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Fox Mattress Reviews

Fox Mattress is a mattress factory that ships directly to customers. Its prices change based on the current costs of materials so they do not advertise current prices on their website. Most customers find that Fox mattress provides a good night sleep for them. There are some complaints floating around about durability for lower and mid priced products.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $69-$4999

Trial Period: No Trial

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Fox's Specifics

Fox Mattress offers a variety of mattresses for purchase in-store or over the phone. They ship directly to customers across the US. They have invested in reputation building online by reaching out to reviewers and making things right, which can be seen with their good review scores on major platforms. They also are known for friendly and helpful service, which is great to see in this industry.

In terms of their mattresses, they tailor their selection directly to the customer, with both fully custom mattress options for boats and RV's and also more standard options for homeowners. They offer a variety of foam (latex included), innerspring, and their proprietary 'Cube-It' mattress.

Quality of Materials

Fox Mattress crafts their mattresses in their own factory and use US-based materials suppliers. Although they have a wide range of options for any budget range, they pride themselves on delivering quality products. There are some complaints from customers about durability issues with some of the lower priced products so if you opt to get a Fox Mattress, it helps to have a higher budget.

We'll go through their main mattress options below. They also offer custom mattresses that we don't include here. Here are the details:

Cube-it Mattress: The Cube-it mattress has a revolutionary design because it is customized to each sleeper. It has 6 individual support cubes that are customized in their firmness for you and your partner's body types and sleeping styles.

Deluxe Foam Mattresses: Fox Mattress has a variety of foam mattresses that use US manufactured foam. In this line, they offer mattresses featuring gel-infused/beaded foam, visco (memory foam), latex, preserve urethane, and reticulated foam (open cell). They focus on the densest foams available, which are less prone to longevity problems.

Innerspring Mattresses: Fox Mattress has a line of innerspring mattresses including flippable, no-flip traditional, Fox-o-pedic, pocketed coil, and their chiropractic line. These can be customized in firmness as well. Most find that these are high quality, but for durability, the higher priced options tend to fair better.

Overall Comfort

Most customers have had good experiences with Fox mattress when it comes to initial quality and comfort. There were a few reports of issues with durability and craftsmanship, but most of these cases were addressed by Fox. It appears that the best way to deal with the company is through their Facebook or Yelp pages if help is hard to get.


Fox Mattress offers a variety of firmness options and as the manufacturer, can customize the mattress directly to each customer. The above scale represents just a selection of the range that they can offer.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers are satisfied with their Fox Mattresses and have good things to say about how their body reacts. There were a few cases where people had issues with sagging, but it appeared this was for lower priced items.


Most of these mattresses will sleep cool due to the materials used and the craftsmanship. Those that live in a very warm environment, may experience some heat retention.

Who Are Fox Mattresses Right For?

Fox Mattresses are great for those in Florida with a healthy mattress budget. Additionally, those across the country that need fully custom mattress options should have Fox as a consideration.

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If you are not purchasing your mattresses from Fox Mattress

If you are not purchasing your mattresses from Fox Mattress, then you have not spent your hard-earned money wisely. Your body deserves the best mattress, and we can attest to the fact that our bodies never felt better sleeping. And, did I mention that our king mattress literally lasted for centuries...ok, not that long, but a long time.

We moved to the area in 2013 and needed mattresses

We moved to the area in 2013 and needed mattresses for both the master bedroom and the guest room. We went to a large national retailer to purchase our master bedroom and settled on a nationally known brand of mattress. Since the guest room is seldom used we went to Fox Mattress to purchase that set to " save money". Over the last four years, we have had multiple guests and every morning when they arise I get the report," where did you get that bed? I had the best nights s...leep in a long time". Well, it goes without saying, after four years, our "nationally" known mattress was junk! There was a dip so pronounced, turning over at night was a project. So guess where we went to replace? Fox Mattress! I love those people. I'm getting great sleep, I don't need assistance to turn over at night and their delivery was great and on time. Chelsea worked with us to assure we had the best Mattress possible. Love the opportunity to say good things about a local company. If you are in the market for a new bed, go see Chelsea before you buy the "national brand". You won't be sorry.

