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Ikea Storage Bed Reviews

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IKEA is known for its sleek affordable furniture designs that are easy to ship or pick up in store. Their storage beds offer varieties for both adults and children with drawers and extra space beneath the mattress. Most of these designs are spins on platform beds with wooden and fibreboard designs. Most customers like IKEA's storage bed offerings, but there were some that had issues with durability. Take a look at our list of top rated 2022 storage beds for alternatives.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Material Quality: 8.3/10

Design Options: 8.7/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $224-$669

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Ikea Storage Bed Details

IKEA has a variety of storage beds to choose from -- with options with both drawers in the platform beneath the mattress and also other innovations, like a bed that flips up to reveal storage beneath. Customers like their storage beds overall, but there were some that had issues with durability and assembly.

Quality of Materials

IKEA has 5 storage bed types to choose from in both adult and childrens options. Many of these options are made of fibreboard and particleboard blends. Below, we'll go through their offerings and talk about the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside their most popular Malm Storage Bed:

The Malm storage bed is made of particleboard and fibreboard with an option of a white or black/brown color. This design is innovative as the mattress is able to be lifted to reveal storage space beneath. This is ideal for those that want a sleek option without drawers. Most customers like their Malm bed, but there were some that mentioned some issues with noisiness.

Next, here is what's inside their Nordli Storage Bed:

The Nordli storage bed has 6 large drawers (3 on either side of the bed). This enables extra storage for clothes, bedding, books, or electronics. Most customers like their Nordli storage beds with customers mentioning decent quality for the price.

Next, here is what's inside their Brimnes Storage Bed:

The IKEA Brimnes is a platform bed that comes in black or white color options and larger mattress sizes (full through king). There are 4 deep drawers, which is great for bedding, blankets, or duvets. Most customers like their Brimnes, but there were some issues with assembly and durability.

Next, here is what's inside their Songesand Storage Bed:

The Songesand storage bed is a twin only bed with white or brown color palette options. The drawers are low profile, making them ideal for folded clothes. Overall, these are rated well by customers, but there were some that had issues with the design.

Next, here is what's inside their Slakt Storage Bed:

The IKEA Slakt storage bed offers room for a twin mattress, two drawers, and two small shelves. The Slakt features particleboard, fiberboard, honeycomb 100% recycled paper filling, and acrylic paint in a default white color. Customers have good things to say mostly, but there were some complaints about assembly and design. One reviewer mentioned that the shelves were on the opposite side from the photo.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Hemnes Storage Bed:

The Hemnes is a platform bed that contains storage boxes on one side of the bed. It is one of the higher platform beds with storage offered by IKEA, however some may be disappointed that there is not storage on both sides of the bed. Most customers, however, like their Hemnes bed with a few complaints about assembly.

Who Are IKEA Storage Beds Right For?

IKEA storage beds are ideal for price-conscious shoppers who don't need too many frills. Those that want more design options to match their interiors, see our List of Top Rated Storage Beds for great alternatives.

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Excellent choice [Malm Storage Bed]

Great fit. Easy build. Awesome storage.

Well Engineered, Comfortable Bed [Malm Storage Bed]

This is actually my second MALM Storage bed. The first was a full size while this one is a queen. During the time between purchases, IKEA improved an already easy installation to an even easier installation which I had no trouble doing by myself. Everyone seeing the bed and using it is very impressed. My grandson now prefers to stay on the bed and play versus coming out to the living room.

Love the extra storage [Malm Storage Bed]

I bought this a few months ago. Love the extra storage

Excellent Bed! [Malm Storage Bed]

Though some parts are bulky, and there’s a lot to assemble, the instructions were easy to understand, and it went together very smoothly.

It squeaks! [Malm Storage Bed]

We were so excited about this storage bed but it squeaks every time you move. It’s really annoying and keeps you up.

