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Ikea Loft Bed Reviews

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IKEA is known for its affordable furniture for all types of living spaces. When it comes to their loft beds, they have a variety of designs for both children and adults alike. With a focus on space saving and easy to set up designs, most customers like their IKEA options. That said, there were some customer complaints around the ease of set up in some cases. Take a look at our top rated loft beds for alternatives.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Material Quality: 8.3/10

Design Options: 8.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $75-$490

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Ikea Loft Bed Details

IKEA has a select number of loft beds, mostly focused on children. Versus other large furniture retailers, their loft bed selection is somewhat smaller with mostly metal options or painted wood versions that contain a desk. These loft beds get good reception from customers overall for their low prices, but some had issues with assembly and durability.

Quality of Materials

IKEA focuses on providing lower priced products with simple assembly guides. Overall, customers have described sturdy loft beds, but there were some that described difficult assembly and some issues with squeakiness for some models. Below, we'll go through their offerings and talk about the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside their lowest-priced Tuffing Loft Bed:

Their Tuffing loft bed comes in a twin size and is quite tall at 70'' and has a max load of 220lbs. Its metal frame had some mixed reviews when it came to ease of assembly. However, once assembled, most described it as a sturdy option for the price.

Next, here is what's inside their Kura Reversible Loft Bed:

The Kura Reversible loft bed provides a loft bed and platform bed in one. By turning it upside down, it turns a low bed into a loft bed for older children. It features solid pine construction with fiberboard accents. Overall, most customers have good things to say about this bed with negative reviews mostly mentioning very difficult assembly and questionable durability for older children.

Next, here is what's inside their Storå Loft Bed:

The Storå loft bed is quite tall at just over 84'' tall. It features solid pine with stain and lacquer. It gets some mixed reviews from customers with some mentioning issues with wobbliness and durability.

Next, here is what's inside their Småstad Loft Bed:

The Småstad loft bed is 72'' tall with a desk and drawers beneath. It comes in either a classic white color or with pale pink accents. The construction is fiberboard and particleboard, which customers report works well for children. Those looking for something sturdier may require something more heavy-duty.

Lastly, here is what's inside their lowest-priced Vitval Loft Bed:

The Vitval offers steel with epoxy / polyster coating. This option comes with an optional desk and glued slats that are beech and birch veneer. This also features polyester fabric along the side of the bed to help as a guardrail. Customers like the style of the product once assembled, but there were some complaints about difficult assembly and noise in some cases.

Who Are IKEA Loft Beds Right For?

IKEA loft beds are ideal for those that have a strict budget, aren't too large in body size, and prefer simple design elements and don't mind extra assembly. See our List of Top Rated Loft Beds for great alternatives.

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Great for College Kids [Stuva]

My sister and I each purchased this bed yesterday to fit in our shared room. We are both college students and needed something that had a built in desk (we're both computer gamers). It took us about five hours to assemble the first loft bed and about three hours to assemble the second. We just finished up, and they are perfect! The desks are very large, and the beds are very sturdy. The only minor difficulty is getting up the ladder; however, it isn't a big deal. The bed is designed for a kid, so the ladder and entrance to the bed is a bit narrow. I managed to climb up it drunk, so it isn't impossible. Other than that, this bed is perfect for a college student! So much storage and really brightens up the room.

Excellent bed [Tuffing]

I bought this about a month ago for my son, he loves it! The only thing I would change would be to make the steps just a little bit wider, it’s a little uncomfortable stepping on them. Over great, very sturdy, and I love the extra space underneath.

Bed is Great [Tuffing]

The bed its self is great and my 9 year old loves it. It was not easy to put together. The holes did not line up and at one point we brought out the drill bc the hole was not big enough for the screw. IF I lived closer to Ikea i would have returned the bed.

Very good product. [Tuffing]

Very good product. Just not easy to assemble it.

Sturdy and looks great [Tuffing]

This was a breeze to put together until the mesh bottom and top. DO NOT TIGHTEN any screws until the very end. This is the best advice I can give when putting this bad boy together. Getting that bed "floor" settled into the frame is challenging...the reason why you MUST NOT TIGHTEN SCREWS till everything is put together. Then about a few days to a week after, tighten screws again to get rid of the squeaking sound. We have had this bed since July 2018 and it is fabulous! My 6 year old loves his big boy bed!

