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Ikea Trundle Bed Reviews

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IKEA has a wide variety of discount furniture with a focus on simplicity and ease of assembly. When it comes to their trundle bed offerings, they have two options, one that is a separate pull out bed (ideal for an existing IKEA bunk bed) and other that is a twin bed with a stored trundle bed below. Both of these focus on simplicity and affordability. Most customers like their IKEA trundle beds, but there are some that had issues with durability. Take a look at our list of top rated 2022 trundle beds for alternatives.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Material Quality: 8.4/10

Design Options: 8/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

Price: $79-$249

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Ikea Trundle Bed Details

IKEA focuses on discount furniture offerings with its simple to assemble guides. When it comes to trundle beds, they have two options -- a twin bed frame with a pull-out bed and a simple pull-out bed that does not come with an additional bed frame, but is ideal for using with an existing IKEA bunk bed. In either case, their prices are very price competitive. However, their designs may leave some customers feel that there is something lacking and yearn for more design choices.

Quality of Materials

IKEA's pull-out beds are low cost and feature materials like particleboard, fiberboard, and steel. Most customers find these to be durable enough for their needs, but some were surprised that they didn't hold as much weight as they had hoped. Below, we'll go through their available trundle beds and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular Släkt Bed Frame With Pull-Out Bed:

This bed frame with pull out bed will support a twin mattress in the bed above with another twin mattress hidden below, within the mattress platform. The design comes in a white color design. Most customers like their Släkt, but some mentioned issues with assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Svärta Pull-Out Bed:

The Svärta pull-out bed is an addition for the Svärta bunk bed for an extra twin. It is made of steel and can be pulled out for sleep overs or everyday use. Most found it an economical option at under $100, but there were some that mentioned that it doesn't accomodate adults. Others may want a more stylish design choice.

Who Are IKEA Trundle Beds Right For?

IKEA trundle beds are ideal for those that are looking for economical choices with standard designs. For those looking for more style and design options, see our List of Top Rated Trundle Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Ikea Trundle Bed Customer Reviews

Great Pull Out Bed

I would highly recommend this bed. Awesome!

I really like it :) It looked really good with my current loft bed.

Use this 3-4 times each week. So far, does what it needs to do!

Should have a weight limit

I bought this several years ago for a guest room. We have used it for some children and it was fine. An adult recently came to stay and the bed BENT under his weight. We have to throw it out now.

Good for the money

Bought this to go under my kids' Mydol bunk... it's not a pretty combo, but it works/fits. Super tiny wheels don't roll on our thick carpet but on shorter carpet or hard floors, it would probably be fine. Easy to assemble... my kids (ages 3, 5, 7, & 9) did most of the work and I mostly just supervised. For the money, I'm happy with this purchase.

Great Trundle Bed

We have been very happy with this pull out bed. It has only been used a few times for sleeping, but it is comfy and seems sturdy.

So far so good!

We love the Ikea beds. Our son and daughter were bunked up with the KURA bed and now our son is in the SLAKT. A regular twin mattress fits on the upper part of this bed. (score!) Be sure to get TWO sets of slats. I did not, now I will be going back to Ikea for lunch and slats.

Missing one screw

Missing one screw (easily fixed) biggest issue is the assembly info does not make it SUPER CLEAR that you need TWO wooden slat support sets. One for main bed and one for the trundle bed. The staff told me I only needed one. That seemed odd to me, so I bought two just in case (since my closest ikea is 4 hours away!) thank heavens I did! And if you want what the picture shows, you need to add an additional $89 mattress for the trundle. A mattress for the main bed if you don’t already have one. Bedding. (Extra slats!) and so your $228 Bed is realistically closer to $400/500.


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