Great features [Malm Storage Bed]

I bought this bed about 2 months ago but it took me about a month before I got it set up. Once I did it worked like a dream! There are some things when building that took some time, but we got it figured out.

This is a GREAT bed and value!! [Malm Storage Bed]

We love this bed. We have it in our spare bedroom and it is fantastic. The storage is incredible for things you don't need to get to everyday (winter clothes, luggage, extra paper towels, etc etc). You can't beat the price. It takes some time putting together, but it's worth it!

Easy and Excellent! [Malm Storage Bed]

We have a small house so this bed is PERFECT fpr extra storage! It was easy to assemble and the spring-assisted lift works great. No complaints!

Looks Great, Good Quality [Nordli Storage Bed]

We just bought this bed frame this weekend and it's great! There are only a few minor complaints that I had, which I'll detail below.

Just Perfect!! [Nordli Storage Bed]

OK, this bed/headboard combination took a while to assemble, but it's totally worth it. We were able to fit a king size bed in our room between two doors, because the night-tables 'float' on the headboard. It's just an amazing use of space. The drawers below serve me the way my side table did ( silent closing!), and the shelf is perfect for my water and charging phone. In the Ikea store in Cincinnati, they displayed 2 headboards mounted on the wall (to make it vertically higher), and we did the same. This gives it a more dramatic look for a small amount more. We also bought an Ikea spring coil mattress and gel foam topper, and love them too. We have the means to spend more on furniture at high end stores, but many Ikea designs simply can't be beat at any cost. This is one of those.

Excellent storage [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I bought this frame 7 years ago because the drawers, and its survived 2 moves. The 2nd move one of the middle bars on a drawer broke. So if and when I move again I need to somehow glue that part back in or get a new bed. I live in a smaller place so having the drawers underneath is the BEST part because it's a space saver for my bedroom. The assembly the 1st time took forever. And the 2 moves we disassembled just enough to move the pieces absolutely necessary to disassemble. I love this frame and has served its purpose and so far 7 overall good years.

Expected the assembly to be hard, not impossible [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I bought this a couple weeks ago. Despite the fact that even though there is an Ikea store 45 minutes away, it took two weeks to arrive, but on top of that, there was some sort of malfunction with the tools/wood. I don't have time for another two weeks of waiting and I know Ikea is going to be a hassle. If you absolutely love the design, I suggest you pay for assembly. This is ridiculous, on step 6, the two pieces won't even connect. I spent the entire day to see where I went wrong, and this isn't even my first time assembling an Ikea item. Ridiculous wait times for such an essential part of any bedroom.

The storage is amazing!! [Brimnes Storage Bed]

Moved into a 10’ x 10’ bedroom so my space is very limited. I bought the full size so it does take up most of the room but the storage compartments are AMAZING. They are very big and I use the storage drawers as my dresser for clothes. Very very happy with my purchase. Only downside is that it took forever (5+ hours) to put together because there are a lot of screws. Make sure you have a strong screwdriver before starting. My mattress fits well and the bed is very sturdy.

Excellent bed frame with ample storage. [Brimnes Storage Bed]

Fully appreciating that not everyone was brought up to DIY, I still feel like a lot of these reviews are exaggerated or even a bit embarrassing. Putting the frame together took an hour. One more hour was spent on the storage boxes. For some reason, screwing in the metal bracing was a pain (perhaps the metal was not pre-threaded?) YES, if you are not used to Ikea-style assemblies, this one is pretty involved. But you'll be fine. Take your time following the instructions to make sure you don't have to undo any work. Having a friend to help maneuver the larger pieces into place would definitely help.

I loved this bed until it was time to move [Brimnes Storage Bed]

This bed looked absolutely stunning in my room super spacious what I didn’t like was when it was time to move it. The locks would not unlock the screw on my footboard on one side and on my headboard on one side. So now I’m stuck with a bed that I cannot move to my new place. WHAT A WASTE

If you buy, this be very careful with it. [Brimnes Storage Bed]

This is a decent bed frame, but be careful not to damage any part of it. A drawer was damaged during moving, and they do not offer replacement parts so I have an otherwise fine looking bed frame with a large drawer-shaped hole on one side that I can't do anything about.

