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+1.3x back support

+/- delivery

+/- experience

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 100 Overall



Spring 2024 Updates: Idle's website is currently down and their products are out of stock. While most report liking Idle's mattresses, there have been mixed reviews about fulfillment and customer service.

Idle Sleep is a mattress-in-a-box company that creates both memory foam and hybrids mattresses. One of their key differentiators is that their hybrid mattresses feauture a two sided design, which means these mattresses can be flipped in hopes of prolonging comfort. With medium and luxury firm options as well as a cooling all foam mattress, Idle is a brand to consider.


+1.3x back support
+/- delivery
+/- experience

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 100 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $910-$4997

Trial Period: 18 Months

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Idle's Specifics

Idle Sleep is an online mattress brand, which has gone through many iterations over the last few years. With a focus on flippable hybrids, they've also added generous gel memory foam mattress options.

Quality of Materials

One of Idle Sleep's core differentiators has been their flippable design in their foam and latex hybrid mattresses. Their unique benefit is being able to find the right firmness level without having to adjust the mattress. With options that feature GOL'S certified Dunlop and Talalay latex, customers that are looking for a more eco-conscious, natural sleep can find something for them.

We'll go through what's inside each of their mattresses in detail. Here is what's inside The Idle Hybrid:

Layer 1: The Thermocool™ fabric keeps things soft and cool on the cover layer. It sits on top of a natural fire resistant barrier.

Layer 2: 1'' of Idle foam is quilted into the top layer, which has a cloud like plush quality.

Layer 3: 2'' of Idle Cooling Buoyancy foam reacts faster than memory foam while dissolving those pressure points.

Layer 4: 1'' layer of supportive transitional foam.

Layer 5: 6'' of Quantum Edge-To-Edge pocketed coils allow the body to be supported in any position while providing great edge support.

Layers 6 - 9: Because Idle mattresses are double sided, the first three layers of foam are also on the bottom of the mattress.

Next, for those sleepers that love added response and all-natural ingredients, here is what's inside the Idle Natural Dunlop or Talalay Latex Hybrid:

Layer 1: The first layer is an all-natural organic cotton layer that will keep things soft and comfortable on the surface.

Layer 2: 1'' of natural wool that's quilted into the cotton cover for added comfort.

Layer 3: 3'' of 100% pure GOLS certified Dunlop or Talalay Latex which is naturally hypoallergenic and offers some breathability, making it feel cooler than memory foam to some sleepers.

Layer 4: 6'' of Quantum Edge-to-Edge pocketed coils provide lasting support to the back and spine. The pocket coils are sandwiched between coil support layers that help to managed the tension and transfer between the different parts of the mattress.

Layers 5 - 7: Because Idle mattresses are double sided, the first three layers are also on the bottom of the mattress.

Next, we'll go through the medium firmness and gently contouring, Idle Gel Plush:

Layer 1: The first layer is the Ice Fabric™ cover with buoyancy foam for a subtle responsiveness, cozy softness, and cooling surface.

Layer 2: 1'' of cooling buoyancy is engineered to be more reactive than memory foam, while cooling the sleepers above.

Layer 3: A natural fire resistant barrier is followed by 2'' of gel infused buoyancy foam that helps promote pressure relief and cooling.

Layer 4: 3'' of Idle memory foam which helps to which is customized to not retain heat, while adjusting to the body's curves and providing a gentle contour.

Layers 5 - 7: The base layer is 8'' of high density foam, which provides lasting support and durability, while a natural fireproof cloth helps keep things safe. A removable and washable base cover helps to keep the mattress clean.

Lastly, we'll go through the medium firm, all-foam Idle Mattress:

Layer 1-2: The cover layer is quilted and machine washable with thermo-regulating technology so it won't sleep too warm. This cover is followed by a natural fire resistant barrier.

Layer 2: 3'' of Idle cooling buoyancy foam is more reactive than memory foam, while it relieves pressure points and keeps things cool.

Layer 3: 2'' of supportive transition foam is perforated for extra air flow while it enhances the pressure relief above and the supportive layer below.

