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Innomax Mattress Reviews

With showrooms in Colorado, Innomax is a sleep company famous for its over-the-phone business model. They specialize in air, water, foam, and innerspring mattresses. They offer a wide range of matttresses and other sleep products that are priced competitively. Most folks have great things to say about Innomax and sleep comfortably in their new mattresses. Some had issues with durability and the warranty.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $199-$2599

Trial Period: No Trial

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Innomax's Specifics

Innomax is a factory-direct brand that primarily sells their mattresses online. They offer a variety of mattress types including some specialty mattresses, like waterbeds. Besides those specialty offerings, their offerings span hybrid, memory foam, and latex foam options. Overall, most customers like what they get from Innomax, but there are some concerns about durability and quality with some of their models.

Quality of Materials

Innomax has focused on providing some affordable options for customers across a variety of different mattress types. Because they have not focused on any particular mattress, but offer a range of mattresses, there are some doubts about the material quality across mattress types.

Mattress Types

Innomax provides a variety of different mattresses to customers. They offer hybrid, memory foam, latex, and specialty mattresses. We'll go through their most popular mattress collections and describe the pros and cons. Here are the details:


Innopedic mattresses provide memory foam mattress design with different stages of support across the mattress. They offer a variety of options including latex, gel foam, and traditional memory foam with their differentiation being the 'self-adjusting' comfort and support that they offer. These mattresses may not work for everyone as they are targeted towards average sized sleepers. Some, who are larger, or prefer different firmness levels may find that these mattresses don't entirely fit their needs.

The pros: A variety of all-foam options that adapt to average sized sleepers and focus on better posture.

The cons: These mattresses may not be suited for all body-types. Some may find that the durability is not as good as expected.

Final Score: 8.3 / 10


One of the most innovative mattress trends over the last few years is gel polymers being used in the top comfort layers. These mattresses use a grid of gel polymer on the top layer for an ultra-responsive and soft top layer. This feel, although innovative, isn't loved by everyone. There are some customers that find the polymer to be too responsive and feel like they sink through it. That said, many others like the cooling and comfort benefits. Innomax does a good job, overall, at including this technology into their mattresses. However, others have had issues with the overall comfort and durability long term.

The pros: Gel polymer technology included in Innomax's mattresses for a competitive price.

The cons: Some don't appreciate the feel and there are some that had issues with long term durability.

Final Score: 8.1 / 10

Organic Elements

Innomax's Organic Elements mattresses are competitive against all-latex and latex/coil mattresses. They include all-natural ingredients like organic cotton, wool, and latex. Customers who chose the Innomax Natural Reserve mattresses were pleased overall, but others had some issues with the initial feel. Others had problems with the longevity of the mattresses.

The pros: Latex mattresses that are all-natural for an affordable intro-price.

The cons: Some initial feel and durability problems.

Final Score: 8.3 / 10

Sensations® Collection

The Innomax Sensations mattress is the most durable of their options with a longer warranty than others that they offer. These mattresses include latex or memory foam with pocketed coils. They offer more support and firmer surfaces, which is ideal for those that are of larger body types. Some may find that they are too firm for them in certain circumstances. Most customers like their Sensations mattresses, but some had issues with the initial feel and firmness.

The pros: More durable mattresses for a competitive pricepoint.

The cons: Some customers found difficulty with the initial feel of these mattresses.

Final Score: 8.1 / 10

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There aren't many companies

There aren't many companies I compliment because of the lack of service and professionalism. Innomax is, by far, one of the best in the business. If you're looking for great night sleep, have tried conventional beds and nothing works, go there. I've tried memory foam, air, conventional........nothing could close to their memory/waterbed . Nothing comes close! What would you pay for a good nights sleep? I didn't think it was possible but they did it. I put mine in my conventional frame and its as close to perfect as possible. The service was awesome and not pushy. Spend time there, they won't mind . They'll even feed you.