Broke - the 'steel' broke not the wood! [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I loved the bed and its features. What I am very unimpressed with is that after 1.5years I had to move the bed and found that the steel support bar in the middle had broken.. not snapped but the steel is bent and torn through. We are an average sized couple. We dont jump on the bed or anything crazy. there is absolutely no reason for this then poor quality. I slept on this bed. It could have been so dangerous if it collapsed with us on it.

This bed boosted my power level: [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I ordered this bed after I read the reviews of how hard it is to make and I was ready for the challenge. It took the bed over two weeks to arrive to my apartment after being delayed, and then when the delivery guys went to unload it one of them passed out and we had to call 911. After all the drama I had the bed, but the second battle was about to begin, assembling it. I was on my own and only had a simple screw driver in hand, but I was not afraid. It took me two full days to assemble the bed on my own. Over 200 screws I hand screwed in myself to the point where I had calousis so strong I could smack a bear into submission. I had pinch my hand so bad I had blood smudges all over the frame of the bed, and dropped so many parts on my foot that my survival instincts numbed my ligaments so I could move forward. After I pushed the last assemble drawer into the bed 48 hours later I was finished, my journey was complete. I slept that night on a bed with no creaks and with my drawers nicely stuffed with all of my belongings. This bed is great I would recommend more people to assemble it, but only if you fear you are too weak to do it on your own.

People Rated This Bed Badly [Brimnes Storage Bed]

Okay so here's the thing. Before I bought this bed I read up a lot on it all the reviews research different beds, pros and cons, etc. I would just like to say and debunk a few things. 1) DO NOT BUILD THIS BED ALONE. In fact don't even build this bed with 2 people. It took me and 3 other family members to build this thing and it took 6 hours, so start early. 2) it is very heavy so I don't even suggest lifting loading and unloading by your self if you buy it in stores. 3) BUILD WITH SOMEONE WHO KNOWS A THING OR TWO. there's a lot the instructions don't tell you but luckily for me, my uncle is a bit of a handyman and a knowledgeable person. His presence was greatly needed because of the fact that there's a lot the directions don't tell you that you need to do to make this bed secure. While saying that you still very very very much need to take your time with building this bed and sort every thing you have to sort. We did everything right on the first try and sorting it made it a lot easier. I also completely cleared out my room when building this is a big bed with ALOT of storage space. 4) there were people saying this bed is impossible to move. I have wood floors can move with with my foot it's not that hard to move. It might be a little harder on carpet. 5) the squeaking. Assuming you made the bed right then its secure and it won't creak. It doesnt even move when i lay down. It creaks you did something wrong. Also it will creak more of you have a box spring because its not designed to have a box spring. 6) And the biggest thing that's been bugging me. People were complaining they didn't know that they had to get the slacks and mid frame. If you go through everything on the website it says the parts are sold separately. And there's even very noticeable orange a sign at least at my location saying you have to go up the alley to get the other parts. Also when in doubt, ask.

Solid bed [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I've had this bed with the Luroy base for over 3 years and it's held up tremendously well. It's structurally sound even after having been taken apart and put back together for a couple of moves and has ample storage space as well. Highly recommended.

Low quality product [Brimnes Storage Bed]

We bought this bed as the first bed in our married life, and it start breaking apart after almost 8 month, one of the drawers is broke, the bed fram itself cannot hold on the weight, and it’s made of wood patches, the screws hole gets bigger in time and finally ine day your mattress will fall and you see that bed couldn’t hold up!!! I love IKEA, but this bed was the biggest mistake!

