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Kohls Mattress Reviews

Kohl's is a popular department store brand that has quickly becomed a one-stop shop for everything in home. Their decor and furniture offer price competitive and trend-setting designs. Their mattresses offer a curated listing of popular name-brands and low cost budget options. While some of their products offer good prices and decent initial customer reports, there are some brands that suffer from durability complaints, and some of the best rated brands are excluded from Kohl's lineup.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 7.8/10

Price: $139-$4249+

Trial Period: 180 Days With Fee

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Kohls's Specifics

Kohl's focuses their mattress selection on mostly budget-friendly brands and mattress options. With the exception of the Dr. Oz, Beautyrest, and Lucid Dreams brands, most mattresses offer prices below $1,000 for a queen, which is great for those that are on a budget.

However, with reports of durability and long term comfort issues with some of these brands, Kohl's customers may have better luck buying direct from reputable online brands where there are more discounts and perks to be found. For those looking for high quality mattresses with the added bonus of buying direct, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

Quality of Materials

Kohl's offers both common name-brand and also lesser known options. Brands like Beautyrest offer high marks on initial comfort and firmness selection. However, there are some customer complaints about durability and also perceived quality in some brands, even those popular name-brand options.

We'll go through their top mattress options below. Here are the details:

Beautyrest: Beautyrest offers name-brand mattresses with pocketed coils. Known for their pillow top varieties with plush comfort layers, most customers report happy experiences with Beautyrest mattresses. However, there are some complaints about long term comfort and durability. Take a look at our full review.

Serta: Serta is another popular name-brand mattress maker. At Kohl's, they are known for their cheaper Perfect Sleeper and mattress in a box options. Customers have had mixed reviews for Serta when it comes to longevity, especially for their lower priced options. Take a look at our full review.

Dr. Oz Good Life: Dr. Oz Good Life could be mistaken for a Tempur-Pedic by its on-trend look and thick comfort layers. Their mattresses are made with pocketed coils and thick layers of comfort foams above. With multiple firmness options, customers report mostly a cozy feel, but some were disappointed by the perceived quality for the price.

Eluxury: Eluxury is a brand that has been selling its home goods since 2010. Having gained a reputation for budget-friendly value, their mattresses offer low profile foam designs at a medium-firm comfort. Most customers have good things to say for initial comfort, but there are sagging complaints for some.

Linenspa: Linenspa is a lower priced brand. At Kohl's, they offer memory foam, pocketed coil hybrids, and traditional bonnell spring innerspring mattresses. While these mattresses offer firmness ranges, there are some customers that describe quickly sagging and degrading mattresses over time.

nüe by Novaform: Novaform is known for its foam focused mattresses. Their nüe line offers a hybrid design with gel memory foam and pocketed coils. Most customers offer happy feedback for these Novaform mattresses, but there are some exceptions mentioning pressure points and firmness disagreements.

Safavieh: Safavieh is a home brand that is well-known for affordable rugs and home decor offerings. Their mattress selection at Kohl's is a pocketed coil hybrid with soft and medium-soft memory foam comfort layers above. Customers mostly had good things to say with some disagreements about chemical odors and perceived quality.

Other Brands: There are some other options available at Kohl's, including Lucid Dream and Comfort Escape. These off-brand options offer moderately priced mattresses with a memory foam focus. Overall, customers have good things to say about initial comfort overall, but there was some disagreements about perceived quality and durability.

Overall Comfort

While most customers have good things to say initially, many Kohl's mattress brands have issues reported about durability faltering during shorter than expected periods. Also, some customers report more issues with perceived quality for lower priced brands.


Kohl's offers mattresses in a variety of firmness offerings. While most come with medium-firm profiles, those that require more pressure point relief or support can find mattresses that work for them.

Back Pain Relief

Kohl's customers report some issues with degrading mattress support over time. For those that experience sagging mattresses, there may be some increased back discomfort over time.


With options that include gel-infused memory foam and also airy coil systems, most customers have good things to say about Kohl's mattresses when it comes to heat retention. However, some lower priced options may have issues with heat due to lower priced foams being used.

Who Are Kohl's Mattresses Right For?

For those that are already shopping at Kohl's for home products, their mattress selection has some bargains for those in need of temporary solutions. However, when we analyzed them versus buying direct from reputable online brands, there can be better value found elsewhere. Take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for quality alternatives.

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Good Sleeping [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

Have only been sleeping on it for about a week, but thus far am liking it very well !

Good product [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

Bought it a month ago and so far so good. Meeting all my pre-purchase expectations.

Wonderful mattress [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

Excellent comfortable matress, definitely improved better quality of sleep and resting. Plus the great price from Kohls which is the best on the market.

best purchase in years [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

we were skeptical buying a bed in a box, have been sleeping well ever since!

We had bought this bed... [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

We had bought this bed for our daughter .... she loved it.... when we realized how comfortable it was .. we ordered one for ourselves ... we use a topper in it as it is a little firm .... best mattress I ever owned !!!

