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+1.9x love it

+1.5x better comfort

+/- firmness

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Now EWG Verified® Happsy Mattress was created with the idea that a healthy, organic mattress shouldn't cost a fortune. Available at a more affordable price point than some competitors, the Happsy Mattress is an eco-friendly, organic hybrid mattress option that shoppers can feel good about. This mattress is made with GOTS and GOLS certified organic cotton, wool, and latex, that rests on top of pocket coils. For eco-conscious and all-natural lovers, this is definitely a mattress brand to check out!


+1.9x love it
+1.5x better comfort
+/- firmness

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.2/10

Price: $899-$1699

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Happsy's Specifics

For those looking for an organic hybrid mattress, there's a lot to get excited about with the Happsy Mattress. A bed-in-a-box made from organic materials and without the use of flame retardants, glues, or adhesives that can be found in traditional mattresses, the Happsy Mattress even has an optional organic latex mattress topper add-on for sleepers who are looking for an added plush/pillowtop feel.

Quality of Materials

The Happsy Mattress is made of a comfort layer and a support layer with a cotton and wool cover, giving this mattress an overall profile height of 10''. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton and wool and GOLS certified organic latex, this natural mattress is a great option for those with chemical sensitivities. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is organic cotton with organic wool batting sewn in to help keep things naturally cool and moisture wicking. For sleepers who desire a pillow-top fill, Happsy offers an optional 2'' organic latex topper with an organic cotton cover.

Comfort Layer: 2'' of organic latex contours to your body while offering relief for pressure points.

Support Layer: 8'' of high carbon-content upcycled steel pocket springs, with firmer coils around the perimeter of the mattress for edge support. Happsy has purposefully created uniform pocket coils that are not 'zoned' to offer more reliable contouring for the average sleeper.

Overall Comfort

Due to the firmness of this mattress, average sized stomach and back sleepers may prefer this mattress over side sleepers. Those that desire a softer feel, like smaller side sleepers, may need something with more comfort layers.


The Happsy Mattress rests between a medium-firm and slightly firmer mattress for average sized sleepers. This mattress may work for some side sleepers, but others may also find it too firm.

Back Pain Relief

This mattress will provide a good amount of spine support for average sized stomach and back sleepers. Those who want more support might opt for the organic latex mattress topper add-on for additional support.


The naturally moisture-wicking and heat regulating wool batting in the cover as well as the pocket springs help to create a breathable hybrid mattress that will do a good job keeping the mattress cool. Still, those who sleep very warm may still experience heat retention.

Who Is Happsy Right For?

This mattress is a great option for eco-conscious folks looking for an affordable organic hybrid mattress option, particularly back and stomach sleepers.

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Highly recommend

Bought the twin mattress for my toddler. Extremely happy with it, great size, great thickness, fairly quick delivery. My son is very excited about it. But nothing beats the fact that it is non-toxic. I have even been talking to my husband about getting one for us!

Great Mattress

Great Mattress so far, still getting used to the new feel of the mattress. But I have noticed I’m falling asleep quicker. Love the organic components of this mattress as I feel this is the most importantly part to me!! Thank you for taking your time to develop a product that is safe for my family and I!! 😊


Super comfortable and just as described!

King Size Mattress

We like it. Mattress could be a little bit firmer.

Excellent Mattress

I was looking for an organic mattress that was not too soft, at an affordable price. Delivery was quick, and, indeed, the mattress has has a good firmness but it is not too hard.

I like the fact this

I like the fact this topper is eco friendly and has no off gassing. That is the main reason I bought it. So far so good but I am still reserving complete judgement as to it’s comfort as I have only had a few weeks. It is different than my former memory foam topper with a different feel. Getting used to it but not sure which I prefer. My husband definitely prefers the Happsy to a memory foam topper though.

I purchased a king size

I purchased a king size matress and topper and I love it. My bed is super comfortable and I feel so much better when I wake up.

Sooo comfortable!

Love this new twin mattress I bought for my daybed. No chemical smells at all, although my granddaughters thought it smelled like almond milk when the wrapping was first opened! I’m very happy with the quality. Shipping was fast. So happy I went with happsy!

Very nice!

I have had my mattress now about a month, and I really like it! Soooo much better than my old one. I have a sleep tracker, and it says my sleep quality has gone up the past couple of weeks. Not sure there's a direct connection, but I think so!

We love our Happsy mattress!

We love our Happsy mattress! We bought a Cal King mattress without a topper. We like a firm mattress and this one is firm but still has a cushiony top. We are sleeping great! We were a little nervous about delivery and set up procedure with a mattress that large, but it went very well. The mattress feels SO luxurious. I hated to cover it up. I highly recommend this mattress!

Happsy Mattress

Happsy is the perfect name for this mattress, there is nothing about it that will not make you happy or happsy! Not only is there mattress organic through and through, making it safe for adults, kids, the world and the whole family. Even the plastic they shrink wrap it with is food grade and the box they send it in is environmentally safe. Yet the thing that makes Happsy exceptional and the place to buy your next mattress is the customer service. The people who work there are proud about their products and serious about making a healthy-comfortable mattress. They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Which they did with me and I am very happy that I purchased from them. I just got mine and I will update this after a couple of months and then in a year, and ongoing to report how it ages and wears. Do not hesitate to buy from Happsy, if there is any issue let them know, Dale & Taylor and both were professional and very helpful. And bonus, the box the mattress comes in, is perfect to store your Christmas tree in, because we all know they never go back into the box they came in. Buy their mattress, it's guaranteed , you get 120 days to try it out, it is chemical free, and organic-certified-the real certifications not the window dressing certifications that some use. It is comfortable, and they stand behind your purchase.


My husband and I LOVE our new mattress so far! It is very comfortable, not too firm and not too soft. Honestly my husband and usually want different things in mattresses but this has been perfect for both of us. My husband has also said he noticed his back hurting less!! So that’s a win!

Great service, great bed!

I love our Happsy mattress. I did a lot of research and thought about the purchase before buying. So glad I did. The mattress arrived early, was easy to set up and is provided the prefect amount of firmness and support. Had a great night’s sleep last night!

Comfortable Mattress

This is the first week of having the mattress with topper and we are enjoying it. Very comfortable and supportive. Happy with our purchase!