Great, convenient, and sturdy even at 5 years [Brimnes Storage Bed]

My husband and I bought this bed frame with storage 5 years ago, and it has been perfect. We have even disassembled and reassembled it when we moved into a new home, and it is very solid with plenty of handy storage. We love this bed! :)

The drawers are huge! [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I bought this bed 7 years ago but it did not survive my recent move. I am so sad because this bed is great! I am going to repurchase since it is only $200 (full size without slats which I already own)! Beware the bed is VERY heavy! It can not be moved easily! The drawers alone weigh like 10-15 each.

lot of storage! [Brimnes Storage Bed]

it was a pain to set it up but it was worth it! Just make sure to bring a truck or a car that the back seats can go down. there are three separate pieces, long and kinda wide. I love that it doesn't make nose while your moving on the bed, I love how tall it is.

Don't believe the hate! [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I was eerie about getting this bed because of its ratings and the reviews, but for the price and the awesome IKEA return policy, I decided to get it anyways. I'm SO glad I did. I don't know why everyone was hating on this bed. Sure, it takes some time to put together (about four hours), but you're building a frame with storage, what did you expect? If you wanted it already assembled, then pay for that or go somewhere else. Also, there was a lot of comments about creaking- unfounded. If you put the bed together as directed, there's no creaking. I got the basic platform that lays on top and its great. No complaints. From what I've read the people who knocked this awesome set had wicked high expectations for a $300 bed.

Very disappointed [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I bought this bed a few weeks ago. It was such a pain to put together. There was a piece missing from one of the drawers and not enough screws. I had to go to IKEA to get the missing pieces which is about 2 hours from where I live.The bed makes so much noise when getting in and out. It is also very loud when turning over throughout the night. It sounds as though it is going to break right apart. I will definitely be returning this. This was my first and last time shopping at IKEA.

Very disappointed [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it was just delivered yesterday. Assembling it was a pain. The bed looks nice, but the pieces didn’t fit well and the drawers are absolutely terrible. They fall apart every time they are taken out and are held together by plastic pieces. They scrape every time they are opened as well. They were weird to to put together. The directions for all 4 drawers were the same, but when we put them together we had trouble with the pieces fitting together. Assembling the bed took way longer than expected.

Fell apart [Brimnes Storage Bed]

We have now had this for two years and are very disappointed. A couple of the drawers have broken off the railing. It’s made of particleboard making the screws it comes with easy to wear out over time. The frame has even pulled apart so we tried using long wood screws to pull it back together. Didn’t last. Also it’s EXTREMELY heavy, once in place don’t plan on ever moving it! Not that we could because we bought two and they are both in the same room. Just need to pull it away from wall to clean and you can’t!

Pretty, but very creaky [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I've had this bed for about 2-3 years now. Assembly took some time, but I got it done. Disassembly, however, was a struggle. When I moved into my new apartment, the pieces just didn't lock into place like they used to, but it's structurally sound. I don't think it'll survive another reassembly. The real downside is that this bed is creaky -- embarrassingly creaky! Touch it, it creaks. Look at it, it creaks. Roll over? Sorry, downstairs neighbor.


I wish I had known that we needed to ALSO purchase the Skorva mid support beam for the bed. Also, you need to buy the wooden slats separately as well. THERE IS NO WAY OF KNOWING THIS. So there are 4, NOT 3 boxes to buy for the bed (no headboard). We live 2 hours away from Ikea so had to order the support beam for the slats separately on line. It should be automatically included in the other boxes, but it is not. So be sure to get it with the wooden slats that you will also need. The bed did take about 4 hours to put together (for 2 capable guys), but it looks great and we are excited to put it to use (after we get our support beam in the mail - takes 11 days to ship).

Great Option for a Small Room [Brimnes Storage Bed]

This bed frame does take some time to put together but it was well worth it. I highly recommend two people put this together. One thing I do wish Ikea would do is label the pieces in some way so its not a guessing game. We have a small room and the additional storage drawers are amazing. I would say depending on high you like your bed off the floor, you probably do not need a box spring which is great too. We did upgrade from the basic slatted base based off other reviews. That was a little tedious to put together but the support is great.

