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Hassleless Mattress Reviews

HassleLess mattress has one of the most interesting concepts in the mattress retail industry -- not having store employees. With storefronts offering an easy way to try mattresses without any sales pressure, there is a lot to love about the concept that HassleLess brings to the marketplace. However, there are some concerns that customers have had about the mattresses sold and there may be better bargains and comfort found from online brands.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $293-$4699

Trial Period: 100 Days (Fee Applies)

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Hassleless's Specifics

HassleLess mattress is a mattress retailer with a revolutionary concept -- they have no store employees. This enables you to try each of their mattress offerings without feeling compelled to buy the mattress that instant. For some, this game changer is the perfect recipe for a mattress store. However, there are some that were disappointed with their mattress selection. As they only have Tempur-Sealy and Simmons offerings, which have issues with durability and price value, some customers felt that there were better deals found elsewhere.

If you are looking for a quality mattress, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. Online mattresses offer good deals, generous trial and refund policies, warranties, and solid customer reviews.

Quality of Materials

We'll go through some of the brands that HassleLess Mattress sells to customers to describe the ins and outs of their products. Here are the details:

Sealy: Sealy is one of the most well-known name-brand mattresses. Its back support Posturepedic line is famous for zoned support systems that do well to prop up the spine properly. While, most customers like their Sealy mattresses at first, there are some issues with durability reported by some customers.

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic is well-known for its all-foam mattress designs and for putting memory foam on the map decades ago. These mattresses have gotten an upgrade over the years with both pocketed coil options and all-foam designs in multiple firmness varieties. While most like their Tempur-Pedic mattresses at first, prices are quite high versus many comparable mattresses.

Simmons: Simmons is famous for its Beautyrest and Beautysleep mattresses. The Beautyrest line has pocketed coil mattresses for a variety of pricepoints and firmness arrangements, while Beautysleep is their budget-friendly line. Both of these lines of mattresses have good ratings when it comes to initial comfort, but there were some that had issues with longterm durability.

Overall Comfort

Most customers report good initial comfort for these mattresses, especially the higher end varieties. However, there were some complaints about durability and price value versus online options.


With mattresses from a variety of lines and a seamless way to try them in store without the hassle of salespeople, HassleLess has mattress firmnesses that should fit all needs.

Back Pain Relief

While most customers describe initial comfort after selecting and trying their mattress in-store, those that experience durability issues may experience degrading comfort over time.


Some Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, and Simmons mattresses get good scores when it comes to cooling -- look for cooling gel in the top layers or other heat diffusing technologies. If you live in a very warm environment, you may still experience some heat retention and need something more specialized.

Who Are HassleLess Mattress Products Right For?

HassleLess Mattress is ideal for those that want a name-brand mattress and don't want the hassle of in-store sales people. However, if you are looking for something similar that is higher rated by customers and has a better trial and warranty, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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We stopped in today...

We stopped in today after throwing out my back while 7 months pregnant. Our mattress was my husband's in the old bachelor pad and is in desperate need to be replaced. I was pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness of the store, and the selection. They carry name brands like Serta and Tempurpedic in addition to less known brands. I love the concept of no sales people , as we came to Hassless after a strange experience at another local store. My toddler loved running through the store like an animal...thank goodness they weren't busy. My only suggestion would be to post "instructions" of some kind? I see another review on Yelp saying I could order through the kiosk in the store. The computer appeared to be locked when I was there, so I'm not sure that'd be an option, but it would have been cool (no offense to the gentleman on the TV offering me his phone number to order, I'm just weird and socially awkward) to order online. If that's a choice, please put it somewhere! Chances are, we will be back to order. I like the fact they have free delivery and haul away (I've been surprised how many local stores DON'T) and the prices are right. Put this on your list if you're in the market for a new bed!

Purchased a Beautyrest Recharge mattress...

Purchased a Beautyrest Recharge mattress from HassleLess. The service and delivery was great. Exceptional customer service. However, the quality of the mattress was poor and it was not an inexpensive mattress. It was OK for the first 9-12 months but then the mattress lost its shape with body indentations that became so bad we basically had to stop using the mattress and went back to our old mattress. A mattress should last far longer than this did making me believe HassleLess sells low quality products.