Layer 4-5: The last layers are 7'' of high density base foam, which provides structure to the mattress and supports the back, and a natural fireproof cloth layer to keep things safe.

Overall Comfort

Customers respond well to the Idle mattress options and enjoy the quality and wide range of mattress firmnesses. Side sleepers will resonate more with the softer foam options, while those that desire a more firm mattress will do better with the latex hybrid options.


Check out the scale above. As you'll see, Idle's hybrid mattresses come in either medium or firm on both sides. The foam offerings are softer with the thicker plush version being the most pressure-relieving.


Overall, because of the cooling top layers, these mattresses should be cool for most. Their foam offerings that usually struggle with heat retention have multiple technologies aimed at keeping things cool at night.

Who Are Idle Mattresses Right For?

Idle has a versatile array of mattresses in multiple styles and firmness options. Those that are used to high name-brand price points will find these more competitive.

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I spent a little more time looking for a bed that would support myself and my boyfriend who is a little bigger. I didn't want to pay a lot of money but I did need something that would last and support both of us. It has been a comfortable bed and is as strong as an ox.

Very nice

I was pretty apprehensive to buy a mattress without trying it out first, but I did a lot of research and decided to take the plunge. I tried several different memory foam mattresses in stores and I’d say this one is superior to the others. The firmness level is just right: not too hard and not too soft. I sink in just enough to feel supported, but not so much that it’s difficult to move. I wake up less in the middle of the night and I’m not sore in the morning. I am very pleased with our purchase.

Next level bed

I ordered my Idle Sleep Hybrid medium firm bed about 5 weeks ago based on both the recommendation of an acquaintance and online reviews. I have been nothing short of elated at the quality of the bed and how well I sleep on it. It is plush and yet supportive and my girlfriend is staying over more often now which is an added bonus.

Just what I needed

I broke the C2 vertebrae in my neck in 2004. For the past 8 years or so I have been having soreness and stiffness in my neck with no answer on how to help it. Since buying the Idle hybrid I have not been waking up with a sore and stiff neck due to the wonderful neck and shoulder support from the mattress. This bed has been a blessing and I am very thankful for it.

Feels like a giant pillow!

I just got back from traveling abroad for the past 8 months. I came back home to enter the rat race so I can work and save for my next adventure. My dad helped me set up my apartment and bought me an Idle mattress as a welcome home gift. I love traveling and miss it a ton but this mattress has made me happy to be back at home. It so comfortable, I love it! I will probably bring it with me when I travel again


I rarely write reviews but I thought this bed deserved a few good words. It is a little more expensive than other online brands but it is for a good reason: the other brands DO NOT compare in quality. I have friends who have purchased beds online that I have laid on and they feel cheap like I am going to fall right through them. My all foam bed is a huge and well built bed. I sleep sound and enjoy throwing it in my friends' faces for buying hastily and trying to save a buck. I would give it 6 stars but 5 is the most I can give.

My Netflix Binge Throne

I can get lazy from time to time and lay in bed and watch Netflix all day. Since getting this bed my Netflix watching has increased by about 20%. It is so comfortable and I never want to get out of it!


I have always slept better on a more firm mattress. After talking with Chelsey from customer service we decided the latex bed would be a good fit for me. It was delivered on time but I needed my son to come over and help get the bed into my room as I am not the young song bird I once was. It has been everything and more that Chelsey told me it would be and I am very pleased with the quality and support I get from this bed.

Awesome mattress

I am very happy with everything about this bed. If buying beds online is always as easy and satisfying as it was for me it seems like brick and mortar stores don't have a very bright future

Best nights sleep

This IDLE mattress changed our lives for the better! It is absolutely the ideal softness and temperature for sleeping. We decided to order a king since our dog sleeps with us. We didn't want a cheap bed that seems so common from other companies (Idle was our 3rd bed) and we really wish it had been our first.

On point

I ordered this bed mostly for my husband who is active duty military. I spoke with Chelsey and mentioned my husbands service and she gave us an additional discount. It is nice to see a company that takes care of its veterans and service members. Since getting the bed I have grown to love it more than my husband. We are both super happy with our bed and the service we received.

