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Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

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Black Friday 2021 Updates: Kingsdown mattresses are still sold at large retailers such as Mattress Firm, where their higher priced Select line of mattresses are popular. Recent reviewers have mentioned some disagreements when it comes to mattress firmness.

Kingsdown has been creating luxury style mattresses since 1904. Their mattresses are often seen in home stores and mattress retailers, and are even sold online through larger mattress retailers. Kingsdown offers a variety of different mattress types including foam, latex, innerspring, and even an adjustable air mattress. Many customers like their Kingsdown mattress at first, however there are some complaints about issues with durability over a short duration reported by customers.


+/- lasting support
+/- firmness
+/- expense

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 250 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: $499-$4099

Trial Period: No Trial

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Kingsdown's Specifics

Kingsdown sells a variety of mattress types in-store and online with a focus on high profile mattresses for less money than competitors. With options ranging nearly every type of mattress design available, Kingsdown has good initial sentiment from customers. However, there are some complaints about durability over a shorter period than average.

If you are concerned about the durability issues reported and interested in competitively priced mattresses, take a look at our top rated mattresses for alternatives. Especially take a look at Dreamcloud's mattress, which offers a high profile, pillowy design for a competitive price point.

Quality of Materials

Kingsdown's offerings range from foam to air pocket supported beds. With most customers reporting good value for the craftsmanship, there are others that claim that the beds sag faster than expected and aren't durable past 3 years.

The pros: Many different offerings from one brand, including air pocket beds.

The cons: Kingsdown mattresses have been claimed to break down faster than other beds (especially the pillow top mattresses) by some reviewers with those describing top layer compression in some cases.

Mattress Types

Kingsdown offers 4 different styles of mattresses currently (beware that some retailers may change the name of the offerings for the ability to price them differently): hybrid, foam, mattress-in-a-box, and adjustable air pocket mattresses.


The Hybrid mattresses offered include pocket coil and foam blends. With both standard and more 'luxurious' hybrid mattresses to choose from, Kingsdown hybrid mattresses feature a quilted top and layers of memory foam or latex on top of individually wrapped coils. Among their standard hybrid mattresses includes the Kingsdown Prime mattress, which includes a thin layer of micro coils in addition to the fabric-encased coils in the base of the mattress.

The pros of these mattresses are that most models have a high profile designs with multiple layers.

The cons are that sleepers must trust the technology will provide the best night sleep and reviewers report quicker sagging than average.

Price Range: $2499-$4099

Final Score: 7.0 / 10


Kingsdown offers 2 mattresses that are compressed and shipped directly to you in a box. The Kadee and the Lavande mattresses feature all memory foam designs with a lower profile (10'' and 10.75'') than most other models carried by Kingsdown. For aromatherapy lovers, the Lavande mattress includes lavender-scented foam to help promote sleep and relaxation.

The pros: Some low priced options and quicker possibility of delivery.

The cons: These mattresses may feel firmer to some sleepers. Some sleepers may not like the lavender scent in their mattress.

Price Range: $499-$1799

Final Score: 7.0 / 10

Smart Air®

For couples who prefer different firmness options or those who want to track their sleep, Kingsdown offers the Smart Air® mattress. Similar to other adjustable beds, this mattress includes 3 adjustable zones on either side of the mattress and bedMATCH® technology which provides sleepers with the optimal sleep level in their app.

The pros: Adjustable air technology that keeps you aligned and offers a good amount of support options for you and your partner.

The cons: The technology only has a 5 year warranty and air pockets are known to break down faster than conventional mattresses.

Price Range: $2499-$4099

Final Score: 7.1 / 10


Kingsdown's foam line includes the ZedBed, Body Essential, and Cool Wave mattresses. These mattresses include multiple layers of latex and memory foams. Some foams are even infused with materials such as copper, lavender, and graphite. Available in a range of firmness options, these foam mattresses were designed to help regulate temperature and provide sleepers with a more cooling sleep.

The pros: Personalized firmness options.

The cons: Some customers have brought up issues with deteriorating support.

Price Range: $2499-$4099

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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I got my Kingsdown mattress about 6 months ago...

