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Hyphen Mattress Reviews

Hyphen, like many others, offers just one mattress designed to fit everyone's needs. This mattress is made of three layers of foam -- polyurethane on top, transition in the middle, and support on the bottom. What it offers hand-down is relief on pressure points, which is excellent for those with constant pain.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $475-$875

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Hyphen's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Hyphen's bedding is a blend of foams that Hyphen differentiates from standard memory foam. Hyphen's foams are infused with copper, extra ventilated so the mattress stays cool, and are also Certipur-US certified so the mattress doesn't off-gas nasty toxins. Here is the breakdown:

Layer 1: The Hyhen cover is made of polyester and spandex, making it very responsive and stretchy for easy wrapping. It is medium thin allowing a bit of air flow.

Layer 2: 2'' of responsive copper infused foam provides both cooling and contouring on the top layer.

Layer 3: 2'' of polyurethane foam that is firmer than the top layer but less firm than the bottom layer. It provides support, yet relieves pressure points.

Layer 4: The bottom layer is 6'' of high density base foam that gives the mattress shape and also support.

Overall Comfort

Most experts and reviewers report that this is a comfortable mattress. It is rated as medium firm -- some report it being too firm or too soft depending on their tastes.


Hyphen's firmness is medium-firm, which means that it does not have a deep contour, but does relieve pressure points for many.

Back Pain Relief

Based on the firmness rating of this mattress, it should relieve back pain symptoms for many. There are not widespread reports of reviewers or experts experiencing back pain because of this mattress.


Because of the copper infused top layer and ventilation in the foams, most report that this mattress does not get hot at night. However, some extremely warm sleepers may still experience heat.

Who Is It Good For?

This mattress is perfect for anyone looking for a foam mattress that is medium-firm (not plush but not extremely firm), is trying to relieve back pain, and is conscious about the budget.

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One of the best mattress

One of the best mattress I have ever slept on.

Great bed!

It doesn’t gas and it stays cool! Perfect for me husband and myself!

Finally...a night's rest.

I have had the Hyphen for over a month now and I can't relay to anyone how happy I am with it in a review. It's just a fantastic bed. Period.

Love it

Feels great and takes some getting use to but overall very happy.


Stays cold, even with multiple sheets covering it. Super comfortable and relaxing, no longer twisting and turning for that perfect spot.. Transformed my night!

Finally my husband can sleep!

My husband had been noticing on his sleep tracking device a severe lack of deep sleep. He would get an average of 30-45 minutes a night. After trying out various mattresses in stores and doing a lot of research online to find the right mattress, we found Hyphen. We've been sleeping on our very own Hyphen mattress for about 6 months and we absolutely love it! I sleep through the night (mostly, I am a mom) and my husband's sleep tracker consistently shows at least 2 hours of deep sleep.

We love this mattress!

I was hesitant to purchase a mattress online, but we decided to give it a go because of hyphens return policy. My fiancé and I are so happy we purchased this mattress. The foam contours to my body well and I no longer wake up with pain in my lower back. This mattress is the perfect medium firmness and sleeps cool. The best part... there is little to no motion transfer. I am a very light sleeper and I hardly feel when my fiancé gets into and out of bed or tosses and turns during the night. It is incredible! We love our new mattress! My parents just ordered a hyphen mattress for themselves after testing out our bed.

Good Purchase

I've never purchased a mattress online but since I was moving and didn't have the means to transport something large this made sense. Quick delivery and packaged well this mattress isnt soft but isn't too firm. I definitely would recommend this mattress for anyone in any situation.

Great Mattress!

My husband researched mattresses and this was his recommendation. Delivery and set up were very easy (though because the box is large--we ordered a queen mattress--I would recommend two people to help move the box, especially up stairs). I did not notice any smell once I unwrapped the mattress. We placed our mattress on our existing box spring, which has worked well. It took a couple of days to get used to the mattress, but since I have slept well. (We have had our mattress for just under a month.)

King size mattress

My husband and I bought the King size mattress about 5 weeks ago. When we opened the plastic, within minutes it it was ready to lay on. There was no oder at all! We also purchased the mattress protector. My husband prefers a firm mattress and sleeps on his side. I like a softer mattress and sleep on my back. I researched for weeks reading hundreds of reviews from all different companies. We have always gone to mattress stores in the past and we were over it! We have spent a lot money over the years, from the traditional spring, to foam and also Select Comfort air mattress. We wanted to move from a Q to a K bed. I loved that you can sleep on the Hyphen for 90 nights. That was huge to us! We also don’t feel each other moving around or getting up which is nice. So far we like the mattress. We are happy we have the 90 nights to really get the feel for it.

Great mattress

We've had our mattress for a few weeks now and really like it. Would definitely recommend it.

Happy So Far

It was super easy to set it up and so far it's been very comfy. We're happy with our new mattress.

Fantastic Mattress!!!

I am a 6'6", 275 pound person who sleeps on their side and no store-bought mattress I have owned compares to the comfort provided by the Hyphen. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable, sturdy mattress.

