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Ikea Platform Bed Reviews

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IKEA offers a variety of platform beds, including both twin sized options and larger full, queen, and king sizes. Their platform beds include designs that use either painted wood and also raw wood options. At prices that are much lower than many other online and in-store competitors, IKEA has wide popularity from customers. However, there are many that had issues with assembly and durability over time. We'll go through their options below...

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Material Quality: 8.3/10

Design Options: 8.2/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

Price: $39-$869

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Ikea Platform Bed Details

IKEA's platform beds include those with and without storage offerings. If you are interested in platform beds with storage, see our IKEA storage bed review guide. Their platform beds use mostly wooden veneer with particleboard interiors, and also raw wood options with recent additions offering more options with upholstery. While there are some styles that people like, others complain about the style elements being too basic for some design choices.

For sleepers that are looking for something stylish and long term, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options. Below we'll go through IKEA's options and discuss which get the best scores from customers on assembly and durability.

Quality of Materials

IKEA is best known for their no-word instruction manuals and no-tool required assembly guides. While most report simple assembly, there are some that have issues with set up -- with issues ranging from missplaced pre-drilled holes to missing components. While this is rare, there are others that describe issues with durability and weight threshold issues.

IKEA Twin Bed Frames

IKEA offers multiple platform bed designs specific to the twin sized mattress. These come in both an unfinished or a painted look.

The first option is a more premium design. Here is what's inside the Hemnes Twin Bed Frame:

Coming in three color options -- black-brown, dark grey, and white, the Hemnes bed frame is a wooden platform bed that comes in twin-size only, which makes it ideal for children or solo adults. The bed frame is made from solid, recycled pine with a veneer of either beech or birch. Overall, customers find these beds to be simple to assemble, but there are some that had issues with durability and construction.

The next twin sized option from IKEA is the Malm Platform Bed:

The Malm is a bit more basic in terms of construction, with particleboard and fiberboard as the primary materials. It comes with multiple different painted veneer options -- like grey, brown ash, black-brown, and white. Most customers like the affordability of this bed, but some described issues with wobbliness and stability with the platform construction.

The next twin sized option from IKEA is the Songesand Bed Frame:

The Songesand bed frame is a great option for those that are looking for something simple but with a traditional style. It comes in two colors -- brown and white, and has particleboard and fiberboard as its primary materials. While most like the design and style of this platform bed, there were some that had issues with the assembly.

The next twin sized option from IKEA is the Hauga Bed Frame:

The Hauga bed frame offers an upholstered look in beige or grey, perfect for a child's room. Starting well below $200, customers have good things to say about the price. The materials include particleboard, synthetic blend upholstery, and lumber veneer, which will be ideal for a temporary solution.

The last twin sized option from IKEA is the Grimsbu Bed Frame:

The Grimsbu is a simple bed frame, found under $100. It offers a powder-coated steel frame and layer-glued slats, which is ideal for minimalists. The frame is ideal for folks on a strict budget, but there could be some issues with noise and durability for some.

IKEA Queen & King Bed Frames

IKEA's platform beds for full, queen, and king size mattresses offer more style options, while still boasting a superior price point than many other options.

For those looking for a traditional style, IKEA offers the Tyssedal Platform Bed:

The Tyssedal bed frame offers a farmhouse look with white painted birch and particleboard, and layer glued slats. While most customers have good things to say, there are reported issues with the slat durability and positioning.

The next option is an untreated wood frame. Here is what's inside the Tarva Bed Frame:

The Tarva offers a solid untreated pine look with a slatted headboard section. The bed frame is made out of renewable solid pine and reinforced with galvanized steel. Most customers found this platform bed optimal for their space. However, there were some that had issues with collapsing frames in some instances.

For those looking for a similar look with slightly better reviews, here is what's inside the Neiden Platform Bed:

The Neiden is another untreated wooden option with a simple design that offers solid pine construction with an untreated finish. With a simple headboard, which offers one wooden row as the headboad, most customers like this platform bed. However, there are a few dissenters that were disappointed with assembly.

The next bed frame that they offer is a stained wooden style. Here is what's inside the Trysil Platform Bed:

The Trysil platform bed has a mid-century modern look to it, with a deep walnut color palatte and a high wooden headboard. The frame is made of a particleboard and reinforced with steel brackets. While most customers like the design, there are some that had issues with the assembly and the structural design.

The next bed frame that they offer is a simple wooden style. Here is what's inside the Björksnäs Platform Bed:

The Björksnäs offers a bohemian and contemporary style with attached pillows as a headboard. The rest of the bed frame is birch, top-grain leather, and layer glued slats. Customers have good things to say mostly, but there are some complaints about the pillow feel being too scratchy and the look being worse in-person.

IKEA's next design is more traditional and rustic. Here is what's inside the Sagstua Platform Bed:

The Sagstua offers a powdered steel frame with a classic style. In addition to the steel, there is brass-colored details and layer-glued slats. Customers overwhelmingly have good things to say about this frame, but there were some complaints about the brass painted accents and some may find durability issues with the slats in some cases.

The next option offers a rattan headboard. Here is what's inside the Delaktig Platform Bed:

The Delaktig offers natural fibers in their rattan headboard, with poplar plywood. The rest of the frame is made of aluminum, steel, and layer glued slats. This design offers a minimalist style with not so much data on customer feedback at this time.

The following option is a four-poster bed frame. Here is what's inside the Yttervåg Platform Bed:

The Yttervåg bed frame comes with either gray-brown or black wood styles. The bed frame is solid pine with acrylic paint and layer glued slats, and a look that blends modern with medieval. While the design is intriguing, there isn't much data from customers on quality.

The next option has very similar designs to other popular mid-century modern style frames. Here is what's inside the Idanäs Platform Bed:

The Idanäs is upholstered in a dark grey particleboard, polyurethane foam, and polyster fabric. The feet are solid wood and there is an included slatted base. Customers like the style of this bed frame overall but with less customer feedback.

The next design offers an ultra-modern whimsical upholstered design. Here is what's inside the Tufjord Platform Bed:

The Tufjord comes in a dark green or bluish grey upholstery option with steel feet and glued slats. Most really appreciate this frame, but there were some complaints about perceived upholstery quality.

The following design comes in a light green upholstery. Here is what's inside the Vadheim Platform Bed:

The Vadheim bed frame comes with powder-coated steel feet and a light green upholstered frame made of polyester, steel, fiberboard, and polyurethane foam. With a rounded headboard, the design is quirky and modern. There isn't much data from customers on this particular design.

