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Level Restore Pillow Reviews

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The Level Restore™ pillow is a highly rated foam pillow with some innovative features. It was developed to reduce snoring and in clinical trials by Stanford University, the pillow successfully helped reduce snoring by 78%. Some of the nice features include beathable ear wells, adjustable neck support, and ergonomic cushioning.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Material Quality: 9.8/10

Comfort: 9.8/10

Support: 9.8/10

Cooling: 9.6/10

Odor: 9.7/10

Price: $149

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Level Restore Pillow Details

The Level Restore™ pillow is made for those that need extra support for back or side sleeping, which also fits well into the audience that would love the Level mattress. Developed with folks that have problems snoring, in Stanford University clinical trials, it helped reduce snoring by 78%.

What's Inside the Pillow?

The Level Restore pillow is made of polyurethane foam. It comes with three adjustable heights by removing one or two of the inserts in the center support area. There are ear wells that are indented so there is less pressure on your ears while side sleeping.

The Outside of the Pillow

There is a breathable stretch cover made of 'Recoveree' technology. It is more breathable so it facilitates cooling. The ear canals also provide a surprising amount of airflow, which means that you won't have trouble looking for the cool side of the pillow.


The Restore Pillow comes with three adjustable inserts. This means that you can adjust it from a higher, fluffier version to a flatter one with ease. This is something that is very uncommon and cutting-edge for solid state pillows. This feature enables you to get the kind of support that you need without having to compromise if you change sleeping positions over time.

Who Is The Level Restore Pillow Best For?

The Level Restore Pillow is great for those that have snoring problems or are side and back sleepers. As one of the most innovative all-foam style pillows, we think the innovative features are essential for anyone that desires that kind of design and wants a more restful sleep.

Browse Level Restore Pillow Customer Reviews

level sleep pillow - Anne W.

I have only had this pillow for a couple of days, but so far it has been very comfortable and supportive. I have been sleeping better too.

Still snoring - Joseph B.

I bought the pillow to help stop that but it has had no impact

Absolutely great! - Elaine M.

Absolutely great!

Love the pillow. Has cured - Matt H.

Love the pillow. Has cured my snoring completely.

level sleep pillow - David L.

I have not been able to use a commercial pillow for at least 5 years due to neck issues and the pillow not allowing my head to fall back far enough when laying on my back. Now with this pillow from level sleep, at its lowest adjustment, I can sleep comfortably without cocking my head forward and do not wake with a stiff neck.

Love this pillow - Shauna N.

I have whiplash in my neck from a car accident 10 years ago. I have had a terrible time finding the right pillow so I don’t wake up with headaches and neck pain. I have probably tried 25 different pillows in the last 5 years. I have slept on this pillow for 6 nights and I don't want to speak too soon but I am in LOVE with this pillow. Not only have I woken up pain-free but I never knew how lovely it would be to side-sleep without having my ears crushed into the pillow. I love the ear cut-outs, that is genius. I love how customizable this pillow is, which makes it perfect for anyone. I highly recommend if you have neck, shoulder pain!!!!

Sounded too good to be true, but..... - Linda T.

After a client requested a pillow to help cure snoring, my online research led me to your website. After only three nights, my client called and said he was "recommending me for sainthood," and requested that I order two more pillows. Thank you for your amazing pillow and for making me look like a rock star.

Improved sleep and decreased neck pain - Salena S.

I used to wake up with neck, back and shoulders pain. The pillow has really helped with this. It takes a little while to get used to sleeping on it, but I wake up with less pain. The only thing I wish they did was provide more information on how to best adjust it to fit you personally. Otherwise I am very happy so far.

Level Sleep Pillow - Christopher T.

I’m a side sleeper with large shoulders & this pillow allows me to sleep in the proper position so I don’t wake up with soreness for a good night sleep!

Extremely Happy! - Richard K.

I have not snored since I purchased the pillow which makes my wife extremely happy!

So far, I give it - Lennox W.

