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Juno Mattress Reviews

The Juno mattress is an extremely affordable Canadian mattress focused on delivering high value comfort for a low price. With two layers of foam, most describe it as medium-firm with good support and a blend of pressure relief. While most described good experiences, there were some rare complaints that describe the mattress feeling either too soft or too firm and having some heat retention at times.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $399-$599

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Juno's Specifics

The Juno Mattress is a very affordable all-foam mattress in a box sold in Canada. Their mattress comes with two layers of foam, designed to offer significant pressure relief without being too soft. Overall, customers have good things to say about this mattress. Those with complaints mostly mentioned firmness and heat retention.

Quality of Materials

Juno's focus is delivering budget-friendly value to their customers. When it comes to materials, this means selecting low priced materials to fit the discount prices delivered to customers. Based on reviews and specifications, their foams, while lower priced, do drive significant value, are Canadian made, and are well-balanced for the money. That said, some have described offgassing and heat retention in some cases.

Here are the full details of what's inside the Juno Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is a dry polyester, viscose knit, which wicks away moisture from the surface. It is neutral when it comes to heat retention.

Layer 1: 2'' of pressure relieving cooling gel foam contours to the curves of the body, but is more responsive than memory foam.

Layer 2: 6'' of support foam lifts the body while having a high level of responsiveness. This layer helps keep the back aligned and provides a firm and supportive feel.

Overall Comfort

This mattress is a well-balanced option for the money. Most find it to have a comfortable and well balanced feel with a good amount of support for back and stomach sleeping. There are some complaints about firmness at times with some claiming it to be too firm for side sleepers. There are also rare complaints mentioning it being too soft in some cases.


The Juno mattress is rated as medium firm. Those that are larger in body type may find it somewhat softer in feel, while slimmer sleepers may find it firmer than expected.

Back Pain Relief

There are many customers that described the Juno mattresses as supportive for the back and spine. This may help customers who are back or stomach sleepers who are average sized feel relief from common discomfort.


While this mattress offers gel infused foam in the top comfort layer and most haven't noticed heat retention issues, there are some complaints from warm sleepers about sleeping too hot at times.

Who Is The Juno Mattress Right For?

This mattress comes at a great price point and is ideal for those that are on a strict budget. For those that can stretch their budget and want a Canadian-made mattress, check out the Douglas mattress by the same company or Polysleep's mattresses.

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Great product for kids or adults. Just perfect

Love it! We purchase this Queen size for our 5 years old daughter and we love it! Easy stress free order online with out pushy sales men and fast delivery in few days to our door. We will be replacing our king with Juno also. Thank you for great product for great price!

I like the fact that

I like the fact that when my partner moves I don’t feel it

I’ve only been using it

I’ve only been using it for three weeks, feels super comfortable to lay on, however, I’ve been waking up with some back pain, so I’m not sure if it’s going to work out for me.

Very comfortable and excellent quality.

Very comfortable and excellent quality. The only thing I find is that it is not a cool as I hoped for.

Good night's sleep for less

After a few days of letting the mattress expand (about 4) and putting it on a proper frame (rather than the floor), I've been sleeping great. At first I thought it was too firm but now it's perfect. The price was great and I plan to buy at least one more for guests.

Great purchase!

This mattress is super comfy and was easy to order and get in the mail! For a medium firm mattress, I was surprised at how soft it was when I first tried it, but now that I'm used to it I quite like it. While it quickly shapes to your body, so far it recovers well and I havent noticed any long lasting dents yet.

I meant to send a

I meant to send a five star review. This mattress is a great improvement over my last mattress.

Comfy bed but off-gassing

The bed is comfortable but he off-gassing smell is strong. I had hoped it wouldn’t give off these odours.

Its a nice memory foam

Its a nice memory foam bed but its a little too firm for me. I wish it was a tad bit softer.

Great quality mattress, wonderful service.

Great quality mattress, wonderful service. We will again.

Love it. Easy comfortable. It

Love it. Easy comfortable. It is a perfect way to setup a get a matress.