Great loft bed! [Tuffing]

I bought this a few months ago for my daughter’s college dorm room. It is sturdy, and made with quality materials. My daughter’s sorority actually used her dorm room during recruitment to show potential recruits how great their dorm room could be. The girls like that the height of her bed allows her to have a small living room area beneath, and she has a ton of storage under there thanks to other ikea products (not the desk). She also strung lights beneath the loft bed which gave it a cozy feel. It was a nightmare to put together since there are so many pieces, but completely worth it, especially for such a good price. I highly recommend, and so do my daughter and her sorority sisters!

Great loft bed! [Tuffing]

We got this for my sons room. It is sturdy and simple to assemble. The side rails are my only issue. They are not very tall and once you put in a mattress there is a fall hazard.

Not easy to assemble [Tuffing]

I brought it weeks ago for my kid. The only complaint is that I spend 4 hours to assemble. Not worth it.

Great design [Tuffing]

I really like this bunk bed The only downfall is the ladder connection design it needs to be fixed

Garbage Product [Tuffing]

The netting for this bunk bed is absolute garbage. You literally have to cut the net so it fit on. The netting is tight that is scratched the top from trying to fit it on. I have put together $8000 worth of Ikea products and have never had this much trouble with something. DO NOT BUY THIS OR I PROMISE YOU DESTROY IT AND PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE!

Very Solid Bed - Great Options for Underneath [Tuffing]

We bought this bed for our son while traveling on vacation since we don't have an IKEA anywhere near us. It did take 2 people to put together but that's exactly what the directions recommended. We had no problem at all putting it up. Its nice and high so our son has plenty of room for a desk and bookshelf underneath. We are very impressed at how solid it is. Well done, IKEA!

Easy assembly and great bed! [Tuffing]

I don't usually write reviews but felt I should this time. After purchasing this bed in the store, I went home and read the reviews (I know... reverse order). The reviews I read said that assembly was difficult.. I was terrified. However, we had no problem at all with assembly. We thought it was simple and yes, you had to put a little force on it but it is loft bed... it's very important that things are tight. The only thing I would advise you to look at before starting is the instruction booklet. Our pages were in the wrong order so we had to tear the book apart and put them in the right order. However this bed is definitely worth the money!!

Great Bed. Great Value [Tuffing]

Just bought bed yesterday and assembled it that night. Take your time and pay attention to the pictures in the instructions. Give yourself plenty of room for assembly. Plan on it taking at least 2 hours for assembly. I dont have superhuman strength either like other negative reviews but I didn’t have to alter the fabric to make things work. Good purchase.

Solid and inexpensive [Tuffing]

I had been planning to build loft beds for my two children and had done research into options, etc. and then checked IKEA to see what they had. These beds, at around a hundred dollars each, met all my criteria and were made of metal to boot. I did some research and saw many people who complained about the difficulty in assembly and thus I approached the process carefully. You definitely need to have somebody help you, and you have to NOT tighten everything down as you go. By leaving slack in the structure before the final tightening you can avoid the issues some people seem to have faced.

Holy SMOKES! That was not fun... [Tuffing]

I love the bed for my son, well made solid structure it is a one person job until you get to the end and have to install that d&$m slat/webbing mess. Then you'll need like 3 people minimum. It took 2 HOURS of strife, sore fingers and a sledgehammer to install just the base. It was aaaallll gravy and a few not too bads til then, we have had it for about 2 months it's really awesome but boy #2 is getting a different loft bed. I'm not doing this again!! Recommended with a Warning.


IT IS NOT WORTH IT IF YOU ARE GOING TO ASSEMBLE IT YOURSELF. Once the bed is partially assembled, you have to tip it on it's side to assemble it further, so you will need a large amount of floor space to lay this tall loft bed on it's side. The instructions are exclusively questionable images, no words. it's a metal bed and the pre-drilled holes are not PERFECT, there is NO GIVE with metal, it made the assembly feel like a complete nightmare. I believe it took me 5-7 hours to complete, I had the help of one adult, 2 teenagers, and a child - all patient, willing participants. PAY FOR ASSEMBLY. Once the bed is up, it's a nice, solid piece of furniture. My daughter loves it. I wouldn't do it again though.

not what I expected [Tuffing]

I purchased this for my 7 year old however it’s too big for her room. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever put together and the pieces just doesn’t seem to fit where they’re meant to. I’m eager to return this and if it wasn’t for the hassle of taking it apart I would have returned it already. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with this. I now know all sales aren’t good sales.

