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Ikea Bed Frame Reviews

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IKEA is known for their extremely affordable furniture, which is put together at home. For these reasons, ease of assembly and quality are some of the most important elements to buying from IKEA. When it comes to their bed frames, they have a variety of price points and design options to choose -- from plain metal frames to upholstered wooden frames. Most folks like the offerings from IKEA, but there were some that had issues with long term durability and assembly for some models. We'll go through the options below...

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Material Quality: 8.3/10

Design Options: 8.2/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

Price: $65-$789+

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Ikea Bed Frame Details

IKEA's bed frame offerings include those with and without storage offerings. If you are interested in bed frames with storage, see our IKEA storage bed review guide. Alternatively if you are looking for a deep dive of all of their platform beds, take a look at our IKEA platform bed guide. In either case, their prices are very competitive and their offerings focus on self-assembled options. However, their styles are sometimes basic and leave some customers wishing for more.

For sleepers that are looking for something stylish and long term, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options. Below we'll go through each of their designs and discuss which offerings get the best reports from sleepers.

Quality of Materials

IKEA focuses on providing easy-to-assemble products with high value for their low price points. When it comes to their bed frames, their highest value is in their 'bare bones' metal options, which have reports of simple set up and overall sturdiness from most. However, those that are looking for platform designs with more style, there are some mixed reviews about some of these options -- especially concerning issues with durability.

IKEA Metal Bed Frames

IKEA offers a few different all-metal bed frames models made of materials such as steel and aluminum. To support the mattress, these metal bed frames usually come with a slatted base made of mixed woods veneers that are layered and glued together.

Here are the details for their most popular all-metal bed frame, Grimsbu:

This competitively priced bed frame features a simple, minimalist look that gets the mattress approximately 8'' off the floor. Made of steel with a layered wood glue slatted base, the Grimsbu's low profile design works best with mattresses that are not too thick (otherwise you won't see the headboard feature). Customers appreciate the price and clean look of the Grimsbu bed frame, however some have brought up issues with set up and durability in some cases.

IKEA Wooden Twin Bed Frames

For those looking for something with more style, IKEA offers multiple bed frames specific to the twin sized mattress. These come in both a unfinished or a painted look.

For those looking for a premium look, here is what's inside the Hemnes Twin Bed Frame:

The Hemnes bed frame is a wooden option that comes in multiple color options -- black-brown, dark gray, and white. It's available in a model with a headboard and glued wood veneer slats, or in a pricier day bed option with drawers for storage. Overall, customers like their Hemnes bed frames, but some had issues with the durability and quality of the design.

Another popular wooden twin bed option is the Kura Twin Bed Frame:

The Kura bed frame features a unique, reversible design that can be switched from a bed with canopy-like posts to a loft bed. Made with solid pine and white fiberboard, many customers are happy with the reversible design. Still, some others have brought up disagreements with set up and construction.

Next up, we'll take a look at the Slakt Twin Bed Frame:

The Slakt is a white, twin bed frame made of particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF). It's available in 3 different models: a simple bed frame with headboard, a bed frame with two rows of storage, and a bed frame with a pull-out bed and storage. While many customers like the functionality of these beds, there were some who brought up issues with assembly and perceived durability.

Lastly, we'll take a look at another popular twin sized option from IKEA, the Songesand Bed Frame:

The Songesand bed frame is a great option for those that are looking for something simple but with a traditional style element. It comes in two colors, brown and white, and is available in a simple headboard or with a storage option. Alike to the others, there are some that had issues with assembly and construction, which was a common pain point for some shoppers.

IKEA Wooden Queen & King Bed Frames

IKEA also makes bed frames for larger mattress sizes, like queens and kings. With both unfinished and premium looks, IKEA's value proposition is about bringing the lowest prices with simple assembly.

For those looking for a simple design, but with upholstering, here is what's inside the Slattum Bed Frame:

The Slattum is a grey upholstered bed that offers a full or queen size option for those that are for a low price point. Underneath the upholstering, there is a metal frame that holds everything together. Overall, most folks like these bed frames but there are some quality concerns around frame strength and squeakiness for some sleepers.

The next option is an untreated wood frame. Here is what's inside the Tarva Bed Frame:

The Tarva bed frame is completely untreated and isn't finished with paint. This raw look fits into traditional Scandinavian decorations and room designs. However, there are some mixed reviews for this particular bed frame. Specifically, some have described issues with durability and bed frame breakdowns.

