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+1.7x back pain relief

+1.4x soft comfort

+1.3x side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 3 Hybrid Mattress

Top 3 For Side Sleepers

Top 3 For Back Pain

Spring 2024 Updates: Helix has recently released their Elite Collection with upgraded cooling and support. Since migrating mattress construction to their Arizona-based factory, customers have reported high ratings and comfort.

Helix is one of the most innovative companies in the mattress-in-a-box space and was one of the first brands to offer a wide selection of tailored firmnesses based on body type. Over the years, they've expanded beyond their original 6 comfort designs to also offer a thicker, more supportive collection of Luxe mattresses and a high-end, ultra-luxurious Elite collection. With high ratings for comfort across their offerings and a powerful sleep quiz to help you choose the right match, Helix really puts a focus on delivering quality mattresses for every type of sleeper.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 9.6/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10
Price Value: 9.4/10
Back Support: 9.6/10
Price: $936-$4498

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Longevity: 9.5/10
Body Conformability: 9.4/10
General Support: 9.6
Softness: 9.7
No Motion Transfer: 9.5
No Odor on Delivery: 9.5
Good for Hot Sleepers: 9.5
Sex / Bounce: 9.4
Good for Heavy Folks: 9.5
Silence: 9.6
Warranty: 9.5

Up To 30% Off + 2 Free Pillows

Helix Specifics

One of the nice things about Helix is that you can either select your mattress from their extensive lineup of offerings if you know your sleeping style and preferences, or take their proprietary mattress matchmaker sleep quiz. This doesn't constrict folks that just want to buy a mattress, but also makes it really easy to find what you need if you don't know. With standard, Luxe, and Elite versions across a wide array of firmness varieties and sleep styles, customers have good things to say about Helix's options overall.

Plus-sized? Check out our review of the Helix Plus Mattress, specially crafted with you in mind.

Looking for a mattress for your RV? Helix's Core Collection and their Luxe Collection of mattresses are now also available in Short Queen and RV King sizes.

Quality of MaterialsAfter merging with Brooklyn Bedding at the end of 2021, Helix mattresses are now crafted in their Arizona based factory. This means that Helix can provide extra attention to detail to ensure quality manufacturing over competitors who outsource their manufacturing. Crafting their mattresses from start to finish, Helix can also provide additional value to customers.

In terms of materials, Helix uses quality materials, including their own proprietary blend of foams, like Helix Dynamic foam and Memory Plus foams, which provide a special blend of contour and responsiveness. For support, they use pocketed coils that cut down on motion transfer. We'll go through the differences between the standard Helix options, the Luxe versions, and the Elite mattresses in our full deep-dive below.To begin with the standard Helix Core mattresses, each has a customized Helix foam layer based on the firmness of the mattress. Here are the detailed layers of their 11.5'' thick, standard Helix Core Mattresses:

Layer 1: The top layer is a stretch soft-touch cover that is soft and breathable, offering airflow to keep things cool. There are optional upgrades to a cooling cover made with GlacioTex™ material or, for those who want cooling with extra cushioning, a GlacioTex™ Pillow Top.

Layer 2: This is where things differ between different models -- each mattress option comes with a layer of Memory Plus, Helix Dynamic Foam, or Copper Gel Memory Foam, but the firmness of this layer will change based on the mattress selection. Those that like more response and less contour will do best with the options that feature Helix Dynamic foam in the top layer.

Layer 3: Next up is a layer of Helix Responsive Foam that helps to provide support and a comfortable sleep surface.

Layer 4: An additional layer of responsive foam that's tailored to the specific firmness level of your mattress acts as a supportive transition foam.

Layer 5: The main support layer is made of hundreds of pocketed coils that adjust to your hips, shoulders, and spine individually. This provides a responsive feel with limited motion transfer.

Layer 6: The last layer is a base support and durability layer of DuraDense Foam, keeping the mattress in the right shape.Next, we'll go through their 13.5'' thick, higher end Helix Luxe Mattresses:

Layer 1: One of the big enhancements to the Luxe versions is the breathable premium pillow top layer with Tencel™ technology to increase airflow and offer additional pressure relief. For an additional cost, you can also upgrade to their cooling GlacioTex™ hypoallergenic cover which helps to draw heat away from the body.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is Helix Responsive Foam that contours to your body and provides either a soft, medium, or firm support level.

Layer 3: Next up is a specific layer of foam (either Copper Gel Memory Foam, Helix Dynamic Foam, Memory Plus Foam, or Helix Responsive Foam) based on the firmness level and sleep style of your Luxe mattress. This foam layer works with the layer above to enhance comfort and provide sleepers with responsive support.

Layer 4: A transition layer of either Helix Responsive Foam or Memory Plus Foam acts to provide stability and added support.

Layer 5: A zoned pocket spring layer works with the spine's natural curves for enhanced lumbar and hip support, especially beneficial to back and side sleeping.

Layer 6: The last layer is a base DuraDense Foam layer, which provides base structure and longevity to the mattress shape.Lastly, we'll take a look at their most luxurious offering, the 16'' thick Helix Elite Mattresses:

Layer 1: The ultra cushioning Elite Mattress starts off with a cooling pillow top layer made of quilted foam and GlacioTex™ Elite fabric. This top layer provides superior pressure relief while also helping to regulate surface temperature by promoting cooling through heat dissipation.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer varies between Copper Gel Memory Foam, Helix Dynamic Foam, and Memory Plus Foam based on the specific firmness and sleep style of the mattress.

Layer 3: Unique to the Elite models, a first layer of steel microcoils help provide pressure point relief while also promoting proper spinal alignment.

Layer 4: Next up, a layer of either Helix Dynamic Foam or Memory Plus Foam helps provide a contouring feel while fully supporting your body.

Layer 5: Another layer of individually wrapped, steel microcoils further enhances comfort and pressure point relief for your hips and shoulders.

Layer 6: Similar to layer 4, a layer of either Helix Dynamic Foam or Memory Plus foam helps to provide additional responsive support to this thick mattress.

Layer 7: A layer of Helix Responsive Foam acts as a transition between the top comfort layers and the main support base to enhance the durability of the Elite mattresses.

Layer 8: The main support comes from an 8'' layer of individually wrapped pocket coils. These coils are zoned with added lumbar support and are reinforced around the full perimeter for edge support.

Layer 9: A last layer of DuraDense foam provides a final support for the pocket coils and structure for the whole mattress.

Overall Comfort
One of the things that Helix does a great job at is having something for everyone in terms of comfort and selection. Most reviewers describe the Helix's offerings as providing immediate comfort and delivering a quality mattress. Those that had issues also noted that they had pleasant experiences with Helix customer service.

FirmnessHelix provides a variety of firmness options and have branded them with friendly names and color coding on the mattress to make it easy to know what you are getting. As you can see from the above chart, their mattresses feature a wide range of firmness options.

Back Pain Relief
Back pain relief comes most often with a relaxed spine that is cradled and supported. These mattresses can definitely do that and Helix's sleep quiz is a great way to find out which firmness option is best. The zoned support of the Luxe and Elite versions offer enhanced middle-spine support and pressure relief for hips and shoulders.

Overall, Helix's GlacioTex™ upgrades should provide an airy experience for most sleepers. Those that sleep very warm or live in a hot environment may want something that focuses completely on cooling.

Who Are Helix Mattresses Perfect For?
Helix mattresses offer a well-rounded approach that provide quality sleep to most customers. Those that are happiest are those that rely on the sleep quiz or need support finding their perfect firmness.

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Better than before

My helix isn't perfect but it's a whole lot better than what I was sleeping on before. After a couple months I've noticed a little sagging on the side I typically sleep but overall I love my mattress, sound investment.

Mattress Review

The mattress is fine, it's pretty hard so we had to put another foam mattress on top. Also, I move alot when I sleep and my husband can still feel my movement. I am not sure this mattress was worth the price, but it's ok I guess. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

this is a real review, we purchased our bed 4/16

we just spent a week in another "custom" bed and was so happy to be back in our HELIX bed. These new beds are so dang hot, I hate it. BUT not our HELIX. Happy mamma to be back in her cool bed. Thank you.

this is a real review, we purchased our bed 4/16

we just spent a week in another "custom" bed and was so happy to be back in our HELIX bed. These new beds are so dang hot, I hate it. BUT not our HELIX. Happy mamma to be back in her cool bed. Thank you.

Great Bed

I was completely unsure if I should try this new bed in a box thing. I took advantage of a sale and had it in a couple of days. I set it up in the morning, hoping any off-gassing would be done by bedtime, to my surprise, there was none. The bed was/is super comfortable, I'm glad I took the chance. My only complaint would be I had to figure out how to dispose of my old mattress. Highly recommend!!!

A great night's sleep

We are on our second full month of sleeping on this amazing mattress. No issues of being too hot. Very comfortable.

Best sleep ever

Oh my gosh, we LOVE our new Helix mattresses! We bought another brand about 10 years ago, and hated it after only a few months. This time, we did our research more carefully, and also made the decision to go with two XL twins pushed together, instead of a king. That way, I could get my mattress my way, and he could have his softer. We have slept better than we have in years! Plus no sagging in the middle ... easier to move ... no movement when one of us gets up in the night ... I only wish there were some kind of special headboard so we could slide them apart more easily when we change the sheets. I know I'm gushing, but I can't believe what a difference having a good mattress makes. Kind of fun to unpack, too. ;-)

Best night sleep ever.

Comfort galore, buy one and you will be sleeping on a cloud.

Life changing

This bed is no joke. We actually had similar styles and got a blended bed. We have never slept better. A bed made for your weight, height, and could it be better?

Great bed for a great price

We purchased a Helix a few months ago and so far we love it it's comfortable and doesn't sleep hot. We also go the pillows that are cool to the touch which helps me fall asleep quicker

Too stiff. Bith m8ne and my wife's shoulders hurt after sleeping on this bed.

We ordered the soft and it was too stiff.

This mattress didn't end up

This mattress didn't end up being the one for us however I thought it was important to say how easy the experience was. I anticipated some push back when I started the return process. The Helix rep was very professional and the return process was easy and seamless. You can buy this mattress worry free. I would recommend anyone looking for a new mattress to give Helix a try.

Falling asleep sooner

First few days took some adjusting but after that I was fast asleep in minutes

Wonderful Mattress

This mattress is a dream come true. I can sleep on my back and sides without pain. Although it was a little stiff at first, Helix sent me a topper for it which changed everything. If you like the soft layer of a topper, choose a softer option when building your bed and you won't need the topper :-). If you are not convinced, try it. It's worth the 100 day trial!

Stay Tuned

Arrived damaged. lots of back and forth as to either send back or donate. The donation process is complicated and now the time is expired for that. Not the best experience and I now have a damaged product.

Great New Bed

We have a vacation home by the sea, so lots of summer family visitors, everybody has uniformly loved it, we love the fact that it's square till the edge with none of the usual round off that make you feel like your falling out of bed when your near the edge.


Soft and comfy upper layer with supportive mid-layer. I've slept like a baby every night.

Pretty close

The Helix mattress arrived as promised. I was able to inbox it myself in a small room, but recommend 2 people. Comfort-wise, the mattress has been too soft. Th reason for this, I believe, is the only flaw in your order system. I was not allowed to adjust the results of my sleep quiz on your site. I almost did not order because of this. This mattress is better than the Nectar I tried, but the your software' results of my quiz are not necessarily accurate.

Good for me but not as good for my wife

Great ordering experience. Shipped wuickly and arrived on time. The survey did a better job of matching to my preferences than my wifes. Great feel and support. Edge support is a little lacking, but otherwise i am happy with the results. Def feels better for back sleeping as it feels fully supported. Not quite as good for side sleeping for me but I have wide shoulders and have had a hard time finding a mattress that can do the trick.

First 60 days

Everything is going good. Sleep really well and it has good suppprt. I would probably go a little firmer next time around. The real test will be a year from now to know if it is building grooves.

Ugh not so much

Wish it was better. Price point is right. Advertised as firm but closer to soft medium. Nice that it was delivered. Not cool at all- despite how it was advertised. Not a stomach sleeper bed, only good night sleeps I get are on my back. You pay for what you get.

Best Matress Ever

After sleeping an a multitude of different mattresses throughout my teens with moving houses and eventually starting college. I can safely say that this mattress has made my sleep an absolute pleasure. To really know that this mattress is for me in all aspects really adds to the value it gives me and for a cost that is much less than other very high end mattresses. Couldn't be happier and hopefully I won't need to change in the near future.

They made it right

I ordered my mattress too firm but they got me a 2' topper and I sleep wonderfully.

Best purchase ever!

My husband and I couldn't be happier with our purchase! It's hard to get out of bed in the morning because we are so comfortable!!

We are so enjoying our

We are so enjoying our new mattress and foundation! No more aches in our hips and backs. Restful sleep has returned, thanks!

Hope it breaks in

The mattress is too firm for me, not enough sink. It was supposed to be medium soft with lots of sink.

Just okay....

I was really excited to get the new Helix pillow with extra cooling. I sleep hot and I thought it would be awesome!!! Love the mattress so I had high hopes. The pillow itself is comfy, and it's neat to be able to add or remove filling so easily, but the extra cooling is non-existent. I even tried different pillowcases - a low thread count is what they recommended, also tried a bamboo one that was supposed to have extra air flow. Also tried no cover at all (but since you can't wash the pillow, I didn't really want to do that) but it didn't help. I'm still debating sending it back.

Beats Casper hands down

I tried the Casper for 90 days and I just couldn't get used to it. Way too firm for me. Replaced it with a Helix and I couldn't be happier! It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I can now sleep on my side as comfortably as on my back. The only downside is that it is much harder to get out of bed in the morning.... seriously.

Best bed ever!

Once I got this bed I finally woke up with no pain what so ever. It definitely takes some getting use to but I highly recommend.

My helix mattress

Since we purchased our helix mattress I've had the most restful sleep that I've had in years. We had purchased several other mattresses and with in a short time were very disappointed! Not with our helix! My wife no longer has back pain every morning and neither do I . We awake feeling rested and ready to start our day!

wonderful sleep!

We have had our Helix blended mattress for 7 days. How refreshing to wake up without any back pain or aching muscles. The turnaround time from order to deliver was so fast! I'm so glad we ordered it.


I love the bed. Best sleep I have have in so many years. But when I ordered I originally looked at a king and wanted to order a cali king. But some how when I placed the order it was the original one that got pushed through so I got a king. Other than that mix up I am very happy with it.

Back pain gone

Had pain with last bed switched to this one my back feels great now I have had it for 8 months and it's great

Great mattress.... once you add a feather mattress topper

We needed to replace our 12-year-old mattress and decided to try the online experience. After some research, concluded that Helix was the right company. Totally liked the sleep survey to customize the mattress. Was really fun to unbox and watch it "come to life". The first night was awful. Then it got a little better but felt like sleeping on a board. So I decided that instead of throwing in the towel (because support is good for you), we'd explore other options. Went on Amazon and bought a down alternative feather bed topper for like $100. Made all the difference in the world. Now we have a good solid mattress AND a great pillow top.

Perfectly delightful mattress

Arrived quickly. Set up was a 5 minute process with most of that time getting the mattress out of the box. Fully relaxed into it's full loft by the end of the day. About two days with no sheets before I noticed the scent had disappeared. Was replacement for guest room but I've napped on it a few times and thought its was perfectly comfortable.

I can now sleep through the night!!

Before we got this mattress, I was waking up 10-15 times most nights, and we had a memory foam mattress (although it was used and we didn't know the age). I also had a lot of trouble with severe temperature changes at night, which would keep me up. With the helix mattress, except for a bathroom trip, I often will sleep through the night!!! I cannot believe it. Truly.


Pretty good. Hot at first but seems to have improved

Not what we hoped for

We gave the bed nearly 100 days before deciding it was not the mattress for us. How dors one really know what configuration is right for them! The one thong we got right was the sleep cool feature. The bed seemed way to firm and yet seemed to cause hammocking. We tried several layering options on top of the bed with some success. Thank you Helix for always answering my questions, your customer support was much appreciated.


How to describe? Not like sleeping on a cloud, because clouds look lumpy. How can a mattress feel both firm and cushy? Don't know--but it is. My dog likes it, too.

Recently unwrapped

I just got it out of the wrapping last week so I'm sure my body just needs some time to adjust or whatever. I've heard nothing but positive reviews.

Great mattress for my back

Suffer from back pain off of spinal fusion surgery. Sleeping on this mattress has helped with the pain a lot and I can easily get a full nights sleep


Perfect mattress. Just the right support and softness for a deep sleep. Be patient and allow the mattress to break in for about a week. Then, enjoy the hybrid system of micro coils and foam for a terrific night's sleep.


My wife and I both love our bed. Super comfortable. I was skeptical a 'bed in a box' would have enough support but this is great. Highly recommend.

Soft and supportive

This bed is almost soft enough for me, but perfect for my co-sleeper. It is really supportive though. There are some times where I crawl into bed and I have a cramp in my lower back, so I have to reposition, other than that, not a bad bed at all. It's worth noting I got a blended bed. I like super soft and s.o. likes former. Helix made a good in-between for us.

Not worth it

The first few weeks were great and then the back pain started. It was convenient to have a mattress delivered but not worth the back pain.

I had high hopes for

I had high hopes for this mattress, but I am having to admit that it is not right for me. I wake up every morning with a backache. I had hoped that it was just requiring adjustment to the new matches, but I'm thinking that I need to return it. Please let me know how to do that. I am very disappointed that it didn't work out. Thank you.

This bed is awesome!!!

