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Helix mattress offers a tremendous amount of customization for a hybrid mattress. You go through a mattress quiz based on your body type and sleeping style. Based on these dynamics they create a custom mattress -- even with two separate sides for you and your partner if there are differences. The custom experience is great if you don't know what you are looking for.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $600-$995

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Helix's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Helix's proprietary bedding matchmaking process means that the mattress that you get may be very different from the one I get. Their mantra is that 'personalized bedding is better bedding.' But fear not, there are some things that are the same for everyone. They select from their Helix dynamic foam, pocketed microcoils, and high-density base foam. The blend of these depends on your individual inputs. Here is an example of a mattress that they could deliver to you:

Layer 1: The Helix cover is polyester and provides a soft layer on top of the bedding. It is thin and allows air to move freely.

Layer 2: Helix dynamic foam is a proprietary blend of soft foam that has bounce/response and stays cool. It is a standard 2'' of foam.

Layer 3: Microcoils at 2.4'' thick. These are much smaller than standard pocket coils and their design allow weight distribution and pressure relief.

Layer 4: The last layers are a blend of support and high density foams providing added structure and varying firmness. The standard is 2'' of comfortable support and 4'' of base.

Overall Comfort

Most reviewers describe the Helix mattress as fitting their needs and providing immediate comfort. For those that didn't initially like the mattress, many had pleasant experiences with Helix customer service.


Helix firmness can vary based on your preference and custom inputs. On that note, the inputs that Helix takes into consideration are your body size and type, and also your personal preferences.

Back Pain Relief

Because this mattress is customized, some report that it relieves back pain. However, if you override some of the options it may cause more back pain. Sometimes over customization can cause harm.


Cooling is a personal preference for the Helix bed. You can select between mild to cool. There are reports that at a cool level, it may not be cool enough for some very warm sleepers.

Who Is It Good For?

This is the perfect mattress for those that want a customized experience and are tired by the myriad of options in the mattress industry. Also, if you and your partner have different sleeping needs, you can both get what you want.

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My husband and I LOVE OUR HELIX mattress. Their customer service is stellar! We highly recommend to anyone! Our settings were pretty high on the point elasticity, very cool for temperature, higher on the support and firmness settings. We LOVE it. We both have a history of back issues (trauma and degenerative disc disease). Our sleeping back problems are lessened by at least 70%, maybe more. My husband sleeps very hot and I was worried he'd feel hot, as memory foam and other mattresses of this nature have a reputation for sleeping hot, not with HELIX. All great things!

Custom mattress, split option for couples, 1/6 the cost of a similar SN bed and above and beyond service = happy us!

First - This review is for the Split King size (selection shows on my end but is tagged as Full for some reason publicly.) We have now used the mattress for a few months and have really had a chance to see how we do with it - lots of people have an adjustment period in the beginning with new mattresses, so we made sure to wait 8+ weeks before writing this review. This is also the longest review I have EVER written by far and I really truly believe this mattress deserves it :)

On to the review:

We have been through 3 mattresses over the recent years, all ending up in the same "It's too hard! NO, it's too soft" fight. I prefer a softer more cloud like feel while he wants something slightly softer on top but with a firm amount of support for his back. We both are pretty warm at night and in a warm climate so that's been an ongoing issue with most mattresses (although that 's somewhat more a function of the mattress pad and sheets). It's been an expensive and frustrating search and I started reading up on the reviews and comments when the "Bed in the box" craze started recently. There are probably 10 different companies who all provide generally the same product with some small changes here and there; the concept was interesting and made sense, and most offered a few months money back guarantee which I think is what most people love (and that it comes smushed up in a tube :)

As we were researching these companies we came across Helix and it really stood out - it's the only one with the custom option AND the dual option - this just makes complete sense and you start to think, why wouldn't everyone do this? I appreciated the clear and upfront information/details given and their easy to follow form/questionnaire. The staff answered a LOT of my questions (and I mean A LOT :) quickly and extremely professionally/friendly. This goes a long way as we all know ! We were decided.

Overall - The entire experience, service and yes, mattress have been exceptional - we are both extremely pleased with no complaints (and that's a first!) I'll break down my review into sections so it's easier to read, and will add some pictures as well.


The site is really on point - clean, organized, to the point, informative and easy to use. Play around with the questionnaire and email them if you have questions, be honest and as accurate as possible but they will help you if you are stumped or not sure which option to pick. They respond VERY quickly, are friendly and really go above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy. This is a huge plus and is part of the reason I'm raving about them to friends and family - it took the stress out of the purchase!


We got a Split King and I believe it took about 10 days to arrive - not long at all. It was 95 or so lbs, heavy but you can kind of roll it around to remove and open (tool and instructions inside, just watch that you don't slice through the material. It's up in an hour or so but we let it air out for 6-8 hours


NO WEIRD SMELL! It had a hint of "new mattress" smell but nothing crazy at all and you also have to get close to even smell that. Looks sleek, clean, nice white textured cover and navy bottom and the sides were clearly labeled. I did have a minor problem with it not expanding high enough, which is understandable as with most mattresses there's a bit of a variation - however the corrected one I received was much closer to the full 10'' (I think it's at around 9-9.25 or so which is completely acceptable.)

