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Ghostbed is a brand from Nature's Sleep, combining both latex and memory foam materials. Like many other memory foam mattresses, it has three layers with aerated latex on top and memory foam on the bottom. It is perfect for firm/support lovers and hot sleepers.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $495-$875

Trial Period: 101 days

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Ghostbed's Specifics

Quality of Materials

GhostBed's mattress is entirely made of a blend of latex, memory foam, and high density foam. We'll go through each of the layers and how it affects your sleep.

Layer 1: The top layer is GhostBed's zippered mattress cover. Being thin and polyester, the GhostBed cover is designed to be soft and also has good airflow to keep things cool and dry.

Layer 2: A 1.5'' aerated latex foam layer is right under the cover. The aeration keeps things cool while the latex provides a nice bounce and softness.

Layer 3: The next layer is 2 inches of gel foam, which further helps with heat retention and provides pressure relief.

Layer 4: The last layer is the 7'' of support foam that is made to provide support and keep the bed in the same shape for longer.

Overall Comfort

Most reviewers describe the GhostBed as a comfortable mattress, but some reviewers describe expecting more. Additionally, some describe that the bed takes more time than expected to stabilize after being unwrapped.


Experts and reviewers report that it is medium firm, providing a nice bounce and responsiveness. Some report that it is too soft and some say it is too firm. This is common with medium firm mattresses.

Back Pain Relief

GhostBed's firmness is definitely in the range of back pain alleviating mattresses. Out of the reviews, there are not widespread reports of back pain.


From the aerated layer on top to the cooling middle layer, this bed should keep you cool through the night. However, for folks that are extremely hot sleepers, it may not be enough according to some reviews.

Who Is It Good For?

The GhostBed is a great bed for those that don't have too many back/health requirements, are looking for a simple bed to set up, and like a firmer bed with the bounce of latex and slow contour from memory foam.

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Life changing!

I've slept on the same box spring and just for half my life. My girlfriend said your bed sucks. So I started looking at beds and found this online. It is incredibly awesome! I didn't realize how sore my body was and how little sleep I was actually getting. Laying on it kind of feels firm but after you get use to it. It feels natural. I've also noticed that I use less pillows. I used to be two or three stacker with the pillows. The price of the bed really isn't that bad comparing prices and the quality is really nice. I did not buy the boxspring I bought a platform. Do make sure you know the measurements of the bed you're getting before you buy it. Apparently I had a full-size bed and not a queen. I bought a king not really thinking to much about the size. I just want to bigger bed. Best mistake ever!

Not quite average

After searching for a mattress, reading reviews, and conferring with friends for over a year, I took the leap and purchase the GhostBed. I opened the package and allowed the bed to reach the full 11 inches within 48 hours. The first night of sleeping on it was great, although one edge of the mattress is still lower than the rest. The second and third night, I started getting hot. I thought the gel top was to keep me cooler. It really has not. And after 4 days of sleeping on the mattress, the bottom edge of the mattress still hasn't caught up to the rest of the mattress. After reading more recent posts, that may have something to do with how long it has been stored in a warehouse. Overall, for what I've paid for the mattress, it is about average. I ordered this particular mattress because of the gel top to keep me cooler at night. It hasn't. I would think by day 4 and 5, the mattress wouldn't look warped. It's a little below average at best.

Not what I expected

Not the best. Not the worst. I've sleep on much better mattresses but, I suppose for the price you get what you pay for. After it arrived, I unrolled the behemoth and allowed it 24+ hours to fully expand without sleeping on it. However, even after those many hours, there was a large lump in the center and 2 corners (bottom right and top left) stayed lifted several inches from the bedframe.

Ghostbed is a scam

What a scam! I paid for the overnight shipping on this because I have no mattress to sleep on. Package was nearly disintegrated when it arrived and the vacuum sealing trifold process used by the manufacturer completely destroys the structural integrity of the inner foam creating a spine in the bed and preventing it from laying flat. Unusable. Obviously I am requesting a full refund and still have no mattress to sleep on.

