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Ghostbed Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: GhostBed's newest GhostBed Massage mattress comes with built-in air pressure massage that eliminates tension in 5 targeted zones across the body.

GhostBed, a brand from Nature's Sleep, has been around for years and helped revolutionize the industry with the 'mattress in a box' concept. GhostBed is their answer to the well-marketed and branded mattress industry, combining both latex and memory foam materials. Over the years, they've continued to innovate and launched their GhostBed Luxe, Ghostbed 3D Matrix and even a SmartBed -- higher end mattresses devoted to all-around comfort. With solid customer ratings and innovative mattress designs, this brand is definitely worth a second look.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $895-$11798

Trial Period: 101 Days

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Ghostbed's Specifics

GhostBed offers seven mattresses: the GhostBed Classic, the GhostBed Luxe, Ghostbed Flex, the Ghostbed 3D Matrix®, the GhostBed SmartBed - 3D Matrix®, the GhostBed Natural, and their newest Venus Williams Legend mattress. The Classic and Luxe are all foam mattresses, while the Flex, 3D Matrix, and Natural are hybrid mattresses featuring pocket springs. The newer Venus Williams Legend mattress is the only model available in both an all foam and hybrid option, and the SmartBed - 3D Matrix features smart sensors and adjustable air chambers.

Quality of Materials

Ghostbed uses quality foam and latex in their mattresses, and also have patented proprietary gel polymer in their 3D Matrix mattress. Also, they include cooling gel infused memory foam and response foam in their mattresses as well. We'll go through all of their mattresses in more detail below. Here is what's inside the original GhostBed Classic:

Layer 1: The plush cover is a synthetic blend fabric that is stretchy and breathable.

Layer 2: A 1.5'' aerated latex foam layer is right under the cover. The aeration keeps things cool while the latex provides a nice bounce and resilience, while not being too firm.

Layer 3: The next layer is 2 inches of gel foam, which further helps with heat retention and provides pressure relief, which helps cut down on tossing and turning.

Layer 4: The last layer is the 7.5'' of support foam that is made to give comfortable resistance for the back and spine and keep the bed in the same shape for longer.

The GhostBed Luxe has many more layers devoted to cooling and comes at a much higher price point. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: It all starts in the cover -- .5'' of plush Ghost Ice fabric that reacts to your body heat to provide a cooler sleep surface.

Layer 2: 1'' of gel memory foam adds to a contouring feel to the top layer.

Layer 3: A layer of cooling fiber helps with airflow to keep the top of the mattress comfortable.

Layer 4: A layer of proprietary Ghost Ice memory foam further helps to regulate heat and keep the mattress cool.

Layer 5: Next is 2'' of gel memory foam provides pressure relief while also drawing heat away from the body.

Layer 6: A 2'' layer of exclusive Ghost Bounce memory foam combines the countouring feeling of memory foam and the responsiveness of latex to provide the perfect balanced support.

Layer 7: Finally, the support core finishes things off by creating a durable and highly supportive layer in the bottom of the mattress.

Next, their Flex mattress features the inclusion of pocketed coil and deeper support. Here is what's inside the GhostBed Flex:

Layer 1: The quilted cover is made of a cooling fabric that is plush to the touch. The cover is woven into 1'' of cooling fiber that provides airflow.

Layer 2: 1'' of gel memory foam completes the top cover and provides sleepers with a contouring feel.

Layer 3: Next is 1'' of gel memory foam that brings relief to your pressure points while also providing support for proper spinal alignment.

Layer 4: A layer of exclusive Ghost Bounce memory foam provides sleepers with a balanced responsive feel while also being contouring to your body.

Layer 5: The support layer is individually wrapped coils that react independently to the body to support the spine.

Layer 6: Then there is a layer of high density foam that keeps the coils in place and provides durability on the base layer.

Their next mattress features a patented gel polymer that wisks away heat in a revolutionary way. Here is what's inside the Ghostbed 3D Matrix:

Layer 1: The Ghost Ice cover is supremely cooling. It wisks away heat from the body and works with the layers below to cool the body.

Layer 2: The 3D Matrix Polymer layer offers a patented approach on a common problem of sleeping too warm at night. Its gel polymer conducts heat away from the body while also removing heat that would be trapped within the mattress.

Layer 3: 2'' of gel memory foam contour around the body to relieve pressure while also relieving heat retention as well.

Layer 4: The next comfort layer is a Ghost Bounce Layer, which is super responsive like latex, which means you won't feel like you are sinking into your mattress. It also, further adapts to the body to relieve tension in your back and spine.

Layer 5: The Ghost 3D Matrix Soft Transition Foam layer provides a softer contour and feeling to the mattress, ideal for side sleeping and pressure pain relief. This layer gives the mattress a softer feel than their firmer offerings.

Layer 6: The support layer is an individually wrapped coil matrix, which has reinforced coils around the edge of the mattress so you won't slip too far down when you sit on the side of the bed. This layer is reinforced also by high density support foam beneath that provides structure and durability to the mattress and keeps the coils in place.

Up next, let's review the adjustable comfort of the Ghostbed SmartBed - 3D Matrix:

Layer 1: The Ghost Ice cover is keeps heat from the body for a cooling sleep surface.

Layer 2: The 3D Matrix Polymer further helps with cooling by conducting heat away from the body.

Layer 3: 2'' of gel memory foam relieves pressure and contours to your body. Underneath this is an additional 2'' of transitional foam that helps support the layers above and below.

Layer 4: Next is a layer of Smart Sensors which adjust to your body in real-time.

Layer 5: Adjustable air chambers help you personalize your side of the mattress to match your ideal comfort and support.

Layer 6: 2'' of high density support foam provides extra durability to this smart mattress.

Those looking for a GhostBed hybrid mattress featuring natural materials might be happy with the balance of the GhostBed Natural mattress -- lets check out what's inside:

Layer 1: The cover is made of organic cotton for a soft and clean surface.

Layer 2: A layer of natural wool helps to disperse body heat while also acting as a natural flame retardent.

Layer 3: 2'' of natural Talalay latex provides gently cradles your body while also providing a bouncy, responsive support that won't make you feel like you're sinking into the mattress.

Layer 4: The main support is 8'' of individually wrapped coils with a reinforced perimeter through their proprietary Spirited Edge™ support. The coils provide a springy support while also promoting airflow.

Layer 5: 1'' of Dunlop latex provides a durable base and support for the layers above.

Next, we'll take a look at GhostBed's high-end collaboration mattress, available in both an all foam and hybrid option, the Venus Williams Legend mattress:

Layer 1: The Venus Performance Cover is made of REPREVE® fabric, a naturally cooling synthetic fabric made 25% recycled water bottles.

Layer 2: 2'' of gel memory foam that's infused with far infrared materials that help with muscle recovery and blood flow.

Layer 3: For this layer, the all foam mattress features 2'' of Ghost Bounce memory foam that provides a responsive yet contouring feel. The hybrid mattress features a 1.5'' transitional foam layer which helps to distribute weight and support the layers above.

Layer 4: For the foam version, the main support is 8'' premium foam that helps keep things durable and in place. The hybrid version features individually encased pocket coils with a Spirited Edge™ reinforced perimeter.

Layer 5: The hybrid mattress includes one last layer of high density base foam to provide additional support and durability.

Lastly, the newest addition to GhostBed's line-up is the patent-pending GhostBed Massage Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover layer features a Ghost Ice cooling cover, which features cooling fiber to whisk away heat from the surface.

Layer 2: 2.5" of gel infused memory foam slowly cradles and contours to the sleepers above. The gel that permeates the foam also helps regulate temperature in the top layers.

Layer 3: The Ghost Massage Therapy layer is made of 5-zone air cells that are individualized on each side of the mattress. Sleepers can get light massage in different regions than their partners.

Layer 4: 2" of GhostFlex transition foam provides soft pressure relief and a softer feel than many other transition foam layers but with a subtle, responsive feel.

Layer 5: The last layer is 7.5" of high density base foam that provides a supportive structure to the mattress and helps support the back.

Overall Comfort

Most find GhostBed's offerings to be comfortable with those who love them the best being back and stomach sleepers. For side sleepers, the best options are the Luxe and the newer 3D Matrix option. The newest GhostBed massage option is revolutionary, but similar mattresses with electronic componentry have had reports of issues with longevity.


GhostBed describes their offerings as being medium-firm with some finding the Original to be on the firmer side. This means that it is best for back and stomach sleepers. Most side sleepers find more comfort with the Luxe mattress and the 3D Matrix offering, which are closer to medium in feel.

Back Pain Relief

GhostBed's firmnesses are definitely in the range of back pain alleviating mattresses. There are some sleepers that describe alleviated back pain symptoms.