After moving here from NC

After moving here from NC we needed to purchase a new mattress for our room. We had decided to put our 4-year old mattress in our guest room. Our last experience, buying a brand that has been around a very long time from a very popular store was, was a nightmare. So, like so many others, we hesitated on where to go to buy a good mattress. Also, like so many others, I have health issues that challenge a good night's sleep. I started seeing ads for Fox Mattress and did a litt...le research on line. We decided to check out Fox. Chelsea was a big help, knew what questions to ask about our needs, and showed us several mattresses. I like a good firm mattress and that is what we got. I especially love that it is the same on both sides and we can flip it. I also like supporting a local company with products made in America. Thank you Fox Mattress!

The customer service

The customer service at this company is spectacular

Fox Mattress was recommended to me by a friend's sister

Fox Mattress was recommended to me by a friend's sister, after I spent the night and laid on the new bed they bought in their spare room. I got a chance to visit the store in Holly Hill and actually lie on the same bed that she had and I fell in love. The staff were incredible and I knew right away that this was the place to purchase it. They are more concerned that you feel the comfort you are looking for than making the sale. I highly recommend Fox Mattress to anyone!!! Thank you for your exceptional customer service :)

My husband and I needed to buy a new king mattress

My husband and I needed to buy a new king mattress for our room and a queen mattress for our guest room. I did a lot of research but was concerned that we would make a mistake in our mattress purchases. Chelsea helped us find the perfect mattresses, the delivery team was right on time and efficient, and we are proud to be supporting this local business! I also feel confident that if we need help in the future with our purchase, Chelsea will work with us to take care of any challenge to our satisfaction.

Wife & I purchased a mattress after 16 years

Wife & I purchased a mattress after 16 years on a waterbed. Coming from a waterbed, it was hard to pick the right mattress. Thought we liked a softer mattress. After a couple of nights sleeping on the mattress, I developed lower back pain. A few weeks later after evaluating when it was the mattress or any other factor, I determined that it was the mattress.

We purchased three box springs and mattresses

We purchased three box springs and mattresses for our Florida condo. After having them for a very short time the wood box springs were creaking terribly. Fox mattress replaced all three. After a very short time the next three wood box springs did the same thing. Today we are getting three new box springs to replace the wood ones from another store. Can not believe that out of 6 box springs they were all terrible to sleep on. Do not purchase these items. Very stressful experience.

January 2018, My Fox mattress continued sinking

January 2018, My Fox mattress continued sinking, they claim you must flip every 3-6 months. I was not told this when I purchased the bed! I had a king and have a very bad back, mattress is too heavy. Now I found my self in so much pain the last 6 months I could barely move and my Chiropractor said it is your mattress. OK so this 10 year mattress didn't even last 3 years for such the high price???? I bought a sleep number bed and in 2-3 days had no more pains and stiffnes...s didn't have my back pulled out. I would never buy a bed from FOX. They give 30 day trial, because the average person takes at 90 days to adjust to a mattress. Buy Sleep Number was cheaper, and they give you a 100 day trial.

I never gave much thought to mattress buying

I never gave much thought to mattress buying. After speaking to Chelsea at Fox Mattress I have learned that there is a big difference between picking something from the chain stores and having one custom made specifically for me.

Shopping was easy

Shopping was easy and there were a lot of choices! We bought a queen and a double, box spring and mattress !! We are very happy with both !! No problems sleeping !!

The mattresses are great

The mattresses are great, I have always purchased from here, but watch when you add the mechanics to the bed. Just be cautious. The lift had a problem. I didn't realize until today that you have to call an entirely different company to get the mechanics fixed. It took me most of the day calling this other company to resolve the issue that my 5 month old bed no longer lifts up from the feet. They are sending me a new electrical box, put I have to get someone to exchange it for us. I didn't expect all this complication. Just beware.