Ghostbed seemed like a good neutral bed according to the reviews

I was very skeptical about ordering a mattress online....especially the ones that come curled in a box. But I needed a bed and after looking online at many reviews, I decided to take the plunge and order something. Ghostbed seemed like a good neutral bed according to the reviews, so I ordered it. One word...WOW! I've never slept on a latex/memory foam bed before...always a spring mattress. I absolutely love this bed. The first night, it was a little "weird". Not a bad "weird"...but I guess my body was used to the old crappy spring mattress for MANY years that my body didn't know how to react. I absolutely love this bed. I toss and turn less in my sleep and I fall asleep faster.

Thank you GhostBed for making such an awesome product!

Best sleep I've ever had

I have had a hellish time sleeping due to my medical history. I was rarely able to fall asleep easily, never slept through the night, and woke up exhausted.

I have a cal-king sized ghost bed now and it was the best choice I've made for myself in my life. I can sleep less, feel more rested, fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. I'm sleeping better new than when I was a teenager. It was worth every penny.


I have owned other memory foam mattresses and I had to change my position frequently to feel comfortable. The GHOST mattress is comfortable in any area if the bed. I have never experienced a temperature increase while sleeping.

Love it!

This bed has been awesome. Due to an incredibly narrow hallway, we thought we'd never be able to have a king size bed. Ghost Bed was very easy to unwrap, and sleeps very comfortably!

it is safe to say that it is the best mattress I have ever slept on

After sleeping on this mattress for a few nights, it is safe to say that it is the best mattress I have ever slept on. It was easy to get it out of the packaging, and it took less than a few hours for it to expand to its intended size. The memory foam and latex are such an improvement over my old box spring mattress.

We've liked our Ghost bed

We've liked our Ghost bed. Our old mattress was getting saggy. Only 4 stars because our sleep hasn't improved greatly like we'd hoped.

Absolutely wonderful!

This bed came in one business day. It's exactly what I was hoping it would be. Not super firm, not too squishy, hugs you just enough. The texture is heavenly! I'm including a picture of my spinal alignment while side-lying, there wasn't many pictures like it when I was online mattress shopping, and I feel like it would be useful information for other ladies. The closest review I could find was a thin male lying on his side, but as a female with wide hips, that didn't tell me much. As you can see, it lines me up perfectly. When I'm on my back it supports everything ideally, and honestly I probably won't even need a pillow. I'm actually able to lay on my stomach on this mattress, which is usually a no go because most firmer surfaces hurt my chest. This bed is excellent at conforming to contour and relieving pressure points. I'm 170 lbs and my husband is 200 lbs and we can lay super close to each other without the dreaded divot that sucks me in toward him. Very very minimal motion transfer. Right now I'm super pleased with this purchase, if anything changes after a few nights of sleeping on it I'll update! As of right now though, I highly recommend this bed!! I feel like I've received exactly what was marketed by Ghost Bed. You bet I'll be wearing their T shirt!

We love the mattress, but it does take some getting used to

After a year of debating and researching mattresses, along with over two years of sore backs and necks, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and order the Ghost bed. We researched all kinds of mattresses, but since we are on a budget, we were debating between GhostBed and Purple. We went with GhostBed because it was cheaper and the reviews of the mattress seemed to be what we were looking for.

The first night sleeping on it, I tossed and turned. My back was so so sore the next day. The next night was close to the same, and same for my husband. But the third night was heaven. Neither of us woke up hardly at all. We love this mattress because the motion doesn't transfer as much, so we do not wake each other up as often when we move in our sleep (we both move a lot in our sleep)! After about a week, we finally fully adjusted to sleeping on a memory foam mattress. I'm even convinced that our Dachshund sleeps better on this mattress. It is also a very cool mattress. Unlike most reviews on Amazon, we received NOTHING for this review, and it is totally unbiased.

You won't regret it.

My husband and I had a spring mattress that we reluctantly lived with for a few too many years, and we kept putting off buying a new mattress. I finally took advantage of the lightning deal on Prime Day, and honestly, we couldn't be happier. The mattress is soft and we still feel supported, and it allows air circulation, so you're never too warm. Also, you don't even feel or hear it when one person moves or gets out of the bed. The shipping packaging is compact, but it is heavy!! Make sure you're prepared for that on arrival day, and move it to where you want it before unboxing. Just for reference, we have the Malm/Lonset platform bed from IKEA, and this mattress fits really well! [...]