These guys are the best

These guys are the best! If you need a new bed at the best price with no pressure sales... This is the place!! We have shopped online for a new waterbed set and come to find out here is the manufacturer for all these online stores here in Denver. Our salesman John Hannon was the easiest to work with. Set up and delivered.. These prices and customer service can't be beat! They also sell all your supply and linen needs. We are going to be returning for more goodies!! Thanks guys!!!

In no max is a place to buy a nice, quality bed

In no max is a place to buy a nice, quality bed. We bought our water bed mattress there 14 years ago and did not hesitate to go back when we were in the market for a replacement. The selection of mattresses is great and we decided on the king sized dual air, adjustable mattress. We also bought the MCINTOSH bedroom set with the king bed, dressers, mirror and two night stands. We are in love with the investment in our good night's sleep. The sales folks have been with the company for over a decade and while some reviews describe them negatively, they are super knowledgeable and if you can get passed the first few minutes of 'sales speak', and communicate what you want, you will find that the staff is interested in your experience and find a great bed! A little like buying a car, but as a consumer, we take responsibility for making sure we say 'yes' or 'no' to the things we do or don't want. The experience was good and we invested in a bedroom set that will last for 20+ years. It's lovely, comfortable, classic, heirloom, and excellent quality. Thank you, Innomax.

I recently travelled to a relatives house

I recently travelled to a relatives house and was fearing the dreaded "extra bed." Much to my surprise, they had a memory foam mattress from Innomax. I was amazed at how firm, yet comforting the mattress was. I awoke after every night rested, relaxed and invigorated.

As soon as I returned to Denver and went to their showroom off of I-70 near I-25. This company takes sleep seriously. The selection of memory foam, modified water bed systems and impressive mattress setups was very impressive. It seems as if they incorporated NASA space technology into their mattresses creating an amazing bedding system.

I purchased the organic memory foam mattress and I have been sleeping better for weeks! I would strongly recommend anyone who needs a better nights sleep to go to Innomax and get the system that is going to be perfect for their sleeping style.

Went there with a friend of mine

Went there with a friend of mine who is looking for a new bed. She had already been to several other bed stores but I'd heard about this from several of the people at 850KOA radio. I thought it would be a good experience.

I was wrong.

It was nice that they had food when we got there. Tasty and good. The location was not the easiest to get to, but Google Maps did a good job. There are quite a few beds to try out and a variety of different options. The furniture was nice too, if a bit pricey, but then, I usually shop at AFW.

NOW, the staff seemed quite friendly, but as we talked and walked and tried out beds, and she described the beds she'd liked at other stores, the sales rep began to simply bash the other beds and touted theirs. "Everyone else is terrible and we are the only good ones to ever exist" is the feeling we came away with. I can understand that you need to tout your own bed, but you don't need to do it by spewing disrespect toward your competitors.

To top it all off, the sales rep began to sound like a used car salesman. Lines began coming out like, "I can probably get you a SMOKIN' hot deal but only today." I was waiting for the, "I'll have to talk to my manager" line, figuring that this was a bed and not a used Camry she was looking at, and lo and behold, those EXACT words came out of his mouth.

We felt hugely pressured, and we got that slimy feeling you get after a particularly annoying visit to a local used car dealership hoping to push a substandard product on us by pressuring us to BUY NOW or the deal will be gone forever!

Now I don't know that the products offered are substandard or not, and I doubt they are, but the feeling we got as we were slinking away completely overrode our memories of any product detail we were given.

In my humble opinion

In my humble opinion, I would shop somewhere else, anywhere else but here.

We had an extremely disappointing and disconcerting experience. Initially, I gave them a 5 star rating based upon the mattress comfort. We purchased the memory gel with phase change thermal cell bed because it was advertised to have great lumbar support (I had an 8 level spinal fusion).The price was displayed at roughly $2,200.00, which they gladly would have sold it for, but we found it online for about $800.00. They begrudgingly honored the price as they advertise a 'price match' option.