Twin bed

Im happy with my twin size mattress i got for my 6 yr old. Its very comfy and was the best price of all the natural mattresses i looked at. It inflated itself in a few seconds. It does have a bit of an odor at first. Its very important to me my kids sleep on a less toxic bed and im happy with this one.

Extremely Happy with Happsy!

The Happsy mattresses and mattress pads are exceptionally comfortable and of high quality! I'm so glad I spent the time researching and comparing organic mattresses. I had a complicated issue with my bank and PayPal. Happsy customer service was so understanding and helpful with resolving the issue. Happsy customer service is the absolute best!

We purchased two mattresses...king and

We purchased two mattresses...king and queen....have been sleeping so comfortably on them! Ordering was easy, delivery was quick, and set up from box to bed was simple. The mattress has a perfect combination of firmness and support yet soft and plush. Like that it’s organic and no odor...was able to sleep on it the same day received. Very happy with our decision to purchase Happsy!!

Love it!

I purchased a twin mattress and a topper for a platform bed. I probably didn’t need the topper as the mattress has a lovely pillowy top. However, with topper it is very plush. I love the underlying firmness of the innersprings wrapped with natural fibers. The latex adds a cushy later to cradle and pad me while maintaining skeletal alignment on a flat surface. Memory foam and gel are not for me! I love this mattress and the price was fair. Yay Happsy!

The best of the absolute best

I purchased a queen mattress, topper and mattress protector; comfort is the name of all bedding item! Bedding with a brain, I call them! The pad perfectly sits on the mattress, it doesn't top tuck in, nor is there any need to. The protective cover is like the security blanket for all beneath it. It isn't bulky, noisy nor slippery. The sheets sits nicely over the protective cover. Yes, the products are cool, it keeps one very dry & free from sweat. Thank you Happy! You've made me very Happsy

Very comfortable mattress

I'm 140 lbs, 5'9", and mostly a back sleeper with some side sleeping. It's been two weeks and this mattress without the pillow top has felt great. Before this I had a hybrid memory foam mattress and though the feel is a bit different (Happsy is more bouncy) I think I prefer Happsy. Only downside is there was an odor when unboxing the mattress that lasted for a couple days, probably due to the natural latex.

Happy with a Happsy

we were skeptical about ordering a bed online without testing it out first in a showroom - but we did our research and Happsy came out one of the top contenders who had the quality and standard we desired - AND who could deliver promptly. There are no regrets here. The process was easy, a call to Happsy customer service was answered promptly (by a real person), and the notification of shipment delivery was within 7 days of placing the order. Set up was easy.

High Quality Fast Delivery

Mattress is a dream, process was easy.

Very comfortable with a shape

Very comfortable with a shape that allows fitted sheets to be installed with a minimum of effort. The only negative would be price but generally speaking high quality means extra expense. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Love this Mattress!

After much careful research and price comparison, we decided on the Happsy because we wanted to be sure our family woukd be very comfortable and safe from chemical offgassing. One of us is pregnant, and has chemical sensitivities, plus we plan to snuggle our baby in bed a bunch. Honestly never been more comfortable in bed! We never want to leave! I had been using up to 4 pillows for various support with pregnant sleeping, and could easily sleep without on our new supportive, but soft-top mattress! Plus, unwrapping it was a hoot! Definitely recommend this mattress!

XL twin mattress

I am very happy with my Happsy matress. The ordering process and set up was easier than I thought it would be. I would like to have had a receipt of my purchase. I was not able to print a satisfactory copy of my purchase information.

Awesome comfort!

I sleep much better with my new Happsy bed! It doesnt wake my husband up when I come to bed anymore. The pillows are pretty nice, too, although they are a little more firm than I want. They are much thicker than other pillows I've tried, which makes me happy (as a side sleeper), because I'm tired of waking up with kinks in my neck.

Best customer service and mattress!

I am giving them five stars for not only having the best customer service but, also because they are one of the few companies that walk the walk and not just talk the talk. We decided to go with them because of their 120 day free trial as well as free shipping. Their mattress is quality and comfortable. I love knowing that if it had not worked or we did not like it, we had the option to return it. Especially because we ordered the mattress online. After a ton of research and with all the great reviews we took a chance & could not be happier with our purchase. Dale the general manager went above and beyond and was super generous when I pointed out a small flaw on their website. He not only corrected the website and was thankful for me pointing out the error. So thankful he Was kind enough to throw in a free pair of their sheets, which are amazingly, soft and wonderful. I would highly recommend taking a chance on this organic mattress company. They are definitely doing it right! A happy customer from Sacramento CA

Love it!

I love my new mattress so far! I was expecting a long wait, but it shipped very quickly and arrived before I expected. Purchasing a "green", organic mattress was an absolute must for me and I'm so glad I found Happsy. The mattress is very comfortable and I'm sleeping better than I have in awhile!

Too Soft

I got this mattress after experiencing one that was too firm. Unfortunately this took a big swing in the other direction and is so extremely soft. I was tossing and turning all night and woke up with major back pain in the morning.


So comfortable. My husband’s neck pain went away within 2 nights of sleeping on this mattress. Great to know there are no chemicals. So glad we made the switch to Happsy.

I love this company

We love our mattresses, but I especially love how quickly we received our order, as well as how friendly and helpful Customer Service was.I called them twice, once to ask questions before ordering, and once because, after I placed my order, I realized I had made a huge mistake. It was quickly fixed by a cheerful, helpful person.

Quality and comfort all in one mattress!

Love this mattress...healthy, safe, and has zero smell! Excellent quality! Would recommend in a heart beat! I bought the twin for my son and we are all very happy with it.

Best beds! Bought twin and king w/pillow top

We bought a twin as well as a king with pillow top. Both are perfect! Can’t believe how comfortable the beds are- not too firm and not too soft. We’ve tried many other brands and Happsy seems to be best deal and right feel. I am amazed we finally found the perfect fit for us!

Love the mattress!