EXTREMELY happy I bought this one.

Purchased: Queen sized GhostBed. I ordered this Saturday night, it arrived by 11am on Wednesday - NICE!! Even though it was listed as about 80 lbs, I was totally able to get it out of the box, drag it up my stairs by the plastic & up onto my box spring, by myself. It's vacuum packed so it was compacted in the plastic & was very easily dragged. Once I cut off the plastic, it started springing to life. I was able to use it immediately. Since this is a HUGE life decision, this review may be the longest one I've done yet....
I LOVE LOVE this bed. I planned on giving it about a week prior to reviewing, but after 2 nights, I'm stoked! I've battled severe insomnia since I was in high school, I'm 45 now. I've slept on many o mattresses over the years (vacations, friends/family homes, etc). Most all were too hard, too soft, or just flat out uncomfortable - sometimes I'd end up on the couch. I've slept on Tempurpedics a few times and I do NOT like them at all! Not only did they hold body heat, they are too foamy like, too squishy, too soft, and takes too long to remold once you move positions... I have 3 beds in my house and 2 couches... Bouncing back & forth hoping for a good nights sleep that night.
Now, this GhostBed. The first night, my dogs slept so deeply that it was hard for me to get the full effect of the bed, they didn't move! LOL They LOVE it too! So... last night. I made the dogs wait until I got comfy before letting them up. I slept from 2am to 8am! I have not slept longer than 2 hours in years! That's 6 hours! I woke up and felt ready to conquer the world today! OMG, I can't stress enough how important & awesome this was for me! Although a similar design to Tempurpedics... the GhostBed is not as squishy or foamy-like, my body did NOT sink as much as I thought it would (I'm a plus sized gal). I had read that the GB was great for side sleepers... I TOTALLY agree! I didn't even need to put a pillow between my legs, which I've done for years!! The body alignment was so perfect, I didn't need it!! I even went from using 2-3 pillows to one!! I don't know about the remolding when you reposition, because I barely moved! And usually I thrash about constantly to find that comfy position! A few reviews mentioned the cooling factor... it's weird. When I got up, the GB was very warm to the touch, my blankets were warm as well, but I did NOT feel heated at all, I'll tell you what!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so strange! It's like the GB absorbes the heat & just keeps it from effecting you! I also like that the sheet tends to stay more in place than it does on a smoother surfaced mattress.
Overall so far, I am EXTREMELY happy with this bed! It'll be interesting to see how long it will last, hopefully for a long while... although it's cheaper than a store bought mattress (for the most part), it would be just as expensive, if not more, if it's having to be replaced 2-3 times to one store bought replaced one I've had for 7 years. so we'll see.
Now ya'all just need to design the perfect pillow!

101 Day Sleep Trial Does Not Apply!

This bed proved to be too firm for my daughter to sleep on. When she contacted GhostBed, she was promptly told that the 101 Day Sleep Trial did not apply since the mattress was purchased through Amazon

Based on the above, I cannot recommend a product from a company who does not stand by their product.

Do not buy on Amazon

It was too firm. GhostBed doesn't honor their sleep trial through Amazon. Do not buy! I repeat, do not buy!!!!!!!!!

Update, Amazon refunded purchase. Got another bed from plushbeds. Figured out why the mattress was probably bad through Amazon. I couldn't believe all the positive reviews of the GhostBed, and after doing more research, it is probably the Amazon warehouses that made this bed unsleepable. Memory foam mattresses should be opened within 72 hours of delivery for optimal performance. Well, if this bed was stuck in a warehouse for a while, that could have negatively affected the foam making it hard and unforgiving. Learn something new every day.

Too firm and a bit small

It's been 10 days since I have had the mattress. I really want to love the mattress but there are some glaring problems with it. The biggest issue is the the mattress is too firm. I would say the firmness is 7 to 9 on a scale of 0 to 10. Some people may like it but I like my bed close to a 5. Also, the California King size is a quite bit smaller than my previous California King size mattress. It does not fit my California size bed frame perfectly. Therefore, after it's put in place, it leaves a part of the bed frame exposed, which is pretty unsightly.

Everything else with the bed is pretty good. There is no weird smell to the mattress upon arrival. The package was great and easy to remove. I will try it for a week or 2 more but I will probably have to return it as the firmness is making my sleep unpleasant.

