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Foam By Mail Mattress Reviews

Foam By Mail (also sold under different names including Foam Factory) provide a low cost foam mattress topper and custom foam and latex mattress service. While some customers have found their products satisfactory for smaller jobs, there are mixed reviews when it comes to their mattresses. Some have had issues with the feel of their mattresses and other reviewers have reported issues with customer service.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.1/10

Price: $85-$626

Trial Period: No Trial

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Foam By Mail's Specifics

Foam By Mail (Foam Factory Inc) provides a variety of foam mattresses and other custom-order foam products. Most customers find these products to be satisfactory for small projects like updating seat cushions or helping with sound diffusing. However, when it comes to lasting comfort in a mattress format, there are some mixed reviews, with some describing issues with the foam that they purchased.

In terms of their mattresses, they offer the ability to customize the layers of foam to cut down on extra costs. This is a differentiator versus many other all-foam mattress shops that don't allow for very much customization. While, most people like this ability, there are some that reported issues with the feel of the mattresses, off-gassing, and customer service in some cases.

If you are looking for a quality mattress, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

Quality of Materials

One of the differentiators of Foam By Mail is their custom options and ability to cut / build the product of your choice in their factory. Customers respond well to the concept and the low pricepoints advertised. However, with some reports of issues in quality and expectations versus delivered product, some have reported desiring working with other companies for something as important as a mattress.

We'll go through their main mattress options below so that you know what they provide. In addition to these, they also offer custom mattresses that we don't include here. Here are the details:

Foam Mattresses: They offer a variety of foam types that you can select and customize into a one-piece mattress. Overall, these may be adequate for a temporary solution, but one-piece foam mattresses may have issues with heat retention and longevity.

Memory Foam Mattresses: The Memory Foam options include three two-layer memory foam mattress options. The top layer is a memory foam layer of your desired thickness. The bottom is a 5'' polyfoam support base. Overall, customers like the way these mattresses feel at first. However, for a small amount more, customers can get a mattress from a reputable online shop with a generous warranty and trial.

Latex Mattresses: Foam By Mail also offers Dunlop latex mattresses. It is advertised as European made and comes with one layer of 6'' thick latex in each mattress. These options come at a low pricepoint for latex, but some reviewers have reported having doubts about the quality of the latex offered.

Overall Comfort

Overall, there are many positive reviews for Foam By Mail, especially positive about smaller purchases -- like cushions and custom cut foam. However, there were some mixed reviews about mattresses and sleep products. Some found them to be satisfactory, but many had issues with the comfort and longevity as well.


One thing that Foam By Mail does a great job of is providing foam in a variety of densities and firmness options. You can customize a mattress or topper to the firmness of your choice. However, there were some that described customer service to be slow moving so custom requests may or may not be a simple transaction.

Back Pain Relief

Overall, customers report feeling initial relief with these mattresses and foam products. However, there were others that had issues with longevity and initial comfort of the mattresses.


One area of disagreement may be the cooling of these mattresses. There are some sleepers, especially those in warmer environments, that may experience some heat retention depending on the type of foam purchased.

Who Are Foam By Mail Products Right For?

Foam By Mail products are best suited to small products or custom cuts. Those that are looking for a standard sized mattress should take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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I ordered from them a year ago

I ordered from them a year ago to make my own mattress without resorting to the high prices and subpar materials some of the online mattress folks. I got exactly what I ordered, with fair prices. I recently went back to them again to adjust the build of my "mattress", and had an order fulfillment issue that was dealt with quickly by customer service. Will absolutely use them again for any...foam related needs :)

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I had a very odd shaped mattress that had to fit into an odd shaped bed frame on my boat. I didn't have the previous mattress to trace, so I had to trace inside the bed frame. But it came out almost perfect. I'm very satisfied!

We are very happy

We are very happy we found Foam Factory for our daughter's daybed and trundle mattresses and mattress covers! We were searching for regular mattress alternatives that were high quality and still affordable. Foam Factory has both! They have a huge selection, great customer service, great products and great shipping. The foam had no smell when we opened our mattress and it's perfect for our daybed set-up and very affordable if we need to replace any time soon. We will definitely be purchasing our replacement mattresses and even dog beds from Foam Factory. Very happy customers! Thank you!

Use extreme caution

Use extreme caution. I ordered $132.00 worth of foam, it was lost by FedEx, these people would do nothing for me what so ever.

Worked with Kelly

Worked with Kelly, who was always patient and helpful as we navigated building a custom mattress for a boat via email and more than half a country away. She was very thorough and careful so that the finished mattress fit ( a tricky thing for a bow berth) and was what I expected (I had never given much thought to different foam types before). The results were perfect and the cover was of a higher quality than expected. The custom process with Foam factory isn't fast, and they aren't set up for credit/debit cards (you will likely be mailing checks). But my patience was rewarded with attention to details (such as returning the templates with the finished mattress) and helpful support (Kelly rerouted my mattress mid-delivery).

