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Hampton And Rhodes Mattress Reviews

Hampton and Rhodes is a brand of mattress retailer Mattress Firm, which owns west coast mattress retailer Sleep Train. This mattress is their economical counterpart to the normal name brand mattresses that cost more. One of their more popular products is the 'Aruba' hybrid mattress that comes with 7 layers of cooling and comfort foam, and a second layer of pocketed springs with a 'sale' price point of $599. That said, where you get value, you don't get detailed information on where the mattress was made or the specifics of the material.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.6/10

Price: $189-$699

Trial Period: No Trial

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Hampton And Rhodes's Specifics

Hampton & Rhodes is a mattress line that is sold exclusively in through Mattress Firm retailers, both online and in-store. These mattresses come in both spring options and memory foam varieties. With a multitude of firmness options, most customers can find a mattress that is initially comfortable for them, but there are some that had issues with durability and quality.

If you are looking for long term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses, which will help steer you on your search.

Quality of Materials

Hampton and Rhodes manufactures three different lines of mattresses: memory foam, innerspring, and pillow top. Their focus is on super affordable mattresses and some customers have complained about the quality of the mattresses against other mid-cost alternatives.

The pros: The mattresses are extremely affordable for in-store offerings.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and quality issues.

Mattress Types

We'll go through each of Hampton and Rhodes' mattress lines in detail.

Memory Foam

Hampton and Rhodes' memory foam mattress is the 8'' Cool Gel Mattress. The 8'' Cool Gel mattress has a top layer of cooling gel that dissipates heat. Beneath that is support foam to provide the bed with a foundation. Most customers find this mattress to be initially comfortable, but there were some complaints about sagging over a short time.

The pros of this mattress is that it is extremely affordable for a memory foam mattress.

The cons are that reviewers report quicker sagging with these mattresses.

Price Range: $299-$599

Final Score: 7.9 / 10


Hampton and Rhodes offers more innerspring and hybrid options than any of the other types of mattresses. Its mid-grade selection is the Trinidad 10.5'' Hybrid. It comes with two layers of soft foams over an array of pocket springs. If you are heavy, this could lead to feeling the coils directly, which would not be ideal.

The pros: Extremely reasonable price for a pocket coil system and hybrid options.

The cons: There are reports of quality control issues with these, including beds breaking down quickly.

Price Range: $299-$789

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

Pillow Top

Hampton and Rhodes has three options for pillow top mattresses: two innerspring and one hybrid blend. The mid-grade HR340 10.5'' Pillow Top mattress comes with a low-profile foam stitched pillow top over another layer of foam. Below that is the pocket spring system, which gives the bed support.

The pros: classic pillow top offering at a very affordable price.

The cons: Reviewers report quality issues and durability issues.

Price Range: $329-$939

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

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Literally, THE best purchase I've ever made!

I bought this mattress about two weeks ago. I like to run, a lot, and my back was awfully sore. My doctor, Dr. Richard Nygaurd, recommended I get a new mattress. After careful consideration, I selecting this cooling memore foam mattress. It is literally amazing! I simply love it! Now, after my second night run, my back feels supported and happy! Four thumbs up!

Great purchase!

Very good quality mattress. Better that I expected. Delivery was fast and fabulous. Great deal too. Very happy customer.

awful mattress

I have had this bed for almost a year and I can tell you with utmost certainty that although these prices are cheap it only reflects the condition of the bed. It has absolutely no padding, unless you want a bed that creaks every time you move around on it then I would not recommend buying this. I have to buy a topper to make it decent at best. not to mention their delivery was atrocious.

Avoid !

This is not a great mattress at all! It does not provide the support that one needs. This mattress should be marketed for a camper trailer or something similar. This is not something you would want to sleep on long tern nor is it something you would want your children or guests to sleep on. I would return it but there is a $75 return fee - and the mattress is not worth it. Lessoned learned. Period.

Excellent purchase!

Purchased for our son. He loves it!! He said his bed was like sleeping on a cloud!

