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Level Sleep Reviews


+2.0x satisfaction

+3.4x back pain relief

+2.1x side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Autumn 2023 Updates: Level Sleep mattresses are in stock and shipping for free without delay, typically within 1-3 business days.

Suffer from tossing and turning? It could be because your current mattress doesn't support and align the spine properly. That's where Level's TriSupport™ technology can help. Their technology is a marvel in zoned support with a high-end all-foam design made in the USA. While the shoulders and hips are relieved of pressure, the middle spine is supported properly. With a patented design that is supported by chiropractors, Level Sleep is worth consideration for back and side sleepers needing well-aligned support.


+2.0x satisfaction
+3.4x back pain relief
+2.1x side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.8/10

Price: $799-$1399

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Level Sleep's Specifics

Level Sleep is a great brand by Resident, which also sells the Nectar and Dreamcloud mattresses. Whereas the Dreamcloud brand focuses on luxury and high profile pocketed coil systems, Level offers high end all-foam mattresses. They are specialized from other mattresses in that they have zoned support -- more support towards the middle spine, while adapting to the hips and shoulders with slightly softer foam. Although this has been a feature for innerspring mattresses for some time, bringing it to an all-foam design means less motion transfer and more seamless comfort.

Quality of Materials

Level Sleep's design is made of three layers of high-quality poly foam featuring open-cell technology for better cooling. The middle layer has 3 zones that act together to cradle the spine. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of a synthetic blend with 'Recoveree' 4-way stretch technology that breathes well and whicks away moisture.

Comfort Layer: 1'' of pressure-relieving performance foam helps soothe the body’s pressure points while acting as a transition for the zones below.

Performance Layer (Upper Zone): The 3'' deep upper zone is made with soft, cushioning foam that reduces pressure on the shoulders.

Performance Layers (Middle Zone): The middle zone is made of firmer foam for lumbar support that is 3'' deep. It supports the middle and lower back to keep the spine properly aligned.

Performance Layers (Lower Zone): The lower zone is medium-support foam that is 3'' thick and absorbs your hips and bottom to keep the lower spine nicely aligned.

Base Layer: The 7'' base layer is made of sturdy and supportive high resilience poly foam. This layer ensures a transition from the upper layers while giving a durable base.

Overall Comfort

One of the big positives of this mattress is the comfort. There are both clinical trials run by medical doctors and the review data from customers that tell the same story: this is one of the most universally comfortable mattresses on the market. With its ergonomic design, it is one that is ideal for those that haven't been able to get rid of pesky middle spine tightness. If you feel that you need less lumbar support, you can also rotate the mattress for less firmness in the middle spine while still enjoying the benefits of pressure relief around the hips and shoulders.


Level Sleep comes at a medium-firm and was developed with side sleeping in mind, which means that it fits the body types of most back and side sleepers. Specifically, sleepers are 2.1x* more likely to mention positive side sleeping experiences versus average comparable mattresses. Stomach sleepers may find that it doesn't do the job for them as the zoned support may push too much on the abdomen to be comfortable.

Back Pain Relief

For those that are back or side sleepers, this mattress was made with pain relief in mind. In clinical trials, it helped 56% of participants reduce pain versus their current mattress, and in our own review analysis, we found customers are +3.4x as likely to mention positive pain relief versus the average comparable mattress. But, it isn’t just for those that need pain relief—according to Level Sleep‘s commissioned 30-person double-blind sleep trial, there was a 55.5% reduction in time to fall asleep, 34.5% improvement in tossing and turning, and 60.4% improvement in sleep satisfaction versus the sleepers’ current mattresses.


The breathable cover and aerated foam will do a good job cooling for most sleepers. This is significantly better than memory foam alone.

Who Is Level Sleep Right For?

This mattress is specially designed to help people sleep deeper and more soundly. With extra benefits for those with back pain or are back or side sleepers that want to sleep better, this is a mattress that is truly worth considering for most sleepers. With good reviews on customer service, a year long trial and forever warranty, this mattress is a top contender.