The foam mattress reeked of chemicals

The foam mattress reeked of chemicals. This was the Lux High Quality Foam mattress. It was far worse than a slight or even moderate "scent" described in the company's website. This was toxic. Really bad chemical vapors emanated from mattress. Tried to air it out with windows open and still the vapors filled a floor of my home. Finally had to put in the garage. Ask for refund. They told me to send it back which is difficult since it is vacuum-packed for shipping. I didn't want to handle it so I discarded it.

this is my SECOND order

this is my SECOND order from Nick at Foam Factory! from start to finish, the order was handled with professionalizm and clear understanding. every single question was answered at least twice. the price is super decent and the quality of the foam is exactly what i expected. thank you again for an excellent product at a reasonable price!

People at the store were helpful

People at the store were helpful, but stay away from the Casper stuff. Terrible, your body sinks in and when you get up, it doesn't readjust. If you don't like to feel like you're six inches below your mattress. Conversely, got a new cushion for the couch that worked well.

I have worked with Foam Factory

I have worked with Foam Factory for several years, Small orders, Couple of hundred bucks each. I always order the same foam, same part number and I always get the same product. Until last month. The sent the wrong foam. And they refused to fix their mistake. Admittedly, I called beyond their 21 day return time. But, i would expect that a company would want to take care of a customer, especially when they made the mistake. Despite my willingness to overlook their mistake, they will not show leniency for our delay in noticing their mistake. Really, I'm just pissed and I have a right to be. I would stay away from these guys because of very poor customer service.

Attempted to order foam

Attempted to order foam. Paid by credit card. Was sent an email letting me know they required an additional $15 for shipping. I sent it. They said that because the address was "unconfirmed" they'd be unable to ship it to the address I requested, so they had to cancel my order. They sent me a new invoice via paypal. I paid it. They rejected it again, finally articulating that the address had to be updated on paypal. Went to the paypal site, and updated to my new address. But when I went to check out it submitted my old address again. They still refused to send to the address I gave them in the initial order. Connie from customer service was not helpful. Ordering system is convoluted.

My mattress topper feels great

My mattress topper feels great. However, it's just a standard 4lb 3" memory foam slab. I was disappointed that although their website touts free shipping for orders over $75, my APO AE order (to a US zip code) was going to be $40. I was more disappointed when my product arrived and I saw that actual shipping charges were less than $14. I requested a refund of the shipping difference via paypal and email but two weeks have passed and nothing yet. In an industry that lacks product differentiation, Foam Factory failed to meet the mark in customer service, and it was only more discouraging that they used a deployed military member to pad their profits with inflated shipping charges.

Stay out of all the bedding stores

Stay out of all the bedding stores. I ordered King bed with 4" of 5lb memor and 5" Lux HQ base and it is the equal of my Temperpedic at a fourth of the price. Some smell but went away inside of a week. Be sure and open it near the bed or have help carrying it. Wow what a deal it was $525 delivered and I am sleeping better than ever. I did TONS of research. foam Factory is the best kept secret. Screw Leesa and all the new startups. They are making a lot of money off you. Not as much as the stores (what a nightmare dealing with them) but skip right to the factory and get it done. You will not regret it. I took what I saved and used it for other things. Very happy.

The website was easy to use

The website was easy to use but the service has been awful. Ordered my foam pad on May 23rd, was told it'll take 5-6 days to ship. I called twice AFTER the 5-6 days and told it was shipping. It didn't ship until June 2. I could've ordered it from a place 15 minutes from me here in Los Angeles but wanted to throw a Detroit business some action but never again.

I am a really picky person

I am a really picky person. We have been shopping around for mattress and wanted to have a Foam one. So everywhere we checked they would either have it with a soft cover on top of they would charge for a delivery. Finally we found Foam Factory and they had exactly what I was looking for. They gave us a wonderful customer service and told us that they will include the shipping fee along with the price of the mattress which was amazing, and that is what we wanted. We already are paying a lot of money for a mattress and to pay for shipping on top of that is just not worth it. I love dealing with professional people and here they are. I am going back to get a mattress for my son.

This company is disreputable lies

This company is disreputable lies in the description of their latex mattress products in particular. They say it is 100% Talalay latex and yet when I opened my box I noticed the solid look on one side (indicative of the Dunlop process). As I wanted a soft 3" topper and was paying for Talalay I was angry and filed a BBB complaint with the Eastern Michigan chapter where Foam Factory (aka Foam by Mail) is located. FF kept reiterating their platitudes and nothing was done. BBB still has them rated as A+. Go to themattressunderground.cā€¦ for the real scoop on this and other mattress companies. Apparently mattress underground has information suggestion they are breaking the fire code laws for their mattresses as well. If you just want the cheapest foam you can get, then this might be for you. If you have health/environmental/safety concerns and want truthful information from the retailer, definitely look elsewhere