I got my Kingsdown mattress about 6 months ago. It is without a doubt the best bed I have ever had in my life. I went out to find the feel that you get in the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons. You know, really supportive but PLUSH-PLUSH-PLUSH. I use my mattress on a powerbase that I had already, and it is so wonderful that I don't want to ever get out of bed. I feel perfectly supported, but there is no pressure anywhere on my body. It was a little pricy (almost 3000) but it was SOOOOOooooooo worth it. I got it through a Mattress Giant locally and they were a pleasure to deal with as well. I hope I never have to sleep on anything but Kingsdown for as long as I live.

I've had my Kingsdown mattress for 14 months...

I've had my Kingsdown mattress for 14 months. It sags in the middle so badly that it causes me back pain. I'm very disappointed. I've had several Kingsdown mattresses before and was alway satisfied. Not any more.

We literally tried everyone else. This is an amazing bed.

We went through four different mattresses, and actually returned a discontinued Kingsdown mattress before getting this mattress as a replacement. Although we did not buy through Amazon (did not know at the time we could), this mattress is amazing. We tried the top of the line "number" bed, sent it back. Top of the line (and I mean expensive) memory foam number bed, and sent it back. Tried another Kingstown mattress that we still didn't like, and they talked us into this mattress....and I am so happy they did. We have had this mattress for over a year, and there are still days my wife and I wake up and say "holy cow I love this bed." I wanted to pass along this review, because we searched for a bed that wouldn't leave us with aches for two long, long years, and since the customer service was so good, I wanted to pass this along to other people.

It is fantastic! Everyone who sleeps on it comments about how ...

We purchased this mattress a few months ago for our guest room. It is fantastic! Everyone who sleeps on it comments about how comfortable it is. It provides plenty of support with a cushiony layer on top. Now we're planning to purchase the same mattress for our master bedroom. One caution: this mattress is very deep so a low-profile box spring is a must.

We really like that this bed is firm

We tried this bed in stores before purchasing on amazon, it was slightly cheaper here. My husband and I had a sleep number for 5 years before deciding to try something new. We really like that this bed is firm, but has cushion pillow top as well. We've been sleeping on this bed for a few weeks now, and its fantastic. I am pregnant, so sleeping is not the easiest thing for me anymore.

I purchased an 800 series...

I purchased an 800 series top of the line mattress in 2010, and after 8 years one side started to sag, I called and they sent out a mattress marshal to examine and do his measurements. After a week I received a letter stating that the sag is more the normal but they are going to void the warranty because there is a small stain on the other side of the mattress, stating in the letter that is the cause of the sagging. That is bunch of lies they just don't want to stand by their warranty, please stay far away from this company. When I purchased this mattress nowhere stated that any stain will void a warranty, I really took good care of this mattress, I even have two sheets that cover the unit. So this is definitely a defect that they have recognized but getting away with not replacing it. I wish there was no star, they don't deserve even one.

My personal experience was fantastic

My personal experience was fantastic. We co-own a little hotel at the beach and bought a dozen Kingsdown bed sets in 1997. We are only NOW having to replace them, nearly 20 years and these were used most every night! We bought the higher end units and that quality difference is really obvious - you get what you pay for. That's why we got a dozen more to take us into retirement last summer - and a decent deal too. It doesn't hurt that many of our reviews talk about the comfortable beds

I thought I had found the perfect mattress

I thought I had found the perfect mattress in 10-14 and was happy with it until 3 months ago the side wall of the mattress came apart from the rest of it. Kingsdown did send out an independent person to look at it, he agreed with me (at the time he was in my house, evidently he just wanted to appease me) that the mattress had broke down. However he didn't relay that information to Kingsdown and they deemed the problem normal sagging. And because it had a small stain on the opposite side the warranty was voided, not sure why they bothered to send anyone. It was a waste of time. I actually contacted them because I thought they would want to know the mattress was defective. It had nothing to do with sagging, 3/4ths of the mattress is ok, but you will roll off the side if you aren't careful.....BAD construction and a waste of my money. Never buy a Kingsdowns!

buyer beware!