Comfy Mattress [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

I bought this mattress couple of weeks back. The thing I liked about it is, it’s very comfortable, good sleep and great price!! Previous mattress I bought was much pricey and much less comfy. This mattress is great value for money I paid for. I loved it!

The mattress inflated quickly... [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

The mattress inflated quickly and is firm as described. It was delivered in a package which was easy to manage and set up by 1 person.

Very comfortable! [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

I love this bed. Don't let the description keep you from getting it. It is firm but with memory foam, it's not uncomfortable. The gel gives you good support.

king 10” Beautirest [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

I bought the beautirest 10” 18 months ago. It’s great. The only bad thing I will say ? When sitting on the edge of the bed it sinks very fast.

Comfy mattress [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

Bought this for my daughter for her new place and she says she likes the mattress!

Great sleep [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

I didn’t realize how much difference a good mattress makes in your ability to get a good nights sleep until I got this mattress. It’s so great!!!

This is the best mattress I’ve ever owned! [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

We have owned this mattress over a year. Great option for people that move around a lot when they sleep, especially for their partner. Stays cool at night in the summer. Easy to assemble.

Comfortable but not firm [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

I purchased last month. I really loved it initially but now I find it not as firm. I sink into the mattress which I am not sure if this is what memory foam is all about. If so, I’ll go back to a traditional mattress next time.

Nice mattress [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

I wasn't sure what to expect but I've had it for a couple months now and I love it. Very firm, soft and comfy.

too soft [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

I have the mattress about 2 weeks now!! I had night sleep for first week, but now I woke up during the night and have backache after abkur 5h sleep every night. It it too soft, and I and 5,2f and 105lbf ..

Best Buy Love it [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

2 weeks in and still love the bed. I was worried it would be too firm, but it’s not. I like a lil firmness. I was worried the sides would not be sturdy, Holds up well when sitting on the side. I packed on Kohl’s coupons, saved and earned Kohl’s cash Bargain galore. Bought a bed to put it on using the Kohl’s cash I earned. Now time to assemble it:) Just so you know i shopped around for over a month, reading reviews, pricing and so on. This is what I chose.

wonderful [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

My boyfriend and I are stomach and back sleepers we get the best sleep ever on this bed. I recommend it highly.

4/10 [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

This product is great. However, if you are going for firm, it can be a little plush. It sinks and caused back discomforts. It really put strain on the backbone and result in lowered back pain. Might work for persons under 80 lbs. It doesn't remain sink after you get up from it.

awesome matress [Kohl's Beautyrest Mattress]

my daughter loves this matress. she loves how it hugs her back and she wakes refreshed. I loved the price.

Mattress is too soft [Kohl's Dr. Oz Mattress]

Mattress is definitely in the softer side. Too soft for me. Massage feature is worthless, barely can feel anything more than the mattress shaking. Wish I could return and buy something else.

Awesome Bed Base! [Kohl's Dr. Oz Mattress]

This is the first adjustable base my wife and I have had and we couldn't be more pleased with how it has been. Setup was extremely easy and use is very intuitive and straightforward. The strength of the base when it is in use seems very sturdy and doesn't seem like it will drop over time. The remote is very nice to use and has lots of features and the app makes it nice and convenient to use straight from your phone. The massage feature is a nice bonus as well! Overall very pleased with our bed!

Great features! [Kohl's Dr. Oz Mattress]

This bed has so many position options that are easily adjusted with the remote or the app. I also like the light under the bed feature.

Great Adjustable Base [Kohl's Dr. Oz Mattress]

Simple and easy set up. Love that you can adjust with an app on your phone and that is has some many preset options and the ability to adjust. Makes sitting on bed while doing laundry or watching a movie nice.

Adjust to Happiness [Kohl's Dr. Oz Mattress]

We have had the adjustable base for several months now and love it. The remote is very simple. The bed bends at both the head & foot ends. There are preset adjustments or move to your liking. I really like the message feature as well. The light on the remote is convenient. Definitely reccomend.

Best mattress ever [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Second mattress I’ve bought from this company and both have been amazing.

would've given 5 stars... [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

TLDR: I purchased this bed in October 2016, would've given 5 stars but started to encounter support problems in early 2021. Fairly uncomfortable sleeping experience now, but the customer service here did try to help thus the 2 star rating.

Bought this mattress 6 years... [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Bought this mattress 6 years ago and really loved it until it gradually became too soft and I started having back pain when sleeping on it. Didn't realize the mattress was the source of my problem until I slept on the very firm bed in our guest bedroom and - no back pain!

We bought this mattress.... [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We bought this mattress in August of 2016 and it's already sagging. You can actually look at it and visibly see the sag where my husband and I sleep, we have rotated it consistently too. When we first got it it was heaven to sleep on, both of us have back problems and I have arthritis, now I get up stiff and sore. You'd think it would last longer than 4 years for the price we paid.

Fabulous product and an amazing price! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

This makes the fourth eluxury mattress I have bought...two for me and two for my daughter. Hands down, the best product at an unbelievable price! We all love our beds! Thanks so much for a great experience!

