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Leesa is a popular foam mattress company that makes its flagship Leesa mattress with three layers of foam -- one layer of LSA200™ cool foam, a memory foam layer, and a last support core layer. They also have two other mattresses, for those looking for superior support and comfort: their Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend. Their mattresses are well loved by many customers and they have a positive company mission, donating 1 out of 10 mattresses to non-profits who help the disadvantaged. As one of the first brands riding on the mattress-in-a-box wave, Leesa has made a big name with thousands of happy customers. Live in the UK? See our review for the UK version too.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $599-$2999

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Leesa's Specifics

Leesa is a socially conscious company on a mission to bring better sleep to the world. As a trendsetter in the mattress-in-a-box revolution, they have kept innovating on their original success with new mattress designs and product offerings. Their all-foam Leesa mattress offers a cooling, contouring sleep, while their Leesa Hybrid is a more supportive, higher end option with pocketed coils. Lastly, their newest Legend mattress features micro-coils and more luscious comfort layers for those looking for a contouring, cloud-like surface.

Quality of Materials

Below, we'll go through each of Leesa's mattresses, discussing the ins and outs of their designs.

First, here is what's inside their Leesa Original Mattress:

Layer 1: The woven polyester/lycra (a high quality material commonly used in sports clothing) blend cover is one high quality piece of material that is soft, moisture wicking, and stretchy. It is thicker than most, but still offers plenty of airflow.

Layer 2: 2'' of cooling LSA200™ foam that is highly breathable and cooling. It is more responsive than memory foam and doesn't trap heat.

Layer 3: 2'' of contouring memory foam that relieves pressure points and contours around the body doesn't trap you. This layer helps cradle the spine and transition the support below.

Layer 4: The bottom layer is 6'' of core support base foam that gives the mattress shape and also support for the spine

For those that are looking for a more supportive and higher end feel, learn what's inside their Leesa Hybrid:

Layer 1: The Hybrid cover is a stretch soft knit that offers a luxurious and moisture whicking top layer.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a perforated responsive, but pressure relieving foam. This is similar to a softer latex layer in its responsiveness, though it is synthetic.

Layer 3: The memory foam comfort layer beneath provides added contour and pressure relief. The mattress will subtly adjust to the body's curves while still feeling perfectly supported.

Layer 4: The last layer is 1000+ pocketed coils that are encased on the top and bottom by a slim layer of high density foam, which keeps the coils in place. The coils themselves provide independent response and support for the spine without aggravating pressure points. This even support is well-rounded according to customers, but is quite firmer versus the Leesa Original.

Those that find the Leesa Hybrid too firm, but want something more luxurious than the original Leesa will do well with this next offering. Here is what's inside the Leesa Legend Mattress:

Layer 1: The Legend cover is completely different than the other two offerings, with hypoallergenic organic cotton and merino wool. This cover is made from recycled material for a sustainable and luxurious top layer.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is perforated foam that offers a subtle bounce and responsive hug to the body. With the layers below, these top layers feel significantly softer than the Leesa Hybrid

Layer 3: The following comfort layer is a memory foam layer that melts away pressure points while contouring to the body.

Layer 4: For added cloud-like fluffiness that works to relieve pressure while also reinforcing the body's natural alignment, there is a micro-pocket spring and foam layer that provides targeted relief to the hips and shoulders and eliminates motion transfer for a sounder sleep.

Layer 5: The support layer is 1000+ pocket springs that provide solid support to the spine while also reacting to the body to relief tension.

Overall Comfort

The Leesa mattresses are very comfortable overall with a good blend of firmness options. That said, there are some legacy complaints about heat retention for some sleepers and also firmness disagreements. Overall, however, these are mostly one-off and this brand gets very solid customer service reviews.


While the Original Leesa Mattress and the Leesa Legend mattresses are softer to the touch, the Leesa Hybrid is somewhat firmer. Most customers like their Leesa mattresses, but they are best suited for slimmer and average sized sleepers (especially the Original and Legend).

Back Pain Relief

These mattresses do well to compliment the body and relieve common discomfort associated with a poor mattress. However, be conscious of the firmness options to select a mattress that works with your body.