GhostBed's offerings were made with cooling in mind! Most sleepers should sleep cool on all of GhostBed's mattresses. For very warm sleepers, the 3D Matrix offering provides patented cooling tech that is perfect for those warm nights.

Who Are Ghostbed's Mattresses Right For?

The Original and the Flex are ideal for those that want plenty of support out of their mattress and are of average in body size. The Luxe and the Matrix are pricier options, but are softer and comparable to other high-end mattresses -- definitely worth a second look! Lastly, the Massage is a great option for those with painful muscle tension.

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Great mattress at a great price

I received ghost mattress promptly as well as my foundation. I was thrilled I did'nt have to go to a mattress store and everything was delivered at my convenience. I sleep great and I love the ghost pillows as well.

Not what I dreamt

Though the Ghost bed is way better than what we had, it is not as comfortable as we expected. The first week was great. But after that, the back and hip pain was back,though not as bad. The Ghost bed is much too firm for me.

Love it!

I’ve had my Ghost Bed for a little over a month and it’s been a great experience! I had forgotten to apply my promo code and checkout, and the customer service team was an incredible help at getting it applied and getting me refunded for the additional amount. The bed is incredibly comfortable and feels like laying down on a cloud at the end of a long day. I got two pillows as well and they’re great at keeping me cool throughout the night.

Comfortable bed

Comfortable bed

Must have this bed!

After 7 years of sleeping on a hand me down queen mattress, me and my wife finally said it was time for a new bed. We looked all over, shopped all the stores and online. We then came across this bed called a ghost bed! Let me tell you, this bed has changed our sleep and our mornings. We now don't wake up all sore and stiff but now instead we feel so well rested and ready for our day. Thank you ghost bed, I highly recommend this bed to anyone searching for that great night sleep and a wonderful morning. Thank you again!

Super comfortable

I chose this bed because it was highly rated yet firmer than many other similar brands. It arrived and opened up to full size and shape very quickly, with almost no foam odor. We’ve been sleeping comfortably ever since!


Love the bed and good customer service

Best ever

I bought this bed and ordered the wrong size by drunkin stupidness the customer service was amazing and had the right size back within the week, amazing products, amazing company, and great people!

The new love of my life: king size mattress review

My husband and I recently purchased a king size ghostbed mattress. For both of us it was the first new mattress we have ever owned. It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. When we get home from work we (including my toddler) go straight to the bed to watch tv in the room while sitting on it. Our family can't get enough of this super comfy bed. We are loving it and it is the new love of my life! THANK YOU GHOSTBED!!!!

Amazing night's sleep

The hands down best bed I have ever slept on.

Ghost has the most

Very comfortable I look forward to laying on it each night to sleep. It is comfortable and already so much better than the 400 dollar mattress I purchased.

It’s a yes for me!

I wasn’t really worried when I started reading the reviews and the return policy. Worth it!

Love this best after many

Love this best after many years of having a used mattress the ghost bed was life changing. I actually wake up feel well rested instead of tossing and turning all night.

Works Great

I have severe arthritis. My old bed was soft but not supportive. This is firmer -which worried me at first- but is just what I needed.

Great bed

We love this bed! Im now able to sleep on my back with no pain and my husband has stopped waking up sore. I would definitely recommend this bed!



Amazing price, Amazing bed

I couldn't be happier. I have neuropathy in my feet from chemotherapy and have to have my feet elevated anytime I'm not standing. I've been using a pillow under my feet for elevation and it hasn't always been comfortable. My kids said they'd buy me an adjustable bed for Christmas and I researched and researched. I didn't want them spending a lot of money. This bed was very reasonable so I decided to purchase it. Wow! I've only slept on it for 3 nights so far and I've slept 11 hours each night. The zero gravity position is perfect for my neuropathy. I love to sleep on my side and back and this bed is perfect for that. I can honestly say that I'm in love with my bed! However, I'm not a T-shirt kinda gal but love to wear them with leggings but they have to be extremely oversized. If you have a 3x to send me, I'll wear it and advertise for you.

Love this mattress!

We are very pleased with this purchase! It’s a very comfortable mattress.

great bed

I brought this bed for my son for Christmas he says it is like sleeping on a cloud, he loves his new bed. He is thirty years old and says it is the best bed he has ever had. Might get myself one also when my present bed needs changing.

Queen size ghost bed

Since I purchased the ghost bed I have been getting a better nights sleep and do not wake up during the night and am also sleeping longer. I am also awaking more refreshed and not in pain. This has been a very good purchase and I will recommend this bed to everyone.

Ghost bed

The bed is awesome!!

Ghost bed

So far, I would rate the ghost bed queen size a 4 Star, because I have slept on it only one night but I have no complaints. I will follow up with a more detailed review in a month or so. The ghost pillows on the other hand, are amazing. I have used the pillow for about a month now and will never use another pillow any time soon, that is for sure. You really have to try it to see what I am talking about because I cannot explain in words how amazing the pillow is.

No more back pain

I have been waking up with a sore back for the past year. After only a couple nights of sleep on my ghostbed my back is no longer sore.

Best Bed by far

This is the best bed I have ever owned and probably ever slept in. I usually don’t sleep well at night but this bed has made a world of difference. If you are thinking about getting one get it and it will change your sleep.



Great bed

Great bed to bad I still don't have my pillows :/ they need to switch shipping carriers!


Best nights sleep I have had in years!

Incredible value!

I can’t say enough good things about this mattress. It was so easy to buy and set up. The only complaint I have is that now I can’t wait to go to bed every night! It’s so comfortable.

Best purchase we made in 2017!

We bought the king-size Ghostbed based solely on the Consumer Reports recommendation, and boy, did it pay off! Some of my aches and pains are gone (*gone!*), and it's just such a comfortable night's sleep for both of us. My husband and I were on vacation last week at a pretty nice resort, but we realized — the bed, even in a nice hotel, wasn't half as comfortable as our Ghostbed at home. So glad we made the leap of faith!


My husband has no more back ache

I love the bed very

I love the bed very Comfortable

Good night! Really!

All the little aches and pains I used to wake up with - and just considered part of the aging process - have disappeared. I have never slept so well. It’s always been the accepted belief that the elderly slept fewer hours at night. Not if they have a GhostBed! Best investment ever!

This bed is ridiculously comfortable. All my previous back-shoulder pain has been relieved.

I was told I’d get two free pillows with my purchase of a bed shortly after January 1. When my bed arrived, there were no pillows. What the fuck?

good stuff

Mattress is great, pillows are a bit too stiff for me to sleep on but great for propping me up when watching TV in bed.

Ghostbed review

The bed is amazing, it set up quick. And so far has done really well with it being cold in our house! The pillows are also super comfortable!

Have Enjoyed Bed

I have really enjoyed my new Ghost Bed. The whole process or ordering was super easy and incredibly fast. The softness of the bed is a perfect fit for me. The only issue I'm having with the bed is that it is sleeping a little hot and I am waking up sweating very often.

Ghostbed Queen Matress

We’ve only had the mattress for over a month therefore only 4 stars because I dont know how it will hold up after a year. I’m assuming we wont have any problem with sagging and etc. The box arrived promptly and it was easy to bring up to my second floor appartment. We opened the box and got the mattress out of the shwrink wrap and placed it on our queen platform bed. Very easy. And within an hour, at the most it had regained its shape. I love it and so far my sleeping experience is very good.

So giving it a try.

Well I am giving it the 31 day trial. My lower back has been sore after waking up. I read some reviews and this is a common complaint. So if not better then I will be asking for refund/return.

I love my Ghost Bed.

I've had my king size Ghost Bed for about a month now and love it. I've been sleeping through the night consistently since receiving it. Great bed, much better than my old sleep number.

Wonderlust sleep

It’s amazing! You’ll feel like your floating. It’s firm but soft at the same time. I’ve had back problems for many years. This bed has minimized those pains and aches. I feel refreshed in the morning. I don’t want to leave my new bed. Yes, it’s that good


Very comfy and easy to setup!

Queen Matress and Pillows

I love this bed! I'm sleeping better than ever, and the pillows are incredible! Highly recommend tge Ghostbed (and pillows)! Get the mattress protector if you have dogs...they love the bed as well

1 month in

We've had this mattress for about a month. We didn't notice much of an odor when we opened it, so we ended up using it that same night. Coming from a spring pillow top mattress, the first things I notices were 1) There is no bounce when you sit, move, roll over, or get out. 2) I didn't sink in to the foam as far I expected. The lack of bounce is great. I don't feel my wife move or get in or out of bed. I was expecting to sink in to the foam more than I did. Only certain areas sink in depending on how I am positioned, but in all positions it feels as if all points are getting equal support. I suffer from chronic back pain. It hasn't completely gone away in a month, but It seems to be improving. Our mattress came with 2 of the foam pillows. We have used those when sitting up in bed, but they are too soft for me to use for sleeping. My wife feels the same.

