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Kluft Mattress Reviews

Kluft is the signature brand of E.S. Kluft, who also crafts Aireloom mattresses. The claim to fame of Kluft mattresses is their use of luxury materials like cashmere and Joma® wool. They offer three hybrid mattress collections with pocketed coils, latex, foam and packed luxury comfort materials, and a latex mattress option. Most customers like their Kluft mattresses at first, but durability is a big concern for many reviewers who experienced sagging issues.

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Overall Score: 7.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 6.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.8/10

Price: $3422-40842

Trial Period: No Trial

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Kluft's Specifics

Kluft is a high end mattress brand that is sold at luxury retailers across the country. One of the biggest benefits of Kluft is that their mattresses are hand-made and feature luxury materials, like mohair and cashmere. However, for those that are looking for a mattress that will last, these mattresses get many mixed reviews on durability with customers describing quicker sagging issues than expected.

Those that are concerned about durability and long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses for great alternatives. Specifically, the Dreamcloud mattress provides a high profile pocketed coil mattress that is high rated by customers.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Kluft has four collections -- the Beyond Luxury, Kluft Signature, Royal Sovereign, and RS Latex collections.

We'll go through each of their mattress lines in depth below:

Here are the details about the Beyond Luxury Collection:

The Beyond Luxury line has a 15'' thickness and features cashmere / mohair, horsetail, Joma® wool, organic cotton, and Alpaca in the top layer. Beneath that is a softer layer of latex that provides a responsive bounce to the top layer. These mattresses are hand-stitched above a layer of nested coils and box spring unit. With all of the luxury materials, these mattresses have high prices. Customers generally like the comfort initially, but there are issues with sagging reported.

Here are the details of the Kluft Signature Collection:

The Kluft Signature also has a 15'' thickness and features layers of cashmere, horsetail, Joma® wool, and organic cotton in the top layer. Below this is a zoned latex layer, which aims to be ergonomically supportive of the spine while providing support. Below that is a pocketed coil system, sitting above a box spring unit. Most customers find this initially comfortable and supporting the spine, but there are issues reported about faster than average bedding breakdown.

Here are the details of the Royal Sovereign:

The Royal Sovereign comes at a 14.5'' thickness and features alpaca and wool in the top layer. Below are graphite infused latex and high density foams. Below that are 992 coils that support the spine independently. Overall, customers like their Royal Sovereign mattresses, but some sleepers reported issues with sagging over a short time period.

Here are the details of the Royal Sovereign Latex:

The Royal Sovereign Latex comes with layers of silk and wool fibers on the top layer with multiple layers of latex beneath. The support structure is latex core for a bouncy and supportive mattress. While most customers like the Kluft latex mattresses, there are some that experienced issues with durability.

Overall Comfort

Kluft's offering features high end materials packed tightly into their mattresses. While most customers feel comfy at first, there are substantial complaints about durability, which degrades people's expectations about this brand.


Kluft has a wide array of firmness options available to sleepers. Each of their offerings can be tailored to firm or plush parameters. However, there are some reports of degrading firmness over time so be prepared for that possibility.

Back Pain Relief

The inclusion of pocketed coil support systems provide a good amount of support at first. However, some sleepers have found the comfort layers to sag and dip, which could cause degrading back pain relief over time.


Due to the airy nature of the luxury wool, cashmere, and other hair in the top comfort layers, these mattresses should regulate temperature very well.

Who Are Kluft Mattresses Right For?

Kluft are ideal for those that don't mind replacing their luxury mattress every few years. For those looking for long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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Big lump in the middle

Extremely dissappointed after I shelled out so much money. After only a few days, there is severe body contouring and a lump in the middle. This is so ridiculous. I called them and they said that it is normal for a 1.5 inch depression, but I can't believe this because it is unsleepable. I feel like I can barely reach my partner through the hump.

Enjoy it!

7-8 hours of our day is spent asleep. Spend a bit more and enjoy the loveliness of waking without a sore neck or back. So worth every penny. One indulgence you'll get your money's worth. I look forward to my bed every night.

Big lump in the middle

Extremely dissappointed after I shelled out so much money. After only a few days, there is severe body contouring and a lump in the middle. This is so ridiculous. I called them and they said that it is normal for a 1.5 inch depression, but I can't believe this because it is unsleepable. I feel like I can barely reach my partner through the hump.

I dislike it intensely

We own a Kluft and I dislike it intensely, so does he. I found that after some time the bed became dented on each side (where we lay) with a rise in the middle. The probable explanation for not liking it might be due to both of us traveling out of the country where the beds were harder in places like Germany and Sweden. We loved those beds a lot and in the future will be getting an extremely hard frame with the one thinner mattress (I believe IKEA has them now). The IKEA bed is unremarkable in appearance, but so so very comfortable. The Kluft bed consist of foam beneath the top layer of fabric and eventually the fabric wore down, revealing the foam. The foam contorted to the shape of our bodies. Neither one of us like the look or feel anymore - we wake with sore backs and some shoulder discomfort. Granted, he had the bed quite a few years, considering the length of time he has had it, I suppose it lasted a while. At one time it felt as if it may have been hard, but really the bed seems more sturdy in appearance than it actually feels.