I spent hours and hours doing research

I spent hours and hours doing research before ordering a 6" queen-size mattress topper in the densest NONMEMORY foam Foam Factory provides. (The sleeper prefers polyurethane to memory foam and has slept on polyurethane or latex foam mattresses for over forty years). I ordered the ultra dense "luxury" foam on Foam Factory's recommendation after I explained that the topper would be used daily by someone weighing 280 pounds. After 7 months of use, the topper is still comfortable and uncompressed. There is some leeway in the actual cut sizes of these toppers (as explained on the extremely informative Web site) and the one received is slightly larger than 60" X 80". The price was comparable to another Michigan place that sells the exact same foam (both sites have detailed specs) BUT I got free shipping from Foam Factory. The delivery was swifter than expected--3 days from Michigan to New York. As recommended, we opened the package about 4 hours after it arrived. (It starts to expand immediately, so is difficult for one person to open. This has to be done carefully as one is cutting tape and plastic wrap right on top of the topper.) I checked many different sellers on amazon and online before I bought from Foam Factory, and ALL OR ALMOST ALL (I didn't make a list) of them require the BUYER to pay return shipping, with no refund of original shipping. The reviews are similar to these on yelp. Some people had very good experiences and some didn't Reading between the lines, I decided that it wouldn't be worth the hassle to return the topper, so I would keep what I received unless it were defective (then the return shipping charges, etc, would not apply). I won when I took this chance with Foam Factory as it had the best product (density and thickness) at the best price I could find. On the basis of this experience, they deserve 5 stars.

Jennifer, from Foam Factory provided great communication

Jennifer, from Foam Factory provided great communication on a custom order foam mattress order meeting the delivery deadline she outlined. The product arrived in great packaging and didn't have a distinct odor. I took one star away because I felt the pricing was a bit on the high scale for the product. But overall another satisfied customer.

One week from order to delivery!

One week from order to delivery! Best ever. Egg crate was perfect for my bed and back. Best sleep I've had in years. There are dents in my bed (cannot flip it) where I lie on it. This wonderful 2.5" egg crate filled those in and allows me to sleep pain free. I love how the egg crate feels against my body. It doesn't smell, either.

Our old queen polyfoam mattress was worn out

Our old queen polyfoam mattress was worn out and the pain in my back told me it needed replacing. I was hesitant to order on-line, however, as I had never done it before. The Foam Factory made ordering easy and it's website was very thorough and professional. We ended up getting the 2.8 lb. high resilience queen foam mattress. Delivery was very quick and the price came in far less than what I previously paid when living in New York ( I researched the company where I bought the original mattress and their current price was 3 times what Foam Factory charged). The mattress has been a delight and my back pain is gone. I am very happy with this company and would order from them again without hesitation.

Terricloth topper

Re; Terricloth topper & mattress covers I received a cover for a 3inch size topper. Upon trying to use it the zipper kept sticking making it impossiable to use. The description of the fabric is terri cloth, I woild call it velour. It is very cheap. I could not find any info on thier site as how to return this so I e-mailed them. I was told I could return it but there would be a $25. restocking fee plus I would be responsiable for shipping making a total loss of $35. Can you imagine restocking a defective product for somebody else to get. I certianley would have expected a no loss to me return.

I ordered 9 inches of latex foam mattress

I ordered 9 inches of latex foam mattress from this factory. The price is ok, but the customer service sucks: 1. the order was not shipped until one month later. 2. when I received ups notice about one month later, I was on my way to vacation, I called them to hold on shipping, they refused to do so. 3. I ordered the 9 inches mattress, and the cover was only for the 6 inches bottom, nothing on the topper. They told me on the phone that the cover will be for all 9 inches. Liar... The price is cheap, but you get no customer service.

lasts 8 months!

I bought a couch cushion in Feb 2020. I asked the agent on the phone what is the difference between the top 2 choices and she said #1 (the most expensive) will last you around 10 years and #2 (the next tier down) will last you about 6 years and that's the only difference. I knew I wanted to change my couch within the next six yeas so I bought the second highest price option. In exactly 8 months its completely deformed and useless! I contacted them and they told me the one you bought is for minimal use. I am a one person household who works all day and uses the couch and the couch cushion 2-3 hours at most every night. How much less than that do they expect it to be. I asked for their definition of minimal use twice and they ignored me. When I said that I was told this will last 6 years, they offered 50% off of the price of the #1. I'm guessing that one will last 9 months so I need to keep buying cushions from in less than a year every year. I would think twice before I buy from this company again!

Good purchase

I ordered a pair of sofa cushion inserts and was worried that they would not work out as they are not returnable. I called Foam By Mail and Haley helped me through the process to make sure the measurements and items I chose would be suitable. My order arrived promptly and the cushion inserts fit perfectly. They are really firm and make the sofa look brand new! I am very happy with this purchase.

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