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I'm a chiropractor and I have been looking for an orthopedic mattress for myself, as well as something I can recommend to my patients. I've had the TriSupport Mattress now for almost 2 weeks, and I am very happy with it so far! It successfully supports the spine's curves and is comfortable in all sleeping positions. I have noticed an improvement in my sleep quality too (fall asleep faster & wake up feeling more rested than before), which is an awesome added bonus. Stellar customer service as well. Thank you!

Best king mattress!

We upgraded to a king after having a queen, and couldn't be happier! This mattress provides amazing back support! I had just gotten shoulder surgery, and as a side sleeper needed something super comfortable for my back - no pain, and love may be converted to back sleeping!

The Chiropractors Mattress

I really love this mattress, it is very supportive in all the right places. The staff are very helpful.

Tri support mattress

For years I have had to put a wad of socks under the middle of my back to give me the support I needed to lay on my back. With this mattress I no longer need to do that. I also had issues laying on my left side putting pressure on my hip and making it feel out of joint the next day. With this mattress I have a lot less of that issue as well. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Great night's sleep!

I noticed less tossing & turning the first night I slept on my TriSupport mattress. After a few more nights, I realized I wasn't snoring as much if at all! I like it's firmness and that I don't sink into it but rather sleep on top of it. It's comfortable sleeping on my stomach as well, however, I find I do not wake up on my stomach anymore because I'm quite comfortable sleeping on my back or side. I'm very happy with my new mattress!


The trisupport mattress is wonderful. The varied supports in the mattress lend itself for a painfree, relaxed sleep.

GREAT Investment

We were a bit apprehensive at first ordered 2 mattresses and couldn't be happier being a side sleeper my shoulders are in heaven sleeping better than ever Thanks

One week with the Level Sleep TriSupport Mattress

We have had our Level Sleep mattress now for one week and so far so good. It did take some nights (3) to get used to it and find the "sweet spot" for greatest comfort, but since then, we have slept great and have had no back trouble whatsoever!

Level Sleep

we finally spent our first night in our new home on our sleep level bed. It was so comfortable. Jim said he felt very comfortable in all hia sleeping positions. I slept very soundly as well. I was going to send a note to thank the team for there great service.

Great service great product

This mattress and pillows are worth every penny. Have been have great night sleep ever since. Should have bought this month's ago. Thank you for everything.

Sleep no more? Not with Level Sleep

I found Level Sleep through a friend and then was welcomed into their cozy Sonoma home store to one on for style. While the mattress in the store was amazing and is what prompted my first purchase for my new place; it was not until 30 days of incredible sleep that I appreciated the beauty of the TriSupport Mattress and Level Sleep's innovative technology. The stress of moving paired with other life altering events left me quite sleepless, but there was something in the comfort of my Level Sleep mattress that helped me sleep like a baby. More than 120 days in, my mattress continues to provide healing and restful sleep as promised. I am a believer! Thank you.

Best bed for a bad back

After swapping out my expensive mattress for the much cheaper Level Sleep mattress, I wasn't too impressed, but after a few nights I started waking up without my normal back pain (from my L5/S1 fusion area) that I had become used too. Maybe I didn't align myself vertically in the right position, but I really became a believer and a huge fan on the Level Sleep technology as it is the best mattress I have ever found for alleviating back pain. Way to go team. Great Mattress and a Great price too!

The answer for lower back pain

I've been struggling with back pain for years. My chiropractor told me about this bed and What a difference! The bed is firm enough to sit upright in as well as support you while you sleep lying down. It does not move around or disturb your partner like many other beds. I used to wake up every morning so stiff and sore in my previous bed. The price is also extremely reasonable! The bed came in the mail and was easy to set up

Love my new mattress!

I'm so grateful my chiropractor suggested this mattress. For anyone who suffers with fibromyalgia, it is an answer to prayer. I also have a herniated disk & OA. This mattress provides the different levels of firmness/softness where they are needed most & I couldn't be happier.

Better than advertised

I've been telling my friends about your intelligently made mattresses that we found to be very comfortable with support in the right areas. We've tried other mattresses that disappointed us rather quickly. We first put your mattress in the guest room and guests loved it, but then we decided to put it in our room and have been much happier than with our older, expensive yet sagging mattress. We recently stayed at Whitehall Hotel in Chicago that advertises as having the second most comfortable beds in a hotel....don't know what brand they use, but your LevelSleep is right up there if not better....

great lumbar support for this bad back!