Cool Mattress

I received my mattress a couple days ago. I ordered it on the 11th and it got here on the 14th. It feels nice and cool, however, I wouldn't recommend this mattress to side sleepers. It's more on the firmer side than I expected. other than that, l it's a great mattress.

WOW, A Great Deal, and Great Quality!!!

It's nice to get a good quality item for a fair price!! Very comfortable, so happy with this mattress!! And got it fast and Free delivery....WOW... Thank you!!!!

I'm in love!

This mattress is a perfect medium! I feel so happy and at peace when I lay on it. I feel back pain going away. This is definitely money well spent!

Very Comfortable!

I bought this a week ago. The delivery was fast and easy, and the mattress was even better. I have always wanted a gel mattress and I finally found one in reach. Thanks Mattress Firm!

Good Value

Very pleased with comfort and value! Better than many higher priced mattresses!

good service.

i got the 8 inch cool gel memory foem matters. it is quite nice and the delivery was timely and easy.

Worst Mattress Ever

This mattress comes in 2 parts. 1 is a base mattress that is hard as a rock. The second part is a squishy gel memory foam topper that is squishy and soft. So when you lay down you think oh this is comfortable but then you hit the concrete mattress below and realize that joy was briefly experienced.

Worst mattress ever

I was very happy with this mattress for the first 6 months. After that it started sagging and after only 1 year is very uncomfortable.

Body Pain

Bought this mattress December 2017 and hubby and I are going to throwit out. There's a huge dip in the middle of the mattress and we are a tall and lean couple, not overweight at all. Lately I've been waking up with severe lower body pain and he's been waking up with an achy back. You're literally trying to keep your biddy from rolling into the middle all night long, whether you realize it or not. In tired of g fighting with this mattress. It's affecting my quality of life and I curse the day that I bought it.

Outer space bed!!! Jetsons Life

I reviewed bed in a box for weeks,, I have always been a innerspring buyer until the springs are gone,tried a pillow top and had major back pain. I debated cause I weigh 200 pounds and didn't think it would hold my weight,,and went to the store to lay on them, firm,med,plush and plush was off the list it's like a pillow, they told me to go for a hybrid 10-14 inches the higher the better,but my budget was under 500.00 and this med firm was 399.00 great deal,it feels and looks like it should be in the thousands, after the plastic was taken off it expanded in seconds with very little smell and I sprayed it with disinfectant from other reviews,,it was a site to see right out of the Jetsons!!!! I love love my new bed,, only one down side you can't sit on the edge of the bed it sink's!!! ,so I sit in a chair to put shoes on now!!!

Best night's sleep but be CAREFUL when you OPEN!

Let me start by saying that my son is home from college and we needed another bed since his is up with him. Not wanting to spend too too much on another bed we went with this mattress and the metal frame so he can store under it. He's always had back/neck problems and who knew that he's had the best night's sleep ever on THIS inexpensive mattress! He said it's too comfortable and he doesn't want to get out of bed! Ok now the BAD- when I cut the plastic to release the mattress from the 'tube' they'd shrunk it to, it exploded knocking me back to the wall!! Just like that dough that comes out of a can! It HURT too! But I had to laugh because I've never seen a mattress shipped rolled up before and was very skeptical. I survived. I'd caution this company to put a WARNING on the package because a small child or pet could really be hurt when this thing explodes out of the packaging. Great Value that's for sure.

Wonderful mattress at an incredible price!

I've been sleeping on the new mattress I purchased from Mattress Firm for three weeks now, and I have to say, I am super happy with this buy. I had gone to a local store to inquire about it, and while the sales agent wasn't able to show me the mattress because it's only sold on the company's website, I was able to get a sense of what to expect in firmness from the comparable floor samples. A few weeks later I bought the mattress, and it arrived very quickly. I was shopping around a lot because I'm on a budget, and I'm so glad I came across this mattress. Even with a much bigger budget I would choose the same one, I literally haven't slept so soundly in years, and this mattress is the reason for that!


