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Green Tea

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The Green Tea infused mattresses are a signature of the Zinus mattress brand, which provides a variety of memory foam mattresses. When it comes to their Green Tea Memory Foam and Gel-Infused Green Tea ActiveFresh memory foam mattresses, most customers are able to get cozy initially, but there are many durability issues reported by customers of these mattresses.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

No Back Pain: 6.5/10

Price: $112-$485

Trial Period: No Trial

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Green Tea's Specifics

Zinus carries two mattresses that feature Green Tea infused memory foam: The Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress and the Gel-Infused Green Tea ActivFRESH Memory Foam Mattress. Both of these mattresses come with an all-foam design, which we'll go through below. Overall, customers like their green tea mattresses at first, but there are some complaints about durability and firmness.

If you are interested in finding the best rated mattresses at competitive prices, find out what other customers are saying -- see our list of top rated mattresses.

Quality of Materials

While the Gel-Infused version comes with three layers of foam, the original memory foam version comes with two layers of foam. We'll go through each of the options below:

Cover Layer: The top cover layer of both of these mattresses is a moisture whicking cover that has a subtle stretch and helps stay cool.

Comfort Layer 1: The first comfort layer is a layer of green tea infused memory foam. In the gel-infused version, that layer is also infused with cooling gel as well.

Comfort Layers 2-3: Depending on the height of the mattress selected, there are additional comfort layers, which are firmer or softer to help relieve joint pressure points and cradle the spine properly.

Base Layer: The support system of these mattresses are high-density base support foam that provides firm support for the spine.

Overall Comfort

These mattresses get good scores for comfort initially, but there are many complaints about durability and sagging issues. Due to this, some may find that their comfort degrades over time.


The Green Tea mattresses all are rated medium-firm, with the higher profile options rated firmer than the less thick versions.

Back Pain Relief

Customers who respond well to this mattress initially describe proper back support at first. However, there are issues with durability reported, which could aggravate back support and back issues.


While both versions should do okay with cooling, the gel-infused version will do a better job cooling overall. Some that live in very warm environments may still experience some heat retention.

Who Are Green Tea Mattresses Right For?

These mattresses are good for those that need a very temporary solution and are on a strict budget. For only a few dollars more, you can have a mattress that gets better customer ratings and has a more generous trial and warranty. See our list of top rated mattresses for the money for strong alternatives.

Browse Green Tea Customer Reviews

No more pain

My wife was experiencing pain every night on our old mattress, the pain stopped the first time she slept on the Zinus.

Not as good as I expected

I thought it would be softer being foam and all. It provides enough support but need an additional really soft topping to be good.

Great Value for the price

I bought this bed and mattress for my grandson. He is extremely happy and actually teases his Mom that his bed is better!

Was 80% skeptical but 100% impressed!

Spent hours researching mattress-in-a-box options and reviews online. Kept coming back to Zinus, couldn’t be more happy! Shipping was great, NO odor, NO issues with it expanding in 72 hours. We’ve had $2K mattresses for years, the quality of Zinus is just as good. We chose medium firm, it’s pretty darned firm, would have preferred medium but it’s memory foam, so we’re morphing into a sweet relationship.

Best bed ever!!

Mattress arrived super quick and set up took approximately 10 minutes. Seriously the best bed I’ve ever had!!! I suffered from insomnia, back and neck pain to the point of chiropractor visits and massage therapists. This bed has made 100% difference in the way I feel!!

Excellent purchase!

We were on the hunt for a new mattress that was reasonably priced, suited our comfort expectations, and could be delivered straight to our door because honestly, we loathe shopping... and shopping for a mattress? No thanks. We did lengthy research before deciding to bite the bullet on this mattress. We’ve now enjoyed it for a couple of months, and I can honestly say it is has been an excellent purchase. I am 9 months pregnant and around 7 months or so, I started experiencing severe back pain that left me walking with a limp for weeks. I can’t be sure if this mattress is the reason why it went away, but after just 2 nights of sleeping on it, I awoke with zero back pain and have not experienced any since. Could I call it a miracle worker? I’m hesitant to make such a claim; however, it was the only thing I changed during that tiny time frame.