Hands down, the absolutely only place

Hands down, the absolutely only place you will ever want to go when you need a good mattress, made on site, with all components from the US, amazing warranty, free delivery and removal, and impeccable customer service. We will never buy another mattress from anywhere else. Thank you Wayne and Chelsea!

I bought the 100% latex bed

I bought the 100% latex bed and it is the best investment ever!! I can tilt my feet up also to help with circulation. The wireless remote is so easy and friendly to use.

It gives my a massage too. This company is solid and you can trust them.. It took me weeks to decide and now I know Fox was the right choice.

The customer service was great

The customer service was great! They really took the time to help us find the right bed for us. No trying to sell us or pressure us in anyway. My husband and I spent about an hour there, until we found the mattress we felt was "the one". They delivered it a few days later. So excited about our new bed!

I came into the store last week looking for a mattress

I came into the store last week looking for a mattress for my four-year-old son. Joe greeted me and my kids at the door and showed us around. He showed us the different mattresses that are available and what he thought would work well for my son. We found the perfect mattress for my son and I bought it. Joe was knowledgeable, professional, honest and kind. My husband and I felt he went above and beyond. Thanks so much Joe! Alex is loving his new mattress! We will be back when we need another mattress and are recommending you to our friends!

I've been buying mattresses from Fox since they first opened

I've been buying mattresses from Fox since they first opened in 1968! They are the absolute best in the business. We just bought a new latex mattress, and it is the very best we have ever had. Not only is the product the best, the experience of buying it was fun.

Great customer service

Great customer service and high quality matresses! We were there all day (narrowed it down to our top 2 mattresses in the am, had lunch, then came back to make our final decision) and never felt pressured. Trina, Jack and Wayne all helped us with the decision and were awesome! They delivered the mattress to Orlando within a few days, we can't wait to enjoy our new Orthopedic Dream mattress!

Very happy with the customer service

Very happy with the customer service here ! My boyfriend & I just spent what felt like forever trying to pick out a new mattress and our sales woman , Trina was amazing & nothing but patient with us !! �� I highly recommend Fox Mattress if you’re looking for a new mattress !!!!!!!!!!!

We initially put a mattress on lay-a-way

We initially put a mattress on lay-a-way (which is awesome that they offer this service) and decided a few months later to come back to the store, upgrade the mattresses and take them home. It was easy peasy to make those changes and go home with our new bed in less than 30 minutes! Everyone we had contact with (on both visits) was very nice, accommodating and professional. The quality is great and the sales are even better. We will be back!

The staff at Fox Mattress was great

The staff at Fox Mattress was great in helping me choose the best mattress for me. I am enjoying finally getting a good night's rest. Thank you Fox Mattress staff!

We love our Chiropractor's Dream mattress

We love our Chiropractor's Dream mattress!

We've had it for several years now and it's great.

We just purchased a new mattress for our guest room.

We'll buy only Fox mattresses.

Thank you for another purchase

Thank you for another purchase , Wayne has always been such a great guy and help :) I think this is like our 10 mattress for different people in the family . Thanks again for the great service and numerous nights of sleep , and thank you for sponsoring Christian radio WAPN 91.5 FM

I'm so glad we made the drive

I'm so glad we made the drive from the Jax area to Fox Mattress! Outstanding customer service, great price, excellent delivery experience. I love my new mattress and adjustable base from Fox Mattress!

At last I'm able to get a good night's sleep

At last I'm able to get a good night's sleep on a Fox made to order mattress! The staff was knowledgeable, polite, and extremely helpful. Delivery was prompt and free of charge. I sincerely recommend Fox Mattress to anyone seeking a quality, made in America, mattress.

I needed to replace the junk mattress

I needed to replace the junk mattress that came in my new RV. After doing some research, I contacted Fox Mattress. Chelsea walked me through the process and I placed my order. I have not yet received the mattress but if the mattress is half as good as the service, I will be happy. Very good honest folks to deal with. Really looking forward to a good night’s sleep in the RV.


