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Hästens Mattress Reviews

Hästens is an ultra-luxury brand of mattress that is hand-crafted in Sweden and sticks to the basics of high end natural materials and crafstmanship. The materials used in a Hästens mattress include horsehair, wool, cotton, and other natural materials without the use of latex or memory foam. Customers report feeling invigorated by this mattress, but there were some durability concerns about the top layer -- which can be independently replaced for a fee.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $3500-$65000

Trial Period: No Trial

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Hästens's Owner Satisfaction

We all want to see what customers are saying before we buy a product -- especially a pricy one. That said, it can be a more difficult prospect when browsing countless brands and other sites. In our analysis of sentiment and reviews, we found that sleepers score these mattresses above average. However, some didn't feel as comfortable. Study more about the mattress specifics below.

Hästens's Supportiveness

Mattress support is one of the most important things to stomach and back sleepers. Side sleepers also need support to align the spine and neck while they sleep. For most, these mattresses are above average in terms of support. However, others had problems with the support so if you have a heavy build, make sure that your selection is right for you.

Edge Support
Most find these mattresses to provide good edge support. That said, there were some mixed reviews about the edge support.

Hästens's Durability

Mattresses don't provide as long-lived comfort as they used to. A mattress that continues to stay comfortable after 15 years is becoming rarer and rarer. But, finding a mattress that really is cozy for a long time can save you lots long term. These mattresses get mixed feelings on durability. Some customers report no problems, but others have issues with the durability over a shorter horizon than average.

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We worked with Barbro Sjötun

We worked with Barbro Sjötun at Hastens Soho and could not have had a better experience. Over the span of many visits, Barbro patiently took time to walk us through our many options. In addition to being an expert on Hastens and their amazing product line, she also seems to be an expert on sleep and had many insights that she was generous enough to share with us. Once we were ready to make the purchase, she was very responsive (even over weekends) - we could not be any happier with the service we were provided as well as the final product.

We worked with Saroya Garcia

We worked with Saroya Garcia and had a wonderful experience! She was knowledgeable, not pushy and extremely accommodating. She spent the time to help us understand the company, our options and find the best bed for us. She was responsive to our emails and even held the store open late one Friday night when we couldn't get out of work in time to get there before closing! We couldn't be happier with our Hastens bed and had a wonderful experience working with Soy!

Barbro is a mattress expert

Barbro is a mattress expert in addition to being just a genuinely nice and interesting person to talk to. She is familiar with all high end mattress brands and I've learned a lot from her. After owning my Hastens 2000T for 5 years I am back to buy another one for my weekend home.

I have been shopping for mattres

I have been shopping for mattress for a while. A friend recommended Hastens. Boy, it was the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Although I ended up with bedding materials not mattress, I was very impressed by Barbro's professionalism and her knowledge in this prestige product line. Thank you Barbro for your help today.

After being discouraged

After being discouraged by an unpleasant salesperson at the Upper East Side location. I ventured to the SoHo location where the salespeople were much friendlier. I ordered a very high end mattress in which I have waited three months to receive. After communicating with the team and having the date changed multiple time (by them) we settled on a date and time. That date came and they tried to deliver well before the delivery window. I made sure to accommodate this and did everything I could to make things run smoothing including co-ordinating alternate elevator use with the delivery. After everything was in the apartment and the movers had left I realized that the mattress that was delivered was not what I had ordered. Immediately contacting the company, who were confused, I was treated as though it was an error on my behalf. Rather than the concern of making sure i had the mattress that I had ordered three months ago the issues was the incorrect mattress and soon soon they could pick it up. When I asked about when I can expect mine (as it was scheduled for today) the response I received was, "I don't know". After a number of calls back and forth it was decided that the incorrect mattress would be picked up and the correct delivered at the same time. Then another phone call- the mattress is scheduled to be picked up but still no idea when my mattress that was ordered three months ago and had scheduled for delivery today would be arriving as they can't swap them on the same day. At the end of the day I'm still waiting on my mattress and I was treated with a bad attitude by all of the staff who didn't take any responsibility for their mistake. This isn't the high-end customer service you would expect from a high end store. Very disappointed.

This is a review for treatment

This is a review for treatment in their union square/flatiron location. Dean an elderly white stuffy male seemed incredibly uncomfortable that he had to help me (a brown skin woman). He called my son a she because he is completely ignorant about the Sikh faith. I wish I was not so angered by this experience but it's very hard to give someone so visibly racist the benefit of the doubt.