The mattress was hard at first, but after a few days it became comfortable and soft.

Arrived with speckle stains while still in plastic

Bought new. Has warranty but stains void warranty. Have pictures upon delivery had speckle stains while still sealed in plastic but stains prevent exchange or refund. Isnt a horrible mattress but can still feel springs. Sleeps well with 3+ inch gel topper but that means mattress itself is lacking. 4 out of 10

Good buy.

Very happy with this purchase. Would definitely recommend.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago and I'm glad I did very comfortable reasonably priced I will be making a purchase from them again

Shipping fast quality poor

There is no memory foam in that mattress what so ever and I’m so upset

Super comfortable!

This mattress has been Fabulous! Comfortable with the right amount of support!

Very comfortable.

I was having trouble finding a new bed that wouldn't give me pain in the upper back at night. I decided to try this one and I am glad I did. I get a very comfortable sleep every night. No more back problem when I wake up for me.

Pleasantly surprised!

My husband and I were moving into our first house together after being long distance so we weren’t together to pick out a mattress. We went to stores separately and both agreed that the Hybrid mattresses were our favorite! But boy, did they get pricey. I did some exploring online and came across this one for an unbeatable price! We heard a lot of horror stories about buying mattresses online but we just said whatever because to us it was just a mattress. It was delivered quickly and rolled up like a foam mattress which we were not expecting and made us nervous that it was going to be too thin. After opening it and letting it expand- we were in heaven!!! This mattress is just the perfect amount of firmness and comfiness. I think we would have picked this one out had we seen it in person in the store! We’ve had it for about 3 weeks now and it’s still in the same shape it was when it got here (no dips). This was such a great find and for taking a chance on an online mattress we are so pleased and wake up every morning saying how good we slept!

Great Price Online

I had been shopping on line checking prices & to see what I wanted, I went into a local mattress firm & the sales guy said I couldn't get the mattress I saw on line locally and that wouldn't even be able to buy the one I saw on line because they couldn't ship it because no store local carried it. That wasn't the case at all I do feel bad for the local retailers because they just cant compete with the online prices. I was a little nervous purchasing something on line that I hadn't tested or tried out, I did go into a few local mattress stores and laid on this same type of mattress and was able to decide that a hybrid mattress was the one for me. Price was great, shipping was free, the only downside was I had to assemble the box spring myself but it wasn't too bad.

Bought based off reviews

Was skeptical about buying without trying first but purchased based on positive reviews. Owned for two months now and very satisfied.

one year old and already sinking

I bought this mattress online..that part was easy and the price was great...however the mattress has already sunk leaving the sides ( about 8 inches from edge) higher than rest of mattress..I also rotate this mattress every couple of months...and I followed the receiving instructions...if you have back and neck issues as I do, this is not the mattress for you.

Great mattress for a great price!

Purchased this mattress about 3 months ago in a California King and was hesitant before trying it out in stores, but I had nothing to worry about. The mattress is true to size, true to color and design and is so soft! I have gotten my best night's sleep on this mattress (so do my 2 German Shepherds). The only complaint I have is that because it arrives rolled up, the corners of the mattress have never fully expanded and feel like they sink in, for this reason only I have exchanging it for a new one in hopes that it will expand fully like the rest of the bed. Other then that I am extremely happy and would recommend this mattress to anyone. Not too firm, not too soft it's perfect! Fits me, my boyfriend and both of my German Shepherds and could probably fit a 3rd one :)

What a wonderful mattress

Well purchased about a month ago and was somewhat apprehensive since I had not had the opportunity to try it out, but boy I was so happy with my experience and I would definitely recommend this mattress sleeping is wounderful I love it

Best of both worlds

When I and my husband decided we had enough of our hand me down mattress, we went to the Mattress Firm store to try different beds before deciding on one. The clerk at the store was wonderful and helped us determine what kind of mattress suited us. We definitely wanted a hybrid, since it has memory foam on top for comfort and a coil mattress on the bottom for support. The ones in the store lean more towards their higher end mattresses and we knew we did not want to finance. I had read the reviews on this mattress prior to us going into the store and asked if they had it in store, which they did not. We decided to gamble it and bought this without laying on it first. I am so thankful every morning we did. It’s so comfortable and molds to your body, but still offers support. We have never slept better!!