The biggest concern I had w/ making a mattress purchase was toxicity/safety of materials because I am pregnant and have a toddler who sometimes sleeps with me. There was no off-gassing or chemical odor at all! And as far as comfort goes, my husband thinks it's the best mattress he's ever slept on (he has back issues) and I love it, but wish I had purchased the topper as well, especially as I progress in my pregnancy and need more cushioning (I first fell in love w/ Happsy at a friend's house - she had the topper). My husband and I will have to negotiate a compromise as he thinks the mattress is perfect as is :) I'm also very grateful that Happsy isn't prohibitively expensive for someone like me -- very conscientious about chemical exposures but also very much on a tight budget. I'm so happy with the purchase that I've already recommended it to a cousin who's looking to buy a mattress. I also work in holistic health and will happily recommend it to clients. In the meantime I'll be waiting for a good sale so I can get the topper before this baby comes! Thanks for making such a safe, comfortable, and lovely product!

Best mattress

Hands down the best mattress!

Comfortable, High Quality Mattress & Great Customer Service

I had been eyeing Happy Organic Mattresses for a while for many reasons. I found Happsy through Irina Webb's review of non toxic mattresses. While buying a true, non toxic mattress was on the top of my list, budget was also an important factor. I had looked at Naturpedic before and while you can choose levels of firmness, among other factors, I wasn't sure without being able to visit their show room and try out the beds that returns would be as easy. I believe the founder of Happsy is the same as Naturpedic and that gave me a lot of reassurance in my purchase with the quality of the beds. I love that Happsy offers a non toxic organic mattress at a price that I can swing and also offers free shipping and a 120 night guarantee. I know that buying a mattress online can be hard, but they made it so easy. When the bed arrived, it was an easy unpack and had great instructions on how to un package everything. It had a bit of a nutty smell for the first couple of days, but I opened a window and let it air out during the day and after maybe three or four days, didn't notice it anymore. The bed is super comfortable, even without the latex topper, which I did not purchase, but I don't think I'll need to. I did contact customer service regarding the delivery of the bed. The man I spoke to via email, Dave, responded promptly and was very kind and great to talk with. He was so willing to help with my questions and concerns and I truly appreciated it! My whole experience with Happsy was such a positive experience and they will be at the top of my list for any future mattress purchases.

Comfort and Safety!

We are super happy with our mattress so far - very comfortable and love knowing that it is safe and not full of toxic materials

Wonderful mattress

Much much better than the mattress it replaced. I need to sleep slightly elevated in a hospital type bed and those mattresses are horrible. This one articulates and works well with the bedframe.

Impressive all around

A great experience overall! Customer service was really friendly and helpful in answering my questions before I purchased, the mattress came exactly as described, set up was easy, and the mattress is really comfortable! I appreciate Happsy’s commitment to creating a non toxic mattress that is good for people and planet! Would recommend.

Newly arrived mattress

We received our mattress on Wednesday. So, we’ve only slept on it for a few days. It’s seems to be a good combination mattress and is comfortable thus far. It has the right amount of firmness we need. I’m not sure if we will need a topper yet. We will determine if the comfort level in the next several weeks.

Hate this rock hard mattress after giving it a try for almost a year

I kept waiting and hoping this mattress would get softer/more comfortable. Some reviews say these mattresses soften over time. I even shelled out extra money for the topper, which did not make any difference. Now I'm out almost $3K and have to start shopping for another mattress. I wake up at 3 a.m. with my hip pressure point screaming (I'm a side sleeper, and I'm not that old.) Very, very disappointed.

Absolutely love!!

I did a LOT of research on mattresses, looking for an organic, Gots certified mattress and please to report Happsy did not let me down. Not only is it certified organic & clean but insanely comfortable. Even my fiancé is saying days later how amazing our new mattress is. Highly recommend. PS customer service is awesome.

2nd Mattress Purchase

Purchased a second mattress for my daughter since we were so happy with ours. It’s great knowing my family is sleeping on an organic mattress with no chemicals! Thank you for creating this product! I want to add the mattress pads are worth the money! Nothing leaks through...nothing!

Mattress, topper, pad & sheets

Excellent products, excellent service! Thank you Happsy!

Love Happsy!!

We have several Happsy products, and are very happy with them all! The mattresses are so comfy, and we can rest easy knowing that they don’t contain harmful toxins that other mattresses contain. We will definitely be ordering from Happsy for all of our bedding/mattress needs!

Very comfy. Recommended!

We’ve been sleeping on it for 2 months now and it’s great for us. Love the stiffness as it’s more supportive than our previous softer mattress. It is heavy so be prepared to have some help bringing the package in

We have two Happsy mattress’s.

We have two Happsy mattress’s. We love them. Comfortable and non toxic. We sleep wonderful on them. Customer service (Dale) has been so helpful. So thankful we found Happsy!

Twin Happsy

We recently purchased a twin sized Happsy for our young daughter. Shipping was quick, and setup was easy with the detailed and assisted instructions. Even more, the mattress is very comfortable. We’ve found ourselves sneaking a lay on it when possible! We also purchased the mattress protector and organic sheets - top notch all around.

It's ok

I am just not sure if it's the best mattress option but I feel like we are stuck with it.


I love, love my Happsy mattress! Spent the first night of wonderful uninterrupted sleep in decades. Why oh why did I wait so long. Highly recommend. Thanks

Mattress is smaller than spec size!

I wanted to love this mattress, but after carrying it upstairs and unpacking it from the packaging - it is 4 inches shorter than it’s meant it be (full is meant to be 53.5/54 inches and it’s 50) and leaves a big gap at the side of my daughters new full size bed. Which her foot has already gone down once and isn’t safe. I had high hopes for customer service but it’s been a week now, and am still waiting to hear back what their operations team propose I do they forwarded it on to with photos. I can’t see how returning this mattress is going to be easy even getting it back into any sort of box, and I have zero confidence in the sizing to try a replacement right now.

Love it!

I don’t know what else one would want from a mattress; organic and comfortable. I used to work at an organic bedding company and you can’t get a better mattress, for the price, than the Happsy.

Really Happy with Our Purchase!

We have had the Happsy twin mattress just a couple of weeks so far, but our toddler son is thrilled with his 'big boy' bed. For us, it shipped quickly and was easy to unpack (though it is heavy! Just bring a friend to unpack it with you). There was no smell at all, and you could tell the quality is excellent. It fit our 100-year old twin bed frame really well. We also purchased the mattress cover, which is soft and thick (in the way that it will definitely prevent any liquid from getting through it) and also appears to be excellent quality. We're thankful that a company wants to make something as safe as possible. It was worth the cost.