Bought a bed frame and mattress, completely satisf

Perfect firmness, very good price. Having a very good sleep

Zinus Gel infused Memory foam Awsome

Its perfect the mattress expanded to the full 12 inches, upon receiving I removed the first outer wrapping of plastic leaving the plastic that which covered the mattress and then let the mattress lay flat for 2 hours then leaned up against a wall for 12 hours and it fully expanded, At first the mattress was a bit more firm than I would have wanted but with each night of sleeping I noticed it got softer each night I have now had this mattress for 2 months and I Love it, It's Perfect..From the fist night of sleeping on this mattress I noticed I had less aches and pains each morning

Cloud sleeping

We bought this mattress for our young sons’ bed and my husband and I often fall asleep in their bed with them on purpose just to sleep on the mattress for a while. It’s just that comfortable! We will be purchasing this mattress for our own bed very soon!

Best Night

I bought mine on Amazon fr $265 12” Queen. My old spring mattress was wearing out and I was waking up with kinks and pains from sleeping on it. This mattress is simply incredible. It is moderately firm. I saw reviews indicating it was too firm for side sleepers, however, as I side sleeper I prefer firm. The top layer of foam provides a comfortable give. I originally had this on an old platform bed and decided as the price was to good to pass on an upholstered headboard. I didn’t think the mattress could get better but putting it on a Zinus platform improved the mattress to where I really don’t like leaving my bed

Mattress is too long!

The mattress would be perfect but for a major flaw. It is approx 1.5 inches too long! It hangs over our Zinus platform bed frame. My queen fitted sheets won’t fit it. Where is Zinus’s Quality control ? I called to report the fault & was told give it to Goodwill & get a receipt. It is too large to move out so I’m stuck with it. Not a happy customer ☹️

I daydream about this bed all day

I got the 12” mattress and i am so glad i did. i have had this mattress for a few months now and it’s just as good as it was the first day i laid on it. i have arthritis in my knee, hip, and elbow, so i had gotten used to waking up with major pains sleeping on my old mattress. i no longer have that issue! i have such a hard time leaving my bed in the morning and it’s because i am so comfortable from the second i lay down to the second i get up. i am literally at work just thinking about laying down on this mattress. when people come to my house, i tell them to sit on my mattress and they all love it too. it’s amazing.

Best bed ever

I sleep much better and i no longer wake up with back pain. This is the second bed i have bought.

The existing name is great!

We just started sleeping on ours , it’s a little more firm than expected , I enjoy it!

Great bed, especially for the price.

Bed would be worth it at 1.5 or 2 times the price.

Amazing bed

We have absolutely LOVED our bed, we ordered a Zinus Bedframe too. The bed is so comfy, the frame was super easy to put together and came with all the tools needed to put it together quickly. The bed puffed up nicely. I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the quality of the bed and frame. Definitely will be ordering more beds from this company when we need more beds or to replace this one

Great purchase!

I have only had my mattress for a short time and so far I love it! I have been sleeping great and my back pain is getting better all the time!

Holds up well

I waited to post a review and I have had my mattress for 2 years and it is still like new. I weigh over 250lbs and a normal mattress lasts less than a year. So this has been great for me and it even costs less than a normal mattress.

Firm wet cushy

I usual like very hard mattresses, and this one is firm yet cushy and I’m amazed at how comfortable it is. My only criticism is that the corners never raised completely (probably only at 75% of the height of the mattress).

No more need to Count Sheep..

Been sleeping on the mattress a couple weeks. It's taking a little getting used to, but when I fall asleep, I almost never change position. Hardly any more tossing & turning!

Bed is good, not great.

Shipping, delivery, and all was good. I have found the bed to be a bit firm for my liking. However, I added a 3” memory foam topper to the bed and I love it.

A Thousand Slumbers...

My mattress is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I have been sleeping on it for almost two weeks not and I have no complaints, other than I never want to get up. My back pain has totally subsided and I’m so happy that I found my dream mattress. I also ordered an awesome bedframe that was easy to assemble (I recommend having a friend to help but it’s not necessary). Assembly took less than two hours. The toughest thing was waiting to get in bed.