Of course your specs will be custom to you, but I think most people will go for a bit more support under and a bit softer on top like us. Ours gives us the good back/stomach sleeping support underneath without it feeling hard. You can sit on the sides and not sink, it's GREAT for stomach sleeping since you have your back aligned right but you don't have to suffer through a hard feel. It just feels sturdy, doesn't poke through our bed slats, has a good spring but not too much, and just seems like this will last and not sag etc. I think the combination of their unique coils and foam plus latex really work as you get a bit of the benefits from everything and not too much of anything.

The ONLY thing I would point out to buyers (and it's not negative, just a point :) is that to us, the overall feel is a bit firmer than you might think - I originally got "soft" on my side which felt more medium/ medium firm, and was not quite right for me. Helix quickly fixed this and adjusted our specs, going one level softer for feel and one level down in firmness and it's GREAT now - I get support for my stomach sleeping and don't sink at all, but its great on pressure points and the feel is a nice bit of softness/cush without feeling stuck in a hole at all. I had always felt I had to have the smooshiest, softest, cushiest cloud like top on my mattresses to be comfortable and now I realize I really didn't benefit from that sinking smooshy feeling - it wasn't doing anything for my back either (maybe a child or someone in their teens/early 20's would be ok with that, but at 30ish + you really need some kind of support!

I did add their 2 inch topper (which is latex) and that does give it a bit more cush, plus helped put us at the right height. You could of course use bed risers or a hard foam base etc but we wanted the benefit of the cush too. If you are like me and LOVE that softer feel this is an option but certainly not necessary. You can get a similar effect with a plush mattress pad (I'd suggest bamboo or something natural and breathable) or any good quality latex topper. It may hinder the cooling properties of the Helix but it will also protect the mattress from some wear, so it's a trade off.

Initially I did wish the cover zipped off, but I think most people use a thick mattress pad these days anyway so that's an easy thing to work around. I'd rather have the pad wear down then the top of the mattress wear down so it's really not a problem. Once you see how nice this looks and feels you will want to cover it with thick layers to protect it anyway.

As far as price, it is on par with the other bed in a box companies factoring in those are not custom (so a bit less.) $1,000 for a king or $1,095 for a dual king shipped with this kind of service on top is excellent - for comparison, a few weeks before our purchase we were at Sleep Number and our selection was just over $6,000 (and people speak horribly of their customer service, but I suppose that's another lengthy review for someone else to write :)

We're both really pleased with the mattress and Helix and appreciate when a company does what they say they will, and does it well and with a smile - I would NOT have written this 12 page review if they had not gone above and beyond and if the mattress wasn't really a great one in all aspects. They also do a great referral program that gives $50 off your purchase (I won't post my link here but will happily share to whoever would like it!)

I hope this review helps - we can both fully recommend Helix for all the above reasons! Please feel free to comment with any questions - I'll try my best to answer!

Now, if only the Helix could cure snoring :)

PLEASE NOTE: We were sent our mattress at no cost for review purposes - this in NO way affects my review/comments whatsoever (I have left many 1, 2, 3 star reviews with negative comments for items if that is my honest opinion.) I know it's disappointing to go to Amazon and start reading reviews only to see tons of them "received in exchange for a review" and feeling like they are all fake or paid; I am a very active buyer and hate that myself which is why I am diligent about being extremely honest good or bad.

Helix - The Right Choice

I am still adjusting to this mattress and will update at the end of the 100 days. After my previous bed no longer provided support, I temporarily slept on an inherited Sealy firm mattress, which was like a brick. I constantly woke with numb hands. So I wanted softness with support and did not want the burning hot spots that I've experienced with memory foam toppers. I chose Helix because: I could custom choose the top layer of softness - mine is "medium soft"; the coolness from the latex, vrs memory foam only, in the other products I looked at. Questionnaire asks customer to specify if they sleep hot, cold, etc. so the mattress will be constructed to your comfort; consideration for a side-sleeper like me; core support for my back - all of which are important to me. It answers all my requirements. I do wish the top layer was a bit thicker - perhaps I should've chosen "soft" instead of "medium soft". I have added a thick, plush cotton mattress pad. This mattress is a quality product and Helix customer service is excellent. I contacted them via email more than once during ordering and after delivery with questions - not complaints - about the construction, options, etc, and they promptly, and thoroughly, answered all, with much appreciated detail. The 4 star may become 5 as I have more nights to adjust.
UPDATE: needed more mattress-top softness for this old body of mine. Emailed Helix, had speedy response from Melanie, who suggested I try a Helix topper. Or I could also exchange or return the mattress - whatever worked best for me. I opted to start with the topper, which was no-charge (now that's REALLY great customer service!) The topper arrived promptly, as promised, and what a great product! It is totally encased in the same covering as the mattress, so not only does it match, it's also is fully protected. And it's just what I needed to complete the comfort I was expecting. I have nothing but praise for this company and product. It's warranted for 10 years and I'm a happy customer.

