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Foam Sweet Foam Mattress Reviews

Foam Sweet Home has been selling latex mattresses direct to customers online since 1996. They have a loyal customer base and offer ultimate mattress customization options with comfort layers being customizable on purchase. For those looking for competitive latex mattresses, Foam Sweet Foam is an excellent option.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $1099-$3399

Trial Period: 120 Nights (Restocking Fee)

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Foam Sweet Foam's Specifics

Foam Sweet Foam offers a lot of customization on purchase with shoppers selecting each latex layer. However, they also have helpful online and phone support agents that can assist with selecting layers if you feel daunted.

Quality of Materials

Foam Sweet Foam uses mid to high grade latex. Customers can opt to add Talalay latex rather than Dunlop for an extra fee per layer. Their 100% natural Dunlop latex includes Eco-Institute certification and is made in Vietnam. Their 100% natural Talalay is Oeko-Tex® certified for added peace of mind.

Here are the details of what's inside the mattresses:

Top Layer: The option of Dunlop or Talalay Latex Soft to XXFirm. Each customer can select the firmness that will work for them.

Layer 2: The option of Dunlop or Talalay Latex Medium to XXFirm depending on customer selection.

Layer 3: The option of Dunlop or Talalay Latex Medium to XXFirm depending on customer selection. The 10'' may have less options for its bottom layer.

Layer 4: The 13'' and 16'' also have another latex layer that you can select the firmness for.

Layer 5: The 16'', has one more layer of foam on the bottom layer that can be customized in firmness.

Overall Comfort

Because the firmness elements are customizable, most customers get what they want when it comes to their mattress comfort. However, there are some that had problems getting comfortable and did not prefer the feel of the mattress. If you are going to get a mattress from Foam Sweet Foam, make sure to align your mattress with your body size and sleeping position.


The Foam Sweet Foam mattresses can be fully customized when it comes to firmness. If you are larger or a stomach sleeper, make sure to get something firmer to support your spine. If you are average sized, make sure to get something with a blend of medium and firm foams. If you are smaller and prone to pressure point issues, make sure to get a layer of soft latex in your mattress.

Back Pain Relief

Due to the onus being on the customer, there are some that will feel immediate back pain relief, while others may have more pain if they don't select the right layers for the mattress.


Latex naturally sleeps cool, which is good for most sleepers. Those that live in a very warm environment may still experience some heat retention.

Who Is The Foam Sweet Foam Mattress Right For?

The Foam Sweet Foam mattress offers a good option for those that are looking for customizable natural latex mattresses at a budget-friendly cost versus competitors.

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This mattress is incredibly comfortable

This mattress is incredibly comfortable and we have been sleeping great since we got it! The pillows are awesome, too! So satisfied!

My experience with this latex mattress has been mixed

My experience with this latex mattress has been mixed. I purchased in February 2017. I do love the natural feature of the latex layers, mattress, cover and pad! And, the quality is great. However, my experience thus far with regard to comfort and support levels, a good quality memory foam or innerspring mattress will work too. For the extra money, I have not experienced the comfort and support I thought I might. I will keep switching the layer around to see if I find a better fit.

I love my mattress

I love my mattress! It is comfortable and allows me to get a great night of sleep every night, especially since I was able to customize the four layers to find the best combination for me. I also have FSF pillows, and I take them with me on trips whenever possible! Other pillows and mattresses do not compare with FSF.

Superb mattress

Superb mattress; outstanding customer support. Very happy!

I absolutely love my new mattress

I absolutely love my new mattress! I've always been a terrible sleeper since I sleep on my side and wake up with a sore neck and lots of aches and pains. Since I've started sleeping on this mattress, I'm still able to sleep on my side but no more pain! I also use the Latex pillows that are equally as amazing! I travel a lot for work and sleep in lots of different hotel beds, and never realized how much I cherish my new mattress and pillow until I got my Foam Sweet Foam bed! HIGHLY recommended!! Customer service and the delivery and set up set themselves above the rest! Thanks Foam Sweet Foam!

My husband and I love our mattress

My husband and I love our mattress! It has to be the most comfortable bed we've ever slept on! We're never going back to regular mattresses. Latex is amazing, it doesn't run hot, or lose shape over time. I fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and dont wake up with aches. Thanks again, Foam Sweet Foam!