Once upon a cloud

Best mattress we have slept on.Mike

My back feels so much better

Time will tell how this matress holds up in the future, but I've had it for more months than I can remember and I absolutely love it. Nothing else feels as good to me, and I miss it when I'm away from home. Amazing, especially considering how cheap it is! As a bonus, I had a question about the shipping and the folks at the call center were very helpful and friendly!

See you in the funny paper

This is the best purchase I've made in such a long time. I'm glad I didn't purchase a 3k$ mattress. These retail mattress stores have nothing on this product. Best kept secret on the internet!!

Gel infused green tea mattress

I really liked it at first and slept comfortably. However after about 2-3 weeks it started to sag in the lower back area causing me lower back and hip pain.


Very soft and warning


I ordered a 12 inch mattress that only inflated to 10 inches in the middle and 8 inches in the corners. It stinks like mildew. I ordered this mattress before and it immediately inflated fully and had hardly any odor which dissipated quickly. This mattress is a dud and I need to be refunded.


So far, so good. After seven nights, I am enjoying it very much. Thanks!

Great mattress

Well, this is not a soft mattress but I did not want that. I need a very firm mattress and that is what this one is. My previous one was soft and it caused my back and leg pain.

Best Mattress

I haven't had a whole lot of mattresses in my lifetime but this one has to be the best one I've gotten

Sleeping pain who? Don’t know her.

I had neck pain and i would always wake up so restless and wake up at random times of the night. Ever since the bed arrived, I slept 11hrs that night. That’s how comfy it was. I’m not lazy I promise, it was just the most amazing sleep ever. I wake up feeling AMAZING girl. I cannot even explain. Shishtar pain is gone. Blesss Zinus.

Love it

I was impressed how my mattress fit in that box. Once I unfilled it; it immediately started to inflate. Once it was fully inflated and i layed on it I fell asleep. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. I will never go back to a regular mattress again.

Sleeping good

Wasn't sure if I was going to really like it at first, but I have gotten kinda use to it. Great mattress for the price.


It sleeps well but fail to rise to 8 inches. Also, the inches are inconsistent. The middle section tie to 7inches, but the end part of the bed only rise to 5 inches.

This Mattress is for You!!!

From the very first night I had relief of lower back pain and pressure point pain. I also love NOT having night sweats anymore. My old mattress was firm, hot, and uncomfortable. My new Zinus on the other hand... wonderful! I’m a fully satisfied customer and will recommend these mattresses.

Not Satisfied

I bought a 12" Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress after doing quite a bit of research on mattresses. I was well aware of the negative reviews that I had seen on this item. I thought that those were exceptions. I recommended this to two of my friends, too. The center of the mattress decompressed to its expected height. Rest of the mattress barely made it to 10". This happened to all three of us. While sleeping, the mattress goes down non-uniformly. I feel like I'm inside a sink hole. Cooling gel? Forget it. I felt the opposite. It's HOT. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I felt scammed on this purchase!

I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

We were VERY skeptical of this mattress because of it's low price point. But the materials looked very compatible to mattresses 3 and 4 times it's price. We decided to try it, because they have the 100 night free trial. AM I GLAD WE DID. The past few nights have been the best sleep of my life! I would definitely recommend the 12" version because it is softer than other "memory foam mattresses" that I've seen.

The Good and the Bad

Purchased Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. Mattress did not fully decompress. The corners were rounded. Zinus sent a replacement mattress and the same issue with the corners and also the support layer damaged on one end. To the credit of Zinus they did reimburse me for the mattress. I kept the first mattress which is still comfortable considering the defects. Their customer service does try hard to support their customers, however I think Zinus needs to focus on quality control at the factory in China who produces their products. Not a bad mattress for the money.

A little more firm than I hoped

If I sleep on my back with no pillow, it’s amazing... but if I sleep on my side or stomach I wake up with lower back, hip and shoulder pain. It’s just too firm even though it is supposed to be a little more plush since I got the thicker size. I’ve had it for about 6 weeks now and I’m just not 100% happy with it. I got the12” queen so it’s a pretty hefty mattress.