A week in and I love it!

So far, really enjoying this mattress. It's like sleeping on a cloud!

Already sagging

There is a big indent where I sleep and a hill between my wife and me. It is not what you would expect after spending that kind of money on a mattress. Very dissappointed.

Starting to change

The first few months on this mattress were absolutely amazing. But now there is a major change happening. The bed is starting to sag where my husband and I sleep. The middle is much higher so we it feels like you are rolling up hill when you try to get to the middle. Not good.

Super comfortable

I had a foam bed that offgassed and gave me asthma. This bed didn't do that at all. It is super comfortable and I have been sleeping through the whole night since I've gotten it.

Great to start

I just got the Kluft and really can't complain. It is super comfortable and I am enjoying my sleep more than my 15 year old mattress.


The bed was amazing the first 4 months, but now it has a visible dent on my husband's side. He is a little bigger (220lbs) so it could be that. I am still sleeping really well, but he is starting to complain.

Like sleeping on a cloud

this is an I ndulgence for me that is well worth the expense.

Comfortable but hot...

Loved the comfort of the mattress, but the latex in the plush top is hot. Had to put (in addition to the mattress cover, of course the sheets) a down comforter on top of the mattress to block the heat from my body. Finally a good nights sleep. Going to exchange this mattress for one that doesn’t have the latex that close to the top. That particular latex was suppose to keep cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather so I was told. I recommend this product, but it’s not for me.

Like sleeping on a (supportive) marshmallow

This bed is part of a king set used in a new adjustable bed. It is so soft, it's hard to believe it is also supportive. After sleeping (miserably) on firm mattresses for years because I thought that was best for my back, I am now in heaven. Unlike the Sleep Number Bed that we just got rid of -- which only caused sagging in the center when you lowered the number -- this bed is soft everywhere, yet you can also feel it gently supporting your body.


This mattress....AWESOME. I purchased this mattress about 30 days ago and decided to wait before writing a review. This mattress strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. After topping the mattress with a cotton pad and high quality sheets, this rivals any bed I've slept in at a 5 star hotel. This model is perfect for my needs. I'm as satisfied as the first day I climbed on it.

This mattress rocks for ME

Been on the hunt for a mattress for at least 5 months. I looked at Casper, Vispring and everything in between and the range is huge! I was close to pulling the trigger on a 12k mattress at a mattress boutique in Chicago until I ran into Luke in the bedding dept at the Home location dwntn. He was patient and understanding on how important an investment this was for me. I visited at least 4 times before purchasing and so glad I did. I saved 7 grand and was able to spend a little more on the bedroom furniture that supported it. Luke told me "you can find comfort in just about any new mattress you try". And after laying on many I came to find he was absolutely right. Side back or stomach sleeper take your time and look at it as a true investment.

Recent Kluft Mattress Review

We are enjoying our new mattress and would recommend to others, this is the mattress you want to consider. Friends told us they bought one and we decided we needed one as well. Thanks to Bloomingdales in San Francisco, Hamid, for all his help. Delivery was on time and the installation went smoothly. Thanks Bloomingdales for everything and the bonus dollars and points. We most likely will put it to good use wither here or in New York next month.

New Kluft Mattress

I've only had my Kluft for a little bit, but it sleeps well and when I wake up I no longer have a pain in my back. I would recommend for side or back sleepers.

Love my new Kluft mattress!!

The only thing better than my mattress was my Bloomie’s customer service—from the knowledgeable sales person who didn’t pressure me to spend more than I needed to, to the delivery. When there was confusion about whether the contracted delivery people would take my old mattress away, I called my Bloomie’s sale rep who immediately intervened and made sure it was taken!

Very comfy mattress

I had purchased a different mattress from Bloomingdale's that was too firm for me and caused me terrible back pain. I exchanged that mattress for this one and have been very happy so far; no back pain at all! I have only had the mattress for 2 weeks though, so I only hope that it lasts. I would have given it 5 stars, but the tufting is very deep and you can feel it while you're laying on the mattress. I would have preferred that it wasn't as deep.

Love this mattress

We are so pleased with this mattress, it’s been a long search for the right mattress that I don’t sleep hot on.

Exceeds My Expectations

I did some diligent shopping at several stores in search of quality and a perfect fit before deciding on the Kluft mattress and box springs. My selection was aided by a knowledgeable sales rep at Bloomingdale's who understood construction and materials and value. It became clear to me that mattress products at Bloomingdale's were "best of the best," but with alternative design, materials and price points. I was able to narrow my decision easily. This Kluft mattress and box spring met and exceeded my expectations for luxurious comfort and restfulness and resolving some quality of sleep issues.


We tried each of the Klufts on display at the store. We ordered the Preston in the king size as it seemed neither too firm nor too soft and the price was acceptable to us. The mattress is worse than the old one we replaced. It does not feel remotely like the model we tried in store. You literally sink into it. My upper back and neck hurt from the misalignment of sleeping on it. We are going to exchange it for a different model. This is my first experience with this brand and I am very diasappointed. We have had the mattress for two weeks and it was awful from day one.