The mattress was great for about three months, then it began to soften and develop pockets of laxity. We gave it ample time to see if rotating and a different topper may help the lack of support, but nothing worked. When we started contemplating the purchase of a new mattress (after a year for a bed with a 20 yr warranty, sigh) I decided to visit the store and discuss our options. Given the reviews from other customers, I feared such would be an unpleasant experience, and I was right. After some back and forth with the Regional Manager and his attempt to upsell us to a much more expensive mattress, we asked them to come look at ours as we felt it was defective. They came to our home the following day and determined the mattress had irregularities and we believed we'd get a replacement bed, we we needed ASAP! They said we had to wait until the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and went without the promised phone call. Our phone calls to the RM were ignored and not returned. So, at that time, I changed my review to a one star as I didn't want anyone else receiving the same unfair, poor, disappointing and unscrupulous treatment we had. It was after that, we had a conversation with the RM and he said "I actually had a positive outcome for you but now that you changed your review to one star, my hands are tied". In other words, us exercising our right to educate others resulted in them not honoring their warranty for a mattress they determined was defective. I wish the saga ended there, however, the situation turned even worse. I'd emailed the VP of the company asking for some help, and he contacted my company and made untrue allegations. Saying if I wanted to change my yelp review to a one star, then "GAME ON". How tragic that the VP of a company would try and get a customer fired because they were honest about how they were treated? All in all, a complete nightmare.

After over a year of dealing with severe lower back paine

After over a year of dealing with severe lower back pain, I can honestly say that purchasing an Innomax mattress was the best decision I've made for my health! Tommy was helpful, patient, and steered me in the right direction to ensure I purchased the best mattress for my back. The customer service was excellent, the product-top of the line, and I am beyond happy with my purchase! I would absolutely recommend Innomax for anyone looking to invest in their health and comfortable sleep!

We were "pressured" into purchasing a very expensive mattress

We were "pressured" into purchasing a very expensive mattress about three years ago. We have had to purchase memory foam toppers to be able to sleep on this terrible mattress. We should have done business with Denver Mattress because they offered a "satisfaction guaranteed" policy. We complained to Innomax but they were not inclined to work with us. Their attitude was "you bought it you own it." The mattress is called prodigy. If we had not paid

so much we would gladly haul this monster to the dump. It would be a shame to take up landfill space with this. Bottom line, be careful. We learned the hard way.

We met with Tommy. Still waiting for some kind of resolution.

No response from Tommy. Will never do business with Innomax again. Other mattress businesses offer a trial period. Innomax does not. It truly has a " you bought it you own it" policy.

I had a Select Comfort bed

I had a Select Comfort bed for 14 years that I absolutely loved. When the topper finally wore out, I discovered I could not find a replacement topper as they stopped making them. My husband and I really needed a different sleeping surface, but I could not stand the thought of giving up the Select Comfort....but the one I bought in 2001 was 7 grand, and there was just no way we could spend that on a bed. We went to Innomax and bought a very nice non-air mattress that was 3 grand. We spent about 45 minutes lying on this bed in different positions, and really loved the way it felt. Once we got it home and slept on it for several weeks, we discovered that our backs were hurting in the morning. We discussed different theories as to why that could be happening on such a great feeling bed but came up with no real answers. I contacted Mickey, our sales person, who asked if we would give it 3 weeks, and we agreed to. Still, back pain for us both. Disappointed and frustrated, we made an appointment to come back in and see Mickey, and he spent time discussing things with us and then sent us home with a nice, thick foam topper to try and see if we simply needed a thicker sleeping surface. We agreed to give it 3 more weeks. Still, back pain. With every single interaction with Mickey, he was genuine, professional and pleasant. Never ever any pushy, cheesy sales tactics. When I called Mickey this final time, he made an appointment for us to come in and see the manager (and him). This time, we laid on several beds for a very long time. We decided to go with the air mattress that Innomax makes. Innomax came to our house, took away our old mattress, brought the new one in, set it up, gave us directions, told us how to find support if we have questions once they left, put a fiber optic rose, several chocolate mints and a thank you card on the bed when they were done setting it up. The 2nd bed costs more than the first, but the manager made things right and didn't haggle over the extra cost. He clearly wanted to give us a good product and good customer service. We worked together with them to find a solution that we needed for peace of mind and a restful night's sleep. Innomax has been good to us. They have to eat the cost of those mattresses when they are returned, so they have to implement effective and compassionate problem-solving strategies with consumers, before just taking back a custom-made mattress. They stand by their promises,and although we were frustrated for weeks trying out different things, it was a reasonable request on their behalf. Once it was clear the 1st bed was not for us, it was replaced with expediency by the 2nd one.