Take your time [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I put this bed together last night. It took about 3 1/2 hours. If you are reading this review, don't get into the assembly too fast. TAKE YOUR TIME. I sat and separated the screws for about 10 minutes and checked them off once counted. It makes the process so much easier. Take more than a momentary glance at the instruction diagrams. They are fool proof if you have half a brain and are not rushed. Don't try to force stuff or over tighten. Everything works if you are patient. Once put together it is a solid bed. No squeaks or creaks and my wife LOVES the huge drawers. If you have read this far I should note that I would deduct 1/2 start for one design flaw. The drawers extend from end to end of the bed which means that if you have a night table next to your bed you will not be able to open the drawers at the head of the bed unless you move the other furniture. So we store things in that drawer that only need infrequent access. Great bed! We have a Tuft and Needle mattress and you literally can't even tell when your partner gets in and out of the bed. Hopefully the longevity of the bed is good. But if not it was very inexpensive.

Great but with two small problems. [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I love everything about this bed. But there are two tiny problems with it. If you have a cat, you WILL accidentally trap him/her in it from time to time and they can't get out. Whenever I open a drawer, I have to be 100% certain my cat didn't jump inside to hide. It's happened like 4 times. Second problem is the handles on the drawers. I have scraped my leg several times walking too close to the bed because the drawer handles stick out. I've made new curse words for the pain I've endured. Other than that, love the size and space it provides.

Some disappointments [Brimnes Storage Bed]

The product looks like it’s made of cheap material, the slats make it very difficult to put a mattress on, as they shift with every movement and you break your back trying to adjust a queen mattress on.

It's what I wanted but I really hate it [Brimnes Storage Bed]

This was my first Ikea furniture purchase, my first Ikea purchase ever. I saw it in store not online so I didn't get to see any reviews. This was, like everyone else has said, a complete and total pain to put together. It took us a day and a half. The directions NEED WORDS. I'm sorry but just having pictures, very vague and not really clear at all pictures is not enough. It took us several tries to figure out which connection went to which drawer. The instructions are not good at all. To figure out how to make the slates stay I had to youtube it instead. I should've returned it the moment I was walking to my car and a woman stopped me in the parking lot to literally tell me, "Good luck putting it together!" I should've returned it right then! I still want to return but the amount of literal blood, sweat, and tears that went into building this bed won't let me. I loved the Ikea store. Everyone was so nice and everything was put together beautifully. I will most likely NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE EVER buy any furniture from them without paying for someone to put it together. I am so disappointed in the directions and I was beyond naive to think it would go smoothly. It's what I wanted but every time I walk in and see the bed, I almost get war flashbacks of the process. It's what I wanted but I hate it all the same.

Great Bed! [Brimnes Storage Bed]

I bought this bed last week and despite the many reviews about the assembly being horribly long and painful... my husband and I put this bed together in about 3.5-4 hours. Neither of us are very handy. We did use a power drill so that helped a lot. The storage is awesome. The only downside is that we decided to use our box spring instead of getting slats and literally the bed comes up to my chest and I have to do a running jump to get on the bed. So back to Ikea this weekend to get the slats! But other than that it feels super sturdy and assembly was a breeze. Love it. Thanks Ikea!

Nice looking and a ton of storage! [Brimnes Storage Bed]

Bought the full size frame for my daughter to replace her twin bed set. This thing takes a while to put together so be prepared to take a break at some point. For assembly a regular philips #2 works just fine. I recommend the use of a corded or cordless drill with adjustable torque chuck or a cordless 1/4” impact driver set to the lowest setting, there are a ton of screws. I used a Milwaukee 1/4” impact driver set to ‘1’ and released the trigger after the first or second click, zero stripped screws and no need to further tighten anything.

my kids love their new beds! [Songesand Storage Bed]

Nice beds, great storage underneath. Assembling wasn't bad either. Ok actually my husband assembled it but he said it was OK. and the kids love them! Just need to see if these beds can withstand my kids :)

Great bed [Songesand Storage Bed]

I bought this for my 20 yr old 6ft 4in tall college son. He loves the bed! Fits his tall height and extra storage is a bonus!