Sleeping better [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Mattress arrived a few days ago. I’m sleeping better. Absolutely no pressure points, no waking in pain in the night. Super comfortable, still firm enough. Can’t say enough about this mattress.

Love it [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We have had this for less than a week and so far we love it. Definitely on the firmer side, but very comfy. This shipped quickly and came just in time for company. Did not rate it 5 stars because we have not had it long enough to give it a full review.

Love this mattress! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Purchased 2 weeks ago and we LOVE this mattress. There is no transfer movement when your partner moves. I am sleeping better than I have in years!

Comfortable [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

I purchased this mattress before several years ago and had to leave it when I left. I was happy to see the quality was consistent as I purchased the same type of mattress again and it's very comfortable.

We were a little wary ordering this... [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We were a little wary ordering this because of some bad experiences with memory foam in the past being too hard. But this was a pleasant surprise. You feel supported, but the top surface is very soft. When you pair it with their Bamboo Mattress Pad, it's a winning combination.

This is our second gel mattress [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

This is our second gel mattress from eLuxury. The first is in our beach place and is absolutely wonderful so we decided to purchase one for our house and replace a rather expensive but uncomfortable mattress from another manufacturer. We also purchased a bamboo mattress pad on advice from eLuxury - which was a great decision. The mattress and pad create a bed that is simply the best we have ever had. My wife recently had a severe spinal injury and is recovering but she simply wasn't sleeping well on the previous mattress. The difference between the old mattress - that was only a year old - and this new mattress and mattress pad couldn't be greater. I'm a little unaccustomed to providing sucha glowing review, but this mattress and pad are just as good - if not better - than promised.

Got one for everyone in my family! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We love these mattresses and love this company and that they are made in the USA!!

Initially, this mattress in a King size... [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Initially, this mattress in a King size checked all the boxes for a great price and we loved it for the first year. My wife is 5'4" 120lbs side sleeper, I am 5'"11 210lbs back sleeper and my wife still likes the matress and doesn't see the need to replace yet although she agrees, my side has issues. My issue is that the support I had has slowly degraded to the point I sink in much farther than when new and it's causing significant back pain. If you look at the mattress, it still appears very close to flat uncovered, however, if you roll across from my wife's side, it's very obvious the middle of the bed has much greater support and is higher than either of the slept on sides. Bottom line, may work well for a while, but beware that the long term durability of this is not good. As a side note, I would have rated the firmness at about a 5/10 out of the box and now 2 years later about a 3.5/10.

Son in law loved the mattress [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

My son in law, who sleeps on an expensive sleep number bed, has spent the last two nights on the new mattress from eluxury. A 10” gel foam. He loved it. Enough said.

Provides the best nights sleep [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Provides the best nights sleep we have had in a long time. No aches,pains or anything. Can't feel movement in bed, just comfort. No trying to go to sleep - get in bed and lie down and your asleep! Very highly recommended.

Great Mattress [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

My husband and I slept like a baby, and our back don’t ache when we wake up.

Glad I bought this mattress! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

After sharing a queen bed for 30+ years, we recently acquired a rescue pup who believes he's entitled to sleep in a people bed. Before purchasing this mattress, I had visited our son who had bought one and raved about it. After trying his out, we decided to give it a try ourselves; when we upgraded to a king-size, we with eLuxury and couldn't be happier. I don't find myself waking up sweating because the mattress is too warm. Love, love it!!

I would buy again [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

This is mine and wife's first foam mattress but not the first time we have slept on a foam mattress. I have a great deal of neck and hip pain that is slowly decreasing via a specialist but our 10" foam bed from e-Luxury has been a wonderful addition. Sleeping on it has taken some time to adjust too, nonetheless, we love it and plan on buying another one for our son in the near future. We tell everyone about our new bed.

Good, but not great [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We've had it for 2 weeks. The bed is very comfortable and has eased my neck, shoulder and hip pain. I am 5'9" and 176 and I can sleep on my back or my side equally well. My wife really loves it and says she sleeps better now than ever before. In terms of value it is 5 stars - very good price. However, it does tend to sleep hot (I am a hot sleeper, my wife is not) and it transmits movement more than I would like. However, that may be because it sits on a traditional foundation rather than a solid platform or slats. Our bed is constructed in such a way that we cannot remove the foundation because the mattress would sit too low in the bed frame. I would buy it again and recommend it for people my size with hip or shoulder issues. A foam mattress is definitely the way to go.

Great quality, great price, great comfort! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Have been sleeping on this mattress for about 2 months now, and have had no sore nights, even from the beginning. Usually it takes a couple weeks to get used to a new mattress, but this one fit right away. It is a little more firm than other out of the box mattresses I have slept on, which I like, but it is still soft enough for side sleeping, which I do. The cover seems durable and well made and it zips off for cleaning which is great! I used to sleep on a firm spring mattress with a 2" memory foam topper on it, and would wake up sweating in the middle of a summer night. It has been 80-90 degrees and humid so far this summer and I haven't woken up in a sweat once on this mattress. I am 130 lb and my boyfriend is 220 lb and we are both comfortable on this mattress and it supports us equally with no sagging to one side, and has almost no movement on my solid wood platform base. I was told there would be off-gassing when the mattress first came out of the package, but if there was any, it was barely noticeable, and I slept on it the first night, no problem. Definitely worth the money, and I love that this company supports veterans too!