Go support local companies

Go support local companies! @Fox Mattress is amazing! Cannot wait to get my new box spring that the are replacing under warranty. Absolutely love when a company stands by what they make.

Kudos to Fox Mattress of Holly Hill

Kudos to Fox Mattress of Holly Hill. We purchased a mattress there a little over two years ago. It had sagged and had become uncomfortable. I made a call (10 year warranty), they came by this morning already prepared with a replacement. The man took one look and said "that shouldn't do that". In with the new and out with the old in less than 10 minutes. THAT IS WHAT SERVICE SHOULD BE.

What a pleasurable experience

What a pleasurable experience we had at Fox Mattress! The people are friendly, knowledgeable and will help you to find the perfect mattress. We bought two mattresses here and are extremely pleased with their comfort and quality. Do yourself a favor and check out the Fox Mattress difference. You will be glad you did!

Very friendly staff

Very friendly staff. They make very comfortable mattresses. Plus they helped us out with picking the right mattress. I'd recommend them to people.

The best experience ever

The best experience ever with informative representatives & all the help we needed with our new purchase, thank you the Lawstons

I didn't realize how bad the old mattress was

I didn't realize how bad the old mattress was until sleeping on our new double sided pillow top. LOVE! Excellent delivery experience too. Courteous, friendly, professional delivery team. Overall very positive experience!


Wow! I can't say enough about Fox Matrress. Amazing experience from start to finish. Great folks and outstanding products.

Great service and products

Great service and products! Delivery was prompt and courteous.

Had an AMAZING experience today

Had an AMAZING experience today! We were instantly greeted by Trina, who was so sweet and informative. We ended up buying a mattress and we are so happy with it! Thanks so much :) #supportlocalbusinesses

Great staff and love our new mattress

Great staff and love our new mattress. Will shop there again

Amazing quality mattresses

Amazing quality mattresses and fantastic customer service! Thank you!

Thank you, Fox Mattress

Thank you, Fox Mattress! In addition to delivering a top-quality product, your team provided outstanding service from sales to delivery. Thank you Trina, Johnny & Ben for helping to give my guests a terrific night's sleep.

My sister recommended Fox Mattress

My sister recommended Fox Mattress to me since she had just purchased a mattress there. We went yesterday late afternoon for me to check out the different mattresses they make themselves. They are a family owned business and are highly recommended for their professionalism and quality of their mattresses. I had to see for myself since I was looking for two mattresses, one for my master and one for the quest bedroom.

We were immediately greeted by Jack and I told him exactly what I was looking for and wanted. Jack was very attentive and personable. He showed me several for both the master and guest room. I asked many questions since I had done my research and had being searching for quite some time . He showed me models of the construction of each mattress and pointed out the differences in each one I tried out. I was looking for extra firm for both mattresses. After much jumping from one mattress to another. I made my decision on both. 1 queen set Chiropactor's Dream and 1 queen set certified Orthopedic White Diamond. Even Chelsea, the owners daughter came into the finalization of the purchase to make sure to point out some other key factors to consider before I bought. Her input was key to me reconsidering the exact firmness of the mattress. The whole experience was pleasant and very enjoyable for all of us. I left with a truly confident feeling that my purchase was the right one. They even gave me "white glove " delivery free since I live in Winter Park FL.

Great customer service Fox Mattress!!!

Fox was recommended by some folks

Fox was recommended by some folks who shared a dock at Halifax Harbor Marina. So I called after checking out their web site. I explained that my odd shaped inline Queen/regular mattress was a six inch two piece bare foam in need of replacement. (A minor understatement)

This mattress is for my master cabin with an inline bunk on my 1987 Irwin 38 CC.

I called the day before to check their workload asking if they could use the old foam to template the shape but return to me so I'd have somewhere to sleep while they made my mattress. I was encouraged to come ahead.

Next day I arrived about 9:30 a.m. at Fox and was greeted and allowed to sample a number of different firmnesses to choose what would work for me.

They told me that if they couldn't finish my new mattress the same day I would be able to pick up my old foam before the end of the day. And surprise of my life they called before 3 p.m. to say my new custom foam mattress complete with topper was ready for pickup!