We are so happy we got this bed. Sleep great every night. Don't hesitate!


It sleeps hot and not as soft as I wanted. They did send us a mattress topper which made a little difference. When customizing the bed should of went a little softer.

Not what expected

Was previously sleeping on a ancient mattress , after purchasing the Helix I couldn't tell a whole lot of difference . For the money spent the expectations fell short

I love this bed

Since I slept on this bed I have loved it my puppy hates it cause I am more protective over the bed than with him.

not that happy

i was expecting the mattress to feel a whole lot better

Positive Experience with Helix

The Helix mattress was my first "mattress in a box" experience. Even though I found the mattress to be a bit on the firm side for my taste a gave it a good try for most of the 100-day trial. I found the overall feel and quality of the mattress to be excellent. Turns out that I'm much more of a side sleeper than a combo so the selected firmness level was off for my taste. I did return the mattress with absolutely no hassle. I would definitely do business with Helix in the future.

Great mattress!

My wife and I have been sleeping better with less tossing and turning. We're glad we took the risk of buying a mattress sight unseen. We wouldn't go back!

Best bed I've ever slept in

The customization of the Helix mattress is amazing, I'm a tall person so I've always struggled to find a bed less than a king that can accommodate my height and Helix did just that... also the incredible technology of firm foam makes for an amazing sleep. It was worth every penny and I would recommend to everyone looking for a new mattress

Excellent customer service

Although unfortunately the Helix fit was not for us, we were very impressed with the level of customer service. When we called to inquire about the return warranty they offered to issue a full refund for our mattress and have it picked by a local charity, no questions asked. If they expand their range of products we would buy again from them without doubt.

Great mattress for couples

Perfect support. Alleviates pressure points. Partner movement is muffled. Was very easy to set up.

Best purchase I've ever made!

Before my helix mattress, I slept on the same mattress for about 15 years, either tossing and turning all night, or initially having trouble falling asleep. Now, with my helix, I sleep like a baby again!! I'm so happy with my purchase! I've recommended helix to many friends since experiencing it myself!

A Comfortable Night's Sleep in a Box!

I was skeptical about the mattress-in-a-box concept, but after much research I decided to give the Helix mattress a try because of the personalized customization and the hybrid technology. I wanted memory foam, but I also like a mattress that has some spring to it and doesn't make you feel like you are trapped in the foam. My Helix mattress is the perfect solution and provides me with the benefits and comfort of both foam and coils. After my first night on my new Helix mattress I knew I had made a great choice, and after almost two months I continue to be extremely pleased. Along with the queen mattress, I also purchased the metal bed frame (very well constructed), the foundation (easy to assemble and doing the job) and the mattress protector (high quality). I can report that Helix's Customer Service Department also performed well. The assembly instructions were missing for the foundation and that caused me to erroneously believe that some parts were also missing. Customer Service was very responsive and helpful. I'll need to replace the old mattress in my guest room soon and I'll be putting a Helix mattress in there as well.

I really like it. I

I really like it. I now look forward to going to bed. I don't fall asleep any faster (insomnia), but at least I'm comfortable until I do. My bones and muscles are getting used to the amount of support (compared to my old mattress). And, though it hadn't ever been an issue for me, this mattress is noticeably cooler than any other that I've had. As you move around it's the same affect as the cooler underside of a pillow. I'm just really glad that I was able to go to your New York office for a fitting. You should try to make this service available in other parts of the country. I've lauded the mattress to a friend but he's hesitant to order on line; even though you have a test. BTW, I took the test before my appointment, and it would have been wrong.


I have pretty significant back issues and just assumed that my back seizing up while sleeping was a way of life. After about 2 months sleeping on this bed, that's no longer the case. It is SO comfortable and I wake up feeling refreshed and my back feeling great! I definitely recommend this bed!

Mixed emotions

The wife loves it. She's 5"4" 120 lbs. Her hips stopped hurting compared to our previous bed. She's able to sleep in when she has the time. I, on the other hand, am not wowed by it. For $1000 and a quick survey I figured it would be more supportive and much cooler to sleep on. I find myself kicking off the covers because I'm sweating on most nights. I'm sure come winter I'll enjoy it more bit right now in the mission of summer it hasn't lived up to my expectations.

Didn't fit our preferences

We were specifically shopping for a soft-medium mattress, but despite giving our preferences found Helix extremely hard. We only slept on it for one night and felt the need to change it for something else immediately since we slept horribly and woke up with back aches.

Great Matress!!!

This is one of the better mattresses I've had in my lifetime. I was a bit skeptical since it was shipped and 'folded,' which is against what your brain can process for how a matress should be delivered. But when we toook it out of the box and laid it on the bed, it expanded beautifully and was absolutely the perfect fit for us. It took about a week or two to break in, and after that it's been amazing. It just felt a bit too sturdy for the first two weeks, but not uncomfortable (if that makes any sense). Just, not super comfortable either. Now that it's broken in, it's amazing. We've had our mattress now for a little over a month, and absolutely love it. And the price is right in target! If you are iffy because of the way it's shipped, don't be. Highly recommend it. If you are hesitant, they have a great return policy so you can easily send it back. Lastly, I have ZERO connection to the company and they didn't pay me to write a review, but I'm so happy with it that I thought it deserved a good review.

Return customers not treated correctly

I purchased a Helix sleep mattress along with mattress cover in December. It took me awhile to get use to the mattress and in fact had to get an additional pad to make it softer. I called customer service today to purchase the same exact mattress for an additional house because now my body is use to Helix and all other beds make me sore. So when I called I asked the customer service rep (Dominque) what kind of deal do the return customers receive, and her response was $75 even know I got an email for $100 a new mattress. I explained that when I bought the mattress originally I paid less, and she would not budge. It's disappointing that a return customer can't get a better deal than what they are offering everyone else and in this case lower than that. I personally think that you take care of return customers because those are the people that will refer more people to purchase mattresses. Businesses on the internet is referral based and repeat customers should be welcomed with open arms.


been through a couple of mattresses (Bear and Tuft and Needle). wish i had started with Helix. best sleep ever.

Very good mattress

I got the medium firm for back sleepers and I've had it for about 70 days. So far, I've gotten great sleep on this mattress but if ordering again, I might go with the slightly softer mattress to get a little more support under my knees. I just sleep with a pillow under there and I'm good to go! I feel well rested and my mattress stays pretty cool all night. I'm sure there's a better mattress out there that deserves five stars but it's probably at least twice the price. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase!

I didn't keep the bed

I didn't keep the bed but everyone at helix is very nice and professional

Love the mattress!

Great mattress! Been using it for a couple months now and has been sooo comfortable. I don't have pain anymore and wake up more rested. I am a side sleeper with broad hips and shoulders and customizing it to me really helped relieve the pressure.

It's ok

I could not comfortably sleep in the bed for a couple days. I called to return it and they offered to send me a free memory foam topper, I agreed. It helped a lot, I could actually sleep. I did have some good night's sleep on it, but I noticed I tossed and turned a lot always waking myself up. I've been through a lot of trial beds recently. This one lasted the longest, but I'm still returning because it's close, but just not right. I would also like to add that I have Hoshimoto's and it makes it difficult to sleep most nights, so it very well could be me.

Very comfortable

We've had our Helix about 2 months now and it has been very comfortable. Just enough firmness and softness to allow extended sleep times.

Surprisingly Awesome

Once I placed the order, I was surprised how quickly it came. My husband had it already unpacked with fresh sheets, awaiting my arrival. I've always had mushy mattresses so I was unsure at first with the helix bc it was firmer than what I used to, but I was super surprised how wonderful my body felt and how rested I was just after the first night! I consistently had neck problem that I spent a fortune at the doc for. Now I realized, it was the crapy mattress I had that caused my neck so much pain. I'm able to use a pillow again on this mattress! (and yes, I bought a helix pillow too. I highly recommend it!) Super happy with my purchase!

Helix is the best mattress!

I am the proud owner of the Helix mattress for the past 4 months. I have enjoyed the best sleep ever and my back no longer aches in the morning. I am well rested in the morning and the great thing is my spouse does not feel anything when I get into or out of the bed. My Helix mattress was super affordable and it arrived within a week! I will never go to a mattress store again!

comfortable sleep

it took a while to break in but once it did its the most comfortable bed i absolutely love it

Took a while but sleeping comfortably now

At first I found the mattress was too firm. I found it wasn't as forgiving as I had hoped to my shoulders. My husband was in love from the first night saying it was the best nights sleep he ever had. I remembered that Helix encourages to give the mattress at least 30 days, so I hung in there. I finally got used to the mattress and get a comfortable nights sleep. What I do LOVE about the mattress is that it stays cool which is so nice. I'm one who throws the covers off in the middle of the night because I get so hot, but since I've had the Helix mattress, I stay cool and comfortable all night long.

One of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in

my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed our new King Helix Mattress. From day one we could not get over how comfortable it is. We were a little skeptical at first, given that we've only ever slept on a (pillow top) spring mattress and that the memory foam would be too restrictive. Boy we're we ever wrong. Not only is the combination of the memory foam and inner springs super comfortable, but the bed stays cool, offers the perfect amount of bounce and never feels like we're trapped in the memory foam. We literally can't wait to get to bed every night and we miss it when we travel. My only small complaint would be the edge support. Since we're in a king, I never feel that we're about to fall off, but I would say that the mattress is extra "squishy" around the edges. I really ever only notice it when i'm sitting on the edge of the bed to put my shoes on in the morning. Its a small complaint and it definitely does not overshadow the rest of the amazing benefits from this mattress. Overall, money well spent. Now I just need to order the mattress cover!

Excellent Mattress

Wasn't sure what to expect from a "bed in a box" but I'm quite happy with this purchase. A comfortable mattress with good support and isn't truly a memory foam (which I'm glad about). I'm less disturbed when my partner gets in bed because there is less movement than a normal mattress. Definitely pleased.

Best Sleep Ever

I feel so relaxed and rested each night. After being injured in combat, I suffered injury to my spine and this bed is amazing. I actually sleep.

Fantastic night's sleep

We just slept in our Helix King bed last night. It was the best night sleep I have had in a long while. I am a side sleeper and usually my right leg pains me at the hip after 10 minutes or so. I felt no pain on the right side sleeping on the Helix. My husband also felt as if his back and neck felt better after sleeping on this mattress. I highly recommend this mattress.

Awesome !!

We tried a couple other mail order beds but this one seems to be the one for us.. so far (2 months) no back pain good nights sleep.. so far pretty great !!

Takes a night or two to break in

I was worried after the first night of sleeping on this mattress because it was not comfortable and I kept waking up. I had an email from Helix the next day explaining that it's normal to be uncomfortable the first night. By the second night it was very comfortable, and I haven't had any issues since. I am a side sleeper and used to wake up to numb arms in the middle of the night. That hasn't happened once. I've been sleeping on the Helix for 2 weeks I'm sleeping through the night every night. Definitely recommend!


My husband and I slept on an air mattress for almost 2 months because our dog ruined our mattress (not a Helix) that was only 3 years old. We decided to upgrade to a custom mattress after TERRIBLE sleep that caused so much neck and back pain thanks to an air mattress not meant for more than a couple nights of sleep. Our first night on our Helix was absolute HEAVEN! It felt like we were sleeping on perfectly supportive marshmallows. We've been sleeping so good since and our back pain has improved tremendously. Best investment made in a while! Thank you!!!!!

Great purchase

Very comfortable. Loving it so far. No issues.

You wont be dissapointed!

The Helix mattress has given me absolutely THE BEST Comfort Ive ever gotten from any Ive tried! I was seriously injured in having a truck land on me hitting me as a pedestrian, I live with Chronic pain, I do not sleep!, We got the Helix and I can sleep!!! It also relieves alot of my pain!! , Its eorth every penny !

Not too shabby

Great bed, good price, should have bought the mattress protector

Pretty good

My mattress is great when I sleep on my side, but not firm enough when I sleep on my back or stomach. I ordered a firm, but strangely enough, it is much softer than my husband's medium firm. His is actually hard.

Finally Comfortable

Love this mattress. My husband has a bad back and having the right support makes a huge difference. It was hard finding something firm for him, but soft for me and this mattress has nailed it!

HUGE Improvement after futon mattress

That may not seem like a fair assessment as just about anything would beat a futon mattress, BUT this mattress is the best mattress I've ever had in all of my 50 years. Zero aches and pains for either me or my partner.

Need former one

Will be calling back to get a firmer one to help me with my lower back pain. A medium firm isn't great, however it might be because of my lower arthritis. But a firm one should help with that

Perfect comfort level

My husband love oir Helix mattress. I have back trouble so we replaced our old mattress with the Helix. It has the perfect firm/soft level for both of us to sleep comfortably. No more mornings with back pain!

Never slept better and customer service was amazing

My husband and I absolutely love our new bed!!! I hardly wake up with back pain and we sleep more soundly than any other bed we've had. It was an easy set up and quick. Customer service was beyond amazing to help me deal with a big problem and they got it fixed quickly and efficiently. We'll never own anything but helix!!

Helix Sleep

So far I have enjoyed sleeping on this mattress. It is soft yet firm.

Very satisfied with purchase!

Very impressed with the mattress, improved back and joint pain after a few nights. First time buying a mattress from the internet, setup was simple and instructions made for easy install.

Best Darn Mattress Ever

We love the new Helix. No more backaches. Out of the box on to the frame best night sleep ever.

Enjoyable Sleep, Mostly

I have been sleeping on my Helix customized mattress for about 3 months. Overall, I have been sleeping much better than my previous mattress. It is just the right amount firmness and comfortability. However, my biggest gripe about it are the edges. They do not hold up. It is like the edges all around the mattress lose all strength and one can roll off the bed easily. I know, I move sometimes in my sleep, and got too close to the edge. The edges cannot support all 175lbs of me. Also for reference, I'm 5'8". Not a big guy here. As long as me and my partner stay aware from the edges we are fine, and really enjoy the mattress.


We are really happy with our new mattress, it is way more comfortable than the old one which was a 10yr old hard handmedown, and we are sleeping much better. I do wish it had better edge support since it is hard to sit at the edge, and it does sleep somewhat hot - I don't usually sleep hot though I sweat with this mattress more than the old one and we requested a cool sleep since my partner always sleeps hot. Finally, the off gassing was pretty powerful for about a week - I'm the one with the sensitive nose but even my partner noticed it and he doesn't notice subtle smells.

A Nite's Sleep

So I grab this bed do to the price. I am happy to say, "This bed is getting it done."

Best night's rest.

Our mattress is great! My husband and I love it. Definitely recommend a Helix mattress!

Exceeds expectations...with one small glitch

The best night's sleep We've had in years unfortunately, when we lay down, my wife and I go to sleep so fast that the window for a little lovin' has been considerably reduced. We've only had our mattress for a week so we're having to recalculate the copulation matrix. Thanks Helix!

Not for me but maybe for you!

Unfortunately the Helix mattress didn't improve our sleep or comfort from our existing mattress. But the incredible customer service and no hassle return policy made trying this a no-brainer. If you're thinking about getting a new mattress, you should really give Helix a try.

Satisfactory but a little too firm

The matrress arrived quickly and was in good condition. Would give 5 stars except that it is a little too firm for me, I wish we had ordered one level softer.

Wake Up Feeling Rested

It takes a few weeks to settle in to, but the wait and the cost of this mattress is SO worth it. It arrived quickly and I have loved it ever since. It provides the perfect amount of support and comfort. I sleep through the night (something that was a foreign idea to me for years). HIGHLY recommend.

Honestly... it helps

I have been sleeping on my Helix mattress for about 6 months. When I ordered it, I was suffering from really bad hip and shoulder pain. As someone who has a low BMI, sleeps hot and has a lot of chronic pain, this bed was a sleep saver. My sleep-related pain was significantly reduced, so I can better focus on my other chronic pain issues. It took about 3 weeks to adjust to it, but now it's perfect. I think it deserves a rotation every now and again, but so far, SO GOOD!

We're still figuring it out

We have been sleeping on our Helix for a couple of weeks, and despite the fact that I've generally always preferred a MUCH plusher bed than Helix offers, I'm totally IN LOVE with the quality of my sleep on the Helix. My partner, who generally likes a firmer bed, is still ... adjusting. He says he may have gotten his side customized too firm. We'll see.

Bed was more firm than

Bed was more firm than i thought it would be. Helix supplied me with a topper to make it a little softer. So far it has a better feel.

We love out Helix!

Cant' wait to go to bed each night. We're 5 weeks into the purchase and very happy. We did the blended customization King mattress. Also got the foundation too. About to go back for the mattress cover. Motion is highly reduced from our last 'normal' mattress.

Just a bit too firm

Helix delivered everything they promised. We asked for a firm mattress, so I take full responsibility, but our Helix is just a bit too hard for us. I think next time we will buy something we can test out in a store first.

Good bed overall

Good quality bed overall. More or less the same as what you'd get at a store, but delivered straight to you. Only reason 4/5 stars is the price. for $1300 for a queen all said and done its just good, not great.


Before my Helix mattress I was waking up in pain and would need to take sleep meds to help me sleep through the night. Half the night I would need to sleep on the recliner because the pain got so bad in my neck and shoulders. My old mattress was around 15 years old and the awful pillow top kind. Once I received my Helix mattress I'm able to sleep through the whole night and do not wake up in pain. Also, I was able to stop taking sleep meds and I get a full nights sleep. Who would of thought it was the mattress this whole time. Only down side now is I never want to get out of bed!