Best mattresses we have ever slept on! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We now have two eluxury mattresses, one king and a full size. These are the best mattresses we have slept on. We wake up refreshed and feeling great. These mattresses conform to the body with premium support. Beyond happy!

Great Mattress [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

This is the second mattress we have bought from ELuxury and have been very happy with it. In fact, we plan on replacing our last mattress this Fall. You will not be disappointed.

Fantastic Mattress [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

I literally had a crick in my neck for a month before we bought this mattress. The first night I used it, the crick was almost completely gone the next day. I sleep through the night now, and rarely wake up. It's nice going from a box-spring mattress to this, as the motion transfer is very minimal as well. I think my wife and I are both sleeping better now.

I miss this mattress when I'm away from it! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

I bought this mattress about 10 months ago and it is the best thing about my home. I did EXTENSIVE research on what mattress to buy when I moved and after looking into price, features, support, customer service, and quality of product, this was the best overall choice. I'm so happy I got it because I've gotten the best sleep of my life on this bed. I miss this mattress when I visit friends and family and I find myself more excited to sleep on it when I return from vacations or weekends away than I am to have some time off. I've recommended it to my friends and families and I would 100% buy it again.

Best Mattress Ever!!!! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

I bought this around a year ago. Husband had back issues and wanted firm, I prefer to feel like I'm sleeping in a cloud. I don't know how, but this mattress actually made both of us happy! And husband's back issues are gone. I can't even describe how comfortable it is, like nothing I've ever experienced before. Skip the REALLY expensive mattresses and buy this. You won't be sorry, I promise!

Most Comfortable Bed I Ever Owned [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Purchased this a few months ago. Fast delivery, easy setup, slight smell but gone in a couple days. Great support, much better than the old spring mattress. I would have liked it a little softer though but not that big of deal.

Best Mattress I've Ever Had [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Absolutely LOVE this mattress. I love the price, the quality, and the awesome customer service. I also love that it's certified non-toxic, which is so important. I never have back issues anymore either and it's the perfect balance of firm and soft. It's firm enough that I don't sink into it, yet soft enough that I melt right into it. Every time I travel, my back hurts and I can't wait to get back into my eLuxury bed. It's definitely spoiled me!

So happy with this mattress [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

Purchased this mattress about a month ago and absolutely love it! We chose it because it was one of the most affordable of the many online mattress companies. We figured we could use the generous return policy if we totally hated it after a month or so. No need - we're so happy with this bed! It's been a great compromise between sleeping preferences - my boyfriend likes a firm mattress, I prefer a bit softer, and this works great for both of us. We've both been sleeping much better and there is very little motion transfer so I don't wake up each time he rolls over. My only regret is not getting a new mattress sooner!

Best sleep of my life!! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

This mattress is amazing. One of the best purchases I have ever made. I sleep like a princess. It's so soft and comfy. It's a euphoric experience to sleep on this. It will change your life. You'll feel so much more refreshed when you wake up from your DEEP sleep. Couldn't recommend this more. The only criticism is that it took 8 days to arrive when they had said it'd take 2. It's fine that it took longer, but they should be more accurate about the shipping time.

Too firm, no give [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

First off, in march, I found out I had a functional short leg and was the reason I had back problems. Now, being completely healed, I find this bed to make my entire body feel numb and can say that this bed never gave me the rest I needed and make my joints hurt. It's probably just for certain types of people but I regret buying this bed. I bought this bed in December, so I've had some time to reflect. My brothers 5000 bed gave me better rest and support and don't feel so weak and restless anymore. I know which bed I'm buying next. Again, not trying to be rude to eluxury, I think they're a great company but their products could use some adjustments.

Everyone DESERVES a good night sleep. [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We bought the first mattress from eLuxurysupply just because they were located in our home town AND they are a Veteran owned business BUT we keep coming back because the mattress is SO wonderful. A few years ago, we fell for the hype about an "adjustable" bed. It was so expensive we made payments on it but it turned out to be a lot of hot air.. (pun intended). I know it's had to believe this mattress could be this great at this low price, but it is. So far we have gotten 7 mattresses from them. I'm not exaggerating when I say, we wish we had found this mattress sooner.

Lost its firmness! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

We have had this mattress for approximately 8-9 months (one Ca King size and one full size). When we first received them, they were very firm - as we had hoped. However, the full size one has lost much of its firmness now. We immediately sink in quite a bit when we lie down, with not enough support, and I end up with an aching back when I sleep on it. Our Ca King still has much more support, although it also is starting to get a little softer where we typically lie and there is definitely a firm "ridge" down the middle of the mattress. Do not know why one mattress has broken down so much more quickly than the other one. Based on the way the Ca King is starting to show signs of losing its firmness also, I cannot see how this mattress will last ten years since we have only had it 9 months.

