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Keetsa Mattress Reviews

Keetsa is a San Francisco based brand of super affordable hybrid mattresses, made popular on Amazon and the Internet, though recently they have opened showrooms across the US. Their mattresses are made in the same facility that Zinus uses and feature interesting materials such as plant oil blend memory foam and biofoams. Most folks find them comfortable.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $471-$2308

Trial Period: 90 Day Return Policy

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Keetsa's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Keetsa's foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they don't offgas any nasty toxins. Some of their foams are infused with a small percent of plant oils. This makes them more eco-friendly, but not the 'greenest' option on the market since they still use polyurethane foams in their mattresses. Overall, there are a few complaints about durability and odor, but for the low price of most of their mattresses, this is to be expected. The Keetsa Pillow Plus is the most popular and we'll go through its layers in depth and how it compares to the other Keetsa mattresses. Here's what's inside:

Layer 1: Below the cotton cover and a fiber padding pillow is 1'' of BioFoam™, which has a portion of the polyurethane replaced by plant oils.

Layer 2: 2 layers (1.5'' and .5'') of comfort foam, which is firmer than the first layer and relieves pressure points.

Layer 3: .5'' of high density foam to provide support above 7.5'' of iCoil™ pocketed coils.

Overall Comfort

Most sleepers report feeling comfortable on Keetsa's mattresses. Some reported a lingering odor from the foam and others reported some durability issues that occured after a few months. Overall, however, these were few and far between for the pricepoint.


See the scale above. You'll see how Keetsa's mattresses stack up against each other in firmness. Choose the one that fits your preference and your body type.


Keetsa's mattresses are designed to cool on the top layer, but some who sleep extremely warmly may experience some heat retention.

Who Is It Good For?

For those people that want to limit their eco-impact, but don't like the way that latex feels or have a latex allergy, Keetsa's mattresses are a great compromise at an affordable price.

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Pillow Plus is my second

Pillow Plus is my second mattress purchased from Keetsa. I bought one for my king bed one year ago and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to have one for a guest bedroom. I love the fact that Keetsa is eco friendly. I also enjoy a better sleep every night. Thank you Keetsa!

This mattress is so incredibly

This mattress is so incredibly happy I bought it!

I am loving my KEETSA

I am loving my KEETSA mattress so far! It is the right amount of soft and firm and the delivery could not have been easier. Highly recommend!

This is the BEST mattress

This is the BEST mattress i have bought. Do yourself a favor and buy a Keetsa!

I am thrilled with my

I am thrilled with my new Keetsa Pillow Plus. It arrived in a timely fashion and was easy to set up. Love it!

Gorgeous, wonderful mattress at a

Gorgeous, wonderful mattress at a great price!

Love the bed. Love the

Love the bed. Love the materials used

The mattress arrived in a

The mattress arrived in a large box. Definitely need two people to unload the mattress. The mattress inflated quickly after we removed the plastic wrap. No odor at all. Most importantly, the mattress is VERY comfortable. It has just the right amount of softness for me.

My keetsa is everything i

My keetsa is everything i wanted it to be and more. I have chronic neck issues, so having this level of comfort at night has been life changing. And now all my friends want one too!

We are in love with

We are in love with our new King Keetsa mattress. Incredibly soft but supportive, we couldn’t be happier and recommend to all. I bought our two kids mattresses a few years ago and finally bought ours and I regret waiting so long. Very happy family here.

The Keetsa Pillow Plus is

The Keetsa Pillow Plus is great! We love that it's so eco-friendly and healthy to sleep plus it is really comfortable!

I love it! :-) Also,

I love it! :-) Also, the staff was super responsive and helpful.

Fast delivery and super comfortable

Fast delivery and super comfortable mattress.

Best. Mattress. Ever.

Best. Mattress. Ever.

I picked this mattress for

I picked this mattress for my 5 year old because it was a good combination of value, eco-friendliness, and it had springs (which I wanted for supporting his growing body) unlike other competitors. It's quite comfortable to lie down next to him as well!

Not going to lie, it's

Not going to lie, it's pretty hard/firm. I purchased the pillowtop mattress which was surprising. I do appreciate that it's less toxic than convential brands and does cost as much as a Prius.

Awesome!! We are So happy

Awesome!! We are So happy with our new bed!

Very comfy. Fast shipping.

Very comfy. Fast shipping.

Sturdy frame with under bed

Sturdy frame with under bed storage space and an incredibly comfortable mattress.

The mattress has been giv

The mattress has been giv Me off a strong smell for a few weeks now. I'm hoping it goes away. This is my second mattress. Don't recall having the same from the other.

Great mattress!

I received the mattress over a month ago, but wanted to give it a little time before reviewing it, just to make sure. I am very pleased with this mattress. I am a side sleeper, and was waking up several times a night with sore shoulders, and sometimes my arm would be asleep. I decided to get a new mattress, but wanted something environmentally friendly, affordable, and comfortable. I got all 3 with this mattress. I am sleeping more deeply, and longer than before, resulting in a less cranky me. I highly recommend this mattress!

No way .

I bought this, as well as the keetsa contour pillow with the hopes that I was doing better things for my back and neck . This product was a major mistake for me personally, I really wish I could take it back and get something else . When I decide to wake up now , it's because I'm too sore to lay on the bed any longer, not because I got a good nights rest. This goes for multiple positions including side sleeping , back sleeping, and stomach sleeping . I know this because I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night and have to switch positions . I am a healthy woman in my 20s and am not overweight. I also wake up every night with a stiff neck . If Keetsa is reading this, please contact me to help get this resolved : / I was really excited about the product (which is less than one year old) , but I really need to consider saving up for something else .

My unbiased review

Purchased their Keetsa Plus mattress. After 5 years of use, it no longer felt comfortable as it was softening. Company didn’t accept warranty claim. Very poor quality. Will not buy again.

Sagging and Defective - And The Warranty Won't be Honored

We bought this mattress in 2012 when we moved to NYC. Buying an eco-friendly mattress that we could keep for decades was a high priority to me and my partner. We strive to keep materials out of landfills, and this was a big step towards saving another mattress from going to the dump. Eight years later, the mattress is toast. It’s sagging, uncomfortable to sleep on, and desperately needs to be replaced. We asked Keetsa to honor it, assuming that their 12 year warranty would apply. Keetsa refused to do so on the grounds of superficial staining from a medical condition. You can read all about it on

Defective mattress and utterly useless management

I bought the California King Cloud mattress from the Abbot Kinney store in February. After the mattress was delivered, I called the store to tell them that the mattress was 6 inches to long length wise and 10 inches to short width wise. I was told to wait a month as the mattress would expand a little every day and find its form. After a couple of months it still was not the proper size. I called and I was told to send in pictures. Next I was told to send in pictures with a measuring tape so they could make sure I wasn’t lying. Next they told me to send in a video with a measuring tape to make sure I was measuring correctly. After that I was told that the mattress was on back order but Adam, the store manager assured me that on July 1st I would get the first mattress the store received. I took adam at his word. I went to the store in July and the store had been closed. I called Keetsa and no one called me back. I went on the chat application and coincidentally, Adam was now the service agent. He told me he had been taking a month off as he was switched to remote work. He had been busy and was catching up on correspondence. He assured me I would find out about my replacement. Still haven’t heard anything. Not sure if I just keep running into the worlds worst employee but I spent 1200 dollars on a defective mattress and I feel like I’m due to end up on this guys tik tok with all the weird stuff he has me doing without ever getting me a replacement.

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