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Herobed Mattress Reviews

The Herobed brand is unavailable as of May 2018. Herobed was a hybrid mattress that is getting a lot of buzz around their #TagAHero campaign, a socially conscious mattress giveaway campaign designed to celebrate the everyday heroes in our lives. As part of this promotion, they promise to reward some lucky everyday heroes with free mattresses. What makes this even better? The mattress is a top contending hybrid with over 3,000 coils and graphite infused memory foam that provides a luxury feel that is hard to come by.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $699-$1299

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Herobed's Specifics

Quality of Materials

The Herobed is a USA made memory foam, pocket coil hybrid that uses CertiPUR-US foams so it shouldn't off gas toxins while you sleep. Here's what is inside:

Layer 1: First comes the cover, which offers a sleek two-tone design and a super soft sleeping surface.

Layer 2: A thick layer of graphite infused memory foam keep things cool on the top comfort layer. Also it provides a bit of contouring.

Layer 3: The first layer of coils are over 2,000 micro-coils, which are extremely responsive because of their small size, providing a good element of bounce and motion isolation.

Layer 4: There is a thin layer of transitional high resilience foam that keeps the microcoils in place and provides balance to the layers below.

Layer 5: A thicker layer of pocket coils provide pressure point relief and balanced support for the spine.

Layer 6: The last layer is high density base foam that provides the bed with durability and foundational support.

Overall Comfort

Because of the two layers of coils that keep the mattress responsive, supportive, and isolate your motion, there are wide reports that this bed provides a comfortable sleep. Some who are larger may find it too soft and doesn't provide the kind of edge support they need.


Though this mattress is spec'd as a medium firm mattress, because of the microcoils and thick layer of memory foam, this mattress is closer to a true medium firmness, which should be great for most medium and light-sized sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

Based on the firmness rating of this mattress, it should relieve back pain symptoms for many with the exception of some heavier folks that may prefer a firmer mattress.


Because of the graphite in the top layer of the mattress and the airflow from the layers of pocket coils, the HeroBed should provide cooling for most folks, but if you are a very warm sleeper, you may experience slight heat retention on the top layer.

Who Is It Good For?

This is a great luxury feel mattress for most sleepers at a solid pricepoint. It is particularly great for those that are looking for a highly responsive mattress with a medium feel.

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Can't wait to get into bed!

This mattress is amazing! It's very comfortable and supportive. I like to sleep on my side and it has just the right amount of cushioning so my arm doesn't fall asleep. I'm sleeping better than I have for a long time..


Great Bed! Unboxing was fun and the mattress is fantastic! I've already recommended this mattress to some of my friends. They make the whole process super easy.

Sleeping great!

I didn't realize how bad my old mattress was until I replaced it with a Herobed. This mattress is VERY comfortable and provides excellent support for my back. I'm sleeping much better and not tossing and turning throughout the night.

Great, Responsive Mattress

I have always shied away from mattresses with a lot of foam in them because I'm not the lightest guy in the world, I run hot, and the foam makes it uncomfortable to sleep. I sink in too far and get too hot throughout the night, which causes me to toss and turn. However, with the Herobed mattress' micro-coils and cooling gel foam I don't sink in too far, have the support I need, and sleep cool enough to get great rest. This is a great mattresses for others who have similar problems, or for those who don't like the 'sinking' feeling that all foam mattresses cause.

My 17 yo daughter LOVES her herobed!

Mission accomplished herobed! My daughter used to complain about not sleeping good. Since I got her a herobed she's been sleeping great, the only problem I have is now it's hard getting her out of bed in the morning. :) She actually told me the other night when she got home from practice 'daddy I'm just looking forward to changing and laying down in my bed to relax and go to sleep.' Thanks herobed!!

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