So far, I give it 5 stars. I have had very little trouble using my C-Pap while sleeping with this pillow, and also no neck pain upon waking up.

I was skeptical but not anymore! - Jennifer K.

So I snore or should say, I used to snore! At first I thought that the claims about this pillow were too good to be true but I was wrong! My husband was not getting very much sleep due to my snoring and I had already tried several different remedies which did not help. My back and neck were sore and my husband was waking up grumpy. The first night I used the pillow I did not snore and I woke up to a comfortable back and neck. It was remarkable! This pillow is totally worth it.

Love the's very comfortable! - Christopher M.

Love the's very comfortable! love the part where you put your ear

Makes my night - Bryce T.

I hada to give the pillow at least a week or two before i gave you my thoughts. Im impressed! I have positional sleep apnea. I was waking up with headaches, neck pain, general drowsiness because I wasnt gettign a restful sleep. This pillow absolutely did the trick. My only request would be that you make an “XL” thick version because my shoulders are wider than most. I use a small thin pillow under yours.. mdae all the difference! No more neck pain, no more snoring!

Best Pillow Ever - Louise S.

I'm amazed with this pillow. My neck pain is 90% improved since I began using it. I love the way it cradles my head and gives so much support. I bought my husband one too and he can't believe how much better his neck feels. I'm so thrilled I found this pillow, I'm telling everyone!

My wife loves that I’m using it - Heidi N.

Received as a gift with no expectations. My wife loves me using this pillow. We are both sleeping better.

Best Pillow EVER! - Pamela M.

Having slept on a pretty mashed, old and unsupportive pillow for many years, I can tell you this pillow is amazing! Not to say that I have not tried many varieties of pillows prior to this. SO many trials and errors in the process. It took me about a week to adjust to sleeping on the pillow all night. And for me that is a very short adjustment period! I do not like change especially when it comes to my sleeping habits. I honestly did not think I would use the “ear holes” and that is my favorite part of the side sleeping experience! I no longer awake with a stiff neck and my back feels better too (and I am two back surgeries into it). I also think it is dramatically helping my snoring - I am sleeping almost 6 hours now without waking up! Need to get my snoring app out… The other thing is that it is supportive but not so firm that it hurts my head! Even some of the super memory foam pillows feel like they are putting pressure on my head. I get full support, softness and no pressure on the cranium. I really do love this pillow! My only wish is that there was an option for a very soft, organic cotton pillow case. The case that comes with it is lovely and soft, but I think it is poly/blend and I am bit of a fanatic about sleeping on silk or cotton. So to remedy that I use my own pillowcase over the pillow which does create a little tension on the surface around the ear hole. Highly recommend this pillow! So unique and I really appreciate all the thought and attention to detail. Thank you Level Sleep!

Comfortable and easy snoring solution - Gloria S.

Having tried numerous pillows, wedges, inserting snoring cones, and even taping my mouth to stop snoring, the Level Sleep pillow outperformed all of the above. My chiropractor, who does not sell any products in his office, recommended I get an anti-snore pillow. Extensive research lead me to Level Sleep. I had greater confidence knowing that many chiropractors around the country endorse this product.

Love it! - Denise S.

Comfortable. Good support for side and back sleeping. I'm told I snore less and not at all some nights. Was easy to get used to. Yay!

Love my Restore Pillow - Ramona R.

I have been looking a long time for a comfortable pillow and have finally found it. I have not had any neck pain since using this pillow. Recently purchased two more for other members of my family. I highly recommend the Restore Pillow.

Not sure how it works. - Fran K.

Not sure how it works. But since I've been using your pillow, I don't snore anymore

Level Sleep Pillow is Effective - John L.

I wake my poor wife up in the middle of the night, snoring. I wanted to find a non-invasive and reasonable priced solution to my snoring. What convinced me was the evaluation from Stanford University, suggesting that the Level Sleep pillow was found to be 82% effective. I may have to get one for my wife, because she read that it may also reduce wrinkling!