The next option comes with a white powder-coated classic, farmhouse style. Here is what's inside the Leirvik Platform Bed:

The Leirvik offers a romantic, classical look with curved steel in a white coat. The slats are layer glued with eucalyptus, pine veneer, and adhesive resin. There are some complaints about this bed frame with the most common being issues with squeakiness and wobbliness.

The next option offers a very basic design. Here is what's inside the Gursken Platform Bed:

The Gursken offers a laminated veneer particleboard design with layer-glued wood veneer slats. While there isn't much customer data on this bed frame, similar designs have been reported to have issues with durability.

Lastly, the most expensive platform bed option comes with added upholstering. Here is what's inside the Kvalfjord Platform Bed:

The Kvalfjord comes with a large upholstered headboard with one color option -- grey. The structural parts of the frame are steel with particleboard feet accents. Overall it is a higher end piece without many reviews due to its high price.

Who Are IKEA Platform Beds Right For?

IKEA platform beds are ideal for those that want extremely affordable designs and don't mind the risk of faster durability problems than other furniture brands. For those looking for more design options and a longer outlook for durability, see our List of Top Rated Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Ikea Platform Bed Customer Reviews

Great find [HEMNES]

It’s just what my daughter wanted! It looks great in her space. Just as pictured, as expected. No complaints, I’d buy again.

Beautiful perfect bed for my 4 year old granddaughter [HEMNES]

This bed was easy to put together! It’s sturdy and strong and beautiful in my granddaughters bedroom!!!

Great bed! [HEMNES]

Our 2 1/2 year old loves her new big girl bed ! Very sturdy and made of solid wood too . I put it together all by myself . Wasnt hard to do at all !

Awesome [HEMNES]

I bought 3 of these for my boys.. they love them. Easy to assemble, sturdy and would buy them again.

Strong and durable [HEMNES]

Very good quality strong and good wood very happy good price easy assembly. Recommended .

nice bed for small spaces [HEMNES]

Mother in law needed a smaller bed for a small room, she loves it!

Love! [HEMNES]

Bought this for my daughters toddler bed. she loves her big girl bed. this is low enough without a box spring to be ok.

Perfect Size and easy to assemble [HEMNES]

I bought this a month ago for my eldery Father and it’s perfect. Just the right height with his mattress. It fits perfectly in his room. We put it together in no time. Great single bed for anyone!

Love these beds! [HEMNES]

After having a queen size hemnes for several years I bought two twin size for my boys. They are sturdy beds and don’t squeak at all. I wonder if the people who have issues with these beds put them together improperly. We have been very happy with ours and just bought another for our vacation rental!

Just what I needed [HEMNES]

Was looking for a twin bed to put in a nursery. It was easy to assemble, looks great, love it.

Lovely bed [HEMNES]

Once you remember to look at the pictures, count holes and double check everything it is really easy to put together. We didn’t and put the headboard on back to front. Ugh. Fixed it though.

We bought this to be [MALM]

We bought this to be a big girl bed for our 3 yr old. She loves it! It is nice and sturdy as well!

Coolest color bed [MALM]

Very simple and minimalist bed. Great for storage underneath and can use any colorful blankets on bed!

Super Cute Bed [MALM]

I bought this bed for my little girl and she loves it! It was quick and easy to assemble with two people.

Great bed [MALM]

It was a little complicated to build. It can be built to have the mattress sit up high as in the photo, or low so that the mattress is nearly flush with the frame. Unfortunately, I built it flush, which makes changing the sheets less easy. I'd suggest building it on the higher settings.

Perfect for the purpose and the price [MALM]

I need a twin size storage bed to use in a very small space for a couple of years. This bed is easy to assemble, sturdy, attractive, and has ample underbed storage. I plan to make drawer dividers to keep contents organized. A small trade-off for a good bed at a great price.

Nice purchase [MALM]

I bought this bed it had so many pieces which it was not necessary. The slats are separate so u have to buy that they should be all sold together. But the bed came out nice after it was put together u can lower it or have it high for the matress it took about 4 hours to put together had to look at a video to put the slats in because the instructions was not understandable.

Nice and clean design [MALM]

This bed is very nice, clean simple design and that's exactly what I looked for my kids room. I love when the room is simple and relaxing. Easy to build

Great Bed but.... [MALM]

Ive assembled other furniture. Something didnt seem to go smoothly with this assembly. Once I got to the bolts you twist to lock the screw it would not engage as expected. I ended up using some long wood screws to ensure the bedframe stayed connected. The bed is just want my daughter wanted which is always a plus. Just wished the assembly went smoother

Love This Bed [MALM]

I LOVE this bed. I bought this bed in black when my son was 3. He is almost 8 and the bed is still in excellent shape. I'm about to purchase the bed in white for my 4 year old daughter. I have a 2 year old and I'll be getting one for him in about a year.

Awesome feature that blends in well with the room. [MALM]

My son was head over heels in excitement over his new bed.

Beds are holding up [MALM]

Purchased two last month. The assembly was not difficult. So far nothing has required further tightening. Did note that the screws included did not fit well into the holes for the slats.

Teenager perfect! [SONGESAND]

Perfect bed for my thirteen year old daughter. Love the storage!

Space Saving [SONGESAND]

It's pretty nice and my daughter was able to put it together. All in all it was a pretty good deal.

Decent bed for the price [SONGESAND]

My son loves the bed. Did not take long to put together. And I did it by myself. Live the storage and the color is awesome.

It’s good to have and [SONGESAND]

It’s good to have and it help to organize my kids room the under bed storage super useful.

Several improvements have been made [SONGESAND]

Several improvements have been made on the already user-friendly IKEA engineering & assembly materials & method. This bed looks great & the storage drawers roll nicely.

Defected headboard! [SONGESAND]

I purchased 2 of these beds for my girl's. I ordered it in the end of February and didn't receive it until May 7th... all that time just to get a headboard that is defective! I still have not received another headboard as of today! The bed is a nice look, the drawers do not go in and out easy at all. Please send me my freaking headboard!

Nice, comfortable and easy to [SONGESAND]

Nice, comfortable and easy to connect all parts

my daughter loves it and looks grewat [SONGESAND]

Bought this for my daughter to give her more of a older looking bedroom. She loves her new bed and the drawers underneath are great for storage. Was super easy to put together too.

Horrible bed!!!!!!! [SONGESAND]

This is a piece of garbage never saw a bed mDe like this my son is only 85 pounds this almost break his head. Call IKEA a million times they said they need it to open a claim and it passes 7 days I’m still waiting for a call to do something about it horrible horrible horrible don’t buy it bed if u want to keep you kids safe!!!!!