To hard

Bed is to hard still not having a good sleep trying to give it more time

I like the bed but

I like the bed but my husband finds it hurts his neck, our old one hurt his back, Juno doesn't hurt his back but does hurt his neck. We are trying to come up with a pillow that compensates. Also may purchase a Costco topper to go on it. For the price it is satisfactory.

I would give it 5

I would give it 5 stars. It's a very comfortable mattress. Definitely recommend.

Juno bed

Enjoying my new bed, comfy. For reading bettter sleep don’t have to turn as much during the night.

Performing at a level beyond its price

For the price, I can't think of something better. Even with my heater and humidifier on for the whole night in a small room, I don't wake up in sweats at all. Firmness is a bit more firm than my personal preference but I'm liking it so far, getting no body aches and waking up refreshed.

Worth the Risk

The setup of the mattress was really easy. The smell was a little off putting but it went away after a day or two. I didn't like that the mattress protector came seperately but the protector itself seems really good. The price was the major selling point for us. At 1/4 of the price of in store mattresses plus the money back guarantee, how could you go wrong with that investment. On the comfort level, I sometimes still wake up with a sore lower back but I think that's a me thing and the position I find myself in when I wake up. I was worried the mattress might be hot but it isn't. I would definitely recommend to anyone to give this mattress a try.

Excellent value, comfortable mattress and

Excellent value, comfortable mattress and great customer service and delivery!

The unpacking was a family

The unpacking was a family event. We will be purchasing a twin bed for our daughter later in the year.. as in her words 'mom my butt wants to marry your bed'... My last bed caused me alot of pain so I spent most nights sleeping on the couch.. due to hip pain from being on and off of bedrest for 8 months.. I wake up refreshed and with out pain now.. I have never been one to fall right to sleep but I am now..

Quick and easy set up.

Quick and easy set up. I no longer wake up feeling sore. It’s the perfect mixture of firm and soft. Best sleep I have had in a long while. I highly recommend this mattress. Mattress is just as good probably better then a mattress worth thousands and I paid less than $500.

My partner doesn't like the

My partner doesn't like the firmness and no I guess bounce back its like falling on the ground at first

Best sleep in a while

I was hesitant to buy a mattress in a box, online i had never laid on. If it wasnt for the 120 day guarantee I probably wouldn't of tried but I was not dissapointed!

I just got my Juno

I just got my Juno bed a couple weeks ago and I have never slept better. It is so comfortable. It was a little hard at first because I was used to sleeping on a super soft bed but even still the first night I slept the entire night and I usually wake up 3-4 times a night.

Love our new Juno mattress!

Love our new Juno mattress! Such an easy process, from ordering, to delivery and set up. A well made, beautiful and comfortable mattress that was a great price. I chose this company solely on the great reviews and how reasonably priced they are and we are not disappointed! Will definitely be returning for our next mattress purchase. Thank you Juno!

Great Bed

Awesome Mattress so far! The mattress cover is great too, very soft.

The best value for comfort.

The best value for comfort. We bought the king size and have never had a better sleep. As soon as we set it up I tried the glass of water test. I never feel my husband moving or turning in his sleep. So very comfortable too. Highly recommend it.

Great mattress & great experience.

The entire experience from ordering, unpacking, and sleeping on my mattress has been very good. It was super easy to get set up, and it's very comfortable for me. The only drawback I've noticed is that I get quite hot and sweaty through the night, more so than with my previous mattress... maybe because of this one's composition? Otherwise, it is incredibly comfy and I would recommend it to others who are looking to purchase a new mattress, unless you prefer to be cool/cold when you sleep, in which case maybe this isn't the one for you.

Very comfortable, fall asleep quickly,

Very comfortable, fall asleep quickly, NO tossing and turning. Wake up refreshed, GREAT mattress, many thanks.

Very nice quality mattress for

Very nice quality mattress for a very good price! I am extremely happy for this product, thank you very much!

Great purchase

Really enjoying this mattress so far. Better than some other foam mattress I've tried for a fraction of the price. Nice level of firmness and I don't find myself waking up a million times during the evening.