We are happy with our bed, and would recommend Innomax to anyone!

Ugg, I think back on the sales experience

Ugg, I think back on the sales experience when we bought this bed and I cringe. It was 4 years ago. The first salesman was pushy, but not terrible. When we said we needed some time to think about it, he brought over the "closer". I think she was called Sandy. And she was relentless. I asked about the "hump" in the middle of the air bed caused by the baffle between the air chambers. Her response: "sleep diagonal sometimes, get crazy!" I swear, she said that.

Somehow despite that, we were stupid enough to buy the air bed and I know there must have been high fives between the sales people when we left. The pump was loud, the firmness setting seemed completely arbitrary, and that hump... It was just never comfortable. The pump died a year ago and, since then, it's been like sleeping in side by side hammocks. My wife declared that we are getting a new bed today. And not from Innomax.

Btw, do they still use "laser technology" to see if your spine is aligned?? That was soooo ridiculous.

Price Match Saved Us

Price Match Saved Us being ripped of $986 from Innomax

End of Dec 2014 we went to the Denver Innomax showroom. Sandy was the 1st salesperson we spoke with, who started out her skit stating that Innomax does not advertise because they would be competing against themselves, as they're in over 1600 stores. At the time I didn't care as I was just there to look at their beds, but now I'm here to share with you why they don't advertise.

We ended up purchasing the Medallion Waterbed LS1000 and foundation. Cost $2,861. When we got home we did a google search for the bed to find out that buying from the Manufacturer directly in Denver were they're manufacturered these beds, as we did cost us $986 more than buying the exact same model from and heaters etc. from Ebay, with no tax, no shipping fee, and no having to deal with below par employees.

So why don't they advertise?? I would say so any dummy that walks in there can pay them a lot more than they sell to other distributors and retail stores for.

But don't worry they have a 30 day price match guarantee. Go ahead start holding your breath now... Sandy stated she was not getting our emails, guess she doesn't know about return receipt sent to sender each time the email is opened. Tommy the district manager out of Loveland will get right on it and take good care of you... keep holding your breath... He sent us back our same links to stating they were advertising the the wrong price and his figures were only $349 due back. Note, months later is still advertising that same great price.

Pays to bank with Wells Fargo who investigated and gave us our refund right away, charging it back to Innomax.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Skip the ripoff, google the bed of interest and Save yourself near a THOUSAND Dollars!

I've held out replacing my ancient mattress

I've held out replacing my ancient mattress because I dreaded the sales hype of sleep showrooms. It is so much more fun to spend money on bed furnishings. Accent pillows! Italian sheets! And really, how much have beds changed in two decades?

Turns out, a lot has changed.

Fortunately a friend recommended Innomax in Colorado. The website is kind of dated, but the beds are not.

Like their name implies, the company is focused on innovation. Privately-held, Innomax's sleep experts are the brains behind many of the advances in sleep management found in the world's most popular (and expensive) mattresses.

I ordered a memory foam bed over the phone. Ordering was simple, and delivery was painless on our steep, private road. The mattress came shrink wrapped and was on my deck waiting for me after work. No need to sacrifice half a day waiting for a delivery truck. All we had to do was carry up our narrow stairs, cut the plastic off, and watch it expand.

The first week I didn't notice too much of a difference in my sleep, but sleep quality is hard to quantify. The second week, the results really started to show. I feel fantastic, and notice that the bed isn't torn up from tossing and turning.

I'm up now at 5:30 am for a morning jog, without setting the alarm. Something I haven't done in 15 years. I feel completely rested, and eager to get going. It is like turning back time.