GREAT for small spaces [Tuffing]

Listen, this bed was CRAZY DIFFICULT to assemble. Yes you need two people, or more. If anyone was able to do this on their own....kudo's to you.

Big mistake! [Tuffing]

I just finished building this loft . The mesh is a mess to put on . The other mesh were the mattress goes the screws didn’t aligned with the holes . I should have listened to every one and not buy that bed !! I regret it so much . The instructions are not clear it’s horrible . I don’t recommend it to anyone and if you do buy it hire someone professional to put it together.

Great Bed....Disaster Assembly! [Tuffing]

I bought two of these and should have probably read the reviews before doing so. However, they were a nightmare to put together but I do love the outcome. They are just what we needed for our boys.

A nightmare to put together [Tuffing]

This bed has amazing online safety reviews. It's made of steel... it's super sturdy once you put it together.

Don't do it. [Tuffing]

Probably one of the biggest purchase regrets ever. This would be an awesome bed if I could actually get it put together. We all know ikea furniture is hard to put together, but this bed was impossible. I had to rig everything and am left with a crummy loft bed.

Great bed [Tuffing]

This is the 2nd one I bought. 1st one about 6 months ago for my 13 year old. I was worried it would not stand up to him being rough/jumping/climbing on it. And it seemed to be for smaller kids. He insisted he wanted this bed. He can sit up there with friends. Its low enough I can get up the with the assistance of a stool and clean. He loves it. When it was time to redo the 9yr olds room, he wanted the same bed. I was happy to get it for him. I even feel confident enough to climb up on the bed ( we had a moment that required a cuddle ) and I am not a small person. The plan is to do a quick spray paint when the 13yr old decides he wants a change and pass the lodt to his ypugher sisiter. I am totally confident that the bed will last through him and get a few years in for her. So ibtil the are ready to sleep in a bed on the ground I am more than happy to put them closer to the ceiling in this loft. *also light wieght enough to have 2 people lift when doing a room rearrange.

Worst Ikea product ever. [Tuffing]

Assembly is a disaster. You are pulling against the mesh most of the time and the pieces do not line up well. Had to take one piece back to the store to have them fix the drill holes because "welding flash got into the holes. Instructions were very unclear. Very likely the last item we buy from Ikea - I'm done with them almost getting it right.

Ideal for us! [Tuffing]

Purchasing an additional one for a sibling. Not a bad price either!

Great bed at great price [Tuffing]

The price is great. The bed is comfortable. We have purchased matching mattress, sheets and covers. My son loves it. The downside is the assembly. It took us longer than expected to put it together. It requires some strength and skill. Following instructions is crucial, but it’s still difficult to assemble bottom of the bed and netting around it. After few months some hardware near the rail needs re-tightening. Averall great piece for the money spent.

Great product for the price [Tuffing]

This is a really great product for such a low price. I got it for my kids to give them more space in their rooms. They love them and they have held up really well even after a year of use.

Sturdy and fun [Tuffing]

The bed took about 2 hours to put together with two adults. I questioned the netting sections but they are strong and there are no issues. We love it.

Good bed, challenging assembly [Tuffing]

The bed is good and sturdy. It provides a lot of space underneath and was a good addition to my daughter's small room. The assembly was indeed challenging and is a two-person job. Like another reviewer said, be sure to avoid tightening down all the screws when you are installing the mesh mattress support. I would recommend as long as you recognize that set-up may take longer than you anticipate. If I had to do it over, I would have spent $50 more to buy the other metal loft bed sold by IKEA.

Need to be superman to build [Tuffing]

The bed turned out to be extremely hard to build. The strength needed to put the netting and secure it was absolutely ridiculous. I have built many ikea items and I noticed the items that are metal never seem to line up properly . Would definitely not recommend this bed to anymore unless you have super human strength.