buyer beware! stay away from this company! shop somewhere else! i purchased a kingsdown high end mattress and box spring set from se and after 3 years they started breaking down. after sending a third party furniture co. for inspection that determined that the box springs were truly defective and made the worst noise he ever heard when he turned in his report kingsdown weaseled out of their warranty because they said i had not used a center support. even the tech said they will find any avenue they can to "void the warranty" like if the tag is missing, any stain, etc... i tried to work with them to back their product but they chose profits over customer satisfaction. highly unsatisfied customer. i will never buy from sleep experts again or a kingsdown product. truly a pos! if I could give them a rating less than 1 star I would. read the other reviews! they are exactly right in what they write. kingsdown is a sham of a company and a pathetic excuse. junk, junk, junk, junk, etc...

The only reason they are getting one star

The only reason they are getting one star is because I couldn't rate zero or negative stars...Two years ago I purchased a top of the line pillow top Kingsdown mattress from a local Sleepys in my area. I had previously owned a Kingsdown mattress for approximately 12 years and it was fabulous which prompted me to purchase another. Two years later I am unable to get out of bed without grabbing the edge of the bed and pulling myself out of a sinkhole in the middle. I called the company and they sent someone out to take pictures and measurements and have just informed me that a normal amount of "sinking" has occurred and they are denying my claim. So let's reiterate...they think it's perfectly okay to spend $2,500 on a mattress and in two years have to pull yourself out of a hole??? They are appalling...I don't think it's normal to spend my hard earned money on a crappy mattress that the don't even stand behind. By the way I've since went on line and have read that this is a common problem with their mattresses. My advice? Forget they exist because with this level of "customer service" they'll be out of business in no time.

Received a defective mattress

Received a defective mattress and we can not get kingsdown to honor their warranty. Stuck with a $3,500 mattress that sags more than our 10 year old mattress that we replaced.

Worst Ever!

You would think that after 3 years, this bed would still be usable. But now there is a big canyon in the middle of it. They sent an inspector who also agreed verbally. But then after (mind you this is months of calling) we received a letter from them saying that they wouldn't honor the warranty. Scam.

Super hot

I can barely sleep at night on this mattress. I think the top just sucks in the heat and keeps it there. Very disappointed.

Doesn't Last

Bed was super saggy after 4 years and so I had to get a new bed. Not worth the high price tag when you can get a saggy bed after 4 years from anyone else.

Replaced Twice in One Year??

Luckily I was able to get an exchange, which reading the other reviews seems like a shock. After only 3 months, I had sagging and the inspector who was sent out agreed so I got a new bed. Well, a couple months later, more sagging. The only reason I am adding a star is because they at least sent us a new one.

So Uncomfortable

We thought it would be the answer to our problems, but after only 3 years we have a mountain in the middle of the bed.

Lumpy and Saggy After 3 Months

I sink into this mattress and I am not that big of a person. It causes extra back and hip pain because it is too soft and lumpy.

Mattress Defect

We bought a Kingsdown MYSIDE mattress with a latex top at WGR in Green Bay WI. It was a floor model. Within 2 years the Latex top ripped and split on the inside and Kingsdown would not stand by their product because in was a floor model. We loved the mattress so much I tried repairing it myself 5 times until it just would not hold. It is too bad. They make a quality product, but would not stand by it. MY wife's side has held up beautifully. My side was clearly a defect in the latex.

Poor quality and warranty

DO NOT BUY a Kingsdown Mattress!!! I purchased a new Kingsdown King size mattress in June 2018. Within months of owning the bed it began to sag and created a hump in the middle. After contacting Kingsdown for the warranty, they sent out a third party inspector who indicated the mattress had a 2” dip on the right side. Kingsdown denied my warranty claim stating it was within normal wear measurements. Now, if anyone else is considering spending over $1,500 on a mattress, I’m sure you’d like to ensure you have a product that lasts for more than a few months and the warranty is valid. Nice job Kingsdown you lost another customer!!!