It's been a great matress

Bought this matress in 2015 and it still feels fantastic on my back. I had initially tired it without box springs but it is much better with the box springs. I will buy it again when the time comes. Shipping was great.

Couldn't be more pleased

I bought this mattress online and paid under $300.00 during a July 4th sale in I went to the brick-and-mortar stores and tested out mattresses, looked into the pricing, the finance options. And I settled on this one. Talk about a major score!!! I am beyond pleased with this mattress. I fall asleep pretty much immediately, since I'm not tossing around trying to get comfortable. Not the case with my old mattress-- which required a foam mattress topper from the first night I slept on it, until I bought this new one. ( It was under another name that started with "A"!at the website, but was told the Trinidad was the same model. I also did not know Hampton and Roades was Mattress Firm's "house " brand, until a sales associate at one of the stores told me). It arrived at my door, rolled up in a box, which to me was a bit concerning at first. But, boy was I wrong! I highly recommend this mattress!!!!!

Over 2 years still amazing

Me and my husband bought this mattress in the summer of 2015. Still amazing to this day. He is around 185 lbs and im 125 lbs. Every guest we have had over have asked us what mattress we have, it is so comfy. We do not like to sink into out mattress, this is the perfect amount of firm-ness.

Best mattress ever!

We just got this mattress and it has by far exceeded our expectations. Very comfortable.

Good for the first 4 months

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE BED!!!DO NOT BUY THIS BED!!!This bed was decent for about the 4 months I had it and it started to sink in. I'm the only person who sleeps on it and I'm not a heavy person 165 lbs. There should be no reason for the bed to sink like it has. I followed the receiving instructions to a T. Do not buy this bed if you have any back or neck issues. I wish I could take this bed back and a get it refunded. This is a huge regret buying this bed. Nice price is the only good thing I can say on this but cheap price cheap quality. Don't buy this mattress!!

Absolutely wonderful

I bought this a little more than two years ago and was just remarked this morning, for the umpteenth time, how much I love the mattress. My husband and I are amazed that we found it online for such an affordable price. We rotate as directed (quarter-turn) semi-regularly and have never experienced divets or sunken spots. It's still firm enough for him but soft enough for me --sleeps like a dream.

Awesome mattress

I am buying a second set for when I go home to my parents !!! I love this mattress.

Pleasantly surprised!

I never thought I would buy a mattress on-line, but I'm glad I trusted the reviews. I really like this mattress. I have a permanent neck injury from a car accident. I am finally sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning without pain.

It is the best purchase!

We were looking to get rid of my close to 15 year mattress but we were tight on money. We looked into buying a mattress in other stores, but it was so expensive. I came home and found Mattress Firm and this bed, but I was weary to buy without trying first. Let me tell you, the saying you get what you pay for is wrong when it comes to this bed. I am so happy this worked out so well. It is comfy, it is supportive in all the right places but still hugs you like you want a mattress to. Overall I am thrilled with this product and will continue to buy this product in the future! If you feel cautious about buying this as I was, do it! I promise you that you wont regret it!

Love it!

I love this mattress. I've never had such a good night sleep. It is so comfortable. I agree with some other comments on here, such as "memory foam" in the title of the product, though not in the extended description. I, too, was skeptical when it came rolled up tightly in a box, but it expanded almost immediately and it's fantastic.

Bad choice for bad backs!!

This bed might be okay for people with no back, neck or hip injuries, and it seemed like good deal, but if you do have any issues, avoid it. I felt like I had been hit by a truck every morning no exaggeration, and since I do sleep fine on some resort/hotel mattresses it wasn't just my body injuries causing it. I gave it 2 stars simply because my husband slept ok, but then he sleeps reclined in the car no problem either. Another problem? I weigh 125 , my husband 165, and the bed had sag marks where we laid after just about 4 months. Not acceptable.