After i purchased my sleep - Claudia M.

After i purchased my sleep level pillow, I have never slept better!

Great pillow! - Cathy C.

I stopped snoring after using the pillow!

So far, so good! - Susan H.

I've only had my Restore pillow for two weeks and am still adjusting; so far I'm very pleased. As a side sleeper, I'm taking some time to get used to the ear wells, though I feel it will become automatic to find them each time I roll from one side to the other. The position for back sleeping is great, and the ability to adjust height has been helpful.

Better sleep since night 1 - Susan J.

While there is definitely an adjustment period, I slept better than I had even from the first night. I certainly miss the ritual of fluffing a pillow to just the way I want it when I crawl into bed, but that is really the only thing I miss so far. Only on week two, but considering buying another so my husband can try it out. I don't want to go back to my old pillow to let him try mine, so that tells you something!

The non-snore pillow - Adam W.

This pillow helps both my wife and I sleep:)

Was skeptical at first but... - Erin N.

My experience with pillows has been like Goldilocks and the 3 bears - too hard, too soft, too thick, too thin, etc. It was time for a new pillow again, so in my search for something "just right" I came across an article comparing pillows that are supposed to quiet snoring (of all things). This was one of the pillows reviewed. The design made sense to me the reviews were positive, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did! Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side, but you get a fair amount of time to test it out and can return it if you don't like it. There's a lot of pros with this pillow and it's worth the expense if it works for you. I usually sleep on my side or back and this is a perfect pillow for that. The pillow sides are for sleeping on your side and are higher to accommodate the height from your neck to the bed when sleeping in that position. The cutout for your ear is very comfortable. The ability to change the height of the sides to meet your individual comfort is a great idea and allows you to experiment to get the "just right" spot. The middle is lower for sleeping on your back. Rolling from side to back is a natural motion and I'm no longer adjusting my pillow to get comfortable again. My neck feels supported and in a neutral position - no more waking up with a sore neck for me! It also helps with the open mouth snoring issue that can happen when sleeping on your back. Although I'm told I still snore, it has become less often and much quieter when I do. I know I sleep better and don't wake up feeling like I didn't sleep at all. For me, this has become my "just right" pillow. If you're still looking, give this one a try. You can always return it if you don't like it, but seriously, use it for more that a couple nights and take advantage of the ability to adjust the height to fit you.

These pillows are amazing. It even travels! - Stephen V.

This pillow had to find its way onto the airplane because I refuse to sleep on any other pillow at this point.

Sleeping a lot better - Chris P.

Sleeping a lot better

Awesome - Joshua b.

So far I’m loving the pillow! Slight adjustment period, but now it’s the only pillow on my bed!

Level sleep pillow - Deborah W.

I've only had the pillow 2 weeks so am not ready to give a review-so far I'm adjusting to it and it does seem helpful.

Concientious Consumer - William E.

This pillow is uniquely designed and has helped with my neck stiffness that I struggle with each night… I would recommend this pillow for anyone who has problems with sleeping issues… it has made a difference for me, but would caution it may not be an end all answer for everyone.

dreamy pillow - Samuel C.

adaptable, right fit and the ear hole is saving the folded ear pain throughout the night.

Restore Pillow - Wanda R.

I love my Restore Pillow. We we go to Dr. Eric's work shop in May 2017 I will be getting 2 more. It is the most comfortable Pillow I have ever slept on. I love the ear wells on the pillow too. I don't have neck pain any more. Luv it.

Sleep Level Pillow - Kendy F.

I absolutely love this pillow!!! It cradles your head so that your neck is postured safely and comfortably. I got it for Christmas and opened it right away. The next night I stayed at my son's house and could not believe how much I missed my new pillow! I was restless and did not sleep soundly. It is a wonderful design for good sleep. I would wake up with sore neck and shoulders, now that problem is solved. Thanks!

I'm a Physical Therapist and LOVE this pillow! - E. B.