Great mattress while it was new

Purchased this mattress 2 years ago. It is well constructed and looks great. But after two years it became soft and we start having pains in the mornings. Bloomingdales has great service and contacted the manufacturer to diagnose the problem... But the manufacturer did nothing since the indentation was less than 1.5 inches. They suggested to use the mattress that causes us pain for another year and call them for another measurement.... Don't waste your money thinking you are buying something

Great mattress

Very comfortable and wake up feeling refreshed and minimal aches and pains

Firm and Luxe

This mattress is very high quality, luxurious and great to sleep on. It is firm and supportive. Everything you want for a great night sleep.

Top quality, luxury mattress, super comfy

After a long research, we bought this bed and are very happy so far. It's definitely worth the money because we get up in the morning feeling rested and free of any back pain. Quality mattress is very important for good health and keep you away from doctors.

Love our new mattress !!!

We bought the mattress a week ago and until now we are very happy. Its firm the way we wanted and we don't have back pain anymore at night or when we wake up. Highly recommended. Its worth the money

Kluft Reverie is a dream

I have had three spine surgeries and sleeping has been painful ever since. For years I've suspected my mattress, while new at the time, was still too soft. I have my Kluft for a week and I have no pain during the night!! The most firm mattress in their line but not the most expensive!

Worst company to deal with beginning with the VP of sales Bret Swygman

I am a retailer forAireloome mattress and have never been so disappointed with the quality of both the service and the mattresses. I.5" indentation in a mattress is their delineation of when there is a problem! Absurd!! I will not sell another mattress and will never recommend this company to a soul. What a sad state. We can't even get them to return a call. I would rate them a - 1

Sagging mattress

This is a review about the Kluft mattress bought from the Bay on Aug 2017. This is an awareness of this mattress if you want to buy a new mattress and boxspring please go ahead and buy Kluft from the Bay. If not avoid Kluft and avoid buying from the Bay completely. I bought my mattress on Aug 2017 from the downtown Bay on their big bay day sales - the original price of the mattress was over $6000 (King size) and each box spring was $1200. The warranty is for 10 years. I do understand that things don’t last for 10 years…but I was expecting to get at least 5 years out of my mattress…I just got 2 years out of it. The salesman at the Bay insisted that if we don’t buy the box spring, the warranty would be void. So I called up the Bay to tell them that someone needs to come and look at my mattress because it has sunk on both sides but one side has sunk really low. So after 2 weeks of sending them the pictures and answering all their questions and going back and forth, they finally send out a mattress technician on Sept 23, 2019. He came and did say that mattresses should not sink so low in 2 years on one side. I also explained that in the centre of the mattress it is a lot higher than the side I sleep on. The tech took all the information and checked everything and he did agree that there was an issue with the mattress and would let the bay know. I got a phone call from the bay the very next day and they told me that however much the mattress had sunk, it was within the manufacturer’s specification so they couldn’t do anything. They said they couldn’t do anything for us for the next 6 months and only after that they would be able to send another tech to revisit the issue. I spoke to the customer service department and the returns and exchange department, I also spoke to the manager and I explained everything in detail saying that as the night goes on, the mattress keeps sinking and my neck and back hurt. I also explained that I wake up early in the morning so when the tech came at noon, the mattress had again come up. At this point the manager said instead of 6 months, we can come in 3 months to see as a favour to me to send out another tech. I told him if I sleep on the mattress for another 3 months my back is going to be very sore. He said that he couldn’t do anything for me unfortunately since again it was within the manufacturer’s specifications. So everyone do not ever buy a mattress from the Bay. They were very prompt in letting me know that they couldn’t do anything about it. I have to say the Bay is going down in quality and service and their products. Especially stay away from the Kluft brand - they have the big price but the quality is rubbish.

Painful Sleeping

Being newly retired we decided to buy the best mattress money could buy. Boy,was that a mistake. Worst mattress we've ever owned. It's comfy enough at first, but in about an hour's time the pain in my hips and shoulder wakes me up. After six hours or so, I feel like I've been sleeping on the floor. And I'm not a fussy sleeper. Just about any mattress is good enough for me: But not this one.

Not Worth the price

It was very nice in the the first couple of years,but after that the edges started to sag.I am handicapped and need to sit on the side of the mattress to get dressed.It is now so saggy at the edges that I can no longer use it.I did not complain to Kluft or Bloomingdales.I bought another mattress. Good Riddance. Don't waste your money on this mattress

Simply dreadful mattress!

We went to Bloomingdale’s to get a Shiffman mattress but the salesman talked us into a Kluft. After trying many in the showroom, we chose a sale one. When it came it was like a sack of straw. We IMMEDIATELY complained, picked another one at Bloomingdales and had to sleep separately for three weeks, while we waited for the new Kluft. It has been a year. The mattress leaves us with back and hip pain. The middle slopes, the sides slope - it is hideous. We are negotiating to get out of this horror show - but my advice is never ever purchase a Kluft mattress. They are awful.

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