Good but hard

Very good to know that the mattress is organic, but I do wish it was a bit softer. I'm going to have to find an organic mattress topper because the matrix is a bit stiff.

Comfortable, but smaller than advertised size

I bought the full-sized mattress. It's advertised as 53"x75" (which is already 1" thinner than the standard. The mattress I was sent is 52"x73". These missing inches makes a big difference since my feet hang off the edge of the bed if I don't sleep with my head at the baseboard. In addition, my fitted sheets are very baggy around this mattress. I will need to buy a custom-sized fitted sheet. I didn't notice these problems above until a month when I decided to buy a second set of pillows and a fitted sheet to use with the mattress. Happsy, please be more strict on the mattress size during QA.

Excellent mattress and customer service

We love our new king mattress. The quality for the price is excellent. We had an issue with our foundation and customer service responded promptly to our concerns. Excellent company and experience.

A very, very good matress

HAPPSY was recommended by a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council for their premium mattresses and sound manufacturing practices. I couldn't be, um, happier. It's also nice to be able to support US companies. Definitely makes for a good night's sleep. Note: Instead of an Amazon card, you should select a more forward-thinking business to support. Or make a smart $10 donation to a conservation group.

Fantastic Mattress, well made and

Fantastic Mattress, well made and just the right firmness. Excellent customer service.


This is honestly the best bed I’ve ever slept on well worth the money and you’ll definitely get your nights worth of sleep I sleep like a baby every time !!

Not 100% sure yet

We purchased the king mattress (along with a topper and mattress protector). I am currently pregnant, which is why I felt so strongly about switching to this mattress from our old Serta Memory foam (which i’ve wanted to get rid of for a while), so I did research and put a lot of time and effort into choosing the best organic mattress option for my husband and I, and I landed on Happsy. I was SO hopeful that it would be perfect and I really wanted to love this mattress. But unfortunately, after sleeping on the bed for a few nights I’m upset to say that we just didn’t feel fully satisfied with the experience. My husband initially thought the mattress felt flat and unsupportive. We are adjusting a little bit though, being that our old mattress was totally different, so we are giving it a 30 day trial to see how we do. I have been sleeping fine so far, the mattress is just not as great as I imagined it would be. Another big downside is that Happsy doesn’t offer an option to pay extra for any type of setup service, which I would have gladly paid for since our bedroom is on the third floor. Being pregnant, I am exhausted after the whole process of getting rid of our old mattress which was a hassle, then hiring someone to help my husband move the new Happsy mattress up our 4 flights of stairs and set it up for us. It has been such an ordeal and I really want to do everything possible to keep the Happsy and make it tolerable for myself and my husband, rather than go through the process of returning it and finding another one. That being said, we do have a platform bed and the mattress is currently on slats, so I wonder if a more solid base would help the bed to feel more supportive? I have heard wonderful things about Happsy and it’s customer service, so I did reach out to them for a solution before making the decision to return the bed altogether. Although customer service was extremely kind and gave me a thorough response, there was really no solution they had to offer other than if I make the choice to return the bed, then that’s fine. I was sort of expecting they would at least try to win me over with some type of extra gift like pillows or sheets, which is what good companies usually do if a customer is unhappy. Again, I really, really wanted to love this mattress and am just so disappointed and upset that I don’t have better things to say about it! As a consumer, I do appreciate the concept and the values the company stands behind, as a truly non-toxic and high quality product is extremely important to me. This is what originally sold me on the product, so I am grateful that a healthy bed like this exists.

Too firm.

Too firm.

My daughter loves her new bed!

We purchased a full size Happsy bed for my daughter and received it a little over a week ago. It’s her first big girl he’s and she’s in heaven. She says it’s cozy and that she loves it. It is actually very comfortable. Not hard more medium. And the fact that it’s made of non-toxic and organic materials is why we chose this bed. When we opened the packaging there was a slight smell of newness but that smell dissipated by bed time. Everyone is happy so far!

Sleeping through the night

My husband and I were on a queen hand-me-down mattress for our first 3 years of marriage. But when we finally got a king, we wanted to do it right! My brother got this mattress and I decided to trust his opinion and get one too! We have now been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks and have noticed that we sleep through the night. My husband raves about this mattress and feels so thankful that he can sleep better now. He is a side sleeper and I'm a back sleeper, yet we both feel absolutely comfortable!

After researching for months...Happsy came out on top!

I am very sensitive to fumes and chemical smells and after familiarizing myself (REALLY familiarizing myself!) with all the mattresses within the "non-toxic" category, I arrived at the conclusion that, for the price, Happsy was my choice. Little did I know then that, regardless of good price, it is also the best of the best! I couldn't have been more pleased with the very personal customer service, the ease of receiving and putting it into place, and the quality of the product. Thanks Happy folks for many without worry comfortable sleeps! P.S. The sheets are great, too!

AWESOME sauce!!!!!

We love our new mattresses!! Especially my 3 year daughter she even sleeps in her room her own now. Happy dance!

Another Totally Satisfied Customer !

Received my Happsy organic mattress a week ago and I am in sleep heaven! All the aches and pains from my old mattress are gone , and my breathing at night is much easier because the toxins from my old mattress are gone . Happsy customer service is excellent , and Fedex delivery was on time. Happsy is the best value and the best priced . Check out reviews of Happsy on Youtube and hear the praises of satisfied customers .

website black friday pricing issues

Im confused

Best mattress ever!

Purchased this mattress and was skeptical when it came rolled up in a box. It had to stay in the box like that for 2 months before I could move into my house, so became even more skeptical it would ever unroll and “puff up” into a normal mattress. But with a guarantee at any time up to 120 days I could return the mattress if not satisfied I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. When we took the rolled mattress out of the box we could see it was vacuum sealed. As soon as we broke the seal the mattress began to expand and sure enough, it expanded to the width of a normal mattress!! The other thing that caught my attention right away was the smell — it smelled clean and natural, like some sort of grain instead of a chemical smell like every other mattress on the market. Then I laid on it and oh my goodness — it was perfect! Not too soft and not too hard. I love, love, love this mattress!! You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Plush mattress

Well made mattress! I bought a twin mattress for my youngest, I presume it's comfortable because she's been sleeping very well in it! Our minds are at ease knowing it's an organic and non-toxic mattress for our child. Very happy!