Squishy and Comfy

Bed arrived faster than expected. Ordered the queen size. Wish it was a little thicker, more like 12-14 inches, but comfortable and body sinks into memory foam nicely, and cradles your body. Giving 4 stars, because the edges of the bed are not sturdy, and some times I feel like I'm going to roll right off the edge. Also, recommend a full 24 hours to allow the bed to expand, so plan on sleeping else where, or leave it on the floor.


For someone who needs a firm bed but has the tiniest of gives in the perfect places...this is for you!!!

Great bed at a great price!

The bed is amazingly comfortable and affordable. However the box spring is poorly made. I would recommend getting a bed frame that doesn’t require a box spring. The mattress is perfect and so are the pillows!

Second one!

I really enjoy this bed! It has helped relieve my wife's back and knee pain, and I finally get a comfortable night's rest. It's "spooky" how comfortable this mattress is and it's "eerily" wonderful how the pillows compliment the mattress.

Perfect mix of soft and firm

This bed is incredibly comfortable--firm yet soft. Happy to go to bed each night!

Ghost bed

My husband and I are enjoying our ghost bed mattress and the pillows that came with it. So far we are both sleeping more comfortable and sound. We are waking up less and when you get up the mattress does not alert the other person which could disturb their sleep. Happy with our purchase!

Does not have much "give" on the top

I have had back issues for years and I have yet to find a mattress that is perfect. This mattress does give me the support I need but is lacking on the comfort side.

So comfy

My boyfriend and I absolutely love this bed. We both raved about it for a week. It’s super comfortable and I’ve been sleeping great.

Greatest Bed I've Ever Owned

My wife and I were bed shopping, and were using the traditional mattress store as a bit of research. We thought we'd found the right bed. A cooling tech infused firm memory foam bed in Cal King for about $2300. I wasn't too enthused about the price, but it was the best bed I had found until that point. I left the store thinking it would be a soon to be purchased item, and ended up travelling for a conference and staying in an AirBnB about a week later. As it turned out, the AirBnB had a queen sized GhostBed in it with the GhostPillow too, and I slept wonderfully. Probably the most comfortably I had ever slept. This was it. I had to have my own. I looked it up and say the great 101 day trial period, the additional bonuses of ordering around the holiday season (free GhostPillows and a reduced pricepoint), added a protector, and away we went. Since the mattress arrived, both my wife and I have been sleeping amazingly. In truth, it has almost affected me negatively in that I now tend to get to work a bit later than I used to. It really is hard to leave the bed... Anyway, I highly recommend the bed to anyone who is seeking a quality mattress at a great price. 10/10, would buy again.

Great bed!

Fast delivery, super comfy. Love it.

Loving it

Love my bed and pillows. Used to have half dozen pillows to help get comfy and now they are all in the guest room.

King bed

Very firm. Borderline too firm. Process was simple.

i like it

its good.

So good...we bought 3 beds!

Love our ghost bed...bought 2 more for our guest rooms

Ghost bed Cali king

I was having back problems and barely able to move in the mornings with my old mattress. Since switching to ghost bed, I sleep better and having a comfy type of firm support. We absolutely love it!

Ghost Bed is truly "Best in Class" for back support -- and my back gives it a 5 out of 5 for comfort too.

While all of the online mattress evaluations we read were helpful to us in making our decision to buy the Ghost Bed mattress, my best mattress critic is my back. My back can tell in an instant if the mattress I'm sleeping on will give it the support it needs for a restful night of sleep. Ghost Bed is truly "Best in Class" for back support -- and my back gives it a 5 out of 5 for comfort too. Since we swapped out our old mattress with the Ghost Bed, I'm no longer tossing and turning in an all-night struggle to locate the "sweet spot" I need to get a good night's sleep - the entire Ghost Bed mattress is one gigantic "sweet spot" and offers a consistently comfortable (and firm) sleeping experience -- whether I'm sleeping on my back or on my side. Also, since sleeping on the Ghost Bed mattress for a couple of weeks, I'm no longer experiencing soreness in my lower back. In fact, I don't believe I've been conscious of my lower back lately -- which is how I like it! The Ghost Bed was shipped to us in a compact, easy-to-manage box, which we carried up the stairs and into the bedroom with no difficulty. My husband has also commented on how much he enjoys sleeping on the Ghost Bed mattress too since we bought it, and we were also impressed with the two pillows that were part of our purchase as well; they too are firm, comfortable and supportive. Thanks for a great product.

More than expected

Very happy with our ghost bed. Keeps me cool and comfy. I sleep on my sides alot and it doesn't bother like my off pillow top did.

Great product

Love the bed, will have to do another review after a few weeks. And thanks for the shirt!


So far I love it. This is the best mattress for people who sleep on their back.


Reviews said it was too firm, but I haven’t found that to be true. I’m very happy withy purchase, and with the ghost pillow I don’t wake up with a sore neck anymore.

Ghost bed

It is so comfortable and I get a great night sleep!

Great Purchase

I did my review of all available king size mattresses and decided on Ghostbed. Ordered mattress and a king bed frame from another source. The mattress came in a few days from ghostbed bit had to wait couple of weeks for bed frame to arrive before I could use it. It has been a week of blissful sleep. It is certainly s little firmer than I had expected for a memory foam mattress but that could be because of cooler weather in San Francisco. A solid buy and glad with my choice.


Shipping was quick, setup was easy! It took a week or so to really get "comfortable" sleeping on this new mattress, but I love it!


Great mattress, sound, comfortable sleep!!!!!

Much better than our previous memory foam mattress

Not as hot and so far no backaches in the morning (after one month of use.)

Nice feel - early to judge durability

It was delivered fine and rolled out easily - very heavy! Not a strong smell, as I've heard can be an issue with some gel mattresses. We've had it for two months and so far it has been great. I wish I could say I feel like a different person - not that, but have slept comfortably and not had any issues with heat, which was another concern of this sort of mattress. I also very much like the pillow and the mattress pad we got as well.


Great bed really comfortable

Sleeping like a baby.

I’ve always preferred hard mattresses. This has more give then I’ve had before but I’m thinking that’s why I’m sleeping so well.

Great so far!

We've only been sleeping on it for about a week but so far I love it. Super firm but definitely not as firm as some other reviews claimed. Then again, I don't think there is a mattress in existence that I would call too firm. This seems about the same firmness as the Tempurpedic it replaced. Love the pillows a lot too! They are a really nice balance of firm memory foam yet still somewhat squishy. The order process was super simple, and it arrived in just a couple days!

Buying ghost mattress

Buying the ghost mattress was a simple process and received it very quickly. Been sleeping soundly since we purchased it!!

Sleep so good it's scary

After hearing all about ghost bed on the Drinkin bros podcast I decided to order one for myself after splitting with my gf. Needless to say I'm sleeping better than ever. All the support and comfort you could ask for, especially during sleepovers.

Best sleep ever

Traded out my serta pillow top queen for the ghost bed and I have never slept better. For the first time in almost 10 years my back doesn't hurt in the morning. On top of myself, my wife has been getting to sleep faster and sleeping better as well. Simply could not be happier with the bed and the 2 free pillows thrown in during the holiday sale just made sleep that much better.

LOVE The KING GhostBed

We purchased this King Ghost Bed for Christmas and have been sleeping in Heaven since. This King is so comftable, and keeps you cool with the pillows,My face got hot in other pillows these pillows keep form n cool all night Great Purchase we have 2 King Beds from this company and LOVE Them, Great price and Quick shipping. HIGHLY Recomended

Love it!

Fast shipping, so easy to set up and I've loved it from the first night. My husband is still adjusting a bit, but is very happy too!

Lovely bed

Once we watched our king size Ghost Bed take shape we began to sleep on it and it was a great relief for me because we’d been sleeping on an old king died bed that was way too sift and unsupportive. I loved the flat, simple surface and the balance between firmness and softness. So for me it’s been delightful. But my wife found it way too firm and started sleeping in a guest room. So we contacted Ghostbed and the nice customer rep offered to give us a foam topper for the bed and that has solved our problem. So I can’t say enough for both the company and for the product they sell. It’s been a very positive experience. We also love the Ghost pillows.

Back pain gone

My wife reports that her back pain is completely gone, mine is not but I attribute that more to my weight than the bed. Overall very happy.

Wonderful but doesn't work on my old foundation

I find my GHOSTBED extremely comfortable. It is supportive but not uncomfortably firm to me. That said my sister would not like it as her definition of firm is more like "hard as a rock." However, any buyer should be aware that it does require the appropriate foundation. I am saving my $$$ to buy their platform. My old mattress and box springs were labeled full/queen and must really have been full size as the GHOSTBED mattress is too large and extends over the box spring on each side. I added planks underneath to support it but it still feels as if we are going to fall off if we don't gravitate to the center of the bed.

