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Gold Bond Mattress Reviews

Gold Bond mattresses have been around since 1899 and are sold in retailers across the country. They specialize in innerspring mattresses and have a wide variety of options and mattress lines with foam and latex included in the comfort layers. Most find their mattresses comfortable, but some have complaints about the durability and customer service.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.8/10

No Back Pain: 7.7/10

Price: $800-$2800

Trial Period: No Trial

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Gold Bond's Owner Satisfaction

Making sense of customer reviews can be a powerful tool for shoppers. Customers, unfortunately, don't always enjoy these mattresses. Some report being comfy, but there are some who have had bad experiences. If you are considering purchasing, make sure to get more information below.

Gold Bond's Supportiveness

Most folks describe these mattresses as doing a good job supporthing their bodies, but others didn't always agree with the feel. For those that are heavier, take a look at some of the reviews before purchasing as you'll want to make sure that your body is aligned as it should.

Edge Support
For those that want a mattress they can sit comfortably on, these mattresses support most folks with good edge support. However, some had complaints so review more if you need edge support for mobility purposes.

Gold Bond's Durability

These mattresses may not provide the kind of durability that you'd hope. Some reviewers have had complaints regarding durability and comfort over a short horizon. If you are larger or are looking for something supportive, these mattresses may provide good comfort initially, but take a look at the reviews before buying.

Browse Gold Bond Customer Reviews

I purchased...

I purchased a mattress about 5 years back and have been nothing but satisfied. I've also referred a few friends who are equally satisfied with the service and products.

If I could give...

If I could give this company a negative star rating, I would. We spent $1000 on a Gold Bond mattress February 2013. We noticed the bed was sagging in April 2014. Prior to this, we flipped the mattress as recommended by the company. Even the edge support sags! After contacting the company we bought the mattress from, they sent an employee to our house to 'measure' the amount of sag and take pictures. This info was sent to Jack Balsey (sp?) who is the sales rep in our area. Since reporting the claim in 6/2014, we have been given nothing but the run around. Nothing has been fixed or offered as a replacement. I have had to go to the doctor for back problems which have been exacerbated by the lack of support of this mattress. I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of the mattress as well as the lack of customer service Gold Bond has offered.

It is disappointing...

It is disappointing that you do not stand behind your product. I am referring to collapsed twin sized box spring. We had to pay for the first return. When the same issue occurred, the company never addressed us. We had the second box spring for about 2 months. Be advised that this box spring belonged to a two year old. At the very least our concern should have been addressed. I give this company a very poor rating, on quality and customer service.

My mother in law...

My mother in law purchased a gold bond classic 1 plush mattress for my son to go with his new bedroom set, my goodness it is comfortable! My husband has fallen asleep on it many times while reading to our kids. The mattress is now 3 years old and we have not had a single problem with it. I'm actually looking to purchase another one for my daughters set.

We aren't too happy with it but shipping it back would be too ...

I've had this for several months and it still has an incense odor to it. It slides off our twin mattress. We aren't too happy with it but shipping it back would be too big a hassle so we're still airing it out!!

Love it, exactly what I wanted

Love it, exactly what I wanted. It's good for people suffering from back problems due to using memory foams or other types of mattress. Coming from India, this is exactly how Indian mattresses are.

Just Pefect!

I so wish I found this mattress before. I struggled with sleep for years on foam and spring mattresses that are commonly filled with polluting chemicals and synthetic materials that collect electricity by pulling electrons out of your body... so you feel drained instead of rested. Do some research - it's called 'electron depletion.' It's either that or you feel like sleeping on metal on some of the 'raw' spring mattresses - also an uncomfortable feeling.

This mattress is simply perfect. I don't know how else to describe it. All my sleep problems are gone. It's just pure sleep without all the weird struggles.

Strong horrible Smell new- 6 yrs later mold visible

Right at delivery the smell was strong horrible filling up the room. the foam mattress was something i couldnt be in the same room with. Goldbond didn't respond to my email about the smell. The lady who answered the phone never helped me. The retailer said he wold get the mattress 4 different times but the truck never came. 6 yrs later we unzip the mattress cover to see mold has grown from inside the mattress and is now reached the mattress exterior and cover. I've spoken with bob from goldbond and he is unwilling to help said if i had proof I contacted them sooner they could have helped. I emailed him proof I contacted him at the email that was available on the goldbond site at the time and he still refused to help he said he didn't want to lose money by helping it would be taking a loss on his end. He said i should have never received a mattress with any smell at all. Goldbond isnt a company that stands behind their products. He kept saying they were a family company but as a family company they should have helped. I have receipt, tags, pictures, proof of email i sent them right when the issue happened. I still want them to make this right.

Don’t Buy from this brand

I would have selected a zero rating but that was not a choice. Spent $1200 on a mattress I cannot even sleep on. Horrible customer service mattress was delivered in disgusting shape grease and ripped. It was taken back I was told it was recovered and restuffed. That is the furthest thing from the truth. It is so soft is all you feel are springs on the sides and in the mattress. I should have contacted the BBB. Maybe I will...horrible mattress.

Well made

Having sold mattresses decades ago and also having the opportunity to visit several mattress factories at that time, I became familiar with many makes and models. This queen Gold Bond met all my more recent requirements. It was flippable, a rarity in todays market. It had the individually pocketed coils and had models suitable to use with adjustable motion foundations. Their Buckingham adjustable firm, just under $1k has held up well with no sagging and very good for side sleepers. Just take the time to flip the mattress occasionally for better wear.

Do not buy from Goldbond people

ONE YEAR LATER and the bed began sinking in the middle. Their excuse "we no longer make that model" and "cannot replace it or refund you". ONE YEAR?!? WHERE is that guarantee they so proudly claim?

Does not honor warranty!

Our mattress started failing after 4 years, Gold Bond will only repair and only if I bring the mattress to their factory in Hartford because store purchased from has ben put out of business. This is impossible for me.

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