Very good [Tuffing]

A descent bed for the price


This bed was a NIGHTMARE to put together. The pieces were very difficult to put together. It took hours and we barely got it together. We were 2min from taking it back, but it was already half way together. DO NOT BUY THIS BED!

Great price [Tuffing]

Great price. Easy to transport in station wagon. A little tricky to assemble. We used a thicker mattress because my son could feel the "slats" through the thinner one. One of the screws didn't exactly line up so we had to use a little persuasion to get it in. Perfect for a small room. Desk etc fit nicely beneath it.

Bed itself is sturdy but assembly was horrible [Tuffing]

First of all, I have assembled many Ikea products with complex instructions, and never had such a hard time as I did with this bed. Similar to other reviewers, I found that the mesh cover which needs to be slipped over the posts on top and stretched into place to affix the side bars and front rails is sewn to such tight tolerance that a huge amount of force was required to stretch it into place. Even with 2 adults and a pry bar it was a huge struggle. I ended up tearing a small part of the seam to get the final rail end screwed in place. I did follow the instructions to leave all connections loose until the mesh was in place, it did not help.

Good for the price [Tuffing]

We returned the 2 that we bought because they would not fit the room. The only complaint I have is the permanent location of the ladder. It would be good to have options before final assembly of the bed. The center ladder becomes an obstacle

Great Frame, Bad Construction [Tuffing]

This loft bed is great for those kids who have outgrown their juvenile bed, but not ready for an adult sized frame. It's a great option for smaller rooms, and the height is a good fit for those children in between without being as high as some other loft beds. The only real problem with this is the assembly. The metal poles are totally easy to put together but the mesh covering that surrounds the sides is an absolute nightmare to fit. What we thought would take a simple 30 minutes to assemble this otherwise simple frame, took nearly 4 hours of frustration & tired fingers trying to stretch the mesh without tearing it to fit. Bad words and sweating will most likely 100% occur, as well as test your strength as a couple. Short tempers beware, this bed frame is not for you.

Great Bed & Desk for Kids [Svärta]

Our son loves his new bed. Its easy to get into and fun to be so high up. The desk underneath has been such a space saver for his room. It was easy to setup and secure to the wall. An excellent bed for your children.

Perfect for my teen! [Svärta]

I put this together in a relatively small room to save space and my teen loves it. It was fairly simple to build with two people. It is stable and sturdy. Something is slightly off square, though. Either the desk top isn’t cut straight or the bed frame isn’t perfectly squared because their is a slight gap between the desktop and frame on one end of the desk. It isn’t a problem and barely noticeable but I couldn’t force it straight.

Great for teen [Svärta]

We purchased this for our son's room. He is 13 and asked for a desk in his room. He has a small room so we were overjoyed when we found this loft with desk from IKEA at a reasonable price. Easy for two people to put together, but pay attention to the pieces in the directions, as they look similar but are slightly different. He loves his new bed with his own space/desk. We have tall ceilings and it the height works great in his small room with ceiling fan. We purchased an IKEA drawer unit from the desk furniture and it fits off to the side under the large part of the desk but will not push back completely understand desk because of bar holding desk to loft. It actually works better that way and he has storage behind it.

Easy to put together! [Svärta]

My 14yr old and I put this together in no time. With the easy to read directions and easy essambly i would definitely buy this again for my next child. Only tip i would give is make sure you secure it to the wall!!!

Loft bed and desk [Svärta]

We bought a month ago for our daughter. It is very sturdy and well made. It took awhile to get it built but if you can follow directions you’ll be fine.

Great for pre-teen and teens [Svärta]

Bought this for my son seven years ago and it has served him well. It is very well made. He loved the large desk underneath. High schoolers need lots of space to study. His room is small and this gave him enough floor space to put in an IKEA swing.

My daughter loves it. [Svärta]

Itnis very sturdy and lots of space with the desk to store stuff.

My son loves this bed but [Svärta]

The price for this bed was right for updating my son's bedroom. He loves the desk and uses it daily. It was not as easy to assemble as most of the IKEA furniture we have but we did get it done in a couple of hours. It is sturdy but it squeaks when he's getting on and off the bed or moving around on top. I probably wouldn't buy this again.

good use of space for small room [Svärta]

My son has used this for 3 years. It was our first IKEA assembly project---it was a little challenging due to our inexperience but we eventually figured it out! The ladder rungs are too narrow (uncomfortable on feet) so we wrapped soft rope around rungs and this helps a lot. Our cat likes the ladder too!