When we removed the (overpriced) mattress cover which seller (Art Van - maybe there’s the answer- they buy “seconds” with minor or “invisible” defects to sell so cheap) insisted we needed to buy to not void warranty, there was pilling on the surface, which was a “stained” tan color! Looked like “bugs”, but they are just fiber balls that stuck to “fuzzy” surface of mattress (like “pilling” on a sweater) and have to be picked off by hand!

I DO NOT recommend to buy a mattress here

just now-Edit My Fiance bought a bed on Aug 07, 2018 with warranty. It wasn't even a yr when we started to feel it sink in really bad and be very uncomfortable to sleep in, so we contacted Teppermans. They sent a man out to run some test on the bed to say that the bed has a visual drop of only .5" which is standard to the amount of time we had the bed. which made no sense because when we laid on it, it sunk in a lot more than that making it very uncomfortable. They contacted me to tell me they are not able to do anything about it and referred me to contact the manufacturer "kingsdown". Which I did, they responded with the same response that our "warranty" is not valid due to not meeting the guidelines on have a drop of 1.5". So basically we are stuck with a $1500 mattress that sucks along with the warranty (which is pointless). I am currently pregnant suffering from major back problems due to this sinking bed that is only a little over 1yr old. Therefore I DO NOT recommend to buy a mattress here due to my experience and seeing it took about 4 months to get a final response which wouldn't have happened if i didn't call back several of times.

Poor Quality, Terrible Customer Service

I would like to submit a review of Kingsdown's customer service and warranty promise. I would never buy another product from them. Long story short: Their product failed (Hudson firm mattress, $1600) sagging after 3 years. They would not honour their warranty because the mattress was bought at Sears..(because Sears is out of business they can't confirm the purchase... ?????). Not only is their product inferior..... they demonstrated terrible business practice.

Best Ever

Absolutely the best mattress we have ever owned! We even bought one for our guest bedroom. Love them!

Worst Mattress Ever!!!

We purchased a Series 4.0 QLPSF top of the line model from Art Van Pure Sleep. It was customized for my weight (6' 185 lbs) on one side, my wife's (5'6" 125 lbs) on the other. The mattress was only comfortable (but not awesome considering the $3000+ price tag) for the first several months and a year and half later, there's a crater -- and yes, I mean crater -- in the middle. Excessive sag is putting it lightly. My wife and I sink to the point that we are touching and are both experiencing consistent lower back pain with no suitable sleep position. The warranty only covers replacement and at this point I would not wish a Kingsdown mattress on my worst enemy, and Art Van has filed for bankruptcy. Worst major purchase I've ever made. Live and not make my mistake!

Best mattress ever

We purchased 2 Kingsdown mattresses in 2009 to improve sleep and make the guest bedroom a place where family and friends wouldn't want to leave. Eleven years later we do believe now is the time to purchase a new mattress. I am reluctant to spend the 3 months scouring from mattress dealer to mattress dealer knowing that everyone who slept in our guest stated that that bed was the most comfortable they had ever felt. Most reported the best night sleep.

adkinson kingsdown not worth the money

good at first but box springs are weak the metal bends and mattress rolls you off .couldn't get any one to come out and evaluate so i had to do it my self took for ever to hear a responce then they only want to replace mattress for $350. not worth it. would not recomend this to any one

Poor Durabiity.

I got my Kingsdown mattress about 7 years ago. A the start it was great but withing 4 years it developed a problem with a depression forming in the bed. Now 7 years in it's terrible and to the pint i need to get a new mattress soon. Given the very high cost of this mattress I'm very disappointed it only lasted for a short while. I believe the warrenty is only for 5 years - so this all makes me very sad.

Kingsdown 300 series Great for first 5 years

My review is very simple. We had a Mattress with a 20 year full warranty. The mattress started failing around year 6 but it wasn't until year 9 before it was bad enough for them to warranty. Think about that... if I bought a new car with a 7 year 70,000 mile warranty that would just lose power every once in a while and they tell you when it won't restart we'll take a look but if there's a coffee stain on the passenger seat we void your warranty.

They don’t honor there warranty

Don’t Buy these mattresses they are cheaply made .mine wasn’t even 2 years old and now I’m having problems with it.they said I have a 10 year warranty and they aren’t honoring it.