Great quality for the price! [SONGESAND]

It is a very sturdy bed. It was a little time consuming to put together, but so far we love it! The storage drawers are larger than expected!

Songesand bed with storage [SONGESAND]

Beautiful twin bed for a growing child

Looks good for the money. [SONGESAND]

Great value. The only problem is the twin has drawers in one side and the other side is open. They should at least put a flat side on it or offer smaller depth drawers.

Perfect twin beds [SONGESAND]

Perfect twin beds for my guest room in a beach cottage. I bought the drawers too...they are terrific storage and pull out smoothly. I had TaskRabbit put it together and they had no problems. Will see how they hold up over time...

Attractive Bed [SONGESAND]

The bed came together quickly and we appreciated the ability to adjust for different sized mattresses. The one drawback is that I keep banging myself on the corners when I walk around the foot of the bed.


We are very happy with this product.

Perfect bed for my grandson. [SONGESAND]

We are very pleased with this bed. Great value for the cost. Heavy duty and looks great! Use care when putting together since it is wrapped fiber board.


Looks great. Love the extra storage under the bed.

Beautiful bed [SONGESAND]

Excellent product! Very reliable Easy to assemble

Cute bed! [SONGESAND]

So cute! Nice heavy quality. Not too difficult to assemble. Love the drawers!

Hauga bed [HAUGA]

it is very nice. Nice color to it, easy to adjust and perfect height.

Simple and sensible [HAUGA]

It looks nice and has tons of room underneath. Definitely a smart buy and an obvious upgrade from my old metal bed frame.

Besy price [GRIMSBU]

I bought it for My daughter, she very like it. It looks very weak at first glance, but is actually very sturdy. We are happy with this product

Nice and efficient [GRIMSBU]

Bought it for my son, who wanted a minimalist bed frame which was low profile. He loves it.

Itty bitty [GRIMSBU]

I purchased this bed for my daughter. Once assembled I didn’t(still don’t) like the height of the bed. It’s very low The “headboard “ is very low and can only put a 10” or lower mattress so that the head board would be seen. I like it because it’s metal and it’ll last longer than wood beds. It does come with Wood plats to go under the mattress. For the price it’s amazing just need to be higher

Beautiful, sturdy bed [TYSSEDAL]

This bed is beautiful, very sturdy, easy to put together and looks beautiful in my beachfront cottage

Decent Bed [TYSSEDAL]

Oh.. my... freaking .... god! The headboard is horrible trying to put it together. And I’ve put together a lot of ikea furniture by myself. The holes don’t seem to line up with the screws and anchors. Luckily after flipping it on its side, putting my whole body weight on it with my mom, and just flipping it some more... it magically set into place. Once that is done with the bed is very easy to put together. It’s pretty too! Just make sure you have two or three strong people to help it it together... and maybe a rubber mallet.

Beautiful [TYSSEDAL]

This is a beautiful bed, very sturdy the headboard is quite heavy, I needed help lifting. If possible have someone assist assembling the bed. Other than that fairly easy to assemble.

Love the bed. But there are some issues. [TYSSEDAL]

I think this is a great-looking bed and I'm really excited about getting it set up in my daughter's room! I can't vouch for how sturdy it's going to be, though, because one of the metal pins that attaches one of the legs is supposed to have threads at one end (like all the other included pins) and it is smooth... threadless. So it's not going to be usable, and will make the structure weaker in one corner. I wanted to try to contact customer service to ask if we could get a spare pin, but the website sends me around in circles and doesn't give me the option to email someone about this issue. The next issue that customer service should be aware of is that I paid extra to have this delivered and waited a month because I live about an hour from the IKEA store. Included with my delivery were parts of someone else's order, who actually lives 5 minutes from the store! Rather than be sent around in circles with customer service again, I just looked the customer up on facebook and she came to my house to pick the items up. If her order had gone to a less honest person, she'd be missing some doors and shelves to a cabinet she purchased and would be VERY unhappy.

Great bed [TYSSEDAL]

I bought this a month ago and I find it great! Easy to assemble and affordable

Sturdy bed [TYSSEDAL]

Sturdy bed, followed instructions on how to put it together, needed help only with the headboard, its a bit on the heavy side other than that assembly is straight forward. Very happy with my purchase, will be purchasing a second one for the guest bedroom.

Love this bed! [TYSSEDAL]

Let me preface this by saying this is the first piece of furniture I have ever bought from IKEA. The comments had me terrified to put it together, but with the help of my dad and boyfriend, it wasn’t an issue at all. As long as you take your time and follow the directions, you won’t have any issues! I love this bed and am very happy with my purchase.

Bed slats falling [TYSSEDAL]

I really like this bed, however it took my brother and his friend about 3 hours to assemble. I have 10-15 pieces of IKEA furniture and have never had this much problem with assembly. Then if I don’t climb on the bed just right (it’s high and I’m an older big woman) the slats slide and fall off on the bottom! UGH! Any suggestions??

Worst IKEA experience ever [TYSSEDAL]

I have put together many IKEA pieces without problems, but this one was awful. The specific issue was the headboard, holes did not line up so there was no way it was going to go together. I had this delivered and it would be an 8 hour drive to return it, so this bed will go into the garbage. Thanks IKEA.

Beautiful simple bed frame [TYSSEDAL]

I bought this frame approximately a month ago, but only put it together within the last week. I am very familiar with assembling IKEA products and this was very easy to put together. Only took me about an hour, even assembling by myself. When looking for a bed frame, I was in search of something simple in design and white in color, as it is being used at my beach home. This frame checked all of my must haves! I am very happy with my choice. I possibly even have my mother in law interested in buying one for her room at the beach house. I highly recommend!!

You CANT do it yourself [TYSSEDAL]

I bought this bedframe yesterday, looked so beautiful and simple. However ttying to build it was a nightmare. There is an overwhelming amount of pieces and some of the holes were not aligned or placed correctly which is why the pieces wouldn’t assemble. Really disappointed with this product and with Ikeas claim that “you can build it yourself”

Sturdy Frame Difficult Assembly [TYSSEDAL]

I bought this bed to replace the Leirvik bed I bought a few years ago that was too wobbly. Im happy to say this bed is well made and sturdy. It looks great and is elegant and simple. I really like that it didn't have a tall footboard. Biggest issue is this bed's headboard is EXTREMELY difficult to put together. It took me over an hour just to put the headboard pieces together, and the assembly process caused minor damage to the pieces. Once it was actually finally put together, it looks great, but I would rate this as most definitely the single most frustrating piece of furniture I've ever had to put together, so be sure to have like two or three people there to help.