I loved the fact we could go in...

I loved the fact we could go in and pick out a bed without anyone around. It was nice and quiet. They have a 100 night sleep guarantee and if you don't like your mattress you can switch no questions asked. If you have any questions their customer service is top notch.

I heard about this business...

I heard about this business concept on the news or something, mattress stores with no employees, and you can try the mattresses out without salespeople pressuring you. Theoretically with no salespeople the prices are lower. We stopped by this location and I was surprised that six other customers visited the store while we were there. Everyone was laying down and trying out various mattress with reckless abandon. From the store you can order online at a kiosk or call the 800 number. There's a 100 day exchange if you end up being dissatisfied. One couple in the store told us they had picked out one mattress and after 50 days felt like maybe it was too soft and were back in to pick out a replacement. We didn't decide to buy yet, but I will certainly keep Hassless Mattress on my list.

I ordered a twin mattress...

I ordered a twin mattress and boxspring set online last night, and it was delivered this morning. I needed to change the address, and I was able to reach someone immediately. The delivery men were courteous, hauled away the old mattress set, and it couldn't have been any smoother. From start to finish, this was a seamless process. I will definitely order again!

Stopped by with my kid...

Stopped by with my kid, and there were a group of people hanging out chatting and literally napping. It was pretty obvious they weren't shopping, and they monopolized one end of the store. We looked around for a bit, but we were pretty uncomfortable so we left to look somewhere else. The mattresses seemed pretty good though.

If you've never used Hasseless...

If you've never used Hasseless it's worth the experience and the savings. That being said, DO NOT Purchase the metal frame they offer, it's JUNK !! After purchasing our new mattress and frame and setting it up, within weeks the frame was making a Horrendous amount of noise every time you had the slightest movement at night. It would actually wake us up from a sound sleep. We finally put the box spring and mattress on the floor until we purchased a new wooden frame.

I heard several radio advertisements...

I heard several radio advertisements "Employee Free", etc etc. At first it seemed strange - how do you pay? What if I needed help? Do people steal from them? After a few months of soreness, it was clear that it was time to check out some mattresses. Sears, MattressFirm, Back to Bed, a couple random other places....they all seemed overpriced to me. Plus I couldn't just lay in the bed without feeling stupid. So I went to Hassless and it was simple. You walk in. You lay on a mattress without being watched. Need help? Call or text; the number is legit posted everywhere. How do you pay? I paid online. Same prices that were listed in the store. Best part - their flexibility. You really can text them. You get a real response from a real local person. And they make it happen. Special accommodations, follow up emails, the whole nine. The most important -- you really, really, really do get a discounted mattress. I googled the same mattresses while in the store (no guilt, nobody was watching me) and you do get a pretty deep discount. And no delivery charge. I was happy. Still am. Check it out. It's a brilliant concept and it totally worked for me.

The concept of an employee-free mattress store...

The concept of an employee-free mattress store appealed to me. My old mattress had slowly turned into something akin a horrible Puritan device designed to extract confessions from witches, and it needed replacement. Driving to the store I wondered how an employee-free store could operate. Who would answer questions? How could they accomplish loss prevention? At the time, the answer seemed obvious; robots. These shiny, cheery, roving bipedal human-like machines could accomplish these tasks. Their algorithms would equip them to answer a multitude of questions from curious shoppers. As a parked, I saw the exterior of the store looked well-kept, the walks free from ice and snow. Surely this indicated the adaptable robots were capable of wielding shovels if necessary. Upon entering, I was delighted to see a very clean and meticulously-arranged rectangular showroom of many mattresses. I was immediately struck by the large variety of quality mattresses at affordable prices. I was the only sentient being in the entire place. What's more, I saw no robots. My suspicion stirred as a walked, wondering why the robot greeters had not yet approached me. Instead there was a computer and television stationed on the wall of the showroom. The TV played a video of a young man talking about the store, and the computer had an easy interface to allow ordering. Perhaps that job was better done by customers than having the robots take orders though voice recognition. Still, no sign of any robots- not so much as a nanobot. But if the robots didn't serve as greeters or as clerks, what was their purpose? It dawned on me that they must be equipped as loss prevention robots, preventing people from tucking a mattress under their arms as they left. I hoped they didn't think I was up to no good. These machines would surely be made with brushed titanium armor and red electric eyes. I looked at a wide variety of attractive mattresses with descriptive options and prices displayed at the foot of each. As I tested a soft cloud of a Beautyrest mattress, I examined the walls of showroom. Positioned prominently about I saw signs displaying a phone number for questions and a few security cameras. Still, no sign of robots. Were the security bots checking their weapon systems and training them on me from a hidden vantage point? I jerked my head and turned quickly to check if one was approaching from behind, but there was nothing there. I shopped for 30 minutes and found a great mattress priced where I could afford it. I was delighted, and I placed the order in just a few minutes on the computer. It was very easy. I left having never laid my eyes on any robot employee. The mattress arrived as scheduled, delivered to my home by humans (or very sophisticated robots with human skin).