So comfortable!

We got the bed for our 8 year old son, he absolutely loves it. Having a natural bed is very important to us. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and can’t be around any chemicals and of course we don’t want to exposure our son to them either. All of our beds are natural beds, but I believe the Happsy bed is the most comfortable of them all! My husband and I want to get one for ourselves. Customer service was amazing and the bed came in a week! It was super easy to set up, just a faint “new organic cotton” smell at first. Nothing toxic, just needed airing out for a couple hours. Our son slept on it the first night.

Happsy Organic Mattress

The Happsy Mattress with Topper are sooo comfortable! I didn't have vertical space for the box spring, so I had to send it back - customer service at Happsy is fantastic. The photo shows the mattress & topper on a piece of 1/2" perforated plywood. The bedframe's horizontal bars were 6" apart, so we added the plywood. 1" perforations were drilled to allow air circulation.

So far so good!!

Have had Happsy mattress with topper for a week and it’s been AMAZING so far!!

Best mattress!!!

We bought a queen mattress for our daughter and had the best experience. Customer service was very responsive and helpful in answering all of my questions, shipping was super fast, and we absolutely love the mattress! Very comfortable and we feel great that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. I’ve slept on it and we will definitely be buying a king for ourselves when we need to replace our own mattress!

Great mattress

We love Happsy and the fact that this is the healthy option for our family. This is the second Happsy mattress that we bought for our second child and it is satisfying to know that your child is safe during sleep

Love this mattress!

So comfortable - a perfect mix between firm and soft. Provides great support for your back, but not overly firm! We had another toxin free mattress from another company with a 365 policy. After sleeping on it for 2 weeks, I was waking up every day with my back hurting. My husband was never comfortable on it either. Well, we got our money back on that mattress and purchased a Happsy one immediately. We do not regret it! Toxin free and soooo comfortable!

Wonderful Customer Service & Fantastic To Sleep On!

My boyfriend and I were moving across country and were looking for a more eco-friendly mattress that would fit both of our sleeping needs. We needed the bed quickly and customer service was so helpful in making sure it got to us before we got to our new home. We were continued to be impressed with the firm, yet soft feel to the mattress and both of us have slept very soundly since. We are so happy with this company and will definitely be recommending them!

Delighted with my purchase!!

I am delighted with my Happsy bed! It is by far the best bed I have ever owned!! It is so comfortable!! The mattress topper is a nice option. The fact that it is organic is very important to me, as well as the fact that it is virtually odorless. Just unwrap it and get ready to sleep very well. You will be investing in your health which is the most important thing. Equally important when making a big purchase is customer service. With this is mind, I can tell you that I have found Happsy’s customer service to be exceptional. My Happsy bed is making me very happy!!!

great mattress

the mattress was easy to setup, is comfortable, and has no odors like most other mattresses do! great buy and worth the money!

Happy with Happsy

Great customer service and product. Plush but sturdy mattress. Hoping it lasts our toddlers through adolescence. Which reminds me, we need to purchase the Happsy organic mattress cover, as well!

We’re in love!

We’ve been in the market for a new mattress for the past several months. We wanted something that was non-toxic and we could support a small business. We had a friend recommend happsy and we bought on a whim. Super happy with our purchase! My husband has some lower back issues and this mattress definitely has helped him sleeping without pain!


Bought with topper - perfect comfort + support

great product, as always

We had two happsy mattresses already (one for us and one for our oldest daughter). We just purchased one for my grandma and it is equally as great! Highly recommend these! Everyone who ever lays on our bed comments on how amazing it is.

Happsy King-Sized with Topper

Very happy with my recent purchase of a Happsy mattress! I was originally worried about making a purchase online, without trying the mattress beforehand. However, after attempting to find an organic mattress in several mattress stores/showrooms with no luck, I knew the only option for a healthy mattress would be to order online. I did extensive research on various online mattress companies. I had some additional questions and was very impressed by the knowledge and customer service quality of Happsy when I called! Overall I am very pleased with the purchase. My only future concern regarding the mattress will be moving it, since it is extremely heavy.

Convenient, cozy and safe!

Love our new bed, love that it was delivered right to the door, love that it’s safe and all organic!!!

Happsy organic mattress and topper.

Last year I was searching for an organic mattress for my daughter and after much research decided on the queen size Happsy mattress and topper. She first tried the mattress without the topper, but she is a side sleeper and eventually used the topper because she felt she needed more cushioning. She’s had the mattress for over a year and loves it! A few months ago I also purchased the queen size mattress and topper and I am so glad I did. It is the most comfortable mattress I ever had! I also like extra cushioning , so along with the topper the mattress is perfect! There is no chemical smell, which is super important to me, in addition to the fact that the materials used to make it are organic and will not harm the environment. The customer service was also great! I spoke to a gentleman, whose name I think was Dale, before both my purchases. He took much time to answer my many questions. I would definitely recommend the Happsy mattress and topper!

Love it!

My wife and I are on the organic, non-toxic train, but didn’t want to spend the money on the brand name like NaturePedic. Happsy (to our knowledge and strenuous research) has all the same specs at a much more affordable price. The mattress is cooling for me as a hot-blooded man, supportive, extremely comfortable, etc. Shipping took about a week, but that’s to be expected. FedEx dudes were super nice when delivering and walked it inside for me through the snow (Midwest living)! Be careful not to break the seal too early otherwise the bed will start expanding faster than you can unwrap the plastic. We bought the king mattress and king topper— we love both. $2k-ish is quite an investment, but I was always told not to skimp on good shoes and a good are always in your shoes or a bed...thus, Happsy.

Best mattress ever!!!

This is a high quality mattress that is super comfortable. Ordered it for our son and we are so jealous that we want to order the King sized for ourselves!

Amazing customer service. My situation

Amazing customer service. My situation was very unusual and yet everything was handled with such care and empathy as well as professionalism. I will continue to buy all future mattresses from Happsie and refer out whenever I have an opportunity to do so

Most comfortable mattress ever

I couldn't be happier with my king-size Happsy mattress and topper.

Thank you

Customer Service is great. We are adjusting to life on a new mattress. I believe there is always an adjustment period. We are both side/back sleepers and needed extra softness. The mattress is pretty firm so we ended up with 2 toppers. So far so good. There was no odor and we slept on it the first night. It is pricey, but trusting that we got the "clean" mattress we paid for.