I think your pillow is possibly the best "back sleeping" pillow I've seen. I purchased 2 pillows as my significant other has been having issues. She's not as broad as I am (thankfully) so she sleeps really well on her back and her side and it's helped with her neck pain as I suspected. I typically side-sleep and need a little more lift, so I'm gonna steal some of her riser-foam and add to the existing and see if that stack works better. Regardless, pretty nice pillows. I've been directing my clinic (rehab) clients to the site.

Not much for snoring but A++ for pain free sleep - guest

...great for neck support, especially back sleeping. The ear holes are a nice feature and very comfortable. Didn't really do it for the snoring thing...but well worth the pain free neck in the morning!

Awesome pillow! - Janet

I bought a Level Sleep pillow several weeks ago and couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend it to others. It's incredibly comfortable, with just the right amount of neck support. It's perfect for both back sleeping and side sleeping as well. The ear wells are an especially nice feature - they provide complete relief of pressure on my ears when I lie on my side, even when I wear earplugs. A great product!

Love these Pillows!! - Christopher C.

Aloha! My wife and I sleep so great at night. We wake up refreshed and without a "Kink" in our neck like before. We love how it contours to our neck and highly recommend these pillows :-) Mahalo Level Sleep!

Restore Pillow - Raymond

We bought two pillows and while my wife loved hers, mine was hard on the neck and stiff to sleep in. She kept saying how she loved her pillow so I decided to try it too. I could see a big difference. We returned my pillow and it was replaced with a new pillow, which was the same as my wife's. Very comfortable, soft on the neck, and good when you lay sideways. The service at Level sleep is exceptional and they want you to be happy. Thank you! We both love our pillows and I am happy that we tried them out. I highly recommend them. Keep in mind you can always take out the extra padding and see if that works for you too.

Great pillow! - Desire C.

I love my new pillow! It has really helped with my ear pain. The sore on my ear is almost completely gone! It also makes it more comfortable to sleep on my back.

Sleeping better! - robin a.

The pillow is wonderful! I took out the foam inserts, since I'm petite and don't want my head pushed up from a poofy pillow.

Happy Mr. Sandman Time - Chuckie S.

Level Sleep came to my work for a demonstration and I tried out the Restore pillow and the Restore lower body pillow. The pillows are great, I really like that the pillow has four cups or indentations where your ears go. It really makes a difference keeping your ear unsmashed. Also, when sleeping on my back, the middle part of the pillow cradles my head and keeps it from leaning too far, left or right. The lower body pillow is great as well. It is taking a little bit of time to get my ankles in the indent but I can see that it keeps everything in alignment. This is the first pillow that I have purchased that I randomly talk to people about. A testament to how great I think these pillows are.

Awesome pillow! - Anne S.

I have been a Goldilocks of pillows for most of my adult life. They are either too hard or too soft. I need lots of cervical support but don’t need elevation. Enter the Restore Pillow. As soon as my head hit it the first time, I knew it was different. Supportive, but not too hard. I’ve had it for about two weeks now and my sleep is better than ever.

Better sleep than ever! - Anne S.

I have been a Goldilocks of pillows for most of my adult life. They are either too hard or too soft. I need lots of cervical support but don‰Ûªt need elevation. Enter the Restore Pillow. As soon as my head hit it the first time, I knew it was different. Supportive, but not too hard. I've had it for about two weeks now and my sleep is better than ever.

Level Sleep Helps - Kate S.

I'm a side sleeper. The pillow does help with stiff neck by keeping my neck and head level. I'm used to sleeping with my head elevated though so it's a little hard getting used to. Pillow is also a little firmer than I like, but ear indents help. Jury is still out, but not sorry for purchasing. Seems good quality and price reasonable.

Making a difference - Craig M.

I find the pillow work both for sleeping on my back and my side. It is a different (good) experience. Still early on so it will be a few weeks before I can say if I am sleeping better (and not snoring as much!)

Pillow - Debbie J.