The top of toppers

Our second Helix mattress seemed a bit different than our first. I guess you could call me the "princess with the pea". I called customer service and they explained that the material is slightly different and offered to send me a topper for my new mattress. This did the trick! LOVE it. Love both of my helix mattresses and the other items I have purchased. Thank you for being you!


Loving the Helix! The fact that we can have a soft feel, combined with the support we want feels lux. This should be the new standard. Truly a bed made just for you! Helix delivers!

Great sleep. Very supportive!

The only thing I recommend doing if you are going to purchase is to make sure to order support for shoulders and lower back on both sides. I got one support on each side of the bed and I can actually feel a difference so I know it works!

Good Bed

Biggest complaint is it's hard to find sheets that fit tightly enough and it seems we are fighting the bed some times. Overall it is a comfortable bed.

A great nights sleep

Being able to dial in our perfects nights sleep by what we're on now, what we'd like to incorporate in our new mattress and then getting it was a hit. Helix has been great to deal with and delivered a quality mattress and foundation. We're very comfortable and enjoying a sound nights sleep.

Best mattress ever

I have never slept on something so perfect. I will br very interested to see how this holds up. I am very impressed so far with my Helix sleep matress, I only hope it holds up. I've had it for about 3 months, and wish I bought it years ago.

It's just ok

I thought this mattress would really be game changing but it's just ok. Despite taking the survey to create the "custom" mattress, and giving them the exact name and model of my favorite mattress which was a plush model, it is still a bit too firm for me. Is it ok to sleep on, sure. Is it one of the best mattresses I have ever purchased? No.

amazing mattress

This mattress has been everything that I wanted and more. Ive had no problems with the mattress and all I want to do is lay on it, because it is so comfortable and honestly I have a hard time not falling asleep on it. I would definitely recommend this product and all of their products to anyone.

Not life-changing as expected.

It's a good mattress, but I'm thinking of returning it to get something cheaper, as it's not life-changing as I expected. I don't wake up in pain anymore as I did on my old mattress, but it doesn't give me an amazingly restful night's sleep - I still toss and turn just like before. Not worth the price for me.

Helix King Size Mattress

My boyfriend and I completed the Helix quiz and got a blended king size mattress from Helix. The customer service was excellent. My boyfriend really liked the mattress, unfortunately I have fibromyalgia and a neck injury that make it hard to find a mattress that works. I ended up having to return and Helix made it as pain-free as possible, not like most other companies that make you jump through hoops. I absolutely endorse trying them out. It's a good price and a good mattress.

Great customer experience, including the return..

We decided to try an online mattress company, and specifically Helix, after reading dozens of reviews from happy customers. The ordering and delivery were really easy, and the mattress itself was really great quality. You can tell they use high-quality materials for the foam layers, with almost no off-gassing smell. Ultimately our anatomy did not agree and we had to return it in favor of a spring mattress (at the advice of my physical therapist, but I have specific back issues, as does my partner - this is not a common thing for most people). Even then, the Helix customer service team was super nice and easy to work with, and the return process was pretty hassle-free. I would say if you're on the fence, it is definitely worth a shot!

Not everything I wanted

The mattress meet most of my expectations. I'm not waking up with sore joints and it is generally comfortable. My only complaint is that it is not as cool sleeping as advertised. I choose the best cooling option but I still find the mattress heating up. I gave it three stars because of this. I guess I could find a cooler pad to place on top but that defeats the purpose. I'm not sure there is a perfect mattress for me, we have a Purple on another bed and it sleeps warmer than advertised also.

Love It

Had issues in the beginning but very happy now. The mattress cane ripped in 3 different places, they offered to replace the mattress or give $50. The mattress was a little more firm than I wanted so they sent a free soft layer to put on and it's perfect now. I love the mattress and customer service team!


Replaced a 4 year old expensive mattress due to back pain. I am now PAIN FREE!!I love this mattress!

Great mattress that got more comfortable over time

This mattress started out being really tough for me to sleep on, I went from a very soft mattress that was very hot to the medium firm Helix mattress with max cooling. After the first couple weeks of having a bit of trouble getting comfortable, I just started sleeping great. Now, I almost get cold some nights since I keep the air so low from having the old hot mattress. My ONE complaint is the outer stitching of the mattress looks a little bit sloppy. I know they put these together custom, but it seems like some of the foam doesn't exactly fit in some areas, although this doesn't affect the comfort of the mattress, which is why I still gave it 4 stars. If they could improve the finished appearance of the mattress, it would be perfect.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I'm overall happy w the purchase but I wish there was a way to get a softer mattress - regardless of what my profile says. I have RA and still have to change positions frequently due to joint pain. A soft bed would've been better. Thanks

Love it

My fiance and I felt our first mattress we received from Helix was too firm so we got it refunded and donated to a nearby charity. We tried out a Casper and boy that was a mistake. Talk about firm. Anyways, we decided to go with a more supportive soft Helix and couldn't be happier now. Customer service has been spot on as well!


I have to admit, getting a new bed in a box seemed too good to be true. Surely it would be poor construction or uncomfortable or something...nope, nope and nope. This is the MOST COMFORTABLE BED I HAVE EVER SLEPT ON. Only down side, those boxes are heavy for sure, but nothing the mailman and my husband couldn't handle. My husband and I put it together in maybe a little over an hour, with our little ones underfoot. We took our time and did it right, but we also got a kick out of watching this bed come to life out of the box. It was pretty cool to watch! As a mother of 6, and an RN, my back tends to cause me pain and I really need a good, solid sleeping surface. I was worried this bed wouldn't be supportive enough, but this is the first bed I have ever slept in that makes my spine feel like it's 100% supported and in alignment all night long. My husband and I sleep better, have less pain and all on a bed that came to our front door. Would definitely buy again!!

This mattress will change your life!

Just one night is all it took to change my life. As it turns out, the Helix bed actually alters your DNA when you sleep in it. In one night I grew a tail and gills because I dreamed of the sea. Now as a beautiful mer-man, I don't use the bed as much as I use to due to the lack of water in my bedroom, but it was quite comfy. 10/5 stars. *Disclaimer* Your experience may vary.

Not What I Expected

Initially, I was so excited about getting a helix mattress. All the reviews/hyped really made me go and purchase the mattress. Shipping was great (came on time, well packaged, easy to unfold). My first week was rough, it was so bad neither my husband nor myself slept well but since we have such an extended time to return, we gave it a chance. About a month after the purchase, the bed presented a feeling of sinking around us, almost like I was being swallowed by the bed. Furthermore, there is no edge control so for me (side sleeper) it felt uncomfortable. My husband states it depends on how tired he is as sometimes the bed is comfortable and other times its not. On my previous mattress, I kept having lower back pain, now with Helix, the pain is more mid-back but it's not constant. There are nights where I sleep comfortable and nights where its just bad. This is not what I wanted in a mattress, i want to be comfortable everytime I get on my bed. The mattress is no longer in our bedroom and instead is now being used and floor bed in my kids playroom. Switched to the NEST BED and it's much better.

Comfortable feel but didnt work in the long run.

I slept on the mattress for a month before I asked to return. It felt supportive and comfortable but both my husband and I would wake up with instant back pain. Im not talking about discomfort either. Mine was to the point i would avoid exercise. I had to make the best decision for me and return it.

Best bed!

I'm 65 years old with a bad back. I've spent years trying to get a good night sleep. I found the Helix Bed and sleep like a baby every night. Thank You, Helix for making my senior years a bit more enjoyable!


Really happy with the mattress. Our old mattress was causing me really bad back pain since we got our custom helix I haven't had any issues with my back

Great mattress

Read the reviews of similar mattress and decided on the Helix. I was so excited on the scheduled delivery day that I kept looking out my window for the UPS truck. Had a great night sleep. Lots of support, yet so plush on the top. So far it is wonderful.

Best choice I've made in a long time.

I had heard about the helix mattress through some of the podcasts I listen to, I decided to make the leap. I ended up getting one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had, and received the best mattress I could have ever hoped to sleep on. This thing is incredible. Delivery was extremely fast and easy. Set up was a breeze. Would recommend this mattress to anyone!

Best choice I've made in a long time.

I had heard about the helix mattress through some of the podcasts I listen to, I decided to make the leap. I ended up getting one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had, and received the best mattress I could have ever hoped to sleep on. This thing is incredible. Delivery was extremely fast and easy. Set up was a breeze. Would recommend this mattress to anyone!

Better, deeper rest.

I noticed the first night I had my Helix mattress that I slept deeper (almost no waking during the night) and I felt better upon awakening. I am 71 years old and was in the process of building a deck on the back of my home when I received my mattress. My back discomfort absolutely disappeared when I started sleeping on my new mattress. I contacted several friends and family and told them about the results and recommended the Helix if they were considering a new mattress.

No more soreness!

What a difference! I used to be a back sleeper, then at some point in the night switch to my side. In the morning I would always have a sore neck and upper back. Now, I primarily fall asleep on my side. The helix mattress absorbs the pressure of my shoulder and hip, while still supporting my waist. The temperature regulation is also amazing, now I can fall asleep on hot nights. The only thing I would change is the firmness. Mine is medium to medium firm, but next time I would go even firmer.

I actually sleep now

Before I bought my helix, I spent a lot of hours tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. I even had my sleep tracker on my fitbit showing that I rarely got more than 4 hours of good sleep in a night. After I got my helix rolled out and broken in, I'm tracking at least a good 6-7 hours every night now. It's hard to believe that a mattress can change so much, but with the customizable options of Helix, I sleep better and feel better.

Good Mattress

It's a definite improvement over my old mattress. It arrived on time and was set up with little difficulty. It's taking some getting used to since it has a different feel to more typical mattresses, but overall I find it comfortable and sleep well on it so far. My only dissatisfaction is that I had hoped the mattress would be more firm than it is. I noted that I needed a firm mattress on the questionnaire ('firm to very firm'). Perhaps I should have marked 'very firm'. I'm a side sleeper so 'firm to very firm' was noted on my order. The far sides of the mattress are noticeably much less firm than the middle of the mattress. Is that typical?

Its replacing a 20 year old Sealy with a 2 year old foam topper

Of course it is better than my old mattress. I'm a flight attendant so I have tried lots of mattresses. I had the Helix made for me because I sleep on my side.This is better than most. But I honestly cannot say it gives me the best sleep of my life. Ask me in 5 years if I would buy it again.

I'm 32 and have bulging

I'm 32 and have bulging discs I also have been dealing with Sciatic nerve in my right leg lower back since December and this has for the first time was able to sleep and not wake up miserable.

Best sleep ever

The ordering process was easy yet personalized. I love the fact that the mattress comes in an easy to carry box so you don't have to manhandle a mattress up a winding staircase. Open the box and the mattress self inflates. Not only are we sleeping better. I no longer wake up in the morning feeling like I was fighting crime in my sleep. This is how sleep should be.

Helix bed week 6

This bed is nice however it retains so much heat when I sleep and hasn't really softened up. I am a small female and am wondering how much time it will take for someone my size to soften the bed.

For the price, the bed

For the price, the bed seems good but not much different from another foam mattress I paid $180 for on amazon

It's a pretty good mattress

I bought the Helix after reviewing and looking at a bunch of the other, similar type mattresses. I seemed to take several weeks to a month to get used to it, and I almost sent it back a few times. However, I kept it and probably will keep it, but for the money, I think I could have gotten the same level of comfort with a conventional mattress for less money. I'm sorry that this was not a raving review but it is honest.

Hard to get up in the morning

I love this bed. It's so hard to get up in the morning now, I just want to stay in my cozy bed. But when I do my son jumps in.

A comfortable mattress

Had mattress for a 2 months. I find it soft and comfortable. For last year or 2 have had chronic sore/tight shoulders and deltoids. I picked FEEL (Soft to Medium Soft) and SUPPORT (Strong Support). Not sure if FEEL should have been not so soft. I don't think I fully understood the how FEEL and SUPPORT work together.

After the break-in.

I must say that I was a bit skeptical purchasing a mattress without trying it out first. But after the break-in period (me more than the mattress) I have woken up without the usual morning backache and feeling rested for over a week now! Should have purchased the pillow too!

Simply Amazing

Instead of doing research, let me save you some time. Buy a helix mattress. It's the most incredible mattress I have ever owned in my entire life. Problems I have had with back are gone. My sleep quality has increased ten fold. Heck, my wife loves me more than she did before we owned the mattress. HAHA.

Best ever!

From day one - awoke with no hip pain. I fall asleep quickly and remain asleep all night. Best mattress I have ever had.

Love our matress

The mattress is really comfortable. Love that me and my partner were able to choose our own firmness. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new mattress.

From a senior citizen

Very comfortable, sleep really good, less back pain.

If at first you don't succeed

My first mattress was too soft and Helix immediately replaced it (donated the soft one, refunded me, and designed a firmer one for me). I am so happy with my medium firm mattress. I have scoliosis so a good mattress is like the most important thing I can do for my body. But everybody benefits from a good mattress. I recommend Helix! Their mattresses are great but their customer service team is even better. xoxo

great company

Great company to deal with and we are very pleased with our mattress.

I do not feel the

I do not feel the pain when I wake up in the morning in my neck and shoulders. I sleep all night and I don’t wake up. It’s wonderful. I am going to buy mattresses For both of my kids next.

The super fast response and

The super fast response and timely manner of your customer service, I felt like I was the only customer that got all the attention and this was consistent through emails, phone calls, etc.

Cloud like

Between the actual bed and the pillows it's really tough to get out of bed! Enjoy!

Comfy sleep

I sleep so much better on my new mattress. It's has the right amount of firmness. I don't like that since I tend to always sleep on the same side it gets softer and I need to sleep on the other side a few days. Overall my sleep has improved significantly.

Best bed for sciatica relief

I am not one to right reviews, but I have had my Helix mattress for about 3.5 months. I suffer from sever sciatica. Within about 2 weeks of using the new mattress that is customized to me I began to find relief. I am currently experiencing no sciatic pain... I haven't been able to say that in over 2 years. Thanks Helix!!


Probably one of the best things I have ever bought. Best sleep ever, no pain when I wake up and I stay cool even on warm nights. So comfortable!

Comfortable beyond my wildest expectations

My profile:soft to medium soft, strong support, moderate cooling, high elasticity. The most comfortable bed I have ever owned in my 70 years. Helix replaces my 10-year old Sleep Number bed. Helix is significantly better in soft comfort and simultaneous strong support than the Sleep Number bed. I am a side sleeper, and am dealing with both an artificial hip and spinal stenosis; the Helix bed allows me to sleep without hip pain and with perfect spinal alignment. I awake totally pain free.

Great sleep

We don't have a single complaint. From day 1 we were comfortable.

For the Cautiously Optimistic: Buy One!

I was cautiously optimistic when I started looking for a new "bed in a box." "How could they fit such a huge thing in such a tiny box, " I thought to myself. Even they can fit it in the box, how could even be comfortable!? When it arrived on my doorstep just a week later, I brought it up into my bed, unfolded it out of the box, let it uncompress, and my concerns went poof! The bed has been amazing so far. No issues once so ever, and I get a peaceful, restful sleep every single night.

Cooling technology

Hi there, In terms of comfort I think the mattress is great. But since I've had the mattress I've had a more frequent issue waking up in a cold sweat. The mattress is the only change I've made to my sleep routine so that is the only cause I can find.

Great choice

Thought the bed was too firm at first, until I woke up well rested and realised my back didn't hurt.

I like the bed!

I like the bed but was hoping for more relief from some of the sleeping discomforts and pain.

Not as Comfy as I had hoped

The first mattress was way too soft, woke up with a backache each morning. Helix shipped a topper, that's right, a topper, to put on my brand new mattress. Not sure how that was supposed to help my wife as she liked the soft side. Running out of my 100 day be continued.

Great customer service. Unfortunately the

Great customer service. Unfortunately the mattress didn't work for us.

Love my Helix!

I'm really happy with my new Helix mattress! The buying process was very efficient, and I received my mattress quickly. It's been great sleeping on my new Helix, it's comfortable and my back is so much happier!


Its okay. too cold sometimes

If heaven made mattress

All I want to say is I am completely in love with my mattress. It is exactly what I needed. Perfectly firm for my back. It has helped a lot. I have gotten better sleep since receiving my mattress. Though I wish it was at least 13 inches wide but as long as my sleep is actually taking through the whole night it really doesn't matter. The foundation was very easy to put together, my 10 yr old son had a hand in it. I've had friends come over to feel the bed and all have wanted to spend the night. My best friend is actually searching for a new mattress, hes current one is a very high end brand and i might say it is firm but more on the soft side. Long story short, if you are wanting firm yet soft to the touch, easy assemble foundation this is it. You can not feel the next person get in or out of bed. Temperature is just right. A hard cloud is the only explanation i can give. I am glad I did not get a memory foam mattress.

Helix mattress

I Purchased the mattress on my sons recommendation and I have nothing but good things to say the whole purchase experience was tremendous and I hope to get many years of comfort out of this product

Good night sleep ... Good bye morning backache!

We LOVE our new Helix ... we will be purchasing more to replace our other bedroom mattresses too! Thank you for a great product

Love my Helix mattress!

Works as advertised. Sleeps great, no complaints. Also looks great on my Taiga oak bed from!

Firm and fantastic for Back & Side sleeping

This mattress is the best I have slept on. Its firm enough that I get all the support I need @ 220 lbs. It feels firm, but it has that cushion on the top I never get pressure points. I have had great sleep with this mattress. It is also cool enough for me. Edge support is great too. It soft and supportive enough. It makes it easier to get out of bed, but supportive enough when sitting on the edge your not falling out. I would purchase this again!