Ladder squeaks after a few months. [Svärta]

We totally love the design and works well for my 9 year old son and he loves it a lot as well. But, after a few months my son complained about the noise whenever he moves when trying to sleep. I made sure all nuts and bolts were tight and assembly was perfect. I could not seem to figure out where the noise was coming from and mistakenly thinking it was coming from where the ladder is hooked to the bed. Until I took the ladder off, shook the bed unit w/ desk in itself and heard no squeaks. Then with just the ladder, I wiggled it left and right. And there it is. The ladder made the terrible squeeks. The joints were spot-welded - as oppose to continuous weld. Returning this product.

Works great for small spaces! [Svärta]

Bought 3 years ago for each kids room! Desk gives a lot of space and head room. Ladder steps...wish were wider. Kids love them still.

The pitfall of VITVAL [Vitval]

We are experienced IKEA customers. Over the last twenty years we have assembled bookcases, dressers, beds, tables, chairs . . . you name it. We have gotten rid of more BILLYs than most people have ever owned in the first place. Our kitchen is by IKEA. We can whip together a KALLAX without looking at the instructions. We flattered ourselves that we understood. We HAD this. Little did we know when four slim cartons appeared on our porch today the HORRORS that awaited us within. So far we are at five hours and counting. And we didn't actually do anything wrong or backwards until right now while I was writing this. All of the pieces look almost exactly alike. White pipes. And lots of them. With holes that, being exclusively of metal, forgive not the slightest misalignment of the screws used to assemble them. And those screws! An infinite and glorious variety of different sizes, all handily combined in a single large plastic bag like a demented Pick-a-Mix from the days of our youth. The fabric, too, has to be stretched tightly over the frames in such a way that the holes in it line up for the screws to be attached. This is accomplished mainly by wrestling with it on the floor until either it gives up or you do. There is a special point of suffering at each of the upper corners. Other reviews referring to mismatched or too tight holes are doubtless thinking of this. Here is how to handle it, if you are already cursed with the ownership of one of these root canals in a box. The long narrow cylindrical pipes that form the uppermost rail, in the top edge of the fabric, eventually attach to the vertical posts via a long screw that is supposed to go horizontally through the post and into the rail. Your first attempt at this comes early on in the assembly process, when you are attaching the fabric panel that will become the 'headboard' to the vertical posts. You stretch. You curse. You pull. You have someone else pull against you. You try roughly seventy-four different ways of getting THAT SCREW to go horizontally through that post and into the end of that rail. But every time you try the rail is just infinitesimally too low. Here's how to fix that. Loosen the screw that is passing vertically through the top of the rail into the rib that descends through the fabric. This will let you lift the rail slightly, just enough to connect it to the screw passing through the post. Connect that, and then re-tighten both screws. But know that no matter how much you tighten these or any other connectors, this loft will still have play: it is not motionless when someone climbs it or moves in it. Just below this text box I am now being asked whether I would recommend this product to a friend. No--but I would DEFINITELY recommend it to those people who bullied me in elementary school.

Like the style [Vitval]

My only thing is it doesn't come with extra screws, and 2 screws(considering how many there is, isn't bad) went threaded properly do don't go in where there supposed to all the way.

My 7 yo boy loves it - Assembly was Hard [Vitval]

It took me many hours to assemble this beast- so many pieces! But it's pretty sturdy.

Simple yet stylish design [Vitval]

Very useful for small space. We purchased for our teen that is accumulating more stuff, like books, cd's, instruments, etc. Count those screws included! Our package was missing 1 and we had to supplement from local hardware store.

Feel after use [Vitval]

Everything is fine, the only downside is that it will make a big noise when you turn over and turn over. I want the designer to consider each screw plus a soft gasket.

Great loft bed! [Vitval]

I bought this yesterday and it took 3 hours for my friend and I to put it together. All the parts fit well and were easy to put together. The directions took a bit to understand so take time to really understand them and double check every step as we made 2 minor mistakes. The loft bed is sure to be enjoyed for a long time to come!

