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+1.6x back pain relief

+1.9x side sleeping

+1.7x soft comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Layla got its start in 2015 as the mattress in the box trying to fight homelessness with every mattress purchased. Since then, they have focused on building two mattress models with a focus on cool, copper-infused technology and a flippable design for softer or firmer feels. With versatile designs, with both a hybrid and all-foam version and a tradition of innovation, Layla is definitely a brand to consider.


+1.6x back pain relief
+1.9x side sleeping
+1.7x soft comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $749-$1899

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Layla's Specifics

Layla® got its start crafting one all-foam mattress with flippable firmness customization and copper-infused memory foam for cooler, antimicrobial benefits. Over the years, they have innovated with the release of the Layla Hybrid mattress, which also includes a flippable design and benefits of copper infusion. Most customers have great things to say about their Layla, reporting more pressure relief while staying cool.

Quality of Materials

One of the biggest differentiators of Layla's design is their copper-gel memory foam, which offers rapid heat diffusion. On both the firm and soft side the mattress, this layer is the first comfort layer experienced by sleepers and what customers report loving the most.

We'll go through Layla's mattress design below so you'll know what elements will work best for you.

Here is what's inside the original Layla Memory Foam Mattress:

Layla's mattress is a blend of memory foams that you can flip for a firm or a soft feel. Here is what's inside their mattress:

Layer 1: The cover itself is a polyester blend that is gel infused, which provides an added coolness right in the cover.

Layer 2: 3'' of copper infused memory foam. Why do they use copper here? It's conductive properties help whisk away the heat and there are claims that it helps with joint pain and circulation. This is a softer memory foam that provides contouring.

Layer 3: 2'' of transitional max airflow foam helps further diffuse heat through air movement while offering a more responsive feel that works to balance the contouring action of the layer above.

Layer 4: 4'' of base support foam provides core support to the mattress and the spine.

Layer 5: The bottom layer is 1'' of the copper infused memory foam, which would be the top of the firm option.

Next, we'll go through Layla's newer Layla Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: Similar to the original version, the hybrid cover comes with super soft synthetic fabric that whisks away heat and moisture from the surface layer.

Layer 2: 2.5'' of copper-gel memory foam cradles and contours the sleepers above. With this thickness, this softer side is ideal for side sleepers and those that need more pressure-point relief. Also, it stays cool with its copper-infused technology.

Layer 3: The next layer is 2'' of maximum cooling airflow support foam. It is more responsive and supportive without degrading from the pressure-relief above.

Layer 4: The main support layer is Infinity Edge™ individually wrapped coils, which each respond to the curves of the body for less partner disturbance and less pressure points, while still giving superior support.

Layer 5: 1.5'' of max airflow support foam provides more support, and also a transitional layer for the firm side of the mattress below.

Layer 6: The last foam layer is a 1'' layer of copper-gel memory foam, which is firmer for the firm side. This provides lasting support, while still alleviating areas of pressure.

Overall Comfort

Most find that either the soft or the firm side of these mattresses fit their comfort specifications in terms of support and firmness. Customers also report these mattresses do a good job at pressure-relieving (especially the soft side) while keeping cool.


Layla's mattresses are both rated a medium for the soft side and a medium-firm/firm for the firm side. Customers who are back or stomach sleepers may do best with the firmer side, while side sleepers report the softer side to be more relieving to pressure points in the hips and shoulders.

Back Pain Relief

Due to the firmness rating and numerous reports from sleepers, Layla's offerings should do a good job alleviating back pain for most sleepers -- side sleepers may prefer the soft side while stomach sleepers may prefer the firm side.


This bed has a lot of technology to whisk away heat and sleepers report overwhelmingly that these mattresses sleep cool.

Who Are the Layla Mattresses Best For?

These mattresses are great for those looking for a well-designed mattress with extra firmness options, who are interested in the benefits of copper-infused foam.

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It's a really good mattress.

It's a really good mattress. Both the firm and the soft sides are amazing.

Great customer service

I made a mistake placing my order and forgot to include a promotion code. I spoke with Tyler at customer service. He was extremely helpful in getting it resolved.

Great mattress! Super comfortable!

Great mattress! Super comfortable!

Just buy it already

Went from an old pillow top to my partners rigid memory foam and have been in absolute agony with my back pain (I have chronic upper and lower back pain) this mattress is the only one I've been comfortable in in the last ten years! Absolutely love the soft side for side or back sleeping!

Have had mattress for several

Have had mattress for several months now, it is comfortable and has offered a good night’s sleep.

Promote to Truck Drivers

Comfortable, I use it in my 18 Wheeler, you should promote this to truck drivers

I like that it has

I like that it has 2 sides. And it doesn't get too hot, even with a mattress protector!

This bed is one of

This bed is one of the best we have ever bought! It has the right firmness for us. Love it!

Happy sleeper

I bought this mattress for our daughter and she loves it. Claims to sleep comfortably and loves the firmness of the mattress.

Like sleeping on a cloud

Love it. Very soft & hugs all the right places to make you feel weightless

Wish it was a little

Wish it was a little softer hopefully it will over time. It is not as cooling as suggested

Very happy with purchase!

I’ve done research on so many mattresses but always came back to Layla, So decided to try it. I absolutely love it!! I wake up with no pain, first couple nights were an adjustment as I was used to a spring bed but now that I’m about a month into it I have no issues at all! I’m using the soft side for reference :) Very comfortable!! So glad I purchased!

Has improved my back pain!

Has improved my back pain!

Great mattress!

Love this mattress and highly recommend it! Sleeps great!

My launchpad is amazing! My

My launchpad is amazing! My shoulders and neck no longer hurt in the morning! The Layla mattress is much more than I expected!

I am loving my new

I am loving my new Layla Queen size mattress. I got it while on sale in March. It is comfy, cozy, soft and I am able to melt into it! I am currently trying the soft side and so far it's been great. No more hard turning in bed while sleeping. It is soft to the body in a supportive way. Getting out of bed is a breeze now. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting the most comfort I have ever experienced. Elaine P Elaine Palladino

Great Customer Service!

Ordered a Laya Pillow as a gift and reached out to double check shipping and tracking. Sarah was so helpful and answered all my questions .


Very nice mattress and pillows. They feel premium and my back pain is gone. Love them! If you don’t know how firm your mattress should be, two-sided design with two firmness options is a brilliant idea!

Best Mattress I've Ever Had!!

My fiance and I look forward to bedtime every night now, between the mattress and the pillows, we sleep like babies! We have it on the soft side and have yet to try the firm side. Highly recommend to anyone on the verge of purchasing to just do it! It'll change your sleep time for the better.

Layla Experience so far.

After a few months of sleeping on this mattress, I can say it took some getting use to but I do enjoy it. It's hard to tell if it'll last a long time though, I feel optimistic though. I am a rather big person and when I sit at the edge of the bed it does go flat, and it sleeps a little hot (so do most mattress for me though). I do recommend this mattress for back and side sleepers, less so for stomach sleepers but I still sleep on my stomach so you can make it work. I have yet to try the soft side so I can't share my opinion about that yet.

Me and my husband both

Me and my husband both love it!!!

Worth Every Penny

Great bed, you will not be wasting your money!

Amazingly soft 😊

very soft!! Compared to the mattress they try to sell in a store that never seem comfortable.. 10/10

After Researching, No Regrets!

So I was unsure about going back to memory foam, because they're always so HOT. But, my current bed was absolutely killing my back. After researching loads of different mattresses and reviews I settled on Layla, and I have no regrets! It took all of one night to actually start sleeping through the night and waking up without pain. I sleep all over and shift from front to back to side often, and on this amttess I shift FAR less and all my pressure points are comfortably supported. Thusfar I've only been using the soft side, which is just the right level of softness. I don't know if I'll need the firm side but I love having the option if I get tired of the soft side. It's also far cooler than even my innerspring mattress was! Which definitely thrilled me! I definitely recommend this mattress to anyone on the fence about memory foam!

After Researching, No Regrets!

So I was unsure about going back to memory foam, because they're always so HOT. But, my current bed was absolutely killing my back. After researching loads of different mattresses and reviews I settled on Layla, and I have no regrets! It took all of one night to actually start sleeping through the night and waking up without pain. I sleep all over and shift from front to back to side often, and on this amttess I shift FAR less and all my pressure points are comfortably supported. Thusfar I've only been using the soft side, which is just the right level of softness. I don't know if I'll need the firm side but I love having the option if I get tired of the soft side. It's also far cooler than even my innerspring mattress was! Which definitely thrilled me! I definitely recommend this mattress to anyone on the fence about memory foam!

Simply Amazing!!

I was skeptical to buy a mattress online. After much research, we landed on Layla. Delivery was quick. Setup was fast and painless. Super happy with purchase. Only regret was taking so long to find Layla.

It took my body a

It took my body a few weeks to get use to the new mattress. I enjoy it but would have liked it more if it were to be a bit softer.

It’s like sleeping in a

It’s like sleeping in a cloud,so comfy!

On cloud 7

Love our new Layla mattress! I chose Layla because it was rated the most comfortable and now I know why. Both of us feel like our quality of sleep has drastically improved

Second Foam Mattress

This mattress is great comfortable on day 1. looking forward to being able to flip the mattress is why we choose it.

Comfortable, as always

I've used a Layla mattress for years and bought some to upgrade for my kids. They love them, and I always feel comfortable recommending Layla to others.

Very comfortable, but not particularly "cool"

It's very comfortable, but I don't feel that it's any more cooling than other mattresses I've used, unfortunately.

Love it! So comfy. It's

Love it! So comfy. It's like sleeping on a cloud!

I feel a lot better

I feel a lot better I'm able to walk a lot better all day

Awesome sleep!! No smell! Easy

Awesome sleep!! No smell! Easy Peasy set up!!

Happy Customers

Finally, we have found the mattress we love. We've been sleeping on the soft side since night 1 and could not be happier. Just the other morning my wife said to me "I love our new Layla mattress". It sleeps cool and we enjoy a great nights rest. Give it a try.

I found this bed to

I found this bed to be extremely comfortable the very first night I slept on it I had no pain whatsoever probably the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned would highly recommend it

It works....... and that's a big thing

I gave up sleeping on a mattress years ago. Now I just sleep on a futon in the living room covered up with a Layla weighted blanket. Once you figure out how to get under one of those things, you won't be going anywhere anytime soon. If Layla would come out with a futon version of their mattress I'd be a happy camper. But my wife sleeps on our new queen sized Layla mattress (soft side up) and is sleeping through the night very comfortably. Her back pain is gone. The killer-attack dachshunds sleep with her and seem equally happy with the mattress. I say it's a big thing because we have purchased "Purple," that we have now given to one of our kids, "Casper" that went to another kid, and several others I don't even remember the names of. We're running out of kids so this mattress is kind of a last resort. My issues predate all of that, but my beautiful little red headed wife has never been as comfortable on any of our mattresses until now. I am even thinking about trying it myself, but the killer attack dachshunds make funny growling noises when I sit on what should be my side of the bed. We also bought a weighted blanket for her, but she hasn't tried it yet and probably won't until we get a fork-lift help cover her up with it. We also ordered two kapox pillows that are still in their box as she is completely happy sleeping with her new mattress and her old pillows just the way it is for now. This is a great mattress. We thought about ordering the topper thing, but she doesn't need it so all is good. Besides, the killer attack dachshunds might not like that.

Super comfortable. I started with

Super comfortable. I started with the plush side and didn't bother trying the firm side.

Love Layla!

So far, I am so happy with my Layla mattress! It is so comfortable!

Great value

Absolutely love my Layla mattress. No more waking up with back and hip pain. Shipped fast and I did not notice any out gassing. Planning to purchase another soon.

Very satisfied. It rests on

Very satisfied. It rests on a new, adjustable platform.

Amazing customer service by Tyler!!!!!!

I recently purchased another memory foam mattress from Layla and part of the sales was a set of microfiber sheets and mattress protector. Upon arrival of my order and blacking everything I found the sheets and mattress protector were NOT in the order. I reached out to customer service and got connected with Tyler. Tyler went above and beyond with his responsiveness, understanding and accommodations in getting me a replacement sheet set and mattress protector, and he even supplied me with the tracking number for the delivery! This is the kind of customer service that not nearly enough companies provide. Tyler deserves to be recognized for not only being a wonderful person but also for doing exactly what he said he would and so much more! Layla has a customer in me for life, their products are second to none and their customer service is also top notch!

I bought a mattress from

I bought a mattress from another company, but it caused terrible hip pain & I tossed & turned all night. I returned it and got this one instead. It's so much better! The soft side is great for a small-framed side sleeper.

Comfy, Soft, Supportive, but a little warm...

I love my Layla mattress overall. I use the soft side and it’s the perfect firmness/softness for me and I feel like it supports me well. I have never had a memory foam mattress so I don’t know how hot a “normal” one is, but I do notice this one gets warm. I find myself in heat pockets during the night and have to roll around to find a cool spot again. Overall though I’m very happy! I will probably just look in to getting a cooling topper of some sort.


Mattress arrived and we put it all together. Sleeps so great. My wife has scoliosis and on other mattresses can only sleep on her back. With the Layla Hybrid she can sleep on her side again. Her back doesn't ache in the morning upon arising. My hip would hurt and now it doesn't. Layla has hit a grand slam!


I have had my Layla Memory Foam mattress for almost two months now, and I have NEVER slept so well in my entire life. I get deep, GOOD sleep. It is my favorite thing in my whole house.