I am very happy with the level sleep mattress. I have struggled to find a mattress with the right support for my lower back that is also comfortable and good for the rest of my body. I appreciate this mattress has different firmness for different parts of the body. It seems to be working for me as I have been sleeping on level sleep mattress for three weeks and I have experienced good sleep and ZERO back pain. This is a welcome change from previous mattresses. On this particular mattress the sides are not as structured as ones I previously owned. I cannot sit on the edge without naturally sliding off the edge of mattress. Since I chose this mattress for sleeping this issue is just a minor inconvenience. I'm a mostly side sleeper enjoying pain free mornings thanks to this level sleep mattress.

Level Sleep Tritopper

I am so grateful for this wonderful product which provides pain relief for my autoimmune and osteoarthritis joint problems. I am now having a restful night's sleep and can more comfortably get out of bed in the morning. My quality of life has been greatly improved. Thank you to Zach for arranging to send it and the wonderful restore pillow to me in Melbourne Australia. My best wishes to all in the happiness team at Level Sleep. Christina Castles.

Love my new mattress and pillow

Great customer service. Delivery and packaging was easy. Mattress had no off gas smell at all. The cover is so high quality and breathable. Best nights sleep in over a year. Starting to see improvements in my neck and back pain after 10 days on it.

Amazing Bed & Company

Before we purchased our mattress we had a couple questions about the product so we contacted the company to get more information. They responded right away and answered all the questions that we had. The were super friendly and informative. We purchased the king size mattress and have absolutely fell in love with it. My husband has back issues and this mattress has helped him tremendously! I recommend this bed to anyone looking to get an amazing nights sleep! It is totally worth the investment!

Great Bed

This bed is phenomenal. A must for spine care experts and their patients.

Love our Level Sleep

Recently bought a Level Sleep mattress when it was time to upgrade and we love it. My husband, who is an airline pilot, is sleeping better than ever. Just wish we'd bought them for every room!

Thank you

Love the new mattress. It does what you said it would do - support the spine in the midsection and softer places for shoulders and hips.

Level Sleep mattress really works!

I have a chronic lower back pain so I tried several other options before Level Sleep. And I can surely say that Level Sleep totally works for me. This is the first mattress which really relieves the lower back pain. I feel better even throughout the day. Thank you! I didn’t think this was even possible.

Tri Support Mattress

I now have a total of three Tri Support Mattresses in my home and we love them! We were introduced to this product through a family member and at first we were skeptical and then when we received our first one...we were sold. We have had our mattresses for a few months now and there is no going back for us. Thank you Levelsleep!

Cal King

We love the bed. My husband said this is the most comfortable bed he has ever slept on.

No more hip and back pain!

Both my wife and I were suffering from various pains upon waking every night. Since getting Level Sleep's premium mattress, we both have been waking up pain free. We love it! Thank you, Level Sleep!

King Size

I'm 92 and with the help of a 65 year old we had no trouble getting "THE BOX" up a couple stairs and on the bed. That was a couple months ago and so far we're very happy with the purchase.

Took 3 nights

And then my body adjusted to having lumbar support and my back thanks me every morning!

TriSupport Mattress

After the first night of sleep on my TirSupport mattress my back pain decrease by 80% when I got up the next morning. I am hoping that once my body adjusts to the mattress that my back pain will be eliminated.

I've been seeing my chiropractor

I've been seeing my chiropractor for about a month with a back problem that was causing pain in my leg. After mentioning that I was having trouble sleeping because I couldn't find a comfortable position, he suggested looking at the Level Sleep mattress. After looking it over, I called with a few questions and ended up ordering a new TriSupport mattress. When it arrived, it was actually kind fun unpacking and setting it up. We've been sleeping on it for almost two weeks now and have definitely been sleeping better with less tossing and turning. My wife even said she thinks we're both snoring less now.

good sleep

no back issues since Ive been sleeping on the bed- or shoulder issues.....used to have shoulder and neck stiffness in the morning and that is a non issue anymore. I think it would be best to have the special pillow also!

