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Lebeda Mattress Reviews

Lebeda is an Iowa based mattress manufacturer and brand that is well-known for their innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam options. Their mattresses are very competitively priced and most folks find their Lebeda mattresses comfortable. There are some complaints about customer service and durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $135-$3649

Trial Period: 30 Day Exchange

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Lebeda's Owner Satisfaction

Researching customer satisfaction is a perfect way to narrow down your search. These mattresses, however, get mixed reviews from sleepers. Some customers complained about comfort, but others were happy with the way the mattress made them feel. Read more below to learn more about what customers experience.

Lebeda's Supportiveness

For stomach and back sleepers, a supportive mattress is essential. Side sleepers also need a responsive mattress for their bodies. These mattresses provide sleepers with above average supportiveness. That said, some others didn't like the support so if you are heavier, make sure to review the specifications.

Edge Support
Most folks like the edge support from these mattresses. Some folks may experience some sagging when sitting or laying close to the edge.

Lebeda's Durability

Finding a mattress that has comfort that lasts can save you lots of money. But, as companies focus more on making money, everything from clothes to bedding degrades faster. Customers give mixed ratings when it comes to the longevity of these mattresses. Mattresses really affect people's bodies in different ways and some folks felt great about comfort long term, but others were not as sure. Do some additional research and make sure that your choice should work well for you before purchasing.

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I was looking for a mattress

I was looking for a mattress. I went to 2 mattress stores. The prices were high and the salesperson was rude. I went to Lebeda just to check it out. I thought the prices would out of my price range, but I was mistaking. Taylor was awesome. He listened to my specifications and price range, and suggested a few mattresses. He was very patient as I tried the mattresses. No pressure at all. I purchased a mattress and my brother did too. It is being delivered Thursday. Besides the prices, the product is made locally in Marion Iowa. The mattress is made the day before it is delivered. I would highly recommend it. Taylor is the best!

Lebeda is a factory direct retail store

Lebeda is a factory direct retail store with their product being made in state. The prices are very competitive! And the quality is fantastic!! The furniture here is a bit pricy but it's super high quality!! Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable without being pushy. He was wonderful! The showroom is well laid out with plenty of room to move and test out mattresses! They have great sales. And great every day prices!! I will be back to get a mattress closer to time of buying a bed frame. Which we may be getting that from here.

Had to replace after 1 year

Had to replace the mattress after 1 year. I don't recommend.

Bad Experience With Manager

I had to deal with a nasty manager at one of the stores so I bought my bed elsewhere.

Great service and mattress

I had a great experience with the staff at Lebeda. They were some of the friendliest staff and extremely honest to deal with. The mattress is also quite comfortable. Great job!

Great customer service

Great customer service from the moment I walked in the door until the bed was delivered and set up. Fair pricing. On-time delivery and set up.

very nice helpful

very nice helpful and easy to talk to. was extremely polite about everything on the floor. Thank you Travis Westfall. Springfield Illinois

Yesterday was my 3rd mattress purchase

Yesterday was my 3rd mattress purchase from Lebeda in Marion. When the bed is delivered, we always have a break down in communiction about what was discussed at the store and what shows on the delivery slip. Last time it was regarding the frame. This time it was regarding hauling the old bed away. Normally this would be frustrating, but Lebeda's delivery guys (Darnell and Mike) are awesome. They always make it right, always on time, super nice and work quickly and effice...ntly. Mike actually helped make the bed in the factory the day before, delivered it and set it up for us. Darnell is a machine. These mattresses must weigh 200 lbs, and he picks it up and carries it by himself like it weighs nothing. Incredible! It goes without saying that these mattresses are the best, but the people representing your company make your business GREAT! Thank you gentlemen for being the best part of Lebeda.

I appreciate how knowledgeable the staff

I appreciate how knowledgeable the staff at Lebeda is about their product. Clint spent as much time with me as I needed in making my mattress set purchase. I am a repeat customer. I had a great shopping experience and I highly recommend both the people and product at Lebeda!

We just ordered our mattress

We just ordered our mattress today and we are super excited for Wednesday to get here so we can pick it up. Wesley, Ames store, was so helpful and patient while answering our many many questions. I can't wait to edit my post to rave about the comfort of our new bed.