One of the best investments

One of the best investments I’ve ever made. I now get a good nights sleep.

More comfortable than I expected

More comfortable than I expected and it was a super easy setup.

I like the mattress a

I like the mattress a lot. Very comfy. The box spring is just ok.

Love this mattress, best sleep

Love this mattress, best sleep in a long time. Just the right amount of firmness.

Very comfortable and easy to

Very comfortable and easy to assemble. The quality is excellent. This is the second Juno mattress that I have bought.

Purchased 2 twin beds, 1

Purchased 2 twin beds, 1 for a young adult and another for a pre teen. Neither one has complained and when asked they both advise they are happy with their new mattresses.

Not as comfortable as I’d

Not as comfortable as I’d hoped...not suitable for side sleepers.

A - MAZING MATTRESS! You won't be disappointed. TRUE VALUE for the $

I have been through 3 foam mattresses (expensive tempur pedic & Dormeo) in 6 years and then stubbled upon this one for my daughters bunk bed - It is by far THE BEST mattress thus far!! Comfortable. No shaping or moulding issues Absolute value for $. We have had it for over 8 months now -- with my kids being young, I have had to sleep many nights with my kids on this mattress... and I have to say, I much prefer this mattress over my tempur pedic we have in our master bedroom.

Finally a pain free sleep

I was having such bad back pain in the morning from my old mattress which had become lumpy and uncomfortable to sleep on the whole night, so after much research on different beds in a box which are simply cheaper and more convenient than a normal mattress and box spring, I came across Juno they had the best price, the best reviews, and from what I could gather from the comments and quick reply from my question over Facebook, amazing customer service. The mattress itself came very fast even though I ordered right before Christmas, within 7 days, when I took it out of the box it stared expanding immediately and I didn't notice any smell, it was fully expanded I believe by the time in went to bed about 6 hours later, but I also had a nap while it was still expanding and it was just as comfortable lol. I have no complaints, they have a great 120 night sleep trial, but I know I'm keeping mine already, and a great 15 year warranty just make sure you keep the plastic the bed comes in, in case you end up not liking it within those 120 days, and that you have the proper foundation so if anything happens down the road your warranty won't be voided, but I highly recommend from my experience this far. Great mattress and great company! They need to make sheets though, with the same pattern as the bed itself, I love the little Canadian leafs at the bottom, so cute!

Good mattress for a great

Good mattress for a great price! I bought it for my youngest daughter, and now her sister is sleeping in her bed as well because the mattress is so comfortable! I think I would find it to soft to sleep on as I prefer a form bed, but my girls are loving it! Very fast delivery, even with me ordering it on Christmas Eve. Would definitely buy Juno again.

Comfortable yet still to new to know forsure

We like the mattress. Its quite a bit firmer than we were expecting. It is taking some time getting used to it. Shipping was super fast(even at christmas time) Un-boxing was so simple and effortless. We do hope that it softens a bit more or that our bodies adjust to it better( its only just a month)

Mattress came a lot faster

Mattress came a lot faster than I expected ! Super easy set up. I have had the best sleeps in years on my Juno mattress. I love it :)

Livraison en 2jours, confortable et

Livraison en 2jours, confortable et résistant.

Very firm, I ended up

Very firm, I ended up buying a mattress topper and that has helped a bit, we are still getting used to it I think.

Great so far, we bought

Great so far, we bought for our regular use and so far no problems. We are on week 3 and loving them so much. Also the mattress covers are amazing! We have a toddler and they work!

My kids actually sleep now

I bought a Juno mattress to try out, and bought two more soon after so all my kids have new beds. I've had an Endy mattress for years and the Juno is every bit as good at a fraction of the price. I even like the look of the Juno better. I'm still amazed that I can climb out of the bed without waking my kids as there is almost no motion transfer through the mattress (and the kids are sleeping through the night!). I highly recommend this product to everyone.

New Bed for Hubby

I needed to find an inexpensive bed quickly as my wife required a hospital bed. Our queen size bed had to go. I saw the add for Juno on FB and was impressed that it was made in Canada. I couldn't ask for a more comfortable mattress. I love it and I know cause I sleep a lot.