Awesome bed for the price! [Vitval]

I just bought this bed last weekend for my son. He LOVES it! It seems sturdy and well made. A friend and I spent about 3 hours putting it together and it surprisingly wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I will say that the instructions have no words, only pictures and that the parts aren't labeled to the corresponding instructions so twice we put in a part we thought was correct but turned out to not be the right one so we had to switch it out. If the pieces were labeled and there were words so we didn't have to try and figure out what the picture was trying to tell us, it would have taken less than half that time to put it together. But overall it wasn't bad. It also didn't include the screws needed to anchor it to the wall which is a safety issue so I'll have to go out and buy the screws this week.

Buy and build at great risk to your sanity [Vitval]

What I’d really like to say about the assembly and assembly manual for this bed wouldn’t be published, so I’m just going to tell you three things: 1) Don’t buy this bed, or 2) buy this bed but unless you are the handiest most awesome IKEA assembler ever, save your sanity and hire someone who can put this together for you, or 3) go ahead and challenge yourself and try putting it together but make sure you PAY SUPER EXTRA SPECIAL attention to every little nuance and detail in the ridiculous “instructions” and diagrams and make sure you have cold beer on hand. Whoever made the manual for this bed should be fired. We got it put together out of sheer stubbornness. So many screws didn’t line up right and we had to re-do certain sections after finding out several steps later in the manual that pieces were too tight to fit together properly. Maybe we got a defective unit, but buyer beware.

Great bed, daughter loves it. [Vitval]

I'm so happy we finally bought this. My 10 year old loves it. She has so much more room now and has had fun decorating. It was pretty easy to put together too.

Great beds for a shared [Kura]

Great beds for a shared room! Surprisingly solid.

Awesome, kids love the beds [Kura]

Awesome, kids love the beds

Love the flexibility of this [Kura]

Love the flexibility of this option to transition young kiddos into a bigger bed and eventually turn it into a loft.

Sturdy and creative [Kura]

This bed is sturdy and versatile, definitely recommend

The bed is great. [Kura]

My 3 year old son enjoys his new bed. He feels like such a big boy sleeping on top and loves playing with his toys or resting underneath with his books.

kids very like it [Kura]

kids very like it

My son loves it, I [Kura]

My son loves it, I use it upside down and in the down side I putted another mattress for my baby boy. He loved it too.

Kura bed [Kura]

Wow....I love this bed for my boys. I got two for my kids ages 4 and 9. Every easy to put together just little time consuming about 1 1/2hrs, from start to finish. You need this bed for your kids. It's just so much fun and they can grow with the bed because its big. Good luck finding it in

Great product and very affordable! [Kura]

Great product and very affordable!

Simple and chic bed [Kura]

Absolutely love this bed. Its simple and chic. Absolutely perfect for my daughter.

Love this bed so much I got two [Kura]

I got my first one a year or so ago for my two sons bedroom. The smaller boy sleeping on the bottom with a big mattress( they don’t I tent for it to be used this way but I worked for our family. My youngest is now at the age where he would like is own things and his own bed was big. So we got our second one. Side note, this bed is so popular that I had to wait over a month to get it, as it was out of stock in my area.

Great bunk [Kura]

Seems safe and kids love it

Love for my boys. I [Kura]

Love for my boys. I have a 2 and 7 yr old. I was able to bottom on the floor to help my 2 yr sleep and grow into.

Bed is great for my 5 and 3 year old [Kura]

Our 5 year old has it turned like a bunk and our 3 year old turned like a regular bed till she gets bigger. They are really study and a great buy and great for painting yourself. We bought the tents for both and it has made their room so fun i painted a space motif of the tent for my son and a rainbow on the tent for mg daughter. Lots of fun in their room!

Sturdy, simple design, my daughter [Kura]

Sturdy, simple design, my daughter loves it

Great price, sturdy bed [Kura]

I bought three of these beds for my girls room. Love the functionality of it. We bought three Malm dressers too because they fit underneath and the combo of the two is such a space saver! Very sturdy and easy to put together (I did it without the hubby's help) and it's actual wood! Definitely a great buy.