An Affordable Piece of Heaven!

After doing much research on mattresses, Happsy and Avacado were the only ones that offered quality, certified mattresses at affordable prices. (There were other good brands but they were just way too pricey (like Soaring Heart, My Green Mattress, Lifekind, and Naturepedic) I decided to go with the Happsy mattress over the Avacado mattress because it seemed to me that the Happsy team is more friendly and caring toward their customers. It's like talking to family!:) Happsy also seemed to be more U.S. focused than Avacado. I like to support our country as much as possible! Lastly, Happsy mattresses have a simpler coil system inside whereas the Avacado ones have a 5-zoned coil system. I felt like zoned coils may not be the best for all body types and sleepers...just a thought, could be wrong.:) Owned the mattress now for about 6 months. Looks and feels like a healthy, quality mattress! Hopefully, it stays solid for years to come like warranty says. We'll see!:) It is a little firm for my liking as a side sleeper but I've heard the topper helps a lot, so probably will buy one to see.

Happsy Makes Me Happy

This mattress is made out of wonderful materials but is reasonably priced. I've been sleeping on it for 3 weeks now, and I think the firmness is great. I'm so happy to find a quality organic mattress for this price. Setting it up was a breeze.

Happsy Mattress queen

The mattress is very comfortable. At first, I thought it was very thin but upon unwrapping it expanded. You won’t have a bad night’s sleep.

Great mattress

Extremely comfortable medium feel mattress. Good edge support. High quality materials. Whereas memory foam gets hot and you sink in, the Happsy sleeps cool and you don't sink in, which I like. Use with a solid foundation and bedframe for best results, it can make a big difference in the quality of sleep! I've used the mattress with a platform bedframe and found it was not nearly as comfortable as when I used a dedicated foundation and traditional bedframe, though this likely depends on one's own weight. The only downside to this mattress is that its quite heavy to move, especially alone, but this is the case with most queen size foam/latex mattresses. Highly recommend!

Was looking for a non

Was looking for a non toxic organic mattress for my son. So happy I went with happsy! We love this mattress it’s so comfortable!

Best Mattress of my Life

Most comfortable mattress ever - firm yet soft. Love it. Might be firm for some people but I need it for chronic sore back. I wake up well every day now. Feels good to know the chemicals are less. Buying a second.

Comfy and cool.

I tend to sleep hot and find that the Happsy mattress is very comfortable throughout the night. I am not experiencing the same level of heat I used to feel in the middle of the night, making for a more relaxing night's sleep.

Bought our 4th for the family

These are so great and quiet with no squeaky springs. We had bought happsy mattresses for our 3 kids and just bought another one for our newest son.

Worked out in the end

So far so good regarding comfort. However, unboxing was a disaster. There was no tool as described by the directions and unfortunately I cut through the "final" plastic too soon. I had to drag the almost expanded queen mattress through a doorway and on to bed frame. Not fun or easy.

Wonderful mattress

I first reached out to Happsy with questions about their mattress, and was very impressed with the prompt and thorough response by their customer service team. We chose Happsy over several other leading brands of clean, non-toxic mattresses for our young child because of their great reviews by several other friends. It came quickly after we ordered, and was so simple to set up. We just opened up the packaging, and out it folded! Our child loves how soft it is, and it had virtually no odor when it unfolded. We would recommend this to anyone we know who's looking for a safe, healthy option to sleep on.

Joan Kaye

This mattress is very well made and is comfortable. The company are a pleasure to deal with and the customer service is excellent.

So pleased!

We are so pleased. Absolutely no new mattress smell! The zipper let us have a transparent peek at the insides. We feel so good about what we saw. We are only a few nights of sleep in to our happsy mattress but have slept great and felt like it was a great investment in our sleep and health.


Easy ordering, comfortable with topper.

Happy to have a Happsy

So nice having a mattress delivered to your door, setting it up, and going to sleep. No worries about "airing it out" because this mattress is completely green and safe. We've been sleeping good too, no complaints of stiffness. I'm sure we won't need another for awhile, but when our daughter graduates to her own bed, we will be purchasing again. Thank you Happsy!

King mattress

Love the mattress. I did not notice any strong odor. However, would love they were more affordable. I would to buy one for my son, but I won’t be able to afford it.

Great mattress

Super comfy. Daughter loves it!


I spent a whole year trying to find a mattress that checked all the boxes. So far this one has been perfect. Thank you.

Happy with my Happsy

Very comfy!

Happy with happsy

Love the mattress and great customer service. We had a stronger than usual wool smell in our king pillow top and they sent us a replacement no questions asked which resolved the issue.


Unpacking the mattress was interesting. It was fun to watch something totally flat inflate into a luxurious looking mattress. It was ready in minutes. The mattress was firm enough for back support and soft enough for comfort. I really liked the springiness that is not too bouncy. I think this mattress would be a good fit for most people. Also, not too hot and very comfortable. Noticed the fresh smell. Overall, I felt really HAPPY lying on this HAPPsY mattress. Highly recommend!

Five stars except for minor issues

We purchased a king, delivery was quick, very comfortable, not as deep as many mattresses, but doesn't matter. Our first night we slept so sound I don't think either my wife or I moved until morning. Cushioning was softer than expected, which was great for us. Reviews indicated it would be a medium firm. The bed is so comfortable I don't want to get up in the morning. Reason for the less than five stars was the packaging and 'installation' instructions were different than what was shown on the Happsy website, but we figured it out. Would definitely need two people for a king mattress.

Comfort, Eco, Great Price, Great Customer Service

Very comfortable, firm but not rigid. well made, natural and very well priced. To spend 8 hours a day on a chemical free mattress should be an investment for every family IMO, and the pricing here is very reasonable considering the competitors. The customer service team really cared to get my mattress delivered in time for my arrival in my new home. they sent me some free pillows when they realized they oversold their stock. they were human!, very friendly and had high integrity. So grateful and happy with my purchase.


My Happsy mattress is perfectly comfortable, I have not had a problem. I ordered it with the topper to begin with but I laid on it both with and without and thought it was really comfortable either way, which was great because some of the reviews saying that it was too firm had me worried. I ordered a full, and it was a bit smaller than I expected, but it is still a decent size. Overall I am relieved that it worked as ordering a mattress online kind of scared me, and this mattress has so far been great.