We have had two Kingsdown beds (the second under warranty from the first) they have both dipped more than the warranty specified 1.5". They have now both been replaced under warranty. My wife and I are in our 50's and of normal weight so there are no reasons for the failure other than the materials or manufacturing. There have been no arguments with warranty replacement but not an experience we should have to undergo every 3-5 years. So I won't be accepting another replacement from them I will go elsewhere with the credit


Very comfortable. Could be a little firmer.

Comfy, high off ground

Super comfy my parents love it, you may need a foot stool to get in the bed once you add the box spring because it’s a little high

Hip pain gone!

Had back and hip pain before moving to KD Courtney Plush Hybrid mattress. Within a couple of nights the pain was gone. Full night's sleep as well. The exchange from previous mattress we purchased to this mattress was seamless and professionally handled. Richard at the West Broad Street store was exceptional. His knowledge, patience and professionalism were spot on.

Money well spent.

Rather firm matters for my taste, but is clearly well constructed. Worth the money for sure. Delivery was super nice as well. They hauled it upstairs for us on arrival. Solid purchase.

I would buy this mattress again

Absolutely worth the money wake up every morning

Nice and firm but soft enough

My family and I love Kingsdown. They’re always a good brand. I got the more firm version as it helps alleviate any lower back pain. Overall, I love it.


It's ok, my son likes this mattress

Amazing sleep!

Amazing!!! Doug was a huge help. We love our Kingsdown!!!

Customer service was great we'll buy again

Was unsure at first if the mattress was going to feel as good as it did in the store. I have back pain. I'm too 220 lb with a lot of backside. It is often that I have back pains. Slept on the mattress the first night. Woke up the next morning thanking God. No back pain. Mattress is worth the money will buy again.

Too firm and lumpy

This mattress was soft and comfortable in the store. The one we received was lumpy in the middle and significantly firmer than the one we tried on the floor. Awaiting to start the 30 day comfort gaureentee. Hoping our next experience is better.

I would buy this mattress again

Well made firm mattress is great support for my back


The worst mattress I've ever owned, my old bed of 17 yrs was better. Can't wait to return it after my 30 days are up!

No, I would absolutely not buy this product again

This mattress was not comfortable from day one, It is very firm, ( despite what our very nice salesman told us) it is NOT plush in any way. I am counting down the days before I can return this mattress. I'm sorry, I wish I had a better report.

I would highly recommend this mattress

This mattress is very supportive yet very comfortable...also a very good value.

I would buy again

Most comfortable bed we have had in years.

Kingsdown at a great price!

Perfect as Kingsdown always has been for me. Great price, product and delivery. Extremely pleased with this purchase. I would buy this again if needed.

No I wouldn't buy it again.

My husband likes his mattress. I don't like it because it hurt my back and hip so badly. My back would hurt every time I get up in the mornings. I am considering to return it for another mattress that will not hurt my back.

Mattress is awesome; however......

Best mattress I've ever had. It was due to recommendations from friends not the salesmen.

mattress to hard

This mattress is by far not plush it is very firm. We have tried it out and I'm not happy with it at all. We have ordered a 3 inch topper to see if it will help. If I could I would return this mattress in a heart beat.

I would definitely but this bed again in king size

This bed is so comfortable. I don't have any body aches and I sleep straight though the night. I even slept so good during a nap that I woke up thinking it was a new day. Very refreshing and rejuvenate!

Know your Guests

I purchased this mattress for our guest bedroom and now my Mother-in-Law won't go home. That's how comfortable this mattress is. It's been over a year now, HELP ME.....!!!!! Please..........

To save the marriage, would not purchase it again

Husband LOVES firmness, but wife finds it too firm !!!!!

Painful Sleep

I purchased two of these mattresses. One for my son in a full and one for myself in a Queen. My son's bed was fine, but mine was hard and lumpy with a pronounced hump in the middle. It was the most painful sleep I have ever experienced. I called to discuss the discrepancy in the mattresses and was told to wait 21 days for the bed to "settle" this is not good enough! It makes no sense that one mattress would arrive as advertised and the second clearly defective and then be told to wait! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP? I have been in pain all day and actually dread going to bed. I will never purchase from this place again and will be returning this mattress ASAP.