I really like my Layla

I really like my Layla memory foam mattress! I am sleeping on the soft side and it has just the right amount of give and and I think it is so comfortable.

Sleeping on comfort!

I have had two cervical and two lower lumbar surgeries. This bed is soooo comfortable!!

Very Comfortable

Very comfortable, both side are VERY comfortable. No regrets wish we would have switched sooner

5 stars

5 stars

Just love our bed! No

Just love our bed! No more back pain, wake up feeling rested & refreshed.


This is my first memory foam mattress and it did take a few days to get used to it but I absolutely love it. I would recommend you also have another person to help you unwrap it. I’m sleeping on the soft side and it’s perfect for me.

So soft that it took

So soft that it took a bit to get accustomed to but now it feels like I'm being hugged by my bed and I love it.

Wonderful mattress

I love this mattress! In haven't slept this good in years. There was a slight odor out of the box only lasted a few days. I love the fact there's 2 sides of firmness. I'm a side sleeper and I don't sink into the mattress. It's just right. I researched several mattresses decided on this one... I'm glad I did!

We love the quality, the

We love the quality, the option to flip the mattress for softer/firmer comfort, love the free pillows with option to remove foam (which we both did) and the free bags which we used to store the additional foam in. I made another smaller support knee pillow with the extra foam stuffing. Shipment was very fast and setup was easy. The cons: After setting up and donating our previous king split mattresses we were surprised that the Layla mattresses were not as cool as we expected. I tried calling customer service and had to leave a message about our concerns. We received a call back days later which showed up on our caller ID as a 1-800# without telling us it was Layla calling. We assumed it was a spam call and did not answer, which did not help with our concerns about the lack of coolness we expected and wanted to discuss our options. We gave it a few more nights and decided to order another mattress cover, bamboo and cooler, and it seemed to improve the coolness of the mattresses.

Still getting used to it...but

Still getting used to it...but I like it so far.

Love this mattress

I love this mattress, it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had! I don’t have arm or hip pain anymore, such a blessing! I did a lot of online searching, and finally decided on this one because it has 2 sides. Seriously great invention! I have the best sleep now. Thank you Layla!

Love this thing

Love this mattress, sooo comfy!

Really liking this mattress so far

This is my first all foam mattress coming from a sleep number bed. My sleep number was 10 years old and the bottom cover was starting to tear and I have been having lots of lower back pain no matter how I adjusted it. Since sleeping on this mattress I have had no more lower back pain and don't want to get out of bed in the morning and neither does my bulldog 😄. With most other beds I have slept on my back pain would get me out of bed in the morning because I was so uncomfortable. I am loving the soft side but like that there are two options. Really hoping this baby holds up as well as some say it does.

Thank you Layla

My husband has been bed unhappy for a long time. Is really enjoying the Memory Foam. Hoping this continues for him!

My husband is still adjusting

My husband is still adjusting to having a completely different type of mattress from what we are used to but I’m actually sleeping through the night!

I’ve slept better than I

I’ve slept better than I have in a few years. We love the soft side of the mattress. It’s amazing!

Good mattress

Good mattress for the price

Pretty chill

A lot more cooling then past mattresses I've had of similar builds, a little to soft for my taste but I went from several years sleeping on essentially the floor to this mattress. But all in all pretty good so far!

We love our new Layla

We love our new Layla mattresses! Our dogs love it too! So we got a Layla mattress for the spare bedroom so they don’t take over our bed- hahah! Everyone’s happy!

Very pleased!

Within the first few nights of sleeping on this mattress I noticed a huge difference-- I was sleeping more sound and not waking up as sore in the mornings. I usually enjoy a softer mattress but I actually have mine on the firm side per my pcp's recommendations to help with sciatic and back pain. Very pleased so far with my purchase! My hours of sleep are still very little BUT that is due to having a 5, almost 6 month old baby.

Best mattress I’ve ever had

I just got my second Layla mattress, I sleep so well on it. I highly recommend it, it’s the most comfortable mattress, my back pain feels relief and doesn’t feel too hot like others have. I don’t want to get out of bed!

Best sleep ever

We choose the Layla mattress after reading all the reviews and we were not disappointed. It truly is a game changer. Going from restless nights and achy backs in the morning to sleeping soundly and feeling well rested was almost overnight. We are completely satisfied and would easily recommend the Layla to anyone and everyone.



It is really comfortable. I’m

It is really comfortable. I’m thinking about getting one for another bed. My son has this mattress too and that’s how I found out about it. Thank you for the great service!

Love my Layla! SO comfy

Love my Layla! SO comfy

Transitioning from 30 years in a waterbed.

Actually more comfortable than we expected. Transitioning from 30 years in a waterbed.

I find the mattress very

I find the mattress very comfortable, but would like the firm side to be firmer

This mattress is awesome!!

This mattress is awesome!! I work construction and put my body through pain. This mattress, to date, has been the only mattress that has mitigated the pain that I feel renewed every morning. From laying on my back to sitting straight up, was an action I couldn’t do. This mattress has allowed that to happen from day one. Thank you!

Awesome :)

I have done a lot of research before I purchased my Layla foam mattress and I love it! I get a deeper sleep with no body pain at all - No back or hip pain. The soft side feels like sleeping on a soft marshmallow. The firm side feels like a firmer marshmallow. I love both sides. The mattress cover is soft with a great honeycomb design. My cats love my new mattress and we all all very happy! ^. .^

I spent weeks researching mattresses

I spent weeks researching mattresses before closing Layla. It’s been over a month. All neck and back aches are gone. I’m a happy side-sleeper.

Enjoying it very much! I

Enjoying it very much! I however purchased the weather blanket and it does none of the things for me that they suggested. I am a Sr. supporting myself so would appreciate if it can b returned and refund. Please advise! Thank u!

American made quality.

It's a good mattress. No complaints. I sleep on the firm side because that's what I need at this stage in my life. A couple of friends of mine laid on it and loved it. Quality construction and American made.

Sweet Release

This is the best mattress I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. The dual sides offer the perfect choice between firm and soft while simultaneously giving you the comfort of a cloud. My days are all worth it now that I can retire to the sweet release that is my Layla mattress.

I'm a petite side and

I'm a petite side and back sleeper (under 100 lbs) and the softness of the Layla soft side is perfect for me. I still get very hot (sweaty) some nights, but I had the same issue with my previous spring mattress. Overall, after 3 months, I can confirm that I am really happy with my Layla.

We tried all the other

We tried all the other mail order mattress and have returned them all. Bought Layla and best decision we’ve made. Sleep so good, I debate quitting my job every morning when I wake up. -Dan

I really like the cloud-like

I really like the cloud-like feel of memory foam. I am finally getting a good night's sleep.

So comfortable and helped my

So comfortable and helped my aching neck and back. Im a side sleepers and this is a great mattress for me.

I now have no pain

I now have no pain when sleeping

Nice bed

It was heavy like I had read about,but the setup was easy and fast. The pillows are a great bonus. The bed takes some time to get used to but seems to be getting better.


Helped with my hip bursitis

Product is excellent. Love the

Product is excellent. Love the fact that there are 2 options for softness--though I definitely prefer the softer side. Loses one star because it took over 3 weeks to get it with no explanation. I had to call Layla after a couple of weeks to discover they had a shortage of manufacturing materials.

I love my Layla mattress-

I love my Layla mattress- I sleep the best I have in years ! It cradles you in comfort and is very helpful with maintaining temperatures! Wish I would have purchased it years ago !! So glad I researched and picked the right mattress!

It feels pretty good and

It feels pretty good and I wake up rested with no back pain (I use the firm side). My girlfriend likes it so much she is ordering one, too.

Love both the firm and

Love both the firm and soft side. Keeps me cool and supported all night. Never slept better. Thank you Layla!

Very comfy. Love that it

Very comfy. Love that it has two diff sides.



Two Down, Two to Go

Great mattress. We’ve ordered two so far and plan to order two more. Our kids love them!

A great night's sleep

The quality of my sleep is much better since Layla. A nice cool mattress. Love that we don't feel the other person's movements on this mattress..

Good mattress, ok company

Typical foam mattress , nice to have a firm and soft option, but they send SO many emails, just an excessive amount, IMO. Are people buying mattresses or accessories weekly? Also can I send back the shirt that is two sizes to big for the right size?

Love this mattress!!!!

We love this mattress. At first we thought we would use the soft side, but the firm side works best. Glad we took the plunge with this mattress.

Almost perfect mattresses

I really like the mattress. It’s much cooler than my old Tuft and Needle and much softer as well. (on the soft side obviously) I wish it was a tad softer on the soft side(which is why a star is docked) but my fiancé uses the firm side and loves it (we have a split king) this is really the only option(for a reasonable price) if you’re looking for 2 identical mattresses from the same company, so they were the same height, but want different firmnesses.

i am a side sleeper,

i am a side sleeper, but the firm side sleeps great for me, i really like it so far.

Great mattress

This bed is very comfortable. Did feel like there was even a break in period. Only down side is that it sleeps so so hot. My husband has spinal issues and I have fibromyalgia so its difficult to find a mattress we are comfortable in. We also have the adjustable base. It couldn't be a better combo.

Sleeping on a cloud

Best mattress ever. The mattress forms to your body, it hits all the pressure points that can end up hurting. I have back problems and toss and turn at night, I haven't been doing that since I've gotten this mattress. It is so comfortable and I sleep on the firm side. The ability to choose from firm or soft is really nice too. It's honestly like sleeping on a cloud. I ended up getting the pillows as well and they are amazing! Best pillows I've ever owned.

Outstanding customer service!!

We purchased a King memory foam mattress in Feb. after sleeping on an expensive traditional mattress for years. We were very apprehensive about buying a bed online and switching to memory foam. We both have back problems and I’m currently recovering from my second back surgery and sleep is already a challenge. When the mattress came, set-up was simple, no odors and inflated quickly. At first it felt much better fit both of us. That feeling started to wear off about a month in, so we flipped to soft side. Again, great at first and a month in my pressure points were still hurting. Thought it was just me, then my husband told me he wasn’t loving it as much as he thought. I emailed customer service to see if they had something softer for us. I got a response from Sarah right away, she guided me through our options. We weren’t ready to give up on Layla but the only option was to purchase a topper. I wasn’t thrilled with that, so Sarah offered to send me a free topper and extended our trial period. I was blown away by the willingness of the company to ensure I purchased what we needed! I’ve been a store manager for 30+ years and when I see a company stand behind their product like that and prove it with great customer service and an actual warranty. Thank You Layla and Thank You Sarah!

Great for my bad back!!

Love that you have 2 sides to choose from. Add a topper and you get even more options!

So far, everything is good.

So far, everything is good. Have had back fusion and am not able to move around real well. But, I can get on the bed and get a few hours sleep. It is comfortable right now. Usually like soft bed. But believe I need the support of the harder side. Bought a topper. Working for me. Hope to be able to flip to softer side with topper. Might not be able to with back issues.


I had been sleeping on a day bed with a new mattress, but I was waking up every morning with low back pain. But since the day I started sleeping on my new Layla mattress, I have not awakened to any low back pain once since I starting using my mattress. I am so glad I bought this mattress!!

Donna R.

This is the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned! My husband and I are both very happy and sleeping much longer and feeling refreshed when we wake up! I've already recommended it to others. Thank you Layla for a super nights sleep. My quality of sleep is better thanks to your mattress!

These mattresses are awesome. We

These mattresses are awesome. We bought the split king with the adjustable base and have no regrets. I have back and neck issues and these mattresses have the perrect firmness for both me and my wife. With the choice between the firm and soft side you will always have an option. Very breathable and cool. I highly recommend!

It's basically a cloud

Great mattress. I got the memory foam mattress topper and use the side of the mattress that is softer since I am a side sleeper. My shoulder and lower back pain is minimal now and of course my overall quality of life has improved since I have more hours of quality sleep. Don't have problems with getting too hot on the mattress either :)

Comfortable and convenient with the

Comfortable and convenient with the option to change from firm to soft by flipping the mattress.


We needed a plush mattress, and Layla offered the most plush memory foam bed at an affordable price. We love it.

I love the option to

I love the option to flip the mattress for a "soft" or "firm" feel. So far, the "firm" side is perfect for me and I no longer suffer with back pain from my mattress. Thank you for making a quality mattress at a good value.


Bought a king memory foam about a year or so ago and love it. Very luxurious, high quality materials that feel so comfortable on your body. The softer side works for my wife and myself. Can get in and out of bed without waking my wife up. Have it on an adjustable frame and it is perfect for this type frame. I spent "forever" reading reviews and so glad I chose this Layla mattress. John

My husband and I love

My husband and I love our Layla we spent alot on time mattress shopping and reading and watching reviews we went with layla because we are side sleepers. We absolutely love it. Got here fast, easy to assemble, and Absolutely love the mattress

supportive sleep!

Upgraded our mattress in order to get a firmer bed and we love the Layla! It was a day or two adjustment sleeping on it,but we felt great in the mornings! My spouse has a back injury and still sleeps great. Would recommend!

The Best Money I Have EVER Spent!

I've had chronic back pain for 2 years since a driver hit my car from behind. Recently my pain has included sciatica 24/7. I was desperate for relief. I bought the Hybrid mattress because I am a large lady who likes to sleep on her side. The mattress and frame arrived almost 3 weeks ago. Immediately I had pain relief. I haven't been free of pain for 2 years!! I'm even sleeping on my stomach. So happy!! Thank you, Layla!!