Great Customer Service

Unfortunately the bed was not right for me,but they were very helpful and on top of things to do the return.

Worth it

So cool comfortable and I now have peace of mind knowing there’s no chemicals in my mattress.,

Love my new mattress and topper

I'm glad to know I'm sleeping in a non-toxic but comfortable environment now.

Love our new mattress! Sleeping

Love our new mattress! Sleeping great

Customer service was top shelf

Customer service was top shelf and the mattress arrived within a week. So far it is comfy and I personally didn't mind the new smells, it is not strong at all and was pretty much gone after a couple days.

I was trying to decide

I was trying to decide between buying an Avocado mattress and a Happsy mattress. I decided on Happsy, and I'm glad I did! Here's why: Avocado had no phone number for customer service. The online "chat" with Avocado C.S. was a long wait and cumbersome - the rep admitted he was chatting with other customers at the same time! Avocado rep also said I would need to wait anywhere from one to four weeks BEFORE a mattress could be shipped out. He couldn't narrow it down. By contrast, Dale at Happsy was Awesome! I called and got him right away on the phone and he was a manager in Ohio, not overseas reading a script. He was happy to answer all my questions. The mattress was shipped two days after I ordered, and I got it two days later- so four days total. The mattress is very comfortable and pretty, (though heavy due to the latex). I'm glad to be sleeping on all organic materials. Also the Avocado mattress is supposed to be firmer but the Happsy is firm enough - I wouldn't want it any firmer. I haven't needed a topper. Great customer service and Nice socially and eco conscious company!

Exceptional product and customer service!

At the urging of a friend who had researched organic mattresses and the benefits of owning one, I decided to give Happsy mattresses a try. Previously, I had owned TEMPURPEDIC mattresses which were beginning to feel too soft for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the support and the overall quality of the Happsy mattresses. I purchased two twin mattresses to use on my TEMPURPEDIC adjustable bases thinking this would equal a king size mattress. When the mattresses arrived and they seemed about 5 inches too short, I realized that I should have ordered twin XL to fit the king size bases. I was reluctant to contact the company as this was my mistake. However, when I was asked to review the product, I simply sent an email to the company explaining my dilemma. On the website, it was not clear that twin XL was the proper size for king size bases. I mentioned my confusion to Dale at Happsy Mattress and he immediately processed a return for the product. He thought that I was simply not satisfied with the mattresses and wanted to return them. When I explained that I was thrilled with the mattresses but disappointed that I had the wrong size, he happily agreed to send the twin XL! That's customer service! I highly recommend this mattress and this outstanding company!

Happy with Happsy

We love the mattress so much that we ended up buying a total of 4. We have had them for a little over a month now and are really enjoying them. The mattress seems to have helped heal my chronic shoulder pain. Ordering was a breeze, mattresses were delivered as promised. Even in the midst of the Covid fiasco.

Feels great but smells weird

So far we are liking the comfort level of the bed. It’s nice and firm just how I like my mattresses. However, it has had a weird smell since the day we got it. I thought it would air out and be gone but I still smell it just walking into my bedroom, even with my bed sheets on. It’s almost like an ashy smell, nothing outrageous but it’s not pleasant either. Hoping it dissipates 🤞🏻With more time! I’ve had it at least a little over a month so far.

Quality products and excellent customer service

We were trying to decide between Happsy, Naturepedic and Avocado, and while all three offer "clean" mattresses, Happsy had the best, most helpful, most approachable, informative and knowledgable customer service, by far. Tipped the decision for us. Dale is wonderful. Highly recommend the mattress (as side sleepers we tried just mattress first, and ended up adding topper after for a great night's sleep) as well as Dale and the whole team.

I like the medium firmness

I like the medium firmness of the Happsy mattress. I would love if it had handles on the sides so I could occasionally turn it around on the bed frame so it would wear evenly.

Love our Happsy Mattress

After doing lots of research on Mattresses and wanting the healthiest option possible, we settled on trying a Happsy mattress. We are very satisfied with it! The customer​ service was great. It is very comfortable, my husband and I both are sleeping great. We just ordered one for our daughter as well!

Happsy and Healthy

I love how safe it it. Bought it for grandkid sleepovers. They’re not breathing in any toxins and get a comfortable, safe night’s sleep.

We love it!

We purchased this for my 6 year old son. Like many others, I did a lot of research before settling on Happsy and ended up choosing it for a combination of reasons. First and foremost, I was looking for a “non-toxic” mattress without chemical flame retardants. Secondly, I wanted something comfortable. I felt like if we were going to be spending the money on something beyond the basic traditional twin mattress, I wanted to make sure it was the right combination of supportive and soft. Finally, although we were wiling to spend more than for a “regular” mattress, price was still a consideration. I watched the price for a couple of months, and finally purchased it when Happsy offered the $200 off promotion. I had two main concerns about purchasing a mattress online. As I mentioned earlier, we wanted to make sure it would be comfortable. Secondly, I am rather sensitive to smells, and I noticed a few reviewers had complained of a bad smell right to of the box. Because I couldn’t find anything meeting my criteria locally, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase, figuring we could return it if needed. After having the mattress for about a month, I can say that we are extremely happy with the quality and comfort of this product. The mattress didn’t emit an odor at all, even right out of the packaging. If I put my nose right up next to the bare mattress, I could smell a slight, not unpleasant “natural smell”, but nothing at all bothersome. I did also purchase the mattress protector a few days after getting the mattress, deciding it would be worth the $79 to protect our investment. Overall, I’m very satisified with this product—and I’m slightly jealous that our 6 year old has a nicer mattress than we do. :)

peace of mind and cozy too!

we bought happsy beds, toppers, mattress protectors, and sheet sets for our kids. we love them. there is no smell (and I am VERY sensitive to chemical smells) and the beds are comfortable, especially with the topper. the materials of every piece are identifiable and I love that fact. Only one minor complaint: I wish the waterproof part of the mattress protector wrapped down the sides of the bed in addition to the top of the bed. We had a spill on the edge and it did get the side of the mattress wet. The mattress protector is not plastic so it breathes well and is great, just not full coverage, only the top is protected.