A great nights sleep

I have purchased 2 Helix mattresses, a twin for a friend's daughter, and a queen for myself. The ordering process, customization of the product, shipment, receipt and setting up are easy, convenient and hassle free! My queen is perfectly suited to my body and gives me a great nights sleep! My friend's daughter says, "it's the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on!". I would highly recommend Helix!

It's a comfortable bed. I

It's a comfortable bed. I asked for a 'firm' mattress and I got it. Firm, but the foam on top is soft. I'm a big guy and I don't sink into it.

If at first you don't succeed

The first Helix I ordered felt heavenly, because I prefer the feel of a soft bed. But every morning I had back pain. I gave it a few weeks for my body to adjust to the mattress, because the return window is 100 days, but it didn't go away. I emailed Helix and a representative immediately designed a new mattress for me (medium to medium firm) and arranged the pickup of my medium soft mattress. I thought the medium firm would still be too soft, because I wondered whether I needed a firm mattress in the end, but I went with the rep's recommendation. I've had good experiences sleeping on Tuft & Needle and Caspar because they are quite firm, but I never liked the feel of the firmness, although it was better for my back. I've now slept on the new medium/medium firm mattress Helix designed for me, and I have had no back pain (no more than usual...having chronic back problems), and it still has enough of the marshmallow softness I love, while also having much better support. Pickup of my softer mattress was seamless, and I think it has been donated to charity which makes me happy. Don't be discouraged if your mattress doesn't feel right! Helix has got your back. (Oh my god, did I just say that?)

Great Bed

My wife and I both love our bed, well worth it!

I love it!

Bed was easy to set up. My back is so much better and I actually sleep all night! I highly recommend this bed.

there’s a lot to appreciate

there’s a lot to appreciate about the Helix mattress, and the Helix team. that the mattress is customizable and very comfortable makes it a very appealing option. and, seemingly, everyone on the Helix team is courteous, kind, helpful, and professional

Best Matress Ever Owned!!

I can't wait to go to rest in my cloud candy. It swaddles me and leaves me without pain in the AM. I was very skeptical when my wife ordered this matress for me, having had a foam mattress from a different company and not enjoying one minute of it! Plan on replacing all mattresses in our house eventually with a Helix. So comfortable and luxurious.

I love getting into bed

Yes, we all love getting into bed. But our helix mattress has made the experience SO MUCH BETTER. Our previous mattress was a nice box spring so we were a bit hesistant to switch to a foam dominant bed in a box. What a great decision. We live very close to the showroom in Manhattan so we got to test the mattress firsthand. Takes a couple weeks to adjust to the mattress as foam sleeps a bit warmer. Very 😃

Tried, but didn't work

My son tried this mattress; he's a side sleeper. While it did well for him on his back, he didn't like it on his side. Kept waking from discomfort and falling asleep on his back. Only to wake up later on his side. He's a small guy, 5'8", 120lbs

Great Mattress

Mattress is very comfortable, it took us about a week to get used to it and we love it now. After sleeping on it the first night I woke up achy the next morning, which is normal. A few more days and I got used to the new mattress and now I sleep very well on it.

New Bed Heaven

I have had the best sleep ever since I got my Helix. It is just the right firmness and keeps me warm. I'm a side sleeper and have had trouble in the past with my back and turning around all night. I now sleep soundly.

All good

The mattress is comfortable and well made. The base is solid, and quiet.

The bed is built with

The bed is built with quality but the comfort profile survey seems to be flawed because I have numbness in some parts that is worse than it was with my old mattress that this one replaced that I was blaming for back pain. I still have the back pain with the addition of numbness in certain positions.


It sleeps hotter than I would like. I think this might be more of a problem during the summer months.

Superb mattress

This bed wasn't cheap, and it was worth every penny. It's amazingly comfortable and my back problems have gotten considerably better in the time I've been sleeping on it. Everybody else who's slept on it has remarked on how great it is and said they're seriously thinking about getting their own the next time they replace their bed. Extremely impressed.

The mattress was a lot

The mattress was a lot firmer than I expected

Bed isn’t exactly what I

Bed isn’t exactly what I wanted. Shipping was excellent,

Great mattress! We love it

Great mattress! We love it so far

Good support and comfort (love

Good support and comfort (love the customizable feature) and mid-range price.

It took some time to

It took some time to get comfy. Had to get a pad to help with softness.

Communication was fast and accurate

Communication was fast and accurate throughout the buying and returning of the mattress. Can't wait for the new one to arrive. I know i'll love it since it will be exactly like one I have slept on before.

I love the mattress, but

I love the mattress, but do not appreciate the company’s inability to forecast delivery. I’ve experienced this separately with mattress and pillow orders.

A mattress that you don't

A mattress that you don't think twice about after the first week is obviously a seamless fit!

I like the mattress OK.

I like the mattress OK. We were sent the wrong-sized foundation and it seemed like a giant hassle to try to exchange it, so we donated the foundation and stuck with just the mattress. I think we would be sleeping much better had I slogged through the exchange process.


I've been getting great sleep ever since I got the mattress and Foundation. I wake up with more energy.

2nd bed from Helix, 1st one too firm

The on call staff were very helpful and courteous to my every question. The 1st bed removal and 2nd bed arrival worked very smoothly. The 2nd bed was perfect firm and softness (I had a discussion of its feeling and how I wanted to improve its feel with the associate.) The trade out was perfect. I have better quality sleep and achieve a deep sleep quicker.

Sleeping like a baby

I got my Helix mattress about 3 weeks ago. I researched for months and decided to go with Helis because I could personalize it and the price was reasonable. The mattress arrived quickly and was easy to put on the bed. I did not have an adjustment period. I was used to waking every hour, in pain on my neck, back, and shoulders. I thought I must have arthritis. After a few days, I was sleeping 4-5 hours straight, and no more pain! The only problem is my dogs like it as much as I do! I love this bed. I hate getting up because it is so comfy. With the guarantee, I don't see why anyone would not try it.

Bed is very comfortable for

Bed is very comfortable for my size being 6'2 and 315lbs. I got the firm mattress and loving every minute of it. I am planning to purchase another mattress once done with college.

Like getting massaged by extra large marshmellow

Helix's customizable mattress is fantastic. The intro quiz is fun to take and it really makes it feel like the mattress will be perfectly suited for the user. Unboxing is a fun experience watching the mattress fluff up and it only takes 30-45 min (I've seen longer) before I get to begin my new life of sleeping on the clouds. I typically like to put on a song to lull myself to sleep, but I'm falling asleep before I even get to the chorus. C'mon Helix, I can't even enjoy a complete Jason Mraz song anymore. ;)

Comfortable mattress but it did not improve my back pain

I bought this mattress hoping updating to a newer mattress would help with my back pain that I woke up with every morning. The mattress was comfortable, however it did not improve my back pain.

Comfortable with foam pad

The bed I received after taking the quiz was too hard. Helix kindly sent a foam pad which is super comfortable. I just really wish the mattress itself was soft enough because the foam pad makes for a really hot sleep.

Unexpectedly excellent

I purchased this mattress because my old one was 8 years old and was hurting my back and making me very depressed and I was saying a lot of time in bed at the time. I want to say that I needed a mattress that didn't have a chemical smell but felt like memory foam but was still supportive I had lots of trouble in the past with mattresses and I didn't want another problem so I research the best mattress in a box and Helix came up. I want to say that everything was just as expected at first I thought the mattress was too hard but in retrospect now is actually perfect. I've been sleeping on it for over a month now my whole life has changed for the better I feel like a teen again I have no pain and I sleep well and deep and it's just comfortable enough but not so soft that I feel like I'm in a cloud. Thank you for such an excellent and life-changing product. You have returned what others have promised at a price that's much higher than just monetary you so truth and compared to lie so they sell lies and hype and it hurts everyone in the end. This is the perfect example of how technology can help us with everyday problems so basic asleep but so fundamental to our lives. Many people who see the doctor the chiropractor are on opioids and pain pills are depressed Etc need a new bed. I highly recommend this product thank you so much.

We returned it...

I slept great on it, but my wife sleeps extra hot so we asked for a return. It was very easy to return and they were willing to make accommodations to help us. Full refund for everything. Great experience even though it wasn't the right mattress. Found another online brand that has the cool gel and it's much cooler.

Helix bed review

This bed is awesome. The support is great. For this reason, you sleep like a baby every single night. It is stellar. I'm keeping mine. Sincerely, Selmaan A Ali

Great sleep

I have slept on alot of awful matress and it feels great to sleep on a matress as nice as this one

Finally - Back relief from our waterbed!

We spent 30 years sleeping on a waterbed (ironically because it helped my wife's back at the time). Now that we're older, the waterbed started hurting her back while climbing in and out of it. We decided to try a Helix mattress and after 2 months of easy getting in/out of it, we're sold. Highly recommended for waterbed owners. We dropped the mattress right into the waterbed frame.

I have yet to lay

I have yet to lay down in my bed and regret it. Utterly comfortable, supports me just right, gives just right. When I need to get a new mattress in the future, I will be a repeat customer.

I like this mattress

So far, this is a pretty great mattress. I've been having some really nice nights of sleep on it and it was easy to order and get set up.

My son loves his bed.

We got this for our 10 year old and he loves it.

Having Doubts...

Feels great to lie down on and fall asleep, but by morning I awake with a good amount of back pain. It's supposedly medium-firm, which was recommended to me, but feels much more like a soft mattress. This means I can't lie flat on my back with my knees up, as the lack of support makes my butt sink down and cramps my lower back.

I really loved visiting the

I really loved visiting the show room, and the bed my partner and i have meets all of our expectations.

I get a great night

I get a great night sleep on the mattress.

Tossimf and turning

I have given this mattress a chance and tried to acclimate to it but am getting alms ood the most restless sleep I've ever had. I'm planning on returning it asap.

Fantastic purchase!

I couldn't be happier with this! I haven't slept this well in a very long time!

It's awesome. Seriously.

I've had the best service. Mattress came a little too firm, so they sent me a memory foam top, which is an absolute game changer. Love the base (it's a little weird and was a little clunky, but otherwise it's great). I haven't slept this well in over two years. Would recommend to everyone.


Lucid dreaming returns as well as a completely rested body. I now look forward to sleep.

Objectively, the Mattress is Good... But Not For Me

The mattress seems to be of good quality and is nice and soft, but it seems like the quiz did not yield the correct results. This mattress is too soft and I wake up with a tight lower back every morning. I was really hoping for something firmer since I'm a stomach sleeper. I wish it was possible to do a free exchange for something with more support without the backbreaking hassle.

Second Helix in my house

I purchased a Helix for my son in 2016.....he LOVES it. I needed to get a new mattress for myself and decided to try one for myself. I really do like is exactly what I was looking for. Very comfortable and I sleep much better.

Back to sleeping like my old-self

I've had trouble sleeping because of back/hip pain caused by my mattress. I've tried toppers, air-beds and thought it was just something I would have to live with. Fortunately I didn't give up and tried the helix mattress because I'm back to normal and waking pain free. I love climbing in at night and feel great in the morning. Thank you for making my perfect mattress!

Best Mattress Ever!

This mattress is the best. It continues to get better each night.

I’ve had the best sleep

I’ve had the best sleep with the Helix mattress. Me and my husband have terrible back pain and have different firmness needs. We were able to achieve this with helix without spending a small fortune. From cost, to quality, to customer service, to customization this is hands down the best mattress I’ve slept on.


My Helix mattress is absolutely fabulous! There was no strong chemical smell when it arrived (something I was leery of with a foam mattress). It is sooo comfortable to sleep on...just right! I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would recommend this brand to anyone looking for a great mattress. Two thumbs up!!

The best mattress ever!

It's truly amazing and very comfortable. I've never slept better.

Love it

Perfect softness, great support, wake up pain free! Shoulder pain gone first night! Def recommend.

great sleep!

What a wonderful mattress! Plush, comfy, and perfect for sleeping!

Best matress I've ever slept

Best matress I've ever slept in.

Love castle sleeping beauties

Purchased the Casper and returned it to get the Helix. We absolutely love the balance of cool and comfort.

So comfy

Bed is very supportive and really comfortable at the same time. I actually have started going to bed on time!


Without a doubt the best mattress I’ve ever owned.

Getting your bed to be "just right" like Goldilocks!

My husband and I ordered the split king because we each like a totally different feel for our bed. The first one wasn't quite right for him and I called customer service and they sent out a topper to see if that would help. When that helped him but not me, we decided to return the current bed becaus...

Awesome bed

My bed came all the way to Alaska no problem we love it. Best investment in myself ever!

Great mattress

Very happy with our choice of the Helix. The mattress provides just the right amount of comfort, firm support with enough softness for mostly side sleepers. This is the first predominantly foam mattress we have purchased, it has been inner springs for many years. We would purchase again. ...

Happy Customer

After doing a lot of research on all different mattresses I settled on the Helix based on reviews and the customization of each mattress. I am so happy I did, I sleep great at night, don't get too hot, and can sleep on my sides or my back comfortably. My only complaint would be that I wish the mattr...

Shipped fast & comfy

It was shipped quickly! Comfy bed, no chemical smells. The only downside us that it's thinner than traditional mattresses, so sheets are a little big.

Highly Satisfied

This is the first mattress that I have purchased myself and I can happily say that the entire process was stress free and the results were spectacular. The mattress is excellent and has given me better sleep than I'd had in the preceding year.


3 1/2 months in and still loving it!

Great for dual sleepers

Next to the sleep number this was the next best choice for dual sleepers. We customized each side for my husband I, so far so good. My lower back pain hasn’t gone away but it was a heck of a lot better than the soft mattress we had and saved hundreds than going with the sleep number. Great but not...

Sleeping Wonderfully

Everything is what was advertised and reviewed

Happiest girl alive

I LOVE this mattress, It was so easy to assemble and it was ready in seconds. It’s one of those mattresses that when you fall asleep you don’t move or toss and turn. Ive never gotten better sleep. Even my boyfriend says he gets better sleep in my bed compared to his. Couldn’t be happier with this pu...


Love my new bed! I was always waking up with back pain with my old bed. The Helix is so comfortable!! Worth every penny!

Best Bed Ever

It's true, this bed was made for me. I wake up refreshed, with zero back pain or stiffness. The only complaint I have is the foundation - there's no option for a higher one and it was too low for me. But, I asked Customer Service, who were great, and they suggested a bed frame I could place the foun...

It's wonderful!

I sleep superbly!

Love this bed

My wife and I purchased the split king! We love the bed. Sleeping better than ever.


Had the mattress for 6 months. Best sleep ever and no back pain anymore.

Good stuff!

Both of us really love the mattress. We got a split king with one side much firmer than the other. We both felt our sides could be a little softer so we reached out to customer service and they recommended and immediately sent a free mattress pad for us to have/try, which was awesome!

The very best after 80 years of mattresses.

The ability to customize mattress firmness is a game changer. My initial evaluation of my firmness desired was slightly off. Helix sent me a topper and that immediately solved the problem. No back pain since, and waken refreshed. My wife feels the same. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to buy an over...

Easy to set up and order

Nice bed, was very easy to order and set up. Needed the memory foam topper to provide comfort level of previous bed. Now it's great.

Great bed, Great company

This is the most comfortable bed I've ever had. As a chronic pain sufferer sleep eludes me. The custom make up of the bed allows me to wake up with out body pain, and sleep through the night. I am so grateful for this bed and the wonderful company behind it.

best purchase

This mattress is amazing I haven't experienced a better sleep. My wife and I love this mattress so much it caters so much to both of us. We love our helix mattress.

Finally: a cool, supported, restful night's sleep

My husband and I both used to struggle with insomnia, feeling too hot at night, feeling like we're sinking too far into the mattress, and even back pain! Since we bought our Helix, all of these issues have disappeared. It's a dream come true! Also, while my husband felt it was perfect immediately a...

Excellent for heavy people

My husband is 350 lbs and 6’3”. Other beds would start caving in when he slept onbthem. This bed supports his weight and is comfortable for a large person.

Nice Mattress

This is a pretty comfortable mattress. Not quite as soft as what I was hoping for, but gives nice support overall.


Okay, honestly this mattress is incredible! It's just how I pictured it to be and I never want to leave my bed. I highly recommend this product :)

Sleeping comfrotably.

We need a new bed. Our old bed was sipping and falling apart. This one is so comfy. I don't wake up sore anymore and I feel well rested!

Awesome Mattress

Love my new mattress. Comfortable and I sleep well

Great purchase

Sleeping so much better glad we made the purchase

Love this mattress!!

I was really hesitant to buy a mattress that comes in a box. I did a ton of research though and Helix won my vote. I had lower back issues and after sleeping on our mattress for two months I don’t have any lower back pain. I’m glad we ended up going with a firmness of soft. It is supportive, but I d...

No more tossing and turning.

My wife gets the super soft bed that she always had and I get a nice firm bed that supports my back. She's noticed that my tossing and turning has been dramatically reduced for my comfort which results in less stolen blankets for hers.

Finally...a good night’s sleep!!!

Finally...a good night’s sleep!!!

Great mattress

Can’t believe how easy the customization process was and my husband and I both love it- with polar opposite features.

We love our Helix mattress!

We love our Helix mattress! Best mattress we've had in years.

Love it!

Feels amazing!

Grandmaster Flash

great support, a little hot in the summer. Good purchase all in all.

sleeping well now

We ordered this mattress after trying a Tuft&Needle for around 65 days. Our previous mattress was a rock-hard who-knows-how-old hand-me-down. We wanted the Tuft&Needle to work, but I needed something much softer even though my husband was very happy with it. After much research, and watching the vid...