Love [Songesand Storage Bed]

I bought this for my daughter and it works perfectly. I wanted something she would be able to grow with and have for a while and this is perfect. Assembly was easy, did it by myself.

Very Nice Looking [Songesand Storage Bed]

A very attractive, sturdy bed frame!

Easy breezy and practical [Songesand Storage Bed]

This is a nice looking, easy to set up twin size bed that also provides storage! Win win WIN! Very affordable too. A perfect solution for our grad student daughter...

Grandson Loved It!!! [Songesand Storage Bed]

We bought this bed for our grandson because he moved out of his toddler bed. He loved it!

Worth it! [Songesand Storage Bed]

This bed turned out perfect for my younger children. It is great quality and very well made.

Great quality [Songesand Storage Bed]

I bought this bed for my kids and I love it I really recommend for toddlers

Worst experience ever!! [Hemnes Storage Bed]

I purchased this bed frame online. The drop down selection for the bed base gave 4 options. I wasn't sure which one to select so I called IKEA and spoke to a representative who said the Espevar base is the best for what I was looking for (a high bed). No where in the product information did it state cushions were needed. We received the bed and assembled and noticed the instruction manual showed 2 cushions to set on the slats. I emailed Ikea thinking they did not ship but was told this wasn't purchased and it would be an additional $80! I was not expecting this additional charge so I called Ikea to see if I can return since we had already thrown away the boxes. The rep reviewed the account and said it looks like 2 separate beds were purchased. I asked why online says this base is needed but she could not answer any of my questions. Ikea reps need more education and training and the online service should be set up better providing thorough details and necessary items that need to be included. I now have to find a way to return these items. I don't own a truck and I had already paid for shipping on something that did not even belong on this bed. I am very upset and will never purchase from Ikea again after this horrible experience.

Well made and great features! [Hemnes Storage Bed]

This was purchased about 3 weeks ago. We decided to pay the extra for delivery and setup-great call. The delivery team of 5 had the unit up and assembled in under an hour. We also purchased the under bed storage units which my husband was able to easily assemble. Love it!

Great bed! [Slakt Storage Bed]

We bought this for my teenage daughter. Great quality, convenient storage and stylish!

Great bed [Slakt Storage Bed]

I bought 2 of these for my pre-teen daughters. The quality is great and will hopefully last thru high school. The drawers are a great size and the cubbie is a great feature as well. It took about 2 hours to put together. They are very satisfied with their new beds and so am I.

Well designed! [Slakt Storage Bed]

It is very elegant and sturdy.

Slates not included as indicated online!!!! [Slakt Storage Bed]

We purchased 2 of these beds only to find out once we got home that the slates are not included!!!! At the store IKEA indicated this product was 4 boxes total but online it indicates it is 5 boxes and the slates were included. They were not!!! We live 2 hours away & will have to go to a hardware store to pick up slates. Very disappointed in this huge discrepancy and also disappointed that we have to spend more money just to make the bed usable. IKEA this needs to be corrected ASAP! Also, the option on which direction to place the head board isn’t clear initially in the instructions.

There are 5 boxes [Slakt Storage Bed]

Did click and collect since that is the only way to shop right now. They missed the box with the headboard. Of course now it's past time that customer service phones are open. So hopefully it'll get sorted out. You'd think they'd have some sort of way to indicate to employees and customers how many boxes they should be picking up. So buyer beware - there are 5 boxes that you need. 3 stars as this mistake is average performance with IKEA now.

