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Kiss Mattress Reviews

The Kiss Mattress by Sleep EZ is made with a top layer of highly responsive latex foam, which provides a refreshing and cool sleeping surface. The middle layer is a resilient memory foam that continues this bouncy feel of the latex above with the pressure relieving properties. This mattress is similar to other major mattresses in a box, but with firmness options that may be too firm or too soft for some.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $395-$895

Trial Period: 100 Night

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Kiss's Owner Satisfaction

Customers had mixed emotions about these mattresses. Many report sleeping soundly and feeling cozy in their new mattress, but there were others that didn't feel as positively. Read about the mattress specifics and browse customer reviews in the section below.

Kiss's Supportiveness

Most reviewers report that these mattresses do well with support, but others didn't always enjoy the feel. For those that have wider hips and shoulders, take a look at the firmness ratings before buying as you'll want to make sure that your spine is aligned properly.

Edge Support
For those that lay close to the sides of the mattress, most reviewers describe the mattresses as being supportive on the edges. However, some have had some issues so if you have mobility issues, make sure to review more.

Kiss's Durability

Mattresses aren't as durable as they used to be. Finding a mattress that remains really comfortable after 15 years of use is definitely not a simple thing. However, finding a mattress that really stays cozy that long can save you lots. Unfortunately, customers give these mattresses mixed reviews on durability. Many sleepers don't report issues, but others have complaints about durability over a shorter time frame than usual.

Browse Kiss Customer Reviews

The easiest mattress buying experience I've ever had.

First off, let me say the mattress is extremely comfortable. I really like it. It's soft, it stays cool, and conforms well. I'm a big guy 6'2'' 275lbs and I feel great in a queen. The real pleasure of buying this mattress though was the purchasing process. It's extremely easy. This was my first mattress purchase online and I don't think I'll ever buy a mattress in a brick and mortar store again. You don't have to deal with annoying salesman, it's cheaper, and it's way easier to get it to wherever you're putting it. Don't be intimidated if you've never ordered one online before - it's so much easier. I couldn't be happier with my purchase so far.

Too soon to tell

While the selection and ordering process or smooth and the folks at Kiss were great to work with, it's a little too soon to tell how happy we will be with the mattress. We ordered a plush and it is quite firm. I had hoped to be used to it by now but still think it may be too firm. While I am not looking for squishy, just a little more plushness would be super.

The mattress is great, the service is amazing

The service from KissMattress is amazing. So far they have done what they said they would do for me and more. I found the mattress to be a little bit firm, but I do like it, so as promised they sent me a topper for it when I asked (no additional charge). The topper was nicer than I expected and helps me fall asleep at night. I really like their business model of being straight forward and telling us what we are getting from them. I look forward to seeing how the bed wears into the warranty period, but if they stick to their word in the quality of the product as they have in getting it to me and making sure I'm happy with it, then I'm sure it'll go splendidly.

Soft, cool, comfy

I purchased a plush queen size Kiss mattress about a month ago. It's the third mattress I've tried in as many months and it's the one I'll keep. My experience is that the Kiss conforms nicely but does not envelope me. I don't have pressure points on my back or side, but I still feel well supported. It has the kind of softness that allows it to 'give' under curves, but it doesn't feel pillowy. Best of all, the mattress helps me maintain a neutral sleeping temperature. It's very breathable and that's a hugely important to me because I sleep hot. This is a very comfy mattress, middle of the road softness, great for combo sleepers, and great for sleepers who get hot at night. I am extremely pleased with the purchase and cannot wait to get in bed.

Love Kiss Mattress

This mattress is great! I sleep through the night, no back pain or stiffness when I wake up.

Good mattress, give it a try

Even though it is still a little bit soft for my taste, it is a great mattress, great body support, no back pain anymore, not hot at all, and I live on Florida.

XL Twin Mattress

slept on it 4 times now like it so far

Very comfortable, but 'plush' is really more medium-firm

The mattress is very comfortable, though more firm than I expected. Overall, I'm very happy with it.

Great sleep

Customer service helped me choose a firm mattress. I am happy that I went with Kiss. I really have been having the best sleep when I'm on my the new mattress.

Kiss twin size mattress

Your customer service was phenomenal! It's great to have a mattress delivered right to your front door.

Kiss Mattress

Definitely worth the money! Hands down most supportive, comfortable mattress I've ever had.

Great Mattress!

Perfect mattress; very plush and cool to sleep on (the real reason I was in search of another mattress).

The easiest mattress buying experience I've ever had.

First off, let me say the mattress is extremely comfortable. I really like it. It's soft, it stays cool, and conforms well.

Excellent customer service

Great experience from start to finish. Bought kiss mattress and foundation. Customer service was quick to answer any questions.

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