Hyphen mattress

Love it!! Comfy and well made! And the platform bed I ordered perfectly!!!!

Very good mattress.

Very good mattress.

Excellent mattress!

My fiancé and I had been sleeping on a busted old mattress for way to long, we had visited a few mattress stores with hopes of buying a new but the prices were just too high. After sleeping on my sisters Hyphen mattress, I decided to buy one! With a little holiday promo code, the price was right! The mattress is insanely comfortable - firm but soft. Who knew we'd be able to sleep so well again! We couldn't be happier!

Love it!

I saw a few reviews that said to give yourself a few nights to get used to it but my boyfriend and I loved it right away! It's so comfortable and has kept me much cooler than our regular mattress this summer. Awesome value for the price! I live in Alaska and I absolutely appreciate that Hyphen even ships up here, nevertheless does it for free.

Best ever

I have had some very expensive mattress' in the past but this one is great. Have had it almost a month now and my back is much better, no kinks, pain and I am walking with a straighter back. :)

Hospital Bed - Twin

We purchased this mattress to replace a very thin, very uncomfortable hospital bed mattress. Initial concern was that the Hyphen mattress would be too thick for the adjustable positions. After unpacking and allowing the bed to expand we tried the head and foot adjustments. The head raised up to my sleeping position with no trouble. The foot/leg adjustment didn't work so well without a body actually in the bed as the mattress stayed flat and shifted upward. But once you put weight on the mattress the adjustments worked well. This bed is very comfortable. It also did not sleep "hot". However, we had to put a mattress cover on the bed because we were afraid it might get stained. So the plastic mattress cover causes its own heat reflection. After one week of use I give this bed a five star rating.

Love my King Size Hyphen Mattress

It's been a month and my husband and I love our Hyphen mattress. It's firm enough that we don't feel each other move in the night but soft enough to relieve any pressure points. Couldn't be happier.

Life makes us skeptics...

But I am a believer. I did have to put a cooling mattress pad on the top, as it did get me rather warm a few nights, but other than that I am enjoying my new mattress. And I'm still in the 100 day test period.

Really good mattress

My husband and I wanted a mattress to go with our adjustable frame and this is perfect. I prefer a firmer mattress and for foam, I think this is about as good as it gets. We laid on a lot of mattresses and we are happy we chose Hyphen.

Great night’s sleep!

The new Hyphen mattress is so comfortable! Both my husband and I had a great night’s sleep. No pressure points causing discomfort; no sagging on the edge. Definitely a great buy - thanks!


Enjoying the KING- SIZE comfortable - luxurios NEW Hyphen with 20 yr guanantee .....;))

Outstanding value. I was skeptical

Outstanding value. I was skeptical to purchase an online mattress but took the leap with the return policy. Very comfortable mattress and exceeded my expectations.

Love it without reservation (or period of adjustment)

A friend got a Hyphen and loved it, so we went to check out his mattress. It felt great, so, after dithering about buying a mattress online, I ordered. In about a week, a big, heavy box (with very helpful handles) arrived. It's not hard to muscle the rolled-up mattress out of the box and onto the box spring (I kept my old box springs, because I like a higher bed). And then the magical inflation happens (sadly, there's no satisfying inflation noise...I was hoping there would be). And then you have THE most comfortable bed. It's firm with cushion on top, is the best way I can describe it. You're supported in any position - it forms to the parts of you touching it - but doesn't leave a print behind when you move. It's not noisy -- by which I mean, when my boyfriend turns over, I don't feel it. (Also, when my cats jump up, I don't know they're there, which has taken a bit of adjustment on my part.) Two things I've noticed: there's definitely softness at the edges, so if you sit right on the edge, you feel like you might slide off. Move back 2 inches and it's all good. I also feel like it runs a little warmer than my old mattress. It's not unpleasant, and it doesn't get hot, but it's definitely warmer. I'd really recommend this mattress to people who like a firm-with-some-give mattress.

It's Great!

It's so much better than my last bed. Very comfortable. Helps me get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Love it

Love it

Hyphen offers a great mattress overall.

This mattress if just firm enough for my 210lb frame. I don't sink into it al all and can move rather easily which is not typically the case with memory foam toppers. A full memory foam mattress is wonderful.

it is...

very comfy

So Pleased!

So Pleased!

Bed is awesome

Bed is awesome


Same high quality as the mattress. Very comfortable.

Good night sleep

I like the mattress, the way it looks, the way it feels. I had a good night sleep.

Comfort at last

I was a sceptic at first but decided to give the Hyphen Mattress a try and I find the mattress very comfortable! It really does provide great relief to the usual pressure points & feels like you are floating.


We purchased this for our guest room and an incredible buy for the price. We have a posturepedic mattress in our master that I do like better, but it was 4x the price. The Hyphen mattress is a perfect balance of comfort & value - and when it is time to replace the mattress in our master, we will likely choose the Hyphen.

Excellent product and I exceptional

Excellent product and I exceptional &a speedy service.

Love it!