Great bed! [TYSSEDAL]

I did a LOT of research on all of the ikea bed frames, and after reading all the reviews I decided that this bed frame was the best quality. I ended up getting a step up higher on the bed frame for more stability, it was worth the extra bit of money. Haven’t had any issues with the bed it is very sturdy and doesn’t squeak or move.

Great bed and worth the price!!! [TYSSEDAL]

This is the first time I am writing a review for a product that I bought. I researched for a while on all the beds that IKEA had and could not decide on one. Then somehow I had missed to check on this one which had great reviews with no issues. I finally got it a week ago and this bed like the others say is very study and does not make any creaking sounds. Installation was easy with instructions and with someone to assist. I really love the look, style, and material of the this bed. It is a bit pricey than the other beds IKEA has, but you get what you pay for. You will not be disappointed by it. I am very glad with the choice I made and do not regret a bit!!

Very sturdy, beautiful [TYSSEDAL]

This bed is super solid, heavy and amazingly supportive. It doesn't move, it doesn't squeak and totally worth the money. Love this bed. I do appreciate the options on where you want the mattress to lay, higher or lower within the frame. Go for it!

Great Bed for the Price [TYSSEDAL]

Bought this King Size bed as a reasonably priced alternative for a summer home. Assembled pretty quickly, less than 2 hours. It is pretty sturdy. We used our existing box springs (double twins) from original mattress store years ago, and bought an IKEA mattress to sit on the box springs. We did not purchase the bed slats. Old Box springs and New mattress Fits perfectly on supplied center rail.

Excellent choice [TARVA]

Easy to assemble, and confortable

I"m Getting better putting things [TARVA]

I'm Getting better putting things together. I know now that if there is any parts screws, ect. you missed something.

Great Bed Frame [TARVA]

As far as you can rate a bed frame, my daughter really likes it

RR - Queen bed frame (Tarva) [TARVA]

Solid, easy to assemble and good quality. Delivery was made as scheduled.

Exactly what I wanted [TARVA]

Sturdy bed, easy to put together, but some holes were smaller, and had to adjust them to fit the screws. minimalist style which I love, but can also be versatile, and can be styled into any other look you may want to go for.

Nice Full size bed frame [TARVA]

Just what we need. Perfect for my son..!

Nice but extremely simple [TARVA]

We knew it would be basic’s a little more basic then we realized until we set it up. Extremely low to the ground and maybe could use a little more sanding to make it more furniture like

Minimalist [TARVA]

I love that this bed comes as exposed wood, if it gets dirty or roughed up it’s so easy to add paint to make it look new again.

Loved It But.... [TARVA]

We loved this piece of furniture. It was not difficult to put together. Unfortunately the night we put it together we lost our home to a fire so we were not able to enjoy it’s use. We also lost the IKEA bed, mattress and all bed linens that we had just bought. In fact we lost all things IKEA in the fire. 😢

Love this bed [TARVA]

Love this bed! Excellent price, looks great. Assembly took a few hours.

Great piece of furniture, great price! [TARVA]

I have purchased 3 of there in twin size for my kids and they loved them. Solid piece of furniture and easy to put together. I just bought this queen size one for my oldest for his apartment and he gives it a 5 thumbs up. These beds have no wiggle to them. They give you a solid base for a solid night sleep.

Sturdy [TARVA]

Good sturdy bed does the job looking clean and tidy. It was a bit of work putting together and well worth it. It is low to the floor.

Tarva bed [TARVA]

The bed is pretty simple to assemble if you know how to use a screwdriver and a hammer but once you get it together the bed is pretty strong and will hold together if tighten correctly,pretty solid for a cheap buck

It Snapped in Half and Almost Killed My Cat [TARVA]

I bought this bedframe in September and it was perfectly acceptable until tonight when it the support beans and headboard snapped in half causing the metal support bar to slam into our floor directly where our cats sleep at night. If it had happened two hours later I can’t imagine what would have happened. Do not under any circumstances use this product, it lacks structural integrity.

Perfect for what it is [NEIDEN]

If you need a basic bed (that could possibly be updated at some point with a little paint), this is it. It’s easy to assemble, comfy, and sturdy. 100

We bought it and painted [NEIDEN]

We bought it and painted it black. Honestly we haven't even put it together yet. But I can't wait to do so and redecorate my daughters room

Solid bed, unbeatable value [NEIDEN]

The shipping cost as much as the bed, but it still cost a hundreds less for similar quality modern wood bed frame. The item was not difficult for me to assemble, but the instructions do recommend having two people to make it easier. I am basically three people so it went by extremely fast. :-D

Need better instructons, pictures too [NEIDEN]

Need better instructons, pictures too confusing, too many pieces but overall it's very nice. It makes the room pop. Recommend some of the little pieces be pre-assembled. Good quality especially for the price.

Great low profile beds! [NEIDEN]

I bought two of these beds for a large slanted-wall attic bedroom. I stained them, using two colors to match current wood blinds and the result is really great. They sit lower than what I replaced, so I was able to tuck them into the slanted wall and there's still plenty of space for adult or child sleeper! Instructions were relatively easy and there were no missing fastener pieces. I picked them up at the store curbside, so can't speak to delivery. They are strong and sturdy!

More sturdy than it looks! [NEIDEN]

I have to admit, when my daughter chose this (full) bed, I was a bit skeptical of its strength. However, after we put it together and got the mattress on, I am super happy with it. I must admit, after putting a LOT of IKEA furniture together, this one, as simple In design as it is, wore my hand out screwing in the very long bolts. If you have a hex wrench with a good handle, use that! I know some people have said the holes didn’t line up, and someone actually re-drilled them?! The holes are all in the correct places, I assure you. The legs are all off-set on purpose, you just have to pay attention to the directions and use a real pic of the bed as a guide. It’s a great, simple, amazingly sturdy bed.

Great for the price! [NEIDEN]

Simple to put together. Frame does NOT come with the wooden slats. You will need to purchase them separately

Easy to assemble, simple and inexpensive bed frame [NEIDEN]

This bed frame is simple and inexpensive. I bought it for my guest bedroom where there is no excessive use of the bed but it seems sturdy and well designed

Very sturdy! [NEIDEN]

I bought this a month ago and so glad I did! I just moved and had been wanting a new bed for a while so this was the perfect time. It was easy to assemble and I like the “Scandinavia” look of this!

Easy enough assembly, looks great [NEIDEN]

This is the first bed purchase I've made for myself and I'm so happy with my decision. This bed frame looks and feels great and I was able to assemble about 95% of it on my own (I'm a small woman). I just needed my roommate (also a small woman) to help me out with a couple things. Very pleased with my purchase!