I’ve been looking for a

I’ve been looking for a long time and actually brought home a Temperpedic , but after a month was not happy and the price was outrageous. I searched for Memory foam mattress for light weight and Layla was the first offering. After about 3 weeks on the softer side, I’m sleeping more comfortably and for longer stretches. My back is definitely happier with the Layla.

Chat Help

I want to commend chat specialist Stephanie for the help she gave me yesterday and today. I had questions about buying a mattress after falling in love with your bamboo sheets. She not only answered my questions but guided me by telling me her own experience with the products which helped my decision making. She is a real credit to your company. I am eagerly awaiting my new mattress! Thanks Stephanie!

Very Good

This is my first memory foam mattress and I was a little worried because I thought I'd miss the "bounce" of a traditional mattress. Well, I've gotten over that quickly and can say that I look forward to going to bed now. My one complaint is that when my partner visits and sleeps in my bed with me, I find myself being pulled down toward the indent that his body creates. He is only a few pounds heavier than me but it feels like I'm sleeping on a slope. Granted I have a full mattress, so there's not a ton of room for the both of us, but I did expect it to stay level for two people.

Nice mattress but I wish

Nice mattress but I wish they had a softer version. The soft side is rated at a level 4, I have fibromyalgia and find I need at least a 2-3 in softness. I had to add another topper to achieve this which I do not like to do as it blocks the copper-infused covering on the bed.

Since I’ve had my Layla

Since I’ve had my Layla I’ve only slept on the firm side and my body feels amazing! I suffer from scoliosis and my old mattress had my body sore and stiff especially in the morning 1 night on the Layla I feel great!

Awesome mattress! I sleep comfortably

Awesome mattress! I sleep comfortably and wake up without hip or shoulder pain like I used to!

I love my new mattress

I love my new mattress . It the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on since I had my old one . You feel like you are sleeping on clouds . I am getting more sleep then I did with my old mattress.

Quick shipment Packaged perfectly I

Quick shipment Packaged perfectly I was very skeptical about buying but I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised how well I sleep on this mattress. And there is no movement from your partner. I love it and highly recommend it.

After lots of mattress trial

After lots of mattress trial and error, the hard side of the Layla mattress hit the spot. Feels so great you don't even think about the mattress anymore.

Split King so we each have our own mattress!

My wife never really like our other mattress as much as I did but she put up with it, 19 years she put up with it. When she was diagnosed and was going to be spending quite a bit a time in bed I got looking on-line for a new mattress. Between the reviews, the trial period and the choice of two sides of firmness, I was sold on giving this a try. We have the Split adjustable frame so we each got our own mattress and being the same I thought I could use the firm side and she would prefer the softer side. Win Win right? My Wife tried the soft side first and never did try the firm side. the soft was for her. I'm 6'4" 285lbs and started with the frim side. I have some back issues and woke up a bit sore the first night. I thought of trying it another night or two, But I flipped it the second night. Surprisingly I found the soft side best for me and been waking up feeling pretty good. So far we are both really enjoying the new mattresses and we will see what the test of time brings.

I love my mattress! I

I love my mattress! I also ordered a Layla mattress topper and it is the cherry on top. I look forward to sleep every night, and now I have the most comfortable bed of anyone I know. Make sure you have plenty of foundation support under your mattress, or you won't get the most out of your slumber :) I have vertical wooden slats that are spaced 2.5 inches apart laid across horizontal bars, and it's perfect.

Great mattress

Super comfortable! I sleep on the soft side and it’s still very supportive. For reference I’m a petite side sleeper. I don’t wake up with back or hip pain anymore.

Sleep fast on all sides

I purchased on ebay for lower price of $858.00 Total for queen size with 2 pillows, black case of free items and x-large duffel bag, all brand new, saved 40-50% range prices! I chosen this bed for its style/color copper made cover hybrid bed and flippable with 2 types of firmness of 4 or 7 to see what firmness i need or both! I am still in trying it out phase the past 10 days since April 1st but i am leading towards firmness 7 because i go to sleep fast, less tossing and turning, sleep on all sides, finally was able to sleep on belly after so many years and feel more motivated when i wake up. When i sleep on firmness 4 its fine at first but then i sink a little bit, toss and turn more, have slight pain in lower back when i wake up probably since i weigh 260 pounds and it really best suited for weight under 230 pounds as said on website post, some days its great but when i am on firmness 7 its always amazing fast sleep. The pillows are most comfortable then i ever had before and i been sleeping without pillows for years due to to the way my head and neck feel! I put it on an 18 inch metal flat frame and was more comfortable then on floor! I will get 1 inch thick queen size bunkie boards instead of slats to add to metal flat frame to make it easier to flip bed and not tear the bed cover as i did before with an older mattress without box spring. My bed and frame measure to 31 inches so i couldn't get a 5 inch low profile pressure smart box spring because any higher i will need a stepper to get on it. I been deciding between Idle, Layla, Dream cloud, Helix and Brooklin signature hybrids for the price it offers and got lucky on ebay for the price of the Layla hybrid and in queen size which i was going for full size. It barely makes room between my entertainment tables and wall by 8 inches facing my recliner chairs in studio apartment! I love the Layla hybrid bed overall and its a keeper but i would like to have all the hybrid beds and sleep number,lol!

Big Layla Mattress Fan

I have a Layla hybrid on my bed which is heaven. I needed a twin for a guest bed so wanted a less expensive mattress. I therefore got the memory foam for that bed. Different but equally luscious and wonderful. I love that they have a soft and firm side. I’m telling all my friends about these wonderful mattresses.

Took a couple of days

Took a couple of days but I love it..weigh under 100lb & the soft side is great for me & my cats..

Worth every penny

I love this mattress! There are two sides a softer and a firmer, I prefer the softer side and think the firmer underneath is added stability for the mattress. It was easy to assemble the frame and then put the mattress on top. My body has less aches and pains upon waking. It comes highly recommended but everyones body and preferences are different. The pillows are stuffed with pieces of foam so they can be adjusted to your liking as well by removing some foam. Overall I give this purchase an 11 out of 10. With the 120 day return policy you just can’t go wrong.

Currently using the plush side.

Currently using the plush side. The wife, the dogs and I all love it. Extremely comfortable, and does not sleep hot even with fitted and regular sheets on it. I don’t wake up sore like I did with my old mattress. Great to know that I have the option to simply flip it over if I need a firmer mattress.

Still evaluating

Still evaluating the mattress, have only slept on the firm side. My wife says it is very comfortable and I am enjoying it a lot more than our previous inter spring Mattress

I am very happy with

I am very happy with my purchase

Bedtime is now my favorite time.

First off I never leave reviews but this bed is so comfy I had to. When I first got the bed I thought the soft side was too soft so I was sleeping on the hard side for the first week and I hated it. I flipped it over to give the soft side a chance and omg. I sleep like a baby. I’m also able to sleep on my back for the first time in my life. I wake up with so much more energy because I’m not switch positions all night. I love this bed so much I suggest it to everyone. So happy to wake up pain free!

I like the feature of

I like the feature of being about to flip the mattress while most you can't anymore. I do wish it was an inch or two thicker but I do enjoy it. I originally researched the best cooling mattresses and this was one for the best value. The value is good and I feel it does a good job not retaining heat but it's not the best cooling mattress out there for those who need extreme cooling like me!

Still deciding

I initally found the mattress very comfortable. I am still deciding if it is right for me. I seem to be having some new lower back pain that I am not sure if is related to the mattress or not. I don't like how you can't sit on the edge of the bed, you just slide right off. I even feel like I'm rolling off the edge of the bed when I lay on one side. I feel like the queen would be odd with 2 people. I am sleeping in the middle of the mattress and sleeping well there, I do feel more rested in the morning and seem to be waking less, so that is definitely a positive.

Absolutely LOVE this mattress and

Absolutely LOVE this mattress and the pillows ❤️

Best Mattress for My Back Pain!

Mattress has been a life saver for my back pain. I have had two thoracic fusions and struggled to find a suitable mattress. The memory foam on the firm side with a memory foam topper is just perfect to sleep on my side. So happy with this purchase!

fantastic mattress & pillows

It is an incredibly comfortable mattress; my fiance is getting a solid night's sleep, which is a first since we've been together. Shipping was right on schedule, and it had cute knick knacks that I proudly wear at work. Love the pillows that were included too! Thank you Layla team!

Finally Sleeping Again!

I bought my Layla mattress to replace an 11-year old memory foam mattress because I was not sleeping well any more and was waking up stiff and sore. I purchased my Layla and I am loving it! I am a side-sleeper, so this has been perfect for me! Each night I seem to sleep better and I do not wake up stiff or sore anymore! My Layla mattress was a great match for me!

Love the mattress! We sleep

Love the mattress! We sleep on the soft side and it’s wonderful!

Nice feeling bed

Nice feeling bed

Layla - Great Affordable Memory Foam

My hips can still hurt, even on the softest side (I have fibro, I don't think there is a mattress in this world that is soft enough). But I do think it's a great mattress overall - good quality, price, and support.

best purchase ever!

best purchase ever!

Love it sleeping great 4

Love it sleeping great 4 the 1st time in a long time.

So comfortable! I like it

So comfortable! I like it better than my Tempurpedic mattress. Also, the sheets that came with it are so soft. I am very happy with my purchase.

I do like the bed

I do like the bed but I still want a softer bed still hurt laying on my sides, but it is better then the bed I had

Good and so comfortable !

Good and so comfortable !


The mattress seems fine so far, I had back surgery 10 months ago and having a bit of trouble adjusting to it, however the protector and fitted sheets looseness don't help.

Very nice bed, love the 2 side option.

This is a really nice mattress. The soft side is a little too soft for me but my husband liked it. I preferred the firmer side. It is really nice that there is 2 options. This is a mattress for our 2nd bedroom, so it works well. We are very happy with our purchase.

I am 74 years old

I am 74 years old and have always preferred firm mattresses. In recent year’s I’ve been sleeping poorly due to experiencing joint pain during the night. I was told a softer mattress was often recommended to ease that pain. In my case that is true. The Layla mattress has ended that interrupted sleep and joint pain at night.

Love, love, love from the

Love, love, love from the moment the box arrived, thru the cool experience of opening the box and letting the mattress donuts thing to grow to queen size. Great support while I sleep on my side, stomach or back, awesome.



Like sleeping in heaven, no

Like sleeping in heaven, no more aching hip!

Combination Sleepers Look No Further

Great mattress for back and side sleepers. No problems what so ever (in 1.5 months).

Good bed, great purchase

Comfy and worth it

Very Pleased!

Very Pleased!

Mattress is great, but I

Mattress is great, but I asked sometime back about referral gift card. My sister has not received her's for referring us.

Great customer service!

I used the live chat feature and talked to Sky. Answered my question and was very nice and helpful.

Absolutely wonderful!

After getting impatient waiting for the slats for our bed frame, we decided to just open the mattress up anyways, we were not disappointed! We left the softer side up and it was magical! Every positions feels great and non constricting, as you might expect for a soft memory foam mattress. The pillows are wonderful as well! Even sleeping on our side, there was no awkward head height issues to overcome, as with a normal mattress and pillow setup!

Great for light side sleepers

My partner and I switched after trying out the purple original. My partner was fine with the other bed but I tried for a whole month but I would wake up with extreme lower back pain. I’m a side sleeper. I’m short and on the lighter side. I think I just wasn’t sinking in enough. After doing some research, we decided to try out Layla! We are using the soft side right now! I am loving it so far and I’m getting much better sleep. It also came with pillows and covers which was a nice addition. I do occasionally wake up with upper shoulder pain and I’m not sure if it has to do with the bed being too soft or more to do with my posture. We may have to try out the firmer side some time soon!

Soo much better than my

Soo much better than my old inner spring! My cat appreciates the lack of motion transfer 😅. I use the soft side and may get the topper to make it even softer.

I’ve never bought myself a

I’ve never bought myself a new foam mattress before so Layla seemed perfect due to the two different sides of firmness. I could experiment with what worked best for me! But I haven’t even tried the firm side yet. I’ve been sleeping on the soft side and I absolutely love it. Just sink into this bed and fall asleep instantly. Also don’t wake up at random times throughout the night anymore. I used to have a lot of stiffness in my shoulders and neck but that has all gone away with these new foam pillows too! Highly recommended.

Purchased for my 15 year

Purchased for my 15 year old son - he LOVES it!



Very comfortable matress

Very comfortable.

Loving this mattress

I’ve had my Kong sized mattress for about a month and love it. My last mattress was killing my back and making my boyfriends hip pain worse. On top of that it was like sleeping in a sauna. We have the Layla on the soft side and it’s heavenly and I rarely wake up because I can finally sleep comfortably instead of overheating. The pups keep trying to sneak up there too. The pillows are great for watching tv propped up. I was missing the free sheets and mattress protector but Sarah in customer service has been awesome getting those to me ASAP.

I love it wish I

I love it wish I could have done it 5 years ago before I purchased my old mattress

Kids love them!

Kids love them!

I have to say this

I have to say this is one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever slept on. Feels Firm but not too much, which I love. It was well worth the money and the comfort I don’t know why I waited so long. The quality is second to none,the materials that they used are very comfortable and exactly what they said they were. It even came with the bed protector, so I didn’t have to buy one of them. The sheets are very nice, very cooling. I don’t much care for the pillows, but they were free. So I put them in our spare bedroom. I have never bought a mattress online before but I have to say this was a very pleasant experience.

Best mattress I've ever had

Finally found a great matress. It's so comfy and I don't wake up with hip or shoulder pain anymore. It's nice to get a good night's sleep

Got rid of my shoulder

Got rid of my shoulder pain from the Casper. Soft side is great for side sleepers.