So glad we took the leap! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

After tiring of sleeping in a depression and extensive research on sleepopolis, we chose the eluxurysupply memory foam with the recommended bamboo topper. We had purchased a Saatva memory foam/coil spring mattress about 4 years ago. Within the past few months, depressions have developed in the mattress where we sleep. After contacting them, I wasn't pleased with their offer of resolution regarding our problem. So, thanks to sleepopolis I found your company. It didn't take long for me to make up my mind. We've had the king size bed with the topper for almost 3 weeks now and could not be more pleased. More often than not, when I fall asleep, I find myself in the same position when I wake up. Never experienced that with any mattress in my lifetime. I actually look forward to going to bed, now. My hips don't ache, my back doesn't hurt, (even though I have stenosis and arthritis in my spine) and at 65, I'm now getting a decent night's sleep. We can not find any cons at all with this mattress, and kudos for the many pros we are experiencing! So, a big thank you to Mr. Paul Saunders and the entire team at eluxurysupply. I will definitely recommend this mattress to anyone I know considering a new purchase.

Thoroughly Satisfied [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

My wife and I were completely happy with our ten year old waterbed, but when we decided to move to a larger place, we had to leave it behind. What we had was not a 70's waterbed that wallowed around when one moved on it, but a design that had large bladders of water with a fibrous mesh inside that allowed the water to move around, but with it being squeezed under you, not a wave riding type sensation. With an ability to change firmness by the amount of water, as well as a memory layer, we had slept well for over a decade. Our new community HOA prohibited waterbeds on the second floor. This, and the fact that the thing came in at close to 600 pounds (we moved it just twice in ten years) made us determine we had to move on. We had been noting all kinds of products one could order online and caught the review for eLS products at an independent website. We found two products of many we thought sounded like what we wanted, and since we are Hoosiers now in California, we decided to go with the folks "From the fields we used to roam." We have not looked back or second-guessed our eLS California King decision. We are looking forward to years of comfort on our mattress, and we have replaced the mattresses in our guest rooms as well. Buy with comfort and confidence.

BUY THE MATTRESS! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

I was a little skeptical that purchasing a mattress online could be better than trying one at an overpriced mattress store, but I was pleasantly surprised! The 10" memory foam mattress is exactly what I needed, and I sleep better than I ever have, and I have purchased some seriously expensive mattresses (upwards of $2200.00!). If you like a mattress with some give, and allows you to sleep on your side, stomach, or back with little to no stress points (the lack of aching joints in the morning is amazing), then this is the mattress for you!

Its okay!!! [Kohl's Eluxury Mattress]

i love my bed. its great. so goooooooooooooooooood

HORRIBLE Quality and Formation [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Want a refund or new mattress. It is shipped compressed. So the coils/springs integrity is completely compromised. Once it's unboxed and the springs pop out there is no rigidity left. I'm 118 lbs, and when I sit on it, I hit the box spring. We received it and unpacked it before Thanksgiving vacation. Left it for over a week to inflate the foam. In that time never formed to the size it's supposed to be. (Pics) Every edge is dented in, it's maybe only 1-2 inches of foam that didn't rise, the seams are ripped, etc. Save your money!!

Perfect for teen bed [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Happy with our purchase! Our teen has no complaints and sleeps till noon on the weekends so I assume its comfy ;)

Decent Mattress [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I have slept on the mattress for 10 days, and it still has not expanded to it's advertised 10 inch size. Most of it is right at 8 inches, and other areas 9 inches. I would consider it a fairly firm mattress compared to the pillowtop mattress it is replacing. I am a smaller person, and don't really feel the sinking in feeling that memory foam mattress users describe unless I am just sitting on it. The box arrived in very good condition and it was fairly easy for me to unpack on my own. I didn't notice any odor as described by some memory foam mattress purchasers. Overall, it seems like a good mattress for the money, but nonetheless it's not a 10 inch mattress.

Soft soft soft!!!! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

My son really loves how soft this mattress is.

Had to order one for myself as well! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I got this mattress for my daughters top bunk bed and it did not disappoint. It was so soft yet firm! I had to buy myself one in a queen size ! So waiting for that one to come in now (cant wait) it was really crazy seeing this mattress all sucked dry of air. Even my kids didnt know was i was trying to roll out lol it wasnt until i cut the plastic and all the air was sucked in that the mattress just POPPED ALIVE Lol it was awesome wish i would have recorded it ,but anyways my kids love it and i laid on it for abit as well and it is definitely very comfortable

Horrible!! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Horrible! Even my little kid sink down, never fully expand. But the worst part was return an expanded mattress to the store and see all the faces from the employees and costumers.

Great at first...not so much after 7 months. [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

After about 6 months of use I noticed a slight slope on one side and it has just gotten worse. It's not even the side that my husband sleeps on. We are going to just have to buy a new mattress. You get what you pay for I guess.