Great price, great bed [NEIDEN]

so happy this bed exists. For the price, it’s surprisingly sleek, easy to assemble, and we have no complaints on function.

Easy to put together [NEIDEN]

I wanted a very minimal look and size bed frame for my sons room. This fit the bill. Looks nice. Feels sturdy. Not bulky at all. Easy to assemble too.

nice Bed but hard to assemble [NEIDEN]

Takes hours to assemble but when it’s done it’s a good little bed

Perfect size but not perfect instructions [NEIDEN]

Very happy, but we had to guess at one piece of the instructions. Other than that, solid deign and sturdy.

Great product! [NEIDEN]

Perfect size, easy to put together.

Zzzzz.... [NEIDEN]

I’m very satisfied with my bed!

Great bed frame [TRYSIL]

Had looked at this bed frame for a while now and when my son needed a new bed, asked him if he liked it. Got it for his apt, fits good with his desk and shelves. Easy enough for the two of us to assemble. Like the way the headboard reclines and put a body pillow there to make it comfortable. Room enough for shoes beneath the bed. Happy with purchase.


Love it, easy to assemble, you must have patience to do so.

Very good quality and inexpensive [TRYSIL]

We have looked for a nice bed with reasonable price and found it at Ikea. Too heavy to haul it home by ourselves so we had it delivered. With delivery charge, it is still better price compare to others.

Great bed Frame [TRYSIL]

Its good, sturdy and easy to assemble.

Handsome [TRYSIL]

Only complaint.... All edges are too sharp. That’s easy get scratched.

Excellent Bed Frame [TRYSIL]

Love the look of this bed frame so much we ended up buying a total of 4 of them for our 2 houses.

Great Bed [TRYSIL]

I love my new bed. It is very comfortable. And looks great.

Love it .. looks great and very comfortable [TRYSIL]

Amazing bad will buy again when needed so worth the money

Nice bed frame [TRYSIL]

It was very easy to put together and move around after it was put together. I love how it looks in my room.

I saw some of the [TRYSIL]

I saw some of the other reviews and should of listen to them. My son really liked the bed and insisted on it. When we assembled it parts would just crack of it was so flimsy I had to buy 4 metal L shape pieces to give it support and make sure it wouldn't fall apart. Now my son hates the bed he says the headboard always makes noise.

What we were looking for [TRYSIL]

Bought this for a teenage boys bedroom. Fit his style perfect. We like the look of the mattress on the highest setting. Assembly is like all other IKEA furniture. Simple yet stylish.

Love it [TRYSIL]

Sturdy bed. Easy to put together. Great price!

OK Bed, Awful Assembly [TRYSIL]

Functionally, it works as a bed. However, the assembly process was a pain. First of all, the alignment between the holes in the wood and the metal frame are terrible, you essentially need to bend the metal to get it to fit properly. The diagonal slat supports were also nearly impossible to put on. The holes in the stamped metal supports must have not been threaded properly. In order to get the screws in, I had to essentially cut my own threads with the provided screws. Not a great experience with a Philips head drive, not to mention the metal shavings everywhere.

Worth the money [TRYSIL]

I have been using this product for 2+ years now and I would definitely recommend this product. It's sturdy and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Nice industrial/modern style bed frame [TRYSIL]

This bed frame is beautiful once it’s together. But getting assembled is a chore! I lost a toe nail because the headboard slipped and slammed into my foot! Attaching the headboard is difficult and tedious. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE TIRED! Also, I would only recommend using slats on this bed with a solid wood under them; otherwise, they fall off the frame.

Very unsatisfied. [TRYSIL]

I had this bed for about a month and it won’t stop making squeaky noise!!! I removed the mattress and slats MULTIPLE times to tighten all the screws, then the bed is quiet for several days, and the noise comes back!!! Flimsy, and NOT sturdy at all. I have no idea how I will take this BACK to the store for a return so I may have to live with this annoying noise. Very unsatisfied with this product. I made an account so I can leave this review.


I absolutely love this bedframe. Very sturdy and just a really pretty design and aesthetic. I love the birch wood. Looks beautiful in my room.

Love this product, I had [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Love this product, I had once small glitch with the assembly of my purchase with the instructions, but you can google it and get the advise from customers with the same issue.

Bjorksnas bed [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Love it!!! I want to make sure the next bed I bought was the right one. Look at many beds and keep coming back to this one. So I know this was the one to get. Easy to put together and yes I would buy it again.

Exceeds Expectations [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Ikea has upped their game. This bed and set for that matter is so sturdy by far worth every penny!

Beautiful and sturdy [BJÖRKSNÄS]

This is my dream bed! It’s so sturdy and beautiful- a timeless classic that brings so much relaxation and simple elegance to our master bedroom. My only complaint was that one of the hardware pieces was unusable (we even went to Ace to trim it and it still didn’t help), and we couldn’t find any suitable replacement found in the US sizing. We just had to put it in a “least affected” spot and call it good. It would be great if they could include a few extra pieces, in case this would happen :) A minor detail, but the pillows had some pokey flax “splinters” that I pulled out with tweezers right away, and now they’re super comfy. Overall, I’m so happy with this purchase!

Bought this bed for my [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Bought this bed for my basement and it’s perfect. It’s beautiful and very solid. It’s easy to put together and the back pillows look great. It’s low but not too low that you feel your on the floor. It’s perfect. Love everything about it!!!

Beautiful Bed [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Difficult to put together, but it looks great.

love it! [BJÖRKSNÄS]

this bedframe looks beautiful in our bedroom. easy to put together and i thought the price was fair. i get asked all the time where we got it from.

Great bed! [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Great bed! Very sturdy, nicely made, beautiful wood, would buy again!

Love at first nap!! [BJÖRKSNÄS]

I was thrilled with the quality of the bed. This frame is solid and beautiful! The only issue is that even on the lowest setting our mattress sits really high and kind of blocks the lower half of the headboard. We also can’t use our box spring anymore as we would be sleeping above the top of the headboard.

Overall pleased with the purchase. [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Overall pleased with the purchase.

Beautiful and Comfortable [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Have been sleeping on this for about a month and we love it! I've sent photos to all my family and friends and everyone says it's beautiful (and they're right). Very sturdy feeling, very heavy duty materials, so I am confident it will hold up for a while too.

Functional and great looking! [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Had this since February, it’s holding up just fine. It really looks high end! We also love the tie on headboard pillows, they’re very comfortable and fit our decor aesthetic nicely. This bed is also a great height, plenty of room for storage underneath, but low enough that our feet can touch the floor when sitting on it so it’s easy to put on our slippers in the morning.