King Mattress

Nice comfortable mattress but a little too soft.

Ghost bed

I got the California king Ghost Bed and I absolutely love my new bed. It's really comfortable and easy to sleep on, most nights. The only thing that I don't like is how long it takes for the bed to get broke in for the best comfort. With that said, some mornings I wake up a little stiff with an achy back.

Was nice but not what

Was nice but not what I was looking for. The price for it was too high.

I am a side sleeper

I am a side sleeper with a cervical issue. Our mattress was 15 years old so I thoroughly researched mattresses and especially since Consumer Reports rated it very high, we decided to invest much more money than we ever had on a mattress to buy the Ghost Bed. We bought the complete set, foundation, queen size mattress, 2 pillows, and the mattress protector. Although a pain to put together, I did get the foundation built. The mattress was unboxed right on the bed which was a good thing because it is completely unwieldy. I CANNOT imagine why the designers did not put hand grips on either side or end. I believe it had to be a marketing thing to discourage returns because really, that thing is going to be really difficult to move. Now, I LOVE the sleep that I get on the mattress even though it's a tad firmer than expected, and especially that I don't feel any movement from my spouse who comes to bed much later than I do. However, despite Consumer Reports giving the mattress high scores for durability, we've already found the mattress pitting on both sleeping sides and we haven't even had it 30 days. That's extremely concerning and will drive whether we return it before the 60 day guarantee. This mattress is probably an excellent choice for the younger more fit crowd but not for the older (but wiser lol) less fit set.

Couldn’t be happier

We’ve owned our Ghost Bed for a little over a month now and have noticed an immediate improvement in our sleep. We are arill impressed with both the quality and the value of the bed and would gladly recommend to friends.

Ordering was a simple process,

Ordering was a simple process, and we love this bed!

Sleeping the whole night through!

After years of tossing and turning on my old spring matress, I am actually sleeping soundly through the night on our king Ghost Bed! My husband is 6'4" and I am 5'11", and we recently learned that most matresses are not supportive enough for our taller stature. The Ghost Bed is so well made that I can't even feel my husband get in and out of bed!!! He used to wake me up every time he rolled over during the night. Thank you Ghost Bed for making me one well-rested happy Momma!

Great experience

I ended up picking up a Queen mattress about a month ago. Ordering was easy and shipping was very quick (mattress arrived at my door 4 days early). The mattress itself is of high quality and I've certainly felt better rested when I wake up in the mornings. I don't get hot on the mattress either which is a great feature from my old spring mattress. Would recommend.

So nice!

So nice!

Its a very good quality

Its a very good quality mattress. Feel comfortable and solid. No downsides so far.


The bed is very firm when you first lay on it. I'm going to give it some time to soften up but I feel like that is not going to happen. Don't get me wrong its not an uncomfortable firm, but is to firm for my liking. If it doesn't soften up then Ill get a mattress topper to give that little bit that I love in a bed. If that doesn't help then Ill have no choice but to send it back.


Have bought 3 ghostbeds and now everyone sleeps better!

Really comfy

I am 5'11", 170 lbs, with lower back iasues. The bed has been really comfy over the last week and seems to have helped my back. The sides do cave a little more than an innerspring, and it's winter now so I can't comment on heat retention, but I really like it so far.

king mattress bundle

The mattresses has exceeded my expectations, for comfort, ease of set up, delivery, the hurricane package deal was exceptional bargain. I have been searching for a mattress for a long time, having had lower back, cervical fusion surgery in the past, new mattress purchase is a terrifying event. Will it give me the support i need, will it be firm enough, etc. Well hands down it delivered all the things i needed. This mattress was purchased 2 weeks after a second lower back surgery for herniated disc, so there is no more sensitive back then mine. Tipping point for me about buying a mattress on line for me was a recommend rating on consumer reports as well. thanks for the great bed, pillows and mattress cover. Daniel

Nice bed

Nice bed

Ghost bed

I really love my ghost bed and mattress I sleep better than I have in years . I love massager in my bed. It is worth every penny and would highly recommend to others

So glad I finally ordered!

Easy order and easy setup. Bed is extremely comfortable, has no weird smell, and does not get all kinds of hot. It's great.

Great sleep

Perfect firm and softness. Pillows are great as well.



Feels soft but has good support

When I first got the mattress I was afraid it would not provide enough support. It felt very soft to the touch or to sit on. However, when I lay down it felt much better. I have now slept on it for two weeks and definitely have less back pain than before


We purchased our bed in December and couldn't be more pleased with the ordering process, packaging and shipment. LOVE our decision to choose a Ghostbed!

Best Purchase of 2017

I couldn't be happier with this mattress. I like a firmer mattress, and this is perfect. I can hardly feel my partner move around in the night, which has definitely helped our sleep. The pillows are also very comfortable, and I no longer have to stack pillows. One is enough! Quick delivery, quick set-up. I definitely recommend this mattress!

In love with my bed

The mattress is everything I imagined and more!

So comfortable!

My biggest concern regarding memory foam mattresses is lack of support. We got to try the ghost mattress at a friend's house while staying in their guest room and it was beyond comfortable. My husband who suffers from chronic back and body pain from his job says he feels great when he lays down and when he wakes up. We haven't stopped talking about this bed since we got it and have talked to several people about getting it when they mention they need a new bed.

New bed

This bed is amazing. We replaced a traditional Spring bed and my only complaint is not as soft as I like but is great.

Loving it.

Sleeping as good as I've ever slept in my life.

So good it's scary

I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to buy this mattress. It is amazing. The only problem I have is trying to sleep when I'm away from home.

1 week but..

...i got this matress for my wife and only got to sleep in it for a week before i was off. Very good rest. I didnt get the free pillow, but I look forward to much better sleep in the future.

Have only had the mattress a few weeks...

So far so good. I really love my ghost pillow however. I would like to give the mattress a few more weeks to really tell the difference for both of us.

Comfy takes time.

We love our new ghost bed! What we didnt know is that it takes a while to soften up. But ghost bed people are awesome and of corse when I asked them about it they offered to send out a topper to help through the teansition period! Thank You Ghost Bed!

Great but...

Shipping was amazing, the mattress foundation and pillows arrived a day after the order was processed and the mattress protector came shortly afterwards. The mattress itself is very comfortable. However the cooling properties advertised are nonexistent, I still wake up covered in sweat.

It arrived shortly after we

It arrived shortly after we had purchased it, great deal, and the set up was simple. The bed is very comfortable, I have had issues with my back and this mattress seems to help. We also got the pillows and they are comfortable however I find that they are too high and hurt my neck so I alternate between pillow and no pillow, the bed is that comfortable that I can sleep without a pillow.

Good bed but not perfect

The shipping and delivery process was quick and easy. No problems with set up, and no strong odor. Unfortunately this bed was too firm for me. I am a side sleeper under 130 pounds and dont really sink in to get that gentle support I was hoping for. My heavier back sleeping partner enjoys the firmness. The two pillows have a pretty big design flaw IMO, the huge embroidered logo can be felt through the pillow case, its hard and scratchy, so only one side of the pillow is usable.

Sleeping like a baby

We've had our new ghost bed a couple weeks now. The buying process was super easy and the bed arrived just days later. So far we are very happy with it and expect to have several years of good night's sleep. Thank you for making a quality product at an affordable price!

Superb nights sleep

Both my husband and myself are sleeping so much better than we did with our previous mattress. We wake up feeling refreshed due to the fact that we’re getting a solids night sleep on our Ghost Bed. Love it and wholeheartedly give this mattress 5 stars.

Love it!

Loving my new GhostBed! A+


This bed was better than I hoped for!!

Never slept better!

Perfect firmness, I sleep like a dream on it! Better than I even expected!

Almost perfect

Put some handles on the ends, it's a bitch to move!

Pretty good

All good except that one of the long boards that make the box spring was cracked.

New Bed

I am loving this new bed..went from a queen to a king and I don’t even feel my spouse moving around or getting out of bed. It’s comfortable!


Where has this been all my life?! I was nervous because the mattress is described as firm, but I am absolutely in love with my bed now. My husband no longer complains of back pain. I wake up refreshed in the morning. Love it and would definitely recommend this mattress!

Best sleep of my life

Absolutely love my Ghost Bed, perfect mix of comfortable and firm. It’s an absolute dream

Better sleep

We love new mattress. Haven’t been waking up tossing and turning every night.

Best bed ever

Definitely have to say this bed is the real deal has the right amount of softness and firmness to it. My sleep has definitely improved 100% and back pain is gone, and it is very true the mattress does not get all hot but actually cools you down, I would recommend this to anyone,can't wait to try the rest of their products.