It's absolutely wonderful!! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I ordered my memory foam mattress about 2 weeks ago and I live it. My sleep has been so restful and comfortable for me

the mattress is not comfortable at all [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I wanted a refund for this item and customer support agents were not helpful at all. After using this mattress started getting back pain.

Too soft [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Purchased almost 6+ months ago, I'm a medium weight individual who went from a very firm bed to this. It's too soft even after 6 months. There is no edge support and I would roll out of bed if I'm too close to edge. It's okay for the price I paid for twin size. Other boxed foam mattresses purchased for other rooms were much better, but I paid lots more.

EXCELLENT MATTRESS!! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

We purchased the twin size ones for our kids a year ago and just recently bought a queen size for ourselves and I will never buy from a mattress store again. This mattress is very comfortable and we have gotten such a better nights sleep and don’t wake up sore anymore. Definitely recommend!

Good merchandise [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I am pleased I purchased this mattress for a Christmas gift

Second purchase [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I bought this for my son for his apartment a year ago and he likes it so much, we got a second one for his room at home.

Love it [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Exactly what I needed and expected very pleased with it and it came in a box and was very easy to unbox my 7 year old is very happy with the twin mattress I even tried it and was very comfortable and affordable

Great value. [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I have been sleeping on it two weeks now, so far so good.

Very comfortable!!! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

So happy I bought this mattress. Is extremely comfortable and a quality product. Exceeded my expectations

too soft [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I bought this item couple weeks ago. It is very uncomfortable for me to sleep on due to being too soft. I’ve started having back pain.

Great bed [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I bought this for my 7 year old son and he loves it. Very comfortable and supportive.

Very comfortable [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

This is a great product for the price offered. I took a kind mattress and so far it’s good

Great matress [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Bought this matress for my 17 year old daughter. She loves it and sleeps well on it. Very easy to have delivered open and put on the bed

not what I thought [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Thought the mattress I was ordering was foam. This is awful. The springs in it are so uncomfortable. Have only used it about a week and would rather go buy something different.

Soft and firm at the same time [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Received this item very quickly. I’ve ordered mattresses rolled up before, so this isn’t new to me. It decompressed time the full 10 inches for me in an hour. (It happened to be a hot day that day) My husband forgot what it was like to sleep comfortably because my old mattress was 21 yrs old. For the past few mornings I don’t want to get up because it’s so comfortable.

Not So Happy [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Purchased this mattress a few weeks ago & I'm a little disappointed. Unfortunately, once this mattress was delivered I had my other one taken to the dump.Wish I could return this one to the store & receive a better product.

Great night’s sleep!! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I had my doubts about sleeping on a mattress that was rolled up in a box, but am so glad I took the plunge! Comfort, support, quality - it’s all here! This has truly exceeded my expectations and I’ve been sleeping better than I have in years.

Great product, good quality for my bucks [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I was on the fence about this purchase because of a couple of the reviews, it has been two months, I love my mattress. when I wake up in the morning I am not tired from sleeplessness.

Good bed for single lighter people. (No shade) [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

My husband and I are average weight and on the taller side so we purchased a Cal King. We soon realized it had issues. It didn't expand to 10", eventhough we waited recommended time, springs made noise, it was very bouncy so if one of he moved at night I felt it. Wanted to like it but sorry to say I'm sending it back. Maybe I would purchase it for my boys twin beds as it is comfy but I wouldnt recommend it for heavier set people.

Comfortable [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I bought the mattress for a guest room and my guests have been happy sleeping on it.

great for pre-teens [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I purchased this for my son. we needed an affordable mattress that was soft, but firm and this one checked all those boxes. my son loves this mattress and says he sleeps better than he did on his old one. Set up was quick and easy. It expanded fairly quick.

You get what you pay for [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Very comfortable but extremely cheap. You sit on it and it squished down to about an inch and loud spring noise

Soft and cool! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I bought this as a spare bed for our house. Now i'm wishing I had just bought a king size for myself! I really like that it's not super squishy and has some firmness to it. I have back problems and this bed has helped me sleep through the night for a few nights... i had to try it out of course!

Outstanding! [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I needed an affordable, comfortable mattress for my 13 year old son. I purchased this mattress at kohls online. It came rolled up in a box, shrink wrapped, delivered via fed ex box! Super easy. This mattress unrolled great, and my boy loves it. The gel makes it extra soft.

Great mattress [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

Bought this a few weeks ago for my sons first big boy bed! He’s in a bunk under his sister and I wanted to get something really comfortable. He loves it! And so do i when I need to snuggle with him in it. The pillow top is amazing and he’s been getting good nights sleep on it! Easy to unbox and let open- we all loved watching it expand!

Perfect length for growing teen [Kohl's Linenspa Mattress]

I bought this bed for my 15 year old son who is already 6 foot 2. A regular twin size mattress wouldn't fit his height so had to get a twin xl. It's perfect fits him so much better and still takes up the width of a twin so not taking up too much space in his room. 10 in is perfect thickness for Sheets and with the memory foam he is very comfortable great product would buy again for someone else.