This is absolute heaven

There is nothing bad to say about this mattress. I haven't slept this comfortable in years. Don't let the fact that it's a foam mattress scare you. This bed is amazing. The support is second to none in my opinion.

King Ghostbed review after 2 months usage.

I don't think there is a perfect bed, but it is a really great bed. I had a traditional spring mattress that hurt my back and hips, so I decided to give memory foam a try. We reasearched many brands and settled on Ghostbed. After 2 months I can say it is very comfortable and provides a restful sleep. I am 6 feet tall and 230 pounds. This bed supports me just fine. My only problem with the bed is that it seems to be firmer in the center, so initially it seems like the mattress pushes you off to the sides. I have gotten used to it and I no longer notice this. The bed came UPS well packaged. It is very heavy, it is a good idea to get help unpacking hit. Overall I feel this bed is good quality as advertised and I've gotten a really nice bed for the price, and I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Very pleased!

I typically only make major purchases if I've been able to do a lot of research and weigh all the options, so I had some trepidation about buying a bed online. I was not disappointed. The bed is supportive yet comfortable, and not hot as some people say foam mattresses can be. Some of the old minor aches and pains we had with the old bed are now history. Glad we made the purchase!

Not bad for what it is, very firm.

The mattress is fine if you know what you are getting. I read through the reviews, and thought I knew what I was getting, but after sleeping on the mattress for weeks I had to send it back, it was just too firm to keep. I'm 6-4, 240 and the mattress would barely give at all when I layed down on it, I'd toss and turn all night, and eventually end up sleeping on the couch just to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

If you like a firm mattress then this will do you just fine, it has great edge support and doesn't sleep hot. I wish it would have worked out better for me.

Go buy a Purple.

This bed is no good for those of larger size and wieght. Wife and I would sink into it and have difficulty moving as to cuddle was a problem. Was not able to get a good nights sleep thought two weeks on this bed. Could not make it to 30 days. If you are 250 plus lbs, with another person in the bed you might want something else as well. We are getting it picked up soon and with refund will buy a Purple. Tried it out and like it much better.

Satisfied Customer

I have never slept so good in my life! At first when I laid on it, it was like laying on the floor (have in mind I've never had a firm mattress) but when I actually slept on it, I woke up fully awake and my back didnt hurt.

) now we couldn't be happier and so glad we stuck it out

My husband and I were very hesitant after months of researching. We finally decided on the ghost bed. We even considered returning because the first 3 weeks or so, we were still uncomfortable. You do have to wait 30 days for a reason ;) now we couldn't be happier and so glad we stuck it out. We are actually sleeping. Woo hoo!!

Good Product

A few months in and i am happy much firmer than anticipated. i am only 160LB might be a little softer for larger people that being said it is still very comfortable. I had really bad back pains from a previous mattress that was worn out and the first few nights it was still really bad. After sticking with it for a week i felt much better and i haven't had any back pains since. Only complaint would be a little softer but that might be why i don't have back pain in the morning and i am used to it now. Would buy again


Bought this mattress 2 months ago. Was initially very excited about it but after 60 days of sleeping on it I can honestly say that it's not really comfortable in my opinion. There's just not enough support. It doesn't fit my body shape and causes tension in my back. It's not a bad mattress, just a surprisingly average one.

Worth the money

I took a chance with this bed because of all the reviews and I'm glad I did. We love it. At first the bed feels very firm whether sitting or lying, but after a few seconds you sink into the bed. We also bought a metal frame from Zinus to put the mattress on for good support. It was cheaper than getting a GhostBed boxspring and it's higher so now we have extra storage space under the frame.
If you are considering this bed, buy it, it's worth the money.

Four Stars

verycomfortabe (firm) I weigh about 250 and minimal sinkage

The set up was easy and quick

I could see that the GhostBed could work for some. I feel that those would need/like a firm mattress. I ordered this mattress during Amazon prime day due to fabulous deal. The set up was easy and quick. I did not feel that there was any "chemically" smell. It took a few hours to plump up. The downfall for me was how firm this mattress was. I actually woke up with a sore back. I didn't feel that the mattress softened at all. Definite personal preference, but to me this is a 9 of 10 on a firm scale.