Thank you Innomax for giving me my "bounce" back.

Great product

Great product, great customer service. I highly recommend InnoMax to all.

There warranty is only as good as their word

There warranty is only as good as their word. I bought a $1500 bed 5 years ago and the topper is supposed to be warranted for 20 years. It is in awful shape and they refuse to stand behind their product. So unhappy and disappointed.

We had a good experience

We had a good experience buying our first king size bed at Innomax. Our salesperson was Daniel and he knew what he was talking about. We won't get our bed for another month, so no review on how we actually like the bed, but the purchasing experience was very pleasant.

I received excellent customer service

I received excellent customer service from Mindi Wood. She was professional and answered our questions and got us the part we needed to fix not only one but two air beds! Great experience!

Its a big investment

Its a big investment but so is our sleep quality. We decided to get a great nights rest by purchasing the Rick Lewis Innopedic adjustable smart base bed. we tested beds all weekend and it came down to Sleep Number and Innomax. Although They are both high end beds, Innomax bed came in first for sleep comfort and also they were able to beat out their competeter for about a 2,000 dollar difference also adding in the Chili pad that allows you to heat up to 115 degrees or down two 60 degrees. It can cool one side or both or heat both or one cold or hot, the massage feature is great too.... Better sleep and comfort here we come Thanks to Sandra Carbone and her Innomax team.

I will never sleep on a traditional inner spring mattress again

I will never sleep on a traditional inner spring mattress again. After being tired (no pun intended) of not getting quality sleep every night, I finally bought my own sleep system; I couldn't be happier! Goodbye restless nights, waking up throughout the night, and having a sore back in the morning. The sales staff were knowledgeable and helpful in my search for finding the right system for me. They offer delivery or the warehouse crew can help you load up your truck. I recommend Innomax to everyone I know. They have a customer for life. Thank you Innomax!

After an endless search

After an endless search on and off-line, I found InnoMax online, after a brief IM chat to confirm availability with Patty, a fabulous on-line representative, I requested a phone call to place an order. Scott in sales promptly called and asked all the right questions to place and ship my ODD order. InnoMax made my week, I cannot wait to sleep on my waterbed again. Thanks Guys.

We had an extremely disappointing and horrible experience

We had an extremely disappointing and horrible experience. Initially, I gave them a 5 star rating (on Yelp) based upon the mattress comfort. We purchased the memory gel bed. The price was displayed at roughly $2,200.00, which they gladly would have sold it for, but we found it online for about $800.00. They begrudgingly honored the price. The mattress was great for about three months, then it was so uncomfortable. We gave it ample time to see if rotating and a different may help, but nothing worked. When we started contemplating the purchase of a new mattress, I went back to the store. Given the reviews from other customers, I feared such would be an unpleasant experience. After some back and forth with the Regional Mgr and his attempt to upsell us to a much more expensive mattress, we asked them to come look at ours as we felt it was defective. They came to our home the following day and determined the mattress had irregularities and we believed we'd get a replacement bed. Although we needed one ASAP, they said we had to wait until the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and went without the promised call. Our calls to the RM were ignored and not returned. So, at that time, I changed my review to a one star as I didn't want anyone else receiving the same demeaning, poor, disappointing and unscrupulous treatment we had. It was after that, we had a conversation with the RM and he said "I actually had a positive outcome for you but now that you changed your review to one star, my hands are tied". In other words, us exercising our right to educate others resulted in them not honoring their warranty for a mattress THEY determined was defective. I wish the saga ended there, however, the situation turned really bad. I'd emailed the VP of the company asking for some help, and he contacted my company and made untrue allegations. Saying if I wanted to change my yelp review to a one star, then "GAME ON". How tragic that the VP of a company would try and get a customer fired because they were honest about how they were treated?