Wonderful mattress

Bought a new mattress bc mine was 13 yrs old... I get a good nights sleep and don't wanna get up in the mornings.


So far so good, sleep very well on this mattress. Can't beat the price.

comfy and soft

I just got my mattress like 3 weeks ago and it's been amazing. super comfy and soft. I was scared to buy it online without trying it but it was a good purchased and definitely recommend it

Perfect firmness

We bought this mattress 2 weeks ago for my spare bed room. We lay on the bed to watch TV sometimes and the firmness is perfect..Glad we bought this mattress for the price of $339. Came delivered by Fed-ex all rolled up shrunked up and vacuumed packed in a box...unrolled after cutting the plastic covering to reveal the PERFECT mattress.

Awesome Product!

Amazing my son absolutely loves the bed, says he can't get enough of it. Best sleeps he's got since starting college. Should have bought it a long time ago.

Fair value

It is what the sell price suggests, innerspring are not well padded. Place a 1 inch foam piece on it and will be good.

Best sleep in 7 years

I purchased this for my mother who has stage IV breast cancer with mets to spine and other area. She has been able to sleep through the entire night ever since I purchased this mattress and had it delivered directly to her home.

As promised

Easy online ordering. Fast delivery. Affordable price.

Very pleased !

Mattress exceeded our expectations ! Great price , and very comfortable

Very happy with purchase

Like a lot of people I was a little apprehensive on purchasing a mattress via on line. I have had this mattress for a little over a month and I am very happy with my purchase. It is a bit on the softer side of firm, however I would make this purchase again.

Very comfortable bed, what expected.

Received mattress timely, comfortable bed, as expected.

wife really likes

Had it about a week. Wife wasn't comfortable with our new memory foam. This really works for her.

Awesome sleep at a decent price

Bought this mattress for our 5th wheel in cal. king and we are loving it. Support and comfort too. Also impressive how easy it was to get it in and up the stairs although heavy. It did take two of us and we had to flip it over after unrolling but before cutting the plastic covering as the coils were on top and we would never be able to flip it once it was fully expanded. Still much easier than moving a bulky and large mattress up stairs and through small doorways. Wish I had taken video of the expansion. It was pretty cool to watch.

Excellent bed for the price

We bought two of these for guest bedrooms and couldn't be happier. They are exactly as advertised and a real bargain. The delivery went very smoothly and was right on time. Thanks!


Very happy with the purchase. Didnt realize we needed to put together the box spring but we figured it out pretty easy.

very comfortabe

The mattress arrived in a roll. My husband had to drag the old out of the bedroom and drag the old in. It was difficult to put up there and to cut the paper and plastic off without cutting the mattress. We will do this again, we will buy from the store and get delivered.

Don't buy this mattress

Advertisement said Firm. I've had it since Labor Day 2016, today is Sept 26 and it's already sagging in the middle. Disappointed.

Great Mattress

It's been 2 weeks so far and we couldn't be happier. The mattress is absolutely amazing. It's very comfortable. Was weary about buying one online but the overall experience was phenomenal. Great work. Will buy another for sure!!!

Love it!

I bought this particular mattress because several of the reviews said it was a bit too firm and that's exactly what I needed! It has the perfect amount of support for me and I have no more back pain or knee pain! Fantastic mattress!

Super comfortable!

I bought this a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it, the top is super soft and it's very comfortable, you can barely feel the other person get up andoing if they roll over you feel no movement.

Amazing bed- great for the price!

I recently had to buy a new mattress thanks to my mothers cat. I didn't want to spend $1,000, but I wanted a quality mattress. I found this mattress and decided I would try it. It came within a week, vaccuumed sealed in a box. It was so easy to open and after a few days it was in its full form. No nasty chemical smell either. My fiancé and I have never had a better sleep! We LOVE it! Definitely recommended. :)


This mattress was exactly what my wife and I were looking for. Not too firm not too soft but just right. The top is silky smooth and the best mattress I've ever owned.