Love my Foam Sweet Foam Mattress

I have a huge complaint about the mattress which I bought from you over 2 years ago. It is hard to get up in the morning! It used to be easy to get up in the morning because it was more painful (Fibromyalgia) to stay in bed. Now it is the coziest, most restful, almost pain free place to be. From the beginning there was a dramatic improvement in my sleep & a significant reduction in the level of Fibromyalgia pain throughout the day. My health is still improving.
Thank you!
Love my Foam Sweet Foam Mattress

After many restless nights on our old innerspring mattress

After many restless nights on our old innerspring mattress, my wife and I decided it was time for a new mattress. I began my online research and found Foam Sweet Foam’s website and began reading all of the details. I really liked what I saw at FSF as their site had way more information than the others. The Mattress Underground showed that FSF had a very good reputation as well. So I contacted FSF by email and began discussions with Heidi.
I’m a big guy 5’11” 320 lbs. (I’m a side sleeper, and my wife is a back sleeper). FSF came up with a split queen with the correct layers to accommodate both of us. We made the purchase and received our mattress, cover, and pad in May 2017 and have slept much better since.
The prices offered by Foam Sweet Foam were less than the nearest retail store (90mi. away) that we visited that had latex mattresses. With FSF we knew what was in the layers we were getting. Also, the FSF guarantee gave us confidence in making an online purchase of this amount.

We feel like Goldilocks

We feel like Goldilocks, 4 mattresses in 18 months. Finally, we found the perfect one! Before purchasing this one, I did a lot of research, spending hours sifting through the different types of mattresses and companies. After narrowing it down to latex, I called several companies asking them questions and advice. I came across Foam Sweet Foam and loved their approach. No pressure, never pushy and very informative. Just good advice and suggestions on what might be a good fit. We loved the concept of the layers. We purchased a 13 inch Split King, his side a little firmer than mine. We can’t begin to tell you how much we are in love with our new mattresses! No heat issues for me and we are loving that little bounce instead of that sinking feeling! Also purchased the mattress pads and pillows..Oh, the pillows! We highly recommend Foam Sweet Foam. Thank you for finally giving us find a good nights rest!

I recently purchased a four layer talalay

I recently purchased a four layer talalay/dunlop latex mattress and absolutely love it! After several months of indecision, I decided to try FSF. They were extremely knowledgable and accurately suggested which layer combination would be most comfortable (soft, med, firm, x firm) for my height (5' 8") and weight (135 lbs). I highly recommend them. I could not beat the great price either--buying direct saved my thousands of dollars. My order arrived in perfect condition (CA to FL) and took just a few minutes to setup. Thank you FSF!

We’ve had the mattress for about 6 months now and love it

We’ve had the mattress for about 6 months now and love it. After years of sleeping on a memory foam topper this is a real treat. I had no idea there could be such a difference. Love the way the latex sinks in and bounces back when I move.
Thank you and Heidi so much for answering my endless questions with such patience. Your recommended layers are perfect for me and my husband and as a night owl I now look forward to going to sleep.
Thanks again for everything!
Carol W.
Update May 2017
Still love the mattress! It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on!

For the past 3.5 years

For the past 3.5 years I would wake up in the middle of most nights with terrible aches in my left leg and hip - sometimes it would keep me up for 2-3 hours. A friend of mine loved her mattress from FSF and told me they were online order only. After another sleepless night I told myself, "I have to do something about this." I called Foam Sweet Foam and on a leap of faith, I talked to their customer service and they helped me choose my layers: Talalay Soft, Talalay Medium, Talalay Firm, Talalay XFirm and it's PERFECT for me. Since my first night sleeping on this bed (since July 2015) I have not woken up with leg pain and my husband says it's the best sleep he has had. For me, going to bed now is a joy not a dread. I can't say enough good things about this mattress and company. If you’re not sure what is the right combination for you, call them and they will walk you through it!


WOW, WOW, WOW, cannot say enough good things about them. Awesome, wonderful, comfortable mattress layers. I have major back issues and multiple failed surgeries so comfort is a must. Customer service is unbeatable. I am so pleased that we found this company. Above and beyond. Thank you Scott and Heidi

This Mattress is the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned

This Mattress is the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. I'm very happy with it. I really like the multiple layer system because it gives you the option to swap the layers around until you find the perfect firmness. I'm the kind of person who will lay on a bed that is super soft and think I love it only to realize a few weeks later that I need more support. Once I swapped the firmer layer to the top it was perfect!