Leesa has listened to its customers and adjusted its top layer to have even more cooling. Most customers will feel that this mattress sleeps plenty cool for them. Folks in warm climates or sleep very warm may desire something more specialized.

Who Are Leesa Mattresses Right For?

These mattresses are great all-around mattress for those that are medium sized and side or back sleepers. While most find what they are looking for, the prices may be a bit beyond the everyday budget shopper.

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The best thing that’s ever happened!!

My wife and I live this bed so much. When we don’t sleep at home we miss it. Very sound sleep every night

Love it

Love it

A mattress evolution for noticeably better sleep.

Was pleasantly surprised with the support, comfort and overall better sleep provided by this mattress. I had a spring mattress for over 8 years and decided initially to go for a hybrid construction of spring and foam. This hybrid option eventually did not work out and I went with the all foam solution. All my initial worries were gone after that first night, the mattress does provide a good level of support and dissipates heat quite well. The only down side to this mattress was the smell it had for about a week after unpacking it, not a terrible thing to have to deal with for some days but not pleasant either. Regardless, I would highly recommend this mattress.

I love ❤️ Leesa

I bought the queen size mattress. It was delivered promptly and weighed 74 pounds. It wasn’t too hard to move around or dump out of the box (I have a low platform bed frame). Did a little adjusting of the cover or it would have opened lopsided. It is wonderful. It is supportive. There are no pressure points to cause pain anywhere on my body. I sleep with less tossing and turning so I’m more rested in the morning. I love my Leesa. Best $800 I have ever spent.

The best!

My Leesa is amazing. My back feels so good when I wake up in the morning (not always the case on other mattresses). I love memory foam but hate how hot it makes me feel and Leesa seems to have solved this problem. It reminds me of memory foam but I never overheat. And I don’t notice my wife getting out of bed in the morning. I paid a lot more for a Sleep Number and am replacing it with my Leesa!

Love this mattress! Firmness is

Love this mattress! Firmness is perfect! I researched for a year and glad I chose the Leesa.

Look forward to bed every night!

Going to bed has become one of my favorite times of day as a result of the Leesa mattress! Nicest bed I've had the pleasure of sleeping on!

Queen and King Leesa Mattress and Foundation and Pillows

I love the two Leesa Mattresses that I just bought. I now slumber in a deeper sleep. I don't wake up during the night tossing and turning, and look forward to going to bed! The pillows are fantastic. .

I love it. The best

I love it. The best night sleep with out waking up stiff. It is very relaxing

Comfy but smelly

We love our mattress! You sink in at all the right pressure points. We both especially like how our hips are sinking in just enough. It’s not slow to form like other memory foam beds, so when you roll over, your not leaving a hole and sitting on top. Our only complaint and the reason I didn’t give 5 stars, is the smell. During the first 2 weeks, it was pretty strong, it’s been about 2 months and it’s finally gone away for the most part. I’ll occasionally still smell it. I imagine all foam beds have this smell.

Comfortable, but...

This is a very firm mattress. I wish there had been an option to choose a softer one. Also, deep-pocket sheets, which most new sheets are, do not fit well. They are much too big.

Best Bed Ever!

My whole experience with Leesa has been wonderful. I ordered the mattress and foundation and had the mattress two days later! The foundation takes a little longer but I had that within a week. There was very little off-gassing and I didn't find the smell offensive. I'm very sensitive to smells/fumes, I have asthma, but we were able to sleep on this bed the very first night. The mattress is THE most comfortable thing I have ever felt! It somehow manages to cradle you, like a big, soft marshmallow and provide the perfect amount of support. I suffer from multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia and this bed has made such a huge difference in my life. I no longer wake up feeling like I've been beaten-up and while I rarely sleep through the night due to my illnesses, the rest and sleep I get on my Leesa has greatly improved my life. I've honestly never experienced this level of comfort! Thank you, Leesa!!!

totally awesome comfort after 6 weeks

totally awesome comfort after 6 weeks. Love it.


Best night sleep that I have had in a long time. The only downfall on this mattress is I never want to get out of bed!