We found Brian

We found Brian very helpful in telling us about the differences in mattresses. We relaxed on six different mattresses, agreed on the one we both liked and were on our way home in an hours time. We appreciate a salesman who is knowledgeable but doesn't high pressure you into making a quick decision.

Buying a mattress is not an everyday thing

Buying a mattress is not an everyday thing, however it is something you use everyday. It's a big decision. The bed we purchased is outstanding. It is exactly what we were looking for in terms of size, support, etc. The service is what really stands out far beyond expectation. Scott Huffman gave us the time of day, educated us about different products, and more than helpful. You will not find this type of service or convenience online.

Brook was very helpful

Brook was very helpful in helping me decide on the type of mattress that was right for me. I missed my delivery guys and Laman delivered it to me after store hours the same day and sat it up for me. Awesome customer service. Thank you both!

My experience purchasing my mattress

My experience purchasing my mattress at Lebeda was wonderful! Clint was very helpful and patient with all the questions I had. I love my new mattress. The delivery was also incredibly fast. Great mattress for a great price. Would definitely recommend.

Good experience with Lebeda

Good experience with Lebeda. We’ve purchased three mattress sets from them. Very good product.

My husband and I were both having back

My husband and I were both having back and hip pain. After visiting every mattress store in Dubuque and two furniture stores, we found exactly what we needed at Lebeda. Aden was helpful but never pushy and gave us a great deal plus a military discount! This was the only store that had a platform bed with a real platform, not just a piece of flimsy plywood or wooden slats. It has great support for the flippable mattresses we purchased. They also have sturdy handles on all sides for easy flipping. Even the sheets sold here are top quality at a very reasonable price. We are very happy with our new beds, the price we paid and our aches and pains are getting much better. Top quality at very reasonable prices. You won't be sorry if you shop here! The delivery people were very friendly and professional as well.

Tayler was super helpful

Tayler was super helpful and knowledgeable! She made it a breeze to pick out 4 new mattresses for our home! (2 twins for our kids, a queen and king) Thanks for a enjoyable and speedy experience! A+

We just ordered our first mattress

We just ordered our first mattress from Lebeda today. It’s a no brainer. We had our list of places to compare with Lebeda. Well, after our perfect personal treatment from Clint at the Coralville show room we decided not to look further. Clint was very attentive to our requests. He listened and carefully considered our requests for a mattress. We had a price point. He didn’t pressure us. He gave us plenty of time to test different options. We are impressed! The set is being built on Monday in Marion and to be delivered here in Iowa City on Tuesday. Talk about local shopping being the best! Thank you, Lebeda!

Very nice and helpful place

Very nice and helpful place. Quick turn around time for delivery. Definitely would go back.

I can not say enough good things

I can not say enough good things about store manager, Brian Herrick! He is so knowledgeable and helpful. I really didn’t expect to buy a mattress today as I had just started looking. After Brian helped with all of my concerns, how could I not!?!? I love buying local and Lebeda has always had such a good reputation! Highly recommend!

Purchased an antique bed

Purchased an antique bed. Went to Lebeda in Davenport and was helped by Brian who went above and beyond to help me get what I needed. He was a very pleasant and knowledgeable person to deal with. I really appreciated his customer service. Will not hesitate to go back when I'm in need of their products in the future.

We just purchased our first mattress

We just purchased our first mattress from Lebeda in Moline and were very pleased with the whole experience. My husband has been ill and tires easily so we didn't want to spend time going from store to store. I'm so glad we went to Lebeda first! Laura was very knowledgeable and helpful, and not at all pushy. We found exactly what we were looking for, at a price that was well within our budget. Plus it was in stock! No waiting around for a delivery! We would definitely recommend Lebeda to anyone in the market for new bedding.

I bought my bed from Lebeda

I bought my bed from Lebeda about 10 years ago now, and it is still going strong! We recently stayed in a hotel and it reminded us how much we love our bed! Our kids are almost ready for “real” beds and we will definitely be back to Lebeda to purchase them! Along with the quality, I love the dedication to staying American made! It is hard to find companies dedicated enough to staying local these days, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that when bed shopping at Lebeda!

Angie was beyond helpful

Angie was beyond helpful in helping me pick out my new mattress/boxspring! I was on a tighter budget and was still able to get an amazing mattress, boxspring, bed frame, mattress protector, two fancy pillows with protectors, and cheap delivery! Overall, I saved about $500 total after everything! They have quality items at affordable prices and really help you without being too salesman-like! I love Lebeda and will always choose and recommend them for any mattress needs!