Good all around

Nice bed, good customer service and quick shipping.

Nice Latex bed

I prefer a bed that is firmer and this latex bed hits the spot. It is evident that the bed is not cheap and that I can expect it to last a good while. Having two sides is also a great benefit that I have not seen any other companies offer. Good bed, good experience.

Love my new bed

I would never buy a one sided mattress again, or likely any other brand than Idle. From a recommendation I received from a former roommate I decided to try the Hybrid bed. I was pretty ecstatic at first but wanted to make sure the bed would still meet my needs after about 30 days...and it has and then some! I has been a little more than a month and I am 100% satisfied with everything about this bed.

Wish Idle came around a long time ago

It is a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that takes care of you from start to finish. From customer service until the product was delivered I was taken care of. I never felt like I was going to have to deal with any non sense or a sub par product. The mattress has been incredible and my experience definitely deserves 5 stars.

Great for my back

My Idle all foam bed has helped my back immensely and for a very reasonable price. Beds similar to this that I have found in stores are close to $1000 more. I was able to do my own research without being pressured to buy and ended up getting a really good deal on this bed.

Happy sleeper

My new bed is like a dream. I usually wake up in the middle of the night half asleep and sometimes sleep walk. Since buying this bed almost 2 months ago I have only sleep walked one time which is unheard of for me. That in itself speaks volumes to the kind of sleep I have been getting. Thanks Idle Sleep for keeping me asleep throughout the night!

Nice upgrade

I had been sleeping on a mattress that was about 8 years old and the springs would creak and crack as I moved through the night which drove me nuts. Thanks to a recent promotion at work I decided to treat myself to a new bed that didn't sound like I was sleeping on a bag of potato chips. The Idle Hybrid has been like sleeping on a cloud and I feel much more rested and productive when I wake up.

Feel 20 again

Very nice bed. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling half my age. I have neck and shoulder soreness due to a car accident 4 years ago and the all foam has helped tremendously in providing the support I need to wake up without pain or discomfort. I am a happy camper in my new bed.

Arrived early

I ordered the bed on a Friday afternoon and got it by the following Thursday. Everything from ordering to set up was seamless and easy. One of the smoothest online transactions I have ever made.

Took a chance..

Like the title says, we took a chance and we love it. We have always had traditional inner spring mattresses but read some reviews about the all foam bed and were convinced to try it out. After all, there is a 120 night sleep trial so why not? I have owned a foam bed before and always slept really hot and would sweat at night. Whatever the foam is they use in this bed must have been made at Hogwarts because it is magical! I never sweat, I feel supported and the overall comfort is just ridiculously satisfying. It is really a wonderful bed.

Thank you IDLE Sleep

I can't say enough good about this bed. I know there are a lot of options out there with online mattresses and a lot of claims that don't seem to be substantiated and that is why I started looking at higher end beds like IDLE Sleep's Hybrid bed. It has held up to everything it has claimed and is clearly a luxury bed as stated. It is thick, the materials are of a higher quality, it has two sides so it can be flipped and has a stellar warranty. I highly recommend this bed to anyone who is looking for something better than a cheap, thin mattress that will need to be replaced in a year or two.

Love it

Buying beds online is a roll of the dice but I felt confident enough with the information about this bed to make the purchase and boy am I glad I did. It is really simple to set up and it is very comfortable.

Family loves it

We bought the all foam bed about 6 weeks ago and have no complaints. My 11 year old daughter watches movies in our bed with her mom and she won't stop asking us to get an Idle bed for her. I was hesitant at first to buy a bed online but I figured it's not much different than laying on a bed for 30 seconds in a store and deciding to buy. This is a great bed and my whole family is happy with it.

Fun to unbox

Nice bed and unboxing is really easy. It expanded and looked like the website pictures within a few minutes.


The Hybrid mattress I ordered is very strong and sturdy. I am happy with how it feels and getting more than what I paid for as far as quality. Chelsey even gave me an extra $100 off when I spoke to her through live chat.