Lower back issues

I had a bad shot mattress. I replaced with the tri support and have slept much better from night one. The mid support area is a little to close to the head for my baby. I have a twin. My abdominal part of my body is a litttle longer than normal and my legs area little short. I would have bought the longer and wider one but don,t have thes space.

No backache!

I no longer feel painful back in the morning. Sleeping on my back seems to be much easier too. I really like it :-)

Good but not perfect

Very comfortable and good support but my arm always falls asleep if I sleep on my side. Is a less firm version available ?

Good sleep

I have slept better the past week than I have in the last year. The pillow is as much help as the mattress. I plan on getting the pillows for my children.

Fantastic mattress!

We started sleeping on our luxe mattress 2 weeks ago and couldn't be happier! We previously had a different brand foam style mattress that cost quite a bit more and we are much happier with the Level Sleep product! Thank you JJ and Zach for the awesome service!

I have questions and I

I have questions and I want to speak with Zach. 213.595.5478.

Level Sleep mattress

So far so good I think it's a keeper

Exactly what we needed....

...a great night's sleep! This topper is amazing. From the very first night we slept on it, we were amazed how comfortable we were compared to previous nights. It arrived promptly and love that it was guaranteed to make us happy. It sure does. Highly recommend!

The TrSupport Mattress is great!

The TrSupport Mattress is great! We wake up without back pain. It's just the right firmness and it's really fun to sleep on; raise your head, raise your feet and use the wave to relax awhile before sleeping. Thanks to the technology team for the development of Level Sleep mattress bed. This mattress is made with high grade materials and will last a long time. We may go back and buy the mattress TriSupport Topper for days we want a change of pace to pamper ourselves. We recommend this bed to anyone who wants to Sleep Happy. Thank you.

Recommend level sleep profits for my patients

I love this mattress aND the pillow. I feel so much better in the morning when I get up. My neck is happy, my bow back is ready for the day. Three different firmness on the mattress support the different part of the spine. And the design of the pillow fits so well with the mattress. I'm recommending this brand to all of my patients now. And Zach, the sale's rep. he was o thorough, kind, step by step and he answered every single question that I had. (I ask lots of questions... :) so thank you. and I will reach out to Zach sometime next week to sign up the health professionals program for the clinic as well.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this mattress!!! Bought this for a new home in Prescott Arizona and couldn't be more ecstatic!!! Going to buy toppers for all others beds!!!

Love my mattress

5 star company they are awesome to work with.


I have a very sensitive back and I cannot believe that the first night I slept on this mattress I had the best night sleep. It’s seriously the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on! Thank you so much!

Full of Gratitude!

Thank you so much for your gift of support both emotional and physically. We are rebuilding our lives after the fire. Having a safe, comforting place to sleep at night has made a huge difference in our healing. Your team took such great care, showed so much kindness, and the mattress has actually helped with a lot of back pain that we were both experiencing previously. Much gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving, we are grateful to you! Kalika and Sean

Full of Gratitude!

Thank you so much for your gift of support both emotional and physically. We are rebuilding our lives after the fire. Having a safe, comforting place to sleep at night has made a huge difference in our healing. Your team took such great care, showed so much kindness, and the mattress has actually helped with a lot of back pain that we were both experiencing previously. Much gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving, we are grateful to you! Kalika and Sean

Full of Gratitude!

Thank you so much for your gift of support both emotional and physically. We are rebuilding our lives after the fire. Having a safe, comforting place to sleep at night has made a huge difference in our healing. Your team took such great care, showed so much kindness, and the mattress has actually helped with a lot of back pain that we were both experiencing previously. Much gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving, we are grateful to you! Kalika and Sean

Happy Fire Victim

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on!! Having lost everything in the recent Sonoma County Wildfires, we are so appreciative that you were able to help us. Thank you!