We had purchased a mattress

We had purchased a mattress for our son years ago and it has held up well. We are return customers.

Lamon was an amazing salesman

Lamon was an amazing salesman and manager! Helped me pick the perfect matress and made the experience great!

I went to all three mattress stores

I went to all three mattress stores on Duff Ave in Ames, explaining that I was looking for two twin beds for my 2.5 and 4.5 year old. The salespeople at the first two stores were pleasant, but they only showed me the cheapest twin beds, likely assuming that is all I'd want for small children, and not giving any guidance on mattress recommendations for children (firm? plush? quality?); I had to specifically inquire if I could get a twin size in some of the higher quality, non...-twin floor models. My last stop was Lebeda, where as soon as I mentioned that I was looking for a twin bed for children, the salesperson provided prompt feedback about recommended firmness level for that age. He also mentioned the ability to add edge supports to the mattress, explaining that when adults lie in a twin bed with a child for story time or getting them to sleep, the adult may tend to fall off the side (especially since twin size is narrow) and this can be prevented with edge supports. The longevity of the mattresses will be determined over the next few years, but I was pleased with the sales experience itself!

Poor Customer Service

Poor Customer Service, discriminatory service. They don't take away your old bedding if you live in a apartment or nursing home. Disabled people can't move their own bedding and haul it away, they don't tell you they won't haul away your old bedding until after the sale do not ever buy from this awful place!!! They did not tell me that they would take the old bed outside for me, and never gave the reason why the wouldn't take the old bedding. You people lost my sale and time I'm telling everyone I know about you people you will lose plenty other sales. By The way Nursing homes are not going to a regular mattress place to buy their mattresses.

Well, I can't say enough

Well, I can't say enough about the quality of a Lebeda mattress. The first mattress I bought was in the mid 1980's for $1000. It was a Legacy 2001 mattress. I have slept on this mattress and rotated it for 30 plus years and have now bought my second Legacy mattress for a fraction more than the original. This mattress is still in good condition but I'm retiring now and want a new one for the rest of my life while I still have a job and can afford the best mattress there is. The quality of sleep is what you will dream about and that's "NO FAKE NEWS". Thank you Brian for all the help in Davenport Iowa.

We purchased our mattress

We purchased our mattress set in the Ames store. We found the sale people to be very friendly and knowledgeable and offered recommendations as to which mattress we should purchase for the back problems that we have. We were however informed the sale had ended the day before our purchase when in fact we are still seeing the sale advertised on TV. We are very happy with the quality of the mattress and the support we get. Would definitely recommend a Lebeda mattress to anyone wishing to purchase.

I just purchased my 5th mattress

I just purchased my 5th mattress set from Lebeda today. I love the sales staff--very helpful and informative without being pushy or pressuring me. Delivery is always smooth and effortless. The beds are of phenomenal quality and the comfort is second to none. I'm also happy that I am supporting a locally owned small business. I highly recommend purchasing from Lebeda!

Went with my sister to help her pick out a mattress

Went with my sister to help her pick out a mattress at the Ames Lebeda and had an awesome experience! Laman was very helpful and didn’t try to sell us the most expensive bed in the store instead he took the time to explain the differences in the mattresses and make sure we get exactly what we wanted!

Our son goes to ISU

Our son goes to ISU and we bought him a mattress for his apartment and was very happy with the product and knowledge of the manager at the Ames store. A year later my husband and I bought a mattress set and had the same great service. No high pressure sales, great product with great warranty!

Do not buy Augusta Plush 2

Do not buy Augusta Plush 2. Seemed ok in showroom but hard as a rock at home.

Helpful, professional

Helpful, professional, friendly service - also enjoy the bed 😁 Thank you Clint, Darrel, and Mike!

I purchased a king size bed

I purchased a king size bed this morning and told Todd i needed it right away. He had the guys make it and delivery for today. What great service from him and Donna. I can't say enough about them in the Lebeda store in Marion . Will be sending people that are shopping for a bed set to you. Again kudo's to you both for everything.

Nice store & great staff

Nice store & great staff! Laman at the Ames store was awesome to work with. We have purchased beds from Lebeda before and know that it is also excellent quality.