I hadn't heard of this brand before but I guess there are a lot of new companies coming out, but I love this bed. I have owned a Tempurpedic and Stearns and Foster bed which are pretty expensive beds and this bed is right up there with that kind of quality but for far less. I actually googled the components of the bed before I bought it and was impressed with other brands that use the same materials and how well it is made. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone looking for a quality bed without going bankrupt.


I have done a good amount of research of online mattress brands and ultimately settled on Idle Sleep. One of the things I read a lot about was this thing called "off gassing" which I have come to the conclusion is essentially new car smell. Some reviewers seem to talk about it like it is some weird stench you have to put up with for a day or two but, at least with Idle Sleep, this off gassing is nothing more than the smell of new fabric. It's the same smell you would find with a new pair of shoes or a new car, I kind of like it. Aside from that this bed has been a dream- I sleep like a baby in it, it is super comfortable, the fabric is soft enough to sleep on without sheets and the two sided feature is fantastic. This is easily a 5 star bed and worth what I paid and more.

Pretty good

The bed is very comfortable. I don't have any complaints about the bed but it is a big bed and I'm a little guy and had to get a forklift to get the bed up two flights of stairs to my room.

Amazing wedding gift!

My new brother-in-law bought my husband and I this bed for our wedding which was extremely generous (Thanks Dan!). We couldn't be happier with this bed, it is unreal how comfortable it is and how well we sleep. It is the thickest bed we have owned by far and has the benefit of being flipped which I was able to do on my own. Overall, very satisfied with our bed.

Best Mattress

I love this mattress. I have had it for over a year now and kept forgetting to leave a review. I never leave reviews but I will with this mattress. I know a lot of people with mattresses from other well know mail order companies and they do not compare to this. Primarily because you can flip the mattress and it feels like a new mattress. When this one goes (if it goes bad) I will order another one.Love It!

Idle mattress

I sleep like a baby on this mattress I’m glad I purchased it thanks.


I came across Idle when searching for 2 sided. I was happy to find a good option online. We are loving the comfort and quality.

Great Mattress, took a few extra days

We bought the 1 sided hybrid mattress in medium. We are loving the mattress. It was cheaper and had many of the same features as others. It just took a few extra days to get here than was anticipated but worth the wait. Thanks


I love the mattress. 4 stars since it took a little longer to come than I thought it was supposed to.

Really bad back

The Idle Mattress is the most comfortable Mattress I have EVER used. My only complaint is that it is too comfortable, I never want to get out of bed. I had a air mattress prior and it was great for 10 years, this is better. I did a huge amount of research and it all pointed at Idle. I finally made the purchase , I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks Idle

Best bed ever

This bed has made my wifes life and mine so wonderful she suffering for back pain from her surgery and this bed finally lets her get a peaceful sleep


Great for side and back sleeping. Enjoy going to bed now.

Wonderful Mattress!

I did lots and lots of hours of research trying to find a mattress that would be good for my and my husband's many back pain issues and aging bones (we are 60 and 66, respectively). I decided upon the Idle hybrid mattress due to all positive reviews (I could not find one negative review) and factors such as the mattress being flippable, 120-day trial period and lifetime warranty. So far, after one month of sleeping on our mattress, we are in love. We both sleep so well and it is SO comfortable. We also like that the foam top enables one of us to move around or get out of bed without the other even knowing! It is so nice to wake up each morning and not want to rush to get up and out of bed because we are hurting (this can be a downside...just wanting to lie in our oh, so comfortable bed...). Our sleep is so much better, and we wake up feeling refreshed and not in discomfort. The customer service has been excellent, also. We had a problem with one of the legs being damaged upon arrival. I emailed Idle and they shipped new legs to us within 2 days. I would highly recommend the Idle hybrid mattress.

Waking up on time!