Not comfortable at all. Very firm.

This mattress is by far not plush it is very firm. We have tried it out and I'm not happy with it at all. We have ordered a 3 inch topper to see if it will help. If I could I would return this mattress in a heart beat.

I will purchase it again

Not the mattress very comfortable

Not ultra plush. Firm top with a memory foam feel

Im as nervous as the rest of you about purchasing a mattress online but it’s not my first experience with the Kingsdown which has an excellent reputation. I was looking for That moment when you lay on the mattress and go aaaaahhhh because you sink down into it. That didn’t happen. I think calling this ultra plush is a stretch. While the top looks very thick, the truth is as soon as you lay down on it, it has a very firm feeling and then you start to sink down into the gel memory foam. Once your body has found its spot you’re comfortable but as soon as you move you have to sink down into it again. I’m getting used to it but I don’t think I would order it again if I had a choice

Great selection

Great sleeping, very comfortable.



Best Mattress I ever slept on

I've had my Kingsdown mattress (king size) for 18 years and it's the best mattress I've ever slept on. I am now moving from Florida to Georgia and after 18 years, I didn't want to carry that mattress all the way to Georgia to replace it shortly. But let me tell you, even getting rid of it, that mattress is still awesome. I loved it so much that I want to get another one. However, they have gone up sooooo much in price since I bought mine that I have been priced out of the market. Too bad, because they would've had a customer for life. I wouldn't have to try anything else. However, here I am now. Shopping for a mattress and having a hard time deciding. This time I want to get a split king with adjustable bases. I just don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something that won't last.


I cant imagine that I spent 1000 on matress to get a sleeping quality much less than my old 5 years used 150 dollars ikea mattress in just 1 week. It was supposed to be medium firm. I started sinking in the bed straight from second day and waking up with lower and middle back pain. I would replace it and would ask everyone to avoid it at all costs.

5 Month Breakdown

The mattress support broke down in 5 months. Unbelievable. Having to measure the bed and send pictures to the company TWICE but still unresolved. Buyer's Remorse ++++++. Do NOT buy this mattress. Our necks & backs are killing us.

Too firm, RESTOCKING FEE? Seriously?

I purchased from MatressFirm a top of the line Kingsdown, almost $4K, a LOT of money. I replaced a Sleep To Live Series 200, 12 years old, was causing serious muscle and orthopedic issues. This thing? I can't break it in! I weigh only 120 pounds, petite frame. A month later, causing me muscle pain in mid back because the mattress won't "give". Am I supposed to wait another six months to break this thing in? I'll be PARALYZED by then. NO IDEA what to replace it with and NO online forum is helping me. Kingsdown tells me MattressFirm has its own "line", they can't even identify this mattress. So is it a pillow top? Mattressfirm says it is but it doesn't LOOK like one, and what am I supposed to exchange it FOR, exactly? I read Beautyrest black is the same type: medium firm, don't WANT that. SO AM I STUCK NOW? Probably.

King downs matrress king size 4yearsoldneed a new mattress. So sad you have people like him working. But he owns that co for measuring.also tried to speak to owner of bares we bought a few pieces. She does not care.Larry said on the way out I will give you 100 dollars for your mattress. Please help me. My sleeping in a well is seroius for me. Even when I make my bed wit a comforter you can seen the well. Please help me.this is ridiculous and Larry is a joke. He own this measuring busy.he is a wise guy and the owner of bears is so nasty.please help me. Just want new king size mattress like I have. Paid I think over is still under warranty. She told me she min

This mattress was a lot of money.I am a senior needed cervical spine surgery. Mattress is in a deep/.called Larry three times. According to him it is ok. Went for surgery also had spine spine surgery. Still under warranty,she said give me another costing me more moneywhat kind of business is this.

Worst mattress ever

Worst mattress ever, only had it for 9 months and it has sagged where I sleep and where my wife sleeps. And we are not over weight, I am 160 lb my wife 145 lb. We already changed the mattress once so they won’t change it again. DO Not waste your money. Wish if someone could do something about it.

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