Super soft and comfortable. Just

Super soft and comfortable. Just what I was wanting.

Highly recommended!

Super comfortable, biggest bang for your buck. Can't complain.

Best mattress that I've ever slept on

Layla mattress is so comfortable, I fall asleep fast and sleep through the night without moving. I wake up in the morning with no pain and well rested. I haven't slept this good in many years. Thank you for making an Amazing mattress.

side sleeper - not as cool as I wanted

We've been sleeping on our queen Layla for about 2.5 years and have been happy with it. It's very comfortable. We sleep on the soft side, as I am 100% side sleeper, while my wife is a combo. I needed the softness. She sleeps very hot. The bed is cool at first, but about 3am, I notice the heat is in the bed, so it's not quite as cool as we'd like, but we all have to compromise, and the lack of back pain and ease of falling asleep outweighs a bit of excess warmth, compared to an innerspring mattress. We are moving soon, and might try out another brand's hybrid mattress to see if we can get a bit more cooling, but if that doesn't work out, I will 100% buy another Layla. I encourage everyone to try it out, if you're a side sleeper. It's been a fantastic mattress for us.

Great mattress

LOVE this bed. Other bed-in-a-boxes that we tried were way too firm. The soft side of the Layla is perfect for both my husband and I (very different heights and weights).

Look no further, this is what you need. Really.

I love the idea of having 2 options of comfort for sleeping. I've been sleeping so well since getting Layla - a major update from my previous mattress. In honesty, the amount of good reviews I read prior to buying the mattress made me wary, but rest assured they are all true (including this one.) The sales are a complete steal, definitely take advantage with those really good prices.

Was easy to work with

Was easy to work with and very friendly

Great Mattress

Great Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress Ever!

I spent almost a year looking for a "soft" mattress to replace our 18 year old Air Mattress from another company. All the air mattresses we liked were outside of our budget and we had bought a memory foam "bed in a box" (medium-firm) in the interim while we looked for a soft mattress. Our backs, hips, elbows and ankles hurt everyday after we got rid of the air mattress and we could not find what we wanted in the market at a reasonable price. Then one day we heard the song Layla on the radio and we sang to it all the way home. It was President's Day weekend and so I decided I would look one more time for a mattress that would give us the same comfort as our older air mattress. I input "Soft" + "Mattress" into the search engine and up came Layla! Scott our sales person answered all our questions - we bought a king size memory foam that is copper infused. Read about it- it stays very cool and it is really "SOFT". We love it and are thrilled- no more back pain, hip pain, etc. And, we received the President's Day Special. If you need convincing call Layla and ask for Scott he knows what he is talking about. Thank you Scott and Layla for a f good night's sleep!

The Layla mattress is just

The Layla mattress is just what I needed! I use the soft side because I am a small woman and a side sleeper. From the first night, I have slept like a baby. My hips no longer hurt because it’s soft enough to cradle my body. Yet it also gives me solid support. I also have had trouble sleeping on other mattresses because I tend to sleep hot. The copper-infused mattress is is the right solution. I don’t sleep hot or cold - I sleep comfortably. Love Layla!

Love our new bed!

Purchasing the memory foam mattress was the best decision we have made this year! Both types of pillows, the bamboo sheets, and platform bed have exceeded our expectations. The biggest perk is waking up with no more back pain! All pros no cons. I wish we would have made the decision to order sooner.

This is a wonderful mattress.

This is a wonderful mattress. And an overall wonderful company with AMAZING customer service. They go above and beyond to help you out and make your mattress buying experience PERFECT!

She gives a great hug!!

I did a ton of research before settling on the Layla Foam mattress for our master bedroom. We knew we wanted memory foam, and we knew we wanted something high quality so that once we bought our mattress of choice, it would last more then just a few years. I heard about this mattress through a mattress review company and based on side/back sleeping recommendation, we went ahead with the Layla. I love the fact that there are two sides to this mattress. Hubby and I both settled on the softer side for sleeping, which is absolutely unlike anything I would normally want or need. I am mid 30’s and athletic, but I struggle with back and neck instabilities that cause me a ton of discomfort when I sleep wrong - so I’ve always “needed”something more firm. But then I started waking up with shoulder pain, and I realized it might be the firmness of our mattress Becky there was no give. My poor hubby has never slept well on our previous mattresses (all of which have been firm) but he loves me and wanted to serve me. Bless his heart. Well we got the Layla (and thinking I’d need the firm side) we laid on the soft side first because that’s how it rolled out of the package. I sank in. She enveloped me in a hug unlike any other mattress I’d ever received. And somehow she still supported me. I didn’t even want to try the firm side! So we slept for a few nights on the soft side and then ended up painting our bedroom wall and decided to put the bed back together on the firm side to at least give her a try. We laid down to go to sleep. It was like 11 pm. Nope. Not the hug I was looking for. Surprisingly too firm! So at like almost midnight we changed the whole bed around and turned it back over to the soft side. It was so much better! I tend to run super cold when I sleep, so when I sleep on the soft side and she hugs me close, I get body warmth that I never had on my previous firm mattresses. My feet were always cold and because I didn’t sink in slightly, there was always a draft around my body - especially when hubby moved under the blankets in his sleep. Not anymore! This bed keeps me warm and comfortable. You guys literally turned a firm lover into a soft and supportive lover. I absolutely adore this mattress! I was also concerned that there would be no side/edge support when you sat on it, but it’s never been a problem. All the things I thought I’d hate about having a new and unusual mattress have become an afterthought. Plus with the 100 night money back policy, why wouldn’t I try it out? Yay for 100 days, but we’ll be keeping her. Oh and also, husband sleeps so much better now. He says he dreams more vividly and I think we can attribute that to the quality of his sleep on this mattress! 1000 stars!


WOW, Layla is the best bed I have ever had! The copper really works at keep the heat down and it is the perfect amount of soft and support. Sleepopolis was right on ever part of this bed. I am so happy I found their website and did my research. Layla thank you so much for making this dreamy mattress. You need to sell your mattresses at stores in Canada like "Sleep Country" and others as we have inferior products and everyone should know about your Layla beds.

So comfortable and cool! I

So comfortable and cool! I have night sweats and this mattress greatly reduced the sweating! I sleep on my side and was waking up with shoulder pain before I got this mattress, and the memory foam pillows. Now I wake up feeling great and refreshed. I am having better sleep and more vivid dreams. No more sore shoulders and soaking in sweat. I love this mattress!!

I couldn’t be happier with

I couldn’t be happier with my new memory foam mattress! It is unbelievably comfortable (I use the soft side). The purchase was smooth and easy. Excellent!!

Yes, I’ve found a great nights rest.


Good mattress set

Definitely an improvement in sleep over my Black Beauty hybrid mattress. Still adjusting after almost two weeks but hopeful my back aches will cease.


I am in LOVE! Within two days I was waking up without pain, and I couldn't be happier! I'm a side sleeper and did quite a bit of research. I purchased the regular Layla, and it's been better than I expected.

Happy old bones.

This 10" mattress replaced a 15" and is much easier to put the fitted sheet on. I use the soft side and it is just right. The pillow was to thick to start with so I removed stuffing until it is just right. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for making a great product for the money.

The Mattress I've Been Dreaming Of

We just bought Layla mattresses for both of our grown kids, ages 17 and 20, and I am so envious of them! I want one, too! All of us like a soft mattress and the Layla is perfect, like sleeping on a cloud. My husband and I have a Lull mattress which was too firm until we added a foam topper. It's good now, but for comfort it doesn't compare with Layla! Layla is the mattress I've been searching for.

Comfy as described

Mattress is great, smell lingered a bit but that was the only issue

Alex, Brian & Matt and the support team staff

Big Mahalo to Alex, Brian & Matt for helping me get a good nights sleep!!!

Great choice

Looked for a foam mattress for some time and reduced my selection down to three. After much consideration I liked the reversible firmness feature of the Layla. Settled for the firm side and am very happy with sleep quality.

Overall happy with my mattress.

Overall happy with my mattress. Using the firm side and its a lil too soft for me. It is very comfortable tho and I believe it has helped my back pain.

Great, very comfortable and provides

Great, very comfortable and provides right amount of support.

I love my new Layla

I love my new Layla mattress. It is so comfortable. I get such a better night sleep now that I have this mattress. No longer do I wake my husband up when I get in and out of bed. I fall asleep quickly and I am not achey when I wake up.

We are very happy with

We are very happy with our Layla mattress!

Waking up pain free!

Waking up pain free!

Really Wished I Bought This Sooner

So comfortable. My back feels great in the morning. I have trouble getting off of it because it’s so comfortable, I don’t want to get off it. Worth every penny.

It took 2-3 weeks to

It took 2-3 weeks to get use to a new mattress. The soft side isn’t quite as soft as I would like, but I am definitely getting better sleep now. I am glad I made the purchase.

I use firm side and

I use firm side and sleep better now than in months past

Layla Custy Service is amazing

I bought a queen sized Layla Pillow. Super excited as it is shredded Natural Talalay latex with Kapok organic fiber fill which, from my month of pillow research, is the best of the best. As a side sleeper, I need a pillow that's very soft with a firm yet lofty feel. I had an expired coupon but I emailed Layla support and they honored it anyway. Nice! The pillow is gorgeous, the quilted soft outer pillow cover is cozy and snuggly. One of the zippers was a bit sticky at first but it ran fine after a few zips. The first night it was way too high. So I pulled out almost half of the stuffing and stored it in the storage bag Layla sent with the pillow. Too low, I shoved half of that 3rd back in the pillow.I punched, massaged, used my bakery rolling pin, fluffed it, sat on it, manipulated the stuffing within the pillow as I removed and returned stuffing into it. After 3 weeks I gave up and returned it. Here's the thing, Layla's Customer Service is absolutely phenomenal. They suggested things and when I didn't work, they refunded, no questions asked. So although It didn't work for my weirdo head, give them a try; the materials and construction of the pillow are fantastic and I wish every company had their excellent customer service. So although it didn't work out for me, try Layla. The pillow is lovely.

Soft as a dream

Wonderfully soft yet I don't sink too far in. The pillow top is soft and comfortable. Love it!!

Great support. No need to

Great support. No need to change positions. No sagging or sinking.

Right combination of firm &

Right combination of firm & soft. My body has different needs in different areas. Found it in this Reg. Layla bed. Cats only hang out on bed now!! Very delighted with my bed! Thank you Kirsten & Dillan!

Great queen mattress!

Rest setup and sleeps like a dream! We started on soft side up and are going to try the firm side next week . The pillows are very good as well. Would and have recommended to friends. Very fast delivery!

Love it. We are both

Love it. We are both side sleepers and are sleeping much better and don't wake up sore or stiff.

I'll never use an inner spring mattress again!

This is my first memory foam mattress and it has been great. I'm a back-sleeper and the firm side of this mattress is perfect for that. The soft side let my hips sink too much for back sleeping. Overall, great mattress at a great price!

Wasn't right for us, but customer support and refund were awesome and easy!

The customer support and the way they handle a return is like nothing I have ever seen. Kudo's to the company and team for standing straight up to their promise! I felt the bed (Hybrid King) was built well, but just didn't work for us and our specific needs. The entire request, pickup and refund literally went without a hitch and no hemm-hawing around.

Got it upstairs by myself!

Customer Service has super helpful in answering my questions prior to ordering. They then helped to place my order through the phone. Mattress arrived on time (4-5 business days). Mattress was super heavy (91 lbs) but I got into my apartment using the elevator by myself (woman, early 30's, 120 lbs) so I was proud of that! Unpacking was super easy and I didn't really care about the chemical smell as I was so tired so slept on it the same night. Really appreciate the package with the microfiber sheets and pillows too! Overall, amazing experience. Would recommend!

Very comfortable. I picked it

Very comfortable. I picked it because I wasn’t sure which firmness was best for me. I like the two firmness option.

Amazing Sleep

We love our Layla Mattress! We’ve been sleeping on it for 2 months now and I can’t recommend it enough. Great for side and back sleepers!

It came in a timely

It came in a timely manner, was easy to put up, seem to be well constructed, although it is not as soft as I hoped for. Nice mattress.

Love it

Love it

Can it fix this lil back pain ?

I loveee this thingf So far so good at least. I got it so fn quick! My back has felt rlly good I fd up my back from sleeping on a futon for like a month :( but i rlly like this bed compared to the basic mattresses I've had which are from local furniture stores. Cant tell yet just how good bc of having slept on a futon. But lets see if this bed can restore that pain in a few more weeks. Will write more abt it at my site!! :)

Perfect Mattress for Lightweight Side-Sleepers!

I am a light-weight side-sleeper, so finding a mattress that was plush and soft, with support is hard enough; and being unable to test it out in-store, was a bit unnerving for me. However, after looking online at different options, I finally decided to try out the Layla mattress. I can say it was well-worth the cost! I sleep on the soft side and after several months, I decided to try the firm side. I woke up sore! So I went back to the soft side. The soft side of the mattress allows your body to sink in without losing support. At 125lbs, I can tell you that this is indeed the case. It may take a week or two to break in the mattress (I tend to sleep on the right side), but now that it is broken in, I wake up energized and ready to go. As for the firm side; I did try it just to see what it was like--and it was not a good fit. I woke up stiff, my hips were sore since the firm side didn't allow my body to sink into it, and like my body had been sleeping on a rock! So I'm back to the soft side again and looking forward to a good night's sleep! For all you light-weight side sleepers, this is a great mattress!!! I also bought the bamboo cooling sheets and those work amazingly well in keeping me cool. :) I haven't had any issues yet with my mattress and I got it back in July. I'm finally posting a review now that I feel like I've had a decent enough time trying it out.