Now that's a first class service! I have waited almost a month now before posting as I wanted to check the long term comfort. I am over the moon on all counts regarding the service and products. I highly recommend Fox Mattress.

My Fox Mattress is the BEST investment I ever made

My Fox Mattress is the BEST investment I ever made! I've owned it for over a year now and am SO thankful I bought the heavy duty adjustable base! I am a side sleeper because I have GERD & can't lay flat on my back. During the past year I had hip replacement surgery AND shoulder replacement surgery which prevented me from laying on my sides. I can't imagine what I would have done without the ability to raise the head and legs not only because of my GERD but also my spinal/back problems.

The Fox, locally made, two-sided mattress is the BEST!

Thank you Fox!

Fox is the place to go

Fox is the place to go for great service and an incredible mattress. I just bought my 2nd mattress from them and am always impressed by the quality and feel of the beds. Chelsea was our sales girl and she was a dream (pun intended) to deal with. She went above and beyond to make us happy. I actually had a pretty difficult request, I wanted a pillow-top on only half of my bed. She informed us that they had never done anything like that and gave me a couple reasons why she wouldn't recommend it. But after I assured her that I understood all the pro's and con's and told her that I would still like to do it, she said she would see if she could make it happen. Not only did Fox make it happen, but the way they designed the 1/2 pillow top really showed that somebody took the time to think it thru, figure it out, and do it right. I would HIGHLY recommend Fox to anybody looking for a great bed.

Long story short, we had an amazing experience

Long story short, we had an amazing experience with the entire team at Fox Mattress. This review is extremely long, but if you are in the process of searching for a new mattress (like I was recently), perhaps this information can help you out a bit.

My wife and I spent countless hours over the course of 3+ months researching where to get the best mattress. We knew the Sealy/Simmons/Serta brands were not the way to go (from personal experience, and for other reasons I suggest you research yourself), but the new fad of "bed in a box" online stores looked very intriguing to us. There are hundreds of these types of sites online, and even though I've never heard of these companies, the price seemed reasonable and the reviews for all of these companies looked fantastic (it was honestly hard to find a "bad" one, which seemed odd...). Upon closer investigation we found out just why these reviews were so good - the reviews on the top mattress review sites were actually paid/affiliate links. So basically those "good reviews" were fabricated to make more money for the sites promoting them. Not saying that all of these brands are bad, but if you actually dig into the mattress specifications you will see why they seem too good to be true. Lower quality foam and latex, everything sourced from China, impossible "warranties", etc. So we were back to square one after many months of research.

It's extremely difficult to find credible sources for mattress information online, but there are a few places if you know where to look. I found that the most credible sources overwhelmingly suggest you visit a local manufacturer if you have one close by - that way you can feel the mattress, ask tough questions, etc. Lucky for those in the greater Daytona Beach area, we DO have a local manufacturer that makes all of their beds in-house - Fox Mattress. My family is so used to buying everything online, that we hadn't even thought of looking for local manufacturers. This piece of advice made a big difference.

We visited Fox's showroom, spoke with a number of the employees, asked a ton of questions and ultimately decided on a latex + wrapped coil hybrid. The entire process was extremely easy, and they even removed the old mattress for us when setting up the new one. Seemed like a done deal! ...Unfortunately for us, while the mattress we chose was nice, it was a bit too soft for our liking. We called Fox and explained our situation. Even though it wasn't their fault, not only did they allow us to choose a different mattress, then even came out and swapped it for us at no additional cost. The customer service blew us away. You will not get that with a big box store or an online company.

The new mattress we chose has been fantastic so far. We stuck with the wrapped coils (with a lower gauge wire), but went with a 3lb high density soy foam rather than the blended latex. Besides the quality of the components being top-notch, we love the fact that it is actually flippable! We thought they stopped making flippable mattress years ago. Turns out that the big companies did, because flippable mattresses last longer, and shorter lifespans = more sales over a lifetime. Fox is one of the few companies that still offer the two-sided mattresses, and we are so glad they do! Flipping a mattress can prolong the lifespan by quite a bit, and while it might mean less mattress sales for the manufacturer, it's a fantastic value for the consumer.