For those looking for a similar look and slightly better reviews, here is what's inside the Neiden Bed Frame:

The Neiden is another untreated wooden option with a simple design. It features slats and pre-drilled holes for simple assembly. Most sleepers report finding assembly straight forward, but there were some issues when it came to fitting the nuts and bolts. Others had issues with durability and movement of the frame at night.

The next bed frame that they offer is a stained wooden style. Here is what's inside the Trysil Bed Frame:

The Trysil bed frame offers a sleek, stained wood design that offers a high, angled headboard. It comes with or without slats and features particle-board along the sides with metal frame. Customers have mixed reviews about these frames, with some complaints about the quality and durability of the slats with some describing breaks.

Lastly, we'll review the popular, minimalist designed Malm Bed Frame:

The Malm comes in a basic bed frame model and a bed frame with storage. Available in white stained oak veneer, grey stained, or black-brown color, this bed frame is made of particleboard and fiberboard. For support, there are two layered and glued wood veneer options: the Luröy slatted base or the higher priced Lönset slatted base. Most customers enjoy the clean design of this bed, however some have brought up issues with noisiness and construction in some cases.

Who Are IKEA Bed Frames Right For?

IKEA bed frames are ideal for those that are looking for economical choices with standard designs. For those looking for more style and design options, see our List of Top Rated Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Ikea Bed Frame Customer Reviews

Simply perfect

I purchased this over a month a go and it’s perfect

Good buy.

So easy to put together. Great quality and very sturdy.

Awesome Frame

Awesome frame would buy again!!

Great frame easy assembly

Great frame. Quality materials. We didn’t end up using it after we put it together though and went with a mattress base instead. But if you need a basic metal frame this one fits the bill.

Easy to set up

I bought this in conjunction with the king size Mathopen headboard. They work perfectly together and it was easy to set up. Could also work for queen size also.

Very solid frame

Had to buy this to go along with an IKEA headboard. It’s honestly very solid and very simple to assemble. No complaints about the frame

Sturdy, well supported

Bought for Daughter who had mattresses on floor. Now she has a real bed, just like her kids.


I had to return one of these because it was not square and the mattress sat crooked, this one is fine.

Feiring bedframe with legs

Wish I could have gotten rollers on the feet for easy moving around!!

Sturdy and easy

We finally bought a new bed frame and we love it. Our old frame had hard plastic wheels that eventually crumbled against our concrete floor. It had a plastic cone leg in the center that bent. The bed itself would occasionally shift and would make noise every time we moved.

Quality is good but assembly is horrible

Quality of the frame is good, however assembly was horrible; the support parts were connected to the main frame by twist-locking-like system , which was very poorly designed and in bad quality.

Great bed frame

I bought 2 of these for my both of my kids beds works great for mattresses with built in box spring and with box spring and mattress.

Very Disappointed

Purchased frame for a queen size bed; the frame did not sit flat and pivoted on middle rail requiring spacers for leveling the frame. the plastic for the bottom of the feet gave out about 9 months into purchase on 5 of the feet cracking apart or separating sides from bottom. plastic feet parts are not available for replacement from stores.

Easy peasy!

I never review things, but this seemed worthy of a review. Admittedly, I just bought this so I'm not sure how it's going to age, but this bed frame was the answer to our prayers. After having a nightmare of a time with a beautiful wood bed frame with wooden slats. I bought this in the hopes that it would fit inside the wooden bed frame and could replace the wooden slats. This frame was easy to put together, and most importantly fits PERFECTLY. The one down side is the rubber feet on the bottom don't protrude past the metal lip very far, if at all, and it WILL scratch up your floor if it is on bare wood, so either put it on carpet or get some floor protectors. I do wish the feet protected your hardwood floors a bit better.


Bought three of these in twin size for my children’s beds, works well

Adjustable bed frame

It is sturdy and adjustable, just what I wanted.

Too short!

Buyer beware---this frame is too short to use w/ a footboard!

great bedframe

this bedframe is sturdier than the one I bought at a bed store at a fraction of the price!

Frame is flimsy

This email asking for a review came right on time! I was on my way to return the frame. The metal frame is adjustable for twin or full. Either way you have to place the knob in the keyhole slot and secure it with the screw that it comes with. I needed the full size so I only had to slide it apart, securing it with the knob/keyholes for my size and secure it with the screw. I've had this bed frame for just over 1 month.

Sturdy little frame

I purchased this to go with the Hornsund headboard, it is perfect!

excellent bed

Easy to put it all together. One afternoon is the time I spent to put it together. Instruction is simple and work out well. I'm glad I made the purchase.