The bed came as promised

The bed came as promised on time and was easy to set up. It was easy to sleep in and we have enjoyed it alot.

Bought the mattress for my

Bought the mattress for my 27 year old daughter and she loves it

The setup was super easy.

The setup was super easy. My only suggestion would be to give the box a handle since it was hard to drag up the stairs. I was surprised how affordable it was for such a great mattress. I'm also surprised at how quickly it expanded, with being able to sleep on it the same day it is unpacked. I almost wish it was a little softer, but it's a great improvement from my budget priced box spring mattress what only lasted us 6 months.

not bad

Not the most comfortable mattress, but definitely the most comfortable at this price point, and at least as comfortable as your average $1000 mattress. Other similar mattress don't "breathe" well, so are way too hot...this one does not have this problem. My only "complaint" (not really a problem) is that it is a bit thinner than I thought, so changes the look of my room a bit.

My mattress is very good

My mattress is very good sleeping better and getting a good rest

We have adjusted well to

We have adjusted well to sleeping in the bed

From the very first night

From the very first night we loved our new mattress! Had a wonderful sleep and woke up with no back or hip pain, first time in years. I actually look forward to going to bed now! Thank you, and the dog likes it too :)

An upgrade from my old

An upgrade from my old bed but not as good as I thought it would be. It’s been about a month and idk if I’m satisfied yet or not. I may need to switch to something that has a bit more back support. And our limbs seem to fall asleep quite a bit while sleeping on this bed.

An amazing inexpensive option

The mattress arrived swiftly and the set up was super easy. The mattress has so far been amazing. I have had zero trouble sleeping even though I’ve never used a memory foam mattress. I’m a college student who needed a mattress that didn’t break the bank and if you’re in a similar situation, I would definitely recommend this for you.

Amazing mattress!

Amazing quality and price! Bought for my son and he has had the best sleeps since! It arrived so fast and Also love that it is Canadian made!

It was super easy to

It was super easy to setup, and inflated in a short time. What a wonderful mattress at such a low cost! Definitely a great investment. I’m so glad I went with Juno. Nice to buy Canadian when possible!

Sleeping on a cloud ☁️

I was a little sceptical at first when I ordered the mattress. The mattress it self is like sleeping on a cloud!!!!! It’s the perfect combination between firm and soft. There’s no nasty smells from it and it’s expands very quickly. I had ordered a Double mattress on a Wednesday (and with Christmas in a few days I figured I’d be receiving it in the new year) to my surprise it was on the Monday!! Needless to say I’ll definitely be ordering more for my house. The best part of it all it’s CANADIAN

Overall very good.

Overall the bed is good. Shipped quick, appears to be of very good quality, and is quite comfortable. Waiting to see how it stands up over the next few months before committing to a higher review. Price was fantastic as well.

So Comfy

I have an Endy bed and a Juno, and they are both the most comfortable beds I've ever owned - but the Juno was half the price!! It's in my spare room and my guests have raved about it after staying over.

Loving it so far! The

Loving it so far! The firmness is great on my back and the pillow has been good for my neck as well.

Nothing but good reviews

My son absolutely loves his bed. He finds it confortable, does not retain the heat and it really help with his back pain.

This mattress is more on

This mattress is more on the soft side, with very weak edges. It’s definitely a value mattress rather than a luxury long-term choice - so it’s priced well

Just cozy! Had back aches

Just cozy! Had back aches before, now feeling much better. Love the product.

Excellent mattress for the $$$

I LOVE the mattress. I am sleeping better than I have in years. I wake up with zero joint pain. It’s comfortable and the firmness is a 10! I have 3 young kids and now they all want to sleep in bed with me...that’s my only complaint haha. Very happy with my purchase!

Enjoy the mattress getting very

Enjoy the mattress getting very good rest. Its more comfortable than my old mattress


Comfortable, light and with the memory foam pillow I have had the best sleep since switching to this matress.