The Lebeda in Cedar Falls, Iowa

The Lebeda in Cedar Falls, Iowa is amazing. The woman that worked there was very knowledgeable about her mattresses and recommended the most perfect mattress for us. I will not go anywhere else when we need a new mattress. Very affordable and the very best customer service!

We ordered a new mattress

We ordered a new mattress for a guest room and it could not have been an easier or faster process! Clint was very helpful and friendly. I would definitely refer people to the store.

Had a great purchase experience

Had a great purchase experience with Jake at the Q Street store in Omaha. He really took the time to help us make the best mattress selection for our needs. We've been sleeping on the new mattress for a couple of months now and a lot of the morning aches and pains are gone. I highly recommend Lebeda and the Omaha Q Street store.

I liked a mattress

I liked a mattress that was brought several years ago from Lebeda. when moved and needed a new mattress, I went back to Lebeda. There were all prices and the salesman just let me look(he didn't bother me or follow me around). If I had any questions he was available. Excellent service. I would recommend to my friends and family.

Purchased a mattress today

Purchased a mattress today and enjoy our sales person Donna. Donna was very informative, relaxed, no pressure and helpful. Thanks.

My wife and I went to the store in Ames

My wife and I went to the store in Ames, Iowa on Duff. The salesman was very courteous and knowledgeable. We told him what we were looking for and he took us to a perfect mattress. We checked out several other mattresses but went back and bought his first suggestion. A+

Great service from knowledgeable

Great service from knowledgeable and friendly manager, Clint. I enjoyed the opportunity to shop local and buy a product made locally. Thank you!

Great sales experience

Great sales experience at the Marion store. They LISTENED. They took me to exactly what I wanted and did not try to upsell me. If the matress is as good as my shopping experience, I'm going to be VERY happy.

Since I purchased my first Lebeda mattress

Since I purchased my first Lebeda mattress, topper, and pillows, I sleep better, but my kids thought it was awesome too and wanted to sleep in my bed, NO WAY!! Kids got their own lededa mattresses and have wanted to stay in their rooms. We all have sweet dreams�

Clint was excellent

Clint was excellent!!! Answered all of my questions. Fast delivery service. I would recommend this place to everyone

My experience has always been great

My experience has always been great! They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

We have now purchased 3 beds from Lebeda.

We have now purchased 3 beds from Lebeda. All have been solid beds. A little higher pricrd, but worth it.

Very friendly service

Very friendly service from the store in Davenport. Bought a new mattress for our futon. Looking forward to getting it.

They say there's a warranty

They say there's a warranty, but the warranty doesn't cover that the mattress sags where you sleep. After 4 years and spending over $1100.00, our mattress sleeps terrible and the warranty doesn't cover the main issue....a saggy mattress. So disappointed.

Love my Lebeda

Love my Lebeda! Go see Clinton at the Coralville location. He was very patient in assisting me with finding the adjustable bed and mattress perfect for me.

Great Service and Delivery

Mike and Jessie were great and friendly! Chris was at the Des Moines store and he was great to work with as well! We will definitely be back:)

Unsatisified customer

I purchased a mattress 8/18 and for the past year or so it has started to sink in the middle. I should have notified Lebeda Mattress at that time but I procrasinated. This week I did notify them to see what the warranty was - 10 year - ok. I was informed that it was under warranty and that all I needed to do was deliver the mattress to them and it would be fixed within a week to two weeks. I was told if I didn't have a way to get it there I would be charged $50 for them to pick it up. Records should show that they had to deliver it to me. I was told that if I just wanted a new on they would give me 30% off. If my math is right having a 10 year warranty and only having the mattress 3 years if you take 10% off a year I should have been offered 70% off of a new mattress. Maybe I'm wrong - just saying. Bottom line it will cost me in order to take advantage of the warranty since I have no way of transporting a queen size mattress.

New mattress after 30 years.

I have had my very first Lebeda mattress for 30 years. Was very happy with it, very comfortable and durable. I started having back ache so I decided after 30 years it was time for another Lebeda. I noticed the differnce in my back the very first night. I am a very satisfied customer.

Love our king size Lebeda mattress

We bought a king size Lebeda mattress a year ago. Love it. It is so comfortable. The sales lady, Angie, at Dubuque is wonderful to work with. She goes the extra mile. We have 3 other mattresses from Lebeda in our house.

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