Love my GhostBed!

Got my GhostBed yesterday for our daybed in the living room, fell asleep on it last night, didn't want to get up this morning. I think that says it all. This is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. The video is accurate, the bed expands within a minute or two and is ready to go. I love it that it is rolled up and comes in a box. We are unable to get a king up our steps so we have been struggling with 2 xl twins strapped together, what a pain. We will be ordering a king GhostBed for upstairs and are very excited about not falling in "the hole" between the mattresses or having to mess with the strap that holds them together albeit poorly. Also got a free GhostBed tee shirt!

Too early to tell...

A little too early to tell. Just received it and set it up yesterday. Feels comfortable, slept good the first night. Cardboard box it came in was pretty damaged. Top was open - clear tape was loose, may have been open when shipped, do not know. Bottom corner of the box had been ripped open - about a four inch hole. It was covered with clear tape. Was worried that the mattress may have been damaged but it was OK.

Five Stars

Very comfortable

Great Mattress! received wrong size! measure yours before you can't return it!

Love the mattress, would be 5 stars except that i ordered a king size and got a queen. Didn't notice until I got my bed frame in the mail today and it's not the right size! Coincidentally the last day to return was yesterday so now I am stuck with the wrong mattress until I can work this out with the Amazon which is proving to be difficult. The box and packaging said king but until i put a tape measure to it I didn't notice the size difference. Again, great mattress. I've been sleeping on it for a month without the bed and love it. I just want the size I paid for!

Five Stars

I absolutely love the bed.

Five Stars

Awesome product

Five Stars

Love it

Five Stars

Very nice

Five Stars

Amazing mattress. Haven't slept this well in years. Highly recommend

Not for back and side sleepers. Look somewhere else.

Makes my back hurt, wish I could still return this bed. Save your money and look somewhere else.

Five Stars

Love everything about the bed and so affordable!!

Perfect amount of support

After researching and checking out many reviews, finally decided on the Ghost Bed. It is amazing!! Love it! Keeps me cool enough and has decent support too.

Five Stars

Very comfortable and cool. Easy to unpack.

it's a bed

Wanted to LOVE it, but don't HATE it... just kind of indifferent.

Buyers Beware!

Do not buy!! Large lump in the middle of mattress where it is folded and vacuum sealed. Sent me to the chiropractor.

Five Stars

As expected

but pretty

a little softer than i expected, but pretty goos

Great bed

We love this bed. The wife has finally stopped complaining about her sore back. One person can open the package but it helps to have two people available.

Very Comfy

Only had for a couple weeks, but amazingly comfortable.

Works for me.

I decided to buy something to replace my hospital bed mattress and this works well. It accepts my fitted sheets and accommodates the adjustable action of the bed. As a heavy guy, I needed something to support my back. I had experience with a Tempurpedic and liked it. This is very similar at half the price.

Three Stars

Great for back sleepers, not so much for side sleepers.

This is a wonderful matterss great night sleep I really don't think you ...

This is a wonderful matterss great night sleep I really don't think you need to purchase the box springs it makes the bed so high you can barely get up in it but it is a wonderful mattress.


I've never slept better!!!!

this is an awesome mattress! We set it up before we left ...

this is an awesome mattress! We set it up before we left on a trip so it would have time to fully expand.We have never had one bad night. We are planning on ordering one for our daughter.

took a few nights to get used to but now I'm pretty happy with this bed (4 months in) will update ...

First non-spring bed, took a few nights to get used to but now I'm pretty happy with this bed (4 months in) will update if my feeling happen to change although I doubt that will happen.

Love the cal king size (had a older sleep number ...

Love the cal king size (had a older sleep number queen). The mattress is rated a 7 on hardness, but I think more like 8.5. That's the only thing that's negative for me.

Love it dudes.

I received this product in about two days and its been awesome.

Set up was extremely easy. Bed only weighed 75 pounds and came in a convenient box.
Ever since sleeping on this bed I have noticed that waking up in the morning is less of a pain. My significant other also loves the bed because I tend to roll around throughout the night but now she hardly notices.

All around great mattress. Easy setup, easy sleep.

Five Stars

Love love love it. Great value and so comfortable. A bit heavy up the stairs.

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