Love the mattress and Helix customer service!

My partner and I (both 30) couldn't be happier with our mattress. We've had it about a month now and it's really changed our sleep for the better. Before the mattress: I've always been a light sleeper and tend to toss and turn. On our old mattress, my partner would wake up every time I moved, often ...

Have been using my Helix

Have been using my Helix for nearly four months. It's very comfortable and I'm glad I chose Helix.

Great customer service!

The Helix customer service team was awesome! They replied to my emails within a few hours, mattress return was easy, and my refund was in my account just a few days later. My husband and I ordered a medium firm mattress; however, the mattress we received had a firmness comparable to my hard wood fl...

Awesome mattress

I LOVE my Helix mattress. The Sleep Quiz worked and I am 100% satisfied with my mattress, can't imagine anything I would change.

It great

We love it

Helix Mattress

Great ordering process and quick shipping. However, after 2 months of using, my back hurts after 4-5 hours of sleeping on this mattress. Sadly, I will be returning.

Not for us

Not the mattress for us. Sent it back and had no issues Customer Service was very helpful and took care of everything.

Great Experience - just too soft

From ordering to the return, the customer experience was great. I ordered the firm and found it to be too soft and too hot.

Definitely holds it shape. A

Definitely holds it shape. A little more firm than I thought it would be. Haven’t got used to it yet. Had it for 2 months

Getting a good night’s sleep

I’ve had my Helix matress for about 3 months, and am sleeping great. The materials that make up my matress are high quality, and I haven’t experienced the softening or dents that I have had fairly quickly with other foam based mattresses. Instead of dreading a night of discomfort, I look foward to a...

Love it

Most comfortable bed!

We were nervous as we

We were nervous as we were used to sleeping on a conventional mattress. But we are happy so far.


Easy to work with. A real pleasure.

Would order again

We ordered a med to firm mattress and it is very firm. Having slept on it for about 40 nights, either we are getting accustomed to it or the firmness has eased. LOVE the fact that there is not motion when my husband moves around. He loves the fact that the mattress is not hot.

Great customer service, good mattress

When we ordered this mattress, the thing that drew us to it was that you customize sides. Our problem was we didn’t really know what firmness we wanted and so we choose medium firm since that is what Helix said was the most common. It ended up being much harder than we wanted, but we really liked th...


Easy ordering. Fast delivery. Exceptional quality.


The dual mattress is our prefect solution.

Mattress is nice, but delivery was a twisted experience

Had the mattress custom built, but the original delivery was lost. Delay after delay, Helix finally remade the mattress and got it shipped successfully.

Loved the service and process

While we ended up returning the bed only because it was much firmer than we anticipated, we would still recommend the company. We would have re-ordered in a different firmness except we loved a bed my parents had and they were able to tell us exactly what it was so that we could order it. ...

Husband loves it

Husband loves it I think it’s too hard I’m hoping it will soften some over time

Our helix mattress is the

Our helix mattress is the best thing my husband and I️ have ever bought.

Personalized sleep is the way to go

My wife and I had our old mattress for 11 years and helix has completely changed our sleep life. The helix mattress is incredibly comfortable and has decreased my snoring frequency and intensity. I couldn't recommend the helix more and I am so grateful to have made the switch to the helix mattress. ...

Excellent Mattress + Customer Service

I loved the Helix Mattress, but sadly it was not a good fit for my husband who has chronic back pain. However, the customer service and attention to detail is why I give Helix 5 stars. I highly recommend their brand and I appreciate that they donate the mattresses that don't work out. Thank you He...

So far, 1/2 good.

I've really liked the mattress after around 30 days of use. I prefer a firm mattress and my wife prefers softer, so a custom split firmness level mattress from Helix seemed like the perfect idea. She doesn't think it's quite soft enough and would have preferred one more "level" of softness. So, we...

More firm than expected, great service

We were very surprised at how firm the mattress was compared to others that were labeled as firm. Just know that what they call firm is significantly more firm than what you find in the big name stores. That being said, Helix worked with us to get a topper to soften it up. Since we added that I've h...

Satisfied customer

Love our new bed, not a chance of sending it back, but the 100 day trial was a nice fall back if needed. Great product, easy to assemble and we are sleeping great for the first time in many years.

Great Mattress for a Great Price

Very comfortable mattress, my husband and I tried 2 other mail order mattresses before the Helix and I'm glad we didn't give up. We didn't even really suffer through the "break in" period as our first night was wonderful! I still have issues with my arms going numb when I'm on my side and even thoug...

Hurts my shoulder

Uncomfortable sleeping on side. Hurts shoulder

The Youngs

Bought it to replace the stock mattress in our new RV and we love it. Thinking of getting one for our home as well.

Great nights sleep

Very comfortable, easy to sleep on.

Love this mattress

I love this mattress saves me from so much back pain.

Cool sleep

It was awesome

Best bed ever

My girlfriend spends the night all the time because she loves my helix so much

Just what we wanted!

I absolutely love this mattress. I liked the thought of foam mattress, but don’t like how they have absolutely no spring back and are heavy! Being able to customize the mattress was a major plus for us too! We later bought the mattress protector when it came out, and I am so glad I did. It is not th...

Sleeping Well Again!

I love my new Helix. I have had restful sleep and have not woke up with back pain once since I started sleeping on my Helix. My cat likes it too!

Nothing to lose to try one

Mattress didn't work out for us, but Helix was great in the Return and Refund process to still make it an overall positive experience.

Great Mattress

My wife and I love our Helix mattress. Ordering was a breeze and the mattress had the right amount of firmness and give fora great night’s sleep!

Peaceful nights sleep

Simple ease to ordering process. Amazing comfort and nice, clean look of mattress & foundation.

Queen size

Works great! Worth 1k to me

Not What I Expected

At first the mattress was comfy, but now, just couple of months later it became soft and i wake up with back pain.

Overall satisfaction

Plenty soft best I sleep best on my side. Mattress stays cool through the night. Just wish it came with a box spring

My Helix mattress is exactly

My Helix mattress is exactly what I have wanted and needed without even knowing it! I love it! I can’t wait to jump into bed at night. No more back pain or stiffness in the morning! I am so happy I took the leap of faith and bought one.

In the Evaluation Process

Currently, I am in the middle of my 100 day trial period so I don't want to render an opinion just yet.

Love it!

Delivery process was so easy and the mattress is extremely comfortable. Great purchase!

No complaints

Very pleased after 2 months. Bed and box spring were shipped quickly after ordering (3 days). The box springs are sturdy and seem to be well made. The bed's comfortable and meets the configuration selections we made.

Not Comfortable Enough

Not what I expected. I’m still having trouble sleeping comfortably.


I really love this mattress. It's comfy and cuddly and I sleep so well on it. I highly recommend it.

Good Bed, Great Customer Service!

My wife and I purchased our Helix Mattress two months ago. We did the sleep quiz and our mattress came a little more firm than I probably wanted. There is a break-in period but it was still a tad firm. Plus it took some getting used to because our former individually pocketed coil mattress had been ...

Great Mattress

Purchased on a whim, researched extensively for online retailers and ended up buyng Helix for a variety of reasons. The customizing for my SO and me was one, we both have our preferences on the same mattress, and it is at a very reasonable price. Would recommend

Incredible experience

We love our mattress and had a great purchasing experience. The showroom visit and customer service along the way has been outstanding. Highly recommend to any/all on the market for a new mattress. You won't be disappointed!

So far so great!

Bed is awesome! Perfect firmness!

Just what I needed!!

I was in a car accident almost two years ago and injured my spine. Getting out of bed was the most painful part of my day. After 2 years of restless, uncomfortable sleep on my memory foam mattress, I had to find something different to sleep on. I heard about Helix on a podcast I listen to (Spittin C...

Just what I needed!!

I was in a car accident almost two years ago and injured my spine. Getting out of bed was the most painful part of my day. After 2 years of restless, uncomfortable sleep on my memory foam mattress, I had to find something different to sleep on. I heard about Helix on a podcast I listen to (Spittin C...


Almost the perfect bed, but not quite. I felt like the bed needed more....substance but less firmness. I can't explain it. I never thought a bed would be firm enough, but this was TOO firm. I'm 40, 5'2, and 160 lbs.

Grow Up, Buy this Bed!!!

I purchased this bed with my hard earned green cash and i can say without a doubt that this is the best bed i have ever slept in. Get the foundation as well it is worth the money!!!!

Decent for the price, customisation leaves some to be desired

Great construction, great shipping. Packaging is a little crummy. I had a purple mattress before. It was a little too thin but I like it a lot. Got this because its thicker than purple mattress. It's very comfy, but the customisation chart is a little off. Scale of 1-10 for firmness, if you're looki...

Not a game changer

I was hoping this mattress would help me get better sleep and reduce my general aches and pains. My first two weeks sleeping on this mattress where hell. I woke up every 20-30 minutes, I tossed and turned and could not get comfortable. I have finally adjusted to the bed and my back pain is a little ...

Helix mattress review

I love my helix mattress. The only thing it is too firm & helix is working with me to fix this. Customer service is great & easy to work with.

Love Love LOVE my Helix sleep matress!!!

I've had back pain for a very long time and getting out of bed in the morning has been a process to go from horizontal to upright. since getting my Helix sleep, the pain in my back is much much less, I can stand straight up out of bed with no pain! and my sleep is so much more restful. I actually lo...


Nice mattress no more back problems!


After sleeping on my Serta mattress for 12 years, this bed has been a godsend! Between my new My Pillows & my new Helix mattress, I'm sleeping better than I have in YEARS! I had a lumbar fusion early this year & always woke up in pain. Now, with this mattress, I rarely have pain when I wake up anymo...

Love it

Mattress is great. Assembly was weird because we didn't get the information for ours, but for another brand. I toss and turn less.

Decent mattress - nothing special - I don't notice any difference regarding the customization

Decent mattress - nothing special - I don't notice any difference regarding the customization. Replaced my old mattress to try and alleviate back pain and pressure points. Still have back pain - still have pressure points. Does not live up to the hype regarding a "cooler more comfortable sleep" ...

Can't get out of bed!

The first two days I thought I had a made a mistake, but, after getting used to the new mattress I sleep better, and feel better. It is hard for me to get out of bed I sleep so well. I look forward to going to bed every night. I have suffered from insomnia for years and I feel this bed has really ch...

More than I could have hoped for!

I couldn’t be happier with my Helix purchase. It was easy to order and easy to set up. Whereas with the old mattress I would wake up with aches and pains, these days I don’t want to get out of bed because of the extreme comfort. Thank you!

BUY IT. I specifically googled sites where I could leave a good review because I love it so much.

About me: --female, 20's, average weight, average height --sleep with a partner --chronic neck pain associated with sleep --very light/alert sleeper For years, my husband and I had been sleeping on a bed that had been gifted to him by his grandparents in 2004. It sucked, big time. I woke up with neck pain every day. I went to physical therapy for it. Finally, 2018 rolls around and we move away to graduate school and buy a bed online, as had been the plan for at least two years prior. We put a lot of thought into what we wanted and spent countless hours on Sleep Like the Dead and Sleepopolis. The bed we bought was from a genuinely good company, and we wished it would have worked for us, but it just didn't. It was 100% memory foam and ended up being too firm and not "fluid" enough for a comfortable sleep. I was still waking up with neck pain. We sadly asked for a return, and that company kindly allowed us to donate it to a local place in need, send them the receipt, and they sent us the money back. So, we took a chance on Helix, a company we had never heard of before. For some reason, we just never saw it in our searches because other big brands maybe spend more on marketing? I thought the idea of the springs + memory foam sounded a little weird, but also thought it could be good... We wanted something soft and squishy without having that trapping, sinking feeling, so we chose the Helix Moonlight (second softest). Let me just say, I am a changed woman. The bed shipped fairly quickly, and as soon as we unrolled it we instantly knew it was The One. It was already plush and squishy and supportive and luxurious. And, it didn't smell too bad for too long-- at least not that I can remember. Seriously, we couldn't wait to sleep on it. And boy, what a great night of sleep it was. It has very good edge support and it doesn't sleep too hot for being a softer mattress, and we live in Texas! Though it wasn't as bad, I was still waking up in some pain, but that resolved instantly once I got some better pillows. It fits standard sheets pretty well-- it's not too thick or too thin. The mattress cover itself isn't as soft or high quality as the last mattress we had, but since we use sheets, we don't really care. My side of the bed does move a little when my husband moves, but it's not as much as a full spring bed, and it's not enough to wake me when I'm sleeping. Which is another great thing: I sleep through the night WAY more often now. This is a big deal, people! As someone who was in pain for a long time, this seriously helped me. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This mattress conforms to my body and I feel like a luxurious queen when I'm on it. If you want to feel like a luxurious queen too, you need to get this bed (or another one from Helix). I think I'll go take a nap now. :) #helixpleasepaymeforthisreview PROS: - squishy, soft, and plush - conforms to the bod - still supportive - good edge support - good size and thickness - sleeps neutral temp / cool CONS: - it's isn't free - it wasn't in my life since birth - i can't be on it 24 hours a day - i don't have a puppy to snuggle on it with

Best nights sleep

We got our bed while I was pregnant, our son is now a little over a month old, and in the past few months, I've gotten the beast sleep I could imagine, even while being heavily pregnant, and having a new born.

Best Purchase All Year

My wife and I love our new Helix mattress. The process was simple, the mattress is great. We’ve said many since buying that we love it and we should have bought it sooner.

Bed for daughter

Love it. Considering purchasing a second!

Satisfacción guaranteed!

Beast night sleep, have one In each of our homes!

Best sleep in years

The Nightfall mattress is so comfy feeling and stays cool! My wife and I can't wait for the day to end to go lay back down again! Would definitely recommend to anyone else looking for a new mattress.

Very happy customer.

I am a short fat lady and I was tired of my old mattress that had a sink hole where I slept. I am a side sleeper and I am very happy with my Helix Nightfall.a It does not feel too firm, it has a medium feel and is fine for side sleeping. My mattress was delivered quickly, but you need help lifting it to the bed, it weighs over 100 lbs. I do recommend this mattress to those who weigh more than 230lbs.

Great bed

This is my second helix, my first was great too, just too big for my new living arrangement. I’m very happy with it.

Best mattress ever owned

This mattress is the best. Super comfortable and supportive. The memory foam top took a few nights to get used to since I never had a mattress with foam but love it now. My husband is over 300lbs and finds it equally comfortable. We would highly recommend this mattress.


I love my bed no more back pain or stiffness

Love it

It’s like love at first sight when i first layed on it!

Ms. Mary E Nance

The Helix mattress is wonderful. I recommend purchasing the pillow top bed cover for additional comfort

Really loving it

It’s been about 7 weeks now since we got our mattress and we really love it. I am a side sleeper who sleeps light and my spouse is a combo sleeper who sleeps like the dead - both a little chubs, but we bought this mattress bc the foam is graded high enough that we shouldn’t have any sinkage issues. We both had to adjust a bit to the mattress because we didn’t have a hybrid before but after the first two weeks we def settled in. This mattress feels pretty soft yet supportive to us. Overall we are v pleased!!

Very comfortable; amazing customer service

We took the "test" and received the mattress. The first week our backs literally hurt but it is true what they've been sleeping on a subpar mattress and your body needs to adjust to a good one. It was true! It also was a little soft for our liking so I contacted Helix Customer Service and they shipped a firm mattress topper for free and we received it in 2 business days!

Back pain no more

Ever since I started sleeping on the Helix Nightfall it’s like my back pain has melted away, I no longer get up with pain and that has contributed to better sleep and an overall better mood though the day

Took about a week to

Took about a week to see the change that this mattress made for my sleeping habits. Being a larger person, you don't want to feel like you are sinking every time you get into bed. We had another brand of home delivery 100 day trial bed that you sank into every time you went to bed. That brands foundation didn't hold up either. When we moved that mattress stayed and we decided to try the Helix. Best decision I made. This entire mattress, foundation and frame is well worth the cost of a great night's sleep.

Comfortable and convenient

I am 5'2" 170lbs and my husband is 6'6" 300lbs. The helix nightfall is better suited for his size in my opinion. The bed is a little firm and my shoulders hurt when I lay on my side. We both wanted a sturdy bed that would last a long time. So we went with this model bed hoping it does everything it advertises. The bed arrived in a box and and once opened it is very strong and heavy,very well built. Overall I would recommend this bed to anyone looking for a sturdy well made bed.

Millicent Dunn

We love love love our mattress. My husband is 7 ft talk and 380 pounds. It is perfect

Authentically surprised at this bed

At first, I thought how can this bed be supportive when it's so soft to lay down on. Well, now the question becomes, how long will this lovefest last, and in fairness, there isn't enough time invested, yet, to say. I have had my Helix bed for a few months, and it's blissful. I get the support I need and yet the comfort is not compromised. Each night, I go to bed with significant body pain and issues (resulting from a severe spine injury which left me with an oversensitive nervous system), so finding a right fit in a bed has been a very costly and difficult endeavor. We have purchased at least 5 beds to try to meet my need, and most have cost several thousand dollars. I got the Helix for overweight people, not because I am necessarily real heavy, but my husband and I are both tall and our weights are also higher end normal, due to our overall size and height. This bed is extremely supportive, yet, it's comfortable enough to not offend my oversensitive nervous system. I dare say out loud that I may have finally found a good bed for my issues, and my issues, as earlier stated, are extensive and unusual. If this bed has staying power (doesn't start sagging in a year), then I am going to be the happiest person this side of the Mississippi. So far, I am sleeping through the night, which is a first, and which is incredibly important to my health. I could be a poster child for Helix, because I am a tough sell when it comes to beds. To get a 5 star out of me when it comes to a bed is an outstanding achievement. If in a year or two I am still giving that 5 star, then Helix can puff it's chest out, because they truly did something. Time will tell, but at first sight, it's love, love, love.