I had heard the ad for HassleLess

I had heard the ad for HassleLess on the radio and thought that not having anyone bother me while I went back and forth between 5 times between 5 mattresses sounded great (I have a terrible time making up my mind!). I walked in the store with my daughter (I was buying the bed for her) and loved how easy it was to breeze through some of the decisions I had to make. The layout of firmer-to-softer mattresses immediately took me to one end of the store, clearly marked prices for all sizes helped to further narrow down an appropriate mattress, and finally it was the bouncing around and testing of the remaining choices that took up the end of the 10 minutes I was in the store. It was quick without any interruptions, and it was easy with all the information for each mattress organized clearly and uniformly. I snapped a photo of my desired mattress and saved it so that I could order it online later and at my leisure. The website to order from is also well-organized and easy to navigate. I made my way through the checkout process and everything was as I expected. When the mattress was delivered, the men were friendly and polite and set everything up as I wished. They cleaned up after themselves and ensured I was happy with everything before they left. The entire experience was "easy peasy" and I would definitely recommend it to others!


Excellent, stress free experience. Good prices. Got it delivered the next day. Removed the old mattress at no extra charge.

Great experience

Great experience from shopping on our own in the store (seemed odd at first but we enjoyed it overall) to the delivery drivers and even the ease of texting an issue with a quick replacement free of charge! Great business model with great customer service--we would buy from here again. Great mattress too!

I've been intrigued

I've been intrigued about this concept ever since I started hearing the radio commercials. When we decided to get a new mattress I thought it couldn't hurt to check it out. This location is relatively new and didn't have a kiosk installed get when we were there (I took one star off for that). I enjoyed our shopping experience. We were the only ones in the store. We got to try out all the mattresses that we were interested in to compare them. They rate all of the mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10 for firmness which was helpful in finding one that was just right for us. We ended up debating over two for a while and then landed on our final decision. We went to their website when we got home and found the mattress right away. It was easy to order online and the prices were great compared to what we saw from other places. We could pick which day we wanted delivery, even on Saturdays! They called the day before to give us a delivery window which was 8:30am to 12:30pm. They called about 15-20 minutes before they arrived around 9am. The delivery men were nice and they did all the setup for us and removed our old mattress. I would highly recommend Hassleless if you are able to make the decision yourself and not need help from salespeople. Some people prefer to have the help, I'm not one of those people so I loved this experience.

I have been in the market

I have been in the market for a new mattress for some time. I have been going from store to store hoping to find the right fit with the best warranty. This store was comfortable- nobody breathing down my neck as I tried all of my options. They provide free delivery and haul away, as well as free exchange (the biggest factor in my decision to purchase from here) and return (for a fee). I can't wait to give my new mattress a try.

Love this place

Love this place and concept of the no salespeople store. There isn't a huge selection, but enough that you have options at a variety of price points and brands. There is information posted by each mattress that tells you the relative firmness/softness of that piece. You can call a representative with any questions. Delivery has been a breeze. I think it's next day if I correctly, and they haul away your old mattress, although I don't remember whether there is a small fee for that. I have purchased 3 mattresses at different times here, and telling from the latter two, there's nowhere else I would rather go!