I don't know why we

I don't know why we waited so long

Comfy bed that results in a good nights rest

My wife and I LOVE our mattress. But that begs the question, how do you know you love it? First of all we aren't complaining about how we feel when we wake up anymore. We don't talk about buying a new mattress or even considering making a change. We fall asleep, and stay asleep (except when our 5 mo old wakes us). It's become a wonderful part of our evening, most nights I look forward to lying down! Great mattress for the price.


relieved that it's as good as the reviewers make it out to be and relieved that i turn much less than I did on a spring mattress. My wife's experience is the same. It's a deal.

So good we had to buy another!

We bought a king size Leesa for our master bedroom and loved it so much we bought a queen size for our guest bedroom. Our guests are going to love it!

Best mattress I have ever owned

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that a mattress that is not super thick could be comfortable. My husband and I were both pleasantly surprised. The mattress has been wonderful. Not too soft, not too firm. It is well made with a beautiful cover. Love my new mattress

Best mattress yet

Best mattress yet

excellent !!!

nice to finally get a good nights sleep.

Never had a better night of sleep!!

Fell in love on the first night and have slept better since. It is the right amount of firm and soft and cannot tell when my husband moves next to me. I am a Leesa owner for life!

So far so good!

I am enjoying this mattress

it's great!

it's great!

Less back pain

I enjoy my mattress and will buy again in the future. Bed feels firm but contours to my back. It has lessened my lower back pain. Only gripe is that the mattress has a plastic smell upon opening that lingers. Had to leave windows open for a week to let it air out. Smell is still there but faint.

Very comfortable. Smells weird.

I love the matress and sleep great. It provides great support and breathes well. It still has a slight chemical smell from then it was made I guess but you get used to it.

Extremely Comfortable. Great Value

Only reason I don’t give 5 stars is, LEESA tell us there may be some “off gassing” from the mattress for a few days. That means fumes emit from the mattress’s man-made material, a kind of settling process.

In the case of my mattress, it was like sleeping over an open can of paint for over a month. Then the “gassing” finally stopped.

I sleep really well on this mattress. Glad I bought it.

Too soft for me

I'm a stomach sleeper and this mattress was too soft for me. I needed a mattress that was a bit more firm.

Ok for a guest room, but not worth the price.

Our mattress has already developed troughs. It's still comfortable enough but there's no way it will last even 3-5 years, let alone the 10 a mattress at this price point should last.

For my Son

We bought the leesa for our Special Needs son. He is 35 and has a hard time sleeping. He has loved it. Sleeps so much better and is in a lot less pain when he gets up. Thank you.

So Great

My husband just had back surgery and he has been loving the Leesa mattress. We both think it's wonderfully supportive and just the right amount of soft. We love it!!

Best sleep I had in years.

Delivery and packaging was quick and easy. The light smell it had only lasted a day or two. As a heavier set guy, it felt amazing. It was super quiet, unlike a spring mattress. Very little disturbance with my wife. My wife on the other hand, hated the mattress. She's considered petite, and the more dense nature of foam mattresses meant she felt the Leesa to be a lot more firm than our last mattress. Sadly, I ended up returning it for her. It's a great option for medium to large folks. By the way, the return process was a breeze and refund processed about 5 days after the pickup. Amazing service.

The best mattress I've ever slept on

My fiance and I are about a year into our Leesa experience and for both of us, it's been the greatest investment. She and I both travel extensively and we sleep in a lot of hotels but no matter how much we enjoy the mattress, we always look forward to coming home to the Leesa.

Consistent quality

Super soft and well made mattress! We have been impressed with the quality and how it’s almost impossible to have a bad night’s sleep on it. It does run a little hot but I’d imagine not as hot as other memory foam mattresses due to the Leesa’s thoughtful construction.


I have gotten the best sleep ever! I’m a back and side sleeper and it’s been amazing for me! Definitely worth the investment! If you’re going to buy a mattress that will last and will allow you a great sleep, go with LEESA!!!

comfortable and supports my back

comfortable and supports my back well while being comfortable

Jury still out!

Bought this mattress for our son, he is a very big boy, hoping the mattress won't start sagging in hot e middle as every other mattress we have bought for him! We will see!

Good night sleep.