Great, very happy!

I bought this bed a week ago to replace an old, big, bulky wood bed and am very pleased! I’ve never assembled anything from a box, but accomplished this in about 2-1/2 hours. I’ve read other reviews stating squeaking and holes not lining up - i did have those issues but both are easily fixed. I used chapstick on the screws to help screw in better and stop metal-against-metal squeaking. I used a rubber mallet to gently hammer/nudge pieces together that weren’t quite lining up. Everything should fit tightly, there should be no wobbliness to the bed frame. I am very happy with this bed so far. i love the minimal design.

Weak frame

We've had this frame a week. One of the legs is already bending, and the slats keep popping out (we are normal sized people; our combined weight is 300 pounds). The upholstered parts are nice, but the frame itself is very weak.

Annoying noise all night!

The bed is beautiful and I was almost buying one for my son too. Thank God the twin size was sold out. The rails squeak all night, waking me every time I move. I’m considering returning this, hope I don’t have a hard time to do it. I’m using the bed for about 20 days now, and it was squeaky since the second night. Terrible.

Great College Bed!!

Perfect for my son at college!! He’s loving the bed and his new IKEA discovery!! He spent over 2 hours in IKEA when he went to pick up his new bed!

Nice bed, but VERY ANNOYING to assemble

Easy instructions but it was such a pain to assemble. The screws do not align up to the holes. I had to put a lot of force when it came to putting on the side panels because it just wouldn't line up and go in. For two of the panels, two of the screws aren't in all the way so I'm hoping this bed holds up. Overall, the bed is really nice and comfortable. Very simple looking, absolutely makes no noise when there's any movement to the bed.

Side panels can't be attached. Big problem.

I spent several hours last night attempting to assemble my new Slattum bed. Everything was fine until it came time to attach the four side panels. I was unable to attach them. The screw holes don't line up. They will not go on. For a start the little platform that supports the panels while you attach them raises them too high for the holes to line up. But even if you try to ignore the platform, you still can't get the holes to line up. Since this is a new product I believe this is a design flaw. What are we supposed to do? Others have posted here that they are also having trouble with the side panels. Can you ship us ones with holes that line up? I waited a couple of weeks for this bed to be in stock, it finally was in stock in Brooklyn on Friday but was gone when I arrived there on Sunday morning. I finally found one in Hicksville. But now it can't be assembled. Annoying at the very least. IKEA, do you read these comments? I sure hope so.

Annoying to build, but great when it's done!

This was a PAIN to put together. The 4 panels of the upholstered side did not want to line up with the holes on the frame. It was like the world's most annoying puzzle. I had to keep taking them off and switching them around until I finally got them to fit. I do like that they have metal inside so it makes it sturdier than just particle board.

Great value.

Super quick assembly. Braces were the hardest to install, but managed to get them in place.

Very Nice

I bought this a few weeks ago and just now put it up, quick and easy to assemble a lot sturdier than I expected. So nice and high !!!


I bought this 2 weeks ago little did I know I moved it once and the beams bent.very loud when you sit down. Not comfortable at all.


Been using MALM bed frame for years had an old one still standing strong so when my son needed a bed frame we look back to MALM and the assembly is pretty much the same as it was. love it. good buy.


I bought this in December and it was broken by January. The middle beam is weak and one that bends you are done for. Everything depends on the beam so my bed has had a dip in it for about 8 months now. DO NOT WASTE MONEY

Super easy to put together and very sturdy

I bought this a month ago for my 3yr old....She loves her Big Girl Bed as she would say. It only took about 1hr to put together. My husband put it together and I just handed him the screws lol


There is a giant bar in the middle of the bed frame that supports the bed and adds a mountain to the center. If you don’t want to completely ruin your back, don’t but this bed frame.

Decent Bed, Works as Expected

This is the second MALM bed I've owned and I it's a solid purchase. Only gripe is that I have a small space, and the bed adds an extra few inches in every direction compared to a platform bed. Wish it was slightly more compact.

Wrong dimensions

Just received this bedframe and just want to warn everyone else that it is not 54 inches which is what a full size United States mattress is. My daughters mattress does not fit in this bed frame. Beyond annoyed and frustrated. How is this smaller than a typical full size mattress? Because it’s international. Do your research before you buy any furniture from IKEA!!!