Worst value ever!

Worst value ever! $15,000 for a mattress that becomes hard as a rock. And their warranty is a total scam. When you call to complain, They send so-called technicians over who just turn a few buttons and then tell you that you may have a problem when they can't improve it. Then they lie to their supervisor on the report. Unbelievable. Stay away!

Wow, the men working here

Wow, the men working here ? superb,They were able to help me have bedding shipping out to California by the time I get back.The natural materials are a big selling point. And to rest on it feels like being in a supportive vat of whipped cream pure luxury.

I bought my Hastens bed

I bought my Hastens bed 8 years ago and I still look forward to sleeping on it every single night. The customer service is polite, friendly, and helpful. I recommend you take the time to test each bed out properly to make sure you're making the right choice. It makes you think seriously about what position you sleep in. They give you ample time to try everything, and will even give you a blanket and turn down the showroom lights. After all, it is a hefty investment. Also, they aren't kidding when they say you have to religiously flip the mattress during the first year or so to make sure it settles evenly. My salesperson would call me when it was time to flip it again. Now that is customer service!! Follow their advice, and you'll be the proud owner of a solid and comfortable mattress 8 years on.

Despite the high price

Despite the high price, Haastens has not bothered to resolve the issue with the mattress topper. There is too little stiching and, as a result, if two people sleep in the bed, the result is a large lump in the middle -- where the stuffing has shifted. When I went back and asked about this issue, I was told to walk on the topper. This is a ridiculous solution. Their sheets also shrink with normal washing. Definitely not worth the money.

After spending so much on a mattress

After spending so much on a mattress I would expect it to be comfortable for many years. I have clear indentations on the bed, and asked customer service to help remedy the issue. They came over and told me a needed a new topper for $3200, and then it would be fixed. I bought the topper and 2 months later, the issue was not resolved. Customer service came back over to evaluate and told me to walk on the mattress to even it out. Definitely not worth purchasing to go thru all this trouble. Also, they said the $3k topper would remedy,w which it had no effect except ripping e off yet again.

We purchased a bed from Hastens about a year ago

We purchased a bed from Hastens about a year ago and could not be more dissatisfied. We've attempted just about everything to make the bed more comfortable (taking the topper off, putting on a wool mattress pad, cotton pad...). The bed is NOT worth the price and the horse hair toppers are just plain uncomfortable for everyday use (in the store they will feel great). My suggestion is to look elsewhere. Also, the bed weighs a ton, they'll tell you to flip and rotate it every few months, plan on getting a few people to help.

I originally bought three Hasten beds

I originally bought three Hasten beds ($10,000+) for my home including a split king mattress/box-spring combo. Throughout the sales process, I was never warned of the issue of having a split king. The crack between the two mattresses has become a huge issue. In fact, they assured me that the crack was not an issue because of the pillow top that accompanied the bed. After contacting customer service for suggestions or for an appropriate remedy, what I expected was perhaps an offer to receive an additional mattress pad ($200) to help alleviate the feel of the crack. What I got was a "too bad for you" response. This to me, is unacceptable at these prices. Their customer service should be much better than this. If you buy one, better hope you do not ever have an issue with the bed.

I never thought about beds

I never thought about beds as an investment until I came here. The store is beautiful and staff super friendly. They even have their own parking lot which is rare in West Hollywood. A little bit about the actual experience.....I felt very little pressure to buy a bed. The associates were more than helpful in answering any questions that I had and the only thing they really wanted from me was to lie down and take a nap for 10-15 minutes. The product sells itself!!! The owner even invited me to come over and take a nap for a few hours (towards closing time). He didn't want to sell me a bed unless I really experienced it and enjoyed it. I had probably come into the store a half a dozen times by now. Each time I walked out empty handed. But every time I went in, they treated me as they would a new customer. Unlike other Hastens stores I have been to, this location also has a customer service team to visit local customers every 3 or 4 months to make sure the bed is working great and to massage the bed. They do require a little maintenance every now and then but it goes a long ways. A great product, awesome manufacturer warranty and superior customer service. I had to take the plunge.....What was I waiting for??? Long story short....I closed the deal and couldn't be happier!

The best bed in the world

The best bed in the world. Prices will range from 9000 all the way to 150,000. Yes. Dollars. Our salesperson (Peter) was professional but also friendly and just there to help you pick the best bed. We are happy with our Luxuria bed purchase and can't wait for it to arrive at our home.