My wife and I bought an InnoMax

My wife and I bought an InnoMax air mattress system from Sandy Carbone. It fit our present frame. We have slept on it 6 nights and neither one of us has woke up with back aches like we did before. Even after the first night. Sandy was very helpful when we went in to look at an air system bed. After looking at Sleep Numbers . In my opinion there is no comparison between InnoMax and Sleep Numbers. At InnoMax Sandy showed us the inside of the bed to show how and what it was made of, let us lay down on the mattress for a good half hour undisturbed and did not pressure us. It was a relaxing experience altogether. Now, so far we are satisfied.

We are now full-time retired RV travelers

We are now full-time retired RV travelers. Our coach has a air mattress king bed, after just a month on the road my wife’s side of the bed would not hold air. We called the manufactures rep Dave and he set up a air mattresses warranty replacement with INNOMAX. When we arrived we were received by 3 or 4 of the nicest people my wife and I have ever meet and did business with. Tommy and Sandy handle the exchange direct and Tommy repaired and upgraded the air pump, everyone we were in contact with couldn’t help us enough. Thanks and they will now be our MH bed replacement parts company...we will send all friends and relatives to this business... Again Thank You for the above and beyond service!!

I have had an air bed for over 13 years

I have had an air bed for over 13 years and replaced the motor 2 years ago. I have scoliosis and recently purchased a Temprapedic bed which I do not like as much as my air bed. The rubber hose rotted on the bed and the manufacturer has gone out of business. I was prepared to have to buy a new bed. I phoned Scott Chapin who called me back & discussed my concerns. He took the time to explain the differences in the hose connector on my current dual air art set and the Innoxmax system. It arrived Fedex and I am thrilled with the quality of the product. The advise the salesperson gave made assembly a snap! I am pleased to have preserved my original bed and am good to go for another 17 years. Sign me a very satisfied Internet customer!

I purchased an innomax complete bedroom

I purchased an innomax complete bedroom set probably 20 years ago. I have moved two times since then. My last move, 6 years ago, I called Innomax... John and his partner from their delivery department came out disassembled my bedroom set and moved it for me to my new place and reassembled it. I was so happy! I'm getting ready to move again I called Innomax 2 weeks ago to find out how much it would cost to have the same thing done again. Disassemble my bedroom set move it set up in the new place. Keep in mind I'm a single woman. I spoke to somebody on the phone a male, he said that John had retired but his partner was still working doing the same thing and that he could probably do it on a Wednesday or a Sunday. I was so excited! during the conversation he got sidetracked and was taking care of a few other things. When the conversation was coming to an end he said he would have the guy call me to give me a quote and let me know if he could move me or not.At the end of the conversation that said would you like my phone number so that the gentleman can call me back? The man on the phone said nope we don't need it... Which led me to believe they had caller ID and had my number. It's actually been probably more like 3 weeks now that I think about it and nobody has ever called me back! What a disappointment! Don't tell somebody you're going to do something and not follow through word-of-mouth is a very powerful thing!!! and here I was getting ready to buy a whole new bedroom set and new bed from this company. yeah that is not happening at all because I don't know what would get delivered. Innomax.. DEFINITELY NOT 5 STARS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY EYES ANYMORE!!!

I purchsed a waterbed heater

I purchsed a waterbed heater from one of their online dealers (WaterbedBargins dot com) It was just over two years old and it quit working. Online it says 5 year limited warranty. I tried for months to contact the company, even going through the BBB with no response. Even the BBB said sorry but if they don't respond all we can do is note it and warn others. Then I got a hold of InnoMax . They said sure we can replace, for a pro-rated cost of $55. I originally only spent $69... for the heater. When I said that's not much of a warranty the guy (Mike from InnoMax) laugh at me and said "Well you know we're not talking about warranty on a car worth much more. We're only talking about a $50 item here". Really? So apparently if your not spending a butt load of money with this company they really don't care about you. Go somehwere else and spend your money where they actually care about their product sales and they actually warranty it. For all the hassle I've had just trying to get this taken care of, it's not worth it.

Bought a waterbed heater

Bought a waterbed heater just over a year ago. It has already stopped working (it may have stopped sooner but it was summer, so heater not on much). Cant reach customer service, website warranty submission crashes and I can't sleep in my bed until I get a working heater installed.