Perfect bed [Kura]

I bought this bed for my kids because they had been asking for a bunk bed and I wasn’t comfortable with the height of a traditional one. We also already have 2 beds and only needed 1 more. I fell in love with this bed for the height and versatility of it. It can be practically whatever you need it to be. For now it is a bunk bed for my oldest 2, later it will be a platform bed for my youngest. It was super easy to set up, it only took maybe a total of 2.5 hours between me and my husband. The hardest part was finding the first piece to start with (it is labeled I just didn’t see it right away) after that I went by fast. I could of put most of it together myself but it does require 2 people towards the end. I love that it is unfinished as well so we can paint it or stain it if we wanted. Overall I highly recommend this bed, I kinda want a bigger version for myself.

very good :) [Kura]

my younger brother has been using this for about 2 years, and i really like it. the design is very simple and cute. i really like the natural wood frame. i would recommend sleeping on the top and having some free space on the bottom. i really recommend this product to kids :) and btw, the blue tent looks the best with it !!

Great bed [Kura]

We bought this a few weeks ago. It’s a really cool bed our almost 6 year old loves it.

Easy to put together, great for my kids [Kura]

The bed was East for one person to put together and I did it under 2 hrs. My son ah 5 loves his new loft bed. The delivery was two day late however and they delivered two of the same box instead of the two Box that it required to put it together. Customer service Is bad and I still am trying to get ahold of them. Poor customer service

Great upgrade for small room with high ceiling [Stora]

This was great! I'm 6'3" and while I need to squat when I'm under the bed, the rest of my family can walk under it without an issue. My son loves it and has his computer desk under the bed. We stapled his old twin-sized bed mattress foam foam topper on the underside of this bed so that it acts as a sound absorber when he's on his microphone for school (reduces echo) and it also doubles as a head protector for me when I get up from his desk and stand up too quickly. I used wood glue on the pegs (where appropriate) and propped the bed against the wall to reduce the bed from shaking. Used an 8" mattress from another warehouse store, but used cardboard (from the shipping box for this bed) on the slats to ensure that the mattress wouldn't ooze through the slats, which are about 2.5-3" gaps. Making the bed is VERY difficult due to the height, but it isn't the fault of the fact that the STORA is up high. Later this summer, I'll need to adjust a fan that comes too close to the bed (raise it up on its extension pipe). Other than that, I got the last one at my IKEA - it seems that a lot of wood products are out of stock right now.

Great bed just need a [Stora]

Great bed just need a little more support from the base

Loft bed to maximize space [Stora]

We added two Alex desks underneath the Stora loft bed for my daughter... one to game on and the other to do schoolwork on. She absolutely loves it and the bed is solid and sturdy!

It’s sooooo affordable and cute. [Stora]

It’s sooooo affordable and cute. If you have tall ceilings in a small room, it’s a game changer.

Great loft bed [Stora]

We bought this last month, my daughter really likes it. The assembly was a bit difficult due to pieces not being marked. I wish there was more than one support beam going across the underneath, but it is pretty sturdy.

Not very strong [Stora]

I bought this bed for my 14yr (at the time) old son, as he wanted a studio feel in his room with a futon, fridge, etc. He is a y’all boy and about 165lbs but not surpassing weight limits. The bed is a little wobbly but be of the planks on the ladder broke when he was coming down and another one is now cracked. I emailed IKEA to see if I can purchase replacements. Awaiting response.

Wiggly [Stora]

The bed took a bit of tome to put together, but the instructions were fairly easy to follow. The bed is a bit wiggly and that is disconcerting when you climb up. The design of long, thin legs with a heavy bed does not allow for a sense of confidence when climbing up onto the bed and moving around. We will likely add cross braces to the loft bed to make it more sturdy.

Needs work [Stora]

The store I bought from had one option for a full loft bed, which was this. The pros: it's pretty & does save a lot of space The cons: the tag said ceiling had to be 8ft10. You need a taller ceiling. We had to cut about 3.5 inches off the posts. Pro! The wood is so soft it was a breeze to cut through. It's a struggle to put together but that's atypical. It will wobble we have to drill it into the wall stud. The center beam is NOT enough if you weigh more than a 10yr old. It says 250 weight limit but my mattress (maybe 50lbs) plus my 140 was too much. We bought two more beams and installed them. Isn't worth 299.