I have been getting a much better nights sleep on my idle. If it helps, I have the medium hybrid and weigh 143lbs. I side sleep most of the time and it has been really great for me. The mattress seems to be made really well. ❥

Rotten communications

7/6/20 I ordered a mattress. Got an email telling me to watch for another email. 24 days later, after 1 online chat, 2 emails and 3 phone calls (so far) to Idle Sleep, I've still received NOTHING from them concerning my order's status. I spent MANY hours researching mattresses and was excited about this one. Product and company reviews were good. I really don't want to cancel the order but since the "customer support" is ABSOLUTELY USELESS and I can't find anyone else to contact, and since I still need a mattress, I'm going to have to cancel the charge on my card and start shopping again. If I could give 0 stars I would. I understand that in these COVID-19 days some things have been delayed. I could deal with that if only someone would let me know and keep me updated while I wait. If this is what they do with an order, how bad would it be if I wound up hating the mattress and had to send it back?!

Horrible Customer Service

Moved into a larger townhouse and needed an additional mattress. Received an enticing promotion from Idle in my moving package that was a buy one get one free offer. After contemplating an upgrade because of the promotion, I purchased one from the higher end lines knowing I would get one free. The company applied a different discount after I had checked out and sent me a completely different invoice that didn't reflect my buy 1 get one free offer. After waiting on hold for an hour, I spoke to someone who was useless. Horrible customer service who wasn't willing to do anything for me. I couldn't even return the mattress that I purchased for over $1k. Company is very sketchy..... would NEVER have purchases this mattress if I knew only 1 mattress was coming.

No Mattress 1 month later! - Support it TERRIBLE

I've been getting "yanked around" by the Idle support team over the past 2 weeks about why my mattress is not here ONE MONTH LATER ! You email them and no response, you leave a message on their phone support and no response, When i finally get a person in the chat session they promised that it would be on the truck last week but nothing (what a surprise). I then spoke to a supervisor who promised me it would be on the truck that Friday or next Monday and I hear NOTHING> . Nobody will give a direct phone # so there is ACCOUNTABILITY of a person who will truly handle/own your problem. Everyone hides behind the 888 number and chat sessions. Just shameful and shoddy support through and through

Buyer Beware

I purchased a King Size Hybrid Mattress on 5/23/2020 as part of their Memorial Day Sale. They had 2 sales you could pick from, 30% off your Mattress or a Free Adjustable Base. I chose to pay the full price for the mattress and receive the adjustable base. I paid $1848 for a king-size mattress, had I chose the 30% off deal I would have saved $554. I will admit that the mattress is incredibly comfortable, well made, and has helped with my back pain. However, I have never had a worse experience with customer service. I received the shipping details for the mattress shortly after ordering and received the mattress on 6/5/20 without a problem. And this is where things went bad... I got an email from a customer service representative that said that due to the popularity of the sale they ran out of bases and mine would ship the following week and I would be credited $50 for the delay. I had attempted to rely on this email asking about how to receive the credit and it was returned as undeliverable. I never received the credit or the base. On June 16, I got an email that contained shipping information and I was excited it had finally shipped and waited 2 weeks with it not being delivered (now more than a month from the day I ordered). I checked the tracking info provided and when directed to the UPS website the shipment stated it had been canceled by the sender. I chatted on their website (if you call nobody answers or calls you back when you leave a message) with idle customer service who blamed it on UPS, so I called UPS and they said that the package was canceled before they ever picked it up. Back to chat with a representative who stated due to COVID that they were behind. I gave them grace for a few weeks as I was assured that it would ship within the week and that it would be escalated to management. 2 more weeks go by and still nothing, more chatting, more unanswered calls and emails, more excuses, more promises that it will be escalated and I would receive a follow-up email by management, more promises for a partial refund for the delay..... Still, Nothing from the company, not one follow up email or call! 3 months after not receiving the base, I left a negative review on a Facebook advertisement for another adjustable base sale and website both were removed within 2 hours of posting. Every time you post a negative experience they are taken down immediately by the company, even going as far as removing the entire ad I and others had commented on. As of today (10/5/2020), I have over 40 documented live chats on the website and the only response I have received from the company is a Facebook direct message after removing my comment from the idle post, the message again promised that they would escalate the issue and I would be getting a follow-up call (which I never received). In September they did start a customer portal, which I have sent in 4 messages and not received an answer to. I would NEVER order from this company again and have accepted the fact that I will never receive the product that I paid for and that this company scammed me out of $554. BUYER BEWARE!

