cheaper...

The Gist - If you're lookin' for something cheaper than Ethan Allen but better than Ikea and not intersted in putting it together yourself. The Store - * Lots & lots of options & styles to fill 2 levels; like how each little area/furniture set gives you good ideas on interior design * Choice of self pick-up or $89 delivery charge * Also has mattresses on 2nd floor * The Purchase - BF was lookin' for a dresser/media center to put the TV on. So basically needs drawers and high enuf so could comfortably watch TV from. Got a good deal for media center w/ drawers & night stand. Tip: * Currently have a deal going on… * If you go to this location ask for Janice Cheovin she was real nice & if you know what you want, just tell her and she doesn't try to sell you x-tras you don't need. Straight up & honest..

My mother purchase a mattress...

My mother purchase a mattress approximately 5 months ago. When she received the mattress, it was not the mattress she was told by the sales person at the store in WASHINGTON PA. She contacted Levin to complain the mattress she received was not what was purchase. So an old bare and switch happened . Levin sent a man out to her house with a plum bob to see how much the mattress collapsing. They said it was only an 1/2 and did not qualify. SO IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A MATTRESS OR FURNATURE DO NOT GO TO LEVIN. POOR QUALTY AND THE BAIT AND SWITCH WILL HAPPEN AGAIN .....

Bought a recliner and mattress...

Bought a recliner and mattress from Levins in Greensburg. Have dealt with them before and always am very pleased with quality and service. Recliner had a mark on foot rest and they replaced entire foot rest as well as seat as it was connected. Mattress is great quality as well as a great price. Delivery was quick and on time. Jim in the store is by far the best and most knowledgeable salesman I have ever dealt with and goes above and beyond to be fair and helpful with any and all questions.

I purchased a King Size Tempur-pedic...

I purchased a King Size Tempur-pedic mattress and adjustable base from this Store for around $6K total. During the delivery, the delivery men were negligent and caused multiple scratches on my new hardwood floors all across the living room where they carried the furniture to the stairwell. I reported immediately to the Levin Furniture Delivery department, who handed it over to their insurance company. After sending multiple rounds of photos of damage and a repair quote, the delivery men were not responding for a statement for the insurance company. I had to follow up for over a month and they still did not respond. Finally, over one month later, the delivery men denied causing damage, and Levin denied paying my claim. So after spending $6K at their store, they caused nearly $6K in damage to the hardwood floors given the scratches and dents were beyond repair and needed to replace the floors. These are engineered floating floors so specific panels cannot be replaced and the floor cannot be refinished. Do not purchase from them as they will not accept responsibility for damage they caused!

Got a kick out of reading that people...

Got a kick out of reading that people get all their furnishings at Levin, and now I see and know why. Levin has beautiful quality furniture and decorative items. The sales people we noticed, and our sales person, Maureen, were kind, knowledgeable and low pressure. She let us take our time. We were mattress shopping. Three of us were laying on them trying out the firm/softness. She got us a pillow, and explained the different name brands. Then Hubby found a sofa that he wanted, tho we didn't need a new sofa. We then left, had dinner, then returned! Getting the Black Friday sale (that was all weekend), coupon, free delivery, and warranty information, the price was right! Note: if you don't use the extra warranty you purchased, when it expires, you get that money back on a gift card. A win-win. Save your shopping for a holiday sale at Levin.

I walked in and was able to head all the way...

I walked in and was able to head all the way to the back of the building to the mattresses, and lay on a mattress for 15 minutes, then walk to the front and leave without anyone ask me if I needed help. I'll go elsewhere and buy a mattress.

My husband and I went to Levin to buy a mattress

My husband and I went to Levin to buy a mattress. I was not looking forward to being followed by a sales person. But Bruce greeted us and showed us where the mattresses were. I mentioned what mattress we had and what we wanted and he suggested we try a certain mattress and it was extremely comfortable. We continued to try others and Bruce gave us info about each one. He was very knowledgeable. We ended up buying the first one we tried. It felt like Bruce somehow knew which we would be most comfortable on and he was right. It was a very pleasant experience.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. Bought a mattress and box spring there. I specifically asked the salesman if they would take my old box spring and mattress when they delivered the new ones..he assured me they would. The delivery guys refused to take the box spring is difficult to maneuver and that is why I asked. The delivery was not nice in the least bit and here I am with a box spring which I have no idea how to get out of my house. I called Levin twice and they said Linda the manager would call me back..she never did. The people working at Levin have no idea what customer service is about.....I had a problem with Levin a few years back and thought I would give them another chance..big mistake on my part.....I strongly suggest purchasing furniture elsewhere....

Terrible Horrible Mattress

We bought a Grand Legecy Mattress. The mattress sags badly after 2 years I weigh 115lbs. It is nothing but foam nothing more.

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