Mattress [Kohl's Novaform Mattress]

Not as firm, even thouggvthey say firm. I would have considered returning it, but it was shipped to me and the process and cost to do so was ridiculous.

Great bed [Kohl's Novaform Mattress]

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Never would have thought you could buy a queen size bed through the mail in a smallish box and have it be as nice and comfortable as this. It comes super compressed. Unroll, cut the bag open, and in less than five minutes it had expanded enough to comfortably sleep on! This model is nice and firm, yet still soft without causing pressure points. Really it is quite amazing that a bed could come so compressed and then " fluff up" and be this solid! I've gotten great sleep on it so far.

Not worth money [Kohl's Safavieh Mattress]

The pillow topper is horrible Keeps moving all over

Serviceable mattress for light use [Kohl's Safavieh Mattress]

Although advertised as "one-piece" - at least that's what the video implies, in fact the lower coil section is separate from the cushiony pillow-top; the trick is zipping them together! So far, so good, but I will need another year or so to confirm. Item DOES need a good week+plus to off-gas odd odor; edge support is pretty non-existent, but for use in a guest room (after I move soon) it should suffice.

nice mattress [Kohl's Safavieh Mattress]

It’s a nice bed overall well worth the money. It’s a little firmer than I would like. You don’t sink into the mattress though, it’s been about 5 months we’ve been using it and no holes have been formed. (You know the crater that happens after time.) I can’t feel my husband move or get up either.

Unsatisfied;Returned [Kohl's Safavieh Mattress]

It arrived quickly; came in 2 boxes. The topping zippered onto the bottom. For us there were 2 issues: The soft edges and a chemical odor that after 3 weeks didn’t go away. Our pillows absorbed the chemicals and upon entering our bedroom after 4 hrs, we inhaled the vapors. Were great fun they took it back.

Very Surprised [Kohl's Safavieh Mattress]

I have to admit I was very skeptical at first. I mean come on A bed in a box and it be any good? Well I was fooled. The first night was just getting use to another mattress. The second night, I slept better. As each night came I slept better than I had in a LONG time. For the first time since my back surgery I actually didn't feel like I was all twisted up and aching from head to toe. I am very impressed with this mattress.

BEST SLEEP EVER! [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I stayed at a hotel with my family and we slept on this incredibly soft bed. I took so many naps that weekend in Maine, and decided to check out the mattress brand. As SOON as our vacation was over, I looked for a mattress store so I could get that Serta mattress. I found a Mattress Firm near our home, and that Monday, I purchased the Serta queen mattress. The tv ads were so true. The price was unbelievable, and I loved the fast delivery. Thanks for designing such a great product! Now, if we can only get our 4-year-old out of our bed, we can buy her a Serta twin bed. Hopefully, by her 5th birthday next month! GREAT PRODUCT! Keep doing what you're doing.

10 in box hybrid [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Got the 10 inch premier hybrid mattress in a box at a big box store. Can’t seem to find much about it on the regular website but so far seems very nice a little bit stiffer than I thought it might be but had a good first nights sleep.

comfortable but firm [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Perfect size, comfortable, can lay on this for days. memory foam is great recommend to anyone looking memory foam

Best Night Sleep [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

This Mattress is amazing, very comfortable, and supportive. I also purchased this mattress for my son and he loves his mattress. Compatible to Marriott mattresses.

Excelent [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

My son does not want to wake up to go to school. I recommend to my friend

PERFECT SLEEPER [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

The Cooper Memory Foam Mattress is the best purchase I could've ever made. I was skeptical at first with a mattress in a box. I was totally wrong! The mattress conforms to your body, it's supports your back, you do NOT want to get out of the bed, and I have told every one I know about my new mattress.

Movement Doesn't Wake Me Up! [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I have only had the new mattress for a week, but I have noticed that I don't feel movement from my spouse. My old box spring was bouncy and whenever my spouse would move, turn over, etc., it would wake me up. We have only had the mattress for a week, but so far no complaints.

Great mattress [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

It's super comfortable and great quality of a mattress. Just right for what is needed to get a great nights sleep.

So Comfortable!! [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

This feel amazing! Best night sleep in a long time. Thank you Serta!! :D

Review [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

We moved to our appartment and had no bed to sleep on, so we purchased a serta air mattress and we loved it.

Slept like a baby [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I love Serta products now and have always heard great things about them. I actually already had a mattress, but recently needed a new box spring due to wear and tear, so I decided to get a Serta box spring. I fell asleep this afternoon with the intent of just a nap and I ended up sleeping like a baby for about 4 hours. It’s more comfortable than the my previous one. Now I am actually considering upgrading my mattress. Thank you Serta for creating great products.

value mattress nice comfort [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I like the price and warranty that serta offers with the bed it takes a little getting use to but it will work fine I have paid alot more for beds in the past this one should last

VERY COMFORTABLE [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Can't say I dislike it, it's very comfortable and the price was amazing

good mattress [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

this is a good mattress. i got a firm and i sleep great on it. i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good mattress at a good price.