Excellent customer service

The mattress didn't work for me but I have a very bad back. Tyler was AMAZING!!! He went above and beyond to get me set up for a return and the company was extremely easy to work with. This company is how they all should be!!!

Side sleeper comfort

The softness let’s my body sink in comfortably since I’m a side sleeper. I don’t roll around throughout the night trying to get comfortable. It is a little hot though, I’m not sure how that will feel in the summer.

First foam mattress after a lifetime of springs

Simple ordering. Clean, organized packaging. Easy to open & install. No VOC smell. Quality construction. First foam mattress after decades of springs, so it has a different “feel” but knew that prior to purchase & am very satisfied. I sleep “hot” & the foam is only minimally warmer than previous spring mattress & doesn’t prevent a good night sleep. Would recommend & order again. Thank you.

Great chose

My hubby and I are happy. Bought 2 twins put together for a king bed. I have my softer side and he has his firmer side. It is so nice sleeping with the hubby with a lot less back pain. Love my decision for layla. The look is great and the firmness is perfect for both of us.

Feels great

Feels great

Makes me fall asleep so

Makes me fall asleep so fast!

Wonderful queen mattress

This mattress has given my husband and I 8 hours of sleep everyday! My RA aches and pain has been reduced in the morning! We sleep on the soft side and it gives a good support too. I am 5’4” and 155 lb and my husband is 225 lb. He sleeps well on the soft side too! It does not smell either! The mattress is very well done!

High quality & excellent service

The mattress and pillows are described perfectly. Very high quality and smooth to touch. Im giving a five star for excellent service and quality. I returned mine because it wasn't for me and it was very fast and hassle free. I got all my $ back. Just because it wasn't for me doesn't mean its a bad bed. It deserves 5 or more stars plus the service was fast and honest. U can buy this with out any worry of not liking it. It also great that if u don't like it they will send it to charity. They are great people and sell wonderful products. Its worth the try!

Awesome nights sleep

Best sleep we have had in years. Like sleeping on a cloud.

Perfect Pillow

My Kapok pillow (queen) and Layla in general, far exceeded my expectations. Not only is this THE most comfortable pillow I have ever owned (and there's been plenty), the customer service is equally dreamy! I contacted customer service post purchase with a general inquiry and Tyler went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Thank you Tyler and Layla!

Love this mattress

We bought a hybrid mattress with the adjustable base. We love it. With our old mattress, my wife woke up with a backache every morning. Not anymore. We have flipped the mattress to the softer side because that works for us. Love this mattress. We both sleep wonderfully.

Great mattress; okay pillows/too dense

Comfort. Mattress is great; pillows, not so much.

Good Value-Great Sleeping

Actually purchased for my wife.She says it's great and she is sleeping very well on it. She wasn't sure about firmness, but she finds the soft side very comfortable.


Incredible. We really only use the hard side, honestly haven’t even bothered trying the other because we are so dang comfortable. This bed has gotten me past so much back pain and sleepless nights that I used to have with our old bed. I am a believer.

Super comfortable and plush mattress.

Super comfortable and plush mattress. I love how it supports my back. I also bought the topper and pillows that complete the heavenly dreams.

Very satisfied

Sooo comfortable! I love my Layla mattress

Love my new matress

SOOOOOO COMFORTABLE! I'm using the firm side; you can definitely tell the difference between the soft and firm sides. The frame was easy to put together...and my first night's sleep was excellent.

God’s gift to sleep!

Every one should be able to sleep this good! Awe memory foam. God’s gift to sleep.

Sleeps well.

Sleeps well.

Very comfortable Sleepy great!

Very comfortable Sleepy great!

Great mattress!

Great mattress!

Small 5’5 Female

I am a small female, weighing 120 pounds and 5’5. This is the ONLY mattress I have found that doesn’t give me the dead arm and leg when I sleep on my side. My shoulders and hips are able to sink into the mattress while the rest of my body stays aligned. It’s so nice to feel my spine align when I lay down. With other mattresses (latex included) my body weight prevented me from sinking into the mattress. Due to this my body was just on top of the mattress and is led to her uncomfortable sleeping, I would wake up all through the night. I’m extremely satisfied, this is the second time I have purchased this mattress (gave the first one to my sister). 11/10 would recommend!!

I don’t require a long

I don’t require a long rest cycle. 4-5 hours is plenty. The mattress is very comfortable and allows me to be comfortable throughout the night✅

Solid mattress so far

Takes a couple night to get used to it and then it gets better. Have only used the soft side as I'm a lighter build and a side sleeper and i find it has good pressure relief for my shoulder. It sleeps a little warmer than I was expecting but not uncomfortable. The memory foam is quick responding, not like old school foam which I like. Usa made mattress also which is important to me. I didn't care for the pillow or sheets though.

Great Support and Sales Personal at Layla

Sky was great in helping work through my question. She connected me with Scott who also was stellar in answering my question. Layla has done a excellent job hiring the right personal. Keep up the great work!!

Extremely helpful service

I had questions about linking my account to my order & Sky was more than helpful about doing that along with quickly tracking my shipment. Couldn't ask for more. The bed was on point too, really enjoy the soft/hard sided options.

Good purchase

The mattress is exactly as described. After researching the many products on the market, we made the right choice. The bed is comfortable and we are enjoying a good night sleep.

Bought for my daughter’s apt

Bought for my daughter’s apt .. she has a daybed and the mattress fits perfectly and is super comfortable.. pillow that came with it is a little puffy for me but makes a great daybed pillow

I have severe back problems

I have severe back problems and was nervous to buy a bed online. A very picky (and pregnant) friend recommended Layla so I had to trust their opinion. I am so glad I did!!! It is the softest bed I have ever laid in and I’m excited to go to bed every night. Thank you, Layla!

Great mattress

Great quality and feel. I did end up returning it since it didn’t really fit my needs for my back but I’m sure it’s amazing for other people. Awesome customer service as well

Like sleeping on a cloud

The mattress unfolded very quickly and I was able to put the mattress protector on it and use it to sleep straight away. The first night I was terrified because I was overheating, but after that I haven’t had an uncomfortable night sleeps it. Are you really enjoy the mattress. And I’m glad I bought it.

easy set up, great first

easy set up, great first sleep....sadly we did not get our sheets or pillow covers..or mattress cover.....and still have not seen them, several weeks later

No complaints

No complaints

affordable comfort

affordable comfort

Should have done this sooner

We love it. Best sleep ever.


Sarah @Layla was able to keep me updated on a piece of my order that I had not been updated on the shipping of the bed frame. Thank you Sarah. I can't wait to get the bed frame so I can unpack the mattress.

Comfy mattress

It’s really comfy on the soft side — we haven’t bothered to try the more firm side yet.

I used to have shoulder

I used to have shoulder numbness but with Layla on the soft side I wake up feeling great.

Excellent customer service

Due to my own error the shipping address was incorrectly submitted when I ordered two weighted blankets. As soon as I contacted Layla I received emails acknowledging the error and confirmation my blankets would be shipped to the correct address. Thank you Tatum and Cody. Your excellent customer service reaffirmed my respect and trust in your company. Gratefully, P Kaplan

New mattress

So far I like my new mattress. I didn't rate it as great, because I am still adjusting to it.


Great customer service! I worked with Sarah through email and I was surprised at how fast she responded and the helpful information she gave me :)

Lessening my hip pain.

This mattress was an impulsive purchase after one too many nights tossing and turning from hip pain. That said, it's one of the best impulsive purchases I've made. It took some getting used to coming from a traditional mattress, but it's significantly better in the end. My hip pain is still there (but it's been going on for 15 years) but it is SO MUCH BETTER - there is just so much less pressure on my hips because of the forgiving foam. The only thing I didn't consider is that this mattress isn't as tall as my previous mattress - but I can always get a different frame!

Wonderful customer service

I had an issue with the shipping of my order and Sarah took care of it immediately! This company is fortunate to have such a great customer service rep working for them to help with all issues or problems!

Good customer service!

A thank you to Matt for quick, helpful customer service in a chat today! I can’t yet review my two separate purchases, but will when they arrive. I ordered a weighted blanket for myself based on a friend’s rave...then another for my granddaughter. Stay tuned!

Sarah is helping find the right one

Hate to say it, I feel like the three little bears. My husband enjoys on side, I enjoy the other. Sarah helped us today by finding a compromise. And, if it still isn’t what we need, Layla has the best sleep night guarantee. I did A LOT of research prior to buying, and so far have not been disappointed with the customer service (provided today by Sarah) or the bd it’s self. It just hard to find a bed that makes us both happy.

Good bed, not for us

When we got the mattress, the people didn’t bring it up to our house, they just left it at the bottom of our stairs. That wasn’t great but the mattress was! We liked it but we did end up getting too hot, especially on the softer side. We tried each side for about a week and a half and ultimately decided we needed a 6 instead of 7, so we returned it. They were very fast with the pick up and offered the refund right away. We have been waiting a month for our new mattress but Layla got it to us super fast. I would recommend it to those who like firmer beds or super soft beds. If you get really hot at night, it does keep in some heat.

This is our second Layla,

This is our second Layla, we went from queen to king. I love the soft side, and also love that it doesn’t get a hole in the middle of each side where we sleep. It’s a great mattress!

I have had the Layla

I have had the Layla for about two weeks. I have had back problems and haven’t been able to sleep. Since we got the Layla I have slept without back pain. I love my Layla so far.

Pillows and stuff

I’ve had my Layla for about two weeks. It is very comfortable. But the surprise is the pillows. I have great pillows I got with my $7000 fancy bed, but I swear these Layla pillows are even better!

I love my side of

I love my side of split king but my spouse is not yet given his final verdict. he tried both sides and firm seems best for his bad back. will see what. few more weeks brings, but I really like soft surprising myself.

It's great

Best sleep I've had. I never disturb my wife or am disturbed by her movement.


Worked with Alex & Danii in Customer Service. WOW!! WHAT SERVICE. Thanks so much for your help!!! Wish all other companies' had customer service reps that were so efficient!!!

Needs to be a little

Needs to be a little softer

Great Bang For The Money!

After poking myself in the knee while changing sheets on my old bed I decided it was way past time for a redo. It was tough as their are so many reviews and such out there but I finally decided on the Layla Memory Foam Mattress. I went for the complete set with a new frame, base, and mattress. It didn't hurt that microfiber sheets, pillows, and a mattress pad were free not to mention the sale price as well. It has only been a few weeks and I am here to tell you no regrets. I sleep like a baby! I had a few concerns eyeballing every bit of info about this mattress but long story short it supports me very well as I set it up with the soft side rather than the firm. I will also mention that I am 5" 10" with a weight of around 225 pounds. Take the reviews especially form mattress sites with a grain of salt. So far so good as I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud.

Comfortable Hybrid Mattress

Quality, comfort and care rolled into one Hybrid Layla mattress, and all the accessories needed to make my bed. It was delivered to my door within a few days, and it is just as comfortable as my tempur-pedic mattress with a great value.

Customer service

Customer service was great. Thanks for helping me out Sarah. I was able to get my question answered. Much appreciated.

Love it

Comfortable don’t wake up so sore

The foam mattress is even

The foam mattress is even better than we expected. Very satisfied

I get the best night

I get the best night sleep in this bed,it’s very comfortable and I’m so glad I made this purchase

Great Mattress

Slept like a baby the first night . We love the mattress!

Online chat

Just used the online chat to ask about delivery time to Toronto. Sarah was very helpful in answering my questions. Thanks Sarah!

Love it!

We always thought we liked a firm mattress. But when we opened our Layla the soft side was up, so we left it like that and tried it. I can’t get over how it is soft yet supportive. There is no motion transfer. When my husband gets out of bed I don’t feel it. And he can sleep on his back now without pain. He hasn’t done that in years. We are smaller people (130-160) so keep this in mind. I’m not sure how it would be for heavier people. But we love it! I can’t wait to go to bed every night.

Customer service

Customer service From sky was very helpful today and she did her best to take care of all of my problems

So far the mattress has

So far the mattress has lived up to my expectations. The softer side is more to my liking as it has about the same level of firm/softness as the Marriott Hotel beds. Anyway, it's only been a month, so I guess I will know more over time. Oh, the gifted pillows.... not even comfortable unless you prefer something more on the firm side, but the dogs have been good with it.

Customer Service

I have had the best customer service experience EVER with this company! Each time I had to contact them, my questions/issues were resolved quickly and professionally. We were just able to put our bed together yesterday and both us and our dogs got a wonderful night's sleep!

Sublime sleep!

It was LOVE from the very first night! I slept soundly, comfortably & woke with no achy pressure points. I didn't know it was possible...and it felt SO GREAT! I had some questions during the shipping process. Tyler provided TOP NOTCH service & follow up. I love our Layla king and pillows!


Amazing, nearly every night i sleep the whole night through, which I never once did before

Sleeping like a baby. The

Sleeping like a baby. The mattress is perfectly firm, aft and supportive I don’t wake up wit back pain!


This mattress is a dream, I am a side sleeper and struggled with pain in my hips and shoulder with my other bed and this mattress helped out so much. It is like sleeping on a lovely soft cloud that hugs your body. I have it on the softer side and haven't tried the firmer side. I was looking at the purple mattress and this one and let me just say I am beyond happy that I went with the Layla.