Disappointing Service

I cannot review the mattress, because I didn't receive it. This review concerns the company's service. I ordered the bed on November 9, with a promo code. I selected the split monthly payment option. I was charged the first installment immediately, and the mattress was to be delivered within 10 days. I received a series of emails saying my tracking number would be sent soon, but sorry for the delays due to Covid-19 and UPS delays for the holidays. I didn't order it close to the holidays, I ordered it nearly a month before. Then, I learned they don't even MAKE / Construct the mattress until you order it. That was one reason they gave for the delays, plus Covid, plus UPS. Had I known that there were no mattresses actually available at the time I ordered it, I would have selected another merchant. After getting the "sorry for delay" email 3 days after my order, I used the chat feature, I was told the mattress was "almost ready" (being constructed), this was 12 days ago. 7 Days ago, I was told the same thing, but that customer service would "escalate my request" for a reasonable status report -- I had an urgent need, as detailed below. 5 Days Ago, I chatted again, any update? I received the same "script" that everyone used. Covid-19. UPS. Busy. Almost Done. Will Escalate. There is no such thing as "esclating." This is Chat Speak. The mattress is not almost done, it hasn't even been made ready for shipping, and it's now been 15 days. I explained every single time I emailed and chatted that we are bringing home our 94 year old mother to pass peacefully in her own room, in a new bed. I can't ask my mother to delay her passing so that a mattress arrives. Had I known this, I would naturally have ordered a different bed from a different merchant (we can't go to a store in our area or I wouldn't have the mail-order problem). Over and over, I pleaded with them -- if there is no shipping -- cancel this order. I literally cannot wait -- please help me. No, they just kept saying "it's almost ready, we'll escalate your request." There is nothing that escalates anything. There is no such thing as I never received a single word other than form-filled "sorry we're running behind" global emails. Not a single personal response by email about "escalating" my order. On Day 15 when I got the same "script" I demanded they cancel the order as it wasn't even ready, let alone shipped. I then contacted PayPal and got an instant refund on the first installment I'd already been charged. Now I need to find a mattress in a hurry for our mother, with our family suffering anxiety that we have delayed taking care of her, while waiting on "Idle." We could have had her home with us for 2 more weeks if we'd found a mattress delivered on time. Ironic, and sad that we ere "idle" in sitting here instead of cancelling our Idle Order on Day 3.

Mattress Excellent, the Rest Not So Much

It took over 3 weeks for my mattress to arrive. customer service practically non-existent through the delay. The special Idle was running when I made my purchase included 2 standard pillows; however, it turns out they are not the 2 pillows Idle advertises. They are smaller than standard size and just filled with chopped foam. Terrible. I also ordered the Idle foundation which is very poorly constructed and shockingly expensive for what it is. Buyer beware. On the plus side, the mattress is very comfortable and quite thick. I can't speak to durability as we have only slept on it for a short time.

Terrible Customer Service

This company has awful customer service. After I ordered, I made a mistake and ask to cancel the order so I can reorder the correct order. The rep said I would have a confirmation of the cancelation in 24hrs. 7 days later and emails and talking in 5 different chats nobody can help me, so I can order another mattress I badly need as I sleep on a couch. I definitely will be taking my business elsewhere as this company does not care about their customers.

This business feels like an online scam.

3 months after they charged me over $1,800, no mattress and no money. This company has a very questionable business. Once they get your money, the only option you will probably have is to find some legal representation or say good bye to your money.

Promises, assurances but no mattresses

I don’t know about the quality of the mattresses from Idle Sleep as I never received my order. Their website said 6 to 10 business days. I canceled after 21days. I checked with them frequently and they are very good at placating, apologizing, saying the mattress is prioritized and expedited, offering excuses, saying they’ll check with the factory. At times they ignored emails too.

2 years in and love it!

My husband and I purchased the cal king almost 2 years ago and we couldn’t be happier. We have been looking for a bed you can actually “flip” for a long time. Most say you can flip your mattress but what they mean is “rotate.” My husband is 6’6 250lbs and mattresses don’t last long with him. This mattress still feels like we just got it! Could not be happier, even 2 years later.