Still getting used to it, comfortable but much too pricey in my opinion.

So far so good - Ryan Z.

My wife says she is hearing me snore less so that is good! Still adjusting to how different this feels next to a "regular" pillow but I know that takes time

Good for back sleepers - Elizabeth M.

It's a comfortable mattress, but I sleep on my stomach, although it's therapeutic, I cannot feel the support as much as I would if I slept on my back. Still enjoy the mattress though. Thank you

Restore pillow - Chryl L.

Not sure if I’m completely sold on pillow still trying to get used to it. Trying different levels with/ without inserts. Jury is still out. According to my snoring app it didn’t decrease my snoring, I actually had a slight increase. Jury is still out, after two nights.

Restore pillow - Marcel F.

So far my snoring has stopped but this is only the first week. Satisfied so far.

Helps the snoring - Xavier M.

I was quite sceptical that a simple foam pillow could improve my snoring. It is not perfect but seems to help, according to my snore app. And I sleep much better. Even though it costs $150, I am going to keep it (didn't think I would).

So far so good… my - Juli H.

So far so good… my husband did well, and his snoring seems much less!

Bought 2 pillows - Lori

Shipping took a little longer than expected and they arrived separately. But all arrived in great shape. I love the "knee" pillow. love the groves for legs and feet! Just wish I had a pillow cover that fit . The head pillow I really like but am still getting used to it. Overall it fits my head,but as soft as it is, is a little hard on my neck. Everyday I think I'm liking it better and better (I think 😜).

Bought 2 pillows - Lori

Shipping took a little longer than expected and they arrived separately. But all arrived in great shape. I love the "knee" pillow. love the groves for legs and feet! Just wish I had a pillow cover that fit . The head pillow I really like but am still getting used to it. Overall it fits my head,but as soft as it is, is a little hard on my neck. Everyday I think I'm liking it better and better (I think 😜).

Still Testing - Carolyn C.

Not totally sold on this pillow. A bit awkward as a side sleeper and the ear holes are a little unusual. Has not seemed to change snoring but I have noticed that my neck feels better. Will give it another 30 days and see what happens.

Restore pillow - Colleen C.

Still adjusting. Found it difficult to sleep on at first. I have a small head size and the side ear holes in both location of the pillow and height is more for a larger head such as a mans. This really needs to be a consideration for those who are more youth size. My husband says I still snore but not as loud

Comfortable but didn’t help reduce my snoring - Denise S.

I bought this in hopes that it would help reduce my snoring bars on the reviews I read. I have had no reduction in any snoring. So it was a very expensive pillow with no benefit.

Pillow too high - Danae

This pillow is too high for my neck. I can barely use the center of the pillow.

Level Sleep Pillow - John B.

We purchased the pillows with our Level Sleep Mattress because of the thoughtful features. I love this pillow and find that I sleep on my side a lot more and never have any stiffness or pain in my neck. The other day I tried to go back to the old" My Pillow" and immediately felt the stress on my neck. I don't think I can use any other pillow after using this one

Horrible Customer Service - Shay P

The Level Restore has a somewhat comfortable center for back sleepers. There is not sufficient support for the neck for a side sleeper. The pillow is too high and rigid to use the ear holes and the ear holes are located on the edges of the pillow. I would judge that the pillow is simply not for me, but customer "service" makes the return process so incredibly difficult as to be maddening. They keep changing what they need as far as documentation. Now they tell me I have to donate the pillow, have the charity fill in forms including the ID pillow # before they will refund. The charities in my area will NOT accept a used pillow.

Best pillow Ive tried. - Ismael C

I was looking for a pillow to help reduce snoring so I did some research and ended up choosing the Level Sleep Restore Pillow. Because it gives you options for its height by removing or adding foam I found it it contours perfectly on my neck area and side sleep is a dream by having the ear holes. I latter found out my snoring problem is related to a medical condition and there is no pillow that will resolve that issue. But my wife tells me it did reduce it nonetheless.


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