I don't normally take the time to write reviews, but I felt obligated due to all of the misinformation out there regarding mattresses. Additionally, the experience we had with Fox was top notch, so I want to give credit where credit is due. Please do yourself a favor and check out Fox Mattress. I guarantee you it will result in a high quality mattress at a better the added bonus of great customer service and supporting a local, family-owned business.

Thanks to everyone on the Fox team - you guys are doing an amazing job!

We have purchased 3 mattresses

We have purchased 3 mattresses from here over the past year. Two are for guest rooms and when our friends and family visit, they rave about the mattresses being SO comfortable.

Delivery was quick and we live in a condo, they knew the Delbert very requirements we had.

Chelsea has been nothing but helpful to us

Chelsea has been nothing but helpful to us. We had a few snags with our purchase but she smoothed everything out and gave us all the options available. They and there to help you with whatever the issue is. She went to all ends to make sure we were happy with our purchase and didn't stop until we were.

Purchased twin mattresses yesterday

Purchased twin mattresses yesterday. The service was quick, friendly, and professional. We were asked how the mattresses were going to be used then showed various mattresses to test. Delivery was offered, but we carried ourselves. I would recommend checking them out.

Great customer service and high quality matresses

Great customer service and high quality matresses! We were there all day (narrowed it down to our top 2 matresses in the am, had lunch, then came back to make our final decision) and never felt pressured. Trina, Jack and Wayne all helped us with the decision and were awesome! They delivered the to Orlando within a few days, we can't wait to enjoy our new Orthopedic Dream mattress!

Adjustable Blisss

This story begins about three years ago when we purchased our split king (plush for me plush firm for my husband) and quickly realized we had purchased the best bed we owned for years. Fast forward to now, due to some aging issues we decided we needed an adjustable bed. I shuddered at the thought of losing our great bed but, called Fox anyway to get a price on adjustable, perish the thought! Rick asked, “what condition are your current mattresses? Are they soiled, torn, in bad shape?” My immediate thought was, “Here we go....the ‘pitch’”(sorry Rick)! He told me Fox would pick up our current mattresses, alter them to work with an adjustable base for a VERY nominal cost! Long story short, we couldn’t be pleased with our decision. My advise, make Fox Mattress your first stop when shopping for a new bed, adjustable or otherwise or, when you are sick of the “pitch” go see the Folks at Fox! You won’t be sorry!

Customer Service Excellence!

Fox Mattress is great! Large selection, qualified employees (especially Jack) and most of all they want you sleeping right! My 96 yr. old mother bought an adjustable bed and needed a different mattress AFTER delivery. Within a couple of days had the mattress changed and has her sleeping well. Best mattress company in the area!!

Best Mattress Purchase Ever & GREAT Customer Service

WOW where do I start. I have a really bad back/spine issues and my friend who has had major back surgery recommended Fox. Best advise. VERY pricey but worth every cent. We just bought a condo and for now will be snow birds. Have no other furniture but have great beds for master & guest bedroom. My NEW bed in NJ that was bought about 8 months because of my back is NO match for the beds in Florida. Wish I had those beds up here. Chelsea the owner has the BEST customer service. Before retiring, my career was in customer service so Im very in tuned to the quality. She is top notch. Thank you Chelsea for having such quality beds and your superior CS


My mattress was delivered last week and the mattress is awesome..however the bed was TOO high for us..the delivery med suggested that they make a new box spring in a smaller came today and the men were polite and and extremely helpful..even help me out my dust ruffle on the bed for me...thank you Fox Mattress...

Such an easy and stress free experience!

Got our first King bed. Young couple who doesn't know anything about buying mattresses. We were so fortunate this place was the first and last place we visited. We found the perfect bed that met our budget, and we are so thankful to Jack for making our first experience as pleasant as possible. Highly recommend to anyone!!!

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