Took a Chance and Got Burned

I did quite a bit of research on mattresses and narrowed my selection down to a handful of options, eventually choosing Idle Sleep because of a sale. I placed my order on January 31, 2021. The "normal production time" was noted as 6-10 days. On February 10th, I was informed that my order was delayed, but there was no estimated arrival time provided. I contacted Idle Sleep via its chat function and was told the following: "The Mattress is still in production but will ship out soon. Once handed to the Carrier you'll receive an email with the tracking info and how to track the order." When I pushed for a specific date I was told, "I have already sent a follow-up with our factory to have this prioritized for shipment." I reached out to Idle Sleep at the first of March and was told the same thing. Fast forward to March 26th, I had waited long enough and contacted Idle Sleep once more. I was told the same thing - you should receive your mattress within 6-10 days. At this point, I asked for a refund. Upon asking for a refund, miraculously my mattress was "being shipped that day". I was sent a tracking number that did not work (unsure why) but managed to get another. My mattress is allegedly on its way now and is supposed to arrive March 30th. Regardless of the circumstances, pandemic or not, I would not recommend this mattress company. I was repeatedly lied to about the arrival of my mattress. There are many other options out there and consumers shouldn't waste time with a company that does not value its customers. I will update this review, if I am able, about the actual arrival date and mattress quality. Happy shopping.

No mattress, no info

I've been waiting over 4 months to receive my mattress! Was not told when I placed my order that there was a delay. The first time that I called they said they were running 6 weeks behind. When I pointed out that it had already been 6 weeks they said that I would be a top priority. I still don't have the mattress and every time I contact them they say that they have no idea when it will be shipped.

Avoid this company

We ordered a pair of hybrid latex mattresses in early February 2021. We were told they would ship within the week. One week became several weeks, which became months. Each time we got another song and dance about COVID. Strange, no other mattress makers seem to be having this problem (to this extent). Finally, we cancelled the order. That was over three weeks ago. Still no refund. They gave us some story about a problem with their "back end" (whatever that means). They asked me if they could refund to my PayPal account which would bypass this problem and we would have the refund within 72 hours. I said OK and gave them my info. Two weeks later, still no refund. So these people have had our money for almost 6 months now. No product delivered and no refund. While the customer service reps on chat had been friendly and polite, they are completely clueless about what is going on. I realize that they are simply parroting the BS that they are being fed by their superiors but seriously, this is ridiculous. Note that I said "had been" because at the time of this writing, the chat option appears to have become unavailable on the Idle web site. Also, the phone number included on my order confirmation is disconnected and they are no longer responding to emails. Seems like they don't want to deal with customers any longer. I have initiated a "Fraud through failure to deliver" complaint with my CC company to try to get my money back that way. Go with a different company folks, Idle is at best incompetent, at worst criminal.


These are short-lived mattresses. Great for a couple months with frequent flipping but after that they’re worn out. It’s foam, foam just doesn’t last, I learned this the hard way. You can try it yourself but good luck getting anything resolved with the company. After several emails, calling (no one picks up), they’ll hem and haw before offering you a mattress topper. Why would a mattress topper work on a mattress that has lost support? They don’t honor their guarantee, it’s just a frustrating experience trying to deal with this company. I get the impression from how it’s run it’s not going to be around long.

18 Month Guarantee is a SCAM

I purchased an Idle Sleep mattress in Nov 2020 and have decided to return it within the 18 month window. After I declined their customer service's offer to further discount the mattress if I kept it, they have ghosted me for over a month now. I have tried emailing and calling numerous numbers and emails and still no response. If you do a thorough google search, you will find others in a similar situation. Just wanted to warn you about my experience since these websites aren't acknowledging that Idle Sleep's 18 month guarantee is actually a scam. Check consumer affairs!

I think they are out of business

This mattress was not right for me. I went to return it and they said to email them a form. After I did, I never heard from them again. Not answering phone, e-mail, or on line chat/messaging. over 250 BBB complaints with similar story. Took my money and disappeared.

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