Great storage but too high [Slakt Storage Bed]

We bought 2 and my kids love their new beds (ages 6 and 8). My husband and I decided to build them on two separate days to not overwhelm ourselves. First one took about 3.5 hours- we are not handy at all and second one took closer to 3 hrs. Instructions booklet is pretty thick due do several options depending on what side you want the drawers/headboard footboard so please take your time in finding out which would work for your room. We followed two separate instructions for our beds. It’s nice that the screws are bagged in 4 sections and instructions let you know once you need to open the next bag of screws. Instructions were ok to follow but to be a bit more helpful, it would be nice if they would also label the wood pieces with letter or numbers to identify them quicker and easier, we were slow to identify and spent too much time counting the holes and making sure the holes matched the picture. Drawers seem sturdy and slide very smoothly and very spacious!-however I am being cautious and not overfilling them. Slats that come with the bed worked for us, my son had no issue but I also bought my mattress outside of IKEA (8inch gel) and this also caused the bed to be a bit higher than the picture. But the bed sits pretty high on its own so just be mindful. Overall we are very happy with the beds that we may get another one for my older son- he loved his brothers new beds.

Sturdy with Plenty of Storage [Slakt Storage Bed]

I am so impressed with this bed! Assembly was easy/straightforward. Took about 2.5 hrs. The end result definitely exceeded my expectations! It’s sturdy, the drawers work perfectly and have plenty of storage room. This is for my 10 year old daughter and I’m confident it will last her until she leaves home.

Great amount of storage! [Slakt Storage Bed]

The drawers are big and spacious. We can fit a lot of clothes in there. We love it, but most importantly our daughter loves it!

Big roomy drawers [Slakt Storage Bed]

Lots of space in the drawers

Slakt bed fits the needs! [Slakt Storage Bed]

My granddaughter's transiting from the toddler bed to a big bed. There room is small and shared with another child. It works out great for all.

Great minimalist bed [Slakt Storage Bed]

Got this for my seventeen year old daughter. She loves that she can have less furniture in her room because of storage and shelves. She’s into the very minimum. She put it together problem.

Buyer Beware [Slakt Storage Bed]

This is definitely one of IKEA's more poorly conceived and poorly executed products. Apparently, their employees can't even figure it out. It was not on display at the Burbank store so we asked for help with making sure we had what we needed. An employee gave us a list of all the parts/boxes--so he said--but he didn't realize the slats had to be purchased separately. This bed is NOT USABLE unless you buy the Leroy slats despite what the title bedframe w/storage and slatted bedbase would suggest. (It comes with the storage so why not the slats?) I'd read the reviews so thankfully I knew to ask for them. However, apparently the Leroy slats come in more than one size under the same name though this is not obvious even to Ikea's employees. Ikea Burbank sent us home with the WRONG ones. Not a big deal for some but exchanging the slats means a 4-hour roundtrip drive for us and until then, the bed is totally useless. And of course, Ikea customer service refuses to do anything to fix the problem. You should also know that the instructions in the box are not as clear as other Ikea furniture. There's multiple ways to assemble this bed and each version starts on a different page.

Tall bed, options for building, happy child [Slakt Storage Bed]

I can’t speak for longevity yet, because we just built this tonight for our 9 year old. The screws come in 4 bags so it makes it easier to keep them sorted. The bed gives you directions to build it with the drawers facing left or right and with the shelves at the headboard or footboard so you can really build it to fit your space (so it basically hs four sets of directions. Just take a minute to make sure you are following the one you want because it is a bit confusing. Just flip through all the directions before you start and you will get it). It seems sturdy (sturdier than my daughter’s Malm) and took my husband and I about 2 hours to build. Our 9 and 6 year old children “helped” us so it would have been a little faster had we not had the extra help. Like the picture on the website, it is nice and high off the ground, taller than the other bed in this series. Make sure you get the bed slats. We just put my son’s regular mattress on the top (it is not an Ikea mattress, but a regular 6 inch twin mattress) and it fits just fine. He is one happy kid tonight.