Unglued within a year [BJÖRKSNÄS]

It was easy to put together and looks sharp. The head beam became unglued at the jointer in the 11th month. There is no warranty for the frame.

Gorgeous Bed and easy assembly! [BJÖRKSNÄS]

I fell in love with this bed the moment I saw it online - the only downside being that it took almost 3 months before my closest Ikea finally had one in stock! :( It was super easy to put together (took less than an hour for the frame and about 45 minutes each for the Lönset bed slates which I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra 30$ to get!) It feels very sturdy (we have a super heavy pillow top mattress and my hubby is 6’3 and muscular built so he is a big heavy guy lol) It looks super high end and for a small price compared to other designer beds!

Nice looking bedmarre by poor attention to details [BJÖRKSNÄS]

Assembly was extremely difficult because 20 screw hopes were too small. After getting blisters on my hands trying to drive the screws I ended up having to drill the holes out 1/16 in order to get the screws to go in. Small sheet metal screws for the center crossbar went in with equal difficulty, and I have serious doubts that they will hold. Bed looks nice, but I can't lie in it yet because the Lönset slat base I bought for it can with a defective rail. All in all, a very poor experience.

Love the frame but big issues putting it together. [BJÖRKSNÄS]

The Good: Let me start by saying I LOVE this frame, and if I hadn't run into the issue I will describe below, I would give this 5 stars. - It is quite tall, which I actually like. With my 11 inch mattress and a box spring, it have to crawl into bed. Something about that makes it feel very luxurious! -Plus there is tons of under bed storage. Some of my storage containers were too tall for the Hemnes, but fit under the Bjorksnas. -Many of the older reviews say the pillows cases are not removable but I believe they updated them, because the now have zippers on the bottom. -The bed feels very heavy duty and fits beautifully into my small bedroom. We upgraded from a black hemnes which I liked but felt very clunky in a small room. This has a lower profile and looks really nice in my small space, especially with the matching side tables. The Bad: There is either a defect in the headboard, or in me. When I started putting the bed together, it was very clear that the headboard was cut incorrectly and the lower horizontal rung was not long enough to properly fit into both vertical end posts. When the top and bottom horizontal rungs were tightened into the left vertical post, there was about 1.5 inches between the end of the bottom run and the right post (too large of a gap for the bolt to catch.) I am usually very good at putting IKEA furniture together, but this stumped me. I took it apart and tried three times to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. I returned the headboard and they gave me a replacement. 5/5 stars on the customer service for replacing the headboard no questions asked! When I got the new box home, there was the exact same issue. I wanted this bed SO DESPERATELY and did NOT want to return it, so I figured out a way to make it work. I only partially tightened the bolt on the left side before putting the right post on and then tightened them simultaneously so the headboard was even. Although now the bottom rung does not line up correctly with either of the side posts, it is at least sturdy, and it is hidden more or less by the mattress. The fact that I ran into the same issue twice is why I am only giving this three stars and would not recommend to a friend.


I’ve had it for about a month now and it’s been GREAT. The material is awesome and can hold over 500+ lbs (everyone got on it - they were clean, no outside clothes). Very easy to assembly which is one if the many reasons why I love about IKEA.

Beautiful [SAGSTUA]

Solid and looking good easy to install

I just love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ [SAGSTUA]

I will definitely buy another one


Bed was super easy to assemble - took my daughter and I less than one hour. I love how it looks; simple and classy. The only point I wasn't happy with is that the slatted bed base must be purchased with the bed. I already had a box spring from my previous bed which fit perfectly and raised the mattress to a height that, to me, looks better with the bed. I now have a slatted bed base just sitting in my closet. Funny, this same bed base can be purchased separately so why did I have to pay for it when I didn't need it?

Beautiful Bed! [SAGSTUA]

Love the bed, perfect for my daughters room. Was especially pleased with the quality and sturdiness of it. Does not creak or squeak and is very solid. Would recommend.

Looks Beautiful/ Works Great! [SAGSTUA]

Purchased for my 8 year old daughters vintage bedroom. It was easy to put together and very sturdy. Great buy!

Platform bed- awesome! [SAGSTUA]

We purchased this bed for a small bedroom in our log cabin. Easy to assemble and it looks great!


This is a really nice bed. It was easy to assemble and my three year old enjoyed helping me screw in some of the bolts. It is sturdy and doesn’t squeak. I also like that there is plenty of clearance under the bed. My husband couldn’t believe the low price of the frame with the slats. Our previous bed frame did not have a middle support bar and caused our box springs to sink in the middle, therefore causing our mattress to sag. Thankfully, the support bar and slats remedied our problem and we won’t need a new mattress. Highly recommend!

Love it [SAGSTUA]

I love the bed accept the gold paint on it which I covered up

Sooo cute!!! [SAGSTUA]

Bought fur my step daughter’s room. It looks amazing. Perfect for preteens. So easy to put together.

Cute, sturdy, trendy bed! I [SAGSTUA]

Cute, sturdy, trendy bed! I would recommend putting this together with someone else to help balance.

Metal frame that doesn’t squeak with every toss and turn🙌🏽 [SAGSTUA]

Just get it you won’t regret it. And if you d Choose to go with a metal frame anywhere else you will be highly disappointed because it will make noise. Don’t be like me and go with one that’s a $100 cheaper all to have to return it because it’s so noisy just get this one. You’re welcome!

Amazing Bed frame [SAGSTUA]

I’ve wanted this bed frame the moment I saw it about a year ago I believe. Once I bought my house this bed was my very next purchase. You should buy it!!!!

Product was easy to assemble [SAGSTUA]

Product was easy to assemble and looks great in my daughters room.

Classic [SAGSTUA]

I love my purchase! This bed looks great and is much better than I expected for the cost! Sound, sturdy and didn’t take long to put together!

Great Bed!! [SAGSTUA]

We’d been looking everywhere for a metal bed frame but all the reviews on other beds weren’t great. We decided to try this bed and are loving it so far. My husband was able to put it together by himself. It doesn’t make any sounds when we climb in and out of it. I only wish it was solid black instead of having the gold rings, but I love the bed either way.

Very nice [SAGSTUA]

My daughter love this bed easy to put it together and very sturdy.

Great value--Solid [DELAKTIG]

It take a little elbow grease to put together as the material isn't forgiving, but that is exactly why it is so strong and worth it. I'd purchase again...,but I'll never need to.

Love how this bed looks! [YTTERVÅG]

Love how this bed looks! The quality is incredible and it looks just like the one i wanted from a furniture store that was triple the price!

Great look and I was [IDANÄS]

Great look and I was very impressed with the design and quality fir the price. Exceeded my expectations.