Pretty easy setup

Haven’t had it very long yet, but it seems nice and ikea durable. Relatively easy to put together, but the other reviews are right. You will absolutely wreck your knees and shins every day until you get used to it being there. The frame sticks out a couple inches all around your mattress.


The absolute worst experience putting this together. None of the screws and parts fit one another. It got to the point that I was surprised when something did actually fit! I have never been brought to tears in frustration while putting Ikea furniture together before today. I had to stop just to write this review so I could hopefully save someone from the same fate I have suffered today. I honestly do not even know what to do at this point. Even if I do manage to get it together today, I am terrified that it will absolutely fall apart while I am sleeping on it.


I love it! It's simple but elegant and just what I wanted. Room for 3 large Skubb soft storage containers underneath! Could put it together myself easily.

Good bang for your buck

Super easy to assemble and super sturdy.

bed frame

i am happy with my bed frame. i am sleepping like a King


I’m seeing half of the comments are negative about this bed but I’m not seeing a big reason why, unless it’s the assembly portion, let me tell you, when you get to the beam parts of the bed, you’re going to need a second person to help with the assembly, because the support beams were by a long shot the hardest part in making this bed, as for the product accuracy, everything fits! I saw a review saying this bed isn’t accurate with mattress sizes, depends on the mattress you have, I bought the Queen size version of this bed, and my queen size mattress had no issue in fitting with the bed frame, so to anyone who’s skeptical, check the frame dimensions and your mattress dimensions FIRST, then go from there, as for noisiness, I’m 5’2, petite, and weigh 110 Ibs, so far no noise, as a matter of fact, this bed is quieter than my previous white IKEA storage bed, but I guarantee that’s because of my weight AND that with two people the beam screws for the bed are screwed in so tight, there’s no wobble, therefore no sound. If you weigh more than 150 Ibs, this might be a different story, however if the screws to the bed frame beam supports aren’t screwed in the way they should, that might be the main cause of the noise, so be wary. I’ve been looking fir a bed with storage ability and what I love about this bed is you have an option for storage on both sides, they come separately to the bed, but the drawers are very large which I’m impressed with, larger than my previous bed storage, and THEY ROLL, so keep that in mind as well! Overall, no issues with this bed yet! I’ll be updating this review after a year passes and see how this bad boy holds up, been looking for a good modern bed, and so far this one fits the bill! Assembly looks intimidating, anything but, I’m 22 read the directions carefully and had no major issues in putting the bed together, except for the beams, which I discussed. If there’s any other part that you might need an extra hand, it’s the headboard and the bed frames, but that’s it! Don’t let the single star reviews phase you! :)

Love it!

I’m a bigger guy and man this bed can hold me! It’s mega sturdy and it’s a pretty good height from the ground! Didn’t take to long to set up. Pretty easy set up and instructions.

Clean fresh look

The bed was easy to put together and the grey finish went well with other items in my room. Once completed it was very sturdy


I am a freshman in high school and I put this bed together all by myself I don’t know what all these Karen’s are talking about it was super easy, instructions were very clear, only took about 15-20 minutes.

Great design

The last part (cross metal bars × 4) are hard to install, the screws wouldn't go through! Had to setup the bed without them.

Looks expensive. It’s uncomfortable and very noisy

My husband purchased this bed frame to match with other furniture we own. He works in the construction business so he’s building stuff all the time, having that said it was so difficult so put together. The bed itself is very pleasant to look at, it looks way more expensive BUT it’s extremely noisy to the point where we cannot sleep!! Even bending my knee makes so much noise. I told him I would give it another week before returning it to see if everything “settles” I DO NOT recommend buying this bed frame. It will take you hours to put together and then more hours to take apart and return it.

why are ikea's wood frames so flimsy?

got a nice looking queen bed, wood frame, nice mattress, slates, etc. for my guest bedroom. was used for two weeks. it is now falling apart--the pins do not stay in place and the long screws cannot be tighten. I do not even want a replacement. This should not have happened in the first place. I do not know why Ikea wooden bed frames are so very flimsy. I tried to add screws to tighten the frame but there is no space since the frames are not designed to have extra screws. Sorry but not recommended at all

Dangerous Product And Should Not Be In The Market

I Just Bought Two Bed Frame (Twin) For My Grand Children, And The Corner Of The Bed Frame Cut My Knee And It Hurts So Much. This Is A Very Dangerous Product And They Should Not Sell This Product At All. From My Point Of View, The Corners For All The Bed Frame Should Be Round Corner And Not Sharp, Not Only The Bed And The Desk As Well.


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