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Intellibed has been making gel mattresses since 2000 with its patented gel technology. They have three different models: their basic, Gel Elite, and their therapeutic mattresses (Posture Perfect and Relief Perfect) for those with back issues. Overall, the mattresses are quite similar to other gel mattresses now available but with added variety.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $1399-$4399

Trial Period: 60 Days

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Love the mattress and pillows

This is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have slept on. Have enjoyed it since the first night we received it. Got pillows to go with it and love them too. Highly recommend

The competitors are left behind.

Knowledgeable staff that continually communicates through the 60-day trial period.

Good sleep

Both my wife and I like the bed

finally found THE mattress

sleeps cool and comfortable. love it

Great bed overall

We like our Intellibed. It's comfortable and has a clean look to it. Never noticed any discomfort. We thought from other reviews that it was going to be really firm but it's actually softer than we hoped. Also, I wish the cotton protection cover zipped around the bed. It's more like a sheet-which makes me question dust mites ability to enter the bed. Overall comfortable sleep.

Finally my wife can sleep! Thank you!

My wife and I attest to the quality and comfortable sleep on our IntelliBed mattress. We have the King Size IntelliBed and have slept on it now for four months. What a difference and improvement of our sleep. My first night on the bed was an adjustment for us as it moves differently than our old foam based mattress, however we both noticed that we slept longer, did not turn over as much, and felt better in the morning. After a few days use, the IntelliBed bed felt natural, and we felt so rested, it's wonderful. For me, it doubled my restful sleep; my old foam mattress seemed to get so hot, and create pressure points, that I would interrupt my sleep to frequently turn over throughout the night; not any more. Four months since our first sleep on our IntelliBed, we are now making plans to purchase our 2nd IntelliBed for our vacation home.

Posture Perfect Bed

It is a nice bed and very comfy but I do not think 60 days is enough time for your body to adjust and get use to it before deciding if a softer bed would work better. Some nights I do great and other nights I wake up hurting bad from the bed. As of now it is 50/50. Sometimes I wonder if the softer bed would have been a better choice for me. As of now there are no options without consequences.

Amazing Bed!!

This bed is the perfect mix of firm and soft. As my wife and I looked for a new bed we constantly struggled to find something that fit us both but didn't limit us to where we laid on the bed. We both immediately said we loved the feel of the bed when we tested it and only love it more now that we have had if for a couple of months.


We gave it a thirty night stay, but could not get a good night sleep on this mattress. Customer service in handling our questions/concerns and in the ordering process was top notch.

Love the bed and the customer service!

Had a wonderful experience with ordering my intelliBed AND love the bed itself!

Feeling much better

I had problems with my knees and hips. My arms hurt when I woke up from improper sleep positions. I bought an intellibed and after awhile of getting used to it I felt so much better. I also bought an intellipillow. My neck aches and pains dissapeared. I will keep this bed forever. I live in an RV that has storage under the bed. This bed weighs about 95 lbs. I had a stronger lift put in and now it's perfect!! Thank you intellibed for your customer service and excellent bed!

Great bed, amazing customer service!

I love my new bed. It's made such a difference. However, I've really been blown away by intelliBED's outstanding customer service - tremendous!

Good customer service

My wife and I had some issues with our mattress and the customer service staff were prompt and helpful in getting things resolved.

Love my bed!

Almost bought another Sleep Number bed, had to cancel the order after I found out about Intellibed. Best decision ever!

I'm not sure yet.

After sleeping on this bed for a month, I'm not sure that my back pain is much better. (There are no other factors in my life for back pain; it is all related to time spent sleeping.) Then we were on vacation for a month and slept in various beds, and I had no back pain! Now back to sleeping on this mattress for a week, and my back is getting unbearable after a night's sleep. I'm not sure yet how I feel about this bed.


I bought this bed because it did not outgas and the salesperson told me it was a firm mattress which was very important to me. I got it and indeed it did not smell in any way. It was great because I had been sleeping on a hard futon.It started to feel soft so I called the company and they said to keep it for 30 days as I had to adjust to the comfort. My mistake! I ended up letting the return policy expire and now I am saddled with it,

I looked on the website as I felt as that my firm bed had no support. So they have it rated as feeling firm but then if you look further you see another rating where they say it has a soft back and posterior support. Now how can a mattress be firm but then super soft with little support on your back. I called to complain and they told me that 'Oh there was another mattress for $2100 that was indeed firm.' Yeah like I believe them.

Do not buy this mattress. Bad idea. Dishonest salespeople.

Horrible bed. Save your money and buy a traditional ...

Horrible bed. Save your money and buy a traditional mattress. You'll get a goodnights rest without the back pain, and other aches that come along with this bed.

A dream come true!

This mattress is a dream come true! After spending many years sleeping in a lazy boy recliner due to a back injury from a motorcycle accident, I was convinced that I would never be able to sleep on a mattress ever again. I have owned the intelliBED Relief Perfect mattress for 6 months and have been able to wake every morning with no pain or discomfort. I have noticed that my sleep has improved. Instead of getting 4-5 hours of sleep, I am now averaging 7-8 hours of sleep. Every night! I highly recommend this mattress for anyone and everyone!

LOVE this mattress

LOVE this mattress! I sleep better than ever before! My back and neck issues have gone away. This is the best mattress and I would recommend it for anyone!

better and to wake up actually feeling rested

I have had insomnia for about 17 years and have tried everything to sleep longer, better and to wake up actually feeling rested. Investing in this bed was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It allows me to not toss and turn and to get the much needed deep sleep I was so desperate to find. I have zero issues with my insomnia, no more back pain and more than that I sleep cool and more comfortable than I ever had. It has truly been an amazing purchase - so much that we have also have the pillows, sheets and toppers for our tent trailer.

Best Bed I've Owned, and I've owned them all!

I had an old water bed I used to look forward to getting into. I have tried Sleep Number, 2 Tempurpedics and had not been able to find a bed I enjoyed getting into. Until this one. It is the most comfortable bed I've experienced. The bed seems to suck the pain our of my muscles and I wake up every morning refreshed and well-rested. I don't toss and turn like I have in the past since there are no hot spots that develop under high-weight areas. I justified the price as this may be the last bed I own and the warranty is a lot longer than on a normal bed. I have a Fitbit which tracks sleep. I checked it before and after I bought the bed. I have far less interrupted sleep on this bed. I definitely recommend this!

Fabulous bed!

I love this bed! I have been sleeping on it for a year and a half and I enjoy every night. My body is supported perfectly and I love that it is non-toxic. It is worth every penny as it has a 30 year warrantee and is used nightly. Looking at it that way, it is actually a bargain! It did take me several nights to get used to as my body had to re-pattern itself to sleeping with real support. I didn't like the pillow, though, and went back to my down one.

I have never slept better in my life

If you don't have this bed you are missing out.... I have never slept better in my life. I never want to get out of my bed. It will take about 30 days for your body to get adjusted to the bed. It is worth the money and you won't regret it. Don't think about it, buy it!

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