Awesome mattress and Amazing team

We are one of the many fire victims that the Level Sleep team assisted in getting a mattress. I can't say enough how much of a relief it was to have one less thing to worry about. Zach was the team member who helped me with our transaction and made everything even that much easier. They are super responsive, personable, and legitimately care about you as a person. The mattress itself is great. Provides support and is just right in firmness. You can't feel someone getting out of bed or rolling over at night wich also allows for the best possible sleep. Having a lot of sleepless nights, this was a very pleasant surprise. THANK YOU LEVEL SLEEP and thank you Zach. Very grateful.

Level Sleep was an incredibly

Level Sleep was an incredibly thoughtful and most generous company to donate an amazing mattress for our son after the Northern California fire. We will certainly pass on the wonderful spirit of this company as well as the amazing products they develop at this local company. Thanks Level Sleep! Liz Takano

Most amazing bed ever!!!

I have had back and neck issues for quite sometime. I had no idea what I was missing out on until I slept on the tri-support bed! I am a Northern California fire survivor and the amazingly generous team at Level Sleep Sonoma gifted me a bed. I am forever grateful and will never go back to a standard mattress!!

Great sleep

I love how the mattress supports different parts of the body.


Best night of sleep I’ve had in such a long time!! What an amazing product, and amazing company... thank you.

Excellent sleep

Since I started using the TriSupport topper I have slept through the night with little or no tossing and turning and very little pressure point pain.

Helping Me Sleep Better

I've had the Level Sleep Queen Topper for about a month now. Out of the box, it was easy to set up and I didn't notice any odor. My initial impression was that it was quite soft but it's very comfortable and supports me and my bad back well. I have had insomnia for several years and am continuously searching for ways to improve my sleep without taking pills. Since getting the topper, I'm definitely sleeping better; not perfectly but better and so I consider this a good purchase and would recommend it to others.

The answer for lower back pain

I’ve been struggling with back pain for years. My chiropractor told me about this bed and What a difference! The bed is firm enough to sit upright in as well as support you while you sleep lying down. It does not move around or disturb your partner like many other beds. I used to wake up every morning so stiff and sore in my previous bed. The price is also extremely reasonable! The bed came in the mail and was easy to set up

Nice to Sleep,

I still getting used to the topper. But I know the difference usinthe the topper. My body feels more refreshed. Plus no pain back pain.

Great Mattress and Great Concept

I am a doctor and have had the pleasure of experiencing this Mattress before buying. This Mattress makes perfect sense to me by allowing your spine to remain in a neutral position. Since I have had this Mattress, I no longer wake up with hip or shoulder pain. I recommend this to everyone and will be a provider shortly! Thanks Guys!



Love our new bed. Great

Love our new bed. Great customer service from knowledgeable sales people. Glad we chose Level Sleep.

Wrapped in a marshmellow cloud

The mattress makes me feel like I'm being cradled in a marshmellow cloud. The support is just right for my girly hips. Really, really comfortable. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Sleep topper

Extremely soft and fixes any back issues within a week!

The topper= good night sleep

I thought this would be a bigger transition from standard bed style to this. Had a great night sleep day one and on. The lumbar support is so nice. Aches in the morning are not an issue any more!

Perfect Sleep in the RV

Took a week off and went camping. I was nervous about being away from my mattress, so I bought the Level Sleep Topper to go into the RV. My back never missed a beat. Pain didn't even show its dirty little face. Usually by day three in the camper mattress, it is difficult to get out of bed. This time, woke up just like I do at home.

Love our Level Sleep

Recently bought a Level Sleep mattress when it was time to upgrade and we love it. My husband, who is an airline pilot, is sleeping better than ever. Just wish we'd bought them for every room!

Love our Level Sleep

Recently bought a Level Sleep mattress when it was time to upgrade and we love it. My husband, who is an airline pilot, is sleeping better than ever. Just wish we'd bought them for every room!

Like a Cloud

I am always trying each night to feel where my body is touching the mattress, and I've normally dozed off without figuring it out. It's so cloud-esque that you can't feel it pushing up against you, you just melt in and then are supported. Loving it!

great night's sleep

The mattress provides great support and allows for a refreshing night's sleep. It's only been a week but so far so good!