About 2 weks ago innomax

About 2 weks ago innomax came out to take down my waterbed the 2 young kids were fast 45 minutes to take it down they were so kind and courtious and fast yesterday they came back. To put my bed together half hour to but it together a little long to fill the bed thank you for the fast courtious and kindness to the young men that did this for me I am extreamily happy with inomax and its emplloyees keep up the wonderful work and being the best waterrbed store in denver sincerely rosallind. Woodhouse

After months of sever back pain

After months of sever back pain, we decided it was time to look for a new bed! We visited this store and now have a wonderful King size bed and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you so much, Sandy and Innomax, for the great customer service and for helping us have a great night’s sleep and less back pain!

ust had the best two nights

Just had the best two nights of sleep! Bought the perfection dual king, and love it. I spent 3000.00 on the last bed, I -comfort latex cooling memory foam etc, etc, and couldn't wait to part with it! Not even 1.5 years old. Can't wait to go to bed!!

Bought the top of the line king waveless soft side mattress

Bought the top of the line king waveless soft side mattress five years ago. The zipper mechanism for the mattress pad that also holds the mattress rails in place literally fell apart in my hands recently. Now the rails are not held in place properly and the bed is very uncomfortable. I was told it would be $800 just to replace just the mattress cover!! I am stationed in Germany and have no other options other than to scrap this bed. Never again.

My husband and I have been looking at getting a waterbed

My husband and I have been looking at getting a waterbed for his shoulder pain. Sandy had shown us beds they had in the showroom. We tried them out and we were sold! The bed felt fantastic! Sandy was very knowledgeable about the beds and sleeping patterns. We got a great bed for a great price. In a few weeks we will post how the bed is doing. I have a feeling it will really help with the back and shoulder pain. Thank you InnoMax!


Horrible! I purchased a queen mattress and it failed within five days! It sprung a leak and they refused to refund my money. Not only that but they were rude and didn't want to answer my questions. They only wanted to attempt to sell me more items - a pump to drain the mattress they sold me with a leak. Come to find out they had sold me a mattress that had a hole it they previously patched! Not an honesty company or one I would recommend doing business with. Take your money elsewhere!

Very pleasant experience

Very pleasant experience. Great quality for a great price. Scott took very good care of us.

I have bought 1 set of the air mattresses

I have bought 1 set of the air mattresses here and love my bed. I bought my granddaughter her be and matresses here and she loves them. Thank you so much for the great service also.

Had an issue with a mattress

Had an issue with a mattress we purchased 2 years ago, InnoMax honored our warranty and replaced our mattress. Thank you!

3500 bed has a dent in it

3500 bed has a dent in it after only a year and a half. No wonder their salespeople are so great, they have to be. Disappointed.

Good quality

Good quality and good price. Bought our bed there. Comfortable.

I bought a water heater

I bought a water heater for water bed it broke after 29 months product guaranteed for 5 years two first full year after 65 percent for the rest not at all satisfied with the service

Don't stand behind their product

We purchased an Innomax waterbed system in February, 2019 from a local dealer for over $2200. The bed was installed by the dealer. No information for maintenance was included or warranty. We didn't even know the brand name until an issue occurred. We had mattress protectors to keep the mattress clean. Unfortunately, one of our cats had an accident in an unprotected area requiring laundering. I checked the Innomax website for laundry instructions and there were none. Being a Memorial Day long weekend, there was no one at Innomax to help. I pre-spotted the area and used a cold water wash to clean. The top came out in a shriveled mass! I air dried it but the mass remained. I filled out a claim for on their website and got an email offering a replacement top for $368 plus shipping! I spoke with Dave Chandler at Innomax to question their lack of information on how to launder and he acknowledged that "spot cleaning" was recommended. Really, did he not think we would NOT try to clean a mattress top after a period of time? He said they NEVER had this type of issue before. I asked that he recommend cleaning information be added to the website, tagged on the mattress top and included in consumer information. The mattress is OK but the customer service is not. I hope this helps others who launder bedding.

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