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Jamestown Mattress is a New York and Pennsylvania chain of mattress stores and offers their proprietary brand of mattresses that they craft in their own full-service mattress factory. They offer a few key differentiators versus other retailers, including offering custom natural latex mattresses and custom mattress sizes, which is ideal for trucks, boats, and RVs. While most customers like Jamestown's service, competitive pricepoints, and the feel of their mattresses, there were some customers that reported difficulties with their purchase and long term durability.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8/10

Price: $399-$2299

Trial Period: 90 Day Comfort Adjustment

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Jamestown's Specifics

Jamestown is different than many mattress retailers in that they have their own brands of mattresses and offers custom built mattresses as well. What sets them apart is their competitive pricepoints and reports of solid customer service by most. However, there are some that were disappointed with the durability of the mattresses, the return policy, and a few one-off complaints about sales.

Quality of Materials

Jamestown is not only a mattress retailer, but also a mattress manufacturer. This enables them to craft size mattress and box spring. With a mattress business that goes back over 100 years, customers can feel good that their purchases will go towards a family business.

When it comes to selection, Jamestown offers three mattress collections and two types of custom mattress offers. Here are the details:

Bronze Collection: The Bronze Collection is their budget offering, which features four different models -- the Refresher, Prestige, Posturize, and Posture Premium. With multiple firmness options, these mattresses have a traditional innerspring design and a price that won't break the bank. This line is ideal for those that are looking for an affordable mattress with a traditional feel.

Silver Collection: The Silver Collection is the next level of Jamestown's traditional mattress offering. For a bit more money, you'll get greater selection, with innerspring, pillow top, and all-foam varieties. These mattresses come thicker and feature more innovative designs.

Gold Collection: The Gold Collection is the elite level of Jamestown's traditional mattresses. They include memory foam reinforced hybrids, all-foam mattresses, and high end latex mattresses. While being more expensive than other options available, they are still less expensive than many high end offerings that are found in other name-brand retailers.

Custom Latex Mattresses: For those that want an all-natural mattress and know exactly what they want, Jamestown offers custom Natural or Synthetic Latex mattresses that can be ordered simply online. These have three layers of latex and start at $799.

Custom Size Mattresses: Lastly, Jamestown also enables any of their mattresses to be custom made to fit your space. This includes boat, truck, and RVs. Also, they can be consulted for a specific design of mattress as well -- this includes water bed inserts.

Overall Comfort

Customers report good experiences overall with Jamestown's products with most describing positive customer service experiences and comfortable mattresses. There are some that reported issues with durability, however.


Jamestown crafts mattresses in a variety of firmness options. Additionally, they build custom mattresses, which is ideal for those that want something firmer or softer.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers are happy with the feel of their Jamestown mattresses at first. There are some that reported issues with long term comfort with some of these mattresses.


Jamestown mattresses offer a wide variety of mattress options, some of which will sleep cool, like their latex and many of their traditional innerspring options. Others may retain some heat for some that live in warm environments or sleep very warm.

Who Are Jamestown Mattresses Right For?

Jamestown mattresses are great for those that are looking for something custom and are looking for an affordable shop. However, if you are looking for mattresses that are highly rated by customers and have generous sleep trials and refund policies, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

Browse Jamestown Customer Reviews

It is so rare these days to have a truly spectacular customer service experience

It is so rare these days to have a truly spectacular customer service experience, but that is exactly what happened for us with Jamestown Mattress. My husband and I had been searching forever to find the perfect mattress and were having a difficult time finding anything that worked for us. We stayed over at my in-laws house and, to our surprise, had the best sleep of our lives! We looked far and wide for the mattress that his parents owned, but it had been discontinued years ago. We called up the manufacturer, Jamestown Mattress, and were amazed to find out that they would custom make a mattress to the specifications of their discontinued mattress! And even though we live in Austin, TX they arranged to have it shipped to our door. We both would have expected such service to have cost a fortune, but we were amazed to find out that this mattress was THOUSANDS of dollars less than the Tempurpedic mattress we tried and hated. Overall, a rare and wonderful customer service experience. We are extremely pleased.


BEWARE I purchased a mattress ($1800.00) last November '18. It is already in need of repair. The mattress was only 7/8 months old. I first emailed them in July with pictures they requested. I have telephoned the Jamestown factory 4 times, speaking once with Aaron, brother to Jim, the manager/owner. Each time I'm told Jim would get back to me. I have yet to receive any response from them. Be careful with these guys.

Four years later and we still l-o-v-e our mattress

Four years later and we still l-o-v-e our mattress! Need to purchase a new mattress for our guest bed and will be going to Jamestown, again. Not even looking around town for sales...who does that?! ;)

I found shopping for a mattress very confusing

I found shopping for a mattress very confusing. Every store you go to has a different selection. The national brand names seem to mean nothing because the models change from store to store. As a result I took to the Internet and found a site call mattressunderground.com which gives very good information on what to look for and also has a nice blog where people share their buying experiences. This brought me to Jamestown Mattress Company. These guys are a family owned manufacturer of mattresses. The buyers on mattressunderground.com highly recommended them and I went to their Henrietta location. Jason, the manager, was highly knowledgeable and very helpful. He explained the various materials used, reasons why to chose one or the other mattress, as well as pros and cons to some models. In the end I purchased their Dynasty Plush mattress for, what I consider, a fair price. The mattress was delivered on time a week later. The sleeping experience is - just WOW. The mattress is everything I was looking for and more. I am so much more rested than before. Quality of product: Outstanding Service in store: Outstanding Free Delivery: Oustanding As we replace the other mattresses in our home I will go back to Jamestown Mattress.

I will NEVER buy anything from Jamestown Mattress

I will NEVER buy anything from Jamestown Mattress , it has been awhile since my purchase of a top of the line bed for my husband who was in a bad accident , the saleswoman ( a relative of owners) with blond hair treated me like I was the scum of the earth instead of someone buying the most expensive mattress that helps her family business, she even forgot to order my mattress and when I called because the day Of delivery it did not come , she said whoops I dropped the ball on this one, then I called jamestown mattress and the owners didn't seem to care that there precious family member dropped the ball , because she is a stuck up snob I refuse to buy any jamestown mattress from any retail store and the same with my large family, and a lot of my friends do not after hearing how I was treated, this company has zero morals and as for the snob with nasty short blond hair you need to get your head out of your @&$! And I also canceled my expensive mattress and went with a different company ! I don't help out a jamestown business that doesn't support its community shoppers!

Seriously, best bed shopping experience of my life

Seriously, best bed shopping experience of my life! Picking out a great king size bed was super easy and fast. I absolutely love it and it's exactly how it was described and ordered. This is the highest quality bed I've ever had in terms of precision. Every thread is in place every everything is perfect the attention to detail and comfort are amazing. After falling in love with my king I got a twin for my office /guest room daybed.

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