I can't say enough nice things

I can't say enough nice things about this company. I liked being able to go in and lay on the beds for as long as I wanted without any pressure from sales people--the guy at mattress firm literally said "what do I have to do to sell you a mattress today?" The cost was about half of what it would have been elsewhere for a similar bed combo. HALF! The sales people (on the phone) were extremely helpful and easy to deal with and they went above and beyond to make sure we got what we wanted. The delivery people were right on time and were also very polite and helpful. All in all a pain free mattress buying experience. I would highly recommend going here next time you need a mattress.

This remote salesperson type of concept...

This remote salesperson type of concept kind of works for me. You walk in the place and you're greeted by a television explaining how the process works. It repeats itself over and over about two or three minutes. So they have a remote control so you can mute the TV if it starts to bother you afterwhile but what I like is that I could lie on the beds for 20-30 minutes to really get a good feel for how and what was comfortable for me. I'm curious to see if this concept takes off. But I have to say I kinda like it but I am kind of a techie guy so I might be different than most people.

Kind of creepy mostly.

Kind of creepy mostly. You feel like you're walking into a store that closed and they forgot to lock the door. A dozen beds crammed into a small, depressing room. A security camera and a computer terminal. Not at all a welcoming vibe. Neither prices not selection are that good. We ended up crossing the street and getting a better deal at the Boston Store. It's just not a good concept for a store. Since when are salespeople a hassle? When it comes to furniture, a good salesperson is a real asset!

Everything from start to finish was superb!

Everything from start to finish was superb! We ordered the wrong bed frame and the night before our delivery they helped us to get a box Spring added onto our morning delivery; even called to confirm exactly what was needed. The delivers called us to let us know they were running late even though they were well within their allotted time frame. The delivers were so helpful with explaining everything, taking away our old furniture, and were extremely polite. We couldn't be more impressed with this company and highly recommend them!

This place is great

This place is great. I brought my wife here and we enjoyed a nice takeout dinner on their pillow-top BeautyRest firm king. There are outlets so you can charge your laptop while you watch a movie. It was very relaxing and they were right--no hassle.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this place.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this place. I've told so many people about how great they are. I could seriously be their new advertising campaign! They recently opened this location in IL but have a number throughout WI. I was looking for a new queen mattress and box spring. I was looking for a plush or pillow top. I was headed here but stopped at three other mattress places along the way. It was the usual crap of sales people bugging me. Throwing different prices around. Talking delivery costs. Trying to sell me stuff I didn't want or need. And trying to get me to make a decision quickly. I just wanted to explore. So, but my the time I got to Hassleless, I had had it. Mattress shopping sucks! Let me tell you, this model is fantastic. There truly are no sales associates. The doors lock and unlock automatically. All mattresses are displayed with their specs and prices. There is a video playing explaining how it all works. I took my time. Laid on every bed (even those way out of my price range, haha). I felt like Goldielocks. It was fantastic. I ultimately found what I wanted. A plush top queen with box spring, free delivery, $450!! Which was about $150 less than the guys down the street. I received a follow up call first thing the next morning when I had an issue with ordering online. They cleaned it up immediately. I couldn't have been more impressed with their customer service. I want everyone to shop here and help them open more locations in Chicago. Enough of the Mattress Firm model. Hassleless was truly hassleless.

Very Impressed, & Easy!

best shopping experience for starters, choosing a long needed mattress for our daughter entering college, we were all thankful to have the store to ourselves, no pressure in choosing what we weren't sure we wanted, the prices detailed on every mattress, matching up perfectly with the kiosk, which was easy to use, we could take all the time we needed, & wish desperately other furniture stores would follow suit with the same ease of purchase, delivery the next day, as promised, Jack & Mike were incredible, quick, polite, efficient, and so happy with the whole process from beginning to end, seemed too easy, & will definitely recommend Hassleless to all friends & family, Thank you for a stress free purchase.

Purchase and Delivery

A new purchase concept for purchasing mattresses and related products. Totally enjoyed the no salesperson store and the way the store was planned out. We researched online mattresses and decided on giving Hassle Less a try. Totally happy with the purchase process and the support provided with initial phone contact. We did everything online and it was pretty simple. The delivery was scheduled and was done timely and professionally. We are looking forward to enjoying our new mattress and evaluating its longevity. Try the new concept it is different but new is not bad a thing!

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