My husband finally sleeps!

We love this mattress! 4 years ago I spent $2000 on a Simons Beauty Rest. I thought I was buying a great mattress. That's when my husband's back pain started. It was way too firm. I thought we just had to get used to it. I was wrong. We suffered enough. My son told me about the ghost mattress, him and his wife got one and they loved it! One night I was on Instagram and an advertisement was on there. Zero percent financing and 2 free pillows. I jumped on that! We love it!!!

It's working

Sleeping soundly through the night

Bought the king for our

Bought the king for our Montana Fifth Wheel... very satisfied with the comfort and fast delivery.


Wow! This mattress rocks so far. We look forward to bed every night. Nice and firm but buttery soft at the same time. Not as thrilled with boxspring. You basically get a build your own boxspring kit! Wood slats and 40 or more screws that require electric drill. Not fun or worth the price. You can get a king boxspring elsewhere and put your awesome ghostbed on it!

Excellent Customer Support

Had a challenge with our Ghostbed and the team worked quickly to take care of our need. Thanks

I love the bed .

I love the bed . Sleep,has been wonderful

Best sleep!

Bought the queen size, was shipped fast, and with no problems. Highly recommend!

Loved it

I was skeptical at first, the bed felt so much firmer than my last $2600+ name-brand European pillow top, not to mention that it came in the mail and was only $695. I figured I’d give it a week or two before I made any decisions but initially thought I’d end up returning it. After the first week I loved it, as did my husband. It helped my husband’s and my back pain a great deal and kept us from tossing and turning all night. It’s supportive but not too firm and you don’t feel like you’re being eaten by the bed and can’t get out of it. The biggest problem that I had with the bed we’re replacing is that after the first year it ended up sagging and making impressions in the spot where we normally sleep. I haven’t had this bed long enough to tell if it will do the same. I hope not, but the warranty is reassuring and if we need to replace it it’s a lot cheaper than the previous one.


Bought this for my son and he loves it and the pillows. Bought a twin size and it was perfect. Highly recommend!!!

I love my ghostbed so

I love my ghostbed so much! I will definitely buy another one soon!

Great Service

Shipping was fast and set up was easy.

Sleeping like the dead on my Ghostbed

I really needed a new mattress and was reluctant to make the switch from a coil type to memory foam due to a back problem because I didn't know what to expect. My restless sleep cycles were getting worse so I decided to try one out. So glad I did! The bed was delivered in under 2 days. The first night sleep was extremely luxurious compared to my old coil spring mattress. I actually slept for the first time in many years. And my back pain dissipated! Thanks Ghostbed for making my life more restful and less painful.


after renting furnished room after furnished room, i decided it was time to purchase my own NEW bed. my brother recently became the owner of a ghostbed and after lying on it after setting up his new room, i had to get one of my own. i upgraded to a queen and got the foundation and mattress, as well as the two pillows it came with. i've never been happier. the interest free financing is a fantastic draw. my experience with ghostbed couldn't be better and i recommend it to all of my friends -- letting them lie on my mattress for extra incentive.

Excellent bed

Excellent bed

The bed was good but too soft for my back personally.

A lot of other people may like the bed. But I would prefer something firmer due to my back problem.


I haven’t slept this well in years. Literally, it’s lights out when I lay down. I heard a lot about your products through the Drinkin’ Bros Podcast but I didn’t actually make the purchase for about a year. I should’ve pulled the trigger a long time ago.

Back problems solved!

Was having back pains because of our old memory foam mattress. Which caused me to have sleep issues. Decided to look for a new mattress. Did a ton of research (review videos, consumer reviews). Decided on the Ghost Bed. I made the right decision! Within the first two nights my back pain was gone and I was sleeping through the night. It has the right amount of firmness, and it keeps me cool during the night. Got it for an amazing price. Plus got two Ghost Pillows free, and free shipping! Thanks for the great nights sleep Ghost Bed!

It's about time!

We haven't purchased a mattress in over 15 years, so looking into all of the different types was a rather daunting experience. We were used to sleeping on a good old coiled mattress with a pillow top: a mattress that was proving to be "too soft" for my husband and just plain "too old!" for me, plus it was causing us problematic sinus issues, (15 years- no wonder!!). So...after reviewing our options and seeing the advertisement for GhostBed on Amazon, we decided to compare it a Casper mattress, (one my husband was 90% certain that he wanted). Once I read aloud all of the pros of the GhostBed to my husband, his reaction of "we have a winner" was all we needed, (well...that, and the deal we scored on for two free pillows plus $100 off the mattress price), so we ordered one, certain that the 101 night sleep testing period was a for sure thing. Turns out, we definitely made the right choice! The Ghostbed is perfect, 1) for people in the big/tall range, 2) those with allergies and certain sensitivities to dust, etc., 3) provides just the right amount of support, but also just the right amount of "soft". Since it's winter, we haven't really been able to experience the claims of good air circulation in order to keep the body cool, (more of a warmer weather asset, I believe), it currently fits the ticket. I love laying down at night and cuddling with my hubby on this mattress! We didn't experience any problems with the product having an odd/overwhelming smell after opening up the bag and it was actually enjoyable to watch it inflate before our eyes! It set perfectly on top of the box springs, (which we decided to retain), and so far all of our queen-sized sheets fit it perfectly- actually, even better than they did on our old pillowtop. We're both using the complimentary pillows and they really do support the head and neck in any laying position. Yes, we are happy with our purchase and hope to still feel that way ten years down the road!

Very simple ordering process. Our

Very simple ordering process. Our Ghostbed arrived quickly and set up was a a breeze. Sleeping great!

Better than Promised

Like you perhaps, I did the research on all the current mattress in a box offerings, evening going to pop-up events to try some. Based on construction, past reviews and value I opted for the Ghost Bed, Queen-sized. My mattress arrived in just days and was shipped without any damage and packaged beautifully with minimal waste. Opening and unwrapping the mattress was a breeze, and I did let it "set up" for the afternoon before trying it. Let me just say its the most comfortable mattress Ive ever had and I've spend far more on "name brand" store sets with cumbersome delivery and difficult set-up. The Ghost Bed is better than promised. I'm even thinking of adding another one for the guest room. I like it that much.

Best decision

Best decision in life


Best sleep I’ve had in my adult life.

queen ghost bed

I have been sleeping on the ghost beed since december 23,2017. so far i like the mattress. i was worried that it would no be firm enough as it comes in a box. but once it is unpacked and let out for 24 hours to regain its shape, the bed is nice and firm enough. i would recommend it to a friend or family.

It's alright...

I bought this bed due to all the reviews stating the bed was supportive. I suffer from spasticity and having to much give causes more muscle contractions. This bed ended up being more supportive than I was expecting. I ended up adding another layer of memory foam padding, hopefully just until I break it in. If you're getting this mattress under the notion that you want a firm bed, you better mean it. There is some motion transfer, which is frustrating. I'm still on the fence as to whether I'll keep it.

A little too firm

I purchased the ghostbed mattress about 3 weeks ago and it's still very firm and they mentioned to give it 30 days to break it in. I no longer wake up with any back pain though so that is a good sign and I'm hoping this bed will soften up in the coming weeks. We've even been jumping on the mattress hoping that would help but If you like a firm mattress this will be a great mattress for you. Easy setup but the mattress in the box is very heavy and you definitely need two people to lift this thing up the steps.

Perfect firmness vs soft

I love the firm support yet it’s soft at the same time!! Noticeable difference in my sleeping!! I love my new Ghost bed.

Best bed ever.

Really love the ghost bed super comfortable. Soft yet firm. Had back problems on old bed. New ghost bed has changed the game.

Ghost bed mattress

I love this mattress.

Ghost Bed King Size

Love, love, love it! It took me about a week, but now, I can't remember what it's like to have a bad night's sleep. I am amazed by the difference just from changing from an air mattress to a foam mattress. Also, the temp is regulated so nicely, I don't swear while I sleep! I will recommend this bed to anyone who asks!




Thank You! The bed is comfortable and easy to put together. Will recommend!

Best bed I’ve had

The GhostBed has given my family and I a better night of sleep.

Excellence at it's finest

What more can I say... the title says it all!

Good bed. A lot better than my last bed.

I Sleep pretty good on it. Comfortable bed. Not as firm as I would like. Some where between soft to medium range on the the firm side of the scale. Seems to sleep cool but it’s the middle of winter in Michigan so cant say if it’s hot at night in the summer. Used Boll and Branch sheets witch are really nice. But I wish ghost bed had their own sheets that would be a perfect fit. The pillows are flat out awesome.

Love it!

Firm enough to support yet molds around me, both the mattress and pillows. Very happy with my purchase

Sleeping better than ever

Absolutely loving our cal king ghost mattress. Perfect balance of firm and soft!!