I am in love with our 16" king mattress

I am in love with our 16" king mattress! I'm glad I called for advice on the best firmness for each layer, or we'd have ordered too soft.
My only small negative is the layers are a couple of inches longer than our mattress base so we need an oversized top sheet to allow enough fabric to be tucked in at the foot of the bed.

I generally love soft beds

I generally love soft beds for the cloud-like feel, but my bed became too soft for me which led to lower back problems. The first night I slept on my new mattress, I woke up with no more back pain. It was also the first night in months that I slept through. It is firm for support but soft enough to keep me happy. I just sink it. I am so happy with my new bed!

I LOVE my mattress

I LOVE my mattress! I've had it for several years now and it still looks brand new. I'm very satisfied and will definitely purchase again!!

I love our mattress

I love our mattress! It was very comfortable from the start and now we have had it for a full year and it still feels brand new. It has not made holes where we lay at all! My husband and I both sleep great on it, and always look forward to coming back to our own bed after vacation! We highly recommend this bed!!

This mattress has given me the best sleep of my life

This mattress has given me the best sleep of my life. Not only is my mattress soft but it is so supportive. I find it hard to sleep anywhere else and when I am on vacation I find myself dreaming of going home to sleep on my mattress. Thank you foam sweet foam for revolutionizing the way I sleep.

My husband and I were looking to replace our mattress

My husband and I were looking to replace our mattress and we couldn't be happier with Foam Sweet Foam. Super comfy but firm and supportive! No coils, no harsh chemicals, and great customer service. Each layer came individually packaged and assembly was pretty easy to figure out. We will never go back to coil spring mattress again! Thank you Foam Sweet Foam, we love our mattress!

My wife and I were looking for a new mattress

My wife and I were looking for a new mattress, and couldn't have made a better choice! The layers of foam were easy to stack, and we really like the idea that we can swap layers around if we decide we want a softer mattress in the future. We have been getting great sleep. We love it so much that we contacted Foam Sweet Foam, and were able to order custom sized mattresses for our camper! This has vastly improved our sleep while camping. Thank you so much Foam Sweet Foam!


Wow! The mattress arrived with each layer compressed and bagged. It was easy to assemble the mattress layers. We are enjoying very comfortable nights of rest.

I like it

I like it, I dont love it. The comfort is great, I sleep well every night. Its firm but soft. It gives the support where I need which is a good thing. Just know that this bed comes in multiple parts and each part is heavy. If you are rich enough then have a white glove company set it up for you, or endure the set up once and don't move the bed again.

Our Foam Sweet Foam mattress is wonderful

Our Foam Sweet Foam mattress is wonderful! We recently had several guests in our home sleeping on our mattress and they all told us the next morning what a great mattress it was to sleep on. We even moved it across the country and it held up incredibly well, still giving us a great night of sleep each night. I also LOVE the latex pillows we got with our mattress. I try to take it with me whenever I travel. I've never been so attached to a pillow in my life!

Last night was my first night

Last night was my first night on the new mattress after buying all the sheets and stuff at Ikea!! It was like sleeping on a cloud, wrapped in cotton candy, with vanilla bean aroma in the air, with pancakes and bacon ready for me in the morning! Hahaha. I love it!

We purchased our mattress from foam sweet foam 3 years ago

We purchased our mattress from foam sweet foam 3 years ago. I can't express enough, that this is the best mattress I've ever slept on. It's still as good as new, and I rest assured I won't have to think about buying another for decades. My wife and I both like a firmer mattress, so we got two layers of extra firm, and one firm. Whenever we have to sleep somewhere else, we're always disappointed, and wish we could take our mattress with us, we love it so much!

FINALLY after MONTHS of research

FINALLY after MONTHS of research, I decided to purchase a latex mattress. Then....MORE research deciding which company to purchase it from. It was extremely hard for me to spend this much money on a product I had not SEEN much less laid on! Even though I made numerous phone calls to FSF before I finally purchased, they were always patient, addressed each question and concern with knowledge and without any pressure for me to order. Taking factors of my husband’s and my height/weight/sleeping positions and individual pains into account, they suggested a 4 layer bed with each layer PERFECTLY suited for our specific needs. Our mattress is more comfortable than we dared hope for!! Thanks FSF AND to Phoenix of “The Mattress Underground.” Without his sharing years of his own research on ALL types of mattresses, I’m afraid I would STILL be trying to make a mattress decision, instead of sleeping blissfully every night. We wake up each morning rested and without pain.