Firm and comfy.

I've had this mattress for a couple weeks now. I love the shipping. It was kinda fun unrolling it, cutting the package, and watching it puff up from about an inch to full size. Got a firmer one than usual, but getting used to it. Paired it with a platform instead of boxsprings. Like it a lot more. It does move and there's extra storage.

Good bed for the money.

Resting much better, fewer pains in the morning. Very satisfied with this bed.

Sore back!

I bought this matters 4 months ago and I've never had a good night sleep since! I always preferred firm mattresses but this is something else! It's as good as sleeping on the floor. My back and my shoulders are so extremely sore from sleeping on this mattress that some nights I sleep on the couch to recover! I wish I had never bought it since it has greatly impacted my quality of life. I have to take advil everyday just so I could go to work. Do not waste your money on this mattress, you'll regret it. Very painful life lesson to never buy a mattress online without trying it first.

Best Sleep in a Long Time

I haven't slept this well in a long time. The packaging is a little off-putting, but its worth the time it takes to expand. I was afraid it would be too soft, but it is truly a firm mattress and my husband and I hate getting out of bed in the morning now because it's so comfortable. I have asthma and this mattress has helped keep my wheezing under control as I don't sink in like I was on our old mattress. Great product so far. Will definitely recommend.

Firm and comfy!

I purchased a king sized hybrid bed a and I LOVE it! When we opened it up, it unrolled and was full sized almost immediately. I was surprised how firm it was, which was what I wanted, and it has been a great support for my back as I recently had an injury. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I would highly recommend this mattress at this point in time!


This bed was purchased to eventually be a guest bed. It has been so comfy we are now considering just getting another for the guest room. Time will tell however as we have had problems with other beds over time. So far awesome!

Good mattress for the price

It's not as firm as we expected but a good mattress for the kids. My son likes it.

Great Bed!

This bed replaced an expensive stearns and foster that was sagging. It doesn't not feel firm to the touch or if you put your knee right into it from standing position it has plenty of give. Conforms to hips well. Its very good for side sleeping. Plenty of support for comfortable stomach sleeping. My wife was skeptical Ordering online without trying. I would say shopping by body weight is a good idea. We are in the 170 range and this does well for us. I sleep on my back a lot and no problems. I'm a truck driver and I've been on much firmer beds thinking I wouldn't do well and turned out had a great nights sleep. I figure I could add another layer of memory foam if needed anyway. The pocketed springs isolate movement in the bed well. I sleep odd hours and wife really startled me when I awoke to her next to me, I had no idea she got in bed lol. It's that good! We are both happy with this bed.

Spectacular bed!

THEY DID IT! I don't write reviews EVER. This is a great bed! It's strikes the balance of being firm and soft some how. I feel like dancing in the mornings. Angel wings weren't listed as stuffing but they must have left it off as to not offend. I feel like a better person and taller due to the Hampton Rhodes freaking bones rest in so much peace these days.

Listed as plush but more stiff

My displeasure is more to do with my sleeping style. I sleep on my side so I need a more plush mattress. This mattress is listed as plush but it is not. But for the price I just ordered a topper to accommodate the stiffness and make it more plush. The build is good and looks good. Just not great for side sleepers without a pillow topper.

Sleeping good....

We bought this bed for our daughter. We set it up at her apartment a week ago. She absolutely loves it and is sleeping better than she has in quite a while. The only issue is the top and bottom of the bed did not rise like the rest of the bed, especially the corners. It's on a platform, and she did not sleep in it for 48 hours, which would've been Friday night. It's now Wednesday and the corners and top and bottom still have not raised up like the rest of the bed. Bummed over that aspect of the bed, but as far as comfort, she loves it! Perhaps someone could tell us if there is something that can be done to fix this issue. For this reason, will only give 4 stars.

Poor quality Buyer Beware

Worst mattress ever owned. Bought straight thru mattress firm and there crooked policies. This bed is hard as cement and after only 2 weeks started sagging. I only weigh 115 lbs. Hampton and Rhodes is poor quality bedding. Would not recommend buying even your dog one of these mattresses.