Very happy!

We have recently tried several expensIve mattresses that we ended up sending back for one reason or another. Our friends recommended Ghostbed so we decided to give it a try. We have been very pleasantly surprised at how much we like the ghostbed! Our backs don’t hurt anymore! We don’t have any can’t go wrong, especially for the price!

Ghost bed

Love it, Very firm yet comfy, Not hot like typical memory foam. 9 out of 10 for us!

Wonderful sleep

After 8 years with a spring mattress, waking up with joint pain, this bed is absolutely delightful! You fit right in, no tossing, hot spots. Worth the money plus two free pillows. Don't regret it one bit.

Don't hesitate to buy this mattress

I did a ton of research before I purchased. I thought it was a little insane to buy a bed that I never tested out first, but this IS by far the best mattress I've ever purchase. I talk about the GhostBed so often that I think I'm becoming a walking infomercial. As far as how I sleep... I typically go to bed earlier now than I did before. According to my sleep tracker, I fall asleep faster and have a more restful night sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed. I did buy two pillows which I love just as much. My only criticism is that I need a smaller pillow underneath the GhostPillow to make just a little higher. My advice: Buy it. You'll love it.

Loving my GhostBed mattress!

The best sleep I’ve had in a while! No more pain

Best sleep I've had in years

I Sleep like a baby!!! No more back pain also snoring is reduced by a ton! I feel so rested every morning. Plus another great feature is the cooler bed. I haven't sweat anymore either!! Yesss!!! Love love love my bed! Ordering another bed soon!!


Great bed!

Ghost mattress

We love this mattress, best night sleep.

Great Purchase and Customer Service

Mattress is great, shipping was quicker than I thought it would be. I used the wrong Promo Code and contacted customer service they fixed my problem immediately. Very happy with the purchase.

Ghost Bed Mattress King

Very pleased with our ghost bed and pillows.

Awesome bed so far still

Awesome bed so far still getting use to it but my energy levels and the way I feel when I wake are the best I've felt in a long time

We love our ghost bed

We love our ghost bed

So comfortable!

Bought this bed during the Black Friday sale. Absolutely no complaints! Literally took us 3 mins to set up. My husband and I both suffer from lower back pain regularly, and we wake up pain free every morning. You will not regret buying this bed.

Awesome bed!

We love this bed. Cool and supportive.

Best Sleep in Years!

We purchased the GhostBed at the suggestion of our son, who asked for one for Christmas. Our old foam mattress was still in good shape, and we really didn't need to replace it. However, since we started using the GhostBed a week ago, we have slept better, and no longer have stiff backs when we wake up. I highly recommend the GhostBed to anyone who wants to experience a restful sleep, especially those with old backs.

The Ghost

The pillows are amazing, we have not tried the bed yet

Love our mattress

We've had our Ghostbed for about a month now and we are very happy with It! It is a little firmer than we expected it to be but apparently that is just what I needed. I used to wake up with back and neck pain but since getting our mattress I haven't had any pain! I would highly recommend!

sleep on a cool cloud!

Fabulous. Shipped in a few days; easy setup; no off gassing!

Heavenly Sleep

I'm not going to lie, coming from a coil spring mattress, there is some adjustment time needed, but not much. By the 4th night, both my hubby and I were sleeping like babies! My husband has always tossed and turned a lot in his sleep,but not nearly as much now, and even when he does, I cant even feel it! This mattress is the PERFECT combination of softness,and support, it truly is like sleeping on a cloud! Definitely found our new mattress brand, just hope that it holds up like they say so we can enjoy many years of comfort on it! I do have to say, we got the free pillows included, and the verdict is still out there, although I believe that is just a personal preference, as we both have used Down filled pillows most of our lives. Still haven't given up on the Ghost Pillows, but we do keep our old worn out pillows close by just in case! However, as this Review is for the Mattress, I definitely give it 5 stars! If you're looking for your next mattress, I highly recommend that you look no further!

Nice and Firm

My tall husband can finally sleep on his back; he never told me that the others were uncomfortable for his back sleeping. We've only used it for one week, but the edges are firm to sit on, the bed is wonderful for back sleeping as well as side sleeping. We are pleased. We reserve judgement on the free pillows as they are still "off-gassing" in the living room.


Solid bed. Goldilocks would love it.

Queen Ghost Bed

Love this bed!! Best sleep ever!

Love our mattress!

We are sleeping so much better on our new Ghostbed!


The bed frame is noisier (makes creaking sounds when I move around) and when my husband or I roll over to our sides or back, the other person feels every movement. Sometimes I feel like I almost have to hold on when my husband rotates because I feel I might be jostled out of bed. My back DOES feel good though sleeping on this mattress.

still undecided

buying process was easy when i paid full in cash. still undecided if im comfortable on the bed or not yet. im a stomach sleeper most of the time and i tend to wake up frequently still with lower back aches still. not sure if the bed takes some breaking in to get used to or not but im still giving it time to convince me its as good as its claimed to be.

I look forward to going to bed

I love my ghost bed! I am sleeping 8+ hours for the first time in years.

Best gift

I bought this mattress as a gift for my mom, she has had the same mattress for over 20 yrs. It was time. After hearing all the wonderful reviews from numerous friends, and reading all the reviews online, I decided it was time to pull the trigger. The second we set up the mattress, I had to ask what she was doing with her face. She was holding back tears. She has a wonderful night of sleep that night. I will be buying one of these for myself, as soon as I can. This bed is so comfortable, and you do not wake up covered in sweat, like with most memory foam mattresses. She loves this mattress, and I think it is wonderful as well. The Lavender pillows are a nice perk as well!

ghost bed

This bed was very easy to order, good price, and a discount and 2 free pillows. The bed is very comfortable and just the right firmness. No setting up to do-just open the box and unroll it and it is ready to go.

Love our GhostBed! Worth every

Love our GhostBed! Worth every dollar. Smells great, fast delivery, & super comfortable.

LOVE this bed!

We’ve been sleeping on this bed for 3 weeks now and it is seriously the best mattress we’ve ever had! My husband is usually sweating within a couple of hours but he hasn’t gotten hot at all since we’ve gotten this mattress! It’s so comfortable that we randomly find 1 or all of our kids just laying in our bed during the day! I have recommended this bed to just about everyone I know! The only issue is that our sheet kept slipping off the mattress so I would recommend the mattress cover to keep it in place.

Honest Review

Initial Thoughts: The bed was pretty easy to install/unfold my personal experience is that there was no off gassing or weird smells. Please note that I have owned the bed under 90 days. One thing to take into account while I am generally cold natured however, even I have to tell you that the bed runs a bit on the warm side so I would advise that if you are hot natured to consider your self warned I got it this winter so I don't know how it will be come summer. Final Thoughts: TBD mainly because I haven't had it long enough to be really thorough.

Ghostbed LUXE

When we purchased the Ghostbed, I was worried that I would be too hot because I had been warned that memory foam wasn't always comfortable for hot sleepers. However, we purchased the Ghostbed LUXE and my husband and I LOVE it. The temperature is perfect.


My husband has bad shoulders and back. This bed is a God send for him.

Love this bed!

So if you are going from a traditional mattress to the ghost bed it does take a little time for your body to adjust but I promise after about 3 weeks it’s a dream!

Cool and comfortable combined with great service

We have had our Luxemattress for one month now and are thrilled with how it sleeps. It is so much cooler and more comfortable than our past memory foam mattresses. The sides are firm, there really is a nice bounce and you sink in just enough for side sleepers....and again the coolness is iincredible. You will not wake up sweating and tossing and turning in the middle of the night. Customer service was also great. We had our order delayed for two months to align with our bed frame delivery and when that arrived four weeks early (without notice) it only took one call and Ghostbed expedited our order.

Coolest Sleep!

I sleep hot! In fact before ghostbed I slept with a fan on my nightstand, an overhead fan, and still was soaked in sweat when I woke up. That has all changed thanks to ghostbed! I actually get cold!

Our new Ghost bed!!

So we Heard from a friend their Ghost bed was super comfy!! So hey.. we need a mattress for sure! Our old original Havertys memory foam has his & her ruts we've had it so long. I decided to go with the ghost Bed Luxe. California King. I was so excited to finally buy a new Mattress. It arrived super quick to Florida from California. The free pillows came in two days after ordering the bed. Well I must say it is really a fantastic mattress. It is firm but plush. It is nice, cool to the touch and I haven't been sweating at night since I've slept on it. I'm also really glad it fits perfectly in our California King bed. Our other Cal King was shorter. There was a gap at the head of the bed that our pillows would fall through to the abiss. This mattress fills that area and all the way to the foot board. We just made our First payment yesterday!! 11 more to go but Its worth it because we don't toss and turn anymore. No more Wasting sleep time trying to get comfortable. Thumbs up on this purchase. The Naples Harraden's

Luxe mattress and Ghostpillow

I love the mattress and pillow! Both are very comfortable and have provided a good night’s sleep since using them.