We've had our 3 layer talalay mattress since 2011

We've had our 3 layer talalay mattress since 2011. It's been great for all of these years. No sagging. Recently, I contacted customer service for replacing the mattress cover that got damaged due to hurricane Irma. They were very prompt with their answer and I'm very satisfied with their stellar services.

I've had my mattress for three months now

I've had my mattress for three months now and absolutely love it. I chose a firm/firm (both talalay) combination as I wanted firm, but needed a lower profile. It is nicely firm, yet still has some give to it. I also like that it had very little odor. I'm on the lighter side (about 140 pounds), so this choice worked just fine for me. One thing that stood out in the purchase process was a call from foam sweet foam. My choice of mattress firmness levels was not typical. They called to discuss this to help make sure that I was making the best choice. While I stayed with my initial choice, I am glad they wanted to make sure that I would enjoy my mattress.
I also purchased the mattress pad. It is nice and high quality. That said, I really like the feel of the mattress cover and wish the pad were just a removable version of it. Assembly was pretty easy. I had a minor issues with the zipper at first; a slightly more heavy duty zipper would make it even better and easier to set up.

I would highly recommend Foam Sweet Foam

I would highly recommend Foam Sweet Foam as a company. Heidi was one the best customer support people I have ever dealt with, she did everything to help me and stuck by me. Great company!!!

We have had our 13 inch king size bed

We have had our 13 inch king size bed for about 2 months and absolutely love it! We went with Soft Talalay, Medium Talalay, Firm Dunlop, X Firm Dunlop for our layers. It is perfect for us - so supportive, yet not hard. Latex is the only way to go and we were very happy with the Foam Sweet Foam Service! We went to a few stores selling latex mattresses and were shocked at the prices. FSF offers excellent value. Highly recommend! We are die hard Latex converts!!

We've had our 13" split king

We've had our 13" split king (on an adjustable frame) for a year now and couldn't be happier! Foam Sweet Foam made shopping easy and, although it was a substantial purchase and we'd never tried a latex mattress, it sounded perfect and has exceeded our expectations. I'll never buy another mattress with springs or memory foam! We customized our firmnesses--hers is slightly softer--and even though she has some minor medical problems, we're both having the best sleep of our lives. Thanks!

I've been meaning to write this

I've been meaning to write this for some time to let you know how pleased we are with our mattress. I don't frequently write reviews, but I do rely on them when making a purchase. I like to know how a product is performing over time. We purchased our mattress three years ago, and are nothing but pleased with it. We ordered a three-layer: soft Talalay, medium Dunlop, firm Dunlop. We were interested latex because we are not fans of the chemicals used in a conventional mattress. We drove 1.5 hours to the showroom of a different dealer, where they had the same mattress for significantly more money. We were impressed with latex, but overwhelmed by the cost, so we looked online. It was a big investment, but we have never regretted it. It was one of the best large purchases we have made and is undoubtedly the one we use the most! It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Thanks Foam Sweet Foam for making out nights much more comfortable.

Bought a 16" King-sized after years of research

Bought a 16" King-sized after years of research. The first night on it was so comfortable & supportive of joints & back issues. Now we cant stay out of it. Sleeping too much! Hubs snores much less too. Dogs went to sleep instantly. Personal & great service! Simple to put together after watching the video a couple times. We're older and short but this was easy for us because of the layers. 9 stars!!

We've had our 16" king sized mattress

We've had our 16" king sized mattress for approx 3 years now. The mattress is comfortable & holding up well. My only thing is the movement/motion I feel when you have a 300lb partner who tosses & turns all night. It is definitely not like a temperpedic if that is what you are looking for...that being said, I have also owned a temperpedic like mattress & had joint pain from feeling "stuck" in the mattress & not being able to turn over easily. Overall, great mattress if motion doesn't bother you. Sheets thick enough for the 16" are near impossible to find & be warned, this thing is HEAVY once put together!

We received your 4 layered custom mattress in July

We received your 4 layered custom mattress in July. I didn't know at first if I would like it. It's now almost October and the best thing I can say to a skeptical customer is to give it a few months like we did. I wouldn't trade this bed for anything in the world now. It's different but it's amazing. No more pressure points. No more sinking into the mattress. Perfection. Restful Sleep. Done. :)

We are getting ready to purchase

We are getting ready to purchase our 3rd mattress from FSF. We bought our king 4 layer mattress 3 years ago, then one for our son, and now one for the guest room. After 3 years ours is every bit as wonderful as it was when we first got it. We literally can’t wait to get home from a trip so we can sleep in our bed. No more neck and hip aches. Yay!