Perfect Bed and Durable [Stora]

I love this bed! It is the prefect bed for a child like my son. It fits perfectly in the space and allows for a lot of under bed storage, to the point I have his long student desk and chest of drawers under the bed. Tons of floor space and built strong. The only thing is every few weeks I have to come along and re-screw the middle beam and side rails to make sure my child is safe up there. This bed is classic black and works with an decor also!

Good use of space [Stora]

I wanted this for my 10 year old, he absolutely loves it! His room has a high ceiling so we wanted it to allow more living room below. It is well made which means sturdy; the full size mattress area will allow him to grow and still be in the space.

Only for short mattresses [Stora]

They recommend a minimum ceiling height of 9 ft, but mind that the depth of the bed platform is meant for mattresses up to 8 in. Many foam mattresses are thicker, my Casper is 12 in. This can set you dangerously high above the side rails. Installation is a bear. I wouldn't attempt this without a power drill, there are 150+ screws. Pay attention to the order of the steps. When it tells you not to fully screw in something just yet, do as told. The center beam under the slats is pretty flexible. I reinforced it with steel strap ties and screws (they can also be nailed in).

Too Tall [Stora]

I bought this for a Christmas for my 10 year old. He wanted a loft bed. He was in a twin and I figured we should upgrade to a full. I didn’t realize how high up this bed is. I worry that one day he’ll fall. If I had to purchase again I’m not sure I would. It’s even difficult for me to get up there to put sheets on.

WOBBLY [Stora]

This bed was relatively easy to put up if you'd have done many build it yourself IKEA items. The bed isn't as supportive as I thought it'd be. It is extremely wobbly and creaks ALOT. For the money, it is a good value but at this point, i'd rather spend money on a good bed frame.

Wobbly [Stora]

I bought this bed about two months ago and I am considering returning it. It wobbles more than I thought it would, making me feel stressed when sleeping because I do not want to fall. I bought it because my room is small and I wanted more floor space. For that purpose, it does a great job. However, overall I do not think the extra floor space is worth my fear of falling if I move too much in bed.

We Love this Bed! [Stora]

This bed is good sturdy quality but the directions were not easy to understand. We ended up taking it apart twice because we put it together wrong.

Center support beam sags [Stora]

Preface: I weigh ~155lbs and occasionally share my bed. However, after ~4 months of owning this & using with an ikea mattress, the center beam has started to sag and is really uncomfortable. Very junky product. Also note, if you make the mistake of buying this bed frame, remove ALL parts from all three boxes before assembling. One of the first few pages requires parts from the 3rd box. But because a lot of the parts look the same, it's easy to make a mistake and use a part from box 1 or box 2.

Middle support base very weak! [Stora]

Bought this last year for our daughter and the middle support base on loft bed is splitting/cracking. She herself weighs 168lbs and after 6 months we noticed cracks and splitting on middle piece of wood. I would think more support would be needed to support full size loft bed. Very disappointed.

Seems plenty solid to me [Stora]

I have been sleeping on this bed for 9 months now. I would buy it again. Pros: It has been very sturdy. I'm 215 pounds and was worried since some of the reviews are negative for wobbling/unstable. No problem at all. I tightened the bolts very well (sunk slightly into the wood) and re-tightened after a couple of months. Tried to tighten them again after 6 months but everything was still tightly secured from the previous time. This bed is very tall. I have a desk under it and it is comfortable to sit under. I was worried I might hit my head but that has not happened (yet) and I sit under it every day. Cons: A little too tall. If you have standard 8' ceilings, you will have to make it shorter. I cut a foot off the legs and ladder at the bottom with a circular saw. Problem solved.

Great price for well-made bed [Stora]

We bought this for our son’s room, which is somewhat small due to being in the city. He loves the floor space it provided. It is around 7’ tall, and we had to buy a shorter downrod for his ceiling fan. Great bed!

Convenient [Stora]

I am satisfied now with the amount of space I have available on my small room.

Looks amazing [Småstad]

Waited for months because it was out of stock, and finally we got it ! Do worth the wait !!!!! Looks beautiful

Love it! [Småstad]

My son loves it! He likes how spacious his table is! We added the drawers and doors and it looks great! Definitely buying it for my other child, when she’s 8.

Perfect [Småstad]

Great way to give my daughter the extra space she wanted for homework/art/etc. Built alone however would highly recommend getting someone to help you. Sturdy and perfect!


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