I love my new bed. Haven't slept pain free until i got my new bed. The best bed on the market and super affordable price.

Chose GhostBed Luxe over Casper

Tried both Casper & GhostBed Luxe and will be keeping the GhostBed Luxe. Provides excellent support while minimizing pressure points for a great night's sleep without back pain.

No more back pain

No more back pain

Awesome bed!!!!

Awesome bed!!!!

Superior quality but did not fix our issue

We ordered the ghostbed luxe. Amazing quality mattress. Having a brand new mattress is just one of the best feelings. Unfortunately my partner is a really hot sleeper and we were praying for a miracle when we ordered our ghost bed. Unfortunately it did not solve our issue with nights sweats. May just be a rare situation but we were bummed. The ghostbed pillows and sheets are phenomenal and our friends love their original ghost bed! I do recommend this mattress and the company has been above and beyond helpful to us!

Love the Gel!

This is such a great mattress. It takes it's sweet time allowing you to sink in, but when you do, it's soft, cool, and wraps you up. The firmness is just right to support my recent back surgery, but the softness is warm and inviting...oh yeah...

It's good

It's good

1st 30 Days

I have had the bed for about 30 days now. It seems to be holding up very well. It’s comfortable. It’s firm. I hope it last for many years to come. I recommend this product.

Best sleep ever

Since getting my bed I have been sleeping through out the night. I have difficulty getting to sleep throughout the night due to neuropathy pain. Since getting the Ghost Bed, I am able to get a good night sleep. Love the adjustable bed base and massaging. Great bed I’m so happy I made the decision to purchase this product.

ghostbed lux

Excellent mattress and it definitely keeps you cool. I had a really hard time purchasing a mattress online based on only pictures and reviews, but the trial they offer helped make that decision. It is a little firmer than others and that is what I like as I tend to move a lot during sleep and I don't like the feel of 'sinking in' that many other really soft foam mattresses have.

Awesome bed

It has helped my sleep so much!!!


I love my luxe mattress!! Immediately changed the way I sleep and wake up feeling! 100% recommend


The Luxe is so nice we had to purchase a second one for our vacation home. Sleeps cool and super comfortable.

Very Happy

We recently ordered the Luxe mattress and were definitely looking forward to the new mattress. The mattress we replaced was a gel/memory foam and was fairly pricey, which we bought from a store just about 2 years ago. We when we bought our new Ghost bed, we were actually pretty skeptical about buying this and the claims made about it. But our old one slept so hot, and although it seemed comfortable, we always woke up stiff and sore. So we thought we'd try out the Ghost bed. We could always return it if we needed. Well, it arrived more quickly than we thought, which was nice. The next surprise was that that was not a smell to it that these kinds of beds can have. No odor at all. Our first night we were excited to try it. I can say that the cooling effect of it seems quite real. I can't wait until summer to try it then. We both slept very well, and when we woke up did not have that soreness that we usually had on the other bed. It is a little more firm than we were used to, but as it turns out, that doesn't matter. We are comfortable and it feels great to get in bed. It is supportive in all the right places without causing pain. My wife sleeps on her side usually and when she sleeps on a firmer mattress, her hip often sore. But not with the Ghost Luxe! We have had it for about a month and are quite happy with it. We have ZERO intent on returning it. Our only problem is what to do with our old mattress now!

Heavenly sleep.

The most comfortable bed ever! I'm 86 yrs. Old with severe arthritis and this bed is a blessing. Don't want to get out of it as it makes sleeping and just being in bed a pleasure. The foot and head positions are wonderful with the massage is perfect for watching T.V. Or reading. I am in love with this bed!!! R. A.

Good bed

Good bed, except a bit firmer than advertised.

Finally restful sleep at last

Overall, I LOVE this bed. I bought it based on a referral my friend gave. Her husband had done extensive research before purchasing a Ghost bed. To note, they love it. Initially they tried a Tuft & Needle which they found too hard. We received the bed the first week in December so it is still fairly new to us. The biggest benefit is I find once I put my head down I am out faster then I have ever fallen asleep on any bed, I wake up feeling rested. I am not disturbed if my husband turns or moves about at night. The only reason I am deducting a star is I find I have some lower back pains and some nights I find I wake up a little achy, I am not sure if this is just me or that the bed does not give enough for side sleepers, there is the chance that it does not relieve pressure points as well as I would like. It is still new to us and Ghost said it takes some time to get used to. I do think I need to re-evaluate after 30 days. For me, I like the firmness but could probably go half a point less. My husband could go half a point higher so I think this is a good compromise.

I feel ten years younger!

I’m 60 years old and had been sleeping on a very expensive, extra plush pillow top mattress. I thought I liked a really soft mattress, but was waking up several times a night and was really stiff in the mornings - Getting old, I thought. I ordered the Ghost Bed because of it’s cooling properties, but for me the best feature has been sleeping more comfortably through the night and waking significantly less stiff.

2 Ghost Beds/ Twin XL’s/ Full Motion/ 4 Pillows

The Ghost Bed has allowed my wife and I to sleep most of the night for the first time in 34 years. A Ghost Bed is an investment for your quality of life, and has instant returns!

Ghost bed

I haven’t slept this good in a long time. Got the ghost bed king size and the adjustable base. Definitely a must have!

So far - so very good

Been sleeping on our new GhostBed for two weeks now and our sleep is remarkably better. No more waking up hot - thus the claim appears to be true might be the coolest bed on earth!

Great bed!

We’re very happy with our Ghost Bed! Sleeping much better!

Loving it

We have been sleeping on our Lux Ghostbed for almost 2 weeks and we are loving it. I don’t usually do reviews, but the whole process, starting with the Ghostbed customer service, through the prompt Fed Ex delivery has been wonderful. Will keep you informed through our 101 day trial period

Amazingly comfortable and cool

Amazingly comfortable and cool


I haven't noticed a significant improvement in my sleep over the 10 year old mattress we replaced. It's not terribly uncomfortable, just not as good as I was hoping for. I sleep very hot and was hoping this would help that situation. It's definitely colder than other mattresses when first going to bed, but I still get just as hot as I used to as the night goes on.


We got the ghost bed cause we wanted something a little more firm and that would sleep cool. So far it’s been everything we wanted!

In Love with My Bed

I wake up well rested and no more back pains. The best bed I have ever owned :)

Best bed I’ve ever experienced.

By far the best bed I’ve ever laid on. If it wasn’t for drinkin bro’s podcast I would have never ordered it. Thanks to JT, Mat, and Ross for it.

Love this mattress

Love the mattress. If its as durable as it is comfortable im a customer for life. Only time will tell but after a couple weeks of sleeping on it i can say that its the most comfortable mattress ive ever had by far.

Great bed

Bought the Luxe with the adjustable frame and I can’t say a bad thing about this. I fall asleep so fast and it’s one of the comfortable beds ever.

Ghostbed Luxe, w/adjustable base!

Got rid of my Tempurpedic and thought I would give this a try! I’m a little bit of a bigger guy (5’9 and fluctuate between 200 and 230lbs.) my old mattress was too soft and I was in constant pain, biweekly chiropractor appointments, and weekly massages. This mattress is just the right firmness, the “cooling sensation” from the top is truely amazing, I was very skeptical. The adjustable base is great, plenty of positions and the massage can be nice. I wish the LED lighting underneath it had changeable color, or at least a warm white color instead of the bright cool blue white. The mattress does shift from side to side when you use the adjustable features. But I bought a mattress keeper (kinda like the thing you put under rugs) it seems to help a ton! I was disappointed in FedEX. My mattress and base shipped together, under 1 master tracking number and showed being delivered together, but I ended up with the base two days before the mattress. Ghostbed customer service wasn’t great, but not bad. Pretty just sorry, nothing we can do. All in all I’m satisfied thus far. Didn’t get the t-shirt it seems most people get.

In love!

I was always afraid of buying a bed online but I’m so glad that I did! The luxe is definitely the coolest bed I’ve slept on as well as the most comfortable!

Middle Back Pain Gone Just Like That

Got this bed (King Luxe) about two weeks ago and no chance I am sending it back. I knew night one. I used to wake 3-4 times a night and now maybe once a night. I'm 55 yo male after all so even once a night is amazing for me but I have slept through the entire night more often than not since I got this bed. HUGE difference in quality of life. If you aren't sleeping well you need to try this bed.


Easy to setup and very cool to sleep on

Best mattress ever

Love my ghost bed! The cooling effect is awesome. Super soft and comfy too! Very happy with this purchase. Highly recommend to anyone who runs hot.