Best mattress I’ve ever had!

I love this mattress! Not too firm, not too soft. Motion transfer is minimal. Extremely affordable and offgassing went mostly away after inflation and is unnoticeable with sheets. Only con is that it does sleep warm, although I didn’t really sweat. I sleep next to a fan though, so I’m sure that helps! So glad we got rid of our other will not name boxed mattress that cost 5x the amount- thanks Zinus!! It’s good to wake up no longer sore!

This bed was an excellent choice.

From the neat way every thing came packaged to the quick easy assembly and stylish looks; the frame, headboard, and mattress all superseded any expectations. I am really impressed with the company’s thoughtfulness and quality that they put into their products and delivery.

The Great Depression

After only 8 months of use, my Green Tea 8" foam mattress has settled about 1" in the middle. This does not bode well for a good nights sleep. It took me a while to figure out why I was waking with a sore neck. Then I took a close look and some measurement. Of course, Zinus pointed out that the warrantee only covers compression in excess of 1 1/2 inches. Really? Going to more up a notch to the T & N mattress.

Soft and supportive

We purchased our first mattress a few years ago and loved it so much that we bought one for our son. He is so comfortable at night and no longer complains about a hard mattress. We love that the size we all have still has ample support without the feeling of springs digging into you at night. L-O-V-E these mattresses!!!


We ordered 2 of these mattresses, one with a platform bed frame. We love them all! The mattresses came in heat-sealed bags inside a box. Once unpacked the mattresses took 2 days to expand to the correct size. The platform bed instructions were easy to follow and with the mattress on top it’s very easy to get in and out of and a great size for sitting on to put socks and clothing on. We have recommended Zinus to friends already who have also ordered. Don’t miss out on these!!

In love

So I don’t think this mattress made it to the 10” it was supposed to but I’ve slept on it twice now and it’s the best mattress I’ve ever had plus the price is amazing! I also bought the Santiago platform bed and while things sit way low right now I’m very please I most likely will purchase a box spring to get some height back since I’m now lower then my bedside tables.

I'm in love!!

I seriously am so impressed with this mattress. After sleeping on my friend's tempurpedic mattress, I felt like I needed my own memory foam mattress. I got the 10" queen mattress, and it is seriously amazing. I have had it for a little over a month, and it is the best mattress I've ever had. For $287 it is such a steal!! If you are a young grad student like me and on a budget, but also appreciate comfort I would highly recommend this mattress. Also, I did order a couch from them and it was very nice, as well. I ended up returning it (such an easy process) because I found one on here that better matched my apartment.

Almost returned it.

To be completely honest I HATED this mattress the first week. I woke up with back and shoulder pain every morning. My boyfriend said he liked the mattress but that it was ultimately my decision if we returned it or not. After reading online you should give a mattress 30 days to adjust to it, I really like my new mattress. Not sure why it was such an unpleasant experience the first week, but I’m glad I stuck through it because there’s no way I would have found a mattress that nice for that awesome price anywhere else. Everyone who lays on it loves it, I just needed some prodding. We got the 10” and it’s a good compromise between firmness and softness. I was looking for a memory Foam mattress, and I don’t really consider this mattress to be memory foam because of how quickly it bounces back (doesn’t leave a hand print like a traditional memory foam mattress). But overall I’m happy.

Moved and bought this exact bed AGAIN

Best mattress I’ve ever used. This mattress is seriously the MOST cozy. Everyone in my family hangs out on my bed. It’s really light too. If I need more space in my room (the bed is on the floor) then I’ll just lift it against the wall like a Murphy bed. Then my little cousin will sprint in and bounce off of it like a trampoline park. It’s really the most cozy sleep I’ve ever had. I love this mattress so much that when I moved out, I rebought the exact same one.

A poor night's sleep and poor quality.

I am very disappointed with my purchase of this mattress. It is not as comfy as everyone says and the layers are separating after having slept on it for one week. Comfort is all relative but the layers separating is fact. Very disappointed. Wish I had my pillow top mattress back.