Solid bed but challenging assembly [Slakt Storage Bed]

I bought this bed for my son, to give him some extra storage. As far as the product goes, it delivers. Its solid, has plenty of storage. However, this is a very challenging build. Think of this like a very big lego set. I'm pretty used to putting ikea stuff together, paying very close attention to the details like where the holes line up, and which side of a board is up. It's very complicated, and when you start to build the frame, you have no idea which way things go for quite a while, which slows progress. Then there's all of the screws. Literally there has to be about 250 screws on this thing. If you don't have a lightweight cordless screw driver, I'd not recommend buying this, you'll surely suffer from arthritis trying to drive all the screws in by hand. Even with a power driver calibrated carefully so as not to strip any of the holes, building this bed took me two days, probably around 5 hours. My recommendation besides the power driver...make sure you have plenty of time..maybe a few beers or something to mellow you out. Otherwise, frustration will take over. But if you persevere, you will end up with a solid piece. Good luck!

Do not buy [Slakt Storage Bed]

We purchased qty.2 of the SLAKT beds online. Instructions told us to verify that parts had been received, and based on the part numbers on the boxes we did in fact receive the correct items. HOWEVER, once we tried to assemble the beds we noticed that the holes drilled into the headboard AND footboard DID NOT MATCH the layout of the holes on the instruction manual (they were spaced much further apart in the manual) and therefore, the bed could not be assembled as instructed. Furthermore, we tried to assemble one of the side panels of the bed and the locking pins that are meant to hold the two panels together were TOO SHORT, so the screws could not hold the panels together. This bed absolutely could not be assembled. I called IKEA to return the items and was told a case number would be created and that someone would contact me to schedule a pickup. Photos were sent to prove that there was indeed an issue in the MANUFACTURING of this bed, and yet I received only a generic reply that returns could be accepted in-store (and still refused at their discretion). There is a reason we ordered online... we live 6+ hours from the closest IKEA store. Incredibly dissatisfied with the quality and customer service (or lack there of). $600 out the door. Do not buy this bed - you'll only be returning it to the store shortly thereafter.

Perfect for small NYC apartment [Slakt Storage Bed]

Was very worried this would look too childlike for an adult's apartment, but it works wonderfully. It added much needed storage. I'd like to suggest to IKEA this be made in a queen bed size as well!

This bed is very high! [Slakt Storage Bed]

These are nice beds with storage but be aware that they are MUCH higher than they appear and higher than a normal bed. They are not the same height as the Sklat bed with the trundle or Sklat with 3 rolling boxes underneath. Also, if you buy the higher-quality Lonset bed slats, the top of the slats will be flush with the top of the sides of the bed, so your mattress will be sitting on top - it won’t sink into the sides at all. There is no option to have the mattress sit lower as with some other IKEA beds. If you buy this bed, I suggest the Luvoy slats which sit a little lower, as well as a thinner mattress. And a stool!

Mirror image of what is shown [Slakt Storage Bed]

Good solid bed my son likes it but had to completely rearrange the room he shares with his brother to get the bed into the proper orientation. Drawers and shelves are on the opposite side from the one shown

Good sturdy bed [Slakt Storage Bed]

We bought the bed for our son that's 11. It was our first time ordering online from Ikea and was a good experience. Everything that we needed was there. It took a a few hours to assemble only because it had many pieces to put together. The end result turn out great with no issues! Very pleased

Fine looking but very large and tedious to assemble bed

I have assembled many Ikea bed frames and other furniture. This one took HOURS to assemble. The extra storage means it is useful for tight spaces, but you will therefore find it very hard to assemble in a tight spot. The headboard is quite sturdy but I was astonished to see it does not attach to the bed. It is designed to be affixed to a wall, and then the bed placed next to it. Not great for rented accommodation! The drawers are v large and the bed decent looking, with a few improvements for sturdiness, but this was a real pain to assemble.


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