Looks very good [IDANÄS]

Solid and relatively simple for one person to construct the queen-sized. Took me less than an hour. The most difficult part was stretching the fabric over the wood pieces and making it look even all the way around.

Excellent bed [IDANÄS]

I’m really pleased with this bed. It took about 1.5 hours for myself and another person to put it together. Depending on the thickness of your mattress, you can choose the lower or higher option to place the brackets for the slats. The slats are secured at the top and bottom of the side brackets and the center beam, so there’s no shifting. Fits a queen-size mattress perfectly. The bed is good quality (solid wood, soft grey fabric) and very comfortable. A delight for those of us who like to read in bed. It looks terrific with the Hemnes grey-stained nightstands.

Nice Modern Frame [IDANÄS]

Came across this while shopping for bed frames and while I was initially opposed to upholstery, I am quite please with the quality. I was able to assemble alone, albeit with some trouble, which is expected, in about 4 hours. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase, and would definitely buy again if I had to choose.

Sturdy and Sweet [IDANÄS]

We love the new bed frame. It was easily assembled and it looks lovely. We are sleeping soundly. When someone shifts or climbs in or out, the frame remains still. I’m always amazed at the engineering ingenuity in IKEA products, and this bed is designed to be put together without confusion.

Great Bed [IDANÄS]

Looks as great in person as it does online. Very satisfied with the quality.

Great Bed! Very solid and well made! [IDANÄS]

I am a fan of IKEA products. Most of my furniture is from IKEA. Another product from IKEA that proves the quality. Very well made bed. I am very happy and satisfied. Go IKEA!! I wish many of their products were made like this bed, especially sofa sleeper sectionals. I would love to buy one from IKEA, but their sectionals are not competitive enough on today's market. Had to pick one from Eldorado. IKEA please work on your sleeper sectionals.

Very Sturdy Bed [IDANÄS]

I was hesitant to buy because local IKEA did not have any on display, but I am glad I did. Saw it online and took a chance. Solid wood throughout. It comes with the slats so no need to buy that separately. Ikea rep was not familiar with the bed as it was new. Much sturdier than my old bed (not Ikea purchase).

My pillows are safe from falling onto the floor. [TUFJORD]

My gf & I had no issues putting it together -- I used a soft mallet to pound the head pieces into place. No gaps, and when we sometimes hit our shins on the corners of the bed, it's soft & forgiving. :) We used box springs, so the mattress sits above the edge of the frame a tiny bit, but maybe once I get a better mattress, we'll lose the box springs altogether. It's nice that the headboard blocks the draft from the windows, and that all our pillows don't fall off the bed anymore, held safely like a hug by the curved headboard. Haven't had to clean it or do any other sort of maintenance yet. I expect this to hold up well.

Beautiful color! [TUFJORD]

I love the style and color of the bed. It wasn’t too crazy confusing to put together. Only complaint is that the middle section on the headboard shows some metal through, even though it’s tightened all the way.

Required a drill to assemble, but very nice [VADHEIM]

I found that the holes in the side pieces were too small for the screws necessary for that part. I had to use a drill to widen them a bit before being able to get the screws all the way in. Now that it’s finished, it’s very cute in my room and sturdy

flimsy [LEIRVIK]

a little flimsy , does not feel strong or solid on the floor....not sure if it is durable enough to carry 400+ pounds

Beautiful bed [LEIRVIK]

My teenage daughter wanted this bed for quite a while and when we finally got it, she loved it even more in her room. It’s a solid piece and provides a beautiful focal point. We looked at many other white iron bed frames and kept coming back to this one. I’m so glad we chose this one. It wasn’t too hard to put together. It sits higher than her previous bed rails. She says it’s perfect.

Tired of the squeaky noise. [LEIRVIK]

I can’t deal with the squeaking. It’s really annoying. No matter how many times i adjust the screws it still squeaks. I should’ve read the reviews before buying. I guess that was my mistake!

My heart aches [LEIRVIK]

I have this bad about 8 years ago, when I lived in California and I loved loved loved loved loved it! When I relocated to Chicago I left all of my furniture behind and was living in a fully furnished rental home. I just purchased a new house and decided I was so excited to buy this bad again, within literally three days the legs are so wobbly, it squeaks so bad, it is so unbearable! I I am beyond disappointed! My heart is literally broken! I wish I would have read the reviews beforehand, but I've had this bed before so I assumed it would be perfect all over again. I can't return it so I don't even know what to do. Ingiess I'm just Out $$ because it doesn't feel stable or safe!

Beautiful [LEIRVIK]

I’m so glad I didn’t listen to other reviews. This bed doesn’t squeak at all and it’s really pretty. Maybe people aren’t tightening the screws all the way or something but I’m having no problems with it and I’ve had it for a month.

Great Buy [LEIRVIK]

When I bought the frame it was on sale for $99 for the Queen. I was concerned it might be flimsy with that price but I have to say this was by far the easiest piece I’ve assembled from Ikea. It is surprisingly sturdy and has a elegant feminine flair. It is a perfect height with the Queen Hesstun mattress. I’ve had no issues with it and it sleeps well. Definitely a great buy!

Squeaks so loud! [LEIRVIK]

I bought this bed frame a couple years ago and I absolutely loved it! The design was super cute and I liked how high off the ground it was. However, after having it for a couple months, I noticed that the frame was super unsteady. I would move around on it and the whole frame would move and sway. A couple months later, a squeaking noise started to appear out of nowhere. Eventually, the squeaky sound got horribly loud and annoying to the point where when I would simply make the slightest movement, the entire thing would let out a huge squeak. I tried to tighten every screw that might’ve been loose, but NOTHING will get rid of the loud sound. I would not recommend wasting your money on this bed frame. It is cheap and they made it exactly that way.

Sturdy over years and multiple moves [LEIRVIK]

I bought this frame years ago and it has been sturdy through multiple moves and hundreds of Airbnb guests. Easy to take apart and reassemble. I went for the more expensive slats and it has really held up and my guests often remark how comfortable it is. You can take the top part of the headboard off which was nice when I had a male roomate for a stint who wanted a less feminine look. For the price this is a great frame.


I purchased this queen size product and it was amazing till a year later . It starts squeaking every time I moved . It’s very uncomfortable to undo the bed an have to tighten up the nails every time. It’s not worth my money & My sleep . Worst purchase I’ve ever made .