Sleeping on a cloud

Brought this on a whim.....was in Walmart months prior and the sales man recommended it , I didn’t buy that time but am so glad I did ! Only complaint is this bed is literally so comfy it makes it hard to get up for work in the morning! Such a great investment.btw this is not a paid review just a consumer who needed a new mattress

Fantastic Value

I purchased the mattress for our second home. I was worried about the quality since I was used to sleeping on the Tempur-Pedic mattress. Boy, what a pleasant Surprise! I highly recommend it to all my friends. As the matter of fact one of them is buying as I type.

enter the zzz zone

Quick delivery, set up was easy, took about 2 full days to completely expand. very comfortable in all positions. So far has always returned to orignal fullness, haven't noticed any uncomfortable sags or dips. I am very pleased with it. Only one small down side is, on warmer nights it does tend to retain some heat but by removing covers it is fine.

Great Mattresses

I bought two of these mattresses, a queen and a full, for my guest rooms when updating some furniture. I fully expected to get what I paid for with this product, a mediocre mattress that would do the job, no more, no less. I was very wrong... I never intended to sleep on these, so I was just waiting to hear the opinion of a relative or in-law. To my surprise, my mother, step-dad, aunt, and uncle all woke up the day after Thanksgiving and asked my wife and I where we had got these mattresses. They all said that was nearly the most comfortable mattress that they had ever slept on. A while later I purchased one more of these to put in my downstairs guest room and my wife and I wanted to see if they were telling the truth or just throwing compliments our way. To our surprise, we had some of the best sleep ever... granted, I love my King Original Mattress Co European plush top mattress, but for the price, the Zinus cannot be beat. This is simply a spectacular product.

Green Tea Heaven

I have the king green tea 12" and it's absolutely the best mattress I've ever had


I love this mattress! I had a ton of back pain that is now gone! After reading other reviews I knew this was the mattress for me! Super comfortable but also firm enough to my liking!! Would recommend to anyone!!

Ghost Busters

Sorry it took so long to make the change. Best decision ever.

It’s like Heaven

I have had different mattresses I missed my king size it was thick, had cushion, never felt like I was sinking, now trying out Zinus mattress I got a queen because my room is not space but when I wake up I don’t want to leave my bed and when time to go bed I noticed I’m eager to be back on my bed it’s soo comfortable, and doesn’t sink, holds up really good when arrived I was doubtful and now I’m grateful I made my purchase I will be excited to get my kids a Zinus mattress soon, great price as well

The princess and the pea (old story)

Love the box More marshmallows Needed... I got the 6” single size, should have gotten 8” or more... I can’t move very much at night and tend to bottom out

Yes!!! Thank you

My 12 inch thick green tea pressure relief is amazing! I’ve been through 5-6 different online memory foam mattress brands and never liked them. They were always too soft or too firm. This mattress is the right combination of both. Your hips and shoulders sink in to relive all the pressure from the day. I’m a side sleeper, so in the mornings my hips would hurt, not anymore. Shipping was so fast, 3-4 days even though it said 5-14. Very satisfied with my new bed. Comfortable and so affordable. You can find extra coupons online.


I LOVE this bed. Promptly arrived. Opened it up. No smells or odors at all. Puffed up to full 12" in about an hour! I've slept on it five nights now. Haven't woken up once during the night since I got it. No more tossing or flopping over. Softly supportive!!! LOVING IT!!!

Memory Form Mattress

I haven't slept on it. Brought it for extra bed for company & family when they come. Family members said it was very comfortable and love it.

Cloud comfort

I purchased a queen sized, memory foam mattress. It estimated an arrival in 15 days, I recieved mine in 4 to 5. My mattress arrived vaccume sealed, in a box. I allowed about 24 hours for it to air out and regain it's normal shape. I love this bed!!! It is so comfortable... I would definetly purchase again!!

Hard Times

I bought this mattetss because my daughter bought one. Hers is nice and comfy. Mine is as hatd as a brick? Quality control is obviously not the norm and consistent delivered is not the norm. I don't know who manufacturers your mattresses but you need to control your distribution department

Smelly and looks defective.