We are loving our new Hyphen mattress. My back and neck no longer hurt when I get up in the morning. I can feel my entire body being supported, and it is not the least bit hot. I am so glad we bought this mattress!

Great sleep at a reasonable price

I was skeptical at first to purchase a bed online, but have never looked back since. The bed is constructed of high quality materials and I trust in its durability given the lengthy warranty and the fact this mattress is made by a reputable SoCal bed manufacturer. During my first week of sleep on the mattress I have noticed I am sleeping cooler and waking very little during the night (confirmed by sleep tracker I wear). My wife has also expressed great support and give balance since she is a side sleeper; I sleep on my back. Everything about this bed reminds me of more expensive latex beds, exactly what I was looking for. A bed that doesn't sink, but has the support of latex/foam and sleeps cool. My only knock on this bed is support at the edges is weak, but per reviews, this seems to be an issue with many memory foam and latex beds. Finally, if you are seeking a true memory foam bed that sleeps hot and conforms to your body due to sinkage, this is NOT the bed for you. You will feel some very light motion from your partner, but that is to be expected if you have a highly responsive bed. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase and look forward to the bed continuing to break-in with use.

hyphen mattress

very pleased so far, but may purchase a pillow top for little more comfort

Pregnant Lady Sleeps

When we got the hyphen I was four months pregnant and really struggling with sleep and back pain. Once the husband and I decided to try hyphen I immediately noticed a difference with my back pain and woke up more rested with a better night sleep. Also, I am a tosser and turner which drives my husband nuts! He can barley feel me move. Good Job Hyphen. I plan on buying two twins next!

Great mattress!

My wife and I have had a really expensive Sterns and Foster mattress for approximately 3 years. Recently I'd noticed my hips really hurt when waking up (I'm 32). We decided to switch to the Hyphen mattress and both my wife and I have both noticed a more restful comfortable sleep.

Great Bed

excellent nights sleep


I have had the bed for about 30 days now and its great. I did a lot of research on beds and took my chances with the hyphen queen. I am very happy with my choice. Pros: - the mattress has no chemical smell - soft but not sinking feeling - sleeps cool - nice removable mattress cover - made in USA Cons: - None yet Take a chance with Hyphen mattress you will love it!

Very impressed!

I was sceptical about ordering online, but have since been converted. The bed was a little to firm at first, but after a month it has gotten perfect. We are very happy with thus product.

Never slept better

This bed is more amazing than I ever imagined. It's so supportive!

First Hyphen and More to Come!

My daughter loves her new mattress and the rest of us can't wait to replace ours with a new Hyphen! Great company and customer service, too!

5 stars

5 stars

Excellent Sleep

I had never heard of this company, but read about it along with 3 other bed brands...After checking out all 4 websites I decided to give Hyphen a try - it was the best deal for the money and for the type of comfort/mattress I was looking for. It came earlier than expected, it was easy to unroll and make up, and I've been sleeping comfortably ever since!


From the moment we set up the mattress and had our first nights sleep it's been wonderful. The foam supports every part of your body. I used to get up every morning with back pain. The very first night and to this day no more back pain. It truly is a very very comfortable mattress.

Amazing sleep

We've never slept better with any other mattress. It contours to your body perfectly.

Great purchase

I love this mattress and I can't complain about the price. We bought our hyphen in Dec 2016. One thing we noticed right away is how cool it stays. We visited family and slept on a tempurpedic for a few nights, I missed my hyphen, tempurpedic was too hot and hard to move in. Overall, glad we bought hyphen. Thanks to Ktla channel 5 for talking about hyphen.

Great bed, great price!

My husband and I bought a bed from mattress firm and within 2 months it was worn out and uncomfortable. We have had our hyphen for a few weeks now and it's amazing! I like firm beds because I have a bad back and he likes soft beds and this bed works for both of us perfectly. The best of both worlds. And my back doesn't hurt nearly as bad anymore!

Great Mattress

I am so enjoying the Hyphen Mattress. Love the way it came in the box. My husband said it was so easy. Have slept better than I have in such a long time.

Hyphen Queen

Comfortable, affordable, easy set up. A little softer than I expected but not a big deal.

A positive step towards better quality sleep

I like the matress, the order and delivery process was solid. My convern is that mattress is not firm enough. I moved around a lot on my old mattress, not a firm. Im going to give it some more time to see if iver time i get better sleep

On hold

Just slept on for 4 nights. First couple of nights were iffy but seems to be getting better as I get used to. I'll have to provide comment later

? Comfort

Well, I love the service... but, all though this mattress is better than the one we had, it is a little more firm than I would like. My husband does not have a problem with it. That just shows the difference between our comfort levels. We had a pillow top by Serta and it was too soft to the point of leaving us sunk down in a hole and waking up tired and stiff. The Hyphen is better but as I stated, too firm for me. I like a little more give for my side.

Professional company, but underwhelmed by mattress

I did a ton of research before purchasing this queen Hyphen mattress and I thought with would be the ideal mattress for me. However, it is far too soft for my person taste, especiallly near the edges. It also sleeps hotter than I expected.

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