Best nights sleep in a long time

The first night was great and ever night it gets better. Very happy with my purchase

I love it so far

I love it so far it does take a week or so to get use to it . So far we like it.

I have only had my

I have only had my mattress a little less than a month. I am using the soft side and have not tried the firm side yet. So far, it is pretty darn comfy. I am getting used to it, so my back and neck are sore in the mornings.

I love the bed it’s

I love the bed it’s so comfortable I don’t want to get out of it

We Love It!

Super soft and super comfortable mattress. Sleeping on our Layla king for over a month now. It is the best mattress we have ever slept on. Layla has top notch customer service. Can’t say enough about this company and their products. Excellent value.

8 months in review

Been sleeping on Layla for 8 months now. We tried the firm side first and it hurt. Not sure how it's a 7 unless 7 means just under a board. But I guess everyone is different. Now, I will say that this bed had huge shoes to fill. When I bought my Dormia in 2006, I had never known sleep like that. For 10ish years I loved that bed. Then it turned on me. Started killing my back. I suffered a few years. Finally replaced, chose Layla. Was very skeptical. It took me 6 months before deciding that it is worth everything I paid. I realized I'm having those same deep sleep dreams I did when I first got my Dormia. I am very happy with purchase. There were some back order issues that took over a month to finally get passed. I have the King Hybrid. Seems no matter how small they make the springs, they still can't get rid of motion transfer. It's easy to feel the pressure difference when partner gets in and out of bed. Not nearly enough to wake me up or anything. That's the only real difference. Probably wouldn't do hybrid again but it's a very minor complaint. I love my bed again and that's all I wanted.

I don't weigh enough

Ok. I've had this bed for 2months or so. A twin, the flippable colored sided version. I am about 128/132lb depending. But my weight, lol. Uh it doesn't really effect the mattress. So. When I am on it, laying, i don't really sink into it. It's firm, but that is because of my weight. On both sides of the colored difference too, no difference.. Now a friend of mine though had sat on the mattress one time and he sunk in a lot deeper than I ever did. I am so jealous. But he's I'd imagine like 150/160lb. So there you go. Besides- it's a thousand times better than my older mattress. So much so I bought a new frame to allow the bed to expand. My old frame hugged the mattress in a little snug so it felt stiff upon laying on? I bought a frame that allowed the mattress to expand inside, you can see from the pictures (got the measurements of the mattress from this site info details on the version I bought, ordered the frame) and when I laid on it the mattress, it expanded just right. Feeling like it's adjusting to me instead of bracing my weight. A lot better. Again. This mattress is a thousand x a thousand times better than my old one. I just wished I weighed a little more to sink in the mattress a bit. So there's that to consider

So far so good! We

So far so good! We have slept on it for about 3 weeks and we love it. the soft side is what we are using and it feels so good! I hope it last for a long, long time.

Love it

F#ng amazing.

I’m sleeping now

I’m sleeping now

Very supportive mattress for side sleepers

At least it is for me, a side sleeper. I had a lot of soreness in my upper back and neck before I started sleeping on my Layla mattress and it's gotten a lot better! I get great support in my shoulders and hips. I am sleeping better, but my body also feels better 24/7.

Best Matress EVER

Had for only 4 days. I could tell an immediate improvement over last year's "rising star" - this Layla mattress is FAR superior to the "other" one. Back problems suddenly GONE. I would recommend this mattress to everyone - best I have EVER slept on in my life (had back issues for 30 years). I now sleep about 2 hours later every morning. Started on soft side - seems great. This revolutionary flip-able mattress will change the entire gel/foam mattress industry..............

Best Mattress I have EVER slept on!

I am usually not one to write a review, however, I was compelled to write for this mattress company. I purchased two mattresses from Layla; one for myself, and one for my boyfriend. Both of us have bad backs due to our work. This mattress exceeded both of our expectations. Customer service is superb. The "chat with us" tab was always quick and easy to speak with a representative. The mattresses both arrived very quickly. The "rollout" process was so simple and painless. Honestly, it took me less than 5 minutes to rollout the mattress. The quality of the mattress from the construction to the finish was perfect. The soft side of the mattress is very enveloping yet supportive. The firm side was very supportive without being too firm. I sleep every way (stomach/back/side/combo) and on either side of the mattress I am comfortable. I have always had a hard time being comfortable on any sleeping surface due to pressure points... that is no issue with this mattress. As far as the mattress retaining any heat, this is the coolest mattress. I generally sleep hot and not once have I had an issue with sleeping warm/hot on this mattress. Overall, best product. My boyfriend and I joked that we would have to send the mattresses back because we were both having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning as they are just too perfect!

Absolute comfort!

My husband and I purchased a Layla after a lot of time researching memory foam beds. We were excited to try out the Layla as it had some uniqueness others didn't such as the dual comfort levels, one side being plush the other being more firm. We both like more plush so it's been perfect for us. We also wanted to see if the copper infused foam made a difference in the level of temp as slept. My husband enjoys a more warm temp as he sleeps, I do not. I think the first few days I slept with a sheet over a comforter but just needed a little adjustment to the memory foam as it absorbs and retains body heat. We love just lounging on our bed as it is so comfortable. So glad we purchased it. We have had it for nearly a month now.

Impressed so far!!!!

This is actually the third mattress that I have tried, after being very disappointed with two other brands. Thus far, I must say that I am very impressed and sleeping well. It's been refreshing to wake up feeling like I got a good night's sleep. I actually look forward to my bed again!

A pleasure.

I'm going to do this review in days. Day 1. Unpacked the Layla mattress. It's a queen size. No smell at all. I work graveyard, so got to sleep at around 5 pm. It was a long day. I had to be at work at 11. So 5 hour sleep. Up at 10. The best 5 hour sleep I had in years. Woke up fresh like I had 8 hours. Day 2. Got home at 7:30 am. Got into bed at 10. It was hot that day. 86 degrees outside. I live in Las Vegas Nevada so usually even when the air-conditioners on I tend sweat one way or another. This mattress kept me cool all throughout my eight hours of sleep. And I slept like a baby. Day 3. I have back problems from my shoulder down my spine on the third day it was still hot outside but each day I've noticed that my back hasn't hurt as much as it did the prior week on the other mattress I used. I kept the same schedule as the day before and this time my back didn't hurt at all. Day 4. All is well. Day 5. All is well. As of today. I am laying on the bed writing this survey. My back doesn't hurt and I'm very cool. It is 80° outside. When I research this bed and I research this bed for a long time before I purchased it. I asked the salesman if he could do a little bit better on the price as I was short on funds. He worked with me on the price and I thank him for that. It was a pleasure to talk to him and he was very knowledgeable about the product it shipped in two days from Arizona. This is an amazing bad for the price and it's got a lifetime warranty I highly recommend this book to anyone who has back problems or has night sweats. All that said if you're looking for a mattress by this bed! Trevor. From Las Vegas

Amazing mattress

So happy to have received a Layla Sleep mattress. It's an incredible mattress.

amazing mattress

I love this mattress from the first night I sleep like a baby and every night after that also. I like the gel for cooling I have not woke up sweating yet and the copper infused foam helped with ankle pain and hips. sleeping on soft side of mattress and find I can sleep on all side with no problems waking in morning and I do weight 185 pounds and not sinking in on soft side

Helping my sciatica

I'm in a lot of pain at the end of the day due to sciatica but my new Layla bed is helping relieve pressure

Great mattress!

This is a great mattress. We looked at several different options over several motnsh, but the two sides and Cooper infusion are what really sold us. Our previous mattress left us with severe back, shoulder and hip pain. We're currently on the soft side and we love it. We want to flip it over to try out the other side, but we spent too many sleepless nights on our old mattress we just want to enjoy how we're sleeping right now.


I have spent thousands of dollars on mattress from ones with number to changeable baffles to elevating and vibrating but none and I say none have eliminated my shoulder, neck and back pain like my Layla. It has given me new life and energy and I can comfortably sleep restfully for 8 hours. I was sceptical Ordering a non familiar brand on line but so glad I did. The warranty and guarantees made it a must try. Thank you LAYLA for my restful sleep again and painless day. My two dogs thank you too. I no Longer desturb they sleep by constant repositioning to relieve pain.

This is a great mattress!

We received our king size Layla mattress about two weeks ago. We first tried it on the soft side but for my back that was too soft. So we then turned it over to the firm side and that did the trick. We love the versatility we have with this mattress. We also loved the price! And the fact that it ships to your house in a rather small box. We unwrapped it on the bed and it decompressed right before our eyes. It was pretty cool. I'm so glad we found Layla before we spent $4000 on the tempurpedic mattress we were about to buy!

Big bed, deep sleep!

We love our new king size bed!! The soft side is perfect for us (side sleepers) and we have been sleeping deeper than we have in years. We don't wake each other up when we turn during the night anymore! We are so so happy with our purchase!!

Buy this mattress

Guys. This mattress changed the way I sleep. I don't think I have ever slept so well in my life. Full endorsement.

In love!

We are in love with our new Layla bed. We've only had it for 3 nights, but so far it's the best 3 nights of sleep I've ever gotten.

First Memory Foam

I've always wanted a memory foam mattress but didn't want to spend thousands. Went with a Layla and couldn't be happier. Softest mattress I've ever had and it's amazing.

Best mattress ever!

It's so soft and cool, summer is gonna be so nice with a mattress that doesn't heat up, it does makes you feel quite comfortable, when my Fiance gets into bed I don't feel him until he is right next to me it's amazing for people who wake up in the middle of the night to go get water etc you won't wake your partner up. by far the Best Buy of 2017. Initially we were gonna try purple and another couple bought purple before we did and we waited on their reviews, the freaking hated it and are gonna return it right away, they came over and tried Layla and totally loved it.

Ok, I really didn't believe it.

Honestly? I'm pissed. I previously spent $7,000 on a tempur pedic. It slept insanely hot. I wish I had bought Layla instead years ago! It's cool, comfortable and I'm blown away by the quality.

Love it!

We love our bed! We have been sleeping on it for half a year now and it has helped with hip pain tremendously! It is the perfect softness for either side or back sleeping. You just sink right into it while keeping that support that is needed! Thank you!

It is ok

I don't usually buy mattresses online, but the outstanding reviews that this mattress received made me trust it and buy it. No doubt, the service was outstanding, mattress arrived fast, well packed. The mattress looks very elegant and seems to be very well made. But sleeping on it is a completely different story. I personally think that its softness is incorrectly stated. It is more like a medium firmness, nothing like the softness I expected. I suffer from joint pain, and I don't see any improvement since the new mattress has arrived. I used to have a very cheap mattress bought from BJs, and I would wake up in the morning unable to move, due to pain. That pain didn't go away in the slightest bit since I bought the Layla mattress. I know that the level of softness is a matter of preference, but I trusted that the Layla mattress would be what it says it would be: soft on one side, firm on the other. Back home, in Australia, I bought a mattress that was considered soft. It was heaven. Can't find the same here, which is quite unfortunate. As for the cooling effect of the Layla, my husband complaints that he wakes up all sweaty in the middle of the night. Where is the cooling effect so much advertised. Having said all that, I admit that Layla is a decent mattress, compared to many others that I have tried. I wouldn't buy again, though.

Jury is still out.......

Pros: Bed was delivered quickly and seems to be good quality. Odor was not bad and mattress cover was nice. The foam reforms to shape quickly and you don't feel the other person move! Cons: The soft side is still quite firm, it is hard to sleep on your side for long periods. I am worried a bit about how it retains heat, which is good in the winter, but I am not sure how I will like it in the summer. I wish we waited until summer to order it. We have had it a few weeks and are undetermined if we will keep it.

Very good. Soft side not so soft

The mattress is as a whole, much more comfortable than any I've evr owned, but the soft side is not very soft. Im a bit surprised because many people were saying it was very soft

The near-perfect bed

I recently moved from a 15 year old box spring mattress to memory foam. I had always thought of myself as a firm mattress sleeper since my box-spring mattress was pretty hard. After doing a bit of research, I purchased the Amerisleep Revere bed. Most of the memory foam mattresses averaged a firmness of 6-7 on online reviews, but I found out that this was way too hard for me after sleeping on the Amerisleep Revere bed for a couple months. I ended up returning that mattress and trying the Layla mattress that had a firmness rating of 3 on the soft side and a 7 on the hard hard on online reviews, but also liked the idea of being able to flip it to a firmer mattress if I wanted to (which I have not tried yet). After about a week of getting use to, I found that I am falling asleep way more easily that I did with the box-spring or Amerisleep mattress. Also the company is true to its word that it dissipates heat well through its copper infused mattress even with a mattress cover. I have not tried it during the peak of summer yet but I stayed relatively cooler at the end of summer that my previous two mattresses. I usually do not leave reviews on my purchases, but since this is a relatively new company, I would like to put in my two cents since I did not see many reviews for it. When purchasing a memory foam mattress, I did hours of research and even went into a mattress store to try out memory foam. I am a very picky and light sleeper and I couldn't be more pleased with this bed.

I just met the mattress of my dreams...