I have a Zinus mattress for myself and slowly fell in love with it (ordered in 2017). So, we decided to order (through Amazon) a twin sized green tea memory foam mattress for my son. I received the twin sized mattress this morning and opened it immediately. The smell is so strong, I'm afraid it's mold inside the foam; also, it looks defective, half of it decompressed nicely almost immediately. The other half is still compressed and doesn't look to be improving at all.

This thing saved my back!

I am extremely indecisive, especially so when it comes to mattresses. I slept on the same lumpy pillow top mattress for 10 years, too afraid to switch to anything else for fear it would not be comfortable, but DESPERATELY wanting change as my back could not take that lumpy pillow top anymore. I did extensive research, asked for word of mouth recommendations, and read reviews until my eyes watered. I settled on the Zinus for a couple of reasons, the biggest being the low price. A few of my friends had purchased a Zinus mattress and had nothing but good things to say about them, so my husband and I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. I have to say, we’ve been sleeping on it for almost two months and I LOVE IT! My husband is a tall, muscular man, so when he gets in and out of bed it usually feels like an earthquake and always woke me up. Not with the Zinus! He can do jumping jacks and I barely know he’s there. My back is so much more supported, I sleep like a champ! The only person who doesn’t like it as much is our 11-month old daughter because it doesn’t bounce like our old bed did... lol! I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you’re ballin’ on a budget. This thing is better than my $1000 pillow top mattress, easily.

Good price, would love better customer service

I have the 10" Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief, queen size. The mattress is definitely the best value, any other similar one would cost hundreds of dollars more. But I'm a side sleeper, so I wanted this mattress because it is firm. But after a few days I started getting shoulder pain because it's just a little too firm for me. I tried getting a recommendation from the customer service email but they replied with instructions for how to return the mattress. -__- Then they directed me to take the quiz, which I had already done and is how I landed on this mattress. I would love to know which one is the next plush up from what I have, but I've given up and just ordered a mattress topper from another website. The mattress is otherwise structurally sound and arrived on time, all of that. Not going to return it, but wish I'd been able to figure out what worked best for me with the support team!

Oh, My Aching Back

I loved the first. It quickly stopped regaining the original loft and now my ardor has cooled.


We just hit 1 year with this bed. At first it was great. But in the last 4 months, the layers are separating, the bed is shifting weirdly on one side where there is an almost 2 inch gap from the edge where the top layer has shifted off the second layer. The sides feel like there are weird holes everywhere all along the middle area. And my husband has started waking up with back pain every day for the last 3 months. Worst buy ever.

Buy this bed!!!

Seriously, buy this bed! I spent hours reviewing mattresses online, and I definitely consider this the best, most affordable option there is. We love this mattress. I have lower back pain due to a car accident and this mattress has changed my life!!!

Waking up in pain

I was skeptical how good this mattress could truly be with such an inexpensive price. I only bought it because the reviews were so good. I purchased it about 4 months ago and at first I thought it was good, and now I’m just waking up in pain every single day. No wonder the return policy is only 100 days, because past that you truly begin to realize how uncomfortable this bed really is. I would NOT recommend this bed at all. In fact it was just a huge waste of money, I have to get rid of it and buy a new one. I’ve had it for a while now so I actually know what I am speaking about!

Medium firmness is still very firm

I sleep on my side and medium firmness still gives me a pinch. In my hips I wish I would’ve known this before I purchased I would’ve purchased and more softer mattress if possible

Sleep in peace!

Best night sleep ever! 15 years of sleepless nights caused by back pain. Bought a Zinus mattress and sleepless nights ARE GONE!!! Thank you Zinus!

Above and Beyond Bang for Your Buck

Comfy, quick, and at a killer price point. No complaints so far with this product, the Zinus mattress checks all the boxes. Couldn't recommend it enough!


I feel so good and comfortable every night I climb into bed. I have not had any back, hip or shoulder pain since we started sleeping on this mattress. My only complaint is that the corners are not quite "square" so our sheets ride up some.

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