Level Sleep = Restful and Comfy Sleep

We were long overdue for a new mattress and are very happy we chose a Level Sleep mattress and pillows. It arrived in a box that was easy to open and allowed for simple set up. We appreciate the different levels of firmness and find our sleep is more restful and in the morning it is easier to get out of bed!

Conscientious Consumer

Bought two ToppersBought two toppers to fit on twin beds. Toppers not only Toppers not only added height to fitted sheets put also provided a new sleeping experience that is greatly appreciated. Would highly recommend for anyone with back / shoulder issues.

New queen luxe mattress

We got the mattress a week ago and have enjoyed every night of sleep since. Wonderful support, especially in the lumbar region, and very nice on the shoulders for side sleeping. The one thing that surprised me was the lack of support while sitting on the edge of the mattress. Not a complaint, just unexpected and took a little getting use to. The ordering process was very simple and delivery was quick. Getting the bed out of the packaging was easy as well, and very cool watching the compressed mattress come to life. I would recommend the mattress and company to anyone looking for a new mattress.

We love this bed!

We love this bed!

Tri Support Topper

I bought a good mattress that was just too firm with no give. The Level Sleep Topper performed just as I had hoped. It truly does live up to what is advertised!

The back support I've been missing

Finally, I wake up feeling good and ready to go!

love our new bed

great service!

Great sleeping for lower back pain

I have a L5-S1 spinal fusion and this topper distributes my weight in such a way that it really helps my lower back pain. I normally sleep on a very firm bed, and it with on top it makes it more comfortable without being soft/sinking. Very grateful for this discovery and sleep solution. Thank you.

Love it

Love it


Incredible experience. Company treats customers with courteous, professionalism and above all the understanding of each individual needs. The mattress topper I bought is of high quality and craftsmanship and arrived at my front door, free shipping. Quick delivery, and as promised. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.l

Best mattress for the back

Best mattress for the back I ever had.

Incredible improvement

I had just bought a Casper mattress before being presented with the level sleep concept. So I ordered a cover. Incredible results. While Casper was decent, I now have enjoyed the deepest uninterrupted sleep in years !!! I highly recommend this product.

Great Mattress

We bought this mattress based off our chiropractors recommendation d and we absolutely love it.

Trip support mattress

My mattress topper is wonderful although it took almost a week to adjust to it. My aches and pains are not as bad. Thank you for making a great product.


Absolutely GREAT, best mattress ever


This bed is supremely comfortable

Patients love it. Chiropractic Office.

We have this is the office and my Chiropractic patients just love it. It is a great addition and should make it easier to recommend and sell. I can not wait for the pillows to come in.


I bought a Level Sleep pillow about three weeks ago and couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend it to others. It's incredibly comfortable, with just the right amount of neck support. It's perfect for both back sleeping and side sleeping as well. The ear wells are an especially nice feature - they provide complete relief of pressure on my ears when I lie on my side, even when I wear earplugs. A great product!

Really helped my sleep

The mattress topper immediately improved the quality of my sleep. I needed no adjustment time; from the very first night I slept better than I have in months; it makes a huge difference in my comfort and I am not waking up as often during the night. The softer cushioning foam for my hips and shoulders is wonderful--I really needed that--and the firm lumbar support really works. And other reviewers are correct: this mattress topper does not retain heat. Highly recommended.

Great topper

This is amazing! Less than a month after sleeping on this topper, my lower back is feeling much better. It is soft, comfortable, high quality and doesn't retain heat either. I can't be more pleased with this purchase.


Have only had the topper for a week or so. But, already noticing a difference in my sleep. Monumentally better support. Cradles my body in a whole new way. Even noticing a change in my running. Very excited.

Request for Refund

I submitted a request for a refund on Oct. 16 and have not heard back from customer service. Sincerely Tim Cookston

mattress topper

I'm living in an apartment where the mattress was pretty hard. When I got the mattress topper it made a world of difference. It's definitely helped me get a better sleep and alleviate back pain.

Great Customer Service

Customer Service was excellent. Thank you for resolving my issue quickly and efficiently.

I purchased the mattress topper

I purchased the mattress topper and I love it! It took a week or two to get used to, but now I'm waking up and feeling GREAT from occiput to sacrum.