Foam Sweet Foam

Foam Sweet Foam (FSF) is an excellent mattress resource. From the prompt and professional response to my initial questions, to the FAST and free delivery, to a good nights sleep on the new bed -- every step was a pleasure thanks to the folks at FSF. I appreciate the great recommendadions for the layers and the ease of set-up (2-person job). I recommend FSF without reservation!

We always thought that if we spent more we would get more

We always thought that if we spent more we would get more, but we got tired of a well known brand that costs $3K that became uncomfortable and developed a sink-hole - with that last mattress, it lasted only a year. So I did the research, and learned that it was all about the materials. FSF uses the best foam in the industry, and provides the ability to customize the layers and adjust. So we went ahead and ordered a 13" King, knowing that we could adjust it if necessary. It has been almost a year on our FSF mattress, and I can confirm that it is the best mattress that I have ever slept on. Now, I look forward to going to bed because it is so comfortable. Having a Talalay top layer is key for us - it's supremely comfortable to have that 'bounce' on top, and the solid Dunlap base layers below. When our daughter moves out, we will buy a FSF mattress for her. We don't want to get her one before then, because then she might never leave!

Absolutely fantastic experiences

Absolutely fantastic experiences. From ordering, to delivery, to outstanding sleep.....bought two mattresses a few years ago and am still enjoying perfection. This is an awesome product and you have to sleep on one of these mattresses to fully understand how comfortable they are! Contacting via phone for assistance or questions is about as friendly and helpful and professional as imaginable.

My experience with Foam Sweet Foam has been great

My experience with Foam Sweet Foam has been great. Helpful and honest. It took a lot of research and courage to finally make the purchase (much like Lucas 12/20/17). But from the first night, it has been wonderful. Actually slept through the night and woke up pain-free! It seems this company keeps their promise--this IS a wonderful, different mattress. I tried a different arrangement of my 4 layers for one night but then switched back to the original order. FSF was right! You won't be disappointed.

Our 9 year old FSF mattress needed a replacement

Our 9 year old FSF mattress needed a replacement of the top medium density layer. FSF honored their 30 year warranty and replaced it with a firm density layer which solved the problem. Try getting that kind of service from a big box store.

We love our mattress

We love our mattress! My wife and I have our 16" King on the Leggett and Platt adjustable base. Works great and very comfortable. We also have our older FSF Queen mattress in our guest room and continually refer family and friends to Foam Sweet Foam!

It has been 1 year now

It has been 1 year now and I am feeling a little guilty for not writing a review in the beginning on the incredible customer service! It was refreshing to deal with this company. The product I purchased was a King 16" and I have NEVER been more pleased with a purchase. In fact in October we are going to purchase another 16" King for our guest bedroom just to introduce the product to our friends and family.
It is vitally important that you work with them and get the correct layers. In doing so you will afford yourself the same reaction that my wife and I have every night - "OMG I think this bed has a consciousness - I think it is loving me back".

It's all true

It's all true. A good mattress is a life changer. And this is a great one. We just followed the guidance of the fine person on the phone at Foam Sweet Foam and built a king mattress of 4 layers, dunlop on the bottom, talalay on the top, and the result has been unbelievably great. It was a little like wrestling an alligator to put it in the mattress cover, but it saved a lot of money and makes for a good dining out story.
We came to FSF from the website, which is both funny and totally useful. A little bit of comparative reading there, and you step off the brand name grid (where all the online brands are duking it out in the great American Mattress War) into FSF land to get a superior product at a more than competitive price.
I am a hero to my wife who's in the bed here somewhere. Maybe next time I'll get a queen.

We are truly enjoying our new Foam Sweet Foam mattress

We are truly enjoying our new Foam Sweet Foam mattress. The ability to change the four layers to meet our needs and comfort is amazing. We recently switched a medium layer for firm as our top layer and it made the mattress just right. This is not possible with one piece mattresses so check it out, you won’t be disappointed.
The quality is top notch and you receive great customer service!

My husband and I have had our mattress for 2 years now

My husband and I have had our mattress for 2 years now and we still love it as much as we did the first night we slept on it!! We actually look so forward to coming home from vacation to crawl into our bed for our best nights sleep!!