Customer satisfaction

Had great customer service, timely and thorough with my issues. Would definatly recommend to some one else. Thank you.

This bed is changing my life!!

This is my third mattress in two years. When we sold our house and moved to a condo a couple years ago we decided to leave behind our old mattress and mattress topper (which we loved) and treat ourselves to a new mattress. Big mistake! We bought a new memory foam mattress that felt fine in the store but was too soft. I was waking with back pain every morning. So we sold it and got a firmer hybrid bed. But it was too firm and again I was waking up with back pain most days. So then we got a mattress topper to put on top, which made the bed way to squishy and soft. Regular back pain again! So finally I decided to do a bunch of research and that's when I discovered Helix. After taking the sleep quiz I was matched with the Helix Nightfall. After many reviews I decided to take the plunge and order it. Never ordered a mattress without seeing/touching/feeling it first. But after a month sleeping on this mattress my life has changed!! No more back pain and I'm falling in love with this mattress and my wife also is loving it. This is the real Goldilocks of mattresses - not too soft, not too firm. I'm a bigger guy, a side sleeper, and this mattress gives me all the support I need while still allowing me to sink in a little with some plushness. All in all this is the perfect mattress for me and I highly recommend it and Helix as a company!

Never roll into each other again!

My boyfriend and I are both large individuals and sleeping on a spring queen mattress was killing us. We both were waking up with terrible back pain and constantly rolling into each other in the middle of the night. We upgraded to a King Helix Nightfall and it was the best choice ever. Its so soft and comfy but also super supportive feeling. I literally never want to leave the bed. We had some difficulties with the frame and foundation due to improper configuration in the development of them. However, Helix was FANTASTIC to work with. They arranged pickup of the damaged foundation and improperly built frame and sent brand new replacements for free. The foundation and frame give the proper amount of support to make the mattress super comfortable. For those wondering, since I couldn't find it easily in the reviews when I purchased the foundation and frame are VERY sturdy. We weigh over 600lbs combined and it supports us fine and doesn't feel wobbly or like it will break at all.

Best Mattress I’ve Ever Owned

I honestly could not be happier with this mattress. I’ve had it for a few months now and I’ve never had this little trouble falling asleep at night (or waking up in the morning).


There is a lot to like about this mattress. I’m still getting used to the softness and it is crazy heavy!!! However I’m sleeping well and I don’t move around as much when I’m sleeping. All in all I’m satisfied.

Amazing Sleep

My wife and I are beyond pleased with the quality of the bed and the quality of our sleep. You owe it to yourself to buy one of these mattresses.

Best sleep

Amazing Mattress. Loved it so much that i bought one for my mom and she loves it

Helix Night Fall Queen

I’m enjoying this mattress very much …..Its very comfortable. Have a better nights rest now. Thank you.

So far so good

It’s been 50 days and still holding up! We will see in 5 years?

Even though it wasn't the right one for me, it's a great mattress and company

My hubby loves his side of the bed with the Helix Sunset on our split king bed. I thought the Nightfall was great quality, but I do have some health issues that are making it hard for me to find the perfect mattress. Hip bursitis, SI joint dysfunction and an old shoulder injury. So, my quest continues. :) There may or may not be a mattress out there that can help me.


I’m so happy to have invested in this mattress. It is well worth the money. Best sleep I’ve had since I was a kid. My back aches are gone and I wake up refreshed every day.


I was nervous purchasing a bed online, especially after some reviews stating the bed was too hard. With the trial period and so many other positive reviews I went ahead and purchased and I am so glad i took the leap and bought it, This mattress is sturdy for bigger people but still very soft. My cheap IKEA mattress had a worn in spot where we laid almost immediately, sagged under our weight and left me hurting each morning. The nightfall has all the support I need in the places I need it, no sagging or imprints and is a great bed. I’m only sad I didn’t get one sooner!

No issues with the mattress

So far so good. No major issues

Great Mattress

We got the Nightfall mattress. Our old mattress was a Tempurpedic that was still in great condition, but hubby complained of hot spots and wanted something else. Our new mattress is much better and we are both very pleased with it.

Best Mattress Ever

My sleep quantity and quality have improved tremendously thank to my new Helix mattress

Great mattress

After having to get rid of our mid-price, seemingly decent, ubiquitous name-brand mattress after just four years (that is, it formed deep ruts under us after less than TWO years and we put up with it for four) my husband and I were determined not to end up with the same problem again. It was only after tons of research that I found out that virtually all mattresses are designed and tested explicitly around bodies of 200lbs or less. Both being a bit over that, of course we expect that an average mattress may wear out on us a little faster or support us a little less. But what I've come to understand is what that *actually* means is that 99% of mattresses will not support well, and WILL turn to crap underneath a person like me because it was literally not designed for me at all. The question of whether 200lbs is really THAT heavy to be the standard terminus, and the sheer number of people that excludes from standard mattress shopping is a rant for another day. The point is, if I'm over 200lbs and I'm not looking for a mattress specifically designed for me, I am fated to waste my money. After narrowing to mattresses appropriate for us (and having fewer choices in the dizzying world of mattress shopping was kind of welcome, in the end), I was instantly drawn to Helix and the Nightfall. It seemed very thoughtfully and purposefully designed, all the reviews noted the excellent customer service-- a must for an internet boxed-mattress company. And it fit our budget. We've had it for 2-3 months now and absolutely love it. To me, it has a Goldilocks-perfect feel: firm enough to be terrifically supportive, but soft enough to be really comfortable. I hate the molded-to-you, can't-move feel of memory foam, and this doesn't have that at all. I sleep more "on top" of the mattress than "in" it, but shoulders and hips (and even soft belly, etc.) sink in so you stay aligned and don't suffer with pressure points. Though I find all foam mattresses sleep warmer than non-foam ones, this one sleeps neutral, not hot, thank goodness. It has a nifty bit of bounce, though takes a little effort to move around on it, but we haven't noticed any motion transfer at all. A well-made, dreamy mattress!

Best sleep!!!

My Helix Nightfall offers me the best sleep. It’s comparable rest to what I’ve received the few times I’ve slept on the $4000 luxury hotel beds!

My First New Mattress

Like I said....this is my first new mattress purchase ever. Overall I am pleased. I purchased a king size Helix Nightfall based on the recommendations of the sleep quiz I took. I also purchased the stain cover and the quilt top too. Overall I like it. I do wake up hot at times. Not sure what to do about that. Don't think there is much I can do. It's only been a couple of we have yet to see how things hold up over time.

LOVE our mattress!

My boyfriend and I love the Helix Nightfall mattress. We have great night sleeps every night, and we love how it is made specifically for our body types. Thank you so much!

Easy purchase, setup and comfortable!

I was skeptical at first, but this was an easy process. We felt confident after going through the selection process that we had chosen the correct mattress for us. The setup was super easy and we fell in love with it the very first night and it’s still one of the best mattresses we’ve owned. The mattress cover is of good quality and I’m still happy with the pillow - and I’m fussy about pillows! I would highly recommend this company and their products.

Love it

I love the feeling of the bed it makes my sleeping a lot easier thought my boyfriend surprisingly likes it but wishes it was softer for him

soft and supportive

I was skeptical when I felt how soft it was, I didn't think it would be supportive enough for my back, but I have no pain and feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud.

Love my helix

I’ve had a temperpedic which I loved but had it forever and wanted to try something else, I’m glad I did. I absolutely love the helix. It sleeps cool and is very comfortable

Best bed for a big guy

After hearing about this product on the daily wire pod cast I decided I give it a try. My wife and I have both loved it.

Endless Comfort

We have been very pleased with our Helix Nightfall mattress. We did opt for the free mattress topper to firm it up just a bit and now it's perfect!

Relieved my back pain

I bought the mattress hoping it would help my back pain from the sciatica nerve,. It has lessened over the past couple of months of sleeping on my Helix. It is very comfortable and I fall asleep fast.

Love the nightfall mattress

We received the mattress very quickly, I think I ordered on a Fri/Sat and received Wednesday. We were in the middle of a home remodel and both worked late the day of delivery. We did not have our new bedroom furniture yet and had been sleeping on our old mattress on the floor downstairs. We planned to wait until the next day to open the box and set up the mattress because it was late when we got home. Around 2am I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep so came upstairs and opened the box and set it up. Y myself. Amazing to see it compressed in plastic. Upon opening the mattress expanded rather quickly. I figured I would give it time before sitting or laying on it and went back to old mattress to go to sleep. I was so uncomfortable went back upstairs put sheets on my new Helix and laid down. Best sleep that night. The next morning husband came upstairs and tried it before getting ready for work and he loved it too. We have both loved it every night since and have been sleeping on it (now with our new bed and dressers too) for about 2 months. Neither of us feel compression point pain on our shoulders or hips and we do not wake each other if one moves or gets out of bed. We bought a king so there is plenty of room for our lab and beagle to sleep comfortably also. I was worried about the edges because other foam mattresses collapse on the sides. This one does not! Although we both use a bench to sit on when putting on shoes, it's nice to sit on edge and not sink down when getting in or out of the bed, as our bed is a bit tall. Both of our boys have foam mattresses from other companies and they both prefer ours. Our oldest son has the oldest and his is very squishy and hard to roll over in it. The Nightfall is not like that and we were pleased. It's not hard to turn over or get out of bed. I am impressed with Helix and believe it is well worth the money.


Everything they promised for big people

Best Sleep Ever!

My three dogs would agree, my Nightfall is AMAZING. I sleep so well. Almost too well to where I don't want to get out of bed ever and my dogs don't even mind. The only issue I'd say I have with it is that once you put sheets on it, it's not very cooling. I still have two fans and sleep pretty hot so that's a bummer but without any sheets, it's incredibly cooling! I love my mattress so much I got one of my friends to buy a Helix!

A Breath of New Sleep

I purchased this platform for a new Reverie 9T Premium Queen Adjustable Base w/ Massage and also bought the cooling pad because I sweat a lot at night. Together these have allowed me to oversleep! I feel so comfortable and now don't get back aches from sleeping on my back like I did with my old mattress. Me and my partner are larger and this mattress holds us firm for the 8+ months. It works well with the adjustable base, so we both couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. My partner does wish that this contoured to the body more, but to me this bed has the right amount of firmness.

Helix Nightfall

The mattress was nice but too firm for me. So I returned it.

A Little Piece of Heaven

I reviewed mattresses extensively, read hundreds of reviews and even tested some mattresses in person. We finally made a decision to purchase a King size Helix Nightfall mattress. I've never really thought much about any of the mattresses I've ever owned and thought they're all pretty much the same. However, since we've owned our Helix mattress, there isn't a night I lay down that I don't think, "Oh my gosh! This feels heavenly!" I wake up feeling well-rested, without a backache or hip ache. My wife really likes it and even my dog seems to love it! I cannot say enough about the comfort and construction of this mattress. I'm an edge sitter and most of my mattresses get crushed on the edges with time. The edges of this mattress feel very substantial and I think will hold up over time. I would recommend a Helix mattress to anyone looking into buying a new one! Thank you so much for your service and product!

Like sleeping with the angels

I've never looked forward this much to sleeping in my own bed. Resting this well has given me more life!

Nice 🛌!

Comfortable, easy to set up. I got the adjustable base. Well worth it as you have so many more sleep options.

Absolutely awesome

Super easy to do business with and super comfortable mattress.

Helix nightfall

Helix nightfall

It was a good bed for one of us.

The bed was nice for my husband, he was able to sleep on this convertibly. Me on the other hand, I couldn't. No matter how I slept I couldn't get a good nights sleep and I always woke up with back pain. I really really wanted to love this bed too.

BUYER BEWARE: Saggy after 1 year

My wife and I were initially very pleased with our mattress- good support without cutting off circulation. It lasted at this level for about 6 months, then we started to notice it getting softer. It's been a little over a year now, and our bed feels like mush. We slide together like we're stuck in a sink hole, and our backs are hurting, so we're definitely going to get a different mattress.

Short life

Was good for the first couple of years and that's it. 3 years later and it kills my back to sleep on this mattress. I expect a quality mattress to last a lot longer.

Back Pain is Back

I bought the Helix midnight just shy of a year ago. I regret the choice. I really loved the mattress when I first got it. I had been sleeping on a way too old traditional mattress and immediately noticed my hips and back were grateful for the new bed. Fast forward to just beyond the 100 day trial window and my wife is having some back pain when she wakes up. Fast forward to 9 months and we both are waking up with back pain. I had spent a lot of time researching bed in a box options and felt really good about my choice and investing the kind of money I did with the idea that it was a long term investment, you spend a significant portion of your life in bed, blah blah. However, Helix does not have the lasting power I had been hoping for. Pretty bummed.

victimized by terrible dishonest policies

Bought the product after it was marketed as low risk as they offer trial period to return for full refund. When contacting them shortly after receipt because i was very underwhelmed, I was not allowed to return but instead was given a 'topper' to firm the mattress. After waiting many days to receive this comfort supplement, the clock on the Helix guarantee continued to deplete. While this did give temporary relief, the topper quickly lost effect and the guarantee expired. I was duped. When i contacted the co founders of the company I was dismissed and ignored. Helix would like to be seen as a progressive direct to consumer company but instead they are dishonest and do not stand behind their products.

No idea how the mattress is - they never ship it and no phones to call

It has been weeks and weeks since we ordered and paid for our new helix mattress. 3-7 day promised delivery is a lie. At 2 weeks late they offered a discount. Following up later that turned out the be a lie and it was never given. Now 3 weeks after the promised deliver the order system on their website says there is no order. There is no phone to call and website chat has been disabled. I am seriously thinking this is a scam. Instagram has hundreds of people who have also been scammed with no mattress shipped after weeks and months since ordered.

Bed wasn't great, customer service was worse

My husband and I decided to get a new mattress and after weeks of research, we decided to try Helix. The ordering process was super easy, but we hated the mattress. I was experiencing terrible hip pain. We waited the 30 days as required by the company and initiated the return on the 31st day. it took over a week and threatening emails to get someone to answer, you can't reach them on the phone. Finally someone did respond and said they would be in touch to arrange pick up...a week goes by, more emails, more threats of legal action...finally someone texts me to arrange the return pick up. Now, the mattress has been returned for 10 days and they still have not initiated a refund. Do not use this company, it's absolutely exhausting.

Buyer Beware

This is the worst online vendor interaction I have ever had. I ordered the mattress over a month ago and the shipping stated 5-20 days. After a few weeks without communication, I emailed the company only to find out it is 5-20 business days. After 20 business days my mattress still hadn't shipped. You can't call them as you have to schedule a call and currently the first available option is in October. You can only email and hope someone will reply at some point. I mentioned in an email if they didn't ship it soon I would need to cancel my order. Instead of contacting me the next email stated they cancelled my order!!!! So after a month and a half of waiting for a mattress and technically 28 business days I have no mattress and they are giving me a refund but wow. THE ABSOLUTE WORST COSTUMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!

Helix Dusk

Purchased this mattress in May 2019, order #18684, after having a very positive experience with their older mattress line in my main home and based on their sleep quiz. This mattress is extremely soft out of the box, which was unexpected for a medium firm mattress designed for side and stomach sleepers. I reached out to the company and expressed my concerns via email. I was told this mattress is actually firmer than the original mattress I purchased in May 2016. In fact, this new mattress was so soft, my husband sunk to the frame of the bed when lying in it. The response for from Helix was to send me a firm topper, when I requested to return the mattress while in the sleep trial. This improved our experience but did not last long term. Please understand, my husband and I reside in separate houses and he visits for one or two nights on the weekends only. Thus, this mattress does not experience much stress or wear and tear from him. I am a 160 pound woman who now sinks midway into the mattress in all areas. I reached out to Helix again several months ago, and was told there’s nothing they can do because it’s out of the trial and the mattress appears normal when no one is on it. After a couple of months of back and forth emails, they offered to send yet another firm topper. I had to repeatedly explained that I already have their firm topper but they persisted. I finally agreed to let them send me their “new and improved” firm topper, which is thinner than the original firm topper and does absolutely nothing. I reached out to them again only to be told the mattress is not meeting their warranty standards, even though it craters to the frame when we sleep in it, and there’s nothing they can do. The reason I purchased this mattress was because of my positive experience with my original mattress from 2016. They have changed the design of their mattresses, and while pretty on the surface, are garbage inside. Instead of honoring the terms of their sleep trial, they will repeatedly send a firm mattress topper to put a Band-Aid on the problem, that’s pushing it out of the trial and warranty. I would not buy another one and I cannot recommend their product line at this time.

Don't expect to actually receive the mattress

I ordered my mattress 7 weeks ago. They still have not shipped it, there is no way to contact customer service and they will not email or call you back. In addition, they still have "Labor Day" sales up and still quote their delivery time as 1-4 weeks. Their main office is closed until next year. DO NOT order from this company unless you plan to say goodbye to your money and never actually see a mattress

Great bed and I very glad we purchased it

Our bed felt to firm when we first purchased it but they sent us a free pillow top make it a little softer. It is now the most comfortable bed I have ever owned.

So far, so good!

On night 14 and the mattress is extremely comfortable.