It's a bed

Not bad

If you're on the fence just do it

Great bed, easy to follow directions, and great sleep. I was afraid I would end up sending this mattress back. No way. Its comfortable and I sleep great.

Great bed

Love my ghost bed. Nothing better if you love memory foam. I would buy over a temperpedic

Scary good sleep

We love the bed and adjustable base. My 3 year old loves that he can sit up and watch tv in our room before it’s bedtime and I’m loving the massage feature. I have yet to get hot at night and has helped me sleep better.

Love this bed!

My friend got me hooked on the ghost bed when I felt how soft and cool this bed felt. I immediately bought one and couldn’t wait to fully sleep on it. So far it’s been great, I had no trouble adjusting to it at all. Love it.

Super Easy set up! Great

Super Easy set up! Great Quality! Sleeping straight through the night!

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Okay comfort, absolutely terrible customer service

Okay comfort, but absolutely horrible customer service. I called before the bed had shipped to change the delivery address. I was told it would be passed to shipping but the mattress was still delivered to the original address. The second part of the order was a set of pillows that got held at the border due to missing /improper...Read MoreRead more about review stating Okay comfort, absolutely terrible customer service paperwork. I called to make them aware of this issue and was told it would be looked into and I would be contacted. I called the next week as I was not contacted and could see that the pillows were still being held, I was told the same thing again. I contacted them weekly as the pillows were still held and eventually returned to them. Every time I contacted them I was told they would look into it and contact me. Nothing was done and not once did they contact me without my initiation. I have now received the memory foam pillows in place of the original shredded pillows 40 Business days later. When contacted and asked if they would be a suitable replacement I informed them that we had purchased our own pillows as their delivery took 35 more Business days than their advertised 2-5 and that I would like to discuss other options. That email was never replied to and too my surprise they apparently shipped these pillows instead without any confirmation from me. I never got a shipment notice they just suddenly arrived. The CS agents were always personable and friendly. But for a company advertising "The best customer service n the biz" the experience was completely unacceptable. Apparently once they have your money customer service is an afterthought. I strongly recommend not doing business with this company, considering how many other options are available. Read LessRead less about review stating Okay comfort, absolutely terrible customer service

Yay GhostBed!

Very happy with our GhostBed so far! Easy setup, and pleased with overall quality. Looking forward to better night's sleep!

Most amazing bed I’ve ever

GhostBed, good deal!!


A zero-regret purchase

Good Support, Needs More Cooling

Perfect level of firmness and comfort. A little less cooling than preferred, but still much better than other pure foam mattresses I’ve tried. Overall very satisfied with the price and comfort level. Delivery was seamless and the bed did not give off much of an off-gassing odor. Would recommend for those who sleep on their side or even stomach, bu...Read MoreRead more about review stating Good Support, Needs More Coolingt for those who sleep extremely hot, they may need something more cooling. Read LessRead less about review stating Good Support, Needs More Cooling

Great bed. Easy setup. Nice

Great bed. Easy setup. Nice sheets as well.

This is easily the most

This is easily the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. Love my new GhostBed.

After a few months on

After a few months on my ghostbed and I can confirm. it's comfy as a cloud. I do get worried about the breakdown of the matress but so far I haven't had that happen ! I love it and hopefully will have it for years to come. Next time... Maybe I can try their sheets. Their pillows are certainly worth it. Seriously. Get this matress and their shredde...Read MoreRead more about review stating After a few months ond pillows. So comfortable. Read LessRead less about review stating After a few months on

Comfortable surprise in a box.

Great sleep. Quality construction. The real surprise was how the mattress jumped to life when lot of the box. I ordered on Sunday night and the mattress arrived Tuesday morning. The mattress has a zip cover for easy washing.

Quick, Easy, Wonderful

quick delivery, easy to set up, and sleeps wonderful

Bought a Ghostbed mattress a

Bought a Ghostbed mattress a few years back and when it came time to have my daughters replaced she demanded a ghostbed!

Nice mattress!

Great mattress! Happy with my purchase..only wished I would have bought the mattress earlier!

Loving my GhostBed!!!

Loving my new ghost bed and pillows!! Extremely comfortable and I don’t wake up with aches and pains. Also I’m a hot sleeper and the temperature of the mattress stays cool all night. The pillows also say cool a don’t bunch and shift during the night! Best purchase of 2020!!!

Wonderful sleep

I bought the twin XL mattress to go on the adjustable frame for my 14 year old. He goes to bed sooner and sleep more sound than ever. He enjoys the firmness of the bed for the support it gives him. He still brags on his new net at school to anyone who will listen. The pillows we received are so soft to the touch but give wonderful support for you ...Read MoreRead more about review stating Wonderful sleephead. I see my son using this bed for years to come. Read LessRead less about review stating Wonderful sleep

Love my Ghost Bed

It's been about a month since I got my bed and I absolutely love it! No more tossing and turning. I wake up not feeling achy. Best sleep I have had in a long time. I would highly recommend.

Upgrade your bed, totally worth every penny.

Really an awesome bed. I wasn’t aware how much better I could sleep on a proper mattress! Love the firmness of the bed and the ease/speed of delivery. I’ve already recommended it to a few friends!

We have been happy with

We have been happy with our bed so far. Shipping was fast and it was easy to set up. We like that the trial is more than 30 days. We are thinking about exchanging for the Luxe which is a littler softer. Happy to have the option with a 101 night trial. We have been happy so far!

Very happy with the mattress

Very happy with the mattress we purchased! Packaged product was easy to handle and get to the bedroom.

Love this bed!

I haven't bought a new bed for anyone in my family since probably 2008. My son desperately needed a new bed because he was quickly outgrowing his toddler one and the mattress was probably 13 years old. My son LOVES this bed and is so happy that he has a new "big boy" bed. In fact, my husband and I fight over who gets to sleep in it sometimes if he...Read MoreRead more about review stating Love this bed! gets into our bed. (We really need a new bed as well) My husband and I are trying to wait it out for a new bed but after buying this bed for our son it's so difficult! love it and recommend to anyone. Also, loved the financing option with Affirm. Would not have been able to buy otherwise! Read LessRead less about review stating Love this bed!

Very comfortable but does retain

Very comfortable but does retain heat.

Love this bed! Been sleeping

Love this bed! Been sleeping on an old woren down mattress for too long. Got a king size so now I dont have to fight for space neither with my husband. I definitely made a good investment.

The bed has releived my

The bed has releived my back and shoulders for pressure points at night. Wow! Amazing.

Great Mattress

Simple order and delivery, wasily installed everything myself. More firm than expected but great for what comfort level I wanted. I can always add a mattress topper and firm mattresses usually are more durable. Quality is premium, I have no complaints and the product seems top of the line.

Sleep Trial Scam

I purchased a GhostBed Luxe King Bundle with the adjustable base. The mattress was very uncomfortable so we decided to return it under the 101 night trial policy. Although we were aware the we would have to keep the base, GhostBed stated they would remove all discounts and we would only receive a $415 credit for a mattress that is normally $2545.00 but is currently discounted to $1782.00 if purchased separately. We paid $2980.00 for the bundle meaning they stuck us with the base for $2565.00....there sleep trial is a SCAM!

Horrible Company & Bed

Horrible Company!, if you can call it a company. Buyer Beware! I purchased the mattress and adjustable foundation from Ghostbed. Two separate pieces with 2 separate discounts which is listed on the receipt. Before the trial period expired, I asked for a return and I followed instructions and donated the mattress as instructed and as acknowledged by Ghostbed. They then informed me that the mattress that I paid $2100 for, I would only receive a refund for $1,400 as they were taking all of the discounts offered on both the mattress AND the adjustable foundation and applying them to the refund. ( $2100 minus $700.) The adjustable foundation is non-returnable and I never asked to return it. They state it is in their terms and conditions yet their refund policy states "FULL REFUND". There is a very loose reference in their terms and conditions but the interpretation is extremely loose and would easily be squashed by a lawyer. These folks don't make their money off of satisfied customers, they make their money off of returns which I guarantee paid for the mattress and then some. DO NOT believe that you will get a full refund on the Sleep Trial from Ghostbed for any reason. Ghostbed is a ripoff and everyone on the internet is saying so.

Poor cutomer service.

After hearing nothing from Ghost Bed for an order I placed 26 days ago, I had an online chat with them today. The call center told me that the new estimate would be by the end of the month, but clearly this was a guess as the center could not access the order or shipping system. After the agent kept fumbling around, I cancelled my order. However, the agent could not tell me when a refund would be made. Poor execution and worse customer support. The said someone would follow up with me , but they did noy know when this would occur. Would not recommend purchasing from Ghost Bed.

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