The Latex CA King

Very Nice. My wife has a lot more spinal issues than I do and she has had a little more trouble getting used to it, but she likes it too. Got my pillows today......Will tell you about those later.


love it. Very comfortable, not so sore upon awakening, and what's really cool: it doesn't get retain heat!!!

Best sleep in years

I was one of the first people to get the latex LEVELsleep mattress and I'm glad I waited. I am getting the best night's sleep I've had in years.

Excellent Customer Service!

I ordered the Level Sleep mattress about a 6 weeks ago. The mattress was firm and I worked with the great customer service team to see if there was a way to make it a little more soft. They sent me the Level Sleep mattress topper to put on the mattress and that made all the difference! I have been experiencing great nights of sleep and my shoulder pain went away. Level Sleep has been communicative through the whole process and really care about the customers.

Best mattress ever!

When I get up in the morning, I don't ache all over anymore! I sleep well and feel rested in the morning. I would recommend this everyone!

We are loving our Level

We are loving our Level Sleep mattress!

TriSupport Topper

Amazing product, I will also be buying pillows from you guys very soon !

Nice Mattress

We have had our Cal King TriSupport Mattress for about 16 months now and really like the way we sleep. We ditched the Spring bed with pillow top to try something different and deal with my shoulders falling asleep because of the bed. The three bands allow for excellent side sleepers and belly down is very comfortable too. No depressed areas where we sleep after 16 months. The only concern I have is the top area for your head and softest of the areas, needs another few inches. It's very minor, but for over 6-2", I feel like I have to have my head almost at the head board. Other than that, it's a great sleep.


Absolutely love it. Very comfortable

Bring back the Luxe!!!

A year ago, we bought a King size Luxe mattress and LOVE it! We were disappointed to hear this option has been discontinued. We recently purchased the only type of mattress now available: Tri-Support mattress. We MUCH prefer the Luxe - greater comfort and support. The Tri-Support is a little bulky/stiff on the back and side support. Still a good mattress, but definitely NOT superior to the Luxe. BRING BACK THE LUXE!!!

Tri support mattress

We are happy with the mattress, but we bought the medium firm and it was a little too hard. We had a memory foam topper from our old mattress, and with that on top, it now feels perfect. If I had it to do over, I would choose the soft option.

Comfortable but not Amazing

I love the commitment of Level Sleep to quality products with no harmful chemicals and have found the TriSupport Topper to be a comfortable solution for a good night's sleep. That being said, I wouldn't say it's so comfortable that I fall into bed each night with great relief. It's difficult to put into words, but there's not quite the feeling of the perfect fit.

Feels Good!

We have been sleeping on our new bed in an odd sequence: for a few nights, then we left for vacation, and now we’re back home, sleeping on it again. It is definitely better than our previous bed, or the hotel bed that was a clutter of pillows and quilts and extra layers, but not enough support.We will keep sleeping on it to determine if we need the additional item that tamps down the springiness of the luxe bed. All in all, a good improvement for our various needs.

TriSupport Mattress

Once I figured out how to sleep on it I found it very comfortable. The band of extra support is very high up by the head of the bed for my height that I have to bring my pillow down a way so my hips are not on the extra support section because otherwise it is to firm for my hips and I wake up uncomfortable.

All Good ~

I weigh 190 lbs and the mattress has a slight bow after a month. I believe I would prefer a harder foam on the bottom portion ~ but am not sure. Overall I am pleased with the mattress and happy that it has a washable cover.

Definately getting better sleep!

I do get a great night sleep on my new Level Sleep mattress. I do feel much better back support. My only trouble now, I need a different mattress cover as the one I have is not staying put :) LOL

Don't believe the promises of warranty/customer service!

I was one of the first customers of LevelSleep. 6 years later, the mattress has very uneven indentation. When I raised this with them, I got 2 months of runaround, customer service always referring to a "technical team". Even after I sent them photos of the problem, as they requested, I went through 4 c.s. agents, with them referring to that team and apologizing for the delay. Finally, they came back and asked me to start the whole process over. They are NOT serious about the warranty. The mattress was good for 6 years, but after that, sorry, but they are NOT on your side. Be warned.

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