I've been having difficulty sleeping due to a injury. I purchased the Leesa mattress and was finally able to get a decent night sleep.

Love this mattress

After sleeping on this mattress for over a month, I’m ready to review it. This is by far the most comfortable mattress I’ve slept on. I also upgraded from my queen mattress to a king, which has been excellent. Along with the great sleep I’m having throughout the night, I’ve noticed I no longer wake up when my husband adjusts or gets in and out of bed. Experience with this mattress has been great!

Love, love, love my new mattress!

For me, the Leesa Mattress has proven to be a wonderful mattress. I have bursitis in both hips; I have had zero hip pain with this mattress. I sleep soundly, comfortably. If my kids hop into bed with me, they can move without disturbing me, and vice versa.

I highly recommend trying this mattress. What price would you put on a peaceful night's sleep?

Very comfortable!

Very comfortable!

Very satisfied

I love my new bed!! Sleeping is super important to me. From day 1 this bed has been Perfect. I highly recommend it.

Love it!

What a wonderful product. We tried the mattress and loved it so much we bought two pillows. Such a great product and great company ethos. I feel happy spending my money with Leesa.

Good Mattress

This is a very comfortable mattress however due to my bad back, it could use a bit more support and firmness. I believe for vast majority it is a great sleep.

Best with a platform bedframe

I think the mattress would work better on a platform bedframe. I've got mine set up on a springbox. Also, I prefer something slightly firmer. Still, I think it's a pretty good mattress for others who like something softer. Not for me, though.

Back ache

My husband is very comfortable, but my back aches

It’s like having an ugly wife that cooks like a pro. Hate it, but can’t help but love it too.

Took it out of the box and let it expand in a separate room. It definitely has some process stank still on it when it arrives. That smell took about 7-8 weeks for it to finally out-gas and allowed us to put sheets on it and finally try it out. First thing I notice as a 6-1"’, 225 lb man is that when I sit on the edge it compresses immediately all the way down to the boxspring. Wasn’t expecting that. If you then try to roll into bed from this position you will find yourself wanting to roll back into the compression hole you created. Keep rolling towards and uncompressed area and spread out. Let the mattress find it’s memory and so long as you remain stretched out on the mattress the rest of the evening will be fine. I never noticed a cooling effect from the mattress myself, but the rotator cuffs and lower back pains aren’t nearly as pronounced when I get up in the morning. My arms aren’t falling asleep anymore and I’m actually noticing my REM cycles now and time my bedtime so I’ll get roughly 5 cycles per evening. Getting out of bed isn’t as bad as getting in. You do have to be conscious of getting your legs near the edge to use them as ballast in pulling you out of the “hug” the mattress is giving you. Once you are vertical on the edge of the bed it’s just a matter of waking up enough to get up and get the day going. Like I said before..there are things I absolutely hate about the mattress..but the fact I’m sleeping better and longer is the thing that makes me not want to return it.

We got this mattress because

We got this mattress because my our last mattress was hard as a rock. The leesa is certainly better but nothing that is AMAZING. I think it's your average foam mattress. Not to soft, not to hard. We have never got a mattress in a box before so that was kind of cool. It did smell a little bit but it eventually went away or we got used to it. It was quick and easy to order. I noticed I'm not waking up sore or my legs/arms falling asleep but again, my previous mattress was equivalent to sleeping on the bare floor.

Great Bed

Replaced old Marriott high end pillow top bed with the Leesa Bed and have no regrets. Much Better Sleep & no more numb shoulders from a too firm bed..

Comfortable bed

Very comfortable bed. I normally like softer beds and at first thought this bed would be too firm but it has been super comfortable for both myself and my husband

Can’t get rid of it fast enough

It’s 230 am. Zero degrees outside. I’m standing under a ceiling fan to let this broiler, aka Leesa mattress cool off. I do this almost every night. In a year I have not gotten a full night’s sleep. I bought a cooling topper. More money wasted. So, I have to eat a big chunk of money and just get rid if it. I can’t keep going without sleep because I can’t afford another mattress. Just have to bite the bullet. Oh yeah, and it’s like sleeping on wet sand. Kills my back. Can’t get rid of it soon enough. DO NOT BUY LEESA.

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