First things first

First things first...if any company needs to see an example of outstanding customer service, look no further than the management and administration of Hastens on Beverly Blvd. My wife and I walked in to Hastens for the first time and were treated with the utmost respect and service. We ended up not only buying a mattress, but we also threw in some pillows, a mattress cover, and a comforter. Linus and Anna took excellent care of us. Just recently I also met Andre who was another absolute pleasure to speak to. One of the perks of Hastens is that you can choose a custom size bed. So my wife chose a slightly larger one. It turned out that standard sized sheets wouldn't fit our bed. So we called Hastens for help. Linus found us custom sheets and had them shipped to our home. The sheets fit perfectly. They are also very soft and strong. They have lasted very nicely. These beds are made with all natural "ingredients." So they don't harbor allergens like other beds. The beds are all handmade. The quality is so great that you never need to buy another bed again. They offer a 25 year warranty. And even offer a service to come out and flip and fluff your bed twice a year, for free. We have had our bed for 4 years now and it still feels like the first day. No pains. Sound sleeps. Sometimes, it's actually too comfortable. My wife can't keep her eyes open for more than 5 minutes after she enters the bed so we can never get through any movie together. So in conclusion, you invest once, and never really need to again, and on top of it you get service fit for kings for the rest of your life. You basically never have to worry about your bed. Someone is always watching out for you to make sure your purchase lasts and lasts.

I came to Hastens West Hollywood

I came to Hastens West Hollywood today to browse their selection of Swedish mattresses. The location of this Hastens is very central. It's on Beverly Blvd and Robertson. Beverly Blvd is lined with many high-end, hip furniture stores, so I wasn't expecting Hastens to stand out in my mind when compared to all the other stores. But surprisingly enough, I really enjoyed my experience at Hastens on Beverly! I found the owner to be down to earth, knowledgable and friendly. I liked how he really believes in his product and that he himself owns several Hastens beds due to the sheer quality and ergonomic support that each mattress provides. I liked how the store had a selection of all the different beds, from the very beautiful black fabric "Vividus" bed, which is thought to be the world's "most exclusive bed," to cute peach and white checkered twin beds for the children. My favorite? The country-quaint green and white checkered mattress at the far back left corner of the store. So cute!! So Spring!! The store itself looks very "Swedish." Light wood colored floors and most beds in the characteristic Hastens blue and white checkered cloth. I like the metal lift in the store for handicapped customers. I also like the ample free parking in the store front for customers as well! The silver/stainless steel accents are also a nice touch to the store's modern look. Hastens on Beverly is a really great place to shop! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the celebrities that bought from this Hastens, but no such luck today!

This store would be a great place to hang out

This store would be a great place to hang out and read the paper because the beds are so comfortable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and not pushy at all. Sverige är fantastiskt!

Terrible Customer Service

I would absolutely not recommend this company due to their poor customer service and being sold to on terms that they cannot fulfil. We placed the order with them based on their promises, but they have reneged - and all this is in the terms and conditions according to an email we have received from them, so there is nothing that we can about it. Communication is appalling. For a company that prides itself on sleep, they do not care about making life additionally stressful.

Sleep like a Baby

OK everyone here is the bottom line, the Hastens bed my wife and I bought is fantastic. You flip the horsehair topper and its like a new bed. We do this 4 times a year. In the beginning for a few years Hastens service team came out and flipped it for us but now we watched them and know what to do ourselves. We have been sleeping on this bed for about 15 years now, still amazing. We just ordered new comforters and sheets in different colour squares. Im not a fan of too many products but these beds are worth the bang for your buck. A big shout out to all the guys and gals at Hastens in the Los Angeles store, sleep on ! How cool would it be if they would start making beds in Trojan colours. Fight On !

This company...

We purchased Hasten bed this year. It’s not comfortable. We wrote emails to the company which promised to send bed doctors twice a year and provide 25yr warranty. But they don’t even reply. When I check online, I realized there is no customer support info for my location. Don’t buy!!!

Great Investment in your health

We bought our 2000T 4 years ago and would say it's the best investment we ever made. We have Hastens come out twice a year to adjust the mattress and they have been great. Since getting this mattress we no longer wake up in pain and look forward to sleeping. I recommend the medium firmness and stay away from the Hard firmness. This will be the last mattress we own.

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