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The Freya mattress has been discontinued as of January 2020 -- see our list of top rated cooling mattresses for alternatives. The Freya Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is their answer to the 'hot sleeper problem.' With an increased amount of cooling gel in the top layer and open cell ventilation, the Freya mattress keeps things cool even for those in warmer environments. With only one medium firmness option and pocketed coils, this mattress fits the needs of most extremely warm sleepers.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $1399-$2399

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Freya's Specifics

Freya is the latest in cooling technology from Brooklyn Bedding. It is one of the few specialty mattresses in cooling that actually has received some feedback that it may sleep 'too cold' for some. If you are someone who is medium-sized and sleeps very warm at night, this mattress could be the answer to getting you sleeping more soundly.

Quality of Materials

Freya's design isn't all about cooling. When it comes to the mattress, it is a well-made hybrid mattress that features pocketed coils and cooling gel-foam. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: It all starts with the cover. The cover is features TitanCool™ technology directly on contact, which means the woven cover will provide immediate cooling.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is made of 2'' of memory foam with TitanCool™ infusion. This water-based material diffuses heat rapidly away from the body and keeps things icey cool, while the memory foam dissolves away pressure points and contours to your body.

Layer 2: The second comfort layer is patented Energex™ material with copper infusion which fetures antimicrobial benefits and whisks away heat and moisture while continuing to cradle the body without aggravating pressure areas.

Layer 3: 1'' of transition foam is higher density and more responsive to support the body and spine.

Base Layers: 8'' of Quantum Edge encased coils support the spine without causing disturbances to your partner if you move. They also allow air to flow out of the mattress. Beneath this is 1'' of high density base foam that structures the mattress.

Overall Comfort

This mattress is ideal for those that sleep very warmly. It does best for those that are also medium in body size because it only has one firmness option available, which is medium-firm. Those that don't sleep warm may be too cold sleeping on this mattress.


Freya offers one firmness option for sleepers. It will do well for medium-sized sleepers who sleep on their back or sides. For those that are bigger, they may find it is too soft for them.

Back Pain Relief

Because of the superior spine support that the quantum edge pocketed coils provide, this mattress will align the spine and keep most people comfortable. Those that are above 200lbs or over may find it doesn't support the spine as well as expected.


This mattress is all about cooling. From the cover to the TitanCool™ technology, this mattress does a great job keeping things cool for most sleepers.

Who Is The Freya Mattress Right For?

This mattress is a specialty mattress for those that are very warm sleepers and haven't been able to find relief. For those that are not warm sleepers, Brooklyn Bedding has other options that may better fit you too!

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Definitely Cool

Going through the womanhood changes.. :) and love that this keeps me cool. Definitely recommending to my friends.

love this bed

This is LITERALLY the coldest mattress I've ever slept on, and like, I sweat no matter the season. When i heard about this bed I had to get it, it's solving all of my relationship problems... no more kicking my man out to the couch for being a hotbox haha!


I purchased this mattress for the cooling feature, but the softness level is what I love. I am surprised that you can feel the coolness through my sheets. I almost want to sleep right on the mattress with no sheets every night


Mmmmm chilly! I love the chill of this mattress. It keeps my hot man cool!

The Real Deal

I've tried other cooling mattress. Most lose the cooling effect once you add sheets. The Freya feels cool all night, on top of being super comfortable!

Cool to the touch

I love how the Freya supports my lower back! It's cool to the touch and breathable. It offers really great support. I sleep on my back and side and can feel how it hugs me. I never wake up hot in the middle of the night either!

So comfy

I recently purchased the Freya and both my husband and I are extremely happy. The mattress sleeps cool and it supper comfortable no more body aches and sweaty nights for the first time and many years I can say I have been sleeping through the night. I definitely recommend this mattress.

Love it!

Living in a warm climate this mattress was a no brainer for me! Not only do my husband and I love how comfortable and supportive it is, it is literally cool to the touch and it feels so nice to get into bed on those hot summer nights.

Feel the cold

I love how cold to the touch this mattress is. For someone who sleeps so warm its great that this mattress cools me off and then keeps me cool throughout the night. This bed feels great and supportive while still being a softer feel.

Thumbs up!

I absolutely LOVE the top cooling fabric. This is the first mattress I have ever slept in that doesn’t make me sweat at night. It also has great support. I truly felt like my body weight was perfectly dispersed throughout the mattress.

Little soft, but comfortable - definitely cool

Bit softer than I had hoped, but my wife and I still love it. Super cool.


The debate over this bed is real. We originally ordered it online. It’s ultra comfortable. It’s half the price of a Serta. One of us was extremely happy with the cooling technology. I suppose if you’re a man (my husband is) or maybe a woman with hot flashes at this point this is the bed for you. I was FREEZING. We live in Phoenix so a) it’s very hot and b) Brooklyn Bedding has stores here. We went to a store to see if we could find a happy medium. We ended up exchanging the Freya for the Brooklyn Aurora. (Same Titancool technology but without the core ventilation and second layer of cooling gel that makes the Freya cooling on steroids.) We’re both happy now. I wanted to share all this so you can make an educated decision if you’re considering a mattress with cooling. The Aurora is cold. The Freya is VERY cold. I have to say the Brooklyn Bedding staff was awesome. They honored their 120 night trial and gave us a new bed, no problem.


Dang this thing feels cold!

yep it works

can't beat this for the desert climate in AZ

Good so far

It is fall/winter, so I'm not sure I can accurately check the cooling qualities, but everything so far seems great. I really think this is a mattress that we will enjoy for years to come.

Too soft for a bad

Too soft for a bad back.

It's comfortable..but

To be honest I'm sure some people will really like this mattress but it's a bit too firm for me as I'm lighter (148 lb) and sleep on my side. Also I don't notice any more cooling effects than the Aurora, as this is the 3rd mattress I've tried from them. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a touch disappointed.

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