Pure awesomeness to the max

Best mattress I’ve ever had. Not too hard and not too soft. Most comfortable bed I’ve owned. I don’t wake up sore anymore. My back, neck and hips would hurt so bad I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain with every other mattress I’ve ever had. My partner constantly switches from tummy to side to other side and it used to wake me up every time but now I don’t even notice. I don’t wake up sweaty anymore. I am surprised with the quality at such an affordable price, best mattress at the best price I’ve ever had. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and would buy again and recommend to my friends and family. The convenience of having it shipped right to my door and the easy set up makes the whole experience much better than buying a bulky set up locally. The comfort of this mattress is unbeatable.

Awesome Product

This is the perfect mattress for me. I purchased the twin mattress and it’s perfect for an adult person not just for children. The perfect comfort level not too soft and not too firm. I love this mattress. And would highly recommend it.

Rapport qualité-prix WoooW!!

Excellente qualité pour le prix !! Wooow, très confortable, livraison rapide en 3 jours.

Good night with Juno

Love it. Very comfy...Not to hard, not to soft. It was delivered right to my apartment door. Easy to open. Right price.

5 stars but

Bought 2 mattresses one from good morning .com and one from I like the mattresses but the first one came medium soft and the 2nd one I received was harder so its like medium firm which exactly what I was looking for. So I would say not all mattresses are the same firmness. But over all I am satisfied with the products and with both company of how they Handel any complain

I had thought it should

I had thought it should be thicker, but after sleeping on it for a few nights I find it very comfortable.

We started off buying our

We started off buying our daughters both queen size mattresses. We quickly realized that, after falling asleep with them a few times, our own mattress was worse than we thought! So, we ordered one for us too! LOVE that they're Canadian made, they come right to the house, easy to open and lay out and so much better for our backs and bank account! (Best mattress protectors I've ever used as well!) Thanks for making such a great, straightforward and honest product! Highly recommended!

Great bed for the kids

Great bed for the kids me and the wife are thinking of getting the king

Very comfortable soft and good

Very comfortable soft and good quality

Don’t wait, it’s awesome!

Slept the whole night through! We both wake up refreshed. It holds and hugs you in all the right places for the perfect support and comfort. It was extremely easy to get out of the box , onto our new bed set and unroll. I can’t believe we waited this long to get one!

Best bed ever

Super happy and impressed. It's everything that I expected

I sleep like a queen

I sleep like a queen with our Juno mattress.

Very Happy

Fast delivery! Great quality and have had excellent sleeps since far!

Great sleep, back pain vanished, second one

This is my second one. Its wonderful very soft and I choose because old mattress give me back pain. I read review and tried Juno mattress. My bak pain vanished. Definitely recommend this product. Its cheap than any other mattress.

Very good mattress. Super confortable.

Very good mattress. Super confortable. Good support. I recommend it

We bought this mattress for

We bought this mattress for my daughter for her first “big girl” bed. It is so incredibly comfortable we are thinking of replacing all our mattresses!

We absolutely love this mattress.

We absolutely love this mattress. I never feel my spouse roll over, or leave and return to bed. This mattress is very comfortable but firm which is good for my back. Really satisfied with the quality and the value of this purchase. We have it on a pedestal bed frame with no box.

In love!

We absolutely love this mattress. I won’t wake up with a sore back anymore and I can’t feel my husband trying to comfortable all night. I wake up early and he said he doesn’t feel me getting out of bed. Best thing we did for ourselves!! Thank you Delivery was fast as well

I am so surprised at

I am so surprised at how amazing this mattress is. My husband and I are finally getting a great sleep.

Comfort is great ! Easy

Comfort is great ! Easy to unpack and setup up . A great mattress for the price . Not a big deal .. but it looks good too.

I bought this mattress for

I bought this mattress for my boyfriend since his was getting old. This mattress is affordable and super comfy! Nice inbetween firm/soft. To add, we’re not tiny people and we stay comfy on this bed with no boxspring on a frame.

Comfortable, but I did get

Comfortable, but I did get a mattress topper, which I didn't expect.