Sooo cute but makes so much noise. [LEIRVIK]

I adore the style of this bed but all it does is make a creaking noise or sometimes when you are moving the bed will sway. It makes it hard to sleep but I love the design,

Amazing quality, Great Look, Strong material. [LEIRVIK]

I bought this bed a few years ago in the twin frame. I was shocked that it got such a low rating and had to write a review because my experience is exceptional. The frame is classic. The price is extremely cheap for the quality and material and design. A classical piece and it’s super sturdy! I was looking at this item again just recently for an upgrade to a queen size and just needed to say my experience that went along with it! Totally recommend this product. Some extra info I had to take it apart and put it back together because I was getting my floors done which was super easy to take apart and put together, though the fighting of the bolts are a bit of a challenge it’s worth the overall everything!


I bought this bed exactly 2 years ago to furnish my new apartment among other things with Ikea. The bed was bought metal thinking it would be stronger than a compressed wood bed and i feared a wood one would break too easily based on my past experiences. I made an almost $500 purchase that day including this bed and within months the bed started feeling like it would sway when you would get on it. Then it moved to the squeaky noise everytime i would even move the slightest even to get out of bed. Come to find out the legs that make the bed so elevated, are actually insert legs that attach and stay in place by two single bolts. the metal is so weak,it bent and when i went to investigate further as i could not handle the ocean swaying of the bed (as if i had purchased a dang water bed), come to find out the LEGS had split and broken inside the tube insert. I did research for review and a LOT of people have complained with the swaying.There was even a case the bed collapsed due to the legs while being used and there was a dog under the bed. Now the bed is absolute obsolete and im sleeping on the floor due to this. I contacted Ikea support to see if they can review the problem this specific bed has. It was too goo to be true unfortunately.

Beautiful but squeaky!!! [LEIRVIK]

I bought this bed for my daughter more than year ago. But I’m disappointed, the bed is squeaky to the point that every move you make you could hear. It’s uncomfortable to hear the noise when you are trying to sleep. I thought that the bed had a loose screw, but that was not the problem. I checked and all screws were tight. The leg of the the bed is loose.

Nice looking but unstable legs and very Squeaky [LEIRVIK]

Bought this Bed for my 17 year old daughter which she absolutely loves the look unfortunately the annoyance of wobbly legs and squeaking is driving her to loose sleep too bad!!

Long Lasting, w/ box spring and mattress,not slats [LEIRVIK]

I’ve had this bed for several years and never had a problem with it. It’s been through so many moves I’ve lost count. The paint definitely didn’t hold up through those moves which is to be expected so I’ve actually painted it two different colors over the years to fit whatever my theme/style was at the time. I will say that I do not have the bed slats... I have a box spring and a mattress and I wonder if that gives the bed more support and is why I don’t have all the squeaking issues that so many people are comparing about with this bed. I’ve recently thought about getting rid of the box spring and moving to just slats so the mattress would sit a bit lower— if I decide to do that and it starts squeaking I’ll come back and update. Otherwise, I’ve loved this bed frame, especially for the price!

Very Cute Bed Design, But Squeeks :/ [LEIRVIK]

This bed has an very cute design perfect for a teen room! I love the headboard design , however, it squeaks after like a month of sleeping in it :(. So disappointed because I’m contemplating on getting a new bed because the squeaking is bothering me in my sleep! It also shakes a lot and the legs seem very unstable.

Don't buy [LEIRVIK]

Do not buy this frame. It squeaks if you just look at it. I was so excited when we bought this bed frame because the design and color is great. I thought it would fit excellent in our bedroom and make us so happy, but OH BOY was I wrong. My handy husband put it together and the first couple moths were great. So happy. No complaints. But then the squeaking started. I ignored it at first and thought that maybe a screw had come loose. Heck, maybe even two. But then it got worse, so much worse, until it finally got to the point that if we breathe too deeply, the bed squeaks (I wish I was joking). If one of us wants to change sleeping positions in the bed, it sounds like the whole thing is going to collapse. We have a one year old and all we want is a good night's sleep, and it is definitely not happening in this bed. We are now unfortunately stuck with this frame because I don't know if we're in the window of being able to return it. I thought about selling it on Facebook Marketplace but didn't want to put another innocent couple through the agony. I give it one star for the cute frame.

Beautiful but Not stable or durable [LEIRVIK]

I got this bed about a year ago. Immediately from the first couple of nights there has been squikiness from the bed frame and tighten up the bed frame several times since then and recently it started to sway side to side... looks like the legs are starting to give out. It’s a beautiful bed that I had been wanting for years and then saw it on sale and went for it. It hasn’t lasted even the year. Not sure if there is anything I can do to save the legs from swaying the bed frame...

Squeaky and Shaky [LEIRVIK]

Assembly was hectic! It was okay for a month or two and then it just started shaking and making a a lot of noise! It squeaks every time I just even sit on the bed! Sleeping on it has just become bad!!! I can’t sleep at night because it makes too much noise now and I’m a light sleeper so this noise has just ruined my sleep for days now! I don’t know what to do! I just want to return this product for something that doesn’t make noise or shake! Help!

Love this bed! [KVALFJORD]

Fabulous king sized bed. Took a great deal of time to get it all together but it was worth it.

Nice but [KVALFJORD]

One of the fasteners for a tuft was broken when we unpacked the headboard which delayed some aspects of assembly. Since we had to rent a truck to bring the bed home, we didn’t want to have to rent a truck again to return it. We were able to fix the tuft ourselves with a crochet hook and jewelry fastener. But the two-day assembly was not expected. Also, there’s a lot of Velcro to fasten which makes the assembly a bit taxing.

This bed is sturdy, elegant, and lovely! [KVALFJORD]

I wanted a king-size, tufted, beige bed with a squared-off headboard design. I also wanted to sleep high off the floor and have plenty of under bed storage room. Finally, I was trying to match some existing bedroom furniture in a light wood finish. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted anywhere until I found this! This bed HAS IT ALL! The legs match my furniture, the frame sits up nicely off the floor, and I love the simple, clean lines of the headboard. The headboard is also very think and nicely upholstered — does not look cheap at all. Assembly isn’t difficult but does require two people. I read a ton of reviews of other beds from other merchants, some costing thousands of dollars, and many of them had an issue with the legs bending and breaking off a metal center beam. The IKEA bed center beam has no legs to bend or break because it is thick, heavy duty metal that doesn’t require legs. Trust me, the center beam IKEA makes is incredibly strong. Bonus: nothing gets in the way of anything you want to store under your bed. The only legs are in the corners. I put a mattress and foundation on this bed so I didn’t need the slats it comes with. The headboard is plenty tall enough that you can fit a box spring/foundation and a thick mattress and not even come close to the bottom line of buttons. I love this bed!


Easy to assemble, great quality, and looks very elegant


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