My husband and I have a lot of needs when it comes to sleep. He needs the mattress super soft, I sweat buckets and need it to sleep cool, he wakes easily and needs it to not transfer motion, I sleep on my back and stomach and need lots of support. We've tried lots of mattresses, but we've finally found THE ONE. Layla is perfect for us. Seriously, we've only slept on this thing for 5 nights and the results have been heavenly. The soft side is where it's at. My husband, who is notorious for struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep all night, has been sleeping like a rock. I've been struggling to pull myself out of this wonderbed in the mornings. Do yourself a favor and buy this mattress. Because this is a review of the mattress, I'm sticking with 5 stars - but I do want to point out one not-so-super thing. It did take the mattress 17 days to arrive at our house from the day I ordered it, which is much longer than the 2-3 business days to pack and 2-3 business days to ship listed on the website. As I understand it, the factory was shut down when I placed my order to conduct inventory and then the mattress cover was damaged at the factory and they had to wait on a new one, so that was a bummer. Customer service was very responsive though, so shout out there. Just make sure that if you're having another failed online-purchased mattress hauled away like we were, give yourself plenty of extra time so you don't have to sleep on the 20-year old mattress you've been storing in your extra bedroom "just in case."

Love it

This is the best mattress we have ever owned.

First Impressions Are Important

Ordered on Saturday, arrived on Thursday. In Hawaii! That is a hard opening act to beat. Mattress inflated almost immediately. I didn't expect that. I slept on it the first night. Very little smell and not objectionable. It is well made. The cover is extremely well done. Can't say much that is meaningful after 3 nights. Frankly, I haven't noticed much difference from the foam topper and cheap mattress I had been using but I think there is still some residual pain. I am using the soft side. The memory foam layer seems to be much more supportive than what I had. But I have the sense that I bottom out once the 3-inch foam layer and the teeth on the convoluted foam are compressed. Time will tell. I am a side-sleeper. 180 lbs and bony. I have nothing other than skin over the hip joint and that is what the new mattress is all about. The main selling point for me was the choice of two firmnesses. I had no way of knowing going in what would work for me. Number two was free delivery to Hawaii. A good many companies don't offer that. I don't expect anything from the copper in the foam. There's not enough there to make a difference. The warranty is nice but you can't be sure these new companies are going to be around to honor it. The gel in the cover is for real, though. It makes a difference. But you don't want to use a pad over it. Some day it will have to be replaced. I hope that Layla will be around for that. This mattress was assembled by Brooklyn Bedding. I've noticed that they do the same for at least one other online mattress company. Brooklyn has been around for awhile and has a good reputation. Eventually, I expect that Layla will get around to doing their own assembly. Very favorable experience so far!

I really like the mattress,

I really like the mattress, at first the mattress was a little firm but after a few nights of sleep it's perfect. I have a back issue and this mattress has all but eliminated my back pain. I am a side sleeper and this mattress is great for that. We had a $3,000 icomfort mattress prior to this after 4 years the icomfort had low areas where we had been sleeping they would not stand behind it. This is the reason for a new mattress. Layla looks to be a great fit for us

Thanks Layla

I'm so so happy with my new mattress , I've had wonderful nights. Thanks thanks Layla you are the best in the world

Love at first sleep!

Read the reviews, looked at a LOT of different online mattresses, and kept coming back to Layla. Reasons: LIFETIME warranty, two firmnesses, copper for joint health, competitive price. Loved it the first time I laid on it, never looked back! Thanks,


Super fast shipping and easy to set up!

Best sleep I've had ever

I have a pretty crazy active lifestyle. I snowboard, played hockey, and rode motorcycles. With that comes accidents. I broke my back, got into a motorcycle accident and have had Sevier back and body pains since. These last few nights sleeping on our new Layla mattress I do not feel the pain like I did with my old bed. Nor do I wake up in the middle of the night because I'm too hot or uncomfortable. We laid on the soft side first and didn't want to even try the firm because it was just so perfect. My fiancé and I are extremely satisfied with our Layla purchase.

Rest Assured

Haven't slept this well before.

Nancy C. Wagner

My first nights sleep on our Layla, was so sweet, I never moved all night and never made a potty trip. This in itself has been unheard of. The following night I could not find that same sweet spot I had the night before and slept much like I always have. I think the first night was a catchup night, I have lots of back pain and have not been sleeping well . The third night I awoke in the middle of the night with my hands throbbing and so painful I had to use some cream I have that kills pain. I could not get back to sleep. That was not months ago, I have since seen a specialist and a neurologist and my back is so screwed up that I will have surgery on the 6th of Dec. I am looking forward to sleeping again on my Layla, I know it will be sweet. I presently sleep in our recliner. My husband loves the bed and we both would not sleep on any other.

Amazingly supportive yet relieves pressure where it counts

I am a side sleeper. This mattress feels very supportive and firm to the touch. However, once I'm actually on the mattress it conforms perfectly without opposing pressure. For example: If I'm on my back the mattress supports my lumbar region; when I turn on my side my hips and shoulder are totally supported but they sink into the mattress at the same time without any return pressure! It's an amazing technology. I have owned a very expensive latex mattress and still own a very expensive luxury memory-foam mattress (for the guest room). Neither of these mattress are as comfortable as the Layla.

Slept great the very first night!

Best nights sleep in year's. We have enjoyed it from the very first night! No odor at all!

Good Night - Sleep Tight - LAYLA is Your Mattress

I was in need of a new mattress and since my last name is Casper and I was seeing advertising for the Mattress with my last name I thought I should check out the Casper mattress on the website. When I read the reviews (Good to Fair) I noticed one review in particular that suggested that if you wanted something better than the Casper mattress the reviewer suggested LayLa. I had never heard of Layla, however if it might be better – I wanted to check it out. I was impressed with the website and called and talked to a representative (this was a Saturday) and was so impressed that I purchased that day. I received my purchase a week later (so many had ordered that they were delayed), however I was kept informed at every step. The shipment was sent via FedEx to my home and I live in a secure condo building so I wanted to be at home when the shipment arrived. There was some confusion about the arrival of the shipment and the Representative at Layla called me personally to advised me that the shipment had been delivered. What SERVICE! It has been a few months since I have been sleeping on the LAYLA - and I will NEVER change - well, maybe when it wears out someday - I will buy a new LAYLA. I told a co-worker about the mattress and last week she received her mattress - she loves it as much as I do. It is a WONDERFUL purchase and product. Thank you LAYLA team !!!!!!!!!

Still LOVING my bed.. maybe too much.

I was skeptical when I got the bed and I was worried the soft side would be too fir or that it would retain too much heat but It's perfect. I hate leaving the bed in the morning and so do my partner and pup! To get $50 off of your order use this code: Emma_qj90sx4o

Comfy, but not good for my wall bed

I liked the Layla. I found the firm side a wee bit too firm so flipped it and liked the feel of the soft side far more than I would have thought. It did sleep a bit warm, but I think I'm finding everything sleeping warm these days. The bigger problem was it did not like being in my Murphy bed (wall bed), especially when stored up a couple weeks at a time. The foot end started to sag and I was worried about long term. I spoke with Akrum at Layla and I have already returned it and my money has been refunded. You can't beat the customer service.

Noticeable difference

I have noticed that I don't toss and turn as much on this new mattress. The firm side is extra-firm. The soft side is perfect.

So Happy We Chose the Layla!

We prefer a softer mattress. The last one we bought, less than a year ago, seemed like it was softer because it had a more padded top. But after laying on it for a few hours, its underlying hardness was apparent. We decided to go with one of the choices we saw online. After researching several models, we chose the Layla. This was because it had 2 firmness choices in one mattress. The softer side, which is the one that comes in the "up side" of the mattress cover, was perfect. It actually has enough firmness that you don't feel like you are sinking. But once you lay down, it evens out to be supportive AND cushiony. There've been several mornings we have been super reluctant to get out of bed - it's that comfortable. Happy Happy!

Layla mattress

I am not completely satisfied with this mattress. It is just a little too firm for me even though it is set on the softer side. It also does sleep warm and I wake several times a night due to being hot. The people at Layla have recommended that the temp in the bedroom be at 72 degrees. That is not feasible in my situation. I think that if it didn't sleep hot I would be able to deal with firmness. As it is, I plan to start the return process. The sales people have been very courteous and tried to help and I have no complaint with them.

Loving my new layla mattress

I've been sleeping on the layla mattress now for a few month and couldn't be happier. This is my first time sleeping on a memory foam mattress and I was pleasantly surprised on how comfy they felt. I'm in the building and construction business and I'm always lugging heavy materials and tools around. I usually always wake up in the morning with aching muscles in my back. The layla mattress paired with a new memory foam pillow is extremely improving my mornings waking up. Thank you layla for offering an amazingly comfortable night sleep for me. For the price you can't go wrong.


I love that this mattress is able to change from soft to firm, it's a very comfortable mattress. It was also very cool to unpack!

Amazing bed!

I need a soft bed and the soft side is amazing! My boyfriend typically goes for more firm beds, but even he is obsessed with the soft side of the mattress. We love it! You can use this promo code to get $50 off yours.. Emma_qj90sx4o

Great Website, design, and function

I have not purchased the product yet, but I am reviewing the site and I must say that it is one of the more funny and interesting mattress sites I have ever seen. Good job guys.

The site is good I guess

It's pretty easy to navigate, I like the chat feature, and someone actually responded to me. Seems legit!

Marsha White

You know I love this mattress when I bought and returned 4 other brands before keeping the Layla.


Best freakin sleep I ever got.

Great website!

I love the color scheme and the funny puns. Easy to use website and I really like the chat feature. Excellent site.

I thought the site was great

It was easy to navigate through and I had no problem. I did have a few questions so I called the 1-800 number and I received great service. Thanks Layla

I give it 5 stars

Even though I haven't bought the mattress yet, I spend hours on the phone with a sales rep who was trying to help me pay with my paypal credit. We are still working on it, but excellent service. They are wonderful.

I'm finally sleeping

Those who know me, know that I can never sleep. Well now I can thanks to my Layla mattress. Life Changer.

The perfect sleep

Just moved to Berkeley CA, and I bought a Layla for our apartment. Now I understand the difference between a site review and a product review, so five stars for both.

Excellent service

I love the chat feature. I asked when to expect my mattress and the person I was chatting with gave me a date. Lo and behold the mattress showed up on that exact date. I know how hard it is to deliver as promised like that, so five stars from me.

Holy Cow I love LAYLA

After moving to United States from Israel I was need of mattress and BAM did I found one. Very comfortable, most happy sleep in my life.

Elizabeth Powell

I tried the Casper and it was very uncomfortable so I returned it. Got the Layla and I am in LOVE!

I already left a review

Not sure why they're asking for another one but here's five stars.



Hitchhiking on the internet

I found these guys from which is a mattress review site. The publisher of the review site recommended Layla to me and we have been very happy with this choice. Thank you Layla and thank you


I love this mattress, and the ladies love it too ;)

Great for mother in laws

I read an article on the internet in which someone bought a Layla for their mother in law and so I decided to try it. I've been sleeping great ever since.

I Don't Like the main picture

Everything else is good.

Its Okay

I don't see what all the hype is. Yeah it's a great mattress, and a good price. But why are people going nuts over a bed?

Room for improvement

In all fairness I don't have the product, but the site has room for improvement. I would like to see a more detailed FAQ page. Thanks for listening!

Too early for me

I'll update this in a few months


Used on adjustable bed. Can feel the frame through the bed. Not comfortable.

Most Comfortable Bed Ever!

I've always wanted a memory foam mattress ever since I heard of Temper Pedic. It's been one of the biggest names out there in regards to memory foam. That being said, I don't get lost in brand names as I know you can sometimes find even more bang for you buck elsewhere. I, like many of you reading this, weigh the opinions of others along with my research. I spent countless hours researching and reading reviews from All of Layla's competitors. And through it all I surmised that Layla was the best mattress out there. We've had the mattress for two weeks now. Best sleep of my life. I no longer wake up with back pain in the mornings. I sleep like a baby. I actually look forward to laying in my bed. 5 Stars all the way!! Additional notes: we use the soft side and the mattress always stays cool.

It feels like a fluffy cloud of comfort.

I purchased this mattress back in the middle of May. I didn't want to give a b.s. review right of the bat like some people do so I've waited till now. This is a great mattress at a fair price. My girlfriend and myself sleep sound through out the night. There's no motion transfer when you get out of bed so we never wake each other up. The only negative I can give about this mattress is that it sleeps a little warm but that is it. The customer service is awesome and quick, Akrum is the man! I would recommend Layla to anyone shopping for a new mattress.

Nice mattress but not for me

After about 60 days with the new Layla mattress, I’m not convinced it’s much better than my previous mattress. About 10-12 days were required for the ‘off-gassing’ to disappear and it was never a ‘terrible’ odor. It was simple to unbox, uncover, and install on the bed but seemed heavier than the 60 pounds it was labeled as weighing. It required 2 men to lift and position. The mattress and its cover are really very nice looking and initial comfort seemed excellent. However, I have a really bad back problem and was hoping this mattress would make at least a *little* bit of an improvement after a night of sleeping on it. Sadly, it did not. I’m a heavy person - about 250 pounds - and a side-sleeper. After a few hours, I found the usual pain in the hips was present, just as with my older mattress. Even on my back, I was uncomfortable within a few hours. With some regret, in the next few days, I’m going to ask for a refund and am hoping the process of obtaining that refund and getting the company to find someone to come and claim the Layla mattress will be as flawless and uncomplicated as the purchase process was. This company had GREAT customer service when I purchased their mattress. I have no reason to expect anything less when I ask for a refund and a pickup of the mattress.

We were disappointed

I had misgivings about buying a mattress online. That was not the issue. Customer service was pretty good. Delivery was slower then advertised but that was ok. I was excited about a copper infused mattress and that sealed the deal for me. The mattress looked great. I wanted a soft mattress and it was soft almost too soft, we sunk in the middle. We tried flipping it over which is a real chore. The other side was like concrete, much too hard. We tried it for a while and had to return it. They had Salvation Army pick it up and my money was refunded.