Great mattress!

My fiancé and I debated buying a more expensive mattress for our first, but since COVID prevented us from testing anything out in stores, we decided to give the Juno a try (the return policy seems excellent). Luckily for us it worked out great! It's definitely thinner than we might have liked, but it's still very comfortable. Just the right amount of bounce and firmness. Also, unboxing it was super easy, although the off-gassing lasted about a week.

Its good. A bit soft

Its good. A bit soft but for the price its great

Got my mattress just before

Got my mattress just before Christmas. I am enjoying the mattress.

I am very happy with

I am very happy with my Juno bed! It is not too soft or too firm. I am mostly a side sleeper and found this very comfortable. I find I am sleeping better due to the comfort of my Juno bed. I definitely would buy another one!

Great price, quick delivery, and

Great price, quick delivery, and very comfortable. Great sleep from first night! :)

First night was hard to

First night was hard to adjust to from my previous mattress. The firmness of the Juno has helped my back an incredible amount. I will never go back to a soft bed after this!

It is very comfortable. I

It is very comfortable. I wish there were handles on the side, because the mattress slides off my box spring and it is difficult to slide it back. I find it comfortable to sleep in any position and it supports my back and hips the way I need.

Super mon nouveau matelas. Première

Super mon nouveau matelas. Première fois que j'achète un matelas en ligne et j'en suis très ravi et le prix très compétitif. Merci et j'en ai même commandé un autre. :)

Love it

Loved it the first night now love it even more. Much quicker response to my body. Able to sleep longer too.

Kids sleep longer...

What a great mattress. We bought for my daughter and I would say that our energetic 3 year old is sleeping better and longer; Absolute miracle. Great price, good looking materials and very comfortable. This was a great decision.

Love it!

Very comfy - like a cloud!

Great and very comfortable and

Great and very comfortable and stable my sleep improved 100% with the mattress

Definitely recommend.

I bought this mattress for my transport, given that the old one was lumpy. Now I'm at the point where I just don't wanna go home anymore because I sleep better in the truck than I do at home. I was skeptical at first given the price but it's definitely better than I expected. I'm about 150 lbs, and to be the mattress itself its a little bit firm but it offers amazing support. No more sore back, and sleeping on my side i sink in just enough to not be in an awkward position.

4 weeks minimum for delivery

LONG delivery delay because they are backlogged. When I called and waited twenty minutes to get to speak with someone they said they are so busy that I'll be lucky to get it in 4-5 weeks. Then after all that time if they don't have it they will refund me my money! The summer will be over by the time it gets to me:(

Shipping Delays ruined anniversary trip

The quality of the mattresses themselves is commendable, and I must acknowledge the exceptional customer service experience I had over the phone. However, I do want to express some disappointment regarding the overall timeline of my recent order. I placed an order for a mattress on July 28, with an estimated preparation time of up to 10 days (the longest timeframe stated on their website). Following this, the shipping timeframe was estimated to be up to 6 days (again, the longest timeframe mentioned). Based on these estimates, I anticipated receiving my mattress by August 14 at the latest. Unfortunately, the mattress hadn't even been shipped by August 17, which was 3 days past the latest expected delivery date. What added to my frustration was that no one proactively contacted me to notify me of any issues or delays. I made multiple calls to their customer service, understanding that they were dealing with a high volume of inquiries. However, there was a day when I was supposed to receive a callback, but that call never came through, prompting me to initiate the process all over again the following day. During one of my interactions through their chat support, I was quoted the same 1-10 days for preparation and 1-6 days for shipping. I pointed out that these timeframes had passed, and in response, I was informed about an issue specific to the type of mattress I ordered. Consequently, I was told to expect an additional 10-day delay for the preparation process. Regrettably, due to this unexpected delay, I had to cancel the anniversary trip my partner and I had planned. Additionally, I had to make arrangements for childcare, as our original plans hinged on having the new mattress in our RV. While I appreciate the quality of the products and the excellent phone customer service, the overall experience with the timeline and communication regarding the order left much to be desired.

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