I tried 100 mattress in the stores and this is the one I chose

I had suffered lately with a lot of pain in one hip for unknown reasons and wanted a firm but giving mattress. I tried out hundreds of them over several days in various stores. I found that this one was the combination of firmness and support, with some cushioning on the top which actually did make every part of my body feel supported and cradled in luxury.

I love my new mattress and while I've never heard of this brand, I sleep all through the night without waking for the first time in years and get up every day feeling great. This has the support for my whole body I wanted while also having a foam top layer that gives a and cushions my joints. It's really nice. I always wanted a very firm mattress and have been sleeping on only a yoga mat for a while but this has made me realize that a pillow top mattress that is on the firm side is really the way to go for joint pains and aches. Love this mattress!

Mattress induced Coma!

The mattress is AMAZING, most probably because in the hybrid technology. My hypothesis is that the coil springs under the memory foam do not allow the foam to compress to the extent that they would otherwise. Not collapsing under my 350 pounds 6 foot plus weight, as the foam has help from the springs. Tossing and turning are a thing of the past. Honestly it's like a mattress induced coma.. talk about a restful sleep! I truly love Amazon but I bought this directly through Mattress Firm for $519 on special. wHen the bed arrived it rolled out at maybe four inches thick and I was skeptical. the bed did however perform as advertised.

Awesome mattress

This is the best mattress I've ever purchased. I have spinal scoliosis and I can finally sleep through the night. I wake up without the back pain and can walk.

Good quality. I've had it for a few months ...

Mattress arrived on time, and as described. Good quality. I've had it for a few months now, and still love it. I was honestly expecting the quality and comfort to be much lower given the price. I am happy to have been wrong though! I would order again!

No more stupid springs! This mattress is wonderful

Thank God! No more stupid springs! This mattress is wonderful.

Mattress Firm had a MLK day sale...

Mattress Firm had a MLK day sale and I took advantage of that. I walked into the store and there were two sales reps who greeted me. One of them took the lead and asked me if they could help and what I was looking for so I told them. Based on my budget, she showed me the value section, and then we started with the mid-grade and tried about five or six different mattresses. I got to lie on all of them and test them out. I got the Hampton and Rhodes which came with box springs and I got the upgraded version. It has a gel on top and it's really comfortable. The delivery guys came right when they said they would.

Mattress Firm had a MLK day sale...

Mattress Firm had a MLK day sale and I took advantage of that. I walked into the store and there were two sales reps who greeted me. One of them took the lead and asked me if they could help and what I was looking for so I told them. Based on my budget, she showed me the value section, and then we started with the mid-grade and tried about five or six different mattresses. I got to lie on all of them and test them out. I got the Hampton and Rhodes which came with box springs and I got the upgraded version. It has a gel on top and it's really comfortable. The delivery guys came right when they said they would.

My boyfriend and I purchased a 'top rated' mattress...

My boyfriend and I purchased a 'top rated' mattress back in August 2016. All of the things we went into mattress firm to buy a new mattress for, the sales rep stated this very specific mattress wouldn't do these things within the 8 years we are supposed to keep it. Well- it's February and the mattress is already doing all of those things. Creasing- bunching- super uncomfortable. We have back issues and this is the recommended mattress for us from the sales rep. I refuse to pay for a stupid claim since that's how they work apparently when this shouldn't be happening already. We were talked into the 90-day payment plan and it was the worst agreement we could have came to. THIS IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD on top of all of the misleading we were provided. I have contacted the BBB with this as well. I hope to have a solid resolution out of it. End of story- I will not recommend the company nor the Hampton and Rhodes Hana mattress.

A Mattress Firm store was close...

