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Helix Nightfall

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The Helix Nightfall mattress is Helix's answer for plus-sized sleepers. They've build a taller 12'' mattress with XL wrapped coils that are designed to support heavier sleepers. Coming in only queen, king and California king, the Helix Nightfall mattress is a good solution for couples or individuals that are taller or bigger than the average mattress buyer and don't want a mattress that is too firm.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $1190-$1440

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Helix Nightfall's Specifics

The Helix Nightfall mattress is a specialty mattress for those that are plus-sized. Because of that, it is firmer than most other mattresses, and comes with some nice benefits for those that are larger -- such as more durable foams and coils. However, the Helix team has also focused on plush comfort by including high density memory foam and their own proprietary foam on the top layers. Overall, customers like what they feel on their Helix Nightfall. The only one-off complaint from some customers was that this mattress slept warm for some.

Quality of Materials

The Helix Nightfall has a variety of features designed with plus sized folks in mind and incorporates high quality materials. Here is what's inside their mattress:

Cover Layer: The Helix 2-touch cover is soft to the touch and breathable to facilitate airflow from the surface to the layers below.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is Helix's proprietary Dynamic foam that is more responsive than memory foam and high density for extra durability. It alleviates pressure points in the shoulders and hips.

Layer 2: The second comfort layer is ultra dense memory foam that is pressure relieving while also maintaining longevity.

Layer 3: The transition layer is tough polyfoam that provides support and cushioning.

Layer 4: The support layers are XL wrapped coils that cradle and support heavier weight. These coils are highly durable and are reinforced around the sides for extra edge support. Beneath this layer is a layer of base foam for durability.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find the Helix Nightfall mattress comfortable, and most have said that it is good for side sleepers. There were some larger customers that found it was not durable enough for them, but these were limited.


The Nightfall mattress is on the firmer side for an average sleeper. But for those that are above 200lbs, this mattress will feel medium-firm and be ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

This mattress has some good reviews for back pain relief from plus-sized sleepers. Some larger sleepers have mentioned that it was softer than expected and caused issues for them long term, but these were limited.


This mattress would not be considered a cooling mattress, which means that those in warmer environments may experience some heat retention.

Who Is The Helix Nightfall Mattress Right For?

The Helix Nightfall Mattress is best for those that are between 200lbs-300lbs and want something that is not too firm for side sleeping.

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I did not know

I did not know that my previous bed was so horrible. I now have a Helix and now I cannot wake up. I am sleeping so hard, deep and comfortable that waking up and wanting to get out of bed is difficult because I simply am so comfortable. Also, I did not know that a mattress could help with aches and pains. I had shoulder and lower back pain for years and just assumed that it was a part of my life. Guess what? It is not a part of my life any longer. I am now a believer and am so happy that I decided to buy a Helix bed. One of my best purchases for sure. No regrets!!!! Thanks,

Absolutely wonderful

We've had ours for over 6 months and I continue to be impressed. The mattress has all the spring it had on day one. The bed is as comfortable as I could hope for. When the time comes, we'll be back for our next mattress.

My Helix Experience

What's even better than the mattress they sell is the customer service! We had a slight issue with our mattress and they replaced it. It was absolutely painless and service was superb! Will be buying another Helix Mattress!

Sink into Sleep

We unboxed the customized, two-sided mattress and let it air for a day, then slept well right away. My side is softer in the top layer. You sink in but not so far that you feel like you have to make a big effort to roll over, just enough that you feel comforted or held. At first it seemed that it might be a bit too firm on my husband's side. It was built for him as a back sleeper, but he sleeps a lot on his side, also. Subsequently it softened up a bit, and he loves his side too. Highly recommended.

Same as ever other mattress i have owned.

I bought this mattress because it was customized to my body. Because of that i thought it would hold up longer. 1 year and i have a divot wore in to where i sleep, back to shopping again. I am 6'1" and weigh 260 lbs. My wife at 6'1" and 160 doesn't seem to have a problem with any mattress, and wonders why i keep switching mattresses every year. Once a mattress sinks in, i have horrible back pain like i do now.

Amazing customer service, and quick replacement of stolen package

Let me just start by saying that UPS sucks. I really wish they'd pick someone else as their carrier. They continually messed up my shipment and address and missed delivering it 5 days in a row because they couldn't get the address right. When they finally did deliver it they delivered it to the wrong house. The people who lived there 'hadn't seen it' *eye roll* when the delivery man went back to get it. Needless to say I was a bit upset at that point. UPS customer service was absolutely no help. But I called helix, told them what had happened and the girl didn't even bother asking questions. Just 'Ok your new one is in the mail.' 5 days later I had my mattress. And it's awesome. Thanks Helix. Will definitely recommend!

very very good website

my website experience was exsquisite. Id like to complimment the software developer who created this.

Not what I paid for!!

I ordered this bed because of the cooling technology and it doesn't work. I am constantly hot throughout the night. I find myself sleeping on my couch more then the bed I paid over a grand for. Think twice before buying

Mattress Review

Helix is a great company with wonderful customer service. I LOVE my mattress - fabulous product.

In love.

I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my bad so I decided to give Helix a try. I have been experiencing less pain after only sleeping in the bed for three nights.

I'm very happy

I've had the helix mattress for 2 nights now, and it's perfect. Before we ordered the helix, we were sleeping on a queen sized c2 bed from sleep number. Initially we wanted a new king mattress because the Queen was too small for our room and we were crowded on it sometimes. More recently, getting too hot at night became a problem for me. It disrupted my sleep pretty consistently. So I spent a few months looking at mattresses online. We decided on the helix early on, and I was pleased to customize our mattress from helix, especially the part where I was asked if I get hot at night. So sleeping without sweating is one of the things that I was most looking forward to and sure enough I've been sleeping so well under the blankets. This mattress is more comfortable than the $5,000-$6,000 queen from sleep number, bigger, and 1/5 of the price. I would tell anyone that needs a new mattress to avoid spending serious money and consider getting one delivered in a box.

Ms. Jodi Richardson

I wasn't completely sure a bed, a King size bed, costing under $1,000, could really be this wonderful! Well, let me tell you what! This bed is nothing short of AWESOME!!! All I want to do is spend time on thisbed! I want to go to bed early, but I get up early because I my sleep is so restful. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, whichis pain that is never ending and makes it hard to sleep. I experience nerves firing in my left arm, and deep bone pain in my joints, and the joints get hot.Our Helix is cooling so when we sleep, my joints don't wake me up because they are hot, the joint pain hasn't awakened me at all. The support of this customized bed is perfect. It helps with my neck and back pain, and migraine headaches. I LOVE HELIX!!!

Just like getting tailored clothes!

I bought a Helix mattress and have been really happy with it! I am pretty demanding with mattresses - I am short, pretty heavy for my size and sleep face down. The initial survey was able to capture all theses characteristics and provided my ideal mattress. So far I have slept like a baby every night!

I wish I got to know this mattress earlier!

I've been looking for a new mattress for ages and read everything I could find. I was finally convinced after reading the review here, suggested by my daughter: http://www.mattress-guides.net/helix-mattress-review-complaints/What a discovery! It's been just a couple of weeks of sleeping in this amazing mattress and I already feel 20 years younger! Too bad I didn't find it earlier on...

Custom-fit is just better

I've never been a big believer in the value of high end mattresses, but I can say definitively that the Helix Sleep mattress has improved my quality of sleep in a way I didn't really think was possible. The mattress is firm enough to provide the necessary support for a good nights sleep without feeling stiff and uncomfortable. I feel infinitely more rested in the mornings and would recommend Helix Sleep to all of my friends and family.

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