We couldn't be happier

We couldn't be happier with our king 13 inch urban green mattress. My husband used to wake up at 5 in the morning from back pain and I felt like I could never get proper support for my back. It took a few weeks and a comfort layer adjustment to get used to the latex mattress (we exchanged talalay for Dunlop because we found talalay too springy for us) Now we both cannot wait to go to bed and never want to get up. Our kids love it too and I'm about to order them a twin mattress. The customer service was superb and everything promised was delivered. Excellent quality overall!!!

Never in my life...

Title says it all. I described the bed feel I wanted to the salesman during ordering. Came to just under 3K for a King with the works. He arranged the layers for me based on the description, body builds, sleep styles, and nailed it. As soon as it was built, I had my wife go first and give her impressions. Within a minute or so, she said “Never in my life...”. That’s how good she thought it felt, and after a night on it, I agree. Also, the bed had sat a year in its original packing before we could deploy it. I pulled it out of storage (35F cold weather here) and deployed the bed in about 30 minutes after platform was assembled - no ill effects from longer than expected storage and cold temps. Wow. I am so impressed and very happy.

Exceptional Product & Service

The Foam Sweet Foam owner and staff always have given exceptional customer service (no pressure) and super-fast delivery. We feel blessed to have found their adjustable, layered mattress. It was the answer to our body ailments after being rear-ended on the freeway in 2009. After much research, we ordered a three-layer Dunlop Split King that allowed each of us to change the firmness level of our side of the bed to meet our body needs as we healed and changed. In 11 years, we’ve reconfiguration the bed several times, and purchased 3 additional layers to meet our changing needs. All of the foam has remained in excellent condition. We also bought a two-layer Split King topper with pillows for our cousins in 2017. They love their bed as much as we love ours. We highly recommend this wonderful family-owned and -operated company.

Our latex mattress...

Our latex mattress we purchased in 2012 through Foam Sweet Foam is absolutely the best bed we have ever slept on. It is comfortable yet supportive, and it sleeps much cooler than memory foam or a traditional mattress. We have been similarly impressed with the latex pillows. Foam Sweet Foam's product quality and customer service is top notch, making your purchase here worth every penny!.

Not worth the money and a gotcha

Thought I did a lot of research, and figured how can you go wrong with a configurable bed with regards to firmness, well I learned the hard way. First off, what you get is a zipper cover and couple layers of latex for a couple thousand dollars. I don't know what the material costs, the amount of workmanship is pretty minimal. Mattress in general a pain to deal with because of their size and weight, but this takes it to a whole new level because you're dealing with multiple separate pieces of large latex that does not compress easily, is extremely heavy, and if you think you're going to move the mattress as a mattress guess again. So when you want to move, replace the frame, sell, or anything else I don't even begin to fathom how to deal with this thing. It's bouncy, I mean really bouncy, like bouncy house bouncy. We've tried multiple different configurations but the result is the same. Which brings me to what I think is the biggest gotcha, the multiple configurations. After talking to FSF and explaining what had, what we like, our measurements, etc, we took it on their recommendation for the firmness of the four levels as they told us somewhere within these 4 different firmnesses most people will find their configuration. We like firm so we went there first but it wasn't quite firm enough and we contact them within the first couple months and they replaced a medium with a XXfirm because we already had a firm and Xfirm. They then told us to experiment with the different configurations and sleep on them for at least a couple weeks because it take a little time to know if it works. Makes sense, we'll give it a go. Well, we went through 8 configurations sleeping on each for 3-6 weeks and we're still not happy, not getting a goods night sleep, and waking up sore. Contacted them back to ask what we could do, but since we hadn't gotten a good night rest in a long time we're really looking to return and get something back for it. We were told we were beyond out return time, sorry. I've reached out a couple times ask to please work with us on something and don't even get a response. So their recommendation of testing out all the configurations basically put us beyond their window of return. This was a $2,300 mistake, and I don't even know how to get rid of this thing.

Company has integrity and a good mattress

I really have appreciated buying a foamsweetfoam 4 layer mattress. For 6 years, we had no problems, the top layer started to sag a little on my side, about 1/2 inch. Rodger helped us out. Apparently, it is pretty rare to have any issue with the mattress, but after a few photos, they honored the warranty and have sent a replacement top layer. They have integrity and I wanted to some offer some kudos for that. I would definitely buy again.

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