A Mattress Firm store was close to my home and I bought a Hampton and Rhodes mattress from them. I liked walking into the store because I liked all the sales representatives that were there. They were all welcoming and were energetic. They showed me many different options. They knew exactly what I needed. The checkout was convenient, too. I liked that mattress and it met my expectation, but after one year of using it, the mattress started sagging. Mattress Firm gave me store credit and I had to go get another mattress during Christmastime. So far, I like my new mattress and it’s been working fine. It was an excellent experience with Mattress Firm.

Poor quality

Pillow top is totally done, with a huge valley after a year and a half after paying $200 at mattress firm, junk


Worst mattress ( memory foam) we ever bought. Within 6 mos. we had no support and painful backs. We rotate this mattress 45 degrees every 30 days and still no relief. if we could give this a half star we would. We paid full price, not on sale at the time, because we needed something immediately. Wish we had done our homework and read the reviews.

No Warranty!!!!

I bought a Hampton and Rhodes mattress about 4 years ago. I started bunching up in certain places on top of the pillow top. It was supposed to have a 10-year warranty. I filed a warranty claim through Mattress Firm since that is where I bought it from and they came back and voided my warranty saying because I had improper frame which is not true. I have a good frame support that has 5 legs with a middle suppot and leg. My box spring is strait as an arrow on the top of it as it showed in all the pics I gave them. They just don't want to honor a warranty claim. Beware !!! I do not recommend buying any mattress from them as they will not honar a warranty claim!!!!!

Saggy mattress

I purchased my mattress 2years ago, the tag has a date of April 2017 which makes it 2 1/2 years old. It is a king size,my husband and I are small frame so there is no reason why it should be sagging I'm the middle it's like climbing out of and pot every morning. Is there any thing you can do, I paid over 1000,00 at Mattress Form in Goose Creek,S.C. Please l have serve back problems.

Hampton&Rhodes pillow top

I've had my pillow top twin bed for less than 3 years and it already sags in the middle. It has started to hurt my back. It was poorly made. I would be better sleeping on a air mattress.

Springs came through matress after 8months

I bought two matress sets 1 of the pillow tops and 1 basic for my 15 yr old daughter from matress firm. Right off when she sat down u could hear the springs, we put matress pads and even a foam topper but nothing seemed to help. Every move she made there was a crunch noise. After I months she noticed a spring came through the top of the matress so we threw it in the trash. She weighs 135lbs and is 5ft 9in. She is tall but not over weight by far. Now the pillow top we bought we are still using but I wake up everyday with lower back pain. The springs have broken down already and there is a dent where myself and my husband sleep. The way the mattresses are made there's no way to flip them over, we just turn it upside down every 6months. The prices are good but do not expect the bed to last.

Hampton Mattress

I purchased a queen size from Mattress Firm. in 2018. The mattress has lumps and you you kinda roll in the middle. because of this its difficult to get out of bed in the morning. My body even aches until i get up and move around. My son, 44 y/o, tried it out and he confirmed the issues i am having. I paid $570 18 months ago with a 10 year warranty. I have sent emails on 3/1 and have not heard anything. I just want a discount on a new mattress. I am sooooooooooooo disappointed i was hoping this would be the last mattress i purchased since I am on a fixed income now.


I bought a twin size matress and box spring approximately 5 years ago with a store in Durham , North Carolina. The mattress started to deteriorate and the large dangerous springs have to be covered and after careful examination too late the box spring is a shabby and I could of made it with fabric ,wood ,and a staple gun ? from home depot. The price was $ 400.00 or more and this was a mistake however a valuable consumer lesson. I am a AARP member and I will share this info with them. I am 73 years young and would purchase a air mattress from Target if need be. They hsve excellent products and customer care.

Poor quality

I had a BeautyRest forever, decided to upgrade. Big mistake. This Hampton & Rhodes has gone from too soft, to too hard and coily and I weigh 165 pds at 5'8. And, it's unraveling constantly and there's a hole around the edge of one of the corners. 4 year old mattresses, only two sleepers, and I kept a mattress cover for the first 3 years. That helped with the unraveling. I gave two stars, because it was only 300 bucks, and better than the floor. But, if you're looking long term, look elsewhere!

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