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Leesa Legend Mattress Reviews

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The Leesa Legend is the newest mattress by Leesa. It is much softer than the Leesa Sapira Hybrid and it offers a deeper contour while also providing even support for the spine. While these mattresses are great for slimmer side sleepers and those that want a pillowy feel, they may be too soft for some who need additional support, like stomach sleepers. Overall, this is a great mattress for a moderate pricepoint.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $1899-$2699

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Leesa Legend's Specifics

The Leesa Legend is Leesa's newest offering. Versus the other offerings, it has more total thickness and will be somewhat softer, though still in the medium firmness category. This mattress is perfect for side sleepers and those that are looking for a fluffy, luxury mattress without a tufted top. However, it is also Leesa's most expensive offering and somewhat more expensive than other high rated mattress-in-a-box options.

Quality of Materials

The Leesa Legend is the highest end mattress by Leesa, and a cloud-like medium firmness offering with a sustainable cover and a great mission. Here is what's inside the Leesa Legend:

Layer 1: The Legend cover is completely different than Leesa's other offerings, with hypoallergenic organic cotton and merino wool. Also, it is made from recycled material for a sustainable and luxurious top layer.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is perforated foam that offers a subtle bounce and responsive hug to the body. This layer works with the layers below to significantly relieve pressure points without diminishing support completely.

Layer 3: The following comfort layer is a memory foam layer that further melts away pressure points while contouring to the body. With the layer below, there is a 'softer' feeling than with the Leesa Sapira Hybrid's firmer feel.

Layer 4: For added cloud-like fluffiness that works to relieve pressure while also reinforcing the body's natural alignment, there is a micro-pocket spring and foam layer that provides targeted relief to the hips and shoulders. This layer is the major addition that minimizes partner disturbance while also allowing the back to fully relax while side sleeping.

Layer 5: The support layer is 1000+ pocket springs that provide solid support to the spine. This layer also works in conjunction with the layers above to minimize partner disturbance and also work to relax the body while keeping the spine aligned.

Overall Comfort

While there aren't many reviews about the Leesa mattress yet, the mattress has a high quality build that will provide a fluffy feel, while not diminishing support. This is ideal for side sleepers and slimmer back sleepers. Heavier sleepers, especially stomach sleepers, may disagree with the firmness.


This mattress has a medium firmness and may feel slightly softer to larger sleepers. This is really ideal for side sleepers and those that are slimmer back sleepers. Stomach sleepers may need more firmness on the top layer.

Back Pain Relief

With the micro-coils and the pocket coils support system, this mattress will provide superior back discomfort alleviation to those that are suffering from a poor mattress previously. Some larger stomach sleepers may experience some discomfort in their middle spine due to requiring more firmness. Those folks should checkout the Leesa Sapira Hybrid as an alternative.


While the top layer is perforated and the cover has temperature regulating wool stitched in, most sleepers will not find these mattresses to sleep too warm at night. Those that sleep very warm due to an active lifestyle or live in a warm environment may experience some heat retention.

Who Is The Leesa Legend Right For?

This mattress is great for side sleepers that want a fluffy, luxury mattress feel with an even, flat top. It is a bit more expensive than other similar mattress-in-a-box options, but Leesa has good customer service scores and reports of simple returns.

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We just ordered the Leesa Legend and are super excited. I have two Leesa mattresses and love them both. Also, they are a B corp, which is extremely important to my husband and I to support businesses that have a cause. We are upgrading our bedroom and couldn't be more excited. We will update here after a few weeks!!

Very Excited

Looks like a pretty amazing mattress. We can't wait to get our hands on it.

Cool But Needs Reviews

I know it just came out but there isn't a lot of information out there.

Less legend mattress is ok

It has more movement in the mattress than what I thought it would when the other person gets in and out of bed.

Zoned support? I don't think so.

I decided on this mattress because it was rated so well for side sleepers. Having the zoned support to allow your shoulder to better sink and align your spine was exactly what I needed. However, that's not what I got. The upper zoned portion (for your shoulder) actually felt harder than the middle zone (hip) area. Which in turn made my upper body tilt higher and curve my spine. This would make me wake up each morning with constant back pain. Definitely don't recommend.

Bad delivery and worse sleep experience

The so called white glove delivery was a disaster. More like no glove delivery. Been sleeping the Legend for about a month. I'm a side sleeper the mattress is way too bouncy.

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