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Floyd Bed Reviews

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Floyd is a modern-inspired furniture company on a mission to change the way people shop for furniture. With a design ethos that focuses on fighting the culture of disposability, Floyd crafts minimalist and modular furniture designed to grow along with your family. In this way, the Floyd Platform bed offers a modular design that makes both a visual and a practical impact. With mostly happy customers, there have been some disagreements over time, including assembly and delivery complaints.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.9/10

Material Quality: 9.1/10

Design Options: 9.2/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $796-$2455

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Floyd Bed Details

Floyd's modular platform bed is about more than just a super sleek design. Their beds are also more eco-conscious and practical for sleepers. Upgrading to a king or queen from a smaller size? These beds grow with you with the addition of modular pieces, and are CARB-2 environmentally certified. Overall, customers like Floyd's bed design and give it solid ratings, but there have also been some complaints about delivery and assembly.

Floyd's Materials & Quality

Sizes: The Floyd Platform Bed comes in three size options -- twin, full/queen, or king/cal king. The modular design of the platform bed means that the difference is that the twin has two panels, the full/queen has three, and the king/cal king has four. This enables customers to add-on as families expand and uses change.

Materials: The primary material that is used in the Floyd bed is high quality birch. These panels are sturdy and durable. For fans of a darker wood bed, Floyd has recently introduced a walnut veneer option. In addition, there are high quality steel and nylon straps.

Dimensions: Each panel is 86'' long. The twin option is 45'' wide, full/queen option is 67'', and the king/cal king is 89''.

Customization Options

There are multiple customization options offered. Here is a full list of the options that you can choose from to make your Floyd bed your own:

Strap Colors: In between the panels are nylon and steel straps that secure the bed together. These have custom colors -- white or black to choose from.

Add-Ons: Floyd also has add-ons, including a headboard for the full/queen and the king/cal king sizes, and also under-bed storage which is delightfully clipped into place on one or both sides of the bed without even touching the floor.

Ease of Set Up

One of Floyd's major benefits is its streamlined set-up. In just a couple of minutes, without tools needed, customers can get their bed comfortably deployed in their living space upon delivery.

Who Are Floyd Beds Right For?

Floyd beds are a minimalist and modern design lover's dream with a stunning look. Those that do best are those that are looking for a bed frame that will upgrade with them over time.

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Classic, minimal, quality

Great bed. I like to purchase things that are practical and Forster myself using long term. The Floyd Bed is one of those items I’ll have forever (until it breaks). It’s made with a very nice wood and easy to assemble. Squeak proof. Although pricey, it’s a food investment.



We love our Floyd bed

This bed is exactly what I was looking for. It was fairly easy to assemble & I did it myself; the Birch wood is durable and very nice to look at. A very sturdy bed & being the extreme minimalist that I am, I love not being tied down to bulky “hard to move” furniture ever again. My pups love jumping into bed and I’m always happy when they are happy. Ces, CA

Highly recommend

I absolutely love my Floyd bed, it’s simple yet elegant. It was easy to build yet it is sturdy and durable. Made to last and high quality you can see/feel.

This bed looks amazing

So sleek an low profile, it actually makes my room look bigger. I knew it was supposed to be easy to put together, but wow it came together fast.

Dog bed

This bed! Oh this bed. I live with my 76 year old mother who just shattered her ankle. The ONLY thing I got help with was getting the box of planks upstairs to my room! Other than that ~ did this myself. It’s the perfect dog bed. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Love it!

We love this minimalistic bed and design!

Simple, beautiful, and easy to put together

The minimalist look is wonderful and the bed is very easy to put together. I am rally enjoying the bed.

I love this bed

I was able to put this bed together by myself in 20 minutes! I love everything about it. It's honestly my dream bed.

So easy!

My husband and I have had ikea furniture for years, and despite our best efforts it never lasts more than 2 moves. The Floyd bed was so easy to put together, and we can already tell the quality difference that will allow it to last if we have to move. Took us maybe 10 minutes to put it together, and we love the look!

Perfect, just as expected!

Super comfortable, very easy to put together and feels like great quality

Pleased customer

Everything I expected and more. Love this bed frame!


I had been eyeing the Floyd bed for a long time and when we moved I had the perfect reason to buy it. It’s beautiful, easy to assemble and worth every penny.

I absolutely love my Floyd

I absolutely love my Floyd bed! I have a spiral staircase and it was so easy to get the bed up the stairs! It gives an excellent support, makes no noise and is visually elegant: I couldn’t be happier with it!

Bed Love at first sight

We LOVE our Floyd bed and everyone who has seen it has asked about it. We also bought it because we can still use it as a king in a larger space. It is the perfect height for us. Very easy to assemble and it sleeps very stable with no noise or shifting. We added a couple bumper dots to the back of the headboard as it is very close to a wall.

Great frame

I love the minimal design to the frame and the fact that I can purchase more parts in the future. I will upgrade to a queen frame when I move in another year.

The bed is beautiful!

The bed is beautiful, delivery was quick (although there was a hiccup with communication and it got delivered a day after I expected it). I only put 4 stars because it was a little hard getting the strap right when I set it up on my own.