Finally, A Great and Healthy Night of Sleep

Following extensive research we opted for a queen size Happsy mattress and topper. Our prior mattress was a much softer and far from healthy memory foam one that caused us to toss and turn due to aching hips. No pain with the Happsy, and very little tossing during the night. It's also calming to know that the mattress is as organic and safe as one can be. The mattress itself is quite firm (we slept on it without the topper for the first three nights) and when you add the topper (latex) it softens it an ideal amount. There was a bit of an odor for a few days but it dissipated shortly thereafter. Unpacking the mattress is a hoot, have your video camera ready as it quickly inflates before your eyes. The only downside to the entire process is the amount of plastic sheeting used in the packing. It would be admirable if they found an environmentally friendly means of packing their product. So far, the product is outstanding and we highly recommend the Happsy mattress and latex topper.

A Great Mattress

Just bought a Happsy mattress and I couldn't be happier. Slept on it the first night and there was zero chemical smell! It is soft and super comfortable! I highly recommend this mattress!

Happy with our Happsys

This is the 2nd mattress we've bought from Happsy. We bought our first last year after extensive research. Happsy was the only one that was entirely organic and within our price range. We needed a new mattress because my husband was waking with neck and back pain. He's a stomach and back sleeper who tends to sleep hot, while i sleep on my side and easily get cold. Both of us love our mattress and sleep incredibly comfortably.

THE HUNT- After a long

THE HUNT- After a long on-line search, reading endless articles and mattress comparisons, I finally came upon the MATTRESS OF MY DREAMS. Happsy fit all my criteria in a mattress: all natural and organic materials, superb craftsmanship, a simple, clean design (yes looks count) and handmade in the USA. Feeling like Goldilocks, I sought a mattress that was not too firm as a predominant side sleeper yet firm enough for back support. Lastly, but importantly a mattress that was under 11” deep to accommodate my tall four poster bed. No easy feat but Happsy had it all. I was sold! THE SERVICE: Communicating on line tends to an be an impersonal ‘bot’ like experience... but not with Happsy. Perhaps because the business is family owned and run, the attention was immediate, warm and cordial. Their aim is to please and indeed they did. The Outcome: Delightful! True to their word, Happsy delivered precisely what they described. As I told Dale Happsy “My Happsy makes me very happy:).”

I ordered a Happsy mattress

I ordered a Happsy mattress in a Queen size in early November because I wanted to downsize from my Kingsize bed. I realized after only a week that this was a mistake but it took me about six weeks to build up guts to call the company to see if I could return and order a Kingsize. After they stopped laughing they said "Sure" and made it happen. Their customer service is magnificent--clear and responsive, whatever the issue. The bed is spectacularly wonder. I am 78 with pretty severe lower back arthritis and am used to getting up in the morning pretty bent over until I can apply some heat. This has not been the case since I got the first mattress back at the beginning of November. It is rare these days to have a purchase be completely satisfactory in every way--ordering, customer service, quality beyond expectations. I have known a couple friends who told me their excellent happsy experiences and I'm pleased to be able to add my opinion.

Sleeping soundly

We had a temperpedic that needed replacing and I wanted to go more eco-friendly. We sleep great! Not too firm, not too soft (we have topper). I have some lower back pain and hip pain after all day hiking etc so the mattress matters. So happy I can sleep well and feel good about my purchase.

Firm enough to support my

Firm enough to support my back and at the same time very comfortable. It is nontoxic and organic - exactly what I wanted. I love it!

Amazing to have stress I

Amazing to have stress I can start to sleep on immediately, rather than having to wait weeks/months for it to stop off-gassing. Doesn’t hurt that it’s so cozy :)

Really comfortable and organic

Having sweet dreams on my new mattress.

Easy purchasing, fast delivery, simple

Easy purchasing, fast delivery, simple set up. Very comfortable!

Great mattress for a great price

We really wanted to be mindful of the products going into our mattress and unfortunately, that is expensive. Thanks to Happsy, it is very affordable. At first, we didn't think we would like the mattress. It felt too hard. After several months, we love it!

Happsy Queen mattress

I am SOOOOO thankful to Irina I read labels for you because if it weren't for her thorough review of this company, I would not be experiencing the quality sleep that I need. I used to wake up with severe lower back pain and even went to a chiropractor about it and massage therapists. I had no idea it was my previous mattress. After two night of sleeping on my new HAPPSY mattress the back pain started to dissipate and now after a couple weeks it is GONE! I am a side sleeper and just purchased the topper. I can't wait to sleep on it! I also bought the organic sheets and I am very happsy I did! Thank you for making this mattress for people like me who are concerned for the environment and my health. we are all interconnected.

Love Happsy

Excellent customer service! Comfy mattress. Thanks Happsy!

No fears!

I was apprehensive of buying a mattress I hadn’t seen. It’s been a great experience! So comfortable and no awful, chemical smells.

Impressive company & mattress!! No topper needed

Waited a couple of months to write my review so I could really test out the mattress. The verdict is in - I am thrilled with the purchase & the company - made in USA (same facility as naturepedic!), grassroots marketing, impressive customer service... I did not get the topper, figured I could add it later if needed, but turns out the mattress is the PERFECT firmness for me without. I find it to be soft, supportive and so comfortable. Go for it!!

Just received my daughter’s mattress

Just received my daughter’s mattress a few days ago and she loves it! It’s soft and comfortable.

Worth it

Spent a ton of time trying to find a mattress that fit the environmental standards we were looking for and was comfortable. Eventually we landed on Happsy and couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. We got the King and would recommend to anyone in the market.

Awesome mattress!

I can comfortably say that after almost a month with this mattress I am sooooo happy! My fiancee at first wasn't sure she'd like the feel of a mattress with springs instead of an all foam mattress, but after the first three nights on our Happsy mattress she couldn't deny how great of a sleep she was getting as opposed to the classic memory foam options she had been used to. We both sleep pretty warm and we are both amazed at how COOL this mattress is able to stay. SUCH A DIFFERENCE from our prior memory foam mattresses. I will say that I love the level of firmness on this bed and she wishes it were a bit more 'plush' so we are looking into possibly getting the mattress topper from Happsy. But overall if you want a great mattress that stays cool and super comfortable with great support, AND IS ORGANIC, this is a great option!

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