Really nice product

I wasn't sure what to think about all the different brands of mattresses available online and I was really worried about picking the wrong one but I think Layla nailed it. It's really comfortable and even feels a little cool to the touch when you first lay down. So far, it has also been a hit with my boyfriend. However, it is slightly smaller in width than the king sized Ikea bed frame I bought. It's not a super huge difference but I would say there is roughly a half inch gap between the mattress and the bed frame.

Layla Mattress is Great

Just received the Layla mattress. It was easy to set up, and is very comfortable. We have not owned it long enough to determine positive effects of the copper.

Im considering a return.

I read all the reviews about the mattress. Everyone was pleased. I really liked the idea that it was infused with copper. As a golfer, I understand the benefits of copper. When I was younger, I liked firm mattresses, now I need a soft one. This mattress just isn't as soft as the reviews state. It doesn't mold to my body. It's a good mattress, not great and not what I expected. I'm giving it a few more weeks to see if there is a change. If not, I will return it for a refund. The company does have excellent customer service.

website good, but could use a couple of tweaks

I just ordered a Layla mattress for my daughter, and was happy to find most of the info I needed on the site. I think that your FAQ on fire retardant (check the spelling on your page) needs to be more explicit. I was able to chat online with someone about it, but it wasn't until I did a google search of the product that I was able to confirm the make up of the fire-retardant sock, and that it was chemical free. As a parent, the make up of the mattress is a big concern for me, and trying to keep chemicals out of the bedroom is a must. If you highlight this information better, I think that would serve you well. Also, there are a couple of spelling/grammar errors on the site (i.e. "Where are Layla's made?" (no need for the apostrophe). Finally, most of the reviews of the mattress state that there is a 10 year warranty. Since this was recently changed to a lifetime warranty (and is one of the reasons I opted to purchase the mattress), you could maybe state something about it (or not...) Looking forward to getting the mattress soon, and thanks for the opportunity to review the site. Will return to review the mattress once we have it!

Great Nights Sleep

I love this mattress! I sleep like a baby every night. No more tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Glad I found Layla!!!

Love the bed!

Have loved memory foam for years (longtime Tempurpedic customer) and this bed feels very similar and wonderful.

Happily dreaming!

So far, I have greatly enjoyed my Layla matress. I brag to my family and friends all the time about how well I'm resting. I look forward to nap time and bed time!

Not the right support

It was well constructed., But neither side was comfortable to me. Decided to return for money-back guarantee. We will see how that goes.

Great customer service!

My son and his wife recently purchased this mattress and are very happy so when we bought an used RV, we decided to give Layla a try and purchased a queen mattress. Much to our surprise, upon delivery the RV had a brand new quality mattress. I contacted Layla through their online chat option and canceled our order. Layla responded promptly and we received a full refund.

First night review

I know, not fair for only one night's sleep, but I thus far have been pleased enough to report it has great potential. I'll write again after a couple more weeks. Previously I had tried a foam mattress, and while I acknowledged it was well made, and the company good to work with, it was too firm. I found a Web site called " sleepopolis" ,or some such, and wrote the blogger asking which foam mattress was very soft. He suggested Layla and he may have been right. I once read some foam mattresses are not always soft enough for lighter people (I'm about 125) , but last night felt great! I may sometime flip it and try the firmer side, too. BTW not a big deal to inbox it, but get a friend to help.

Just got the mattress - so far so great

Got the mattress a few days ago. Have had 3 nights of sleep and so far it has been awesome. The soft side is softer than any mattress (memory foam or plush) that my wife and I tried in the stores. It's VERY comfortable and we fall asleep rather quickly on this mattress. I honestly like the feel of this better than the Tempurpedics we tried and at 1/5 the price, you can't beat it. It was easy to unwrap and get onto the bed. There is a slight off gassing odor, but after two hours, I couldn't notice it anymore. It sleeps cool too and the quality seems very good. I used to toss and turn all night and wake up numerous times, but I have not had that happen on this mattress. We fall asleep fast and stay asleep. It's awesome. So far, we are loving it and hope that it continues to be a great mattress.

Like a marshmallow cloud!

This bed is exactly what my back has been craving! Our previous mattress was sagging and creating pressure points that hurt my hips and spine. The Layla mattress supports every curve instead of fighting it, and my back feels properly aligned now. We are currently using the "soft" side and love it so much we haven't tried the other side yet. The foam is excellent at absorbing any movement so I no longer get woken up by my partner's tossing and turning. Plus, no noise whatsoever from the mattress moving when sitting or getting up from it. I've noticed I don't oversleep as much as I used to, possibly from a more restful sleep? Delivery/unboxing was a breeze and SO much easier than traditional mattress moving. I highly recommend this mattress!

So comfortable & cool

We received a mattress for review and it's one of the most comfortable and cool memory foam mattresses we have ever slept on. I love that one side is soft and the other firm, it's nice having a choice. I also love that it is infused with copper, being former college athletes my husband and I have a lot of joint pain these days and we agree that since sleeping on this mattress it seems to have eased, we don't feel as much pain or stiffness. We are so happy with this mattress that we've been recommending it to family and friends. It's a very affordable price and offers such unique features being copper infused, having the ThermoGel, and being able to flip it over, that you really can't beat the price. I'm very happy with our mattress and look forward to going to bed every night to sleep in comfort!

Couldn't be happier!

I feel like a princess in my new bed. Thank you for making a great product backed up by even better service. Thank you!

Heavenly Slumber !!!

If you are wondering if sleeping on your current mattress is perfect - You might consider giving the Layla a test drive. I have only slept on this mattress for two nights. My husband said that we didn't need to replace our current mattress, however I, on the other hand, was not getting a restful sleep. I would wake up each morning feeling just as tired as I did when I went to bed the night before. My name is "Casper" and I was seeing advertisements for the "Casper" mattress - so I thought I would check out their website. I was reading the reviews - both good and not perfect. One reviewer was not as pleased as they thought they could be and recommended the Layla mattress. Well, I had to check them out - and WOW - what a difference in the presentation. So many features than any other mattress could offer. 1. One side is soft and One side is firm. That was exactly what I was looking for. My husband likes a firm mattress and I like a soft mattress. We discovered that getting two xl twin mattress to replace our King Mattress would be just the ticket! The last two nights have been superior! 2. The copper infused foam was another superior feature. After two nights - I can feel the difference in my joints. 3. NO TAX - FREE SHIPPING - Can't beat that! 4. Automatically cooling! We replaced our "tempur-pedic mattress" with the Layla. Absolutely true. No more waking up hotter than a pistol. 5. Com

So far I love it!

I have only had this mattress for a short amount of time but so far it's awesome!

Love it!!

We love this mattress! Perfect balance of firm and soft.

The two-for-one comfort aspect is great

Although it took awhile to receive the mattress due to company's backlog, I am extremely happy with it. There was no off gas smell at all. It will be perfect for the guest bedroom.


I am extremely satisfied! I have nevER had such great nights of sleep. I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. I have no more back.neck pain when I wake up in the mornings. LOVE this mattress!


Just as I finished unpacking the mattress, I got a call from Layla support asking me how I liked the mattress and if there was anything else they could do for me. Excellent service, and after sleeping on it for one night so far so good.


By far the best shopping experience EVER! I googled "Best Mattress" and the reviews on Layla's copper were outstanding. I bought it since there's a 120 day return policy and in my notes said that I need it by a certain date. Their customer service responded immediately and assured me that I would get my Layla on time. In came in earlier than expected. I never carried a King size mattress into my bedroom BY MYSELF with such ease. It opened up and my wife and I are addicted to our new mattress.

Best Mattress in the WORLD! Trust me :)

I know what I'm talking about. I have purchased and returned 4 mattresses before we fell in LOVE with the Layla. Every mattress we tried was either too hard, or too hot, or both. Finally a mattress that has it all! Layla is soft and comfortable (but you can flip it for the firm side) and it sleeps nice and cool. I am never getting out of bed!

My Back is Back!

I have arthritis in my back and I have used copper products for both my back and knee in the past and they have worked. My granddaughter told me about Layla and now I am sleeping better than I've ever slept in my entire life and I can't believe that I wake up with no pain in my back or knee. The copper does work.

Is this a joke?

I ordered the mattress on my phone, it showed up two days later in a nice small box, It took all of two minutes for it to decompress, and it's literally the most comfortable thing I've ever laid on. I can't even buy shoes with such ease.

Yay Layla!

Hello fellow mattress shoppers, Dawn here from Hackensack N.J. Recently my husband and I purchased, and received in short order, our lovely Layla mattress. We immediately were impressed with the quality and overall comfort. My husband, the more finicky sleeper, absolutely adores this mattress!! He's a hard sell, so this is really saying something. I love the fact that this mattress is both supportive and comfortable at the same time. So happy with our purchase :-)

If I can't sleep on a Layla in Heaven, I shall not go

When we got our Layla and laid on it for the first time we both simultaneously said "Oh yeah!" That is one comfortable mattress. After the first night we realized that it was too soft for us. Wait, what? You can flip the mattress over to a firmer side? AMAZING! We now sleep on the firm side and we are sleeping like we're dead. I find myself at work thinking about my mattress now. That's how much I love it!

Love my Layla

Seriously? I've never slept this well before in my life. I ordered the Layla online because of the copper benefits. My Layla is so comfortable it's ridic! I will warn you though, you will not want to get out of bed - I'm not kidding.

Ridiculously Good Service

I just received my Layla today. It took a little longer than expected but I didn't mind especially since their customer service was constantly in touch with me along the process giving me updates. Average response time to an email was like 5 minutes! The mattress came in a tiny box which was incredible and it unrolled in an instant. The second I laid down on it, my immediate reaction was MOST COMFORTABLE THING I'VE EVER LAID ON!

Layla- love it.

The mattress came with all the specs as promised. I love this mattress, it's plush and I sink into it. It's still solid and firm as an item. As a side sleeper I recommend it. If you need a firm mattress within the plushness, this is probably not your mattress. Otherwise amazing.

Crazy Good

I literally can't stop thinking about my Layla mattress. Going home and getting in bed has become the best part of my life.

My Layla Experience

Heard how easy Layla made mattress shopping from a friend. Bought one for my Son who was moving, but his new place already had a new mattress. Emailed Layla from their website that I wanted to return it even though it was out of the box. They had it picked up and refunded me immediately. Very pleasant experience. I will definitely buy another Layla the next time I need a mattress.

Still can't believe it

After a horrible shopping experience at a nearby mattress store, I found an online review for Layla. I was really sold on the copper infused memory foam since I already use copper products for my back and knee. Normally I would never spend $900 on a mattress without trying it first, but I figured since they have free returns and 120 days to try it I have nothing to lose. The mattress is probably the best I've ever slept on, but the thing that gets me is: no stupid mattress store, no annoying salesperson, and I love how it just shows up at my door in a box. I still can't believe that it was that easy to buy a mattress on the internet.

Not what we thought

This matress is still firm on the soft side. We jave been sleeping in it for a month now and definitely has not been better on our back and necks.

Yay Layla!

Hello fellow mattress shoppers, Dawn here from Hackensack N.J. Recently my husband and I purchased, and received in short order, our lovely Layla mattress. We immediately were impressed with the quality and overall comfort. My husband, the more finicky sleeper, absolutely adores this mattress!! He's a hard sell, so this is really saying something. I love the fact that this mattress is both supportive and comfortable at the same time. So happy with our purchase :-)

Regretting not returning it

The mattress was only okay for a a period of time. About 5 months we feel the lack of support and firmness already and with body heat it sags even more. My back woke up sore and now 7 months later we need to get another mattress . It is not worth the money if you are looking for firm/ supportive mattress. Money wasted.

Good Mattress but quality and customer service caused much pain

I want to warn people about how disappointed I have been with the customer service and quality of this company's products. After placing my order more than 2 months ago I receive my mattress and it is nice and comfortable but when I reach out to ask about the cover and foundation, I am informed that both are back ordered a month out. I get the foundation before expected but when unpacking I found out that it is broken in multiple places that appear to not have been due to the package being handled. I contact support about returning everything because it is taking too long, and I was already disappointed by the service provide. After thinking it over I decided to allow them to ship me the broken parts and I would switch them out. Once the next package gets here, I see they shipped the wrong parts and reach out to tell the support rep I had been working with. He apologizes and offers to ship the correct parts and that the cover should be there shortly. I finally get the cover and reach back out to see the status of the broken pieces only to be told that the color I want is out of stock even through it is still for sale on the website. I am currently reaching out to return everything after another fight with my wife due to product quality and bad customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Layla

Is Layla a good mattress?

Layla mattresses are well-rated for their balanced pressure relief. Most customers describe happy experiences with rare disagreements about firmness in some cases.

Do you need a box spring for a Layla mattress?

No. Layla mattresses will do best with solid foundations such as those with slats that are 5 inches or less apart.

Is Layla mattress toxic?

The cover is 66% polyester, 30% viscose, 4% poly/lycra, and is woven with a ThermoGEL cooling agent. All foams in Layla's mattresses are CertiPUR-US® approved, which is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard. Those with severe chemical sensitivities may require those with more rigorous certification.

How long does the Layla mattress last?

Most all foam mattresses last between 5 to 7 years and coil mattresses generally last 7 to 12 years. While this is somewhat dependent on body weight and individual time spent on each mattress, Layla's customers mostly report happy experiences with support and longevity.

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