Perfect apartment bed

Perfect bed for our small apartment, great look, very easy to assemble.

Almost perfect

After building the bed, everything is amazing. It looks nice and is very sturdy. So far, no creaking or any other complaints. Like others, my memory foam mattress slides a bit, but that was easy to fix with a rug pad. My only complaint was the initial construction. I built this by myself, and everything was going well until I got to the ratchet strap. The instructions provided in the booklet are useless at this step. A couple images showing how to thread and use a ratchet strap would have made this step far easier. I had to look up instructions online; not a huge deal but seems like something that could have been included in the instructions.

Excellent product

Couldn't be happier with my purchase. It's sleek and innovative design were just what I was looking for. Very aesthetic!


Great bed but a bit too pricey for what you get.


I’ve been looking for a platform bed that just didn’t seem to exist until I found Floyd! It’s exactly what I wanted aesthetically minimalist simple and beautiful. I completely love this bed it’s well made easy to assemble . Love it!

Love it!!

Love it!!

Solid bed, great design

I got the bed and the headboard and am loving it. Great design, and it is a super solid base. Really comfortable to sleep on with just a mattress on top.

Beautiful Minimalism

The bedframe could not look better. Just make sure you have a lot of space to set it up!


This bed is exceptional to me for its functional design. I've lived in New York for 14 years and have moved 7 times. This is the fourth bedframe I've purchased in that span, and its a terrific feeling knowing that it will be the last for the foreseeable future. Appreciate contributing to the trash heap, and the ability to take apart, reassemble and adapt to another mattress size if need be. My boards all had some scuff marks, but not dings, and once the mattress is on top you can't see the surface so that is practically not a problem. Make sure you have another person to help you carry- the boards are all packed together and it is HEAVY. I wish the straps were designed in a way so that it was easier to keep track if they were twisted or not, but they are are solid grey on both sides. That was my peak frustration, as I assembled this myself and definitely got a cramp with my face pressed against the floor fussing with the straps. So maybe also keep that good friend around who helped you lug the box to help assemble too. But once its done, its done... til whenever I have to move again.

A comfortable, beautiful piece

The Floyd bed looks as good as it does in the pictures. Other than a hiccup or two caused by me not being careful with instructions, the assembly was a cinch. I was worried at first at the sturdiness and reliability of the bed, but it has held up and been all we were promised and more than I could've dreamed. I love the Floyd bed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a pragmatic, beautiful, minamalist piece for their bedroom.

Love this siple comfortable bed!

We live out in the country and bed looks stunning on gray concrete floors!

Beautiful and high quality. Headboard could be a bit sturdier.

I love my Floyd bed. It's the most beautiful bed I've ever owned. The assembly process is simple and customer service has been amazing throughout. The one thing I would improve on it is the sturdiness of the headboard. I'm not a very heavy person and I feel reluctant to lean my whole weight on it like if I'm reading a book in bed or something. Design could be improved upon a bit in that regard. But it's still a wonderful bed and I highly recommend it.

I Love It!

It’s solid, perfectly quiet and beautiful. I live this bed.

Great bed

Clean lines, modern and minimalist look. Easy to put together. I really love my bed.

Love our bed. simple design

Love our bed. simple design - fits all styles!

Exactly what I hoped for

I bought the Floyd bed because I was looking for a solid platform bed to give me consistent back support, something that slatted platforms can’t do because the slats warp and bow over time. With Floyd’s thick birch plywood panels, I was able to get the support I was looking for! The suggestion I have is a cork or foam lining for the supports, where the panels are inserted. I find that from using the bed, it creaks as I get in and out of bed, and the panels will slide perpendicular to the supports, which I need to realign occasionally. I’ve also added a non-slip rug pad under the mattress to keep it from sliding around. Overall, it’s very stable and easy to get in and out of bed since it’s low to the ground. I love it!


This is NOT an easy to set up bed frame. Tightening those straps under the bed once all the pieces are put together requires hope, and miracles. And don't even think about trying to get a King sized frame – which doesn't fit a king mattress!! Large sections of the platform jut out from the sides. I can't tell you how many times I've cut myself, stubbed my toes, or bruised my shins getting in and out of bed.

Great bed frame

The frame was everything it claimed to be and more. Setup was easy and moving with the frame was a breeze. Why mess around?

Not good for small bedrooms

The platform is wider and longer than most bed frames. I had to purchase a traditional bed frame when I moved to a smaller place because the floyd bed took up too much floor space. Now I use the platform boards as shelves for DYI living room entertainment center/accent shelves. They work better as shelves in my small space than they do as a bed platform. I was going to make a long storage bench out of them, but Floyd customer service let me know that the platform boards are not solid, so they can’t be repurposed in ways that require drilling or bolting on hardware.

Nice Bed, Less than Ideal Delivery

They should really offer white glove. I waited two months for the bed to be delivered, and with a bad back, I'm going to have to wait even longer to have it assembled because I'm going to need to find people to carry it up to my bedroom for me. In short, nice bed, but if you have any physical disability, would strongly recommend going elsewhere. It's insanely heavy


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