First Nights Sleep Wonderful [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Hip injuries force me to sleep on my back. Propping pillows didn't cut it. I tried the Motion Essentials III and the Queen size Grandbury mattress as a last resort to sleeping in a reclining chair. First nights sleep was terrific. I didn't wake a time or two like usual, and got a solid 8 hours as opposed to my usual five to six. I only wish I had made the move to an adjustable bed years ago.

No more tossing and turning [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I have always owned a spring coil mattress. After several years it really seems to form that dip in the middle. Tossing and turning every night and waking up tired I felt it was time to change. While I do not like a bed to firm I need the support. After trying the memory foam mattress I knew this would work for me. No more sleepless nights and wake up feeling great!

Comfortable [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

The mattress is very firm and comfortable. Would highly recommend this mattress.

Soft but very uncomfortable [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I love how the bed form-fitted my body but the bad thing about it was it got really hot and I could not sleep all night I kept sweating tossing and turning is the worst I've ever slept on it and it's the first night that I slept on it I wish I could just return it and get a different mattress because I would so much rather be cool and comfortable I would not give up either option I would not recommend this model .

Comfortable mattress in a box [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Love my new mattress in a box. So comfortable worth the money I paid for it

Great first impression for our toddler's bunk beds [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

We purchased this to use on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed set for our almost 3 year old. We wanted simple, comfortable, low profile and easy to cover with a mattress protector and standard sheets. This hits all the boxes! it was super easy to bring home since it was rolled up in a box. It is a perfect height to avoid hitting your head on the bed above, which was a problem with the last mattress. It rolled out and puffed up nicely while being comfortable right out of the box. We also appreciate it doesn't have a huge bounce to it which was also to be avoided in a bunk bed. It absorbs movement so if we have to join our child in bed until they fall asleep we can easily roll out without interruption. Overall a great option!

Great value [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Was easy to set up. Feels awesome. Haven't slept on it yet. But feels great 15 minutes out of the box.

9" mattress in a box [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Very easy set up....I didn't notice any smell that they said might occur....fully expanded and "tight" in 24 hours....comfortable and cooling when you lay on this mattress

Great, comfortable sleep [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

We are totally impressed with our new mattress, we have never bought a mattress that fits in a box. I was sceptical that it would be a comfortable as it is. There is no motion transfer and we both sleep through the night. My husband's back aches have disappeared.

Pleasantly surprised [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I purchased two twin mattresses in a box. I was skeptical about a box mattress but it was on sale for $100!! I figured how can I go wrong. I was so surprised at the quality and thickness of the mattress! Glad I bought them and I would recommend it for kids bed for sure. Thank you.

Sleeps comfortably [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

It wore down on one side faster than I would expect!

Love it [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I had my last mattress for several years and wouldn't sleep in it as it was very uncomfortable. With this new mattress, I don't want to get out of bed. Very comfortable.

Best mattress I’ve owned by far [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

This was a great purchase easy to take home We opened the box took the plastic off and 1,2,3 the mattress went from a rolled up mattress to its full size in seconds Looked great and felt even better

This mattress is very comfortable. We do have a warranty issue. [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

This mattress is very comfortable, cool and transfers little motion. There is a issue of a large crease that has not filled out in the mattress. We have had the mattress three weeks, so we will be making a warranty claim. We hope this was just a random flaw and that we can exchange this one for a new mattress.

Amazing mattress!!! [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Got a great deal on the serta mattress set. They are very comfortable to sleep on. High quality mattress with affordable price.

Do not under estimate a mattress in a box! [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Bought this to replace a queen size mattress. I had my doubt but my husband had checked reviews and was all for it. I couldn't believe how comfortable it was!! I really feel I become ONE with the mattress.

I really love my new mattress, feel wonderfully to my body and very good sleep [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

The price was great. My former mattress was old and hard. This one comfortable and I love it. I would recommend it highly.

My Serta purchase was worth the value and the quality was wonderful. I would recommend to anyone [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

It's good quality and makes a comfortable sleep. i had a memory foam and nothing compares to the Serta mattress. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a quality was worth the money!

Nice mattress for price! [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

First night on this mattress was great! Highly recommend this to someone looking for a mattress that won't break your budget.

most comfortable office chair I have ever owned [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

the comfort and the ability to adjust to different people in the household to use it.

great value verry good comfort [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I have found no dislikes with this product It sleeps great

Great Night Sleep! [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

I like everything about this mattress. I have not had a good night sleep in years, since being involved in a car accident. This mattress has helped me sleep longer than 2 hours at a time.

Good Nights Sleep [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Serta Century Collection King Mattress set is comfortable. I had purchased one Queen Serta Century Collection set for guest bedroom. Guests appreciated the comfortable bed and excellent sleep they received. Based on their satisfaction when we required a new king set we purchased Serta Century King Mattress set for ourselves. We both fall a sleep faster and wake up refreshed ready for the next day.

Very good [Kohl's Serta Mattress]

Its good. I like its firmness and easy to handle. Matress is coming with plastic cover which protect the matress from being dirty and tearing during handling. U will enjoy with sweet dream on it.

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