Great mattress, but was delivered in a completely wrecked carton

The mattress itself is very good; I have no complaints there.

However, the packing carton (an octagon-sided heavy cardboard cylinder) was heavily damaged when delivered. The outside shell was torn open at the top, and there was a slash all the way through to the mattress surface. Whatever gouged the mattress surface did not cut through the outer fabric of the mattress, but almost did, producing a tiny run in the fabric surface in that spot. I hope it doesn't split open there in the future.

I give the mattress more than 5 stars. I give the packing/delivery 1 star.

incredibly comfortable. I'd buy it again

Outstanding mattress ... incredibly comfortable. I'd buy it again.

They tried

They tried but the mattress is just not working for me.

They tried

They tried but the mattress is just not working for me.

Best in years

I've tried so many different low cost mattresses as I've been in college, from ikea to Casper etc. I tried helix due to some ad on Facebook that showed how personal the mattress was. After 1 year of sleeping alone on a Casper the mattress began to change and shape and lose the firmness. It's only been 4 months with this one but I sleep very well.

mmmm soundless sleep!

Bed is working well. Husband doesn't snore anymore, bed is comfortable, sleeping better but still have hot flashes. The cooling part of the bed does not really work

Excellent so far

Extremely comfortable. Customer service provided quick responses to my questions. Overall very satisfied with the price and service provided.

Cloud 9, Try Cloud 900

I have long hated that mattress companies have tried to tell me how I 'should' be sleeping or what material is 'best' for my sleep. Let's be honest, there are billions of people out there and a one-size-fits-most approach is antiquated. So, we turned to Helix after trying other colorful options and we haven't been happier. My spouse and I each have our own PERFECT, tailored and distinct mattress. And for WAY less than we've spent in the past. Buy a Helix, you won't regret it.

Love this mattress!!

We received our Helix mattress about 2 months ago and absolutely love it! It is the most comfortable mattress my husband and I have every slept on.

Customer service is amazing...

They really do an outstanding job with customers.

Really liking our new mattress

So far we really like our mattress. I find it to be very comfortable. I took one star off because both my husband and I wish it was just a little more firm and it had a very strong odor for about a month. Kind of hard to air it out in the winter. But the odor has gone away now and I'm very happy with this purchase. Would definitely recommend, but would suggest when filling out the questionnaire to err on the firm side when answering how firm you like your mattress.

wish i did it sooner

it took me a while to go through with the purchase, but i've been very comfortable lately! i look forward to going to bed....not afraid of staying in bed a little extra when i can, which i used to do because my back would pay the price in stiffness. i ordered my bed to be the coolest possible and i still wake up sweating sometimes, so i do worry about the coming summer with no AC....but other than that, i'm pleased with my purchase.


I ordered this mattress after testing T&N, Casper, etc. I did not expect much difference and, frankly, I was not sure whether the customization would do anything beneficial for me. Having slept on the mattress for nearly two months now, I am very satisfied and would recommend to my friends and family in the future. The customization worked very well and I found that my mattress is very comfortable. I sleep well nearly every night and am overall extremely satisfied with my entire experience with Helix. Thanks!

Best mattress

I was hesitant at first with getting it online and it coming in a box, but I must say this is the best mattress I have ever slept on. My back feels so much better during the day now thanks to this purchase.

Great Experience

The mattress has performed as promised and I am very pleased! The process was simple and painless. The bed was delivered within the promised time-frame and was very easy to set up. I will definitely recommend Helix to my friends and family for their next mattress!

One of my best choices for sleeping.

My king-size mattrest arrived doing my recovery from having surgery. I was not able to lift it up for about three months. My wife loved it and finally I agree also. The best choice for us. The feel is great and I was very surprised as to how great and firm it was. I would purchase again in a heart beat. However, the shipping box look like it been around alot. All broke down and partly open.

Instantly felt the difference on the first night

Fell asleep so easily and both my wife and I don't wake up any more because of bed discomfort like being too hot, rolling because of pressure being too hard or too soft. No back pain or leg pain. Everything g in this bed works so well and miraculously neutralizes all strange tension you get from other beds. Best investment in a bed I've ever made everything and very reasonably priced considering its customized for our body types and preferences. Thank you Helix, I'm very impressed and I rarely right reviews.

6 Months In

The mattress showed great initial quality and comfort and honestly still feels pretty nice. I can't honestly say I wake up any more, or less, refreshed than with any other mattress I've owned so overall I'd say the best part about the bed was simply the way it felt and still feels. The real discrepency with the matress is how it has worn in such a short amount of time. I'm a larger guy but not huge, 6'1'' 220lbs. A few weeks ago I rolled over onto my wife's side of the bed and wowza! Was it more comfortable than mine! Rolling back over to my side to compare I was floored. In 6 short months my side had sunk in pretty well and no longer contoured to my body but rather just engulfed it. I made sure to check the framing underneath and everything was straight across the bottom. Overall, I'm not overly upset with our purchase, just disappointed. I absolutely don't see this mattress lasting any more than 3-4 years.

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