Helix Midnight Luxe

Love this mattress! Really reduces motion from the movements on the other side of the bed. Slightly higher than a normal mattress, and really comfortable.

Really nice, quality mattress. 4

Really nice, quality mattress. 4 stars because my husband and I both felt the mattress was a little too firm for us. We are both side/back sleepers and the mattress didn't seem to have quite enough give for our liking. If you like a slightly firmer mattress this is the one for you!



Mattress is great so far.

Mattress is great so far. I was hoping it would be a little softer, but I have definitely noticed less back pain since I got it!

Great mattress!

We’ve had the mattress about 3 weeks and have really enjoyed the feel. Both of us are side sleepers and we certainly wake up less sore.

I can’t remember the last

I can’t remember the last time I slept so deeply! This bed is a wonder!

Absolutely love my new hybrid

Absolutely love my new hybrid mattress. I had major back surgery in May and this product has really helped me with the healing process. Thank you!!

Very comfortable, easy to set

Very comfortable, easy to set up. Firm for my back, yet soft enough for the rest of me. What a find!! Thank you Helix

worth the wait - THE BEST

I love my Helix Mattress, I purchased the midnight luxe, it is absolutely incredible. Like sleeping on a cloud, tailor-made just for me. - Highly recommend it!

Midnight Luxe (med-firm): High quality

Midnight Luxe (med-firm): High quality mattress that has an amazing mix of support and well-cushioned comfort. The tencel cover really does help release heat making for a uniform experience from head to toe. Didn't think we'd get that with a foam topped mattress, but we did. We also added the basic bed frame which is super sturdy, minimalist, and pops together in minutes -- single digit minutes. Exactly what we wanted and accepts stand headboards so we can customize however we'd like. We had an initial issue with the mattress we bought which we assume was shipping or packing damage (one side, near foot of mattress was semi-compressed and never came to full dimension). Helix support was responsive, helpful, and accelerated a replacement which we've since received - and it's perfect as it should be. 5 stars for an awesome mattress and rock-solid support of their product and guarantees. They offered to send replacement, refund, or pick another model/firmness. We stuck with the exactly the same Midnight Luxe which met all of our expectations for the right amount of firmness to permit a mix of sleeping positions while being perfect to cradle side-sleeping. Cradles really well without sinking in so much that it restricts movement/rolling. Really an impressive mix of firm/soft. It's almost contradictory, but the mix of materials and construction make it all happen. Not disappointed in the least.

Too early to rate accurately

Too early to rate accurately . Only have had it for about a month.

Worth the wait

Mattress was easy to unpack. Nice for the side sleeper would recommend.


Easily the best mattress I've ever had, it puts me to sleep inn no time at all.

Great mattress for people in the middle

It is the perfect mattress for people who want a balance of firm and soft. Springs make it firm for heavier people and the soft memory foam and pillow top gives a nice comfort to the support.

Amazing mattress

The best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Excellent quality and the purchase experience from ordering to delivery and setup were a breeze!

Good bed

I felt it's effects immediately and it was 100x better than my bed from ikea. The reason for 4 stars is that I went through a weeks worth of trouble to get to move during shipping process... total 6 weeks from order date till I finally got the bed.

We love our new mattress.

We love our new mattress. It’s great to wake up without a backache as I did with my former mattress. My only complaint is the wait to get it without communication from the company.

This IS the most comfortable

This IS the most comfortable mattress I’ve experienced— outside of a five-star hotel, though I didn’t think so at first. Give it time to adjust to your body, and your body to it. I also found that the Helix mattress cover was the finishing touch.

Better than expected!!

Better than expected!!

Best mattress ever!

Best mattress ever!

Great for side and stomach sleepers

My hips no longer hurt throughout the night. I am sleeping more soundly with less tossing and turning. I am a hot sleeper and I was hoping the mattress would cool me off, but I am not noticing much of a difference.

Sleeps great...but not as cool as they say

Great soft mattress with underlying firmness. It does not sleep as cool as they say. The mattress warms up and stays warm.

Midnite luxe

Definitely more comfortable than my old mattress. Worth the wait!

I have been sleeping on

I have been sleeping on my Helix mattress for 3 months months now and it is the best sleep that I have ever had.

We absolutely LOVE our new

We absolutely LOVE our new mattress. It took a lot longer to get to us than what we expected. However, it was worth the wait. It’s so comfortable! I would recommend this mattress to anyone looking for the perfect combination between firm and soft.

So far so good

My Helix mattress has been good thus far. I've had it for about a month. I will say that it is the heaviest mattress I've ever owned before so lifting it is definitely a two person job.

We ordered our mattress in

We ordered our mattress in July and received it quickly. The instructions for unpacking were easy to understand and worked perfectly. We have been sleeping on it since late July and just love the comfort and support. Noticeably cooler and by far the best mattress I have ever slept on.

All the other beds are jealous

I still travel a fair amount for work, which means I’m sleeping at hotels and on their beds. I’ve never found myself looking forward to my own bed quite so much. It’s amazing! The quality is great and my sleep has improved dramatically. Now, if only I could keep the dog from snoring my nights would be perfect!

Buying this mattress was the

Buying this mattress was the best decision. It is super comfortable to sleep on and hasn’t hurt my back for the three months that ive been sleeping in it. Although it is quite on the expensive side, it is really worth it.

Very Nice Bed. Very happy with this purchase.

We got the Midnight Luxe and we are very happy with it! I love how it fits around your body as you lay in it. (Not too much though, just right)

I can’t remember the last

I can’t remember the last time I slept so deeply! This bed is a wonder!

Great quality mattress!

The mattress quality is excellent, but it’s a little difficult to find the right firmness. The medium is a medium firm.

The best mattress my husband

The best mattress my husband and I have ever purchased!

I would have liked it

I would have liked it to be just a bit more firm. I’m not sure how it will hold up long term.

Amazing Mattress

We are loving our Helix Midnight. We've had five nights' sleep on it so far and it is the best sleep we have had in years -- even during the election.

We’ve had our mattress for

We’ve had our mattress for 3 months and are very satisfied.

Good Comfort

Bought to replace another Helix mattress. So far, so good, a good improvement for our sleeping positions. Handles on the mattress would have been a good addition.

Glad I bought it

The most expensive mattress I own to date, but well worth it if you're a side sleeper. I also sleep on my back and it's not as great for that as my side because it wonderfully hugs my weak hips, etc.

Better than expected

Sleeps cool, eliminated back pain, and we get a much better sleep

Happy so far. Took a

Happy so far. Took a while to get it but we're adjusting. May we need to go firmer or softer but so far so good.

Purchased as a wedding gift

Purchased as a wedding gift for my son and his bride; they just love it. The best and most comfortable mattress they have ever owned.

Very comfortable mattress. Provides enough

Very comfortable mattress. Provides enough support to help with my lower back pain but still feels soft and cozy.

helix mattress and platform

quality product that is easy to assemble


Aside from the wait time, this bed is amazing!!!! Well, worth the wait for sure!

Best night's sleep

Although it took 6 weeks to get the mattress, it was well worth the wait! My girlfriend cannot stop raving about this bed.. Thank you again!


My husband and I love our Helix Midnight Luxe!

Buying this mattress was the

Buying this mattress was the best decision. It is super comfortable to sleep on and hasn’t hurt my back for the three months that ive been sleeping in it. Although it is quite on the expensive side, it is really worth it.

Love my Helix midnight!

I love my new mattress! i feel like it molds to my body when i am laying in it. i do not wake up with an aching back anymore. The free pillows that came with my order were such a bonus. i love my pillow!

Happy so far

We bought our helix midnight luxe a few months ago and are really happy with it. The quiz was very helpful in deciding which one to purchase. We were in between the helix plus or midnight but decided ultimately on the midnight luxe since it was more durable and better quality as well as not super firm since we are side sleepers. The box was delivered a little dinged but the mattress seemed ok. Once we set it up and it expanded which didn’t take long we let it air out one day. It is quite comfortable and for the price we are happy with our purchase. We will have to see how many years it lasts though. But so far so good.

Great mattress! Very soft and

Great mattress! Very soft and nice

Order process was simple enough

Order process was simple enough with the test to pick the right one. Took twice as long to deliver then estimated on the sales sight so that was a bit dissapointing. But now that its here its very nice. Still breaking it in a bit. Was a bit harder then expected the first few nights. Its been 3 weeks now and seems to be getting a bit softer as we go. Been sleeping very well and definitely made the right choice.

Paul D.

Great for side sleepers but not so much for stomach sleepers.

I had a sleep number

I had a sleep number bed for the past ten years and thought it was time for a change. I purchased the helix after doing a lot of research online, reading articles and watching YouTube reviewers, and went with Helix. I was quite impressed with their guide to help pair you with a mattress. I got the midnight and upgraded to the luxe after hearing great reviews. I was a bit apprehensive about the cost at first, but am glad I made the purchase as this mattress is like a cloud. I am a restless sleeper and, while this did not cure me of my restless sleep, it helped it greatly as I don't toss and turn at night anymore. My only negative would be that this mattress did not seem to fit within my old bed frame, it was too small. I have heard that a lot of modern mattresses, especially these newer foam mattresses and hybrids, don't fit well into old frames. That is why I give it four out of five stars. I ended up having to purchase a new foundation, but it's a small trade off for the comfort of this bed. it conforms nicely to my overweight body and does a great job of sapping body heat away, keeping me nice and cool at night. it seems to hold it's shape nicely and I love the 100 night trial period with no questions asked if I don't like it. I will NOT be returning it though. I fully recommend this bed.

FINALLY, we have "Bed Perfect"!!

Been married for almost forty years and been through several beds that haven't worked for one or the other of us. One prefers a firmer mattress, while the other prefers a softer one. FINALLY we have one that we are both very happy with. LOVE our Helix!!

The outside edge of the

The outside edge of the mattress could be firmer. With the soft edge, if you get close to the edge while sleeping it feels like your going to roll off. A stiffer edge would also make getting into and out of the mattress easier. As far as sleeping, its great. I haven't felt any pressure points and the firmness is nice.

Great mattress. Excellent quality

Great mattress. Excellent quality

Very in love with my

Very in love with my helix midnight luxe! Best bed I’ve ever laid on

Firm and soft... like a cloud

I love my Helix Midnight Lux. It's firm and soft so my hips don't go numb when I lay on my side. Wish it was a bit cooler but I'll try different material sheets and see if that helps.

I have no title

Great mattress. Not as cooling as I would of liked, but great or this side sleeper

Unfortunately we had to return

Unfortunately we had to return the Midnight Luxe because there was some confusion when we ordered and we got the wrong one. However, despite the fact that the error was likely on our end, Helix could not have been more accommodating. We received a full refund the day after the mattress was picked up and we got to keep the free pillows. We waited over 6 weeks for this mattress to arrive so we expected the new order to take just as long; instead they shipped it out immediately and we got it within a week. It's rare to find a company that offers great customer service these days but Helix is definitely one of those rare companies that do.

So far so good. The

So far so good. The midnight lux feels very soft and cushy but also supportive. I don’t do well with extra soft beds but this one seems to fit just right. It has the right amount of fluff but it’s not overly consuming. I would recommend it.

My bed is wonderful! Be

My bed is wonderful! Be able to fall asleep and not fight to get comfy has been so awesome.

Helix Midnight Luxe - AMAZING!

Helix Midnight Luxe - AMAZING! My husband sleeps on his back or side while I sleep on my stomach or side so finding the right mattress took a bit of effort. We had been experiencing horrible back, shoulder, hip and knee pain, and woke up sore and stiff never realizing how much our old mattress was contributing to our issues. One night on the new mattress we both realized we should have switched years prior. We had been hesitant to try a foam mattress because we had read they sleep hot, and my husband sleeps hot already. We bought the extra mattress padding because I had read a review recommending the extra cushion. I also bought the sheets for cooler sleeping, and the foundation to allow more air flow and support. We are thrilled with all of our purchases and enjoy the luxurious feel every night after a long and often hard day. We also received 2 pillows which meet our needs perfectly.

My wife says I started

My wife says I started sleeping much better on the first night. It took her about 5 days to get used to the new mattress. Now the only thing between us and a good night's sleep is the kids.


In January, before all heck broke loose, my husband and I decided to splurge on what we *thought* was going to be the BED TO END ALL BEDS (not a Helix). After several months of discomfort, terrible customer service, and shelling out more money than I care to admit, we finally got rid of it and found ourselves in the market again. (I hate mattress shopping. Have I mentioned how much I hate mattress shopping??) Enter Helix! I have to admit, I was more than dubious - and nervous - to order a mattress online, sight unseen and feels unfelt, or whatever. But this mattress is sheer perfection. I love it. I love that it's just cushy enough on top to totally avoid pressure point pain, and it's also really supportive with all those coils so we don't sink in the bed. Even if we hadn't struggled with our prior bed situation, I am 98.4% certain I would love the Helix Midnight Luxe just as much.

Best Nights of Sleep I've Had in Years

We've been sleeping on our new mattress for a little over two weeks and love it. We slept perfectly from the first night on. The mattress is heavy so be aware that once it's in place most people will need help to move it. I highly recommend the mattress.

Most comfortable bed ever!!

This is the most comfortable bed, I have ever slept on. I did a lot of research on bedding and so happy I made the right choice. I was looking for a medium plush bed and this one is perfect.

Love this mattress

Love this mattress

Leah Bertman

Love this mattress so comfortable I sleep so good

Best Mattress Evwr

I've tried multiple companies mattresses and I have to say I finally found the winner. Love my Helix mattress. It is super comfortable and my husband's back pain has gone away. Highly recommend this mattress.

Shipping to Hawaii was free!

Shipping to Hawaii was free! Set up was really easy. I personally don’t like the free pillows.

Helix makes an amazing product

Helix makes an amazing product and has an even more amazing team and customer service behind it too! They went above and beyond to make sure the whole process was perfect from start to finish and I'm so glad I went with the Helix brand thanks to hearing about them on the Tim Ferriss podcast, there's SO many mattress choices out there but I can't imagine having a better experience than I've had with Helix!



Love my Helix Midnight Luxe

Love my Helix Midnight Luxe mattress! Supports and I sleep better and longer! My arthritus bothers me less as well.

It's a Pretty Good Mattress

Took an inordinate amount of time to ship, and it's fine I guess. I don't have any major criticism, but to give a 5-star review I'd have to say there is something remarkable about this mattress. Maybe after it's been 100 days I'll feel differently.

This IS the most comfortable

This IS the most comfortable mattress I’ve experienced— outside of a five-star hotel, though I didn’t think so at first. Give it time to adjust to your body, and your body to it. I also found that the Helix mattress cover was the finishing touch.

We are side sleepers and

We are side sleepers and prefer a matress on the firmer side. We love our new bed!

Worth every penny

My partner and I struggled with our first mattress (too firm for him). We then got a foam topper which was too soft for me. After moving into our home we decided it was time to upgrade. This mattress is amazing!

Great mattress. Excellent quality

Great mattress. Excellent quality

Getting out of bed isn't

Getting out of bed isn't painful anymore!

Very comfortable. Has definitely helped

Very comfortable. Has definitely helped with wife's hip pain!

Good mattress - finally getting better sleep!

I certainly do enjoy sleeping on my Helix Midnight Luxe mattress! The first few nights I was nervous because my back was sore, but now a little over a month in, I sleep a lot better than I had with my old crappy mattress. Now just to find some pillows that are comfortable (Sorry to say it but the pillows that came with the mattress offer are terrible). It took almost two full months to ship and arrive due to COVID delays, and the Customer Service was wonderful and extremely busy, but they still gave me updates whenever I emailed. After unwrapping the mattress, we did notice a crease in the center going across the mattress, and I was nervous that it would have a negative impact but it has not at all. I did expect a more pillowtop feel to the mattress since I went with the Luxe line, but the gusseted top is there so it is has the pillowtop look. I also did expect it to be a little softer and cushier, so maybe I should have gone with a different style......? - I got the Midnight Luxe. Overall, I am happy with my Helix mattress, and I really hope it holds up well and for the full term indicated. 15 years out of this will be phenomenal! (The mattress my Helix replaced only lasted two years and was supposed to last 10.)

I love this mattress! As

I love this mattress! As promised, it's the perfect medium-firm blend that I was looking for. Soft enough on my hips as a side sleeper, but not too squishy!

A very comfy nights sleep.

A very comfy nights sleep. Wish the edges were a bit firmer.

The midnight Luxe has nice

The midnight Luxe has nice balance and medium feel. Great sleep.

Very comfortable mattress! Beyond our

Very comfortable mattress! Beyond our expectations.

My Helix is amazing! I

My Helix is amazing! I fall sleep so quickly! And wake up feeling no discomfort!


Best bed I've ever owned. Perfect -

It took a while for

It took a while for the cushions to soften but it's not too bad of a mattress

Love our new Helix. Sleeping

Love our new Helix. Sleeping do much better than with our okd memory foam.

A very comfy nights sleep.

A very comfy nights sleep. Wish the edges were a bit firmer.

Great mattress

I got this mattress back in May. 6 months in, I can say it's the best mattress I've ever had! My partner and I both love it. He sleeps on his side, and I sleep on my stomach. We did a TON of research and ended up picking Helix based on the reviews and write-ups online. Delivery was smooth, unpacking it was easy, and we've liked it ever since. When we go away for a few days, we're always excited to come home to our mattress.

Good mattress, solid purchase.

After weeks of looking at mattresses online me (28F) & my fiancé (30M) finally decided to order the Helix Midnight Luxe. This is the first time either of us had purchased a mattress as adults so we were a little nervous . Due to Covid we decided to order one online & it is scary to spend so much money on something you never get to see in person. That being said we have had our mattress for 30 days now and we still really like it. Admittedly I was hoping it would be a little softer, however our old mattress was 10 years old so this mattress probably has more support than I am used to. Is it our perfect mattress? Maybe not, but we are both satisfied with the purchase.

Unexpected Bliss

We ordered this mattress from Helix after reading some reviews online touting the incredible quality. I thought, it's only a mattress, but pulled the trigger. All I can say is... this mattress is AMAZING. Every night my wife and I say we are getting in to our sleep Lamborghini. Forget the car... I'd much rather have this Helix Mattress! It's a Dream like I've never imagined. Thank you Helix!

Helix Midnight Luxe is the

Helix Midnight Luxe is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Just right soft in the right places and just right firm in the right places. Easy entry/exit. Luxurious comfort all around. Thanks, Helix.

Wait, Did I just sleep through the night?

There was a time when my wife and I succumbed to the idea that we would never have a full night of sleep. Any noise, no matter how small would wake us. Any movement from my wife or I would wake us. In the morning, we would feel heavy, sore, and bitter. That would set the course of each day. Well, I can confidently say so far the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress has done its job. We have both been able to sleep more soundly. We wake up with far less pains. (Now just the old age pains. Let's not talk about that though.) Thank you Helix! We hope that this comfort continues to be consistent night after night. It is still fairly early, so we are a bit skeptical. But, we are also hopeful. If you were on the fence with your decision, I suggest you take the leap, right onto a Helix Midnight Luxe. You will not regret it.

We absolutely love our new

We absolutely love our new Helix Midnight Luxe bed. We decided to splurge and go for the Luxe at the last minute and are so glad we did. The pillowtop i so comfortable! We are extremely happy with this purchase. We were looking for a bed that is fairly firm but does not feel too hard, one with good edge support and that helps reduce motion when one partner moves. This bed has satisfied all of those needs. It's the most comfortable bed I've ever had.

Great night of sleep

We're very happy with our new Helix Midnight Luxe. I did a lot of research and the quality and price were right on. First night I slept like a baby. It's cool and comfortable giving me the support I need. Whether I'm on my back, side or stomach, I sleep great.

Our new Helix Midnight Luxe

Our new Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is easily one of the best purchases we've made. You simply can't realize how worn out your old mattress is until you sleep on something as comfortable and supportive as a Helix. It's been a game changer for getting a solid night of sleep. It's hard to get out of the bed in the morning!

Comfortable mattress.

Comfortable mattress.

Love my Helix Midnight Luxe

Love my Helix Midnight Luxe mattress! Supports and I sleep better and longer! My arthritus bothers me less as well.

Great product

I've had my Helix midnight luxe for about 2 months and I'm sleeping very well. No issues to speak of.

A bit firm but very comfy

I am really loving my Helix Midnight Luxe so far. Unpacking was not the easiest, but I was able to do it on my own! It took my body a few nights to adjust, but that's normal for me. It's slightly more firm than I was expecting but very comfortable. The only reason I took a star off is that it took nearly 6 weeks to ship, which was a bit longer than the 1-4 weeks I believe I was quoted. Overall very pleased with my purchase! I got the two free pillows with it, but they're too soft for my liking, so I doubt I'll use them. I also got the mattress protector, which, so far, seems great!



Getting a Helix mattress was

Getting a Helix mattress was an enjoyable experience. The customized options are great!


For several years now I have been waking up with lower back pain. Baffling, since I didn't crawl into bed with back pain???? One day it hit me, it must be the mattress. I started researching and asking friends and family. After taking it all into consideration, I decided to take the leap and buy a "bed in a box". I like the money back guarantee 100 night sleep offer, so what did I have to lose. I took the online quiz and settled on the Midnight Luxe. I was sold by the very next day, when I woke up with zero lower back pain and every day since. Granted it's only been a week to the day. But for now, my review is 100% positive. Received the bed within a week, so for me, the shipping was fast. Thank you


It took 4 weeks to arrive but worth the wait! The platform was very easy to set up! This bed is great for couples, I don't even notice when my spouse moves. I highly recommend this company.

Nice mattress

The mattress is a little firmer than I expected but still comfortable.

We love our mattress that

We love our mattress that we bought a second of the best purchases ever..


I pondered for way too long, tossing and turning all night and starting my day tired and full of aches and pains. You couldn't take my Helix Luxe from me if you tried. I LOVE IT. I am getting the best nights sleep that I've had my entire adult life. Just don't know why I walted so long!

We love our new mattress.

We love our new mattress. The support is excellent and our sleep has greatly improved. It is true that it takes a few days for the mattress to “mature”. The fist night I thought “this mattress is nothing special “. But after about a week, I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend the Helux deluxe

This bed is awesome. We

This bed is awesome. We could not be happier!

Very comfortable.

Very comfortable.

Good mattress

Mattress is good. It took longer to arrive than quoted and customer service was tricky to deal with.



Helix Midnight Luxe

We have the Helix Midnight Luxe and absolutely love it!! It works beautifully for my husband, who is tall and large, and me. I am much shorter and rather lighter. I highly recommend it!

So comfy!!!

We love our new Helix mattress! Just the right firmness and coziness. Every night when I crawl into bed, I have a smile on my face.

My husband and I did

My husband and I did a lot of research before purchasing the Helix Midnight Luxe. We are so happy with our purchase, in fact, I'd say it is the best mattress we've ever owned. I have back and neck pain and see a chiropractor once a month, and this mattress has been great for me. No more shooting pain in the morning when I get out of bed! My husband is a side sleeper and I'm a stomach and side sleeper, but this mattress works for both of us. It did take me a good 2-3 weeks to get used to a new mattress, but I've read this is normal. If you don't love it right away, stick with it. Week 3 was a game changer. We love this mattress and have recommended it to family and friends already!

This mattress is amazing!

It's so comfy!

Very comfortable mattress. Provides enough

Very comfortable mattress. Provides enough support to help with my lower back pain but still feels soft and cozy.

Nice mattress, though nothing special

I’ll keep this review short, since mattresses are so subjective and my experience will be different from yours. I’ve had my Helix mattress for about a month now. It’s a big and beautiful mattress, and when I first sat on it, I was in love with the feeling. However, a month later, I’m ever-so slightly disappointed. I don’t sleep on it as well as I thought I would. (For reference, I’m a side sleeper.) It’s a bit too firm for me, though I acknowledge that it’s still new and not yet fully broken into. Personally I don’t think it’s particularly luxurious or worth the higher price tag, but I’m also not unhappy with it, and think with time it will improve. As an added bonus, I was really happy with Helix’s customer service.

So comfortable, all of my

So comfortable, all of my aches and pains from my old mattress are gone. I was worried it would be too soft, but it's the perfect amount of support. Tip: even if you're a strong, independent female, find a friend to help you lift and unwrap a queen size mattress — it was way heavier than I anticipated.

Perfect mix of comfort and support

I really love our new Helix Midnight Luxe. I tried another mattress in a box but returned it and gave this one a chance. It does not disappoint. The hybrid coils provide great support for me (I'm a side sleeper) and the top is really plush like a nice hotel mattress. A little pricey but worth it.

A nice mattress

I have been using this mattress for about 60 days now. It is a very nice memory foam style mattress. It was a bit too hard for our taste, so Helix sent us a plush topper to give it a more cushiony feel. We are still deciding if we want to keep it, but I will say that the mattress is well made and Helix is a great company.

Mattress is super comfy. Not

Mattress is super comfy. Not waking up stuff anymore!!

Extremely pleased with my helix

Extremely pleased with my helix midnight mattress! If your in the fence regarding purchasing, do not worry, you will be satisfied.

Robert Weber

Setting up the bed was so easy. Once completed I was very happy with mattress" body support as well, comfort and coolness. Also loved the free pillows.

Helix Midnight Lux

I looked at a lot of reviews and tried several mattresses, my favorite was the Helix Midnight Lux! I am a male side sleeper and found it to be the most comfortable!

Love the mattress! I wake

Love the mattress! I wake up every morning refreshed and my body feels great.

So far so good

So far my midnight luxe is comfortable. My only complaint is how long it took to receive ot! I was also not happy with how long it took to get customer service to respond to my inquiries.

Very comfortable and cool

We were quite surprised at how comfortable and cool the bed is; very impressive. Side sleeping or on back, it's great. Easy to deploy - very happy customers.

It is the best mattress

It is the best mattress ever! So happy with my purchase.

Great for side sleepers

My wife and I both need to sleep on our sides and were getting sore hips and shoulders from doing so on our old conventional mattress. The Midnight Luxe has been a marked improvement, reducing soreness. If the mattress could provide even more of a difference in support between hips and shoulders and the area between, it would be perfect.

Very pleased with comfort level

Very pleased with comfort level of helix mattress.

We are very pleased with

We are very pleased with our Helix Midnight Luxe California King bed. As a tall man with back issues, this is the best sleep I’ve had in years.

Very pleased with comfort level

Very pleased with comfort level of helix mattress.

Peace of mind

I did a ton of research before finally choosing Helix Midnight Luxe, but the 100 night guarantee and hassle free return sealed the deal. I kept the mattress because it’s perfect. I took the mattress quiz, read the descriptions and took a chance — so glad I did. My back pain is a thing of the past and this mattress truly sleeps cool. No more waking up overheating.

We are very pleased with

We are very pleased with our Helix Midnight Luxe California King bed. As a tall man with back issues, this is the best sleep I’ve had in years.

I have had my midnight

I have had my midnight luxe for one month. It is comfortable. However, I do not notice a cooling effect whatsoever. I was expecting a noticeable comfort level, it is average.

High quality mattress. Very pleased

High quality mattress. Very pleased with it and the customer support.

I tried two other mattresses

I tried two other mattresses before going to the store to test out beds (was avoiding that because of Covid). Based on my sleep style and needs, the clerk recommended the Helix Midnight Luxe. I tested it out and thought it was great, but was still torn between that and another mattress. After taking the quiz on Helix’s site I decided to give the midnight luxe a try since that was my result. Fast forward a few months, and I have been very happy with my purchase. I sleep well and don’t wake up in pain. Would highly recommend this product.

Our Midnight Luxe mattress took

Our Midnight Luxe mattress took longer than expected to arrive (i.e. 6 and half weeks). However, we are happy to say that it's one of the most comfortable mattresses we've owned! It seems well made and worth the price. I am giving four stars because I wish Helix had set more realistic expectations about the delivery time frame and that the Customer Service model was different.

Honestly, when we pulled it

Honestly, when we pulled it out of the box and slept on it the first night, it wasn’t wonderful. After about 20 days I was convinced I was going to send it back. After 30, I realized it was better than any previous mattress I’ve owned.

Best decision I have ever

Best decision I have ever made.

My husband and I did

My husband and I did a lot of research before purchasing the Helix Midnight Luxe. We are so happy with our purchase, in fact, I'd say it is the best mattress we've ever owned. I have back and neck pain and see a chiropractor once a month, and this mattress has been great for me. No more shooting pain in the morning when I get out of bed! My husband is a side sleeper and I'm a stomach and side sleeper, but this mattress works for both of us. It did take me a good 2-3 weeks to get used to a new mattress, but I've read this is normal. If you don't love it right away, stick with it. Week 3 was a game changer. We love this mattress and have recommended it to family and friends already!

Love this Bed

Before purchasing the Helix, I thought all of these mattresses in boxes were probably about the same. Not so! We purchased another brand prior to the Helix and it was like sleeping on a rock. We returned that thing in a hurry and took a chance on Helix and could not be happier. Perfect bed that provides a great night's sleep. Thank you, Helix!

Midnight Luxe

So far so good

So far so good!

We had to wait a bit longer than expected for delivery but customer service was very considerate. Once we got our luxe we were able to set it up - albeit very heavy to maneuver. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I find it quite comfortable. I do hope it breaks in a little more but I sleep just fine. My husband is happy too, he hated our last mattress.

firm yet soft and comfortable

great if you have lower back issues

Such a great thing in a little box!

I was skeptic on how you can get a quality bed in a box that is shippable. I was both surprised and impressed with the process. Mattress showed up at my house, it was easier to bring into the house than it was to remove the old mattress. After we got it into our bedroom, we followed the instructions to unpackage. We let it sit and decompress for about 8-10 hours. After decompressing, everything was perfect. Had a great night sleep on the very first night!

Helix Midnight mattress

Mattress is living up to all that was advertised. Was delivered in less than two weeks with no issues. I was getting hip pain on my old mattress, which has been corrected with the new Helix.

Love it so far

Was having back problems and have had them go away since switching to this mattress

helix bed

i love it.. bought 2 already

Loving it!

I’ve had the bed for about a month now and have zero complaints! Not too firm, not too soft. Very pleased!

Justin M.

I must acknowledge that it definitely took a few nights for our bodies to acclimate to the hybrid style mattress. It is a world of difference in comparison to a conventional coil spring unit. Having that out of the way, this is by far the best mattress I that I have ever slept on. We both sleep through the night now and my wife has informed me that I no longer snore. We are successfully converted to Helix. I will never own another brand of mattress. Thank you, Helix.

Great so far..

My wife and I are very happy with the purchase of our new bed. Hopefully it holds up better than our previous beds. We spent a lot more money on this one. I hope it doesn't let me down and holds up to all the hype.

Like sleeping on a cloud...

I will never buy another mattress again. This is my third Helix mattress and I have never had one moment of buyer's regret. Simply the best.

Comfortable hotel like feel

It took a month but the bed arrived within the time frame that was stated. Easy setup. No smell. Very well made. Very comfortable although as a hybrid I was hoping for a little more plushness(or the feeling of slightly sinking into or being enveloped by the mattress). But it was listed as a six of ten on the firmness scale so probably my false expectations. Would recommend.

My husband loves it

It hasn't been the cure-all I was hoping for, but it's comfortable. Rather heavy, a little 'bouncy' (the previous mattress was a 12" memory foam) but if it holds up longer than the old mattress without sagging, I'll consider it worth the price tag. My husband is very happy with it.

I don’t know

Process was easy. Delivery was delayed a bit for COVID, understandably. Seems like a quality mattress. Got it because my wife was having back issues. Her back is fine, now mine has started hurting, only too long after the return date. I’ve never had back issues with a mattress. It felt a bit warm at first but we’ve adjusted.

Great mattress, great customer service and hassle free return.

I ordered a medium mattress, but it turned out it was too hard for me. I requested a return and I ordered a soft mattress and it is perfect. The mattress is high quality. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Developed back pain and now in physical therapy

I purchased a Helix Dawn Luxe based on the mattress chooser app on the site. After about 100 days I developed incredible lower back pain that affected me throughout the night. After starting physical therapy I was advised to get an MRI to rule out anything major, and both the doctor and therapist both prescribed a foam mattress topper which has helped tremendously. This mattress is way too firm, and further the company wouldn't entertain a swap outside their return window. In this world of commoditized mattresses I'll stick to those who value their customers. Beware of this brand.

I ordered a FIRM

I wanted to buy the best. I looked up what rated the highest. Helix came up on top. I ordered a FIRM. We were so excited when our new Helix arrived. It’s crazy soft. We sink in way too much. I can’t get them to answer my emails. Not happy.

midnight luxe is Too stiff

I really like this mattress in terms of build quality and materials. It is a very comfortable mattress to lay on but as a slide sleeper I have not been able to get a decent nights rest on it. I've resorted to putting a mattress topper that is softer than the mattress by quite a bit and only then can I actually get any sleep without waking up every 2-3 hours. The main issue is hip pain that I can feel starting about 10 minutes after getting into my normal side sleep position. If i try to tough it out I wake up super sore and with a headache. I'm 6 months in at this point and I wish they would let me exchange it for a softer mattress.

Caused horrible back pain

I received my Helix Midnight Luxe in July. By March of the following year the mattress had serious sagging in the middle and I now have horrible, horrible low back pain. At first the mattress felt like a dream - suddenly all my joint pain disappeared - but now I can't sleep on it. It feels like there's no support and I'm sleeping on my 4 year old's firm twin mattress.

Expect Pain

I purchased a Helix Dusk Luxe about a year and half ago I gave up trying to like it about 6 months in. After spending over $2200 on this mattress and waiting for my body to get used to it, I just gave up and tossed it. At first, I thought my back pain was just getting worse. However, after staying at several hotels and waking up feeling refreshed and with little back pain, my wife and I finally decided it was the mattress. Save your money and avoid this brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Helix

Are Helix mattresses good?

Most customers have good things to say about Helix mattresses overall with customers liking the wide array of firmness choices. Those that had problems mentioned issues with support over time and choosing the wrong firmness.

Does Helix mattress need a box spring?

No. Actually Helix mattresses do best without a box spring. Solid foundations are best or those with slats that are less than 5 inches apart.

How long does Helix mattress last?

Hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils generally last up to 10 years with regular rotating for average sized sleepers. However, there have been some complaints about sagging over a shorter duration for some sleepers.

Does Helix Mattress come in a box?

Helix mattresses are shipped in a box with free shipping via FedEx.

Is Helix Mattress toxic?

Helix mattresses are Oeko-Tex certified, which affirms they are free of harmful chemicals. The foams are CertiPUR-US® certified which is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard. Those with chemical sensitivities may require those with more rigorous certification.

What is the best Helix mattress?

The Helix Midnight is the most popular for its balanced pressure point relief, ideal for side sleepers. The Luxe version is the highest rated, but it all depends on individual body types, sleep position, and preferences.

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